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Name: Sonny Alexander Lewis Date Of Birth: 11th July 2014 Weight: 9lbs Parents: Stacey Jade Lewis & Matt Lewis

Name: William John Farren Date Of Birth: 6th August 2014 Weight: 8lbs Parents: Jo Farren & Matthew Farren

Name: Orla Elizabeth Ellen O’Donovan Date Of Birth: 20th July 2014 Weight: 5lb 13ozs Parents: Sarah O’Donovan & Jason O’Donovan

Name: Amelia Grace Yardley Date Of Birth: 2nd August 2014 Weight: 9lb 5oz Parents: Amanda Yardley & Marc Yardley

Name: Florence Eloise Haynes Date Of Birth: 30th June 2014 Weight: 6lb 4ozs Parents: Sophie Haynes & Kevin Haynes

Name: Mila Eden Frampton Date Of Birth: 3rd July 2014 Weight: 5lb 5oz Parents: Darima Frampton & Deyna Frampton | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


baby buzz magazine Editor of Baby Buzz Magazine: Nickie and children, Mia and Lillie

The Parents & Business section focuses on exactly that, being a parent and running a business! There are so many businesses that are run by people who juggle parenting with work every day and so each month we sing their praises and give them a great big mention. Photography by Venture Photography

At Enterprising Mums, we aim to support and inspire each other through our networking meetings. In this month's advice column, we show you how to write a short business plan.

A business plan is essential for a new business starting out. Not only will it give you focus and enable you to plan your time and finances, it will also help you to turn your ideas into reality. A good business plan defines exactly what you want to achieve and how you will do it. You start with the here and now, and then through the plan, plot where you want to be in the future. The length and detail of your plan depends on a number of factors. For example, if you require funding from an investor or the bank, then you need to go into detail with financial forecasts, profit margins, costs, cashflow etc. However if the plan is for your use to plan how you will grow your idea, then it can be a short document. The following structure gives you an outline of how to get started… 1.


Executive Summary The executive summary is often the most important part of your business plan. Positioned at the front of the document, it is the first part to be read. However, as a summary it makes sense to write it last. It is a synopsis of the key points of your entire plan. It should include highlights from each section of the rest of the document. Business Background (Your business, its products and services) Overview of your business: ● when you started or intend to start trading ● the type of business and the sector it is in and the legal structure (eg sole trader, partnership, limited company)

If you'd like to be featured in this section and give your business a shout out, contact me today: and most appropriate for your market, and do you have the right skills to secure the sales you need? You can also include a short strategy with measurable objectives (we will cover this in another column)

● any relevant history, patents, trademarks etc ● your vision for the future ● what makes it different - your USP, benefits and why customers need it ● how you plan to develop your products or services 5. 3.

Your markets and competitors In this section you should define your market, your position in it and outline who your competitors are. Key areas to cover include: ● your market, who are your customers, your competitors, and any future trends you can see


Marketing plan and strategy This section should describe the specific activities you intend to use to promote and sell your products and services. It should include: A SWOT analysis - outline your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Assess the internal strengths and weaknesses of your business. Identify the external opportunities and threats facing the business in the marketplace. How do you plan to position your product or service in the market place? Who are your customers? Include details of customers who have shown an interest in your product or service and explain how you plan to go about attracting new customers. What is your pricing policy? How much will you charge? How will you promote your product or service? E.g. direct marketing, advertising, PR, social media, email. How will you reach your customers? What channels will you use? How will you do your selling? Do you have a sales plan? Have you considered which sales method will be the most effective

● ●

● ●

● ● | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Financial forecasts As part of your plan you will need to provide a set of financial projections which translate what you have said about your business into numbers. If you require funding you will need to look carefully at things like how much capital you need, the security you can offer lender, how you plan to repay any borrowings, and sources of revenue and income. Your forecasts should include ● Sales forecast - the amount of money you expect to raise from sales. ● Cashflow forecast - your cash balance and monthly cashflow. The aim is to show that your business will have enough working capital ● Profit and loss forecast - the level of profit you expect to make

Finally consider other aspects such as skills of your team, operations (location of the business, production of your product, Stock control, IT), and legal information. It is also wise to have a contingency plan to explain how you will address any potential threats if and when they occur. If you want to know more about writing a business plan, then you can email Kerry at or tweet @inspirememedia For more information on Enterprising Mums networking groups or to set up a networking group yourself, please visit or tweet us @enterprisemums


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: e v i F e ents for M e um v i c o d G l s neur lega l a i t tpre n n e e s r Es pa w e n

Author: Mark Edwards, General Manager at, an online legal service providing families and small businesses with easyto-use, professional legal documents and affordable help from specialist lawyers. If you’ve decided to take the leap and become a parentpreneur, there are some important legal lessons to learn to protect and secure your business from the outset. There are a multitude of reasons why you should make getting legal help one of your top priorities. Let’s say you’re starting up a business from home but then decide you need to partner with someone – possibly a friend or family member - it’s important to have a partnership agreement in place. Without it all sorts of disputes and misunderstandings could take place in the future, putting yourself and the business at risk. Or if you decide that you need to focus on growing the business and need to take on extra staff to lighten your workload, you will need to follow correct procedures and issue an employment contract within two months, even if you’re hiring close family and friends. Many new businesses believe that getting help with legal issues is costly, complex and time-consuming but the great news is that you can create legally binding contracts and agreements easily and quickly (and even free if you take advantage of Rocket Lawyer’s oneweek free trial). As your home business grows, it’s really worth taking a step back, sorting out your legal affairs, and ensuring that everything you are working hard to achieve is protected. Here are five essential documents that will help your business get off the ground: 1.

Business Plan

Vital to helping you secure the funding you may need to kick-start your business. Show potential investors why your product or service will be successful with a business plan that sets clear objectives and a strategy for growing your business. A business plan will also help you create a realistic timeline in your head for when you can repay the investment, whilst also conveying confidence to potential investors.

2.Employment contract As mentioned before, employment contracts are not only a legal necessity, they can also help set the tone of your business. They are a great way to lay out clear expectations for the employer and employee, laying the foundations for a mutually rewarding relationship. It can be used for permanent employees or fixed-term, temporary employees. Your employment contract should cover areas such as pay, benefits, hours, holiday, sickness and termination. 3.

Confidentiality agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Before sharing valuable information with colleagues or friends, consider creating an NDA, a legally-binding document that is the first step to protecting your ideas and intellectual property. It is the easiest and most common way of ensuring that this information is not compromised, made public or exploited in any way. It also means that in the eventuality of any breach of contract, you can take legal action to implement any solution needed to rectify or prevent further breaches and recover damages. 4.

Partnership agreement

You want your business to run as smoothly as possible so it’s important that all parties know where they stand. Avoid any potential conflict by having in place a detailed and complete agreement of what is expected of the partners and how the business will be run under the partnership. This document should cover who the partners are, their capital contributions, their rights and responsibilities, and what will happen if and when they decide to leave the partnership. 5.

Home office rental agreement

If you are working from home, operate through a limited company and want to provide a contractual basis for renting your home office, use a simple home office rental agreement. This will help put things on the correct legal footing and may help you to claim back, for tax purposes, overheads in running the business.

When drafting your plan include an executive summary, business summary, marketing strategy, your financial plan and a SWOT analysis | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Meet the Parent behind ... Having given up a career in finance l found myself at home with a toddler and a small baby who cried relentlessly and didn’t seem able to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. I soon struggled with sleep deprivation and began heading towards post natal depression. At the same time l saw my happy little toddler demand attention by refusing to have a daytime nap, refusing to get into his new ‘big bed’ and waking up at night with his covers on the floor. As you can imagine this was just making matters a great deal worse! I came up with the idea to try and sort this situation out. I wanted to create a product which was special to him, gave him a cosy secure feeling like a comfort blanket and could be taken from place to place like a special teddy bear, but at the same time was practical, and would keep him tucked in and warm all night long. The very first Snuggle Sac was a lion, which worked really well so l designed another 4 designs and started the company. The designs are deliberately bright and cartoon like to appeal to children.

In 2000 when l realised the concept was viable l found a manufacturer and took the concept the one of the largest trade exhibitions in the UK. We came away with a full order book and a best new product award.

The ethos of the brand is to provide great quality products, which are good value for money and make a positive difference to family life.

I am particularly delighted that Snuggle Sacs have been endorsed by the highly acclaimed sleep expert, and founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity; Vicki

Dawson. I really hope with increased awareness Snuggle Sacs can start to be used in more and more homes to help children enjoy a good night’s sleep. The lovely thing is, they are wonderfully good fun too. They are great for long car journeys, sleep-overs or just being cosy watching TV. I’d love Snuggle Sacs to become synonymous with children getting a good night’s sleep, both in this country and abroad.

It has been exciting to come up with the idea for a product, but perhaps more fulfilling to ensure it was always linked to the credibility and ethos of the Snuggle Sac brand which has been around now for 14 years, so we must be doing something right. Realising J.K Rowling had written Snuggle Sacs into The Prisoner of Azkaban and l was invited to work with the set designers to manufacture 750 Sacs for the film set was a particular highlight though.

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the overwhelming roller coaster of a fast growing business and how exhausting and time consuming it can be. However, that can also be equally exciting and liberating so it isn’t much of a downside.

To completely understand their own aims and ambitions and what they want to achieve from the business. I’d advise anyone to write their own business plan with a mission statement to help focus and identify what the product is really about and what the company will be about. Doing this should help highlight strengths and weaknesses. I’d advise them not be afraid to ask for help in as many places as possible. I’ve found peer mentoring a great help over the years in addition to professional advice. I’d also suggest giving some real thought into child care provisions well in advance of them becoming a necessity to help avoid inevitable feelings of being torn and guilt.

‘Since launching in 2000 the company has sold hundreds of thousands of funky sleeping bags and associated products throughout the world....’

‘Realising J.K Rowling had written Snuggle Sacs into The Prisoner of Azkaban and l was invited to work with the set designers to manufacture 750 Sacs for the film set was a particular highlight though.’ | 01603 881 705 | Facebook: | Twitter:

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Meet the Parent behind ...

Myself Amanda Peffer, after being inspired by my two lovely children who have also tested and modelled the product, I have also named the company after them using their middle-names ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’. Now the business has grown so much my husband Jonathan Peffer works full time for Blade & Rose so it’s a real family business.

The company started whilst I was on Maternity leave when my little girl was about 4 months, all I seemed to do was pull down her dresses/shirts over her bottom. I thought there must be something on the market making a feature of that lovely nappy bottom so I started looking and found nothing of premium quality with funky designs that worked around the fact that babies are crawling, climbing and upside down with their bottoms in the air! This escalated into an idea that this is something I could do, so I started creating my own designs and contacting manufacturers. I did lots of research at baby groups and shops to come up with the concept, quality and price before I had my final product and was ready to place my 1�� order of 3000 pairs of leggings!

Blade & Rose is about providing innovative, funky, high quality baby leggings and accessories that are fashionable, comfortable and durable. These products combine colourful modern funky designs with top quality yarn, that are lovely and soft against children’s delicate skin.

have stockists in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Japan, US, China and Dubai which has allowed the company to grow quickly over 4 years. We have started a trend in the baby market and plan to continue to bring out fresh new designs to stay ahead and extend the clothing range.

It’s hard as you can’t really switch off but you don't really want to either, it’s a real buzz! The highlight is being your own boss, being able to pick the kids up from school, make sports day and have time off with them in the holidays. And of course seeing the leggings in shops and out and about on other babies is always hugely satisfying and makes it all worth it.

When I returned to work, I worked full time and also worked in the evenings / weekends to find stockists for the leggings. It was very hard working full time, the house full of leggings, two babies in nursery, however the feedback about the products was fantastic so knew if I put the effort in I would see the results. At first I took a drop in wages to put everything back into the business but I now work for myself, I have more time with my family and I can work around them to have a perfect work/ life balance.

Do your homework, check the market and if you think you have a niche product then go for it you will never look back! To be the brand leader for baby leggings. Our aim is to continue to grow the company worldwide, we already

Blade & Rose is about providing innovative, funky, high quality baby leggings and accessories that are fashionable, comfortable and durable.

‘Do your homework, check the market and if you think you have a niche product then go for it you will never look back!’ | Facebook: | | Twitter: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Meet the Parent behind ... ‘I have so many ideas. I would like to provide a one stop shop for everything premature baby.’ designed are for general day to day use. The cape and the cosy bag are very popular.

My son Clarke was born weighing 3lb14oz which was very unex pected and spent the first week in the special care baby unit at Watford Hospital. Clarke was our first baby so everything was a new experience and albeit scary to start especially seeing him in an incubator with tubes and wires attached to him. It was here that i came up with my first ideas of what I would have liked to dress my tiny son in without having to remove the wires and tubes.

I have so many ideas. I would like to provide a one stop shop for everything premature baby. I know how frustrated I was when i was having to buy everything to suit a premature baby from bottle teats to highchairs and car seats. I want to provide one place with everything you need as well as extending the clothing range.

Sending the first order to our first customer and hearing their feedback. Once we were home I started sharing my ideas of premature baby clothing with my dad who is a great businessman so he agreed to help on the proviso the garments were made in Britain. We looked into the The time it has taken to set it all up. market and saw there was a place for my ideas. The process took a lot longer than I'd initially expected mainly because the patterns needed to be adjusted for sizing and it was a struggle to find a manufacturer in the UK. That being said we have managed to overcome all the obstacles.

Our main objective was to provide Premature baby clothes that make life easier for mum & dad when their baby is in hospital. The designs of the baby suits and vest have poppers at the arms and legs. This allows the garment to open up flat so baby can be placed on top. This is great for babies in an incubator and/or with wires & monitors attached. The other items I've

Be patient and prepared to have a lot of late nights. It's important to balance your time with your baby and your new business. Most of all enjoy it. It's worth the hard work.

‘It's important to balance your time with your baby and your new business. Most of all enjoy it. It's worth the hard work.’ | Facebook: | Twitter: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag 10

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Meet the Parent behind ...

‘There is so much to be said for the freedom of choosing when you work and how much you do. Suddenly your priorities change.’ dependent on any other supplier, we can given me the tools to regain control of guarantee the quality of our aloe. my life. Forever Living UK.

Forever Living Products began its operations in the UK in 1992 and has grown from nothing to being the largest provider of Aloe Vera products in the UK in a very short period of time. Early in 1994, the Company moved to prestigious Longbridge Manor in Warwick as its UK headquarters.

Forever and its affiliates have become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera and bee products in the world. Avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides, our patented stabilisation process ensures our aloe vera is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. And because we are not

The perfect work life balance earning a good income whilst spending as much time as I want with my children. I don't want to miss these early years... I won't get them back!

Being my own boss and the buzz of success. There is so much to be said for the freedom of choosing when you work and how much you do. Suddenly your priorities change. You can take the afternoon off to go to soft play or swimming if you want. The nature of the company means that it's what you make it and only you can choose what that is going to be. Many working mums feel they don't have any control or choice and just need to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. Forever Living have

7 1/2 months pregnant is probably not the best time to start trading as it requires hard work and dedication, all of which need a bit more energy when you're cooking a baby! Another downside is convincing people that you're not a pyramid scheme, a con artist or a cult!

If you can find the dedication and are prepared to put in the hard work then there is no reason you can't succeed. Success doesn't happen overnight, but it will eventually happen. All you have to do is truly believe it will.

‘The perfect work life balance earning a good income whilst spending as much time as I want with my children. I don't want to miss these early years... I won't get them back!’ | | Tel: 07974 701 716 People interested in becoming a distributor for Forever Living please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag 11

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Meet the Parents behind ... Joulberry was founded by entrepreneurs Therese Kober and Sandra Dunn, both mums to 3 children. "Having emigrated from Germany with my newborn baby, I set up home with my English husband, making my first Joulberry jewellery to capture moments in time to send home to my family and friends" says Therese. The product has become much more than this and now encompasses bespoke designs. We use only the finest metals - a combination of precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum along with some collections featuring fashionable and accessible base metals including copper and brass. There is no plating used on our jewellery as the pieces are made to last. We have taken the trend of personalisation to the next level, whether it is encapsulating a shared bond or a personal memory, the products have been specifically designed to hold messages that are dear to our customers, extracting these special moments and enabling them to keep them physically close.

We met at our local gym through our kids and became friends. Therese had been making jewellery for a number of years, but she needed a business partner to work alongside her with more commercial experience cue Sandra! We started Joulberry officially in July 2010 and the brand has gone from strength to strength since then, but it has not always been plain sailing! Having both family and friends who had started their businesses from scratch, we knew it would be hard work with lots of blood, sweat and tears. We had in our minds that 3 years of hard graft would tell us if we had a business or not and this was probably a realistic time frame! We have heard your own business being compared to your newborn baby. Of course, there is no comparison, but the hours invested in your little one and the sleepless nights are comparable!

Joulberry is a bespoke personalised jewellery brand wanting to give our customers beautiful and meaningful jewellery. Providing a personal service and a product that is not mass-produced in a throwaway society is a rare find. Joulberry listens to its customers and offers support from beginning to end, whether it is the purchase of a personalised piece of jewellery as a gift, chosen from our collections or a commissioned bespoke engagement ring. We make every piece by hand in our Hampton Court studio. Currently we sell via our own website but we're adding the finishing touches to our first ever showroom open to the public, so we are hugely excited about the future for the brand!

Having developed an online following of customers worldwide, we would like to bring our brand to a wider audience through a retail presence both here in the UK and in Europe for the full Joulberry experience.

We can't name one, so here are our top 5! 1.

In the early days, we were thrilled to be selected as a partner. They have championed small, creative businesses like ours since they began and continue to be a great supporter of ours today.


Getting our first premises - a tiny studio in West Molesey (believe it or not, a huge upgrade from our not so huge kitchen!)


In May 2014, being selected as 1 of 10 from 250 brands to pitch to judges at House of Fraser, Dragon Den style for a pop up concession selling competition in their flagship Oxford Street store as well as on their website. We just missed out on coming first but were delighted to be awarded a highly commendable 2nd place by the wonderful COO, Nigel Oddy.


We love all our customers, but we can't help but be pretty chuffed to also have celebrity fans like Amanda Holden, Geri Halliwell and Paddy McGuinness wearing our pieces.


Nowadays, spending our working hours with our wonderful Joulberry team, who are living and breathing the Thames air and the Joulberry ethos!

Lack of sleep, angry husbands and acne!

Do it... but find a lovely business partner who understands you and shares the same values, work ethic and ambitions

‘Nowadays, spending our working hours with our wonderful Joulberry team, who are living and breathing the Thames air and the Joulberry ethos!’ | Facebook: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag | Twitter:

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Meet the Parents behind ... come to us as a 'one stop shop' for their children's skincare needs. We have had such amazing response to new products since the wipes such as our saline nose nuzzles and mucky mitts hand sanitiser that we would love to develop more.

Husband and wife Colin and Janet Cordner Most recently, it has been BOOTS stocking our products, it is our first major pharmacist retailer so we are very excited. We are also very proud of the awards we have won, especially those voted for by the public. In general though, the highlight every day is the countless eWe started our journey in 1999 when our first son was born. At eight mails, tweets and letters we get saying thank you. To know that our months Jackson developed baby eczema. To our horror, he became very products have made a difference to parents like us is hugely rewarding unwell after using steroid cream which not only thins the skin but and just brilliant. destroys the immune system. We found that the alcohol present in many baby wipes compounded the condition and couldn't find anything on the market that didn't contain these harsh chemicals. We went through loads of brands and in the end had to resort to water and cotton wool but this wasn't practical and we found that even the It is hard to call it a downside as it is also what drives us and motivates chlorine traces found in tap water were too harsh for Jackson's skin, his us but it is tricky juggling four kids with your own business as any condition was basically aggravated by anything we used including baby working parent knows. We are lucky that we are in the business soaps. We felt we had no choice but to explore developing our own together so we both understand the pressures and what is needed wipe. After years of exhaustive research and steadfast determination, every day and can work together to make sure we can balance it all. we successfully designed our own unique cleansing wipes that contain naturally occurring ingredients. Coinciding with the birth of our second son in 2003, Reece, the concept for Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes was born. Follow your heart but be sure to use your head and bounce ideas off people close to you that you can trust - not just for emotional support but also for advice on the practical stuff...if you know other people with We are passionate about developing genuinely natural products. We their own businesses then pick their brains. Don't assume it will be found it very frustrating that products that claimed to be natural or easier than working for someone else and don't be arrogant, know appeared to be for sensitive skin still contained harsh ingredients which your weaknesses as well as your strengths. For us, developing Jackson made it very confusing for us and meant we had to do lots of research Reece as 'a brand' has been very organic and quite straightforward as to get where we are now. We want to give parents products that they we have always known what our brand values need to be and we have can use in confidence on their children (or themselves!) and know that stayed true to that in all we have done and this gives us great pride and there is nothing nasty that will aggravate their sensitive skin. We don't excitement for the future. want any parent to go through what we went through with Jackson.

Ultimately we would love to expand the range into other products - for example bath. We are constantly developing and researching new ideas and feel that the more we can offer in our range, the more parents can

‘It is hard to call it a downside as it is also what drives us and motivates us but it is tricky juggling four kids with your own business as any working parent knows. We are lucky that we are in the business together so we both understand the pressures and what is needed every day and can work together to make sure we can balance it all.’ | Facebook: | | Twitter: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Meet the Parent selling ... I'm Maureen Nwachuku, a mother of three and an Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador.

At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and respect for the world’s diversity. The welfare of our children is dependent on the welfare of the planet, so we source paper from sustainably managed forests and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact. Playful, beautiful and created to last a lifetime, our products combine the best of the present with the best of the past to educate our children as the caretakers of tomorrow.

Co-founders Nancy Traversy, CEO, and Tessa Strickland, Editor-in-Chief, started Barefoot Books in 1992 when their children were very small, with the goal of creating children’s books that feed the imagination, while instilling a respect for diversity and a love of the planet. Today, we are a worldwide Community committed to the kind of storytelling and art that encourages children to become happy, engaged members of society.

My Barefoot Books business is limitless. I hope to put these beautiful, soulful books in the hands of thousands of children in London and Hertfordshire. I have seen first hand the way the books educate, entertain and inspire children; the way that the stories touch the hearts and minds of children is just magical! In addition to enriching the lives of children with books I am really enthusiastic about building a team of mums like myself who are passionate about children, families, and the community to earn an income sharing Barefoot books. I enjoy mentoring and brainstorming business strategies and I am committed to helping other women build a business that they love around their family commitments. Barefoot books is such a versatile business, I get regular requests to set up a book stall at fetes and events as diverse as farmers markets to beauty salons!

Also, I absolutely adore the fact that I get to spend lots of time with my young family! That to me is the ultimate freedom of working for myself. I used to squeeze in family time in between work in my old job, but now my family and connecting with families is at the heart of what I do and I enjoy it so much. It may sound strange but I have found the most rewarding part of building a business is the people I have met along the way and the relationships I have developed.

The downside is definitely the lack of regular income. But to be honest as a business owner you just need to change your mindset to get around this. The income I earn today is a function of the time, effort and dedication I apply to my business. If I start the month determined to make a certain amount, then I will do it. If I do not manage to achieve my goal that month, I take time to reflect. I review my activities, speak to my sponsor and implement new strategies. No experience is wasted, it is just an opportunity to refine my approach. Basically there is never a dull moment. I am constantly learning!

Go for it! It will stretch you, challenge you, and at times leave you utterly exhausted. But what will emerge is a better version of you. You will evolve a stronger and more confident person, who will be better at trusting your instincts and making profitable decisions. You will have also created business and nest egg that you and your family can be proud of. On a practical note, I will say go out there and meet people; join a network of like-minded business owners to inspire and motivate you. People will buy your products and services, if they like you they will even sell your products and services (through referrals), it is really important to bear this in mind in the age of “clicks” and “likes”. Keep people at the heart of your business and you can’t go wrong really.

Initially I thought working for myself would mean that I would have to get used to doing things alone. But the opposite has been the case, I get to connect with so many wonderful people when sharing Barefoot books. I meet regularly with parents, teachers, community organisers, other business owners and my Barefoot books ambassador community. We share ideas and connect authentically and find so many interesting ways to work together for a common good! *minimum order £100 contact me directly for further details

‘ I have seen first hand the way the books educate, entertain and inspire children; the way that the stories touch the hearts and minds of children is just magical!’ | twitter: @maureennwachuku Email: BabyBuzzMag | Twitter: 14

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What made you want to be an author / illustrator? From my earliest years, I have always loved stories and I have always loved drawing. I made the switch from graphic design to illustration in 1980 and discovered that, if I wanted to control what I illustrated, the answer was to write the stories too. The opposite holds true, too: I don’t write about what I don’t want to illustrate! What is the inspiration behind Q Pootle 5? I was thinking about a new character for a new book. I tend to think with a pencil in my hand and, as I mused on what kind of character this new one might be, I was doodling various animals. A pair of horns, that were meant to be for a giraffe, somehow metamorphosed into a little alien! Q Pootle 5 just popped out of my pencil. It’s rare that a first drawing of a character ends up being the final thing. But that’s pretty much how it happened. Maybe he just ‘beamed down’ . . . ? How did Q Pootle 5 jump from illustration to CBeebies? There was a surprising flurry of interest from production companies after the first book was published. For one reason or another nothing came to fruition. Eventually, I let go of the idea of animation for Q Pootle 5. It was my son Ben’s idea to pick it up again. He was convinced there was a future for the little chap and made it his business to make it happen. We decided to form a production company of our own, so that we could retain maximum creative control. It took three years of hard work, funding, taking legal advice, meeting with broadcasters and animators and all the other necessary concerns, before we could eventually begin the two years of production to make fifty-two episodes. It’s been a great challenge and a very steep learning curve, but also hugely rewarding, especially being able to work with so many very talented people along the way. What is your favourite children’s book? When I was very young I loved The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, by Beatrix Potter. Later my firm favourite was Treasure Island. A favourite picture book these days, is Kipper’s A to Z by Mick Inkpen. It’s beautifully conceived, great fun and so much more than a standard alphabet book. My ‘Desert Island’ children’s book would have to be Winnie The Pooh. (Can I have an edition with The House at Pooh Corner in it too?) | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

These are wonderful stories (along with Shepard’s superb black and white drawings). Not only do they still have the power to captivate children but, in a kind of Narnia wardrobe way, they instantly transport a wearied adult to an inventive, funny and refreshingly naïve world. What is it like working with your family? Surprisingly easy! We have our moments, of course, but not that many. Fortunately, we don’t seem to have impossibly large egos to manage. We’re able to recognise individual strengths and acknowledge each other’s contributions. We want what’s best for the production. We’re not over concerned about who came up with what idea. We also support each other when the going gets tough – as it inevitably does from time to time. What advice would you give to our readers if they wanted to follow in your footsteps? It’s not easy to get a toehold these days. You have to really want it and not be put off by disappointments and rejection. It takes both inspiration and perspiration! Even if you have a good idea, it can be difficult getting it in front of a publisher. There’s almost a Catch 22 situation where publishers won’t look at material that hasn’t come via an agent. But then many agents won’t take on unpublished authors! Get yourself a copy of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. It’s a mine of useful information – including those publishers and agents who don’t operate that Catch 22 clause! (There’s a Children’s version of this yearbook too.) What about some tips for the little budding authors / illustrators out there? To children, I would only say don’t worry about making a living at it. Just keep on making up those stories. Keep on producing all those hundreds of pictures. Enjoy it. It’s a fair bet that those who do end up making a living from writing or illustration will be those who did exactly that. Are there any new projects in the pipeline? Our production Company, Snapper has a number of really exciting projects (for both children and adults) at various stages of development. Unfortunately, I’m sworn to secrecy about them at the moment! Q Pootle 5: The Great Space Race and other Adventures is available to pre-order now on Amazon. You can also pick-up puzzles and games now. The Christmas special DVD and Q Pootle 5 themed books and magazines will be available to buy from November.



hether it’s getting ready to go back to school or maybe you are sending your little one off on their first day of school (tissue’s at the ready mum!!), you want to do all you can to ensure that they have everything they need. We’ve put together some of the best in school essentials you’ll need ranging from school bags and lunch-boxes to stationary equipment and computers! We have all the information you need to get your child set and ready to start their journey! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


back to school - getting you started © Annems | - Back To School In School Uniform Photo

GETTING READY FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Soon the school holidays will be over and we will be getting our little ones ready for either their first day at school, or their return to a whole new class! Your first day at school is one of the most memorable times in your life – for both child and parent – and it can be a very nerve wracking time. Here are my tips on not only getting through it, but making the most of this hugely important time in their lives: Listen to their concerns We all remember the feeling of dread when going to school for the first time – no matter how many years ago it was! So think back to this time, acknowledge their fears and provide comfort and reassurance. Encourage them to socialise with children beforehand Organise play dates with your child’s friends who you know are going to the same school shortly before term starts so that they won’t feel so nervous about going. By socialising with other children who will be there on their first day they will feel much more confident, especially as all the children will be feeling the same. Practise their reading and writing in preparation Spend 20 minutes a day reading with your child in a unique and fun way. You can act out the stories by creating mini plays, or if they have started to read take it in turns to read alternate pages. Writing is also

important. Encourage your children to practise holding a pencil and draw pictures of things that happened over the summer. Create a routine in advance Plan ahead to avoid the morning madness and stress by getting into a routine before school starts. By implementing the schedule of going to bed and waking up early a week before school starts, it will help to ease the shock following the summer holidays lie-ins! If it is possible, begin a routine where clothes and shoes are ready and laid out the night before. This will reduce the possibility of being in a crazy rush before you leave home. Make back to school shopping fun No doubt you have been swarmed with ‘back to school’ offers for clothes and stationery so another activity that could be fun is to make a school shopping list with the kids. This task will allow them to think creatively about what they need when they go back to school. First Day at School Party The first day at school could be celebrated the night before with a mini party. The night will have to end early of course to ensure a good night’s sleep and bright eyes in the morning! Plan a hearty meal, a fun DVD and their favourite dessert to show them how proud of them you are that they are starting school for the first time. It will be sure to cheer up your child and give them a good feeling about their first day. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Extra clubs There are so many activities on offer for you to do after school from swimming, gymnastics, music and additional learning. Many will offer free trials (like our own and it’s important to see how your child responds before committing. However, don’t try to do anything in the first few weeks of term. Wait for your child to settle into his or her new routine. Check they are not too tired and are happy to have additional stimulation before looking into any extra clubs. So take pleasure in the first day at school shed a little tear for your growing baby then welcome this exciting new experience and make some of your own special friendships too.

Carey Ann Dodah is a mother of 2 and Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning who provide English and maths tuition for children aged five to 14. They have 94 centres located all over the UK.


back to school - shopping & lifestyle

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for scho y d a ol e r t

Older girls smart shorts £5 - Peacocks

Pinafore £4/£5 - available in charcoal and black - Nutmeg

I know just how expensive school uniforms can be and how frustrating it is when after a few days there’s already a hole in the knee, a tear in the skirt or a stain on the top! We’ve seen more and more supermarkets and high street stores launching their own brands of school uniforms that conform with school requirements recently and, whilst we are all familiar with the main supermarket chains that sell school uniforms, there are many more brands out there that sell affordable, quality school wear. We’ve teamed up with Peacocks, Nutmeg and London Designer Outlet to bring you some of the most affordable essentials in the run-up to getting your child ready for school.

V Neck cardigan - £9.99 Gap Outlet Store London Designer Outlet Girls 2PK cropped leggings £6 - Peacocks Boys 2 PK short sleeve shirts £3 / £4 - Nutmeg

Boys charcoal woven trousers £3 / £4 - Nutmeg Girls tights 3PK £2 Nutmeg Girls & Boys 2PK polo shirts £2 / £3 - available in 3 colours - Nutmeg

Girls woven skirt - available in charcoal and black £3 / £4 - Nutmeg Unisex sweatshirt £3 - Nutmeg

Wool blend boys modern trousers - £4 M&S Outlet London Designer Outlet Girls blouse £5 Peacocks | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag 18

back to school - Features

At Clarks we know that children will put school shoes through their paces every school day, and given that each pupil takes over 1 million steps in their school shoes each year it’s no surprise. That’s why Clarks shoes are put through rigorous tests to ensure each pair of school shoes gives you the ultimate value for money. Clarks focuses on each part of the school shoe individually testing out different materials, soles, fastenings and laces. Children walk a distance equivalent of 18 marathons in their school shoes each year so Clarks have ensured that the 2014 collection is top of the class for style and comfort. Clarks is also making Back To School shopping easier. With 7,000 trained fitters, longer opening hours and an appointment service, Clarks takes the stress of of Back To School shopping. Parents will be pleased to see that with Clarks quality comes hand-in-hand with style and children will love the on-trend as much as parents do.

● We all know that school shoes will be scuffed and scraped by children, that’s why Clarks leathers and fabrics are rubbed against abrasive materials over 50,000 times, with some leathers even tested against harsh sandpaper. ● To ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality, shoes are repeatedly flexed on a machine 100,000 to 500,000 times in both wet and dry conditions. ● These wet and dry conditions also allow Clarks to test the level of leather dye transfer, along with rub resistance.

● The soles of school shoes get a good work out too - each child can take up to 1 million steps in their school shoes over a year! So Clarks’ experts make sure that they are flexible and strong with upto 50,000 rounds of intense flexing and bending specifically on the sole to ensure they last.

● Fastenings on school shoes are also rigorously tested, velcro straps are opened and closed 400 times to test the strength, whilst metal trims and buckles are kept in a damp environment for 1 week to test for corrosion ● The laces and elastic are extremely important too - shoe laces are passed through an eyelet 5,000 times to make sure that there is no wear and tear when tying laces each morning ● Elastics are stretched 10,000 times to ensure they are up to the task of putting shoes on and taking them off each and every day ● Not forgetting zips, these are really put through their paces they can be tested in seven different ways to prove fitness for purpose, including resistance, strength and how secure the zip is. As well as style and comfort, Clarks ensure that their innovative technologies are used in school shoes to make them ideal for everyday wear. Gore-Tex® ensures shoes are breathable and waterproof to keep kids feet dry in wet weather. Small feet will be comfortable and protected all day with Air Spring FX, thanks to their strong and hardwearing cushioned soles. Finally, Agion has been developed to eliminate odours and prevent bacterial and fungal growth by eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria. Therefore our school shoes and sports footwear for children are perfect for active feet some of these styles are also fully washable. With 180 years of experience Clarks is parents’ first choice for school shoes - created by experts and fitted by professionals there is no other destination for the best children’s shoes. All styles come in a selection of whole and half sizes as well as different width fittings.

For more information visit the Clarks website at for everything you need to know for Back to School.

It’s Competition Time! We have an amazing gift voucher worth £40 towards a pair of Clarks shoes for your child - just in time for school! For your chance to win, simple email your answer to the following question to me at: When was Clarks founded? a) b) c)

1825 1925 2005

(Answers can be found online at: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

£40 19

back to school - features

Preparing Your Child for Starting School! •

Chat with your child about starting school. What do they think it will be like? What are they most looking forward to? Is there anything they’re unsure or worried about?

Look at the school’s brochure, prospectus or website together and talk about the pictures.

Find photos of you and other family members at school, and chat about happy memories from your own school days.

If possible, visit the school with your child before they start – either on formal open days, or fêtes, plays and other events.

Read books together about starting school

If your child seems anxious about school, try focusing on the things they’ll like best – maybe the sandpit, playhouse or new friends. Perhaps they have some friends from preschool who will be starting reception at the same time.

Practise the school morning routine, including getting dressed and eating breakfast in time to leave. Practise the school run so that you’re both prepared for the school morning journey.

For further resources on helping prepare your child for school, as well as information about childcare, go to

© Image supplied by Venture Photography


tarting school is an exciting time for young children and their parents. It can be a daunting time, too. But with a little preparation and encouragement, most children will settle in easily at school. PACEY childcare professionals have a great deal of experience in helping children to cope with times of transition. Here are some top tips, put together by some of our most experienced members, to help you prepare your child for starting school.

Your child doesn’t need to be able to read, write or do sums before they start school. Children start school with a wide range of abilities and their teacher will be skilled at helping children progress at their own level. What’s most important is that you and your child have fun together in those preschool months and years – sharing stories, singing songs, playing games and talking about anything and everything. PACEY has produced four factsheets, packed with easy and enjoyable activity ideas to give your child a gentle introduction to the listening, communicating, mark-making and number work they’ll do in reception.

You’ll find them at: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

If your child has already spent time in a childcare or preschool setting, they’re probably already well on the way to having the social and practical skills they need to succeed at school. They’re used to spending time apart from you, mixing with other children, taking instructions from and communicating with other adults, taking some responsibility for tidying up after themselves and looking after their own belongings. Don’t worry if your child hasn’t attended a childcare setting or preschool. Playing with other children, whether friends and family members, or other children at the park or soft play area, is all good practice for forming friendships with classmates at school. Often children who don’t know one another will make friends very easily, but if your child struggles, teach them some useful phrases such as “can I join in?” or “do you want to share?”. If you already know some other children who will be in your child’s class, why not organise a play date or outing together? As well as being beneficial for the youngsters, it’s helpful for you to be able to chat about your own feelings and anxieties with their parents, who may be feeling the same. As the start of term approaches, try to get into the school routine, so your child gets used to getting up, going to bed, and having meals and snacks at the times they will on school days. Bath time and stories instead of


back to school - features TV and tablet games all help children to wind down before bedtime. Making time in the evening to chat about your day for 10 minutes can be a lovely routine for sharing fun times and any worries. Nutritious meals and plenty of sleep will help them to concentrate, learn and thrive at school. If your child has naps, it would be wise to try phasing this out. This should be more manageable for them if they have a good bedtime routine. Maybe offer a down time after lunch rather than a nap. Some reception classes do provide a space for little ones to nap if needed, but if you can introduce the longer day before the school term starts, it should help with transition.

Many children settle into school life easily, while others take longer. Don’t worry if your child is tearful and clingy for the first few days – it’s quite normal. Although you might feel terrible leaving them, they will most likely be playing quite happily within a few minutes. If your child seems exhausted at the end of the day, let them have some quiet time or even a nap when they get home. If they’re starving hungry, a healthy snack and drink can help restore energy levels. Let your child get used to school life before introducing after-school activities. It’s a good idea to keep the first few weekends quiet, too, as they will likely need time to recharge, just as we do when we start a new job or a big project. Keep talking to your child about their feelings about school, and put aside some special time to chat about their day. Some children are enthusiastic at first, but once the reality of going to school day after day sets in, they can become reluctant. If this happens with your child, use a calendar to help them understand when weekends and holidays are coming up. You might want to arrange a few treats for them to look forward to as well. Establish a friendly relationship with your child’s class teacher, including finding out their preferred times and means of communication. They’re experts at helping young children to settle in and thrive at school, and will be able to reassure you about most issues that come up. If you do have any concerns, raise them early to prevent them from developing into bigger problems. Summer-born children in particular, who start school soon after turning four, may need extra sensitivity and flexibility to help them settle in. If there’s anything you think might help your child to feel settled, suggest it to their class teacher. Remember, you know your own child best.

For further resources on helping prepare your child for school, as well as information about childcare, go to | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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l , N s r u o e r l s e d o r y & Pre-Sch Tod o S t c s h k o c o e l ’ v a M a u H B s t ‘ 3




1. Dinosaur Daysack with Rein - £19.99 2. Tunic - £9.50 3. Bramblewood Satchel



4. Get The Look Floral Mini Micro Scooter, from £94.95 5. 100% recycled polyester Boys Explorer Coat - £46, Girls Megan Coat - £46 6. Fabulous footwear that your child can customise! Super Heros Edition £39

6 4

7. Girls Twinkle Toes Shoes - £35 (London Designer Outlet) 8. Colour In Kit Bag - £14.99


9. Children’s Hi-Vis Reflective Vest £6.99 - 10. Handmade Medium Koala Girl’s Backpack - £19.99



10 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


back to school - shopping & lifestyle

o i t n p e & Primary School c e R o S t c k h ool’ Must Haves c a B ‘ 1

4 3 5 6

2 1. Lego Children’s Friends Stephanie Accessories Link Watch - £19.99 2. Lego Children’s Star Wars R2-D2 with MiniFigure Watch - £19.99 3. Personalised Dinosaur Pencil Case & Personalised Contents - £14.99


4. Personalised Dinosaur Notebook £6.99 5. Neon Dots Maxi Micro Rucksack, £24.95



6. Crocodile Desk, £95; Chair, £27, Light Canvas, £39 - 7. Bang On The Door Football Crazy kit bag - £14.99 - 8. Kids Animal Scissors - £2.59 9. Crayola Supertips 24pk - £4.50 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


back to school - shopping & lifestyle

a d r y n School & College o c e S o S t c k hool’ Must Haves c a B ‘ 2





1. English Pocket School Dictionary - £0.99 The Works, London Designer Outlet 2. Moto E Handset - £79 (off contract!) 3. SuperTooth Freedom Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with Omni Directional Microphone - £87.95

7 6

4. Patent Compact Filofax (Duck Egg Blue), £30 (inserts included) 5. Helix Oxford, Mathematical Instruments Set - £3.99 The Works, London Designer Outlet - 6. White Ringbinder - The Word - £1.60 7. Luckies Brown Paper Lunch Bag, £9.11


8. Dark Brown Leather Satchel - £43 (there is a fabulous offer currently online!) Beautifully handmade satchel in keeping with modern trends. We were sent one to see for ourselves and we absolutely love it! The sale is running for another 8 days so grab yours now at the amazing sale price! Even off sale the product is just £86. Sizes vary from 11.5” to 17.5” and you can add straps off your choice and personalise your bag too! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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d & e i Tr ed t s Te

We attended a press event recently (hosted by Microsoft) who were showcasing some of the latest in technology aimed at children and young adults going into primary / secondary school and also college and university. We had the chance to try out some of the devices to see just how easy they were to use and also check out the latest in operating systems being run. We have picked our favourites and have details on them for you below. Not only are they all great value but as well as being perfectly suited for children they are also great for all round family use too. We also had the chance to review the latest in phones from Motorola perfect for children. Why should you have to pay for the privilege of buying your child a phone just to be able to contact them and vice-versa. With the new Motorola Moto E you don’t have to - read our review below! When it comes to my personal favourite though, it has to be the Surface 2 and 3 (we had a sneak preview of the Surface 3 which is a great successor to the Surface 2 and definitely one I’d like to review in more depth).

Baby Buzz Best Buy

Available from the following stockist’s: Acer Store PC World HP Store John Lewis Lenovo Store Microsoft Store

Acer Aspire E/11 Roxy - £299

Asus T100 £299

Acer Aspire Switch 10 - £299

HP Pavilion 15 Touchsmart - £349

Surface 2 £359

The Aspire E 11 comes with a full-sized keyboard, all the right ports, and the full suite of Windows 8.1 productivity programs, so you’re your children can get their work done, wherever they are. Plus, the optimised speakers deliver audio similar to what you'd expect from larger notebooks, for surprisingly clear sound.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 features 2 in 1 functionality, Microsoft Office software and an impressive 11 hour battery life, making it the perfect PC for children wanting to do their homework and stay entertained too.

Use the Aspire Switch 10 as a portable tablet, type with its keyboard for productivity, pivot its screen to share a presentation with others or flip it to watch a film when space is limited. Switch between laptop, tablet, display screen and tent modes to enhance your child’s work and play.

Easily convert from notebook to stand to tent to tablet mode for all your child’s productivity and entertainment needs with this amazingly value-packed convertible PC, featuring a 360° hinge.

Great value touch screen device, PC when you need it, tablet when you want it. At just 670g, and pre-loaded with Office 2013 RT (now with Outlook), Surface 2 lets you carry less while you do more. Light in your hands, but loaded with improved sound and picture, a faster processor, and extra offers.

The Moto E, with its high-end smartphone specifications, but ground-breaking, low price tag of just £79 off contract, is built to last. The latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass technology and a water-resistant splash guard also make it the perfect smartphone to endure those big days of fun and adventure. With its all-day battery life, parents can contact or be contacted anytime of the day in case of emergency or to arrange a pick up time. The handset can also hold up to 32GB of photos, videos, music, movies and apps enabling your child to share their favourite holiday memories with their friends and be entertained on those long haul travel days. Your child’s personality will shine through their handset by customising each Moto E by choosing from a variety of interchangeable Motorola shells available in up to 20 colour and design combinations to keep up to date with the latest trends.

£79 off contract

We had the chance to review this handset very recently and was very surprised at just how compact and easy to use it really was! The device is very similar to other more recognised brands in both style and functionality and is a great alternative for the child who wants to keep up with the latest trends without having to ask parents to pay the same price. The few slight differences we could find was the lack of additional buttons or sensors on the Moto E. The right edge has the power button and volume control, the top edge houses the headphone socket with the bottom edge featuring the micro USB charging socket. The front features the speaker below a 4.3-inch IPS screen, while the earpiece and a notification light are situated above. The only noticeable difference was the lack of a front-facing camera, it comes equipped with a 5MP camera on the back, which in my opinion is perfectly adequate! All in all, a fantastic option for both children and adults looking for a bargain handset that has everything you need!

Download this Biff, Chip and Kipper app to build and buy your collection of interactive books to help your child develop in their reading. You can read along or listen as each page is read to you. If your child is struggling to say a word, they can get the exact pronunciation of each word by tapping a word on the page.

For older kids and your budding entrepreneurs, CoolStreet is designed to teach basic principles of micro-economics by providing students in an immersive and fun environment. CoolStreet is a cloud-based micro-economic simulation game in which players own competing pizza shops on ‘CoolStreet’.

I’m ready for spelling is a great learning game for children to learn how to spell through a series of interactive levels. Make learning an adventure with LP+ Safari, an exciting new early year’s app from Learning Possibilities. You can write, work, paint, listen to Music and Video and view Pictures from your device.

My Study Life is a planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier by storing your classes, tasks (assignments, homework, revision) and exams in the cloud making your study life available wherever you are. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


back to school - features

5 TOP TIPS TO PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR STARTING SCHOOL in full sentences using an expanding vocabulary. Talk throughout your daily lives with your children about their ‘real’ experiences, putting everything into a meaningful context.

By Sarah McKinlay

3. Sharing and Interaction The more opportunities a pre-schooler gets to interact and develop the skills of sharing and taking turns the less of a shock it will be when she starts school! It is, however, an on-going process at this age. Role-model expected behaviour when playing games. If disagreements occur, talk to the children about how to resolve issues, modelling language and behaviour to give them strategies to prevent or resolve disagreements in the future, and try again. Allow your child lots of opportunities to play and interact with other children; play with siblings, friends and have lots of play dates! 4. With September already looming, many of us (me included) are anticipating our children beginning their journey into formal education, starting Primary School. So many questions are already whizzing through your head...Where do I start? How can I help prepare my child for school? How am I going to cope when I leave him at the school door? Is my child ready? Does he know all he is supposed to know before starting school? My advice to you is...DON’T PANIC! Talk to people about your worries and questions and allow your child to become excited about his new adventure! Having been teaching in Reception for many years I have come to learn what skills are most important for a child when he starts school. I guarantee most, if not 100%, of Reception teachers would agree with me when I say having a child start school with secure personal, social, emotional, communicative and physical skills is far more valuable to him as a learner than a child that comes in being able to read words, write their name, count to 100 but showing little interaction, independence or communication. Having these skills in place first will allow children to fly in subsequent learning. Did you know that research shows the stronger the personal, social and emotional skills of a Reception child the more likely he is to achieve higher levels of attainment later in school? Therefore, if you want to focus in preparing your child for school over the summer, concentrate on my 5 top tips! 1. Independence The aim is for children to be responsible for themselves, their belongings and their actions. So, particularly useful at school would be independence in getting dressed, putting coats and shoes on, going to the toilet, tidying away toys and selecting resources or equipment appropriate for an activity. 2. Talk and Communication Research clearly shows competent speakers develop into competent readers and writers; without talk, learning to read and write will prove more difficult. In addition, language gives children immediate access to their world. Being able to communicate their message effectively will give children satisfaction and develop their sense of self-confidence. Model good spoken language, with correct pronunciation of sounds, and encourage children to speak | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Respect for behavioural boundaries In a classroom the usual behavioural expectations and boundaries will probably include something similar to: I can listen the first time I can keep my hands and my feet to myself I can share and take turns I can look after things I can tidy away I can be kind to others By the time children start school they should have a general respect for others, adults and peers, as well as the books and equipment in school.

5. Physical (Gross and fine motor skills) All activities require some sort of physicality, large or small-scale movements. Large movement skills could include experimenting moving in different ways (eg. hopping, skipping, running, jumping, galloping, balancing, pedalling a bike, using a scooter, climbing, throwing, catching, kicking a ball etc...). Vary direction, change speed, develop a sense of spatial awareness (ie. move without bumping into people and obstacles!). There are so many activities you could have fun with at home to develop fine motor skills, which will enhance pencil and scissor grip and control. To name a few... use pegs, scissors, thread beads, fasten buttons, use large tweezers to pick up rice, mould play-dough, paint, chalk etc… You’ll notice from reading my top tips, none of the above mentioned is onerous; they are skills that can be naturally fitted into your everyday lives. If you would like further, personalised support, advice and strategies in giving your child a smooth and happy transition into Primary School, then please take a look at my website and get in touch ...I would love to help.



Evie Yethman-Woolcock, born at just 23 weeks and 6 days © Tia Talula Photography


ne of the first things people will tell you when you are about to become a parent is how much you will miss sleep - why do we do this? It’s certainly not something we need to hear! Whether it’s your newborn waking up every two hours or your toddler refusing to go to sleep in their own bed or their own room - don’t despair! We have features and exclusives from top experts giving you advice, tips and ideas on what works as well as the latest products available to help you get back to a blissful sleep! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


baby and toddler © Picture courtesy of Sophie Wilson Photography

One of the core principles of NLP is modeling. Now I don’t mean modeling fashion, I’m talking about modeling in its truest meaning which is to copy something, to mimic. Babies watch what you do from the moment they are born and they want to copy you. This is how they learn and develop the socialising skills they will need in life. They are so in tune with you that they will pick up on your moods and copy your mannerisms and facial expressions. We’ve all experienced those times when exasperated or just incredibly tired and fraught we pass baby to someone else and their mood changes. From being fractious they suddenly seem more relaxed. This is because they have picked up on our mood. We can use this to our advantage but rarely do. Here’s how to do it. Put your baby where you want her to sleep but somewhere where she can see you when you lie down. A good place is by the sofa or by your bed in her cot or basket. Turn down the lighting and put some quiet music on. I like to use classical music but choose something she won’t associate with singing along to because you want the music to be in the background. Now spend some time facing your baby and get her attention. Start by copying what she does, mirror her. Avoid mirroring any crying but you can copy any hand movements and head movements. This is called matching and mirroring. At the moment she is taking the lead, you are copying her. After a while she will be intrigued by this and engage with the activity. Make your movements quite clear and definite so she can see you are copying what she does. Now you need to take the lead because it is you who should be in control, not her. Start to take the lead and make funny noises or clap your hands gently, tap your nose and get her watching everything you do. You need to get her to mirror your behaviour now. It may take some time especially if she is crying when you start but as long as you know she is fed and changed, she should be ready for a sleep. Once she is mirroring and matching your behaviour you can start the sleepy routine. Yawn very obviously and say things like ‘Mummy’s tired’, ‘Mummy’s going to sleep now’ and lie down so she can see you. Now it’s important that you don’t get up because she needs to be lying down as well. If you sit up again, she won’t settle because she’s now expecting you to do something else that she can copy so turn your phone off and really focus on going to sleep (even if you’re actually dressed to go out and the babysitter is due any minute!).

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By Judy Bartkowiak Author and Parent/Child NLP Coach

Judy Bartkowiak – author of ‘How to be a happier parent with NLP’ published by Hodder 2010 and the Engaging NLP series of Workbooks including NLP for New Mums, NLP for Children, NLP for Parents, NLP for Tweens (10-14yrs), NLP for Teachers and NLP for Teens. For more information please visit: and

Once you are laid down, breathe heavily and slowly as if you are sleeping. She will hear this and copy you. Keep very still and keep up the sleeping breathing. I promise you this works but the only problem is that you are very likely to fall asleep as well. This may be fine because you need all the sleep you can get when you have a baby or toddler but if you’re about to go out you may have to ask your partner to come and gently wake you! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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How to choose the right cot mattress? Choosing a cot mattress for your newborn can be a difficult decision as there are so many factors you need to consider: safety, firmness, foam or springs and anti-allergy fillings as well as size, depth and hygiene.

Try to rest when baby rests. Avoid the temptation to try and get jobs done when baby sleeps. Even short naps of five to 20 minutes can help to fight the fatigue. ●

As your little one will spend most of its time asleep for the first two years of its life, it’s important to take time to research the various options available and choose a mattress that will help your baby sleep as soundly as possible. ● Here, Silentnight offers advice and tips and highlights its new range of specially designed cot mattresses – Safe Nights. Safe Nights cot mattresses are designed to ensure your little one gets a safe and comfortable night's sleep while they grow. There are two options to choose from: a Foam-free cot mattress and a Mini Spring cot mattress, which both feature an innovative hi-tech 3D mesh structure, allowing a free flow of air so babies can breathe freely through the material for a safer night's sleep. Both mattresses provide a naturally hypoallergenic environment that prevents dust mites, allergies and skin irritations, a breathable cover and fillings which prevent overheating as well as a removable, washable cover making each mattress easy to clean. Top tips: ●

● ● ●

Choose a mattress that feels firm rather than soft. Your baby needs support while he is sleeping. It should be no thinner than 10cm. Check it conforms to safety standards - mattresses should carry the BSI number BS 1877-10:1997 Ensure the mattress doesn’t sag Why springs? Springs provide an inner core in the mattress to support your baby. They tend to be longer lasting and spaces within the mattress allow for increased airflow to help regulate baby’s body temperature.

When baby wakes you up at night for feeding or other reasons, try to avoid checking the time and getting anxious. The important thing is to remain as calm, relaxed and rested as possible. This will help both you and baby to get back to sleep more quickly. Parents should take it in turns to occasionally have longer naps if possible. A good time to nap is between 2pm and 4pm for no longer than 40 minutes, to replenish energy and rebalance the immune system. If you're feeling run down because of constant interrupted nights, negotiate a night of uninterrupted sleep with your partner or a family member, sleeping alone in a spare room on a good bed and mattress. Try to get some exercise, eat a balanced diet, ensure you are hydrated and avoid the temptation to drink caffeinated drinks to stay awake - this will just add to your fatigue and stop you getting to sleep at night.

Silentnight also offers a range of stylish beds and supportive mattresses from single to king size under its Classics, Diamond and Geltex brands. With additional features such as divan bed storage, a selection of headboard designs and fabric choices you can create a bed to suit your individual style with the ideal mattress to help you sleep soundly. For more information on Silentnight’s Safe Nights range of cot mattresses, on the full range of beds and for sleep tips, visit

The importance of sleep for all the family Of course, if baby is sleeping soundly, this means you can enjoy quality sleep too. Being a new parent means adjusting to a new sleeping pattern and this can be one of the areas many new parents struggle with. Dr Nerina, Silentnight’s sleep expert, offers these top tips to new parents on getting as much sleep as possible when looking after a new baby or small child: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Mattresses & Accessories - Our ‘Firm’ Favourites When I had my oldest daughter there was no real thought involved as to what type of mattress I would buy for her, it was a simple case of whatever I could find would be fine. If you do a search online for cot / cot-bed mattresses, you will be amazed at the options available to you. Companies now look at the overall well-being of your child protecting them from allergens or ensuring they sleep with the utmost comfort. Having looked online and visited numerous high street stores, we asked to review a selection and here are our top ranking three. We have also included our top Moses Baskets and products suitable for newborns to sleep on away from their crib or cot. What our review proves is just how times have changed and how much more thought is required into purchasing a mattress. My advice is make sure you do your homework before you buy your child’s mattress, there are so many options available. Also worth mentioning is that whilst there are budget mattresses out there, it’s worth investing in a product that protects your child as they sleep as well as providing the most comfort and lasting the length of time that you have them in a cot / toddler bed.

Pioneering the concept of the "The Science of Safer Sleeping®" and based on years of research, the Ellergenics mattress allows parents to protect their children in their cot against allergens and microbes that can be prevalent in the sleeping environment and which can be harmful to the child. The Ellergenic mattress comes complete with a sealed spring core, the Ellergenic Shield, a waterproof yet vapour permeable inner fixed cover and a machine washable, anti-allergy and anti-microbe Wellbeing outer cover. This means your child has three levels of hygiene protection, and the mattress core is never at risk from external elements. Overall providing a comfortable and durable spring mattress, along with the knowledge that your child is being laid down on “an island of safety” with the hygienic protection that the mattress provides. Ellergenic mattresses are vapour-permeable and have a waterproof fabric layer which keeps your child dry, and helps to maintain an even temperature around them, keeping them happy too. As the mattress itself is sealed, it can be safely washed separately for complete cleanliness. The dual core adapts to the needs of your growing child, as it remains firm and comfortable. The mattresses even have the coveted Allergy UK seal of approval. Ellergenic Pocket Spring, RRP £229.99

All parents, whether their attitude to parenting is relaxed or over cautious will at some point worry about Cot Death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS). That first night when your baby ‘sleeps through’ all parents have that slight dread when walking into the nursery that their baby has not suffered from the syndrome. Continual research into SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) highlighted possible links with fire retardant chemicals in foam baby mattresses, CO2 pooling on the mattress surface and being rebreathed by baby and baby overheating. The PurFlo cot mattress reduces all of these possibilities. The PurFlo cot mattress replaces the conventional foam mattress with a fully breathable, fully washable, foam-free mattress. An essential product to help parent’s minds be at peace while their baby sleeps. The only fully breathable, fully washable cot mattress, the PurFlo cot mattress provides a genuine dust mite free environment for babies, helping to prevent the harmful build-up of allergens which are known to aggravate childhood allergies such as Asthma and Eczema. In brief the PurFlo mattress: Fully breathable SleepsurfaceTM Prevents pooling and rebreathing of CO2 and other potentially toxic gases, reduces the risk of baby overheating Hypoallergenic Amicor Pure filling, prevents build up of bacteria and dispels dust mites that are linked to baby eczema & asthma 100% machine washable. Can be disassembled and packs compactly into its own carry bag for travel or storage. Comfortable & supportive, conforming to your babies body helping to prevent Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) Available in Cot Mattress & Cot Bed Mattress sizes RRP £139.95 (Cot Bed Size)

Our View: The Ellergenic Pocket Spring Mattress was one of the first mattresses we reviewed and I have to say that it really was one of the best. With this mattress it literally is all what's inside that counts. It's great to know that Lillie has three levels of hygiene protection all working hard to keep her free from bugs, parasites and any other hidden nasties whilst she sleeps, we've all seen the horror stories of what lurks in the mattresses. The mattress fits nicely onto her toddler bed and so far she has slept soundly on it. There has been a lot of thought given to the creation of this mattress which is why we voted it as one of our favourites. An added bonus is that the cover is machine washable, and any parent with a young child knows just how essential this is! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Our View: Probably the most unusual styles of mattress we have seen to date. The concept of constructing it myself was a little strange, but it really is very easy to put together. The mattress is very sturdy once constructed and the biggest benefit of this is that once you've finished with it, you can easily disassemble it and store it away, maybe for baby 2. Alternatively you can store it away and use it for children visiting. The style of this mattress also means that it is completely breathable so you can be sure that there will be no nasties lurking within the fibres, simply as there aren't any. Although not something many people will be used too, this mattress is a great alternative!


baby and toddler A firm favourite with all our readers! The Shnuggle Moses Basket is made from a super-strong, hypoallergenic and easy to clean material it's far safer for your baby. It's almost silent when baby moves around and a clever locking system means the hood actually stays up, helping your baby to stay asleep. With beautiful 100% pure cotton fabrics, it's a warm and cosy place for your baby to begin life in the outside world. Available in 5 colours with prices starting from £75 (without stand).

Shnuggle Moses Basket

The Healthy Growth range is designed especially for infants, juniors and teens and includes three different mattresses; the Bunk, Junior, and Extra Comfort, all are designed with breathable EcoComfort Fibre® fillings to keep children cool and comfortable at night and to give parents peace of mind that their child's growing body will get a comfortable night's sleep. The mattresses include Silentnight's unique Miracoil® spring system, developed especially to align a child's spine as they grow, and are rod-edged to give growing bodies extra support and for durability.

Another alternative to the traditional Moses baskets is the Moba baskets. Moba baskets can be thoroughly cleaned and are made from material that has anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties, so it's an ideal choice for babies with allergies such as eczema or asthma. Specially designed air holes in the sides and base maximise airflow and ventilation. The unique synthetic material is tailor made for Moba achieving our soft touch and flexibility. Includes a liner made from 100% pure brushed cotton and a L70cm x W30cm bespoke Moba mattress. Available in 8 colours. - RRP: £99.99

Each mattress is also free from chemical treatment, containing only clean and odourless polyester fillings, making them hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. They provide extra layers of comfortable filling for growing bodies and there's a choice of pink or blue Gingham for children looking to complement bedroom colour schemes. ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Miracoil spring system for spinal support. Extra layers of comfortable fillings for growing bodies. Breathable EcoComfort fibre fillings are cool and comfortable. Breathable airflow border. Foam free. Available in single and double sided options. Pink & Blue Gingham options. Silentnight Healthy Growth Kids Mattress - RRP: £229.00

Our View: As well as looking after our younger children, we also need to think about when they grow up and are ready to go into a 'big' bed. Silent Night have created the Healthy Grow Kids Mattress which has many benefits, not least the Miracoil system developed especially to align a child's spine as they grow. Available in pink or blue. A must have for when your child is ready to move on to a bigger bed. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Moba Moses Baskets

A sturdy, award winning bedside cot, BabyBay is recommended by midwives and HCPs as one of the safest, easiest and best ways for parents to sleep alongside their new baby. Side by side sleeping means babies can sense and smell their parents which helps bonding. BabyBay attaches to the bed with patented clamps to keep it securely in place. The sleep platform is fully height adjustable which ensures a smooth transition into baby's own safe sleep zone. This makes night time feeding really easy and allows more restful sleep for parents and baby. RRP: £224.50

The Poddle Pod is a baby snuggle nest that is designed so that mothers can quickly put their baby down safely when needing to do countless things. This ideal Baby Pod is developed and manufactured in the UK and has continued to be developed and improved in keeping with valuable feedback from parents. This Baby Snuggle Nest is designed specifically to comfort your child enabling you to carry on with your daily tasks. An absolute essential for all parents, we love this product, I just wish it had been around when my girls were little! The Original PoddlePod - RRP: £39.99


baby and toddler - reviews The beautifully soft & comfortable PurFlo SleepSac is the most hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial sleeping bag on the market. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

100% Bamboo Dream lining Environmentally friendly Bamboo fabric is 60% more absorbent than cotton & has natural anti-bacterial properties Hypoallergenic Amicor Pure filling, prevents the build up of bacteria and dispels dust mites that are linked to Asthma and Eczema 100% cotton outer Attachable sleeves for colder nights Integrated scratch mitts to protect against scratching and keep little hands warm (sizes 0-3 month & 3-9 months only) Full zip open front for easy access night time nappy changing Zip guard to prevent the zip scratching babies skin The SleepSac is available in four sizes: 0 - 3 months (length 55cm) 3 - 9 months (length 70cm) 9 - 18 months (length 90cm) 18 months plus (length 110cm) Available in warm: 1.0 TOG (room temp 21 - 23 °C) 2.5 TOG (room temp 10 - 20 °C)

These couldn’t come in more perfect timing, considering how much colder the nights are getting! We gave our review sample to a mum who was concerned that her little girl kept kicking off her covers and getting cold, therefore waking her up. She absolutely loved that the SleepSac was so soft and seemed to wrap her little girl really snuggly but without becoming to swamped in fabric, which is often the case. What we really liked is that it came in the small size suitable for 0-3 months, as many other sleeping bags don’t seem to do them that small. A definite must for all parents now that the nights are getting that much colder.

The Purflo Sleepsac From: £24.95 Ages: from 0-3 months

My First Snuggle Sacs are wonderful soft, cosy sleeping bags designed just for toddlers. The age group who are desperate to find their feet, establish their way in the world, move into a bigger bed and perhaps start potty training. These are made specifically to look like the larger Original Snuggle Sacs, so toddlers feel they are being treated like a big boy or girl. The association with their own ‘bed’ will be like a comfort blanket and will therefore make bed time easier. This lovely Dalmatian even had a long tail – what’s not to love? Millpond, the highly acclaimed children’s sleep clinic recommend Snuggle Sacs as an alternative to conventional bedding to help ensure an active sleeper does not wake up cold in the night with their covers on the floor.

©Eliza Boo photography

My First Snuggle Sac From: £35.00 Ages: 12 -18 months upto approx 3 -4 years

We’ve just covered keeping our littlest ones warm and now I’m turning my attentions to toddlers and upwards. Let me start by saying that the statement above couldn’t be more true, what’s not to love! We were sent the most adorable Dalmation print My First Snuggle Sac to try out with Lillie, who loves it as much as me (incredibly they also make one called the Original Snuggle Sac that at 200cm long, it will fit someone not far off 6ft - one for me I think!!) The Snuggle Sac is an amazing product and my little girl couldn’t wait to go to sleep in it! My main struggle with Lillie is that she squirms, wiggles and basically never stays still - as much awake as when asleep - with this Snuggle Sac I know she doesn’t get cold as she doesn’t wiggle out of it! The material really is just so soft, so you want to cuddle up into it and of course put into the mix a tired child who dozes off pretty much instantly…. and presto you have one happy mummy! Love, love, love this!

Top of the TF range is the TF550 which recently won Silver in the Loved By Parents Best Technology Accessory category. The monitor combines all the great features you would expect but with an extra-large backlit LCD screen on the parent unit and a large clock. The TF550 also has a vibrate alert function which is ideal for use in noisy environments, or for the hard of hearing - all geared to giving parents the best reassurance possible.

TF550 Baby Monitor From: £69.99

A very easy to use unit that covers everything you need to look out for your child. The large display really is great for the early hour wake up call! We loved the vibrate feature and lullabies too, a great product from a trusted brand. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Another great option for those wanting a video monitor, is the babymoov Babyphone Touch Screen. The touch screen monitor has a specially design 3.5 inch LCD screen that’s easy to use due to its touch responsive menu. The LCD screen gives you a crystal clear HD image of your baby in real time being relayed from the camera in the baby's room, functions such as brightness can all be controlled on the monitor itself. You can use multiple cameras (up to 4 connected at any one time) as the monitor has the capability to split its screen allowing you to view all at once. The baby camera unit has a built in high sensitivity microphone BabyMoov Touch Screen with voice activation sensors built in. From: £159.99 Another very easy to use unit that sets up in no time at all. I loved that it had real time viewing with no static or time delay. A great video monitor at a great price!


baby and toddler - reviews Wool is an amazing natural fibre that has evolved over thousands of years to keep sheep healthy. It's a natural thermoregulator, it can absorb up to 30% it's weight in moisture, it's natural & renewable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust mite free! So you can imagine how brilliant it is for the average persons bedding! For those of us who are being kept awake overheating with night sweats it's the perfect solution to solve sleepless nights. It is very common for young, growing children to overheat at night. We tend to warm up more in our deeper stages of sleep, which causes more trouble for little ones than adults due to immature temperature regulation systems and a greater proportion of sweat glands compared to body size. It makes a lot of sense to us that if the parents have switched over to a higher tog duvet, so should the children. However babies and toddlers should have no more than 3-4 tog year round, and 3-10 year olds don't need much more either! Wool bedding is a great way to keep your child cool and comfortable, as well as preventing over heating it will keep moisture away meaning no more waking up sweaty and cranky! If that wasn't enough our wool bedding is also hypoallergenic, dust mite free and the deluxe range is even machine washable! My first thoughts when I heard about The Wool Room bedding range was to be honest, itchy! I couldn’t have been more wrong. The product is delivered in custom packaging and is gorgeous! We received a mattress protector, light weight duvet and pillow to review for Lillie and all I can say is I’m jealous. She has the best mattress, the best bedding and more often than not I want to sleep in her bed! The duvet is a Super Light Summer duvet and is perfect for keeping her warm even on these colder nights (when she hasn’t decided to have a sleep over in her sisters room taking her Snuggle Sac with her!) She really loves the softness of the pillow too as you literally just sink into it - imagine having her head cocooned in a soft ball of wool whilst you slept. Ahhhh…

The Wool Room

Wool bedding starts from just £29.99 for a Wool pillow, rising to £360 for a complete wool bedding set which includes an all season double duvet, mattress topper and two pillows available in wool or alpaca. I had seen this brand at the Baby Show and was intrigued by it, so was even more delighted to be given the chance to review some of their latest products. We received the following to review: the mesh cot liner, the mesh blanket, pocket swaddle and the cutest little giraffe! All BreathableBaby® fabrics are made exclusively for BreathableBaby®. A.C.T.® Air Channel Technology™ is the science behind the brand, allowing air flow access inside of fabrics that cannot be compressed to form an airtight seal, therefore allowing continual access to air. The air-pockets in the mesh help reduce the risk of suffocation and re-breathing carbon dioxide, allowing the air to flow from top-to-bottom and sided-to-side. The cushiony, yet durable mesh on the cot liner gives extra protection from bumps and bruises while resilient enough to withstand baby’s arms and legs pushing, poking and still keeps them safely inside.

The cot liner is extremely easy to fix, but you must ensure that it is tight, otherwise it will become loose. The material used is exceptionally soft and as you just need to tuck it in marginally below Breathable Baby the mattress you risk having trapped arms and legs. Very much like that you can have a bumper from birth now that won’t pose a risk to your child. The blanket and pocket swaddle are also From: £27.99 4 sided full wrap cot liner made from the same soft polyester which are a great comfort to babies to wrap up in without £15.99 soft mesh blanket sweltering. The giraffe is just the cutest little toy period! As part of the BreathableBaby £14.99 breathable pocket swaddle Breathables™ Soft Toy range, these are made from breathable fabrics, making them extra safe £9.99 breathable soft toy for babies to sleep with. These toys are trimmed with luxurious plush velour for extra softness. Great value for a product that you know will be used frequently and won’t cause any harm to your UK Stockist: child! A firm favourite of Baby Buzz and one we will continue to promote with our readers!

Sensor Light - £8.00 Owl Night Light - £10.00 Available from:

We were very lucky to review two great night lights for Lindam this month being the Lindam Automatic Nursery Safety Sensor Light and the Owl night light. Both are perfect for use in the nursery, hallway and on landings, providing a soft reassuring blue glow to help comfort your child. The Safety Sensor Light features a sensor that will detect light levels, automatically switching on at dusk and off at dawn. It uses ultra low energy, eco friendly LED light source and has a long life - providing light for over 10,000 hours. The owl night is perfect for both boys and girls. Compact, portable and cord free it provides a comforting glow and is designed to be carried should your child get up in the night. It is portable and cord free and cool to the touch. Lillie absolutely loves her little owl and frequently carries it around with her! Love that it automatically turns off after 20 mins too! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

We were thrilled to review the this little night light especially as it is in the theme of Peppa Pig (I’m sure all my readers will know just how crazy my little girl is about Peppa Pig!) Nod safely off to dreamland with the two-in-one Peppa Pig night light and torch. Oink your way from lights out to rise and shine with the Peppa Pig GoGlow Night Bright Light. After reading her favourite Peppa Pig tales under the covers, she can settle down for a sleep, by popping the the Night Bright Light in the stand to activate its night glow. This has had much use over the last few weeks than anything we’ve been sent to date, it doesn’t get hot and is easy to take out and put back into its holder! Other themed options available too!

Peppa Pig Night Light and Torch - £19.99


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The Baby Buzz Shopping List 2 3 1

1. The BabyBay Original - offering all the benefits of co-sleeping without any of the associated risks £224.50 - 2. The Wool Room - Luxurious wool bedding starting from £29.99 for a Wool pillow, rising to £360 for a complete wool bedding set which includes an all season double duvet, mattress topper and two pillows available in wool or alpaca -


3. Aden & Anais Dream Blanket - With silky rayon from bamboo fibre muslin and colourful modern designs, this luxuriously soft blanket ensures playtime, cuddle time or bedtime is nothing less than dreamy - £58.00



4. Purflo Sleepsac - The beautifully soft & comfortable PurFlo SleepSac is the most hypoallergenic, antibacterial sleeping bag on the market. From £24.95 (0 - 3 months)


5. SewLomax - The softest swaddles and fashionforward prints that say as much about your style as they do about practices that bind mothers together around the world. Available in packs of three. £26.00 6. Hippychick - Dream Tubes are the ultimate solution to overcome the issue of young children falling out of beds, and aids the often difficult transition from a cot to a bed (we were sent this to try out and it is a godsend; for little wigglers everywhere!) £34.99 7. Theraline - Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow. The most comfortable pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding (check out our competitions page!) £44.95 8. Tomy - A great monitor that combines all the great features you would expect but with an extra-large backlit LCD screen on the parent unit and a large clock. £69.99


9. Shnuggle - The first contemporary Moses basket that's Silent and hypoallergenic and the Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath, the soft foam bath that is warmer and safer for baby. From £75.00 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

6 34

baby and toddler - shopping & lifestyle

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11. BornFree - Use this cute, lightweight clip-on light to make nighttime feedings easier. It attaches to your clothing, PJs or bra strap so you can make sure your baby's positioned properly, and not wake any nearby sleepers. -


12. InfaCare launches Night-time Baby Bath, to gently clean and care for baby's skin, ready for a restful night's sleep. It joins InfaCare Baby Bath, already a firm favourite with mums and recommended by midwives and healthcare professionals. £3.49

13. All BreathableBaby® fabrics are made exclusively for BreathableBaby®. A.C.T.® Air Channel Technology™ is the science behind the brand, allowing air flow access inside of fabrics that cannot be compressed to form an airtight seal, therefore allowing continual access to air. From: £27.99 (mesh cot liner)



14. All BreathableBaby® fabrics are made exclusively for BreathableBaby®. Mesh Blanket from: £15.99 15. All BreathableBaby® fabrics are made exclusively for BreathableBaby®. Soft Toy from £9.99 16. Aden & Anais - Serenity Star - This multi-tasking electronic feeding and sleep system combines helpful technology with signature aden + anais® style. £64.99


17. Lindam - The owl night is perfect for both boys and girls. Compact, portable and cord free it provides a comforting glow and is designed to be carried should your child get up in the night. £10.00


18. Worlds Apart - Nod safely off to dreamland with the two-in-one Peppa Pig night light and torch. Oink your way from lights out to rise and shine with the Peppa Pig GoGlow Night Bright Light - £19.99. Available at

19. Amazon - In The Night Garden Sleeptime Lullaby Iggle Piggle Soft Toy, 30cm - £23.95

14 15 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



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Parents will lose an average of 16 nights of sleep per month in the first three years of their child’s life. ●

● ●

A further 16 minutes of sleep may be lost a month simply because the toddler doesn’t feel safe in the bedroom environment. Mums and dads spend 18 minutes a month getting their child used to unfamiliar surroundings. Losing a dummy, being scared of the dark and hearing other children walking around were also found to be regular reasons for parents being woken up at night.

Mandy Gurney added: “Bringing up a child can be very stressful for parents, and anything that helps them get through this time will have a positive impact on family life. As this survey has highlighted, sleep problems extend far beyond the first year of a child’s life. The move from a cot to their first big bed often causes difficulties. If parents follow a few guideline suggestions, the disruption to family life can be far reduced during this time.”

Worlds Apart recently conducted a survey to find out more about the sleeping habits of parents with young children. The findings discovered the incredible extent to which mums and dads struggle with broken sleep, from the end of pregnancy right through to when their child reaches the age of three. Mandy Gurney, sleep advisor to the NHS, said: “This survey shows just how hard the first three years of a child’s life can be for parents. And it’s not just the obvious reasons why a child wakes such as a wet nappy and the need to be fed during the night. Many parents expect the broken night’s sleep to stop after the first six months, but this survey has proved that it goes on for much longer than that, in fact well into the toddler and preschool years. Creating a bedroom environment that is friendly and familiar can overcome sleep difficulties that often occur at this age, as it will help your little one feel secure and snug.” One in seven parents agreed that the period between the ages of two and three was the worst when it came to getting a full night’s sleep, and one in six parents admitted that moving their toddler from a cot to their first big bed was the time that they lost the most sleep. Parents from the survey also reported that when their child was two to three years old, they were woken up an average of three times a night – that’s only one less time than with a newborn. Three quarters of the parents surveyed were back at work and found this particularly difficult. Two thirds of couples found that the amount of broken sleep during the first three years of their child’s life added stress to their relationship, and seven in ten couples said that the stress caused by a lack of sleep led to arguments. So what is causing children to wake up? Situations such as teething, bad dreams and the transition from a cot to their first bed all add to the hours of sleep lost during this time. ●

During the first three years of a child’s life, parents could lose half an hour of sleep a month from putting their child back to bed after they’ve fallen or climbed out. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

“Ensuring the room is ready, and choosing an age-appropriate toddler bed that is smaller and much lower to ground than a single bed will make the transition far easier. A toddler bed will feel not only cosy, but with protective sides, it is a safe step towards a big bed helping to prevent your little one falling out.” “Your toddler will love a cosy and child friendly bedroom environment that means they will be eager to get to bed. After a quiet, brief and winding down bedtime routine and a story or two, snuggle them down to sleep in their toddler bed, kiss goodnight and leave them to drift off to sleep independently.” Ready for bed? When they are between 1 and 3 years old, most children are ready to move from their cot into their first bed. There is no set age of course, so you just need to watch out for the cues. Your child may be getting too big for their cot. Very mobile toddlers may show their readiness by climbing out of their cot. Other children, particularly those with older siblings, will anticipate the change and begin talking about their new bed. The transition from a cot is a positive stage in your child’s life, as it’s a step towards them becoming more independent. However, unsurprisingly, it can be more difficult for some children than others. First-borns, for example, can be more attached to their cot, while subsequent children tend to be keen to emulate a big brother or sister and find the move easier. Some children love their newfound freedom and they might suddenly appear by your side after you’ve said goodnight. Others miss the security of the cot and you may find them shaking you awake in the small hours. Room ready? Many parents choose to use a toddler bed in the first instance, rather than going straight from a cot to a single bed. They are smaller and much lower to the ground than a single bed; they often have a safety guard and come in a variety of colours and themes. There are also some ways you can make the transition easier. In the weeks before you buy the toddler bed, talk to your child about the change and involve them in decisions. Where will it be? What will their bedroom look like? Where will you sit for a bedtime story? If they have a favourite character, you could focus the theme of the bedroom on that so they feel right at home in a space that’s familiar. Help to give your child a sense of occasion by, for example, putting special pictures on the wall by their bed and talking to them about their new bed. You could mention friends of theirs who are no longer using a cot, or use books and magazines to show them pictures of big


baby and toddler

children in nice beds and small babies in cots. If your child is being moved out of their cot because you’re expecting another baby, try not to leave it until the last minute to prepare them for the transition. Take the cot down a few weeks before the baby is due and replace it with the toddler bed (in the same position). This way your older child will be certain of what is happening, they will understand there is no going back and have time to adapt and identify with their own space.

Story time Read 1 or 2 stories, have a cuddle and kiss goodnight and tuck them in with their favourite soft toy so they are warm and cosy.

Safe sleep When a child first moves into a single bed it is not unusual for them to fall out of it. Age-appropriate toddler beds are designed with this in mind and often have safety guards or protective sides to ensure toddlers feel safe.

Afraid of the dark? If your child is afraid of the dark, offer them the reassurance of a GoGlow® light to have nearby when they need it. You could even play hide and seek, in the late afternoon, using a GoGlow® torch, so they realise there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Below are 5 things you can do to keep your little ones safe:

Ready for bed away from home Sleepovers at Granny’s or with friends will be a new challenge without the cot. Sleeping away from home can be an anxious time for some young children. A ReadyBed® with your child’s favourite character will offer the familiar smells and comfort of home, the safety of being low to the ground and the fun of camping out away from home, making for stress free sleepovers.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Choose a bed that is low to the ground and has protective sides, such as HelloHome’s Snuggletime. A toddler bed will feel cosy and will be a safe step towards a “big” bed. Make sure you childproof the bedroom with safety catches on windows and doors, and secure furniture to the walls. Clear toys and objects away at bedtime – especially things that could be used for climbing, such as a toy box or stool. On the day you introduce the bed, consider putting a stair gate across the bedroom door to stop nighttime wandering.

Getting ready for bed Aim to carry out the same series of steps every night, about 30 minutes before your child goes to bed: Warm bath Have a warm relaxing bath lasting no longer than 10 minutes. A bath before bed should not be playtime as this could over stimulate your tired child, waking them up again. Go straight from the bathroom into the bedroom – do not go back into the living area, as you will lose the focus of the routine. Lighting Dim the lights in the bedroom ready for your return from the bath – this will help with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Time alone Now that they’re drowsy, leave the bedroom so that they learn to fall asleep independently. Your child should be asleep about 15 minutes later.

For more fantastic sleep advice from Mandy, real mum experiences and great ideas from us, please visit our website and read our blog.

Check out the Home & Furnishings feature on page 73, featuring a selection of amazing products from Worlds Apart. We had the pleasure of reviewing a selection of products from the Peppa Pig range. The toddler bed is incredible and with Lillie loving Peppa Pig as much as she does you can just imagine her face when she saw this all ready for her to sleep in! To construct it was even easier than I had hoped and I had it ready in less than an hour (which for me is really good going). The quality is excellent and the detailing very clear, the little shelf to the side and the two storage drawers beneath are just an added bonus and very much used! The little Peppa Pig Torch / Night Light is a blessing and gives off just enough light when in situ, when you use it as the torch it illuminates really well. We’ve often found Lillie lying in bed playing with the torch we are clearly onto a winner! Highly recommended by us !


baby buzz magazine © Robynmac | - Healthy Snacking For Kids Collection Photo

Smarter eating So it’s finally upon us, the summer is almost over and another school year is fast approaching. For those of you who had to agonise with your kids over GCSE and A-level results over the summer I feel for you. It seems like almost yesterday when I was doing the same. So how do we make sure that our children are getting the most from their school learning and revision or homework time? Once again we have to look at what we are feeding our children at home and what they are eating away from home if we want to make sure that they get a head start on their competition. It is a sad reality that most people have adopted a nutritional lifestyle which although easy, is devoid of nutritional content, especially enzymes and nutrients. Unfortunately, living healthily nowadays takes a considerable amount of good planning and hard work, but if we are willing to make the effort it needn’t be impossible, especially when it comes to feeding our children. The earlier we can get them used to different tastes and textures the better. I know it’s hard but we simply just cannot give up because it’s hard. I know I still struggle to get my nine year old to eat everything I want him to so I am trying my best to make sure my two year old has a more well rounded palate. So let’s look at the things our children should be eating to make them more intelligent. Let’s not flog a dead horse and talk about the usual things like fruit and vegetables. Let’s look closer at some of the things we don’t feed our children, and ourselves for that matter, because of myths and bad information. Unfortunately for us we are following America down the obesity road and it’s due to a number of factors, but mainly down to what we are eating. Or rather, what we are NOT eating. If you ask most people they will probably tell you that things like saturated fats and cholesterol should not be in our diets. I truly believe that it is the absence of things like cholesterol and saturated fats that means we are fast becoming a nation of very unhealthy people. Our brains are made up of water and fat. If we are not getting enough dietary fat, especially when it comes to growing children and breast feeding mums, then not only do our brains not function properly but – as is the case with breast feeding – the body will actually start robbing the brain of its essential fats in order to supply the breast milk with enough nutrition. That is why it is crucial for breast feeding mums to eat extremely well – it is the best start a mum can give her child. I would need to write a whole book in order to go into the science of why we should be eating cholesterol and why this misconception started years ago (going as far back as the 1950s with the work of Ansel Keys and his Lipid Hypothesis which wrongly looked at different data to come up with his theory but left out information to suit his hypothesis). However, according to the work of Dr. William Castelli and Dr. Walter Willet (the latter being responsible for the Nurses Health Study conducted over 20 years) concluded that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat and ate the most calories, weighed the least and were the most physically active. Every cell in the human body needs cholesterol to function properly. If cholesterol were absent there would be no fluidity in the cell and cholesterol plays a role in sex and stress hormones such as testosterone and cortisol. Our skin turns cholesterol into vitamin D when exposed to UVB light, repairs cell | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

membranes and is responsible for brain and nerve tissues. In fact, brain and nerve tissues have the highest concentrations of cholesterol in the body, and it is a key component in forming brain synapses (cell connections) needed for good mental function, learning and memory. So the next time that your child, or even you for that matter, are finding it hard to concentrate, learn something new or getting low grades at school, look no further than cholesterol and add a safe amount back into the diet, along with saturated fat sources such as avocados and coconut oil. Bring back soft-boiled eggs and soldiers (preferably wheat and gluten free soldiers), scrambled eggs with coconut oil and porridge with raw cream. There is an array of different foods which can be consumed, especially with winter approaching. Remember that up to 90% of cholesterol found in the body is produced in the liver and we should all be consuming cholesterol, saturated fats, raw, live foods filled with enzymes, minerals, vitamins, probiotics and cultured foods such as sauerkraut. If we not only consume these foods and give them to our children, stay away from sugar of any kind and processed foods including boxed cereals, we will find a better behaved, more willing to learn and brighter child than we thought possible. As is always the case, make sure your children are well hydrated as brain performance can drop by as much as 20% if we are dehydrated and, let’s face it, most of us just don’t list drinking water highly enough among our daily habits. Let’s be healthier as a whole by adding things to our lifestyle, not by taking away things like cholesterol and saturated fats, which actually give us life. Please be sure to keep a mental note of how much better behaved, how much brighter and energetic your children will be once you have made these simple changes. I would love to hear of their progress.

Please join me on Twitter and Facebook and keep your questions coming in to myself and Peter Marcasciano, one of the worlds top experts on health, nutrition and physiotherapy. To get the inside track to a healthier life, please follow us on the following: Twitter: Facebook: Website:

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Beautiful keepsake jewellery featuring your loved one's fingerprints, handprints and footprints, pawprints, artwork, first signatures, initials and names and more Exclusive Reader Offer Claim 10% off when using code BBMAG10 at checkout | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



Am I allowed? By Michelle Eshkeri This is a question which is often asked during discussions with expectant parents at antenatal courses or private consultations. Almost without exception, the answer to this question is “Yes”. From the benign “Can I take my own pillow into hospital?” to the infinitely more complex “Am I allowed to say no to induction of labour?”, women and their birthing partners need to understand that when it comes to making decisions, they are in the driving seat. Health care professionals make recommendations about care during pregnancy and birth based on hospital policy and research. The NHS works on a risk basis. That means that women receive a standard package of care based on the prevailing policies and procedures which must be adhered to in order to mitigate any litigious claims. So, if the protocol dictates that all women should be “offered” induction at 40+12 days, those who go over dates should expect healthcare professionals to start getting a little jumpy as the 41�� week rolls around. However, the key word here is “offered”. Inductions, or any other form of intervention in the birthing process, should be offered to the woman, with a clear explanation of the benefits, risks and alternatives available. Women should not be bullied into unwanted procedures. Healthcare professionals who utter the words “you don’t want to risk your baby’s life by waiting another minute/hour/day” etc. are resorting to emotional blackmail in order to tick the legal boxes. Pregnant women are not mindless idiots and can make informed and considered decisions themselves, if only they were given the relevant information to do so. Whilst it’s true that there is often quoted evidence (from the Cochrane database) that the risk of stillbirth doubles after 42w, what many parents don’t realise is that this evidence is outdated (based on studies conducted more than 20 years ago) and the Cochrane review needs updating. Caregivers also often fail to mention absolute risks, unless you push them for the actual numbers. A HCP should not assume that all parents have the same attitude to risk – what is an acceptable increase to one parent may be unacceptable to another. Nor should they assume that what might be the best decision for one woman is necessarily best for another. It all depends on a woman’s individual preferences and circumstances. Women, and only women, should be making decisions about what happens to their bodies, not healthcare professionals. Being bullied into a procedure/treatment is a contravention of basic human rights. Should a women decline a recommended treatment or procedure, then the healthcare professional should support the decision, even if they do not agree with it and put in place the necessary checks, tests, monitoring etc to enable the women’s choice to be as safe and as successful as possible. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Another intervention which is designed to “help” the women’s body to labour is the sweep, sometimes called “stretch and sweep”. Sounds uncomfortable, even painful and it can be. Many believe that it is an unnecessary procedure which has a fairly low success rate. This intervention may help a women, who was about to labour anyway, go into spontaneous labour a few hours or a day or two earlier than she would have if nature had been left to its own devices or it may simply set the women on a course of further intervention which can increase the risk of assisted birth or caesarean section. MIDIRS Informed Choice website ( is a great place to start for women who have any “Am I allowed?” type questions. This website offers a number of leaflets aimed at women written in plain English which offer evidence-based information and research on common areas of concern in pregnancy and birth. The AIMS website is also a great source of information for those with questions about their choices in labour. In fact, they even have a booklet entitled “Am I allowed?” Antenatal classes can also help to raise awareness of choice in pregnancy & labour for expectant parents. Many parents are not aware that they have a right to make their own decisions. They also have a right to be given all the relevant information to enable those decisions to be made and for their decisions to be respected. This article was written by Michelle Eshkeri, director at Parent Partner, a London based company providing tailored antenatal education and support, as well as baby/child first aid sessions.

For more information, please contact: Email: Tel: 07789 928 530


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We talk to Karren Brady CBE about her role as Ambassador for LifeSkills

Exclusive Interview

You are the epitome of a role model for women everywhere, especially me, what drives you? My ambition has been fuelled by different things and has changed over time. When I first started out, I was determined to be the best in my industry, especially because of the male dominated profession I was in. Now, it’s more about making a difference to people just starting their careers. In lots of ways, young people today find it harder than ever before to start a career and I want to be able to help. It’s why I’m an Ambassador for LifeSkills, created with Barclays, to champion young people and work to create opportunities for them to gain the skills and experience to be successful. Were you always so business savvy and knew what you wanted to get out of being in business? No! When I was at school I had no real idea about how businesses were run or what I wanted to do. I got my first taste of work at a hairdresser where I started by sweeping the floor and cleaning up. I worked really hard and by the end of the week I was running reception. These early experiences were really important and shaped my view of the world of work. That’s why I’m so passionate about making work experience available to everyone. It is invaluable in helping young people understand what businesses look for and the skills you have that an employer could be looking for. You started your career in one of the hardest industries, how did you do it and what made you determined to succeed? I love football and was really lucky to be able to work in the industry. My first break came with me securing the role of manager for Birmingham Football Club. Being the first ever woman to run a football club was daunting and I felt every day that I had to prove myself. But, I knew I could do the job and if I worked hard, could win the support of others. This determination helped my career to grow but my success has also depended on the advice and support of others and my wonderful family. You are behind the drive to get more support for young people to get into the work place, why is this so important to you? There are currently over 850,000 young people out of work which has a fundamental impact on our society and economy. We have to act now which is why I got involved in LifeSkills, created with Barclays, which aims to help one million young people get the skills and work experience they need to transition successfully into work. It includes free resources for young people and schools, as well as a work experience matching engine so teachers can connect their pupils to opportunities to learn from

business. Together we can make a difference so I’m calling for businesses, young people, families and education providers to get involved and ensure no young person is left without the skills they need to fulfil their potential. What would your advice be to a school leaver/young person wanting to start up their own business or to be one step ahead of others in the world of business? First, you need to do your research. Take the time to discover what’s out there in the marketplace and where the opportunity exists for a new business. Speak to as many people as possible who have sound business experience. This will also help you build up a bank of contacts something I still work really hard at. I would also recommend work experience. It will give you the skills you need to be successful in any career while helping you to understand what you are really good at. The summer holidays can be the perfect time for this, so see if any local businesses need some extra help for a week or two. The summer holiday is also a great time to create or revamp your CV. There are free tips and handy tools on the LifeSkills website that can help. With so many parents also starting up businesses to maintain a life/work balance, what tips / advice would you give them? It is critical to plan ahead and make sure that where you can, you call on the support network you have around you. My husband and I try to split everything between us. When the children were at school, he’d pick them up and then I’d look after them. What has been the highlight of your career? I’ve been lucky enough to have many amazing career moments but what really stands out is being awarded my CBE last December. I’m particularly proud to have been recognised for the work I’ve done in helping women in business and young people. It’s my passion and why I became an Ambassador for LifeSkills. How do you juggle business and family and find adequate time for both? I make sure that when I am at work, I’m a woman in business and at home I’m a mum and a wife. You could say I have a home personality and a work personality and make sure I keep them separate. But, there are difficult decisions that you need to make every day and sometimes work is the priority and sometimes home is. I also make it a rule to never work on Sundays as that’s marked as family time. Do you have any regrets? I try not to have any regrets, but I would have liked to take longer off after I had my first child. After I gave birth to Sophia, I went back to work just three days later. I felt that I had to be in the office as there were big decisions to be made, but looking back, I can say that I made the wrong decision. So, when Paolo was born, I spent more time working from home and finding a better balance. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag




e all want the professional pictures of our children, our family, our pets. With so many photographers and companies out there all offering various packages of some form, it can get quite daunting as to who to go to, how good the photographer is and how expensive the experience will cost you. Ultimately you want the best, after all you’re paying a premium to get it!

by the largest of these companies, I was intrigued to find out just what the experience would be like, what kind of service we would get and how much of a hard sell we would be succumbed to (having experienced this from the smaller companies I was expecting to be held down and ordered to buy everything - I couldn’t have been more wrong!) I’d like to introduce my readers to Venture!

When my oldest daughter was born we did the whole ‘I must get some professional pictures taken’ thing and whilst the pictures are beautiful, the experience was a bit dull, felt a bit rushed and there was no thought put into the process. Safe to say we didn’t go back for updated photos. We did however go slightly further afield a few years later to get the next stage photos taken but again the experience was boring almost rushed, where we felt we were ushered in and ushered straight out again with not much conversation (needless to say when the time came to pick pictures, they had a lot to say bring on the cold hard sell!) I’ve heard about many companies offering the professional picture experience with one ridiculously claiming that people wishing to become a franchisee don’t need to be great photographers or have any experience sorry but I beg to differ on this - thankfully we weren’t reviewing this particular company! When we were contacted | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Venture Photography is the UK’s largest portrait photographer and is continuing its growth internationally with studios spanning over three continents. Founded in 2000, they have grown from strength to strength with 27 studios, they have been awarded ‘Superbrand’ status and were recognised as ‘Franchise of the Year’ by the British Franchise Association in 2008. Now whilst this sounds all corporate, it really couldn’t be further from reality. As we were reviewing the experience as a whole, we followed the step by step procedures. Upon booking your session, you are sent a friendly letter, thanking you for booking through Venture and confirming all the details of your studio time and an email too. Just before the scheduled date, you are contacted by your photographer to run through ideas, concepts, schemes that can make your time in front of the camera that much more fun - I actually loved the idea of this but was out when she tried to call (note to self provide mobile number next time) but when we arrived at the studio, we had the chance to speak to the photographer who would be shooting us and ran through many ideas and suggestions about what kind of shots we would like to have, as well as being given photo albums including many different themes and picking out which were our favourites and ones we would like to replicate! From the minute we walked in, we were greeted with the most friendliest faces, all of whom couldn’t do more to help us from offering tea /



coffee / juice for the children (or as is typical - tea for my 3 year old!) After sitting down for 10 minutes going through pictures and chatting away to the team on the front desk, we were shown through to the studio. We had the chance to freshen up and change accordingly in the little side room and were soon raring to go! I can’t credit our photographer Sabrina enough for putting up with two little girls who clearly didn’t want to play ball and at one point refused to do anything! Within 5 minutes she had them running around, jumping up and down and pretty much fighting for camera space! Sabrina was also very attentive to the types of shots that we wanted as we had wanted to get grandma and grandchildren all together as well as shots of me and my girls and of course one of me and mum. Once we had finished, we thanked everyone for being so patient with us and were informed that they would be in touch once our images were ready to view. In the space of a few days, we were given a date and time (a Sunday too which was great for us) and made our way back to the studio. Once we arrived, we had the same amazing service as before with drinks offered and nattering away as if we’d known the girls for long time and then we were shown into the Viewing Room. It is worth noting that after your photoshoot a professional artist will spend hours designing your images and making them absolutely unique. Whether your preference is for natural colours, black & white or graphic designs, the creative experts will design something special. Before you view your images, you have to go through all of the images that were chosen to decide which ones to keep and delete. Once they were ready to view, the lights were lowered and each of us ooh'ed and ahh'ed over every picture (if you delete one and want to go back, they are all pre-saved so you can retrieve pictures). We finally picked our favourite picture, one of all the family together for Mum to keep. When it comes to picking your picture/s you don’t just get a basic print, it comes with a choice of styles, frames, modern designs, collages etc (I believe there are up to 10 options available). I won’t pretend that the service is cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for, and what you pay for is worth every penny! There are so many sizes and styles and lots of different price packages available. However, the biggest benefit is that Venture offer a monthly payment plan, so if you really want to have a selection of images but worried that you can’t afford the lump sum payment, then you can opt for this instead. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS What’s different about a Venture portrait? We believe that your portrait is an investment, it’s a true reflection of the skill, time and effort the team at Venture put into creating a unique piece of personal artwork. You are paying for a bespoke service and highly trained, award winning photographers who capture your precious moments in time. When you purchase your £35 voucher this includes an hour long photo shoot, cinematic screening and a complimentary framed portrait (5” x 7”), however, if you fall in love with our work (and most people do) you can purchase more. Do I get a discount if I buy multiple products? Yes, we have 3 packages on offer which allow you to choose a selection of your favourite images at an exclusive price! Can I buy digital images? We offer several ways you can buy digital images. The Venture App allows you to email your images and use on social media, enabling you to share with your friends and family. The digital frame allows you to display all your favourite images in your home. However, all digital images we supply cannot be printed, we believe Venture images should be printed in our laboratory to ensure they meet the Venture quality standard. What if I can't make up my mind in the viewing? Don't worry, there will be a Venture advisor on hand to help you make the right decisions. Here are some points we recommend you consider before you come back for your viewing: ● Familiarise yourself with the 3 packages we offer ● Look around your home at your décor and style and identify places you could put your family portraits ● Speak to any family members who may want a selection of images and make sure all decision makers attend the first viewing



Q&A with J M Herbalist Dear Joanne I have been breastfeeding my son for three days now and I have noticed that my boobs are really engorged and lumpy. They feel really hot and sore and I'm worried I'm getting mastitis! I don't want to take antibiotics as I want to continue breastfeeding, but I am unsure what to do, panicking a little bit if I'm honest. Any help much appreciated, Laura

Hi Laura I feel your pain but please don't panic! Day three tends to be when your milk starts to come in, which is a change from the colostrum that you have been producing previously. It is fairly normal to go through a period of engorgement as your body starts to meet the milk demands of your little one. That's not to say that you have to grin and bear it though!

First off, stay calm. We want to look at putting hot flannels / compresses on your boobs and massaging the lumps; I bought a lovely heat and cool pack which is really very soothing and you can pop them in your bra. You can also massage in a warm bath or shower and it can feel odd to start with but does help. Also massaging while baby is feeding is helpful, try to get baby to latch on 'above' the lumps and massage down. Savoy cabbage leaves in the bra are also very soothing, yes that sounds odd but it does help to reduce the pain and inflammation and to be honest if you're more comfortable then it makes feeding easier for you.

Try to make sure that baby is latching well and that you are staying calm, have lots of cuddles and drink plenty of water. You can express a little milk to make it more comfortable, but remember not to do too much or your body will produce even more milk. Peppermint or sage tea (should you not have any other underlying medical issues) may start to reduce milk supply whereas fennel and fenugreek will increase it, so have a look at what you're drinking. Lastly, please also speak to a midwife or breastfeeding counsellor for more advice, and if you need antibiotics don't kick yourself about it! Mastitis can be incredibly painful and it doesn't mean you have to stop breastfeeding, if anything continuation is encouraged! Your midwife or GP will be able to prescribe something which is ok to take whilst you feed. If you need antibiotics then you need them, there's no need to feel bad about it, you're no good to anyone if you're unwell so please don't suffer for any longer than you have to. If you do take them, I can always recommend a good and safe probiotic for you to use which will help minimise the effect on the milk, please drop me a line for some suggestions.

Try and get as much rest as you can and make sure you have kisses and cuddles with your little one and your partner, it really helps. Best of luck - lots of love Joanne xxx

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Hi, My name is Al and I am The Dad Network. I have a beautiful wife and a little boy called Ted! The Dad Network blog aims to promote and encourage the role of dads within family life; right from the moment you see the blue line on the pregnancy test, through the life changing experience of labour and right into full blown parenthood. It also seeks to be a support for dads in all kinds of situations. You see, the reason this whole blog thing began was because my gorgeous wife and I experienced a devastating and mysterious miscarriage under quite unique circumstances. The blog starts with the story of a dads miscarriage, has covered the story of a dads pregnancy, will tell the story of a dads labour and endeavor to share the story of a new dad. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to follow the story every step of the way.

Miscarriage is a mysterious and devastating thing... I don’t think Dads talk about their experience of miscarriage enough, and they should. They should because it’s real, it’s very common and it helps to talk about it. Here is the story of this Dad’s miscarriage. My wife and I had planned to get pregnant and could not have been happier when we saw the 2 blue lines. But…

We had 2 options: 1) 2)

Let the miscarriage happen naturally over the wedding Opt for the SMM (Surgical Management of Miscarriage) and cancel the wedding?

Ever been between a rock and a hard place? During week 6 the storm began when my wife found a small amount of blood. We quickly googled and found out about spotting; common, perfectly normal bleeding during early pregnancy. We put it down to this, but the doctor still booked an appointment at the emergency scan department of the hospital. This is a weird place! We were sitting in a corridor, opposite the sonographer’s room. Women and couples go into the room with an anxious look on their face and come out either crying or gleefully holding a baby scan picture. We sat there and wondered our fate. Overjoyed or distraught? We ended up feeling neither… The sonographer examined, and came to the conclusion that it was too early to tell, booking us in for another emergency scan in 2 weeks’ time. That way the heartbeat would definitely be seen. (Or not). This time the fetus had grown but there was still no visible heartbeat. No-one could explain it and no-one could confirm viability either way. We epitomised the saying, “left hanging.” We lived the following weeks on edge, anxious, worried and pensive. All the while this was happening we were planning our wedding for the end of the summer. What should have been an exciting time of preparations was overcast by a huge cloud of uncertainty and potential devastation. Just before our prewedding honeymoon was our third scan… Still no heartbeat but more growth! The doctor said, because of the growth, she couldn’t definitively say to us that we would lose the baby. Instead she gave a 95% chance of miscarriage at any point. So what should we do? Miss our holiday and loose the money, or go and risk it? We decided to go, but all the while our thoughts were else where. On our return, general wedding stress levels were non-existent. The Tuesday before the wedding saw us, yet again, in the emergency scan waiting room for a fourth scan. We hid ourselves from the others, knowing that it would more than likely be bad news. This time, there was still no heartbeat but also no growth. We were told it was just a matter of time before the body rejected the unviable fetus and the miscarriage began.

We decided to crack on with the wedding and if the miscarriage started, we’d cross that bridge as and when. It put everything into perspective. It helped us focus on us, and ironically, in amongst the sadness, we had never been so close. We got married with such an intimacy between us. Three days after the wedding the miscarriage started. It began as a pain in the stomach. She knew it was happening, so we called for our fifth emergency appointment. The bleeding was constant and she had continuous pain. What could I do to make it better? The helpless feeling of inadequacy was fraught and very real. Seven weeks of uncertainty, hope and despair had come to an end. We booked in for an emergency SMM. We arrived at the hospital and got prepped for the procedure. It was gut-wrenching and as they wheeled my wife out the room I felt like my heart was being pulled out on a trolley too. I couldn’t be with her when she was terrified, I wanted to comfort her, hold her hand and be there for her. Instead, I was in a cold room with just my thoughts as company. Following the procedure it was so hard to know how to be. I was devastated, but held it in. I wanted to be strong and look after my wife as I knew that she was already heart broken. Me crying would just add to that pain for her. This was a mistake. The moment I let my guard down and really showed how I was feeling through being honest, led to one of the best moments of our relationship. We both held each other and felt the pain together. I think it was that moment that a new, unspoken connection and bond between us grew. It is in these difficult, overcast situations that relationships can really develop. For that I am thankful. My hope is that through reading about my experience it opens the door for other Dads to talk openly. Especially because miscarriage is such a mysterious and devastating thing. | | | | | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



POST NATAL DEPRESSION OR NORMAL RESPONSE TO NEW MOTHERHOOD? By Deborah Binun Post Natal Depression? Nothing to do with me. Apparently my friend’s second cousin once had it. It’s out there. I know that. It happens. But not to me… In the throws of early pregnancy, we easily push aside any initial ambivalence, and happily distract ourselves with the hundreds of things we now need to think about. From birth classes to hospital appointments, to baby clothes, cribs and prams, not to mention the tireless hours flicking through baby name books where the only name we can all mildly agree on is Bert. There is no end to this new world in which we suddenly find ourselves immersed in. Our interests and priorities have already shifted such that our old friends find it hard to relate to us as we enter this new stage of life. In all the excitement and despite the irony, the last thing on our minds is actually what it will be like to care for a real live baby, let alone considering the possibility that we may have to contend with post natal depression. Why think about something that probably won’t happen? But with statistics rising, maybe it is something we need to be more mindful of as we approach new motherhood. First of all, perhaps we should be careful in labelling the feelings surrounding this major developmental crisis as ‘depression’. This is a frightening label to be given when we are often feeling at our most vulnerable, never mind the social stigma attached. Let’s look at the facts. We have just gone through one of the most major transitions of our lives. We have become a mother. And with that our whole world has been rocked. Our lifestyle, all of our relationships, our role, our working life, the way others perceive us, our very identity…no part of our lives remains untouched. Even our bodies have often changed beyond recognition. Our hormones are raging, we are totally exhausted due to this new little life who depends on us for their very survival and no one told us it would be this hard! We haven’t even got over the exhaustion and sometimes trauma of the birth, another huge milestone for which we are often mentally ill prepared. And now we have been plunged into an existence where time is no longer our own. We are on a runaway train and no one has told us where the breaks are. If we thought we had any control over our lives before, now there is no doubt that we are totally out of control, at the mercy of our new little bundle who we are supposed to love and cherish, yet we can’t even see straight with our painful nipples after hours of unsuccessful breast feeding, aching bodies as we recover from the birth and all this on just 2 hours sleep, for which we are told we should be grateful! With no one to turn to and at the end of our tether, we find ourselves crying at the drop of a hat and we and others have the audacity to ask, why?! Whilst I in no way want to dismiss or play down the suffering that many mothers go through in early motherhood, my wish is rather to normalise it. It is understandable and perhaps even expected that many will experience some pretty turbulent emotions. I therefore would like to suggest that we could approach this period and experience entirely differently. I wonder if we could stop being so frightened by the term ‘Post Natal Depression’ and instead realise that these feelings are normal and natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Of course this doesn’t make them hurt any less, but perhaps we could | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

move through them with more grace and understanding, without judging ourselves so harshly. Dare I say it, perhaps we may even develop some compassion towards ourselves. Believe it or not, it’s often our thoughts about the ‘depression’ that cause most of the problem, not the bad feelings themselves. Left alone, these thoughts and feelings will simply pass. That’s just the way our mind works. Thought is temporary and therefore getting freaked out by our depressed feelings and beating ourselves up for it, is just as irrational as chastising ourselves for having a bad dream. And so we can see that all the well-meaning relatives telling us to snap out of it and just be grateful for our healthy baby, as well as our own judgmental thoughts insisting that we really should be stronger, have the unfortunate effect of keeping us in our low state. Besides if we took an honest look at ourselves and were really true to our experience, we might even be lucky enough to notice the truth of what’s really happening, which is that we are forever going in and out of these thoughts and feeling states. We have good moments and we have bad. We can feel strong in a moment of quiet, perhaps whilst grabbing a quick shower when the baby is sleeping, where we recognise that we are ok, we can do this, our resilience comes through. We bounce back and feel ‘normal’ again if only for a few short minutes. The next moment we can feel totally broken over something as simple as split milk (especially if it’s expressed breast milk!!) Furthermore, we all have the unhelpful tendency to compare ourselves to others. We look at mothers, either friends or even complete strangers in the street, and wonder how they are coping so well which just adds to our feelings of low self worth as we begin to feel that perhaps we are just not cut out for this role. Feelings of guilt and shame can overwhelm us. It is worth keeping in mind that often many are having the very same feelings as you are. Perhaps you have caught them at a time when their contaminated thinking has released them from its menacing grip. Or perhaps these women are allowing these very same thoughts to flow through them like a passing river without getting too attached or letting them define who they are. In short, the intensity of emotion that we go through as a brand new mother can certainly feel challenging at times but as we recognise that we are in actual fact having a whole range of experiences, the bad ones begin to frighten us a little less. Plus we begin to get a feel for our emotional resilience which is always there under the whirlwind of negative thought we often innocently torture ourselves with. That’s just life and part of the richness of being a human being. We can certainly begin to lighten the load by reminding ourselves, that ‘this too shall pass’!! By Deborah Binun, psychotherapist specialising in Pregnancy & Birth including Birth Trauma & Post Natal Depression (07460 444 332) For more information, please visit



Alternative Pain Relief Options During Labour By Harriet Kendrick When you think of going into labour, more often than not you will be told, or will certainly ask, about all the different types of drugs available! However, there are so many more options available to you and we wanted to give you a deeper insight into just what other means of pain relief you could have. We spoke with Harriet Kendrick of TensCare, who gave us a fantastic breakdown of three other highly effective methods of pain relief. Water birth and Hydrotherapy Water-birthing is available both at home and in the hospital Maternity unit. A birth pool is filled with warm water to a comfortable depth, and not only provides pain relief throughout labour but also ensures a more natural, gentler entry into the world for your baby. The warmth of the water provides gentle, relaxing pain relief for the lower half of the body, whilst the water’s buoyancy takes the strain of the body’s weight - allowing more mobility under the water. As it moves away from the restraints of the hospital bed, the birth pool allows a little more privacy, personal space, and is more easily relatable to the comforts of your own home. Unfortunately, although birthing pools can be booked in advance, there’s no guarantee that they will be available when your baby decides to make its appearance, as pools are limited in many hospital maternity units (although home birthing is an option). Water Births are not available to everyone as their use depends upon your health and your condition at the onset of labour, which can change at the last minute; therefore it is always best to have a second option in mind. Hydrotherapy provides relief in the same way as a birth pool, with additional therapeutic relief through streams of massaging jets and bubbles – like a Jacuzzi or spa bath. These are available at some birthing centres, but unfortunately are not yet readily available in all hospital maternity units. TENS Machines TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) provides natural pain relief during labour through the use of electrotherapy. TENS machines connect to 4 electrode pads which are placed on your back (2 under the bra line and 2 on the lower back) and omit tiny electrical pulses through your body. These pulses not only block the pain signals your body sends to the brain during labour (which usually travel through your spine), but also encourages the brain to release Endorphins – your body’s natural form of pain relief. The electrical pulses aren’t painful or uncomfortable, and enable you to remain upright and mobile during labour whilst providing drug-free, nonintrusive pain relief up until you give birth – which is why they are highly recommended by midwives. The machines can be used from 37 weeks into pregnancy for common pregnancy backache, and should be worn from the onset of labour for the most effective pain

relief. Boost buttons are available to provide quick relief from more intensive contractions, and safety features ensure there aren’t any unwanted electric shocks if the pads are accidentally pulled from the skin. TENS are completely safe to use for both you and your baby, and can be used in conjunction with other forms of pain relief if required. They are not available for use in the birthing pool, but can be used during contractions until you need to get into the water. Not all hospitals provide TENS machines, therefore it is best to hire or purchase one to have ready for your hospital bag. HypnoBirthing HypnoBirthing is becoming an increasingly popular choice with Mums-to-be. It provides a drug-free, natural alternative to the usual pain relief options available during labour. HypnoBirthing concentrates on the use of hypnosis during labour; calming and relaxing you to ensure you experience the least amount of stress possible whilst deterring you from thinking about the pain you’re experiencing. This ‘stress free’ and relaxed approach promotes the best possible outcome for your baby, as remaining calm and drugfree decreases the chances of dangerous complications during labour. HypnoBirthing classes train Mums-to-be and their partners the different techniques required, which are usually centred on steady breathing and the concentration power of the mind. Unfortunately hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone and the classes can be quite expensive, however many women who have used the HypnoBirthing technique have found their labour almost ‘enjoyable’ as they remained awake, in control and removed from the fear of childbirth. It also allows Dads-to-be to play a more ‘important’ role in the birthing room, something which has been a struggle for many years. For more information, please visit: or

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The Alternative Option I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, William John, on 6�� August this year. I I'm not sure if you’ve seen, but if not please turn to ‘Welcome to the World’ at the front of the magazine to see a photo of this cute little bundle of joy. I hope you have read my problem page over the past issues, if not then a little bit of background on me; I am a Medical Herbalist working in the North London and Hertfordshire area. As a Medical Herbalist I see patients with many problems, ranging from hayfever right up to complex cases with multiple illnesses. I use herbs in the form of tinctures, teas and capsules to help correct imbalances and restore and maintain good health. I work on the ‘whole person’ so as well as looking at the current condition I look at underlying causes and issues which may be seemingly unrelated but will have an impact. I then give advice and herbs in the form of liquid tinctures, teas or capsules which are taken several times daily. I can work with acute problems such as infections or slow burning issues, which you may have had bubbling away for many months or years. Herbalists used to fall under the category of ‘alternative’ medicines but in more recent years we have been promoted to complementary – that is that we work alongside, it’s not an either/or decision. I consider myself to be integrative; that is I am quite happy to work alongside your standard medicines or indeed another therapy. So it came as no surprise to most of my friends and family when I told them I wanted a full home-water-hypnobirth experience with William. My first son, Thomas, came into the world after 7 hours and 31 minutes, it was an amazing experience and I was thrilled to have managed to get through my first labour so quickly, though it wasn’t without its difficulties. Everyone said that the second would fly out, so I had no worries about labour with William, I had every confidence it would be plain sailing and I could do it without pain relief, in water and as holistic and natural as possible. My waters broke on the 5�� August with Meconium in, this means that the baby has already done a poo whilst inside the womb, as William was a week overdue this could have been because he was overdue and simply ready to use his bowels, or it could be a sign that the baby is distressed. So the standard medical protocol in this situation is to induce labour to start to get baby out. To be honest this idea had always filled me with dread; I had been told that induction was more painful but not only the thought of the pain, in this situation I was of course concerned that the baby was distressed. Immediately this made me feel anxious and completely out of my comfort zone, I am sure that my husband was waiting for me to kick off about letting labour come on naturally or

not wanting intervention, but I knew that the most important thing was to get baby moving sooner rather than later, despite my initial wishes. So induction, yes an interesting experience for me, I decided pretty quickly that I wanted an epidural. Hubby totally supported me (why would he not, a hormonal woman in pain is not one you wish to argue with), but the rest of my family were really shocked to hear my decision. Afterwards I asked them why and they all said being a herbalist and ‘hippy’ (their words, not mine, though pretty accurate) they had not imagined that I’d want an epidural. Well, I didn’t want a distressed baby or an induction either, but William clearly had other ideas. My thoughts first and foremost were that I needed to get baby delivered safely into the world as quickly as possible, having had a tricky labour with Thomas, I know how my body works and that when it came to push, I would struggle if I was exhausted; I thought that conserving my energy to pushing was more optimal than being a martyr and refusing pain relief. The downside of an epidural is that it’s more difficult to push, or it was for me. I ended up having an assisted delivery as William’s cord was around his neck – but he entered the world fine at 2.04am making the most beautiful noise which I don’t think I will ever forget. I was wholly anticipating him being quiet and needing some help breathing, which is common for babies who have done a poo in the womb, but he didn’t. I was handed this unbelievable bundle of crying joy, wrinkly and pink and perfect. It didn’t upset me as I thought it would, to have had to be induced and having a serious intervention with regards to pain relief – I spoke to a few herbalist friends and expected some disappointment from them also, but they were also wholly supportive and had pretty much the same opinion as me, that I was lucky enough to have a beautiful, healthy little boy come into the world and it really doesn’t matter how they get there, just that they have arrived. Having medical intervention is absolutely necessary on some occasions and no one therapy should make you feel like you have to make a decision between the two – you shouldn’t have to forego follow up herbal treatments because you’ve had a medicalised birth. The bottom line is, that no matter who you are and what your initial birth plans are, that things can change and you shouldn’t feel guilty or disappointed the way that things turn out; I thought I’d be beside myself if I had to choose an epidural, but I really wasn’t. I am a herbalist and all for the natural option, but it’s not always possible and so the most important thing was that William came into the world swiftly and safely. Best of luck with your birth stories, I hope that they are as quick and painless as mine, and don’t ever forget the huge strength it takes to grow, birth and raise a child so pat yourself on the back, you’re doing a great job xx

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We talk to Melanie C, about her role as Ambassador for HumanRaceEvents

Exclusive Interview

What’s the most challenging thing about being a mum and being in the public eye? I don’t really ever think about being in the public eye to be honest with you, especially when it comes to parenting, thinking about it, I suppose it would be you know quite often people want to have photographs with me or autographs, which is fine, it’s happened all through my career, and people are always happy to meet you, but sometimes if I’m on my own with my daughter I feel a little bit awkward because I don’t really want my daughter to be photographed and also if I’m trying to avoid her being photographed then I want to make sure I’m not neglecting her, so that can be a little bit tricky but other than that it doesn’t really tend to affect us that much.

mornings so I I’m always there for my little girl, I get her off to school and then I’ll have a couple of hours in the morning because I tend to work more afternoons and evenings so that’s how I fit it in although I have to say that this year has been a lot trickier than it has been over the last couple of years, which is pretty daunting especially when you have an event coming up.

That’s good, as a lot of other celebrities choose to have their children in the limelight and then trying to separate the two must be quite hard? You know, before my little girl was born, myself and her dad made the decision we’d rather she wasn’t in the public eye and you know there are certain things you can do, as you see some celebrities have their children photographed and the pictures are printed with the faces blurred out, but it can get quite complicated. Basically you can do it to a certain point but it does depend on how much you expose your children and you do get to a point where you don’t have that option anymore, but luckily enough we’ve kept it quite private up to now. Ultimately, the way I feel about it, you know, each to their own but personally for me I’d like for her to make that decision for herself.

Are you a competitive individual? Yes, you know what I think I was more competitive when I was younger and of course everyone likes to win but I’m quite a novice and I find the best person to compete against is yourself. Just do your best, I know that sometimes you have your off days and I’ve kind of learnt, that I’m 40 now so I’m not as fit as I once was but it’s important to give yourself a break so train hard and work hard and try and achieve great things but don’t be so hard on yourself.

What made you want to get involved with Human Race? Well, I did the Women’s Only event last summer and I jut had such a fantastic day and I’d never done an event where it was only women and the atmosphere was so different to when there’s guys involved. It was so supportive, there were so many different shapes and sizes and age range and fitness levels and it just wasn’t an intimidating environment and I just thought, you know women are so great at that you know and obviously we have a bad press about supporting each other but on a day like that I think especially with the women’s only events being in aid of breast cancer care as well, there was a real camaraderie and it’s so supportive that when Human Race approached me and asked me to be involved this year I was really happy to do so because I just think it’s something I really want to publicise and try to get women involved because I think it can be quite scary going into a competing environment when it’s something that’s new to you and this is definitely the gentlest way to do it, a great way to raise money and you get fit, you have fun and you make friends, it’s really sociable as well and I just felt it was a really lovely event. They are such fun days, that once you get there, the nerves are there but it’s such a lovely atmosphere that women will absolutely love it. It’s not like you’re competing for your country , there’s no pressure so it’s lots of fun. How do you combine training, being on tour and being a mum? Sometimes it’s really difficult and unfortunately it’s the first thing go as obviously my little girl takes priority and then of course work but I suppose working in music, I’m quite lucky because I don’t tend to work most

What training advice would you give to mums who want to get back into sporting activities and events? Take it slowly. Starting is the hardest thing and whether its running, cycling, swimming or any sport just say to yourself ‘I’m going to give myself 20 minutes’ and then with running you walk a little bit, run a little bit and just build it up gradually. You know some days you’ll feel great and can go longer and on some days you’re just not feeling it and you know what, that’s cool. Basically, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Especially as you get older our bodies do take longer to recover especially when you’ve hard children. What does the next year hold for you? I’m touring with Jools Holland at the moment which is really good fun and I’m also in the studio working on a new album which I’m hoping will be ready sometime next year, well that’s the plan. It’s early days, but I’ve just started writing and meeting new collaborators so I’m really excited as my last album was in 2011 so it will be nice to get back out there and touring with my band again. For more information on events coming up and to take part, please visit: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

For more information on Melanie C and to hear about future tours and news, please visit:

"Former Spice Girl Melanie C, is an ambassador for Human Race Events' WomenOnly series and is keen to get more ladies into sport. She will be taking part in the Shock Absorber WomenOnly Triathlon on 13 July and is also promoting the WomenOnly Run in Richmond Park on Saturday 18 October, for more information and to enter, please visit: " | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

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Imagination-Inspiring Children’s Playhouse Since their creation in 2001, Win Green has responded to parents’ increased desire to invest in quality made products that truly stand the test of time … bringing back old-fashioned qualities, where detail and craftsmanship are the key ingredients.

“As a small company dedicated to promoting imaginative play for children, it was only natural when choosing a charity to support that our selection be wholeheartedly child-focused. Haven House was the perfect choice!” Kate Hudson, Win Green’s Brand Manager

“At Win Green, we believe that children should be encouraged from an early age to explore their imaginations through play, allowing them to use their own creativity to develop their individual playing and learning skills”

Located in woodland in Woodford Green, Haven House has cared for almost 400 children and families and provides valuable support across the community.

Created with love, passion and plenty of imagination, Win Green has designed an enchanting collection of beautifully embroidered and appliquéd playhouses and accessories, full of colour and creative detail. With themes that include a traditional Toy Shop, swashbuckling Pirate Shack and enchanting Princess Castle, you’ll be sure to find the perfect backdrop to all the fun your children can have …whatever magical tales of make-believe they choose to explore! Helping to support a worthy cause… Earlier this year, Win Green proudly announced their decision to choose Haven House Children’s Hospice as their nominated company charity. Haven House Children’s Hospice supports families and cares for young people with life-limiting and lifethreatening conditions across North and East London, West Essex and East Hertfordshire. Founded in 2003, Haven House has provided a happy place full of laughter and fun … where children can go to live life as fully as they are able. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Help support your local Charity… To help raise awareness and support this fantastic cause, Win Green is running an online raffle throughout September, with all proceeds going to Haven House. Raffle Tickets cost just £2 each and the winner, to be picked at random, will receive a fabulous Win Green Playhouse (in the design of their choice) worth £200 … What an amazing prize! For just £2 you could not only win this fantastic item, but you will be helping to support this wonderful local Charity! Please help to spread the word by following Win Green on their Facebook page and sharing this event with your friends and family.

The raffle closes on the 30�� September and tickets can be purchased at

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Baby Sleep Deprivation – Up my own Arse with Fatigue I am so tired I want to crawl up my own ass and have a nap. Yes, not the first place that springs to everyone’s mind as a retreat of choice. However, I need somewhere, dark, un crowded and most importantly somewhere no one (namely my small humans) would even think I would be. A place they would be too shit scared to even look. Ladies, I give you my asshole. The one place I will surely be safe from the screams and demands of a tiny toddler, the wails of a hungry newborn (who surely cannot STILL be hungry after being attached to my boob 24/7) and the forever growing washing pile and sticky fingered windows I can no longer see out of let alone summon up the energy to be arsed to wipe clean. Please someone, anyone, tell me when will this rational thought destroying and soul sucking fatigue end?! When will there be a differentiation between night and day? When will I stop telling the time by how much my boobs resemble small heads wearing tiny brown hats? And when oh when will my bottom stop looking like a good place to stick my head up?! I want (no screw that), I NEED to know that there is an end to this torture. That my life currently made up of never ending nights and fuzzy days will at some point start to resemble something of my previous one. A life where 4am is not a lie in. In fact a life where 4am can go fuck itself completely unless it involves me dancing my ass off under neon lights after enjoying copious amounts of overpriced yet deliciously potent cocktails. That is the only way 4am should EVER exist in my consciousness.

The life of a mum of a new born and let’s face it of any sleep depriving demon commonly known as our offspring, is one that stretches out before us in one continuous fug (aka fuzzy fog) of feeds, dirty nappies, swollen boobs, sterilising and pacing the hallway all whilst fighting murderous urges towards your snoring partner – Oh, if you just had the energy to weight down that pillow over his smug and peaceful face! Lack of sleep and lusting after a full unbroken 4 hrs of it, consumes our every waking thought which due to the nature of the bitch that is sleepless nights means we are consumed by it 24/7. We post about it on Facebook, discuss it on forums, resent those getting it and plead to anyone who will listen to share any pearls of wisdom on how to get our little ones to sleep for longer than two lousy hours at a time. Oh, the golden chalice of a 4 hourly schedule. The joy of a 6:30am lie in. The dare I say it (for fear it won’t ever happen) unadulterated pleasure of being able to get into bed knowing you will not have to be out of it for a blissful 7 hrs. When oh when will you be mine? I tell you when. “Who the fuck knows o’clock” is when. In the meantime peeps you know where to find me…. Want to discuss how you are feeling about being a mum, warts and all, NO JUDGEMENT? Come join the No Bullshit Mum Revolution and pop into The Confessional to chat to other likeminded and straight talking mums, follow us on Twitter @thebabybible find us on Facebook and join us on the closed Facebook Group by sending your email address to All mums welcome!

Please tell me this. How the hell am I supposed to be able to keep myself let alone a tiny being alive and safe if I don’t even have the energy to remember my own name let alone the time of the last feed or where the hell I put the 2am nappy? I am sure the late night poo parcel will turn up eventually…No doubt signalled by an overwhelming urge to wretch as I catch an unexpected nose full of the eau de turd my little one has perfected. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

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Hot days, balmy evenings and plentiful harvests; this is a time of year when the garden becomes ridiculously inviting. And you can make the most of the last days of summer by tempting the children outside with all sorts of activities. 1.

Go blackberry picking along hedgerows - just make sure you don't wear white!


Try drying your own herbs by hanging them somewhere airy and warm


Use buckets and string up a line to create a garden laundry and let the children wash their toys' clothes


Challenge the kids to a leaf hunt - finding at least five different shapes. Older children can even have a go at identifying each.


Hold your very own flower and produce show and invite friends to bring entries


Attach an old white pillowcase to a circle of wire and tape this to a bamboo cane to make a bug net to sweep through tall grass.


Use natural objects to build a fairy house at the bottom of your garden


Let the odd lettuce or radish 'bolt" (flower and set seed) and leave old seed heads on flowers so the children can collect these and create their own seed packets using decorated envelopes


On a warm night, take old blankets outside to the garden, lie on the ground and enjoy some stargazing

Dawn Isaac is a garden designer, writer and mother of three. Her most recent book is 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside published by Kyle Books (RRP ÂŁ14.99) and you can follow her blog about gardening with children at

10. Make an ice bowl decorated with flowers and leaves from the garden | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Nominate your Little Heroes to make a splash in national awards

The UK's leading baby and toddler swim school, Water Babies, has announced the launch of a national competition to find the nation's most inspiring young swimmers. There are no set categories as the only criteria is that anyone nominated must be a child who has done something amazing when it comes to water. Perhaps your little splasher saved their own or another child's life after they got into trouble in the water. Maybe your child can swim an impressive distance at a young age or are the youngest on their county squad. Or perhaps they have raised lots of money for charity in a swimathon.

Parents using the summer holidays to get their children into swimming will be pleased to know that Monkey Swimmers has launched a range of fun and educational swimming aids. Leading on from its award-winning monkey swimming armbands the Monkey Swimmers range now includes swim discs, swimming noodles and animal swimming floats. All swimming aids have been designed with safety in mind and have been created to appeal to children and ensure maximum comfort. Since the launch of Monkey Swimmers, Monkeys Inc Limited has been keen to develop its product offering and become the number one choice for fun, funky and educational swimming aids for children. The original Monkey Swimmer, is an armband designed to be the only one a child will ever need, with three detachable layers that can be removed one layer at a time, a storybook and progress chart. Monkey Swimmers are available to buy for £19.99 including delivery. Perfect to help young swimmers improve their skills and boost water confidence are the Swimming Floats. Available in a choice of three colours and three cute cheeky animals, including a frog, panda and hippo. These super streamline kickboards have a handy grip position to enable ease of use. Priced at £7.99 including delivery. Check out our review in the October issue where we are giving both a trial - can’t wait to see just how good these are!

Paul Thompson, co-founder of Water Babies, says: "We teach 41,000 babies and toddlers to swim every week so it's safe to say we are the biggest fans of this nation's little splashers! We want to give Little Heroes the credit they deserve and encourage parents to get their own little ones water safe from as young an age as possible, so they can do great things too." Although the awards are set to celebrate positive swimming stories, the inspiration for the awards is a very serious matter. Research commissioned by Water Babies this year revealed that half of parents surveyed said they didn't believe their child could save themselves if they got into trouble in the water. Paul explains: "Our research showed that the average age children start swimming lessons is four years old and 40% of children haven't had a lesson by the age of 12. But swimming lessons can actually can take place from birth, in fact, our youngest pupil was only two days old. Over the last few years a dozen of our pupils have saved themselves from drowning, some of whom were just two years old." To nominate a child in the Water Babies Little Heroes Awards, email their full name, age, story and your contact details to by Friday 22 August. Each winner will receive a Water Babies Little Heroes trophy and a bundle of toys from Mega Bloks, the UK's number one preschool construction toy brand. Water Babies classes are available throughout the UK. To find your nearest class and to keep up-to-date on the latest baby swimming news, please visit:

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Beach Dragons, the Swedish children's UVprotection swim- and beachwear brand, has brought out fabulous new children's bikinis ready for this summer. As usual, the line has UPF 50+ UV-protection and is perfect for parents who want to keep their children safe out in the sun this summer - on holiday and at home. This season's styles have an adjustable halterneck strap, are made in our own fabric designs (UPF 50+ of course) and are available in ages 3-12 years. Our ruffleneck style is available in our fabulous purple turtle collection. Our bandeau ruffle bikini top is available in our Blossom, Butterfly and Turtle Paisley collections (see attached images). Bikini tops and bottoms are €26 each. Team bikini tops with matching bottoms or put tops with 'pirate pants' and bottoms with rash guards for more protection. All fabrics used in the collection are tested according to the strict Australian Standard AS/NZS4399:1996 and come with UPF 50+ protection, meaning 98% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB radiation is blocked out. For families lucky enough to get out into the strong sun closer to the equator, it is even more important to protect their children. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Beach Dragons swimwear is available from stockists across Europe and online at 57

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The slimline big little stroller. A comfy second stroller with an ultra-compact frame, specially designed for city spaces. We know that you want your second pushchair to be smaller, without losing any comfort. And that if you live in the city you'll have even more tight spaces to squeeze into. That's why we've created the ultra-compact Armadillo City. We've squashed a surprising amount of wriggle room into the amazingly narrow and lightweight frame, so you can carry on squeezing onto busy trains and bustling cafes as normal, while giving baby a comfy ride. And when you're home it folds away to an unbelievably small size with one hand in just 3 seconds. That?s twice as fast as any other lightweight stroller out there. There are loads of lightweight strollers out there, but most of them have really complicated umbrella folds that slow you down. The Armadillo City lets mums and dads choose a smaller, lighter option, without sacrificing on wriggle room or ease. The City has one of the smallest footprints out there, so it's even easier to squeeze in and out of all your favourite destinations. And then when you're finished you can fold it away with one hand in no time - 3 seconds in fact. Age Suitability: Birth - 15 kg, Weight: 7kg, Size: H:99 x W:50 x L:94cm approx and Folded Size: H:71 x 50 x L:24cm approx. Why Buy Me: ● ● ● ●

Wriggle room - big seat designed to let them stretch. Ultra compact - unlike long umbrella folds, it's ultra-compact so much easier to handle and store. Smooth Rider - smaller wheels and front and rear suspension for a nippier, smoother city ride. Unique Easy-fold technology - folds and opens in seconds with just one hand.

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We had the opportunity to review the latest upgrade from the Mamas and Papas Armadillo, the Armadillo City recently and have to say we loved it as much as we did its predecessor. I love the fact that just because its become more city friendly they didn’t sacrifice the ample shopping basket underneath. The Armadillo City is certainly easy to maneouvre and to be able to get in and out of areas where regular strollers might fail was a great benefit. The Armadillo is incredibly easy to open and close and certainly collapses to an impressive size. We were really impressed with the vibrant colours available as well as the more subtle black and Blue Indigo colours to choose from, but for the purpose of our review we picked our signature colour, Lemon Drop Yellow, which was noticed everywhere we went. The Armadillo isn’t as widely recognised as other strollers which is such a pity as it’s a great product to have right from birth which would save you a fraction of the price of purchasing an expensive travel system, when guaranteed in 6 months or so most parents choose to purchase something smaller and easy to handle having become fed up of pushing something heavy and cumbersome around. As is typical of Mamas and Papas they have an array of gorgeous accessories to compliment the stroller so you can look even more chic when out and about. A great price at just £179. A well recognised and trusted brand, Mamas and Papas are certainly at the top of their game with the Armadillo City.

Baby Buzz Rating: **** | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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The new Easylife stroller from RECARO ticks every box. RECARO introduces Easylife, a range of eye-catching strollers that will brighten up the streets this summer. Combining innovative construction and ingenious features with bright block colours and sleek black lines the Easylife stroller is already receiving rave reviews. Following research into parent priorities which found that a third of families own three or more prams / strollers and as many as 1 in 12 families has owned more than five, RECARO is confident that the Easylife will tick every box. When making the first purchase, parents are attracted to the practical elements with price, handling and weight accounting for 45% of the vote. Less than 10% of parents look for a particular brand and only 3% prioritise colour or pattern. However, more than 1 in 10 dads rank gadgets over anything else. RECARO found contrasts with the second purchase, usually a stroller for an older baby, where price becomes less important and mums are more concerned with everyday practicalities, finding 39% prioritising weight, size / compactness and handling. Dads show a sway towards aesthetics, with gadgets, colour and brand all increasing in importance. As a second purchase for older babies (suitable from approximately six months) the Easylife stroller is sure to be a big winner with parents looking for an eye-catching and practical solution. Block jewel colours and a sporty double stripe footrest adorn a super lightweight 5.7kgs frame. The smart one handed fold and reopen system takes the 104cm high stroller down to a compact 59 x 27 x 50cm box that will fit neatly info the boot of any car. The multi-position recliner, tall handlebar and 8 wheel spring loaded suspension system ensures a comfortable ride for parent and toddler. The Easylife stroller is widely available at independent nursery stores, with a highly competitive RRP of £189.00. For further information, please visit:

When RECARO say that this ticks all boxes they are not wrong! I got this for my 18 month old daughter who is small for her age and had been slumped in her previous buggy with little support and always looked a bit uncomfortable, in the Easylife she sits up in a great position and can also recline back when she needs a nap. The padded headrest and seat are nice and squishy and the harness is easy to get on and off and do up securely, it also sits nicely over her shoulders so it’s not too close to her neckline. It is so lightweight and folds up into the smallest size I’ve ever seen a buggy go to and the benefit is that it can then stand up unaided unlike the umbrella style buggies. It fits in the boot of my Mini Countryman with ease and leaves me with half the boot space left over. To fold and unfold is so quick and easy, you definitely don’t need a degree in putting up a buggy with this one. My friends have been astonished at how it folds and all want to have a go. Pushing this little gem around is so fabulous, it almost glides along and the parent handle is a comfortable height for both me and my husband who tops 6ft. The basket underneath comes in handy and the sun hood folds over really nicely. I can’t sing the praises of this buggy high enough, if you want a small, lightweight, easy to use buggy then you have got to get the RECARO Easylife stroller, it’s a fantastic price and you won’t be disappointed! I would give it a definite 5 out of 5 stars any day of the week!

Baby Buzz Rating: ***** | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Joie™ is proud to introduce the brand new i-AnchorSafe™ System with i-Size, certified as the first UK-certified i-Size seat, and the only i-Size seat truly suitable from birth! Suited for children from birth to approximately four years, it includes the i-AnchorFIX® base which accepts the Joie Gemm and Juva infant carriers and the i-Anchor® rearward and forward facing child seat. What is i-Size? i-Size (or ECE R129) is the name of the latest child seat safety regulation. It came into effect in July 2013 and provides extra protection in several ways, most notably by requiring mandatory rearward facing travel for children up to 15 months instead of the minimum of weight of 9kg, which the previous EU regulation advised, approx. 9 to 12 months and implementing the first ever side impact standardised testing requirements, providing better all-over protection in a collision. This sits alongside safety campaigns which reveal tests showing children are significantly safer when travelling rearward facing for as long as possible, and supports Joie’s other child seats in the market, which promote rearward facing usage up to 18kg. Joie has been quick to respond to these changes in regulation by developing the i-AnchorSafe™ System with i-Size as we recognised the need for changes in testing that ECE R129 provides using the latest Q dummies. Prior to the new i-Size standard, Joie had already been campaigning for rearward facing-longer travel with their 3 other car seats already being sold on the UK market, all offering rearward facing usage up to approximately 4 years, including: Tilt™, Steadi™ and Stages™. i-AnchorSafe™ System Designed using the most sensitive crash test dummies, the i-AnchorSafe™ System carries the Joie™ philosophy to rear-face for longer to ensure the safest way to travel. The i-AnchorFIX® base, when used along with the i-Anchor® child seat meets and exceeds the new i-Size standard allowing rearward travel up to approximately 18kg/4 years. The iAnchorFIX base, offering a quick install with either ISOFIX or a vehicle seat belt provides a rock solid installation. A support leg provides ultimate stability with multiple shock absorption layers along the leg and within the base, while 3 colour indicators ensure proper fit. It also offers a 7-position on-the-go recline for maximum comfort. i Anchor® child seat The i-Anchor® child seat features exclusive multi-layered memory foam to give three layers of protection to the head during impact, while deep padded sides shield little ones. It includes a customisable insert which adds security for the smallest users. The removable layers of infant support offers a custom fit for any sized child and the multi-height position headrest and five point safety harness adjust simultaneously requiring no re-threading of the harness. The inner shell is steel reinforced, keeping the seat strong and resilient during impact, and the rebound bar offers added safety in rearward facing travel. It can be switched from rearward to forward facing with a quick single-button activation. Recommended RRP i-AnchorFIX® base £100 | i-Anchor® child seat £160 For more information, please visit:

Ever since I reviewed the Joie Aire+ travel system in the first issue, I knew that I would be a fan of Joie. Combining affordability with practicality and style means that every product we have reviewed so far has been up there with the very best. I’ve had the benefit of reviewing many car seats over the last 20 issues and I’m confident enough to say that this is one of two favourites. The ease in which the Isofix connects to the car is fantastic, it’s been known that I’ve struggled with a few other Isofix fixtures before, yet this was one of the most straight forward to install, adjust and fit the chair seat into. It is the seat unit that really strikes me as impressive as the space and comfort in which Lillie fits into is something else. As a larger than average 3 year old we’ve sometimes struggled to find something she can sit properly into and yet this one she sits perfectly and with the little footrest in front she looks completely at ease wherever we go. Of course, one of the biggest benefits to the I-Anchor is that it can be used for rearward travel up to 18kg/4 years old, and as any professional will tell you, this is the safest way for a child to travel. I loved the colour indicator to let me know that the seat had been installed correctly as I’d always worried before that perhaps they weren’t secure enough, with this it’s a simple case of click and go. As ever, I am seriously impressed with the Joie brand and the high standard of products they have launched. Very pleased with our I-Anchor car seat and would highly recommend it to everyone!

Baby Buzz Rating: ***** | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



Fun Times Ahead es & Accessories for Ch m a ild s, G r - £12.99 Having the ultimate Peppa Pig fan, you can just imagine how this went down! There are 4 different gameplays which make it great for even the youngest child to learm the concept of peek-a-boo and hide & seek. She absolutely loves this and we often find our taking pride of place in the dolls house seen below! Great fun!



news and reviews £21.99 +P&P Oh my gosh, the most incredible amount of fun for 2½ - 5½ year olds! What started with my little girl being terrified of it has now turned into her not ever coming off it! It gets taken all around the house! Great fun at great value! Please make one for 30+ year olds! £119.99 Unique open front wooden dolls house with three themed storeys that feature veterinary surgery with animal themed reception area, - from £55.95 beauty salon and modern studio flat. Made An incredible personalised gift for boys and from responsibly sourced timber, the Plum girls! The materials used are top quality and Plaza Wooden Dolls House is strong and sturdy the end result certainly lights up a room! and stands at over 1m tall, giving plenty of space for children and their friends to play. The Plum Plaza Wooden Dolls House is supplied with thirteen wooden accessories, including bed, sofas, wardrobe with doors that open and close, hairdressing chairs, dressing table with mirror, operating table and reception desk and £15.99 four wooden animals. Children will love The Sort 'n Giggle Lunchbox that lets your little spending hours rearranging the furniture and one have lots of fun sorting the fun food shapes acting out their own play scenarios. The ease into the respective slots as well as playing in which you put this together is excellent! Lillie different melodies. A great way to keep your absolutely loves it, with almost every small toy little one occupied whilst learning hand eye having been ‘rehoused’ from her toy buckets coordination whilst learning at the same time. to each floor! We have endless amounts of fun Flip open sandwich for more food identification with and can’t wait to buy more accessories. Perfect for every little girl (aged 3+)! and fun - great game to take out and about! £19.99 Introducing the brand new exciting product set to stretch your imagination. Unique life size friends for kids to play dance and hug. Soft and cuddly, Stretchkins make exercise and dancing fun. The feet and hands of the Stretchkin easily attach onto the feet and hands allowing the Stretchkin to be stretched to life size and move with you. Perfect as a play buddy, a travel companion and a gift. 4 amazing characters available: Frog, Elephant, Puppy and Unicorn. Lillie loved cuddling this as it is super soft and thought it was very funny how you could stretch it all over the place! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag - £39.99 The Hide & Spin Monkey is fun! Pop the balls in the top of the Monkey's hat and he counts and then hides and all the balls fall out of the barrel and spin at the bottom before rolling out of whichever exit is open. My 18 month old loves to see him hide and chase the balls across the floor. A good toy at a reasonable price. from £9.99 Six exciting and colourful sets, aimed at girls aged five – 12 years, combining the classic LEGO building experience with the chance to enjoy role play, encouraging creativity and stretching imaginations. Very much enjoyed by an avid 13 year old who loves the creative games! Great price, looking forward to trying the other sets. - £8.99 each (ages 3+) Absolutely love how different these puzzles are from the norm! Funny Face Sticker Puzzles allow children to make funny faces by putting together the face puzzles of different characters, then using stickers to create lots of faces. The Traffic Jam Puzzle is an extra long 10-piece floor puzzle featuring a traffic jam with different vehicles to talk about and a horn sound button. Endless fun at a great price. - £3.50 Go Create is an innovative arts and crafts range which is exclusive to Tesco. The collection offers a wide choice of crafty makes; from the Rocket Bottle Jet Pack and galactic Snack Pot Robots; the cute Egg Box Bug Garden and the adorable Snack Pot Princess Desk Tidy. A great way to teach our children how to use everyday household objects to be creative! Brilliant!



Wellbeing for all the d n a fa lth Available at: and other retailers £6.99 (ages 3 - 7) - £14.99 per month An incredible gift either to yourself, for a loved one or expecting friend. I’ve had the chance to review many ‘boxes’ but none of them have been as great value as this. What an incredible little surprise ‘pick me up’ for yourself each month! Our review box was incredible and packed with lots of great goodies! Love this!

The Rockabilly Kids toothbrush, from Stand Up and Smile, claims the title of Europe's first self-standing toothbrush. This innovative product has been approved by dentists and is without doubt the most hygienic brush in the bathroom! The cleverly designed toothbrush will never topple over and stands out from the crowd. Lillie loves her pink toothbrush and so our routine is made that much easier as she’s having fun at the same time! Great value and comes with a 3 free replacement heads. £5.95 - ages 4+ £5.80 To help relieve the symptoms of colic, Nelsons is launching NEW Nelsons Colica® Colic Granules, a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of colic. Nelsons Colica Colic Granules contains a unique formulation of a 30c potency of natural Citrullus colocynthis and Dioscorea villosa. Nelsons Colica Colic Granules costs £5.80 and is available from Boots.

As another year of school begins, PE classes and afterschool sessions at the pool are sure to increase the occurrence of verrucas and warts. Carnation Footcare's new Verruca & Wart Remover Freeze Spray removes verrucas and warts with just one application, rapidly freezing the affected area. This leaves feet free-from warts and veruccas within 10-14 days. £10.50 £39.99

Over 70% of the body's immune system is concentrated in the intestine, that's why it's so important to top up your friendly bacteria with probiotics. ProVen Probiotics are the most clinically researched probiotics brand with over 6 blind studies to their name. Top up your child's friendly bacteria to help maintain immune and intestinal function with ProVen's new chewableblackcurrant Child Probiotic with A-Z Multivitamins. BrightStart is a brand new Vitamin D3 which contributes to brain, eyeand heart health as well as central nervous system, bones, teeth, immunity and muscles. Unlike other children's vitamins, BrightStart is free from Preservatives, Alcohol, Sweeteners, Sugar and Artificial colours and flavours. Available from all good health stores and at £7.99 (ages 1 - 5 years)

This is just brilliant! Having bought a similar product when my little girl was tiny, we realised she could tilt sideways and pop straight out of it - complete waste of money! Having tried this, however, with a friends baby, I was amazed at how sturdy it was and how safe she was in it! This allows your child to engage more in playtime, join you at the dinner table, and take in a whole new view of the world. It provides the support that allows babies to sit up. With 2 modes of use, Baby Base 2-in-1 is designed for use on the floor or it can attach safely to a dining chair for use as a booster seat - making it perfect for playtime, dinner or travel (there is a 3-point harness for safety). Baby Base 2-in-1 comes with its own tray which stores beneath the seat. The foam insert provides extra cushioning and can be removed when necessary. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

m ily


news and reviews - £8.00 (50g) ‘A very gentle natural balm with no essential oils to heal and soothe the pain of nappy rash and dry skin. Contains Yarrow to balance baby's skin and natural oils and Chamomile to make baby feel relaxed and sleepy. Massage the nappy balm gently into clean skin.’ My three year old suffers from rashes often and this has worked wonders, soothing what can become quite sore. I have used it on dry skin and sore feet and my daughter who suffers terribly from dry elbows and arms. This works really well for nappy rash and I’m glad it doesn’t have any hidden chemicals. A great all rounder cream that works for many different ailments.

It’s Competition Time! We have a 1 x natural nappy balm to give away to a lucky reader! For your chance to win, please answer this question and email me at Q: What are the two main ingredients in the nappy balm to make baby feel relaxed and sleep? SwimSeal, originating in South Africa, has been uniquely developed by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to prevent water getting trapped in the ears, which can cause discomfort, pain and can even lead to Swimmer's Ear. SwimSeal's unique formulation contains tea tree oil and medical liquid silicon and are the only drops in the UK market, which naturally coat the ear canal. / £7.99 each (all ages)

Anovia Head On is available at Poundland, Savers and Boyes stores nationwide at £1.49 each Anovia’s 3-in-1 range contains a unique blend of essential oils that work in harmony to stop these creatures in their tracks. All of the products are manufactured in the UK using 97% naturally derived ingredients. Head On contains tea tree, eucalyptus and neem oil, which derives from the evergreen neem tree in India and acts as a natural insecticide. So not do they deliver strong protection against head lice, they are also gentle enough to be used in place of everyday haircare.


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a n d B s a w by Essen e i v e R d ti o Available at Tesco, Waitrose and health stores and online from Ocado - from £7.99 We all love to spread a little peanut butter on our morning toast, but if you're looking to add an exotic twist to your nutty snacks, then Alassala has just the thing you need. The Berber tribes' answer to nut butter, Alassala's Amlou Paste is a traditional Moroccan food that can be used as a spread or a dip for bread or crackers. Also known as Argan Spread or Argan Almond Butter, the prestigious paste has long been used as an integral part of Moroccan pastry making, and is sure to become a staple in UK kitchens too. We reviewed the Argan Almond Butter and Oil and oh wow, the flavours are sensational. Imagine the smooth nuttiness of almond butter on hot toast, it really was something like you’ve never tasted before! The oil also provides a fantastic gentle flavour any dish and we used our sample within 4 or 5 days! A really refreshing way to add a distinct flavour to your cooking. Check out their website for recipe suggestions, they will leave you drooling!

als - £1.59 At BerryWhite® we like to enjoy what we eat and drink. Treats don't have to be naughty to be nice! All our drinks are certified organic and blended from natural non GM foods. The exotic extracts are also organic (naturally), with subtle flavour notes added to make drink combinations that appeal to every palate. With such lovely ingredients we don't need any sugar, fruit extract or artificial preservatives. (Awesome!) Oh, and each bottle is one of your five a day, making BerryWhite® an even easier and delicious way to stay healthy. We were sent a sample of the Guava and Cranberry and it was amazing! Packed full of natural flavours, it really was refreshing and a great way of boosting your 5 a day! - £19.99 Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer works by allowing you to store the required amount of hot water in your bottle and up to 9 scoops of formula in the powder dispenser. Attach them together and store inside the insulated flask to keep the hot water in the bottle warm for hours. To make a feed you simply press the push button to allow the formula to fall into the hot water and mix. The insulated flask also doubles up as storage for food jars & bottles for expressed or cows milk, keeping them hot or cold. The Myyfeed is very easy to use and is a great way of providing your baby with a warm bottle of milk. I would have loved to have one of these when I had my little girl as she refused to drink cold milk and would refuse her feed if it wasn’t warm enough! It is worth noting that baby bottles are NOT included although the Myyfeed is compatible with Myyfeed & Tommee Tippee bottles. A fun but ever so useful bit of equipment to take with you when out and about! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Vivesoy launched a range of soy drinks in the UK last year and has quickly become one the leading brands with six exciting flavours for all the family, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Original, Unsweetened and Light. They have already gained numerous accolades for the taste of their products and, more recently, been praised for producing their drinks in a nut free environment. When we were given the opportunity to try out the different flavours of the soy drinks created by Vivesoy recently, it was with some trepidation as I’ve never really been a fan of soy products. I have to confess that I was pleasantly surprised at just how tasty they were! The strawberry, vanilla, light soy and unsweetened flavours were delicious and we really enjoyed them as a family, we did find the chocolate flavour a little too sweet for our liking. However, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy the flavours we did like again, a big thumbs up from us!

I’d seen Oxo Tot products at numerous baby shows and often stopped by the stands to enquire into certain products as they are all of super quality and often the most essential products that you need for your children. We were thrilled to review two of their products for this issue being the Twist Top Water Bottle and the Flippy Snack Cup. The Twist Top Water Bottle was perfect in every way and catered towards both my 3 year old and 13 year old. As it is larger than your average sippy cup, it holds that much more water so you can be sure that your child is getting an adequate enough amount of water. The twist mechanism is very smooth, unlike a few recently tested, and was easy for everyone who used it. A definite must that we take out with us as it is sealed tight when twisted shut and we don’t get the usual spills! We also recently visited family outside of London and they have a young child who uses these constantly. His mum often complained that the lids on the other cups would come off resulting in food ending up everywhere. So when we gave her the Oxo Tot Flippy Snack Cup she was keen to put it to the test. She absolutely loved it and more importantly so did her little boy. He had great pleasure in taking it around with him all day, enjoying his dried snacks. A great success on both counts and I’m looking forward to reviewing more of their products in future issues. from: £6.00


Many older women spend months, if not years, trying for motherhood, then endure an anxious pregnancy wondering if they are eating and exercising properly. Fitness expert Suzy Clarkson has been there. Her first pregnancy at the age of 38 was relatively trouble-free, but trying to get pregnant again a few years later was very different. Following fertility treatment, she finally gave birth to her second child at the age of 45. Qualified in physiotherapy, Suzy has now devised a practical guide to assist older women through their pregnancies, using her own experiences of motherhood to support her text. This easy-to-follow fitness programme will take you through each trimester, showing suitable exercises and suggesting how to develop healthy habits to achieve a safe outcome, a successful childbirth and a speedy recovery afterwards. The book is fully illustrated with step-by-step photographs showing the exercises in detail. The information she provides is based on the latest research, and is endorsed by leading specialists in obstetrics and fertility. Fit for Birth is an incredible culmination of tips, advice, exercise all the whilst following Suzy through each trimester of her second pregnancy at the age of 45. The fact that it is a real time account of what she does and advice she gives £12.95 makes this one of the most insightful, honest accounts I’ve read to date. I would say that whilst it does say a guide to Author: Suzy Clarkson women over 35, I think it would be extremely helpful to all expecting mums.

In this ground-breaking and provocative book, award-winning journalist and parenting author Tanith Carey presents the latest research on what this contest is doing to the next generation. She explains why, far from making our children more go-getting and successful, it can back-fire with life-long repercussions, damage their emotional well-being and fracture their relationships with the very people who love them most: their parents. In this essential manual for today’s modern parent, Tanith offers parents practical, realistic solutions that will give them permission to take their foot off the gas and reclaim a more relaxed family life. Packed with insights, experts’ tips, real experiences and resources, this book is a timely guide to safeguarding your child’s well-being in a competitive world – so they can grow into the happy, emotionally balanced people they really need to be. This book takes a whole different approach to your average ‘parenting book’. At first glance I thought it would just be about how parents tried too hard and pushed their children beyond achievable expectations. It actually goes a lot deeper than that and covers many potential issues that I, for one, am guilty of. It was when I started reading about ‘Bella’ that £8.99 I started to relate to what was being said. A truly incredible book that parents everywhere should be reading. We could Author: Tanith Carey all learn a thing or two. Today's families are busy families, with parents juggling jobs, lifestyle and growing families. This book shows you how to manage your time whilst still providing healthy home-cooked meals for your growing family. The emphasis of the whole book is on planning and making the most of all the time-saving appliances you have at your disposal in the kitchen.For example, whilst the Sunday roast is cooking, you fill the cooker with cakes and savouries to last you the week.The roast chicken leftovers are used to make a chicken pie, curry or stir-fry.Make use of your freezer - it takes no more time to double up a recipe to make 2 or 3 extra portions, creating your own store of home-made ready meals. An amazingly accurate reflection of the busy family with great, easy recipes that aren’t over elaborate and that you can £9.99 read through knowing you will like make them all! Author: Sarah Flower Louise has a degree in paediatric nutrition and is known as a resident expert in baby and child nutrition on many Australian television shows, including The morning Show. In her book, Louise emphasises the importance of the transitional stage where solid foods are introduced to a baby's diet. Parents are understandably conscious of salt/sugar content and, whilst they may feel they have better control cooking home-made meals that are simple in both ingredients and flavour, this can also lead to food being less exciting and adventurous. Louise is on hand to offer some guidance and to help parents ensure that their children get a diverse and varied diet at every stage during their development. A great recipe book but packed with over 80 recipes, slightly more adventurous than the book above, but just as tasty. - £20.00 I love that there are tips on how to adjust servings to suit babies and toddlers and the nutritional advice to you cater Author: Louise Fulton Keats to the needs of every member of the family. Definitely a book I will be taking recipes and suggestions from! MOLLY GOODALL is a designer with a background in childrenswear, toy design and fine art; she holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons the New School for Design. Frustrated when her two-year-old refused to wear the hoods on his coats, she began to design and sew animal coats to inspire him to put on his hood in the cold. This led to the 2010 launch of her whimsical kids clothing range, Little Goodall, and ladies range Mrs Goodall. Molly lives in Texas with her husband and son. Visit her website and blog at £14.99 Author: Molly Goodall

A fantastic book for all our creative readers out there! The designs in Wild Things to Sew and Wear are just stunning with incredible step by step detailing. The book also contains a CD with patterns for sizes from 18 months to 6 years. I would love to be able to recreate the clothing that is featured in this book. Now to find someone to teach me. Watch this space…  Scheduled for release on 2ⁿ� October I would highly recommend it to all of my readers who love to make clothing, the designs are so unusual yet children of all ages will love them! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


I recently caught the end of a Dragon’s Den programme and it just so happened to be the one where two men were asking for £100,000 investment for a stake in their company, Lost My Name. I had been impressed by the concept behind it then and so by sheer coincidence when their PR company contacted me to ask if I would like to review one, I jumped at the chance. For those unaware, Lost My Name is a beautifully depicted, personalised book like no other, packed with brilliant stories and the most exquisite illustrations. But the real magic lies in the personalisation. Each child is given the first letter of each character’s name, finally putting together their own. Every name creates its own unique, personalised tale, featuring a dazzling cast of different characters. Lost My Name is the most magical of all. Their books, entitled ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name’ and ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name’, tell the story of a child who sets off on a marvellous adventure, to track down all the missing letters of their name. Lost My Name was written by BBC comedy writer David Cadji-Newby and illustrated by respected Portuguese visual artist Pedro Serapicos. Each book is printed on thick, environmentally-friendly paper and bound by hand. Suitable for children aged 2-7. We absolutely love this book and even though we’ve read it over 20 times in the space of a few weeks, it is a book we will continue to love, cherish and eventually add to our keepsake box. I still can’t believe that the books are so reasonably priced, they are such an incredible gift that you will cherish for ever. | £18.99 | Author: David Cadji-Newby | Illustrator: Pedro Serapicos | Ages 2 - 7 years As we have such a large section on helping parents and children as they either start school or go back to school, we thought it would be useful to review books that could help with the transition. We were sent a selection of books that are part of the First Time series, called 'First Time: School', 'First Time: Nursery', ‘First Time: School Trip’ and ‘First Time: Sports Day which introduce children to the new experiences they will face with lively illustrations and conversational text which encourages further dialogue. The stories are very simply written but in a way your little one will be able to follow. As the authors say “young children’s lives are full of new experiences, and these books help make them more enjoyable and rewarding.” The books are very reasonably priced at just £4.99 each and would be a great benefit to any parents. | £4.99 each | Authors: Jan Lewis & Jess Stockham | Ages: 3+ Something smells funny ... what can it be? Wait, hang on a second, is it a DOG? Is there a dog in this book?! Oh no! Tiny, Moonpie and Andre are SCARED of dogs! Dogs are snappy and yappy, smelly and noisy and ... they HATE cats. So, they all try and hide from him – behind the couch, under the piano, in the wardrobe – but when the little doggy finally finds them, well, they simply can't get enough of him! He is really very soft. And they want YOU to love him, too – go on, just give him a little cuddle. We loved reading this book and searching in all the hidden flaps trying to find dog! You can make this as animated as you want and we have many giggles reading this together. Great for all the little animal lovers out there. | £11.99 each | Author: Viviane Schwarz | Ages: 3+ Skullabones Island Pirate Post features six envelopes filled with pirate correspondence and memorabilia! Captain Cutlass is returning from his annual holiday and the Skullabones crew need to make The Leaky Tub shipshape sharpish, as well as throw a 'welcome home' party for the captain. But their rivals, The Stinkyfish Gang, are determined to thwart their plans. With pirate memorabilia to discover and open in six fun-shaped envelopes, this is the perfect gift book for all little pirates! The fun shaped envelopes bring the whole book to life and we loved discovering what was inside! Love this! | £12.99 each | Author: Richard Dungworth | Ages: 3+ This fun-filled sticker activity book is packed with activities to keep little ones busy. Join Captain Cutlass and the Skullabones crew on-board The Leaky Tub as they sail the Seven Seas. Help the crew navigate the tricky seas towards Dead Man's Cave, battle the Stinkyfish Gang and have a midnight pirate jig on deck. Full of spine-tingling activities and spooky stickers, this is the perfect sticker book for all little pirates out. An incredibly fun activity book full of things to do - the stickers went down particularly well. Some of the activities might be a little old for a 3 year old, but certainly 4+ would have more fun with this. Good all round though and fantastic value for money! | £3.99 each | Author: Dick Crossley | Ages: 3+ Posy feels lonely in her new house. She doesn’t know anyone, and worries about making friends. One day, whilst exploring the garden, she comes across a red boat. Posy and her dog George have lots of fun in the red boat. They decide to visit it one night when they can’t sleep, and that’s when something magical happens... Another delightful picture book from the talented and popular Hannah Cumming, with an underlying message about confidence and friendship. This story is perfect for little ones about to embark on their journey to school and a great way that parents can teach them the importance of making friends and trying to settle in. Highly recommended for pre-schoolers and families with young children. | £5.99 each | Author: Hannah Cumming | Ages: 4+ | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


From a major new picture book talent comes a deceptively simple and exquisitely illustrated picture book about a little boy and his bear and finding a place called home. Told with humour and warmth, this is a story to capture the heart of its reader. What this story does is capture the heart of anyone who reads it, it is written in such a beautiful and tender way, that you can’t help feel for the characters. One that often gets read before bedtime. One of our favourite’s this month! | £11.99 each | Author: Sophy Penn | Ages 5 + Edward Lear's classic poem, The Owl and the Pussy-cat, beautifully illustrated by Charlotte Voake and introduced with a foreword by Julia Donaldson. Edward Lear's classic poem has delighted readers of all ages for generations. It is given new life by Charlotte Voake's exquisite illustrations in this beautiful new edition. Introduced by a foreword from world-renowned children's author and Lear devotee, Julia Donaldson, this is a book to be treasured by Lear fans both old and young. This is such a beautiful poem that will collect many more loyal readers upon it’s release, how can you fault something so beautiful. | £10.99 each | Author: Edward Lear | Illustrator: Charlotte Voake | Ages 5 - 8 years Meet Mr Monkey, who belongs to Class Two. He's more than just an ordinary toy. He's magic! No one can quite remember now how long he's been at the school or where he came from, but once a week one of the children has to take him home and write a diary about their time with him. Ben can't stop Ian from Class Five taking his things. But when he's given Mr Monkey to look after, Ben finds out that Mr Monkey knows lots of clever tricks to cure Ian of being so mean...A very nicely written story, easy to follow and plenty of fun illustrations that children will love. The story could have been written to teach that it was wrong to bully and maybe make a gentle point about what to do if it did happen but overall a good book. | £4.99 each | Author: Linda Chapman | Illustrator: Sam Hearn | Ages 5+ When a large number of yellow plastic ducks come bobbing down the River Ripple, Barley is sure they mean trouble in the ninth Railway Rabbits story by bestselling author Georgie Adams. Meet the Railway Rabbits! Join the irrepressible Longears family as they get in and out of scrapes, meet new friends, and perform daring rescues. But Burdock the buzzard and the terrifying Red Dragon, are always on the lookout for naughty rabbits who stray too far from home… When a large number of yellow plastic ducks come bobbing down the River Ripple, Barley is sure they mean trouble! Heartwarming, hilarious, with Anna Currey's charming illustrations, this is a brilliant new animal adventure series from a best selling children's author. Very well written in a way to capture the older child’s imagination. A great step up for children wanting something to read that is a little more challenging. | £4.99 each | Author: Georgie Adams | Illustrator: Anna Currey | Ages 7 - 11 years A picture book of great beauty and hope about the power we have to transform our world. On a mean street in a mean city, a thief tries to snatch an old woman’s bag. But she finds she can’t have it without promising something in return – to “plant them all”. When it turns out the bag is full of acorns, the young thief embarks on a journey that changes her own life and the lives of others for generations to come. Inspired by the belief that a relationship with nature is essential to every human being, and that now, more than ever, we need to renew that relationship, The Promise is the story of a magical discovery that will touch the heart and imagination of every reader, young and old. With poignant simplicity, honesty and lyricism, Nicola Davies evokes a powerful vision of a world where people and nature live in harmony. And Laura Carlin's delicate illustrations capture a young girl’s journey from a harsh, urban reality to the beauty and vitality of a changed world. A truly thought provoking story that has been written with much thought and vision, another of our favourites where a story can touch the hearts of everyone who reads it. | £6.99 each | Author: Nicola Davies | Illustrator: Laura Carlin | Ages 5+ Where will Willy’s imagination take him next? Once a week, Willy walks through an ordinary-looking set of doors and straight into an adventure. Where will those doors take him today: to a mysterious desert island with footprints in the sand; down a deep, dark rabbit hole full of curious objects; or perhaps on board a pirate ship, face to face with Captain Hook? Wherever he ends up, Willy’s journeys begin when he walks through those inviting doors. The illustrations within this book are just incredible and I love the way the story has been written so that each page ends with a question and gets your child’s imagination running wild. Brilliantly written and this creates a story that can change each time you read it! | £12.99 each | Author / Illustrator: Anthony Browne | Ages 5+ This is a beautiful first collection of poems by two-time Kate Greenaway Medal-winner Shirley Hughes. In this wonderful collection of poems, Katie and her little brother Olly romp through the changing seasons, taking pleasure in the different elements and weather conditions - sunshine, wind, rain, mist, snow...From the joys of the seaside to the miseries of the sickbed, this exuberant volume captures to perfection the world of childhood. It is a beautiful gift edition of the classic picture book, with a new introduction by Shirley Hughes. We loved this selection of poems as they were all new and unique to both the children and I, written perfectly we will enjoy reading these over and over. | £12.99 each | Author / Illustrator: Shirley Hughes | Ages 3 - 7 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


With perfect pacing, the multi-award-winning, best-selling team of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen dig down for a deadpan tale full of visual humour. Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find ... Nothing. Attentive readers will be rewarded with a rare treasure in this witty story of looking for the extraordinary - and finding it in a manner you'd never expect. An all-new story from the award-winning team of Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett. A humorous look at the pleasures of outdoor play and its often surprising rewards. The interplay of text and art makes this a great read-aloud. Very much a book that all the family will chuckle at, still smiling when thinking about the storyline. | £11.99 each | Author: Mac Barnett | Illustrator: Jon Klassen | Ages 5 + When young Daisy Dobbs starts as a scullery maid in a grand house, she works as hard as she can to try and please her kindly employers. But her greatest day comes when disaster strikes, and only Daisy can save the day. I loved reading this to my little girl whose just 3 and she loved it almost as much as me. I would love to see this written as a feature length book as the characters and the circumstances would be perfect to turn this into a full story and help us understand how people lived and how things have changed so much over time. Loved, loved this book! | £12.99 each | Author: Shirley Hughes | Ages 5 + (but I would recommend it from 3½ +) A beautifully illustrated treasury of charming animal stories written by members of Mumsnet and Gransnet and chosen by a panel of judges led by former Children's Laureate, Anthony Browne. This delightful and unique treasury features ten prize-winning stories written by members of the popular parenting websites, Mumsnet and Gransnet. Chosen by a celebrity judging panel, led by former Children's Laureate, Anthony Browne, and including Miriam Gonz lez Dur ntez, Lucy Mangan and Justine Roberts, these are warm and witty stories, written by parents, for parents. Each of the stories is gorgeously illustrated by a talented new artist, making this the perfect gift to be treasured at bedtime. The ten winning stories were chosen from the 635 entries for the Walker, Mumsnet and Gransnet annual writing competition. What an incredible collection of stories, all so different and yet all blending in to create an amazing compilation. The illustrations are stunning, you can be sure you won’t find anything else quite like this. Brilliant! | £12.99 each | Ages 3 +

Hi, my name is Sarah and I love to draw! I have done since forever, especially horses and foxes. Please do get in touch if you would like a commission piece. I I am inspired by the magical and fantastical, especially my beautiful family who I couldn't be more proud of. Please visit my website to see the variety of options we have available for prints, cards, colouring books, paintings & collage, sewing and bike / scooter ribbons. Website: Email: Facebook: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


baby buzz magazine - car reviews

A complete surprise! I’d seen a lot of advertising for Kia and have always been curious about what makes it stand out from other motor vehicle brands, so when I was contacted and asked if I would like to review the latest in the Carens range I jumped at the chance. It was upon delivery that I first got the ‘WOW’ factor, it is a seriously impressive looking vehicle with lots and lots of space, therefore the epitomy of the perfect family car! I’ve reviewed many vehicles packed with gadgets galore and whilst they did give me the model packed with additional extras it really did stand out from the rest. I was eager to test this so had the car seats installed and my little one strapped in all ready for driving around within about 10 minutes. One thing I noticed is that it is bigger than I had initially anticipated and having not driven many large vehicles, I expected to struggle a little with manoeuvring about and admittedly parking, but all of these fears were completely unfounded and I found myself fitting into the smallest of spaces with relative ease. The additional extras in this model were certainly great but I have to say, that after returning this to Kia, we actually hired one for a long road trip a few days later which was a very basic automatic model which was as impressive as the one previously test driven. The handling of the Carens is super impressive and the comfort whilst driving is luxurious, heated leather seats were an added bonus especially as the evenings were getting a little cold. As you would expect, space is fantastic, with 7 seats and the adjustability of switching from 5 seats to 7 seats is so simple and with little storage compartments located everywhere it lacks nothing. Considering the size of the Carens, it picks up speed in no time at all and can reach a whopping 119 mph (not that I chose to test that out!). There are also three types of motor driven power steering from normal, comfort and sport modes. Child safety features are also paramount with the Carens with Isofix child fixtures and child safety rear door locks as standard. Our model also came with a 7” touchscreen satellite navigation, USB and AUX ports, external amp and sub-woofer and bluetooth with voice recognition and music streaming, the first of which was very useful in getting us to friends who lived outside of London. A must mention is the amazing warranty that Kia offer with its vehicles. All versions are protected by a seven-year, 100,000-mile transferable warranty, Kia’s industry-leading demonstration of faith in the quality of its cars. For retail customers, Kia’s Care-3 and Care-3 Plus inflation-proof 3and 5-year servicing packages are available. All work is undertaken by trained technicians using genuine Kia parts and approved oils. The servicing packages are also transferable if the car is sold before they expire. A definite must for our readers to consider and one I would definitely buy for myself, the Carens definitely took me by surprise and I loved driving it!

Additional extras for the Carens:

On the Road Retail Price: £24,845 Engine Capacity (litres/cc) Power Output (PS @ rpm) Max torque (lb ft / rpm) Top Speed 0-60 mph (seconds) Fuel Economy CO2 emissions (mpg) Warranty

1,685 (4 cylinders / 16 valves) 134 @ 4000 244 @ 2000 ~ 2500 119 mph 10 Urban 47.9, Extra-urban 61.4, Combined 56.4 132 All versions are protected by a sevenyear, 100,000-mile transferable warranty

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

7” Touchscreen satellite navigation Rear Seat Entertainment Cradle Rear Parking Sensors Universal Handset Mount Aluminium Roof Rail Cross Bars Rubber Mat Set - Tailored Boot Liner Ice & sun screen 17" Alloy Wheel Cargo Separator - Lower Frame Thule roof box - Ranger 90 Rear bumper protection foil (Clear)

Baby Buzz Rating: 9.5 / 10 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


baby buzz magazine - maternity wear

Berries, deep pinks and dark hues play starring role in Tiffany Rose AW14 collection Special occasion maternity wear label Tiffany Rose has unveiled its autumn/winter collection, available now online, saturated with dazzling deep pinks, berry reds and rich dark hues evoking an bygone elegance which is sure to turn heads. With brand new silhouettes, waistlines and prints as well as updates on some signature Tiffany Rose styles the collection offers effortless elegance as the nights start to draw in and the party season hots up. Made in Britain using the highest quality fabrics, Tiffany Rose AW14 has a firm art deco influence featuring 30s shapes, geometric prints and early Hollywood charm. The palette has become warmer with the addition of blackberries, mulberries, amarettos and cappuccinos, and even has a light dusting of glitter in the new Night Sky jersey fabric used in the Francesca and Galaxy gowns. With 22 new styles the collection guarantees that for any special occasion - whether it’s a drinks reception, a romantic dinner, a Autumn sees Tiffany Rose's signature Amelia style updated in a rich Blackberry. Intricately crafted lace drapes with over a soft stretch jersey lining. A flattering boat neck and elbow length sleeves combine with the classic cut to make this design demure and elegant adding style throughout pregnancy and beyond. This season sees the introduction of a new LBD with the Adele, the epitome of understated elegance. Featuring a sequinned neckline and cuffs the look is pure vintage starlet with just a hint of 60s styling. The inverted waistline of the Luella shift dress is designed to elongate and streamline the body delivering a perfectly smooth silhouette. Available in Bright Rose and Amaretto. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

glamorous soiree or an office party - Tiffany Rose has an outfit to suit all stylish mums-to-be. A firm favourite with celebrities and royalty alike, Tiffany Rose has been worn by the likes of Jacqui Ainsley, Katie Piper, Holly Willoughby, Myleene Klass, Sam Bailey, Kate Silverton, and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Many of the Tiffany Rose dresses are accompanied with a signature sash to complete the look. Customise your dress with an understated satin sash in one of many colours to choose from, or opt for an adorned sash for extra embellishment. A diamante sash with pink tails adds a touch of sparkle and is a luxurious finishing touch.

To view the new collection please visit: Dusky blooms come into play with new Lara dress in Midnight Garden featuring a midlength skirt and under bust twist detailing. Also designed in alluring Bijou, the high quality jersey of this dress elegantly drapes and never clings. The full length Kristin gown with deep V neckline and flutter sleeves features a delicate lace overlay and comes in dusky Wisteria. A bejewelled satin sash cinches at the waist and finishes off the look.

The brand new mid-length Francesca dress incorporates ruching detail to hug and contour curves in all the right places. In both a rich Mulberry and the new Night Sky this design has a deep V neckline and a crossover bodice to flatter a growing bump.

The full length black Aurora gown with diamante detailing certainly gives the wow factor. A deep V to both the front and back shows just the right amount of flesh and accentuates a bump beautifully.


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CupCake – Nursing Pads All-in-One – Washable – Organic

The CupCake organic, washable nursing pad epitomises the bond between mother and baby. It transforms a typically utilitarian product by utilising beautiful fabrics and imagery that celebrates breastfeeding. CupCake Nursing pads are thin, contoured and perfectly designed to be discreet under clothing. The CupCake nursing pad is engineered to absorb moisture away from the body, for a dry, leak-free experience.

packs have been created imagery of eggs, milk bottles, ice cream sodas and grapefruit on exquisitely anointed, 100% re-cycled cardboard packaging, to help reinforce the eco-friendly nature of the product. From now until 19�� September 2014, Cake Lingerie will be giving its valued customers the opportunity to experience the CupCake Nursing pads. With every bra purchased from Cake Lingerie and participating stores, you will receive a free pack of CupCake Nursing Pads (whilst stocks last). Buy CupCake Nursing Pads from Cake Lingerie UK stockists or online at CupCake 2x pairs of light nursing pads RRP £9.90 CupCake 2x pairs of liners RRP £5.90 CupCake 3x pairs of light nursing pads + pad pouch RRP £16.90

This well-made, patent pending, reusable, nursing pad has a pocketed solution to allow for liners to be added, which increases its absorbency to suit a woman’s flow. Up to two liners can be added to customize the nursing pad from light to medium or heavy flow, thus enabling an ‘All in one’ Nursing Pad solution for breastfeeding women. The introductory CupCake nursing pad campaign uses the concept of pairs; a fun creative take on conception and breastfeeding. Sample | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



Immunisations - Do I/Don't I? Should I/Shouldn't I? Healthcare advisor - Your son is booked in for his BCG on 4th August. Me - Oh? But I haven't booked him in for this? Healthcare advisor - Its all been taken care of. Me - But I haven't even thought about whether I want my son to have jabs? Healthcare advisor - It's mandatory for your son to have these if you want him to remain well and healthy. This was the conversation I had when my son was just 3 weeks old. Pretty stifling and if I have to admit, scary that the decision of my sons health was taken out of my hands. In all honesty I was pretty annoyed with the indoctrinating tone and guilt that was placed on me for even thinking there was an option to jabs/immunisations. An angry mum doesn't make for a peaceful baby so, if like me you have experienced frustration and impatience on such a subject, please check out the breathing exercise, Chandra Bedhana Pranayama, in the yoga section. It seems that the beginning of a babies life is full of needles and immunisations. Whilst I completely appreciate vaccinations have helped eradicate some pretty awful diseases and I've had them with no adverse side effects (contrary to what my close friends and family think!), I do feel we as parents need more information on this subject AND that our right to act as parents shouldn't be taken away from us in such a manner. My very first experience with the jabs came with from midwife and how I would like my child to receive the vitamin k shot upon birth; orally or injection? At first my husband and I didn't want it at all. But after discussing with friends and much (Google) research it appeared necessary, so we opted for the oral method, much to the raised eyebrows of the midwife. Do the NHS currently have an abundance of needles they need to get rid of or are all the Midwifes a little masochistic?! Unfortunately, after 5 days of labour and an emergency c section, Rafferty had to have his vitamin k shot injected. I found it interesting that the doctors had time to read to me the terms and conditions, possible side effects and got me to sign said T&C's whilst I was sucking the life out of the gas and air machine before being wheeled into theatre for the c section, but no explanation was given as to why my baby had to have the vitamin k shot injected?...‌ The second round of injection drama came with the 5-in-1 immunisations. It was horrible watching Raff's little face crunch up in pain, but he settled pretty quickly. Before the nurse administered the jabs (1 orally and 2 in each leg - jeeeeeezzzz!), I explained to Raff what was happening and kept talking to him throughout. As much as I hated doing it, I gave him a very small dose of calpol 30 mins before as advised by a handful of friends. I was feeding him a warm bottle, which I gave to him after in the waiting room after lots of cuddles and this also served as a distraction. The side effects from this were a nasty cold. He was really congested and found it difficult to breath (which I must admit sounds harrowing upon hearing for the first time). I was advised by the pharmacist to take Calpols newborn nasal douche (which Raff really didn't mind after he got used to it), which was great for drawing out all the congestion. The week after the injections, try not to plan too much. Stay indoors and let baby rest as well as yourself. Their routine may take a bit of a knock so this is a perfect time to get lots of love from mum and reinstall said routine. And then we come to the BCG. With TB on the rise again and living in London, Raff's chances of catching this nasty disease were quite high, so we went to his appointment. Unlike the other injections which are easy to administer as they go into the muscle, BCG is injected just under the skin. I had to hold Raff to me in a vice like grip with my hand restraining his head, which he immediately didn't like and did his best to escape! Again, talk to your baby and tell them what is happening. Even if they don't know what's going on, your soothing voice is a distraction. Keep talking to them or as I did practice Brahmaree Breath (which is the honey bee | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

breath described in the yoga practice section) which Raff loves and always soothes him. We're now awaiting the side effects of the BCG which take 4 weeks to manifest, but he seems absolutely fine at present with him settling back into his routine. So, do you or don't you? I've heard horror stories and I've got the experience of personally knowing jabs did nothing to hurt me. What I do feel is that the government needs to educate us more on this subject and allow us to feel that we do have some input in this matter. I don't think anyone can know what a baby thinks or feels when having their jabs, all I do know is that when comforting my gorgeous little baby after he had each of his vaccinations, when they are crying and scared (don't feel a thing, no?), is that it was all worth it and will be if benefit to a healthy happy future.


Yoga Practice Chandra Bedhana Pranayama (Moon Piercing Breath) When you find your temper frayed in any situation, try the above breathing exercise. Sit in a chair or on the floor, relax the shoulder and place your middle and index finger of the right hand between the eyebrows. Close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril with your ring finger and exhale right. Continue this until you feel calm and relaxed. Bhramaree Breath I love this breath! I used this whilst pregnant with Rafferty and I now use it to soothe him and get him to sleep. Very simply push the tongue into the roof of the mouth, exhale and hum. The vibrations are soothing to your child but also great for you, especially if you suffer from headaches/migraine, sinus congestion and insomnia...... You've just had a baby so of course you have insomnia!

Abi Adams Oolong 07951 101 049 71

home & furnishings - must haves At Worlds Apart, we help families make the most of growing up. By constantly discovering new ways to bring the best ideas together, we create children’s lifestyle products that give kids and parents more, so every day is full of wow. It’s all because…

We search out new ideas. We thrive on curiosity and explore every opportunity, technology and experience with skill, sharing what we find to make family life even better.

We listen and learn. And what we hear shapes our work. By putting the everflexing needs of today’s families first, we stay smart and make sure our products spread smiles.

We want to help. Whether it’s the families who buy our products, the partners we’re working with or the bright talents who make up our team, we care about delivering great value, quality and support across the board.

We’re in it together. Through collaborative thinking we connect with our team, our partners and our customers, so we can keep making products kids love.

We love the difference play can make to daily life at home, so we use it wherever we can. Being playful stimulates our thinking, puts punch in our lifestyle products and gets everyone smiling.

We think beyond the toybox. From products to processes, we draw inspiration from the wider world around us, injecting creative energy into everything we do.

We call it the Worlds Apart way. It helps us see the world through parents’ eyes, find a fresh perspective at every turn and put kids first – so everyone wins.

For more information and to find your nearest product retailer, please visit: Disney Princess Castle Pop n’ Play Tent

Planes Sling & Store

Cars Speed Circuit Cosy-time Toddler Bed

Peppa Pig GoGlow Night Bright Light

Peppa Pig Storytime Toddler Bed

Doc McStuffins My First ReadyBed

Disney Planes Get Up N Glow

Thomas The Tank Engine Flip Out Sofa | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



Strong start to season for Forest Park, Cromer

New Shipwright School is Raised

Owners Simon and Deborah Gurney outside holiday homes on The Dell at Forest Park, Cromer, which has seen a 50% rise in sales over the past year.

The Buckler’s Hard attraction on the banks of the Beaulieu River has welcomed visitors to watch the traditional hand-raising of the timber framework for a replica 18�� century shipwrights’ workshop. The framework creates the main structure of a building, which, when completed, will open as a Shipwright School, which will be run in partnership with the International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) in Portsmouth, where traditional shipwright skills will be kept alive at a local, national and international level for the restoration of iconic historic ships and to support the boatbuilding industry. The project has been funded by the Beaulieu Estate with help from the National Park Sustainable Development Fund. The framework is the result of many hours of intensive manual labour by apprentices, students and skilled carpentry experts, who have taken part in specialist timber framing courses on-site at Buckler’s Hard since March. Everyone who has worked on the project was invited to return for the raising on August 2, which used a ‘gin’ pole, blocks and tackle to lift the frame. Mary Montagu-Scott, the daughter of Lord Montagu, who has led the Shipwright School project, said: “I am delighted that this long planned project has finally come to fruition. It has been a unique build in that it has been totally hand-made, using traditional methods and original tools, from the timber of approximately fifty estate trees grown less than a mile away from the site. The whole build was overseen by Henry Russell, a leading expert in 18�� century building and timber framing who runs courses all over the world. Students from all over the UK as well as The Netherlands and Italy, joined by apprentices from the construction industry, have had the opportunity to learn traditional timber frame skills from an expert in the field. The building will be completed in the next few months and welcoming its first students in 2015.” At the end of the day there was a traditional ‘topping out’ ceremony with a leafy oak branch placed on the topmost wooden beam. Mary MontaguScott swung a rope to break a bottle of 40 year old Beaulieu rosé wine from Lord Montagu’s cellar – a traditional sacrifice to the gods of timber framing. Visitors on the day could also watch a range of carpentrythemed demonstrations and activities, including hewing and sawing and wattle and daub demonstrations. Children could try their hand at peg and trunnel (tree nail) making and peg doll dressing. Adding to the atmosphere, re-enactors brought along a selection of 18�� century costumes for visitors to dress up in, there were lively tunes and sea shanties from costumed seafaring musicians and Living History characters brought this 18�� century shipbuilding village to life, playing the part of real Buckler’s Hard residents of the past.

For more information, please visit: or telephone 01590 616203 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Investment of more than £130,000 into a four star camping, touring and holiday park in North Norfolk has seen a 41% surge in bookings so far this season. Owned by the Gurney family, Forest Park lies in 100 acres of Cromer woodland and was first opened in 1967 after overgrown heath and woodland was converted into a touring caravan park. Today, the park accommodates 250 tourers, motorhomes and campers and employs 45 people. Two cottages, a wilderness campsite and 500 wooden lodges and holiday homes complement the park with facilities including an indoor swimming pool, shop, bar and restaurant. Due to a rising trend of people buying holiday homes, 52 touring pitches have been converted into ‘The Dell’, a dedicated area for static caravans and wooden lodges over the past five years. With sales of holiday homes increasing by 50% over the past 12 months. Investment has also been made into improving park lighting and grounds and refurbishing the swimming pool changing rooms – regarded by Visit England as a “major enhancement”. A new website, video and PR and marketing campaign has also been created to raise the profile of Forest Park. Park owner Deborah Gurney says: “The 2014 holiday season has got off to a fantastic start and we are significantly ahead of our 2013 turnover. We have just been awarded a Gold Award by Visit England again and it is lovely to see the place buzzing! Speaking to other hoteliers and tourism bodies, I think confidence has returned to our sector and we have certainly noticed a rise in people booking shorter breaks but returning several times a year.” The park is making further investment by renovating its clubhouse and improving the park’s infrastructure later this year. And the owners plan to make Forest Glade, a field opposite the main campsite offering a wilderness experience, a permanent fixture in 2015. Deborah continues; “We have won a Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation each year since 2001 for helping wildlife to flourish and reducing energy consumption. I think the peaceful nature of our park appeals to people who want to get away from it all and then extend their holiday experience with children or grandchildren by purchasing a home.” The Gurney family owns the 1000 acre Gurney Estate, including Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel, a 3 star hotel and restaurant, close to Forest Park.

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The formula for finding family fun ideal day would also involve 11 laughs, six cuddles and five kisses. However where the generations differ is in how much time to spend together – the majority of children (21 per cent) would want to spend 1-2 hours with their parents, whereas the same amount of mums and dads want to spend 5-6 hours with their little ones – despite the potential differences of opinion. Despite this disparity on what to do during days together, the research found that a quarter (27 per cent) of mums and dads feel they do not enjoy enough days as a family – and interestingly their children agree, with two fifths (40 per cent) wishing they had more days to spend together regardless of the problems they involve. One in ten parents (12 per cent) admit to feeling guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their kids with the average being seven days of quality time together per month.

Parents across the UK are striving to make the most of their time together. However it’s not just worries about what to do with the children – although almost one in five (17 per cent) admit they lack inspiration. New research among families reveals that one of the main things to obstruct that quality time is actually disagreements about what to do together (26 per cent). The research of 1,000 parents and 500 kids for the Butlins ‘Family Fun-damentals Report’ uncovers that over one in ten (12 per cent) find keeping the harmony within the family gets in the way of this time, and one in 14 families (7 per cent) end up doing something no one wants to do during their time together. So to give families a harmonious helping hand, Butlins has teamed up with leading psychologist Dr David Holmes to devise the formula for the perfect family day – based entirely on the research of 1,000 parents and 500 kids: Perfect Family Day = (FT+TP) x (TA+NA) - W² T E The research behind the formula reveals that – surprisingly - the whole Breakdown of formula: FT=Family interaction time (amount of time you spend together) NA=Number of Activities you do together TP=Types of Places to visit (TP) E=Emotional Expression (number of times you laugh and hug as a family) TA=What types of activities you do W=The Great British weather T=Amount of technology you use together (as a negative factor)

family agree on what makes a perfect day together, uncovering that it takes place on a beach, with trip to a fairground, on a sunny day. The | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Parents actually wish they could spend 10 days or more – which equates to an extra five weeks per year, the same amount on average that a working parent gets on leave. When the family does get together, 26 per cent of mums admit they find it difficult to relax – with one in 20 (five per cent) taking at least half a day to relax so that they enjoy themselves fully. It seems that mums are the ones to take family squabbles to heart, as a quarter of dads (26 per cent) slip into relaxation straightaway. Another major difference of opinion on days together is around capturing those precious moments, with almost half of parents (44 per cent) wanting to snap at least eight family. However almost two thirds (64 per cent) of kids would only tolerate up to seven; which could explain why almost one in ten (seven per cent) parents say that their family days are ruined by no one wanting to be in photos – and a similar amount (nine per cent) of children saying their parents taking photos gets in the way. Dr Holmes said: “It’s clear that families want to spend time together – but the array of personalities and interests in any family dynamic means there is unlimited potential for people to disagree on everything from the weather through to what they eat. This formula is designed to give families a helping hand to get the best they can from their time together – and what you learn from one day can help you make every other day together equally as special.” Butlins MD Dermot King adds: “We’ve been helping families spend precious days together for almost 80 years – and we know that time spent together is a gift, which is why our resorts provide a wide range of things for families to enjoy doing together. The formula will come in handy to ensure there are harmonious times ahead and everyone can be kept happy.” For more information, please visit:



Mother Hen… Our four chickens are so much more than quirky pets, in a couple of months together they've changed my child, imbued our home with the distinct flavour of an idyll and gone straight to my heart. When they arrived Pretty Feather was the victim of bullying by White Feather Knight who had been pecking her (pretty standard stress induced behaviour where they pluck feathers from each others necks, presumably prompted by the move, but); it's distressing and painful so my breast instantly swelled with sympathy and she took her place as my favourite. It transpired that she was uniquely happy to be handled so I cuddled her for hours at a time and my youngest who's the definitive 'terrible two' developed a brand new aspect to his personality. Initially he was all screaming excitement and leaving toys in the coop for the chickens to play with, even climbing in himself but after seeing how the chickens would eat from my hand he started following my lead. Now he can be quiet and express his affection with a hitherto unknown gentleness, it's sublime seeing his smile when he manages to get a bird to eat from his hand and it's spilled over calming him down generally. Unfortunately Pretty Feather didn't last long, one morning I found her with her head stuck under one of the two lengths of wood they have to perch on where she'd either suffocated or snapped her neck... A little research revealed that this is not uncommon, chickens... Get their heads stuck in stuff. That was really sad and probably a lesson that I shouldn't get so attached. But I can't help it. Chicken Little was of ambiguous gender when we took custody but his posture was just a little less matronly and the comb and wattle (the red bits that they all have under their chins and on top of their heads) just seemed ever so slightly too big to belong to a hen. When he started trying to mount Lovely Feather (yeah, my eldest was pretty formulaic in the naming!) any doubt was erased. Shortly after that he began practising his baby cockadoodle which was just adorable. He's become quite vociferous now and at times I flinch beseeching him not to upset the neighbours because he'll have to be re homed if he does but I suspect we're probably ok because he only does it when he sees the light and their coop is in the garage so I'm in control of that and don't let them out till a respectable hour. The

Cadbury saves the day with a new super Hero! At last… the rumours can be rested, and righteousness revealed! Cadbury Wispa is officially joining the ranks of the Cadbury Heroes team, making this motley mix of Cadbury Miniatures stronger than it has ever been. Made only greater by teaming with our small but mighty heroes, Cadbury Wispa is ready to join Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel, Cadbury Éclair, Cadbury Fudge, Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted, and Cadbury Twirl in giving a biff to the baddies of blanks, and a Kapow! to the creeps of craving. Getting swept off your feet has now never been easier as newly appointed Cadbury Wispa will be flying in to save you in every carton of Cadbury Heroes. With 1 in 3 people in the UK enjoying Cadbury Wispa*, this is heroically good news for the Nation. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

By Elizabeth Hobson other thing about having a cock is that once they come of age all your eggs are fertilised. You can actually tell because inside the yolk is a germ spot: in an unfertilised egg it's just a tiny white blob but in a fertilised egg it becomes a ring. You can eat them. They're 'nutritionally identical' and don't begin to develop unless they're incubated. All you have to do is get used to the fact you're eating a single cockerel sperm and why should that bother you if you can eat the egg? I've found it challenging and my partner hasn't touched one but they must be eaten to justify Chicken Little's place here. He is so funny, he hates people, running like a nutcase if you come too near him, he'll even fly a good six foot in the air in escape- and his relationship with Lovely Feather is entertaining too, they're inseparable but she's feisty, charging with wings outstretched at his perennially over keen advances. Plus right now I need his input. Being involved with White Feather Knight over the last month has blown my mind. She is broody which means that she's just desperate to have chicks. She's not laying. She just sits in her nest box all day, comes out once for food/drink/toilet although I take extra refreshments in to her because broodies only take 20% of their usual calorie intake which takes a toll on them and she's already been at it longer than she should have been. Originally I let her sit on several eggs despite intuitively knowing that Chicken Little wasn't quite old enough to have fertilised them because her desire for chicks was just contagious. The usual response is to 'break your broody' which just means repeatedly picking them up and putting them outside till they give up but I couldn't do it! If she needs a baby I want to help her. So she was sat on these eggs then I followed some advice and moved the nest on to the floor because her box is raised so her chicks could hurt themselves falling once they hatch but she wouldn't take up the new nest. I'm glad that I worked out how to check the germ spot and now know for sure that they were laid before we were getting fertile eggs because otherwise those chicks would have died. She's sitting on a couple now in her original nest box and I'm going to try to modify the door with some cardboard to stop any chicks falling because chickens are consistent, she left the nest after I moved it last time so she would do it again,so I have to make her family safe where she is. This role of chicken doula is fantastic, I love fussing over her and being part of this process that I know will fulfil her. It's already been a roller coaster but so worth it, they're part of the family and they're a relatively undemanding part that brings great contentment to the rest of us. I can't wait for the chicks to hatch, it's gonna be magic.


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The Shnuggle Basket: Helping babies get a better night’s sleep! be cleaned using warm soapy water, while the soft cotton dressings are machine washable so parents can be confident that the baby is in a clean safe environment. The base of the basket has been specially ventilated to ensure a constant airflow.

Let’s step back in time to 2007 when first-time parents Adam and Sinead Murphy were trying to get their new born baby to stay asleep… Baby Rose wanted to sleep, but each time she moved, she was woken up by the rustling of her Moses basket. Every time the hood fell down, she had to open her eyes to see what was going on. The new parents tried everything, but she kept on waking and there wasn’t another more suitable more product available. So, they decided to create a new basket that would help babies sleep, and the Shnuggle basket was born. The award-winning Shnuggle basket has been designed to ensure that baby gets the best sleep possible without being disturbed by the creaking that is a common feature of traditional wicker baskets. The material means it can be rocked silently without the rustling and loss of shape that is common to other Moses baskets. A clever locking mechanism ensures the hood stays up. The hypoallergenic shell can | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

The Shnuggle basket is 10% longer than standard Moses baskets, allowing baby more time in a secure, cosy environment before they have to move into the ‘big cot’. It is suitable for babies up to six months. The Shnuggle basket has recently won its eleventh award from Prima Baby magazine’s panel of nursery experts including Annabel Karmel and Blue Peter’s Katy Hill. The Shnuggle basket is available in a range of colours: ivory cream, pure white, sky blue, sage green, blossom pink and pebble grey.

More information on all the Shnuggle products is available at


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the Serenity Star™ by aden + anais nursing start-times, including the ‘breast last fed from’ function. The LCD screen clearly indicates all the information needed to simplify feeding, along with a useful 12-hour AM/PM clock. By fusing feeding time and last-side memory functions into one easy display, Serenity Star has pioneered the simplest way for mums to record and remember information effortlessly.

An innovative multi-functional electronic feeding and sleep system. aden + anais®, renowned for their stylish collection of multifunctional muslin swaddles, bibs, blankets, washcloths and other modern baby care products, has launched the new Serenity Star™. The Serenity Star is a feeding and sleep system that includes an electronic feeding diary, nightlight, sound machine, clock and room temperature indicator, all housed together as a stylish and decorative white star. This is the first product from the brand that fuses useful technology with the signature aden + anais style and stands out in the marketplace for uniting a range of functions into one singular design. Not only is the Serenity Star a chic addition to any nursery, it also boasts a variety of helpful aids for both parent and baby. As an innovative electronic feeding diary, users can record feeding or

The Serenity Star also provides a soothing nightlight, which doubles as a room temperature indicator for the nursery. When the nursery is at an ideal temperature, it emits a soft white glow. Should the temperature rise about 23.3 degrees Celsius, the glow will turn red to indicate the room is warmer than recommended. If the room temperature drops below 17.7 degrees Celsius, the Serenity Star will emanate a blue glow as a recommendation to adjust the room temperature and / or the baby’s clothing. To add to the tranquillity, the Serenity Star features a sound machine with four soothing sounds to create the most peaceful environment for baby: two lullabies, white noise or heartbeat. Both volume and sound can be controlled with a timer, which can be set for 30 or 60 minutes, or for continuous play. Whether displayed in the nursery or taken away on holiday, the Serenity Star is stylishly discreet and portable. The chic and modern five-point star design adds to any nursery décor, while the compact size, dual plug-in and battery-powered operation make it ideal for travel. The Serenity Star retails at £64.99 RRP and the multi-tasking Serenity Star and its stylish packaging make it an ideal gift for any new parent. Remember to enter our fabulous competition below for your chance to win an aden + anais Serenity Star.

******************************************************************************************************************* Shakespeare House, 168 Lavendar Hill, London SW11 5TG tel 0207 801 6279

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Exclusive Madeline Thompson CYBEX awarded 2 further for Blue Almonds Cashmere Collection Which? Best Buys

The latest CYBEX car seats to be reviewed by Which? have been awarded Which? Best Buys. The CYBEX Aton Q, tested both with and without the Isofix Base-Fix, received scores of 81% and 79% respectively CYBEX Aton Q, Score: 79% The award-winning rear-facing CYBEX Aton Q infant carrier is designed for babies weighing up to 13kg, or approximately 18 months. CYBEX Aton Q (with Isofix Base-Fix), Score: 81% The award-winning rear-facing CYBEX Aton Q infant carrier (with Q Base-Fix) is designed for babies weighing up to 13kg, or approximately 18 months. The CYBEX Aton Q 0+ infant carrier car seat can be used as part of a travel system, and is suitable from birth up until your baby is around 13kg or approximately 15 months of age. It can be installed in your car using the adult seat belt or an Isofix base and comes with an impressive list of safety features. In this review we reveal the crash tests results for this car seat installed using the adult seat belt. CYBEX continually raises the bar in terms of safety by putting its products through hundreds of own crash tests every year. Martin Pos – CEO and founder of CYBEX says, "We are very excited and proud that CYBEX has been awarded 2 Best Buy Awards from Which?. The CYBEX Aton Q, with and without its Q Base-Fix, embodies what we continually strive to achieve – the aesthetic fusion of safety and functionality with a user-friendly product and exceptional design. Far too many car seats are still being fitted incorrectly and one of the key advantages of the Aton Q and the Aton Q with Isofix Base-Fix is that they are so user-friendly to install.” For more information, please visit:

To mark the launch of its brand new store on Walton Street, BLUE ALMONDS has joined forces with queen of cashmere MADELEINE THOMPSON to create an exclusive new collection for children. A luxurious line of classic yet contemporary cashmere, Madeleine has created signature baby grows, a blanket, beanies and sleeping bag in mini-sized proportions for the most stylish little boys and girls. Powder pinks, baby blues, soft creams and gorgeous greys make up the collection which is sure to start your little one’s sartorial journey in style. Baby grows come in striped or plain white, the minature beanies and sleeping bags are finished with an adorable pom pom detail. The hero piece of the collection, Madeleine has shrunk her signature beanie - popular with celebrities including Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevingne and Agyness Deyn so now it fits your little ones, too. “I am delighted to be collaborating with Madeleine Thompson for our first babywear collabortion. I have always been a big fan of her cashmere collections and found a natural synergy between herself and Blue Almonds - she has just had own own baby too so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Clients can expect the most divine cashmere pieces rounded off with super sweet accessories in pretty macaroon hues.” Iza Minkiewicz, Founder of Blue Almonds. British cashmere designer Madeleine Thompson is renowned for her elegant, off-duty cothing with a strong celebrity following. Her sumptuous self-titled line, available at Net-A-Porter, features luxury separates in a soft palette of oatmeal, cream and grey.

Blue Almonds, 164 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL | @BlueAlmonds

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“It wasn’t me, it was Peppa Pig!” Tearaway tykes rack up hundreds in home damage

This season sees the launch of a unique collaboration between co-founder Cѐcile Reinaud of revolutionary patented footwear brand ShoeTherapy and Charlotte Pearl of award-winning family lifestyle brand Pink Lining. With Charlotte Pearl being an avid fan of ShowTherapy throughout her pregnancy and noticing that ShoeTherapy’s signature flats featured the same statement pink lining as her own range - the collaboration is a natural partnership for both brands, whose trenddriven collections are known for offering only the most stylish accessories for new mums and mums-to-be. The two new signature styles are created with top quality, silky smooth leather and available in elegant shades of burgundy and navy. Pink Lining has added its signature ladylike bows to ShoeTherapy’s classic Frankie pumps making these stylish yet easy-to-wear styles the perfect day-to-night addition to any outfit. In addition to this the pumps are also scientifically and clinically* proven to alleviate up to 75% of back and joint pain and muscular tension, optimising posture and stimulating circulation - ideal for busy new mums and mums-to-be! How Does Shoe Therapy Work? Most shoes to not allow your feet to find their natural balance which is the main cause of bad body posture and also a primary cause of back and joint pain. The ShoeTherapy inner sole features raised elements that help support the foot and optimise balance as you walk, ensuring better posture and minimising any strain on calf muscles. The ergonomic shape and height of the heel (2cm) also promotes the ideal body posture in order to avoid backache, and make walking less strenuous. When walking the raised elements of the sole and pressure points in the heel area of the shoe also exercise a gentle massage that promotes increased blood circulation, which can help prevent the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite. With improved circulation more oxygen reaches and feeds your muscles, which is important for muscles to work properly.

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© Nahhan | - It Wasn’t Me

British kids cause an average of £176 worth of damage to homes each year, according to new statistics from Policy Expert. Over a childhood, this could equate to over £3,150 worth of destruction.

More than a quarter (26%) of damage is to paintwork or interior décor, followed by carpets and upholstery (19%) and furniture (9%). Of the parents surveyed, nearly a quarter (24%) said their children had caused damage in the home in the last year, with one in seven (14%) causing more than £500 of damage. Despite this level of mischief, almost one in five (18%) people don’t have or don’t know if they have accidental damage cover included in their home insurance. The survey reveals that the top excuse for causing damage in the home is ‘It wasn’t me’ (22%). More inventive excuses included blaming ‘a swarm of bees’, suggesting that ‘Peppa Pig and all of her friends started jumping on the sofa’ and that ‘the fairies told me to’. Adam Powell, Head of Operations at Policy Expert said: “Kids are great at testing their parents’ patience, as well as the durability of their home, whether it’s decorating the walls with crayons or using the sofa as a bouncy castle. That’s why it makes sense to ensure your insurance policy covers you for any mischievous mishaps. Accidental damage is a very straightforward thing to add to your policy but gives you peace of mind, even if that’s the only peace you get.” Top 8 household victims of accidental damage: 1. Paintwork / interior décor (26%) 2. Carpets / upholstery (19%) 3. Furniture (9%) 4. Gadgets (8%) 5. Glass / mirrors (2%) 6. Plumbing / electrics (1%) 7. Crockery (1%) 8. Garden (1%) For more information, please contact:

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We have 5 x MamaTens Kits to give away to our lucky readers - worth £69.99 each!

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For your chance to win, simply send your answer to the following question to me at:

Q: How much does the Serenity Star retail for?

Q We have two discount vouchers within this issue for either renting or purchasing your own MamaTens Machine. On what pages are they?

A: B: C:

£79.99 £64.99 £99.99

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What is the name of Q Pootle 5's friend with pink hair ?

Q: In March 2014, what award did Dr Brown's Manual Breast Pump receive from Prima?

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A: B: C:

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What is the name of the founder of aden & anais?

What age is the Micro Scooter Balance Bike suitable for (as suggested on their website): 1 - 3 years 2 - 5 years 4 - 8 years | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

We have 2 x Theraline Original Pregnancy and Nursing Pillows to give away this month, simply answer the following question and email your answers to me at: Q: What temperature does it suggest you can machine wash the pillow? A: B: C:

60 40 30

82 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

83 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


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Issue 20 september 2014  

A complimentary parenting magazine that covers pregnancy, birth up to pre-teens. We hope you enjoy the latest issue. Don't forget to visit w...

Issue 20 september 2014  

A complimentary parenting magazine that covers pregnancy, birth up to pre-teens. We hope you enjoy the latest issue. Don't forget to visit w...