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Unveiling the Journey of Local Entrepreneur

Eric Quintanilla: Mastermind behind STAUNCH Traditional Outfitter

Fast-tracking her way to the stars! GUIDE to New Braunfels & Gruene Shopping, Food, Bars, Music FLOATING THE RIVER And much more!

THERE'S ONLY ONE "S" in New Braunfels
Wall Mural Downtown New Braunfels, TX

Dear Readers,

Spring has got to be my most favorite time of the year in New Braunfels...well maybe after festival season but that's a future issue! Back to Spring, the days are cool, the shops are restocked with all their goodies from market coming in daily, and for locals it means peaceful streets and parks at least til tourist season kicks in.

Spring also marks a time for small business owners to prepare for the uptick in shopping and other business activities. In this issue we feature business owner Eric Quintanilla of STAUNCH where he graciously accepted our invite to chat about his entrepreneurial journey. We are so excited for Eric and wish him the best in his coming endeavors. Read more on Eric on page 8.

We also feature the amazing country music songstress, Bri Bagwell. We luv that her fast-track to stardom is something we can watch from the sidelines here in her new found hometown of New Braunfels. Her story takes us through her music journey up til now and we hope to be there when it comes time to share her future story. You can find her story on page 14.

This issue is just full of surprises and we luv that we are able to bring you once again our digital guide for all things New Braunfels and Gruene.

A few months ago we hosted an online social media poll for a non-profit feature. The response was amazing and turns out there were so many ultra worthy organizations that we couldn't just pick one so we decided to mention them all in a guide-like list of orgs to donate to or volunteer with. Check them out on page 34.

Finally, when we're out and about we get to meet so many shop owners and we get to chat about business needs, shop plans, ideas, marketing, etc. but one interesting common thread was the desire to create these amazing social media, insta-worthy shop spaces. Join us as we delve into these shops and the creative spaces they built on page 18.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to celebrate the heartbeat of New Braunfels.


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5 About the Cover: Eric Quintanilla, Owner of STAUNCH. To learn more about Eric's retail journey, see pg. 8 LOCAL COUNTRY ARTIST, BRI BAGWELL Fast-tracking her way to the stars! GUIDE to New Braunfels & Gruene Shopping, Food, Bars, Music FLOATING THE RIVER And much more! THERE'S ONLY ONE "S" in New Braunfels Unveiling the Journey of Local Entrepreneur Eric Quintanilla: Mastermind behind STAUNCH Traditional Outfitter NEW SECTION! New Braunfels Lifestyle MODERN COUNTRY BRIDE ® TABLE OF CONTENTS 8 ERIC QUINTANILLA: Mastermind behind STAUNCH 34 NON-PROFIT GUIDE - Donate & Volunteer 14 BRI BAGWELL Fast tracking her way to the stars! 38 MODERN COUNTRY BRIDE 2024 Bridal Trends 18 BOUTIQUE BEAUTIFICATION & Instagram Worthy Experiences 42 SWANEE BROWNING Teaching to Wedding Guide Entrepreneur 29 NB 2024 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 46 ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS 48 DIGITAL GUIDE to All Things New Braunfels & Gruene


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We will commit to a standard of excellence in NBLM content regardless of platform or medium.

We look forward to this bold, new journey and hope that you will join us!

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Come to The Birdhouse and take yourself back to that happy place with our devotion to making the best dang chicken you have ever tasted, served with warm southern hospitality and paired with one of our delicious craft coctails. --Ross Wilkinson

New Braunfels St.
Braunfels, TX 78130

Unveiling the Journey of Eric Quintanilla: Mastermind Behind STAUNCH Traditional Outfitters

Born and raised in New Braunfels, TX, retail visionary and creator-owner, Eric Quintanilla’s story is one of seizing opportunities, defying odds, carving out a niche in a highly competitive space, and building his POV of the American dream.

When magazine editor Melba Romero caught up with Eric, it became apparent that his personal journey not only embodied the true essence and spirit of an entrepreneur but also spoke to his resilience, passion, and unwavering determination to build not only a business but also a lasting brand, a retail and marketing task typically not for the faint of heart.

From a young age, Eric’s innate love for fashion, design, and the great outdoors set him apart. With a penchant for customizing clothes, tweaking vehicles, and embracing nature’s beauty, his solace was in creativity and self-expression.

Yet, it was his mother’s indomitable spirit that truly shaped Eric’s outlook on life. Witnessing her navigate through life’s challenges with grace and tenacity, he learned the value of hard work and perseverance. Her unwavering support became the cornerstone of Eric’s journey, instilling in him the belief that no obstacle was insurmountable.

8 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

Eric reflects, “I was highly influenced by my mother and her unwavering work ethic, showing me that no matter what life obstacles get in your way, you keep going and working towards whatever it is you’re trying to get to.”

“Her energy was steadfast as she worked tirelessly to support the family. Still, in a mom’s true labor-of-love spirit, she managed to cook the family meals every night.

At the table, she frequently shared her unforgettable life moments and lessons with us. Her work ethic resonated with me, and I’ll always appreciate her being my biggest supporter in life.”

Choosing to forgo traditional education, Eric embarked on a journey of self-discovery through various industries. From sales to retail and even a stint in the oilfield, he eventually honed his skills and embraced the hustle with fervor. Through these life experiences, he gained valuable insights and lessons that would later fuel his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Enter STAUNCH Traditional Outfitters – Eric’s brainchild and testament to his creative vision.

Inspired by a desire to redefine headwear, Eric infused the brand with his signature flair, incorporating

unconventional colors, textures, and designs. What started as a modest collection of personal hats soon blossomed into a full-fledged movement of trendy headwear and a full line of apparel.

The brand’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of remarkable. Armed with a handful of hats and boundless ambition, Eric hustled tirelessly, pitching his creations to retailers and seizing every opportunity that came his way. His relentless pursuit of success saw doors open, partnerships forged, and boundaries shattered.

However, Eric’s journey was not without its challenges. Faced with uncertainty and risk, he boldly decided to fully commit to his passion, leaving behind the comforts of a stable job and a familiar routine. With Taylor, his loving wife and partner by his side, he navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship, weathering storms and the inevitable knock-off copycats--they know who they are Eric jokes. But Eric understands it’s the nature of the beast. “When


you create something great, others will try and copy what you do, but copying is the greatest form of compliment”, says Eric.

In his truest form, Eric is no stranger to overcoming obstacles, and he does so with all the resilience, grace, and grit commonly exemplified by similar successful entrepreneurs.

Today, STAUNCH Traditional Outfitters stands as a testament to Eric’s firm dedication and creative genius. From its humble beginnings to its current status--a rising brand in men’s headware and apparel [Eric

also owns Naty's Menswear], STAUNCH clearly reflects Eric’s commitment to authenticity, style, and excellence.

When asked about his journey, Eric offers sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: stay true to yourself, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and hold-the-line when it comes to working towards your dreams. Afterall, we’ve all heard that old adage, in the face of adversity lies the actual test of character, and it is only through perseverance that greatness is achieved.

As Eric Quintanilla and the STAUNCH brand continue to inspire and innovate, his story serves as a reminder that with passion, determination, and resilience, anything is possible!

Eric Quintanilla stores include Staunch Traditional Outfitters and Naty Men's Boutique in New Braunfels, TX, and Taylor Quintanilla boutiques include Hux + Mila, located in the Staunch store. You can learn more about STAUNCH at www.staunchtradition.com

10 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
12 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
Farm to Market every Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | 186 S. Castell Ave., New Braunfels, TX – Rain or Shine!

LOCAL COUNTRY SINGER BRI BAGWELL Fast Tracking her way to the stars!

In the heart of Texas, where country music spirit runs deep and the stage is sacred ground, stands New Braunfels local, Bri Bagwell. Crowned as the Texas Female Artist of the Decade, Bri’s journey through the musical landscape has been nothing short of spectacular.

From her debut album “Banned from Santa Fe” in 2011 to her latest masterpiece “Corazón y Cabeza” in 2022, she has captivated audiences with her electrifying performances and groundbreaking artistry, cultivating a devoted following that spans far and wide and solidifying her music prowess as a force of nature in the Texas Country scene.

Hailing from the enchanting town of Las Cruces, NM, Bri’s musical odyssey began in the cozy confines of her childhood bedroom, where she penned heartfelt poems and tinkered with an old, weathered piano. Her passion for music only grew stronger as she found herself swept into the honky-tonk world, belting out tunes

with her twin brothers’ band at the tender age of 14. From there, her journey led her to the vibrant city of New Braunfels, TX, which she now calls home.

During her college years at the University of Texas in Austin, Bri stumbled upon a guitar, and the rest, as they say, is history. With a few chords under her belt and a burning desire to share her music with the world, she took to the stage with a newfound fervor, leaving her mark on the bustling music scene of Austin. Despite her initial foray into the corporate world postgraduation, Bri’s passion for music soon eclipsed all else, prompting her to take the leap of faith into a fulltime

music career where she would eventually master weaving her tender life experiences into every chord she strums and every lyric she sings.

Since then, Bri has soared to staggering heights, boasting nine #1 hits in Texas and garnering accolades such as Female Vocalist of the Year.

Her talent knows no bounds, drawing comparisons to luminaries like Ashley McBryde and Morgan Wade as she fearlessly explores the depths of her own musical soul in her latest album, “Corazón y Cabeza.”

Influenced by legends like Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert, and George Strait, Bri’s music is a rich tapestry woven from the threads of country’s finest.

Alongside her musical heroes, she has graced stages across the nation, sharing the spotlight with icons like Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, Gary Alan, Dwight Yoakum, Robert Earl Keen, and New Braunfels local Wade Bowen, carving her place among the genre’s greats.

With over 150 shows under her belt in consecutive years, Bri’s dedication to her craft is unwavering. Fresh off the heels of her latest release, she is already hard at work, crafting new melodies and planning tours that will take her to the corners of the country. For Bri, life on the road isn’t just a job –it’s a calling deeply ingrained in her soul.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned, because Bri Bagwell is a force-to-be-reckoned-with as a rising star in the mega universe of Texas Country music and as she gears up for another exhilarating chapter in her musical journey, one thing is certain - the best is yet to come!

Scan here for Bri's latest release and more on her show schedules, merch, and purchasing her music or visit www.bribagwell.com

16 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

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Ph: 210.570.2076 | Email: info@nblifestylemagazine.com

Guadalupe River, Hill Country, TX

Where Shopping excursions in New Braunfels & Gruene have become local Instagram-Worthy Experiences

18 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

New Braunfels & Gruene retail shops have flipped the narrative on traditional marketing techniques and have instead opted for transforming their boutiques into sweet social worthy destinations!

In today's digital media world, local shop owners have stepped up their game and commanded the social attention needed in order to make their spaces attractive to shoppers.

In addition to New Braunfels being touted as a destination for its scenic river beauty and rich german history; it's also becoming a haven for fashion-forward shoppers seeking more than just retail therapy.

With a surge of boutique owners recognizing the power of social media in shaping consumer experiences, a delightful trend is emerging: boutiques are transforming into immersive spaces, offering not only stylish finds but also picturesque backdrops perfect for Instagram snaps.

The streets of New Braunfels and Gruene are now adorned with boutiques that arent just your runof-the-mill brick and mortar spaces

Sara Howard, Barbelles Owner and pink enthusiast, has made it her mission to make her boutique spaces as inviting and photoworthy as possible. She luvs doing it and considers it an absolute labor of love!


Debbie Bare, Best Lil Bath Haus Owner, contracted Riverbank Art Studio to add that perfect pop of color to the entrance of her boutique. The results are nothing short of stunning!

but instead curated spaces that have been transformed and designed to capture the attention of their predominantly female clientele. From chic clothing boutiques to quaint accessory shops, proprietors are infusing creativity into every corner, ensuring that each visit is not just about purchasing but also about creating thoughtful experiences and capturing moments.

20 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
What sets these adorable boutiques apart is their dedication to crafting spaces that transcend the traditional shopping experience.

With an understanding of their customers' desire for aesthetically pleasing environments, these boutique owners are incorporating props and décor that are not just visually appealing but are also leaning into the cute social media vibe. Think flower walls, vintage furniture, whimsical installations, and vibrant murals—every corner is an invitation to strike a pose and snap an epic selfie.

Moreover, these boutiques are not just focusing on static displays; they're also curating interactive experiences that engage shoppers on a deeper level. From DIY workshops to themed photo booths, there's something for every visitor to explore and enjoy. It's not just about buying clothes or accessories; it's about stepping into a world where shopping becomes an adventure, and every moment is worthy of sharing.

In this age of digital connectivity, New Braunfels & Gruene boutiques are not just selling products; they're selling experiences. By embracing creativity and leveraging the power of social media, these boutique owners are not only attracting customers but also building communities around their brands. So the next time you're in New Braunfels, be sure to step into these Instagram-worthy boutiques for a shopping experience like no other!

Barbelles Boutique Best Lil Bath Haus Riverbank Art Studio

About our Shop!

CCB was created in 2019 and that's when owner, Haley, started her journey with the business as a side hustle to her full-time job. But after being blindsided and let go due to COVID, that's really when she was able to solely focus on Casa Creek and make it the local and online favorite it is today along with their thriving online presence.

Now a mother-daughter duo, Casa Creek continues to grow in New Braunfels, TX, and some might even say we are a hidden gem with a little something for everyone!

Here at CCB, we love fashion because we love it when our patrons look great and because fashion encourages women to feel confident in their own skin. Sometimes all you need is that perfect little number to make you feel like you can conquer the world!

We are so grateful to do what we love everyday and appreciate every single one of our customers!

Thank you for shopping small!


22 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
24 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine Best Lil Bath Haus Shop here! Best Lil Bath Haus | 1244 Gruene Rd. | New Brau nfels, TX 78130 830.302.7999
26 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
27 Pookie Jane's 1633 Hunter Rd., Ste. D Gruene Historic District 830.626.6446 Apparel | Jewelry | Handbags | Shoes | Baby | Pups
28 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

May 4, 2024

Join us for Saengerfest in the heart of Downtown New Braunfels! This free festival features live music, family activities, downtown shopping, and food vendors, plus sampling and sales of wine and craft beer!

Come join us at the Comal County Fair as a Volunteer, Shareholder or just to plain have fun. Enjoy classic fair attractions with carnival rides, fair food, the rodeo and much more. 04

JULY 4, 2024

The New Braunfels fireworks are fired over Landa Lake and are viewable throughout Landa Park, the Landa Park Golf Course at Comal Springs, and the Fredericksburg Baseball Fields.

SEPT 25 - SEPT 29, 2024

30 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

Gilded, in its simplistic de nition, means to coat something in gold, but the origin of our name goes much deeper than that.

Our name and culture is derived from this idiom because we wholeheartedly believe that every single person is beautifully made. Our services are here to enhance your beauty.

Bringing a high-end, white-glove salon culture and environment for our guests and team members is of the utmost importance and something we strive to cultivate every single day.

www.gildedhairsalon.com 255 W. Faust St. New Braunfels, TX 78130
32 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
204 W. San Antonio St., New Braunfels, TX 78130 830.629.7824 Red Stag

Fresh Olive Oil and Vinegar On Tap

The Gruene Olive Tasting Room is a beautiful shop located in historic Gruene, TX, offering fresh Olive Oil & Vinegar on tap, Gourmet Chocolates, Pastas, Pestos, Spices, Sauces, Servingware & so much more!

Perfect for adding that extra flair to your meals or for those special gifting ideas.

1641 Hunter Road

New Braunfels, TX 78130

(830) 627-9087


34 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

Non-invasive, effective & affordable full body aesthetic, wellness, and weight loss solutions.


Aesthetics + Wellness


Located in the heart of New Braunfels, Newman & Company Med Spa provides full body Wellness and Aesthetic treatments through an array of options for all your health and beauty needs.

From injectable treatments like Botox and Fillers, to cutting edge Weight Loss and Body Sculpting, Clinical Skin Care, Lash and Brow Services, and even Intimate Rejuvenation for both men and women, the Newman & Company staff is dedicated to consistently offering the highest quality service, care, and an indulgent experience. www.newmancmpy.com

Newman & Company 125 S. Elliott Knox Blvd. New Braunfels, TX 78130 830.620.8444 BOTOX $9/UNIT DYSPORT $3/UNIT REVANESSE VERSA FILLER

Luxurious Modern Country & Urban Restored Venues included in 2024 Bridal Trends

For the 2024 Modern Country Bride, the allure comes with the fusion of country warmth and urban sophistication—a tapestry woven with luxury, authenticity, and the spirit of elegant simplicity. Envision a celebration where rustic romance meets metropolitan chic, offering couples a unique canvas to paint their love story in hues of modernity and tradition. For deeper insight we list trending 2024 concepts that can take a bride's ideal wedding to a level that speaks volumes to her unique personalization and preferences.

Sustainable Splendor: In the countryside or within the heart of the city, sustainability reigns supreme, marrying luxury with eco-consciousness. Picture locally sourced blooms adorning industrial-chic spaces, ethically crafted decor blending with historic architecture, and farm-to-table cuisine served against the backdrop of urban greenery. Whether amidst the rustic allure of a countryside estate or within the reclaimed grandeur of an urban warehouse, sustainability sets the stage for a wedding that honors both the planet and the couple’s values.

38 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
Elegant rception space in the Pearl Brewery restored Emma Hotel, San Antonio, TX

Botanical Bliss & Industrial Elegance: The marriage of nature’s bounty and urban grandeur creates a symphony of beauty and grace. Picture verdant botanical installations cascading from exposed brick walls, lush greenery intertwining with wrought iron accents, and wildflower bouquets juxtaposed against polished concrete floors. For the bride enamored with the charm of both worlds, embrace the trend with botanical-inspired designs that seamlessly blend the organic with the industrial.

Couture Fusion: In the realm of bridal fashion, tradition meets innovation with couture creations that celebrate the union of country charm and urban flair. Picture lace gowns adorned with metallic accents and intricate beadwork, tailored suits juxtaposed with rugged leather accessories, and bohemian-inspired ensembles infused with modern sophistication. For the bride seeking a style as unique as her love story, consider mixing traditional elements with contemporary twists, such as pairing a vintage-inspired gown with urban-inspired accessories or opting for a custom-designed ensemble that reflects the fusion of both worlds.

Intimate Urban Retreats & Countryside Escapes: Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with intimate gatherings set against the backdrop of urban revitalization or the tranquility of the countryside. Picture exchanging vows in a historic urban courtyard adorned with twinkling lights and lush greenery or beneath the open sky of a secluded countryside meadow. The possibilities are as diverse as the couple’s imagination, from rooftop receptions overlooking the city skyline to barn weddings nestled amidst rolling hills.

Culinary Adventures & Farm-toTable Fusion: Celebrate the land’s flavors and the city’s vibrancy with culinary experiences that tantalize the senses and tell a story of local bounty and global influence. From urban rooftop gardens providing fresh herbs and produce for artisanal cocktails to farm-to-table feasts featuring locally sourced ingredients and international flavors, the dining experience becomes a journey of discovery and delight. Embrace the trend with personalized menus that showcase the best of both worlds, offering guests a culinary adventure that reflects the couple’s unique tastes and cultural heritage.

Digital Innovations in Historic Settings: In historic venues or urban

Recently wed, Allison & Vince in front of the Emma Hotel where they shared nuptials surrounded by family and friends.

warehouses reborn, technology seamlessly integrates with timeless elegance, offering couples innovative ways to share their love story with the world. From virtual reality wedding tours and interactive digital displays showcasing the venue’s history to live streaming ceremonies and personalized social media experiences, technology adds a touch of modernity to the romance of yesteryear. Embrace the trend with digital elements that enhance the guest experience while preserving the authenticity of the venue’s heritage.

Bespoke Entertainment: For the Modern Country Bride, entertainment becomes an art form, blending the countryside’s rustic charm with the city’s cosmopolitan allure. Live music echoes through historic halls, interactive art installations transforming industrial spaces, and surprise performances that captivate and enchant guests. Create unforgettable moments with bespoke entertainment experiences that celebrate the unique fusion of both worlds, from a jazz band serenading guests beneath the stars to a fire performance illuminating the urban night sky.

In the fusion of modern country and urban restored venues, love finds its perfect expression—a celebration that honors the past, embraces the present, and heralds a future filled with endless possibilities.

About the Emma Hotel: Nestled within the vibrant heart of San Antonio, Texas, the Emma Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and heritage. Once a historic brewery dating back to the late 19th century, this iconic landmark has been meticulously restored to its former glory, offering brides an unparalleled blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Photo credit for all images in this article go to Shy Laurel Photography. For more visit her website at: www. shylaurel.com

40 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
Simple yet elegant example of greenery display at the Emma Hotel
Pictured here: Allison holding a minimalistic elegant bouquet trending in 2024

Bridging Love Stories: Swanee Browning’s Transition from Teaching to Wedding Guide Entrepreneurship

Once upon a time, in the summer of 1990, beloved elementary school teacher and budding author, Swanee Browning, embarked on a new chapter that included continuing her career as an educator and making Texas her home along with her husband and three darlings. Little did she know that after retirement from teaching that life would unveil a whole new adventure filled with love, glamour, and fairy-tale dreams.

Swanee warmly reflects how her own wedding day, nestled in a quaint Baptist church in Tinnie, New Mexico, sparked a passion for all things bridal. Imagine the scene: magnolia leaves, red poinsettias, and bridesmaids adorned in flowing red chiffon and carrying white muffs, reminiscent of a scene from “White Christmas.” Swanee’s gown, a masterpiece of antique white charmeuse, evoked the romance of vintage cinema, blending the elegance of Vivien Leigh’s “Gone with the Wind” with the magic of Lily James’ “Cinderella.”

Fast-forward to January 2018. After much soul-searching and prayer, Swanee felt the call to bring her love for weddings to life in her community. Thus, the New Braunfels Wedding Guide idea was born, a rich resource filled with local charm and elegance in the bustling world of bridal bliss.

42 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine

As with most entrepreneurial journeys few are without their challenges. Despite facing a daunting battle with breast cancer in July of the same year, Swanee remained steadfast in her mission, finding strength in her faith and the unwavering support of her community. However, with determination and grace, the New Braunfels Wedding Guide was launched on September 1st, 2018, with the enchanting slogan, “Plan your Magical Day the Local Way.” Swanee’s vision was clear: to celebrate the unique talent of local vendors in the wedding industry and bring couples’ dreams to life in the picturesque Hill Country town of New Braunfels, TX and the surrounding area.

Through captivating blogs, styled shoot videos, and heartwarming Featured Bride stories, Swanee’s Guide has become a treasure trove of inspiration for bridesto-be. Each month, she delves into the love stories of local couples, their journeys, and their dreams, painting a vivid picture of romance and devotion.

For Swanee, the New Braunfels Wedding Guide is a true labor of love, a testament to her passion for championing local businesses and spreading joy in the hearts of brides-tobe. As she puts it, “Everyone should have this much fun at their work!”

But the true magic lies in her thriving directory of five-star vendors, carefully curated to fulfill every bridal desire. From florists to photographers, each artist plays a vital role in crafting unforgettable moments for couples. Swanee’s styled shoots not only showcase these amazing vendor talents, but they also provide invaluable marketing content, ensuring that the work of her vendors are celebrated far and wide.

In the end, Swanee’s journey from classroom academia to bridal bliss is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the beauty of chasing one’s dreams. With the New Braunfels Wedding Guide as her canvas, Swanee continues to weave enchanting tales of romance while fostering business relationships, many to this day, who have become some of her most cherished friendships.

The New Braunfels Wedding Guide is in its 3rd year of hosting the:

New Braunfels Bridal Jubilee!

This years' event will be hosted on Sunday, December 8th, 2024, in the Stelzenhaus Hall on the Wurstfest property.

SAVE THE DATE and make plans to attend!

You can learn more about Swanee, the New Braunfels Wedding Guide, and the Bridal Jubilee on her website at www.nbweddingguide.com

44 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
45 Guadalupe River, Hill Country, TX Interested in having your engagement and/or bridal pics featured in the magazine? Contact us today to learn more on how to showcase your special day in our magazine! Ph: 210.570.2076 Email: info@nblifestylemagazine.com





46 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
Photography provided by: Brandi Morgan Photography





Photography provided by: Sage & Honey Photography
48 New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine complete digital guide to everything new braunfels and gruene, tx
below or visit: www.nblifestylemagazine.com
Making Luxury An Affordable Option JLP Builders 1423 N. Walnut Ave., Suite 104 New Braunfels, TX 78130 830.200.0305
CASA DECOR Home Furnishings 651 N. IH 35, Suite 840 New Braunfels, TX 78130 830.837.5777 SCAN TO SHOP HERE!
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