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WE GET LETTERS Hugs and Kisses -- Sticks and Stones By: Chuck-JOHNEL Letter from Rick Th. July 26,

2005 (Quote) "There are some really incredible things

happening here in my life! I always had high hopes of getting a Word to get ready to move to one of the `Green Pasture' areas. But not so for me . The Lord recently told rile that `a long time ago' I volunteered to stay behind with my brothers and sisters who will be suffering through some of the corning judgments. I will remember Johnel talking about how the Lord told him that he volunteered, too, for the things he is doing. (And I'm sure, many others have.) I'm not worried at all, and the Lord said that He will supply all my needs. I think it is interesting to note here that it is beginning to appear to me that wherever I go, there will be a kind of place of safety. The Lord recently said that I will be `like a mobile home, taking provision and supplies with inc wherever I go. "Another Word that I recently received talked about how I will be sent to multiply food for my hungry brothers and sisters left behind. That many Christians will be hung ry and starving. And many will be sick and need healing. I also received a Word lately that talked about the Lord giving us the ability to hi-locate from place to place, and that is how He will multiply food for those of His who are starving. "After receiving the last Word about bi-locating, something began to dawn on me that helps explain a question in my mind about a vision Johnel had and shared with Us. Remember when Johnel said that he saw himself going to see the elderly `stand-in' President Jimmy Carter? I always wondered how Johnel is to walk so far through all of that snow. There will be no gas, no busses or trains to catch in those days. If Jesus is giving us the ability to hi-locate, that certainly solves my worry about how Johnel might `walk' to see President Carter! No problem! I don't think he will actually have to walk very far! "I'm sorry to report that my pastor barely believes anything that I have to share with him. I thought that the Lord asked me to share His Words with the pastor, and afterwards, the pastor said that he didn't believe they were from God. In this Word that I shared, Jesus was asking the Church to invite Him to be the Head. The pastor asked me if I believed that Jesus wasn't the Head of their church. (Oops!) "They could possibly believe in the judgments coming, but they especially had a hard time with the idea of anyone `manifesting Christ'. They said there are no Scriptures

Page 2 The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters November 30, 2005 Letter rom Rick 1J, ' 26 2005 uote continued anywhere in the whole Bible that

talk about that! And, 'Who do you think you are to talk to God?'—kind of questions. Needless to say, I come home some weekends with my stomach churning, and praying for these people. Their unbelief is so great that it hurts me! But Jesus asked me to `please reconsider my decision to drop out oithcir study class, and to regroup.' I was ready to quit the church altogether, and they were ready to kick me out, but Jesus sent me back again. How can you say no' when Jesus asks Please'? ' But don't worry about me. Jesus is teaching me to be more like Jacob. One day Jesus said ` A worm is about the only thing that cannot fall down.' I almost died

laughing! He gave Is. 41:14, Fear not, thou worm Jacob...'." (Unquote) Comment b y Chuck-JOHN EL: One would think (hope) that a pastor, instead of rejecting a brother who is receiving a Word from the Lord, would instead help him listen to JESUS, encourage and confirm what he could confirm in and out of prayer and abiding in the Lord JESUS CHRIST. This is actually one of the primary functions of a pastor - to encourage those in his/her congregation to come to KNOW JESUS, to seek Him out, to know His Perfect Will for them and to help them recognize His Word and overcome the carnality that we are all hampered by. Overcoming the self-nature, the soulish self (also called carnality) is what everyone who seeks to grow in Christ will be confronted by. JESUS who saves us also "keeps" us; but in truth, the behavior that Rick's pastor is exhibiting is outrageous, hurtful and makes growing in Christ a real trial. if! met this pastor I'd have to resist saying, "shunie on you!" because he is acting more like a devil than a man of God.

He ii ho is in the mud likes to pu11 another into it." Spanish proverb Letter from Steve G., Aug. I, 2005 (Quote) "Hi! Was great to get your last letter/tapes. I really enjoy reading and listening to them. Look forward to your next newsletter_ I have been reading and watching the news lately and wanted to share a few things with you I have found. "Yesterday was looking through the Aug., 2005 issue of Discovery magazine, and found several interesting things on page 9: Scientists are saying the magnetic North Pole located in Canada for 1. centuries has now moved to international waters north of Alaska. Underwater volcano discovered near Samoa is 4-years old and growing at 2. 8 inches per day. 3. East Antarctic ice sheet is growing in mass at 45 billion tons per year. Copy of article from Tampa, FL, paper Sunday, July 17, 2&05, about the 4. potential of a mega-bubble in the financial markets bursting in the nearfuture.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

November 30, 2005

uote continued) Would love to hear any comments Letter fnin Steve G. Aug. 1 2005 you might have on these subjects. Thanks for your work and leadership." (Unquote)

Comment h Chuck-J HNEL: Concerning the shift of the magnetic North Pole - there are significant upheavals going on deep in the earth, the foremost being the rent in the earth's mantle which will have the most serious consequences for those living on this planet. A shift of the magnetic North Pole has being going on for some time, minor shifts have occurred over the years and this appears to be due to a shift of corma deep in the earth which is also a cause of the rent in the earth's mantle. It is all interconnected. Increased volcanic activity worldwide will be common as the rent in the earth's mantle comes closer to the surface - that and more severe topographical changes. The growth of the Fast Antarctic ice sheet by 45 billion tons is interesting - what about the fabled warming of the earth due to driving cars about? Oh well, junk science is still junk science. Years ago. in the central judgment revelation/message of JESUS CHRIST, the collapse of the economic system was revealed to be a part of the judgment. "The gr • eutest prayer is patience. " Grurtama Buddha Letter from Sarah B. Au.'. 15, 2005 (Quote) "Your prophetic revelations concerning the

coming judgments and tribulations have caused me to focus on the issue of allowing Jesus to work through me to help my children through the times ahead. I am a mother of 4 sons. The oldest is a recent college grad. And the three younger ones are aged 9, 8, and 4 mos. I believe God's Word about the last days (however long they last) and believe that it is just as important to prepare our children as we ourselves prepare. I especially feel sad for those who have followed the modern Church teachings about a pre-Tribulation Rapture. They are most likely not preparing their families for any types of disasters because they believe they will be `out ofhere' before things get too rough. My husband and 1 have talked to our bo y s about the times ahead in a way that we hope will strengthen them without terrifying them. We talk about how we live in a fallen world through man's original sin and use the stories of Adam and Eve, and Noah, to illustrate our point. Last week, we had a severe thunderstorm here. The weather service issued a tornado warning (not real common here

in northern Pennsylvania). I was home alone with my three youngest. The thunder was loud and the lightning cracked! Our electricity went out I told the boys we were going to the safest part of the house and wait the storm out. As we sat together on the floor, my 8-year old asked if we could pray. I told him it was an excellent idea. I told him to remember that we pray for God's heavenly protection every single day and that we must

believe God answers our prayers. The storm passed and we were fine. We found out,

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 1, 2005

Letter from Sarahh B., Aug. 15, 2005 ( Quote continued) however, that a tornado did hit the

south end of town. We also later found out that our oldest son was driving horse from work through that section of town during the storm. His car was hit by some sort of whirlwind and he had to pull over. When he started up again, a huge oak tree tell in the

road just ahead of him. I-lad he not pulled over, he could have been hit by that tree! I should add here that after I received the Seal of the Living God in 2001, I passed that prayer onto my family so they all received God's Seal too. Anyway, my point here is that we should also be preparing our children as God

works through us in these very trying days and the days ahead. I'd appreciate any prayerful discernment you may have on this issue. God bless you and Nancy in Christ's Name." (Unquote) Comment b y Chuck-JOHNEL: Children are made of sterner stuff than most of us realize - but being careful in how the revelation of the coming judgment is presented is equally i mportant. They do need to know and be prepared spiritually, physically and emotionally for the times ahead - which will be terrifying for those adults and children who are not prepared. Panic, fear, depression and suicide will run rampant among those who are unprepared and who have been misled by their church leaders (with comments like: "Oh, God wouldn't do that to us" or 'We will be raptured out befo re that happens. ") When the reality of the judgment impacts them they will at first he stunned, then blame God and then fall into disarray - fail apart. We need understand (the children and all of us) that the times ahead will be tough and even hard but that God is with us as we look to Him and that He will bring as all the way through. But again, preparing children can and should be done - they need be fortified in and by faith in Jesus Christ and the certainty of God the Father's love and help no matter what happens_ "The person who has a bull by the tail once has learned 60 or 70 times as much cis a perso n who has;? 't. " Mark Twain Letterfror Rob E., Aug. 18, 2005 (Quote) "My precious beloved and respected brother and

sister in Christ and the Net of Prayer family. I don't want to belabor this point much. Here in Lansing, Ml, I see major divisions about women pastors or apostles. It's a divisive hot issue amongst the Body of Christ in a myriad of Church of Man (& Woman) issues in our day. After working in ministry for years now (since F-years old, now in my 30's), it's sad to see the Body so divided. If you wouldn't mind sharing what our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and His precious Spirit have revealed on this topic, I would very much appreciate any feedback you can give. I've been under management women in multiple offices—self-appointed and God-appointed—read the Scriptures in detail on both sides of the debate, and have read over the years what you have shared about the soulwomanispirit-man through tapes, newsletters and the like. Thanks for any clarit y or insight

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 1, 2005

Letter from Rob L. .trr r. 18 2005 (Quote continued on this and God's perfect will

pertaining to leadership, headship, and pastoral or apostolic roles in the Body. In Christ's love. Rob." (Unquote) Response b y Chuck-JOHNEL: The real problem is carnality at work in the church. It is now a matter of historic fact that females held Apostolic positions in the first century church (scientific diggers found that out years ago) - apparently the first century church had no problems with this issue and this is probably because they understood what the Apostle Paul meant, having spiritual insight. As you probably already know, the HOLY SPIRIT and JESUS gave me to understand that in the Book of Genesis the terms "man" and "woman" did not have the same meaning as we apply to them today. "Man" speaks of "spirit" and "woman" speaks of "soul"- thus the terms "male and female" are a different issue and not connected to man and woman. The Apostle Paul wrote, "for it is a shame for women to speak in the church " (I Corinthians 14: 35)- by this Paul spoke of those who were "soulish" or "carnal" (not led by the Spirit of God) and those "women" he spoke of could be either a male or a female. The Apostle Paul also made the distinction elsewhere saying, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male or female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3: 28) So if the Apostle Paul on Holy Spirit leading on one hand (Galatians 3: 28) makes it clear

there is no distinction between male or female but ALL ARE ONE IN CHRIST JESUS (co-equals), then when he speaks of "women" in I Corinthians 14: 35 - lie cannot be speaking of "females." His position on that is clear - females are co-equals in Christ with males. End of discussion! The problem is that male dominance in the church is a long accepted reality - but again, it is the carnality of the church whereby this has become a "fact". Most of the resistance to females being pastors in the church springs from a resistance to the objectives of "women's liberation" which is seen as an affront to the Bible. However, they don't really know what the Bible says on the issue because they are blinded by their doctrines and belief systems. In this Ministry we have both males and females in positions of leadership - this is how the Holy Spirit has led me and the performance of both males and females has always been excellent and anointed by God. The carnal church will not want to see what the Scriptures really say - so what else is new'?!

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 3, 2(145

"I was wondering where any boomerang had landed - and then it carne to inc. "


Letter from Claudia P., Aug. 31, 200 (Quote) "Hi, Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI! Thank-you with all of my heart in Jesus for all of your faithfulness over all of these years to God our Father, and to Jesus our Saviour, and to the Holy Spirit our Comforter. It is all coining together as the judgments continue on-the witnessing to others as to the what's and why's of what is happening (Katrina, and more later)-the strengthening which we receive from our (NOP) daily gathering together before God's throne, our daily agreement in prayer. our confessing of our sins and our repentance, our utter reliance upon Jesus-so much I learned over all of these years, since 19801 believe. All thanks be to God for the faithfulness to Him of all who are willing to be faithful to Him. Even my husband, who prays the prayers without belonging to the NOP has told me of a definite sense of preparation and fortification in his spirit. God bless you always and Jesus' sweet precious love to you always." (Unquote) "The only time you have too much . 1iiel is when you're on fire. " (An old pilot's adage) Letter from t3 7ade H, Aug. I5 . 2005 (Quote) "1 wanted to share with you what I saw as the

67-Day confirming event on June 5, 2005. Just before 1 left for work I was monitoring the Fox channel for the 67-Day event when suddenly they had a picture showing, a new Russian missile that they claimed could get past the Anti-Missile Defense System that we are currently testing in the USA. "The missile was round like any other missile, but it had fins on two opposite sides that were nearly as thick as the missile was round. The missile was laying on a trailer, which `could be' a platform from which it would be launched... . "I `believe' the (great) Chicago earthquake will take place in September, 2008. I also `think' the seventeen (17) in the clouds are months, not years. `If' I am correct, then there will be a great flood in April, 2007, which would start the 17-month countdown to the Chicago earthquake. I have no clear word from the Lord, so it's just food for thought." (Unquote) Chuck- JOHNLL's Comments: In the vision of God in 1983 I literally saw the U.S. anti-

ballistic missile defense system destroying Russians warheads. In 1989 JESUS told me that President George Bush would build this anti-ballistic missile defense system. The Net of Prayer and Ministry intercessors have prayed since 1983 to obtain this promise and in October, 2004 the missile defense system President Bush built was installed. I believe it will do exactly what GOD THE FATI-IER sheaved me it will do regardless of Russian claims to the contrary. I have a certain boldness about this because 1, like many, have prayed since 1983 to obtain God's help and "know" by faith that we have acquired it in and out of prayer-intercession by faith.

D ecember 3. 2005 The Staff and Swo rd Ministry - We Get Letters g H EL's Comm cuts (coin tinued) : Letter from Wade H. Au . 15 2 ,

I'aL e 7

Well, "if' what you "think" is accurate then we can expect a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE to strike St. Louis, Missouri this coming September 19, 2006 - a prelude event to come `h approximately 2 years before the monster earthquake of July 5 (the one that destroys the Midwest and sees the Great Lakes flooding out of their lake beds.) "If" such an event happens then the year 2008 would be the year of nuclear strike against the U.S. by Russia, China with Japan to he followed by invasion a month later. However, we have already seen the relevance of the number "17" as having to do with a 17 year period: CHALLENGER January 28, 1986 COLD FRONT January 27, 1986

+17 years +4 days = COLUMBIA February 1, 2003 +17 years -3 days =COLD FRONT January 24, 2003

We have seen no incidence of judgment events repeating on a 17 month basis to date perhaps we missed something, but the HOLYSPIRIT had quickened Nancy-TONI to the number 17 as being 17 years and we have the evidence of that in view. Nonetheless, thank you Wade for sharing your thoughts on the matter. When one engine foils on a twin--engine airplane you always have enough power left to get You to the scene of the crash. (Pilot adage) Letter from Paul . Sept. I9 2005 (Quote) "I was wondering—Does pestilence ever fit into

the judgment patterns. One day as I was driving it seemed to come to me that it does sometimes. I am not so knowing in all these things so that is why I wrote you, a prophet." (Unquote) y Repl by Chuck-JDHNEL: Pestilence is defined as a contagious or infectious epidemic

disease that is virulent and devastating. Iii April 1977 JESUS revealed that such a "pestilence" would come to our shores from the west as well as a plague from Georgia. This is covered in the main Newsletter in some detail. So, the answer is "yes" pestilence fits into the judgment. • "What is the similarity between air- tra f f is cont ► ollers and pilots? 1 f a pilot screws tip, the pilot dies. If the A TC screws up, the pilot dies.'

Letter from John L. Sept. G 2005 ( Quote) "The aftermath of the hurricane (Katrina) ' reminded me of Chuck s vision of the `Great Flood', where those people who were cut off from help were at the mercy of thugs if they had no means to defend themselves. I see New Orleans as a microcosm oI'the US, where very few people are prepared for disaster;

Pane 8 The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters December 4, 2005 Letter roin John L. Se t. 6 2005 note continti 4 these people even knew that a storm was coming and still didn't prepare (and then blame President Bush). Then it dawned on me, this is 12 years from the last big flood on the Mississippi—holy cow! ! Thank you for your commitment to the Lord's work. You have been a great blessing to all of us. In Jesus, John L." (Unquote) Reply by Chuck-.IQH'VEL: I pointed out all these parallels in the September 27` Newsletter ( "The Clock Is Ticking ") - but I appreciate John's letter noticing this before I

had opportunity to write about it. There was even more - dead lying in the streets unattended, fires burning unchecked, civil violence and, as seen in the earthquake vision of 1973, armed thugs marauding, stopped only by civilians who were armed, The unarmed civilians became victims - were robbed, raped, murdered at will by the thugs. Indeed, we were seeing an early version of what will be commonplace across the U.S. in the thick of judgment. A sobering reality. Weather fo recasts are horoscopes with numbers." (Pilot's obser%'adore) Letter_ronr Jahn h.. Sc'pt. 18, 2005 (Quote) "I wanted to write you because I thought

something was going on, but didn't know exactly what it was (a gencrall knowing the enemy was planning a major attack). The new prayers confirmed what was in my spirit and 1 am doing the prayers. I can always tell when a major prayer operation is about to take place because the attacks usually skyrocket. I am writing to ask the NOP to pray for my business (a mortgage company) that I am restructuring and changing the direction with a different group of people. Also pray that I can get my finances in order so that when the trouble hits I am where God wants me to be. I admit I did make some mistakes with accumulating too much debt (trying to paybusiness bills with credit cards/credit lines--not smart), but 1 know that nothing is too big for God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus. I am selling as much stuff as possible and live simpler (it's a very liberating feeling). I know time is very short and I just want to be ready when called to move out. The Lord has directed my thoughts of going to either northern Minnesota or North Dakota, but I still don't have a clear direction and am waiting on the Lord. Thank you for your dedication to your ministry, because it has been very helpful in my Christian walk and growth. God bless you." (Unquote) "Airspeed, altitude and brains. Two are always needed to successful! complete the . flight. " (Pilot's adage) Letrerjrom Connie W, Sept. 6,2005 (Quote) "Knowing you and being part of the Net of

Prayer has changed my life so much for the better that I will never be able to thank the Lord and you enough for all that you and the Lord have done for Richard and 1. We know that you were put in our lives on purpose and we take that very seriously. We truly appreciate all the hard work you do for us and it's an honor to know you and to be part of

y December 4, 2005 The Staff and Sword Ministr - We Get Letters Pate 9 Letter from Connie tJ Sept. G 2005 (Quote continued) the Net of Prayer.

"I wanted to make a few comments about the disaster in New Orleans and the subsequent unrest and trauma that is happening there. Twenty years ago I was able to go to New Orleans and be there for several days. I was able to wander the streets as many tourists do and I was appalled at the sin and debauchery that was present then. 1 have never been back and have always felt if there was a place for God's judgment to fall, it would surely be there. In my prayer time I was pondering the situation there as I watch people walking through the filthy waters. Then I remember a broadcaster saying that these people were coming forth from the sewers ofNew Orleans and it hit me like a ton of bricks that now those who have lived there and supported that lifestyle are now walking, some are swimming through the worst of human conditions and I felt that it was from God saying to them, `You have created this filth, now wallow in it.' I also see the spirit of rebellion in those that are looting and causing harm to the innocent. I mentioned to Richard to realize where these hurricanes originate—Africa. Look at the terrible genocide and murderous spirit that has manifested there. Could that spirit be brought to America through these storms? I know we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here but my spirit tells me that the clock is ticking and we had better be doing the will of the Father and drawing nearer to the Lord than ever before, as it's only going to go downhill from here, and fairly quickly. My joy is in knowing that His Kingdom is coming. Praise His Name! The Victory is His! It's an honor to be in His `army'." (Unquote) Comment hi' Chack-JOHNNEL: My travels across North America brought me and us

through New Orleans a number of times - the sin condition of that city is obvious and yet it is acclaimed by the liberals. No question that this sin condition was the drawing card that enticed demon power to come against the city. However, the deeper reason why New Orleans was picked is because it was a double and set under God's Law (Genesis 41: 32) of the storm-flood that hit the Midwest in 1993, 12 years earlier, when the Mississippi River flooded vast areas of Iowa, Missouri and Illinois. This was a double and set under God's Law giving the enemy grounds to execute a major earthquake in the Midwest followed by the monster earthquake to destroy the Midwest and see the Great Lakes flood into the Mississippi lastly wiping out New Orleans in the process. "Flashlights are tubular- metal containers kept in the flight bag storing dead batteries. "

for the purpose of .

Letter from Sid N. Se p t. 6, 2005 (Quote) "Chuck-JOHNEL, did the Lord show you any `Green Pastures' in Canada`? if not, how could I (Canadians) move to the Green Pastures' in the States when we aren't citizens of the U.S.? God richly bless you." (Unquote) Repft^b yy Chuck-JOHNEL: Hello Sid! A "Green Pasture" is a place set aside by God for His people in the time of trouble - they are in the U.S. and Canada and in fact, elsewhere as well. Of course, as a brother in Christ you are more than welcome to conic to a green

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The Staff and Sword Ministr y - We Get Letters

December 5, 20051

Re 1 br Chuck-JOHNEL fcontinued : pasture in the L.S. - you need be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven through Jesus Christ to abide in one. U.S. citizenship is not needed. God bless.

"Advice given to R,?F pilots during World War ?I.- When a prang (Crush) seems inevitable, endeavor to strike the softest, cheapest object in the vicinity ors slow and ge^uly a.s poss•ihle. Fran on November 9, 2005 ( Quote) "Dear Ones- Thanks for the recipe for the sauerkraut

soup- Since I like sauerkraut, I figured I would enjoy it. Well- I tried it and found it quite good- 1 guess you know it has one drawback? There was a recent report that sauerkraut is almost a miracle drug; among other things, it's good for fighting the flu- imagine that!"

(Unquote) 'There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader. Aw-ibuted to


Jerr y S. on November 7, 2005 ( Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, Greetings and best wishes to you. I recently returned from a trip of about two months to India. Your September and October newsletters were here, and I have been reading in them. Hurricane Katrina seems to have pretty well fulfilled what you prophesied on page 6 (9/18/04) of the September 27, 2004 newsletter. I have a hurricane-related question. Previously you were talking about a super hurricane that would strike Corpus Christi in the same year as the accidental nuclear attack. Now you are talking about New Orleans. Is this the same hurricane, and will it strike both of these cities, or what? Please clarify this for me." (Unquote) Rep/ y by Chuck-JOHTVEL: Actually it is two different Hurricanes - one Hurricane will come in the month of September prior to the accidental nuclear attack which will hit New Orleans and reach all the way to the Atlantic. The super Hurricane to hit Corpus Christi, Texas will probably come in the second year of judgment (projected to be 2010) prior to the monster earthquake to level the Midwest in July. It is quite likely that two years will separate the Hurricane of September (hitting New Orleans) from the "super" Hurricane to hit Corpus Christi. I have not brought much prayer or focus to the "super" Hurricane to hit Corpus Christi, Texas since the Lord first revealed it back in the 1980's. we harass, the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats. v 'e pursue. " Vao Tse-Tung.

The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps,

Debbie R. on October 2.5, 2005 (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Your gift took off the pressure I was feeling, wondering how to stretch the Social Security and

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 5, 2005

ntinued ) SSI over winter tires and still pay Debbie R. on October 25 2005 (Quote co rent, utilities and gas for the car/and or repairs. Thank you so much for the kindness. Now I can relax, knowing I'm covered." (Unquote)

Note b y CI wck-JOFJNEL: The funds sent to Debbie were drawn from the Loving Appeal

fund that has helped many people in the past months. "Nobody loves life like him â–ş i;hu is growing ofd. " Sophocles. Fran on October 5 2005 (Quote) "Youngbrandts: We appreciate you and all you're doing. Thank you for the informative letters and articles- it helps in seeing the whole picture. Oct. I" I sensed a heavy spiritual battle taking place with a lot of carnage spilled around, as well as one of the chief demons slain- downed and beheaded. Also seemed to sense the first bomb had been broken. I felt the part of a participant spectator, that others had carried out the major part of the battle and 1 was privileged to take part." (Unquote) "Duty deter,nine.c destiny. " Morris H. in id 2005 ( Quote} "Dear Mr. And Mrs. Wood and Mr. And Mrs. Perfect, My name is Morris Hardy and I am one of the Eagle firefighters that responded to the scene where your beautiful young family died. I have been a firefighter for 12 years and have experienced many deaths and traffic accidents, but I have never had an experience like the one I want to share with you. I hope you find peace and comfort in it. As soon as my crew members and I arrived at the scene I walked over to where Zoe was, did a quick evaluation of her, and began chest compressions while my partner began to breathe for her. As I was doing compressions to try to revive her, God have me a vision. I have never had a vision before, especially at a busy accident scene where there is so much activity. But vision was so clear. The Father showed me a picture of Him holding her and they were ascending. I remember His appearance was that stereo-typical image of Christ, but He was holding here like a daddy holds his baby. Zoe was peaceful, comforted, and trusting. At that moment I knew where she was, where she went. The Spirit also gave me a comforting feeling about Zoe's parents. All this took a fraction of a second. When we were able to get Zoe to the ambulance, I handed her to the paramedics, then 1 drove us all to the hospital. I was able to pray most of the time en route, but continued in the peace I had been given concerning your precious baby. Later that night I called my wife, Kristin,

and told her about the accident, she asked me how I was. I told her I was fine, and she remembers me telling her, "I know where they are." She asked, "What do you mean by that? How can you know where they are, unless they are Chrisrians?" I assured her that I did know they all went with the Lord. A couple of days later, we found out that your famil y is Christian and were not surprised. I want you to know, also, that your family, at the time of their deaths were being taken care of by several other Christians. They went

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The Stall and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 5, 2005

Morrih H. mid 2005 (Quote continued) from our hands to the Father's. I am so very sorry for your losses of Tony, Stephanie, and Zoe. but I join you in rejoicing at their blessed homecoming." (Unquote) Note by Chuck - JQHNEL: This letter was passed onto me b y Harold and Laura Prewitt, N.O.P. prayer leaders, who suffered the loss of family members killed in a car accident earlier this year. This letter was written by a fireman (Morris Hardy) who was on the scene. - ,

11 11 n befriended, rernernhc'r- it: when ion befriend, for-;et it. ' Benjamin Franklin : .

L.J. and Brenda F. From^Ven Orleans on October 30, 2005 ( Quote) "Dear Chuck and Nancy, We did not receive your request for volunteers for the latest prayer operation or we would have gladly volunteered. We just received "The G1ock is Ticking" yesterday 1029-05, if there has been any other correspondence from you since August we did not receive it. We are missing at least a month and a half of our mail and no hope of receiving it. We have had to go online to pay bills. In spite of the trials and tribulations of the last two months the protection and provisions of the Lord was miraculous to say the least. The Testimony of Katrina is that the Lord will keep His own! We left our camp at Port Fourchon on August 27. We are three miles from the Gulf and with any size hurricane coming there is a mandatory evacuation. By the time we arrived in New Orleans, the storm track changed to pass directly over the city. The next day the hurricane increased to a category 5. We packed and left. The still, small voice said "prepare for an extended stay"; little did I know then that after two months we would still be "displaced". The Lord showed me a few things concerning New Orleans and the two hurricanes in the Gulf. I covet your opinion. Please feel free to comment, correct or rebuke as you see fit. W e see the judgment on New Orleans as a "type and shadow" of the judgment to come on the whole nation. During Rita, the second hurricane in four weeks, parts of the city were flooded once again. Joseph told Pharaoh that the seven ears and the seven kine was one dream, one judgment. Because there were two hurricanes, two judgments on the city, the thing is established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass. 2010, 5 years, relative to 6,000 years of human history I think qualifies for "...shortly bring it to pass." In addition, several aspects of the city were purged. First was the church. Hirelings and backslidden ministers who fleece the sheep for their extravagant lifestyles of million dollar homes with Sl00,000 vehicles are out of business. The sheep are gone, they've been evacuated. Likewise, the sheep that looked to a pastor as a god now have to turn to Jesus or have nothing. Second was the city government, the civil service system. 15 years, 20 years as a civil servant, these folks were part of the bureaucracy contributing nothing to the public good, people that were basically retired on the public till. These people have been or soon will be laid off, the city is broke, no tax base, no revenues corning in. Politics was next. The Federal government refuses to release monies to Louisiana or New

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December 5, 2005

L.J. and Brenda F. On October 30 2005 (Quote continued Orleans because of the corrupt politicians. Our bad physical policies are now revealed publicly and that's not all. The failure of the levees that caused the flooding was a result of the levees not being built to code yet all the money was supposedly spent for the flood control projects. Investigations have begun and corruption could be revealed that goes back some 25 years. The. judicial system, the District Attorney's Office is out of money. December should see layoffs and with the records in the basement of the courthouse ruined in the flood, few trials are scheduled and the court system is for all practical purposes closed down. This was a cor r upt system with unbelievable plea-bargains and some cases some how never came to trial. Amazingly some of the criminals were never indicted. And the best of all is the Democratic Party. It seems that the parts of the city that didn't flood or had _just minimal damage, uptown, the CBD and West Bank were predominately Republican and the rest of Orleans Parish were Democrats. Again, we believe that the purging, the judgments on New Orleans is a "type and shadow" of the purging that will take place during the 7 year occupation of our nation. As for us, we had only superficial damage at the Fourchon and lost only our refrigerator at the condo in New Orleans. We actually feel guilty when comparing our loss to those that lost everything. I could write Volumes on the mercies of God in this continuing af-faire, I could send you pictures of destruction that would be hard to believe, yet none could compare to what is coming. The Lord has made that quite clear. The church is in denial and will not receive the fact that we are already in the judgment cycle. Nor will they accept the message of repentance and holiness. But we look forward to attending one ofthe Colville Fellowship Meetings one day. Until then, we remain. L.J. and Brenda F" (Unquote) Response by Cruek-JOH.NF_L_ There is no need for a "correction or a rebuke" when you

simply say it like it is. I've seen as many like comments about New Orleans from others who lived there or visited. There is no question that the sin condition is like a magnet and that it draws demons like flies to dung - but again, as stated elsewhere, the enemy had a purpose behind picking New Orleans - sin made it an easy target. I appreciate your letter and comments since you event through the Hurricane KATRINA and know the situation first hand. God bless. "A noble mind is free to all men. " Latin proverb. An r usared Lulu II.OnApril 11 2005 (Quote) "DearChuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI; Greetings to y ou in the name of Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! We pray that you are both well and doing fine. Angus and myself are doing fine. Angus celebrated his 4O th ), birthday yesterday (April 10 All praises to Our Lord JESUS for keeping us. He is ever so faithful. Thanks very much for the newsletter that you sent out back in March. We have read it and took note of the watch dates. Also thank you for the "INTRODUCTION TO TI lE NET OF PRAYER". I've only read so far the first 48 pages and it was hard to put

page 14 The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 5, 2005

Angus and Eula H. On April 11, 2005 (Quote continued down. What I've read so far 1 is very edifying. One of the watch dates, March 3Q ' showed an 8.7 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia killing over 1,000 people. On Sunday April 10, 2005, the island of Sumatra, Indonesia had another earthquake of 6.8 magnitude. The news hadn't reported any casualties. A lot seemed to happen in the month of March especially the latter part. There has been a tremendous increase in the price of gas here and the U.S. also. In Toronto, gas prices went almost 1.00/litre (a litre is less than a gallon). In the Province of British Columbia gas price did hit 1.00/litre. In T.O. the average was approximately 95.0/litre. We definitely felt it. Also, we've seen a tremendous increase in food prices on most items. I can recall one week that I'd bought car r ots for S 1.55 for a 5 lb bag and the following week the same 5 lbs of carrots was 52,55. I drink a lot of carrot juice and we do a lot of juicing with fresh fruits. Jesus has a lot to do with our healthy eating. So, definitely we have seen some things happening. One of the things in reading the newsletter referring to the "WE GET LETTERS" section, It's quite upsetting and tears at our hearts when you're accused by some of those brethren? Or persons writing those letters. We just so much appreciate JESUS CHRIST in you in the matter of how you respond to them. We give thanks and Praise to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST for you all and continue to lift you both up in prayer and this Ministry that JESUS CHRIST has established. It's definitely a Spiritual Warfare Battle that we are fighting and you can feel the intensity of it. But, we look to JESUS who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Glory be to FATHER GOD AND OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. The VICTORY IS OURS IN CHRIST JESUS AMEN! So, I'll say goodbye for now...God bless you and keep you both always and happy moving! We love you a lot. Jesus in you makes you easy to love." (Unquote) "Noise proves 1rotl2iI g. Often a hen who has mere!)' laid an egg cackles as I

if she lard

an asteroid. " Mark Twain. Donna A. no date (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Thanks for the photos! Loved every one. This note is not that spiritual, just a little info about chickens. My kids are in 4-H poultry. We have such fun with chickens, I just wanted to pass on our favorite web site for poultry... . This is so stocked with great photos and information. I think you'll love it. They have a list of hatcheries. They (the hatcheries) will deliver chicks right to your post office. Hoover hatchery, Privctt Hatchery, Ideal, Belt Hatchery, and McMurray are among our favorites. If you just want pellets for laying eggs and meat, Hoover's the best deal and Belt, If you'd like some unusual breeds for fun and color. McMurray and Privett are the best belts. We allow our chickens to free range during the day. Really cuts down feed needs." ,Note from Chuck-JOf-INEL: Thanks for the chick-info. Right now contending with a puppy and kitten with everything else has us all taken-up. We'd make poor farmers. "How i.5 file paw in our neck" "ffe 's out p/ay'1ng golf'

Pate 15

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December 5, 2005

) ""Early Y this morning I had a couple of Je and Ten V. OOnMMarch17 205 (Q uote

dreams that seemed to be important, and thought to share them with you. The first dream was something about a star in the heavens that fell. I remember it was being referred to as such. Then a little later, I thought I was awake, and as the - eighth star", or I knew it dreamt that Jeff was muttering in his sleep, half asleep, and half to me, about lightnings g s, about a lightning that was falling to strike the earth, or something to that and thunderin affect. After he left for work;I skimmed through the first twelve books of Revelation, and chapter 8 seemed to stand out to me in correlation to the dreams I had. It says' "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half and • and to them wel e given seven God; And I saw the seven angels which stood before hour. /ire of ' the altar, and Cast it 1D trumpets. And the aria took the censor, and filled it with . s and lightenin s and an eai th isuke. the earth: and there were s Dices, and thunderings i also wondered if the angel mentioned above, that took the censor, filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it to earth, was a messenger, that messenger being JAI 1NEL...? Also, can you share anything else about the seal of the living, God, and its anointing concerning the tiny star? What kind of calling is upon the lives of the sealed? I know that since Jeff and I have received the sealing, we have entered into a much deeper relationship with JESUS. but we also sense there is more_.. (of course the "more" is JESUS, always JESUS)... but in greater detail, what does that mean in terms of"end times", and the "tiny star". and the "remnant"'? Would appreciate any Holy Spirit insights you receive or have received concerning these matters'. P.S..lust received the newsletter in the mail! Jeff has to practically hide it from me when he comes home from work, so I won't read it while we are eating dinner? (He usually gets the mail on his way home from work.) Anyways, thanks for all the work put into it Haven't read all of it yet, but I did read the "Manifesting CHRIST" article about the 10 virgins, and it's just antastic. It was very reassuring to me, the revelation about the 10 virgins, and what the oil in their lamps really was..." (Unquote) That is quite a bit to answer but let me try. Indeed, when I was on the Mount of the Most High God JESUS gave me a censor and told me to do what the Father instructed me to do - which was to fill it with fire from between the Cherubim as given in Ezekiel 10. The word "Angel" means "messenger" and it could be a rnan. In my case, t was there and did this. The interesting thing to one is that I can openly acknowledge what God had me do on January 21, 2004 on the Mount of the Most High God fulfilling what is given in Ezekiel chapter 10 and get no notice from the church whatsoever. Being "hidden" in open sight is unique_

Response b y Chuck-JOHNE


Concerning the tiny star, those Sealed are immune to its power and effect which tells me that the tiny star is directed by a "destroyer" who would have no power over the Sealed. The corning judgment Jesus has had nmc warn about dovetails into the "end times" as that

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December b, 2005

Jeff and Teri V. On Marcia 1 7 2005 - Response by Chuck-JOH.1'EL (Continuedl : L

was clearly revealed in the vision of 1977 in Pittsburgh. The "calling of the Sealed"? In 198, when JESUS sent me out to Seal His people, the HOLY SPIRIT gave me to understand that it was especially important for the Net of Prayer to be sealed as we would be going into battle with the forces of the anti-Christ `In The Spirit' (and we did) and by that Godly anointing we could and did prevail over the bcastman of anti-Christ both in 1982 and again in 1987 (battles in the GAP In The Spirit.') This is a very deep subject and it would be nice if sometime we might be able to sit down and talk about what is known by the Spirit of God to get it all out into the open. But here the space is limited and the leading is to move on. God bless. `

'7 have a hitter taste in my mouth. " "Been biting your ton

Scott y on Januar y 14,


2005 (Quote) "Dear Folks, I received your newsletter yesterday.

Sat down and read it thru. Really interesting! That really brings Bible Prophecy right up to date. That big storm from California is now in Ohio. My, my, my, floods in zero temps. It makes one wonder what to do to protect yourself and loved ones. The ice stone really devastated Central Kansas 10-14 days ago. The news just indicated they still had a few homes without electricity as of today. I shudder when thinking about the big disasters coming to this country after watching the Indonesian problems. Do you have any advice to get ready for these disasters? I found it is difficult to talk to most people about what is coming. They quickly dub you as an extremist or far out. Consequently, as you would know, it is easier not to talk to them. The increase in gas prices, (auto and heating) has

really cramped a lot of people. Many farmers and businesses are quitting in this area. Lots of farms for sale. I have been thru that and certainly sympathize with those folks. Many of those farms have been with those families for near 100 years. Many 3 and 411' generation operations. The grain prices are at the same dollar figure of I 950-60's. The inflated expenses are just too much. I worry about the food supply when we are dependant upon imports. I surely read everything you send my way. I admire your dedication and tenacity. I know there must be times when you feel like you have been hung out to dry all by your lonesome. If I can ever be of help or support, please call on me." Chuck-JOHNEL's Repl y : Nancy-TONI's articles have been the `preparation advice" -

my task is to keep the brethren Current on what is developing and what it means and how much time is left to get prepared (physically, spiritually and emotionally). The heart of preparation is learning to TRUST on/in JESUS with your life and to have no fear over what is coming. It is physically impossible to be prepared for all that is coming - so our focus must be on (1) Doing what we can and (2) Trusting God the help us get through.

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Gfrtrck-JOHNEL's Re l (continued)

December 6, 2005

People reject the warnings because of unbelief and

because they do not want to face the fact that they are about to face the judgment of God. Then the more serious it gets the , It is this kind of attitude, "If 1 ignore it, it will go away. g ay, l don 't wait to know this! " You are louder they shout to themselves or others, "Go ati+ looking at the walking dead, dead to God and soon to be dead. They have frittered away the prayers of the saints all the grace and mercy that God has extended to them through that prayed for mercy and delays in judgment. They are about to face the music as an old expression goes. Since Scotty wrote this letter in January, 2005 the price of gasoline zoomed skyward and while its come down some, it is still high ($2.30 a gallon on average now) so the farmers and truckers have to be hurting. All this is going to catch up to the nation when food suddenly disappears from the shelves - for the vast majority of the people have no idea what farmers and ranchers are going through. "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21.

Were you in Vietnam or Korea'? Anyway, I read where Sharron on no date (Quote) ' your brother was killed Chuck JO! INEL. First of all, I'm very sorry. Can you talk about it?" (Unquote) EL: No. When I was in my first year of community college y Response b Chuck-JOHN in Chicago in 1960 1 began to have a recurrent dream and at times a vision although the concept of a vision was alien to me. In this recurring dream vision I saw a multitude of o le, civilians and soldiers, walking on a highway - they were all dead, the victims of people, a war. I 'knew" that America would be drawn into this war and that we would lose it and suffer many dead in the fighting. I also knew (not knowing how I knew this) that I was my draft (the draft was not suppose to take part of this war. This brought me to push tip working at that time) to the ends of getting in and out of the military BEFORE this war happened. My mother did not understand this reason for quitting college and asked me what war 1 was talking about. I didn't know - not where or when but only that I was not even that made no sense since I had a soldier's heart and discipline and to take part in it that the idea of war was not frightening to me in the least. Two years later. 1962, 1 was honorably discharged from the E.J.S. Army having served my two years overseas in West Germany facing the Soviet forces which were a constant threat at that time. nt L. B. Johnson took his In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated and Vice-Preside place. When L. B. Johnson ran for the office of President in 1964 1 "knew" (again not knowing how I knew) that this man would lead America into that disastrous war, one We y would lose. I campaigned with all my strength against L. R. Johnson but he won b a landslide. L .B. J. promised NOT to send American troops to fight in Vietnam but I knew

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Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

December 6, 2005

date - Res onse b y Chuck-JOHNEL (continue : he was lying. Not long after that L .B .J. began sending more and more American forces into Vietnam. When L. B. Johnson won the election I remember writing a little poem. to the effect: "American blood has flown in trickles in Vietnani, now it will flood in rivers of blood... It would and it did. Sharon on no

During the fighting over the next ten years I wanted any number of times to quit my job and re-join the Army and to volunteer to fight. Watching the death tolls rise and the ineffectual political leadership that got us into this war and who would not fight to win it about drove me nuts. On March 20, 19711 was born-again by the Spirit of God and met JESUS face to face In The Spirit' who told me that I was His prophet, that He had sent me into this world. In 1989 we met a prophet of Jesus who had fought in Vietnam with a Ranger force - he was hard as nails, so tough he was abrasive and I recognized that the fighting and killing had scared his soul to where he could barely love or feel any compassion. I realized then why JESUS had kept me out of that war. In 1981 JESUS revealed a demon army marching into this world that would empower and trigger Nuclear World War III in 1982. As I experienced in the political campaigns in 1964 the church and political leaders at every level ignored the warnings and call to prayer to stop World War 111. But then JESUS who had equipped me and two other prophets sent us into "the Spirit' with the Net of Prayer and an army of warring Angels of God to battle and defeat this massive demon army - thus Nuclear World War Ill was broken and prevented by January of 1982. There is not much to say about my brother Bruce who was a year younger than me. About two years before his death JESUS told me that I would not see Bruce again in this world but I would see him when I return home to Jesus in I-leaven. Two years later Bruce was dead, a victim of what most family members believed to be murder. It was not provable. "I don't recall your name, but your manners are familiar. " Oliver Herford. Joanne and Steve 41 (no date) (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI,

Thanks for your wonderful ministry for Jesus and to the Net of Prayer. What a blessing your ministry is to so many- even the ones who don't know it and never heard of you, but whose lives have been profoundly affected by your prayers. Being in the Net of Prayer is such a huge honor and responsibility, I can't help but wonder at God for allowing me to be a part of it. It's very humbling. Your newsletter was as always super. Steve knows the day it comes I immediately find a comfortable spot and read it cover to cover. We're so very happy at the place He delivered to you- we rejoice with those who rejoice and say

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December b, 2005

uote continued "HALLELUJAH!! He did it again!! Joanne and Steve M no date) v a faithful God! How awesome. W'Ve are praying all goes well and We truly do ser e smoothly for your move. I can hardly believe you got such negative letters- can these people not clearly see the favor and hand of the Lord in such an obvious nighty provision? I'm always amazed again- I must be naive because I'm always surprised when such things happen. Thanks much for clarifying the real estate issue. Steve and I are praying about what to do. I really liked Nancy-TONI's insights on the parable of the ten virgins. I have heard so many interpretations but hers makes the most sense I've heard yet. One thing I'm so very grateful to you both for is I've (finally!) learned to stop stressing and be at peace while waiting for an answer. What a freeing thing'. I also wanted to tell you I've had several dreams about President Bush. One was apparently at a banquet that had concluded and most people had left, but he came in, wondering what the banquet was all about? But knowing whoever the people were that were there, they were on his side and the meeting had been on his behalf. He was looking around trying to figure out why the people at the banquet were so familiar to him when lie had never met them. "Thanks" is so inadequate! We use the same phrase to thank Jesus for dying for us that we use to thank someone at a fast food line for the extra napkins! Our language is sadly lacking in a more meaningful phrase, but since it seems that's all the English language can offerTITANKS for all you do!!' (Unquote) Repl y by Chuck-JOHNEL: You are most welcome! 711) soil, keep well thy tongue, and keep thy friend. " Chaucer. Sister Marguerite on Aril 27, 2005 (Quote) "Dear Chuck and Nancy, Peace, Love and Joy of the Lord to you and yours. I'd like to take this time to thank you for the NOP reports. They are most outstanding. God has gifted you but gifts as it may be, you both work hard at it. Thank God for giving your all to this ministry. I'm doing what I do best. Teaching students about God. Helping them to have a personal relationship with the Lord. Showing them simple ways to remember the presence of God in their spiritual journey. A few years ago 1 taught them to say: "Lord be on my mind, on my lips when 1 speak and deeply rooted in my heart", every time they passed by a church. Well these kids think l am a church. They form a cross with their thumb on their forehead, lips, and heart, and saying these words then they see me. One three year old came up to me last week and said, "Hi Jesus ". Another first grader bent her knee to the floor when she saw me. I stopped that and explained you bow to Jesus only. To make a long story short I'll quote my principal. She said, "Listen, when you walls into this school, you 'd think the Pope walked in. "We have students from all different denominations. I was so concerned over these students I began having thoughts of resigning. I consulted illy spiritual director. In following his suggestions I feel better about the situation; gave each class a little lecture and explained who God is in their lives. When they told me what their thoughts were

Decembe r 7, 2 UO5

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.sister jfar.g,erite on April 27, 2005 quote continued) behind that special prayer I had to f ght back tears. -So beautiful- I told them I'm a sinner like them! 1 teach each class from Da y Care up to the eighth grade one half hour a week. It's amazing to see what can he accomplished in such a short time. My students are little prayer warriors. To have a Iive year old poke you on the back and say, "Listen, I prays n- i•ou every da y . " So many wonderful experiences take place. I'll resign only when God calls me to whatever! Chuck, it Would be a good thought to write about Baptisms. I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on this subject..." (Unquote) This is a photo of Sister Marguerite who noted, (Quote) "Thought you'd like to see w hat the years have done to your friend --h o '. ho!

li o" It was taken at the Senior Center where I have daily lunch." (Unquote)

This is the best resolution I can make with our photo copy machine - not excellent but here it is. Aoali '.s

i emark us the animals were boarding the ark: ": 'o

li'1 e.y t G.


I've heard evegthing.

C. on :^fareIz 31, 2005 ( Quote) "Dear Sir, In 1946 in October. when I was l4

years old, I got this vision when I was asleep. Some time in the night. I woke up standing up in bed. I was shaking like a leaf on a tree. There was a person at my right side of me. I- Ie was clothed in white with His arm stretched out and he was pointing at an arch of the world. This is what I see... Where I see an island conic out of the Gulf of Mexico... a sign at the island read, that the end is at Iland." (Unquote) Nate' knorl s no wy



Teresa R. On 7 'ove,nber 3, 2 0(17 ( Quote) "Dear Servants of Our Lord, Thank you both for your obedience to the Lord! I just wanted to ask a question. it has been said that Lubbock would the a city of refuge in the last days. They are building houses and apartments like crazy. Have you heard anything about Ihis T (Unquote) —C-.T Rep/i' : No, haven't beard oft his. E'ngli.vJ J t- a flour;

la,rgrrage.: l fat c llUf(e and a

^Y1 c^



eT LYteY f •,


../il 1 cliamu e

(IFe the ,

conic tl^ijr,^t.

Nov 30th, 2005: We Get Letters  

By: Chuck-JOHNEL Letter from Rick Th. July 26, 2005 (Quote) "There are some really incredible things In 9 1t nc l.0 'er , - UL P t 1 at- r7u...