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This year, a record six out of ten regional finalists in the prestigious "Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year"awards use Frymax.

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A word from the Editor As one door closes, another one opens and December is a time for celebration, reflection and optimism. 2016 has certainly been a year of surprises for me both personally and professionally. It’s been surprising too on the world stage and no matter what happens, 2017 certainly promises to offer more opportunities and challenges. We are living in such a progressive time that standing still really isn’t an

Brexit - Fishing Waters


Chips on his shoulders


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option – even to take a breather.

Middletons 22

I see social media and the continuing evolution of the high

Business Transfer


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The Kebab Factory


adopting new ideas.

Finalists go to Peterhead


This issue, we have our usual chip box full of news and

Fish & Chip Awards


street and how consumers are choosing their meal options to be key areas of opportunity and growth for the fish and chip industry next year. The rebrand of FCFF to Fast Food Professional Magazine will take readers into other hot food retail sectors as well remaining focused on fish and chips to give everyone here a glimpse of what others are doing to attract new business. It should be an interesting way of

stories, a batter feature and a free year planner for you to put up in your prep room or office. Next issue, we have

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UK shoppers’ sustainable seafood spend soars for third year UK shoppers have increased their spending on sustainable seafood for the third year running despite shop prices continuing to fall in the same period, according to a report released by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


hoppers’ spend on seafood carrying the MSC ecolabel exceeded half a billion pounds (£509.6m)1 in the year 2015/16, a 27% increase on the £403m spent in 2014/15. Last year’s figures revealed a 16% increase on the previous year and 30% more than two years’ prior. This increased spend on certified sustainable seafood comes alongside shop prices declining for the past three years2. The figures, included in a recent MSC report “From sustainable fishers to seafood lovers”, also shows UK seafood shoppers are some of the most ethically-minded globally, buying an eighth of the world’s MSC labelled products. With the number of MSC certified products in the UK now totalling 1,659, increased choice has had a huge impact on shopping habits. More brands and retailers are choosing to use the MSC label than ever before; Sainsbury’s leads the way, offering over 200 certified products, closely followed by Waitrose, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Birds Eye. The MSC label can be found on a wide range of products from fresh, frozen and tinned fish to pet food, fish oil health supplements and baby food as well as in restaurants, university and school canteens and over 75 fish and chip shops in the UK. Globally, between April 2015 and March 2016, the number of processors, restaurants and caterers with MSC Chain of Custody grew from 2879 to 3334 companies, operating in 37,121 sites around the world. In the UK the number of ecolabel licence holders rose from 162 in 2014 to 218 in 2016. 4

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Toby Middleton, UK Programme Director for MSC, says, “It’s no surprise that the UK is continuing to spend more on MSC certified products. All our data shows that sustainability is of huge concern to seafood shoppers. In fact, many shoppers say they now value sustainable credentials above price and brand. We are delighted that more and more shoppers, restaurants, chip shops, brands and supermarkets are recognising this and using the MSC label. Together these businesses and their customers are helping to drive sustainable fishing.” In 2015-16, a further 38 fisheries achieved MSC certification globally. Today 10% of global wild-caught seafood by volume is certified against the MSC’s rigorous environmental standard for sustainable fishing, rising to more than 40% in the Northeast Atlantic and 83% in the Northeast Pacific. The MSC reported the top certified species groups, (against a total species group catch), with scallops leading at 64% certified, cod, hakes and haddocks at 55% and lobsters and spiny rock lobsters at 46% certified. The report also highlights major tuna developments, the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission’s decision to adopt harvest control rules for skipjack tuna was a groundbreaking for tuna fisheries globally. The proposal came from the Maldives – the first country in the region to achieve MSC certification for its pole and line tuna fishery. There is growing demand for MSC certified tuna – which is now 16% of the global tuna catch.


Brexit will ‘allow British fishermen to TAKE BACK their waters’, says Fisheries Minister BREXIT will provide a “good deal” for British fishermen, enabling them to catch hundreds of thousands more fish, according to Fisheries Minister George Eustice.

Tory politician Mr Eustice, who is negotiating

a deal in Brussels for the UK’s fishing industry, said Brexit will enable Britain to gain control of its waters, which are currently subject to “common grazing” rights that enable EU fishermen to plunder British waters. Brexit will give the UK an opportunity to overhaul the “unfair” fishing quotas limiting the catch of British fishermen, Mr Eustice said. He claimed once caps are lifted, British fishermen will to gain a greater market share of fish in Channel such as Dover sole, cod and haddock, which are

currently being shared with fishermen from France. Mr Eustice said: “It’s pretty clear that Brexit can be a good deal for British fishermen because we regain control. The equation is that they have 1million tonnes of UK fish and we get about 150,000 tonnes of fish of various species. He added: “There are areas we would hope to get a better deal, particularly with cod and plaice. The truth is that things will change in a very fundamental way. In the Channel the French get twice as much plaice and three times as much Dover sole as we do, there is an imbalance.” Mr Eustice claimed Britain’s current fishing deal within the EU is unfavourable for UK fishermen, as their EU counterparts “benefit more from access to the UK than the UK benefits from access to them”.

“Brexit is a sea of opportunity” says Chief Exec of Scottish Fishermens Federation Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, said there was a “big prize to be won”. And he insisted Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom had shown “no hint or indication” that access to British waters would be traded away whjen they met recently, but he accepted some within the UK Government might be prepared to do so and acknowledged the “realistic expectation” that other EU states would push back hard in the Brexit negotiations. Mr Armstrong and other industry representatives met Fishing Minister George Eustice during their trip to London. Afterwards, Mr Armstrong said the UK ministers had agreed the skeleton of a new “fit for purpose” framework to replace the EU fisheries policy should be drawn up by the end of the year. 6

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

£800million pounds worth of fish was caught in British waters over the past four years and on average £400million has been taken home by foreign vessels. Mr Armstrong said there would be substantial “material benefit” in regaining control of this area – known as the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The SFF concluded that more than half the fish in the EEZ leaves in the hands of other EU countries and when asked if it would be fair to say Brexit could mean the value of the UK catch doubles, Mr Armstrong replied: “In an ideal world, yes. Those are the figures.” But he added: “There is a realistic expectation by us that our European allies will fight as hard as they can to retain what they can” On creating a UK replacement for the common fisheries policy (CFP), he said: “By Christmas time there will need to be some kind of skeleton of what will replace it.” Mr Armstrong confirmed both Mrs Leadsom and Mr Eustice were on board with that timetable, adding they were “singing from the same hymn sheet”. A UK Government spokesman said: “We are working closely with the fishing industry on a future package.”

Six good reasons to choose Frymax Chipbox


Oldswinford Fish & Chips - Dudley EASTERN ENGLAND REGION Burton Road Chippy - Lincoln LONDON & SOUTH EAST ENGLAND REGION Henley's of Wivenhoe - Colchester CENTRAL & SOUTHERN ENGLAND REGION Godfrey's - Harpenden SOUTH & WEST ENGLAND REGION Kingfisher Fish & Chips Plympton

This year, a record six out of ten regional finalists in the prestigious "Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year" awards use Frymax. Why?. Because Frymax has an unmatched reputation for reliability, quality, taste delivery and all round good value which has stood the test of time. No wonder Frymax has been The Fryers Favourite for over 60 years.

Frymax Makes Good Food...Great! If you want to become a winner with Frymax, for information, advice, or customer support material please contact Olenex Trading (UK) Limited. Tel: 01322 444836 e-mail: 7

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


Chips on his shoulders Who is being protected here?

Daniel Boulud is a name you’re probably not familiar with but believe me when I tell you that You’ve got a lot in common with this guy and by the end of this page, you’ll probably have some sympathy for him too…

Dan owns a bistro somewhere in Middle America

that had a decent reputation for a $30 plate of coq au vin. In February 2015 however, a customer named Barry ate a 1inch metal bristle that had come from a wire brush used to clean Dan’s Chargrill. Barry sued Dan and was awarded 1.3 Million dollars in damages this month. The court ruled that because Dan had no policies, procedures, oversight or anything to prevent this from happening and that wire brushes were now unacceptable to use anywhere near food. Prior to Dan’s demise who knew that wire brushes weren’t suitable to clean chargrills with? If I owned a wire brush factory right now, I would be cancelling Christmas. The fine imposed was also described as a message to all caterers. Consider now that you have a chipper, a rumbler, wire meshes to sieve your pans, lifters to take out chips or fish or baskets to cook your scampi in. Consider now then your safer food better business packs that your local authority insists that you fill out and ask yourself this one simple question… Does it go far enough? 1 - Does it go far enough to protect the public? 2 - Does it go far enough to protect you as an operator? 3 - Does it go far enough to protect the Authority that imposed it to adhere to central government policy? The answer of course is number 3. The local authority EHO is the law. It sets the standards that award 5 stars. It determines when contraventions have occurred and it meters out enforcement action when it sees fit to achieve compliance. But does it go far enough? It’s been suggested to me many times that every local authority has a different interpretation of Central government policy and that applying that


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

interpretation means that what is acceptable to one authority for 5 stars may only earn you a 3 somewhere else. It has also been the popular opinion that as long as you can demonstrate a paper evidence trail, the reality of what is happening in shops can often be unchecked for years at a time. Surely this system makes the authority look like it’s doing a satisfactory job of monitoring because it has documentary evidence but is it really looking after the interests of the public or assisting operators to raise standards and improve working practices? The real sucker punch as Dan’s story teaches us is that the current system isn’t either a level playing field or in the best interests of consumers or operators. Even if you’ve got charts and graphs to back you up, inspection schedules, maintenance contracts, documented periodical testing and everything is date labeled and you’ve been doing all the hard work to make the authorities look like they’re policing you well, if you happen to have a chipper blade snap off or some grit stick in a spud or one piece of pea gravel in your mushy peas or part of your scampi basket end up in the back of someone throat, The EHO has the power to move the goal posts and will not accept that you’ve actually been super diligent and a good operator. In fact just like in Dans case, they may still find you negligent rather than unlucky and might choose to make an example of you but then again they may not. It’s all just a bit of a lottery. A fish and chip shop menu has to be fairly low risk in terms of food poisoning as everything gets sterilized at 170 degrees Celsius for a good five minutes. Good practices and infrastructure have to be the highest risk factors and areas that need to be regularly assessed and developed and most good operators would welcome open dialogue and a supportive working relationship with their EHO if it were available. This kind of approach married to more regular meetings and inspections would surely see standards improve faster than the annual fisting most authorities currently serve up along with their little white folders. It’s life or death to the public, livelihood, reputation and liberty to you and me but just a 9-5 job to them. Let the editor know your thoughts Lambros Llamedos.

Industry News Pound Bites – A round up of Interesting articles that affect what’s in your pocket.. Buy To Let borrowers penalised

Buy-To-Let borrowers are being penalised by lenders because of stricter new affordability rules set by the Bank of England, says the Telegraph. The new rules require a higher ratio of rental income to mortgage interest, though the Bank clearly said that the new rules should not apply to existing loans or to borrowers wanting to switch to a better deal. But some borrowers have found that they cannot transfer an existing loan to a new lender if it does not meet the new standards. The Nationwide, for example, said it now wanted rental income to be 145 of mortgage interest rather than its previous 125.

First Time Buyers courted by lenders

First Time Buyers with deposits of just 5% can still easily find mortgage offers, despite the withdrawal of the governments mortgage indemnity scheme it used to offer as part of the Help to Buy programme, says the Times. Over 30 lenders now offer 95 different mortgages and loans to First Time buyers - up by 19 in August over the same month last year.

Price rises ahead

As a result of the plunge in the £ - even larger than that forecast by the Remainers in the run-up to BREXIT - retailers are planning price rises of over 5% after Christmas, says the Mail. Food and clothes retailers are likely to go first, but are reluctant to go public yet. Since over half the goods sold in the UK are imported, a 15% decline in sterling would imply a 7.5% average price rise, and even the lower rises in the pipeline will cost consumers over £15 billion a year.

10 10

Top up your pension?

You need 30 pages and a massive flow chart. People answering questions about top-ups to the State pension on the governments own help lines do not know the answers, says the Telegraph. This is scarcely surprising, it says, since it has taken the former pension minister Steve Webb 30 pages of text and a flow chart with 34 boxes to explain the choices in a new guide, which the Telegraph says is as clearly written as it could be given the monstrous complexity of the system.

British fishing industry feels let down by Mays

Brexit proposals.

Britain’s £1-billion fishing industry, which voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, says it feels “betrayed” by the current course of Brexit negotiations. A poll before the referendum suggested 92% of fishermen would vote to leave the EU, but many are now worried about Theresa May’s plan to roll over the EU’s much-maligned Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) into UK law. The CFP sets rules for how many fish each EU country’s boats can land. Several politicians have warned that dropping the policy will not benefit the industry, but most fishermen disagreed, believing that its restrictions are the cause of a rapidly declining UK fleet. But Prime Minister Theresa May intends to introduce a ‘Great Repeal Bill’ in the wake of Brexit, which will roll over all EU law into UK law — including the CFP. Alan Hastings, a spokesman for Brexit campaign group ‘Fishing For Leave,’ told Business Insider that the proposal risks “throwing the industry under a bus. It’s the equivalent of being told you’re leaving prison and then being told you’re actually staying. If we adopt the CFP, it will squander the opportunity that Brexit provides to rebuild the UK fishing industry,” he said. He called for an “exemption” for fisheries policy from May’s plans, but accepted that looks unlikely.

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ttend the KFE Open Day on Sunday 1 3th November 2016. Free advice and free fish and chips!

hat’s Cooking? 2017 will be held at Newcastle Race Course on 5th February 2017!

The Open day will take place between 11am and 3pm.

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What’s Cooking? 2017 is a family event so, while you work on your business and taste test a variety of potential options for your menu taking advantage of promotions on the day only, there will be a children’s entertainer to keep the kids occupied. Come and join Henry Colbeck and industry suppliers and manufacturers at the Newcastle Race Course on 5th February and enjoy a fantastic day out.

Plus there will be attendance from industry representatives to offer advice from Drywite, T Quality, and The CF Group

The Chip Barons’ Ball

Sunday 4th December 2016


he Chip Barons’ Ball returns to Peterborough on Sunday 4th December this year, Chippies travel from all corners of the UK to don their DJs and posh frocks to celebrate Christmas in style. Venue Holiday Inn Peterborough – West Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE3 6SG United Kingdom Tickets from 01353 865966 12

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Innovations Sunday 26th February 2017 Introducing the return of the VA Whitley hosted show, Innovations 2017!

Packed full of the latest innovations, new products, and a great opportunity to meet your suppliers to discuss products. This is a great family day out at the Macron Stadium, Bolton.

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Industry News

NEW 32 MILLION POUND TRAWLER GOES TO SEA After 2 years of planning, design and build, the new Ramoen trawler was presented at an official naming ceremony in Alesund, Norway on Saturday 29th October 2016. The new vessel represents a £32million investment, and will be the sixth trawler to bear the Ramoen name since the very first Ramoen was built in 1912.

Designed and equipped by Rolls Royce, and built by the

Astilleros Armon Gijon shipyard in Spain, the new trawler carries a tailor-made processing line to ensure the freshest, whitest fillets possible; state of the art x-ray cutting technology to offer precision graded fillets, loins and portions; and is also equipped to carry out valuable marine research. In addition to this, the Ramoen has been design with strong consideration for minimizing its environmental impact by combining diesel and electric propulsion, as well as on board fishmeal and fish oil production facilities that ensure 100% of every fish is utilized. After attending the official naming ceremony, Smales Chief Executive Lee Smales said “It is a privilege to be here for this ceremony and see the stunning new trawler that Ramoen have built. The careful planning and technology that has been invested in, demonstrates Ramoen’s commitment to producing the finest quality fillets for the UK market, as well as being mindful of making the trawler and it’s production as environmentally friendly as possible. Our two companies have been trading for many decades and we are looking forward to delivering new Ramoen fillets to our customers across the UK.”


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Industry News

Key Facts DIMENSIONS Overall length: 75,1 m Breadth: 16,0 m Gross tonnage: 4.000 CAPACITIES Cargo freezing hold: 1.200 m3 Fish meal hold: 450 m3 Fuel oil: 599 m3 PROPULSION SYSTEM Main Engine: 3.600 kW / 750 rpm, Bergen B33:45 6L PTI power electric: 1.200 kW / 0-1200 rpm Max propeller power: 4.600 kW (boost mode) ELECTRICAL POWER GENERATION Hybrid shaft generator: 2.750 kVA Aux 1 diesel generator: 1.875 kVA Caterpillar Aux 2 diesel generator: 688 kVA Caterpillar DECK MACHINERY Trawl winches: 3 x 50 mt, hydraulic Brattvaag. Net drum: 1 x 48 mt, 20 m3 Deck cranes: 1 x 4 mt, 1 x 3 mt, 1 x 2,5 mt, Triplex. FREEZING EQUIPMENT Compressors: Teknotherm Plate freezers: 2 horizontal freezers, 4 vertical freezers, DSI Production/freezing capacity: 50 mt/day PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Heading Machines: 3 x Breivik 424 SS Filleting Machines: 3 x Baader 190 Skinning Machines: 3 x Baader 52 Portions/Boneless production: Valka X-ray cuttig Machine Graders: 2 x hg graders and 1 x fillet grader, Marelec Shrimp production line Holmek palleting system

F. Smales & Son (Fish Merchants) Ltd 30 West Dock Street Hull HU3 4HL T: 01482 324997 15

Industry News

FOOD DELIVERY INSURANCE - IS YOUR BUSINESS REALLY COVERED? There is increasing concern across the fast food delivery industry that businesses may be operating without adequate insurance cover with the risk that if they are involved in an accident, the business itself could be held responsible, not only in terms of compensation but also for criminal prosecution.   Craig Kitchen from ICB Group explains why some businesses may be at risk without knowing it.

Is your cover correct?

There can be no excuse for those businesses who cut costs by allowing drivers – often young people – to work for them without providing proper insurance cover, but for many it may simply be that they are unaware that they are breaking the law. While most operators understand the need to insure their own vehicles, many are not aware that when they use owner-drivers to work for them, the latter’s insurance is likely to be invalid. Arranging the correct motor insurance for food delivery is and has been a huge problem in the sector for many years. The main problem relates to the use of a private vehicle for deliveries, as, while insurers may allow ‘business use’ for drivers, most standard policies exclude this type of use, which is known as hire and reward.

Hire & Reward

‘Hire and reward’ use is required when something or someone is being carried from one place to another, for which a payment is being received. For example, couriers and taxis both require this cover and the same applies to any vehicle being used for food delivery, whether owned by the business or an individual. Many food delivery businesses employ owner-drivers to carry out their deliveries and hope the employee arranges their own insurance cover by extending their private car insurance. However, unfortunately the majority of insurers are unwilling to provide such an extension to a standard motor policy due to the high risks associated with food delivery. The employee may have requested ‘business use’ but unless the insurer has specifically noted the business of the employee as a food delivery driver, and included the correct hire & reward cover for food delivery on the policy, the reality is they are driving without insurance whenever they are carrying out a food delivery.

Responsibility as an employer

A number of business operators appear to take on the view that it is not their responsibility to ensure their drivers are covered, and that the onus is on the employee to ensure they have the correct cover arranged whilst carrying out deliveries in their own vehicles. This, however, is a misconception.


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

By law a business has a legal responsibility to look after its employees and if it fails to ensure that owner-drivers have adequate insurance, it may also be deemed to be failing in its duties by knowingly allowing an employee to drive for the business without valid insurance. This could result in a criminal prosecution.

Employers Liability

Under an area of the law called “vicarious liability” an employer could also be pulled into a claim and held liable for compensation payments for third party injury or damage, which isn’t covered under the employee’s own motor insurance, if it can be shown that the employee was working for the business at the time of the incident. As well as the financial impact to the business from the resultant legal action, this sort of incident could also result in adverse publicity and in some circumstances even result in a business failure. Businesses must also advise their Employer’s Liability insurer that they deliver food, as this is a material fact. Failure to do so could void their policy or result in the insurance company seeking a recovery from the business for any claims monies they have had to pay in compensation to an employee who has been injured whilst carrying out a delivery and for which the business is legally liable.

Correct Food Delivery Cover

The problem to date has been that unless you have a substantial business, insurers have generally been uninterested in providing this cover, or, if they do, charge substantial premiums for it. This is particularly true where the vehicle is owner-operated or is a business-owned moped or motorbike, as insurers are generally reluctant to insure even business-owned vehicles used for food delivery. Some even restrict the number of bikes they will cover on a group policy, so they have to be insured individually. ICB Group is one of a few brokers in the UK providing food delivery insurance who have developed a scheme for food delivery vehicles to include owner-driver delivery vehicles. To find out more about our Food Delivery Scheme, please visit: sectors-services/commercialinsurance/food-delivery-insurance, or contact us directly via phone or email at: T: 01784 608100 E:



WORK HARDER It needn’t be a chore to get the best chips! From good potato management to the ultimate frying tips, has all the information your business needs to thrive in a competitive market, including: • • • •

Good potato management Top chip tips Marketing and promotions insight Fast food market trends that can help shape your business

BESTCHIPS.CO.UK AHDB Potatoes, supporting the potato industry, is funded by potato growers, purchasers and processors. AHDB Potatoes is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board ( © Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 2016. All rights reserved

Frying Ranges

Family Tradition carried on at The Valley

It takes all sorts to maintain a vibrant business. This is no more clearly demonstrated than at The Valley Chippy, Atherton near Wigan where Chris Cartwright has recently completely refurbished his shop and taken delivery of a new Hewigo range.


ith so many ‘slick’ fast food outlets around it is refreshing to see that The Valley Chippy is a successful traditional shop in a terraced block serving the local customer. It is a lesson that a good product, recognising what your customers want and high levels of customer service, are still the key to success no matter how big your business or stiff the competition. Chris comes from a dynasty of fish and chip owners in the North of England. His uncle Phil has a number of shops and cousins Helen and Angela two in the Manchester area. All have an unswerving loyalty to Hewigo. “We needed to reorganise and refurbish the shop,” says Chris who has owned The Valley Chippy for seven years. “The old range had worked away for over 30 years but just couldn’t cope with busy periods especially Friday tea-time when it’s manic. Naturally when it came to the new range I looked at others but eventually like the rest of the family I was convinced that Hewigo was the one. They could not have been more helpful.” The range is a 3-pan counter finished in brushed stainless steel with LED lighting. “It looks good and serves us well,” adds Chris. Phillip Purkiss, Managing Director of Hewigo UK says, “It has always been a pleasure to have the Cartwright family as customers and now it has moved into a second generation.”

For further information contact Hewigo on 0121 544 9120 or


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

THE ART OF BATTER wonderful sight as it falls together to create a

But it’s not just about how things look, it’s also about a great combination of ingredients. Chip Shop range of mixes from T. Quality will never let you down. We’ve spent time perfecting the art of creating what we think is the best batter mix in the market so that you keep coming back to us and your customers keep on returning to you. That’s how we’ve become the UK’s leading position we intend to maintain by giving you what you need to make great tasting food. T 0845 2 505 605 E

Available from Fish & Chips and Fast Food / Setpember & October 2016 /



Goldensheaf Fusion Coater

A revolutionary blend of the lightest batter mix and the finest crumb.

Since it’s launch, Goldensheaf Fusion Coater has been growing and

growing in popularity, as more fish and chip businesses look at new ways to attract customers. Developed with the fish & chip restaurant in mind, it’s a delicate alternative to traditional batter mix, that will appeal to customers looking for a lighter, “healthier” option. There are other benefits for the fryer too – it uses less oil than traditional batters, cooks more quickly and helps maintain oil temperature: all good for increasing profits. • • • • • •

A delicate, lighter option Uses less oil Cooks more quickly Helps maintain oil temperature Absorbs less fat Simple and quick to use

Most importantly, Goldensheaf Fusion Coater provides fish & chip shop restaurant owners and managers with the opportunity to attract new customers who may previously have chosen not to enjoy traditional fish & chips. New customers (especially women and mothers), may be more inclined to bring along the whole family if they can happily tuck in with everyone else. Of course, that means restaurants gaining new customers today and even better, the next generation of customers for the future: something everyone in the trade needs to encourage. With that extra trade comes extra profit too and certainly, the many fish & chip shop restaurants that are now using Fusion Coater have reported stunning results and a significant increase in business. The Coater is very easy to use and the Frying Squad team of experts is available for demonstrations and training. Fish & Chip restaurateurs who’d like to try Goldensheaf Fusion Coater should call the free Customer Careline on 0800 138 1938 or visit to arrange a demonstration.


Fish Fish & & Chips Chips and and Fast Fast Food Food // November November & & December December 2016 2016 //



Middleton’s Gluten Free batter mix has grown into one of the leading Gluten Free products in the Fish and Chip industry. It took several years to develop and fine tune the recipe into the great product it is today. All Middletons products go through rigorous testing process before being launched to the market.

Middletons Gluten Free batter mix is made in a stand alone Gluten Free factory to ensure there is no cross contamination of the product. There are tolerances for claiming your product is Gluten Free of less than 20 parts per million. However at Middletons we like to ensure there is no cross contamination risk by removing all wheat products from the environment. Middletons Gluten Free batter is made in association with Doves Farm, using their Gluten Free flour and it is also endorsed by the Coeliac Society. This allows the Middletons Gluten Free batter mix to carry the internationally recognisable crossed grain symbol identifying Gluten Free products.

In addition the Middletons product is listed on the Coeliac UK website and Middleton’s work alongside Coeliac UK to promote the correct usage of Gluten Free products in restaurants and take aways. Middletons have produced a leaflet and poster which is free to all Fish and Chip shops offering guidance for fish and chip shops serving Gluten Free food. Many of the UK’s top shops, including many of this year’s Fish and Chip Shop of the Year finalists use Middletons Gluten Free batter mix. Demand has grown for the product considerably over the last couple of years both within the UK and overseas, so the Middleton’s Gluten Free batter now carries both a UK licence and a global licence as demand for the product has become global! Ryan Baker adds:“As a company we are committed to developing a whole range of Gluten Free products. We now have a new, fully operational, stand alone Gluten Free factory that will produce a range of products for the fish and chip trade, bakery, catering and butchery markets. We are at the live trial stage for our new Gluten Free curry and gravy products, so very soon we will have a full compliment of Gluten Free products to offer our customers. The benefit of our products is that they are all tested and produced in our own factory giving us greater control and cost efficiencies for our customers. Middleton Foods are once again at the forefront of developing products for the Fish and Chip industry and are a name that customers can trust.” For samples or information call 08453 706550 or visit

JJ Food Service opens Newcastle branch

National wholesaler JJ Food Service has opened a new branch in Newcastle just one mile from the city centre on Sanderson Street, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE4 7LA. The 35,000sqft state-of-the-art branch has been fitted with new cladding, canopies and fencing to deliver a contemporary, first class shopping experience for locals. A panoramic showroom will be used to highlight the latest deals and promotions. JJ Food Service Managing Director Mustafa Kiamil said, “Newcastle is a spectacular city with striking architecture and a world-famous football team. We are delighted to be here and look forward to supporting local businesses and families with competitive prices on food and drink products.” The branch is open to the general public as well as to caterers and food outlets. Customers can place orders online, onsite or via the JJ App for collection or delivery. A deals brochure has been released to support the Newcastle opening. Prices include GB Coke from 25p a can; Skinless Frozen Cod Fillets from £89.99 per case; Halal beef burgers from 15p per burger and KTC Cooking oil from £15.99 per 20 litres.


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ROSENS BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENCY Established 1959 FCFF caught up with Harvey Rosen recently and here’s what he had to say about what makes Rosen’s Business Transfer Agency the number one specialists in finding your new and disposing of your old fish and chip shops in the UK.


OSENS BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENCY was established in 1959, intending from the outset to provide an exclusive service to the Fish & Chip trade. Their knowledge that such a service was required, came from a wealth of first hand experience of frying fish, and a frying heritage spanning some 100 years, when the very early family members of 7 Brothers opened their first ever Fish & Chip shops in the East End of London. In the 1950’s, Fish & Chip shops were mainly changing hands by word of mouth, where owners thinking of selling, would simply ask around - often at Billingsgate fish market, to find potential buyers. Mr. David Rosen senior decided that he would be the person, to provide the mechanism to bring the process of buying & selling fish and chip shops into a more professional and formal environment and from this vision, Rosen’s was born. Rosen’s have come a long way since 1959, and now run the leading nationwide business transfer service to the fried fish & retail catering industry. Their knowledge along with the large selection of businesses they had for sale from modest lock ups to huge Emporiums, enabled them to provide a pioneering service to immigrants, as many arrived in the UK with catering experience and with capital to invest. Word soon spread and in some instances, some would literally get off the plane, climb into a Taxi, and head straight to Rosen’s, even before finding a place to stay. Today, Rosen’s knowledge and service has no limitations or comparisons. Since 1959, they estimate that over 70% of all the Fish & Chip shops bought and sold, would have been negotiated through their Agency, at one time or another. The enlargement of their geographical range has done nothing to prevent them from continuing with their unique


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

and exclusive personal service. Virtually every Fish & Chip business offered for sale through Rosen’s would have been personally inspected by one of their qualified Business Managers located throughout the United Kingdom. Business valuations of Fish & Chip shops are a specialty of Rosen’s, both present day and retrospectively. Their extensive historical archiving information retained and accumulated for Fish & Chip shops sold or marketed through their agency since 1959 gives them a unique perspective and understanding of the transfer market. Rosen’s expert advice and their valuations have been relied upon by virtually every major bank and lending institution over the years, as well as many Solicitors and Accountants for such situations such as divorce settlement or Partnership buyouts, Rosen’s are one of the most recognised and longest established Business Transfer Agents in the United Kingdom and proud to be Members of the Institute of Commercial Business Agents, National Association of Estate Agents and Federation of Small Businesses. They are further instructed as Expert Witnesses for many Court Cases and have acted on behalf of the Solicitors Indemnity Insurers on occasions. To date, over 15,000 Fish & Chip Shops have been negotiated through Rosen’s over the last 60 years or so, both Leasehold & Freehold, to include Small individually owned Chippies, to substantial Fried Fish Groups. They presently hold the record for selling the most expensive individual Fish & Chip Shop in London, for over £4,200,000. The Agency usually have well over 300 Fish & Chip Shops for sale, and always have a live data base of 10’s of 1000’s of live registered potential Buyers, all looking to eventually purchase a Fish & Chip Shop. If anyone is seriously looking to Buy or Sell a Fish & Chip Shop, Rosen’s promise to all Vendors has continued for nearly 60 years, if Rosen’s cant sell your Fish & Chip Shop, there will be no commission to pay whatsoever, no advertising costs, no withdrawal fees, no website fees. What other Agent can match this promise? ROSENS WILL ALWAYS LEAD... OTHERS JUST FOLLOW.

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Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


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JJ - constant Inovation, expantion and improvement National wholesaler JJ Food Service is a foodservice specialist operating from nine branches across the UK to 60,000 quick service restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, local authorities and more. 63% of JJ’s sales come from orders placed online. Next-day delivery is available for orders placed up until 9pm and same-day collection is available for all customers, seven days a week.

The Dagenham Waarehouse


ustafa Kiamil who was a caterer at the time first launched the business 28 years ago after he was displeased with the service he was getting from his suppliers. He responded by offering his own wholesale operation and following years of investment and expansion, grew the business to become London’s no.1 independent wholesalers. JJ launched an online ordering website in 2008 and today, 63% of orders are placed online. This has increased from 50% the previous year driven by the introduction of the JJ app and new website, the first of its kind to use machine-learning technology to predict what customers are going to order.

The App

The downloadable product guide

JJ was also one of the first wholesalers to install solar panels on its roof to promote the use of more sustainable energies. £500K was invested to install panels at the Sidcup, Enfield and recently opened Dagenham branches. In the past twelve months JJ has also developed its product range to include fresh, regionally sourced lamb, beef and pork, and recently secured a sourcing and supply chain agreement with Unique Seafood Limited and Sykes Seafood to help expand its range of Frozen at Sea fish and seafood products. As a part of this agreement their respective food service distribution will be merged into the JJ Food Service distribution network. The range of fresh fruit and vegetables has doubled to offer caterers healthier eating options. The business also has a range of gluten-free lines to help customers to caterer for people with special dietary requirements.

26 26

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

The website

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Stoupid UK Limited Passionate ... Enterprising ... Innovative Creating New Food Concepts and passing them onto to Food Outlets like yourselves, we present The Original Eating Walking Pizza

My Name is ëStoupidí and I’m proud of it

Like most people I Love food. I Love the smell whilst it’s

cooking, the vibrant colours of the raw ingredients, the combinations of textures, the variation of herbs and spices from all over the world and of course the enjoyment of eating the labours of my work with family and friends. So, why ëStoupidí I hear you say? Well why not. It makes you and other people smile when you say ëstoupid, also a pizza is normally flat, not conical and it’s fun to eat so hence ëstoupidí was born in 2015.

You can now walk down the street eating and walking with your pizza, with no sticky fingers or losing your toppings as they are all encased in a yummy scrummy tasty pizza casing which is sitting in our unique ëStoupidí holder which makes it easy to hold and convenient for delivery... What a brilliant idea I hear you say and far from being stupid. We launched Stoupid Pizza at Excel - London in September this year it has proved that this is the new Pizza Craze, it went way above our expectations.

Our logo which endorses eating - Walking Pizza, is exactly what ëStoupidí is all about. Have you ever been at a concert, festival, food fair or just out for the day and fancy a pizza to take out and eat?

Tasty, Fun and Easy to eat, Stoupid is the new trend in pizza eating and with its low cost and high profit margins, It’s the Shopkeepers newest “Clever” addition to their menu.

Well, yes. I think we all have and we have all made the same mistake of trying to eat a hot slice of pizza whilst walking down the street or in a crowded place, with toppings falling to the ground or in the pizza box, getting our fingers covered in cheese and tomato, trying to keep the box upright at the same time of trying to eat the pizza whilst being knocked by passers by. Does that all sound all too familiar ?

on 0247 6278102.

Yes, sure does. Well with ëStoupid, those days are in the past.

Joining our ëStoupidí Family is easy, just go to our website to register your interest or ring to find out more

Fuss Free and Simple, you leave us to create and put together the package to enhance your business while we leave you to do what you do best and that is prepare, cook and serve delicious foods to your customers. Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


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MSC UK Frozen Fish Report 2016


The tip of the iceberg O


ver the past decade, frozen seafood in the UK has gone through a quiet transformation. What shoppers see on their weekly shop may look the same – but beneath the surface a revolution has taken place. Supermarkets and frozen seafood brands have turned to MSC certification and its accompanying blue label to show that the fish in their products meets the strictest criteria for sustainability and traceability.

All of these leading companies have a long history of engagement with MSC certified sustainable seafood. They are also all responding to demand from their customers: the vast majority of British shoppers recognise that we need to consume seafood from only sustainable sources in order to save the oceans. Furthermore, over two thirds of British shoppers want

The UK frozen seafood market is worth around £686 million per year and a fifth of the frozen seafood we eat is now MSC labelled: from Birds Eye’s fish fingers to Lidl’s famous frozen lobsters. The results of the frozen league table in this report suggest two waves of top performers, but the percentages show a different story. All of the top six have the MSC label on the majority of their frozen products, with Aldi, Lidl, and Sainsbury’s using the MSC label on over 75% of their frozen seafood range. Out in front is Birds Eye as the first frozen food brand in the UK to reach 100% MSC certified.

to see a company’s sustainability claims backed up by an independent organisation. For those at the bottom of the league, the question remains, how long will they stay out in the cold?

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

The state of play Birds Eye introduced its first MSC certified frozen product, Omega 3 fish fingers, in 2007 and has worked hard since then to increase its MSC certified sustainable range. Four out of five

fish fingers eaten in the UK are made by Birds Eye and they all bear the MSC ecolabel. Sainsbury’s has the longest standing track record of MSC certified frozen fish, with Tesco making the most significant progress over the last 12 months: tripling their range of MSC frozen seafood. Why label? The vast majority (4/5) of British consumers recognise the power they have to save the oceans by only choosing sustainable seafood. This response is slightly stronger when they’re buying frozen fish. There is a common misconception in the seafood industry that shoppers buying fish that doesn’t look like a fish (eg fish fingers) care less about marine issues. The Globescan research (right) suggests that the opposite is true with seafood buyers caring more, rather than less, when they’re buying frozen fish. Not only do consumers want reassurance on environmental issues but when frozen fish has been heavily processed, traceability is also important. The MSC label ensures that the contents of a fish finger, fish cake or fish pie are exactly the species they claim to be on the pack. More than 2/3 of British consumers want to see sustainability claims backed up by an independent organisation. Shoppers expect their supermarkets to ensure the seafood they sell is sustainable, but they look to independent certification as a proof point that the claims can be trusted. “Our partnership with the MSC is a key part of our responsible sourcing strategy because we know it is important to our consumers and our business. We take great pride in our longstanding association with the MSC and being the first UK brand to carry the MSC ecolabel on all our products. We will continue to work together to deliver a sustainable future for fisheries.” Peter Hajipieris, Director for CSR & External Affairs, Nomad Foods Europe (Birds Eye) Next year the table could look very different. Birds Eye has already reached the coveted 100% mark with every Birds Eye frozen seafood product now MSC labelled. However both Sainsbury’s and Tesco are still adding to their ranges. Tesco sells a third (31%) of the frozen seafood sold in UK supermarkets and has introduced the majority of its MSC certified products in the past year. If this performance continues, Tesco may well join Birds Eye at the top of the table next year.

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / July August 2016 /


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Istanbul Meats unveils new BRC compliant kebab factory Istanbul Meats is one of the Kebab industry’s best kept secrets. The company, founded in 1990 by former Kebab shop owners, husband and wife Ali & Nuran Adiguzel, has grown exponentially through recommendation Final hand alone and now sells several tonnes of Kebab finished Kebabs meat every week to a combination of commercial will also now food distributors and wholesalers, both nationally be automatically screened for and internationally.


emand for kebab products is on the increase. According to research, today there are an estimated 226,000 food outlets in the UK and the eating out market is currently estimated to be worth £52 billion a year. Furthermore, research from Allegra Strategies predicts that the eating out market is expected to go from strength to strength and will total £65 billion by 2017. In a bid to keep pace with this growing demand and to maintain their commitment to the highest production standards, the team at Istanbul Meats, which now includes Ali & Nuran’s son Atalay, an MSC determined to grow the business, have invested over £500k in the development of a brand new Kebab factory that has been designed and built to BRC standards. The new factory doubles the company’s current production capacity and provides the space and infrastructure for future expansion. The BRC informed layout provides a contamination free facility that boasts an R&D kitchen, additional dry and frozen stores, temperature controlled, sealed de-boxing rooms and automated production lines.

contaminates and run through a metal detector before entering freezers ahead of shipment to customers. ‘In due course, Istanbul Meats will become one of the first fully accredited Kebab meat producers in the UK, bringing further peace of mind to our growing client base’ commented Atalay. The secret to the company’s success is simple - a desire to deliver extremely high quality, consistent Kebab products. Early in the their careers as Kebab shop owners, Ali & Nuran realised that their customers wanted their Kebabs to be the same quality and consistency every time they called in for their favourite takeaway. They quickly understood that the only way to guarantee this consistent quality, was to manufacture their own Kebab meat, so Ali set about blending his own recipe using traditional spice mixes and locally sourced quality meats. The resulting Kebab meat was so popular that other Kebab shop owners approached Ali to ask if he would sell them the meat for their own shops and the rest is history. With the new factory in place, Ali, Nuran & Atalay are looking forward another 26 years of success

Boilerplate: Istanbul meats is one of the UK’s premier Kebab Meat Manufacturers. Operating from state of the art facilities in the North East of England, they provide premium quality Kebab Meat, & Halal Burgers to a large client base consisting of a combination of commercial food distributors and wholesalers, both nationally and internationally. With a commitment to providing a constantly high quality product, by using only the finest quality ingredients, rigorous quality control measures and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, the company For more has grown organically, information, please through recommendation contact Tom McCarthy and word of mouth on 07837 597 995 or email since 1990.


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

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PROMART – VISION & EXPERIENCE IN FOOD SERVICE Many restaurants serving customers of large retail chains are busy all day long. They serve breakfasts, lunches, snacks and evening meals to a hungry and thirsty throng of shoppers and the experience of eating and drinking in-store has to reflect the ethos and culture of the rest of the store.

Services Back of house equipment and systems Operational flow Front of house displays and serveries Beverage displays Contact: Michael Da Costa - Sales Manager 07977 496066 0151 547 4666

Es 30 tabl Ye ishe ar d s


reparation, cooking, storage and presentation has to be of a high standard and although shoppers sometimes welcome the opportunity to relax over lunch, they often want to simply fuel up before getting on with the business of shopping. PROMART understands all of this and has extensive experience in making it all work efficiently and impressively. High street restaurants have to attract a constant supply of customers and return a profit in order to survive in a highly competitive environment. Whether your project is new-build or refurbishment, PROMART has everything you need to realise your vision from design to opening launch.   PROMART drop in range includes: bain marie, hot cupboard, ceran hotplates, refrigerated wells and deli sections   Our project management team can help with:   Design Regulations and legislation

Frying Range Engineers Servicing all makes of ranges, covering East Anglia, East Midlands & London/M25 Annual Range Servicing • Insurance Certificates Duct Steam Cleaning • Repairs • Modifications

•Refurbished / Rebuilds / New •Traditional & Dutch Makes •Extraction Systems & Ductwork •Shopfitting Design & Refurbishment •Fire Damage, Repairs & Upgrades

For prompt, efficient service please call:

01553 772935 In association with

Frying Ranges

Seafish – Fish & Chip Awards – Latest

Seafood Scotland host learning trip for finalists

This month, as part of The National Fish & Chip Awards 2017, the support body for the Scottish Seafood sector, Seafood Scotland, is busy arranging a learning journey for media and finalists of the Best Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year Award to visit the capital of the UK’s cod and haddock industry, Peterhead in the North East of Scotland.


head of the visit, which will be covered in the next edition of FFP magazine, Clare Dean, Trade Marketing Manager from Seafood Scotland gives us an overview of what kind of industry the finalists will see first-hand. “Scotland is a proud fishing nation. An industry founded on tradition whilst focused on the future. The sector that has been through changing and challenging times, and one that has come through smarter and stronger because of it. The North East of Scotland is a thriving hub for seafood manufacturing and is Europe’s whitefish capital. It has a dedicated, fit-for-purpose fishing fleet, a concentration of skilled primary processors and excellent transport logistics to the rest of the UK. In 2006, stocks of Scottish cod had fallen to an all-time low. 32

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Through a wide range of collaborative efforts and research projects, fishing gear development, ‘real time’ closures and on-board technological advances, the industry has shown huge commitment and personal sacrifice to guarantee the health of the industry for the future. And the effort is evident. Today’s modern whitefish sector is one of the most efficiently managed and highly regulated industries in Europe. Whitefish stocks are back at sustainable levels and cod is currently undergoing MSC assessment with accreditation expected next year. In fact, Scotland has more MSC certified fisheries than any other European country, with MSC certified haddock and coley, amongst a host of other fish and shellfish. It is also an industry with community at its heart, employing

Seafish – Fish & Chip Awards – Latest

more than 1,200 fishermen and 3,700 people in the processing sector*, with hundreds of additional downstream jobs; the sector holds huge socioeconomic importance to the region. Through generations of industry development, traditional and contemporary skills have been married together to create a unique blend of services, from highly skilled hand filleting, to investment in modern processing technologies, satisfying the differing needs of a range of customers. For the growing number of chippies looking for a product with sustainable credentials and peace of mind for their customer, a product with provenance and authenticity at its heart, look to Scotland; high quality, fresh seafood, landed on our doorstep.” The port of Peterhead – Europe’s leading whitefish fishing port accounts for around 79% of all UK whitefish landings, 127,000 tonnes of fish and other seafood, worth £111 million, landed during 2015. ** *Employment statistics Source: UK Sea Fisheries Annual Statistics Report 2015 (MMO) and Processing Census 2016 **UK Sea Fisheries Statistics 2015

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


Seafish – Fish & Chip Awards – Latest UK’S TOP THREE MOST SUSTAINABLE FISH & CHIP SHOPS ANNOUNCED Three of the UK’s leading fish and chip businesses have today (Monday 31 October) been announced as finalists in the Good Catch – The Sustainable Seafood Award for the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.


he three shortlisted businesses – Rockfish in Brixham, Devon; Fish City in Belfast and Papa’s Fish and Chips in Hull, East Yorkshire - will now compete against each other as they ‘fry’ for glory in the race to bag the prestigious Good Catch Award. To secure a place as a coveted finalist, the shortlisted businesses have been appraised across a wide variety of judging criteria focusing strongly on the policies and procedures they have in place regarding the responsible sourcing of the fish and shellfish they use in their respective shops. Judges also appraised how well shops performed at educating and informing customers on the sustainability credentials of the seafood they serve including details of the journey that the fish used takes from net to plate. In addition, shops were appraised as to how they seek to influence or encourage others in the industry to also have a responsible attitude to serving sustainable fish and shellfish. The shops were also appraised on what their plans were to take issues of sustainability of seafood a step further in their respective businesses over the coming year. Over the coming weeks, finalists will receive further mystery judging assessments by awards judges who will undertake indepth audits of both the front and back of house operational aspects of shops and also assess the level of customer service and quality of the fish and chips on offer. This final stage of competition judging will determine the overall winner of this particular award category that will be announced at the National Fish and Chip Awards ceremony in London on 26 January 2017. Recognising fish and chip businesses that are leading the way in the sourcing and promotion of sustainable fish and shellfish, the Good Catch Award celebrates fish and chip businesses across the country that are actively working to protect supplies of seafood. It is co-sponsored by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the international ecolabel and certification programme for sustainable fishing practises, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the UK charity dedicated to the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife, along with fish supply brand Norfisk. Co-sponsor George Clark, UK Commercial Manager of MSC, 34

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Rockfish in Brixham, Devon

Fish City in Belfast

Papa’s Fish and Chips in Hull

commented: “Another tough year in judging this award so far, and we’ve managed to condense down to this shortlist of very strong finalists. We’ve seen keen interest year on year from fish and chip businesses wanting to prove their sustainable credentials and win The Good Catch Award; and with a full set of MSC certified shops in the category once more, it’s going to be really tough to whittle this down to an overall winner.” Co-sponsor Samuel Stone, Head of Fisheries & Aquaculture at the MCS, commented: “We are delighted to see a range of new entrants for the Good Catch Award this year and were really impressed with how good an understanding they have of responsible buying practices and general awareness of marine conservation issues. It’s clear that fish and chip businesses are increasingly utilising the available resources to really learn about the seafood they’re selling, which is fantastic to see. The more we all know about the food we eat, the more likely we’ll make responsible choices to keep encouraging improvements in how our food is sourced and produced.” Steve Tilston from Norfisk said: “With food provenance driving consumer choice, the question of where and how seafood has been sourced has never been more important. As a company that is passionate about sustainable, line caught products, it’s an honour to support this year’s Good Catch Award. “It is encouraging to see that even the smallest of businesses are demonstrating their commitment towards responsible sourcing. Sustainability is such a topical issue within our industry; the National Fish & Chip Awards do an excellent job of promoting the importance of fish provenance. We congratulate the three finalists and look forward to seeing who comes out on top.” Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish, said: “This award is a fundamental category in The National Fish & Chip Awards as it represents everything that the awards stand for; ensuring a sustainable future for important key ingredients used in the fish and chip process, and thus ensuring a vibrant future for the overall fish and chip industry itself.” “All three finalists should be incredibly proud of themselves for getting to this stage - they are true UK leaders in the fields of responsible sourcing and fish sustainability and I wish them the best of luck as they progress to the final round of judging.”

Seafish – Fish & Chip Awards – Latest UK’S TOP THREE MOBILE FISH & CHIP OPERATORS Three of the UK’s leading mobile fish and chip businesses have today (Thursday 3 November) been announced as finalists for the Best Mobile Fish and Chip Operator Award as part of the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.


he three finalists - Dodson’s Fresh Catch Ltd in Wakefield, West Yorkshire; Starchip Enterprise UK Ltd in Evesham, Worcestershire; and The Hip Hop Chip Shop in Salford, Manchester - will now compete for the top title in this award category, as part of what are regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the fish frying industry. To secure a place as a finalist, shortlisted businesses have been appraised across a wide range of judging criteria including responsible and sustainable sourcing policies, preparation of products, staff training procedures, monitoring of customer satisfaction levels, and marketing and promotional activity.   Award sponsor Colin Heathfield, Head of Foodservice, International Sales & Emerging Markets of Pukka Pies Limited, said: “Pukka Pies is delighted to be taking part in the prestigious National Fish & Chip Awards for 2017.  The awards are important in both rewarding excellence and creating awareness to the general public about our industry.   “Although we have been sponsors over the last few years this is the first time we have sponsored the Best Mobile Operator Award, and we would like to congratulate and thank all those operators that have entered for the award - particularly those that have made the final. This year will be sure to be a close call with all finalists having done fantastically well to finish in the top three.  We look forward to finding out which mobile operator will win this coveted award.”   Over the coming weeks, the successfully shortlisted businesses will be subjected to mystery judging visits from  awards auditors to ascertain the quality of the fish and chips and the levels of customer service provided by staff. This final stage of competition judging will determine the overall winner that will be announced at the awards ceremony in London on 26 January 2017.   Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish, said “This year we had an exceptionally high level of entries so to be in the top three of a UK wide competition is a remarkable achievement, I look forward to seeing who comes out on top at the final.”

Dodson’s Fresh Catch Ltd in Wakefield, West Yorkshire;

Starchip Enterprise UK Ltd in Evesham, Worcestershire

Pukka Pies as per BOX artwork

The Hip Hop Chip Shop in Salford, Manchester

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


Seafish – Fish & Chip Awards – Latest MULTIPLE FISH AND CHIP OPERATORS ‘FRYING’ TO BE THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS Three of the UK’s leading fish and chip businesses have been announced as finalists in the Best Multiple Fish and Chip Operator Award for the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.


he three finalists – Clems Fish Restaurants (with four outlets across County Durham and one in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear); John Dory’s of Northern Ireland (with seven premises operating in Lisburn, Carryduff and Belfast) and Rockfish (with four Devon based establishments in Brixham, Dartmouth, Plymouth and Torquay) - will now compete against each other in the race to bag the top accolade and become the UK’s best multiple fish and chip operator. To secure a place as a finalist, shortlisted businesses have been appraised across a wide range of judging criteria including fish sourcing policies,  outlet appearance and facilities, menu development and innovation, supplier relationships, marketing and promotion activity, and staff development and training practices.   Over the coming weeks, finalists will receive further mystery judging assessments by industry experts to ascertain the level of customer service and quality of the fish and chips on offer. This final stage of competition judging will determine the overall winner that will be announced at the National Fish and Chip Awards ceremony in London on 26 January 2017.   Jointly sponsored by JJ Food Service Limited and Unique Seafood Limited, the Best Multiple Fish and Chip Operator Award recognises and celebrates the best fish and chip businesses with three or more premises in the UK.   Joint award sponsor Terry Larkin, Group General Manager at JJ Food Service Limited, commented: “The standard of entrants this year was phenomenal. In particular, we were impressed with the extraordinary measures they have taken to satisfy their respective customers, and also the strong focus placed by businesses on the responsible sourcing of fish.  There has also been an increase in menu diversification to offer healthier chargrilled options and innovative use of social media to drive incredible engagement and sales.”   Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish, said: “Running three or more outlets as part of a group business can be a very challenging and demanding task. To be successful, owners need to take a systematic approach to ensure that consistency and quality is upheld throughout their entire operation.   “This award recognises those businesses that really do go the extra mile, demonstrating commitment and determination to ensure that all of their establishments operate at the highest of levels. The finalists are ambitious and driven, and their passion to succeed in the industry is inspiring. I wish them all the best of luck and I look forward to seeing who will take the crown at the awards ceremony.”


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Seafish – Fish & Chip Awards – Latest UK’S TOP FIVE FISH AND CHIP RESTAURANTS ANNOUNCED The UK’s top five fish and chip restaurants have been announced by the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.

Shortlisted as part of the awards which are

widely considered as the ‘Oscars’ of the fish frying industry, the five businesses are: Mister C’s in Selby, North Yorkshire Harbour Lights in Falmouth, Cornwall The Fisherman’s Wife in Whitby, North Yorkshire Pelican Fish & Chips in Barnstaple, Devon Seafresh Restaurant in Victoria, London   They will now ‘batter’ it out as they vie for the Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year Award and aim to claim the title of ‘best fish and chip restaurant’ in the UK.   To get to this stage and secure a place as a finalist, the restaurants have been appraised

by industry experts across a wide variety of judging criteria including, responsible sourcing policies, menu diversification, restaurant facilities and appearance, staff training and development practices, and marketing and promotional activity. They have also received mystery shopping assessments to ascertain customer service levels and the quality of the fish and chips on offer. Over the coming weeks, the shortlisted restaurants will be subjected to additional in-depth judging audits to assess both the front and back–of-house operational aspects. This final stage of competition judging will determine the overall winner of this award category that will be announced at the awards ceremony, held in London on 26 January 2017.


Three of the UK’s fish and chip businesses that hold the federations quality award have been announced as finalists in the National Federation of Fish Friers Quality Award ‘Champion’ Award for the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish. Black’s Finest Fish & Chips in Lancaster, Lancashire; Fochabers Fish Bar in Fochabers, Morayshire Shillingfords in Neath, West Glamorgan They will now compete against each other for the top title in this award category. Now in its fifth year, the Quality Award ‘Champion’ Award was created as an extension to the National Federation of Fish Friers quality accreditation scheme – a rigorous industry benchmark that was launched in January 2011. It is only open to businesses holding an already existing Quality Award and crowns the ultimate ‘champion’ of the prestigious accreditation programme.

Designed to acknowledge fish and chip businesses that continue to raise the standards of the nation’s fish and chips, it rewards shops and restaurants that achieve the perfect balance between quality products, clean hygienic premises, outstanding shop appearance and highly trained staff. To secure a place as a finalist, shortlisted businesses have been appraised by industry experts across a wide variety of judging criteria including, Quality Award promotion to customers, communication of the benefits to the wider industry, and plans to promote and support the award in the future.

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


Pizza Pizza - the Pleaser “Pizza is a popular choice for a variety of audiences including children who are the toughest to please!” Says Mark Hogan, marketing and sales manager of Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) “Pizzas will always be one of the catering industry’s must-offer money spinners and customer favourites, so investing in the right equipment is essential. Pizzas freshly made on the premises not only taste so much better than brought-in varieties, but offer great versatility as they can be topped with in-house speciality flavours or to the customer’s own specifications. FEM’s Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers help caterers make lightwork of preparing the perfect pizza dough. They are practical and easy-to-use, making rolling out circles of dough to prepare pizza and speciality breads both simple and fast. To protect the characteristics of the dough, they operate without

heat. The thickness and diameter of the rolled-out dough circles can be easily adjusted, based on the chef ’s preference. Constructed from strong, durable stainless steel the Dough Rollers are perfect for heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens. Parts are easily removable for thorough cleaning. FEM supplies the Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers in two sizes, 12 inch and 16 inch. The smallest in the range, the SP 310/2, measures 440mm (w) x 380mm (d) x 615mm (h). Compact electric pizza ovens are an easy way for outlets to expand their menu to include great tasting pizza. They mimic the cooking conditions of traditional wood- or gas-fired pizza ovens, enabling authentic tasting pizzas to be quickly and easily produced, perfect for smaller catering establishments. As production increases, ovens can be stacked to double capacity. Stone base pizza ovens are increasingly popular as they produce pizzas with the aroma and taste closest to a traditional pizzeria, at a reasonable price. For example, FEM’s latest Sirman Double Deck Vesuvio 2C electric pizza ovens feature a stonebaking deck, for that traditional pizza texture, and robust stainless steel construction, making the ovens durable and hardwearing. Available in three sizes, the Sirman Double Deck Vesuvio 2C Pizza Ovens make lightwork of producing perfect pizzas. The smallest, the Vesuvio 2C 85X70, measures just 1190mm (w) x 905mm (d) x 720mm (h) and can cook up to eight 14 inch pizzas at a time, ideal for sites starting out producing pizzas. For venues with an even higher demand, the largest Vesuvio, the 105X105, can cook eighteen 13 inch pizzas simultaneously. Two thermostats per deck, one for


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

each baking deck and one for each chamber, and an air vent with a shutter allows operators to precisely adapt the temperatures and climate within each chamber – creating the optimum conditions for the desired base texture and topping colour. The doors have a double glass window and the chambers feature interior lighting, so that the chefs can quickly see how the pizzas are cooking without opening the doors and losing heat. If you need to hold the pizza prior to serving, specify equipment specifically designed to hold pizza for longer periods of time without the product deteriorating in appearance, taste and quality, such as the holding cabinets from Alto-Shaam. To help chefs get the most of their equipment, FEM undertakes end-user site visits and training alongside its dealer partners. For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email or visit www.fem.

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A Pizza the ACTION A recent report by the Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA) estimated that the UK pizza market was worth a staggering £5bn* in 2016 with the out of home market representing around 80% of this figure. As a market that continues to grow, it is no wonder that more and more fast food operators look to grab a slice of the action and make the most of the long-term growth in pizza sales.


s the market opportunity grows, so does the quality and diversity of the pizzas available, therefore ensuring your offering stands out from those locally is essential. Provenance of ingredients, the quality of the dough and the variety of flavours are all key, however the style of cooking can often make the difference in this highly competitive sector. As an operator, thought should be given to whether you are looking for the authenticity of wood fired or stone hearth cooking, or the speed and consistency that conveyor or deck ovens provide. As the largest supplier of fast food equipment to national high street chains and independents across the UK, Jestic Express is able to offer unparalleled levels of support and assistance to operators throughout the industry. So whether you’re looking to source equipment for a complete site refit or you simply want to make the most of the opportunity generated through the sale of pizza, our dedicated team has the experience, knowledge and knowhow to help. 40

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Exclusively supplying two of the top pizza oven brands in the sector, Middleby Marshall and Sveba-Dahlen, our experts work closely with each individual business to identify an appliance to suit each bespoke requirement.

Middleby Marshall Cooking more than 1 million pizzas everyday around the world, Middleby Marshall’s range of conveyor ovens have been used in some of the biggest chains and franchises for decades. As the global standard in conveyor oven pizza cooking, the brand continues to achieve constant innovation and development. The company’s latest range, the Middleby Marshall WOW ovens combine outstanding energy efficiency whilst delivering a faster cook and perfect results every time. Featuring the unique ‘Magic Eye’, the WOW appliances have an infrared beam to closely monitor pizza production and activate the three stages of idle mode, something which is particularly useful during quieter

Pizza periods. Shutting off the main fan and burner, the oven can be instantly reawakened by simply breaking the beam, returning to the set temperature in just 90 seconds – saving up to 30% on gas consumption alone. A low profile design and advanced air delivery system bakes pizza up to 35% faster than standard conveyor ovens. Versatility is also well-thought-out with the Middleby Marshall WOW range thanks to the front-loading window design which not only provides the opportunity to view the progress of the pizzas but can also be used to load shorter cook time products such as garlic bread onto the conveyor belt.

Sveba-Dahlen Offering outstanding quality and consistency, Sveba-Dahlen deck ovens have become renowned the world over for delivering authentic tasting pizza in all types of catering establishment for over 50 years. The Scandinavian brand’s ‘P-Series’ represents a completely new generation of pizza ovens and offers the optimum level of capacity combined with innovative features and a compact design to fit the requirements of fast food operators. With a choice of multiple decks and available with eco+ technology to save up to 35% on energy consumption, the P-Series provides a reliable solution to offering quality pizza. As the smallest model in the range, the P-200 is available in a choice of one or two decks, each capable of cooking two 35cm pizzas at a time. Alternatively, for those looking for a larger capacity, the P-400 comes in a choice of a single, double or triple deck design, with each capable of cooking up to four 35cm pizzas at once. The latest heating technology provides a rapid heat up and temperature recovery when the door has been opened, along with even heat distribution, producing a uniform finish without the need to turn the pizzas. Continuing to support many of the leading high-street chains as well as independent businesses around the country, Jestic Express offers the experience, understanding and level of service needed to support your business. Working with you to identify your particular needs and requirements, we undertake full site surveys, deliver inclusive operator training programmes and offer some of the most comprehensive aftersales packages on the market, all backed by our own service division, Jestic Technical Services. To find out more about the pizza equipment and service from Jestic Express, please visit or call 01892 831 960.

41 41

Coming So From January 2017, Fish & Chips and Fast Food Magagazine is going to become Fast food Professional Magazine and new owner Athol Dipple explains why he’s bought the industries longest privately owned and established trade magazine servicing the fish and chip sector and taken it out to the masses…

What’s new


thol Dipple has had a colourful career in the quick service restaurant (QSR) sector. Working in strategic management and director roles for the Mars Group, Compass Catering, Whitbread, BhS, Asda and Moto, He first began his career by gaining an honours degree in Hotel and Catering Administration. Building successful fast food brands both in the UK and abroad, taking early retirement was never going to work out. The opportunity to acquire Fish and Chips and Fast Food Magazine satisfied an itch that Athol had wanted to scratch for some time.


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Athol understands just how fluid the QSR market is and considers the Fish and Chip Industry to be one of the most stable across the whole sector. He’s steered brands through decades of change in the way consumers view fast food and have evolved their eating habits. For several years he’s wanted to launch a magazine into the whole QSR sector. In its 26th year of Publication, he viewed FCFF as a vehicle capable of going places. With his vast knowledge and extensive list of contacts he has big plans for the rebrand.

oon Just an impression of how the covers may look

The new magazine is going to be twice the size in terms of content – up to 90 or more pages. The new name Fast Food Professional as it suggests is for a wider audience of managers and staff who take their roles seriously and Athol promises to deliver content written by fast food professionals that will inspire, challenge or motivate readers. That’s not all. Athol believes that Social Media is the most neglected opportunity that Fast Food Professionals have seen in recent years and so he’s investing in a new online

community for fast food professionals away from the general public that promises to teach every single user not only how to use social media as an interface to reach out to customers but also how to grow your business and promote it with measured results. The best thing about what’s coming is that it remains FREE for every reader too and as Athol already has your contact details, you’ll still receive every issue of the new magazine and invitations to join all social media sites when they launch next year..

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


Industry News


Social snapper or straight up snacker? If you’re under 24, Instagram comes before eating Pining for pineapple? Fruit on a pizza question is settled


Takeaway for breakfast? Bhaji for breakfast deemed acceptable by Brits

Battle of the Burgers: Despite the gourmet burger trend, classic burger is still on top.

ungryhouse. majority (83%) of the, the online Gherkin or Gherkout: Surprisingly the UK is all about nation prefers to tuck food ordering in first - unless you are remain when it comes to the gherkin platform has today under 24! It seems under revealed some of the 24 year olds believe image UK’s most surprising takeaway habits. Whether you opt to use is more important than hunger and prefer to “gram” their food chopsticks over a fork, remove the gherkin from your burger before they eat it. or think it is socially acceptable to launch your Instagram app Only a handful of Brits throw their leftovers away, while it before tucking in for your first bite - hungryhouse has the seems most people (3 in 4) enjoy a takeaway for breakfast answers on how the nation likes to eat their takeaway. squashing any potential feelings of next day guilt. When it Triggered from conversations between real people in the comes to washing up the nation isn’t afraid to get their hands a brand’s latest TV advert, hungryhouse held a month of debates bit soapy as plating up your food takes the win over eating out on their social media channels and conducted research of the carton. amongst their user base to obtain answers to some of the age The age old debate of chopsticks versus fork was finally old debates when it comes to enjoying your favourite takeaway answered with forks coming out on top, beating the traditional treat. culinary tools used in the cuisines origin. Surprisingly fruit Findings indicate that despite the recent rise of the overlyon a pizza split the nation 50:50 - shattering the common styled, “hipster” gourmet burger, a classic no frills burger is still perception that British people don’t like pineapple chunks on Britain’s favourite, indicating that the nation won’t be swayed pizza. When it comes to gherkin, it seems not as many people by the hype and prefers the good, old fashioned classics. When sneakily throw theirs away, as the majority (76%) opt for the it comes to instagramming your food before you eat, the gherkin to remain firmly nestled between the bun and patty.


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

Industry News

Other surprising debate winners include classic ketchup over mayo, proper chippy chips over American fries and a helping of cheese in a burger over a plain hamburger. Alice Mrongovius, CEO at, said: “Everyone loves a good takeaway but we all have our own way of enjoying it. These age old questions surrounding takeaway were triggered by the real conversations in our advert so we decided to get answers, once and for all. There are definitely surprises in the findings some which go against our idea of how Britain likes to eat, but either way it’s great to see how passionate people get about takeaway!”

How SuperSorb CarbonPads work. ®

Technology doesn’t stand still


Sieving: Particles large enough to see with the human eye are mechanically sieved and stopped on the top surface of the pad. Entrapment: When SuperSorb CarbonPads are manufactured, before the final drying process, the wet pad mixture is pulled through a vacuum in a process that makes each pad a depth filter. This makes one side of the pad porous and the other side very fine. ®

Since we introduced the white Superpad to the frying trade in 2003 we have continually worked with the manufacturer to achieve what we considered the perfect solution for cooking oil/fat filtration. After extensive research, development, testing and comparisons we are so impressed with results using the new SuperSorb CarbonPad. We intend to offer the new version as an updated alternative, alongside the white product. Activated carbon was chosen as the "active" agent due to its large reactive and adsorptive surface area. It has thousands of interconnected graphite-based platelets, which create interior channels, holes, and pockets. This increased adsorptive capacity over other filter types, results in a filter media that achieves superior particulate and organic contaminant removal. Each level teaspoon of activated carbon particles exceeds the surface area of a football field.

Call 01325 377189 or Buy online @

As the oil is pulled deeper in to the matrix of the pad during filtration, smaller and smaller particles are caught in a process called entrapment. Absorption: This is the process whereby inorganics, metallic ions and fine particles are absorbed in to the pad’s cellulose matrix, much like a sponge absorbs water. The carbon powder makes the pad extremely absorbent. Adsorption: This is the process whereby macromolecules, oxidants and organic compounds are neutralised by the active ingredients, such as carbon powder, that is incorporated in the matrix of the pad. The compounds are attracted to the structure of the pad rather like a magnet. These neutralised compounds cannot contaminate the oil. The activated carbon powder removes off-odours and tastes from the oil. SuperSorb CarbonPads remove sub-micron particles down to 0.5 microns – this is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand. ®

Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /


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The Grand Mac and Mac Junior go countrywide stateside. New additions to the McDonald’s Fleet look set to make 2017 the year of the portion size.

McDonald’s appear to be following suit by going all

out on portion sizes for 2017. From early next year, fans of the Big Mac will be treated to 2 different sizes of the burger with their unique big mac sauce. The Grand Mac and The Mac Junior extended trial rollout was announced after successful trials in Ohio and Dallas throughout 2016. Just like the mini fish meal gaining popularity in UK fish and chip shops, the Mac Junior is a single patty variation that comes without the


Fish & Chips and Fast Food / November & December 2016 /

middle bun and is squarely aimed at the calorie counter or smaller appetite. The calorific Grand Mac, on the other hand, features two larger 100 percent beef patties weighing a third of a pound and served up on larger sesame seeded buns. The trial starts early in January and will run through to June 6 at select locations Stateside. As it stands, there’s no word on whether the burgers will be rolled out in the UK.

Specialised Catering and Hospitality Finance…. Leasing is Still the Way Forward!! Leasing has always been an integral part of the catering equipment market, a way of getting the customer to agree to the sale and allowing those without the capital to get what they need for their businesses to thrive. All has been well for the last decade. But the recent credit crunch has changed all that as many funders have pulled out of the market and those that have stayed have increased their minimum lend values, many to above usual catering equipment invoice totals.

“At last there is light at the end of the tunnel for catering equipment dealers”

We Have Bucked the Trend!! Corporate Asset has always prided itself on the fact that we are not a normal funder. We have always gone direct to market instead of working through broker channels and we have always thought outside of the box to get deals done. A staggering 95% of all business is still accepted that is proposed under our deal guidelines. We have further improved our reputation within the market by reducing our minimum lend. To our knowledge we are the only finance company in the UK that has done this making leasing once again the viable alternative it once was.

Whats New? You might still be thinking to yourself...So whats new? Why are Corporate Asset any different from anyone else? The answer is simple. For deals under £5,000 we offer the best service, speed of decision and acceptance rates on the market. We have the ability to:

Case Study—Shieldwall Books “After opening my business a couple of years ago cash was still tight and when my coffee machine broke down I decided to lease the new one. However I found it much harder than I ever expected. Corporate Asset proved to be the answer. They gave me exceptional service and rates and we will be using them again for my other finance needs”

• • • • • •

Offer finance on any equipment over £750. Give decisions in as little as 2 hours! Provide you with blank paperwork to sign up your own deals or your customer with pre completed docs Accept loss making companies Accept new start companies Offer competitive rates

“Some of the country’s largest catering equipment suppliers use Corporate Asset… Just one call and you could be reaping the benefits of leasing once again”

Ron Whittington - MD

Corporate Asset Solutions Limited

8 Fernacre Business Park, Budds Lane, Romsey, SO51 0HA

T: 08452 799 777 F: 08452 799 779 E:

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First For: • Oils & Fats • Batter Mixes • Frozen Foods • Frozen Fish • Packagaing


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Rent £18k p.a. Long Lease available 15 years (Lease negotiatable with landlord)

Please contact V.A Whitley & Co. Ltd 01706 364211

Revenue £75k p.a. on a 5 day week Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-9pm

Main Road position 1 minute walk to train station. London SE6 location Price.

Seperate 3 bed flat inc - Flat monthly rental £1450, if not needed it can be for personal use.

Looking for Cover for your Shop?

All respectable offers will be considered please contact Andrew 07513 363723

Sickness, holiday or want to take a well deserved rest?

Freelance relief fryer/manager available 30+ years in trade previous shop owner - reasonable rates for Sussex/ Surrey and South Coast areas, others upon negotiation. References can be supplied upon request.

Tel: K Davies on 07919974816

Holiday \ Relief Fish Fryer Roy Taylor , 40 Years’ Experience Tel: 07968 502914 Based in West Yorkshire Roy, now retired, has owned and run successful Fish and Chip shops in the Leeds area for 40 years and is now available to cover when a temporary Fryer is required.

New Job Opportunity Available Experienced staff required for full time position in busy fast food outlets near to cork city, Ireland. Relevant experience essential. The job entails food preparation, cooking, customer service and managing in a busy retail environment. Attractive salary dependant on experience.

Please contact 00353834690302 or email cv to

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