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ZEPTER RADIO INDUCTION COOKER The revolutionary technology for a fully automated, self-controlling and enjoyable cooking system. Zepter introduces a revolution and takes you into the future world of cooking in the blink of an eye. Until now, walking away from the kitchen while preparing food was unthinkable. Now, you can even leave the house while cooking, as your presence is unnecessary! The three Zepter self-regulating devices - the Zepter Radio Induction Cooker with the Zepter Radio Digital Thermocontrol and the Zepter Buzzer - will cook, turn off and keep the food warm and in its fresh state while you are away. You will have a healthy, cooked and ready to consume meal waiting for you when you get back.

Advanced Features of the Zepter Radio Induction Cooker Pairing with the Zepter Radio Digital Thermocontrol. The Zepter Radio Induction Cooker can be paired with a Zepter Radio Digital Thermocontrol; once paired, the two devices can communicate and regulate the cooking process. Automated cooking process When paired with the Zepter Radio Digital Thermocontrol, the Zepter Radio Induction Cooker can:

• Check the time set for cooking, switching off automatically once the set time has elapsed. • Adjust the heat source based on the set temperature, communicated by the Zepter Radio

Digital Thermocontrol, and regulate the power to keep it stable. • Enable, together with the Zepter Radio Digital Thermocontrol, completely automated cooking from start to finish.

Standard Features as the Zepter Induction Cooker The new Zepter Radio Induction Cooker combines outstanding digital features with the existing features of the TF-993. Quick heat The heat is generated inside the cookware very quickly and effectively.

Heat saving All the energy produced goes directly into the pot, with no dispersion. Moreover, when the pan is removed, the device switches to standby mode automatically, with no further unnecessary release of heat, thus saving money and the environment. The devices switches back on if a new pot is placed on it within one minute.





Hot plate warning No open flames, no red-hot electric hob coils, and no other direct heat sources. Moreover, over 60°C the red “hot plate” alert LED will remain on, even when the device is powered off. Maximum precision An additional temperature function is available with 8 pre-set temperature grades, ranging from 60°C to 240°C, the maximum power being used for frying. There are eight levels of Power Boost available.

MATCH IT WITH YOUR ZEPTER MASTERPIECE COOKWARE All Zepter Masterpiece Cookware pots have the patented Zepter Accuthermal Compact Bottom which works perfectly with the new Zepter Radio Induction Cooker, allowing you to prepare exquisite meals in line with Zepter’s healthy cooking philosophy. The Zepter Radio Induction Cooker is compatible with every kind of magnetic-based pot, pan or casserole. LIGHT, PORTABLE, SAFE, STYLISH: ENHANCE YOUR TABLE SETTING WITH THIS USEFUL DEVICE Now you can keep your food warm, while adding a touch of elegance to your table. Amaze your guests with this wonder of home technology!

Zepter Radio Induction Cooker Z-993R

Plate hot indicator Child lock

Schott Ceran glass Timer 8 preset temperature grades 8 levels Power boost

Control panel (sensor touch system control) TECHNICAL DATA Model No. : Power Supply Temperature range

Z-993R AC 220V-240V~50Hz 60°C ~240°C

Power ON


Even temperature The magnetic metal within the cookware heats homogeneously, making heat spread through the food evenly and regularly, with no hot spots.

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Zepter Radio Induction Cooker  

Zepter Radio Induction Cooker