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MAY U. 1987




*note. This report is made a part of this mailing, previously offered in the "April Package" of Reports Available in the last newsletter "A CALL TO ARMS". To have a better understanding of the main report "CUT AND CONTAIN BEAST'S POWER", this is included with the one nape "PATTERN BEAST-man and REAL BEAST-man report. Chuck-JOHNEL Chuck-JOHNEL has the anointing to be a "PACE or TIME KEEPER", and sets events IN SPIRIT to

everyday times(hours, days, weeks months etc). In that every Christian moving by the Spirit of God and moving by SPIRIT (here ALL TIME, Past, Present, Future is ONE) can see events IN SPIRIT at different times, by this we co-ordinate what we see jointly into the TIME PACE Chuck-JOHNEL sets --to avoid confusion. EXAMPLE: When the Beasts demon army crossed the CHURCH WALL April 14th Nancy-TONI that day saw a fierce pitched battle, which would not happen until April 16th- but Chuck-JOHNEL saw the events of April 14th on April 14th and would see what Nancy-TONI saw April 14th on April 16th. This is a common condition among Christians as they move BY THE SPIRIT in THE SPIRIT. Nancy -TONI has the anointing to be a DATE SETTER. Steve-JOEL Jones , third prophet of this ministry is a ROUTE SETTER, having such an anointing.

Fourth Prophet - unknown. As the various members of Joshua Prayer Army wrote letters and reports of what they saw IN SPIRIT or discerned or KNEW, we merged them and all reports readily agreed --this kind of function is scriptural "Confirmation b ythe witness of two or three"

JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY COMPOSITION Twelve(12) NET OF PRAYER Intercessors were assigned to form JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY which was made up of 6 Battle Teams, these being: CENTER ZONE

SOUTH ZONE Teams are:

Teams are:

#1-Al Egner & Dick Sydor 1

#3 Steve-JOEL & Mark Greenwood

Legion + 800 Angels


#2-Bobbie McLaren & Jon Bradway


Legion + 800 Angels

Further --with each team will

Legion + 800 Angels

#4 Nancy-TONI & Chuck-JOHNEL I Legion + 800 Angels

NORTH ZONE Teams are: #5 Mike Ismon & Mike Modrich 1 Legion + 800 Angels #6 Ed Felty & Roger Augustin 1 Legion + 800 Angels

be assigned 700 IN THE SPIRIT Intercessors

The BASE CAMPS were under the care of : Lords Over Seer Patty Yeager who prayed oversaw ALL Camps, then over MT VERNON Camp -Captain Bill Weaver and Colonels Bobbie and James Wilson; RENO Camp-C olonel Paul Lindberg with Colonel Vesta Nordquist; CHICAGO Camp -Patty Yeager with Stan and Rachel Figora; BATESVILLE Cam p-Colonel Janice MELANIE Weaver and Colonel Richard Chad O'Connor; LEVELLAND Cam p-Colonel Rev Dewaine Lutz and James Humberd; FT PAYNE Camp_ These prayed guarded the rear areas while Ray & Idella George with Mrs. Jean McLaren. JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY was up front, and prayed to ready NOP for the coming main battles.



MAY 11, 1987

In the BODY OF CHRIST while we all have the comon call to Prayer-Intercession and Spiritual Warfare - we also have specific functions within the Body of Christ. SPIRITUAL WAR-FARE is a basic Christian 'function as by it we assert CHRIST'S VICTORY in Earth and prepare the way for establishing Gods Kingdom on Earth, OSHUA PRAYER ARMY BATTLE MAP N 1

PP RR ^,1


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? MIER. c



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NET of

APRIL 13, S째





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APRIL 13, I9




This Battle Map was drawn by Chuck-JOHNEL based on what we had learned since 1981 about the demon invasion. The NET OF PRAYER Battle against the 1981 Broken Cross Formation of the Beasts demon army was very real but it was also a PATTERN to what is now moving to become REAL this 1987. Knowing this, I simply lined up the known 1981 broken cross formations boundaries to areas of the USA --even tho this demon invasion is happening in STAGE 1-AIR ( above these areas)it will in a time reflect IN THE WORLD in very real ways, so such a map has many functions and uses. The 1987 Beasts demon army would advance thru what is shown as CENTER ZONE, here two JOSHUA Teams were assigned to be in front of that advance, while

the other teams were assigned to guard the South and North sides(flanks) to watch for any attempt by demons to move outside the 1981 boundaries. Each zone was given a number(example -first zone #819-0), these Nancy-TONI & I had prayed asking JESUS to have these numbers show in lotteries over USA, to confirm to us their l ocation. A surprising number of state lotteries did just that, these numbers appeared day by day in some 14 state lotteries over USA and the numbers confirmed what I saw IN SPIRIT, they clearly revealed the progress of the Beasts demon army as I was seeing it. However as support for the ministry dropped(in funds and prayer support) these lottery numbers faded out, the Beast was able to over-ride our defences as well. But by this time, we had enough confirmation of the pace of demon movement in lottery nbrs and events IN THE WORLD to affirm that what we were seeing IN SPIRIT was properly adjusted to WORLDLY Events and Times.



May 11. 1987

GOING BY FAITH AND ANOINTED AUTHORITY Under Gods Anointing and Call the primary prayer leadership and responsibility rests in Chuck-JOHNELs and Nancy-TONI's hands, thus we have over-all authority in the conduct of NOP in battle --jointly with us Steve-JOEL Jones has a like authority, however we are separated by many miles distanceand want of funding at times makes communication very hard. Thus we rely wholly on Christ to move by FAITH in all, jointly by the Spirit of God in prayer and God is very Good! Every other Intercessor in NOP is essentially a prayer leader, each having authority and freedom in Christ to use it where needed, as the Holy Spirit leads. When Nancy-TONI & I knew JESUS wanted us to fight the enemy from the CHURCH WALL, we knew the NOP was ill prepared for such a battle, we needed time to prepare the NOP IN SPIRIT, and IN THE WORLD. Thus JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY. We assigned most of the primary prayer leaders to Joshua, those with experience in spiritual warfare , but we could not leave the base camps unguarded -- JESUS showed us how to form the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY, and into six teams each with three artillery cannon(Fire support) with two NOP prayer leaders joined over 700 IN THE SPIRIT Intercessors and 2,000 of Jesus Angels. All told, CENTER ZONE is 300 miles wide, so is SOUTH ZONE & NORTH TONE, thus a total force of 5,404(2 Teams) Intercessors and Angels covered a 300 mile front. Broken down, 300 miles works out to 17,840,000 feet --normal single line formation(shoulder to shoulder) the two teams could cover 21,616 feet out of 17 Million feet. The demons would attack us packed shoulder to shoulder to a depth of at least 5,000 miles solid packed demons over the whole 300 mile front. It didn't take Nancy-TONI & I long to realize JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY could not fight head-on, the sheer numbers of demons would overwhelm us. So working with the BATTLE MAP, we prayed asking JESUS to have fortifications dug and prepared in each zone, laced with minefields(associated to lottery nbrs) with all sorts of barriers, barbed wire, traps, pits from the CHURCH WALL all the way back some 3,300 miles to the Base camps of Chicago, Batesville, and Levelland. We prayed asking a special earthen defence system be put in from the CHURCH WALL Eastwards in Zone#819. Also having a variety of 'signs' placed just past the CHURCH WALL such as "YOU ARE ENTERING JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY Zones TURN BACK OR ELSE!" Bluff? A bit, but also GODS LAW, we were announcing to them(by the signs) that they were trespassing, not wanted or welcome and that if they proceeded, they would be battled. If you could capture a demon(as we have) they would tell you that they have been "INVITED TO COME IN" - its technically correct but its also deceptive --when Christians rejected JESUS WORD & WARNING, do not pray, do not support, that becomes to the demon a literal invitation and under Gods Law they have grounds to invade. The 'signs' are our moving to 'countermand' that blind-ignorant invitation, we put them on notice - to stay out or else! It now becomes a TEST OF FAITH, the demons will press ahead, if there is FAITH LIVE IN CHRIST to fight them, they will be hurled out--but where DEAD FAITH prevails in the BODY they will succeed to some extent. The extent to which we destroy demon power and contain it (often reflecting in funding and prayer) has in the last 3 years been countered by the enduring want of Faith that allows the enemy to break thru to some extent. The FAITH ALIVE versus FAITH DEAD condition in the BODY OF CHRIST is very visible in these IN SPIRIT battles.

After Nancy-TONI and I prayed asking Jesus Help in building fortifications, countless numbers of Angels appeared and began digging the barriers, laying down mine fields, etc. In the Kingdom of God we lacked nothing, in this world where men decide, it was another matter. The sketch to the left is a

side view of the earthern barrier Zone

Zo ne

Jesus Angels prepared as we asked.


339-a gj q -o

It shows ZONE#819-0, it was dug over a 900 mile front in 24 hours.

^ no

When demons broke thru the CHURCH q

,++n^ =E •s^+r(.wrs

?1 b+xrs ,ur ve a.h

WALL they entered a declining ramp 12 miles long. (over)



MAY_11, 1987

Defence Barriers(contd The demons here first saw the 'signs' we had posted, warning them to turn back. When the demon formation(300 miles wide) reached the end of the 12 mile ramp(also landscapped) they came up against a sheer wall of ground ONE MILE HIGH, and then the ground beneath them would EXPLODE(Minefield triggered). Once they could recover, and pile up an earthen ramp to get to the next point(#918-0 hill) it would explode, and lastly they had to pile ground into what we named "SYDOR VALLEY" to form a ramp to get down the ONE MILE deep wall to Sydor Valley floor, then pile ground to form a ramp to get OUT of "Sydor Valley"--which was also laced with mines(#198-O). JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY would stand at a pill box fortified line facing West and looking down into "Sydor Valley" one mile below. (shown as [A].) This way we could watch how the Beast directed his army of demons, and see how effective the barriers would be, especially the MINEFIELDS. Because the MINEFIELDS were connected to lottery numbers, if FAITH ALIVE was strong, the numbers would show correctly and the effect on the demons would be terrible --if FAITH ALIVE was less than it could be, the numbers in the lottery would be scrambled, tie effect on the demons less than hoped for. Going into a fight like this, we had to KNOW how much support we had and this was one quick way to see if we had it or not. APRIL 14, 1987 INVASION DAY! I watched the demon army crash thru the CHURCH WALL, and as it began its march down the 12 mile ramp - Nancy-TONI heard a small explosion(I didn't), then hours later I saw the demons reached the ONE MILE HIGH SHEER WALL of ground, and the minefield exploded - it lifted the whole 300 mile wide, 12 mile long formation of demons into the air; but only half were destroyed - most survived(heavily armored demons). The effect was minimal, disappointing, the demons began piling ground to form the ramp as expected to reach hill #918-0(see page 3) Why did Nancy hear a lesser explosion and I a stronger one hours apart? We were not sure, we waited for the lottery drawing to tell us more. ILLINOIS Lottery drew #186, WASHINGTON lottery drew #809 on April 14, 1987 7PM. Other state l otteries drew either two or three numbers of the #819-0, Michigan lottery drew #9047(note #497-0 was the WARN NBR for activity behind the CHURCH WALL). APRIL 15, 1987 Demons had 24 hours later scaled the first mile high barrier, and I saw something strange small numbers of demons reached hill #918-0 with what looked like steel rods about 6 ft long, having handles on one end of the rod. They drove the rods into the ground of hill#918-0 and on a signal turned the rods with the handles, then left. I discerned they were working to CHANGE the number combination of the MINEFIELD, and discerned ONE NUMBER would change. We would normally expect #908 to come April 15th. The WASHINGTON LOTTERY on April 15th drew #850 --it confirmed what I'd seen and discerned, and the explosive effect of this minefield barrier was even less than the first. So Nancy-TONI & I prayed and sought JESUS WORD about what was going on, and why? JESUS told us this "IN THE GAP THE MINES ARE STRONG AS CHRIST REIGNS AND SUPPORT IS GREAT. BUT HERE THE MINES ARE WEAKER AS CHURCH PRAYER & SUPPORT ARE WEAKER. THE EFFECT OF THE MINES IS DEPENDANT ON CHURCH SUPPORT AND DECISIONS." "TOMORROW YOU BATTLE THEM, THEY PRESS GROUND BEFORE THEM TO MAKE THE ASSAULT AGAINST YOUR PRESENT POSITIONS(note we were at [A] over looking Sydor Valley). AS TEAM LEADER(ChuckJOHNEL in this center zone) ORDER ALL ARTILLERY TO OPEN FIRE, RAPID FIRE, EACH ANGEL AND INTERCESSOR IS ARMED WITH BOW AND ARROWS, I AM PROVIDES THE ARROWS(Golden Arrows). TO MOVE AHEAD, THE BEAST MUST USE ALL HIS RESOURCES , THE MINE FIELD WILL BE FULLY FUNCTIONAL(#1c THEY WON'T HAVE TIME TO TAMPER WITH THE MINEFIELD AND PRESS THE ATTACK. THE CONCNETRATED FIREPOWER OF TEAMS #4 AND #3 WILL WITHER THEIR FRONT RANKS, IT WILL TAKE AN ALL OUT ASSAULT TO



JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY - Batt le Report_

MAY 11, 1987

APRIL 15, 1987 (contd) Nancy-TONI & I prayed to 'seal the #198-0 minefield under "Sydor Valley", more we asked the minefield be tripled in explosive power, the more heavily armored demons were less subject to mines - so we tripled the power to make sure this minefield would shred them not just toss em up in the air. However JESUS Intervened here, HE equipped us with bow and arrows(the golden arrows that burn on contact). The stage was set for a concerted fight, up til now Joshua Prayer Army watched and waited . We were not visible to the demons, so they didn't know who JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY was(NET OF PRAYER) and we intended to keep them in the dark on that as long as we could. From time to time the Holy Spirit gave me to over hear the Beast talking with his demon princes and rulers- now was such a time. The Beast had one of our 'signs' and he and his demon gang were debating over who we were, one demon prince said, "Joshua by name! I don't like this Another demon prince said "Its the Net Of Prayer, look at the minefields!" another said, "Its NOT H.G.P., HAVE you ever seen them build barriers like this before?!" Their debating went on, they had no idea of who JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY was, how strong we were, what we intended, thus they proceeded with caution --which was our plan, it slowed them considerably at first. APRIL l6 1987 "SYDOR VALLEY" BATTLE Early morning April 16th, demons had piled enough ground over the edge to form a ramp down into Sydor Valley, now they had to reach down into the valley, cover the ten miles to the other side and begin piling ground to form an upramp to reach where JOSHUA teams #3 & #4 stood. Once the ramp was ready, I heard the cadence of demon drums, thus the whole 300 mile wide front of demons began marching forward down into Sydor valley. The minute they did, we ordered 'IN JESUS NAME, Open fire!", thus Joshua teams began laying down a barrage of arrows and artillery fire constantly from that moment. As the waves of golden arrows streaked into their formations, thousands of explosions and fires ripped thru the demon ranks. The heavier shells from the artillery cannon exploded with much greater force tearing holes in the demon formations - at first they made no progress, we were destroying them faster than

they came. Then the demon drum cadence increased in pace, the demons moved faster and faster, we kept up the blistering fire on them, hour after hour. I realized that the Beast was 'measuring our firepower' to figure what it would take to get thru. Later in the day demons reached the floor of Sydor valley, here they had to pile ground to form an 'up ramp' what with the incessant fire we levelled on them, it was a near impossible task --the tolls of destroyed demons was so heavy that incoming fresh demon units moved at a crawl thru the neck high piles of destroyed demons covering the valley floor. Sydor valley was a sight to behold, it was racked for 300 miles wide by an endless series of explosions, fires and screams of demons falling by the tens of thousands instant after instant. Demons frantically worked to pile ground and destroyed demon forms to make the 'up ramp' - it was obvious they were working to 'GET OUT' of Sydor valley more than to reach us. Then late nite April 16th I saw the Beast now put all his push into it --sending in one of his heaviest, strongest demon units - they came in behind the other usual demon legions, massive in size, heavy armor, very disciplined, elite type demons. When the arrow fire hit them, it had little effect, and when artillery shells exploded among them, the holes torn by the blasts were quickly closed - they marched quickly with utter determination into Sydor Valley --when they reached the up-ramp on the East side of Sydor valley --the minefield now exploded in a blinding fury all along the 10 mile by 300 mile floor of the valley - sheer walls of fire streaked skyward ripping the elite demon formations to shreds, huge billowing clouds of dust and smoke mixed with wild fires poured out of Sydor valley. Then in a moment the valley was quiet, nothing moved - even demons on hill#918 back into ramp#819 were hurled backwards. All demon movement stopped, Sydor valley smoldered with the countless broken forms of demons filling the valley. JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY, thanks to JESUS Intervention and provision delivered a SET BACK to the Beast April 16th - next day it was in the news, it reflected IN THE WORLD. Gary Hart(known PATTERN Beast of 1982) had raised $50,000 in a fund raiser dinner, debtors he owes money to since 1984 seized that $50,000 by a court action, APRIL 16th. JOSHUA setback the Beast IN SPIRIT, same day, Hart suffers a set-back.


JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY - Battle Repor t May



APRIL 17, 1987 The Beast quickly recovered from the set-back and JESUS had us withdraw to the top of hill, #661 (see map pa ye JPA 3 bottom). At this point the Beast still didn't know who we were c how many we were(strength). Again the Holy Spirit gave me to overhear them talking, the Beast asked if they had collected reports from demons who saw us --the demon princes said "None that got close enough to see them survived to report back" From the top of hill #661 we kept up the firepower, and delayed them a time more - so far while JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY was out here, we were slowing them as we hoped and they still didn't know who we were or our strength. Unfortunately the A CALL TO ARMS Newsletter now ready to be printed and mailed was held-up for want of funds and would be for the next 11 days -Lucifer was hitting us from the rear areas(within the church). While we won the fight at the front, in the support area we were losing gr ou nd at too ea rly a staqe of th e fiqht. JESUS WORD came to Nancy-TONI April 17th, "THEY WILL ADVANCE TOWARDS YOU ON THE HILL SHORTLY. YOU WILL HOLD THEM BACK FOR AWHILE THEN RETREAT TO THE NEXT POSITION. THIS YOU KNOW: BUT MORE IS TO BE SEEN. THE OTHER TEAMS ARE DOING WELL AND HOLDING THEIR OWN. IN A FEW DAYS AT MT OF OLIVES YOU WILL DEAL A CRUSHING BLOW TO THE ENEMY . IT WILL SLOW THEM A LITTLE. [jj BEAST WILL BE FURIOUS AND A LITTLE FRANTIC FOR A TIME. HE WILL RECUPERATE QUICKLY THO TO MUCH IS DECIDED IN THIS BATTLE. THE 4 TORNADO's and MISSILES ARE PART OF THE OUTCOME. IF THE SUPPORT IS NOT THERE IN BATESVILLE, LEVELLAND AND CHICAGO TO HOLD THE ENEMY OFF, THE MISSILES WILL COME THIS YEAR. THE TEST WILL BE IF THOSE WHO FIGHT.. .CAN HANG IN UNTIL THE CRUCIAL PART OF THE BATTLE. THE BATTLE HAS ONLY BEGUN AND STILL MANY ARE WEARY. YOU MUST HAVE STRENGTH IN CHRIST, IN ME TO LAST TO THE END. MY PEOPLE MUST NOT STOP AT THE FIRST GREEN VALLEY THEY COME TO BUT PRESS ON TO THE END. DO NOT GIVE UP OR WEARY IN WELL DOING." Now the complexion of the battle changed, with financial support slipping, was a first indication that prayer support was slipping as well --as evidenced with the minefields, now we entered the 'slugging match' phase. The demons now closed in head-on and engaged JOSHUA Teams, thin tho our line was we held and fought back furiously hour after hour; but the numbers were too many, the minefield barriers effectiveness was less and less, and more and more we had to 'stand fight, then withdraw" over and over. By April 18th the Beast knew he was dealing with us. APRIL 20-21, 1987 EGNER VALLEY BATTLE JESUS revealed to us that the Beast would send a ONE MILLION STRONG Demon Army Group SOUTH from Zone #339-0 away from the main body, to come in behind SAN FRANCISCO, to reinforce LUCIFERS Demons there for an attack on that city. Because of the prayer support that does exist, Jesus showed us the where, when, how and what to do Jesus revealed a valley the demon army group would pass thru, a long narrow valley which I was led to name "Egner valley", and that it would be covered by a Holy Spirit mist which to demons is a 'dense fog'. Governor of NOP, Albert E Egner was given the assignment to lead the attack with three Joshua Prayer Army teams (#2, #5, and #1)) . We set up an ambush in "Egner Valley" . When the million strong demon army entered the North entrance of the valley, we had the North exit plugged by minefields with three batteries of artillery(9 cannon) and Joshua team#2 on the West side of the valley(hidden) and Joshua Team#5 on the East side of the valley(also hidden). Lords General Al Egner waited outside the valley hidden with Joshua team#l. The demons marched into the Egner valley, being narrow it would force the demons to move in a tighter,more narrow line --here IN Egner Valley they could NOT use their numbers to swamp us--in a straight fight no demon is a match for any Christian. Once the demons were in the valley, three of the nine cannon would open fire at a distance, the demons would be alerted to look for an attack to the SOUTH, plus the noise of exploding shells would cover our next step. General Al Egner would now attack from the REAR with team #1.


JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY - B attle Re port

MAY 11, 7987

APRIL 20-21 1987 "EGNER VALLEY" BATTLE(contd) Coming from behind the demon army group, Al would and did cut them to pieces for quite a distance before they realized they were being attacked from the rear. Then the other teams attacked, all the cannon opened fire - the demon general now concerned with getting his forces to SAN FRANCISCO(Beasts orders) attempted to flee out of the valley(SOUTH end), ran

into the minefields --thus Joshua prayer army teams #1, #2, and #5 in a pitched battle wiped the whole million strong demon army off, none survived. NONE reached SAN FRANCISCO to reinforce Lucifers demon and the planned attack on the city. OAKLAND, Glif.


`Sharp' earthquake jolts S.F. Bay area A "sharp" earthquake that jolted the San Francisco Bay area late Sunday knocked dishes from shelves, set off burglar alarms, cracked a jail window and flooded switchboards with calls from worried residents. Oakland police had almost 300 calls from people asking about the tembior, Sgt. Robert Crawford said today. "It set off lots of burglar alarms and we had to check every one of them," he said. "We also got a few calls from people who said they felt a mild aftershock," he said, adding that the calls concerning the second quake started coming in at 1:42 a.m. The earthquake struck along the Hayward fault at 11:47 p.m. and measured 4.3 on the Richter scale, according to Rick McKenzie at University of California Seismographic Stations at Berkeley. The jolt cracked a window in the North County jail in Oakland, saidail Sgt. Dave Alvey, who described the earthquake as "sharp.'

WHAT DID THE BEAST-LUCIFER PLAN FOR SAN FRAN? JESUS WORD of 1979 indicated "CALIFORNIA IS FIRST IN THE BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING." If the Beast would trigger judgments in 1987 he would begin with SAN FRANCISCO - a QUAKE, the stronger the better for his intentions. Such a QUAKE here would set the PACE for like and even stronger quakes elsewhere and a lot more trouble. The "INOUYE PILLAR" is the only prophetic work still standing, it was SET prophetically back in April 5, 1986, it holds the main fault system that effects San Francisco in check. Thus by JESUS 1986 Word, the "INOUYE PILLAR" would prevent a TOTAL Destruction of San Francisco but NOT a major quake. Because of the 1986 prophetic mission, Lucifer lacks the demon power to set in motion 'major destructions' - so the Beast was sending him reinforcements to cause a major kill and destruction. The Glory is Gods! Thank You JESUS for the needed revelation and a warm thank you to Jesus General Al Egner, Dick Sydor, Bobbie McLaren, Jon Bradway, Mike Ismon, and Mike Modrich and all you who were in support -- JOSHUA Teams quickly and neatly wiped the million strong demon army group, out.

Aril 21st the WASHINGTON Lottery drew #505 --a known REAR MINE for SAN FRANCISCO, showing Lucifer attacked--he got no further --lacking the reinforcements the quake that came MAY 10, 1987 in SAN FRANCISCO(4.3 Richter) was a sharp shaker - except for C ro 97 — From wire reports JESUS WORD, JOSHUA PRAYER ARMYs PRESENCE, AL EGNER prayer leader• ship and all that undergirded this effort --today they would be digging in the rubble searching for survivors in SAN FRAN not writing a by-line about a 'sharp quake'. Even so, this quake is a FIRST BEGINNING , only its greatly lessened. APRIL 19-29, 1987_J Ed Felty(Team#6 of JOSHUA P/A) summed it up nicely "We did well, then we were Overwhelmed!". As funding slipped, the minefields were less and less effective, more and more the enemy attacked JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY head-on, we fought pitched battles, took a bruising, had to fight to withdraw, stand again, fight again, and withdraw again. We slowed the enemy army but we were nearing exhaustion - we finally had the funds to mail out the A CALL TO ARMS newsletter 11 days after it was ready(April 17-April 28th), then the typewriter broke down, the repair cost would take all our reserve cash, all funds stopped coming in for six days, we could not issue JOSHUA ARMY REPORTS, the demon army was moving to surround JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY, the Beast was obviously moving in for the kill - behind us, was MT OF OLIVES a place where all of Gods children(The Elect of Christ) who are "AS ASLEEP"(Dead Faith, Disobedient, Rebellious) were gathered - a full 25% of the Body of Christ. This was the Beasts target, to take MT OF OLIVES and butcher one full quarter of the Body of Christ. If we stood, we would be overwhelmed if we withdrew the Beast would kill our people - we stood!



MAY 11, 1987


JESUS April 25. 1987. "...WORK TO SLOW THEM DOWN EVER MORE. THEY EMERGE TATTERED AND TIRED FROM ZONE#339-0 BUT FRESH (demon) TROOPS ARE QUICKLY BEHIND THEM. THE BEAST HAS HELD A GOOD RESERVE. HE IS SMART, THIS BEAST SPIRIT." JESUS APRIL 29 1987 JESUS ANGEL comes to me with Jesus Word telling me Nancy-TONI and I will be united in command of JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY in MT OF OLIVES Zone #360-0 April 30th. Then says "ALL THE CHILDREN OF GOD THAT ARE 'AS SLEEP' ARE GATHERED AT MT OF ULIVES(the base camp of Joshua Prayer Army) HENCE TWO DAYS(by April 30th). THE LORD JESUS IS COMMITED INTO YOUR HANDS TO CARE FOR THESE, THAT NONE BE LOST. DECLARE JESUS WORD TO THE ONCOMING DEMON ARMY BY NOON TOMORROW. THE LORD JESUS RETURNS TO YOU THE 1,000 ANGELS AS FEB 6TH, EACH IN COMMAND OF THREE BATTERIES OF ARTILLERY(9,000 cannon total), UNLIMITED AMMUNITION - MORE, THE "A LOUD VOICE" IS WITH YOU HENCEFORTH. (*note- in 1984 Jesus told me HE would join to me, when I'm with "TONI" the "A LOUD VOICE", 30,000 manifest sons of God thru Jesus Christ - HE did so April 30, 1987) Then JESUS spoke to me directl sa in R ril 29th) "MY SON, SAY UNTO THEM THIS "YOU WILL WAIT AND STAND THREE (3) DAYS, U WILL ENDURE CORRECTION. YOU WILL NOT TRESPASS THE ANGELIC LINE ABOUT MT OF OLIVES, NOR TRESPASS THE BOUNDARIES OF 1981, OR TOTAL CORRECTION WILL COME INSTANTLY." Steve-JOEL Jones also discerned the situation when he prayed April 19th "Lord spare thy children who do serve you" JESUS said "I WILL DO THAT". As the support JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY needed faded out, we began to take a thumping, insight into enemy moves faded too, the demon army was moving widely outside the 1981 boundaries to the South and North, they were all around JOSHUA P/A to the West, the South, North and in Zone#100-0 almost encircling MT OF OLIVES Zone #360-0. By April 29th JESUS showed me our situation, we were nearly surrounded and the Beast was moving up his heaviest demon units to finish us. The map l ooked liked this.(see map below) I announced Jesus Word April 3Dth(I did not qualify it was Jesus Word as Jesus showed me not to do so). The Beast thought it was a bluff, he did NOT know Jesus had ti APk1i IBS'? •':*""'° reinforced JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY. w^ ----'.'I./ JOSH VA APRIL 30th hours after I gave them r' Ex RRm Y JESUS WORD & WARNING, the Beast ChmPAiCYA rY

attacked into Mt Of Olives Zone .





P\?FiL.21, t g 7



^7^ fl

r ^^


#360-0 from every side - with that we ordered the 9,000 artillery cannon to open fire, we used other weapons, the torrent of shells ripped the demon army suddenly, then JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY with A LOUD VOICE counterattacked --we moved like FIRE, no demon could withstand, every demon outside the 1981 lines of the broken cross formation was cut-off, WE surrounded them and wiped them out to the last.



MAY 11, 1987

APRIL 3 0 , 1987 (contd) Attacking the main body(within the 1981 boundaries) we bowled them over, and pushed thru them with ease --panic appeared in the demon ranks, soon the whole Beasts army was on the run, demon princes tried to surrender or make terms to be 'spared', all were put to the sword - by May 1st we had driven them entirely out of zone#844-0 , JESUS called the advance to a halt May 1st at the Eastern edge of zone#339-0. The extent to which there was FAITH we prevailed, the extent to which there was not faith, the enemy prevailed and so could hold zones #819-0 and #35?-O. We stopped as Jesus said, then Jesus told us to withdraw JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY, return to all base camps and ready NOP to face the next battles. This same day Jesus told me Lucifer sought a talk with me, He would permit it but not now. Satan had learned from GOD THE FATHER that these they sought to kill(the AS ASLEEP 25% CHRISTIANS in Mt Of Olives camp) were placed in my care. In this same time we delivered a SEVERE SET BACK to the Beasts army, now the PATTERN BEAST Gary Hart came under a withering attack by the newsmedia in the same time. The JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY had in this counterattack April 30-May 1, 1987 destroyed the demon cover Hart had, Hart went with them, his campaign collapsed, his supporters left him,by May 8th it was headlines, HART RESIGNED-QUIT the campaign for President. From April 14-MAY 2, 1987, in these 19 days JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY had collectively hindered the Beasts army, to where they gained no more than 200 miles inland in 19 days, where 3 of every 4 demons that crossed the CHURCH WALL were destroyed, we destroyed the plan to destroy SAN FRANCISCO, we took captive the demon prince that has power to kill the AS SLEEP Brethren, we made in Christ, Mt of Olives an untouchable place for demons, we destroyed the PATTERN Beast Gary Hart and finished him. The Glory is Gods, as without JESUS CHRIST Victory we would never have obtained this victory, and apart from those who endured by LIVING FAITH with WORKS in prayer and support, we would not have obtained what we did. MA Y 2 to MAY 8, 1987 BEAST ADVANCES Once JOSHUA PRAYER ARTY was withdrawn the REAL BEAST now quickly re-organized and with an air of confidence and determination, the demon armies(conforming now to the 1981 boundaries) advanced at an accelerating pace Eastwards. By May 8, 1987 they were crossing into the zone#773-0 near CHICAGO, #472-0 near BATESVILLE, and #556-0 near LEVELLAND. The map below shows it. Remember, there are TWO(2) BEASTS, we have destroyed the PATTERN BEAST Gary ?1KIL 11817 " Hart - now the hidden one emerges to s r^ o FA ARm r the forefront. With support for the


y Ch nPAiCrn MAP


COVENANT Lottery effort down, with

JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY withdrawn(lack of support) this Beast easily overcame the minefields, destroyed the barriers and inside of 6 days advanced . 3,000 miles with NO loss of demons. Again the Holy Spirit gave me to overhear the Beast in conference with his demon princes, he planned to bring up

tens of thousands of heavy artillery cannon to bombard the NOP, saying " V,r "After bombarding them , they will have $ 1 q 7 &iTUATTQ h d 9 , /^AY a no stomach for a fight, these gutless l wonders, these christian whimps will turn and run, then we have them, then we attack and slaughter and triumph." JOSHUA team members returned to their base camps, tired, sore, worn but also very in Christs Victory. The Beast has words, but we in Christ have power. Amen. end of report. CJ&NT



MAY- fl,,




A newsletter of this kind costs approx. $347.00(printing, postage, envelopes). What with the 1986 Ministry debt(still being paid off), we are wholly reliant on steady support to sustain the current 'prayer campaign'. The outcome of things is as reliant on your prayer. as well as your financial support, without which this deadly enemy will gain more than they

should or can. Thank you warmly, with very Christ Love for all you have done, will do. Amen I



Mr. Albert E. Egner



Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt c/o Weaver's

4975 Jordan Road Martinsville, Indiana 46151

830 North 14th St Mt Vernon, WA 98273

Please make check payable to:

please make check payable to:

"A l be rt Egner"

Chuck Youngbrandt

REPORTS AVAILABLE: The reports listed below are offered as 'packages'. ThE cost asked covers photo copying cost and postage. Courtesy of Joyce Inouye of San Francisco, who sent $200 for the SPIRITUAL WARFARE series, this is offered 'free', on request. For copies please write MRS. BARBARA WEAVER, 830 NORTH 14TH St, MT VERNON,WA 98273. 'ffhe APRIL PACKAGE". Cost $2.00. Includes the 18 page "#472 REPORT CONDENSATION" and the

"GODS JUDGMENTS REPORT(4 pages) - as offered in the last newsletter. Previously the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY REPORT was offered; but has been included with this newsletter to all. "The MAY Packa e". Cost $2.00. Includes "the 8 page "THE TALK" - a complete report on the Talk with Lucifer Mayo & 5th, how JESUS led me, surrounding circumstances and events -and "#472 UP-DATE#1"(yet to be written) a summary of recent events that indicate and reveal judgments early beginnings so far this 1987. "SPIRITUAL WARFARE"(free, on request). On request, you will be put on a mailing list to receive these reports about the Biblical basis for Spiritual warfare and how to cope.

The first installment is included with this newsletter, courtesty of Joyce Inouye. This newsletter contains: JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY-Battle Report(9 pages), PATTERN BEAST-man and REAL BEAST-man Report (l page), CUT & CONTAIN Ministry newsletter section, and SPIRITUAL WARFARE Section. Thank you for ^ you love, prayer, encouragement r r^^ nt and support. God Bless. [k




The Special SPIRITUAL WARFARE Report(s) are designed to prepare you to grasp just how spiritual warfare works, the Biblical basis, the very heart and basics of warfare in prayer. The JOSHUA Battle Report is in fact a detail of the workings, and EFFECT of Spiritual warfare. IMMINENCE: Back in 1981 thru to 1983, spiritual warfare battles seen IN SPIRIT took anywhere from I year,4 months to 3 years to emerge IN THE WORLD and in real events from the time we

saw them IN SPIRIT. This 1987 is very different, from the time we see events IN SPIRIT in battles, we see instantaneously events IN THE WORLD the same day. It means that what we do or do not do NOW, is directly connected to the outcome for this 1987. The April 29, 1987 CONCLUSION of the #472 REPORT" was that the potential for the 4 Nuclear bombs hitting U.S.A. this DECEMBER 13, 1987 was a 90% PROBABILITY with a 10% CHANCE and HOPE that prayer-intervention might delay it a year(to 1988). The KEY Ingredient the enemy needs is DEMON POWER to trigger the judgments this 1987. That DEMON POWER is coming thru, and frankly dear friends in Christ, NO ONE will be uneffected. We need to make a strong and steady effort in prayer, support, and ENDURE to obtain MERCY out of this JUDGMENT. Please prevail, STAND IN CHRIST. Amen.


THE STAFF AND THE SWORD MINISTRY MAY U. 1987 EXAMPLE: When the Beasts demon army crossed the CHURCH WALL April 14th Nancy-TONI that day saw...

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