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Third Party Productions & The New Diorama Theatre

Touring 2011/12

Winner of a Peter Brook Empty Space Award 2010. Nominated for five Off West End Awards. Five Star Reviews: “A devilishly good night out... John Wright is on top form” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian “A fantastically imaginative and thoroughly spellbinding re-imagining of a classical sixteenth century verse drama” “Ballsy, devil may care...boldness at its best” Time Out (Critics Choice) “Wright’s commendable cast elevate his vision with ease” Spoonfed “Worth every penny this piece of theatre, so bold and vibrant” The Public Reviews “Refreshing vitality, a joy to watch” British Theatre Guide “The style, a mix of rough magic and comic asides, highlight Marlowe’s text beautifully.” The Stage

Third Party and The New Diorama Theatre The best thing about programming a venue is the reaction of a crowd who have just enjoyed a great show and audiences loved Third Party’s Dr. Faustus. That’s why, come December, we’ll be naming Third Party as one of our first associate theatre companies. And having enjoyed a phenomenally successful run here at the New Diorama Theatre in Central London, garnered countless rave reviews and having been nominated for a record 5 Off West End Awards and a Peter Brook Empty Space Award we’re already planning our next production together for 2011, Richard III - To Hell on a Handcart. But what to do with our current hit? Third Party and The New Diorama Theatre have decided to work together to present their fantastic productions on tour. Together we’re writing to you today to offer you the chance to help continue to bring this fun, irreverent version of a well loved classic play to theatre hungry audiences not just in London. We hope you’ll join us in presenting our first tour with this first-rate theatre company. David Byrne, Theatre Programming Manager, The New Diorama Theatre, London, NW1.

The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus All in the words of Christopher Marlowe (although not necessarily in the right order)

Directed by John Wright Some of the most popular dramatic verse ever written and some splendid comedy to go with it. Dance, song, the dulcet tones of the ukulele: a touch of ventriloquism; smoke, mirrors and cheap tricks. To keep themselves amused, Lucifer and Mephistopheles enjoy a picnic and do a few cabaret turns while Faustus, in exchange for his soul, gets a very poor deal indeed. Dr Faustus is a fast-paced, highly theatrical, highly entertaining evening, full of surprises and fun. John Wright directs Shelley Atkinson, Anthony Gleave and Nicholas Collett.

Touring from mid-September 2011 SIZE OF COMPANY There will be three performers and one technician on tour. SCALE OF VENUE & TIMINGS Suitable for all touring venues. This piece was created in a studio and is wonderfully suited to the more intimate venue. The set is adaptable to virtually any shape of performance area [not the round], given a minimum of 20 sq ft and providing an U/S/L entrance. Get in and fit up possible from midday on the day of the performance. There are fewer than 20 lighting cues. Sound source is a laptop into your mixer. Get out takes less than an hour.

Photography by Richard Davenport

Richard III: To Hell on a Handcart Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by John Wright “A barnstorming rendition of Richard III”. A mad bad and dangerous to know bunch of travelling players inhabit Shakespeare’s story and use his text to tell their own. Satire and caricature play their part as a hunch-backed Richard aspires to lead a rag-bag of variously and spuriously skilled oddballs in a travelling freak show where dominance of the cart is a metaphor for the rule of the land. This is Bold and imaginative story telling which celebrates the subtleties of the text as much in the action as in the language. Vital fast paced and entertaining.

Touring from mid-September 2012 SIZE OF COMPANY Performed by a company of six with a stage manager. SCALE OF VENUE & TIMINGS Suitable for all touring venues. Get in and fit up possible from midday on the day of the performance. Technically, this production requires one lighting state, an upstage centre entrance, a lot of tea before and a beer afterwards. Both these pieces represent high production values with minimum get in and fit up.

New Diorama Theatre 15 - 16 Triton Street, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3BF

Third Party Productions 81 Braybrooke Road, Hastings, TN34 1TF 07768 694212

Third Party Touring 2011/12  

A Brochure of the New Diorama and Third Party's touring productions 2011/12.

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