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November 14, 2007










I have had a Holy Spirit leading to use this title to convey a simple message - the enemy has laid down all the ground work necessary whereby they can suddenly and with no warning execute a massive destruction in California that will cause havoc and distress from one end of the west coast to the other. What is plainly visible to me is invisible to most other brethren. Allow me to explain...

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The Staff &Sword Ministry/Earthquakes

November 14, 2007

JESUS to Chuck-JOHNEL, October 8, 1979: "WATCH OCTOBER 15 T "...CALIFORNIA IS LAST AS YOU THOUGHT FINALLY BUT FIRST IN THE BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING." LOTTERY COVENANT with THE NET OF PRAYER: On March 5, 2007 JESUS instructed me to set in motion a "Covenant Agreement" among those in the Net of Prayer who were interested in being part of a prayer work to pursue the lottery here in the Washington and Illinois State lotteries. In August, 2007 JESUS told me to get that work of prayer set in motion among those who volunteered to be part of the effort. We did. The primary work of prayer in this undertaking was to have all be in agreement before the Lord GOD praying-in the same lottery numbers drawn prior to the earthquakes of 1987 (Los Angeles) and 1989 (San Francisco). THE BASIS: JESUS revealed in October, 1988 that the circumstances preceding the earthquake of October 17, 1989 (7.1 Richter quake San Francisco) would repeat on an October 23 rd (year unknown). We had reason to believe that such a development could emerge this 2007 in California, so this lottery effort was launched starting mid-September, 2007. THE MECHANICS: Each volunteer intercessor sent $15 which is called "one share" - we pool the money and send some funds to lottery officers in Illinois (we have 3 lottery officers in Illinois) who will buy specific lottery numbers on specific dates (all prayed-agreed for). When we see gains in the lottery the funds are shared equally with each shareholder. We have enough funds on hand to pursue the lottery for 2007, 2008 and 2009. ONE EFFECT: Setting in motion this kind ofundertaking requires a lot ofprayerful attention to what is being drawn in the lottery. What we observed was a little puzzling. Indeed, some of the lottery numbers we prayed in where being drawn in the lottery but on the wrong dates (by over 8 days early) and they were mixed versions, not the versions we prayed in. Nancy-TONI noted and pointed out that the number that signifies the presence of the demon prince Wormwood was showing on the scene but not the number that signifies the demon prince Belsarasus (the one that triggered the major earthquakes of 1987 in Los Angeles and 1989 in San Francisco). CONCLUSION BY OCTOBER 5. 2007: Nancy-TONI pointed out that we were going on our vacation (her birthday gift) to Hawaii starting October 15, 2007 and that



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CONCLUSION BY OCTOBER 5 2007 (continued): we would not be back until October 26` h - well after the key date of October 23 r^. Nancy-TONI commented, "The Lord JESUS did not block our vacation plans to Hawaii. If a major earthquake was going to hit California this October, He would not have us out ofposition in Hawaii

but would keep us in Colville. " In that we were NOT seeing the numbers we prayed-in showing in the lottery and while I was recording and noting seemingly "minor" earthquake activity in California

I came to a final conclusion on October 5, 2007. This is what I wrote to the Ministry Prayer Leaders on October 5, 2007: (Quote) "...A major ea rt hquake in Los Angeles/San Francisco this year is unlikely -first we know by the Lord's Word that such a major quake in San Francisco would be connected to a September hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast followed by the East Coast Prophetic work prior to the accidental nuclear attack in December. What we have seen so far this year is clear and that is MAJOR WORK towards these major events... The more recent minor quakes (4.2 and 4.7 Magnitude in L.A. and San Francisco areas) can BE LIKE what was seen in 1987 - only this time the low end scale quakes are on both ends, thus the two major quakes could or would su rf ace at the other end of the ti me line - that being 2008 or 2009 - most likely. They (the enemy) is aiming for what I'd call a "KNOCK OUT BLOW": something so severe, so swift, so violent that the nation would not be able to catch its breath. I' m simply aware that the enemy has gotten into position to do something significant and super deadly and it will come with little or no warning. We need be watchful from here on out!" (Unquote Chuck-JOHNEL to Minist ry prayer leaders of October 5, 2007)

Thus we concluded that the enemy of our souls had worked to subtly, if not invisibly, to set-up for a major blow to Califo rn ia and the U.S. working through past judgment patterns in such a way that it might go undetected. The enemy really wants to catch us unawares, unprepared and not expecting what they have planned to do. However, by the Grace of God through JESUS CHRIST, He brought our focus to these doings and the HOLY SPIRIT gave us the understanding.



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The best way to explain what we are talking about is to show you just what the enemy has done in the past, revealing the j udgment patterns they "established" under God's Law working with the disobedience and rebellion of the church. ONE KEY REVELATION: JESUS Word to Chuck-JOHNEL of August 18, 1989, which at the time was a bit of a mystery, was grasped after the major earthquake struck San Francisco October 17, 1989. Here JESUS said this: "THE PROPHETIC TIME PARALLEL WILL PRODUCE A STUNNING PATTERN

FULFILLMENT. THE EARTH TROUBLES THAT CAME...RANGED ONLY 10% TO 30% OF THE POTENTIAL. MANY QUAKES AND VOLCANIC TROUBLES COMING WILL RANGE BETWEEN 50% to 70% OF THE POTENTIAL COMPLETING THE PATTERN, FULFILLING THE LAW." (JESUS 8118189) It was through this Word (above) that we were able to recognize that the California earthquakes of 1987 were connected to the California earthquakes we were seeing happen in 1989. Here below is the quake pattern of 1987.

EARTHQUAKE PATTERNS OF 1987 ***June 1987 Pattern (south to north*** (A) June 7, 1987: 5.5 Richter earthquake in Mexico. (B) June 10, 1987: 5.0 Richter earthquake in Midwest, Illinois. (C) June 13, 1987: 4.1 Richter earthquake in Central Missouri. ***October 1987 Pattern (south to north)*** (A) October 1, 1987: 6.1 Richter earthquake in Los Angeles. (50% to 70%. (B) October 14, 1987: 3.8 Richter earthquake in St. Louis, Missouri. (C) October 19, 1987: Black Monday - Stock market crash. (1 Trillion loss). (D) October 21, 1987: 4.1 Richter earthquake in San Francisco. (10% to 30째)

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The Staff &Sword Ministry/Earthquakes

November 15, 2007

EARTHQUAKE PATTERNS OF 1987 (continued) I've shown on the bottom half of page 4 what we learned in 1989 - the minor quake (4.1 Richter) in San Francisco on October 21 51 , 1987 was only 10% to 30% of the potential. Likewise, the major quake (6.1 Richter) to hit Los Angeles on October 1, 1987 was 50% to 70% of the potential. It was through JESUS' Word of August 18, 1989 (see page 4) giving these percentages that we came to recognize that the earthquakes of 1987 and 1989 were connected, parts of each other. The enemy plan to level massive earthquakes in 1987 was broken up by prayer intercession, so the enemy could only get a "part" of what they aimed to do in 1987 and got the rest in 1989.

EARTHQUAKE PATTERN OF 1989 ***April 1989 Pattern (north to south *** (A) April 3, 1989: 4.5 Richter earthquake in northern California. (B) April 5, 1989: 4.5 Richter earthquake in Los Angeles. (1 day between April 3 rd and April 5`" earthquake.) ** *June to October 1989 Pattern (south to north)*** (A) June 12, 1989: 4.5 Richter earthquake in Los Angeles. (10% to 30%% (B) October 17, 1989: 7.1 Richter earthquake in San Francisco. (50% to 70%) Here we see a reversal of what was seen in 1987, the major quake strikes San Francisco and the minor quake strikes Los Angeles - opposite of what was seen in 1987. But again, these events are connected but nonetheless separated by two years.

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When I compared, for example, the quake pattern of 1987 with events surfacing this July and August 2007, this is what became apparent:

EARTHQUAKE REPORT AUGUST 2007 Let us compare the 1987 pattern to the 2007 pattern just seen: ** *October 1987 Pattern (south to north) *** (A) October 1, 1987: 6.1 Richter earthquake in Los Angeles. (50% to 70%,) (B) October 14, 1987: 3.8 Richter earthquake in St. Louis, Missouri. (C) October 19, 1987: Black Monday - Stock market crash. ($1 Trillion loss). (D) October 21, 1987: 4.1 Richter earthquake in San Francisco. (10% to 30%) 1st 19 days between October and October 21 5 ` earthquakes) ** *July-August 2007 Pattern (north to south) *** (A) July 20, 2007: 4.2 Magnitude earthquake in San Francisco. (10% to 30%) (B) August 9, 2007: Stock Market takes nose dive. Loses -387 points. (C) August 9, 2007: 4.6 Magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles. (10% to 30%,) That there is a similarity in these events (1987 to 2007) is affirmed in that we see a Stock Market dive in 1987 and in 2007 - however the events of 2007 all fall within the 10% to 30% of potential category. Seeing a NORTH TO SOUTH quake pattern (July 20 to August 9, 2007 noted above) meant that the enemy was setting up for a SOUTH to NORTH quake event - that could develop into a major earthquake and quake pattern as seen in 1987. What happened in September was unexpected but very telling.

The Staff &Sword Ministry/Earthquakes

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November 15, 2007

Below 1s a re-print of Page 6 from the N.O.P. September 19, 2007 Repo rt : (Quote) Page 6

September 19, 2O07_

The Staff &Sword Ministry/N.G.P. September Report

UP-DATING THE EARTHQUAKE REPORT There have been a few new developments in earthquake activity that add to the report given in the last Newsletter (The August 28, 2007 Newsletter entitled, "MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.') ^F+


Mk(:lFlTifUE 9181D7 4.4 Quake

Petro lia






0 2

912147 4.7 Quake Lake Elsinore

°a ^ w '






If c

918107 4.0 Quake San


Sun Sep 9 8:51:36 PDT 2007




'" 4



542 earthquakes on th s rnao

Magnitude 4.7 Earthquake on SEPTEMBER 2, 2007 at 10:29 am South, South East of LOS ANGELES, California (epicenter near Lake Elsinore, California). Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake on September 8, 2007 at 1: 1 6 am North of SAN

FRANCISCO, California ( epicenter near Petrolia, California) Magnitude 4.0 Earthquake on September 8, 2007 at 7: 34 pm West North West of San Diego, California (south of Los Angeles). According to JESUS' Word of 1983 "SEPTEMBER 2" is the day that an event would mark the beginning of the end of America. Through JESUS' Word we know

(Unquote September 19, 2007 N.O.P. Report)


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r^. _re a rr____ _S AR__! 1___IT___aL.-.. .

1.31V 0LaiI iX0VYUI u rage o When it is all assembled it lookedlike this:

1_ -



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11 V ! L 111LP l 1.Y, A..^...

***July-August, 2007 Pattern (north to south)*** (A) July 20, 2007: 4.2 Magnitude earthquake in San Francisco. (10% to 30%) (B) August 9, 2007: Stock Market takes nose dive. Loses -387 points. (C) August 9, 2007:

4.6 Magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles. (10% to 30%)

(south to north, north to south)*** ***September, 2007 Pattern (D) September 2, 2007: 4.7 Magnitude earthquake south of Los Angeles ((10% to 30%,) (E) September 8, 2007: 4.4 Magnitude earthquake north of San Francisco (10% to 30%) (F) September 8, 2007 4.0 Magnitude earthquake south of Los Angeles (10% to 30%,) What I point out is that all these quakes (above) fall in the 10% to 30% potential category. More, the enemy had "modified" the judgment pattern - virtually ALL the pattern quakes in 2007 are in the 10% to 30% category which means the 50% to 70°/x, potential category earthquakes will follow all in the same year. When? That is the question - it could be 2008 or 2009 or?

This is why I've used the above sketch (by Leith) to represent what it means California is a ticking time bomb.

One other thing - the earthquakes we expected to start in California this year have in fact happened! But not in a way we anticipated, the enemy has worked within the judgment patterns they established and have modified them. And more - doing it twice (quakes south to north in July - August and again south to north in September) have DOUBLED and SET this modified pattern under God's Law (Genesis 41:32). It is a done deal!

n rt. r age 7

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i ovemner 1, LUU


A FINAL POINT - LOTS Lotter REVEALS DEMONIC INTENT: Because we were following the lottery drawings as part of the N.O.P. Covenant effort, we noticed some pretty powerful earthquake numbers showing. In September, 2007 the lottery revealed demonic intent to trigger a 5.5 Magnitude quake, a 6.5 Magnitude earthquake and then an 8.5 Magnitude earthquake aiming at California. These could have struck by mid-October (none did). This only reinforced my understanding that the enemy was setting California up for some major killer quakes down the road of ti me.

A 5.5 Magnitude Quake hits Northern California October 30 2007 On October 25 th (the day we were returning home from Hawaii) the Washington

lottery drew #372. In that form it could produce an earthquake in California ranging from a 5.5 to 6.5 Magnitude. On October 30., 2007 my brother-in-law, David-DANIEL , who was on business in San Jose, California (northern California, near San Francisco) telephoned us, he had just experienced what he believed to be a 5.5 Magnitude earthquake.Indeed, a 5.5 Magnitude struck that day. This quake was in no way connected with the quakes we observed and I believe the enemy tossed this in as a smoke screen to conceal what they were doing.


Quakes stress seisnuc threat ctober 25, 20U7 News

Magnitudes 6.8: Largest known earthquake east of the Cascades since settlers arrived 3 n Washington, in 1872 at the southern end of Lake Chelan, 5.5: Magnitude a1 a quake in 1942 north of Coeur d'Alene. 4.0: largest quake recorded in a 10-month period that saw more than 50 earthquakes in Spokane in 2001. 6.8: West Side's 2007 Nisqualiy earthquake.

Area may be vulnerable to major temblor relatively low compared to the Pacific coast. Those same scientists are proposing new A string of minor earth- high-tech studies to assess the quakes in Spokane and north- potential hazards. east Washington in recent The latest quakes in north months has renewed concern Spokane and in southern Steabout seismic hazards facing vens County over the past two the region east of the Cascade months were so small that none Mountains, including North was reported asbeingfelt. They Idaho. turned up on an improved netNew research underscores a work of seismographs cohering long-held suspicion by scien- the Western U.S., including a tists that large areas of the Instation at a farm in Colbert land Northwest are vulnerable north of Spokane. to damaging earthquakes even A "swarm" of minor earththough seismic activity here is quakes in 200I and 2002 rattled BY MIKE PRAGER Staff writer

north Spokane and the downtown area from depths as close to the surface that seismo]ogists warned that a quake of one magnitude stronger could cause serious damage. pa.rticuIarly to the city's stock of older. non-reinforced brick and masonry buildings. Similar quakes have occurred periodicall y in Spokane, while forger quakes have been documented in the region since 1872. A magnitude 5.5 quake occurred in 1942 north of Coeur d'Alene, an event that shows the potential for stranger tre-

mors in the region. "Spokane was lucky you didn't get a big earthquake, say a (magnitude) 5," Craig Weaver, seismologist with the U.S Geological Survey, said abou the 2001-2002 earthquak swarm. "i think this is a more im ponant issue than Spokan might realize," he said. Spokane had been thought [ be a low-hazard area tint ii a 3. r t emor awakened the city to it earthquake potential on Jun 25, 2001. It was the first of nor than 50 earthquakes recorde over the next 10 months, th largest of which reached mag See EARTHQUAKES, B2

On a humorous note - this article appeared alongside of a column written by Doug Clark, a writer for the Spokesman Review Newspaper, who has delighted in


tctge IU


ri. rr n Cr_

. _l '% X-__!_t____IT.'

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A7-__-___ Z_.. _ 1C '%nn+9

i' uv Vllluc[ 1J 9

I lie aLCL11 X 'YV VJ It IVIIJAlaLI Yi i ai LIAyualt\GS


SPOKANE IN THE EARTHQUAKE NEWS(Continued) attacking me in previous columns often mocking me about revelations of a major earthquake coming to Spokane.

EARTHQUAKES Continued from 01 nitude 4.0. A one-point increase in magnitude on the scale is actually a

Recent earthquakes ^'

Ur2 E

tists better understand earth movements. Historically in the Inland Northwest, seismic activity has been concentrated in three or

four areas: Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater, Ore., where Columbia Basin geology bumps into the Blue Mountains; south-central Washington

5 miles


there in town was pret ty dramatic," said Universi ty of Washington seismology pro-

New technologies such as aerial laser mapping an d global positioning are helping scien-



10-fold increase in amplitude, co a 5.0 quake is ten times larger than a 4.0 quake. "The fact that it was right

fessor Steve Malone. "What does that mean for the future?" Scientists really don't know, but they would like to get a better idea of the region's earthquake features hidden along the ground.




Loon Lake

0 Sept. 5, magnitude 2.2

--Elk Deer

Coordinates: 47815N. 117.416W Š Sept.18, magnitude 2.5 Coordinates: 47.796N, 117.372W — 0 Sept. 21, rnagnitude 2.3 Coordinates: 47,788N, 117.368W Q Oct. 4, magnitude 1.4 Coordinates; 48.167N, 117.873W 10 Oct. 11, magnitude 1.6 Coordinates: 48.172N,117.837W Q Oc .12. magnitude 1.6 Coordinates: 48167N, 111134W

Q Oct. 22, magnitude 1.7 Coordinates: 47.799N 117.366W ,1 SOURCE: Pacific rorthwes: Sesmrc Network:



Spokane Staff map: La ev I(rause

The scientists are writing about the earthquakes that shook Spokane in 2001, two earthquakes which we had projected for - all the other quakes (50) were aftershocks of those quakes. In 2001 JESUS told us about a major earthquake that will do significant damage to Spokane - this is the one geologists are expressing concern that it is developing out of the recent pattern of quakes shaking the area.

VISION to Chuck-JOHNEL FEBRUARY 27, 2007 Est. 1 AM PST I' m completing the Events portion of the Newsletter (final part) and working with quake maps of west coast. In this time, I'm seeing a vision but not aware of that at that time (later next day it occurs to me that it was a vision).

Page 11 The Staff &Sword Ministry/Earthquakes

November 15. 2007

VISION to Chuck-JOHNEL FEBRUARY 27 2QOi(continue)d What I'm seeing is that a vast column of white hot magma is pressing upwards under Mammoth Lakes, California - which is is stemming from the rent in the earth's mantle. How long this has been going on is not known at this point in time, but I'm aware that this thrusting upwards of this massive column of white hot magma is literally lifting up the crustal layer of the west coast of the U.S. in a 1,000+ mile radius from Mammoth Lakes. This is also energizing the earth which is now dark red in color, indicating it is getting hot. We have long since made a connection between earthquake activity around Mammoth leading to Yellowstone National Park, aware that Mammoth is the source of troubles building under Yellowstone, Working through the giant rift or crack that cuts diagonally across the U.S. this energy is going to relay to the Midwest and points east and south of St. Louis which is a junction point. I prayed about this tonight (March 6 th ) and asked JESUS about this and His Angel told me, giving me His Word, "THERE REMAINS A LITTLE TIME BEFORE IT BECOMES, AS YOU TERMED IT, `UGLY."

Magma may be causing Yellowstone ground to rise A55OCIATED PRESS,

-4-a7 -


WASHINGTON — Yellowstone National Park, once the site of a giant volcano, has begun swelling up, possibly because molten rock is accumulating beneath the surface, scientists report.

But, "there is no evidence of an imminent volcanic eruption," said Robert B. Smith, a professor of geophysics at the University of Utah. Many giant volcanic craters around the world go up and down over decades without erupting, he said. Smith and colleagues report in today's issue of the journal

Science that the flow of the ancient Yellowstone crater has been moving upward almost 3 inches per year for the past three years. That is more than three times faster than ever observed since such measurements began in 1923, the researchers said. "Our best evidence is that the crustal magma chamber is hlling with molten rock," Smith said in a statement. "But we have no idea how long this process goes on before there either is an eruption or the inflow of molten rock stops and the caldera deflates again." It's not unusual for ancient volcano sites like Yellowstone

and Long Valley, Calif., to rise and fall, according to the researchers. The Yellowstone volcanic field was produced by what the researchers described as a plume of molten rock beginning at least 400 miles beneath Earth's surface and rising to 30 miles underground, where it widens to about 300 miles across. Blobs of molten rock someti mes rise to refill the magma chamber beneath Yellowstone. The volcano at Yellowstone produced massive eruptions 2 million, 1.3 million and 642,000 years ago, all larger than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

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The Staff &Sword Ministry/Earthquakes

November 15, 2007

CHILE} SOUTH AMERICA - was struck by a 7.7 Magnitude earthquake on November 14, 2007. Thus far 2 dead, 100 injured. I tend to see these kind of events are being part and parcel of the magma activity boiling up under Mammoth Lakes, California which is stemming from the "rent in the Earth's Mantle."Big troub]e is brewing.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS I have no more to say about quake activity at this time past reporting what has been

reported here. However, I do not like to leave a page half empty and have some small things to use to fill this page. Them Democrats seem to hate the anti-ballistic missile AROUND defense system and keep THE NATION saying "it won 't work, " and every time they test it, "it Military successfully tests works". It is one of the really a nt i-missle technology good things that President WASHINGTON — The milita ry shot down a Scud-type missile Bush has done - maybe that in another successful test of a new tech no logy meant to knock is why they hate it so much. ot h er nations 'prepared io down ballistic missiles in their final minute of flight, the Missile Defense Agency said Saturday. A ship off Kauai fired a target missile at 9:15 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time Friday, or 2:15 a.m. CDT Saturday. Minutes later, soldiers with the U.S. Army's Ott Air Defense A rt ille ry Brigade

launched an interceptor missile

from Kauai that destroyed the target over the Pacific, according to the agency.

The milita ry says it already can shoot down missiles in their last stage of flight by using Patriot anti-miss il e batteries.

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system would be able to protect larger areas than the Patriot system because it

intercepts targets at a higher altitude. The new system had its first

successful lest last year at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and two more successful tests earlier this year at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai.

Cheney: Iran won't be allowed nukes U.S., i mpose serious consequences'


The A55oGratea Press

I c> — °Q^ C'1

l_UUESR1 I R[ Va. — The f in tcil',cue. and ouhcr n ; rlmns N'lll not I+llow Ir;ut I+> nh::un a mlclear wegxtn, Vice President Dick (hoiey stud SunAay' . Clur coun[r_ , and the enu32 inl, m nmunnel cum• muniiy. cannol q and hy .o, a Iernir•sultlx liesrac • i'ulrill% its grandest amhrtirrn,•' Chrnet said in a speech to the Watihiuglun In,linfle Tor N.e.0 Eas t S tud k''s. He said lr n\elrcn'.to, pursue tcchnoluzv th;u wvuicf allow them to hulk] a nuclear wcapcln are obvaous f_ and that "ihr re Mme continucs au practice dul:i) Jml dc.

cell in an nhvinu. clkw! to 1st r u:ne. •' II Iran cuntniues un Its cunenl course, Cheney said. the U.S. and olhur nations are "prepared to mihuse se• rious consequences. ' Thx vice rxesitlem mule mi 'la'cire- relerence w +uliu:uv action We v- ill ncn allow I ran to N ye a iiucictir H'c.1pin, he saidC:heney • s word, seemed ic^cnlr escalate tt he U.S. ur ic against rr:rn awn nc,. pel several lol l . Indudutt l ion! Bush • s w:urin-thJL a rrudlear 1 01 11 t nul,t t,

tip{' I


Ter;; crllr+ t' a1111 if+ lull

) [11'r ideal. 11leiiln in.

— DickCfieney In spsechto Washmglon Inst it ute for Piear Lis, stvrn"s

i "Wc rld War 111.•• C'holey said the ultrniate gnu! or the ]rtnia+t Ict l• enlup i s to establish itu:ll as the he_tc sonic fou^cill the %1;ddle E3a.Mt grid undermine a lree. Shiite-nujnr• ity Ira} ri it rivill for innuencc m the Muslim world loan's govenull^_nl seek.' "1' keep Olaf it a stale ii weakness [a ensure Baghdad dire-. nor po se Threat to Tehran." Chene y 'cads

Vice President Cheney just doesn't pull punches - the Democrats are afraid President Bush may attack Iran before he leaves office and stick them with a real problem. Heck, Iran is a real problem already and since the nation has not been called to pray and fast asking God's guidance and help - there are no good answers available. End of report. God bless and HAPPY THANKSGIVING one and all. Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI.

Nov 14th, 2007: Earthquake Report  

I have had a Holy Spirit leading to use this title to convey a simple message - the enemy has laid down all the ground work necessary whereb...

Nov 14th, 2007: Earthquake Report  

I have had a Holy Spirit leading to use this title to convey a simple message - the enemy has laid down all the ground work necessary whereb...