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Vol.9 Iss.3 EDITOR’S NOTE 6 Bare bones. BY DAVID J. MANNING SPRINGTINI UNCOVERED 8 Memories. LA BEATS 12 Hermosa Beach; California’s original surf city. BY VANESSA GINDER DINKEL


16 A ROSE IN BLOOM 16 Rosa Alvarez uncovered. BY VIOLA MALONE RESTAURANT PROFLIES 18 Sushi ‘n’ Pop; Fresno’s favorite rolls. VINO 101 20 The art of seduction. BY LAURA WINBERG TO YOUR HEALTH 22 Bodybuilding in the Valley. BY CALEB INESS & RYAN DELLONE



HEALTH MATTERS 24 Cleansing your way to health. BY DINA JUVE


FINANCES 26 Retirement; how much will you really need? BY PETER MONTOYA THE ART OF SOUND 28 An Interview with Kevin Hayashi & Clouded Vision BY VIOLA MALONE THE SOUND 30 Sounds of Summer. BY HAMMER OF NEW ROCK 104.1 THE KIDS OF SUMMER 32 Bright neon, vintage prints and bold jewelry highlight the seasons must haves. PHOTOGRAPHED BY EDDDIE MELIKIAN A BLAST FROM THE PAST 37 Reinventing retro. BY DANIELLE C. FONTANA



BETWEEN THE SHEETS 44 Sex tips for you and your partner. BY DELAINE NIKAIDO THE SOCIAL SEX 46

Overexposed and loving it. BY CIARA NORTON


Sex through the decades. BY VIOLA MALONE


Setting the mood. BY DANIELLE C. FONTANA


What, where and how. BY JOYIA SANDOVAL Final thoughts.




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A Note From The Editor bare [be(a)r] exposed to view; undisguised. Nothing is sacred in today’s society, and privacy is practically non-existent. With this constant microscope hovering over our lives, it’s no wonder that news travels faster than ever. We tweet about our hair cut, post about our day and blog about our emotions. This virtual world of pins and instagrams makes it next to impossible to escape from the modern social media spotlight. We no longer close a door to hide behind the veil of respectability. Our relationships and families are broadcast through a web of virtual internet voyeurs. This culture of overexposed mass media has made for a veritable hot bed of sex, intrigue and gossip making it next to impossible to close Pandora’s infamous box. In this issue we divulge into the human sex. Strip-down the propriety, expose the scandals and explore the gritty bare truths. One of my favorite columns in this issue of HIS is a ‘Rose in Bloom’ on page 16. This fascinating portrayal of one of Fresno’s most relevant artists made me question my integrity, my ethics and most importantly my own truth. So I encourage you to read through the pages of this issue and find something that exposes a part of yourself that you had thought was once lost or better yet, not even discovered. Jouir!

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La Beats

Hermosa Beach: The City of Surf and Sand By: Vanessa Ginder Dinkel



When most people think about the California life, they picture days filled with sunshine and surfing with perfect sand beaches right outside your front door. Growing up, the Central Valley offered plenty of sunshine, but the two and a half hour drive to beaches on the central coast seemed like forever away as a child. As I moved on to college in Southern California, I quickly learned where these stereotypes of an endless summer originated. Though I lived near Downtown Los Angeles for school and work, I spent a good amount of my time exploring the gorgeous coastal cities of Los Angeles. The 30 minute drive on the 10 freeway to Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) gave access to nearly perfect weather year round, incredible beaches, fabulous shopping, entertainment, incredible food and fun people. The beach cities bordering Los Angeles are synonymous with sun and sand, offering residents and visitors something unique.



Hermosa the Beautiful Los Angeles has so much to offer, and Hermosa Beach where I currently reside, is definitely a distinctive treasure. Tucked into Los Angeles’ South Bay is the little surfer city with the perfect name to describe its location. Hermosa is the Spanish word for “beautiful” and is home to one of the most magnificent beach stretches in California and arguably the world. Founded 105 years ago in 1907, Hermosa Beach is one of the oldest cities of Los Angeles County’s 88 incorporated cities. Originally part of what is now Redondo Beach; Hermosa’s 1500 acres were purchased for only $35 an acre back in the early 1900s. Hermosa extends 15 blocks from east to west and 40 blocks along PCH from north to south, at 1.43 square miles of LA County’s nearly 470 square miles. With LAX less than 10 miles to the north, Hermosa Beach is a great location for air travelers to visit. Redondo Beach neighbors Hermosa to the south and east, Manhattan Beach to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Surf City Though the city is smaller than its neighbors, Hermosa Beach has a rich culture centered on beach sports and activities, especially surfing. In the early 1900s, surf boards were made of wood and weighed 80-90 pounds. Surfers could keep these massive boards at the Hermosa Beach Surf Club instead of carrying them up the steep hills to their homes. When the aerospace industry arrived in Southern California, the introduction of lightweight, resilient materials for boards were perfected and the surf boards of today were born. At one point, Hermosa Beach manufactured and distributed more surf boards than anywhere in the world. Many events are centered on the surfing culture, including the annual surfing festival held in late July. Plaques of legendary surfers also decorate the famous Hermosa Pier as the Surfers Walk of Fame.

Surfing isn’t the only sport worth trying; paddle boarding, beach volleyball, skating, bike riding, sun bathing, baseball, basketball, tennis, roller hockey and fishing are just a few of the different activities which are offered. Hermosa Beach is also part of The Strand, a 22 mile long stretch of paved bicycle path running mostly along the Pacific Ocean shoreline that begins in Torrance in the south and ends in Pacific Palisades in the north.

Endless Summer Fun Hermosa Beach has definitely earned the California dream reputation with its near-perfect climate. The weather is usually in the 60’s and 70’s during the days and rarely gets below (or even into) the 40’s at night. Early morning fog from the ocean tends to “burn off” in the early afternoon, showing the warm sun coupled with the cool westerly sea breezes, which keep the area virtually smog-free. The only time of the year which is weather-questionable is the first couple months of late (spring/ early summer) when “May-Grey” and “June-Gloom” cause days and days of overcast weather when the rest of California

be found at venues like St. Rocke, The Hermosa Saloon and Café Boogaloo every night of the week. The Magic Comedy Club hosts famous comedians, like Jay Leno, who got his start at the venue off of Pier Avenue. Any type of cuisine, from Japanese to Peruvian, can be enjoyed, with dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from with great happy hour options at most venues. One feeling rarely experienced in Hermosa Beach is disappointment. When people ask when the best time to visit would be, I always recommend to head out when they can’t handle the cold or the heat wherever they currently live; Hermosa will always be beautiful.

is heating up, especially Fresno. Many travelers make the mistake of packing for warmer weather and then freezing when they arrive at a dark, gloomy beach town in the beginning of summer.


Though murky at times, the weather is almost always favorable for dozens of activities and events which Hermosa Beach has to offer. Festivals, farmer’s markets, parades, carnivals, charity events and more can be enjoyed throughout the year on the Hermosa Pier. Options for entertainment are absolutely ideal for locals and visitors alike. Because the area is so small, it has a low-key feeling that larger beach cities don’t achieve. Hermosa Beach has fewer than 20,000 residents in a sea of over 12 million, which helps maintain the small-town vibe. Many actors, athletes, comedians, and bands have taken up residents here for that reason. Surf shops, tattoo parlors, boutiques and shops are easily accessible and live music can


A Rose in Bloom



She floated around the gallery with a bright smile plastered on her face. With arms interlocked, she and her younger sister Elizabeth Alvarez celebrated this moment in her life and career. Hundreds of people would come to view her exhibit along with many others, but hers would make a remarkable imprint on them. Black and white photos with short messages written underneath tell a life story of becoming and reaching freedom for one Fresno State student. Rosa Alvarez is an aspiring artist looking to find herself through photography. Recently, her nine piece series Letters was shown in the 2012 Senior Art Exhibition in Fresno State’s art gallery. From a first glance it seems like a simple collection of colorless photographs that anyone could snap- a picture of legs, a girl in traditional dress and religious photo amongst others. However, these pictures were a storyline and a burst of expression for Alvarez.

Alvarez is the second to youngest of several children. She along with her siblings was raised in a traditional Mexican Catholic family that strived to be better with each generation. The only child to break away from the mode and really find her own way, Alvarez started her freedom search by first changing her major. “I switched from interior design and started focusing on photography and print making,” said Alvarez. Her exhibit Letters was based off of the way she was raised in such a confined unit and her struggles with breaking away and doing what she truly wanted to do and what she was passionate about. Her photos began with an apology to her future in ‘My Future’.

Rosa Alvarez Uncovered By: Viola Malone

“I’m sorry. Be patient with me. I’m still trying to find myself and see where I am going,” Alvarez wrote. She continued on with photos of her home and her legs in which she found comfort in and also bid sorry to as she knows she can be hard on them. What really captured the most attention was the photographs titled ‘Religion’ and “Dearest Daddy”. Alvarez stands dressed like an angel in traditional garb and looks innocently into the camera. She mimics the typical look of a young, sweet, angelic child. “It is the sweetest note up there. I’m like his angel. I still want him [my father] to see me that way even though I know I have a few secrets and that he probably won’t appreciate,” Alvarez said while gazing at the photograph on the wall. Thoughts of what her mother was like and how she fit into all of this was on many minds, until she explained the religion piece. Her mother, who she says is “so traditional” wanted things to go in a certain fashion. She protected Alvarez and the other children from the world. Like all mothers, she only wanted the best for her children and for them to surpass the struggles that others have to endure. Religion was pushed on her and now she feels it is broken. “I know she meant well, but I’m going to fight. I want to be my own person. Have my own thoughts and ideas,” Alvarez said. As she continues to struggle to stand on her own two feet and find her way, Alvarez is indulging into her passion for art. That is why she ventured out on her own moving out of her parents house. Older siblings have married young just to leave, and younger siblings are still there to fend for themselves. Although she broke away from “money making majors” like engineering and business, which are fields to two of her siblings, Alvarez is content with her decisions. As she prepares to graduate from Fresno State, she is free and growing in her own way and looks forward to what life will bring her. Alvarez hopes that her works will speak and inspire others to go for their dreams and find their own freedoms. VOL.9 ISS.3

“Art to me is me. It’s expression of myself. It has helped me a lot in discovering who I am. We are constantly changing with our environments and I have found that in art. It is my voice I want everyone to see this.”


Restaurant Profiles Sushi ‘n’ Pop 1788 East Barstow Ave. Fresno, CA (559) 438-1690



Sushi ‘n’ Pop is where everyone goes to get the most authentic Japanese fusion cuisine, which is prepared with the freshest ingredients daily. The new menu offers a wide array of tasty treats to tantalize anyone’s taste buds. Try their refreshing seaweed salad or the newest style of sashimi, just to mention a few of the mouth watering selections at Sushi ‘n’ Pop. Stop in and join the friendly staff for happy hour every Monday through Saturday starting at 4:30 p.m. So why not make it fun, make it fast, make it Sushi ‘n’ Pop!

Richard’s 1609 E. Belmont Ave. Fresno, CA (559) 266-4077 Richard Stockle opened Richard’s Prime Rib and Seafood in downtown Fresno in the summer of 1969. Richard’s quickly became a Fresno hotspot known for its juicy steaks and fresh seafood. Soft lighting and tasteful nude artwork decorate the restaurant. There are many popular menu items like ‘The Something Good’, a New York steak wrapped in a flour tortilla with melted cheese. Another favorite is ‘The Something Special’, an open-faced New York steak sandwich. Also popular is ‘The Beef Eater’, which is deli-thin, sliced prime rib served as a French dip. Richard’s is a true family-run restaurant and even though it has undergone numerous changes over the years some things remain constant: great food, a wonderful atmosphere and a staff that welcomes its guests as if they were family.

Daily Grill 7855 N. Palm Ave. Fresno, CA (559) 435-5550 When dining at the Daily Grill you can expect nothing but the best. This casual, cool, comfortable environment makes you feel at ease the moment you sit down. Whether it be lunch or dinner, you are sure to find something to satisfy your every whim. While you are dining check out the fully stocked bar and order one of the Daily Grill’s signature cocktails. The patio is a perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon conversing with friends. If you are looking to host an intimate party why not book your next gathering in the private glassed in dining room. Experience all this restaurant has to offer when you dine in style at the Daily Grill.

Fleming’s 639 E. Shaw Ave. Fresno CA (559) 222-5823 Indulge yourself with the finest USDA Prime steak –aged to perfection, hand-cut daily and cooked to your specifications—as well as fresh seafood, innovative side dishes and decadent desserts. Fleming’s also offers 100 wines by the glass, a unique Wine Flight tasting program and a world-class list of reserve wines to complement your dining experience. Visit us online: www.flemingssteakhouse.com



Vino 101 Who among us can deny that wine can play a supporting role in romance, sex, and yes, seduction? Wine relaxes you and helps stimulates your senses. The experience of drinking the wine, examining its color, caressing the glass, swirling the liquid and sipping it slowly is known to be a highly sexual in nature. If all of that sensual pleasure wasn’t enough, there is also sound. The POP of a cork, the little crackling of the bubbles as a sparkling is poured. The smooth sound of wine being poured into a glass is relaxing. It may not be as intimate as sex, but we certainly enjoy wine with more senses than only taste. The color of wine is probably the least appreciated, but it comes in a host of hues. Whites can range from watery and clear to liquid gold and amber. In some wines there are hints of green and others look like rays of the sun itself. Reds are best described as jewels. There are rubies and garnets. There are tinges of orange and brown and even pinks and purples. Some can be extremely dark, inky, and opaque. Then there are those that are almost devoid of color where you can actually read the menu through the glass of wine. Rosés can span from a salmon color to a darker pink, and there are some that are even copper in color. I would be unfair to not mention sparkling wines with the beautiful strands of pearls that rise from the bottom of the glass on their way to join the heavens above. I’ve heard some say that wine is as good as sex. I’m not sure I agree, but I would definitely say that wine is a sensual pleasure much like sex. It can be enjoyed with our eyes, our nose, our taste and even our ears. Did you know why the period after the wedding, during which bride and groom spend all their time making love, is called “the honey moon”? It’s because in ancient times during the first month of marriage, in order to increase their sexual capacities, couples would drink a mixture of wine and honey.



Marc Anthony also fed grapes to Cleopatra, and they drank wine mixed with honey. Not surprising, wine tops the list of aphrodisiac beverages.

From experience, the art of seduction with wine has been quite successful. Regardless of how you look or feel, you can always count on just the right bottle to lure, tempt and entice you into the mood. No matter how your days going or what’s wrong, a glass of wine presented by another can make it all better. Words need not even be said, a simple gesture, or expression with a glass can help in ways words can’t. Wine has traditionally been the staple in the fine art of seduction (and thus in social settings), and there is nothing better than opening a great bottle of wine to start that special night. Wine culture is obsessed with the idea of pairing. Far too few people talk about the best complement to wine; seduction. Yes, that’s right, forget red meat and zinfandel, champagne and strawberries, lobster and chardonnay, the best combination is a good bottle and seduction. Thanks to the versatile nature of sex, matching wine with seduction is easier than with food. It goes well with just about any wine, provided that the wine is served at the correct temperature (if you need a mnemonic: warm Chardonnay = no roll in the hay). But back to the general theory; wine can seduce in many other ways. I find reds to be the best at business meetings. Be bold, open that big red, show your power, and confidence that you know how to get the job done. Meeting perspective in-laws bring a red that is easy drinking. White wine seems to be the trick when you have invited everyone over to watch the game and because you were so busy mowing the lawn you forgot to tell her. Always keep a nice white chilled in the fridge so you don’t spend the entire night on the couch. Champagne or sparkling, is a great bet to celebrate for no reason at all. Pop that bottle and spice up an ordinary afternoon or night. This perhaps is not entirely a surprise but on the other hand, nor is it anywhere close to a hard and fast rule, so to speak. You hear the expression work hard play hard. Well when you work harder at the end of the day you need the equal but opposite reaction to bring that balance to life. Work and responsibilities take your energy on an upward motion that needs to be balanced with a harmonious activity that begins with a glass of wine.

The Art of Seduction By: Laura Winberg

As with any wine match, I think it’s important to get the proportions correct, but this may be more important with wine and sex than with other pairings. Too little and you might as well not have had any. Too much and things can get sloppy. However, I’m a believer in the idea that there shouldn’t be any rules when it comes to wine pairings. I encourage you to find your own balance of flavors. Wine and intimacy paired well make sparks. Your skin feels

warmer, time moves just slightly slower, and your heart feels full. What’s not to love about that? Although, seduction does not necessarily mean getting the other person into the sack, seduction is a combination of a connection, of romance and passion. It’s an appreciation of simple kindness or a gesture that would normally go unseen. So we ask you to notice the simple pleasure that a good glass of wine can bring and embrace its seductive whispers.




To Your Health

As we pulled up in the Roosevelt parking lot, all we could see were big, muscular men rubbing each other with oil. This isn’t what you’re thinking, ladies and gentlemen—this is the sport of bodybuilding.



Unless you chit-chat a lot to gym people, you probably didn’t know that there was a bodybuilding show called the “Fresno Classic.” On April 7 over 104 competitors took the stage. “Fresno has a long history of bodybuilding,” said Jim Reyes, promoter of the show and owner Flex Factory, a local nutrition shop. Many greats have come from Fresno, including Flex Wheeler who was ranked as high as the number two bodybuilder in the world in the 90’s, and Gary Leonard who was Mr. America in 1980. Reyes himself actually won the Fresno show in 1991 and went on to win a number of other shows and wound up competing at the national level. Jim has been lifting weights for 30 years and competing in bodybuilding for about 25, but it was only recently that he started getting into the behind the scenes promoting aspect of the shows. In a bodybuilding show, the men’s division has bodybuilding where guys come out in speedo-like posing suits and flex their muscles. There’s also the newly added “physique” class where judging is solely based on upper body appearance while board shorts are worn. In women’s, there’s bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and the newly added physique class. For both

men’s and women’s bodybuilding classes, competitors are judged on size, symmetry, and conditioning. The perfect combination of these three will produce an overall winner. We were curious about what steps the athletes had to take to get ready to go on stage so we asked a few what their regimen was like. We found that it was typical to start a strict diet and cardio routine 12-18 weeks before the show but they still work out with weights all year long. Tom Tickel, who’s been lifting for 26 years and at 6 feet tall and 226lbs was the biggest man in the show, lifted 5 times a week and did 45 minutes of cardio 4 days a week along with eating a high protein and low carb diet to get ready for the show. As you can imagine, eating this strictly and working out intensely took a toll on his body. “The key for a bodybuilder is the worse you feel, the better you’re going to look on stage. If you feel good, you’re obviously not going to look good on stage” Tom explained. This was a repeated theme among many of the competitors. Tom would know what he’s talking about, being over 40 and still beating many of the younger competitors and competing as the only super heavyweight in the show. Sheena Barragan, a female figure competitor much younger than Tom, had to give up eating Applebee’s chocolate deserts 3 times a week in order to get ready for the show. Like Tom, she had to work out 5 times a week and do cardio to get in shape to go onstage.

Bodybuilding in the Valley By: Caleb Iness & Ryan Dellone

Watching these competitions on TV or in a magazine is no comparison to being in the audience. We saw the sweat, heard the grunts, and took part in what quickly became a loud and supportive audience. Cesar Martinez was the overall winner for the men’s bodybuilding and had to overcome a torn hamstring he sustained while training just a few days before the show. There was expected to be “about 1,000 to 1,200 in the audience” said Reyes. If you weren’t one of those in the audience, don’t worry; you didn’t miss your only chance to see a local bodybuilding show this year. There’s going to be another show on July 9 in Clovis that Reyes will also be promoting. It’s the first time ever for this new show and it’s expected to draw quite a large crowd so if you’re interested in competing, you still have time to get in shape; and if you just want to come watch, we’ll see you there.

Caleb Iness I.S.S.A Certified Fitness Trainer Trainer at Fort Washington Fitness Email: calebiness@sbcglobal.net Phones: 559-367-6386 Ryan Dellone I.S.S.A. Certified Fitness Trainer Trainer at Fort Washington Fitness



Health Matters Cleansing Your Way to Health By: Dina Juve

So why do people choose to cleanse? The most common answers are too loose weight, increase energy, detoxify, have a better complexion or for health reasons. For me, my first cleanse experience was because a physician recommended it. I was introduced to Dr. Steve Nelson who worked with Suzanne Somer’s. Dr. Nelson has over thirty publications in various medical, nutritional, trade journals and commercial papers including as featured doctor in Suzanne Somer’s books, “Breakthrough” and “Knockout” (Synergy Wellness Inc). I asked a million questions about the cleanse but I kept thinking, “Why would you do that?” Dr. Nelson said, “Food is killing us”. I wouldn’t disagree at all! Being in the fitness and health industry for 10 years, I felt I had an obligation to give it a try to see for myself. I looked at the price again (which was very pricy) and thought, “Oh well, I will do it for market research.” Beside I love challenges, if I can pass a RKC Kettlebell certification I should be able to do this, right? So I stepped up and did a 30-day physician supervised cleanse. It was pretty empowering. Every time I had a thought about food I’d tell myself my body was getting everything it needed. I also began to realize how food is over emphasized in a glamorous way. We give food too much power in our lives. Food is fuel for our bodies. It made me aware of how food truly makes me feel and it’s not always energized. It was an awakening experience.



But let’s face it; most of my client’s could care less about an awakening experience they just want to look better in less clothing. Especially this time of year when the sun starts shinning and everyone is focused on leaning out quick.

The two most common cleanses are The Master Cleanse and Juice Cleanse (Just Juicing.com) Master Cleanse – One of the most popular cleanses out there but also one of the toughest. Otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet or the Maple Syrup Diet, this cleanse involves a fast of 10-14 days, with nutrition provided by a drink of Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper. Juice Cleanse - A juice fast is great way to nurture your body, rebuild your immune system and restore yourself to a healthy way of living. If you can manage it, 3-10 days on this cleanse is enough to detox and heal the body. If you plan to do longer, it is advisable to get professional supervision. You should always check with your doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition program. You are participating in any of these cleanses at your own risk. After my first cleanse experience I started researching cleanses and tried a few more but what I didn’t like is that most required supplements or required a long commitment. So, inspired to have a better, healthier cleanse, I decided to design my own. My five day cleanse, Lean Out, is focused on just that, leaning out. I wanted my cleanse to require no pills and no preservatives – just all natural foods using items from our local grocery stores like Lassen’s, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. The results from my cleanse testers was better than I expected. The average participant on the Lean Out Cleanse by Dina Juve LOST 4.5 pounds to 10 pounds. For more information check out Kettlebells of Fresno web site. All rights reserved – Dina Juve 2012 Dina Juve is Owner of Kettlebells of Fresno and has 10 years experience in Nutrition and Fitness. Dina Juve is a RKC Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Assisted at RKC Certification, Kettlebell Institute Kettlebell Certified Trainer, Battling Ropes Certified Coach and TRX Suspension Training Trainer and completed Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance course. Dina Juve is expanding to a larger location in the Fresno / Clovis area soon! Check out her web site at www. kettlebellsoffresno.com.



By: Peter Montoya Independence works better for everyone; this motto has served as a driving force for the Thiesen Dueker Group since the company’s inception in 2003. Founding partners Jeff Thiesen and Lance Dueker began their careers on Wall Street. While their knowledge of the markets grew; so did their desire to better serve their clients. The following series of financial articles will help guide your decisions regarding your personal or business finances. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Thiesen Dueker to discover all your financial options visit their website at www.thiesendueker.com.

HOW MUCH RETIREMENT INCOME WILL YOU REALLY NEED? Many people underestimate lifestyle costs, medical expenses and inflation. What is enough? What is not enough? If you’re considering retiring in the near future, you’ve probably heard or read that you need about 70% of your end salary to live comfortably in retirement. This estimate is frequently repeated … but that doesn’t mean it is true for everyone. It may not be true for you. You won’t learn how much retirement income you’ll need by reading this article. You’ll want to meet with a qualified retirement planner who can help you plan to estimate your lifestyle needs and short-term and long-term expenses. That said, there are some factors which affect retirement income needs – and too often, they go unconsidered.



Health. Most of us will face a major health problem at some point in our lives – perhaps even multiple or chronic health problems. We don’t want to think about that reality. But if you’re a new retiree, think for a moment about the costs of prescription medicines, and recurring treatment for chronic ailments. These minor and major costs can really take a bite out of retirement income, even with a great health care plan. While generics have slowed the advance of prescription drug costs to about 1-2% a year recently,1 one estimate found that a 65-yearold who retired in 2007 would need $215,000 to pay for overall

retirement health care costs – up about 7.5% from 2006.2 Heredity. If you come from a family where people frequently live into their 80s and 90s, you may live as long or longer. Imagine retiring at 55 and living to 95 or 100. You would need 40-45 years of steady retirement income. Portfolio. Many people retire with investment portfolios they haven’t reviewed in years, with asset allocations that may no longer be appropriate. New retirees sometimes carry too much risk in their portfolios, with the result being that the retirement income from their investments fluctuates wildly with the vagaries of the market. Other retirees are super-conservative investors: their portfolios are so risk-averse that they can’t earn enough to keep up with even moderate inflation, and over time, they find they have less and less purchasing power. Spending habits. Do you only spend 70% of your salary? Probably not. If you’re like many Americans, you probably spend 90% or 95% of it. Will your spending habits change drastically once you retire? Again, probably not. Most people only change spending habits in response to economic necessity or in pursuit of new financial goals. People don’t want to “live on less” once they have had “more”. Social Security (or lack thereof). In 2005, SSI represented 39% of a typical 65-year-old retiree’s income. But by 2030, Social

Security may only replace 29% of that income, after deductions for Medicare premiums and income taxes. Since 1983, retirees earning more than $25,000 in SSI have had to pay income tax on a portion of their benefits.3 This is all presuming Social Security is still around in 2030. So will you have enough? When it comes to retirement income, a casual assumption may prove to be woefully inaccurate. Meet with a qualified retirement planner while you are still working to discuss these factors and estimate how much you will really need. This was prepared by Peter Montoya Inc., not the named Representative or Broker/Dealer, and should not be construed as investment advice. Neither the named Representative nor Broker/Dealer gives tax or legal advice. All information is believed to be from reliable sources; however, we make no representation as to its completeness or accuracy. Please consult your Financial Advisor for further information.

Citations. 1 nytimes.com/2007/09/21/business/21generic.html?_r=1&oref=slogin 2 marketwatch.com/news/story/health-care-costs-retirement-rise/story.aspx?guid=%7bEF2B6CDA-E1764747-B528-76AC814051C5%7d&print=true&dist=printTop 3 money.cnn.com/2007/05/14/pf/retirement/nasi__report/index.htm




The Art of Sound and I want to make that emotion like Adele or even the Black Eye Peas. Viola: How did you all meet? Hayashi: We all just kind of knew each other. I worked at Chico’s and our old drummer was the waiter there and I went to high school with bass player and taught him to play the guitar. I just thought why not put a band together and we all just started playing. We were awful. My singing my writing was just off. We just dove into it and just had fun. That’s what it was all about. Viola: Where did Clouded Vision get their start? Hayashi: Open mic nights in Tower on Wednesday that Tommy Delgado from the Same Shape started. Everyone went. Our friends were nice. They came out and supported and said we were awesome, but I knew we sucked. Viola: Who or what inspires Kevin Hayashi and Clouded Vision? Hayashi: Everything. The world. Growing up I listened to a lot of rock and Dave Matthew’s. Viola: When was the first time you picked up an instrument?

It was a nice and warm Tuesday, when I sat down with Kevin Hayashi of Kevin Hayashi and Clouded Vision. Kevin is the founder of his self-named band who used to go by Clouded Vision. The band was bred and born right here in Fresno … punk rock and reggae. The band consists of three members; Hayashi on guitar (and also writes the music), Frank Valencia on bass, and Chris Reyes on drums. All three members work together on vocals. As the works are coming to an end for their new album Dream, Hayashi says the band is just taking the time to get their name and sound out there. Viola: Where did the name Clouded Vision come from?



Hayashi: I went through many different names for the band but pretty much my idea for the band was to connect to the world: like school, politicians just everything. Really just the world has clouded vision and that relates to everything. Viola: Is that why your band covers an array of genres? Hayashi: Yeah I don’t like to be limited. It stifles talent. I can be moved by all kinds of music and that has developed my style

Hayashi: When I was young my sister tried to teach me to play the piano. It didn’t stick. In middle school I played guitar, but my main focus was on sports. I played football and basketball so I had no time for anything else. Viola: So when did the time come for music? Hayashi: College. Although I felt I was busy before, I didn’t really know what it was like to be busy. I had the time and now I realize that, but since I didn’t do sports in college I had way more time on my hands. I wasn’t doing sports anymore and now I didn’t have it, so it was like picking up a new hobby to fill the void and I started to go to a bunch more shows. Viola: What’s life like outside of music? Hayashi: Traveling. I love traveling and just seeing new things. I snowboard, the weather isn’t where I want it to be where I can go, but love it. In two weeks I’ll be going to Costa Rica. Seeing new things can be inspiring. Viola: What destination has been most inspirational to you? Hayashi: I’d have to say Costa Rica. I love it. It’s untapped. My dad told me if you find a place that isn’t all corporate out enjoy it. Costa Rica is just rich and people are just really happy there and don’t need much.

An Interview with Kevin Hayashi & Clouded Vision By: Viola Malone Viola: Why music? Hayashi: Why not? I will never stop writing and making music. I’ll die but my music will stay here and can help someone else. Viola: What is it like to be in a band? Hayashi: Having a band is like a relationship. It’s like having four girl friends. There are problems but you have to communicate.

Viola: So as the making of the new album comes to a close what shows should we be looking out for? Hayashi: We are going to start doing Sunday Fun Days in Tower. A lot of other cities have events like that so we are going to start it up. Try to play every other Sunday and continue to give out free CDs.

Viola: What’s happening with Kevin Hayashi and Clouded Vision? Hayashi: As of now, doing the finishing touches and mixes for our new album Dream. It is set to come out at the end of April and will be the debut album for the new name of the band Kevin Hayashi and Clouded Vision. ADVERTISEMENT





The Sound

So without being one of those people that gripes about the Valley summers, let’s be real, Valley summers are hot… like some days, mind numbingly depressing hot, to the point where you just want to melt… but outside of that, summers also mean great music, and hopefully great memories to go along with that music. Whether it’s a song that reminds you of the annual family vacation you used to take or that summer where you ‘truly’ fell in love; summer is always a great time for music, both new and old. I remember summers of the past when I hear certain artists or songs. I was raised on California surf music, from surf guitar like to Dick Dale to artists like the Beach Boys and my absolute favorites of this genre, Jan and Dean. Whenever I hear these songs or artists, it just takes me back to some awesome summers. From songs like Good Vibrations, which may be the ultimate summertime song to my personal favs from Jan and Dean, Sidewalk Surfin and Deadman’s Curve, these are all songs about the essence of summertime, hanging with ladies (or trying to, in my case), to driving around in your first car to jumping on a skateboard and just going somewhere. That’s why these songs are classic

summertime songs, because whenever you hear them, it takes you to a great summertime memory. As I got older, I obviously expanded my summertime music library with all kinds of genres and bands, but a big one for me personally was Sublime. The combination of the sounds, from a little dub, ska, and a heavy dose of just straight up, D.I.Y. punk rock was something that I just bought into. Thanks to some friends, I was given the cassette (yes, cassette… I’m that old) of 40 Oz to Freedom and it was so different to me, enough of all the elements I mentioned to give them their own sound, I was hooked. Hearing Sublime brings me back to high school, and getting me first car and my first job, which happened to be at a radio station along with some amazing times. It also reminds me as well of the tragedy of Sublime, with the death of original lead singer, Bradley Nowell, who passed, then two months later, the band’s biggest album, their self titled album, came out with some of their biggest songs of their career on there. As I write this, thinking back to all that, I remember the summer of 1996, graduating high school and

Sounds of Summer By: Hammer of New Rock 104.1 not having a care in the world, and just living, Sublime was a big part of that, so it was a big deal when I saw them this year at the Rainbow Ballroom, under their new incarnation of Sublime with Rome, hearing the older songs (and the newer ones, with the same vibe) brought back those same memories.

temperature, as there’s nothing wrong with songs that bring the heat, so to speak, as well. As long as you have the memories to go along with all that summertime music, that’s the key with every summer that has past, to the summer’s that are still to come as well.

It is cool to see some of these summer sounds, both old and new, combining on some great summer tours. Foster the People is a newer group that definitely has that summer vibe in their sound, not only doing a solid job at the Beach Boys tribute during the Grammy’s this year, but now as the Beach Boys embark on their 50th Anniversary Tour, they decided take Foster the People out on the road with them, which is a show definitely worth seeing. I’m sure I’ve missed many of your summertime favorites, but that’s the good thing, everyone has an artist or song that takes them to that summer of the past, and even with the crazy heat in the valley, not only can that music from that particular artist remind of that ‘one crazy summer’ but it may actually be able to cool you off as well, which not to be that guy who gripes about the heat again, but there’s nothing wrong with those songs, artists, and music dropping down the ADVERTISEMENT





The Kids of Summer


PHOTOGRAPHER Eddie Melikian ART DIRECTOR David J. Manning WARDROBE STYLISTS Ruthie Inocencio LEAD MAKEUP ARTIST Juan Salc Sandoval MODELS Ian Aylmer, Colby Bender, Mackenzie Harrington, Deventrya Howard, Alyssa Nichelle Pizzella Wardrobe and accessor


cedo MAKEUP ARTIST Jack Flores HAIR STYLISTS Joylene Aguilar, Lindsey Huxley, Jonel Schneider ASSISTANTS Vanessa Ginder Dinkel, Joyia ries provided by: Diva A NAIL BOTIQUE, Khloe California and The Laundry Room. A special thank you to Eddie Melikain for his hospitality.









A Blast from the Past

Reinventing Retro By: Danielle C. Fontana

The 70’s represented a time of redefined boldness and independence with an air of sexuality. Shimmer, lace, and sheer materials became essential ingredients in the time of such a fashion revolution. Other key ingredients of the 70’s fashion included high-waisted and extremely flared bell-bottom pants, usually complemented by eccentric designs and floral patterns.

Bell-bottomed pants have also been resurrected from the 70’s, now featuring 21st century flair. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor and Tracy Reese have recently honed in on 70’s fashion, sending models down the runway wearing high-waisted bell-bottoms complimented with chic and sophisticated blouses. These signature 70’s pants have been recreated with the hem to be at least as wide as the foot, loose around the knee, and long enough that they are almost touching the floor. The rise is now made closer to the natural waistline, which diminishes excessive “curvage” and creates a silhouette flattering to every body type. Another trend that has hit runway fashion hard this Spring is the classic floral pattern. It’s like a “flower power” blast from the past but with a modern-day edge, starring bolder prints and brighter colors. Roses, tulips, daisies, and all sorts of fabricated blossoms are now taking over many different elements of fashion such as dresses, skirts, platforms and even handbags.


Go-go boots established a progressive women’s fashion trend that became the quintessential accessory to have, and never really went out of style. Much of our fabulous footwear such as booties, knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots we wear are modern creations of the 70’s go-go boots. Today, designers tend to use the go-go look as the foundation for a more modern and edgy vibe. The chunky heel and platform, each usually adding around four to seven inches in height, are the building blocks to which many designers elaborate on. In contrast to the 70’s, when go-go boots were typically made of white vinyl, designers today craft them with material ranging from suede

to leather and sometimes even add detail for more flair. Fringe, lace, buckles, and studs are often intricate features to offer up a vintage-chic finesse.




But there is one floral look that completely captures the freespirited essence of the 70’s, and that is flowing maxi-dress. Dropping at any length from the ankle down, these straight cut and loosely fitting dresses will give any figure a longer and leaner shape. When these maxi-dresses are paired with the vintage floral print, heads will turn at the vibrant explosion of colors. This look is brilliantly bold and uniquely beautiful. Recent hair trends have also been struck by our fashion idols of the past. One 70’s inspired hair trend that spread like wildfire is the two-toned ombre hair color. The ombre look sets a natural vibe, where hair roots are dark and progressively go lighter through to the tip, evenly shading natural hues all the way down. With less maintenance needed, this style became all the rage during Fall and Winter. Now, Spring has embraced ombre with a whole new twist. Soft pastel colors have been thrown onto the tips of natural blondes’, while brunette’s tip-off their dark strands with deeper tones such as turquoise, emerald green, and even deep lavender. This modern ombre rendition is the perfect spin-off look from the past, creating fun and flirty hues that go hand-in-hand with the shades of the season.

Of course we could never forget our men. Even guys, who most often think comfort before style, have been hit by fashion fever of the 70’s. Recently, men’s shorts have become much shorter, and this is another trend we can credit to our past. Short shorts have evolved from the 70’s classic polyester athletic wear to now becoming a must-have for everyday style. With the hem now rising a little over an inch above the knee, these short shorts give guys a fresh and sophisticated look, while still sporting a vintage vibe. There you have it – a little knowledge behind the history of fashion. Of course we add our own signature twists and tweaks to vintage styles and trends; we must not forget where they came from. Vintage boots, pants, shoes, and even hairstyles – you name it, we’ve recreated it.











Between the Sheets

Sex Tips for You and Your Partner By: Delaine Nikaido

The average person spends a third of his or her life in bed. While much of that time is spent relaxing and sleeping, it’s safe to assume beds also are used for more recreational purposes. If the first thing that comes to your mind is reading and watching TV; well, put the remote down and read on to start getting it on. The temperature is rising outside, but is your bedroom a little frigid? If so, HIS tells you how to heat things up between the sheets.

Get moving A sure way to kill “the mood” is to have no energy in the first place. Be ready come game time. Gear up and get moving now. Exercise and weight loss raise testosterone levels in men, which increases sex drive. Try working out together or going for a walk or bike ride as a couple. The physical activity will raise her energy and endorphin levels too, which in turn, may make her more open and receptive to sex.



People who exercise regularly tend to have more confidence. They feel better about their bodies. Also, fit people tend to

have better circulation and muscle control that may contribute to increased sexual pleasure. For these reasons and others, a variety of studies contend that people who exercise have better sex lives. You’ve probably heard Newton’s first of law of motion – commonly stated as a body in motion tends to stay in motion or a body at rest tends to stay at rest. You don’t have to be a physics whiz to figure it out. Get some or get none. It’s your choice.

Be Spontaneous It’s a good idea to set aside quality time for one another. Whether we like it or not, life can get in the way. Between kids, work or other commitments, scheduling dates may seem like the only way to stay connected. At the same time, scheduled appointments between couples can become boring or so routine that they’re no longer valued. Keep Tuesday or Saturday date night, but don’t be so predictable. Meet for lunch during the work week. Sneak in a quickie. Send provocative text messages. Break out of your comfort zone to reignite or keep the spark burning.

Spice it Up Being playful and adventurous are fun ways to turn up the heat and add spice to your sex life. Try new positions. There are other ways to have sex besides missionary. Need inspiration? Watch a mutually appealing adult movie. Shop for toys together and use them on one another. Don’t limit sex to the bedroom or late at night. Remember the shower, the floor and the kitchen table. Rub each other down with massage oils or flavored lotions. Buy her lingerie or a sexy outfit. Show a little skin. Tease. Experiment.

Communicate You have the drive. Check. You set the mood. Check. You’re spontaneous. Check. You’re trying new things. Check. Now be sure to check in with one another. Communication is essential to building and maintaining a satisfying sex life for both partners. Talk to one another about likes and dislikes. If a blowby -blow to do list during the heat of the moment is a mood killer or seems too controlling, you can encourage with each other with moans of enjoyment or by gently moving her hand to your pleasure spot(s).

Set the Mood

Bedrooms can turn frosty for a number of reasons. It’s hard to get busy when you’re preoccupied with paying bills, posting on Facebook, Tweeting or telecommuting to work from bed. Set the mood in advance by banning mundane chores and distractions such as computers and cell phones from the bedroom. Bring sexy back by trying the ideas below: Invest in silk, satin or luxurious cotton sheets.

Ask what turns her on and pay attention to how she responds when you touch certain places on her body. Positive reinforcement will go a long way toward creating pleasurable experiences for both of you. Sex is an important way to connect with your significant other. It’s a form of release for both of you. Have fun and be safe. Now put the magazine down and get busy.

Set up candles around the room. Make a mood music CD or playlist on your iPod or iPhone and play it. Hang strategically placed mirrors around the room Install dimmers that create just the right amount of light so you don’t have to feel around for one another in complete darkness or conversely, feel like you’re being interrogated under bright light. VOL.9 ISS.3




The Social Sex

Overexposed & Loving it By: Ciara Norton VOL.9 ISS.3


There is a good reason that out of the 54 million single people in the U.S., 40 million tried online dating in 2011.

With this new era of social networking and online dating come many who refuse to accept the changes.

Out of those 40 million, statistics listed on www. statisticbraincom also showed that 52.4 percent of those users were male.

Even though Martinez feels that online dating is a safer alternative, he did admit that there are drawbacks to the advanced technology and privilege.

Amidst all of the male users, 40-year-old Robert Martinez was one of them. As a full-time office manager at a private medical office in Porterville, Martinez doesn’t have too much free time on his hands.



Shortly after joining a dating website, Martinez met Ollie Seaborn in June 2010 and things have been great ever since. Martinez decided to try online dating not just for the convenience of it, but for the safety as well. “Online dating and social networking are good for us,” Martinez said. “It’s healthier than going out to the bar and getting drunk and meeting a stranger in an unknown environment,” Martinez said. “Usually people online are looking for something a little bit more serious.”

“Not having to meet people face to face is convenient because you can get any personal issues out of the way,” Martinez said. “But, you also have the flip side of that. People can decide not to tell you the truth and unfortunately a lot of people do.” According to www.statisticbrain.com, male online dating users most commonly lie about age, weight and income while women usually stretch the truth when it comes to weight, physical build and age. Even though www.consumer-rankings.com found that the top three dating websites for 2012 were www.match.com, www.chemistry.com and www.perfectmatch.com, dating websites aren’t the only places where users are often deceitful.

Since its launch in February 2004, Facebook now has almost a billion users. Megan Freeland, a 22-year-old business management student at California State University, Fresno is just one out of the almost billion Facebook users. “I think I’m just addicted,” Freeland said. “I’ve been on Facebook since around 2009 and it just seems so normal for everyone to have one now.”

Online dating websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter are just some of the ways that people of the twenty-first century have seen social sex transform. Sexual material and hidden sexual meanings have been partners with advertising for years and it doesn’t look like things will be changing any time soon. Josh Gonzales, a 27-year-old photographer, understands what companies want in advertisements. “I’m kind of put in a dilemma because I want to sell my art work to advertisers and other businesses but at the same time I don’t always feel like men and women should be exploited in the ways that they usually are,” Gonzales said.

“I think it’s a good thing that people are looking to online dating to start relationships,” Freeland said. “It’s just crazy to think that not that long ago we lived in a world where computers where pretty much unheard of and now it is pretty common for people to use them, and to end up meeting their life partners.”

The idea of sex is used so frequently in advertisements that it may be blatant and obvious or subtle and discrete. Sex sells, plain and simple. Ever since advertisers figured this out, the marketing and advertising business has made billions of dollars off of consumers and their curiosity about sex.


Freeland keeps up with Facebook through her phone as well as laptop when she is away from home. Although she hasn’t tried online dating, Freeland thinks that the opportunities it presents are positive.

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Sex Through the Decades By: Viola Malone Just as fashion and fads change from generation to generation, the views and feelings towards sex alter as well. The world has matured in conversations about sex.

Conservative in the 50’s A major shift in attitudes arose and society’s views of women transformed. Women began to move away from images of “Rosie the Riveter”, the strong and dominate working woman to a more soft sensuous and sexy women. They were pushed to be more domestic instead of professional. This new woman was to show sexuality and naiveté as it was strewn all in media. Fashion moved from full suites to full skirts, furs, and petticoats. Although women were to now be sexy, they were only to be approachable in legal marriage. While women were to abide by these standards men were to mimic playboy magazine and be swingers and live the bachelor’s life. As for families, sex wasn’t discussed in the home. There were no sexual education courses only pamphlets. Parents would give their children booklets to read on how to deal with sexual urges. Aside from these pamphlets, words like bottom and menstruation were not and could not be printed in publications like magazines. In the late 50’s oral contraceptives were born. It was the first short-acting Progestogen and had to given frequently.

Swinging 60’s



This decade consisted of many revolutionary movements and fights for rights. In the 60’s there was a sexual revolution as well as women’s movement. It was a time for sexual experimentation and sexual freedom amongst other things. This was the era of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Society changed from the conservative 50’s to the more political view of sexual freedom. This was the period to “find oneself” mainly the youth and the university campuses. Traditional values were openly challenged and became more accepted. Feminists, gay rights, hippie movements and protests were popular during this period. Lydon Johnson was the first acting president to endorse birth control. The “pill” popped on the scene and was very controversial. It was frowned upon because it was seen as sexual mortality and a way of controlling the population. After protests about rights, in 1965 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled using the First Amendment that the government had no business in the sexual lives of citizens.

Sexy 70’s The 70’s was sort of continuation of the 60’s. There was a new sexualized pop culture. Pornography was now in local theaters and sex advice manuals were in grocery store checkout lines. It was really popular in commercial network television and bralessness was equated to female sexual attractiveness. Engaging in sexual intimacy for physical pleasure or expression of affection for your partner or spouse was legit. There was monumental change for women’s liberation and gay rights as far as sexual identities, practices, and beliefs. Sex education came into play and government reports recommended comprehensive programs in primary and secondary school. Sexual diversity was a big move in the 70’s. Relationships were no longer assumed to be monogamous and heterosexual. Males and females were essentially equal in sexual potential and right to sexual gratification. This area challenged double standards.

Hip 80’s The biggest change in sexual behavior came in the 80’s. In the early 80’s media on AIDS and HIV was massive. AIDS was first seen as a “gay disease” and attitudes and prejudices changed just as people began to settle in with the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Men looked to stay in monogamous relationships. Pornography was seen as dirty again and people were openly rejecting homosexuality. Madonna’s Like a Virgin came out. Hugh Hefner even married during this era. Safe sex campaigns, research and evidence was gathered because of the AIDs epidemic. Heterosexual individuals were told that they too were at risk. This made it difficult for non-heterosexuals to be comfortable in their own skin. Under President Reagan’s regime there was a promise to push back the wave of permissiveness.

Coolin’ It in the 90’s In the 90’s sex was signified in all pop culture medians from movies to music and television shows. There were plenty of safe sex ads and campaigns seen on TV. The rap/hip-hop female trio, TLC, promoted safe sex from their lyrics to their style of dress. Condoms were an accessory pinned on the ladies jeans, shirts and hats. It was a fashion statement making a social statement about practicing safe sex. This along with contraceptives in schools was a way to get people, especially the youth, to see that condoms were nothing to be afraid of. Also, because of the attitude shifts about homosexuality, more people were cautious of those on the DL (down low).

Sex NOW!


Sex is glorified everywhere we turn. Sex is being talked about in schools, films, music, and videos, even in cartoons! Sex sells! Safe sex ads have decreased dramatically as many in today’s society feel as though they know what is going on and feel like nothing bad could happen to them. There are numerous contraceptive methods from the pill to the patch that are simple and can last for longer periods of time. Pre-marital sex is a norm in today’s society. Sex is being had just not deeply discussed as it once was.




Now that consumers have internet access and print outlets surrounding them almost all the time, advertisers are able to pin point exactly what they want consumers to think and therefore to purchase. Rebecca Lopez, a 19-year-old Fashion Fair Mall employee, said that everywhere she goes she feels like the pressure to have a certain type of sexuality and image follows her. “Working in retail and getting to see new clothes and the ways that we are supposed to present them to the customer has really opened my eyes to what is being marketed towards me without my knowledge,” Lopez said. “It’s interesting because I see lots of girls come in wearing pretty normal clothes, and then I see them buy these dresses that should actually be considered shirts. They just do it because they want to look sexy, and that’s mainly because of the images that are pushed towards them.”

“I think that back in the day it was easier for the consumer to be an independent thinker,” Lopez said. “Now, it seems as if no matter what we do there is a company standing around the corner waiting to show us how their product will change our lives. It can get really overwhelming at times.” While advertisers have taken the benefits of technology and its positive advancements to a whole new level, it is nothing compared to the amount of attention that advertisers and other business pay to women and their sexuality in the ads. “Whenever I walk around the mall sometimes it’s just shocking to see some of the differences in women’s advertisements and images compared to men’s,” Lopez said. “I think that women are definitely portrayed in a different and much more sexual light than men and I think it can and probably will end up causing some serious problems later on down the road when technology becomes even more present than it is today.” Lopez isn’t the only one who thinks that advertisements can often be misleading and offensive. Gonzales said that a lot of the advertisements in magazines are just downright distasteful.


Since smart phones, laptops, e-readers and other technological devices have become today’s norm, advertisers are at an even greater advantage when it comes to marketing and spreading the word about their product. Advertising agencies are no longer limited to radio time or TV commercials. Instead, consumers can be bombarded by advertisers when making a phone call, flipping through an e-book, browsing the internet or even simply shopping online.

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7 Deadly Aphrodisiacs

Skin-on-skin contact isn’t the only thing that can get you stimulated these days. In fact, research has shown that what we eat can have a direct impact on our sex drive. Needless to say, some snacks have a sexier intent. Indulge your senses and see what pleasant surprises await you and your partner.


Sexy Snack #3:

Passionate Pomegranates are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to keep our body healthy and our heart happy. The sexy part? The antioxidants in poms help to protect the lining of blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow. Increased blood flow also means increased genital sensitivity.

Sweet, sweet honey – the perfect touch to your dessert at the dining table, and your dessert in bed. This sweet, sticky treat is loaded with boron, a mineral that uses and produces estrogen, the female sex hormone. Honey has also been linked to heightened blood levels of testosterone, the hormone found in both guys and gals that is tied to stimulating sex drive and longer-lasting orgasms. So, um, would you like some more honey in your tea?

Sexy Snack #2:

Sexy Snack #4:

Sexy Snack #1:


by chili peppers can even embellish sexual attractiveness by naturally blushing your cheeks and plumping your lips.

Hot Chilies – yikes! Chili peppers come in handy when you’re looking to spice up your sex life. Capsaiscin, the active component of chili peppers, creates a burning sensation in our body’s tissues, which in turn raises body temperature and increases blood flow. The shock of a burning sensation also triggers the release of endorphins, which are feel good chemicals that are can also be known for boosting sexual desires. But wait – there’s more. The body heat produced

Sexually arousing asparagus is one vegetable that we should definitely eat more of. By stimulating nervous and circulatory systems, asparagus boosts blood flow to the sex organs, which stir up sexual arousal and performance. Asparagus is also rich in B vitamins, folate to be exact. Folate is key in boosting histamine production, which is literally necessary to reach orgasm. In fact, high levels of histamine have been associated with more frequent orgasms.

Setting The Mood By: Danielle C. Fontana

Sexy Snack #6:

Sexy Snack #5:

Basil has even been a sexy snack dating back to Roman times, when it was considered a symbol of love. The scent of basil is often used in aromatherapy to relieve headaches,stimulate the mind, and uplift spirits. In fact, it can zap out those unsteady nerves and frustrations – does the term“sexual frustration” ring a bell? Aside from the alluring aroma of basil, its leaves possess an abundance of nutrients associated with libido-lifting effects. Spicen up your pasta with this wondrous herb and watch your romance take flight.

Chocolate? Yes, chocolate is right. The root of every woman’s happiness can now also be the root of every woman’s pleasure. Chocolate contains a host of compounds, including an array of chemicals that release endorphins. Anandamide is the psychoactive “feel-good chemical” in chocolate and PEA (phenylethylamine) is the “love chemical,” which induces feelings of excitement, attraction and euphoria. Well, PEA is responsible for releasing dopamine in the pleasure region of the brain.

Sexy Snack #7: Figs – these ferocious fruits were our girl Cleopatra’s favorite. Figs were believed to have been in the Garden of Eden and according to ancient Greeks, represent love and fertility. Enclosed in a figs voluptuous shape is an abundance of flavonoids and antioxidants that can increase sexual stamina.


So, if you want to keep the bedroom “magic” alive, look to the kitchen and eat something sexy.


“Some companies will use whatever techniques they need to sell a product,” Gonzales said. “I think that having technology so available makes it even worse because we can become used to seeing the advertisements and after a while the offensive ones will become normal to us and the misleading ideas will become beliefs.” The images displayed and the meaning behind them may be offensive or even startling at times, but in the end they are truly a result of the ever-changing sexual image that has developed over time. Today, sex isn’t black and white. It isn’t as plain and simple as x and y. Sex has evolved and become more complicated than many people want to even think about, let alone accept.


Gay rights, marriage laws, sexually transmitted diseases and even surgical sex changes have been constantly changing and gaining momentum. While the gay rights movement actually began as far back as 1924 when The Society for Human Rights in Chicago was established as one of the United States’ first gay rights organizations. Fast forward roughly 80 years and the gay rights movement continues. In 2000 gay and lesbian couples throughout the

United States rejoiced when Vermont became the first state to legally recognize civil union between gay or lesbian couples. In 2003, the wins just kept on coming for the LGBT community. In November, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that not allowing gays and lesbians to get married violated the state constitution. By October 10, 2008 the Supreme Court of Connecticut decided that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. Four years later, on March 1, 2012, Maryland became the eighth state to pass legislation legalizing gay marriage. With the way things are headed, more states will soon be following in Maryland’s footsteps. “I think that these last couple of years have been really groundbreaking for the gay community,” said Amber Martinez, a graduate social work student at Fresno State who also has an interest in human and civil rights. “In the gay community, people have been fighting really hard just to get equality and I think it’s sad that they have to fight for something that they deserve in the first place. It’s a weird feeling for me. I’m sad but at the same time I’m really excited for the future of the gay community.”


Unfortunately, since the early 1990s, gay rights and equality

aren’t the only thing on the rise. No matter what you sexual preference is, sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more frequent and deadly. As reported by the United States Health Department, STDs like Syphilis have risen almost five percent since 1997 and Chlamydia has risen about three percent. While these two STDs are the most common and are on the rise, Gonorrhea cases have declined ten percent in the last ten years. “It’s really scary that so many people are sick and dying because of AIDS and other STDs,” Martinez said. “I am glad that as a country I feel we are finally starting to address the issue more rather than simply sweeping it under the rug.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first case of AIDS was reported in 1981. Thirty years later, in 2011, it was estimated that over one million people in the United States are living with HIV/AIDS and over half a million have died because of it.

“I think if things like technology and new laws continue the way they are going it only makes sense that certain diseases would also be on the rise,” Martinez said. “I think it’s great that the gay rights movement is doing so much but AIDS is something that more people need to take into consideration because it affects so many people.” The first AIDS case is said to have taken place in 1959. But, HIV/ AIDS didn’t actually enter the United States until around 1970. Western doctors and scientists chose to remain ignorant of the fact that such a disease could enter our “civilized” country. Shortly after it entered the United States, AIDS was detected in California in 1981 and has spread like wildfire ever since. Advertisements, social media, technology advancements and the gay rights movements are all ways that the social sex in the United States is evolving. With online dating and the opportunities to meet new people and take chances right at our fingertips, social lives across the United States are beginning to branch out and try new things. These new things have had some repercussions, but in the end change is good. Only change can lead to new things. The change is here and it is happening now.


Even though anyone can be affected by AIDS, in 2008, 33 percent of AIDS victims were white, 42 were African American and 21 percent were Hispanic/Latino. AIDS isn’t just a problem in the LGBT community as many people think. In 2008, 66 percent of the women diagnosed with AIDS received the

disease through heterosexual contact. For men, 61 percent of AIDS victims were diagnosed due to male-to-male sexual contact.




Tower Rat

What, Where and How By: Joyia Sandoval

The Taste Let’s face it, nearly all of Fresno is guilty for saying, “there’s nothing to do in this town.” People sometimes get bored with the Fresno nightlife—same places with the same faces as last weekend. Needless to say it can easily get dull and make everyone strive for a new experience. Every now and then we need a little escape from the ordinary and there’s no better place than Fresno’s lively Tower District. Located on Olive Avenue, the Tower District is a vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood that has become a community within a community. This urbanized area features prominent businesses that cater to all industries, including dining, retail, entertainment and nightlife. Unlike other Fresno areas the Tower District does not require you to travel far to experience everything it has to offer; almost all businesses operate on or near Olive Avenue. All within a hundred feet of each other, the Tower District shops give you the opportunity to stroll the streets and experience that “city-life” vibe. It’s as if a piece of San Francisco or Downtown Los Angeles was picked up and placed on Olive Avenue for all of Fresno to revel in.

To say that Tower District has it all is an understatement. With well over a dozen restaurants, Olive Avenue offers some of the most tasteful dishes in the Fresno area. Whether you’re in the mood for American dining, Asian fusion or café treats, Tower District has got you covered. The most appealing quality of these restaurants is the power of their dining experience; they make you feel as if you’re far away from Fresno. Differentiating from the usual chain restaurants scattered all over Fresno, the restaurants found in Tower District are quaint environments that concentrate on two things: good food and a good time. Being that nearly almost all of the restaurants are independently owned, it makes it easy for customers to create a more personal and neighborly relationship with the staff. Only in Tower will you find a waitress greeting you by name and familiar with your usual meal choice. Dishes you NEED to taste, like yesterday: California Burger- Livingstone’s Restaurant and Pub


Shrimp Scampi- The Landmark Restaurant


Shocker Roll- Mr. Sushi


Fried Pickles- Sequoia Brewing Company


BBQ Chicken Sandwich- Irene’s Cafe




The Nightlife

The Retail Therapy

The concept of “bar hopping” was most likely created after someone walked the blocks of Olive Avenue. With multiple hot spots, Tower District has become the hub for Fresno nightlife. From elegant wine tasting at Pinot to music-blaring DJs at Laughing Buddha, there’s something for everyone here in Tower. In fact, if you are unsure about the nightlife that mostly suits your personality, just give them all a try. It’s easy and fun. All you have to do is park your car at one end of the street and make your way down the district. Each venue offers its own spin on the nightlife scene and finds their own way to stand out in the crowd. Soon enough you’ll find yourself lost in the Tower club scene and may have a difficult time realizing you’re still in Fresno. Tower District is the only area that can give you a taste of every night scene, whether it is calm and elegant or non-stop partying, it can be found on Olive Avenue and all within walking distance. Take a walk on the wild side and try something new, visit these places for a side of Fresno you’ve been missing out on:

Shopping in Tower District is similar to a treasure hunt… it takes time, but with time well spent you will hit the jackpot. The boutiques along Olive Avenue feature items that withhold personality and a sense of uniqueness, the type of style you won’t find at the mall. Here in Tower you have the freedom to wander and test the limits of fashion by purchasing items that take trendiness to another level. Whether you’re into thrifting or brand-new goods, the district combines the two and creates its own style. Only in Tower will you find that one-of-a-kind necklace or vintage handbag. Shopping in Tower is so worth it because when someone asks where you bought your clothing, you can confidently tell them, “I got it in Tower, but there was only one.” But no worries, the retail doesn’t stop at clothing. There are a number of shops that carry antiques, portraits, furniture and so much more. Walking down Olive Avenue is the perfect way to spend a day out with yourself or some friends. Next time you’re on the hunt for something that’s so “you,” take a drive down to Tower District and you’ll find it…after a little search, of course. Spend some time browsing in these shops, you won’t regret it:



1. VeniVidiVici 2.

Million Elephant Café & Bar


Babylon Billiards


Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Cuisine


Laughing Buddha


Twee Boutique


Valentino’s Rock n Apparel


Fulton’s Folly Antiques


The Clock Shop


The Dragon’s Treasures

The Entertainment There is a never a dull moment in Tower District. Trust me, there is always something happening on Olive Avenue. From live music, staged performances and community events, Tower District is always alive and happening. Normally, you have to wait until the weekend to have some fun out on the town, but that does not pertain to Tower. Almost every day of the week you could take a drive down there and find something to do. What’s even better about the entertainment in Tower? Most of the time it’s combined with the dining experience. Take Sequoia Brewing Company for example, at this place you can enjoy your food with the sound of a live band playing right in front of you. The entertainment isn’t limited to restaurants and venues in Tower; this area has become known for their specially-themed events. Pub crawls, art hops and a festival for almost every holiday are a few events that make Tower District the community with the most party spirit. Next time you say you don’t have anything to do, check out these places: 1.

Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater


Tower Theater


Father’s Day Blues Festival


Audie’s Olympic Tavern


The Starline

There you have it, Tower District in a nutshell. However, there’s only so much a person can tell you about the dynamic vibe Tower District has until you have to experience it for yourself. Next time you think there’s nothing to fun to do in Fresno, think again. This close-knit community and urban area gives you all the necessities for a fun night out.



On That Note

Final Thoughts



Each issue of HIS Magazine takes a group effort to complete. This past year the staff has be fortunate enough to work with two bright, sophisticated young ladies who are both moving on and embarking on bigger and better things. Here are some final thoughts from their perspective about this issue and their experiences at HIS.

This issue redefined the term “bare” by using its sexual connotation to showcase the underlying qualities of the Fresno community and lifestyle. The magazine concept was stripped down and returned to its roots; keeping it simple and easy for one to fall in love with what we do here at HIS Magazine. The entire experience gave a new meaning to the cliché “it’s the little things that count.” Rather than focusing on the larger picture, I emphasized the importance of the less-known and unique pieces of the story. To me, it is these smaller and socalled insignificant pieces that make something extraordinary. I found myself more concerned with the idea of escaping the normal and searching for something I considered new, but has been around for decades. This issue gave me the opportunity to achieve these desires because it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and explore. It was all about getting underneath the outer layer and discovering what really matters… those little things you will only find after stripping down. Joyia

I’ve really enjoyed working at HIS Magazine. It was truly a real life experience for me wanting to go into the journalism world. It has opened my eyes to other realms that I was once so closed-minded about. I had so much fun working on the photo shoots and Springtini was AMAZING! You saw me hit my cat walk? WERK! I am more into fashion and actually understanding it and what is in season. Do I care to dress in fashion every season? Not at all, unless I have a stylist of some sort. I met some fabulous people and am exceptionally happy with all that I have learned; not to mention, I was able to write about things I love like music art and SEX (also amazing). Remember, always wrap your willy(ies), live to make memories, and SMILE =)! Viola