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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer October 30. 2012 File: Net of Prayer October 2012 Report






NET OF PRAYER BATTLE REPORT SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 Greetings in JESUS' sweet and joyful Name! This report goes out to everyone in the NET OF PRAYER and those on our mailing

list (in case they are interested). THE BATTLE IS OVER FOR THE TIME BEING!!! We have, on JESUS' orders, withdrawn into the BETHEL ZONES (#558 and #472) which are in fact the "Green Pastures". There is a high wall, steel hard and solid all about it, it is fully manned on all sides by 1 00,000's of intercessors. The enemy sent strong probes to get over this wall and met our severe counter attack, they have not attempted a get over our walls since then. Instead, they are moving across the land and deeper into the third dimension. Because we delayed them, and according to JESUS, it will take them up and until November 6-7, 2012 to reach `In This World' in the third dimension. the demons will have no time to influence the election of th November 6 , so it is entirely up to God's people to decide who they will vote for it will be their "preference" and free will choice. That is as good as we could make it.

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The Staff & Sword MinistrylNet of Prayer

October 30. 2012

Here are the final reports on the battle itself. You will find a map of the Broken Cross on the next page as a point of reference.

Events `In The Spirit' Sunday, September 9, 2012 We are fighting in a narrow corridor and the enemy advance has slowed to a crawl, almost stopping. The Archangel Gabriel instructs me to withdraw The King's Army eastwards into Zone #360, abandoning Zone #448 (we hold at least half of it at this ti me.) I asked JESUS and He states plainly, "I TOLD YOU* MY WORD IS IN HIM, DO AS HE INSTRUCTS." *Note: This instruction JESUS gave me back in 1977 when He assigned this Angel to go before us on the walk to Washington, D.C. I did!? 't know then, but suspected since 1982, and now know it was Archangel Gabriel. In JESUS' Name I instruct the whole army to withdraw to Zone #360. We had to fire waves of golden arrows into their front ranks to pin them down as we pull back. The golden arrows turn into walls of fire as they fall on the enemy. It is clear to me that the enemy intended to pin us down as they were unwilling to let us pull back without a hot pursuit. I now know by the HOLY SPIRIT, that Lucifer was ready to launch a counter attack to break in front of us, pin us down and drive eastwards after we were cut off. There are no prayer mines in Zone #360, the enemy occupies the north and south parts. The prayer mine system is being restored in Zone #100. More, I see that JESUS' Angels, with the help of Intercessors, have built a new wall around Bethel. It seems to be like metal, no chisel is going to work here. The enemy is again pressing us but our line is solid, they are gaining very little ground right now. Other than that, all is quiet, no major attacks or surprise moves by the enemy. In an overview, I note that most of the demons Lucifer has in place are gone. I suspect they are moving to accomplish tasks in this world - not good news. It is now Friday, September 14` h• and all is quiet `In The Spirit' past the enemy pressing eastwards. (Continued on Page 4)

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

Chuck-.TOH L L on September

October 30. 2012


Some days ago I joined the fighting line in Zone # 100, when, to use an expression, the Archangel Gabriel tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that I was an overseer and needed to keep an eye on what was happening overall. I drew back from the fighting line. There was no threat developing on either flank, Lucifer's forces for the most part were absent—somewhere else. At that point in time (Sept. 1g`) we were about 10-15 miles from the border to Zone #100. The enemy had developed a wave assault. They'd engage and then suddenly would hit us with a surge of demon power and do this over and over, slowly forcing us back. The narrow confines of the area we controlled in Zone #360 gave no room to maneuver. And though our numbers were concentrated, the weight of the enemy attack was still impossible to stop. We could only slow it down. We continued taking a toll of demons. Their bodies littered the battleground ahead of us. For every demon destroyed, a life or more would be spared certain death. I heard that Rev John Hagee is calling for prayer in the church, forty days of prayer starting September 28 th • On the Glenn Beck show yesterday, he said he was

calling brethren to pray the Bible as concerning abortion, gay marriage. Obviously, indirectly a call for prayer to defeat Obama in this November election. In my estimation that is going to be weak prayer -- there is no clear focus, no

point of clear unity and agreement, and a lack of "specific prayer " without which, prayer can be very weak and without focus—like a shotgun blast at some distance versus a clear shot from a rifle aiming at a specific target. However, any prayer is better than no prayer. I n fi d `In The Spirit' that the number of Christian brethren in the US./Canada being added to our numbers by the SPIRIT OF GOD is minimal as compared to those coming from other nations (far more).

JESUS' Angel (Gabriel) told me on September I9" that the enemy forces will breach the Iine into Zone #100 by morning of Sept. 20 th • Indeed, I could see that the King's Army had its back to Zone #100.

On September 20`-x `, morning time, demons forced their way into the western edge of Zone #100, and I could literally see demons pouring like water over a cliff into the world, only it was a dirty brown and black water (demons). Demons at a lower level flooded into the 3 rd dimension, while demons above them continued to engage us and force us back at a slower pace now but we were being forced back nonetheless.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

On September 20` h , Richard-DANIEL sent me an email (Quote) "The continuous action `In The Spirit' has spilled into this world..." (Unquote) Confirmation of what I was seeing - the demons were indeed "spilling into this world". From what I lea rn ed some months back, it takes roughly 25 days from the time demons enter the 3"^ dimension coming from the 4 t '' di mension, to actually manifest or begin to have an effect in this world. This is in time to have some weight of influence in the upcoming presidential election. We will continue to pray and wage warfare. On Sept. 20 th , Richard-DANIEL received a Word from FATHER GOD whereby He said this, "EVERYDAY YOU REMAIN IN PRAYER 1,000,000 PEOPLE ARE ADDED TO THE SURVIVING REMNANT WORLDWIDE." "

Stephen Hanson on June 20, 2004 .

THE HEDGE OF PROTECTION IS BEING REMOVED. "ISA 5:5. Now I will tell you what I am going to do to my vineyard: I will take away its hedge, and it will be destroyed; I will break down its wall, and it will be trampled. (I asked the Lord to tell me more about the coastline regions and the dangers that they might face in the near future. This is what He told me. I sought more answers and information based upon the word that He had given to me on June 17, 2004. I do not relish sending forth messages like this, but I believe that I am to be obedient to wa rn you.) "The coastlines are far from Me and my desires. All who live in large metropolitan cities will be targeted soon. Remain in Me and I will remain in you. The branch cannot survive unless it is rooted into the tree. Many of you are far from Me. Because of your great sins and wayward ways, these things are coming. If I speak to you concerning your safety, then you should move." (The Lord showed me a picture of the state of California. I looked at it as if it were a 3-D layer of ground with its boundaries. I saw it waver from side to side and rock back and forth. I then saw ocean waves begin to spill over onto it as it rocked back and forth. It sank and then seemed to come back up again). (I then saw bomber planes drop bombs below onto the ground. Concentric circles, or waves, came fo rt h then from this action below. I saw what looked like an arm or hand coming out of the water. Someone or others, were attempting to rescue or grab this arm out of the water. Eventually, it came out and what I saw was the

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

Stephen Hanson on June 20,2004 (continued )

Statue of Liberty. It had evidently been hit and now people were attempting to help erect it again.) "I tell you that many of the freedoms that America once had, will be lost. You were once a land of liberty and promise, but I tell you that you are far from Me. You think that you will always be safe and that the wall of protection is round about you. You are wrong. Are you safe from danger when you are far from Me? Have you gone to your prayer chambers and prayed about these things? I tell you that I have warned, and warned, and warned you. A foreign power will enter into your borders; and yet, I will protect My people, says the Lord." (This vision/word finished with one more scene. I saw the land of America from the air, and it had a net of some sort that had been placed on top of it. Now, I saw a great hand reach down and take this net that once had been secured on top of America and was now, taking it off. It had been pinned down in all directions, and had been safely fastened to the ground around it. I watched this great hand take the entire net and ropes that held it into place, and toss it away. I sensed that now the hedge of protection that had for many years, been safe upon our nation, was now being removed.)"

Events `In

TheSpirit' by September 21-30,2012

We had been given a goodly personal gift some weeks ago and decided to celebrate our birth dates (N-T & me), and get a little R&R. So we went up to Hermiston, Oregon, to visit and confer with Cathy-MARTHA. And then drove a bit west to a nice Inn for a few days, one day to Portland, Oregon,. for my favorite German Potato pancakes. The battle goes on regardless. September 21" Archangel Gabriel told me to take 5,000 intercessors to defend the right flank of Zone #100, and He would take command of the "King's Army"—the main fighting line. September 22 The ay we left on our trip Lucifer's forces attacked the right flank.

We met them and repelled them. They seemed surprised when they ran into us; did not expect us to be there. September 23 rd , A second attack came, added demons_ We defeated them and drove them off. September 24 th , All s quiet on our front. But I see the enemy regrouping and

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

Events `In The Spirit' by September 21-30, 2012 (Continued) September 24"' (continued) gathering. They will attack again. I note that on the main front which Archangel Gabriel commands, things have come to a halt. The enemy is not advancing, but is being forced back. Gabriel seems to have energized the Prayer Army; but we are all feeling the long fight. We are tired. September 25`', an Intercessor, a Christian prayer leader from Portugal, comes up to me and asks, "Sir, is it over?" I reply that the enemy is gathering for another attack. Later that day, the third attack comes, only they seem to be losing steam. We beat them off with ease. I perceive that the enemy is weary. Weeks of constant fighting has taken the starch out of them. Good news for us. On Sept. 25 `x ', the Texas lottery drew a number equal to the Chicago zone areas. Meaning? I saw no activity there, but then the HOLY SPIRIT revealed that this was an attack by the enemy in this area weeks ago, which was repelled by the Battle Unit. Again, it takes weeks for events seen `In The Spirit' to surface in this world. September 26 , the Washington lottery drew #393 (a mixed version of #339), a zone that was overrun weeks ago. Again, it takes time for events seen `In The Spirit' to reach this world. September 28 ` '', the Lord JESUS tells me that He is adding to me 50,000 fresh Intercessors now, and 50,000 more in an hour, and then another 100,000 after that. A total of 200,000. We are to counterattack over a broad front, joining with Gabriel and the King's Army, and to drive the enemy back. This day, we launch a concerted attack, and the enemy forces are shattered now. We overrun them and advance through them like a hot knife through butter. September 29 th , by the morning of Sept. 29` h , we have driven the enemy completely out of zone #100, and regain 1/4th of the eastern portion of zone #360 where JESUS tells us to halt. The enemy is stunned and keeps fleeing, although we are not pursuing. The 200,000 joined to us are Russian, Polish, and German Christians. So many different nationalities. Will have to pray some time to learn why and what this means. Right now, so busy in the battling, no time to ask. FIRE IN THE HOLE. JESUS' Angels have found an opening in the west part of zone #100, where demons were flooding into this 3 rd dimension. It takes about 25

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

FIRE IN THE HOLE (Continued) days or so, for them to make the transition. Right now they are stacked up in the hole leading to the 3' d dimensions, and JESUS' Angels are firing waves of golden arrows into them, which fall like fire. The demons are being consumed enmasse, most of them will not reach this world except as ash. I wonder if this will be seen anywhere in the world??? I' m aware by the Spirit of God that Lucifer is beside himself (really upset) with this turn of events, apparently this hold in zone #100 was essential to his plan. The enemy continues to press hard against the King's Army holding the line in zone #339, the enemy is gaining ground but it is a slow and costly process. I'm led to reinforce the battle unit in zone #100 with 20,000 intercessors out of the King's Army. Most of these intercessors are from China and parts of Africa.

Events 'In The Spirit' by October 1, 2012 The line is quiet, the enemy appears to be reorganizing. JESUS appears in our midst and we gather round Him. There are about 14 of us; Gabriel stands behind JESUS. Nancy-TONI is on my right; I see other N.O.P. Prayer Leaders (Lord's Generals) and Prayer Leaders from other nations. JESUS reveals that the enemy will launch a concerted attack starting in two days (by October 3` d ) and four days later (October 7th) we are to begin to withdraw into the Bethel Fortified zones (558 and 472). The other Battle Units will likewise withdraw into Bethel. JESUS explains from the time we pull out on October 7 th it will take the enemy 30 days to make the transition into the 3` d dimension - roughly by November 6"'• It will be too late to have a direct or indirect effect on the presidential election. th

Starting September 28 , Pastor Hagee will have set in motion a large number of Christians who will have begun a 40 days time of prayer with fasting about this election. On the Glenn Beck program we listened to Ralph Reed state that they are mailing out hundreds of thousands of flyers explaining who Romney is, who Obarna is and to encourage Christians to vote for Romney. It appears that we have held the enemy off for all these months to make an opening

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

for this work of prayer starting September 28 th . Tipping the scales in favor of God's people is excellent and they may well hold the line. Prayerfully, beastman Gbama will suffer a defeat in the November election lacking the massive support by demon power that we have held back and delayed. Praise the Lord JESUS CHRIST, FATHER GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

Thoughts: `In The Spirit' October 1, 2012 THOUGHT : I' m given to know that just a bit more than 90% of the demons that

moved into this world, have been destroyed by the fires when we uncovered their entry point. That, with Lucifer's losses in battles and counter-attacks, means that their net gain in numbers `In This World' is less than when they started. Right now all is quiet, the enemy main force is re-gathering. Their mistake was being in a hurry to get into this world. They divided their total force by half. Half entered into the 3 dimension (we destroyed about 90%+), reducing their overall push power by half. With Archangel Gabriel leading the attack recently, they could not hold against our attack, and were driven back. My guess is that they will re-gather and mount another concerted attack, not dividing this time until they take back zone #360, and take all of zone #100. That will take time, more time than they planned for initially. MEANING : Demonic reinforcements to support the beastman in his bid to be re-

elected, will not be present more than they are right now. I look at all the trouble he is having at this time, and his demonic support may be unable to cover up his mess, or to make him look good. He may well lose the election this November. That is what I "believe and hope" may happen. While the antiChrist system is still in place, if Obama's reelection campaign is defeated it will lose a lot of steam. Again, at this time, there is no movement by the enemy at all. They are gathering and resting for an all-out attack. That is what I'd do if I were them. Nonetheless, they are now unlikely to get into this world in time to save their beastman. This is a PRAISE THE LORD situation for sure. God bless.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

`In The Spirit' October 5, 2012 (e-mail to N.O.P. Prayer Leaders) Greetings one and all in JESUS' Love and Peace! Would have gotten this out sooner but had a glitch with the computer. Telephone company doing work and our email went out. Had to reboot modem, did so late Monday. By this time most of you know the outcome of the first presidential debate. Romney chewed up Obama. Obama was like an empty suit, no fire; he seemed confused and unable to focus. We are looking at the effect of a want of demon power' to both empower him and subdue his opponent. We are also looking at an answer to our prayers. It is a time to give Praise to GOD through JESUS CHRIST for this victory. Nancy-TONI and I watched the debate and could see the effect of undercutting his demon support.

Thank You JESUS for answered prayers. Thank you JESUS for giving us direction in this year-long prayer operation (the longest in memory). 111

On September 30 under JESUS' direction, reinforced and with Archangel Gabriel in the lead, we beat back the enemy, driving them deep into zone #360. We destroyed 90% of the demons that had begun the transition into the 3 dimension. The SET-BACK for the enemy is significant. I perceive that the numbers of demons available to Lucifer in this world are now less than when he started the attacks. He calculated for a breakthrough and reinforcements that did not come in the time-frame he had in mind. ON OCTOBER l Sr - JESUS appeared in our midst. There were about 14 of us gathered around the Lord. Gabriel stood behind JESUS. Nancy-TONI was on my

right-side and the others were prayer leaders. Some N.O.P., some from other nations. The enemy was regathering, still stunned by being driven backwards. JESUS stated that the enemy would attack in two days (by October 3") and that we were to slowly withdraw back and into BETHEL in four days (by October 7 t ''). JESUS specified that the enemy will be unable to get into the 3" dimension for 30 days from October 7" (around November 6`').

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

In BETHEL by October 7, 2012 The attack started early today and we would at intervals counter-attack, drive them backwards and then in the lull, withdraw back towards BETHEL. ALL intercessors and Angelic hosts will be in Bethel by October 7` h . We will man/Angel the walls there and keep the enemy out. The prayer operation initiated by Rev John Hagee (started Sept. 28` 1 ) will cover the scene up and until election day-40 days of prayer. It seems our commission was to hold the enemy at bay until this other prayer operation started (Sept. 28th)• The beastman clearly lacks demon power/support, as evidenced by his performance in the debate of October 3". The enemy may concentrate demon power to his support before the second debate to give him a better showing; but on-going prayer along with the work of prayer we have undertaken for the past year, should diminish him regardless. Right now it is a PRAISE THE LORD for answered prayer. The nation sees the beastman for what he is. The decision is in the hands of the people. Back in the 1980s, JESUS told us NOT to look at the man but at the preference of the nation. This is a governing factor. Even so, prayer can tip the scales in our favor. Let us press on in prayer to that end. God bless.

`In The Spirit' October 17, 2012. BROKEN CROSS BETHEL UPDATE We are nicely tucked into Bethel. I noted that a number of Holy Spirit assigned intercessors have gone elsewhere_ JESUS has told me that a total of 200,000 are assigned to cover the two zones in the North and 200,000 to the South zones (558 and 472 respectively), while 100,000 each are assigned to the East and West walls with an added 150,000 intercessors held in reserve, as needed, if needed. In the first presidential debate we saw the Beastman acting out of sync. I attribute his state to the lack of sufficient demon cover — a result of a sharp decline in demon power thanks to the fact that we have blocked that massive force of demons from entering into the 3 dimension. This put Romney in the lead and set the Beastman

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Net of Prayer

October 30. 2012

`In The Spirit' October 17, 2012. BROKEN CROSS BETHEL UPDATE (Continued) back the next two debates (Vice President and President). They lied aplenty but still did not do well. More and more the true nature of the Beastman is apparent. This is in answer to our prayer which reads: " JESUS' wonderful Name, we ask that You expose the plotting and evil doing of this Beastman... expose hint to the people that he is seen and known for what he truly is... No question that this is a prayer the Lord God has answered. With the added prayers of thousands of others (praying and fasting 40 days until voting day — November 6, 2012), all bases are pretty much covered. The influx of massive numbers of demons is delayed until after the election. We have prayed about it for the better part of one year+. Many others have joined the work of prayer on Sept. 28° h and we have stopped, delayed, and caused loss to a massive demon army, delaying their arrival until after the election. IT IS NOW UP TO THE PEOPLE. No demon influence will drive the multitude of Americans, it is up to them. That does NOT guarantee that the Beastman will be defeated, rather God's people have freedom of choice. We could still see him win re-election if that is the preference of the majority of the people.

Years ago, in speaking of the Beastman, JESUS said: "DO NOT LOOK AT THE MAN, LOOK AT THE PREFERENCE OF THE PEOPLE." Yesterday, a 4.5 magnitude ea rt hquake shook Maine. I perceive this is an action set off by demon power. They are likely starting a movement in the earth. They are

starting to get things moving, building for something bigger down the road of time. Note: A 7.7 Magnitude earthquake shook off the west coast of Canada on October 2 7.

End of Reports on BROKEN CROSS Battles 1*] (0R^s +^


We have, on JESUS' orders, withdrawn into the BETHEL ZONES (#558 and #472) which are in fact the "Green Pastures". There is a high wall, ste...


We have, on JESUS' orders, withdrawn into the BETHEL ZONES (#558 and #472) which are in fact the "Green Pastures". There is a high wall, ste...