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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer September 8. 2012 File: Net of Pra y er August 2012 Report



Events `In The Spirit' Friday, August 24. 2012 The Lord leads me to pull the line back to the half way point in Zone #819. A cloud covers the whole area, which we can see through but to the enemy it is a dense cloud they cannot see into. Later the demons advance into the fog, coming fast and in a tight formation. Suddenly there are explosions, the mine field is set-off and demons go flying hither and yon, horns and tails skyward. The front of the demon formation is shattered - they stop.

Events `In The Spirit' Saturdays_ August 25, 2012 The enemy is busy re-forming their lines and re-grouping after being shattered by the prayer mines yesterday. Shortly they begin pressing hard and push us back, from

the air we look like a tire (see sketch #4 on the next page) that is extended in a huge bubble. The advanced-most enemy units are within a short distance of the outer (eastern) edge of Zone #819.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

September 8. 2012

Events `fin The Spirit' Saturday, August_25 2012 (Continued) From my aerial view, I note that the demons on the right and left flanks are forward moving, none are watching their flanks. This is like waving a red flag at a bull.

I see the opportunity and pray, asking JESUS if we can take them on. JESUS gives the "OKAY." I pull together from reserves, 100,000 in The Spirit' Intercessors (they are from everywhere: Germany, Russia, Italy, China, Asia, Africa, etc.). We form up in two armies, one to the right and one to the left of the bulge pointing towards the Wall. Our aim is to set in motion a pincer move of our own and to encircle the forces stemming from the Wall to the outer edge of Zone #819. Trap them, and once they are separated from the main body, they will be easy to wipe out. Late in the day we launch the attack., Archangel Gabriel commands the forces on the right, I command the forces on the left - we begin to drive into the demon flanks. (See sketch #5 on the next page).

Events `In The

Spirit' Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fighting all night tii the morning, we have driven deep into the enemy formation but they are now beginning to withdraw to the west to avoid being trapped or encircled.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

September 8. 2012

Events `In The Spirit' Sunda August 26 2012 Continued We will "bag" (trap) a goodly number of demons but the bulk will escape to the west.

Events of August 25-26, 2012

Events `In The Spirit' Monday' August 27, 2012 A Demon Principality Taken and Destroyed We meet Archangel Gabriel and his forces, cutting off the remaining demons. We have "bagged" approximately 7 million demons. That means that 7 million+ lives will be spared certain death. We are in the process of wiping out those demons that we have cut off, with God's help. I learn that a demon prince is in that number. JESUS instructs me to destroy it with all the others, none are to be taken prisoner. It is dispatched on the spot. It was a defiant creature. The enemy is busy regrouping and forming up for another attack. They are not likely

to leave their flanks open or exposed as they had. More or less they are starting off where they started from on August 18th, the outer edge of Zone #819.

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Events `In The Spirit' Monday,, August 27, 2012 (Continued) This evening the lots drew #448 - the Zone behind zone #339 which is directly behind the zone #819 the main fighting line. The battle unit stopped the enemy advance at about the half way point. Demon bodies litter the ground all along the south side of zone #844 up to the stop point. The N.G.P. Battle Unit of IMMANUEL Prayer Group did an excellent work of stopping this massive attack. Again, the prayer mine system shattered their initial attack, we would be hard pressed if it were not for this prayer mine system. Thank you HOLY SPIRIT for that revelation.

Events `in The Spirit' Tuesda y - Wednesday, August 28-29, 2012 I switch my view to the big picture, the whole of the Broken Cross zones, praying and asking the Lord to skew me what is going on. Lucifer's attack into zone #844 caught me by surprise as I was in the battle line when it happened. Nancy-TONI, Cathy-MARTHA and other N.Q.P. Prayer Leaders are engaging the enemy which presses hard but they are holding the line, and though being moved back by inches, they are taking a toll of demons. By the 29`" they are being forced back to the eastern edge of zone #819.

Events `In The Spirit' Thursday, August 30, 2012 Zone #819 Falls The enemy has created a huge bulge, placing our units to the north and south in an exposed position. Nancy-TONI and Cathy-MARTHA order a general withdraw1 to a new solid line in Zone #339. This is precarious because the enemy occupies the northern half of zone #844 which is behind (east of) zone #339. This requires deployment of reserves to the northern flank and the eastern rear areas where the enemy has forces. OVERALL: I note that Lucifer's forces are positioned to the northern side of each zone to our rear: zones #339, #844, #360 and #100. Zone #100 has massed demon forces to both the northern and southern side of that zone - this is where they are likely to attack next. When? I do not know. Zone #819 has fallen 100% to the beast's demon armies.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Pra y er

Events `In The Spirit' Thursday,August 30 2012

Seotemher 8. 7[] 1 7

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demons can begin to come through to the third dimension but in ve ry small numbers. They come through much like condensation comes through a barrier of glass. Their main area whereby they (demons) can enter directly in this world, into the third dimension, is from zone 4100. C^


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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

September 8. 2012

Events `In The Spirit' Friday, August 31., 2012 At about Ipm I'm drawn `In The Spirit' and from an overview see Lucifer's demons attacking from both the northern and southern side of zone #100. They rush in and are met with the exploding prayer mines, many demons are blown to bits but directly behind them a second force presses through the destroyed demon bodies and attacks the NOP Battle Unit. I can see that they are hard pressed to hold the line (they occupy the central areas of zone # 100). I direct reserves to join in the fight and bolster their numbers, the fighting is intense but the line holds. Lucifer's demons stop the attack at this point and occupy about half of zone # 100: one section of the northern part, one section of the southern part. (See Sketch #7 on next page). Most of our reserves are committed to battle but I doubt if Lucifer will try a flanking attack on zone #339, our numbers here are considerable. It is clear that they are working to cut off our line of retreat east to Bethel. If they can isolate us, they have a better shot at taking down Bethel. I need to seek the Lord JESUS as to what to do next. Hold and fight, or begin withdrawing east, or counter-attack or?

Events `In The Spirit' Saturday, September 1, 2012 JESUS speaks to me in answer to my question and says: "COUNTER-ATTACK" I have about 22,000 Intercessors and Angels with me but this task will require more than we have. I ask JESUS about this and the Lord tells me we can draw 50,000 Intercessors from our Prayer Army to the west (The King's Prayer Army). Thirty thousand will attack the south-most corridor of demons, while the twenty thousand will attack the north-most corridor of demons, all located inside zone #100. We occupy about 25% of the center area of zone #100, so this creates two corridors of demons. I ask the Lord: `When are we to attack? 'JESUS says, "SEPTEMBER 2ND."

Events `In The Spirit' Sunday,September 2 2012 All our forces are assembled and ready to move to counter-attack. It is evident that the enemy does not expect this as their focus is on our battle unit occupying the (Continued on Page 8)

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The Staff & Sword Minist ry/Net of Prayer

September 8. 2012


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Shaded areas show demon presence in the Zone(s).



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S Events `in The Spirit' Sunda y , September 2, 2012 Continued from Pa g5) center portion of zone #100. As we get ready to attack the Archangel Gabriel says, "YOU TAKE THE RIGHT (Northern part), I WILL TAKE THE LEFT (Southern Part)." In JESUS' NAME we attack and the fight is on as we plow into the enemy ranks. The fighting lasts all day, and by early morning September 3 rd we reach the boundaries of the #558 Zone. Zone #100 is cleared of all demons, I' m aware by the Spirit of God, that Lucifer is beside himself (really upset), in what I'd call a "frustrated rage", with this turn of events, apparently this hold in zone #100 was essential to his plan. The enemy continues to press hard against the King's Army holding the line in zone #339, the enemy is gaining ground but it is a slow and costly process. I'm led to reinforce the battle unit in zone #100 with 20,000 intercessors out of the King's Army. Most of these intercessors are from China and parts of Africa. They are solid Christians.

As of Saturday, September 8, 2012 After taking back Zone #100, Lucifer has fallen silent, no action from his end `In This World.' I believe that he intended to launch an all out attack on Bethel and having a hold on Zone #100 was vital to that kind of plan. On the western front, the King's Army has been forced out of Zone #339, it has fallen to the Beast's demon army Saturday morning. The enemy is relentless in forcing an attack, they engage us constantly, and though we take a toll of demons, they press on regardless. Their numbers are significant. It would take a major prayer involvement of the church in America to stop this demon force, but that is not likely to happen. Since the enemy was able to breach the Wall, the outcome is a foregone conclusion they will break into America and the world with massive demons forces. They will

try but fail to take Bethel as done in years past. Prayer for "Green Pastures" and prayer by the faithful-obedient has built a new Wall that covers Bethel (two Zones).

The Staff & Sword Ministr y /Met of Prgv r

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It cannot be breached. MOUNT OF OLIVES(in Zone #3J I assigned warring Angels of JESUS to safeguard this area where the "sleeping Elect" abide in catacombs. Interestingly, in 1981, in defeating the demon army that aimed to trigger Nuclear World War III, I came on these Angels and Mount of Olives. I recognized them in 1981, something that I did not understand. Days ago I assigned those same Angels to safeguard them when this area is overrun. This kind of thing can happen when you are in a time dimension where all time is one.




Prophets Richard-DANIEL Adele-SARAH

August 29-Sept 9

Sept 10-Sept 22

Sept 23-Oct 4

October 5-Oct 17

Oct 18-Oct 30

Oct 31-Nov 11

November 12-Nov 24

Nov 25-Dec 7

Dec 8-Dec 20


Chuck-JOHNEL is assigned to watch over all assignments, to assist, confirm and share as needed.

Brother Prophet Dr. Daniel E. Bohier The last two pages of this repo rt is drawn from Dan Bohler's September, 2012, Issue #169. He asked that it be shared broadly and sending it with this Newsletter is the best way I can do that. I've known brother Dan, a fellow Jesus' Prophet, for some years now and highly

regard his revelations. What he shares from the Lord comes to pass, and that is a certainty. Read his report with that understanding. Thank you and God bless.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

September 8. 2012

Prophetic Watchman

After quite a time of prayer in the early morning hours, about two weeks ago, I reclined in my big chair about 5:30 am in order to rest a little bit. When as quick a flash of light from the snap of a flashbulb camera, three men in glistening shining light stood before me. I immediately knew in my spirit this was a type of warning angels li ke I had encountered 3 %z years ago in my living room, which spoke to me very politely "I am your warring angel" then he exited the room! Within 24 hours the buildings across the road from us were ransacked and thousand of dollars of equipment were stolen and the home next door was blown up and burned to the ground with all the cars in the garage! It was a horrible sight! I rejoiced that our war angel had kept us safe! If you doubt what I say, my daughter and her husband, who are now our pastors, were here when all of this happened! They had just flown in from England and wow, what an experience they had visiting Morn and Dad! Not knowing then, that they would come back to the U.S. to build a new church, for which they are doing. Now back to the three angelic host that appeared to me, each one had a trumpet to his mouth. They looked at me with piercing eyes as if to say "emergency". Each angel gave a loud blast on his trumpet, one after the other and then stopped like a conductor would stop an orchestra at the end of a stanza. The blasts were so uniquely loud and they triggered one after each other as if to wait until the other trumpeter finished his blast. The room was filled with echoes! And the sound of these trumpets were being blown as if in a valley and echoing off the walls of a deep ravine! I remember raising my voice saying "Lord, what is this?" No answer came! Then the three men appeared before me again in the exact same manner. This time I began to shake! The blasts on the horn was at a higher pitch than before but in the same identical sequence! As I tried to catch my breath and put my hand over my eyes from the glistening light, I rolled out of my chair and onto my knees and began to pray in the Spirit and cry out to God "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty Who was, Who is and Who is to come." I began to praise the Lord, to the top of my voice and question Him about this encounter with His mighty angels. For many days now I have sought the Lord. This morning, August 14, 2012, the Lord spoke to me. "The three blasts on the trumpets are my signal to you to blow the trumpet of the message I am giving to you for this hour." "Three times as loud! Three times as forceful! The dreadfulness of what I told you is going to happen to Israel this year and then great calamities will start in the U.S. at a higher level than the history of ever recording such events, but I am going to allow you to warn many before and inside of it's happenings, like you did in Florida in the hotel you stayed which was wiped off the map, just after you drove to the next city, after you told them what was coming! Every one please pass this Newsletter on! Run copies at your local copy store and give away to friends, loved ones, associates! You must tell the people that this is the man who told us that we would be invaded internally and externally by terrorists and it happened just like he said! He warned New Orleans that they would lose their city, unless there was great repentance; but they did not repent! He warned all over Florida of the great hurricanes that were coming and they would continue on that year! Which they did! Pensacola was hit and 1/3 of the city was destroyed. We went on to Tampa, Florida warning from a local motel with a group of pastors that it was coming. We had to get the word out again! As we were in the motel, the weather bureau was saying the hurricane was coming straight to Tampa. We cried to the Lord and He told us to stay! We called the pastor and he told us the Lord had told him to stay! Most of the people in the town had left. We put pillows etc. in the bathtub and prepared as best we could before the hurricane was to hit. We were crying out to the Lord. We had a map on the coffee table and Shirley was looking out the window when she turned to me and said "The hurricane is going to turn. It will not come here!" As I looked again at the map, a large hand swept across the page and I knew that the hurricane would turn. It did. It turned in to Punta Gordo, Florida, eleven minutes before it was supposed to hit

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

Issue 169

September 8, 2012

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Tampa, where we were warning the state again. The warning had been removed from Punta Gordo! Did the crying out of the prayer warriors cause it to turn around? Shirley and I were on our face. The pastor and his church members were crying out to the Lord. I believe it did! It did an about face! Punta Gordo was wiped out, with thousands of homes destroyed. Thousands of senior citizens were left on the street without any help from anyone?

It is very strange since the encounter with the angelic host that calls are coming in to go many places, and to appear on news networks. I am seeking the Lord with my whole heart! I do not want to miss the Lord and lose my life. It is a very serious time. Please pray for me! I have a sense that it is about to get more dangerous across our nation, in Miami, New York and San Francisco and East Coast cities. I know God will give me clarity on this! The Gulf Coast cities, all the Midwestern states will be hit harder and harder with all types of awesome tragedies. I know that Atlanta, Georgia will soon face a total blackout! I have to go warn them? am headed that way on down to Augusta and Savannah. I cannot mention any more. All of these mentioned i have warned before many times and was very precise. i don't believe New York City, the Great Babylonian place will even function anymore within five years; and Chicago will follow suit. The death and destruction through the next five years will be unimaginable. Revival with the Glory of God shoving it along is now at hand and by December will accelerate even greater. A presencing of God on His people will go to new heights as we carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to a shattered nation holding on by the skin of their teeth. The burden of it all is very disturbing. I need your help. I need your prayers_ 1 need God's grace and guidance in every area where He tells me to go. I know in my spirit, after many days of prayer, that if the people who say they are Christians don't get busy night and day alerting their families, neighbors and friends of what is going on in this government, in this nation as a whole, shown by the prophets, and cry out to God for a change in direction for this administration and the church of the living God we will lose it all! My heart aches after days of seeking the Lord. But, the Glory of God will be on us, who seek His face daily and are looking for His appearing!!! PTL This part is exciting! It will be the best of times and the worst of times! I know my trip to Arkansas is to lay out a plan to warn the cities on the New Madrid Fault line, which are many. I believe the rumblings of the New Madrid Fault line will pick up in great rapidity beginning in 2014, with some now and in some places will feel it shaking in 201 2 as we experienced heavily in 201 1! In 2013 the ramifications for Jerusalem's split down the middle will activate the gradual splitting of the New Madrid Fault line as I prophesied years ago and put on video. know now why I must build, someway, somehow an area of refuge that I have witnessed in suspended visions of actually being there. God will send the money. it will take many millions! But He has it We must pray as we have never prayed before, with repentance, calling on Almighty God for divine intervention! Amen!

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

September 8. 2012

Dr. Daniel E. Bohler Agape Harvest Ministries P. 0. Box 1415 Blue Springs, MO 64013 Phone #816-697-2513 I do not mean to critique brother Dan, nonetheless, when the Three Trumpets sound a second time, that is what we call a "double and set." This means (see Genesis 41: 32) it is a thing, "established by God and will shortly come to pass." This agrees with what the HOLY SPIRIT had me entitle this Newsletter:

"JUDGMENT DAY." Years ago we saw the Wrath of GOD unleashed (January, 2004) - I perceive that "JUDGMENT DAY" is that WRATH. The massive demon army that we presently hold back will bring on those not centered on Christ, horrors upon honors, suffering, misery and death. Some days ago we were discussing the fact that America has made God their enemy by rejecting Christ and His Holy Spirit at every turn. Jim-REPHEAL came back the next day and quoted Isaiah 63: 10 which reads: "But they rebelled and vexed His Holy Spirit: therefore He was turned to be their enemy, and He fought against them." This is where America is at now. End of report. God bless.



The HOLY SPIRIT has drawn and added to the Net of Prayer hundreds of thousands of Christian intercessors from across the whole earth - from...