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Your Transaction Technology Partner The Partner for Today and Tomorrow


Beyond the vendor and buyer relationship, we want to become your value-added Business Partner like how we name ourselves PartnerTech Corporation


PartnerTech is a leading transaction technology solution provider committed to enhance our partners’ business experience and make life more enjoyable. PartnerTech offers quality products and innovative transaction technology solutions through strong customer relationships, in-house Research and identifying future IT trends in conjunction with our business partners. Founded in 1990, PartnerTech is committed to the success of your business. Through our healthy customer relations we respond to customer feedback and have successfully designed, manufactured and delivered thousands of on-target projects and intelligent products throughout the world. We recognize that we exist for you, our customers and we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your technology requirements. 拍檔科技成立於1990年為一深具活力與彈性的企業,不但具備充分洞悉客戶需求的能力,同 時運用交易資訊科技為客戶研發及製造品質與成本雙贏的 POINT OF SALE 產品。十餘年來,拍 檔科技兢兢業業,精益求精,致力於協助客戶追求成功的事業經驗,透過與全球客戶建立的良 好關係,拍檔科技不斷的創新研發與生產市場需求的產品,全球超過十萬台的安裝驗證拍檔品 質深獲國際大廠及市場的肯定 拍檔科技身為交易資訊科技完整方案的供應商,我們對客戶有責任提供符合需求的客製化優 質產品,視消費者為最終受惠者,視客戶為事業夥伴,以市場共生共榮為己任。身為一個雇主 ,我們鼓勵員工發揮潛能,並致力於將視野放大,帶領員工進入全球的市場領域。身為一個企 業主,我們在致力於回饋股東的同時也不忘關懷社會,為保護地球環境盡一份心力。

THE PARTNER WITH CARE - INNOVITATION TECHNOLOGY PartnerTech is a highly respected manufacturer of PC-based, open architecture POS terminals and peripherals. Our product portfolio encompasses everything needed for your demanding POS environ-

用心創新科技 時代在快速的變遷,科技的進步日新月異,讓我們深 深體會科技對各行業的競爭力提升的腳色中佔有相當重

ment. Our outstanding and esthetically pleasing


product line includes all-in one POS terminals, thermal


printers, keyboards, pole displays, kiosks.


For more than 15 years, PartnerTech products and services have been highly acclaimed as some of the best systems and solutions within the POS industry. Partner Tech is dedicated to providing our clients with a custom tailored solution that fulfills their precise needs.

及十餘年來所累積的產業經驗,拍檔不斷的研發製造出 優良品質且符合客戶需求的產品,聆聽客戶的回饋及持 續性的收集市場資訊,是拍檔的產品成功立足國際舞台 的重要因素之ㄧ。 隨著應用軟體以及網路科技的蓬勃發展,拍檔科技將

At the same time, PartnerTech continually strives to

藉著過去在點銷售產業所累積的 know-how 以及堅強的

offer the Lowest Cost of Owner ship while continuing


to offer tomorrow’s solutions, today


PartnerTech’s ultra modern production facilities located in both Taiwan and China, combined with a dedicated staff of over 50 engineers strive to develop new and innovative solutions daily. This means we are always providing our customers with the ideal transaction technology developed to meet and exceed the ever evolving industry requirements for Retail, Food And Beverage, Health Cars, Cruise Lines, and many more vertical markets. PartnerTech’s history of providing cost effective and reliable solutions iswhat truly sets Partner Tech above our competition. Our ability to develop and manufacture systems to fit our clients’ needs allows us to deliver an infinite number of solutions. This ability alone is truly the cornerstone to being a true partner in a market filled with static one-size-fits-all transaction technology providers.

產品開發的行列,期許在不久的將來為客戶提供更完整 、更有效的 Transaction Technology Solution。我們由衷 的希望拍檔科技能夠成為我們客戶永遠的最佳拍檔。

THE PARTNER WITH TRUST - PROFESSIONALISM KNOWLEDGE PartnerTech’s award-winning research and development team has been recognized for their innovative approach to delivering solutions designed specifically for the Point of Sale industry. Through our commitment to delivering innovative products we have developed a world-wide software and system integrator network. This ensures that we deliver ingeniousness solutions to our customers.

專業贏得信賴 熟知市場脈動、快速反應客戶需求以及全球行銷網絡 的建立,是拍檔科技最佳的競爭利器;全年超過四分之 一預算的人力與財力投注於研究及產品開發,從致力於 開放式的系統架構研發,產品的驗證到製程的嚴謹,在 在顯示拍檔對於滿足客戶需求的承諾。 十數年在流通產業深耕所累積出來的實戰經驗與傳承

Our team has been instrumental in defining the


industry standard architecture and open system


platforms required to meet the ever changing


technology climates. PartnerTech’s commitment for innovation is assured in every single product made by PartnerTech will be compatible with any solution you choose, by protecting your investment, as well as reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). will be compatible with any solution you choose, by protecting your investment, as well as reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).will be compatible with any solution you choose, by protecting your investment, as well as reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). PartnerTech’s award-winning research and development team has been recognized for their innovative approach to delivering solutions designed specifically for the Point of Sale industry.

針管理(Quality Function Deployment)來設計具有前 瞻性的產品,從自行設計主機板, firmware, OPOS 的撰 寫到系統整合,拍檔不假他手以求得更好更穩定的產品 保證。

THE PARTNER ENRICH YOUR BUSINESS PartnerTech offers an extensive selection of POS

POS Terminal

terminals and peripherals designed exclusively for the

TP series: Modular design Touch POS Terminal, leave

retail, supermarket, hospitality, Quick Service and

you numbers of choice--economic, fan less, high

banking industries. With over 100 million store days of

performance, wall mountable.

experience in hardware and software support, Partner

IP series: Cost effective modular and stackable POS PC

Tech consistently delivers world-class quality systems

solution for the budget conscious retailers

that meet your needs.

AT series: Standalone all in one touch terminal for

Our fully integrated systems and peripherals are

small and medium business

intended to protect your investment through

EP series: Affordable and easy to use ECR POS solution

compatibility across a multitude of platforms. Partner

for independent store

Tech is the only company that continues to remain on

HT series: All in one enterprise PDA. Provides WLAN &

the “Approved Vendor List” by many of the

GSM / GPRS wireless communication. Easy handling

Independent Software Vendors and Fortune 500

key-pad for business efficiency


POS Peripheral

From All-In-One terminals, Kiosks and POS peripherals, every one of Partner Tech quality products are manufactured at one of our global ISO 9001 certified facilities. The open system and industry compliant design of our products defines the reliability our customers have come to trust

Customer Display Programmable Keyboard LCD Monitor Receipt Printer POS 主機 模組化設計觸控螢幕主機

完整產品線打造夢想 拍檔科技提供完整的交易資訊科技產品線,從主機系 統到周邊,拍檔的目標是建置各行業在交易資訊科技需 求的完整性,從零售業、餐飲管理、超市、快速服務等

無風扇式觸控螢幕主機 壁掛式觸控螢幕主機 高效能觸控螢幕主機 獨立式主機 整合性觸控螢幕主機






POS 周邊

透過相容性的平台所開發的整合性主機系統及其周邊 目標在於保護客戶的投資,同時也名列於國際大廠及軟 體公司的合格供應商之列。

客戶顯示器 可程式鍵盤 LCD觸控螢幕 收據印表機 服務鈴系統 錢 櫃 廚房顯示系統 公共資訊系統

THE PARTNER RESPONSIBILITY - DEVOTED IMPLEMENTATION 千錘百鍊 精準執行 拍檔科技獲頒國際標準組織ISO-9001品質認證證書, 肯定了拍檔科技全面性的品質保證及製造技術。 不同於一般之電子及資訊行業,POS是標榜少量多樣 的產業,每一項產品都需要為客戶量身訂作。拍檔所具 備彈性及機動性的生產流程,以及堅持高品質的品質控 管流程,解釋了為何拍檔科技能在POS產業脫穎而出。

Based on the knowledge of industries application, we understand what is essential to you. We successfully respond to the needs and produce specialized quality products through a vigorous process that includes our in-house R&D team. Our award winning design and quality standards are Partner Tech’s best trademarks. • Worldwide presence in 9 countries, 30 cities • Function Define ID Design • Hardware Design (MB, DB, I/O Board…) • Software Programming (Firmware, AP, UI, Driver, OPOS) • Design review (PE, QA, QC… ) • Mechanical Design • Tooling Compatibility Verification • Hardware Verification • Reliability (Burning Test) • System Test • Function Test • MTBF Test • Thermal Test • Vibration Test • Shook Test • IP Test • Certification

PartnerTech Corporation Global Presence Taiwan 10F, 233-2, Pao Chiao Road, Hsin Tien, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C T. +886-2-2918-8500 F. +886-2-2915-3405 E-Mail: USA 51 Parker Irvine, CA 92618 T. +1-949-598-1888 T. +1-949-598-0088 E-Mail: Europe Fasanenweg 25,D-22145 Hamburg,,Germany T. +49 (0)40 450 635-0 T. +49 (0)40 450 635-130 E-mail: United Kingdom Unit 11 Berkeley Court Manor Park Runcorn Cheshire WA7 1TQ T. +44 (0)1928 579 707 T. +44 (0)1928 571 308 E-mail: China 1969, Laiyin Road, Songjiang High-tech Park, Jiuting, Songjiang, Shanghai, China 201615 T. +86-21-6769-6699 T. +86-21-6769-6224 E-Mail:

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