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April 3, 2005


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SO WHAT HAPPENED MARCH 28, 29, 30, 2005? MakZIAr z

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MARCH 2 8 , 2 U V 5

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brain-damaged daughter die

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Carl iina, RISU in Final Four

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Schiavo given last ri tes P1renLS seen resigned to watch

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oP NELLAS PARK F7+ - Thcu hcpcs iadulg xnd login options eanxuated- Terri Sch ivo's parents appeu:ed uuietlr restjn cl Sunday t, w. J rcnmg her ate but could Clain) one Koster victory: The sesercly brain-dar:lages wpman rc«rvcJ I drop of commulaun time ua her longue - her gaily sunenaac` In nrnc Auys - are] Iier huh :ind 000 0OJ her 1n reran rho sncr.un cat. Outride the hcupicc whore &hirvo is hang cared ion. pie pr oldsters Who at (001 00. .1111 otKrut a 041Wl dOZrn pCop:e In 4q,lcii iifs gal OIl1ol lticm and 1 try Ill The Jnvc wa}, ahovtrng "h a rc not and yet!"

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Pope lour Paul II dcllvnn an taster Sunday Messing horn his eIudl I'; wi nrarloolitg SL PnroP. Spna+r.

Pope's s

This is the news items that stood out to us even days before March 28` - but on March 28`'' it gained headlines news in Spokane - Terri is given last rites. She died in what is best described as being "in agony, fighting for her life" - a death by judicial decree. It is a POLITICAL JUDGMENT of the American government and a foretaste of what is coming. There were other news items which I tallied as well, that deserve some attention and may prove to be factors in the not so distant future. After detailing these other news items I will address this issue of "Terri Schiavo's life" in some detail.

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2005 I.)

Terri Schiavo given last rites.


Fear Iraq is headed for civil war because of discord between Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis.


Pope John Paul II unable to speak.


#285 drawn in Washington State Lotte ry (see notes further on in this report)

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[1 Monda . March 28 2005 continued y

5.) 6.)

April 3, 2005 ontinued'

8.7 Magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia killing 2,000+ Church services held for victims of the Wednesday, March 23, 2005 explosion of the BP Gil Refinery in Texas that killed 15 and injured 100.

TUESDAY MARCH 29 2005 1.)

Terri Schiavo weakens, parent say. This is the 11 t '' day of her removal from food and water. Teri's dad says, 'Terri is emaciated and begging for help." Her brother, Bob Schindler, says, "She is alive and fighting like hell to live. "


Jesse Jackson shows on the scene on behalf of Teri saying he is calling for "mercy" for Terri.


President Bush approves of strategy for counter intelligence.


Iraqi assembly hits snag on leadership roles - division in the ranks.


Bible reading jury's death ruling tossed out. (See article on page 6)

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2005 1.}

Mel Gibson weighs in on behalf of Teri Schiavo


Iraq assembly cannot agree on a speaker. Shiite effort to name a Sunnis ends in shouts, allegations. Iraqi still deadlocked, lack of compromise, loss of momentum two months after historic election.


Disputed election in Washington State Governor's race is costly for both Republicans and Democrats.


U.S. tanks take a beating in Iraq - they are not designed to fight insurgents - road bombs, etc. taking a toll.


Border patrol in Arizona growing (shifting agents from other areas) - Minutemen (1,300) volunteers to watch border through to end of April.

No question whatsoever that Terri Schiavo's plight at the hands of the government is the judgment event of March 28-30, 2005. Schiavo died on March 31, 2005 - the Pope died two days later (Saturday, April 2nd.)

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April 3, 2005

Here is an excellent article written by Jani Allan, Rense and forwarded to me by Richard DANIEL on 4/2/05 - (Quote Jani Allan) Millions of words have written about the fate of Terri Schindler. It may seem redundant to add any more. But I am rather keen on making it a matter of record what my views are as a foreigner in America. South Africa, became a pariah nation when television cameras captured white policemen beating black activists. How will America recover when for all the world to see, a 41- year-old woman, who has committed no crime, will die of dehydration and starvation in the longest public execution in American history? How can America hope to recover from the images that the world has seen of barn door- sized cops, brutally arresting children whose only crime was compassion for Terri? How can America recover from strip-searching Terri's visitors, lest they be "terrorists" - "terrorists" concealing a chip of ice on their person to stroke on her parched lips? The agonizingly protracted passion (murder) of Terri Schindler in Pinellas Park, Florida, will be the single event that will precipitate the collapse of America's perceived greatness. Will my voice make any difference? Probably not. But the evil of this triumvirate, George Felos (how very strange it is that his name is so very close to "felon"), uber villain Judge Greer, and the blackguard 'husband Michael Schiavo will, in the end, be the death-knell of America. Go ahead. Cali me a fundamentalist Christian in that perjorative way Politically Correct America loves to do. Its the usual knee-jerk response to anyone with a jot of morality, isn't it? In Politically-Correct (i.e. idiotic, asinine, common sense-less, hypocritical, double-standard duped) America, "Thou shalt not kill" has been over-ridden by thickets of laws planted by man. Man's laws, not God's laws. Habeas Corpus, Ad Litem, Amo, amas amat... I also studied Latin. But the legal beagles have bamboozled Americans to such an extent that they are literally getting away with murder. Florida law mandates that Terri should have received rehab to help her regain her abilities. But the Pinellas County Court judges have consistently ruled AGAINST the law and in favor of Michael Schiavo's lawless agenda. The judges are thus VIOLATiN ; Florida guardian law statutes and have permitted Michael to commit felonies in his years-Long effort to accomplish a public euthanasia precedent. Euthanasia is illegal in 50 states. So how does one get away with committing public euthanasia when it is clearly ill egal? Answer: Trick the public into believing that euthanasia by omission is already legal! (Assisted suicide, BTW, is also not legal in Florida.) How can Michael Schiavo's diabolical, illegal pursuit of Terri's death instead of her rehabilitation be allowed? Answer? He has the establishment behind him. The pro-death forces needed a human sacrifice and Terri was a Paschal lamb to their Marxist, atheist slaughter. Can ordinary Americans not see that if Terri is allowed to be murdered, it opens the door for countless others to be murdered? Can ordinary Americans not see that the corporate press are preparing the world for the Brave New World Order in which the worst kind of discrimination will be practiced n discrimination against the disabled. Is the cruel and unusual death sentence to set a precedent so that the aovernment can painlessly solve its problems with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare? How curious, indeed that George Felos, Michael's attorney, has a name which means 'crime.' This prince of darkness and author of a New Agey trashy book about spiritualism and litigation, ghoulishly is on the board on the hospice, ghoulishly contributes to the evil, Judge Greer and oh so Ghoulishly tells us that the young woman who is being starved to death by the greatest nation on the planet (sic) is looking ''beautiful." Oh my. Would that his son Andrew were being starved to death. one wonders what this evil toad would say then? (Unquote)

P age 4 The April, 2005 NET O F PRAYER REPORT April 3, 2005 SO WHAT HAPPENED MARCH 28, 29, 30,2005? (Continued) Here is a March 30 th article by conservative Cal Thomas: (Quote)

Fundamental 77 qtr arc

not ranted or Jrs i ierl Fi}f judgcc who create and eTh,iinaie them at will, Cal Thomas sn) s.


7rii^r,r,rh7 'the Sen 'kes



he Terri Schiavo case has been a perfect .; media storm and an T object lesson. For the media, it served as a ^.. metaphor for much of what Cal divides us: pro-life vs. Tho mas pro-choice: religious vs. secular; wife vs. husband vs. parents / in-laws; church vs. state. Many religious leaders (and certain members of Congress) at first distinguished themselves by standing on principle and appealing to the state to prese rve Terri Schiavo's life. But a few called for de fi ance of authorit y , suggesting Florida y officials disobe cou rt orders, "rescue" Terri from her hospice bed and reinsert her feeding tube. The Miami Herald reported Saturday that agents of the Fksrida Department of Law Enforcement told police in Pinellas Park they were going to conduct such an operation. The newspaper said agents backed down rather than confront local police outside the hospice. Certain people seem to he arguing that only those laws and judicial rulings with which they agree are to he ohered. That invites anarcist . Some of those calling for the law to he disobeyed were ordained clergy, which is especially troubling. What do these ordained men mean by encouraging people to break the law? Have

the y not read. or taken seriousl y . Romans 13. the chapter in which Paul, the Apostle, says.

shows courts are a mess "Ever y one must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established b`, God. Consequently. he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." The footnote in the. New Internationat Version reminds the reader that the "governing authorities" at the time these verses were w ri tten were probably pagans and Paul said to submit to them an y way. That's difficult to get around, especially for those who take the Bible seriousl y , if not literally. Should Gov. Jeb Bush have defied the courts and ordered that Terri Schiavo be "rescued"? Perhaps he had such authority, perhaps not. But that does not give people, especially Christians. the right to rebel against judicial y authorit . Only when they are ordered to stop preaching the Gospel are they permitted to disobe y . 'Triev can, and should, wurk w-itiiin the system to change judges and the way laws are interpreted.

Ch ri stians, especially, put themselves in the position of using politics and civil authority to force those who do not accept their religious premises and beliefs to behave as if the y do. To achieve their objectives, would the be more effective laboring inside hospices for days, y weeks, even ears in support of the infirm, or do the',' best advance their cause outside hospices. performing for eager cameras and quote-takers? This does not demean the substance of their

pro-life argument. which I share. but it does suggest they may be employing inferior weapons - such as politics and the media instead of superior ones, such as grace and selflessness. It does not help their argument that sonic clerical and political leaders had e-mails and Web pages that directed people to links that afford them the opportuni ty to make y contributions, not necessaril to Terri Schiav'o, but to the "ministry'' of her self-appointed defenders. The biggest lesson from the Schiavo case and it is one that must be sent to as many people as possible - is this: The courts are a mess and need lobe reformed. Judges should be appointed who believe not onl y in the Constitution. but also that our rights are endowed from outside the state. Fundamental rights are not granted or denied by judges who create and eliminate them at will. Had Terri Schia v o been pregnant and wanted; to aho-t. her husband would have no legal say in the matter, but he has ultimate power over her life and death. Isn't it legally inconsistent that courts may no longer sentence 17-year-old killers to death, but Terri Schiavo. who has injured no one. has been sentenced to death by the courts? Here is a political-moral-ethical question worth' of continued debate. That debate must not die with Terri Schiavo. If it goes on. site will have taught man y a valuable lesson and her life will have made an important contribution to the nation and to others in the future who will share her condition. but not necessarily her late.

Chuck-JOHNEL's Comment: I differ with Cal in that I believe "governing authorities"

as speaking of those in Paul's time, which make up the leadership of the Church, those having "spiritual authority." Those pagan authorities (secular authorities) in his time (and to follow) would ban Christianity under their laws as an offence punishable by death. If the church were obedient to God's law in those pagan Christ-haters - they would have disbanded the church and ceased being Christians. Because they continued to walk with Jesus and to preach Christ - were they now rebels against the authority that God has instituted? I think not!



i ne prii,

LUUa 1r .I

llr ri' i x


[xr,r jr i

if J, ,4VVJ

SO WHAT HAPPENED MARCH 28, 29, 30, 2 005? (Continued) Here is a snippet from an article by Judith Moriarty of noahhouse/Rense dated April 1, 2005 as forwarded by Richard-DANIEL - a legal view of the Terri issue: ( Quote)

In part, the law for Terri in Florida reads: A caregivers failure or omission to provide an elderly person or disabled adult with care, supervision. including, but not limited to FOOD, nutrition, clothing, shelter. supervision, medicine. and medical services that a PRUDENT person would consider essential for the well being of the elderly person or disabled adult; or a caregiver's failure to make a REASONABLE effort to protect an elderly person or disabled adult from abuse, neglect, or exploitation by another person..complete statute: Title 46, Chapter 825, Section 102 (3)(a). Governor Bush should have: but didn't intervene." The Governor has the constitutional duty to prevent any action taken pursuant to such a court order because such action would violate Ms. Schiavo's constitutionally g uaranteed 'inalienable right to enjoy and defend life regard]ess of her physical disability' as secured by Article 1 Section 2 of the Florida State Constitution" wrote constitutional attorney Herb Titus, of Chesapeake, Va., in a memorandum faxed to the governor's legal office. It is a crime to abuse or neglect a disablec adult in any state! If we permit legalized murder because a person no longer conforms to our standards: of a supposed quality of life, how soon will it be, before it's those with autism, Alzheimer's, AIDS, cerebra palsy, etc? What's been lost in all of this is: that in protecting and speaking out for a Terri-we are advocates for ourselves. Once upon a time. a society did away with the infirm, the retarded, the crippled, the elderly, gays. and then the Jews' q h, but we were told, "Never Again!" Really? Visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington. D.C. to see a possible scenario of Christmas Future.


It seems well to ask the question this succinct cartoon asks, "Who won?"

rage o I ne April, 2UU5 INE't' OF' PRAYER REPORT April 3 2005 SO WHAT HAPPENED MARCH 28 29.30 3 2005? (Continue


IN THIS GOVERNMENT and NATION That a culture of death is now ruling this nation is the most obvious thing coming out of this whole affair involving the horrible death sentence given to a disabled woman by a merciless judge and sought by a murderous husband. When I saw the court's decisions to pull the feeding tube from Terri I told Jini-REPHAEL, "What I see so plainly is the face of evil in this government.

A Culture of Death has ascendancy in America. Al] the efforts, all the power of the active Christians and conservatives came to nothing - nothing could spare Terri from a horrible death, a slow, painful, suffering, agonizing death. It was also plain that this was clearly a battle between:

CHRISTIANS and SATANISTS What will come down the road is not known specifically - but the general trend is to further diminish Christian morality as having any influence on the actions of the courts and this nation henceforth.

Another Judge's Ruling of M arch 29, 2005 Bible-reading jury's death ruling tossed out The Colorado Supreme Court threw out the death sentence of a man convicted of raping and killing a cocktail waitress because jurors consulted the Bible during deliberations. The court said Bible passages, including the verse that commands "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," could lead jurors to vote for death. The justices ordered Robert Harlan to serve life without parole for the 1994 slaying of Rhonda Maloney. Assistant District Attorney Michael Goodbee said he was considering an appeal of the decision. The court ruling against Terri Schiavo and this verdict by another jurist are identical in their spirit - it is a virtual hatred for Christ.

Pane 7

The April, 21105 NL'1 VV YKA ILK 1(Lrurc


n nnnr 1 l a, LUUJ

SO WHAT HAPPENED MARCH 28 29 30 2005?Continued

Jude George Greer - A ConservativelBatist ii d e The judge who refused to hear 59 affidavits that showed that Terri Schiavo was not in a vegetative state and who summarily sentenced her to a slow agonizing death (which every court upheld thereafter) was a member of a Baptist church. "Was a Baptist" in the sense that his pastor asked him to leave the church, apparently they didn't want a creature like him in the congregation. It was said that he was "devastated" by this action.

A CONTRAST Judge Greer sentenced Terri to death - but then the Congress passed a law requiring the higher courts to fully review all the evidence in this case and make a separate ruling from Judge Greer. The Congress and Senate passed it and the President signed it but the higher courts did NOT make a full review, instead they issued a ruling agreeing with Judge Greer. The Congress issued a subpoena requiring Terri Schiavo to come to the Congress - the courts and law ignored the Congressional Subpoena. (Contempt of Congress!?!) Now when Judge Moore defending the Ten Commandments stood on a lawful basis, fulfilling his appointed duty as supreme court judge - he was taken before a panel of judges and thrown out bang just like that. Judge Greer? He looks very safe in his position - after all he resisted Christians, Congress, the Senate, the President, the Governor of Florida, what is morally right and decent but he was a good lawman. He was just following the law. The policeman guarding Terri to make sure she starved to death and got not so much as a chip of ice on her swollen tongue - he was following orders. Where have I heard that before? How about Nazi Gen-nany?? The German military men, judges and lawyers who did Hitler's biding - they were following orders too and we hung them for it.

DID YOU KNOW ??? The genocidal madness that became Nazi Germany was not initiated by the Nazi's - not even by Hitler. Rather, it was the lawyers and doctors who made strong suggestions to the Nazi rulers that they needed to rid the nation of "useless eaters" and so began the murder

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The April, 2005 NET OF PRAYER REPORT April 3, 2045 DID YOU KNOW ???Continued of the mentally ill, the World War I veterans in hospitals (multiple amputees). The Nazi's started the campaign of mass murder but the street thugs, the murderers who filled the ranks of the Nazi S.A. now assigned to murder

people enmasse could not do it - they broke down weeping, losing their minds, having nervous breakdowns â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it was too inhumane even for a murderer, they could not do it. What did the Nazi's do? They hired the university educated to give them an efficient killing machine (concentration camp gas chambers and furnaces) - and they murdered millions without so much as a twinge of conscience.

Am I Being a bit Extreme? When I write that this was clearly a battle between "Christians and Satanists" - some might think that is a bit extreme. If you watch/listen to Bill O'Reilly on Fox TV News you will

hear him refer to this battle as being between "traditionalists versus secularists" and if you listen to some of the people he has on his show you will hear them refer to these "secularists" as being Marxists. The spirit behind Marxism is Satan. I'm not being extreme but blunt and direct, not sugar-coating the enemy with terms like "progressive", "Democrat", "Iiberal", "socialist", "Marxist" - rather I'm cutting to the chase - we are looking at Satan as the prime mover in all of this. The consequence of church decision to reject Jesus and His Word has empowered and loosed Satan and hell on earth and we are witnessing the surge of the enemy onto the national scene.

THE NUMBER#285 On March 28 th we were up in Colville at the house and this day the Washington Lottery drew a perfect version of #285 - I anticipated it would come and so we have collected $3,240 from the Washington lottery_ In our March 28, 2005 PROPHETIC ADVISORY for Spokane entitled "FAREWELL" (22 pages) - I wrote about it and shared this: Following the June 25, 2001 earthquake (3.7 Richter intensity) in Spokane I recognized that Jesus' Word of 1989 was unfolding before us and so I reviewed His Word from 1989. 1 saw in His Word that there would be another earthquake, much bigger and lethal, and that by His Word it was apparent that a certain number in the lottery would appear before it happened. JESUS said this: "...EXPECT TO SEE #285. EARTHQUAKES WILL REEMERGE IN THIS LOCALE WITH INCREASING INTENSITYAND FREQUENCY. AGAIN DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE WORMWOOD'S CAPACITY TO KILL." (JESUS to Chuck-

JOHNEL August 28, 1989)

Pale 9


April 4, 2005

THE NUMBER # 2 8 5((q

In the Year 2001

1h I perceived that the #285 would follow sometime after August 28 and it was drawn in the Washington Lottery on October 31, 2001 - we collected $1,080 from the lottery.

11 days after the #285 appeared a 4.0 Richter earthquake shook Spokane. JESUS' Angel referred to it as a "FORESHOCK" which I later understood to mean that fol lowing a #285 there would be an earthquake event, a foreshock, that would precede a major earthquake - the 6.4 Magnitude JESUS warned was coming. That major quake did not happen in 2001. Because we know the final church decision to reject JESUS' WORD came in November of 2003 - I discerned that the #285 would appear again, likely in the month of October, 2004. It did, it came on October 20, 2004 and we collected $3,940 from the Washington lottery funds that helped in the remodeling of the house in Colville. However, there was no foreshock as seen in 2001. Then a strange thing started to happen. The Washington lottery began drawing versions of #285 month by month as follows: Wednesday, October 20, 2004

#285 ($3,940 collected)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

#825 (nothing collected)

Monday, January 31, 2005

#258 (nothing collected)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

#852 (nothing collected)

The February 10, 2005 development was a bit different - we were up at the Colville house that day and not only did a version of #285 come but a 2.5 Magnitude quake shook some 60 miles south of Spokane. This got me thinking about what was happening and I drew some conclusions. WHAT DOES #285 MEAN?

First, the appearance of the number appears to be indication of demonic intent, attempts to get a double and set on the #285 of October 20, 2004. In Genesis 41: 32 a Law of God is revealed whereby when a thing is done twice it is established under God's Law and will shortly come to pass. The most literal and obvious meaning is that when this number appears we can expect

râ&#x2013;ş 4n r a e i u

I [ie P r!I, Luu '

r,1 [ Ji' rtiA Y Llt KJi YV K I

April 4, 2005

THE NUMBER # 2 8 5_(Continued) that earthquakes will re-emerge in this locale and that Wormwood will be involved in the troubles, meaning lives will be lost. I also see it as speaking in a more general sense that earthquakes will re-emerge elsewhere, that they will be intense and lives will be lost.

Page 1 up to this point (top of Page 10) are a re-print of the report issued to the Net of 'Pra y er on Apr il 3, 2005.

TO SUM IT THUS FAR: First 220 Da y s = March 29, 2004 an ECONOMIC JUDGMENT (Price of gasoline climbed to S 1.85/gallon)

SECOND 220 Days = March 28, 2005 a POLITICAL JUDGMENT (Terri Schiavo given last rites/judicial death sentence)

The next 2 20 Da y s will fall on March 27,28,29, 2006 and it will be either an INDUSTRIAL JUDGMENT or a JUDGMENT IN THE EARTH .

.A reminder on the ludament nn We observed, recorded and reported four consecutive 220 day periods from 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981. The first, in 1978, an economic judgment (inflation began to rise) was observed to grew more intense with time. Likewise we have seen the price of gasoline continue to spiral upwards since March 29, 2004 - today it is selling at around 52.30/gallon. The POLITICAL JUDGMENT, in my estimation, has to do with this death culture which America has embraced - at least half the church is pro-abortion and proved to be pro-death to Terri Schiavo (approving of the court decision). Down the road it will become accepted to simply put people to death who cease to have quality life as they estimate life to have quality as determined by the courts irrespective of any other branch of government or the people. We are observing the fruit of abortion coming to full bloom - a death culture now has rising power in America and this is the judgment of March 28-30, 2005.

Page lee

The Staff and Sword Ministry/ 220 Days Report


May 30, 2005

by Chuck-JOHNEL

I've decided to elaborate a little on this issue, this death culture that America and Americans have largely embraced (not all have). In the 1960's the Supreme Court banned prayer in the public schools across America and this has led to an academic collapse of the American public school system which includes a serious want or lack of discipline and an explosion of violence to say nothing of immorality (rising teenage disease and pregnancy). This madness was followed in the 1970's with the Supreme Court making the murder of the unborn in the womb not only legal but a "woman's right". Today the courts have worked to overturn the move of the U.S. Congress, Senate and President to make illegal late tern abortion (murdering a child as it's born). Back in the 1970's some warned that America was embarking on a slippery slope, one trodden by the Nazi's who progressively advanced from abortion to euthanasia to mass murder/genocide. Euthanasia is now legal in some states in America The Terri Schiavo case is an issue of life versus death and the powers that be weighed in on the side of death so to death America goes. That is the only possible conclusion. Some will cry: "Alarmist! There is no evidence that it will lead to large scale killing."

The trend from the time the Courts made prayer in the public schools illegal is clear and evident - it is an obvious move to eradicate Christianity from America and the methodology to accomplish this has now emerged as "Court ordered murder". I won't call it killing or mercy killing - it is murder, plain and simple. The German people under the Nazi rule were largel y ignorant of what the Nazi's were doing in the concentration camps. Indeed, the Nazi's concealed what they were up to because they knew it would not meet public approval by the German people as a whole so they did it on the sly. Some who learned and spoke out ended up in the concentration camps themselves and all the others were afraid to say anything if they knew. But in America the media, the government, the courts and the intellectuals have steadily, day by, day worn down the moral conscience of the America people to where most accept without fuss the notion of murder in the womb as being "ok", the idea of euthanasia as being a "good thing" and the murder of Terri Schiavo as "mercy."

rage zee

1 ne Starr ana Nwo ra iylin istry/

LLV Days Report

May 30, 2005

by Chuck-JOHNEL In the past years we have seen young people go on killing rampages in the public school system, a thing unheard of in the history of this nation - a thing springing from the death culture we are been brought to accept as "normal, legal." We have seen mothers slaughter their children in one situation after another, something contrary to the nature of a mother. The problem with accepting abortion in the womb as being lawful, the right of a woman, is that in the subconscious of a person they know that killing in the womb is really no different from killing out of the womb, so therefore killing their children is "ok." It is a madness but then abortion is at the root of that madness. All the medical pundits trying to explain why moms are killing their babies and their children miss the obvious - abortion is legal, death is lawful and life has no real value or meaning contrary to Christ's teachings. Of course when mothers murder their children, as one mom did in driving her car with her new born and her young son into a lake to drown, we arrest them and they go on trial. Horror of horrors - mom murdered her children - how can this happen? At the same time the murder mills (abortion clinics) are murdering babies by the hundreds every day across America. No one sees a connection? They are blind but with most it is willful blindness. FORTY MILLION BABIES ABORTED (MURDERED) since abortion was made legal by the Courts. We have 20 million illegals in the nation but the politicians say we need the labor, there is a labor shortage in America! Hmmm - do you think the murder of 40 million American babies might have anything to do with this labor shortage?!! Of course it does! Now we are facing an even greater crisis - the baby boomers are getting older and in ten years or so the Social Security System will be supporting I retired boomer with only 3 young people working to support the S.S. system. America will have TOO many old people, people with all sorts of medical needs which will put a terrible strain on the medical system. Solution!?! Terri Schiavo is the poster child for the coming mass murder of the aged by the courts they started this mess in the 1960s by banning prayer followed by legalizing murder (abortion) and happily encouraging euthanasia and now decreeing a woman's life as of no merit - put her down, starve her to death. They got the police to fulfill their orders, to make sure no one gave her so much as a wet cloth to ease her pain - after the order of the Nazi 5.5. and Communist Commissars - who happily followed orders and murdered millions. Everything is visibly in place for a mass genocide in America and the American people have largely accepted it. Terri Schiavo may be forgotten but the mechanism that murdered her is active, present, and ready to execute millions down the road of time. Few see what is happening/happened, and unlike the price of gas it won't be evident for awhile ut it is there and it is growing. End of report. TAJ ci-ti u (Af-

April 3rd, 2005: So What Happened March 28,29,30,2005  

4.) #285 drawn in Washington State Lotte ry (see notes further on in this report) 3.) Pope John Paul II unable to speak. I.) Terri Schiavo g...

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