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Chuck-JOHNEL was generous in allowing me to petition the Net of Prayer through his Staff and Sword Newsletter, and for that I am very appreciative. The results of my petition were not sufficient enough to enable me to effectively proceed with the project.

Background on the Project I spent about 5 years from 2004 until 2009 researching and developing the process to break down water efficiently into its base elements hydrogen and oxygen (hydroxy gas), to use for fuel. During this time I spent several hundreds of hours, and thousands in research. In the end, my final project I built was a dry cell with a voltage intensifying unit routed through a series of bridge rectifiers. This unit produced around 40 liters per minute of hydroxy gas. At this point I was able to run a small generator with the gas. Although this amount of hydroxy gas could drive a much larger engine with the proper timing adjustments, I ran out of resources and

had to shelf the project. I was funding the project with the money I earned as a building contractor until the market crashed in 2009. At this point I could not continue with this expensive R&D project. The LORD has always provided in the areas HE directs us in, and this project was not a priority in GOD'S eyes.

Thank You

I want to personally thank all of you who offered help finish development of the project, but the amount of interest from the proposal I sent out in the newsletter would not have made it possible to finish.

Walking with Jesus Jesus has redirected my attention toward Himself and finishing the walk HE has called me to. Because of the housing market crash effect on our income, Roxy (my wife) and I, were unable to continue making our mortgage payments on the house we built in Colville. We both knew the LORD had directed us here to prepare for

upcoming judgments. Part of the preparation was to build the house we now live in. In 2010 we were faced with Bank of America foreclosing on our house. I had a tendency to stretch my resources and built a much larger house than we needed with the idea that we could house and help others GOD sent our way in the future. We also needed a large area for storage for the supplies Jesus led us to acquire. I also extra-sized our storage space. Anyhow, Bank of America was threatening us with foreclosure.

Fighting the Bank I began doing some research on their legal position on my home because of a discrepancy I found while trying to deal with them. I found their trustee was wholly owned by the bank which in Washington is illegal. I began digging deeper and found their position as beneficiary was also a false claim. I approached four Iocal attorneys and found one who would take my case. After two hours of explaining to him why I had a case he charged me his hourly rate of $250,00 per hour. I protested because I was explaining to him the laws which he was ignorant of and so he discounted his initial fee to $250.00 instead of the $500.00 for two hours. I decided to tackle the case myself because of the inexperience of the lawyers in this area of law_ According to both state and federal laws the promissory note beneficiary has to possess or hold the actual note. This fundamental principle of owning the note has been clouded by deceit and lies and the housing market scam has made more homeless families in our country than ever before. I want to explain a bit about this process because maybe someone out there needs to know this. The Dodd Frank Act was set up to save, or bailout national banks which were considered too big to fail. This legislation was put into place with precision timing because the II trillion dollar housing bubble was set to burst, yes I said SET to burst shortly after. What happened was the government sponsored enterprise (GSE) Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae, began buying all of the promissory notes instead of just assisting the low income families. This means Fannie Mae should be the beneficiary, right? Wrong! Fannie Mae not only used the taxpayer's money to purchase your note, but also converted your note into a stock. A stock is a security, like a deed of trust, or mortgage, and a note is a negotiable instrument. If your note was changed to a stock or security, it can no longer be treated as a note or a loan, this process is called securitization. This is why there are so many lawsuits about disenfranchised investors of mortgage-backed securities. And to add insult to injury, they have set up a company to stand in as a beneficiary nominee (fake) to transfer the servicing rights of your loan around from one banking institution to another. I finally understand the reason for this debacle, to destroy our country; not for profit, although it looks that way at first

blush. I knew by the Spirit of God in 2010 after some research that the Federal Government would eventually step in and assume the position as beneficiary on all alleged loans. This is just part of their dastardly plan to bring U.S. to that point.

OUR U.S. ECONOMY In late 2008 the banks shut down the residential loans knowing full well it would kill our economy, this shutdown happened at the beginning of the Obama administration. Obama is only being used in a plan that is much more vast than he could conjure up in his lifetime. An in-depth investigation of securitization could be initiated at a state and federal level, which would uncover the criminal element behind our unfathomable illegal debt incurred in the Obama administration. Securitization is the fundamental reason these government funded loans are failing, and pulling down the rest of the economy. There are additions to this spiraling abyss, but the housing loan mortgage market debacle holds the lions share to this impending collapse. The securitization process is illegal at both the federal and state levels, according to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). A starting point to an investigation into this debacle would begin with the government sponsored enterprises (GSE) like Fannie Mae, and the illegal purchasing of all mortgage notes carte blanche at the tax payers' expense, and investigation into who it was that authorized them to purchase all the promissory notes amounting to several trillion dollars. Then an investigation into who authorized the illegal process of securitization, which means converting the loans into stocks to be sold an the stock market as mortgage backed securities, for more profit, all the while disconnecting the note from the mortgage. Next an investigation into how an illegitimate beneficiary called MERS stepped in, to transfer the servicing rights. The whole process was a recipe for disaster and even the experts are oblivious to the laws and guidelines that should, and must, initiate a full blown investigation into the matter followed by federal indictments of the key players who orchestrated this destruction from the early 90s. Our economy is collapsing and until people are paying 50 dollars for a loaf of bread, they will ignore the problem. QE3 will affect

our economy more than QE) and QE2 because this new false paper will be a direct infusion into our US currency thereby inflating our dollar to unprecedented levels. QE I &2 were directed to the foreign central banks thereby infecting the world with this financial death, and this process called diversification is very illegal, I might add. The Dodd Frank Act has only enabled the middle man (servicers) safe passage while making them co-criminals with the Federal Reserve, and the GSE's financed by our tax dollars with fiat money using the fractional reserve system in an illegal

compound manner. U.S. bonds sold by the treasury department should have jurisdiction over the central bank (Federal Reserve) printing the money, and be held accountable as the real federal agency. FDIC, QCC are not doing their jobs and are partners in this cover up. The finger pointing at Wall Street is only a diversion to keep your eye off the ball. The SEC should be held accountable for allowing the U.S. citizens' loans to be securitized and illegally converted into stocks and sold to unsuspecting investors. All government employees from janitors to the president have a very large portion of their retirement funds being involuntarily tied up in these illegal mortgaged backed securities. Large corporations also have similar retirement programs for their employees. It seems we are helpless and have no choice but to just watch it unfold. It boils down to the fact that the degree of apathy in this nation is such that our collapse will happen without so much as a peep against the illegal establishment. This entire worldwide monetary establishment is orchestrated by a group who has patterned the system of world control and slavery called the Babylonian system. This system is the one spoken of in Revelation 17 called the great whore. At a point in time, the ten horns who hate the great whore will make naked devour and burn her. She had the reign over the kings of the earth who hate her. This reign is the control of the world economy through its central banks and the fornication is committed on many levels, and its control reaches into the very heart of the world religious systems likewise.

Bethel Fellowship Our Lord Jesus has been leading my wife and I, and Bonnie Anderson, to the place where we are envisioning ourselves as Jesus envisions us, or becoming the very image of Jesus Him Self! Jesus instructed me to step back and let him build Bethel, because I had ideas of how to structure our meetings to bring about a result, but Jesus has the answers! The Holy Spirit has given us all the instruction we need and we are all aware we are being prepared to be changed, converted, and transformed into Jesus Christ Himself. This is some of what the Holy Spirit has shown me.

HOW BETHEL STARTED Roxy my wife and I have been praying to move according to the Holy Spirit's direction and began offering helps to whom we were led to. About a year ago we began down this new path. We were introduced to a group of Christians called The Pathfinders, who were preparing to help God's children escape the Chinese invasion on the west coast. The man with the vision for this is Pete Muro. Chuck-

JOHNEL printed a portion of his vision in one of the newsletters a while back. Roxy and I met with this group once in Oregon, and I was moved with Love toward this group who would put their lives on the line to rescue the lost. We realized this vision was lead in part by the Holy Spirit. We decided to host a meeting as a connection for this group to lead people to, when the time comes. I found there was still a lot to be worked out with this group but those with the vision who were walking according to Holy Spirit direction, were focused and at peace with their God-given walk. After the meeting with the Pathfinders, the Lord led us to continue to meet with Bonnie Anderson who joined us in Colville, to pray

and grow in Christ in preparation of becoming Christ in this world. Bonnie, Roxy, and I were given visions from the Lord in a group prayer and abiding time, about how Jesus was to direct the group. In June of 2011, Jesus called our meeting Bethel. The Lord Jesus Christ gave Roxy and I visions of Bethel in the Spirit. I saw a bright see-thru amber building, radiating God's Love with a brightness that is very intense and beautiful. Jesus told me to relax and let Him build it, because I felt a burden to make this vision manifest. I was so relieved when Jesus spoke this to me. Roxy had the vision of Bethel which was also a golden building, but she saw more detail than I. Roxy saw three doors on each side and a wall surrounding Bethel, with a gate on each side. There were three huge Angels on each side of the building between the wall and the building, standing guard. She saw people going into Bethel and wanting to leave because of the intensity of God's Love shining and piercing all who entered. God was purifying all who entered, Praise Jesus! Bonnie was quickened to recall an open vision she had received in a church meeting years before, where the pastor asked if anyone could see the vision, Bonnie could. What Bonnie saw was a beam of sparkly light streaming down from Heaven to a hub-like formation, and from there beaming out in many directions like spokes of a wheel. She was quickened to know at this time the hub was Bethel, and the spokes of light were other ministries of God. The meetings last generally between 2 and 3 hours and are led by Jesus. We spend much time in prayer, abiding, and sharing as led. All exhortation and encouragements are by the commission of the Holy Spirit. As Roxy was shown the intensity is awesome and overwhelming at times_ We have seen the purification by the Holy Spirit changing our very souls in ways we always rejoice in. Jesus is teaching us how to walk with Him in all things, by always keeping our gaze fixed upon our Lord and Savior.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

October 30, 2012

This is NOT part of Sam's repo rt . This is an unused page and I'm inserting this for your information. C-JOHNEL The list : 101 Barter Items I . Coffee 2. Sugar 3.Salt

45.Thermal Underwear 46.Aluminum Foil 47.Garbage Bags 48.Paper To wels49.Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid 50.Clothes Pins


51.Fishing Line

5.Hard candy

52.Fish Hooks 53.First Aid Kits 54.Batteries 55.Spices 56.Solar Calculators 57.Belts

6.Paperback Bibles

7.Kitchen Matches 8.Needles and serving items 9.Nylon cord I O.Duct tape 11.Cigarettes 12.Pencils, paper, note pads 13.Toilet paper 14.Tooth paste 15.Soap 16.Rubbing alcohol 17.Peroxide 18.Aspirin 19.Baking soda 2O.tooth brushes 2 1 . Reading glasses 22.Liquor 23.Socks 24.Tarps 25.Tools for gardening 26.Condo rn s 27. Wooden matches 28.Skills 29.Hand Tools 30.Boyscout Manual 31.22.LR ammunition 32.12-gauge shot shells 33.Water Filters 34.Firewood 35.Coleman Fuel 36.Knives 37.Manual Can Openers 38.Vegetable Oil (for cooking) 39.Lighter Fluid 40.Charcoal 41.Diapers 42. Washboard 43.Vitamins 44.Tampons

S8.Ftashlights 59.Light sticks

6Q. Garbage Cans 6] . Dental Floss 63 .Clothesline 64.Mosquito Repellent 65.Duct Tape 66.Rope 67.Candles 68.Sewing Supplies 69.Non Scented Bleach 70.Canning Jars and Lids 71. Knives 72.Sharpening Stones

73.Bicycle Tire Tubes 74.Bicycle Chains 75.Air Pump (don't trade the pump tr ade the air) 78.Board Games 79.Playing Cards 80.Mousetraps 81.Baby Wipes 82.Razors 83.Tang

84.Gloves 85.Underwear 86.Glue

89.Broad Brim Hats 90.Files

91. Pad-Locks 92.Laundry Detergent 93.Kerosene

94. Tea 95.Axes 96.Slingshots

^^ G


Chuck-JOHNEL was generous in allowing me to petition the Net of Prayer through his Staff and Sword Newsletter, and for that I am very apprec...