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e Net ofPrayeI (File: Mountain Prayer Cam Phase 2)

he "Mountain" Prayer Operation Report on Phase 2 (Matthew 28: 16)


Elff t RU1'HEZIC JrlISSIUJV IMPORE (Janua ry 18, 2002 through January 27, 2002) **

*Notice for Net of Prayer Intercessors!!!***

Enclosed with this Newsletter you will find the NEW "Mountain Prayer Operation" Prayer Sheets (on ` you can read it in the dark" yellow) for Phase 2 of this prayer operation. Please discard the Phase I prayer sheets that were mailed to you on Januaryl6th and use these new ones (enclosed) all through to April 1, 2002. Thank you.

### VOLUNTEER INTERCESSORS BEING SOUGHT ### Would you like to be pa rt of the "Mountain Prayer Operation"? Your added prayer support would be both appreciated and helpful in obtaining even greater mercy.


a. ge2


The Mountain Prayer Operation, Phase 2

February 8, 2002 ue

If you'd like to be a volunteer intercessor in "Mountain Prayer Operation" please complete that part of the enclosed RESPONSE FORM and send that in and begin the prayers.

Enclosed for "Mountain" Prayer Operation DAILY PRAYERS for Phase 2 of "Mountain Pra y er Operation - 4 pages on yellow colored paper dated February 15, 2002. This will replace the prayer sheets mailed to Net of Prayer intercessors on January 16 th , updated, improved and conformed to JESUS' most recent Word on how to pray. Net of Pra y er Supplemental DAILY PRAYERS - 1 page on Salmon colored paper dated February 15, 2002 (back side is blank). This is inserted in the above DAILY PRAYERS on yellow colored paper. Instructions are at the top ofthis prayer sheet. Please pray the Agreement Prayers "a" and "b" for a minimum of three days. You are asked to pray the Generational Spirit Prayer day by day through out this prayer operation.

***Net of Prayer WA RFARE PRAYERS* - I page on Goldenrod colored paper

dated February 15, 2002 (printed both sides of that page). This is also inserted in the above DAILY PRAYERS on yellow colored paper. These prayers are to be used AFTER praying the DAILY PRAYERS on the yellow colored paper and only when you are assigned to do prayer warfare (see the PRAYER ASSIGNMENTSIH T for Phase 2). Everyone is assigned on a rotating basis for 7 days of prayer warfare.

The "PRAYER ASSIE NMENT SHEET" for Phase 2 - 4 pages on white paper dated February 15, 2002. This continues the assignments for prayer warfare from the PAYER ASSIENMENT SHEET" for Phase 1 dated January 15, 2002, which ends on February 25, 2002.

What is i;iv assigned Prayer Group if Pin a volunteer intercessor? If (for example) your last name is McGregor please check the 'PRA'YER ASSIGNMENT SHEET" to where you see "vol. int." last name I thru , This would mean that you are assigned to "JOSHUA" PRAYER GROUP in this prayer operation. It

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The Mountain Prayer Operation, Phase 2

Enclosed for "Mountain" Pra

February 8, 2002

ation (continu

The 'PRAYER ASSIGNMENT SHEET" for Phase 2 (continued)) also lists the

nraver leaders of that brayer group.

THE PRAYER DIRECTIVES REPORT for Phase 1 dated January 15 2002 (20 pages) This report was mailed out to all Net of Prayer intercessors on January 16, 2002, and it gives a detail of why and what the Net of Prayer is doing in "Mountain" Prayer Operation. I will summarize that here, but if you want the original report please make note of your request on the enclosed RESPO NSE FORM.

The "WHAT" You are called to prayer-intercession and to wage strategic spiritual warfare (prayer warfare) In The Spirit' against demonic powers that have andlor are/will break lawful boundaries against us and those we can cover. This prayer work is named The "Mountain" Prayer Operation. You will find the appropriate prayer sheets and information enclosed. We are specifically working in prayer to cover SPOKANE, WASHINGTON as well as Mount Vernon, Seattle, Mammoth Lakes, St. Louis and Chicago.

At this time please temporarily suspend (cease) praying the: 1. The September, 2001 Net of Prayer's Daily Prayer Sheet STAND FAST IN CHRIST JESUS. 2. The September 18, 2001 SPECIAL FOCUS PRAYERS FOR PRESIDENT BUSH (on blue paper*). *Note - On the reverse side of this is the August 12, 2001 PREPARATION and PRAYER GUIDELINES, which you may continue praying daily (your option). 3. The December 2001 SPECIAL INSERT OF PRAYER REQUESTS (on yellow paper giving prayer needs of brethren).

FOCUS: We suspend all other prayer sheets during Prayer Operations toensure that our prayer focus is on the Prayer Operation and to unburden the intercessor to where they can consistently pray day by day the prayers of the Prayer Operation. When this Prayer Operation ends we will return to the above noted prayer sheets, so please don't throw away those prayer sheets. Thank you.

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The Mountain Prayer Operation, Phase 2

February 9, 2002


January 22, 2002 through to February 252002 What we are doing is going out in force In The Spirit' and standing on the borders of the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children of God areas to withstand any attempt by the enemy of our souls (demons) to trespass into what is our territory In The Spirit.' Any demon that does break our boundaries will be summarily destroyed out of this world. Demonic incursions occur FIRST `In The Spirit' and then troubles follow next In this World' - then it gets real and can get real deadly. As you will find in the "Assembly of Jesus' Word" (20 pages - enclosed), JESUS has told us that once the Net of Prayer began moving In The Spirit' that Lucifer backed off and has abandoned any plan to attack us and those we can cover. Instead, he will direct his forces against the church system of man who rarely pray and even more rarely move `In The Spirit', which means they are easy kills for the Devil and his bunch. There is nothing we can do for them. They have rejected JESUS' WORD, they have rejected JESUS' Sealing (Seal of the Living God) and so now as it is given in Ezekiel 9 and Revelation 7, the destroyers will shortly begin moving down on them. Jim-REPHEAL (assigned to sweep `In The Spirit' January 29 - February 4) told me that when he moved In The Spirit' on January 29, 2002 that he saw masses of demons lined up

facing us, but that they drew back when they (intercessors and Angels) moved up. We took position on a "line" that marked the boundary to the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children and the demons withdrew. Richard-DANIEL reported that all was quiet `In The Spirit' and that demons have left our boundaries (they were poised there before ready to strike at all of us) --- none to be seen. VIGILANCE: We in the Net of Prayer will cover the boundaries `In The Spirit' guarding those we can cover from now on through to ending on, and including, April 1, 2002. We will give no opportunity to the enemy of our souls, we will be vigilant day in and day out from now until April 1, 2002, ready to do battle with the enemy if any attempt to cross into our territory `In The Spirit'.

JANUARY 20j002 to APRIL 1, 2002 In this time period the demonic forces of Lucifer/Satan will be crossing into the territory of the church system of man, getting into position to make large scale attacks on those

Pate 5

The Mountain Prayer Operation, Phase 2

February 9, 2002

JANUARY 20, 2002 to APRIL 1, 2002 continued brethren. How do the • do it? The demons get into position once they have invaded a given place and begin laying down patterns `In The Spirit' which will shortly manifest `In this World.' We have already been shown some of those demonic patterns (the strongman* and the weakmen** seen by Richard-DANIEL, the 3 missiles*** seen by Jesse-JACOB, the 4 Silos**** seen by Michael-DAVID are demonic patterns for things to come. *Note - see Page 10-11 of the "Assembly of Jesus Word" Report". **Nate - see Page 14-15 of the "Assembly of Jesus Word" Report". ***Note - see Page 17 of the "Assembly of Jesus Word" Report". ****Note - see Page 19 of the "Assembly of Jesus Word" Report".

I discern that these weakmen and the strongman (waiting for demonic empowerment and waiting to be joined and organized) are in part a spiritual representation of"terrorist cells" already within the U.S. that presently lack the unity and demonic empowerment to launch an attack. But when they do, they will spill blood aplenty and start a reign of terror within the U.S. itself. A NARROW WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY: We presently have a narrow window of

opportunity which is a time within which prayer can do much to save many and much. But this time will soon end and when it does the enemy will attack in force and begin a killing spree that will end up terrifying many Americans and others abroad as well. While this is NOT the only means of judgment initiated by Lucifer and his demonic hordes to come, it is one key aspect of his initial plan of attack. UNDERSTAND — Years ago JESUS said that men could reject the "FIRES OF HIS

LOVE" and this fiery love was apparent in His Word, His call to repent and pray. But then JESUS said that if men rejected the fires of His love that, "A FIRE WAS COMING THAT NO MAN CAN REJECT THAT WOULD CONSUME A MAN TO HIS ROOTS."

APRIL 1, 2002 - MARK THIS POINT IN TIME Because we came to understand that JESUS was sending us on a Prophetic Mission January `x 18 th and that because we will return to Seattle area March 10 ' to explain the Seal of the Living God to a Church there completing the work we set out to accomplish January 13th, and because JESUS asked us to pray "Mountain Prayer Operation" prayers through until March 31, 2002 — I understand that the judgments Lucifer intends to initiate will be held off at least until March 10 th and possibly until sometime after March 31, 2002. The judgments are not likely to begin until we reach April 1, 2002 at the earliest - thus this work of prayer before us will define much in terms of mercy against judgment. End report.

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The Mountain Prayer Operation, Phase 2


February 10, 2002


(January 18, 2002 through January 27, 2002) Nancy-TONI and I left Spokane early on Friday, January 18, 2002 and drove to Everett which is just north of Seattle. We would meet with a group of brethren in Everett at the local Mitzel's Restaurant on January 19 th and would meet with Pastor Jonathan Hansen of World Ministries International on January 20". On Monday, January 21 we drove south

to Hoquiam, Washington and met with Jackie and her husband and Sealed them. We then drove on to Salem, Oregon for the night. On Tuesday evening January 22 we held a meeting in the Silver Creek Room of the Best Western Mill Creek Inn in Salem, Oregon. On Wednesday January 23 rd we drove to Hillsboro, Oregon and held a meeting at Michael and Anita P.'s home that evening. On Thursday January 24 ` ' we drove to Gresham, Oregon and held a meeting in that evening with brethren at the local Olive Garden Restaurant. On Friday afternoon and then the evening of January 25 `x` we meet with two groups of Christians for fellowship. Saturday, January 26 th we drove to Hermiston, Oregon and met with Cathy-MARTHA. Sunday, January 27 `h we drove home, arriving in the early afternoon. All told we drove 1,374.8 miles. The new car, the Mazda Tribute S W proved to be an excellent road car, easy driving and comfortable for the long haul (something important). Over the years of driving about North America long hours at a stretch, having a vehicle that is somewhat comfortable saves a lot of wear and tear on the body. Nancy-TONI and I, once we get into the driving mode, will take 2 hours driving and 2 hours off in turns (one sleeps while the other drives). On longer hauls we go to 4 hours on and 4 hours off in turns.

HOW IT GOT STARTED The early part of this past December, 2001 a brother in the Lord named Greg (a young prophet) relayed an invitation by Pastor Jonathan Hansen to come to his church and to answer questions they had about the Seal of the Living God. They (Pastor Hansen and his elders) wanted me to come there on December 23, 2001. I was unable to make that date and telephoned Pastor Hansen suggesting we meet in the mid-part of January, 2002. I waited for a call back from Pastor Hansen but no word came.

I wrote, and then e-mailed him and lastly called setting a date for our meeting to be January 20,2002. I expected to get a response back soon but heard nothing. In the meantime NancyTONI went ahead (it was necessary) and made plans for our visits with other brethren along the way.

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T he Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

rd After telephoning Pastor Hansen that we could not make December 23 and suggesting we meet in mid-January we wrote those on our mailing list in the Seattle and Portland areas indicating we would be coming by in mid January and would be glad to meet with them as we drove through. We received more of a response than we expected and this compelled us to make plans since we had to make reservations with Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and such along the way.

Then something unexpected happened in late December, JESUS spoke to me saying that we were to bring The Staff with on this trip. That suggested something prophetic was in the works, but JESUS said nothing further. I avoid jumping to conclusions and I do not assume anything more than what He tells me - still, I wondered. I wrote a LEADERSHIP REPORT (which goes to all Ministry Prophets, Lord's Generals and Colonels) and presented the details asking for their discernments on this matter. Mark-JAMES and Lyn-ELIZABETH discerned a parallel to Lyman Church and the prophetic work of 1989. If this were the case then we were coming to a significant point in the judgment process, to what we know as a "double and set" of the Church decision of 1989. The revelations given in the FLAMING SWORD REPORT were conclusive, we are standing at the end of a long process of church decisions made over the past many years and we are looking at the loosing of the judgment JESUS warned of including events beginning that would lead irresistibly to Nuclear World War III, the invasion, destruction and occupation of the U.S.. See the enclosed ***Special Report*** ASSEMBLY OF JESUS' WORD , the cover page. Here you will see JESUS' Word of July 26, 1989, the Word He gave following the action of Lyman Church to reject His Word. What JESUS said in part that July 26, 1989 was this, "NOW IS A TIME WHEN JUDGMENTS ARE MOVING TO CGMPLET1ON 1N EVERY RESPECT...IN THIS YEAR, ALL THIS IS MOVING TO FINAL RESOLUTION UNDER GOD'S LAW...UNTIL ALL IS FULFILLED AND COMPLETED. THEN THE BOUNDARIES OF JUDGMENT AND MERCY ARE FINALLY SET AND ESTABLISHED IN EVERY WISE.... AND IN THE SAME YEAR THIS IS DONE, THEN BEGINS THE VERY JUDGMENT ITSELF AND IT IS THEN IRREVERSIBLE..."

(JESUS' Word July 26, 1989)

We knew in 1989 that the Lyman Church decision to reject JESUS' Word and help set this in motion, but that "THE YEAR" JESUS spoke ofwas somewhere in the future. When? We didn't know. Now, suddenly this January, 2002 we were seeing the decision process coming to a conclusion, the very same kind of conclusion JESUS said would come in 1989.

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The Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

BEING CARRIED ALONG IN THE CURRENT: The invitation to come and present/explain the Seal of the Living God to Pastor Hansen and his elders was not something we had even remotely sought or desired. I was led subtly to write a letter to brethren in Seattle and Portland areas about the fact that we would come through this January and that we could visit, if they wanted us to do that. I didn't expect much of a response, I was just being polite and offering to stop by and say a "hello." The response surprised me, all of a sudden we needed to arrange meeting places, rent rooms, etc. At this point we were being carried along in the current and I'd later realize it was a Holy Spirit current that was sweeping us along. In January, the day after Nancy-TONI completed making all the arrangements, reservations and such (quite a job) - Pastor Hansen's secretary telephoned and left a message that he could not make the January 2Q ` date, suggesting instead that we meet on February 3 rd or sometime in March. I could have cancelled our planned trip at this point; but frankly seeing so many brethren had asked us to stop and meet I didn't have the heart to do that and decided we would go ahead. I dropped Pastor Hansen a letter, e-mail and telephone call suggesting that at the least we meet for a cup of coffee on January 20"' to break the ice. This same day JESUS spoke to Nancy-TONI about the enemy beginning to amass for a renewed attack in March telling her that we were to, "BE WATCHING, BE READY... PROTECT THOSE IN YOUR CARE AND KEEPING..." We now sought the discernment of the Ministry prayer leaders about this Word. This was very serious stuff. On Friday, January 4, 2002 while working out at the Health Club, I was praying and asking JESUS about going to see Pastor Hansen on February 3 to which JESUS replied, "NO, HAVE A WORK FOR YOU, OPT. FOR MARCH." In that instant when JESUS spoke to me the HOLY SPIRIT quickened me deeply and I knew a host of things that hitherto I was only vaguely aware of. I KNEW in that instant that Lucifer was deliberately targeting Spokane for a major earthquake and other troubles and that the Net of Prayer had to be called to arms (prayer and prayer warfare) to intercept this Devilish plan to cause loss, harm, death and destruction among our people. Why Spokane? In 2001 the HOLY SPIRIT anointing came on Spokane whereby the 20 Pastors selected out of this city would REPRESENT the Church Leadership in America. Lucifer was moving through God's law to exploit this. If the Devil could (for example) kill 1 % ofthe population of Spokane, he would have lawful basis and power to kill 1% of every city in North America almost at will. 1% in Spokane would be about 4,000; but 1% of New

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The Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

Why Spokane? (continued York City would be in the area of 900,000 lives. I fully understood this and saw things clear as a bell in that instant. If the Net of Prayer prayed to spare lives in Spokane, they'd automatically spare lives everywhere in North America. PRESSING AHEAD: We now addressed all the intercessors of the Net of Prayer, wrote the "Mountain" Prayer Operation prayer sheets, reports and got them in the mail by January 16, 2002. th JANUARY 17, 2002 We would leave on this trip starting January 18 and so I took time aside to pray asking the Lord's cover and protection for us on this journey. I'd hardly begun praying when JESUS' Angel standing by spoke saying, "YOU ARE ON A PROPHETIC MISSION. WE ARE TO BRING YOU SAFELY TO AND FROM YOUR DESTINATION


THE TRIP ITSELF: We ran into nothing but rain all through the trip until we left Gresham, Oregon on January 26" — as we left a blizzard swept in behind us. In fact, foul weather followed behind us, but the road ahead of us was dry and clear, the sky sunny and bright. THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD: Equally unexpected about half the people in the meetings we held sought to receive the Seal of the Living God. This turned out to be another Sealing trip (the same thing happened in 1989). STAND AS[DE: The Prophetic action the HOLY SPIRIT led us to take was that we were to prophetically stand aside of the church system of man, starting on January 20, 2002. Along the way we were led to seek the prayer agreement of the Ministry Prophets, even as the Lord had us do back in 2001. DIDN'T YOU STAND ASIDE JULY l22001? Yes, but at that time we stood aside of the nation in general terms, we did not stand aside of the church system of man. It was the church decision of 2001 that led to us being required to "stand aside" of the nation - thus the bloody destruction of September 11, 2001 resulted and followed. Now, we were being led to "stand aside" of the church system of man. The Prophetic Mission of early 2001 had gotten them a reprieve until January 13, 2002 - now their time was up. At the same time, we prophetically stood-in and drew a line against the destroyers for the sake of the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children of God and a tithe of the Church system of man (10%). The destroyers would be prevented from touching them.

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The Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

HOLY SPIRIT GRAVITY OF THE HOUR: I have been walking with JESUS as His Prophet since 1971 and have in all these years seen many church decisions and been involved in prophesying many of those church decisions into this world. I have seen many things doubled and set under God's Law (Genesis 41: 32) and have seen God's mercy intervene time and time again, giving His people one opportunity after another to repent and turn back to Him. To prophesy to stand aside of the church system was not in itself something unexpected; which is to say I did not grasp the gravity of the hour. As we met with one group of brethren after another I gave a presentation during which the SPIRIT OF GOD began to impress on me the gravity of what was transpiring. It was the most serious thing to date, deadly serious, frighteningly serious. Richard-DANIEL had been struck by a deep foreboding by the Spirit of God and the Lord's Word coming to us in this time was anything but light-hearted. I became aware that most of God's people did not grasp the gravity of what is before us all and in fact, I found it difficult to verbalize what I knew by the Spirit of God. But when JESUS told me on January 24 th that, "THE CUP OF INIQUITY IS FULL...", I realized and recognized a "finality" in that statement not heard before in His Word. Years back JESUS once told me that this cup of iniquity was not yet full, telling me that judgment would be held off until it was full. From then to now I've forgotten about it, so this Word told me that it's over.

January 20, 2002: We were able to meet Pastor Hansen fora cup of coffee at about 11 AM and had a nice talk for close to two hours. In this time we agreed on the date of March 10 th to come to Everett and met with him and his elders to explain the Seal of the Living God and answer their questions. Lyn-ELIZABETH and Mark-JAMES would accompany us on the Lord's leading for this meeting. On January 24 th (see Page 12-13 of the ASSEMBLY OF JESUS' WORD REPORT) the Lord said this, "YES, I WILL WITHHOLDEN JUDGMENT UNTIL MARCH 10TH ..,

STANDING IN FOR SOME, NOT ALL As we came into unity and agreement with the Ministry Prophets about both: "standing aside of the church system of man" and "standing-in for the Elect, Sealed, FaithfulObedient, Innocent children of God and the tithe of the church system of man", the Lord made it plain that this was a very limited prophetic work. JESUS said, "YE ARE HOLDING BACK THE WATERS OF JUDGMENT A LITTLE LONGER FORA VERY MINORITY. IT WILL NOT BE APPARENT TO THOSE WHO ENDURE JUDGMENT, ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE SPARED BY IT. YOU WILL PERCEIVE AND SEE IT, THE MANY WHO FALL UNDER JUDGMENT WILL NOT." (JESUS' Word January 24, 2002)

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The Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

Lyn-ELIZABETH'S Experience January 27, 2002 From the day (December 27, 2001) I wrote Pastor Hansen to indicate that we would be in Everett on January 20 th , from that point in time we all came under a prophetic cover that would prevent the enemy of our souls from doing more harm than they had already done. It had come to our attention from a number of brethren that the enemy was up to their old tricks. Working through disobedience and rebellion in the Body of Christ they were moving

subtly and skillfully through "adverse circumstances" to trouble and do harm to many of us. When we realized that we were on a "Sealing work" in this Prophetic Mission of January 2002 it told us that the enemy would be utterly prevented from doing anything more until we were completed with the Prophetic Mission. One important part of that Prophetic Mission was to come into agreement with the Nine Prophets of the Ministry (as in 2001) to draw a line, reaffirm and double and set the boundary `In The Spirit' for the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient, Innocent children of God and the tithe of the church system of man, that no demonic forces be allowed or have grounds to move across and attack any of us. That "line" was doubled and set this January 2002. It would be Lyn-ELIZABETH, third prophet in this Ministry, who experienced the saving grace of that boundary the day we returned home (January 27). This is the report (in part) which Lyn-ELIZABETH sent us on February 4, 2002. (Quote) "From 1999 to the present; Mark-JAMES and I have repeatedly prayed (with oil and the staffs) around the perimeter of this property, asking the Lord to provide a hedge around the property, us, our goods, etc. ... nn January 25, 2002 a series of winter storms begins to approach the Pacific Northwest. Mark-JAMES and I both very clearly discern the presence of a host (a legion of demon entities*) riding into this area and into the U.S. as a whole in the midst of and on the coat tail of this series of storms. *Note by Chuck-JOHNEL: Both Nancy-TONI and I discerned increased demonic presence and activity in the areas we traveled through on the January 2002 Prophetic Mission, which confirmed what JESUS had shown Nancy-TONI on January 10, 2002. (See Pages 7 and 8 of the ASSEMBLY OF JESUS' WORD). January 27, 2002, the storms further intensify and Mark-JAMES and I again discern similar intensification on the part of the demon entities. Mark-JAMES was to leave on a trip to Wichita today, the Lord Jesus told us both that a safe passage to the airport and ont to Wichita would be made for Mark-JAMES , but that the storm would not relent.

e 12

The Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

Lyn-ELIZABETH's Experience January 27, 2002 (Quote continued Mark-JAMES left in the midst of a raging snow storm and the Lord gave him a relatively calm and dry spot all around him on the way to the airport. Back in Everett, the storm and demon entities further intensified. Mark-JAMES was hardly out of Washington airspace, when I overheard a group of young thugs (who had been walking by and eyeing our house - I had the window open, despite the snow, as was cleaning and airing out the cleaning fumes). These young thugs turned back to look at our house and I clearly heard one of them say, "No don't do that house - don't you see that big guy standing there. Don 't tangle with him! " Now there wasn't anyone standing there (in our yard) except the rather large Angels we prayed to set around our house while he was on the trip to Wichita. The young thugs had clearly seen one of the Angels, the Lord kept His promise and answered our prayer. A time later the weather got even worse... i was watching a video in the living room, when I heard three very loud bangs, that I knew to be gun shots. i quickly checked outside and saw that thugs in an older van had shot-out a Jeep right outside the house. The jeep careened down the road in the snow (it's a nasty hill). The van quickly drove off. The Jeep had smoke coming out of its hood due to the bullets hitting the engine block. Three large thugs got out of the Jeep and started coming toward the house. I quickly locked the door, prayed and called the Police. I saw the thugs turn and run away from the house down the hill. I did not know it then (learned later) that my neighbor was standing on his porch (having heard and seen the gun fight) and quickly got his shotgun out and pointed it toward the thugs ordering them to get off the property. They turned and ran down the hill. At that moment the police arrived and hauled off the thugs. Here, the Lord very clearly answered our prayers and protected me. But this did not prevent me from being pretty sacred. As I write this, I keep thinking of that one line from an Ian Flemming 007 novel, "IT flE4 CYDER THAN IT IIVEI." It is especially interesting to note, that the shots that were fired occurred right on the edge of our property, but not ON our property. Also the shot out Jeep careened down the side of the road right onto the property line, but never crossed it...the thugs, never stepped a foot on our property. But, it gets even, better. Several hours later...there are two more very loud bangs - they sounded like gun fire, but there were no cars or people anywhere to be seen this time around. A few minutes later, several PUD (electric company) vehicles pull up in front of the house and inspect the power pole and transformer at the east corner of our property. When the PUD foreman (a seasoned lineman about 55 years old) came to my door to announce that the power was going to be turned off, he relayed the information that the Jeep had been shot out just east of our property, and first careened into the power pole on the east corner, and then ricocheted down the road. When the Jeep hit the power pole

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The Prophetic Mission Report

L n-ELI BET .'s Experience January

February 10, 2002 27,

2002 (Quote continued

it cracked it at the base, but the pole did not fall - it was held in place, the lineman said, by just a few bits of wood. The lineman was ve ry surprised that this pole stood upright so long without falling... but even more, the PUD lineman told me with some astonishment that he had never seen anything like this in his whole working career - the transformer on that pole actually blew-up (the second set of loud bangs I had heard), but it did not send its energy to the house (he said that it should have under those circumstances). Instead, the energy and fire was directed to the pole and transformer at the end of the road, a corner where there are not houses so close and that transformer blew and spewed fi re (again, the second series of shots â‚Ź heard). Had the transformer near our house exploded in like manner it would have engulfed our house in fire. February 1, 2002, Mark-JAMES arrived home without incident. We both discerned that the demon presence in the storms seems to have cleared from plain view and have entrenched themselves in a mo re hidden manner throughout the U.S. All for this - "It reads better tm^t)i it sires" - however, IF WE PRAY SINCERELY ASKING THE LORD FOR HIS HELP, PROTECTION AND MERCY (2 Samuel 22) HE WILL BE FAITHFUL TO ANSWER OUR PRAYER ACCORDING TO OUR FAITH. LynELIZABETH." (Unquote)

Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: When you consider the full extent of LynELIZABETII's experience, recognize that this confrontation with evil came on the day we returned home from the Prophetic Mission and that the line around their proper ty was not defiled or broken by the criminal element at loose in her areas (Evere tt , WA.). One thing accomplished in the Prophetic Mission was to double and set, thus to reinforce the boundary between the enemy and the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children of God. When I consider Lyn-ELIZABETH's experience in a very real `In the World' situation with what some of the prayer leaders have told me they encountered `In The Spirit' in "Mountain" Prayer Operation - they are identical! The prayer leaders encountered demons massed at a distinct "line" marking a boundary between us and them, they were threatening but soon backed off and left. It was as JESUS told Nancy-TONI on Janua ry 3 Fd (see Page 4 of ASSEMBLY OF JESUS' WORD) when JESUS said, "THE ENEMY HAS BEEN PROBING AND WAITING - HELD BACK BY MERCY UNTIL JANUARY 13TH • LUCIFER WILL MOVE SUDDENLY...." It is clear from Lyn-ELIZABETH's experience that they were poised to do some real harm and would have done so on January 27 th except for the Prophetic Mission and except for their faith and prayer preparation. I have shared Lyn-ELIZABETH's report in some detail because it gives you an example ofjust how "imminent" and "real" is the threat posed by these demonic forces now at loose in this nation.

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Th e Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

HOW IS IT THAT THE ENEMY HAS TO WAIT WHILE A PROPHETIC MISSION IS ON-GOING? JESUS sent me into this world under God's anointing to initiate the Seal of the Living God as given in Ezekiel 9: 1-7 and in Revelation 7: 1-3. Anyone who becomes a part of this Ministry in Christ comes under that anointing, this is especially true of prophets. In Ezekiel 9: 1-7 we read of six destroyers with destroying weapons in their hands, in Revelation 7: 1-3 it is given as four destroying Angels. The instruction of God to the destroyers or Angels is identical, they are told to do no harm until the man dressed in linen, with a writer's inkhorn by his side, is done with the work of Sealing. Then these destroyers are told by God, "Go ye after him through that city, and smite; let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity. Slay utterly old and young...but come not near any man upon who is the mark, and begin at My sanctuary." So, I have seen since the Lord JESUS first sent me out to extend the Seal of the Living God to His people in 1982 that judgments are suspended, the destroyers are compelled by the Word of God to wait until I complete the work He sent me to do. It has been when I complete a given work or return home from a Prophetic Mission that the judgments renew and start up again 31 days after having completed a work. This has been observed time and time again from 1982 to now. I have noted since 1983 that when a second prophet works with me that the number of days extended, holding back the destroyers, is increased by 31 days per prophet.

THE 31 DAYS I understood that a 31-day period per prophet applied by observing how it actually worked out from one situation to the next. This was simply one of those "judgment time cycles" we learned about many years earlier in the Ministry primarily by observation of how it

worked, There was a Scriptural basis but it is too complex to try and explain here. JESUS sent us out on a Prophetic Mission back in March-April of 2001 which took us to Everett, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Hermiston, Oregon and all the way out to Cleveland, Ohio to meet with, pray and prophesy with seven key Ministry prophets. It was when we returned home on April 9, 2001 that I remembered the 31-day delay in judgments per prophet Law of God. At that time (July 25, 2001) I published a 28 page Special Report entitled, "On the Revelation Pathway" listing the 9 Prophets by name and their 31-day periods starting with me on April 9, 2001. See the next page for the chart presented in that July, 2001 report.

Mission Report February 10, 2002 THE 31 DAYS (continued) Quote below taken from the July 25, 2001 SPECIAL REPORT "On the Revelation Pathway" page 2 (Quote) Page .15

The Prophetic

JUNE 10, 2001: In earlier reports I'd indicated that the mercy extended by the Prophetic Work undertaken by Nancy-TONI and myself earlier this year, that this mercy covering would end on June 10, 2001. On June 10, 2001 a 5.0 Richter earthquake shook Seattle! Years ago we were given to understand that each Prophet (on a Prophetic Mission) extended 31 days of mercy against judgments. Since prayer-agreement involved many Prophets this year it looked like this:

The Mercy cover count started the day we returned home which was: April 9, 2001.


End of 31 Days

Mercy Cover thickness


May 9, 2001

89% 78% -- Seattle quake 5.0 Richter

June 10, 2001 July 11, 2001 August 11, 2001 September 11, 2001 October 12, 2001 November 12, 2001 December 13, 2001 January 13, 2002 (Unquote)

67% 56% 45% 34% 23% 12% end of mercy cover

What I suggested by this chart printed on July 25, 2001 was that judgments would surface at the end of each 31 day period from starting with May 9 `h and on. I haven't really reviewed this chart since July of 2001, but ran across it just before going out on the January prophetic Mission. I soon realized that the dates published in this chart (above) have proved to be significant in many different ways. I might qualify that the 31 5 ` day has a plus or minus 24 hours that applies, events can surface on say May 8 th and reach the news by May 9 1h and count or happen on May 9 `h and be printed May 10th.

End of Chuck--JOHNEL's 31 days or May 9, 2001 Blackout hits 300,000 customers in California. Bulge detected near Oregon volcanoes. This was pretty tame stuff, but the mercy tends to be strongest at the start of such a time period ( May 9, 2001 to January 13, 2002). Judgments tend to get stronger as each 31 day period ends. Why? Don't know - it is an observation made over the years. Nonetheless, the events of May 9 t " were early indications of more serious troubles ahead - hints, if you will.

Page 16

The P rophetic Mission Report



February 10, 2042

End of Nancy-TONI's 31 Days or June 10, 2001 Seattle hit by a 5.0 Richter earthquake. Tropical Storm ALLISON floods Texas and Louisiana - 18 dead.

End of Cathy-MARTHA's 31 Days or July 11


Human embryos created for research. 1.4 Richter tremblor shakes Spokane. White House drops Salvation Army deal

End of Michael-DAVID's 31 Days or August 11, 2001 5.0 Richter earthquakes hits near Portola, California (Northern Calif.).

End of Jesse-JACOB's 31 Days or September 11, 2001 New York City World Trade Center Buildings collapse in terrorist attack (4,000+ dead). Terrorist attack hits Pentagon.

End of Lyn -ELIZABETH's 31 Days or October 12, 2001 Senates approves anti-terror bill

End of Mark-JAMES' 31 Days or November 12, 2001 Jetliner crash in New York City, 250 die.

End of Richard-DANIEL's 31 _ Days or December

13, 2001 President Bush cancels the ABM* Treaty made with the former Soviet Union.

End of Adele-SARAH's 31 Days or June 10 2001 President Bush chokes on a pretzel and faints. *Note - ABM = Anti Ballistic Missile (this treaty forbade the building of missiles that could shoot down other missiles). In spite of the obvious fact that many of these events were obvious judgments, even so, the level of those that were judgments were considerably lessened. September 11 th could have seen upwards of 100,000 dead, the earthquakes could have been larger and deadly, the Jetliner crash in New York could have crashed into a building as it fell and President Bush could have died (he was alone when this happened). The problem with the "anti-terror bill" is that it curtails American's individual freedoms under the Bill of Rights. Note - Nino Sitchinava did the research to draw out these news items/details.

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The Prophetic Mission Report

February 10, 2002

The 31 days x 9 Agreeing Prophets in the Prophetic Mission of January 18 to Januar y 27.2002 - Charted This Mercy period extends only to those among the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient, Innocent children of God and the tithe of the church system of man. This mercy period starts counting the day we returned home, January 27, 2002.

Proph et

End 31 Days

Mercy Cover %


February 26, 2002 March 29, 2002 April 29, 2002 May 30, 2002 June 30, 2002 July 31, 2002 August 31, 2002 October 1, 2002 November 1, 2002

89% 78% 67% 56% 45% 34% 23% 12% end of mercy cover

The order the prophets are shown is the order in which we came into prayer agreement with each prophet as we traveled on the January 2002 Prophetic Mission.

WHY? The Merc y period extended to the Elect, Sealed, FaithfulObedient Innocent children of God, and the tithe (10%) of the church system of man When the Lord had us stand aside of the nation on July 12, 2001 this was the result of the decisions made by the church in regards to JESUS' Word and warnings to reject His Word and warnings. In essence, this loosed judgment on the nation. The Prophetic Mission of last year (March-April, 2001) extended a period of 279 days (9x31=279) of mercy to the church which had rejected His Word and so loosed judgment. That gave 279 days within which they might repent and return to the Lord. That period of mercy ended January 13, 2002. Five days later the Lord sent us on this Prophetic Mission which in part was to acknowledge the final decision ofthe church system of man to reject Jesus' Word and warnings. The judgment would now fall upon them as well as on the nation (what you sow, you reap). However, among the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children of God there has been a portion that have been in rebellion

The Prophetic Mission Report February 11, 2002 W H Y ? The Mercy period extended to the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient, Innocent children of God, and the tithe (lO%) of the church system of man (continued) rebellion and Page 18

are disobedient unto the Lord. Even as we have had to stand aside of the church system of man this January, 2002, even so, the Lord extended another 279 days of mercy to the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children of God, which includes those who are disobedient and are in rebellion - an added 279 days of opportunity for them to repent and return to the Lord. WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE? The Body of Christ is one body, if one rejoices then all

rejoice, if there is sin in one there is sin in all. The enemy of our souls is well aware of this

(many Christians are not) and the fallen ones will work to take advantage of the sin in some to bring the consequences on all and those consequences are death or injury with loss. When we stood aside of the church system of man (the 90% part) we set a boundary between us and them whereby the consequences of their sin, rebellion and disobedience does not overflow and hit us. But there are those in our midst who also tend towards the same kind of sin, rebellion and disobedience. Though it is a smaller number, it is equally deadly in its consequences. This is why we were moved to set and establish this boundary for a period of 279 days. After this time, then those of the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient and Innocent children of God that continue to be in rebellion and to be disobedient — these will no longer be spared the consequences of their sin. However JESUS has made it plain that those to be spared in this next 279 days will be a minority out of the whole nation. When judgments strike only those who have God's mercy covering them will be aware of His mercy being present, while all the others will not be aware as they are caught up in the fires of judgment. In other words, this next 279 day pe ri od from January 27, 2002 to November 1, 2002 will cover many less people than the previous 279 day period which ran from April 9, 2001 to January 13, 2002. The number of people being covered by God's mercy are becoming fewer and fewer and the number subject to the judgments is increasing at the same time. It began July 12, 2001 and now it's moved to a new stage. I perceive that anytime past March 10, 2002 judgment "can" begin to re-emerge and

anytime after March 31, 2002 judgments can hit with increasing power and deadly force unlike seen before. I' m lastly reminded of what JESUS told me years ago, "MEN CAN REJECT THE FIRES OF MY LOVE; BUT THERE IS A FIRE COMING THAT NO MAN CAN REJECT THAT WOULD CONSUME A MAN TO HIS ROOTS." End of report.

I J CHR^STy ^ ^


Feb 15th, 2002: The Mountain Prayer Operation  

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