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January 17, 2009

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B: Chuck-JOHNEL Jeff S. on September 25, 008 . ( Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHN EL and Nancy-TON I, Thanks

for your prayer-fasting discernment for the Chicago-St. Louis earthquakes. Praise be to God for giving us another year. I'm looking forward to the new website as God will draw many to it. Question: Is the Kingdom of God, Jesus? My spirit tells me it is and He is." (Unquote) p Rely l by Chuck-JOHNEL,_ We get the impression that your question is the result of something that went before it, perhaps a study in Scripture or? The question is not easy to answer even a little bit. I heard some years ago that the " Kingdom of_GGD " is a place and different from the "Kingdom of Heaven? " which JESUS said is, "within us" ((Luke 17: 21).

I cozrldn 't find a way to answer the question without doing a thorough research of a1I the Scripture that touches on both the "Kingdom of GOD" and the "Kingdom of Heaven "and almost all of it are quotes found in the New Testament and are drawn from what JESUS said. In the early years I spent a lot of time in Heaven with JESUS and he/ore FATHER GOD and I can say that when walking with JESUS everything around us became exuberant,

excited and joyful when JESUS came near. Every creature, every living thing was

individualistic and quite happy, content, at peace, but when JESUS drew near, they got quite excited and joyful. The ONLY WA Y to the FA THER GOD is through the Son JESUS CHRIST is a Scriptural reality and suggests to me that The Kingdom of GOD is where the FATHER is and the only through JESUS. If'this is what you mean then I'd say "yes ", but the statement is a bit too broad. access to Hind is

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January 17, 2009

Renit' bt u Chuck-JOHNEL (cnntinuedJ: The best thing I can say is that I don 't have a ready answer past what 1 've stated so jar. It would take a very thorough research of everything on the subject in the Bible (mostly the New Testament) and then prayer and discernment to put it all together and to be able to answer the question correctly.

"Juries scare me. I don't want to put my fate in the hands of twelve people who weren't even sma rt enough to get out of jury duty." Pastor Pat P. on November 5, 2008. ( Quote) "JOHNEL, I feel as though Knox's demise may be much sooner than he is anticipating. He doesn't realize that he is coming against the Apostle Prophet for North America. Lucifer has used him very well indeed. One man from Canada told me last year that you were a "false prophet", because of your stance with Lucifer and Satan; i.e., it did not line up with his teaching of the Catholic Church. Anyway, he died a short time after he said this to me....he died of bone cancer. In addition, another man from New York called you a false prophet last week to me by e-mail. My thought on that was, "Oh my, I feel sorry for him!" Anyway Lucifer continues to move through his people..." (Unquote). Co,nment b Chuck-JOHNEL: Over the years I've seen too inany perish because of their laying hands on me, especially when I'm under His Commission to do a work. If I were just a man and not under God's anointing, they'd get away with most oj'it (however, it is never smart to bean accuser of the brethren); but when they lay hands on me they end up laying hands on the Lord GOD. That can be and often time is fatal. In the New Testament (Acts) we see an example of what happened when one couple lied to the Apostles - they died on the spot when confronted with their deception. Knox, a local minister, is typical of many accusers I've run into over the years who aims to not only discredit and defame but to injure and destroy me. They are sowing and they will reap, and past forgiving and praying for them (and I do) that is all I can do. All the rest is in Gods Hands. if penicillin is such a wonder drug, how come it can't cure bread mold? Jesus C. On Februar y 15, 2008. (Quote) "Hi Chuck, hi Nancy. Hope you both are doing well and healthy. Regarding The Ninth at Five a date May (5)- Ninth (2005). Coming of the collapse, coming of disaster. I feel led to write this down and nail to you. Also on your ti ming parallel of God's Wrath, married before Minister Feb. 28, 1987 plus 69 days, a new date of Ma y 12 2009. Is this the Ninth at Five? On or about 2/11/08 had a dream. Looking at a map on a big screen —see a target

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January 17 , 2009

Jesus C. On February 15, 2008 . (Quote continued) circle in the Middle Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Around the Azores Islands. Then ripples of the circles moving in all directions and people waiting for what is coming. Could this be the impact of the tiny star in the Atlantic Ocean and ripples, the tsunami's waves corning to hit the eastern side of the United States?" (Unquote) C-JReply: Well, Mayas the 5" month and 2009 as the 9" - it could work. There are many ways that revelation can be seen. Back in 1979 it was seen as speaking of the 5 r '' day of September: and since Nancy- TONIjoined inc. she began to see it connected with the month of May as May 9" (that 9 Z at 5 again). The 69 day time count is an old 1970's revelation speaking of 62 days plus 7, thus 69. A time count leading to a judgment event. The TINY STAR shewn inc in the 1980's actually struck Calgary, B.C. Canada after blazing a trail of:fire and death across the U.S. from Corpus Christi, Texas to Canada. There is a broken asteroid that WILL hit the earth like a shotgun blast ranging from Europe across the Atlantic to the U.S. and then blazing a trail to the Pacific Coast. A big chunk of that asteroid COULD hit the Azores and that could cause a tsunami. However, a major earthquake hitting the Azores could have the same effect, seeing concentric waves from the Azores might be the result of a major earthquake. Thank you . for sharing brother Jesus C. (Nifty first name by the way!) God bless. What's the best thing about having Alzheimer's disease? You never have to watch reruns on television.

Helen S. On February 29, 2008. (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL, I'll quote out of context in which you say: "Many will perish in that system and the slaughter coming will be horrific. Upwards of 90% of the church system of man will be wiped out in the coming judgments." What I wonder is this: Will it also be a spiritual death as well? What I'm driving at is this: "a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, stood before the throne and before the Lamb,..." (Rev. 7:9-10). An innumerable multitude!! Well, JOHNEL, there are billions of present non-Christians. Maybe these are the coming converts to Christ. I would appreciate your comment if you care to give. P.S. You're the greatest! !" (Unquote) Comment by C-JOfHNEL : It was during the Thirty Day Journey to Washington D.C. (1977) that JESUS revealed that 90% of those in the church system of man would perish in the coming judgment, only a tithe being spared. It was another p r ophet we met later (Royal Cronquist) who likewise knew that 90% of the church would perish in the

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January 18, 2009

Comment by C-JOHNEL continued) : judgments. We all knew that through repentance and p r ayer these could be spared and the judgment could be changed, but the leadership of the church kept His Prophets from having any access to His people and so His Word

and WARNING was rejected. Prayer and repentance by a small minority of believers (typi ied by the N.O.P. and this Ministry) would spare upwards of another 30%, which I believe we saw in the recent, "FREE OUR BRETHREN" Prayer Operation. Helen asks, "Would this be a spiritual death as well? " For the vast majority it would be a premature death not a spiritual death. A believer in JESUS CHRIST is saved; but that does not preclude suffering a premature death. Remember JESUS sent me to initiate the "Seal of the Living God " ((Ezekiel 9 and Revelation 7) that His people would n t die a premature and untimely death.' That was also soundly rejected primarily by the leadership in the church system of man. Indeed there are billions on non-believers and that is the hope, to see these drawn hito the Kingdom of Heaven through JESUS CHRIST Amen. What's the good part about Alzheimer`s disease? You keep meeting new friends.

Marvin B. On February 23, 2008. ( Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHN EL and Nancy-TONI, 1)In a recent tape you mentioned that the war prior to complete occupation would take 1 year to 1 1/2 years. In your video made with the Prophecy Club you stated it would take 3 years about. Is this a word from Jesus or _just your own speculations at the times`" 2)Will the Chicago's first earthquake be on September 19` h of this year'? 3)Nancy-TONI said that "We would have two years after the accidental nuclear exchange" in order to move to and/or to prepare physically and spiritually to a "green pasture" area. l assume that's what she meant on a recent tape in Sept. or Oct. 2007. In respect to the statement that the A.N.E. will not occur this year 2008, then might it occur in 2009 around Dec. 14`"? ...Love in Jesus and blessings. P.S. Stan and Rachel Figora have been such a blessing for us as well the past 8 years. Last year they helped us financially in a very hard time last June. Indeed they are sweet." (Unquote) Repjyy C-J: When JESUS shewed me the vision of the coming judgments (1977) it came in a flash literally and was so intense in detail to the place that my capacity to retain it all was very limited. I was left with a deep imparting by the HOLY SPIRIT of all JESUS showed me. Initially I perceived that the actual invasion would be over in 1-112 years based on the fighting I was given to see; but in later years on reflection I recognized that it would take the invading armies about 3 years to occupy the whole of North America. That last 1-112 years would see sporadic fighting fighting but mostly it would be a `mop-up ' actiwi for the invaders.

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January 18, 2009

Replyby C J (continued: Thus organized military resistance by the U.S. Government would end after about 1-112 years of intense fighting after which both the U.S. Army and military would collapse and the U.S. Government with it. It would all be over with after about 3 years from the time of invasion. Is all of'this a "speculation "? I wouldn't mind saying that, however, my views are based on what JESUS shewed inc and a time frame that seemed consistent with what was seen in the vision of judgment on the U.S. If it is a speculation then it is revelatory-based speculation. Well, we know that the earthquake would not happen in 2008 (easy to know now), however, the timing of that event was and is connected with a major hurricane hitting areas from New Orleans to Florida in the month of September, which would also precede the accidental nuclear attack (a.n.e.) to say nothing of judgment hitting the West Coast (major quakes and volcanic eruptions). This and other events did NOT develop and by that we "knew" it was not going to happen in 2008 and said so well in advance of the date of September 1911 When Obama began his run for the candidacy of the Democratic Party for President I knew then with some certainty (knowing who and what he is) that the accidental nuclear attack would most likely happen during his presidency and that President G. W. Bush

would NEVER fire missiles back at Russia in exchange . for 3 U.S. Cities destroyed by accident. What year this will happen is NOT known. It could happen in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 or? Key events will precede this nuclear disaster which have been published in past Newsletters. Nancy-TONI's comment about having 2 years to prepare or relocate f 窶「 om the time of the actual accident nuclear exchange with Russia has a straight . forward basis. We have known all along that two years front the time of the a.n.e. that Nuclear World War 111 will break out full blast. However, the ability of anyone to really prepare or relocate after this happens will be very difficult as the nation will be in crisis mode and likely under martial law with travel restrictions in full effect and obtainingfood for emergencies will be limited or non-existent. If one has to wait to see the accidental nuclear exchange (a.n.e.) to get ready, it may be too late. Nonetheless, it is a FINAL WARNING of sorts.

"This morning there was ice on the pipes in my apartment, but the landlord fixed it. He put antifreeze in the radiator." Herb Shriner Bill M. On FebruaY 20, 2008. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, on page 6窶認eb. 9, 2008

in (star)*Note you discerned that whoever our next President is it will be the Beastman anti-Christ spirit.

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January 18, 2009

Bill M. On Februar y20 2008. uote continued Is there any possibility that that could be put on hold with the upcoming prayer movement and a moving of Grace and Repentance like Nineveh? Kim Clement has shared he talked to the next President prior to him even thinking of running and that God showed him that even though that man was not yielded to Jesus presently that once in office God would do a mighty work in his heart and that the next President would Yield to God and do His will." (Unquote)

Reply y C-JOHNEL: While 1 believe our last Newsletter • answers the question and issue of't/ze upcoming President (who and what he is) where Clement says that God would do

a might work in his heart, etc. Ifeel quite a bit like Jeremiah confronted with a Ilananiuh (Jeremiah 28). What he (Clement) is saying is diametrically opposite what the Lord has shown me, even so I respond as did Jeremiah saying, "The Lord do so, the Lord perform thy words which thou hast prophesied..." (Jeremiah 28: 6).

I was made aware of the fact that there was a great work of prayer aiming to turn this election around, but equally aware of the plain fact that the decision had been made by the church back in 1987 and that it was already a done deal, nothing could change it. Nonetheless. I did hope that it this prayer movement would bring about a change; yet I also knew that it could not accomplish that. It didn 't.

In the last few weeks I've watched Obama surround himself with former Clinton people, evil people and am keenly aware of the fact that he is in the process of dismantling the defenses President Bush constructed - opening America up to Islamic attack as did Beastman Clinton. I'm aware that many hope Ohama will turn things around for America and pin a lot of their hopes on him, but in the end he will do what I saw hire do in the GAP, he will obliterate America as a nation among nations_ "I don't blame hospitals for trying to keep costs down, but I really think a coin-operated bedpan is going a little too far." Joey Adams Michael C. On (no date) (Quote) "Nancy, I count it a privilege to pray daily with you. I

have seen such a marked change in my life since beginning the discipline of daily prayer! When I consider the faithful warriors praying daily for me (Rachel Figora, Pamela Diggs, etc.), how could I possibly not pray for them? We are a closed circle with tight ranks; (it would be dereliction of duly to open the gap for the enemy to charge through.) By the way, I very much enjoy the new prayer sheet. God is deserving of our praise, adoration, and worship. The peace and rest I have in Jesus surpasses understanding. God bless you guys." (Unquote)

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January 18, 2009

C-T Comment: Thank you brother Michael for your letter and comments. "I don't make jokes, I just watch the government and report the facts." Will Rogers Jo/in J. On February 25, 2408. ( Quote) "Dear JOHNEL & Nancy-TONI, Greetings from Wisconsin. I'm writing you to ask about the school and multi-person shootings across this nation. I have read and seen more than a few sources of info that say this is part of the MK ultra or other evil mind control programs from the dark side of our government, to try to dis-arm the U.S. citizens. I don't know if it made national news but we had one here a few months back in Crandon, WI... an off-duty cop shot 5 people and killed 4 of them. It was reported that when the other officer caught up to him they shot him and he still tried to shoot himself and didn't get the job done and he was finally killed with a 30 cal. bullet, although no officer there had a 30 cal. rifle on the scene. The local news ran that for a da y and a half. Then the story was spiked. The full autopsy report was withheld. If anyone does a little research the two things all the shootings seem to have in common are: Most if not all the shooters are on strong mind-altering medications and they all commit suicide. Even the shooting out in Colorado at the Church, when the former lady cop from Minnesota shot the guy "they were reportedIy fatal shots." He had the will-power to shoot himself to end his life. I would like to hear your thoughts on this, do you have any insight? I have long wanted to pray to the ends of revealing their evil but I don't think it would be wise to "go it alone" as it were. I know we're dealing with demons but they are using human agents. Could we have a voluntary prayer to that end? Like you did a few other times i.e. the Arizona serial killer. May our Father's Blessings be upon you and all who help in this ministry."

(Unquote) Response hr C-JOHNEL: This is one of those "easy to answer" questions, but it is also "complicated. " Back in 1776 one third of the nation was for independence and owning guns, one third was for the king of England. and one third didn 't give a hoot one way or another. I perceive that those percentages are about the same today - with one third who are independent-minded and gun-owning and one third would back the government no

matter what it became and one third still don't give a hoot. What started the revolution in 1776 was when England sent troops to seize American 's guns and gun powder stores at Concord - the British troops fired first (at the Green and the Minute Men) and when they marched on Concord (where the guns were stored) they were met by everyday Americans armed to the teeth who shot the British troops and started not only afire-fight but the Revolutionary War that led to America 's independence.

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January I8, 2009

Response b y C-JOHNEL (continued): Americans have a natural resistance to gun laws and are inclined to disobey such laws. In the Clinton years when his administration tried to crack down on gun ownership, more guns were purchased by Americans in his 8 year administration than in the previous 100 years. Many Americans connect theirfi • eedonz to gun ownership, so it will always be a hard sell to dissuade Americans of owning guns. Yes, John, we are looking at and dealing with demonic power in all of this trouble. The Net of Prayer can, now and then, take on a situation like the shooters in Washington, D.C. area (the Moslem shooters of 2002) or the rape-murderers in Arizona that were on a 15 month rampage and through concerted prayer bring that reign of terror to an end. But the prayer power needed to truly suppress this nationwide is not available, the church is simply not p r aying. The Net of Prayer has limited "prayer power" and we devote our prayer focus as JESUS directs us. Every now and then we can bring our focus to some local issue (like the Arizona or Washington, D.C. murders) but it is only once now and then. If we had 1 million intercessors we could do lust about anything, but we don't. I recently was told by a sister in Christ about her Christian children who exp r essed doubt that God answers prayer. This view is common place in the church system of man that places no importance or emphasis on the power of prover. "There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it."

C y nthia G. On Decentber, 2008 (Quote) "Chuck and Nancy, thank you for your ministry. I am so blessed to be part of the Net of Prayer. Nancy, thank you for your last "Manifesting Christ". It really cleared up the "Christmas—to celebrate or not to celebrate" issue." (Unquote) Is it true that a procrastinator is a man with a wait problem? Patrick M. In December 2008 . (Quote) "Hello Chuck and Nancy! Just wanted to drop you a card, a great wish for a Merry Christmas! And a thank you for being a "continued Blessing" in my life! You are both a great source of admiration and inspiration! And you and this Ministry have helped me grow in Christ in a way that I would not gave otherwise? God BIess!" (Unquote) Definition of a Professor: a textbook wired for sound.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry January 17, 2009 B: Chuck-JOHNEL I cozrldn 't find a way to answer the question without doing a thorough resear...