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Q&A Andy Gray Seafish

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Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

That All -Important Crunch

Grilling with Synergy

Re Fuel with 1 Bonny

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Surreal Times!


e are all living in quite surreal times that none of us will ever have experienced before and Fast Food Professional would like to recognise the great courage and sacrifice shown by the Heroes in our NHS teams, key workers and volunteers dealing with this terrible virus. Fast Food Professional would also like to pass on our sincere thanks to our trading partners that are continuing to support us and I hope that the magazine gives positive messages about the future for our amazing sector. We would also like to pass on our thoughts and deepest sympathy to those who have and will unfortunately lose loved ones in this pandemic. We all need to do our bit in any small way, but clearly the most important thing is to follow the government advice on how to keep ourselves and others safe. This frightening time will change all of us and the way we look at life in future, but, the world will go on and the industry will grow and thrive in the future. Many of our readers have been taking the opportunity to ramp up or even start up Home Delivery services to keep their businesses, that they have worked hard to build up, going during the crisis and this, I am sure, will stand them in good stead when we return to some sort of normality. The chance to get a freshly cooked meal delivered is a great boost to many customers. In the Second World War, Fish and Chips was one of the foods not rationed, it was considered to be so important to the well-being and positive outlook of the population. It is also great to see that many suppliers around the country are opening up their operations to deliver their products to the domestic market. It will be interesting to see how many of these maintain the service in the future. Our Front Cover and the internal article from Mechline about how the revolutionary new air and surface steriliser, not only for the current Covid 19 virus but for others in the future, can help to keep your business safe. Thank you, also, to Andy Gray, Trade Marketing Manager of Seafish, who gave us the insight into his varied life and career. A very good read! Take care, stay safe and well, and please do anything you can to help your neighbourhood. Thanks, Athol

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Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


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Fast Food businesses turn to HyGenikx in fight against Coronavirus as leading microbiologist throws support behind the product Page 10





6 Q&A Andy Gray, Trade Marketing Manager, Seafish 10 Fast Food businesses turn to HyGenikx in fight against COVID-19 12 FREE platform for businesses to process takeaway orders amid COVID-19 13 Plea for restaurants to turn into takeaways during Coronavirus outbreak 14 Let your customers know your open for business, with a little help from Blakemans 16 Pukka and National Federation of Fish Friers Work Together for The Great British Chippy 17 Cottage Pie Controversially revealed as UK’s favourite pie 18 Simpson’s Bonny Ritchie, has launched a new venture with the opening of Fuel café 20 Blakeman’s Pork Patties Perfect for Breakfasts on the Go! 22 Fish Box Pledges its Support to The Marine Conservation Society 23 That All-Important Crunch, thanks Aviko 24 Increased food sales and menu options with Synergy Grill Technology 26 Wrapchic’s new investment invites customers to see the food production process 27 New research shows restaurants seek manufacturers’ support in meeting goals 28 It’s a Wrap - 81% of chefs and caterers say cling film is an essential tool 30 FEM and the new Hamilton Beach Commercial Otto Centrifugal Juice Extractor 31 New Chilled Custom Counters from Fri-Jado Deliver Sustainability on all levels 32 Jestic secures master distributor deal with Carlisle Foodservice Products

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional






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Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Grilled Fast Food Professional recently had the great pleasure of quizzing Andy Gray, Trade Marketing Manager, Seafish – and one of the project managers for the annual National Fish & Chip Awards.

1. Was there a light bulb moment that led you to the food industry? As a very young boy I became obsessed with fish and angling – which eventually led to me, after finishing high school, undertaking a degree in Fisheries Science. Ironically my studies had nothing to do with angling but were all about commercial fishing/aquaculture – including study of subjects ranging from marine biology to maritime law, from fisheries economics to oceanography. That, combined with my love of all things food, has helped steer a path for me to where I am today – and I’m still obsessed with all things about fish – from working in the wider fish industry, to cooking and eating them – and still also to angling for them as a sport (predominantly coarse angling for tench/pike/roach/bream, etc., grayling fishing on rivers over the winter months, along with a wide mix of sea angling from shore and kayak).

2. Who is your Food Hero and biggest influence? No one overall food hero – although I do love collecting and reading books about food and cookery – especially books about the history of food. Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky is a fantastic read – providing historical insight on a fish that was responsible for the development of many communities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and further afield. The fish that really did change the world!

3. Biggest industry achievement/recognition to-date? As a part of Seafish, I’m immensely proud to have been involved in the running/organisation of the National Fish & Chip Awards for nigh on twenty years.

4. What do you do the wind down outside of work? Besides spending time with family, from a young age I’ve always been passionate about the great outdoors – climbing mountains, catching fish, cycling, canoeing/kayaking, camping, surfing, sailing, watching wildlife, etc.. I also love travelling to new places whenever possible. On the topic of mountains, my little legs luckily managed to complete ‘a round of the Munros’ a number of years ago (a total of 284 separate Scottish mountains that are each over 3,000 feet in height – latest count was actually over 600 Munros climbed after many repeat ascents) – and I only have 9 peaks to ascend to also complete a round of the Corbetts (a separate list of 222 Scottish mountains that are each between 2,500 and 3,000 feet in height) – hopefully this year I’ll get round to completing them!


Fastfood Professional • February April and and MayMarch 2020 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


I am a proverbial ‘anorak’ when it comes to ticking/ collecting things! I have also been lucky to have climbed in

6. Have you got a favourite food memory from your childhood?

many far flung parts of the world – with a variety of ascents

I’ve always been a lover of all forms of lamb, especially

and successful climbs of peaks to over 22,000 feet, on many

roast lamb – along with some accompanying mint sauce or

expeditions. I also used to be a paraglider pilot until a bit of

mint jelly – and my mum often recounts a funny tale of when

a fall from the sky and a serious mishap and argument with

I had just started at primary school and of her being told

a rogue mountainside – an argument that I lost! Needless

by teachers that when I had been served some lamb one

to say, my feet are firmly planted on terra firma these days!

day for school lunch, I had apparently demanded some mint sauce, saying to the dinner servers that that was what I was

5. What is your favourite thing about your job at Seafish? The variety of work that comes from being part of Seafish

used to having at home. Needless to say I was apparently told in no uncertain terms that this was school lunches and not a restaurant or home dinner service!!

is one of the great aspects of being a Seafish employee. During my time at Seafish I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with a fantastic bunch of colleagues

7. If you were someone else, what/who would you have liked to be?

and also to meet and become friends with people from

In my dreams I suppose I would say that I would have

all walks of life in the seafood industry. It is an industry in

loved to play for my favourite football team – Glasgow

which many people spend their whole working lives and

Celtic – or for the national football team. From time to time,

who literally do live, eat and breathe all things seafood –

I jokingly say to my young son that I still think I may get

bringing with them a level of passion and enthusiasm that

a phone call one day from team selectors, asking me to

is seldom found in other business sectors.

represent Scotland at football. I can but dream!

Over the years, my time at Seafish has also provided me with the chance to visit literally hundreds of fantastic fish and chip businesses, and I have enjoyed the opportunity

8. Is there a dish that you enthusiastically share the recipe for?

that myself and Seafish colleagues have had to help and

In my spare time I also love to cook, read about food,

assist such businesses in promoting the UK icon that is

smoke various foods, and shop for unusual ingredients – all

the ‘fish supper’, and in playing a small role in the quest to

in preparation for some more indulging! I currently like to

raise operating and quality standards in the fish and chip

cook a lot of Middle Eastern themed dishes with ingredients

sector. UK travels with Seafish have also obviously provided

such as lamb, freekeh, Aleppo pepper, labneh yoghurt/

me with the opportunity to dine on some of the planet’s

cheese, baharat/sumac spices, bulgur, pomegranate and

tastiest ‘poisson et pomme frites’!!! To have played a part

grape molasses.

in assisting such businesses to develop and grow their operations as a result of Seafish support has provided me with a pleasing sense of having been able to help people.

9. If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask them?

As a student back in the day, I often had regular contact

I never met my dad’s father (he passed away many years

with Seafish – via the then Seafish librarians in both of

before I was born), so I would like to have the chance to

theorganisation’s Edinburgh and Hull offices – in my quest

meet him (and other previous ancestors) to learn more

for industry information as part of my degree studies,

about my family roots.

and ever since I’ve held Seafish in high esteem as an organisation that is here to help and assist – whether that

10. What is your favourite music to eat to?

be industry, media or even the everyday consumer. I truly

I can’t play a single note on any musical instrument but I

believe we provide a unique and most valuable service to

love listening to and collecting certain genres of music and

the seafood industry in its many guises.

also going to regular live music gigs. I have a fairly broad


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


February and March 2020 • Fastfood Professional


spectrum of likes, ranging from 1960s psychedelia/garage-

17. What is your favourite pudding?

punk/West Coast acid rock to contemporary Americana/

A childhood favourite – butterscotch flavoured Angel

alt country, from folk-rock to electronica/ambient, to a

Delight with some tinned mandarin segments. Class on a

lot of African and Asian musical styles – and I continue to


squander too much pocket money on collecting a wide variety of vinyl and CDs. As an offshoot, I also collect rare original concert posters and handbills from the late 1960s

18. What is your favourite fish and how do you like it cooked?

San Francisco music scene/era. Maybe when I’m on skid row

In the form of fish and chips, I love a good piece of

in my twilight years, I’ll be able to sell my collection, realise

plaice – which unfortunately is often not that prevalent in

some capital and use it to support my retirement fund!

Scottish fish and chip shops. Favourite fish is mackerel – freshly caught from the pier or rocks, gutted and simply

11. What is your favourite film and why?

grilled on a campfire or a small barbie. Favourite shellfish

Being a keen canoeist I’ve always had a soft spot for the

are scallops and razor clams. Very under-rated, razors are

backwoods cinema classic that is ‘Deliverance’. Starring

fantastic shellfish – just quickly pan-fried with a knob of

Hollywood legends Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds, the

butter and a smidgen of garlic!

film features four city-dwelling friends who decide to get away from it all for a week of canoeing in rural Georgia,

19. Coke or Pepsi?

USA. However, when they arrive in the area they are

Ginger beer on ice!

not welcomed by the backwoods locals, who stalk the vacationers and savagely attack them in the woods. Reeling

20. What is your favourite Fast Food branding?

from the ambush, the friends attempt to return home but

Fish and chips every time!! With mushy peas – but I

are surrounded by dangerous rapids and pursued by a

prefer my fish and chips plain and simple and without any

madman – a canoe trip that turns into a fight for survival.

salt, vinegar or sauce.

Mixing my classic films and famous cinema quotes – Never get out of the boat unless you’re going all the way ……….!!!

12. What is your favourite food programme?

21. Where is your favourite worldwide holiday destination? My favourite place would be anywhere that I haven’t

I love programmes that combine travel with food –

previously visited – overseas or even just here in the UK.

the Australian/Vietnamese chef and restaurateur Luke

As a child, my family used to just holiday in different parts

Nguyen is one of my favourite food television presenters

of the UK – but ever since leaving school I have had a bit

– following his food adventures as he travels through the

of a quest to try and visit as many countries in the world

many countries of south east Asia.

as possible (more evidence of the ‘anorak syndrome’ that I suffer from!). Currently up to 96 different countries (not

13. What do you always carry with you? A large dose of optimism!!

including the constituent countries of the UK!) that I have been lucky enough to have visited – from such places as Argentina/Uruguay/Bolivia/Peru in South America to little

14. What did you want to be when you were a

known Sao Tome & Principe in equatorial Africa, from


Myannmar to Albania, from New Zealand to Israel, from

A blonde-haired surfer kid living in Southern California!

Ghana to Mexico, from Bangladesh to South Korea, from Serbia to Belize. Next on the list is a wee trip to Azerbaijan

15. Tea or coffee? Neither – I’m not a hot drink person.

– although my young son, who we’ve taken on lots of far flung foreign holiday jaunts, keeps asking when we might have a chance to visit the Republic of Disneyland instead

16. If you were Prime Minister for a day, what’s the first thing you would do? Abolish VAT on fish and chips – then sack the cabinet, call a snap election, resign – and then go fishing!


Fastfood Professional • February April and and MayMarch 2020 2020

of some backwater mini-country in Eastern Europe!

22. Dogs or Cats? Fish!

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Dear Customers, Ref COVID19:

We remain isolated but available for filtration supply needs at a reduced level. P1F will, despatch Tuesdays & Thursday, next day delivery until further notice. We hope you all are able to keep safe, healthy and normality will return soon. All the very best, from the P1F Team.

* 1st year warranty parts/labour and back to base. 2nd year parts and labour only


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Fast Food businesses turn to HyGenikx in fight against Coronavirus as leading microbiologist throws support behind the product HyGenikx, the revolutionary air and surface steriliser from specialist UK manufacturer Mechline Developments is now being seen as an important ally in the fight against Coronavirus. Since the Coronavirus outbreak began Mechline has seen a surge in orders for HyGenikx units from fast food businesses operating delivery services.


he revolutionary air and surface steriliser is proven to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses, including those in the same family as the latest COVID-19 pandemic.

The unit has now been backed by respected microbiologist Dr David Webber, who has clarified how HyGenikx performs in relation to the current Coronavirus strain – ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2’ (SARS-CoV-2). “HyGenikx units have been shown to kill a wide range of microbes that are more difficult to eradicate than viruses, including bacterial species that produce endos pores (Clostridium Gram-positive








S. epidermidis, Listeria monocytogenes and L. innocua), Gram-negative bacteria (Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa), and moulds (Aspergillus fumigatus) in both the air and/or on surfaces. SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the same group of viruses that cause colds and influenza. The use of similar technology in call centres and offices at an NHS Trust has been shown to reduce the incidence of illness-related absences; particularly reported cases of colds, coughs and influenza, as well as reducing other chest and respiratory problems. Without testing HyGenikx against SARS-CoV-2 (or a suitable 10

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


surrogate) I cannot categorically state that HyGenikx

to reach areas. HyGenikx utilises a combination of the

can kill this coronavirus: however there is a great deal

most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies

of scientific evidence that this technology can kill a wide

available to produce Superoxide Ions and Plasma Quattro,

range of other microbes that are much more difficult to

which are proven to target and kill biological hazards,

eradicate than SARS-CoV-2.

including Salmonella, E.coli, Norovirus, and other primary

HyGenikx technology has been tested against MS-2

sources of infections.

coliphage (a surrogate for Norovirus), and achieved

Furthermore, all this peace of mind, doesn’t have to cost

significant reductions in counts in both air samples and

the earth. HyGenikx models start from as little as £289,

on surfaces. MS-2 is a non-enveloped virus which is more

they require no costly installation as they simply plug into

difficult to kill than the lipid-enveloped SARS-CoV-2.”

a standard socket and consume very little energy, requiring

Despite the massive impact of Coronavirus on the QSR

only 85 watts. The integral lamp and battery in a HyGenikx

and takeaway sector, many businesses have diversified by

unit will provide 12 months of trouble-free operation

offering deliveries and so infection control and food safety

before they need to be replaced – and when they finally do

has never been more important. Whilst Coronavirus is

need changing it is very easy to do and does not require

understandably dominating the news, operators also need

an engineer. Models for food preparation areas are also

to protect against other dangerous microorganisms as

supplied with shatter proof lamps for extra reassurance.”

Kristian Roberts, Marketing Manager at Mechline explains:

The HyGenikx range is also proven to extend the shelf-

“Microorganisms can multiply very quickly, spreading

life of stored perishable fresh food by an average of 58%,

infections compromising hygiene standards, causing

with some produce proving to last as much as 150% longer.

food to spoil and creating offensive odours. HyGenikx

Principally the life and quality of fruit and vegetables can

complements operators’ existing hygiene and HACCP

be significantly extended – which in turn can significantly

procedures, combating airborne viruses and bacteria,

reduce food waste and cost.

stopping their spread and minimising the risks of cross contamination.

The HyGenikx range has models to suit every application, from food preparation areas, cold rooms, dining areas,

The advanced and compact wall-mounted HyGenikx

to washrooms, refuse areas and beyond, and joins

unit is a plug and play option that will quietly go about

Mechline’s ever-expanding collection of hygienic, safe and

its business - keeping staff, customers, food and surfaces

environmentally friendly solutions.

protected from viruses and bacteria, even in the hardest

For further information please go to


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Mobile ordering provider launches FREE platform for businesses to process takeaway orders amid COVID-19 As restaurants, bars and coffee shops around the world attempt to make a swift move to takeaway offerings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading mobile ordering technology provider wi-Q Technologies has responded with free access to its newly developed wi-Q Lite.


he purpose-built software is being offered with

through a cost-saving model, Graham Cornhill, co-founder

no deployment fees, no transaction commissions,

and managing director of wi-Q Technologies, said: “The

no contracts and free of charge for the first

hospitality sector is facing unprecedented challenges as a

three months with a further cut in price by 50% for the

result of Covid-19 and we have watched in disbelief as so

remainder of 2020.

many hard-working people have had to close the doors on

Whilst UK planning rules have been relaxed to enable

businesses they have given everything they have to build

businesses to make the move to take away without a

up. More than anything, we simply wanted to help. Our

planning application, pubs and restaurants are still faced

team of developers has been working around the clock to

with the challenge of quickly adapting to new processes

bring forward the launch of wi-Q Lite, and to make it as

and systems to facilitate a takeaway offering. As a multi-

accessible as possible. We are very proud of the result and

award-winning provider of mobile ordering technology

excited to launch it to market.

to world-leading hospitality brands, wi-Q consists of an

“Technology can’t solve a lot of our current challenges,

expert team of developers who have stepped in to offer

but it has the potential to transform others. If our solution


can help venues to set up a simple and secure platform to

Launched ahead of schedule to help ease the impact of

continue delivering foodservice safely to their customers

closure for small independent hospitality venues, wi-Q Lite

throughout the pandemic, we are happy to remove set up

is the little brother of the award-winning wi-Q platform

fees, contracts and commissions and waive the SaaS fee

used by large hospitality brands across the world. With

for the first three months to help them get started.”

the same functionality and a self-serve management

Whilst larger chains, such as McDonald’s, Nandos and

dashboard that is simple to configure and manage, wi-Q

Greggs, have temporarily put a stop to services altogether

Lite will enable venues to instantly make the switch to

in the UK, for smaller quick-service restaurants, this may

operate as a takeaway outlet.

not be the best option currently. Communities Secretary

With no app to download, wi-Q Lite customers can

Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, was quick to announce that

simply access a venue’s menu via a URL link or QR code,

planning rules will be relaxed to enable such businesses

place their order and pay by card. The universal interface

to operate as hot food takeaways without a planning

is easily brand-customisable and offers product search as

application, and many are doing so already.

well as filtering for dietary and allergen requirements.

For more information about wi-Q Lite and to sign up today visit

Speaking about the decision to deliver wi-Q Lite 12

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020 or email April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


DELIVERANCE Plea for restaurants to turn into takeaways during Coronavirus outbreak Local restaurants are being asked to contact neighbouring office buildings to deliver takeaway food during the Coronavirus panic


taff in large office buildings are being advised by

2. Stock up on sanitiser

their bosses to restrict movements during the next

Make sure that every sink in the restaurant, in both the

month or two to reduce the chances of bringing

kitchen area and restrooms, has a plentiful supply of hand

Coronavirus into their workplaces. However, staff

sanitiser. Some experts think it’s more hygienic to dry

still need to eat and so National office provider Offices.

hands using paper towels than air dryers, so have plenty is asking local restaurants to step up and switch to

of tissues available for easy disposal.

providing takeaway food. “All the staff in our buildings across the UK still need

3. Wipe surfaces frequently

feeding, and we are asking local restaurants to contact

As well as following religious hand washing, restaurant

their neighbouring office buildings to help provide

staff should get into the habit of frequently disinfecting

takeaway food during the Coronavirus shut down”, explains

surfaces and door handles used by patrons, particularly

Jonathan Ratcliffe from

in the restaurant area and restrooms. Germs can survive

One of the main concerns in the food and drink industry is that Coronavirus has the potential to cause

on surfaces for several hours, so the more often you wipe them away, the less chances they have to multiply.

huge financial damage to businesses which thrive on busy environments, which people are now actively

4. Time off work


Restaurants are busy places that rely heavily on their staff.

“We don’t want to see any of our restaurant neighbours

Should an employee experience Coronavirus symptoms

hurt financially through this crisis, and therefore ask local

they might not want to let the rest of the team down by

food outlets to step up and provide food to people directly

not coming into work. However, restaurant bosses have a

– we need to work together” says Jonathan Ratcliffe from

duty to reassure staff that they would be better off self-

isolating at home if they suffer from symptoms, or have

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, and the

visited a high-risk area and feel unwell.

financial strain this will inevitably result in, restaurants can prepare themselves for Coronavirus with these five

5. Focus on takeaways

essential tips:

People may choose to avoid public places if a widespread epidemic of the Coronavirus occurs, which could result in a drop


1. Get strict on hand washing

in restaurant trade. Consider focusing on a takeaway service

Hand washing is already a strict priority in the catering

instead. That way, you can still serve customers, albeit from their

industry, but with the current COVID-19 outbreak, hygiene

homes, without losing valuable custom.

needs to step up a gear. Staff should always be encouraged

“We’d like to see more restaurants making a switch to delivery

to take a more vigilant approach to hand washing, including

during the next few months, office buildings make great places

washing hands after touching their face, surfaces and after

to serve large amounts of food into with minimum risk to

handling equipment.

spreading Coronavirus”, concludes Ratcliffe of

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



o help customers communicate with what little passing trade there is in these difficult times Blakemans are providing downloadable, printable point of sales posters for you to hang

in your shop windows . You can visit - and get printing today. One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sausage and meat products, the Blakeman family has supplied domestic and export catering and fast food markets for over 60 years. Using only the finest ingredients at their Newcastle-under-Lyme production facility has ensured a reputation for consistently high quality products. James T Blakeman (Services) Ltd is recognised as a leading supplier of cooked sausage and meat products to the ready meal and contract cooking markets.


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Pukka And National Federation Of Fish Friers Work Together To Support The Great British Chippy Pukka, the nation’s favourite fish and chip shop pie brand, is showing its ongoing support to the industry with marketing materials and social media promotions to help chip shops keep bringing pies to the nation.


very chippy that has or sets up a home delivery service

people who live nearby, helping to drive sales during this

will receive free support from Pukka to help spread the

challenging time.”

word in the shop window and online, so that people can

National Federation of Fish Friers President, Andrew

continue to enjoy pie and chips from their favourite chippy.

Crook, adds: “It’s great that the supply side of the

“Ever since we first started making and baking pies

industry is helping as we need to limit the damage now

in 1963, fish and chip shops have been – and always will

and then start formulating plans to rebuild. The fish and

be – our heartland,” explains Pukka’s General Manager,

chip industry has so many hardworking and resourceful

Isaac Fisher. “Now more than ever, it’s important that the

people through the entire chain, from manufacturers to

industry unites. That’s why we want to support fish and

operators and employees, and we will come out of this

chip shops nationwide who are offering home deliveries to

even stronger!”

people in their local area.

To receive a free poster, head to the trade section of

“We will provide a free poster that can be personalised

Pukka’s website at and one

for shop fronts, making it clear a delivery service is

will be posted out to you. For personalised social media

available. Plus, for every chippy that offers home delivery,

support, email with the name of

we’ll use tools on social media to share the news with

your chippy, address and opening days/times.

Continuing to Bring Pies and Chips to the Nation At Pukka we’re proud to be the people’s pie Ever since we first started making and baking pies for the people in 1963, fish and chip shops have been – and always will be – at the heart of our story.


ow more than ever, it’s important that the industry

media to share the news with people who live nearby,

unites. That’s why we want to support fish and chip

helping to drive sales during this challenging time.

shops who are offering home deliveries in their local area.

To get your hands on your free poster, head to the trade

Every chippy that has or sets up a home delivery service

section of our website at and we’ll

will receive support from Pukka to help spread the word, in the shop window and online, so that people can continue to enjoy pie and chips from their favourite chippy. We will provide a poster for your shop front making it clear that you have a delivery service. Plus, for every chippy that offers home delivery, we’ll use tools on social 16

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

get one posted out to you. If you’d like personalised social media support, email us at with the name of your chippy, address and opening days/times. Together, we can make sure people continue to tuck into their teatime favourite. April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Cottage Pie Controversially revealed as UK’s favourite pie


o celebrate International Pie Week (3rd-9th March), Hayley Stansfield, Content Marketing and PR Manager of Blueclaw , the award winning data-led, Digital Performance Marketing Agency

provided FFP with some all-new data analysis that reveals the cottage pie as the nation’s favourite. Cottage pie the favourite pie in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Using BBC Good Food’s favourites recipes and Google Chicken pie and apple pie also popular Pork and sausage the most common pie filling

trends data, Blueclaw have produced new research that suggests that the cottage pie (though not a traditional pie) is the joint-most popular pie in the UK, with the chicken pie

New research delves into the UK’s pie-eating habits

level and the apple pie in third place.

according to BBC Good Food data The Cottage Pie has emerged as the shock favourite pie of the UK after new research trawled the nations pie-eating habits ahead of Pie Week. Whether it’s a traditional pie down at a country pub, it’s been lovingly homemade or eaten routinely on a cold day at the football, the pie is one of the UK’s favourite dishes and celebrated annually from March 2 - March 8, before traditional ‘Pi Day’ on March 14. The data, from media agency Blueclaw shows that out of searches in the UK for pie recipes (using the most popular recipes as voted for by users), across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the cottage pie and chicken pie accounts for 62% of searches, while the apple pie is searched for by 16% of users. The steak pie is a clear winner in Scotland at 33%, while cottage pies are most popular in Wales having accounted for 38% of the searches - the most popular in any region. However steak and chicken are not even the most common pie fillings, when it comes to breaking down each pie on Good Food by contents. Of the UK’s top-rated pies, pork and bacon pies account for 14.9% of the recipes on there, while chicken is surprisingly just 13.2% and beef and steak pies are even less common at 11.5%. The two least popular fillings are sausage (5.2%) and fish (9.8%). 17

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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



OWNER of award-winning Simpsons Fish & Chips, Bonny Ritchie, has launched a new venture with the opening of Fuel café


hrowing open the doors this month, the new café right next to the popular chippy in Priors Road, Cheltenham, serves a carefully curated range of delicious dishes. Bringing pared back styling with chipboard tables

and colourful metal chairs, the relaxed and stylish venue offers breakfasts and lunch dishes from 7am until 2pm. Breakfast menus include minute steak, homemade banana bread and build your own bacon sandwich options combining a choice of bread, cuts and sauces. Prices start from £1.50 for toast and a choice of spread. The lunch selection includes light salad bowls, warming soups, hearty egg and chips and a range of freshly prepared sandwiches. Assorted pastries and cakes will also be available from the counter. A special kids’ selection is served with a babyccino, giving little ones a taste of everything from dippy egg and soldiers to a ‘tiny tank’ cooked breakfast. Local produce is championed with bacon sourced from


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award-winning Waghorne’s butchers in Prestbury, bread from acclaimed Hobbs House Bakery in Nailsworth and specialist coffee is brought in from independent firm Girls Who Grind from Wiltshire. Celebrating fantastic flavours and unpretentious food done well, the opening marks an exciting new chapter for passionate foodie Bonny. She said: “I’m so proud of the continued success of my family-run chippy and the time felt right to bring a new venture into the mix. “Fuel celebrates my passion for great food, done really well and without too much fuss. The way I see it, the fuss should be all about the flavour! We’re looking forward to welcoming the neighbourhood to come and have a cuppa and a bite to eat.” Within just a few weeks Bonny will expand the café’s offering to include a pizza delivery service – Saint Pizza will be created on site from 5-11pm. The sourdough base pizzas with a range of toppings, will be available through Deliveroo from Tuesday to Sunday. NOTE: Fuel opened up on March 16th at the start of the Cheltenham Race Festival, but it has subsequently closed temporarily during the Covid 19 crisis. 19

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Blakeman’s Pork Patties – Perfect for Breakfasts on the Go! It’s widely known that James T Blakeman & Co Ltd is one of

Europe’s leading manufacturers of sausage and meat products, but did you know that they’ve been supplying the domestic, export, catering and fast food markets for over 66 years; and they’re still going strong.


s a company that constantly monitors everchanging trends, this family-run business has responded to the rapidly growing ‘breakfast on the

mantra and we’ve certainly hit the mark this time. Each

go’ market by launching a new addition to their

Pattie is meaty, juicy and delicious and exactly the same

product range - Pork Patties. Lovingly created by

time after time. Chefs can be assured that the cooking

the company’s in-house product development team, their

process is easy and uncomplicated, that there’s no mess,

85% pork patties are made using the finest ingredients and

no fuss and, because they’re frozen individually, there’s no

make for a perfect addition to any menu. Whether you’re

waste too.

an independent fast food maestro delivering high volume

We only use the finest cuts of meat from EC approved,

food-on-the go solutions, or a high-end brasserie looking

long-standing suppliers with proven quality standards. The

to expand your morning breakfast or brunch offering, this

cuts that we choose are generally more expensive than

highly customisable, premium product is sure to appeal.

those used by some of our competitors, which can be a

Pre-cooked, individually quick-frozen and conveniently packaged, they’re easy to regenerate straight from the

challenge, but we are committed to maintaining the quality that we are known for.”

freezer either by microwave or using a conventional oven.

More and more cafés, restaurants, bars and takeaways

After recently announcing the launch of this innovative

are looking for ways to expand their offerings whilst

new product, James Morris, Head of Business Development

minimising any potential risks. No one wants to have to

at Blakeman’s, said,

invest in high-cost stock and any expensive hardware

“Who doesn’t love a good hearty breakfast? Some might say that it’s the best meal of the day and it’s no secret

that’s required to cook it. Anna Birks, product coordinator, equally proud of the new product commented,

that it’s often regarded as the most important too. Here at

“I personally love our new Pork Patties. I particularly

Blakeman’s we’ve watched closely how consumers’ eating

enjoy them with the humble English muffin, a lightly

habits have changed in recent times and have worked hard

poached egg, a slice of cheddar and two of our Pork

to satisfy their passion for something substantial to eat on

Patties, all sandwiched together – a breakfast of kings!

the go at any time of the day, that’s convenient to handle

Another must try is with pancakes, maple syrup, poached

and tasty too.

egg and bacon.

“We’re particularly proud of the latest addition to our

“It’s an addition to our range that demonstrates how

product range – it’s taken some time to get the recipe

Blakeman’s is at the forefront of product innovation. It’s a

to meet our exacting Blakeman’s standards, and we’ve

line that we’ve spent a long time developing to make sure

combined all our industry expertise and know-how to

that it’s worthy of the Blakeman name. We pride ourselves

develop a Pork Pattie that delivers on every level. Because

with consistently achieving the highest standards and our

the product can be re-heated from frozen quickly and

reputation for manufacturing great quality products is

easily, we’re confident that our customers will be adding

hugely important to us.”

them to their menus as fast as you can say ‘sausage

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up suppertime


or big up your breakfast menu, the new Blakeman’s

“Quality, consistency and progression is our company 20

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Pork Patties are the perfect choice every time. April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



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businesses throughout Yorkshire to take both the ‘SingleUse Plastic Reduction Pledge’ and the ‘Sustainable Fish Cities Pledge’. To date, Fish Box Whitby and Fish Box Robin Hood’s Bay, owned by Fusco’s of Whitby, are the only two businesses in the local area to sign up to the ‘Pledge to Save Our Seas’ initiative, through a commitment to further reduce its level of single use plastics and continue to only use sustainable fish and seafood. Adrian Fusco, of Fusco’s of Whitby, comments: “We are proud to show our support to the MCS and hope by doing so we can set the standards for other businesses in the area. Doing the right thing is very important to us and the way we operate and that includes serving certified sustainable fish, which we have done so for many years and are very proud of. By taking part in the initiative we will be extending our sustainability commitment further by only using seafood included on the organisation’s Good Fish Guide.” Matt Barnes at the Marine Conservation Society said: “We applaud Fish Box for pledging to not only reduce their usage of single-use plastics, but also their commitment to sell only the most sustainable seafood options in accordance with the Good Fish Guide. We hope more local

Fish Box Pledges Its Support To The Marine Conservation Society Fish Box, the express style fish and chip restaurant and takeaway with businesses

businesses will take the pledge and support our work in protecting and safeguarding our seas for the future.” Fish Box has also pledged to reduce its level of single use plastics by switching to refillable pumps for its sauces. Adrian Fusco adds: “All our take-away food packaging is already 100% biodegradable, with all of our take-away cups, lids and cartons being compostable. However, we are always looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact and switching to refillable sauce bottles at both Fish Box’s will make a huge difference to the Yorkshire Coast. We hope other businesses in the area can get onboard with the MCS initiative too.” Fusco’s of Whitby is a family run business, with fish and

in Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay, has

chip outlets in Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay including

pledged its support to the UK’s leading

Quayside, Royal Fisheries, Fish Box Whitby and Fish Box

marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), in 2020.


catering trailer. For more information about the MCS and the ‘Pledge to Save Our Seas’ campaign, visit

CS works to support and protect the UK’s seas,

To find out more about Fish Box, including restaurant

shores and wildlife, leading political, cultural and

and takeaway opening times and to view a sample of the

social change for healthy seas and coasts that

menu, visit:

support abundant marine wildlife, sustainable

livelihoods and enjoyment for all. The charity recently


Robin Hoods Bay; as well as the Whitby Fish and Chips

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

For more information about Fusco’s of Whitby, visit: April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


That All-Important Crunch By Mohammed Essa, Commercial Director, Aviko UK & Ireland


hen it comes to that all-important crunch,

coeliac customers as part of their main offering.

the size and shape of the chip plays an

Keeping the packaging always in our mind, the chips

important role. Thinner chips are the

have been specifically created to work with standard

classic side for many takeaway options;

takeaway boxes helping operators to deliver piping hot

however, they don’t always retain their heat – meaning operators can end up delivering cold or soggy chips.

and satisfyingly crunchy chips. Cooking in just three minutes, the launch of our

To assist operators in providing high quality home

Crunch Shoestring and Crunch Fast Food Fries enables

deliveries, Aviko has launched the new Premium Crunch

operators to deliver great quality fries almost instantly

Fast Food Fries which stay piping hot and crunchier

that everyone can enjoy and even better can help boost

for longer. Created using the latest technologies, the

profits at the same time.

Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries retain that all important crunch, making them ideal for use in deliveries.

Available in two varieties – Crunch Shoestring 7mm and Crunch 9.5mm – the premium Fast Food Fries can

The type and thickness of coating used for covering

assist operators in increasing profits whilst also catering

the chips has a huge impact on delivering a variety of

for gluten-free diets and being suitable for vegetarians.

different crunch characteristics. As our Premium Crunch

For more product information on Aviko’s extensive

Fast Food Fries are gluten-free we use a rice-flour based coating which provides an excellent crunch whilst also

range call 0800 633 5611 or visit For everything Aviko visit:

providing operators with peace of mind in catering for 23

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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Increased food sales and menu options with Synergy Grill Technology …at Churchill’s Fish & Chips Since being founded from a family’s love of fish and chips back in 1923, Churchill’s Fish & Chips has gone from strength to strength, serving the nation with expertly crafted fish, chips, and other fast-food options.


his impressive 97-year heritage is one that Churchill’s Fish & Chips is immensely proud of as James Lipscombe, current Managing Director


grandson of the brand’s

founder, delights:

“Churchill’s is one of three brands that make up the

Lipscombe founded Chesterford Group: the nation’s largest fish and chip shop chain with 40+ stores. With all three of our fast-food brands, we are intent on ensuring that the history of our brand shines through, particularly with Churchill’s, which is where the Lipscombe’s family’s love affair with fast, delicious food first began.” Combining family tradition with a modern, new twist, Churchill’s is renowned for offering high quality, sustainably sourced food options. However, for this awardwinning fish and chip shop chain, offering a classic fish and chip shop menu simply wasn’t enough, as James explains: “As well as offering classic fish and chip items, we also offer a broad, millennial focused menu in order to satisfy new customer demands.” Offering 6 types of fish, pies, sausages and a variety of meat-free and gluten-free options, Churchill’s Fish & Chips truly have options for every customer. However, it wasn’t until the brand were first introduced to Synergy Grill Technology that this award-winning Fish & Chip chain realised exactly how they could take the grilled menu to the next level: “We first came across Synergy Grill Technology at a catering exhibition about five years ago. Here, the brand live-cooked on the grill and offered food samples. From the very first bite, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the food the grill produced– an outstanding quality that the team later explained to be resultant of the brands sustainable atomisation process.” Synergy’s multi-patented technology atomises fat into carbon dust and returns any moisture expelled during


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


the grilling process back into the food. This unique process

grill dividers. These dividers allow our chefs to easily cook

not only removes the need for a fat tray, thus helping

meat, vegetarian and vegan items alongside each other

Churchill’s to reduce cleaning time and waste disposal, but

without fear of contamination; plus, our customers can be

it has also allowed the brand to dramatically improve their

confident in their purchase knowing that it has been cooked

burger sales:

in an ethical way.”

“Since using the Synergy Grill we’ve seen an increase of

With so many benefits and options, James Lipscombe

25% in our burger sales. This amazing increase is one we

sees the Synergy Grill as the ultimate option for fast-food

can thank Synergy for, due its preservation of food quality,

operators; hence why each newly renovated Chesterford

succulence and of course taste.”

Group store now features one:

As well as cooking burgers on the Synergy Grill, Churchill’s

“When other operators and caterers speak to me about

is also using the grill to cook delicious ribs and chicken, as

the Synergy Grill, my first question to them is always why

well as scoring buns for extra visual appeal:

haven’t you already got one?! This grill simply gives the

“In an age where customers eat with their eyes first,

caterer so many menu options, plus a quality of food which

it’s important that the food served looks as amazing as it

is like no other… there really is no other piece of equipment

tastes. The Synergy Grill quite literally scores on this front

available on the market that can compare!”

with a ‘wow factor’ finish and the criss-cross detail it gives! Speed of service is hugely important for us as a fast-food brand, hence why we were so excited to learn that the more food items you add to the Synergy grill, the faster it cooks!” Arguably, one of the biggest challenges that Churchill’s Fish & Chips have been able to overcome since working with Synergy Grill Technology is catering for vegan and vegetarian customers: “As a brand, vegan and vegetarian are hugely important to us, hence why we were so excited to begin using Synergy’s 25

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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Wrapchic’s new investment invites customers to see the food production process 25 March 2020 – Differently Indian fast food chain, Wrapchic, has invested in new food preparation and servery equipment to enhance its customers’ experiences when visiting the restaurant.


orking with Victor Manufacturing, one

we required bespoke equipment for our front of house and

of the UK’s leading food service and

Victor worked closely with us to design and manufacture

retail equipment suppliers, two individual

equipment to meet our exact requirements.

units were developed to perfectly meet

“The units are ideal and have definitely helped us with

Wrapchic’s requirements. The restaurant aimed to move

our business strategy to make our customers feel more

its product construction to the front of house, allowing

included within the food preparation process, allowing

customers to see the full process involved with creating

them to see from start to finish how their orders are

‘the Indian burrito’.

prepared with delicious, fresh ingredients.”

To cater to Wrapchic’s needs, Victor created a bespoke

Steve McGarvie, sales director at Victor, said: “Our

Bain Marie with simple additions such as an extended hose

range of counters and servery equipment are ideal for

for water removal, and bridging bars to allow for correct

front of house installations, therefore the Wrapchic

positional placement of gastronorm containers.

project was one we were very excited to be involved in.

Victor also designed and manufactured a dwarf wall

Bringing equipment normally kept behind the scenes to

refrigerated blown air well, which removes the need for

front of house can be a big step for some businesses but

front counter hold venting grills. This provided a cleaner

through our design stage we are able to show customers

and more aesthetically pleasing front counter with space

how effective it can be.”

to incorporate the Wrapchic logo. Alongside this, custom-

Celebrating its 75th anniversary in October 2019, Victor

made gastronorm containers were created based on

specialises in the manufacture and supply of food service

Wrapchic’s positioning to complete the order.

equipment to some of the UK’s largest companies and

Mahesh Raiker, owner and founder of Wrapchic said:

groups in a variety of sectors including education, care,

“After deciding we wanted customers to feel more involved

public sector, hospitality, contract catering and retail. The

with the creation of their food, we aimed for a set-up

firm employs 120 staff over three facilities in Bradford.

where they could see all the fresh ingredients and their orders being prepared in front of them. To accomplish this,


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

More information on Victor Manufacturing is available at

December and April January and May 2019/20 2020 • Fastfood Professional


New research shows restaurants seek manufacturers’ support in meeting goals Independent restaurants and food chains are increasingly looking to their equipment providers and third-party suppliers to provide help in critical areas such as operational efficiency and sustainability, minimising food waste, energy consumption and cost.


ut they are also demanding support in other

and holding methods to ensure consistently high-quality

areas too, such as innovating new menu

food that doesn’t spoil, dry out, or otherwise need to be

items, maintaining food quality and enhancing

thrown away.

the customer experience, according to one

industry expert.

Another important area of advice is in tackling operational costs: “labour, and specifically the cost and

Tim Murphy, product specialist, at foodservice

availability of labour, remains an enormous challenge,”

equipment manufacturer Alto-Shaam said that in a

Murphy said. “According to Technomic*, 82 percent of

crowded market, restaurants either move with the times

independent restaurant operators said that finding and

or face an uncertain future.

retaining skilled labour is their biggest ongoing operational

“Independent and chain restaurant operators need to

challenge. Turnover can cost a restaurant as much as

meet their customers’ demands against a background

$2,000 per employee. The challenge is exacerbated by

of increasing costs and reducing margins,” Murphy said.

the rising minimum wage coupled with an increasingly

“While almost three quarters of operators (72 percent)

demanding customer base wanting an ever-more diverse

recognise the need to focus on sustainable practices, they


also understand that they need support in achieving their

This trend is driving even greater innovation in kitchen

sustainability targets, and this is where manufacturers can

equipment design and control, with solutions that are


intuitive to operate, such as Alto-Shaam’s redesigned

One of the ways in which manufacturers are supporting

Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Ovens.

restaurant operators is by identifying opportunities to

With Vector, operators have been able to reduce training

reduce costs. This includes not only reducing food waste (39

time with programmable recipes that guide the cooking

percent of independent restaurants say that food waste is


having the greatest impact on business) but also providing

Alto-Shaam’s commercial foodservice equipment

them with the tools to monitor and measure the volumes

solutions are designed to solve operator challenges and

of waste created. It includes advice on portion control, how

meet their needs. For more information, please visit alto-

best to re-use ‘ugly’ produce, and in best-practice cooking


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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


It’s a


By Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice


ccording to independent research, 81% of chefs

Wrapmaster 4500 delivers a perfect cut every time with

and caterers say cling film is an essential tool

effortless dispensing of film, foil and baking parchment.

to keep their kitchen running effectively. From

Being light, the dispenser is portable and easy to carry; it’s

prepping to cooking, cling film is probably the

also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and sanitise.

most widely used catering equipment in a kitchen,

With the added bonus of less material ending up in the

which is why fast food operators should consider using

bin, Wrapmaster is also proven to deliver a significant cost

a professional kit when it comes to dispensing.

saving of 20% .

The fact is cardboard cutter boxes are not only wasteful – with more cling film ending up in the bin than protecting food – but they also impact on efficiency,

For more information on Wrapmaster call 01952 678800 or visit Follow Wrapmaster

as well as food safety. There’s also the risk of injuries from the box’s exposed blades, as well as unnecessary wastage due to usage difficulties and tangling which can lead to untidy workstations. Wrapmaster dispensers offer three key benefits versus cutter boxes – they’re hygienic, safe to use and dishwasher safe – all with the added bonus of coming with dishwasherproof food hygiene stickers to aid operators and help prevent cross-contamination. The new generation 4500 Wrapmaster is not only 21% smaller and 18% lighter than its predecessor, but is now even easier to unlock, open and reload Wrapmaster refill rolls. Only working with genuine Wrapmaster 45cm refills, the 28

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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



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April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Waste not, Want not! FEM introduces the new Hamilton Beach Commercial Otto Centrifugal Juice Extractor


hen it comes to juicing, it’s all about being

even juice pieces of prickly pineapple complete with skin.

able to get the most liquid out of the

When it comes to serving up, the Otto sits securely on

ingredients available, being able to count on

a countertop and is single speed, for consistent output.

the equipment keeping up with demand and,

It features user-friendly, sealed, touch-screen start and

of course, being able to serve up the best juices.

stop buttons, which wipe down easily. Operator safety is

To combine all of these attributes, Hamilton Beach

secured by a heavy-duty metal handle with a safety lid

Commercial has gone back to the drawing board and added

interlock that stops the motor before the lid is opened. A

the Otto - a centrifugal juice extractor - to the mix. It’s a

funnel-shaped spout helps the juice flow directly down into

machine that’s not only built to run 24/7, but can handle

the vessel awaiting below, cutting out splashes. Meanwhile,

anything that’s thrown at it, skins on or off!

the detachable, skid-free drip tray is oversized, making it

FEM has brought the Otto to the UK, ready to help busy

possible to fit cups, pitchers and blender jars on it.

juice shops handle their heavy workload. The centrifugal

The Otto is durable in construction and easy-to-clean,

juice extractor’s stamina is down to its powerful yet quiet,

with its easy to disassemble components fashioned from

brushless induction motor which is cooled by dual fans,

stainless steel, aluminium and BPA-free parts.

ensuring that the Otto is always raring to go. With a diameter of 76mm, the feed chute is large enough

The Otto measures 322 (W) x 286 (D) x 527mm (H). Its list price is £1,864 plus VAT.

to accommodate anything up to the size of a whole

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Otto Centrifugal Juice

medium-sized apple, which can be helped through using

Extractor is available from FEM distributors with a two

the ergonomically friendly pusher. An easy-to-remove

years parts and labour warranty.

10-litre pulp bin collects the by-product. It’s inside the

For more information and details of local stockists call

Otto, however, where the wastage is really minimised.

FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email or visit

Here, a polished stainless steel strainer basket featuring a

sharp cutting-blade powers through ingredients, creating smooth juice from potentially tricky customers - it can 30

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Hamilton Beach Otto Centrifugal Juice Extractor FEM – Mar-20 April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Fri_jado UK claims that its new Custom Counters are the most sustainable products of their type on the market.

The OmniCold low velocity refrigeration system helps deliver significant energy savings.

New Chilled Custom Counters From Fri-Jado Deliver Sustainability On All Levels Uxbridge based foodservice and food retailing equipment provider, Fri-Jado UK Limited, has launched a new range of chilled Custom Counters, which the company claims are the most sustainable products of their type on the market.


he Custom Counters incorporate Fri-Jado’s innovative

use with the counters include R744/CO2, R455A and glycol

and patent pending OmniCold refrigeration system,

for remote systems and R1234yf for integral systems.

which works by blanketing the food on display from

Fri-Jado has also addressed the hot topic of food waste

all sides: A low velocity air flow of approximately 120 m3/

in the development of its Custom Counters. OmniCold, with

h/m circulates above and below the food. Refrigerated air

its low velocity air circulation, delivers accurate holding

circulated across the product deck chills products from

temperatures, reducing the rate of growth of pathogens

below, whilst slots in the deck allow air to escape to the top.

and spoilage organisms, whilst slowing down physiological,

This prevents the top air flow from collapsing and enables

biochemical and physical processes within food. This helps

higher stacking heights, even at minimal air speeds. An

to ensure that food is maintained at perfect quality and

ingeniously designed air outlet grille creates an air flow

appearance, over extended periods, reducing the amount

which reduces turbulence and therefore mitigates the

of merchandise that may be price discounted or thrown

infiltration of ambient air, meaning less energy is required

away, due to product deterioration.

to refrigerate the air. Compared with static cooling, the

The Fri-Jado Custom Counter range offers benefits

air flow greatly enhances the energy transfer capabilities

in terms of reusability and recyclability, reducing the

from the coil, allowing higher evaporating temperatures,

depletion of the planet’s precious raw materials. The

for a significant improvement in energy efficiency. Further

high build quality and durable components used in the

energy savings have been achieved by incorporating

construction of the counters ensure that they have a longer

efficient LED lighting, DC fans, triple pane insulated side

operational life than competitive models. The inherent

glass and a fully insulated shell. Energy consumption of

smart design means that the majority of components are

the counters has been measured at 4.54 kWh/day/m2 at

compatible with future store upgrades, with all external

3M0, which is some 43% below the ECA Energy Efficiency

panels, cladding, interiors, worktops and even the glass

Index threshold.

suitable for use in refurbished or upgraded counters. When






refrigerants for its range of counters and has led the way

the products eventually reach their end-of-life cycle, they are 99% recyclable.

in phasing out the use of refrigerants with higher ozone depletion potential, such as R404A and R410A. Its Custom

Enquiries to:

Counters have been designed to operate efficiently with

Fri-Jado UK Limited

wide range of energy efficient, future-proof refrigerants

Ashley House · Ashley Road · Uxbridge · Middlesex · UB8 2GA

with low global warming potential (GWP), minimising the

Tel: +44 (0)1895 272227

impact on the environment. Refrigerant options offered for

Email: · Website:


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Jestic secures master distributor deal with Carlisle Foodservice Products Jestic Foodservice Solutions has expanded its portfolio of leading equipment brands after signing a deal with Carlisle Foodservice Products to become a master distributor in the UK. The deal will give Jestic’s customers access to Carlisle’s comprehensive range of smallwares which include the V-line of stainless steel Gastronorm pans, StorPlus™ food containers and OptiClean™ washware racks.








commented on the deal saying:



ranges will prove equally popular in the UK.” The Carlisle V-line of stainless steel pans are available

“We are delighted to be able to bring

in all standard Gastronorm sizes and are built to last with

our customers the comprehensive range

double reinforced corners and a unique impact resistant

of professional grade smallwares offered

edge design which helps pans hold their shape. V-line pans





complements our existing portfolio of equipment brands.

will not jam together during storage, will stack or nest with most other leading brands and tapered pans fit standard

Carlisle’s high quality and durable Gastronorm pans,

food pan templates. The V-line range can go from freezer

containers and washware racks are the back bone of

to oven to serving line making them ideal for cook-chill

foodservice operations around the world, helping caterers


to run more smoothly and efficiently, and I’m sure the 32

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

The tough and durable StorPlus™ range of food April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional







complete solution for safely storing and transporting food as part of a HACCP program. The exhaustive range is available in all Gastronorm sizes and comes in a choice of three materials: Impact resistant Polycarbonate, HH17 or Stainless Steel. Customers can also choose from three types of lids: Universal lids which work across lines and manufacturers; Smart Lids™ which feature a unique inside seal design for superior leak resistance and to keep foods fresher for longer; or EZ Access hinged lids with a 50-60% larger opening for improved access and a clean design which eliminates dangerous food traps found on other hinged lid designs. The OptiClean™ range includes every rack, basket and accessory an operation will





Featuring an open honeycomb design which delivers unmatched durability whilst simultaneously increasing the flow of water between each

Henny Penny, Josper, Wood Stone, Vitamix, Alfa, Edge,

rack. The honeycomb design also eliminates flat surfaces

Sveba Dahlen, Keating, Antunes, Venix, Irinox, Rotisol,

and corners that could harbour food particles, allowing

Rosinox and Frontline International.

water and contents to drain more quickly. OptiClean™ racks

Products from the Carlisle range will be showcased

stack with other manufacturer racks and are available with

on the Jestic Foodservice Solutions Stand P508 at HRC,

6 different colour extenders.

3-5th March at ExCel, London.

Carlisle Foodservice Products will join Jestic Foodservice Solutions’ impressive range of leading brands including


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

For more information on Carlisle Foodservice Products please call Jestic on 01892 831 960 or visit

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Synergy Grill launch world’s first Chargrill Oven Synergy Grill Technology has once again raised the bar for commercial cooking by developing a best of both worlds cooking solution: the Chargrill Oven.


anufactured with great secrecy and skill at Synergy’s Cambridgeshire-based




Chargrill Oven combines the same revolutionary features of the brands’ award-winning grill with the

most desired features of a commercial oven. The Synergy Chargrill Oven is the perfect solution for operators that are looking to expand their menus from a single unit as Richard Ebbs, Commercial & Marketing Director at Synergy Grill Technology enthuses: “Menu versatility and shrinking kitchens are two of the most prominent trends that are shaping the foodservice arena at the moment – trends which can be ticked off the checklist when an operator invests in a Synergy Chargrill Oven From perfectly crisp pizzas and breads, right through to succulent veggies, burgers and whole roast chickens, the best-of-both Synergy Chargrill Oven is able to steam/smoke/slow-cook/grill any desired food item to perfection in an exceptionally energy efficient way, within a single unit.” Pitched as a perfect alternative to gas and coalguzzling chargrills and charcoal ovens, Synergy’s Chargrill Oven requires no charcoal and uses up to 72% less gas than a standard chargrill. This is thanks to the product’s unique lid and temperature control, which together, work to safely keep heat within the cavity of the chargrill oven like no other. This efficient retention of heat also allows operators

to significantly slash their cooking times. In fact, so efficient is the Synergy Chargrill Oven that it can cook many products in half the time of a standard chargrill which of course allows operators to drastically improve their food turnaround. Furthermore, Synergy’s Chargrill Oven features a unique temperature control which allows chefs to maintain their desired cooking temperature within a few degrees. This multitude of exciting new features work perfectly alongside Synergy’s revolutionary atomising technology 34

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


as invented by Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology: “By





technology into Synergy’s Chargrill Oven, operators will not only be able to expand their menus, reduce their energy consumption and speed up cooking times, but they will also be able to improve food quality like no other. This is because Synergy’s fat atomising technology ensures that any moisture that is initially lost from the food is gently penetrated back into the food for a perfect texture and taste. This atomisation process also completely

With Hot2HomeTM you CAN have your fries and eat them – hot and crispy at home!


n 2018, food delivery was worth £8.1 billion and accounted for 7.8% of the foodservice market – up from 7.0% in the previous year. Delivery is most popular with

younger customers: 18–34-year-olds make up only 28% of

eradicates the need for a fat tray, and therefore, removes

the population, but are responsible for 48% of spend on

the historically strenuous task of cleaning, along with

food delivery, ordering takeaways on average 2.56 times

the environmentally damaging disposal of waste fat. This

a month. (ADHB UK Consumer Insights November 2019)

is a serious uplift to restaurant cooking technology that represents the future of commercial kitchens.” As an advocate for sustainable kitchens, Justin Cadbury sees Synergy’s Chargrill Oven as the next green step for the Carbon Trust Accredited brand: “The R&D team worked closely with top level executives to make sure that this very significant financial commitment

And one of the most popular dishes is fries – everyone loves fries! It’s the perfect opportunity for operators to cash in on this goldmine of golden, crispy little sticks of joy. But there’s a big problem.

Fries don’t travel well.

However crisp, golden and delicious they are at the restaurant, they reach their destination cold and soggy, leaving customers disappointed.

over the last two years would work effectively to bring

That’s why one of the world’s leading brands in high

the massive restaurant/chef benefits. On top of ensuring

quality potato products, Lamb Weston, has developed

caterers can operate cleaner kitchen environments,

an exciting and unique new concept, Hot2Home™ Fries –

retrieve further massive energy savings and expand menu

currently shaking up the fries home delivery and takeaway

profiles through mixed chargrill & oven capabilities, the

market. Launched in the UK last year, Hot2Home™ keeps

Synergy Chargrill Oven also allows operators to share in

fries hot and crispy for an amazing 20 minutes!

Synergy’s strong, environmentally responsible stance – a

Hot2Home™ has wowed the industry, scooping a Gold

stance that operators can feel proud to be standing side-

Award for Innovation at the 2019 Casual Dining Show’s

by-side with when investing in this ultra-sustainable new

Innovation Challenge, and Silver Award for Foodservice


Best New Ingredient, Component or Accompaniment

As part of Synergy’s thorough R&D programme, a leading foodservice operator trialled the Synergy Chargrill Oven.

Product in the British Frozen Food Federation’s (BFFF) Product Awards 2019.

By doing this, Synergy were able to ensure that the many

The Hot2Home™ concept works in a winning combination

stated efficiencies of the Synergy Chargrill Oven actually

of two parts: newly developed fries with a special ultra-

lived up to operator expectations – expectations which

thin starch coating (a closely-kept secret recipe!) to ensure

were not only met, but exceeded as proven by subsequent

they stay crispy and flavourful longer – plus a patented

talks of replacing their current chargrill with a complete

packaging that works with the fries coating to stay hot

chain-wide roll out of Synergy Chargrill Ovens.

and crispy for 20 minutes. The range includes Skin-On

Those that are looking for an exclusive first look at the Synergy’s name-pending Chargrill Oven are invited

Fries too! With that delicious extra potatoey taste, all fries lovers can be kept satisfied!

to Synergy Grill Technology’s HRC stand P210 (3rd-5th

Available in two cut sizes 6x6mm and 9x9mm, Skin-On

March 2020, London, ExCeL) where this highly-anticipated

comes in 9x9. Like all our Hot2Home™ products, these

product officially be launched.

new fries are available as a single product for dining in

For further information on the Synergy, visit www. call 01480 811000 or email info@ Connect with Synergy Grill Technology on social media @synergygrill #LikeNoOther 35

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

or as part of the revolutionary one-fry solution for home delivery and takeaway with the patented package. For innovative ideas, recipes and potato inspiration, head over to , call 0800 963962 or email us at April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Clear Energy Savings No Loss of Quality By Jared Greenhalgh, Business Development Manager, Panasonic UK

ne challenge for catering operators is to make energy

Multifunctional equipment

savings but this will often come with compromises;

is the best way to get the most out your

not least, maintaining high standards, while catering for a

kitchen space as well as your budget


high volume of covers daily. “Panasonic’s latest microwave, the NE-1878, sports a

By Jonathan White, Marketing Manager at Mitchell & Cooper

be had courtesy of its inverter technology; it was the first

advanced equipment that reduces “Technologically labour and improves the overall efficiency of the

commercial microwave to have this tech, enabling it to

day-to-day running of the kitchen is a must-have in today’s

assist with cooking gently in bulk, with no detrimental affect

commercial kitchen. As such, we continue to see a rise in

on the food quality.

innovative, multifunctional pieces of kit which offer a wide

‘world first’ full metal door but the energy savings are to

“Where once there was a stigma attached to the use of microwaves in commercial kitchens, especially where they

range of cooking functions and, as a result, often create more consistent and accurate dishes.

may be in sight of customers, now, operators are more tech-

Multifunctional equipment is the best way to get the most

savvy, and we are seeing many innovative uses for them,

out your kitchen space as well as your budget. Designed

such as the preparation of many of the proteins and sauces

for operators looking to maximise the efficiency of their

in bulk, from scratch, then re-heated using a microwave as

space and time, HotmixPRO Gastro, distributed by Mitchell

it’s one of the best ways to achieve core temperature quickly

& Cooper, proves a versatile piece of equipment which suits

and efficiently – and the NE-1878 does this much more

a huge variety of catering and foodservice operations.

gently that a microwave that uses transformer technology.

With its 1500W durable motor, speeds up to 12’500 rpm,

“Kitchens are beginning to reduce their carbon footprint

and the ability to cook up to 190°C with degree-by-degree

more and more and the Panasonic NE-1878 can be used to

temperature control, HotmixPRO Gastro is suitable for

heat up to 4 litres of sauce at a time, with no loss of quality,

almost every recipe, including creams, jams, sauces, doughs

offering clear energy savings; aside from the Inverter

and reductions.

technology enabling the ability to cook and re-heat less

These unique characteristics introduce a new level of

aggressively, one popular high street chain has cited it to be

ease to the kitchen of foodservice professionals. As the

10% more energy efficient compared to the standard model

operator’s presence is not constantly required, a great

microwave they used to buy!

number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the

“In Panasonic’s own tests, the NE-1878’s inverter

ingredients into the bowl, selecting a recipe from one of the

technology has been shown to offer over 6% in power

pre-stored recipes, and pressing the start button to allow

savings* and, while this may seem like a small number, an

the HotmixPRO Gastro to work its magic unattended for up

operator running a number of ovens per site, performing

to 4 hours. This programmable recipe memory dramatically

100 cycles each day would enjoy considerable savings.”

decreases the risk of human error during the most complex

*Results will vary depending on the food being heated

of preparations, thus saving time and improving workflow

To find out more about Panasonic’s range of commercial

within the kitchen.”

microwave ovens, call 01344 476516, email commercial.

For further information on HotmixPRO Gastro or any or go to

of the other equipment distributed by Mitchell & Cooper,


please visit


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


By Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki UK

Hoshizaki urge operators to keep hygiene as high in the kitchen as on the front-line As the government continues to remind the British public that hand hygiene measures MUST be followed by all in order to tackle the spread of COVID-19, leading foodservice and biomedical refrigeration brand Hoshizaki-Gram is taking the opportunity to urge caterers a to keep the hygiene of their refrigerator as high as they would equipment on the front-line.


commercial refrigerator is one of the most

to flow freely and keep products at a safe temperature.

important pieces of equipment in the kitchen

We also urge caterers, especially at this time, to

for keeping both raw and cooked foods safe and

regularly disinfect the surfaces, shelves and handles of

slowing the growth of bacteria. However, without good

their refrigerators in addition to regularly cleaning filters

care and practice from the staff that use these appliances,

so that safe temperatures can be maintained.”

caterers may not be allowing their commercial refrigerator to do its job to its best and safest potential.

With a wide portfolio of sustainable refrigeration and ice machine solutions in a whole host of designs and sizes,

One of the best, yet overlooked ways a caterer can

Hoshizaki-Gram products are central to the efficient and

effectively prevent the growth of bacteria is to ensure that

safe running of thousands of commercial kitchens around

safe temperatures are maintained within their refrigerator,

the world.

for example, by keeping the fridge door shut as often as

For more information on the Hoshizaki-Gram, or for

possible. Likewise, caterers should try not to cram their

further hygiene guidance, please see www.hoshizaki-

refrigerators to full capacity as the cold air will not be able or call 01322 616 900.


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


By Steve Morris, Sales Director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions:

! y c i Ju c i t s Je

“With the growth of high-street juice and smoothie concepts, the demand for freshlymade juices and smoothies as a soft drink option is substantial and growing. To get the most from a homemade soft drink offering, the key is in the freshness and seasonality of a range. Keeping costs low yet being able to offer something different from just a standard range of pre-

the manufacturer of choice for operators around the world for over 70 years, helping to deliver varied and successful fresh juice, smoothie and soft drink

menus. Providing consistency through improved speeds, customisable programme selection and enhanced blend techniques, the range of countertop appliances are renowned for reliability. For







atmosphere, new from Vitamix is the ‘Touch & Go Advance’ - a stylish, easy to use, noise-reducing blender, which is

packed beverages can make a significant

exclusively available in the UK through Jestic Foodservice

difference to sales. Ensuring consistent

Equipment. Featuring a powerful 2.3 horsepower motor,

quality when it comes to a diverse soft drinks menu requires consideration as to the type of commercial blending equipment used. At Jestic, we are proud to represent some of the finest brands in the industry.



hese brands include Vitamix has been

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

the Touch & Go Advance can blend frozen fruit with ease, and is equally adept at preparing smoothies, frappés, ice cream drinks and cocktails. Operating the Touch & Go Advance couldn’t be easier as there are six convenient pre-set control buttons for the most commonly made drinks and a pulse function to quickly refresh a drink. There are also 20 recipe programs

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


which provide consistent results quickly and easily. The innovative twist-and-lock sound enclosure reduces noise to maintain a relaxing atmosphere and features a

backed by a peace of mind three-year warranty on motor base parts and a one-year warranty on container and blade assembly.”

‘no tools required’ design for easy removal and cleaning.

For more information on the light equipment supplied by

The Vitamix Touch & Go Advance comes complete with a

Jestic Foodservice Equipment please visit

stackable 0.9 Litre high-impact Advance container, which

or call 01892 831960.

creates faster, smoother pouring and has a longer blade life, resulting in time and cost savings and an improved customer experience. The superb performance of the Touch & Go Advance is


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Golden Valley reports that Chicken flies in home delivery market Chicken remains the most popular meat with consumers, and with demand for home delivery continuing to grow, it pays for fast food operators to offer a range of good quality poultry products, advises frozen food distributor Central Foods.


ast year, Mintel revealed that almost four in ten

“With chicken being the UK’s favourite meat, it makes

(37%) consumers were ordering more food for

sense to offer chicken products if you want to take a slice

home delivery from burger and chicken outlets

of this growing appetite for home delivery.”

and restaurants than the previous year, when the

figure was 25%. With statistics like that, it’s clear that the home delivery market is flying!

Golden Valley Foods offers an extensive range of good quality chicken and gluten-free chicken items including nuggets, goujons, chunks, steaks and a whole lot more. With all nuggets, steaks and goujons made only with

“Friday and Saturday nights have long been traditional

breast meat, the Golden Valley Foods range is perfect for

‘takeaway nights’ for UK consumers but recently we’ve

takeaway and fast food operators looking to offer premium

seen a big growth in home delivery orders at other times

quality at a competitive price.

during the week and at different day parts too,” explains

From consistent size and quality through to easy

Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods, which supplies the

portion control and containing no hydrogenated fats or

Golden Valley Foods range of poultry products to food

MSG, the Golden Valley Foods range offers many benefits

service operators.

to operators. And because most products cook direct

“This has been fuelled in particular by Gen Z (those

from the freezer within around 3-6 minutes, caterers only

aged 16 – 24) who have grown up highly connected with

need use exactly what is required - significantly reducing

digital technology and who expect this technology to follow

wastage to help their bottom line.

through in all aspects of their life, from socialising to eating.


They are always looking for ways to save time and easier

or for more information about

ways to shop, and more than half are prepared to pay more

the range.

for convenience that saves them time*. This generation

*Propel Info Newsletter

especially prefers coated steaks and portions**.

** Kantar Worldpanel Division / Usage / Consumer Demographics


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Are you ready for Coeliac UK Awareness Week (11th to 17th May)? The importance of offering gluten-free options comes under the spotlight during Coeliac UK Awareness Week 2020 (11th to 17th May).


he importance of offering gluten-free options

“One of the beauties of the Golden Valley Foods gluten-

comes under the spotlight during Coeliac UK

free range is that it’s suitable and deliciously tasty for

Awareness Week 2020 (11th to 17th May).

all, not just those who have dietary requirements. The

And it’s the perfect opportunity for fast food outlets and

takeaways to review their gluten-free menus. The gluten-free Golden Valley Foods chicken items are flying, reports Central Foods, which distributes the range…. illustrating that more and more operators are sourcing coeliac-friendly chicken products.

products can be used for fast food and takeaway meals; plated meals; filling subs, rolls, wraps and sandwiches or even as finger food at buffets, functions and events - they are truly versatile!” Coeliac disease is not a dietary ‘fad’, food allergy or an intolerance, but an autoimmune disease caused by a

“Over time, there’s been an increasing awareness by fast

reaction to gluten. Damage to the gut lining occurs when

food outlets and takeaways of the importance of offering

someone with coeliac disease eats gluten. If a gluten free

tasty gluten-free meals for customers who are coeliac or

diet is not followed, the disease can lead to nutritional

who choose to avoid gluten for other reasons,” explains

deficiencies and other complications such as osteoporosis,

Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods.

a rare type of bowel cancer of the small bowel and

“Coeliac UK Awareness Week is a good opportunity for operators to either take a look at their menus to check

unexplained infertility problems. Coeliac disease affects at least one in 100 people in the UK.

they are catering well for their gluten-free customers or

The Golden Valley Foods gluten-free chicken products

to maybe add new items to their menu to draw even more

range includes chicken fillets-Italiano, plain breaded

customers in.

chunks, plain breaded goujons and Southern-fried goujons.

“We’ve seen a big increase in orders for our gluten-free

The complete Golden Valley Foods range is one of the

Golden Valley Foods range – up to almost 200% on the

most popular ranges supplied by Central Foods, one of the

most popular line, the Golden Valley Foods gluten-free

UK’s leading frozen food distributors, and most products

plain breaded chicken goujons - which shows that there’s a

are available nationwide via Brakes.

growing appetite for these sorts of products.


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Over £2.5m for Cancer Research UK: Roadchef smashes charity fundraising target by £1.9m Motorway service area operator is projected to raise £4 million within three years through an extended charity partnership


0 February 2020: One of the nation’s favourite

Following a company-wide ballot, it was warmly welcomed

motorway service area (MSA) operators, Roadchef,

as the next charity partner for Roadchef. To say we are on

has revealed it has smashed its fundraising target

track to raise as much as £2.5m is incredible news.

for Cancer Research UK with a £2.5m total projected

from two years of fundraising. The operator, which welcomes more than 52m motorists through its doors every year, signed a two-year partnership

As cancer now affects one in two people, the cause resonates throughout the company and with our customers. The total figure shows just how generous the Roadchef teams and our communities are.

with the charity in 2018 with a target of £600,000, aimed

‘We aim to de-stress and delight our customers across

at supporting the charity’s life-saving research. Roadchef

the country, providing modern facilities with a wide choice

has announced that total funds are set to be over four

of brands and the best possible customer service. I am

times the expected figure at £2.5m and revealed that they

proud that our mission and values are reflected in our

will continue partnering with Cancer Research UK into

charity work and the huge amount raised.”


Trudy Stammer, Head of Volunteer fundraising at Cancer

Throughout 2019, Roadchef teams around the country

Research UK, added: ‘We’re so honoured to be partnered

hosted several fundraising events, including site activities,

with Roadchef for another year. The platform that Roadchef

walks, fancy dress and bake sales. Other activities included

gives to Cancer Research UK to raise funds for life-saving

an annual golf day, as well as Cancer Research UK’s very

research is truly outstanding. Their employees, suppliers,

own Jurassic Coast Challenge, where a 28-strong Roadchef

friends and family have all got behind this partnership

team walked distances of up to 34, 58 and 100 kilometres,

over the past two years to beat cancer. We are so grateful

raising £13,786 alone.

for their hard work in fundraising and promoting health

Cancer Research UK was chosen by Roadchef after all employees voted it the top choice for a two-year

awareness messaging across the country to help us in achieving our ambition of 3 in 4 people surviving cancer.’

partnership. Due to its success so far, Roadchef has

Picture shows:

extended its target in 2020 to a whopping £4m.

Debbie Davies, Luke Roberts, Kieran Cooley, Tina

CEO of Roadchef, Mark Fox said: “Cancer Research UK is a name and charity that everybody in the country knows. 42

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Babington, Mark Fox (CEO), Mike Jackson (Director of Supply Chain Management & Head of Charity, Roadchef) April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


New Forest Ice Cream adds Blackberry Clotted Cream to Foodservice range New Forest Ice Cream is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Blackberry Clotted Cream’ into the company’s real dairy scoop range. Following its successful introduction into the 120ml range last year, foodservice professionals can now satisfyingly scoop Blackberry Clotted Cream into sundaes and cones, or serve it as a final flourish to a whole range of desserts.


vailable in 4ltr and 4.75ltr tubs to allow

catering range. Now, all caterers and chefs can make the

for generous scoops, operators, chefs and

most of serving our Blackberry Clotted Cream on menus

caterers can now offer the refreshingly fruity

throughout the spring and summer. Blackberry Clotted

taste of summer instantaneously. Featuring an

Cream flavour offers a complete taste of nostalgia and we

indulgent clotted cream base that is packed with bursting

hope it transports everyone back to blackberry picking on

blackberries, this ice cream is a tangy, yet sweet blend and

a warm summer’s day!”

comprises of just the right balance of flavours.

New Forest Ice Cream is committed to using the best

For a new and original take on Eton Mess, why not

carefully sourced ingredients to produce quality ice cream

combine Blackberry Clotted Cream with fresh blackberries,

every time. This, coupled with traditional family methods

crumbled meringue and a sprinkling of pistachio for the

and years of dedicated experience, opens the door to an

ultimate British summer time delight with a difference?

exciting world of innovative ice cream flavours that have

Christina Veal, Director, New Forest Ice Cream is delighted to add the new flavour into the company’s foodservice range: “This flavour has proven a big hit in our 120ml range and we have had numerous requests to launch it in our


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

the stability and consistency demanded by the professional kitchen. To find out more about the New Forest Ice Cream range please visit or call 01590 647611.

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



As part of the commitment of the Johnson Reed commitment to helping support our businesses during this time, check out our guide on support government has published


ll accurate and updated information can be found at: coronavirus-business-support/ In addition, Johnson Reed has provided a support page: Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme What is it? • Will support small and medium-sized businesses with access to loans, overdrafts, invoice finance and asset finance of up to £5 million and for up to six years • The Government will also make a Business Interruption Payment to cover the first 12 months of interest payments and any lender-levied fees, so smaller businesses will benefit from no upfront costs and lower initial repayments • The government will provide lenders with a guarantee of 80% on each loan (subject to pre-lender cap on claims) to give lenders further confidence in continuing to provide finance to SMEs • The scheme will be delivered through commercial lenders, backed by the Government-owned British Business Bank • There are 40 accredited lenders able to offer the scheme, including all the major banks Am I eligible? You are eligible for the scheme if: • your business is UK based, with turnover of no more than £45 million per year • your business meets the other British Business Bank eligibility criteria How do I access it? • Talk to your bank or one of the 40 accredited finance providers offering the scheme as soon as possible to discuss your business plan with them • You can find out the latest on the best ways to contact them via their websites • The full rules of the Scheme and the list of accredited lenders is available on the British Business Bank website • If you have an existing loan with monthly repayments you may want to ask for a repayment holiday to help with cash flow When can I access it? The scheme is now open for applications. All major banks are offering this scheme. Business Rates Holiday for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure What is it? • Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors in England will not have to pay business rates for the 2020-21 tax year • Businesses that received the retail discount in the 2019-20 tax year will be re-billed by their local authority as soon as possible Am I eligible? You will be eligible if: 1. Your business is based in England, AND 44

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

2. Your business is in the retail, hospitality and/or leisure sector Properties that will benefit from the relief will be those that are wholly or mainly being used: a. as shops, restaurants, cafes, drinking establishments, cinemas and live music venues, b. for assembly and leisure; or c. as hotels, guest and boarding premises and self-catering accommodation How do I access it? 1. There is no action for you. Local authorities will apply the business rates holiday to your bills. For more information please check the guidance on 2. You can estimate the business rate charge you will no longer have to pay this year using the business rates calculator 3. You can find your local authority on When can I access it? This will apply to your business rates bills for the 2020/2021 tax year. However, local authorities may have to reissue your bill. They will do this as soon as possible. Cash Grant for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure What is it? If your business is in the retail, hospitality or leisure sector, you will receive a cash grant of up to £25,000 per property. Businesses in these sectors with a rateable value of under £15,000 will receive a grant of £10,000. Businesses with a rateable value of between £15,001 and £51,000 will receive a grant of £25,000. Am I eligible? You will be eligible if: 1. Your business is based in England 2. Your business is in the retail, hospitality and/or leisure sector 3. Properties that will benefit from the relief will be occupied properties that are wholly or mainly being used: • as shops, restaurants, cafes, drinking establishments, cinemas and live music venues for assembly and leisure • as hotels, guest and boarding premises and self-catering accommodation How do I access it? 1. You do not need to do anything 2. Your Local Authority will write to you if you are eligible for this grant When can I access it? Local Authorities will write to all eligible businesses with information on how to claim this grant. Any enquiries on eligibility for, or provision of the reliefs and grants should be directed to the relevant Local Authority. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme What is it? Under the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all UK employers with a PAYE scheme will be able to access April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Small Business Grant Funding What is it? • The Government is providing additional funding for Local Authorities to support small businesses that already pay little or no business rates because of small business rate relief (SBRR), rural rate relief (RRR) and tapered relief • This will provide a one-off grant of £10,000 to eligible businesses to help meet their ongoing business costs Am I eligible? You will be eligible if: 1. Your business is based in England AND 2. You are a small business and already receive SBRR and/or RRR AND 3. You are a business that occupies property How do I access it? You do not need to do anything. Your Local Authority will write to you if you are eligible for this grant. When can I access it? Local Authorities will write to all eligible businesses with information on how to claim this grant. Any enquiries on eligibility for, or provision of, the reliefs and grants should be directed to the relevant Local Authority. Statutory Sick Pay Rebate What is it? The Government will bring forward legislation to allow small and medium-sized businesses to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) paid for staff sickness absence due to coronavirus. This refund will cover up to 2 weeks’ SSP per eligible employee who has been off work because of coronavirus. 45

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Am I eligible? You will be eligible if: 1. Your business is UK based AND 2. Your business is a small or medium sized and employs fewer than 250 employees as of 28 February 2020 How do I access it? A rebate scheme is being developed, further details will be provided in due course. When can I access it? • The Government will work with employers over the coming months to set up the repayment mechanism for employers as soon as possible • Existing systems are not designed to facilitate employer refunds for SSP Time to Pay What is it? • All businesses and self-employed people in financial distress, and with outstanding tax liabilities, may be eligible to receive support with their tax affairs through HMRC’s Time To Pay service • These arrangements are agreed on a case-by-case basis and are tailored to individual circumstances and liabilities Am I eligible? You will be eligible if: 1. Your business pays tax to the UK Government 2. Your business has outstanding tax liabilities How do I access it? • If you’ve missed, or are worried about missing, your next tax payment due to coronavirus, please contact HMRC • You can also call the HMRC helpline for advice on 0800 0159 559 • For more information on late payments, check with HMRC • If you’re worried about a future payment, please call HMRC nearer the time When can I access it? You can access this support now. VAT Deferral What is it? Deferred Valued Added Tax (VAT) payments for 3 months. Am I eligible? All VAT-registered UK businesses are eligible. How do I access it? • This is an automatic offer with no applications required • UK Registered businesses will not need to make VAT payments normally due with VAT returns during this period • Taxpayers will be given until the end of the 2020-21 tax year to pay any liabilities that have accumulated during the deferral period • VAT refunds and reclaims will be paid by the government as normal When can I access it? The deferral will apply from 20 March 2020 until 30 June 2020. All the best, Mark Johnson Johnson Reed Managing Director

For any questions, concerns or queries please get in contact with a member of the Johnson Reed team at 0161 429 6949 or April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



support to continue paying part of their employees’ salary for those that would otherwise have been laid off during this crisis. This applies to employees who have been asked to stop working, but who are being kept on the pay roll, otherwise described as ‘furloughed workers’. HMRC will reimburse 80% of their wages, up to £2,500 per month. This is to safeguard workers from being made redundant. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will cover the cost of wages backdated to March 1st and is initially open for 3 months, but will be extended if necessary. Am I eligible? All UK-wide employers with a PAYE scheme will be eligible - this includes the public sector, Local Authorities and charities. How do I access it? You will need to: 1. Designate affected employees as ‘furloughed workers,’ and notify your employees of this change - changing the status of employees remains subject to existing employment law and, depending on the employment contract, may be subject to negotiation. 2. Once the new online portal is live, submit information to HMRC about the employees that have been furloughed and their earnings (HMRC will set out further details on the information required) When can I access it? • HMRC are working urgently to set up a system for reimbursement • We expect the first grants to be paid within weeks • Aiming to get it done before the end of April


Precision helps The Feed, a catering enterprise Precision Refrigeration has donated a free fridge to Norwich catering enterprise, The Feed, as part of its recent charity campaign. Having seen that Precision was giving away fridges to registered charities, The Feed contacted the company to see if it could help.


he donated fridge will be used as a Community

Christine Hartshorne, Marketing Manager at Precision

Fridge to support people in food poverty in storing

Refrigeration comments: “Like many other manufacturers

and sharing good food that would otherwise go

Precision had a number of ‘nearly new’ products that were in

to waste. It is estimated that 1.9 million tonnes of food is

perfectly good order, but couldn’t be sold as new, and needed

wasted by the food industry every year in the UK, with

a home. The Feed is a great social enterprise that can really

250,000 tonnes still being edible.*

change so many people’s lives. Supporting charities like The

The Feed provides supported work experience in their

Feed is important to Precision and the wider community we

catering enterprise and social café to people who face

all live in. So far, Precision has donated around £40k worth

barriers to employment, helping them to access sustainable

of products to good causes over the last 3 months as part of

employment to be able to lead more fulfilling lives.

this promotional campaign. We look forward to hearing many

“It’s donations like this that make a huge difference to

more great life stories from our friends at The Feed, and hope

the services we provide to our clients” says Lucy Parish

that this fridge donation helps the team in this quest. Many

from The Feed. “We are delighted that we can have our

thanks again to R&P Distribution for delivering this unit free

very own first Community Fridge to benefit everyone.”

of charge.”


The Retail Mutual Offers Support to Independent Businesses in Light of Coronavirus In the latest Budget on March 11th, the

the UK economy, and the coronavirus is likely to hit the

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, warned that up to 20

smallest independents hardest. Despite the latest reports

per cent of the UK’s workforce could be off at any one time due to COVID-19 (coronavirus),

on consumer confidence in the UK improving in February, our feeling is that footfall is down and this will have an impact on retailers.

which will disrupt businesses and consumer

“If a Retail Mutual Member’s premises are closed by

cashflow. In response to this, the Chancellor

local authorities due to staff being taken ill with the

announced a £7 billion support package for

coronavirus, or if their premises face closure due to

small businesses including tax cuts, loans and grants, and a coronavirus business interruption

suspected contact with the virus and require a deep clean, they may be covered. As a discretionary mutual, we can support independent businesses at this time and

loan scheme.

are able to consider claims beyond the standard scope


of cover. pecialist cover provider for independent businesses,

“The Chancellor’s announcements following yesterdays’

The Retail Mutual, has also responded by offering

Budget from the government, including the coronavirus

support and clarity to its Members in the event that

business interruption loan scheme and business rate

their businesses should be impacted by the coronavirus. Mutual Manager of The Retail Mutual, Kirsty Hampton, said: “Retail and hospitality businesses are paramount to


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

cuts, will have a significant impact on the resilience of independent businesses during this uncertain period for the UK economy.” April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


By - John Haken, Director at WF Denny

healthy appetite for sustainability and want to shop

Since the advent of disposable tableware and the subsequent rise of the takeaway, the British public have been used to the convenience of being able to consume restaurant quality meals in the comfort of their own homes. The introduction of delivery apps, such as Uber Eats, Just Eat or Deliveroo, means that most food outlets are now able to offer a takeaway

with a restaurant or takeaway that cares about the local


but there are issues restricting their use.


community as well as the wider environment. Container options for your takeaway It’s possible to change the materials we’re using and replace plastics, but the sustainable packaging industry is still evolving, so there are limitations. Currently, compostable hot food containers are available, such as bagasse containers which are made of pulped sugar cane, Bagasse, for example, can’t be used for liquid foods,

t has been suggested that as a nation, we use enough

as the fibres are absorbent and lose their rigidity. Other

takeaway cartons per year to fill the Royal Albert Hall

issues include recyclability - you can offer a card takeaway

1,000 times. The Albert Hall is around 86,650 cubic

box with a plastic lining, but the recycling facilities that can

metres and at an average weight for mixed takeaway

deal with this kind of product are not as widely available as

container this would suggest that around 3 million tonnes

they should be.

of packaging is used annually in the takeaway industry. Most of this is discarded to landfill.

If mixed material recycling is invested in and brought in to household recycling then this could present a realistic

When we’re thinking about tackling climate change and

alternative, but it does require significant investment in

reducing plastic at home and work, it’s clear that there is

household recycling by the government and local councils.

a significant societal change that needs to occur before

Customers want a takeaway container that can be easily

we can begin to rely less on plastics. Food outlets and

and honestly recycled. Offering a sustainable packaging

restaurants offering a takeaway option should lead the

option is a good way to show that your company is a local

change by making use of sustainable packaging wherever

champion for sustainability and that you’re catering for

possible and encouraging customers to be mindful of how

the desire for eco-friendly options.

they are disposing of their packaging.

Here are our top tips for becoming a sustainable

Takeaway of the year

takeaway provider:

British Takeaway of the Year awards, created by Just

- Gradually reducing plastics and committing to not using

Eat, has recently selected 15 of Britain’s best takeaways.

single use plastics within your business shows consumers

Most of the takeaways on the list had ‘eco-credentials’,

that you’re on the right path. This won’t necessarily

championing sustainability and plastic reduction, including

alienate customers - a 2015 Nielson report revealed that

S&S Kitchen in Aylesbury which uses no plastic and Nacho

66% of customers would be happy to pay more for a

Cheese which took the prize for ‘Britain’s Best Takeaway’

product that comes from a sustainable brand.

and uses only compostable and biodegradable packaging.

- Becoming a community leader for sustainability is a

Chris’ Fish N Chips in Barwell took the judge’s Game

great way to offer more value to customers and the local

Changer award, for ‘leading the way in sustainability’ as

area. Suggest events like litter picking that bring the

they have removed plastic packaging, recycle used oil and

community together around your business.

food waste, and improve the community by litter picking,

- Getting involved with other business leaders to

With environmental factors so prevalent in the grading of each takeaway, it’s clear that the UK public have a 47

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

encourage recycling shows customers that your business is an active voice in the local sustainability movement. April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



How Fast Food Professionals can Utilise Sustainable Packaging


New allergens awareness book to help food handlers With the impact of allergens in food continuing to make the news, a new book is aiming to provide food handlers with authoritative guidance and reassurance.


ood Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering:

what they should be doing to reduce the risks of food

Handbook for food handlers and managers has

allergen contamination and to protect their consumers.

been authored by three of the UK’s top food safety

The consequences of failure raise the probability of

experts and offers food handlers clear and simple advice

prosecution, or even worse, the unnecessary death of an

on allergens legislation and how to keep customers safe.

individual who has eaten contaminated food in a business.

Providing a summary of key topics such as purchasing, storage and preparation to ‘front-of’ controls, allergen

The handbook is ideal for food allergen control training and as a reference while working in a catering business.’

policies and communication with customers, the book

Chris Sprenger, Highfield Managing Director, said,

is ideal for supervisors or managers and can be used by

‘Allergens continue to be a major risk issue for any business

those training for an allergen qualification or those who

serving food. With the threat of harm to customers, not

simply need to refresh their knowledge.

to mention the possibility of prosecution and reputational

The 28-page handbook has been published by Highfield Products and written by Richard Sprenger, author of the

damage, it is more important than ever that restaurants and places to eat take every available precaution’.

best-selling books Hygiene for Management and The

Food Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering:

Food Safety Handbook, leading food safety expert Judith

Handbook for food handlers and managers is available from

Hutchinson and Euan MacAuslan, Principal Training Officer

Highfield Products at

(Environmental Health Training ) at The Royal Borough of


Kensington and Chelsea.

Regular social media updates are available at

Euan MacAuslan said, ‘The easy to read format will help catering employers and their employees understand 48

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020 and www.facebook. com/askhighfield. April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Clean eating: As more producers sell to the public, pressure mounts to get food hygiene right Hygiene ratings are more important to consumers than ever - more

Citing Brexit as one of the reasons, The Food Standards Agency

than two thirds of people (69%) now actively check ratings and 49 out

(FSA) has paused aspects of its Regulating Our Future programme,

of 50 are influenced by ratings on display

delaying mandatory display of hygiene stickers in England which

Over 7,100 food producers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have a food hygiene rating, with just 65% holding a rating of 5 More than a third of people (34%) would turn away at a rating of 3 or less The public are willing to spend £8 more on a meal at a restaurant rated 5 than at one rated 3 (double the figure)

was originally set to launch in 2019.3

NFU Mutual’s research shows that the proposals have gained an even stronger groundswell of support from consumers in recent years, with 91% in favour of the rule in

2019 compared with 88% when consumers were surveyed for the 2017 report.

Public awareness of food-related illnesses is extremely high – 90%

Wales and Northern Ireland have already been subscribed to

of consumers are aware of Salmonella being an issue for food producers

mandatory display of food hygiene ratings schemes for a number

and only 6% of consumers didn’t identify any illnesses as all

of years, with positive impacts reported for both consumers and

Brexit delays mandatory sticker legislation, despite 91% of consumers wanting it Food hygiene ratings are proving more important than ever for the food industry. A new report from food industry specialist insurer, NFU Mutual, shows that more than 52,000 businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland could be faced with losing over a third of business, as 34% of people would turn away from premises displaying a food hygiene rating of 3 or less. The report, ‘A Fresh Look at Food Hygiene’, also shows that public awareness of food-related illnesses is extremely high. Ninety per cent of consumers were aware of salmonella being an issue for food producers, 86% recognising E. coli and 68% recognising listeria. Only 6% of respondents failed to identify any illnesses at all. According to the National Audit Office (NAO) around one million people in the UK suffer a food-related illness each year, potentially costing up to £1bn in lost earnings for businesses and hospital admissions.2 NFU Mutual’s research also found that restaurants rated 3 and below could already be losing out on possible income, as the

businesses. Darren Seward, Food and Drink Manufacturing Sector Specialist at NFU Mutual, said: “When even the biggest food businesses in the UK are struggling with allergens and labelling, the pressure is on for companies of all sizes to make safety and hygiene a priority. Amidst the challenges currently facing the food industry, the findings show how important hygiene is to the public, and how the impact can span across the supply chain.” Denise Rion, Head of Technical at the British Frozen Food Federation, said: “With consumers increasingly demanding betterquality foods at the lowest possible price, the pressure is on for the industry. We need to ensure that food not only reaches the customer’s plate in the very best condition, but that it is also safe to eat. “This requires careful attention not just in the factory but throughout the entire supply chain. From the design and layout of the equipment, to selecting the right cleaning chemicals, adherence to proper hygiene standards is essential.” To request a free PDF copy of the full report, visit www.

public are willing to spend on average £8 more (nearly double) on

Campden BRI, a partner of the NFU Mutual Report, gives these

a meal at a restaurant rated 5 (£17.31 vs. £8.97).

top tips for creating a food safety culture:

Although consumers typically associate food hygiene ratings with the hospitality sector, 57% still expect food producers to have scores. This drops to 24% expecting ratings for farmers and growers. However, consumers are currently less likely to seek food hygiene scores for a producer, with only 7% saying they would actively check these scores, compared to the 55% checking takeaway ratings and 54% checking restaurant ratings. While consumers currently seem to pay less attention to food manufacturer hygiene scores, the Food Standards Agency’s plans to make hygiene stickers mandatory could bring the matter into

Consider the cleanability of surface finishes on walls, ceilings and worktops Consider filtration and controlled directional movement to eliminate cross-contamination Make equipment easy to access and as clean as possible Get a fresh pair of eyes into the workspace to help spot issues missed by those in the environment every day Use of the right protective clothing, footwear and hairnets is essential Design of the changing, hand washing and sanitation facilities is also crucial

public view. Manufacturers selling or planning to sell directly to

Hand hygiene must not be neglected, even in pressured production

the public could find low standards exposed, losing consumer

environments – both the disinfectant and the hand-washing technique

trust in the process.

are critical


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



JJ Encourages Online Orders and Payments During COVID-19 JJ Foodservice is encouraging customers to order and pay online to minimise social interaction and reduce cash handling as record numbers of shoppers visit branches to buy household essentials in bulk.


ustomer numbers more than doubled over

according to the World Health Organisation, which

the weekend as supermarket supplies ran dry

recommends washing hands regularly after handling

sending many shoppers our way”, said Head

paper notes and coins.

of Operations at JJ, Sedat Kaan Hendekli.

Cash payments are already in decline at JJ Foodservice,

The increase in business created extensive queues and

following the launch of Pay Online by Card promotions last

a five-fold increase in demand for some products. “We are

year, which have seen the level of cash payments drop by

doing everything we can to fulfil orders while promoting


the safety of our teams”, said Kaan.

To support the movement, JJ will be extending its

“Ordering and paying online reduces the need to wait

Pay Online by Card promotions to the end 2020.

around – you can be in and out of a branch much faster,

Customers can register here.

helping to minimise risk,” he added.

Cash can also hold bacteria and viruses for days,


Natta partners with Other Side Fried to launch UK’s first voice-powered takeaway delivery service


atta, the London-based Voice Tech company,

1.5 miles of Other Side Fried Brixton Central but this is just

is delighted to announce that it has launched

the start. We are working on a voice-first food delivery

the United Kingdom’s first end to end takeaway

marketplace that we will be rolling out across London and

delivery service via Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

the UK in the next few months.

Alexa currently hosts some limited food ordering apps

“Consumers will finally be able to use voice assistants to

which mainly allow you to reorder food items previously

research, select and order from their favourite restaurants,

purchased via smartphone. Natta allows users to enjoy the

just as if they were having a conversation with a friend.”

full takeaway experience on Alexa - regardless of whether

How it works

the customer has ordered from the restaurant before or

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone, head

knows the menu. Natta have partnered with London-based iconic Brixton

to the skills & games section, search for ‘Other Side Fried’ and click on the enable button.

restaurant Other Side Fried ( to

Know what you want?

offer busy customers this unique service. You order via

Easy - order and check out in one sentence. Just ask

Alexa and get it delivered via our courier - with all voice

Alexa to connect you with Other Side Fried and list the

orders enjoying a 25 per cent discount.

items you’d like to order.

Natta founder Jon Sprank is convinced voice control is the future - with 55% of households being expected to own smart speakers by 2022. He said: “I got a smart speaker and was astounded at how

Not sure what you want? No problem. Alexa will send the menu to your phone straight away. You’ll find it in the Activity section of your Alexa app. Have a read and let Alexa know your pick.

little you could do with it. I wanted to order my takeaway

Creature of habit?

on it and, having worked in the London F&B scene as the

If you always order the same thing, all you need to do is

European Sales Director for iZettle, I knew the space well

asking Alexa to send you your last order from Other Side

and set out to do it myself.”


“At the moment the app is exclusively operational within 50

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

And that’s it. April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Jesse Adams of the award winning, independent PR agency, Brands2Life, sent FFP new figures released by Rentokil Pest Control which show that rodent enquiries across the UK increased 36% this winter, when compared to the average number recorded for the same period (Nov – Jan) over the past three years (2016 – 2019).


Warmer winters are leading to a surge in rat numbers Pest control experts have said that colder winters used

through black bin liners to get to unwanted food.”

to naturally cull rat numbers, but that milder weather

Tips for homeowners

patterns are allowing more rodents to survive the season.

By knowing the signs to look out for and taking practical

To compound this issue, prolonged, hotter summers are

preventative steps, homeowners can greatly reduce their

creating the perfect conditions for young mice and rats to

chances of playing host to these unwanted visitors.

survive the nest, feed and breed.

Here’s how to identify a rodent problem in your home:

The gestation period for rats is just three weeks, and

1. Smell and sound: Rats and mice have a very strong

just ten weeks after leaving the nest they become sexually

ammonia stench. On top of this, rodents are often very noisy,

mature, while the mother becomes receptive to mating again

making audible scrabbling noises in the premises.

shortly after giving birth. Mice reach sexual maturity earlier

2. Droppings: Rats excrete dark, pellet-shaped droppings

than rats and produce larger litters at a more frequent rate.

up to 14mm. Mice droppings are typically 5mm and spindle

With more rodents surviving the nest it has created larger


populations, which have continued to multiply.

3. Smears: Rodents use established routes along skirting

According to Rentokil’s ‘Rise of the Rat’ report, two rats

boards and walls due to their poor eyesight. You may notice

can become 482,508,800 rats after just three years in an

grease marks where rodents brush up against your walls and

ideal environment.


Paul Blackhurst, Head of Technical Academy at Rentokil Pest Control comments:

4. Footprints: Rats can leave foot and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas of your accommodation - such as the attic or

“Weather conditions can affect pest numbers, with

basement. Shining a strong flashlight at a low angle should

Rentokil experts attributing unusually warm spells to

reveal tracks clearly. To establish if an infestation is active,

increased populations. 2019’s summer was the hottest

sprinkle fine flour or talc along a small stretch of floor near

on record for the Northern Hemisphere, and the surge in

the footprints and check for fresh tracks the next day.

rodent sightings this winter are a legacy of these conditions,

5. Burrows: Brown rats are well known for digging and

as more young rodents survived through to adulthood and

excavating extensive burrow systems for shelter, food

were then able to breed almost immediately.

shortage and nesting. They build burrows next to structures,

“It’s only now that we’re starting to see the effects of

such as sheds or garages, and are also found in secluded,

the population increase, as rain and a drop in temperature

well-vegetated areas such as gardens.

cause rats and mice to migrate indoors, where there’s

6. Damage: Gnawing marks, shredded paper and damage

more food and shelter. With heavy rain falling across the

to food storage containers are all common signs of rodent

country it’s likely we’ll continue to record a rise in rodent


enquiries as rats are displaced from their burrows.

It is, of course, best to prevent the presence of rodents

“However, there are steps businesses can take to ensure

in the first place. You can do this by going back to basics

pests are kept at bay, with digital pest control increasingly

by making sure you don’t provide these creatures with

important to rodent prevention. For example, Rentokil’s

the ideal conditions in which to thrive. Simple things like

PestConnect is an innovative digital pest management

effective cleaning, ensuring food waste is properly sealed

system, providing 24/7 monitoring, rapid response and

and stored can make a big difference and try not to leave

effective elimination of rodents. This connected and fully

food out on the side in kitchens.

integrated pest control solution acts like a rodent burglar

If you do see any obvious holes in the exterior of your

alarm, providing more insight into rodent activity than

home that you think rodents can use as entrance points, then

ever before.

be sure to talk to a professional pest controller who will fill

“It’s essential to ensure rubbish is stored in a strong

these up with wire wool, caulk, metal kick plates or cement.

bin with a lid that is large enough to prevent waste from

For more information, please visit this website:

overflowing. Rodents and other pests can easily tear


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Bain Marie Liners Easy Liners Easy Liners Ltd, Unit 14, Chester Park, Alfreton Road, Derby, DE21 4AS T: 01332 412273 or 07447 146512 E: W:

Easy Bags Ltd Enterprise Road, Millennium Business Park Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG19 7JX T: 01623 423423 E: W: Daymark-Supplies Ltd The Refill Centre Ltd, t/a Daymark-Supplies, Unit 14, Poplars Farm, Forshaw Heath Road, Earlswood, Solihull, West Midlands, B94 5JX 0845 23 015 23

Sirane Ltd Sirane Ltd, European Development Centre, Stafford Park 6, Telford, TF3 3AT 01952 230055

GM Packaging Ltd Unit B7, Tyne Tunnel Estate, Hamar Close, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 7XB 0191 296 2007

Batter Suppliers Goldensheaf Kerry Foodservice, Bristol T: 0800 138 1938 E: W:

Henry Jones Kerry Foodservice, Bristol T: 0800 138 1938 E: W:

Henry Colbeck

Fryers Mate

Seventh Avenue, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE11 0HG 0191 482 4242 Unit 3, Great Northern Way, Great Northern Terrace, Lincoln LN5 8XF 01522 542054

Weston Catering Supplies Wallace View, Hillfoots Road, Stirling, FK9 5PY 01786 455200 Unit S4, Mendip Business Park, Rooksbridge, Somerset BS26 2U 01934 750367

Business and Property Sales Rosens Business Transfer Agency Unit 3, Alexander Charles House, Station Passage, South Woodford, London, E18 1JL 0208 539 6426

Fish Friers- Part of the Altius Group 7b Edward 7th Quay, Navigation Way, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, PR2 2YF 0844 248 8257

Business - Part of the Altius Group

Regional shops throughout the UK or on-line Fourth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 8T 0845 140 5555 or 0117 316 5000

Hopkins Catering Kent Road, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 9NF 0113 257 7934 Unit 67, Gravelly Industrial Park, Gravelly Park, Birmingham, B24 8TQ 0121 327 5575 3 Cornhill, Ottery St Mary, Devon EX11 1DW 01404 813762

Catering Equipment Suppliers/ Spares Shop Equip Park View, North Street, Langwith, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG20 9BN T: 0845 400 1044 E: W:

Total QSR Ltd Crown Chambers, 7a Market Place Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6ES T: 01225 791848 W: Fast Food Systems Limited

Middleton Food Products Ltd,

Carlton Catering Equipment

Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Nisbets Plc

Everett, Masson & Furby

T: 0845 3711 522 E: W: W:

52 30 Broughton Street, Manchester, M8 8NN 0161 833 0024

MCS Technical Products Ltd

Seriously Good Gluten Free 655 Willenhall Road, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3LH 01902 608122 or 08453 706 550

Marfast Business Incorporating Bruce & Co Redwoods Dowling Kerr Kings Business 01772 775776


Ceres | Pure Food Innovation

Falcon Foodservice Equipment Unit 1, Headley Park 9, Headley Road East Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, RG5 4SQ 01189 441100 Grange Farm, Braithwell Road, Ravenfield, Rotherham , South Yorks., S65 4LP 01709 540004 Building 2, Westmead Drive, Swindon, SN5 7YT 01793 5383908

Blue Seal

Restaurant Supply Store Unit 7, Hatton Close, Chafford Hundred, Grays, Essex, RM16 6RP 01375 651 600

Velox Grills Manor Farm, Manor Road Wantage, Oxon., OX12 8NE 01235 770133

Caterparts Limited The Engine Shed, Top Station Road, Brackley, Bucks., NN13 7UG 0845 130 8060

Vmotouk 29 Shand Street London E1 2ES 0800 133 7304

King Edward Unit 1A, Porthouse Ind. Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4NS

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52 16 Millwater Avenue Dewsbury, West Yorks. WF12 9QN sales@sweet 01924 488619

Mitchell and Cooper Ltd 136-140 Framfield Road Uckfield East Sussex, TN22 5AU 0845 0177 488

Synergy Grill Active Food Systems Ltd., Synergy House, 70 High Street, Offord Darcy, St Neots, Cambs., PE19 5RH 01480 811000

Comark Instruments 52 Hurricane Way,Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6JB 0207 942 0712

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Electronic Temperature instruments Ltd Easting Close, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 8HQ 01903 202151

Lowe Rental Ltd Unit J, Knockmore Ind. Estate, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, BT28 2EJ 028 9260 4619

Alliance On-line Alliance House, Marshfield Bank, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 8UY 0844 499 4300

Chicken Coaters & Marinades Chicken Train Kerry Foodservice, Birstol, T: 0800 138 1938 E: W: Dibs Distribution 1432b Clock Tower Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6DT 0208 568 6668


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Storeys Bar Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 5TQ 0800 432 0224

Cold Drinks and Slush Us 4 Slush Limited 4 Middle Road. Bailie Gate Industrial Estate, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset. BH21 4DB 01202 666922

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SnowShock Ltd Unit 43 Invincible Drive, Armstrong Industrial Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7HX 0330 053 6132

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Salty Dog

Chippers and Peelers Carlton Catering Equipment Grange Farm, Braithwell Road, Ravenfield, Rotherham South Yorks., S65 4LP 01709 540004

Regrit-it 1st Floor Rear, 40 Percy Park Tynemouth, North Tyneside. NE30 4JX 07740 664410

Williams Catering Products Exeworthy Farm, Staplake Lane, Starcross, Exeter, Devon, EX6 8QT 01626 890871 Salty Towers PO Box 766 Chesham Bucks., HP5 3YD 01494 774422

Curry and Gravy Mixes Dinaclass Kerry Food Service, Bristol, T: 0800 138 1938 E: W:

Cleaning Materials Ecolab UK Various UK locations Central: 0 02920 852000

Pattersons Winterstoke Road Bristol, BS3 2NS 0117 934 1270

Kerry Foodservice Thorpe Lea Manor, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8HY 01784 430777 April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Deep Premises Cleaning Bright Hygiene Omega House, Unit 7, Sarbir Industrial Park, Cambridge Road, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2EU 0800 093 7840

Vapor Clean 1st Floor Dairy Unit, Ebdon Bow Farm, Wick Saint Lawrence, Weston Super Mare, BS22 7YU 01934 611242

Delivery Bikes Justebikes 216 Hinckley Road Leicester, LE3 0TH 0116 3666 980

Free Go Electric Bikes 3 St Denys Road, Portswood, Southampton Hampshire, SO17 2GN 0800 077 8711

Digital Menu Systems Ltd Limerick Works, Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar, Cleveland, TS10 5JU T: 01642 482629 E: W:

Harlequin Printing and Packaging Harlequin House, Coed Cae Lane, Pontyclun, South Wales, CF72 9EW T: 01443 222219 E: W:

Digital Media systems Pressers House, 2 South Lane, Elland, West Yorks, HX5 0HG 01484 588895

Duct Cleaning and servicing Specialists Advertise Here! You could be telling readers about your business or service on this page Call Athol now to book a space on

07725 434173 Standard and Premium Box listings available

CKC in association with KLS 8 Austin Fields Kings Lynn PE30 1PH T: 01553 886101 / 07766 747405 W: E:

De-Duct Cleaning Service Deduct offer a fast & efficient Nationwide duct cleaning service with FREE shop survey T: 07806 487239 or 0333 772 0089 E: W:

Media Screen Solutions Cleveland House 116 Cleveland Street Wirral Merseyside, CH41 3RB 0800 515690

Signagelive Limited Rectory Farm Barns Walden Road Little Chesterford Saffron Walden Essex CB10 1UD 01799 530110


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020 Crystal Gate 28-30 Worship Street London EC2A 2AH 0800 038 5389

Ethnic foods Shana Foods Unit 5 Second Way, Wembley Middlesex, HA9 0YJ 0208 8782 3200

Wing Yip 375 Nechells Park Road Nechells, Birmingham, B7 5NT 0121 327 6618

Fats and Oils Vandemoortele/P100 P100 has over 60 years of frying experience, helping to create great tasting food time and time again. Being refined to the purest level, P100 offers unrivalled consistancy in taste and freshness from the first portion to the last.

T: 0208 814 7810 M: 07912 389446 W:

Olenex Trading (UK) Ltd ADM Trading (UK) Limited, Church Manorway, Erith, Kent, DA8 1DL

E: T: 01322 444836

Just Filters Omega House, Unit 7, Sarbir Industrial Park, Cambridge Road, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2EU 01279 420289

Network Hygiene Knowledge Centre, Wyboston Lakes, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire, MK44 3BY 0333 577 6384

EPOS Systems

BD Signs Nottingham Unit 18, Bailey Brook Industrial Estate, Amber Langley Drive, Langley Mill, Nottingham, NG16 4BE 0800 195 3610

It’s Lolly ltd

Integer Manchester: 167 Heywood Road, Prestwich Manchester, M25 1LB Scotland: 89 Main Street, Winchburgh West Lothian, EH52 6RA T: 0871 566 0766 E: Manchester: Scotland:• W:

Kepos Systems Ltd 10 Gunton Road, London, SW17 9EL 07939 927624

Revel Systems London Office Moorgate 1 Fore Street London, EC2Y 5EJ 0203 8081 036

W: The

Fryers’ Favourite For Over 60 Years.

Nortech Foods Limited For information, advice, or customer support material pleas Olenex Trading (UK) Limited. Tel: 01322 444836 e-mail: Ings Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 9TL 01302 390880

Arrow Oils Limited Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham Lancashire, OL2 7SF 01706 880796

Finance, Leasing & Insurance Complete Leasing Solutions Ltd Manor Farm, Chilworth Old Village, Southampton, Hants, SO16 7JP T: 023 8076 6467 E:

Corporate Asset Solutions Manor Farm,, Chilworth Old Village, Soputrhampton, Hants, SO16 7JP 023 8076 6467

Johnson Reed Bridge House, Newbridge Lane, Stockport, SK1 2NA T: 0161 429 6949 E: W:

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Royal Greenland Ltd 4 St Peters Court, St Peters Street, Colchester, Essex, CO11 1WD 0845 602 3866 Gateway House, Styal Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 5WY 0161 490 4249

Unique Seafood

Fish Suppliers Collins Seafoods Ltd 2 Floor, Grabbex Business Park, Murray Road, Orpington, Kent, BR5 3QY 0203 260 3580

Unit 2, Park 2000, Millennium Way, Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham, DL5 6AR

T: 01325 315544 E: W: Smales 30 West Dock Street, Hull, HU3 4HL 01482 324997

FAS 2000 Ltd/Fastnet Fish Estate Road No.5, South Humberside Industrial Estate, Grimsby, N.E. Lincs., DN31 2TG 01472 240777

Wraggs Seafoods Ltd Unit 2, Park 2000, Heighington Lane Business Park, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham, DL5 6AR 01132 498832

J Sykes & Sons Ltd New Smithfield Market, New Smithfield House, Whitworth Street East, Manchester, M11 2WP 0161 223 9311

Amanda Seafoods A/S Constatiavej 29, DK-9900, Frederikshavn +45 96 22 15 00

Mannin Fish Ltd 3 Sterling Court, Stevenage, Herts., SG1 2JY 01438 359444

Xpress Fish 351 South Boulevard, Hessle Road, Hull, HU3 4DY 01482 633550

Whitby Seafoods Ltd Fairfield Way, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4PU 01947 606101

Young’s Foodservice Ross House, Wickham Road, Grimsby, DN31 3SW 0800 132 096


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Fish & Chip Shop Suppliers VA Whitley & Co Ltd Milward House Fir Street Heywood OL10 1NW T: 01706 364211 E: W:

Friars Pride Milward House Head Office & Peterborough Depot: Oxney Rd Indst Est, Peterborough, PE1 5YW T: 01733 316400 Fx: 01733 316425 E: W:

JJ Food Service Innova Park, 7 Solar Way, Enfield, EN3 7XY T: General 08433 090991 T: Paul Brailsford – 07880 176015 E: E: W: Henry Colbeck Seventh Avenue, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE11 0HG 0191 482 4242

T Quality Westmead Industrial Estate, Westlea, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 7YY 01793 648900

Wilsons Seasonings Ltd Stagenhoe Bottom Farm, Whitwell, Hertfordshire, SG4 8JN 01438 871967

Food Safety & Hygiene Checkit Limited Broers Building JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge, CB3 0FA

T: 01223 941450 E: W:

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Chadwick Court, 15 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ 0207 928 6006

Frozen Food Suppliers Central Foods Maple Court, Ash Lane Collingtree Northampton NN4 0NB T: 01604 858 522 E: W:

Golden Valley Foods Maple Court, Ash Lane, Colling Tree, Northampton, NN4 0NB T: 01604 858522 E: W: www.central Brands/goldenvalleyfoods.aspx

Frying Ranges KFE Ltd Unit A-B, Bentley Business Park, Blenheim Way, Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8LD, 01778 380 448

Frank Ford Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar Cleveland TS10 5JU

T: 01642 489868 E: W:

Martyn Edwards Ltd Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar Cleveland TS10 5JU

T: 01642489868 E: W:

Fryline in association with KLS 8 Austin Fields Kings Lynn PE30 1PH

T: 01553 772935 / 07770 568939 W: E: Florigo 4 Centech Park, Fringe Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9NR 01527 592000

Hewigo (UK)Ltd Bateman House, Little Fields Way, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2BT 0121 544 9120 April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Glover & Howe Insurance Services


Henry Nuttall Ltd Manor Drive, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3QU 01909 560808

Preston & Thomas Frying Ranges Ltd PO Box 728, Fareham, Hants, PO14 9QU 01732 757636

Mallinsons of Oldham Ltd Trent Industrial Estate, Duchess St, Shaw Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 7UT 01706 299000

Valentine Equipment Limited 4 Trafford Road, Reading, Berks., RG1 8JS 0118 957 1344

Frying Range Engineers KLS Frying Ranges Service 8 Austin Fields Kings Lynn PE30 1P

T: 01553 772935 / 07770 568939 W: E:

Gazebos/Mobile Units Instant Promotion (UK) Ltd

Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 4LU 0115 929 1101 0808 278 3327

Adams Fast Food Supplies

Fracino Various UK Depots 01274 492044 Ask for local depot number 18-22 Birch Road East, Birmingham, B6 7DB 0121 328 5757

Marfast 30 Broughton Street, Manchester, M8 8NN 0161 833 0024

Grease Traps Oli Environmental Services

Caterlink Limited Eaton Works, Allthorpe Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 2AU 01926 432030 Units 7-8, Bodmin Business Park, Launceston Road, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2RJ 01208 78844

Hog Roast Machines and Barbecues

Beechdean Dairies Limited

The Hogg Boss Peake Products, Unit 4, Walton New Road Ind. Estate, Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth, Leics., LE17 5RD 0116 247 8500

Tasty Trotter

Cinders Barbecues

Promart Manufacturing Ltd Unit 2B Caddick Road, Knowsley Industrial Park South, Merseyside, L34 9HP 0151 546 4666 High Bentham, Lancaster, LA2 7NB 01524 262900

Hot Drinks Equipment Franke Coffee Systems UK Ltd

Estate, Bedwas, Caerphilly, 6A Handley Page Way, St Albans , Hertfordshire, AL2 2DQ 01923 635700

CF83 8XP

Espresso Essential

T: 029 2085 3200 • F: 029 2085 3323



Brakes UK wide 0345 6069090

Bidvest Foodservice 814 Leigh Road, Slough, SL1 4BD 01494 555900

Hopwells Ltd Head Office, Glaisdale Drive,


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Carpigiani UK Ltd


VTO (Vertical Take Off)

Unit 1, Greenway, Bedwas House Industrial

Ice Cream Faculty House, 214 Holme Lacy Road, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6BQ 01432 346018 Bridge Street, Clay Cross, Derbyshire, S45 9NU 01246 866800

Peter’s Food Service 0800 032 7581 6 Chapel Lane, North Luffenham, Oakham, LE15 8JP 01780 720679 Unit 7, Liberty Industrial Park, South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SU 0117 963 1668

General Catering Supplies

Scanomat UK Unit 2, Oakley Green Nurseries, Westerleigh Hill Road, Westerleigh, Bristol, BS37 8QZ 0800 731 2980

Tchibo Coffee International Ltd Tchibo House, 7-8 Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9BE 01372 541881

Logic Vending The Maltings Business Centre, Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire, SG12 8HG Old House Farm, North Dean, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4NL 01494 563980

Taylor UK 106 Claydon Business Park Great Blakenham, Ipswich Suffolk, IP6 0NL 0800 838 896

Hopkins Catering Kent Road, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 9NF 0113 257 7934

Longo & Co Unit 5A, Steps Ind. Estate, Magdale, Honley, Huddersfied, West Yorks., HD9 6RA 01484 606351

Kebab Suppliers Double A Kebabs Millennium Business Park, Mansfield Nottinghamshire, NG19 7JX T: 01623 422888 E: W: Istanbul Meats Unit 3, First Avenue, Drum Industrial Estate, C hester le Street, Birtley, Co. Durham, DH2 1AG 0191 492 3909

Golden Delight Foods Ltd, 26 Clayton Road, Birmingham B8 1JE 0121 327 8800

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


Peter’s Food Service

Fylde Fresh & Fabulous Milton House, Maldon Road, Latchingdon, Essex CM3 6LF 01621 744 055 Unit 1, Greenway, Bedwas House Industrial Estate, Bedwas, Caerphilly, CF83 8XP 029 2085 3200 Fylde Fresh & Fabulous, Stanley Villa Farm, Back Lane, Weeton, Preston, PR4 3HN 01253 836444

Paragon Quality Foods Ltd Quadrant 3, Yorkshire Way, West Moor Park, Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3FB 01302 834141

Oil Management

Holland’s Pies Baxenden, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2SA 01706 213591

Pizza & Pasta

Premier1 Filtration

Express Foodservice Kiln Head Spring, Kneeton Lane, Barton, DL10 6NB 01325 377189 Unit B, Dominion Way, Rustington Trading Estate, Littlehampton, West Sussex. BN16 3HQ 01903 775077



Coveris UK Food & Consumer 7 Howard Road, Eaton Socon St Neots, Cambs PE19 8ET T: 01480 476161 E: W: Crafti’s Ltd (For Kids) 3rd Floor, Towcester Mill, Chantry Lane, Towcester, Northants, NN12 6AB 01327 358508

W F Denny Unit 7, Tudor Road, Altrincham Business Park, Broadheath, Cheshire, WA14 5RZ 0161 927 4949

It’s a Wrap (JR Press) 3 Egerton Close, Daventry Northants, NN11 8PE 01327 301566

PlanglowLtd The Quorum, Bond Street South, Bristol, BS1 3AE 0117 317 8600

Southern Fried Chicken Unit 1, Headley Park 9, Headley Road East, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, RG5 4SQ 0118 944 1100

Pies Pukka Pies Ltd The Halcroft, Syston, Leighton Lane Industrial Estate, Leighton Lane, Evercreech, Somerset, BA4 6LQ 01749 838100

999 Pizza Toppings UK Unit 6, Teakcroft Fairview Industrial Park Marsh Way Rainham, Essex, RM13 8UH 01708 558885

Venice Bakery UK Ltd Unit 2, Crown House, Queen Street, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 4BT 0208 301 2624

Pan’Artisan Units 25/26 Holmbush Industrial Estate, Holmbush Way Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9HX 01730 811490 Unit 3, Smallbridge Business Park, Riverside Drive, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL16 2SH 01706 526732

Stoupid Pizza UK 84 Holmsdale Road, Coventry, CV6 5BJ 02476 278102

Potatoes AHDB Potatoes Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2TL 024 7669 2051


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Potato White Company Unit 7B Bessingby Industrial Estate Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 4SJ T: 01262 228286 E: W:

Drywite The House of Lee, Park Lane, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2RA T: 01384 569556

Poultry Suppliers Central Foods Maple Court, Ash Lane Collingtree Northampton NN4 0NB T: 01604 858 522 E: W:

Riverside Food Services Units 1-4, The Stables, Sutton Farm, West

T: 01691 839288 E: W:



Potato Treating & Equipment

Felton, Oswestry, Shropshire, E:

www Castleton of Eassie, Glamis, By Forfar, Angus, DD8 1SJ 01307 840551 Genus, Hammond Close Attleborough Fields Ind. Est. Nuneaton, Warks., CV11 6RY 02476 254941

Leicester, LE7 1LD T: 0116 264 4004

Agrico UK Ltd.

Pizza and Baguette

Kiren Foods


Kismet Kebabs

SY11 4HX

Dibs Distribution 1432b Clock Tower Road, Isleworth, Middlesex,TW7 6DT 0208 568 6668

Nila UK Ltd Unit 9b, Beaver Ind. Estate, Brent Road, Southall, Middx., UB2 5FB 020 8744 7700

Refrigeration Adande Adande Refrigeration Ltd. 45 Pinbush Road, South Lowestoft Ind. Est Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 7NL 0844 376 0023 April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Hoshizaki/Gram 2 The Technology Centre London Road, Swanley,Kent, BR8 7AG E: Hoshizaki - uksales@ E: Gram - W: W: T: Hoshizaki - 0845 456 0585 T: Gram - 01322 616 900

Jestic Foodservice Equipment

McWhinney’s Sausages 10 Balloo Way, Balloo Industrial Park, Bangor, Co. Down, N. Ireland, BT19 7QZ 028 9127 1811 Units 3 & 4, Dana Estate, Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6UU 01892 831960

Pukka Pies Ltd

Williams Refrigeration


Bryggen Road, North Lynn Industrial Estate, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2HZ 01553 817000

Foster Fridge 1st Floor, The Coach House, Montpelier Mews, High Street South, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3SH 01582 788486

Polar Refrigeration Unit 8, Access 18, Bristol, BS11 8HT See website for stockists

Sauces & Marinades The Crucial Sauce Company Ltd Unit 1b, Nechells Business Centre, 31 Dollman Street, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 4RP T: 0121 333 3233 E: W:

BI Europe Limited Unit 21 – 22 Kernan Drive, Loughborough, Charnwood, LE11 5JF 01509 631650

The Halcroft, Syston, Leicester, LE7 1LD T: 0116 264 4004 E:

Peter’s Food Service Unit 1, Greenway, Bedwas House Industrial Estate, Bedwas, Caerphilly, CF83 8XP 029 2085 3200

Westaway Sausages Ltd. 3-6 Rydon Industrial Estate, Canal Way, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 3SJ 01626 333101

Metrow Foods Limited Airborne Close, Leigh-on Sea Essex, SS9 4EN 01702 527441

Suffolk Meat Traders Grove Lane, Elmswell Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk, IP30 9HN 01359 242 500

Holland’s Pies Baxenden, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2SA 01706 213591

Dibs Distribution 1432b Clock Tower Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6DT 0208 568 6668

Keejays Limited Crockatt Road, Lady Lane Ind. Estate, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 6RD 01473 827304

Sausages, Pies and Burgers James T Blakeman & Co Ltd, Millenium Way, High Carr Business Park, Newcastle –under- Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 7UF 01782 569610


Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

Rollover Limited Rollover House, 802 Oxford Avenue, Slough, Berks., SL1 4LN 01753 575558

The Franconian Sausage Company Unit 26, Eldon Way, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6BE 01892 837816

Shopfitters & Fabricators Barland Shopfitting Specialists Unit 18, Honey Hall Ing, Huddersfield, West Yorks., HD2 1GP 0800 043 5523

Elite Shopfitters Leeds Ltd. 5 Wharfe Mews, Cliff Terrace, Wetherby, LS22 6LX 0113 258 3324

Jephsons Shopfitters Ltd Maun House, Maun Way, Hermitage Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 5GX 01623 645809

Promart Manufacturing Ltd Unit 2B Caddick Road, Knowsley Industrial Park South, Merseyside, L34 9HP 0151 546 4666

Trade Bodies Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Marine House 1 Snow Hill London, EC1A 2DH 0207 246 8900

Seafish 18 Logie Mill Logie Green Road Edinburgh, EH7 4HS 0131 558 3331

Seafood Scotland 18 Logie Mill Logie Green Road Edinburgh, EH7 4HS 0131 557 9344

NEODA PO Box 1184, Bromley Kent, BR1 9XW T: 020¬ 8464 3954 E: W:

British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) Warwick House, Unit 7, Long Bennington Business Park, Main Road, Long Bennington, Newark, Notts, NG23 5JR 01400 283090

British Kebab Awards 8th Floor, Elizabeth House 39 York Road, London, SE1 7NQ, / nominationskebabawards@ 020 7183 4272

PAPA The Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association Association House 18C Moor Street Chepstow NP16 5DB 01291 636338

Asian Catering Federation London Pall Mall 100 Pall Mall St James London, SW1Y 5NQ April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


KFE School of Frying Excellence Unit A-B, Bentley Business Park, Blenheim Way, Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8LD 01778 380448

National Federation of Fish Friers 4 Greenwood Mount, Leeds, LS6 4LQ 0113 230 7044

Crossways Foodservice Consultants 29 High Street Needingworth, St Ives Cambridgeshire, PE27 4SA

T: 07725 434173 Crossways E: W: Carpigiani Gelato University UK Carpigiani House Coldnose Rd Rotherwas Industrial Estate Hereford, HR2 6JL 01432 346 018

Uniforms United Workwear The United Collection Ltd 80A Ashfield Street London, E1 2BJ 0207 780 1746

T & T Embroidery Solutions Ltd 98 Morley Drive, Ely Cambridgeshire 07783 628397

Simon Jersey Altham Accrington Lancashire, BB5 5YE 0370 4609 047

Best Workwear FRS Countrywear Limited Unit 1 Building 6 Stanmore Ind. Est. Bridgnorth Shropshire, WV15 5HP 08454 65 66 65


Web Design

107 Berrows Business Centre, Bath Street, Hereford, HR1 2HE

T: 01432 378690

Pro Web Design

Harry Ramsden’s 119 Hertford Road, London, EN3 5JF 0203 659 4745

Shinebright Creative 13 University Road Leicester, LE1 7RA 0116 255 3400

London Fish and Chips


Muffin Break

Papa John’s

Wholesalers and Cash and Carry

Pepe’s Piri Piri

Central Foods

Peri Peri Original

Maple Court, Ash Lane Collingtree Northampton NN4 0NB

T: 01604 858 522 E: W:

Pita Pit UK

Pizza Time

Quiznos Booker Limited Irthlingborough Road, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 1LT 01933 371000

Sam’s Chicken

Subway www,

Costco (Head Office) National locations Hartspring Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 8JS 01923 213113

Khanjra International Foods Ltd Greenbank Business Park, Blakewater Road, Blackburn, Lancs, BB1 3HU 01254 676793

Parfetts (Head Office) Didsbury Road, Stockport, SK4 2JP 0161 429 0429

Franchise Opportunities Banger Bros

Chicken Cottage

Chop & Wok


Chozen Noodle

Utility Helpline

Gallones Ice Cream Parlours


Training & Consultancy

Waffle Delight

You could be telling readers about your business or service on this page Call Athol now to book a space on

07725 434173 Standard and Premium Box listings available

Doner Kebab German Doner Kebab

Empire Dogs



Flamin’ Chicken



Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional



Fastfood Professional • April and May 2020

April and May 2020 • Fastfood Professional


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