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ABOUT THE COVER Newberry College welcomes the Scherrens family The Inauguration of Dr. Maurice William Scherrens took place on Friday, April 12, 2013. Dr. Scherrens was accompanied on inauguration day by his wife Dr. Sandra Scherrens and son, Dylan. Please see page 5 of this magazine for an in-depth Q&A interview with the new first family.

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In Memoriam: We would like to express our sympathy to the family and friends of the Newberry College almuni, former faculty, and former staff listed on page 33. If you know of those we have not recorded, or if you hear of others, please notify the Alumni Relations Office. If possible, please provide a copy of the obituary or funeral bulletin for our records. Send all information to alumni.relations@newberry.edu

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Every day we I hope as you read the pages of Dimensions you are impressed with the energy strive to ensure that and excitement that is pervasive across the campus. There is “something special” happening at Newberry College. our students and their families reap Dear Friends, the greatest possible We have completed a very successful year and we are positioned to reach even greater heights in the benefit (and return) coming years. We graduated over 210 students this past year and our students continue to find either from the investment employment in their chosen field or acceptance into a graduate field of advanced study. Student satisfaction continues to increase and our student retention rates are now at an all-time high. they have made. We are excited about our incoming class of freshmen and transfers, and we are proud of our continuWe are a true game ing students. This past year our student athletes accumulated more Capital One Academic All-District changer in the lives honors than any other public or private college or university in the state of South Carolina. Across the we continue to see our students engage in a broad array of co-curricular activities in addition to of so many students, campus their commitment to learning in the classroom. and by encouraging Our strength is in our faculty and they are committed to providing each student with an extraordinary and facilitating learning experience in a caring and inspiring environment. Our faculty are experts in their respective continuous student fields, and their teaching is aimed at the cultivation of thoughtful belief and wisdom. Combining dedicated faculty with small classes translates into highly prepared students ready for a challenging engagement we and competitive post-graduate environment. This personal attention is what makes Newberry College prove our value every special. day. These are exciting times at Newberry College. Facility improvements include: adding a JAVA CITY to

– Dr. Maurice Scherrens President

Kaufmann Hall to provide another new campus dining option; improving the entrance and lobby of Brokaw Hall; enhancing the entrance to Kaufmann Hall and making interior improvements to Wessels Library and several of our classrooms. We are blessed to share these moments together. THIS IS YOUR COLLEGE. There is no better place to be! Join us. Visit often and catch the fever. Stay healthy and take care!



This tuition promise will guarantee affordability and predictability for students and their families, making a quality education at Newberry College more accessible.

– Hap Pearce Chairman of the Board of Trustees


The Newberry College Board of Trustees has approved a tuition promise that will ensure affordability for current and future students. This promise freezes current tuition rates for the 2013 freshman class and currently enrolled students. Students will not see an increase in tuition for the four consecutive years they attend the College, or the remainder of their undergraduate career. Incoming transfer students will also receive a similar guarantee. This newly unveiled plan is an institutional promise to protect continuing and new students from further tuition increases while pursuing an undergraduate degree. “We understand the pressures involved in pursuing a college education and want to minimize the financial challenges as much as possible,” said Newberry College President, Maurice Scherrens. “By removing the obstacle of uncertainty about the price of attending college we hope the students can focus their attention on achieving the best possible college education.” The Board of Trustees vote keeps tuition at $22,050 for the 2013-2014 academic year. Although the tuition promise does not include price increases for room, board and possible student fees, BOT Chairman Hap Pearce commented that “the Board of Trustees has agreed unanimously to take any actions necessary to keep these increases to a minimum.” Each year, approximately 96% of all Newberry undergraduate students receive institutional aid in the form of academic, departmental, leadership, service, athletic and other merit based scholarships, as well as need based grants, totaling approximately $12 million.

2013 Summer/Fall Tour

Meet our new President

Hosted by Dr. Maurice W. Scherrens President of Newberry College

Alumni, Friends, Students, Parents and Prospective Families are invited to meet our new President for a town hall discussion that will provide you with updated information about the bold, exciting plan for the future of Newberry College. Join us for this fun time to reunite with old friends and meet new friends!

Please RSVP to (803) 321-5147 or call for more information.

CHOOSE YOUR 2013 SUMMER/FALL TOUR LOCATION. ALL EVENT TIMES ARE FROM 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM Upcoming Tour Dates August √ 08/6 √ 08/8 √ 08/20 √ 08/21 √ 08/27 √ 08/28 √ 08/29

St. Luke Lutheran Church, Florence, SC Immanuel Lutheran Church, Greenwood, SC Grace Lutheran Church, Rock Hill, SC “Young Alumni Event,” Columbia Conference Center, Irmo, SC St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Savannah, GA St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Jacksonville, FL Apostles Lutheran Church, Brandon, FL

September 09/10 09/12 09/17 09/19 09/24

Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Church, Murrells Inlet/Garden City, SC Christ the Lord Lutheran Church, Lawrenceville, GA St. Luke Lutheran Church, Summerville, SC Orangeburg Lutheran Church, Orangeburg, SC Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Atlanta, GA

Completed Tour Dates √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

03/14 03/21 05/07 05/09 05/14 05/16 05/21 05/23 05/28 05/30 06/04 06/11 06/13 06/25 06/27

Lord of Life Lutheran Church Private Residence St. Paul’s Lutheran Church St. John’s Lutheran Church Incarnation Lutheran Church Mt. Horeb Lutheran Church Redeemer Lutheran Church Trinity Lutheran Church Resurrection Lutheran Church Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church Mt. Pleasant Pier Heritage at Lowman Firehouse Conference Center Pilgrim Lutheran Church One Wells Fargo Center

Fairfax, VA Lexington, SC Columbia, SC Spartanburg, SC Columbia, SC Chapin, SC Newberry, SC Greenville, SC Augusta, GA West Columbia, SC Mt. Pleasant, SC White Rock, SC Newberry, SC Lexington, SC Charlotte, NC

Cover Story


There’s no other place we’d rather be than Newberry College.

– Dr. Maurice Scherrens President

Pictured above, Dr. Sandra Scherrens and Dr. Maurice Scherrens enjoyed meeting alumni and friends of the College during the Inauguration day activities.

After Newberry College inaugurated its 22nd president, Dr. Maurice W. Scherrens this past April, Morrie and his wife Sandy, sat down with Dimensions editors and talked about Newberry College, its future as a liberal art’s college and why they are both excited to be the new first family. Meet the President Dimensions Editor: Tell us about your family. Maurice Scherrens: Sandy and I were married in April 2009. We have four children: Jessie, a school psychologist living in North Carolina with three children; Genny, an events management coordinator living in Virginia with one child; Philip, a program manager of an eldercare facility in San Francisco and Dylan who is attending Newberry Academy as a sophomore. Dylan enjoys basketball, baseball and golf. We were both raised in small mid-western towns in Ohio and Michigan. After receiving her master’s degree from Ohio State, Sandy moved to the San Francisco bay area and worked at several institutions before coming back east to be the Vice President of Student Affairs at George Mason university where I’ve spent the last nine years. After serving in the military, I spent the next thirty years living in Virginia and working at George Mason. Dimensions Editor: What made you both want to come to Newberry College? Maurice Scherrens: We both believe in the strength of a small liberal arts education. We knew what interested us most about a small, liberal arts college education and we saw in Newberry College the potential to build excellence. We felt the commitment and the passion and we believed we could make a difference in the journey. We both had enjoyed very fulfilling careers at George Mason University helping the school achieve growth, enrollment and national reputation, but that feeling of making a difference lessened the larger the university became. We had the good fortune of working for a president at George Mason who shared our vision and when he announced his retirement we felt ready and were eager to pursue our dream of leading a small liberal arts school. It became quite clear after meeting with the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and students at Newberry College that this was the school we were looking for.

Dimensions Editor: What has been the biggest adjustment coming from George Mason to Newberry? Maurice Scherrens: The biggest adjustments are size, the importance of team chemistry, and the immediacy of impact in decision making. At a college the size of Newberry, where resources are limited, there is a small margin for error. Larger institutions like George Mason, can more easily withstand actions that do not produce the predicted results. At a small college like Newberry, it is critical that there is a shared vision with pride of ownership. At a small college you discover much more quickly the secondary and tertiary impacts of changes made. It puts a premium on listening and having the ability to make necessary revisions and adjustments to better meet the needs of the college. On a lighter note, I have discovered that whether it’s winning or losing an athletic contest, or good or bad news about really any issues related to the college, it becomes personal. In one year Newberry College has become our home, our family.

Newberry College students and faculty in procession to the inauguration ceremony on a beautiful spring day.

Meet the First Lady Dimensions Editor: Sandy, what can you tell us about your involvement and plans? Sandy Scherrens: I am so thankful that I am finally here and I want to be involved in as much as I can. I see my role as: Fundraiser – accompanying Morrie on the tour events, hosting donors, attending events to build relationships and raise the profile of the college. Community Engagement – being the daughter of a minister and spending a career in student affairs - I know the importance of building relationships. I know the personal fulfillment it brings and the value relationship building has in our role as the president’s family as we work to strengthen the profile and advance the college. We have met so many wonderful people in this first year who care Newberry College honored guests and speakers during the so deeply about Newberry College. It is truly exciting and motivating inauguration ceremony. to have such positive energy surrounding us! Day to day work of the college – because of my background in student affairs I have been able to assist various departments with a variety of projects. This year I’ve been helping out in Advancement with publications and enrollment management exploring new outreach efforts. Dimensions Editor: How has your son adjusted to Newberry? Sandy Scherrens: For those of you who have met Dylan you know that he is Newberry’s number one fan! He is a sophomore at Newberry Academy. Dylan’s love is sports – in particular he is an avid golfer, basketball and baseball player. Dylan loves being in a small town and school where he knows everybody. Where else but Newberry College could he make the rounds at football tailgates and be welcomed with open arms! Since Morrie and I grew up in small The Scherrens’ family enjoying the homecoming parade, with Mrs. Midwest towns we are glad we can offer him the same joys and Peggie West driving. security of small-town living.

Campus History


Newberry College has a rich history in vocal and instrumental performance dating back over 100 years. With revitalized visions for both areas of study, the college is poised for great, continued progress and outstanding achievement.

The first reference of campus organized vocal presentations actually dates back to 1833. Though Newberry College was charted in 1856, its founding school, the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, has historical records which state, “On Saturday evening there shall be exercises in singing, at least for one hour; all students are required to attend them for improvement in singing, unless, in the opinion of the professors, they should be destitute of all musical talent.” The first time a musical ensemble is referenced in college archives is in a memorial publication following college president George Holland’s funeral in 1895, which stated, “The service was in the College Chapel (which was in Keller Hall)…there was appropriate music by the College Choir; the service was solemn and impressive.” In 1904, an instrumental gift enabled the school to expand beyond choral studies. The student publication, The Stylus, wrote, Original group of Newberry College Singers 1932

“Newberry ought to provide opportunities for general musical culture. Consequently we have recently been provided with highgrade instruments from the warehouse rooms of the Cable Piano Company…Little impromptu concerts are frequently given in Holland Hall by means of these remarkable instruments.” Much progress was made in the school’s vision and ability to develop ensembles in the early 1900’s. In 1905, the Orchestra, the first formal musical group, was established. Additionally, a 25-member Glee Club performed at the Newberry Opera House under the direction of the college’s baseball coach. In 1907 the Glee Club was formally organized under the direction of science professor Dr. Roy Z. Thomas. Recurring music courses began being offered during the 1926 academic year when Summerland College, a Lutheran Women’s College in Batesburg, South Carolina, began a merger process with Newberry College. The 1926-27 Newberry catalog listed 19 musical courses and two music faculty. When the merger was completed in the early 30’s, the college began offering its first major in music as Dr. Paul Ensrud, renowned Norwegian Lutheran composer, author and former Professor of Music at Concordia, was brought to Newberry. He quickly set a high standard of excellence in vocal performance and led the choir to receive regional high praise. Also in the 1930’s the school’s orchestra, known in the town and surrounding counties for playing outdoor concerts, had picked-up on the cultural momentum that jazz and big band styles of music

had gained nation-wide. In 1938, the College “N” Orchestra’s jazz and big band styles garnered critical acclaim in Metronome, a New York-based modern music magazine. During the WWII years, particularly from 1943-1945, many of Newberry’s jazz big band instrumentalists were servicemen in the legendary V-12 Naval Trainee program. More than 800 servicemen spent some time on campus in various tenures of study. Among these were outstanding musicians who would later be celebrated for more than their love for making music. One such individual was Harold Thomas Pace Hayes, editor of Esquire magazine 1963 to 1973. Considered by many as the main architect of the New Journalism movement, Hayes was a great trombonist who continued his love for jazz and playing the trombone beyond his time at Newberry. It was in 1956 that a major turning point in the school’s musical history took place. A 1950 alumnus and highly respected United States National Guard band leader, Charles “Chief” Pruitt, left teaching band in the public secondary school sector to return to his alma mater to formally organize and direct the college’s jazz, marching, and concert bands. The Newberry College marching band, which has been in existence since that time, is now one of the most unique aspects of Newberry College’s music program. Newberry is one of the smallest colleges in the country with a marching band program, and it is the only Lutheran college in the country with such. Also in 1956 Pruitt established an annual jazz festival at Newberry College which is considered to be the second oldest jazz festival in the nation. Every year regional high school bands come for jazz workshops featuring well-known professional jazz musicians. (Continued on next page)

V-12 Navy Band

Newberry College Singers late 1960’s

Jazz Band, 1969 Big Band 1963

(Continued from previous page)

“Chief” Pruitt directed Newberry College’s bands for 32 years before retiring in 1989. Finding his faculty replacement was not an easy task. However, in 1992 a native Midwesterner from the Black Hills of South Dakota with a great reputation like Pruitt for recruiting and teaching in public schools, was found. Bill Long saw the opportunity at Newberry to take his passion and skills to a higher, even more challenging level of leadership. His oversight immediately began to reinvigorate the deeply rooted legacy of instrumental performance at the college. For the next 21 years Professor Long would not only rebuild the college’s band programs significantly, but continue the reputation of recruiting and developing exceptional jazz/big band talent. Such was proudly proven when renowned master saxophonist, Skipp Pearson, who has worked with many legendary jazz musicians was asked to put together a jazz ensemble to play for “The Grits and Granite Inaugural Ball;” South Carolina and New Hampshire’s Presidential Ball in January 2009. One of the first places Pearson traveled to select talent for this prestigious honor was Newberry College. He selected two musicians; trumpeter Robbie Madison and pianist Shannon Pickney. These two young men would not only join the rest of Pearson’s professionals for that D.C. gala, but both students’ performances made such an impression there that each was invited to display their instrumental talent weeks later in New York’s Lincoln Center. For more than half a century, Pruitt and Long, two iconic musicians held the reigns of the Newberry College bands while directing the only marching band at a Lutheran college in the U.S. Both leave behind a legacy that will echo through the future classes of music students. Vocal and instrumental music at Newberry College have long been important parts of the school’s culture and solid reputation. Newberry now hosts over 50 musical performances on campus every school year in addition to regional tours for the Singers and the Jazz Big Band. The Department of Music now offers majors in music with an emphasis in either Church Music or Music Theory, Musical Performance, and Musical Education. In addition, minors in music, jazz studies, and church music are also offered. The department has eight full-time and ten part-time faculty members. It is our pleasure to officially announce the appointment of two new Band Directors for Newberry College starting this Fall: Dr. Arthur Haecker, Director of Bands (Interim), and Dr. John Roberts, Assistant Director of Bands.

Bill Long Retirement and Tribute In the spring of 2013, Professor Long announced his retirement as the Director of Bands. To celebrate his college achievements, Long was granted the title Professor Emeritus at Commencement and received a standing ovation from his peers and all in attendance. Many students enjoyed working and learning under the direction of Long and will miss the life he brought into the music building.

Every day he encouraged, inspired and taught me. He served as a role model and mentor to all. All of his students were important to him as he was important to us. He’s a magnificent, one-of-a-kind man and is the most passionate musician I know.

– Alisa Dunovant Newberry College Student

Campus News

DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC UPDATES Victor Vallo Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Music Chair, Department of Music victor.vallo@newberry.edu (803) 321-5176 Bachelor of Music in Music Education with Performance Honors (Trumpet) from Syracuse University Master of Music from George Washington University in Music History Ph.D. in Music Education with an emphasis in Conducting from the University of Florida.

Newberry College welcomes Dr. Victor Vallo as the new Chair of the Music Department. Dr. Vallo will continue in Dr. Sally Cherrington Beggs legacy of progress and outstanding achievement. Since arriving at Newberry College in August 2012, I constantly enjoy working with the faculty and staff as well as starting and facilitating new initiatives to aid in the growth and development of the department. Through teamwork with the faculty and staff, we: 1) Developed a “Friends of Music” society 2) Created two new ensembles: Newberry College Chamber Orchestra (Spring 2013) and the Newberry College Wind Symphony (Fall 2013) 3) Established plans for Newberry College to become an All-Steinway School 4) Created the Assistant Director of Bands position (Fall 2013) 5) Purchased modern desk-tables for the AMC music classrooms 6) Purchased new posture enhancing Choir Chairs for the choral room 7) Established plans to upgrade the acoustics of the AMC Recital Hall 8) Purchased a state-of-the-art SMART Board for the Music Building and upgraded the computer software in the Music Tech lab with Finale 2012 9) Established plans for a Master of Music Education program and a Music Business minor It has been and continues to be exciting for my wife and I to be a part of such an incredible place to live and work at Newberry College. When you’re back in town, please come by and say hello!

Dr. Sally Cherrington Beggs Memorial Music Award The Music Department and the Cherrington Beggs family are pleased to announce the establishment of the Dr. Sally Cherrington Beggs Memorial Music Award to honor the memory of “Dr. Sally” who lost her three-year battle with a rare sinus-brain cancer in March 2012. During the last 12 years of her life, Dr. Sally served Newberrry College as the Chair of the Music Department and College Organist. Dr. Sally represented Newberry College nationally as a recitalist and workshop clinician. Her deepest passion was the integration of music into the worship of the Church. The award is intended to honor her memory and to promote the cultivation of promising organists/musicians who are dedicated to using their talents to enrich the worship life of the Church. For more information about this award please contact, Dr. Victor Vallo.

Campus News

CREATIVE ENDEAVORS Please join us this fall as Newberry College is filled with the soothing melodies of the College’s jazz band and spectacular live performances.

NEWBERRY STUDENTS AND FACULTY LET THEIR TALENTS SHINE! Date 9/29/2013 10/10/2013 10/11/2013 10/12/2013 10/12/2013 10/22/2013 10/28/2013 10/29/2013 11/4/2013 11/6/2013 - 11/10/2013 11/18/2013 11/25/2013

Time 2:30 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 PM 11:30 AM 1:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM ALL DAY 8:00 PM 8:00 PM

1/26/2014 1/28/2014

8:00 PM 8:00 PM


8:00 PM

Event Jazz on the Lawn Wind Symphony Concert Jazz Combo Performance Homecoming Choir Concert Marching Band Performance Jazz Big Band Concert NC Composers’ Series Concert Jazz Combo Concert Brass and Percussion Concert NC Choirs Fall Tour Woodwinds and Strings Concert Holiday Concert - NC Choirs & Wind Symphony Jazz Gala Saxophone and Percussion Faculty Recital Wind Symphony Concert

Location AMC Lawn Wiles Chapel Outside Kaufmann Hall Wiles Chapel At the Fountain AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 TBA AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 Wiles Chapel AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 AMC Recital Hall - Room 101 Wiles Chapel

Newberry College Theatre Program Highlights South Carolina Speech and Theatre Association State College Festival Competition Awards The outstanding work of Newberry College students was recognized with the following awards: Prose Interpretation: 1st place – Amanda Williams 2nd place – Albert Padilla 3rd place – Stephanie Strickland Poetry Interpretation: 2nd place – Kenny Robinson 3rd place – Davida Goodwin Theatrical Design: 3rd place – Albert Padilla Informative Speaking: 3rd place – Stephanie Strickland

Make Plans to Attend Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Theatre Productions DURANG, DURANG (Fall Production) Auditions: Monday, August 26 – 6 pm -9 pm, Wiles Chapel Theatre Tuesday, August 27 – 6 pm -9 pm, Wiles Chapel Theatre Performances: Thursday, October 24 – 8 pm curtain, Wiles Chapel Theatre Friday, October 25 – 8 pm curtain, Wiles Chapel Theatre Saturday, October 26 – 8 pm curtain, Wiles Chapel Theatre OUR TOWN (Spring Production) Auditions: Monday, November 4 – 6pm - 9 pm, Wiles Chapel Theatre Tuesday, November 5 – 6pm - 9 pm, Wiles Chapel Theatre Performances: Friday, March 21 – 8 pm curtain, Wiles Chapel Theatre Saturday, March 22 – 8 pm curtain, Wiles Chapel Theatre Thursday, April 3 – 8 pm curtain, Newberry Opera House Friday, April 4 – 3 pm curtain, Newberry Opera House Friday, April 4 – 8 pm curtain, Newberry Opera House Saturday, April 5 – 3 pm curtain, Newberry Opera House

Upcoming Association & Conference Events South Carolina Theatre Association Convention November 15-17, 2013 Charleston County School of the Arts ~ Charleston, SC South Carolina Speech and Theatre Association College Festival Competition Saturday, February 1, 2014 9 am – 5 pm ~ Newberry College Campus Southeastern Theatre Conference (65th Annual Convention) March 5-9, 2014 ~ Mobile, AL Newberry College Improv Players Performance Wednesday, April 23, 2014 7 pm ~ Wiles Chapel Theatre

Newberry College Professors Publish Novels John Carenen - Assistant Professor of English M.F. A., University of Iowa

Warren Moore - Associate Professor of English Ph.D., Ball State University

John Carenen recently published a novel, Signs of Struggle. The plot focuses around the protagonist, Thomas O’Shea, who is devasted after the loss of his family in a tragic accident. Attempting to find solace in the low-lands of Iowa, he instead stumbles across a conspiracy to sell millions of dollars worth of prime farmland. Signs of Struggle can be found at several online booksellers in e-reader form and in paperback at the Newberry College Bookstore and Amazon.com. Professor Carenen has already received a request from his publisher for a sequel to the novel.

Warren Moore’s first novel, Broken Glass Waltzes, was published this Spring by Baltimore-based Snubnose Press. The crime novel, set in the late 1980s in Cincinnati, follows the twists and turns of a rock drummer’s life after he takes the wrong girl home one night. It’s a story of lust, violence, and madness with a heavy metal beat. Reviewers have praised it for its characterization, suspense, and intensity. Broken Glass Waltzes can be found at several online booksellers in e-reader form and in paperback at the Newberry College Bookstore and Amazon.com.

Campus News

MEET OUR FACULTY Our strength is our faculty who are committed to providing each student with an extraordinary learning experience in a caring and inspiring environment. ally had to lecture a few times to the Physicians Assistant students. I enjoyed it so much that I acquired a part-time teaching position at Augusta State University while finishing my doctorate and eventually decided to pursue a full-time teaching position following completion of graduate school.

Bret Clark p Professor of Biology, Ph.D., Medical College of Georgia I was always interested in a career in the medical profession, but ultimately decided on biomedical research. I enrolled in a graduate program in microbiology at Georgia Health Sciences University (formerly Medical College of Georgia) with a goal of becoming a research scientist. While there I was required to serve as a teaching assistant for several courses and I actu-

The study of biology, and more importantly the study of genetics, is a pinnacle platform for assisting mankind as we advance forward. So much of what we do in the future will depend on the genetic make-up of organisms. In the coming years, analysis of the genes of various organisms will play a critical role in various aspects of human life, from cultivating crops, to raising animals for food, to preventing and treating diseases.

Allyss Haecker p Asst. Professor of Music, Director of Vocal Studies D.M.A. University of Iowa Teaching music is like tasting something delicious and then getting to share a bite with others. I am inspired by the opportunity to help students overcome fear or insecurity to discover their potential. I hope to provide the tools, or perhaps just ask the right questions, to facilitate musical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Music study encourages imagination and interpretation, the ability to perceive and conceive that which has not been produced. Through the use of spatial intelligence, or visualizing with the mind’s eye, musicians can form a mental sound image from symbols and can slowly create a masterpiece inspired through that process. Music students are consistently engaged

in teamwork and self-discipline. Musical performance allows a single talent to contribute to the whole. Additionally, the study of music develops an understanding of the benefits of sustained effort for concrete rewards. My students will learn craftsmanship and attention to detail, both of which are essential to the process of music-making and will result in a quality performance. Finally, pursuing the study of music allows students to experience other cultures, belief systems, and means of selfexpression. A musician’s ability to empathize and communicate with other human beings may, in the end, be the greatest benefit of musical study.

Sara Peters q Asst. Professor of Psychology Ph.D, Candidate University of South Carolina My interest in teaching psychology began early in my graduate school career as I discovered a passion for instructing others after spending time with students. As a teacher, I’m able to introduce students into the study of multiple areas of psychology that can turn into rewarding careers in school districts, clinical systems, experimental and applied psychology programs. Whether a student chooses to pursue a career in psychology, business, nursing, or another field, the study of psychology aids everyone by focusing on the relation between an individual’s thoughts and actions. Understanding this relationship can help students understand their own thought processes and emotions better, as well as help them deal with clients in their chosen career by understanding the different causes of behavior and how to best approach a viable and

Renée Stubbs u Associate Professor of Mathematics M. Ed., Converse College

Steven Schweizer p Professor of Political Science and Pre-law Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia When I look back at my early life experiences, my family was very politically active and every evening we would discuss the issues of the day over dinner. I was involved in party politics in the 1960s and the civil rights issues later in the decade. As for teaching, I discovered this talent while tutoring in high school. Since then I have committed myself to providing students with the education that will help them make sense of the world around them, give them the opportunity to develop a view of politics, and develop the skills they need to pursue further education or a meaningful vocation. To me, the study of politics provides us with the opportunity to connect the three realms of knowledge: human, divine, and natural worlds. It is ultimately an intellectually satisfying major that helps make sense of our world and our place in it. In political classes, we discuss everything from God to nuclear physics; from music to economics.

When I was in high school, I was inspired by one of my mathematics teachers. This teacher had a way of helping students understand the importance of mathematics in real life. He also exhibited an infectious enthusiasm for teaching, a caring attitude for his students, and a peculiar desire to always have the desks in perfect rows. During those years, I realized I had a knack for tutoring others who were struggling with math.

allows for exciting experiences as new gadgets and various mediums of computer software are integrated into the classroom. These helpful tools make learning mathematics more enjoyable and can in turn make challenging formulas and equations less problematic to current and future students. The twenty-first century workplace will require a workforce that is able to use and adapt to new technologies while tackling real-world issues. Because of this need, the teaching field must be able to prepare students for challenging vocations that currently exist and even those that have yet to be created.

I have been involved in education for over 36 years and have greatly enjoyed the time invested as I share my love and enthusiasm for the importance of mathematics with future generations. Teaching college mathematics in the twenty-first century

2013 SCICU Excellence in Teaching Award Charles Horn - Professor of Biology Dr. Charles “Charlie” Horn, received the 2013 SCICU Excellence in Teaching Award which includes a Professional Development Grant in the amount of $3,000. As his department chair, Dr. Christina McCartha, points out, “Charlie’s passion for the environment and love of botany has led to a proposal for an environmental studies concentration within the biology major. He passes his enthusiasm on to his students in the classroom in a student-centered learning environment.” Dr. Horn frequently takes his students on field trips to experience the outdoors. He is an active botany researcher as evidenced by his supervision of 20 student researchers and publication of 40 scientific articles and has been the recipient of 15 grant awards. Dr.Horn serves as Director of the Summerland Honors Program, program coordinator for biology and environmental sciences, and curator of the third largest herbarium in the state.

Campus News

STUDENT KUDOS & ACCOLADES Prestigious Award Given

New Miss Newberry College Crowned

Kaleigh Margita, a chemistry major and rising senior participated in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) through The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network during the summer of 2012. She will complete an international REU in Gardanne, France during the summer of 2013.

Ariel Fox, of Batesburg, SC, was crowned Miss Newberry College February 9 at the annual Miss Newberry College pageant held at the Newberry Opera House. Fox, a senior business administration major and communications minor, is a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Other winners include Miss Freshman, Ashlyn Bowers; Miss Sophomore, Micaela Campbell; Miss Junior, Alexandrea Cromer and Miss Senior and overall talent winner, Juliana Morris. Fox was the first Miss Newberry College to represent the college in the Miss South Carolina Pageant, which was held in Columbia, SC.

Bachman Honor Society Inductees Each year during its spring convocation Newberry College inducts new members from the top 10 percent of the senior class into the Bachman Honors Society. The society is named for the Rev. John Bachman. D.D. Bachman was a churchman and scholar, as well as the main guiding force in the founding of Newberry College. During the ceremony, 15 students were inducted.

Front row from the left, Jessie Baldwin, Meagan Baytes, Lisa Brandl, Rebecca Shaffer, Jessie Swain and Kristen Smith. Back row from the left, Faith Carnes, Victoria Goodwin, Jeremy Keen, Dixie Timms, Andrew Wigger, Andrew Vogel, Richard Stevenson and Mario Rojas. Not pictured is Jennifer Poole.

New SGA Student Body President Rachel Williams, a senior from Barnwell, SC, was elected as the 2013-2014 SGA Student Body President. Williams has been accepted to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. MISTERs of Spring, 2013 Semester: Thaddeus Adams, Thomas Cayruth, Stankevious Davis, Willie Glover, Justin Goldsmith, Michael Hopkins, Carlton Kinard, Raheem McKinney, Desmond Mealing, Timothy Owens, Forrest Parker, Dakota Priester, Darius Starks, Devohnte Thompson and Shaquille Young.


Kappa Delta Philanthropy The Newberry College Delta Mu chapter of Kappa Delta hosted its annual Shamrock Week and raised over $2800 for its national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America, and its local philanthropy, The Boys Farm of Newberry. Kappa Delta hosted its first “KAY-so-DEE-ya Dinner” to raise money for this cause.

Call Me MISTER is a nationally-acclaimed recruitment and support program designed to increase the number of elementary school teachers from diverse backgrounds. Each MISTER receives extensive mentoring, scholarship support and various internship experiences to prepare him to become an effective elementary school teacher. The Newberry College cohort consists of 16 dynamic young men who possess an unwavering passion for educating young students. This program is unique because it addresses the shortage of male teachers, especially minority males, in elementary school classrooms.

New Scholarships for First Place Medalists in Annual South Carolina Science Olympiad Competition In 2013 Newberry College began awarding scholarships to South Carolina Science Olympiad event winners. The winning students in each of the 20 different events at this year’s high school competition received $2000 scholarships to Newberry College. These awards are cumulative from year to year, up to a maximum award of $10,000. Fifteen middle schools and fifteen high schools from around the state were represented at the 29th annual South Carolina Science Olympiad competitions held on the Newberry College campus this past spring. The middle school competition (Division B) was held on Saturday, February 23, while the high school competition (Division C) was held on Saturday March 16. The winning schools in each Division went on to represent South Carolina at the National Science Olympiad competition held May 17 and 18 in Dayton, OH. Newberry College has been the proud host of the South Carolina Science Olympiad since its inception. Bret Clark, Professor of Biology, is in his 16th year of service as Director of the South Carolina Science Olympiad. The program remains the single most significant community service program in the Newberry College Department of Science and Mathematics.

Graduation Spring 2013 The Spring Commencement of Newberry College’s graduating class was held Saturday, May 4. The commencement address was delivered to 156 students by keynote speaker, Dr. William J. Hilton Jr. Dr. Hilton graduated from Newberry College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy in 1970. He then earned a Master of Arts in teaching from Winthrop University and a Master of Science in ecology and behavioral biology from the University of Minnesota. At Commencement ceremonies he was presented with an Honorary Doctorate of Sciences degree. Dr. Hilton was instrumental in establishing the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics in Hartsville. In 2008, Discover magazine cited him as one of the “50 Best Brains in Science” and one of the top ten amateur scientists in America. During the ceremony, Bill Long was awarded Emeritus rank of Music and Director of Bands. Long began teaching at Newberry College in 1992.

Campus News


It is exciting to see so many of our studentathletes excel in the classroom and have success in their respective sports. Our students are also prepared to be good citizens, leaders and contributors in their communities after graduation.

The College Sports Information Directors of America recognizes numerous Newberry College student-athletes for their exceptional performances, both on the field and in the classroom.

For the second consecutive year, Newberry College has claimed the most CoSIDA/Capital One Academic All-District distinctions of any school in South Carolina. The Wolves had twelve student-athletes earn the honor in 2012-13 marking the most in school history. To qualify for CoSIDA/Capital One honors, a student athlete must have a grade point average, GPA, of 3.3 or higher, be a sophomore in academic and athletic standings and be a starter or significant reserve. Newberry’s twelve student-athletes honored this past year represent seven sports, with wrestling and lacrosse earning their first ever recognition from CoSIDA/Capital One. As a whole, the Newberry athletic department improved its presence on the South Atlantic Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll to eighty-four student-athletes this past year from seventy-five a year before. In addition, twenty-two student-athletes also met the requirements for inclusion on the SAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll in Newberry’s three sports not sponsored by the SAC. Newberry also saw an increase of eighteen student-athletes from a year ago earn recognition from the Division II Athletic Directors Association. Newberry had forty-six student-athletes earn Division II ADA Academic Achievement honors in the 2012-2013 school year, representing twelve sports and featuring two multi-sport letter winners.

– Matt Finley Athletic Director Football’s Lequawn James earned Academic All-District honors for the third time in his career,

while baseball’s Andy Vogel, women’s golfer Julia Daneshfar and cross country runner Hannah Rohrer earned their second Academic All-District honors. By earning All-District designation, student-athletes advance to the All-America ballot. In 2012-13, Newberry saw four student-athletes earn CoSIDA/Capital One Academic All-America honors.

the first Newberry wrestler to ever earn first team All-Academic honors and sported the highest GPA on the All-Academic first team. Earning second team honors for the Wolves was Jared Holliday and Travis Sheehy.

Off the softball diamond, two Wolves were recognized

for academic success: Kaylyn Camacho earned CoSIDA/ Capital One Academic All-District honors, while teammate Casey Stevens’ 4.0 GPA earned South Atlantic Conference Scholar-Athlete honors. Stevens’ success in the classroom, in the community and on the playing field made her the 10th Newberry studentathlete in school history to earn the honor from the conference. Borja was not the only Newberry wrestler to earn academic recognition as three Wolves grapplers earned Division II AllAcademic honors from the Division II Wrestling Coaches Association. Borja became

Julia Daneshfar

Seiji Borja

Hannah Rohrer

Romina Adum

Lisa Brandl

Kaylyn Camacho

Andy Vogel

Cal Loveridge

Daneshfar was the only Newberry student-athlete in 2012-13 to earn First Team Academic All-American status, while teammate Lisa Brandl earned a third team nod. Finishing her collegiate career with a 4.0, cross country runner Jessie Baldwin was named third team Academic All-America. Nursing major and Newberry wrestler Seiji Borja became the first Newberry wrestler to earn CoSIDA/Capital One academic honors as he was not only named All-District, but Third Team Academic All-American.

Aguirre, Christine Connelly, Tara Lamers and Marina Ziehe earned ITA ScholarAthlete status. On the men’s side, recent Newberry graduate Cal Loveridge picked up his first career ITA Scholar-Athlete honor.

The Newberry women’s tennis team excelled in the classroom earning the Intercollegiate Tennis Association All-Academic Team Award for the first time in school history, as the team’s cumulative GPA exceeded the required 3.20 GPA requirement for the award. Five members of the women’s team also earned individual honors from the ITA: Romina Adum, Susana

Athletic News

CAMPUS FACILITY UPDATE Below is a list of improvements to campus facilities that have been made or will be completed by Fall 2013:

Brokaw Residence Hall new entrance

An indoor batting practice facility was constructed through donations by former alumni and non-alumni

• The entrance to Brokaw Residence Hall has been renovated to include a patio area which will give students easier access to the main lobby. • A coffee shop will be added in the interior of Kaufmann, sharing a space with Subway. The space will have access to a new outdoor deck. • The mail center has been moved to Wright Hall; A game room will be constructed in the former site of the mail center. • Classrooms in McClurg have been re-painted and some feature new furniture. • The bottom floor of Wessels Library has been renovated to include better study areas for students. • The football stadium bleachers have been painted, several areas on campus have been pressure washed and windows have been cleaned. • Parking spaces were removed on Evans Street to allow for secure cross walks for students. A total of 84 additional parking spaces have been reassigned to compensate. • Seating will be added around campus, including Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, rocking chairs and swings. • A new salad bar has been added to Kaufmann Dining Hall. • Information Technology will move to Wright Hall and the second floor of Langford will be utilized by the Communications department. • Campus Ministries offices will move to the first floor of Holland Hall. • The men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball locker rooms have been upgraded in Eleazer Arena. The public restrooms have also been re-painted. • Permanent softball stadium bleachers have been added in Smith Road Complex, with temporary soccer bleachers added and a new score board.

New Athletic Staff

Field Hockey Coach

Head Dance Coach

Spirit Program Director

Associate Athletic Director

Catherine Somits has been named as the Wolves’ firstever field hockey coach. Somits comes to Newberry after serving for three seasons as the assistant coach at Davidson College. The Wildcats compiled a record of 34-30 in her three seasons in North Carolina and claimed the top spot in the NorPac Conference’s East Division for the first time in 2010.

Jenna Eyre has been named as the Wolves’ head dance coach. Eyre brings twenty-one years of dance experience to the Newberry College Spirit Program as the first ever head coach of the Newberry dance team. She is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Journalism and Technical Communication, a Public Relations concentration and a minor in History.

Lindsey Barwick has been named to the position of Director of the Spirit Program. Barwick has served as the Wolves’ head cheerleading coach since May of 2012 and becomes the first-ever Spirit Coordinator at Newberry College.

Emerald Fulmore has been named as Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Academic Services for the Wolves’ nineteensport intercollegiate athletic programs. Fulmore is responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the comprehensive compliance and academic support system for Newberry’s athletes.

She earned her Level II Coaching Accreditation in June of 2011. A native of West Chester, Pa., Somits spent the 2008 and 2009 seasons as an assistant coach at her alma mater, Villanova, where she enjoyed a decorated playing career from 200407.

A native of Castle Rock, Colorado, Eyre most recently was the dance coach at the United States Air Force Academy. At USAFA, Eyre was responsible for overseeing practices and choreographing dances to be performed at football and basketball games. Eyre also coordinated with the USAFA Spirit Director for game day entertainment.

Barwick has grown the Newberry cheerleading squad from sixteen returning women to a roster of fifty. Barwick’s guidance has further developed an allwomen non-competitive team and added a co-ed competitive team. As the Director of the Spirit Program, Barwick will also oversee the development of the newly-formed dance team while continuing her role as the head cheerleading coach.

Fulmore comes to Newberry from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C., where she served as compliance and academic coordinator as well as the senior female administrator for the Golden Bulls since 2008. Fulmore earned her Bachelor of Science in sports management and business administration from WinstonSalem State University in 2004 and her Master of Business Administration from Morgan State University in 2009.

Spring Sports Wrap U

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Athletic News

100 YEARS OF FOOTBALL For a century now, a parade of brave young men have worn the scarlet and gray on the football field, representing Newberry College. While there were club teams in earlier years, 1913 was the first year the Board of Trustees allowed Newberry College students to play intercollegiate football. That first year of 1913 provided a 159-0 win over a military high school in Greenwood, the first win against another college – a 16-7 win over Furman – and the first intercollegiate game in Newberry – a 51-0 win over Presbyterian. When college athletics wasn’t the multi-million dollar endeavor it is today, Newberry regularly battled some of the South’s biggest schools and represented itself well. The records are filled with trips to Clemson, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Duke and North Carolina State. In fact, the Gamecocks played in Newberry in the second season of 1914 and the Indians held them to a 13-13 tie. In 1916, Newberry traveled to Columbia and shut out USC by a 10-0 score. The Indians saw some of the greatest success in the early years against the other opponents of the “Little Four” – Erskine, Presbyterian and Wofford. The 1924 season saw Newberry share the state title with an 8-2 record and the Indians would go undefeated in the Little Four in 1924, 1925 and 1940, with the 1940 team also claiming the state title. A pair of great coaches, Dutch MacLean and Billy Laval, led the scarlet and gray in those early years and alumnus coach Harvey Kirkland oversaw one of the Indians’ most prosperous periods in the 1950s. Kirkland has a school record with 72 wins and had 10

Original 1913 football squad, coached by Raymond Thomas - the players finished their opening season with a 4-1 record

seasons with a record of .500 or better in an 11-year span, including a win over Appalachian State in the 1954 Elks Bowl and an appearance in the Palmetto Shrine Bowl the following season. Following Kirkland’s success, coach Fred Herren notched 46 wins and led the transition into the South Atlantic Conference, where he would later earn Hall of Fame honors. You can never forget “The Kick” to open the season in 1985, when Eddie Taylor made the 57-yard field goal at the last second to beat Furman in Greenville. That field goal is still a school and conference record for the longest field goal. As we moved from the NAIA to the NCAA one thing that remained constant was the great rivalry with Presbyterian for the coveted Bronze Derby. We played the boys from down the road 95 times over the years and in the years we played for the Bronze Derby (since 1947), it lived in Newberry 22 times. After great teams under Clayton Johnson in the 1980s, another alumnus, Mike Taylor, came back to campus to coach for 11 seasons and piled up 47 wins as he led us back to the South Atlantic Conference.

Eddie Taylor, “The Kick”

The SAC years have seen some of the most prolific offensive teams in conference history and five straight winning seasons in the 2000s under head coaches Zak Willis and Todd Knight. Another one of the program’s proudest memories is the 10-game winning streak to start the 2006 season, when the Indians won the SAC Championship and eventually finished 11-2 with an NCAA playoff win. After nine wins in 2007, Newberry claimed the SAC trophy again in 2008 with a crucial overtime win at home against Carson-Newman helping seal an undefeated home record. Great teams, Hall of Famers, All-Americans, fantastic coaches, unforgettable games and the players who are the heart and soul of Newberry College have brought us to where we are today – our 100th season of Newberry College football. We hope you can join us back on campus this season as we remember and celebrate all of the greats who have lead us to this point as we look ahead to a brighter future for our College and our football team.

2013-2014 Football Season Schedule 6 PM - Sept. 7 @ Elizabeth City State 1PM - Sept. 14 Florida Tech 7 PM - Sept. 21 @ Catawba* 6 PM - Sept 28 Mars Hill* 1:30 PM - Oct. 5 @ Wingate* 4 PM - Oct. 12 Tusculum* Homecoming 2 PM - Oct. 19 @ Lenoir-Rhyne* 6 PM - Oct. 26 UNC Pembroke 1 PM - Nov. 2 Brevard* 1 PM - Nov. 9 @ Carson-Newman* 1 PM - Nov. 16 North Greenville *Denotes a South Atlantic Conference game Bold denotes a home game

Alumni News


Billy Walker Honored with Building Dedication On January 25th, East Hall was renamed to Walker Hall in a dedication ceremony to honor our previous Board of Trustees Chairman, Billy Walker. The decision to rename East Hall came directly from the BoT as a way to show their gratitude to Walker for his 15 years of service and generous financial contributions. Walker graduated from Newberry College in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. In 1973 he earned a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar. He was elected to the Board of Trustees in 1997 and selected as chairman in 2002. Walker is currently partner in the firm of Walker & Morgan, LLC attorneys at law in Lexington, SC.

Newberry College has been a God-send to me. It is a place that has looked after me and taken care of me, and I’ve been trying to make up for it however I can.

Billy and Amelia Walker

- Billy Walker ‘69

Two new Alumni Awards to be given for Valor and Distinguished Service The Newberry College Alumni Association is establishing new Alumni Awards for Valor and for Distinguished Service. The Award for Valor will highlight alums who show obvious, documented strength of mind or spirit which enabled them to act bravely to assist others during danger and threat of harm or loss of life. The Alumni Distinguished Service Award will honor alums who, in an ever-changing world, have made significant contributions to their local, state, national or global communities by rendering creative, continuous ways of giving and sacrificing to better society. This award will also recognize outstanding achievement and service to a recipient’s profession or community. Nominations will be accepted on a continuous basis and can be sent to the Office of Alumni Relations at the college.

Newberry College Women’s League The Newberry College Women’s League was established in 1942 to serve Newberry College by funding the needs of the campus and students. Operating according to organizational by-laws, annual meetings are held by league officers and board members to evaluate and make decisions regarding donations and service project needs for the college campus and its student body.

For more information please contact Wanda Neese President, Women’s League (803)-321-5183 wanda.neese@newberry.edu

Members of the League are leaders on campus and in many other walks of life. They are committed to the institution of family, the Christian faith, and the pursuit of future generations devoting themselves to serving the Newberry College community. During the 2012-2013 academic year the League provided financial support for: teaching equipment for the Nursing Department, updated theory software for the Music Department, the installation and replacement of old handrails across campus, and the Theatre Department’s “Murder Mystery Weekend.”

Class of 1962 Scholarship Gift

Last year, when the Class of 1962 planned their 50th reunion celebration they decided to use their anniversary as an opportunity to say thank you to their alma mater and give back. Members of the class celebrated their legacy by establishing an endowed scholarship that will honor all of their classmates while supporting future generations of Newberry College students. Currently, Newberry College has received almost $24,000 in cash and pledges to permanently endow the Class of 1962 Scholarship Fund. The first scholarship, derived from the interest the fund earns, will be awarded in the fall of 2014. To apply for the Class of 1962 Scholarship, or any of Newberry College’s endowed scholarships, please contact the Office of Admission and Financial Aid at (803) 321-5127.

I can’t think of a better way to commemorate our 50th anniversary than to help give the gift of education to future Newberry College students. It is my hope that our classmates will continue to support this scholarship and that it will continue to grow and provide even more resources to students.

- Judge Ed Davis ’62

Class Notes Send your News


Dimensions Magazine 2100 College Street Newberry, SC 29108 or alumni.relations@ newberry.edu

Wofford Bennett Gunter (‘54) was recognized by the Indian Land community with the Community Service Award for his impact on the population.

Change of Address: Please send your change of address information to: alumni. relations@newberry.edu All entries were received prior to March 31, 2013

Dr. Franklin Ashley (‘64) received the Distinguished Teacher/ Scholar of the Year award from the College of Charleston where he teaches playwriting, screenwriting and contemporary theatre.

Fredrick M. “Mike” Lewis (‘68) Mike is the Chief of Civil Law, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Fort Cambell, Kentucky. He retired from the US Army as an LTC in 2001.

1960’s David Horton (‘60) recently inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame Tommy Stephens (‘62) u was named as one of the 51 South Carolina Ambassadors for Economic Development in 2013.

New Alumni Relations Director After six years as the Sr. Director for Alumni and Church Relations, the Rev. John Derrick `83 informed the college that he would be transitioning back to the parish in the summer to Emmanuel Lutheran Church in West Columbia, SC. In his resignation letter, Rev. Derrick wrote, “I truly leave Newberry more in love with and excited about the college than I was when I first arrived. I am fully confident in the new leadership of Dr. Scherrens, his team of senior leaders, and the great, collaborative potential they possess as they work with their department’s personnel, our students, and Board of Trustees.” Taking over leadership for alumni relations is Jeffrey Wicker `02. Wicker transitions to Institutional Advancement from Enrollment Management, where he was most recently the Associate Director of Admissions. Prior to returning to his alma mater, Wicker was in athletic and academic administrative positions for five years at USC Salkehatchie. With a MBA from Winthrop University, his professional experiences have included serving as assistant and head collegiate baseball coach, interim athletic director, classroom instructor for Economics and Business Administration courses, and working as a Facility Management and Stadium Operations Intern with the Charlotte Knights Baseball Club.



Bobby Wilson (‘71) has his own fishing show on the Pursuit Channel called Uncharted Waters.

Cody (‘00) and Ashley Marine (’08) McMurtry recently had a baby girl, Kinsleigh Lafayette McMurtry.

Sue Ballard Hilton (‘71) received her third consecutive Family Trust Federal Credit Union teacher grant. The grant goes to support teaching organizational skills to 10th graders to prepare them for college and careers. Michael Grant (’72) is currently the organist at Myers Park Presbyterian Church and teaches AP Music Theory at Charlotte Latin. He recently had an article published in the Journal of the Association of Anglican musicians about mentoring and the relationship developed with his former music teacher at Newberry College, Darr Wise. Dexter Odom (‘73) was named Director of Campus Operations and Services at Newberry College. Timothy “Tim” Mahoney (‘78) became the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Global Chevrolet and Global GM Marketing Operations Leader in Detroit, Michigan in 2013.

Michael Gunn (‘89) p is a lobbyist and has now become CEO of the South Carolina Association for Justice.

1990’s Kenneth Tucker (‘92) was named the 2012 Palmetto Champions Class A Upper-State Coach of the Year in football after leading Wagener-Salley High School to an 8-2 regular season record and its first winning season since 1995. Louie Alexander (‘95) and Betsy Brooks (‘03) q were married at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Pomaria on December 29, 2012.

Joshua Stepp (‘07) was approved by the Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees as the athletic director and varsity head football coach for Lexington High School for the 2013-2014 school year. Craig Wheatley (‘09) was named by White Knoll HS as the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year and was inducted into the Newberry College Hall of Master Teachers. Dr. Allison Kyzer (‘09) opened the Midlands Chiropractic in Newberry. She graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractics in Spartanburg in December 2012. Keith James (‘09) has been hired as the Director of High School Ministries and Director of Christian Education at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville.

Fred E. Stephens (‘80) has been appointed by Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal, to the Board of Juvenile Justice. Amy Richison (‘89) was promoted to Business Controller for Caraustar.

2010’s Britt Blackmon (‘10) currently works as a Lancaster County Fire Service Assistant Training Officer/ Fire Fighter and works part time with the South Carolina Fire Academy as an Instructor.

1980’s Steve Sotir (‘80) accepted an award for passing the 100-victory mark during his fifth year as Homestead High School baseball coach.

Monica Scott (‘09) p Director of Marketing at the Dennis Corp. in Columbia, SC, was named one of The State newspaper’s “20 Under 40,” an honor given to 20 young professionals in the state. Monica attributed her success to her Newberry College professors, citing “My art professors, Tania Sosiak and Bruce Nellsmith, really encouraged me to pursue my passion and made learning art and graphic design fun!” Scott is also a member of the Newberry Opera House Guild, Newberry College Women’s League, Family Connection of SC, board secretary and the Epworth Children’s Home 2013 Picture Perfect Gala marketing chair.

Elizabeth Baker (‘99) was accepted into the Graduate Program at University of Arizona to receive a Graduate Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling/ Mental Health Counseling/School Counseling Program. Maggie (‘99) and James (‘99) Wills q The couple had a little girl, Adelyn Eloise Wills.

William “Willie” M. Jarman (‘09) and Kayce Michelle Fraser (‘11) p were married on July 7, 2012, in Wiles Chapel. The reception was held at the Dufford House.

Mylanda Middleton (‘10) received her Masters in Business Administration with International Field Experience from Winthrop University in December of 2012. She currently works as a Client Relationship Specialist at Vangaurd Financial Investments. Harris Cabaniss (‘11), head track coach for Woodland High School, has won State Track Coach of the Year for the High School Sports Report. He is the youngest coach in South Carolina history to win a State Title.

Newberry Born and Newberry Bred.. Where in the world are our alumni? Let us know! Contact the Alumni Relations Office: alumni.relations@newberry.edu (803) 321-5676

Carlos Ev n Comm r e t s a E f Head o arg at Wells F

sio ‘12 gentina e B z u Maria L Company/Ar or rd Mot o F , r e Buy

ince ‘81 r P l l a h s r Ma y at the e n r o t t A U.S. Assistant ent of Justice Departm Political D

Hope W irector of alker ‘11 the SC Re publican Party


SAVE THE DATE HOMECOMING Friday, October 11th 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Class of 1963 50th Reunion Alumni Association Dance

Saturday, October 12th

Evans ‘73 king region an mercial B ny pa go & Com

8:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM-2:30 PM 11:30 AM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 3:15 PM 4:00 PM 7:30 PM

5th Annual 5K Run/Walk Class of 1953 60th reunion Alumni Association Meeting Lunch Singers Concert Homecoming Parade ATO Reunion Family Photo Football Gathering Football Game Post-game Fireworks

Sunday, October 13th 10:30 AM

Worship and Memorial Service

*A complete, detailed schedule will be mailed

Allison K. Hunter ‘0 0 Assistant Professor at Georgia Regents University, College of Dental Medicine

Mark A. Davis ‘73 Doctor of Internal Medicine and edical Director at Newberry Hospital

BASKETBALL ALUMNI WEEKEND March 1st, 2014 This year we will be honoring the Larry DiBiase years! We were fortunate enough last year to bring back Coach Nield Gordon and the group from the mid 1970’s that won 115 games in a four-year period. From 1977 to 1983, Coach Larry DiBiase had five consecutive winning seasons, with twenty or more wins per season. He was the last coach at Newberry College to achieve this level of consistent success. We want to get as many former basketball alums from all era’s back for this day and the weekend!

In Memoriam 1938 Mary Cassell 4/23/2013

1949 Ray Dunn Berry 02/18/2013

1965 Andrew “Andy” Smith Dreher 12/23/2012

James Olin Smith 10/10/2012

1939 Henry Joel Williams 1/22/2013

Wilbur Lamar Lightsey 4/14/2013

1969 Walter B. Summer 3/07/2013

Vassey Burnell Ruff 12/22/2012

1950 Mary Clair Workman Shannon Derrell Ladson Medlock 4/6/2013 1/7/2013 1940 Katherine Seng Spezza 11/12/2012 1942 James Irvin Cockfield 4/2/2013 Ethel Louise Suber Smith 11/9/2012 1943 Tommie McCain Johnson Abrams 03/20/2013 Edna Mae Fowler Baldyga 01/11/2013 Clarence Hentz Stucke 1/17/2013 1945 Susie Sligh Long 12/12/2012

Ashley Warren O’Quinn 11/10/2012 Laurence David Wicker 2/13/2013 1952 Katherine Hawkins Fulmer 2/23/2013 1954 Webster DeLoach Grayson 2/21/2013 Edmund L. Hester 2/21/2013 1955 Marilyn Loretta Price Hair 11/19/2012 1958 Walter Herman Bowers 01/17/2013

1970 John Cecil Moore, Jr. 12/10/2012 1973 Lever Randolph Gleaton, Jr. 1/04/2012 Honorary Degree Hugh E. Baumgartner, Jr. 12/09/2012 Richard M. Hollinger 2/26/2013 Naval Trainee John F. Chapman, Jr. 3/22/2013 Attended Elizabeth Werts Wicker 7/16/2012 Branan I. Yarborough 09/28/2012

Richard B. Berry, Jr. 12/24/2012 Rebecca A. Spay 1/11/2013 Carl J. Derrick 3/1/2013 Walter A. McJunkin 3/2/2013 Patricia C. Meetze 3/14/2013 Arnold King 3/21/2013 Gordon Phillip Cockrell 4/5/2013 Earnest Edward McClellen 4/5/2013 Board of Trustees Garth Lee Hill, Sr. 2/22/2013

We would like to express our sympathy to the family and friends of the Newberry College alumni, former faculty, and former staff listed here. If you know of those we have not recorded, or if you hear of others during the coming months, please notify the Alumni Relations Office. Whenever possible, please provide a copy of the obituary or funeral bulletin for our records.

Joseph Alton Mayo 2/15/2013

Elizabeth Mae Rickenbacker Counts 10/21/2012

1947 Robert L. Hulsebus 12/07/2012

1959 Charles Walter Morris 12/08/2012

1948 Mildred Wise Baker 4/17/2013

1962 James M. Wills 12/05/2012

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