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Prophetic Perspective y GC째"'"" 째" 7 r 11 Tax,+[

Written by: Chuck-JOHNEL

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in following after JESUS CHRIST I have had a variety of experiences with respect to the church and God's people, some pleasant, some injurious, some infuriating, some

encouraging - well, the range of encounters with the body of Christ is quite involved. From the time JESUS drew me to Himself (1969) to the time He sent me out of His church

(1975) to give His Word and call to repent and pray, He kept me insulated with Him in the Heavens for the better part of 6 years. It was a time during which 1 was solidly grounded in Christ and came to know Him intimately. In that time He taught me in the Heavens

imparting even more by His Spirit about things past and present and things to come. On many occasions He revealed things to happen, which did happen as He revealed. But in this time I was a closet intercessor and all these things were strictly between JESUS and me.

It was this six year period of being intimate and ve ry close to JESUS day by day, a time where I was not exposed to the harshness and man domination that abounds in His church that I came to not only know Him but to accept His Lordship in my life and delighted in being His friend. While unpacking and locating the various files and papers we have accumulated over the many past years I came on a letter sent to me on August 26, 1981 by the president of Christian Television in Chicago, a brother named Jerry Rose. I'm now led to share his letter on the next two pages and take a look at his comments, observations and conclusions in the light of day. I didn't respond to his letter since JESUS had led me to resign the ministry just weeks

before. This was mentioned in the Newsletter he refers to, which he obviously did not read. I share brother Rose's letter for a couple of reasons - (1) Because this is the leading of the Holy Spirit, to reflect on past developments and misconceptions on the pa rt of brethren at the time; and (2) To reflect on how JESUS' WORD of 1980 is apparent in brother Rose's letter, something which he missed (probably because he did not read the Newsletter he refers to). In one way Jerry Rose confirmed what JESUS told me in 1980, something I will explain later in this report. Following Jer ry Rose's letter I will share pa rt s of the August 14, 1981 Newsletter he is referring to and address some of his comments.

The Staff and Sword Minist Page 2 Pronhetic Perspective - Written fir: Chuck-JOHNEI

July 26, 2005

The WCFC TV Jerry Rose Letter o Au ust 26 1981 rote 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1325 n Chicago, Illinois 60606 '(312)977-3838 JERRY K. ROSE • President

CFCwTV August 26, 1981

Nlr. Chuck Youngbrandt P.O. Box x+ 59 Monroe, WI 53566 Dear Chuck: I received your most recent newsletter and quite frankly, I am concerned. I am not concerned because of the events described in your letter for two reasons: 1.

A prophet is known by the accuracy of his prophecy. In that sense you have already proven yourself to be a false prophet. Also, after having received a warning from you approximately 2 years ago, I brought my ministerial staff together, discussed your predictions with them and asked them to pray on the matter for three days and report to me what God was saying. After three days, the report was that they did not believe your predictions to be of God. Further, I checked on your ministry and discovered that you would not submit to a body, For but in spite of Godly counsel, had continued in your direction. these reasons, and others, I do not believe you to be a true prophet and do not believe your prophicies.


God has not given me a I am saved and baptised in the Holy Spirit. spirit of fear, but of a sound mind. He has called me to minister If an earthquake does come, to Chicago, not to run in fear from it. there will be a need for men of God to minister to the bruised, broken If in God's I would certainly want to be one of those. and fearful. providence He would allow me to suffer death, then I will be with Him for eternity.

No, the events are of little concern to me. My concerns are: 1. There are young Christians who are immature who may believe you concerned for them.

of Chicagoland, Inc. CHRIST/AN TELEVISION • Division of Christian Communications

I am

The Staff and Sword Ministry

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Prophetic Perspective

July 26, 2005

-Written b y : Gluck-.JQHNEL continued

The WCFC-TV Jerry Rose Letter of August 26 1981 QwiofliflUe41 Mr. Chuck Youngbrandt P.O. Box 459 53566 Monroe, Lll Page 2

2. 1 am concerne i s in error.


that you have gone so far off course. Your theology

My prayer is that God will help you to see youri error, repent and allow p of a strong, sound body Christ to once again lead you into the fellowsh of believers. fl Chris

Jeyry Rose P/esident


Unquote Jerry Rose's August 26 19 81 Letter While brother Rose's letter is not a fiery dart, it is not a sweet and kind letter either. Over other prophets are there the years I've been asked one question repeatedly, "How many I've come to recognize that the church in the U.S. today? " The answer is "Very few!" system of man is very adept at destroying God's prophets, getting at there when they are young and inexperienced and demanding they conform to their doctrines and definitions of what a prophet is to be and do to be a prophet. They lay burdens on young prophets that they themselves would never attempt to bear and those burdens crush the young prophets. joined the Except that JESUS kept me to Himself from 1969 to 1975 1 would have easily ranks of the demolished prophets who are incapable of functioning as God's prophets because of man's doctrines and theologies. This brother Rose's letter is indicative of the sugar-coated arsenic fed to JESUS' young prophets when they disapprove of them. On the next pages is a portion of the August 14, 1981 Newsletter Rose refers to. In 1981 we entitled those Newsletters, "I HAVE NOT DONE IN VA

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

Prophetic Perspective


July 26, 2005

- Written b: Chuck-JOHNEL(continued)


4apr notbanp in Vain n



AUGUST 14_ 1951


Thus sa ith the Lcrd.

It was in 1976 that we fussed with the Lord over giving timing for judgment; but obeyed Him and so gave what we understood about the timing of judgment first in the cassette tapes "A CALL TO A S", then later in these newsletters. By 1978 we made the mistake of 'leaning to our understanding' of the timing of judgment, and while there were a lot of reasons why we did this, none-the -less, we leaned to our understanding In July 1979 we saw our error, we could hardly miss it by then, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit began what is now a two year effort to Stand on the Word of God, to observe event& of judgment, to Prove Gods Word (quite scriptural) in light of events, and to work at grasping, understanding just how the timing of this judgment works and just where we were in that "Judgmen Timing. " There were a lot of "possibilities" - it could be that prayer or a change in the hearts of Gods people had in 1979 caused the judgment to be suspended, even cancelled. It was possible that the judgment Jesus spoke of was for 'many years later", even for another generation. It was possible that it would happen in the next year or next few years. But we were led by the Holy Spirit to make a " careful search and inquiry" ( I Peter 1:14-12) and to "KNOW" which of these and other "Possibilities" applied. Today, this ministry led by the very Spirit of God, with this issue marks a definite and clear change in direction. For the last two years of "careful search and inquiry" have borne abundant fruit, for the Spirit of God has revealed which of the possibilities is the reality. • TIMING: In THE SLAIN (page 129) we wrote: Quote "The key to understanding timing of this world wide judgment rests with "four" things: (1) A Fundamental belief in God's Word as being God's Word. (2) A Resolve to prepare ourselves with prayer and fastings for what's coming, to place ourselves, our trust wholly in Jesus Christ and to make such Spiritual and Physical preparations as the Lord would direct us to make. (3) To "MATCH AND WATT" on certain key events that signal THE Beginnings of severe judgment. (4) To be determined to persist in praying for whatever MERCY is obtainable and be willing to accept any delays in judgment as answers to prayer rather than complain about Gods merc3

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Prophetic PAGE 2

The Sta ff and Sword Ministry Perspective - written by chuck-JoHNEL(continued) -in

y ISSUE NBH 19 .., ..•.+ rerrr .' .....

July 26, 2005

AUGUST 14, 1981

P H A F A R E (continued from page 1) a scriptur e us were given er of christi mb GodcsaidrtonHishis Again, it was in 197$ that a nu en a is : "Habakkuk Chapter 1, verses 2 and 3. a er

e t see it and rush to wa rn judgment, which rophet that God's Word should be made plain so that any ments woulnot happe others. Then, the Lord said that these judg said teIYHEbut that Then slowly and surely they would approach fulfillment. for all these things would came to if judgment seemed slow in coming, and NOT TO u3SE IIEA,


alway l From July 1979 we stood exclusively on the Lords Word - we stil wedo,^ rldal stand on His Word, and net our understanding. Fey two years have h come to understand the timing of judgment and to be vary frank ntewa derst,nandttu degrees ry ing L The ord led us to project on given events in va re arriving at these dates and often openly share with all that wanted to know just how we we

to review just what did or did not happen and why. His purpose in this was to embolden us and teach you - not how to understand timing, but how to stand on His Word whether ors not su Was our understanding of it proved exactly right, part right or all wrong. Je d your or and is teaching His Body to be more mature in the way they regard His Spokenit. Wor he ,oph is and all of us) should approach it, to rightly understand i and how they (you t, by Faith, is by us, by the Holy simple - Jesus Christ is God and Hi s Word received by 5e=gist And that as we P perfect although our understanding is only 'partial'. isteby ad Ala Word with Christ love, we will ri g tly His Word, willing to receive time either urged or blasted us for constantl y^ for some but A number of friends and critics have judgments. We persisted not out of st ^essdersto for im warning, constantly giving te-nga d o we e to Christ. We knew that He 'Knew what He was doing out of obedienc e ed and wondered;for after all, we are but man, He is God: 9b y but often we siz in the Lord is DEADLY U ELIEF In the Septelaber 1, 1979 issue ten, we wrote: "Unbelief n But if we see UN'BELISy us, to varying degrees, springing out of the Adamic nature n all of me thing in the light of the fact that it is also FAITH IN SATAN, we see how deadly it is - so moved by it Ve are where we cannot allow to creep into Our thoughts or let get hidden in us

unknowingly." unquote a loving We give this as

warning, for sadly many will NOT BELIEVE Gads Word for many reasons e I have been receiving Jesus Word now for very

but to these it will result in terribl loss. wondered, how -the4as ooften f will nearly eleven years, and though many times I've not understood, some hav ed years, we has always proven out. Time and time again over the many g some even repenting and receive Gods Word on judgment, then be talked out of it by of it and then would watch as their lives would come apart.


T: Now we have said mach in this article and will say a little more T H E 14 A I N P0 IN this issue marks a definite transition from WARNINGS main point is that in another, but the Henceforth, as the Lord directs we may warn but the focus of these letters to PREPARATION l now be on preparing. wi l

n is in the last I can state it Simply - Jesus has told us that the understandi g of timing in the last year thus we look at what Jesus said FIVE YEARS AGO y five years, but especiall Lords Word of August 4, 1977 given The later. as applying to FOUR (4) and FIVE (5) yearsrecent st August points Word, Hi n 981 s 4t on page 1 of this issue and defined by WAugust a the v tsoto a year ip 4, 1982. We have seen this since very early

the STAFF AND SWORD which is a literal blueprint fo d n . efforts towards PREPARING the HolySpirit tu ^ t a our SUE That we are now so clearly a is here, says much. How much time before judgment comes in full is NOT THE IS , judgment e nee d is s as never before. The Ireatesti its NOW, and we must begin preparing ourselv d is for Spiritual preparation - for one may have food stocks and everything @ trusting in Him, to handle s know how to 'overcome' trials by Faith in Christ, to go day by day will ^e shocks that are coming with an abiding peace in Christ - all the physical preparation we have a time of grace before it comes in fulness, add up to a big 'Zero'. JUDGMENT IS HERE, kind of but we do not have time to waste or take it easy - the Body of Christ sadly l a ks she LY to handle whats coming, and that we are led by the preparation SPIRITUAL on. We now begin the work Jesus gave us in 1977, for this is the time. God Bless. RAND!, TONI, and CHUCK

(This article "PREP.ARE" was written by Chuck)

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

July 26, 2005


On July 17, 1981 JESUS instructed me to quit the Ministry and to rest. Years of wear and tear, much of it false accusations and personal attacks added to working very long hours with little rest for the past five years had worn me down. My health was at risk.

When I stood aside of the Ministry work July 17, 1981 in a matter of hours disaster struck the new Kansas City Hotel which collapsed on partying celebrants. Steel girders crashed down on the dance floor crushing 113 to death causing blood to gush ankle deep across the dance floor. Another 189 were seriously injured. This was a literal fulfillment of what JESUS told me in 1980, but even so it was only a foretaste of worse to come. The letter from brother Rose was a revelation of the kind of "work" going on behind the scenes to remove me, a hidden factor which JESUS had revealed which led to my resignation July 17, 1981. I note that Jerry Rose wrote, "No, the events are of little concern to me... " I have found among the church leaders abundant examples of how little they are concerned for the well being of God's people. In a previous Newsletter (July, 1981) I reported both my resignation and the consequences, blood running ankle deep in Kansas City. Did Rose read that? If he did, it did not concern him. This attitude, so common among church leaders, has always angered me as it makes it clear that they care more about their doctrines and theology than the lives and well being of God's people.

Is a Prophet known by the accuracy of his prophecy? If that is a scriptural truth then Jonas would be called a false prophet since Nineveh was not "overthrown" in forty days (Jonah 3: 4). More, the whole book of Joel is considered an unfulfilled prophecy - yet to happen. Obviously there is no clear scriptural basis for stating that a prophet is known by the accuracy of his prophecy.

The Staff and Sword Ministry

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Prophetic Perspective

July 26, 2005

-Written by: Chuck-JOHNEL continued

I have noted over the past years that many who attack me as being a false prophet do they much quote scriptures but also ignore the more obvious message ofscripture think about what the scripture actually says. ON PROPHETIC ACCURACY: In Deuteronomy 13:1-13 it speaks of a "prophet" who gives a sign or a wonderwhich comes to pass - that they are riot to hearken to them if they would lead the people to go after other gods. Accuracy does not mean a hill of beans under certain circumstances nor is it necessarily a proving point for prophets. "When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord y , thou shalt not be hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuousl afraid of him." DEUTERONO


18: 22: Here it states,

y The word "presumptuousl " basically means to overstep proper bounds - a behavior not uncommon in young prophets who are learning the ropes. This verse does not identify presumptuous prophets as being false prophets (the conclusion drawn by many church leaders); rather it advises that we are NOT to be afraid of them. Contrariwise, "if' the prophets word comes to pass we are to "fear them" for they are speaking God's Word. You never hear that view from church leaders - which is equally valid.

But what if many of the things a prophet gives in prophesy comes to pass and then some do not come to pass - what do you do with a mixed bag - some things happening and some things not happening? In 1979 I was contacted by a minister from California who traveled to Chicago to visit with me. He recognized that I was Jesus' prophet and told me that his understanding of scripture indicated that if ten things a prophet prophesied comes to pass that he/she is a genuine prophet. While he never told me what scriptures he based that view on he did tell me that by 1979, two years after I began ministering Jesus' Word nationwid, that by then well over ten things I'd prophesied had come to pass - he kept record and made this observation. Now JESUS had quite specifically told me in 1977 (shared on the cover page ofthe August 14, 1981 Newsletter) that my understanding of timing was off. Did brother Rose notice that? obviously not.


That they were working, as JESUS stated in 1980 to, is apparent in Jerry Rose's letter - so his letter served as confirmation of what JESUS told

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The Staff and Swo rd Ministry

Prophetic Perspective

July 27, 2005

- Written &v: Chuck-JOHNEL (continued)

BROTHER TERRY ROSE AND OTHER CHURCH LEADERS... continued me in 1980. In 1989 I was invited to visit and speak to a church group in Spokane (we lived in Burlington, Washington at that time) headed by JESUS' Prophet Royal Cronquist. This invite surprised me in that I knew Royal was aware of my proximity to his home and I had sent him copies of Newsletters on and off for years without so much as a hint of any interest. When we arrived Royal asked me to extend the Seal of the Living God to all of his congregation and he himself as well - another surprise. Later, talking with Royal privately, he told me something that was a bit amazing. Royal told us (Nancy-TONI and I) that all he had heard about me from church leaders around the United States (he was well connected) was nothing but evil, so for that reason he simply avoided any contact as the verdict of the church leadership in America was that I was evil to the core, a servant of Satan and an enemy of God. This statement was not a surprise in that wherever I traveled it was normal to encounter hostility from local church leaders. No one knew me but if I showed up in their town they all knew of me. I used to say, "I'm the best known unknown prophet in America. "

Royal then told me something a bit stunning, he indicated that he began hearing from members of his congregation "good things" about me which got him to wondering. He began to pray daily asking JESUS about me but got no answer and so he persisted in prayer day by day, hour by hour. He told that he prayed for over 600 hours before he got God's answer and that was that He sent me into this world and that I was His Prophet. Royal was shocked by that revelation by the Spirit of God and fearful knowing that church leaders all over America spewed hatred and rejection of God's Prophet, one He sent. "DO NOT SEEK TO WITHSTAND THE JUDGMENT. MEN OF SOME AUTHORITY HAVE WORKED TO REMOVE YOU FROM THE SCENE - SO NOW, STAND ASIDE UNTIL BLOOD RUNS ANKLE DEEP...AS THEY ACCUSE YOU OF EVIL THEY ACCUSE ME." (JESUS to Chuck-JOHNEL August 7, 1980) In September, 1985 America's church leaders represented by 20 pastors in Corpus Christi,

Texas rejected JESUS' WORD which required that I "STAND ASIDE" on September 17, 1985. JESUS had me stand in the Gulf of Mexico facing Mexico when I did this - the decision of His church in 1985. A major earthquake (8.1 Richter intensity) struck Mexico City, Mexico on September 19, 1985 killing 20,000 - BLOOD RAN ANKLE DEEP again.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

Prophetic Perspective

July 27, 2005

- Written b y : Chuck-JOHNEL continued

BROTHER JERRY ROSE AND OTHER CHURCH LEADERS... continued In 2001 following a "final church leaders' " decision JESUS required that we "STAND ASIDE" July, 2001 facing California. We knew it meant disaster for America big time and forecasted that sometime after August 28, 2001 a disaster would strike America, buildings would collapse (as seen in 1981 and 1985 when I had to "STAND ASIDE") and Americans would perish. Then came September 11, 2001 - buildings in New York City, Washington, DC. burned and crumbled leaving 3,000 dead in the wake of that demonic attack - loosed by the church. "BLOOD RAN ANKLE DEEP." But brother Rose expressed the view held by most all of these church leaders across America, "No, the events are of little concern to me. " But America was now a war.

BEING NON-SPECIFIC Brother Rose writes, " have alreadyproven yourself to be afalse prop het. " Ok, what is he referring to specifically? In fact, he gives no specifics but rather he simply makes a blanket statement and there is no way I could respond. His comment is a conclusion without basis in any fact and in truth he ignores a lot of facts. By August of 1981 we had a considerable array of prophesied events that had come to pass visibly, not the least was the eruption and explosion of Mount Saint Helen's volcano in 1980. Rose adds, "Also, after having received a warning from you approximately two years ago... " He is referring to the warnings and call to pray 1 sent out in May of 1979 warning of a potential major earthquake in Chicago on July 5, 1979. That earthquake did not develop but prayer was the main reason why it didn't happen. THE JULY 5 1979 DATE: From completion of the 30 day journey to Washington D.C.

from Chicago, Illinois in 1977 we (Cliff Collins and myself) received clear and abundant revelation of coming judgment and God's Commission to warn the church in America with a call to pray and to repent and pray. In 1977 Cliff and I worked out a timing structure for some of these major judgments to

happen - days and months based on JESUS' Word. We next worked to attach the "year" for those events and in this JESUS told us our timing was off. Problem was that many of the things He told us would come began to happen starting in 1977. Being "green prophets" (inexperienced) we tended to draw conclusions based on our understanding as opposed to relying wholly on JESUS' Word - we tended to believe the two were the same ("our understanding" and "His Word"), but they were not the same.

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The Staff and S wo rd Ministry

July 27, 2005

Prophetic Perspective -Written by: Chuck-JOHNEL (continued) BEING NON-SPECIFIC (continued) Both Cliff and I concluded after going over JESUS Word that the monster earthquake would hit the Midwest on a July 5 th . In 1979 we believed it would happen on July 5, 1979. Two factors entered the picture in 1979 that would seriously compromise me as Jesus' prophet: (1) Betrayal and (2) The weakness/strength of a joint ministry. Joint Ministr y : When two or more prophets work under the same anointing the HOLY SPIRIT tends to divide the revelation among the different members. This requires that all the prophets of that joint ministry share openly what JESUS is revealing to them. Without this open sharing' some may end-up working with a partial revelation and that can lead to disaster at times. Towards the end of 1978 Cliff and I recognized through JESUS' Word a sequence of events that would lead to the monster earthquake in Chicago - this being an earthquake first in IOWA followed 30 days later by an earthquake in BOSTON, followed a time later by an earthquake in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and that would lead to the earthquake in CHICAGO - July 5`h. Cliff discerned that the Iowa quake would happen on March 19, 1979 although JESUS' initial Word spoke of January (not March). We published this projection indicating that following such a quake in Iowa that Boston would have a quake 30 days later or on April 17, 1979. Then a quake in southern California by the end of June, 1979. This was openly published in 1978 and in early 1979. JESUS gave me specific instructions to call the church in the Chicago land area (and elsewhere) to pray for God's mercy against these judgments. I undertook this Commission with some fervor and would write a call to prayer and sent it out to 10,000 churches in Chicago and the surrounding areas (Detroit, Columbus, St. Louis, etc.). Dozens of volunteers helped address the envelopes, the cost in postage was fairly significant but we had the funds necessary to do this work. I was engaged to the hilt and wholly focused on stirring up as much prayer as was possible - I held nothing back but gave it my all. BETRAYAL: JESUS sent me on a trip to San Diego, California, then Spokane, Washington in February of 1979. In this time GOD THE FATHER told me something I didn't know how to receive and that was that Cliff had become His enemy. Did I hear that right? Was there something I was missing in His Word? Then some brethren in North Carolina told me that when Cliff and 1 had spoken to their group back months earlier that

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The S taff and Sword Ministry Perspective - Written b y : Chuck-JOHNEL continued

July 27, 2 005

BEING NON-SPECIFIC - BETRAYAL (continued): they saw JESUS standing behind me and that I was filled with Christ's Light but Cliff, in sharp contrast, was covered in darkness. Cliff was not only my prophet partner but a close friend and I took these revelations as being attempts by the enemy to cause a division between us. I remembered what GOD THE FATHER told me in February 1979 but was unable to accept it - there was no visible evidence in any wise that Cliff had become the enemy of God. Unknown to me (although I did receive reports but disregarded them as being in error)

Cliff had been working secretly since February 1979 to undermine and so to destroy the ministry and in that he worked to destroy my credibility to the church. By early June 1979 many things happened but Cliff's response bewildered me. Christians living in Iowa reported that they felt the earth shake on March 19, 1979. While the quake was very minor it was felt and though there was no seismological evidence of the quake too many people felt it to be ignored. Then 30 days later, April 17, 1979, Boston was shaken by a fairly strong quake (4.1 Richter) - the strongest felt in over ten years. It was headlines in the Boston Globe (the Boston Globe news desk told me this when I called to confirm that the quake happened). But Cliff was adamant that there had been no Iowa quake on March 19, 1979 regardless of what Christians felt/experienced because there was no scientific evidence of it. Then when the Boston quake happened on April 17, 1979 he refused to believe my report unless he saw a copy of the Boston newspaper headlines. I was a bit stunned as he was accusing me of lying. Cliff's behavior was bewildering. Next Cliff invited me to visit a local Evangelist with him and I showed up only to find myself in a kangaroo court. The Evangelist had his elders present and I was soundly attacked for giving false prophecy for some hours - Cliff sat silent and tended to agree with the Evangelist. On reflection I realized that Cliff had set me up for this nasty confrontation. The Evangelist (Reverend Bert) asserted that the Iowa quake did not happen March 19, 1979 as there was no seismological evidence . More, since the earthquake to shake Boston on April 17, 1979 had its epicenter in nearby Maine, it was not a true Boston earthquake it didn't count. I asked Reverend Bert, "if a major earthquake hits St. Louis and knocks down half of Chicago in the process, would you say there had been no earthquake in Chicago? He replied firmly, "Yes. " Cliff would shortly admit that he had been working behind the scenes for some months to undermine the ministry and to bring discredit on me as well. It turned out that a number of ministers had promised to support Cliff in his own ministry, to back him, if he helped

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

July 27, 2005

Prophetic Perspective - Written by: Chuck-JOHNEL (continued) BEING NON-SPECIFIC - BETRAYAL (continued): destroythis ministry and me - to which he agreed.

THE CROWNING BLOW: In early June of 1979 while I was building up resolutely to issue a call to prayer everywhere against the July 5, 1979 earthquake in Chicago - and was uncertain if prayer could stop it or not. Then a strong earthquake shook southern California at the end of June, 1979 - this third event stunned many who had been skeptical and prayer surged forwards as a result - the date of July 5, 1979 for a major earthquake in Chicago looked about certain to happen. I was NOT convinced it would happen but committed to call for prayer as JESUS Commissioned me seeking mercy and God's help against the earthquake of July 5, 1979. What I didn't know was that my prophet partner, Cliff, had received a Word from JESUS in early June, 1979 before I had committed myself to the hilt in calling for prayer about July 5th, that there would be no earthquake July 5, 1979 in Chicago. Cliff would later tell me that he deliberately withheld that revelation to the ends of demolishing my credibility with God's people. JESUS would later tell me that prayer had cancelled the earthquake, and that the prayer He led me to stir-up had saved countless lives and gotten this nation a reprieve. Brother Rose's, "Also, after having received a warning from you approximately two years ago... " in his letter of August 26, 1981 left a lot out of the picture. Did he know any of this? Maybe the better question is, "Did he want to know at all? " I have seen and experienced that when the thing Jesus tells me comes to pass before their eyes they reject it regardless. One comment I've heard more than once has been, "Oh, it was just a lucky guess on his part. "

BROTHER ROSE GOES ON TO SAY: (Quote Brother Rose) "Further, I checked on your ministry and discovered that you would not submit to a body, but in spite of Godly counsel, had continued in your direction... " (Unquote) That comment was not true - there had been no such Godly counsel nor was I unwilling to be in submission to the body of Christ. Many years later (well over twelve years later) I would hear the same comment coming from brethren in the Pacific Northwest who heard

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The Staff and Swo rd Ministry

July 27, 2005

Prophetic Perspective - Written b y : Chuck-JOHNEL_(continud) BROTHER ROSE GOES ON TO SAY (continued): it coming from brethren in the Midwest who claimed to know me (they didn't). In this Ministry in Christ I'm in general submission to the Ministry Prayer Leaders and the body of believers on the mailing list as well, often time submitting JESUS' Word for their discernment. While JESUS has led me to be in general submission to His Body on earth (through the Ministry Prayer Leaders and the Body on the mailing list in general) HE made it plain to me many years ago that I can only be in submission to Him, JESUS CHRIST. Submitted to Elder Ray in Illinois: I first submitted to Ray, elder of the prayer group I belonged to in Des Plaines, Illinois. Thereafter Ray began to exhibit strange behavior which became a fierce hostility to me as Jesus' prophet and to me personally. I finally withdrew from that body of believers because of the intense, if not irrational, abuse from Ray who seemed consumed by the desire to drive me out and away. Submitted to Pastor Eddy of Pittsburgh: A fellow prophet who I met on the 30 day

journey in 1977. This too went very bad as Eddy began to become abusive and hostile towards me and Cliff and I withdrew being submitted to him as a result. Submitted to Pastor Win of Indiana: A sweet brother who had a well known deliverance ministry became hostile towards me personally not long after I submitted to him. I withdrew my submission. The Problem? JESUS had given me an anointing with His Commission to stand in the GAP for the nation. When I submitted to any man that burden of my responsibility before God fell on their shoulders. As I could not convey my anointing to them, therefore they only bore the horrific weight of the responsibility I had before God - it was crushing, it drove them nearly mad. All they could do is work to drive me away. JESUS had taught me years ago to NOT submit to anything except love. When brethren, who I was submitted to, became abusive (unloving) I tolerated it for a time and when it could not be worked out I then simply withdrew. One Christian told me that she had asked the Lord to "experience" my responsibility before GOD. JESUS told her that He would only allow her to experience it for a split second, a millisecond. She reported to me that in that millisecond she was almost crushed by the weight of the responsibility I had before GOD. She said it was both awesome and

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

July 27, 21105

Prophetic Perspective - Written by: Chuck-JOHNEL (continued) frightening at the same time. That report helped me understand why I had been unable to submit to those church leaders. They probably didn't understand it but they all acted the same way -and not just a little crazy.

4(I resigned why did I write the August Newsletter? July 17,1981 after resigning I turned over the Ministry, lock, stock and barrel to Randy and Toni-DEBORAH. I wrote the cover article and parts of the August 14, 1981 Newsletter entitled: "PREPARE" to help them in the transition, thereafter I was out of the Ministry. However, much of that August 14, 1981 Newsletter was written by Randy and his wife Doreen who were working to get a handle on the ministry work.

Why did I have Madison, Wisconsin mailing address in 1981? In 1981 I was given a house, barn, chicken coop, a road house and a huge shed with a goodly number of acres of land in Wisconsin. My wife then, Jolanta, would not receive the place so I moved the Ministry records into the road house and occupied the gift. I obtained a Post Office box in nearby Madison, Wisconsin for mail. The house, land and aII was sold out from under me some months later and I was given instructions to pack-up and leave.

THE STRATEGIC SPIRITUAL WAR OF 1981-1982 STOPPING NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III In November of 1979 the HOLY SPIRIT took me up and placed me inside the Kremlin where I overheard the Communist leaders talking about a super secret plan for war involving the Middle East and U.S.A. and being ready for all out Nuclear World War Ill. On JESUS' direction I warned the government (President, Vice President, Congressmen and Senators) of the Soviet war plan calling for prayer and alertness. I called church leaders across the U.S. to pray about this knowing that prayer could stop it - if enough prayed now before it was too late. I plain wore myself out working this way month in and month out but without not so much as a response or comment from any. Working with Randy, a young prophet, we discerned that the enemy would launch their plan for war on August 2-4, 1982 starting in the Middle East. It would escalate and lead to all out Nuclear War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Zero response from the church and church leaders, zero response from the government - we were wholly ignored.

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July 27, 2005

The Staff and Sword Ministry

Prophetic Perspective

- Written by: Chuck-JOHNEL (continued)



By June of 1981 my health was failing from working long hours (18-22 hours a day) and enduring a cascading torrent of attacks, criticism and false accusations from brethren, to say nothing of decline in Ministry support - I was worn out. JESUS required that I resign the Ministry and "STAND ASIDE" in conformity to the church decision to reject JESUS' Word and call to prayer. The Lord made it clear to me that unless I got rest I would perish from this world. Frankly, at the time, I didn't care and I fussed with JESUS about resigning. But on July 17, 1981 I resigned the Ministry and stood aside according to the church decision. OUT OF THE MINISTRY - PRAISE THE LORD! No more nasty telephone calls at all hours of the day and night, no pressure or confrontations - I was in a quiet harbor and out of the stormy sea prophets endure. I had ti me to pray, read my Bible, play with my children and now had time and opportunity to repair my marriage. In September, 1981 Randy and Toni-DEBORAH both resigned the Ministry. They could not keep it up and left. It didn't matter to me, I was out and had no desire, not even a little bit of interest, to get back into the fray. JESUS had made me to stand in the GAP for this nation - when I stood aside that left the door open `In The Spirit'. I "knew" something terrible was coming through but it was no Ionger my problem. OCTOBER, 1981 CALLED BACK: I was walking back to my Chicago apartment having bought milk from the local 7/11 when JESUS spoke to me calling me back to the

Ministry. JESUS revealed that a massive demon army had invaded this world through the GAP I was required to stand aside of and were empowered to trigger Nuclear World War III unless they were engaged in battle `In The Spirit' and stopped. JESUS then gave me explicit visions of whole nations being laid waste and left nuclear wastelands, dead and uninhabitable. My reaction surprised me, but not JESUS. I fired back to the effect,

"They want war, let

them have war- it is not my pro blem. "JESUS asked me to return to the Ministry and to call

the Net of Prayer to take on the armor of God and move `In The Spirit' under His direction to do battle with this massive demon army. JESUS then revealed a massive demon army marching into the U.S. `In The Spirit.' The demon army was 3,000 miles long and 300 miles wide packed with demons in the form of a broken cross (the peace symbol minus the circle). It looked like every demon in hell was there.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

Prophetic Perspective

July 27, 2005

- Written b y : Chuck-JOHNEL continued

1981-1982 STOPPING NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III (continued) I was not willing to return to the ministry, I'd rather hug a bale of barbed wire than do that. My objections were heard and then I asked JESUS, "Why don't you find someone else down here to do Your Will. "JESUS stunned me when, in effect, He said this, "YOU ARE

THE ONLY ONE WITH THE ANOINTING TO DO THIS WORK, IF YOU DO NOT DO IT THEN IT WILL NOT BE DONE. NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III WILL COME." One reason why I was unwilling to return is that I knew that if I did it would mean the end of my marriage and I'd lose everything. However, lastly, I was willing to do this for JESUS' sake. I returned to the Ministry and 100 intercessors volunteered to move `In The Spirit' to do battle with that demon army from hell. The massive battle In The Spirit' began in November, 1981 and concluded in January, 1982. Standing in Christ, the Net of Prayer with 144,000 warring Angels of God demolished the hosts of hell. Destroying the demon army meant the powerto cause Nuclear World War III was eliminated and the enemy plan would surface like debris from a sunken submarine. In June of 1982 Israel suddenly invaded Lebanon and overran Tyre and Sidon. Here the Israeli army discovered that the Soviets had dug underground bays for special submarines and had been transporting war materials since 1979 - enough to equip an army of 500,000 to 1,000,000 soldiers. Using special equipment, the Soviet Communists

had dug 40 miles of interconnecting tunnels and storage rooms - in one room a whole fleet of helicopters was found. In a special room the Israeli's discovered secret Soviet documents of a plan to have Arafat cause a war with Israel after which the Soviet Union would fly in 1,000,000 troops and, after equipping them from the stored underground weapons, would invade and destroy Israel. The Soviets were also planning to deploytheir submarine attack force to the U.S. - ready for an all out nuclear attack on America if the

U.S. responded to their invasion of Israel.

When would they start this war? August 2, 1982 - the date we had discerned back in 1980. In fact, the whole Soviet plan and operation was set in motion just a day after I had seen the Soviet leaders planning this war in the Kremlin on November 14, 1979. In this time the Net of Prayer grew to 380 intercessors - God required 300 intercessors to withstand judgment - we had 380. Many Net of Prayer intercessors were thrilled to see

how their prayers and warfare had prevented Nuclear World War III and many went to their pastors with the good and exciting news. Many of those pastors utterly rejected this revelation and as a result the Net of Prayer lost nearly 1/3rd of its intercessors - we fell below the required 300. The letter from Jerry Rose had only one objective-to do harm to me, to assail, injure and destroy me. I meant to respond to him but the opportunity did not avail itself until now.

July 26th, 2005: Prophetic Perspective  

imparting even more by His Spirit about things past and present and things to come. On many occasions He revealed things to happen, which di...

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