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Milestones and History 2011

Merged with Polaris Securities.


Merged with Fuhwa Financial Holdings in a reverse takeover.


Yuanta acquired a majority stake in Fuhwa FHC and initiated structural changes.


Acquired Asia Securities.


Fuhwa Financial Holding Company (Fuhwa FHC) formed on February 4, 2002 through an equity swap between Fuhwa Securities Finance and Fuhwa Securities.


Merged with Core Pacific Securities.


Became a publicly-listed company on the OTC exchange.


Fuhwa Securities Finance became publicly-listed company.


Yuanta grows through acquisition – M&A with seven local brokers.


Began providing margin financing services to our own clients, the first firm to do so.


Fuhwa Securities Finance founded.


Ma family took over management control of the company.


Yuanta Securities founded. Fuhwa


Yuanta’s vision is to be the best financial services provider in the Greater China region Our vision is clear and focused: be the best financial services provider in the Greater China region while maintaining our dominant position in Taiwan. To achieve this, we leverage our depth of experience and professional talent, and build our already strong network into an even more integrated platform that delivers seamless service for individual and institutional clients across the region. Fifty years ago, Yuanta was founded with less than NT$ 650,000 in capital and for years was a small little-known local broker in Taiwan. Today we are the dominant player in the securities industry, the fifth largest financial holding company in Taiwan (by 2011 market cap), and a leader that only continues to grow stronger. Our mission is to provide outstanding financial services to our clients through a strong distribution network in Taiwan and overseas. We do this by:

. Cultivating trust and forming lifelong partnerships with our clients in order to assist them in their wealth creation so they can ultimately realize their financial goals.

. Maintaining our credibility as a trusted financial institution, emphasizing corporate governance in addition to financial performance. . Building a Greater-China capital markets platform comprised of a professional financial services team, to make Yuanta the best choice for clients seeking investment and capital raising services in the region. With a business model centered on risk management, Yuanta seeks to create long-term shareholder value by achieving the maximum possible risk-adjusted profitability. We strive to increase our overall competitive advantages, build solid operations, and adhere to corporate governance best practices, and by doing so will continue to benefit all stakeholders of the company.

願景與經營理念 持續深耕台灣, 逐步拓展大中華市場,朝 [ 大中華區優質金融機構 ] 目標邁進 願景: 五十年前,元大只是一家資本額僅六十五萬元的小券商;而今,已擠進台灣前五大金控公司(依2011年底市值排名)。元大並不以現況為滿,一步一步朝自己規 劃的目標前進。 我們將以專業、誠信態度,持續深耕台灣,以強大通路為後盾,進一步拓展大中華資本市場平台,成為兩岸三地企業海內外籌資與金流服務之最佳推手,朝大 中華區龍頭券商及最佳金融服務提供者的目標前進。 使命: 除了強大通路優勢外,元大憑藉著金融專業及差異化的優質服務,成為證券業首選之領導品牌。 元大將:

. 貼近客戶,了解需求,提供最具附加價值之全方位金融理財服務。 . 除了追求營運績效外,遵守法律,確實落實公司治理,成為值得託付及信賴的金融機構 . 整合大中華資本市場平台,建置橫跨兩岸三地之專業金融服務團隊,使元大成為客戶在大中華區投資及籌資最優先的選擇。 元大努力創造長期股東價值,建立以適切風險管理為導向之經營模式,為股東創造風險調整後之最大獲利。除此之外,並致力於整體競爭力的提升,健全企業 營運,推動公司治理,為公司所有顧客、股東及員工開創多贏的局面。



Yuanta is not only the largest securities firm, but the innovative driving force behind Taiwan’s financial services industry Yuanta Financial Holdings (Yuanta) is a diversified financial services provider. The heartbeat of our firm has always been the securities business in which we are the dominant player in Taiwan. In recent years, we have made a solid foray into the banking business where we are now focused on increasing our scale and competitiveness. Furthermore, the current low interest rate environment poses a good opportunity for us to add a third cylinder to our engine by entering the insurance business, allowing us to provide an even more comprehensive array of financial services, not only for investors and banking clients, but clients seeking life insurance products and services as well. The largest broker in Taiwan by market share for nearly two decades, we began to expand outside of Taiwan over a decade ago. Today, we have a presence that expands across the Greater China region and we are poised to continue building on our platform to better serve both individual and institutional clients in brokerage, research, wealth management, and investment banking services.

Dominance in the local market Achieving economy of scale is important, but we seek to not just be bigger, but better Yuanta Securities started in 1961 as one of the original fourteen


元大寶來投信 Yuanta Investment Trust

brokers founded the same year the Taiwan Stock Exchange began operations. While our beginnings were modest, we grew

元大寶來證券 Yuanta Securities 元大證券亞洲金融 Yuanta Sec. Asia Financial Services 元大寶來證券(香港) Yuanta Sec. (Hong Kong)

development of the financial markets in Taiwan and continued to

100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

aggressively acquire other financial firms, including Core Pacific-

43.5% *元大寶來期貨 Yuanta Futures

into the leading broker in the early 1990s by acquiring other local players. Over the years, we played a key role in shaping the

Securities in 2000, in what was the largest merger for the industry at the time. In 2001, regulatory changes allowed for the establishment of financial holding companies (FHCs), ushering in

元大銀行 Yuanta Bank 元大證金 Yuanta Sec. Finance 元大資產管理 Yuanta Asset Management 元大投顧 Yuanta Investment Consulting 元大創投 Yuanta Venture Capital 元大寶來期貨(香港) Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong)

* 元大金控及元大寶來證券各持有元大寶來期貨 43.5%及 25.2%持股. * Yuanta FHC and Yuanta Securities have 43.5% and 25.2% stakes in Yuanta Futures respectively.

a new era for firms to provide comprehensive financial services. In 2005, Yuanta gained management control of Fuhwa Financial

“Complacency” is not in our dictionary

Holding Company and in 2007, merged with the company and

In 2011, we took another large step by completing a merger

renamed it to Yuanta Financial Holdings, becoming the only

with Polaris Securities, one of the top securities firms in Taiwan.

securities-centric FHC in Taiwan. Following this merger, we have

The merger with Polaris brings the complementary strengths of

been able to integrate resources and our distribution network

both firms under one roof, solidifying our dominant position in

across the entire group, enabling us to provide customers with

all key securities-related businesses. The merger allows us to

a more diversified range of financial services.

serve customers even better as we combine the best products


and services of both firms. Our local service network in Taiwan

of banking services. Whether it’s an individual looking for a

boasts an unparalleled 189 securities branches, supported by

variety of savings options or financing a new home, Yuanta is

88 bank branches. No matter how big we become, our focus is

there to assist them. Corporations seeking to borrow money

on not just becoming bigger, but better – with an unswerving

to expand their business turn to Yuanta Bank for financing.

focus on how we can provide better financial services for our customers.

Comprehensive financial services We define our success by enabling our clients to realize their personal aspirations Making sense of financial matters in today’s world is a complex undertaking. That’s why both individual investors and institutional clients rely on Yuanta to provide the right financial products and services to help them navigate the many financial decisions they encounter. Standing alongside our clients as a trusted partner is in fact something we have been doing for the past fifty years, meeting their diverse financial needs and helping

Taiwan’s innovative leader in financial products

them succeed amid an ever-changing financial landscape replete

2009 marked a new era in Taiwan’s ETF market and Yuanta led

with challenges and opportunities. Client relationships are built

the way in pioneering dual-listed ETFs and feeder fund ETFs,

one at a time on a foundation of trust, combined with consistent

both of which allow local investors to participate in Greater

and reliable implementation. We believe we are doing something

China growth opportunities and diversify their investment risk.

right when we realize the relationships we have with many of

We also were the lead underwriter for the first overseas

our clients are, in fact, lifelong partnerships.

company to list in Taiwan in 2010, and in 2011 we led the

One-stop shopping for financial services Quality service has to be backed up by quality financial products.

market in introducing callable bear-bull contracts, a derivative investment product.

When it comes to investing securities, customers not only can

For many years, we have not only provided conventional

enjoy conventional equities brokerage services, but also can

financial services to clients, but also have demonstrated our

choose from a range of other financial services, including margin

capabilities in developing new products that help investors

financing, options, futures and other derivatives, and offshore

succeed amid ever-changing market conditions.

equities through sub-brokerage arrangements. We also provide fixed income products, ETFs, and both in-house and third-party mutual funds. Our customers can also choose from a full buffet


Financial strength

opportunity for us to enter the life insurance business, and this

Financial strength not only helps us withstand uncertain

is a possibility for us as we consider how to further diversify our

markets, but also positions us for further expansion

business and provide even more comprehensive services for our

Financial markets are uncertain, but Yuanta’s balance sheet


remains more rock solid today than ever. In fact, our capital position is among the strongest of any financial institution in

Yuanta Securities’ Number of Branches and Market Share 元大證券分公司家數及市佔率

Taiwan. It is no wonder investors have called us a “safe haven” 145


forty years.

22 10

Our financial strength gives us the luxury of considering the best plan for achieving long-term sustainable growth on our path of



Yuanta has posted positive earnings each year for the past



subsidiaries stands in excess of regulatory requirements and


a concern. In fact, the capital adequacy ratio at each of our



when markets become volatile and balance sheet risk becomes

1 1961






No. of Branches 分公司家數

becoming a Greater China financial firm.



Market Share 市佔率

資料來源: 台灣證券交易所; 中華民國櫃檯買賣中心

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange; Taiwan OTC

Focused on the future Yuanta will continue to pursue sustainable growth and

Greater China player

greater revenue diversification

Yuanta is on the path to being a Greater China

We are proud of our dynamic past and present market leading

financial services firm

position, but rather than becoming complacent, we keep an

At Yuanta, we have been expanding overseas for many years

unwavering focus on the future and continually ask ourselves

in our effort to diversify our business and capitalize on growth

where we want to go and how to get there.

opportunities. Our focus in the future is to concentrate our

Our future strategy involves keeping our eyes open for

resources even more in the Greater China region.

compelling acquisition opportunities to further enhance our

Yuanta Securities Hong Kong is an established base for our

scale in our core businesses. We seek to strengthen our

regional operations, providing a range of services that include

investment banking operations, continue to grow our Hong

trading platforms, investment banking, in-depth research and

Kong operations in a sustainable way, increase our securities

investment consulting to our regional clients.

borrowing and lending (SBL) scale, and further develop our

We are uniquely positioned to enter the China market in a more

wealth management business. We are working to expand

substantial way. Once further regulatory developments take

Yuanta Bank’s scale in a sustainable way in order to become a

place we will be able to leverage our resources, including our

solid mid-sized, full-service lending organization in Taiwan.

existing platform and experienced team to confidently continue

The current low interest rate environment also presents a good

on our path of becoming the best financial services firm in the Greater China region.











保險領域,以提供股票族、存款族與養老族全方位金融服務。 元大除了在台灣擁有強大通路網域外,近幾年更在大中華區佈建完整及 專業的交易平台,提供投資人兩岸三地投資、籌資、研究諮詢及財富管理等

現今元大坐擁同業中最強大的通路據點;證券189家分公司及銀行88家分 行,加上專業的金融團隊及金融創新能力,元大不只要在規模上做到台灣最 大,專業品質也要做到最好,承諾給予客戶最優質的金融服務。


提供客戶全方位金融服務 共創財富,實現夢想 隨著近年來金融商品愈趨複雜化,如何在訊息萬變的大環境中,做出正確投 資判斷著實不易。過去五十年來,元大一直陪在客戶身邊,藉由精闢、深入的市 場剖析,協助客戶做出正確判斷,累積財富。 這期間,元大與客戶一同面對不同挑戰與機會,許多客戶與元大的革命情感 就在一次次的艱困環境中建立起來,而元大的價值也從中一再被驗證,成為客戶 投資的首選。 提供一次購足的服務 優質的服務仰賴完整齊備的產品線當後盾。元大金控除了提供專業的經紀服 務外,還包括信用交易、選擇權、期貨和衍生性商品等投資管道。客戶亦可透過 複委託來投資海外股票,舉凡創新金融商品、固定收益型產品、ETF及國內外共同

台灣最大證券期貨商 不只最大, 還要追求極致, 做到最好

基金也都是熱門投資標的。除此之外,貼心的銀行服務,不論是儲蓄、房貸、亦 或是企業貸款業務,元大都能滿足不同風險屬性客戶的投資或理財需求。

元大證券(以下簡稱“元大證”)成立於1961年,為台灣證券交易所十四家創 始會員之一。元大於1992年開始展開併購擴張之策略,藉由快速擴增營業據點, 來壯大經營規模。2000年元大證券與京華證券合併,開啟台灣證券史上大型證券 商合併風潮,也為元大證奠定了龍頭證券商的地位。 2001年主管機關開放金融控股公司設立申請,正式宣告大型金融商品百貨化 時代來臨。元大於2005年入主復華金控,2007年合併後並更名為元大金控,成為 全台灣唯一一家以證券業務為主體的金控公司。之後積極整合集團資源並善用強 大通路優勢,提供投資人更多元化的金融服務。

台灣金融創新之領導品牌 2009年是台灣ETF市場國際化元年,元大作為台灣金融商品的領導先驅,率 先引進直接跨境ETF及連結式ETF兩種形式之不同商品,使台灣投資人得以實際參 與大中華區高成長契機,亦達到分散投資風險的目的。第一家外國企業來台第一 上市案即由元大承辦,元大並於2011年領先同業推出 [ 牛熊證 ] 商品。 多年來元大已跳脫單純金融商品提供者角色,成為業界創新金融商品的開發 及引入者。不只具備自行開發交易程式軟體的能力,更可順應金融環境變化、新 商品上架及客戶需求即時調整營運策略。


Business Performance: The Clear Go-To Leader For Every Type Of Financial Service 台灣金融證券業領導品牌

Securities – Taiwan’s Dominant Leader

Long Margin Market Share 融 資 市 佔 率 (2011) 25.2%

Yuanta Securities (Yuanta) has thrived amidst a highlycompetitive securities brokerage industry in Taiwan. Growing


from a small broker into Taiwan’s largest brokerage brand, we


compete on the back of our strong branch network, professional

19.9% 8.9% 6.7%





employees and innovative financial products, all of which work to deliver superior service to our customers. 元大*

Brokerage Market Share 經 紀 市 佔 率 (2011)



Yuanta Polaris KGI








資料來源: 台灣證券交易所; 中華民國櫃檯買賣中心

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange; Taiwan OTC


* 元大證券與元大證金合計市佔率

10.7% 7.9%


The combined market share of Yuanta Sec. and Yuanta Sec. Finance





Securities Finance Yuanta Securities Finance is the leading professional securities financing provider in Taiwan, and Yuanta Securities is the largest




Yuanta Polaris KGI


永豐金證 群益金鼎

Fubon SinoPac Capital

資料來源: 台灣證券交易所; 中華民國櫃檯買賣中心

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange; Taiwan OTC

among securities firms. With our combined position in margin lending, we maintain the single largest source of shares available for investors to borrow for short-selling. In 2011, we controlled 25% market share in margin financing and 37.8%


in securities borrowing and lending business.

Yuanta is the dominant securities firm in Taiwan and in 2011 we controlled 14.7% market share in brokerage services. For

Online Trading Market Share 19.4%

decades we have competed on the quality of services we offer rather than solely on price. Our service is backed by an extensive

電 子 下 單 市 佔 率 (2011)





distribution network of 189 brokerage branch offices in Taiwan, while over one million brokerage customers choose to partner with us for their brokerage needs. Not only do investors







SinoPac Capital



appreciate our service quality and efficient execution, but in 2011 we also received the first place ranking in the securities industry for professional brand appeal, an award given by Business Today media group.




Yuanta Polaris

資料來源: 台灣證券交易所; 中華民國櫃檯買賣中心

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange; Taiwan OTC



Bond Underwriting Yuanta’s success in the bond underwriting business comes from our vigilance in anticipating market trends and understanding how to appropriately adjust strategy or sales channels in order to best meet the needs of our customers. In 2011, we performed a total of NT$101.5 billion in bond underwriting, or 20% market share. Investment Banking Market Share 承 銷 市 佔 率 (2011) 20.7% 15%


13.1% 11.1%



8.9% 5.8%


Investment Banking Yuanta boasts the largest and most experienced investment banking team in Taiwan and has undertaken a wide range of innovative deals. In 2010, we were the lead underwriter in the



Yuanta Polaris




Grand Cathay



Fubon Capital

資料來源: 台灣證券交易所; 中華民國櫃檯買賣中心

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange; Taiwan OTC

initial public offering by Integrated Memory Logic (IML), the first primary listing in Taiwan by an overseas company. Other


landmark cases have followed, including listings for TPK Holding,

We are also the market leader in derivatives issuance and

Gourmet Master (owner of 85° Café coffee shops) and AirTAC

trading, issuing warrants valued at NT$68.3 billion in 2011,

International. In 2011 we underwrote a total of NT$28.7 billion,

or market share of 26%. We are always thinking how we can

equivalent to a market share of 20.7%. Our strength in

better serve clients. In 2011 we issued the first callable bull-bear

investment banking has been recognized by both global

contracts (CBBC) in Taiwan, a derivative product designed to

institutional investors and the international media. In 2011,

give our clients another financial tool at their disposal.

Asiamoney magazine awarded us as the Best Domestic Equity House and FinanceAsia magazine recognized us as the Best Investment Bank in Taiwan.



Futures & Options - Dynamic Innovation

Yuanta Futures’ branches are widespread throughout Taiwan,

Since Q1 of 2010, the futures and options trading volume in

encompassing 500 outstanding personnel that hold nearly one

Asia has been the highest in the world. It is the only industry

hundred futures licenses to conduct business in Mainland China.

that has the long-short advantage of multi-sector products across securities, non-securities, commodities and foreign currency instruments. The TAIFEX currently ranks 17th in the world in terms of total futures trading volume. Yuanta Futures currently dominates the Taiwan market in respect to domestic futures and options, foreign futures, market making, futures consulting, CTA funds, total assets, total book value, paid-in capital and EPS. Yuanta Futures continues to provide its clients

Yuanta Futures has received awards for “Outstanding Merchant in the R.O.C.”, “Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises of the Year” and “Top 10 Outstanding Managers of the Year”, etc. Such merits are well earned and Yuanta Futures hopes to continue on its innovative path in changing the financial fabric within the Greater China region. Yuanta Futures continues to implement strategies that better enable trading risk diversification, intraday real-time monitoring and instant dynamic adjustment, as well as strengthen its risk

with unrivaled services to go with cutting-edge products to keep

management procedures and systems. These are some of the

them ahead of the game.

main reasons that have made Yuanta Futures the top futures

Futures Trading Market Share

trading company for 12 consecutive years. In taking a unique

期 貨 市 佔 率 (2011)

approach to recruit talent and expand sustainable earnings,

18.0% 10%



Yuanta Futures successfully organized a trading simulation

9.2% 7.2%



competition to attract adept traders to the company as well as 4.5%

to expand its trading scale by leveraging the event participants. By fully utilizing its resources and thinking out of the box even in



Yuanta Polaris


永豐金期 群 益 期


SinoPac Capital Jih Sun


its recruitment methods, Yuanta Futures continues to innovate in Taiwan’s futures market.

資料來源: 台灣期貨交易所

Source: Taiwan Futures Exchange

In 2010, Yuanta Futures and Everbright Futures signed a M.O.U.

Yuanta Futures was the first futures company listed on the

while Yuanta Futures also became the first Taiwanese FCM to set

Taiwan OTC Exchange in 2007. Yuanta has since led the Taiwan

up a subsidiary in Hong Kong. In 2011, Yuanta Futures signed a

futures market with an average EPS of NT$ 2.5, and a 20% or

bilateral consulting agreement with Everbright Futures in

more ROE ratio over this time. According to Futures Magazine in

providing comprehensive services including IB Consulting, IT

December 2011, 95% of all client margins are deposited at top

Technology and Investment Asset Management. By forming a

20 futures companies. Yuanta Futures ranked as 18th in the US

key strategic alliance, Yuanta Futures is one step ahead of its

in terms of consumer segregated fund. With a rock solid balance

competitors and has begun setting its pieces in place for further

sheet and efficient risk diversification strategies at its disposal,

expansion into Greater China.

Yuanta Futures provides its domestic and foreign investors a safe trading environment to go along with strong financial support.


Venture Capital


Yuanta Venture Capital's primary business is to manage

證券業務 – 台灣龍頭券商

investments in a variety of companies, including domestic and foreign technology companies, those in manufacturing and service industries as well as those of other venture capital businesses. Acting as an investment bank for these businesses, we are able to provide additional services such as management consulting services and funding or financial services by integrating resources among the entire Yuanta group.

證券業在台灣是個相當競爭的行業,但元大寶來證券(以下簡稱“元大證”) 能從一家小券商,不斷成長茁壯,領先群雄,憑藉的是強大通路能力、專業團 隊及金融創新能力,才能提供客戶差異化的金融服務,從同業中勝出,至今成 為台灣最大的綜合證券商。

經紀業務 2011年元大證(含合併前之寶來證,以下皆同)全年經紀市佔率14.7%, 市場排名第一。在經紀通路之經營,元大證向來以服務取勝,重視客戶附加價

Asset Management The main operations of Yuanta Asset Management consists of acquiring loans from financial institutions; assessing, managing and conducting the sale of bad loans; accounts receivable factoring and managing overdue accounts receivables. In the future, Yuanta will put a new focus on real estate asset management in order to differentiate itself from other asset management companies. Currently, for the process of bidding on and handling non-performing loans, Yuanta Asset Management seeks to speed up the removal of non-performing loans and is actively transforming itself into a comprehensive solutions provider for this process. Yuanta AMC currently acts as a third party in matching fund users with fund suppliers for the time when non-performing loans are released from financial institutions or asset management companies. This function aids

值的提升。189家證券營業據點遍佈全台,超過百萬客戶選擇元大證做為其投資 交易的最佳夥伴。元大證不論在服務品質、下單便利性及高知名度等方面均獲 得投資人的肯定。2011年榮獲今周刊「商務人士理想品牌大賞」服務類綜合券 商第1名。

信用交易 / 外資借券業務 元大證金為台灣首家證券金融專業機構,而元大證為首家自辦融資融券證 券商,目前二家合計擁有全證券市場最充足的券源,不只在融資券業務市佔率 遙遙領先同業,在外資借券業務上,也保持業界第一。 2011年合計融資市佔率25%,外資借券業務市佔率37.8%,穩定領先其他 同業。

投資銀行業務 元大證在投資銀行業務方面,具有創新的視野,並引領業界開創新局,所

third parties in overcoming regulatory obstacles tied to non-


performing loans and helps inject new life into non-performing


loans (NPLs), and by doing so, adds value to these assets.

均為市場代表作,案件品質深獲市場高度認同。 元大證2011年承辦案件總承銷金額合計新台幣(下同)287億,市佔率20.7%, 市場排名第一。同年更榮獲國際財經權威媒體亞元雜誌 (Asiamoney) 之台灣最佳 承銷商、金融亞洲雜誌 ( FinanceAsia) 台灣最佳投資銀行之獎項。


債券業務 元大證向來針對市場變化與客戶需求,適時修正承銷策略及調整銷售通路, 加上本身具備良好的配銷能力,並與發行公司及同業維持良好合作默契,使得歷 年在債券承銷金額及承辦案件數,始終名列前茅。2011年債券總承銷金額為 1,015億元,市佔率20%。


占率、自營獲利、期顧、CTA基金、資產、淨值、股本和獲利等均位居龍頭, 元大期貨將以穩健經營提供投資人最佳服務。

首家上櫃期貨公司,財務穩定健全發展 元大期貨於2007年成為台灣首家上櫃之期貨公司,歷年來平均每股獲利皆 超過新台幣2.5元,股東權益報酬率(ROE)更超過20%,長期穩居台灣期貨市場 龍頭,令同業難以望其項背。依2011年12月 Futures Magazine 資料顯示,全球







證仍將持續開發新型態之權證商品,提供投資人更豐富多元化的理財商品新選 擇。

人才匯聚通路最多,創新業務價值服務 元大期貨分公司遍布北中南全台據點最多,500位優秀人才及近百張的大 陸期貨證照,歷年來團隊屢獲外界肯定,於2011年榮獲第十一屆中華民國證券 暨期貨金彝獎之「傑出企業領導人獎」及「傑出期貨人才」、第六十五屆「中 華民國優良商人獎」、第九屆金炬獎之「十大績優企業」及「十大績優經理人」 等多項大獎。

長年自營獲利奪冠,創新徵才召募培育 元大期貨持續運用策略互補,分散自營交易風險,在盤中即時監控並彈性 動態調整,強化自營風險管理與系統功能,並繳出連續12年自營獲利奪冠的亮 麗成績。在人才部分,也打破傳統自營徵才方式,透過舉辦電玩競賽成功培育 優秀操盤人,系統化培育和發展策略模組,以擴大交易規模獲取穩定獲利。

首家成立香港公司,布局兩岸三地市場 元大期貨於2010年與光大期貨簽署戰略合作意向書,於同年12月為台灣首

期貨業務 – 金融創新之領導品牌 自2010年第一季起,亞洲期權業務量已正式超越北美位居龍頭,由於期貨 業是台灣唯一橫跨有價證券、非有價證券、大宗物資、外匯等多空皆宜之產品

家設立香港子公司,並於2011年與光大期貨再簽定雙向顧問協議,實質進行 「三愛(I)」業務合作,包含IB諮詢顧問、IT科技、Investment資產管理(含Trading及 CTA基金),未來將以多元化的業務經營實力,一同拓展兩岸三地市場。

優勢,而台灣期貨交易所名列全球第17大,是台灣所有金融業中唯一排名超越 鄰近新加坡和香港國家,由此可見期貨業之發展不容忽視。元大寶來期貨(以 下簡稱“元大期貨”)自2012年雙強合併後,不僅公司規模大幅超越同業,亦是 台灣期貨業界十冠王, 包含國內期貨市占率、國內選擇權市占率、國外期貨市



銀行業務 – 用心服務,客戶優先









戶需求。 近年來,在經營團隊積極推動各項制度與業務改革、服務流程優化以及據






分別較去年同期成長13%及22%,累計稅前盈餘達20.45億,較去年同期成長 18%。

創投業務 元大創投主要辦理對國內外科技事業、一般製造業、服務業及其他創投事 業之投資管理業務。其以投資銀行之全方位角度進入科技產業投資經營。將與 財顧、證券、銀行等集團成員合作,除對被投資事業直接提供資金外,亦將整 合金控集團資源,引介可提供資金及金融服務之機構,提供企業經營管理諮詢 服務,期能為被投資事業創造最大企業價值。

資產管理業務 元大國際資產管理公司主要營業項目包括金融機構金錢債權收買業務、及 辦理金融機構金錢債權之評價或拍賣業務、及管理服務業務、應收帳款收買業 務、逾期應收帳款管理服務業等各項業務。 未來將以不動產資產管理業務為範圍,藉與其他資產管理公司建立差異化 策略。目前在標購及處理不良資產方面,除加速去化所持有不良債權部位外, 元大銀行不只在經營體質上有所提升,它的資產品質更是居於業界優質水

已積極轉型為不良資產『解決方案提供者』(Solution Provider )之角色,對於



元大銀行採取穩健的經營策略,在風險控管的前提下,積極創新,並致力 於提升多元化的產品與服務,在存款、法金、個金、理財及金融交易等各項 業務,皆均衡發展。在追求業務穩定成長、提升市場地位之餘,仍持續強化 客戶開發能力,厚植營運基礎,透過集團資源之運用,整合全行業務,提供 客戶一次購足之便利,充份發揮經營綜效利基,進而提升獲利與創造股東最 大之利益。


需求者之橋樑,協助第三人解決不良債權之法律障礙,並引進資金活化不良資 產,增加資產之附加價值。

Yuanta Financial Holdings: Serving Our Customers Is At The Heart Of Our Business 元大堅持不變的原則-「以客為尊」

Client Services 客 戶 服 務 Serving our customers is at the heart of our business. Whatever task we apply ourselves to, whether that be financial product design, building a better distribution platform, or the quality of our service, we put customers front and center. By integrating both resources and professional staff from our entire organization, we are able to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services and innovative products, and personalized service in Taiwan and across the region. 元大金控秉持 「以客為尊」的思維出發, 從產品設計、通路平台、服務品質等面向皆以客戶需求為優先導向。輔以完整的金融服務版圖、廣泛的海內 外通路優勢、專業的經營團隊與創新的產品研發能力,藉由各種專業人才及業務資源之高度整合,提供客戶多元化、更完整及具差異性的優質金融服務。

Securities Brokerage Business Strong and extensive network A financial holding company with the securities business at our core, we provide customers with the strongest and most extensive branch network in Taiwan. Individual customers can enjoy financial services at any of our 189 branches, and access banking services at 88 locations. We have also aggressively built up our capabilities to service institutional clients, providing the sales and support they need to succeed. Greater China platform

Financial innovation

of products for them to select from.

We have led our competitors in establishing

Yuanta Securities is an innovator of

In fact, Yuanta Investment Trust was

a trading platform and research team that is

cutting-edge financial products. Not only are

Taiwan’s first asset management company

focused on the Greater China region. In

we a trendsetter in product design, but also

with a dedicated investment research team

2011, our team was ranked as the 2nd best

the leader in financially-engineered products.

for these types of products.

research team in Taiwan by Asiamoney

We are the largest player in derivatives, both

magazine, and we also were ranked as the

as a market-maker and in trading volume for

18th best research team in the entire

the futures and options markets.

Asia-Pacific region by Institutional Investor magazine, and the only Taiwanese firm to place in the top twenty.


We are also the dominant leader in online trading, not only excelling at developing proprietary trading software, but also

In asset management, we not only provide

ensuring robust security features, quality

institutional clients with financial engineering

service, and the fastest transaction speeds

investment services, but also provide a series






元大金控(以下簡稱“元大”)係以證券投資 服務為主體之金融控股公司。 旗下子公司元大寶來

新,是多項新商品的原創者,財務工程團隊除商 品設計外,亦有穩定的避險及套利交易能力。









效,以提供客戶最便捷與專業之金融服務。 而元大證在電子交易之技術居業界翹楚,不僅 兩岸三地服務平台








評選為「台灣最佳研究團隊」第2名,也同時榮獲機 構投資人雜誌(Institutional Investor)評選為亞洲區 最佳研究團隊排名前18名。是台灣地區唯一進入前 20大排名之研究機構。

Customer testimonials

客 戶 薦 言 I was one of Yuanta’s first customers, and in fact, my account number was in the single digits. As I look back over the past 50 years, the founders overcame many obstacles and were able to inspire others by their determination. At that time, I opened many accounts to see what the service and efficiency was like at different brokerage firms. Yuanta ended up being my choice and I have never regretted it. Yuanta has been very reliable and at all levels the staff has been remarkable in their sincere and hardworking attitude, and disciplined and efficient approach, taking the time to understand customers. This is a big attraction for new and old customers alike, myself included. For the past 50 years, Yuanta has truly been a long-term partner, and I have never wanted to switch to another brokerage firm. 我是在元大草創初期加入,我的開戶號碼是個位數,想起50年前創辦人賢伉儷的艱苦經營,敬業精神令人感動。當時我在很多券商都有開戶,我要 測試各券商的服務、內部控管及效率如何,我覺得元大是我想要的,元大是可靠且可信賴的券商。他們的團隊由上到下,那種拼幹的精神,那種上下一 心的態度,對事情認真、執著、有紀律、有效率,對客戶的態度相當和善,使得客戶被他們所吸引,我就是其中一個。因此,這50年來我不願意到其他 地方,元大是我可以長期跟他們在一起的。我以資深元大投資人為榮。 Mr. Tien Szu Wang 王 天賜


Investment Trust Business

投 信 業 務

Yuanta Securities Investment Trust is the leader in Taiwan’s asset management industry as the largest provider of domestic equity and index funds. We leverage our leading position to provide investors with one-stop shopping of financial products and services. 元大寶來投信(以下簡稱“元大投信”)的台股基金規模及被動式操作均為全台最大,已成為台灣主動式管理與被動式管理的領導者。在此一優勢基 礎下,將能提供投資人完整商品與優質服務。

The innovative leader

investments with the desired level of risk

Yuanta Securities Investment Trust was the

and expected return while avoiding landmine

first investment trust company in Taiwan to

stocks or unscrupulous companies. Our fund

issue money market funds, fund of funds,

management platform encompasses a

guaranteed return funds and umbrella

top-to-bottom approach to both running an

funds. We are a leader in product

asset management business to the entire

innovation, often sparking a trend in which

investment process. As recognition of our

competitors follow suit by issuing similar

operational management, Yuanta ITC won

products. In the most recent two years, we

the 2009 Golden Goblet Award for

have promoted ETF futures, and were the

Outstanding Risk Management Team.

first to issue gold futures ETFs. We were the ETF pioneer in Taiwan with the first issuance in 2003. In 2009, we initiated HK-Taiwan ETF dual listed funds and ETF feeder funds, providing customers with an even greater array of investment choices. Complete fund management platform In our operations, we face market risk, as well as credit, liquidity, operational and legal risks. At Yuanta ITC, we integrate these risks into our “Four Investment Procedures” which effectively implement risk management procedures and allow managers to find the most suitable


產品創新,贏得多項第一 元大投信是台灣第一家發行貨幣市場型基金、 組合型基金、保本型基金、傘型基金等產品的台灣 投信業者,在產品創新上領先同業,之後更帶動國 內投信同業跟進募集同類型產品之熱潮。而近兩年 所推出的商品指數期信基金、黃金期信基金更是開 市場之先河。 2003年發行台灣第一檔ETF商品,是台灣最早 開發指數投資技術之投信公司。另於2009年率先引 進直接跨境ETF及連結式ETF兩種形式之不同商品,

Complete product line offers clients


the best wealth management services At the end of 2011, Yuanta ITC offered a total of 66 different domestic and overseas mutual funds. Within domestic funds, we offered 16 Taiwan equity and balanced funds, 16 ETF funds, and 9 offshore equity

完善基金管理平台 為了管理公司經營所遭遇之市場風險、信用風 險、流動性風險、作業風險以及法律風險,元大投 信整合「投資四大流程」,實踐作業流程風險管理,

funds, including funds focused on long-term


growth in Asia, as well as Greater China and


emerging markets. In addition, our thematic


funds, such as investment-grade and high


yield bond funds, give clients a comprehensive


selection for asset allocation.

管理平台。元大投信於2009年獲得金彝獎傑出風險 管理團隊獎的殊榮。

完整產品線,提供投資人更有利的財富管理服務 截至2011年底,元大投信共推出國內、外基金檔數(包含期信基金)達66檔,在台股股票型含平衡型基 金達16檔,國內、外指數型與ETF之被動式操作基金則達16檔,至於海外股票型基金,則聚焦長線投資潛 力最看好的亞洲、大中華與新興市場之產品線,相關之基金檔數達9檔,此外還有主題式商品、以及組合型 債券基金、投資等級債、高收益債等債券相關產品。產品線完備,提供投資人更為妥善的資產配置與投資

By teaming up with Yuanta ITC, we now have a more flexible asset allocation approach. 感謝元大投信固定收益團隊的努力,讓我們在資產配 置的調整上能更加靈活!

佈局。 Ms. Gui Feng Yen, Vice Director of Finance 警語:本基金經金管會核准或同意生效,惟不表示絕無風險。本公司以往之經理績效,不保證本基金之最低投資收益;本公司除盡善良管理人

Quanta Computer


廣達電腦 財務部副處長 顏 貴峰 女士

資人申購前應詳閱基金公開說明書。本公司或銷售機構有公開說明書備索,或至本公司之網址(http://www.yuantafunds.com)、基金資訊觀測站 查詢(http://newmops.twse.com.tw)。[ 元大寶來投信獨立經營管理 ]


Wealth Management Business

財 富 管 理 業 務

Yuanta has a large network of service locations with high-quality professional service staff and a wide array of financial products, all of which are backed by the resources of the entire Yuanta group. Our wealth management professionals meet one-on-one with clients to assess their financial service needs based on risk tolerance and life stage considerations. Customized asset allocation and periodic analyses of portfolio performance give customers peace of mind to entrust their wealth management needs to Yuanta. 元大擁有廣大的服務據點,高素質的專業人才及豐富多元的金融商品,結合全集團的資源作後盾,依據客戶不同風險屬性及不同人生階段理財需求 ,進行分級服務。以一對一的方式隨時提供最完整的理財規劃及市場即時資訊,透過量身訂作的資產配置,並定期審視追蹤投資組合績效,使客戶放心 將財富交給元大。另積極引進新理財商品上架,滿足客戶投資理財需求。

Professionalism, integrity, and passion

Asia. Our in-depth research reports and

Yuanta Securities and Yuanta Bank both

analyses of market trends help clients

have dedicated wealth management

understand the pulse of the market and

departments comprised of skilled financial

make wise investment decisions.

professionals with knowledge of a full range of different asset classes. Wealth management employees have all obtained professional licenses and continue to hone their professional skills by staying current on financial market information. Extensive product line At Yuanta, our wealth management team is always at the cutting-edge of product innovation and focused on customer needs. By pooling products from across the entire Yuanta group, we are able to provide customers with securities, mutual funds, futures, and banking products, as well as comprehensive customer support.

元大財富管理團隊永遠走在最前線,除了 擁有金融創新研發能力,能針對客戶需求,開 發出各種不同類型之新產品。另透過集團旗下

Personal consulting


Our personal consultants offer clients the


best financial advice suited for their level of


risk tolerance and stage in life, taking into consideration their level of financial knowledge and investment experience. Financial seminars We periodically host finance and investment seminars throughout Taiwan in which we invite financial professionals to share their expertise on financial issues or insight into financial trends. 專業、誠信、服務熱誠 元大證券及元大銀行旗下財富管理部門精選各

Full support from Yuanta Group


Yuanta’s research team is not only number


one in Taiwan, but well-respected in all of

專業能力。以誠信態度及親切服務強化客戶關係, 贏取客戶信任。



元大集團豐富資源作後盾 元大集團擁有亞洲聞名的堅實研究團隊,深 入的市場趨勢分析,以精闢研究報告幫客戶隨時 掌握財經脈動,協助客戶做出最佳的投資決策。 專屬財富管理顧問 每一位客戶都有自己不同的風險承受度及 各階段不同的理財需求。個人專屬財富管理顧 問以專業金融知識及豐富理財經驗,為客戶提 供最適合的財務規劃建議。 投資理財講座 不定期邀請財經專業人士於全省各地舉辦金 融趨勢或理財講座, 讓客戶隨時汲取市場新知。

Yuanta Financial Holdings: Striving For More 以誠信為本,善盡企業社會責任

Corporate Social Responsibility At Yuanta, we adopt a holistic approach to the way we run our business. Not only do we strive to deliver maximum return to shareholders, but we also take seriously our responsibility to benefit society as a whole. We are committed to operating and growing in such a way that is both environmentally sustainable and that uses the influence we have as a corporate citizen to reach beyond the sphere of our business. By doing so we are able to positively impact shareholders, employees, customers, the environment, and society at large.

Yuanta Cultural and Educational Foundation (Yuanta Foundation) was established in 2002 in order to more effectively carry out our commitment to CSR beyond the sphere of our immediate business. Through the foundation, resources can be consolidated and used more efficiently to promote arts and cultural programs, educational initiatives, and to help those in society with special needs. Within the company, our commitment to CSR is carried out through established policies and guidelines that make environmental sustainability an important part of our corporate culture and philosophy, and encourage each employee to take personal responsibility.

Corporate Governance

and employees not only abide by all legal norms but build a

At Yuanta, we believe transparency is necessary for genuine and

culture that abides by the highest ethical standards.

effective communication with all stakeholders and we apply this principle to both our operations and governance structures.

1. Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee:

Transparency in governance is reinforced by the company’s

The Board is comprised of eleven directors who are well-

Board of Directors and Audit Committee. A robust risk

respected and have extensive professional backgrounds in the

management system, internal audit and control structure, and

financial industry. More than one-third of board members are

thorough guidelines and policies ensure that all management

independent directors and both the Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee are solely comprised of those





1. 設立審計委員會及薪酬委員會:







對外,本公司於2002年設立元大文教基金會,整合集團可用資源,關切社 會弱勢,贊助各項藝文活動。對內,則透過典章制度建立,確立元大企業倫理 及文化精神,潛移默化中影響集團全體員工執行日常業務之行為。

審計委員會職責首重監督,它監控公司內部控制有效實行及相關法令之確 實遵循,財務資訊公開透明。 薪酬委員會之主要職責係協助董事會以公平管理及透明之程序,訂定經理 人之績效考核標準及酬金標準,並適時檢視董事之酬金結構與制度。



元大相信真正的溝通,必須建立在資訊透明的基礎上。我們努力提升營運透 明度、注重股東權益、健全董事會及審計委員會功能。另外,強化風險控管、注 重內稽內控、建立完整周延的規章制度確保公司上至管理階層下至員工同仁皆能

及審計委員會之監督功能。 2. 股利分派以現金為主,並適時買回庫藏股註銷以維護股東最大利益 元大於2007年成為金控公司後,即將股利政策調整為高盈餘分配比例且以

遵循法律規範,並佐以最高道德標準檢視,以建立誠信經營的企業文化。 現金股利分派為主,連續三年皆以獲利數之九成以現金股利方式分派予股東。 2008年金融風暴期間,元大是唯一一家金控公司實施庫藏股買回計畫並予 以註銷之公司,共註銷股份總數百分之三。透過此種方式,提高每股盈餘(EPS) 及股東權益報酬率(ROE)。 3. 嚴謹內部控制制度及風險控管機制 元大稽核部及風險管理部直接隸屬於董事會,協助董事會監督公司上下遵 行法令制度及內部規範。元大每年至少辦理一次一般業務查核及每半年對本公 司及所有子公司之財務、 風險管理及法令遵循管理辦理一次專案業務查核。 另外,在追求營運績效時,一併考量風險承受度,建立以適切風險管理為 導向之經營模式,為股東創造風險調整後之最大獲利。 4. 即時完善資訊揭露制度,提高財務及營運透明度: 肝病防治衛教活動

Liver disease prevention event

除了建置中英文企業網站,提供元大營運策略方針、內部組織架構、公 司治理相關資訊及各項財務資料等,使投資大眾能及時獲取本公司最正確的 訊息。 每月五日元大定時揭露金控及各子公司詳細完整的每月獲利資訊於網站上 供投資人查閱。


元大金融控股股份有限公司及其子公司 合 併 現 金 流 量 表 民國 100年及99 年1月 1 日 至1 2 月 3 1日


2011 營業活動之現金流量 本期淨利 少數股權淨利 調整項目 應付可轉換公司債折價攤銷 折舊及攤銷費用 呆帳迴轉利益 採權益法認列之投資利益 採權益法認列之股權投資收到之現金股利 備供出售金融資產之已實現利益 以成本衡量之金融資產處分利益 資產減損損失 出售及報廢固定資產、無形資產及其他資產利益 出售承受擔保品淨利益 採權益法認列之處分利益 出售不良債權利益 出售待出售資產淨利益 庫藏股轉讓予本公司及其子公司員工認列之成本 資產及負債科目之變動 公平價值變動列入損益之金融資產增加 應收款項減少(增加) 其他金融資產-淨額增加 遞延所得稅資產-淨額減少 公平價值變動列入損益之金融負債(減少)增加 應付款項減少 應計退休金負債增加 營業及負債準備增加 其他金融負債增加(減少) 待出售非流動資產直接相關之負債增加 營業活動之淨現金流入(流出) 投資活動之現金流量 存放央行及拆借金融同業減少(增加) 附賣回票券及債券投資減少(增加) 貼現及放款-淨額增加 備供出售金融資產(增加)減少 持有至到期日金融資產-淨額(增加)減少 採權益法之股權投資增加 處分長期股權投資價款 購置固定資產及其他非營業資產

$ 13,381,719 195,949

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

113,540 1,431,009 260,117) 9,105) 4,421 680,204) 16,066) 239,391 1,026,682) 27,337) 7,583,727) 314,609) 2,155) 184,508


2010 $

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

8,159,906 75,733 54,170 1,138,638 130,813) 559,899) 303,059 752,097) 177,426) 558,406 31,231) 55,110) (971) 377,569) 5,097) 10,538

7,943,950) 35,389,249 ( 1,190,417) 522,998 ( 1,540,629) ( 421,162) 734,339 162,715 953,682 5,903 32,303,263

( 38,381) ( 15,953,684) ( 1,742,373) 714,249 2,952,367 ( 2,052,906) 104,469 113,222 ( 376,292) ( 8,069,092)

15,131,263 2,226,092 63,459,700) 415,016) 542,511) 1,522,407) 13,187,288 824,385)

( 42,978,622) ( 2,819,184) ( 50,698,640) 5,707,816 613,243 ( 243,911) 54,064 ( 1,319,119)

( ( ( ( (

2011 $

處分固定資產及其他資產價款 無形資產-淨額增加 購買承受擔保品 出售承受擔保品價款 購買待出售資產 出售待出售資產價款 其他資產減少(增加) 購置不良債權款 出售不良債權價款 受讓寶來證券全部已發行股份現金對價部分 投資活動之淨現金流出 融資活動之現金流量 央行及金融同業存款(減少)增加 應付商業本票-淨額(減少)增加 附買回票券及債券負債增加 存款及匯款增加 其他借款(減少)增加 其他負債增加(減少) 發行公司債 償還公司債 發行金融債 償還金融債 發放現金股利 購入庫藏股 轉讓庫藏股價款 少數股權 融資活動之淨現金流入 匯率影響數 合併個體變動淨影響數 合併他公司取得現金及約當現金餘額 本期現金及約當現金增加(減少) 期初現金及約當現金餘額 期末現金及約當現金餘額 現金流量資訊之補充揭露: 本期支付利息 本期支付所得稅 不影響現金流量之投資及融資活動 轉換公司債轉換為普通股 發行新股取得子公司股權


1,183,606 (233) 46,172) 41,723 (356,350) 88,383 5,174,198 3,202,225) 572,596 24,699,907) 57,463,757)


( ( (

$ (

114,757 1,979,563) (53) 253,835 (53,733) 54,917 ( 3,396,534) 797,743 ( 95,892,984)

( 9,726,958) ( 10,882,087) 7,664,656 53,137,540 ( 7,554,704) 125,993 10,000,000 ( 6,300,000) 10,000,000 ( 9,947,060) 310,665 ( 68,766) 36,759,279 977,097 4,620,289 17,196,171 16,594,978 $ 33,791,149


3,852,364 11,612,330 211,379 69,486,095 6,522,493 1,075,335) 5,000,000 2,500,000) 5,441,920 (147,800) 7,264,817) 77,784) 28,782 241,068 91,330,695 303,257) 6,329) 12,940,967) 29,535,945 16,594,978

$ $

3,406,645 3,756,822

$ $

2,221,765 2,297,635

9,973 $ 20,606,774

$ $


( ( ( (

( ( (


Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and Its Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements of Income

元 大 金 融 控 股 股 份 有 限 公 司 及 其 子 公 司 合 併 損 益 表

For the Years Ended December 31

民國 100年及 99 年1月 1日至 12月31 日

(Expressed in Thousands of New Taiwan Dollars, Except for Earnings per Share) 單位:新台幣仟元 (除每股盈餘為新台幣元外)

2011 Interest income Less: Interest expense Net interest income Net non-interest income Net service fee and commission income (Loss) gain on financial assets and financial liabilities at fair value through profit or loss Realized gain on available-for-sale financial assets Investment income accounted for under the equity method Foreign exchange gain – net Asset impairment loss Other non-interest income Gain from disposal of requites investments Net non-interest income Net profit Gain on reversal for credit losses Operating expenses Personnel expenses Depreciation and amortization Other business and administrative expenses

利息收入 減:利息費用 利息淨收益 利息以外淨收益 手續費及佣金淨收益 公平價值變動列入損益之金融資產及負債(損失)利益 備供出售金融資產之已實現利益 採權益法認列之投資利益 兌換淨利益 資產減損損失 其他非利息淨損益 處分投資淨利益 利息以外淨收益合計 淨收益 呆帳迴轉利益 營業費用 用人費用 折舊及攤銷費用 其他業務及管理費用

Consolidated income from continuing operations before income tax Income tax expense Consolidated net income Consolidated net income attributable to: Parent company Minority interest Consolidated net income

繼續營業單位稅前合併淨利 所得稅費用 合併總利益 合併總利益歸屬予: 母公司股東 少數股權 合併總利益

Basic earnings per share Basic earnings per share Diluted earnings per share


每股盈餘 基本每股盈餘 稀釋每股盈餘




( ( ( ( ( $ $ $ Before Taxes $1.63 $1.61

13,008,552 ( 3,736,418) 9,272,134 10,321,122 2,547,751) 680,204 9,105 623,021 239,391) 6,346,679 7,583,727 22,776,716 32,048,850 260,117

2010 $ (


10,224,073) 1,431,009) 5,529,872) 17,184,954) 15,124,013 1,546,345) 13,577,668

( ( ( (

13,381,719 195,949 13,577,668 After Taxes $1.47 $1.44


( $

$ Before Taxes $1.11 $1.10


10,507,143 2,341,573) 8,165,570

24 60 14

10,986,088 2,674,512 752,097 559,899 225,673 558,406) 2,895,139 971 17,535,973 25,701,543 130,81

( 6) ( 195) (10) ( 98) 176 ( 57) 119 780922 30 25 99

10,032,320) 1,143,585) 4,792,107) 15,968,012) 9,864,344 1,628,705) 8,235,639

2 25 15 8 53 ( 5) 65

8,159,906 75,733 8,235,639

64 159 65

After Taxes $0.93 $0.92

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Yuanta Securities

Yuanta Securities Finance

13F, 225 Nanking E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan 10488

7F, 66 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan 10557



10488 台北市中山區 南京東路三段225號13樓

10557台北市松山區 敦化南路一段66號7樓

Yuanta Bank

Yuanta Asset Management Company

1F, 66 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan 10557

11F, 66 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan 10557



10557 台北市松山區 敦化南路一段66號1樓

10557 台北市松山區 敦化南路一段66號11樓

Yuanta Futures

Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting

12F, 225 Nanking E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan 10488

4F, 225 Nanking E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan 10488



10488 台北市中山區 南京東路三段225號12樓

10488 台北市中山區 南京東路三段225號4樓

Yuanta Investment Trust Company

Yuanta Venture Capital

2F-1, 66 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan 10557

11F, 66 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan 10557



10557 台北市松山區 敦化南路一段68號2樓之1

10557 台北市松山區 敦化南路一段66號11樓

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