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Issue MARCH/APRIL 2017



A Stress-free Easter: it will come as no surprise that the focus of this issue is Easter.

LOOKING AHEAD We have an ongoing emphasis on healthy eating and simple family meals, plus helpful family living resources. And up next- Mother’s Day.

Find information, ideas and inspiration in this issue but please, feel free to share it with your friends.



CONTENTS Ideas and inspiration for the Easter holiday & Mother’s Day plus more ideas for creating family fun and moments that matter.


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Amazing results with colour pencils


Why essential oils matter


Decorating Easter eggs


Healthy family menu planning

Easter is just around the corner. And At My Place you'll find ideas and inspiration for this special holiday but also many more tips and suggestions for creating moments that matter .


This issue is jampacked with ideas, articles and information that I hope will encourage and delight you. Plus, there are links to more information online. I hope that you will be inspired to try some of these ideas and build a legacy of family fun and warm memories.


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Notes from the

Editor’s Desk I certainly don't need a calendar to know that the season is changing; frangipani flowers and leaves are dropping; I have to switch on a light now when I get up for my walk; and fashion outlets are displaying cosy woollen coats in their displays. Do you enjoy cold weather? I certainly don't. But I do enjoy curling up beneath a cosy wrap and reading a book, a magazine or maybe a favourite blog. And maybe you do, too. I hope you'll take some time to relax and read about the Easter ideas for your family, the wholesome food options, the book reviews, the inspiration and more that you'll find within these pages. Enjoy

Anne Just click on the highlighted links or images within the magazine for more information. (Yep... affiliate links are included which means, if you buy through me, I get some coffee money ... though probably not enough for the raisin toast, as well.)

Amazing results with colouring As the world-wide colouring trend continues to grow, adult colouring books are popping up all over the place including high-end department stores and catalogues. Small town artists are making names for themselves and earning extra income, at the same time. Have a go and see if you, too, enjoy this relaxing activity.

Learn more about using coloured pencils. Try an online course and develop your colouring skills.

Colouring Adult colouring certainly isn’t Techniques anything new. In fact, Psychiatrist Carl Jung, began prescribing “colouring therapy” in the early 1900s. As the worldwide trend continues to grow, you might like to develop your skills. Read more…

Bible Journaling Bible journaling has developed into a more succinct, visual presentation of faith. Some have referred to it as illustrated faith, devotions in the margins or simply, Bible Art Journaling. If you enjoy colouring, then this could interest you. Check it out…

How about learning how to create heart-warming pet portraits with colour pencils. Or… learn techniques for colouring flowerscolour matching, layering, blending, burnishing and more. Perhaps you'd like to create vivid artwork with colour pencils and ink

CONQUER YOUR CLUTTER SUPER BUNDLE Tired of feeling overwhelmed and out-ofcontrol?

RESTORE YOUR SANITY If you've tried to tackle your disorganization, you've already discovered there's no one-size-fits-all solution for organizing. That's why we've pulled together 38 organizing resources with realistic solutions for anyone.

START NOW! Because with the right tools and methods, you can absolutely leave the chaos behind and find practical ways to minimize clutter and stress, while making life simpler and more peaceful.

WHY ESSENTIAL OILS MATTER The term “essential oil” comes from the word “essence” which refers to the aroma that serves as the very essence of the plants they came from. Essential oils have been found to have so many therapeutic uses. Each essential oil is made up of an extremely complex mixture of several aromatic constituents. This complex chemical composition is what makes essential oils so effective for healing different conditions that may range from skin irritations to anxiety and depression. For safety reasons, any essential oil should first be diluted before applying it on the skin.

FREE Essential Oils book Most people know that essential oils have a pleasant aroma. But many do not understand how or why essential oils can also improve their health and well-being. Find out more in my FREE eBook.

4 EASTER EGG HUNT TIPS At Easter, the question on every child’s lips will be, “When are we having the Easter Egg Hunt?” So, are you prepared? Along with preparing cute baskets to gather the eggs, you might find it helpful to read these tips that will make your Easter Egg Hunt rock. A bit of planning and preparation can turn this simple Easter activity into a wonderful and memorable family event- a moment that matters. FIND THEM HERE..

Create a MAKE habitSOMETHING Creating something, working with your mind and hands, can lower your stress levels and leave you feeling mentally clear and calm. And doesn't everyone want that?

BE CREATIVE SPEND TIME LEARNING SOMETHING NEW .. & CREATING SOMETHING Create living art and get your hands in the dirt as you learn how to liven up your indoor or outdoor space by building a vertical garden; perfect for those with limited space.

Factor in some time to create as part of your goals for this year. 'Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.' Pablo Picasso


Colouring Pencil Essential s

In just 35 minutes, you’ll fill a box with succulents, and finish with a custom home garden that’s super low maintenance and a gorgeous focal point for your home. Find it here…

If you enjoy colouring, why not take to a new level with this wonderful online class- Colored Pencil Essentials. You’ll learn how to shade, add highlights and create a 3D look .


SHAVING CREAM Can you believe that

something as simple as shaving cream can be used for these beautiful decorated eggs? See more

Whether you're looking for simple decorating ideas or something more intricate, with 100+ techniques, you're sure to find it here.

HELPFUL TIPS Check out these 60+ simple yet beautiful decorating tips. Some are very creative. Find it here


Menu planning for family Quick tips Encouraging healthy eating habits in kids and particularly toddlers is not easy. So, what do you do? Experts are telling us to present a variety of colourful healthy options and encourage them to make their own choices. More ideas here‌

Recipes for the entire week Kitchen Time provides a weekly list of recipes for you to download and use as you plan your meals. And.. it’s FREE. If you're looking for a helpful menu planner or food diary to use, you'll find plenty of options at The Shop.


to be the real you


Our culture is so absorbed, even fixated, on the concept of personal perfection- beautiful skin, beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful appearance and style and poise. This book is not about that. It’s not about the idea that beauty is defined by a fit body or gap-spaced thighs. It’s about recognising a new kind of beauty that has nothing to do with sunshine and rainbows, butterflies and flowers. Rather, it’s about recognising that everyone experiences pain and suffering. Instead, this book overflows with stories of beautiful women, women who bravely bear the pain and ask the hard questions. And sometimes the questions have no concrete answers. Lee addresses these questions and more with inspirational stories of women who have bravely stepped beyond their suffering to true beauty.

Brave is the new Beautiful is a powerful reminder that ‘when we put a period in our life story and think it’s the end, God puts a semi-colon’. Read more about this book here--

Make it a habit to eat clean, wholesome foods.

Best of WHOLEFOO Increasingly, the recipe books on shelves present wholesome, powerfoods DS for family meals.

New Recipe

BOOKS TO CHECK OUT Every day healthy eating A new recipe book from Women’s Weekly is about more than just meals. You'll find information and suggestions for looking after yourself and your family: health tips, nutrition, using natural ingredients for pampering, as well s nourishing natural recipes for juices & smoothies, lunch & dinner, afternoon pick-me-ups and sweet wholesomeness.


These 'new on the shelf’ books are worth checking out. Eat Clean by Luke Hines presents recipes that are natural + flavour

Nutritionist Vladia Cordova presents delicious and wholesome meals in this new recipe book. Worth checking out.



What do you buy for your mother when she tells you she doesn't need anything. And you don't want to resort to slippers or a bunch of flowers, even though you know she'll love them anyway. If you're looking for a gift that she won't expect and… she'll appreciate, check out these ideas .

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Make your own chocolate truffles kit Novel neckwear Fun fitness gear DIY foot pampering Personalised travel gear Cute cooking And more

8.Novelty coffee cup 9. Stylish scrubber 10. Fruity shower stuff 11. Herb garden 12. Personalised carrier 13. Dainty necklace

Colour accents


CREATE A FRESH Looking for an updated, fresh look to your home but can’t afford the expense? Here are some tips from Fantastic Furniture to help you LOOK create a new look without a big financial outlay. 1. Clutter- a clutter-free room looks fresh and appealing. Make sure everything is tidy and neat. 2. Storage- add some simple storage to keep everything in its place. 3. Furniture- one or two new pieces can make a huge difference and needn’t break the bank. (Check for special deals.) 4. Measure- make sure you have sufficient room for any new articles. 5. Colour- add some trendy colour items for a fresh accent. (charcoal greys, cool blues, pastels) 6. Lighting- adds atmosphere. Consider adding some extra lighting as a feature or accent. 7. Personality- ensure your room reflects you, your family and lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this small magazine. I hope you will enjoyed all the articles presented and that many will enrich your day. Please share it with your friends and look forward to the next issue coming soon..

At my place magazine march april 2017  

Find Easter ideas, decorations and activities plus other tips and resources to create moments that matter with your family.

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