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February 16, 2001

A Primer on The NET of PRAYER & the ILLUMINATI By: Chuck-JOHNEL This Ministry in Christ has been directed by the Lord JESUS CHRIST to engage in battle, In The Spirit', the forces of the Illuminati from our earliest years. I would first learn of the Illuminati back in the late 1970's following a time when I went to the Chicago Library and found fairly massive references about the Illuminati in turn of the century reference materials (for one, an encyclopedia dated 11907, as I recall). What got my notice at that time was that the old reference materials in the Chicago Library were matter of fact about the history and existence of the Illuminati with dozens of cross references to other materials, books and documents, even documentation by the U.S. Congress. The Illuminati was obviously well known in America at the turn of the century, but in the late 1970's few seemed to know anything about it. In fact, the idea of such a deep seated Illuminati conspiracy was pooh poohed' by most people out of hand. The contrast between the level of unbelief about the existence of the Illuminati conspiracy and the massive evidence readily on hand that revealed its existence was frankly disconcerting. Years before finding this documentation on the Illuminati in the Chicago Library I had become aware of strange goings-on in this world through a variety of offbeat conservative books, one in particular which was entitled, "None Dare Call it Treason." These books revealed that there was some kind of shadow government at work in this world which the authors tended to believe was Communism. I did not agree for even then, before I was a born-again Christian, I KNEW within myself that some superhuman intelligence was behind all of this. The Communists were good at being bad but they were NOT that good! They made some real blunders too as did the free West, but this very intelligent being operating behind the scenes seemed to be super-human and had things well in hand. This again, was a Holy Spirit discernment, but I didn't know that at this time. It was only after I was born-again through JESUS CHRIST on March 20, 1971 that I came to recognize that this "super intelligent being" working to subvert mankind was none the less than the Devil himself. Some months ago Pastor Patricia M. Privett of The Holy Fire Church of Deliverance of Chesapeake, Virginia sent us a copy of Ted Flynn's book "HOPE OF THE WICKED." On Holy Spirit direction I began reading it and found that it was an excellent all around history of the Illuminati brought up to current times. More, it was easy reading and while stuffed with facts and was heavily documented, it held my interest. I will refer to this book in this article and highly recommend you obtain a copy and read it cover to cover. It is an excellent idea to know one's enemy and the Illuminati is our enemy, no question of that.

recommend you obtain a copy of this book, pray about it as you read it and learn something of the enemy we face.

Again, I highly

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 16, 2001

You may obtain a copy of this 445 page book "HOPE OF THE WICKED" or $24.45 (this price covers shipping and handling) by writing:

MaxKol Communications, Inc. 1301 Moran Rd., 303 Sterling, VA. 20166 Most of the references I will make in this article will be drawn from this book.

ORIGINS OF THE ILLUMINATI The true origins of the Illuminati start with the fall of Adam; but for a more contemporary starting point, the Illuminati was initiated by Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria (Germany) on May 1, 1776. The tenets of the illuminati were summarized in the following six points: (P23-24) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Abolition of monarchies and all ordered government; Abolition of private property and inheritances; Abolition of patriotism and nationalism; Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage; Communal education of children; Abolition of all religion.

The modern day Illuminati goes by many different names and has more front organizations than one can list or shake a stick at. However, the Illuminati has it origins in Freemasonry and its "sacred" Masonic trinity, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" which was adopted by Weishaupt fosters revolution and chaos rather than peace and harmony. If you recognize "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" as the battle cry of the French Revolution of the late 1 700's, you are correct; however it was through Masonic conspiracy (Illuminati) that the French King and government was overthrown. Under Illuminati direction the French Revolution turned bloody, and at least 300,000 peasants were murdered in a spree of terror and killing that has come to typify Illuminati take-overs. I have known since the late 1970's that Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were among the offspring of Illuminati conspiracies. These murderous men were not mere accidents of nature, they were planned and designed to do exactly what they did and they would murder and lead to death hundreds of millions in revolutionary terror, war, famines, and chaos. The extent of the evil at work in the Illuminati is hardly comprehended by the average person, even the well informed, for they work contrary to anything we know as reasonable, rational or decent and are wholly Luciferian in thinking and action.

Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

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February 16, 2001


Ted Flynn made this observation (Quote page 29) "Hitler called the Nazi revolt the "exact counterpart of the French Revolution." (Unquote) Let's take a look at this French Revolution and the kind of spirit behind it. Ted Flynn writes (Quoting page 30), "The revolutionary leaders (Illuminati) embarked upon a fearful new project that was to be copied by tyrants ever after, called "depopulation." The idea was to reduce France's population of twenty-five million down to either eight or sixteen million depending on what source you believe. Maximilien Robespierre believed depopulation to be "indispensable." The system of terror was the answer to the problem of unemployment (caused by the Illuminati)... It should be noted that population reduction is an important component for world stability being promoted by the United Nations today. In France, members of the revolutionary committees in charge of the extermination toiled day and night over maps, calculating just how many heads must be sacrificed in each town.. ..In Nantes, France, 500 children were killed in one butchery, and 144 poor women who sewed shirts for the army were thrown into the river. Stone quarries were a favorite site for mass extermination because of their precipitous drops and rocky floor, and it was said that many quarry operators had to shut down due to the piles of bodies." (Unquote) Flynn goes on to write (Quote page 31) "The way to the new World Order lay in the breaking down, most importantly, of all other forms of government so that the chosen few could rule in the future. The plan was not devised by a man, but by Satan himself — to enslave mankind in the mold hell would fashion... .Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligence — the chosen people ...Their avowed purpose and goal was the establishment of a Novus ordo Seclorum - a New World Order, or One World Government. The name Illuminati is derived from the word Lucifer, which means "Bearer of Light" or a spirit being of extraordinary brilliance." (Unquote) The Illuminati has grown and spread in its power and influence for 225 years, its objectives and doctrines are undiluted by the passage of time because the guiding power and leadership behind it is Lucifer-Satan, spiritual beings. Men have fought the Illuminati over the past 225 years with varying degrees of success, but for the most part men are unable to root it up and destroy it because its foundations are "In The Spirit' and in the Adamic nature and are not based in this secular world. In a London newspaper in11920 Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England in World War II, made his view public. (Quote page 34) "Churchill wrote, "From the days of Spartacus — Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played a

definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement in the nineteenth century, and now at last this

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati


HE ILLUMINATI (continued)

Februar y, 2001

(Winston Churchill 1920 Quote continued

band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically undisputed master of that enormous empire'.

Mr. Churchill linked Weishaupt and the Illuminati of 1776 with the communist Karl Marx of 1848, with the Russian Communists of 1917." (Unquote) The Illuminati engages in doublespeak and deceives many as to their true intentions thereby many become part of their organization and conspiracy without knowledge of what they are serving. Only a very few at the very top know what it is all about. For example, Karl Marx spoke of "democratic socialism" and of having the best interests of the common man in view; however, Karl Marx was an avowed Satanist before he

became a communist and served the Illuminati and more. Karl Marx had become a devoted enemy of all gods to the ends of "drawing all of mankind into the abyss and to follow them laughing."

GROSS DECEPTION The Illuminati is skillful in disguising its true intentions from those around them and from even those in their organizations. However, if you know something of their method of operation and objectives, you would easily note the many places their influence is felt in society, government and religious life all around you. For example, Flynn writes about the "Order of Skull & Bones" an offshoot of the Illuminati.

(Quote Page 64) "The first president of Cornell University was Andrew Dickson White, a member of The Order of Skull & Bones...The Order of Skull & Bones has been able to manage and control education in this country by controlling book content. The public school system is largely responsible for the alienation our children feel for themselves, their parents, their country, and the Christian religion. This did not happen by accident. "John Dewey, considered the father of the American Education System, was trained at Johns Hopkins University from 1882-86 under the Hegelian philosopher, G. S. Morris... .(held the view that) the child has no value as an individual except as he or she performs a function for society. For Hegel, every quality of an individual exists only at the mercy and will of the State. To understand this (Illuminati) concept is to understand what has happened to American education over the last two generations. The dumbing down was a desired goal (of the Illuminati)." (Unquote) Flynn goes on to write, (Quote pages 66-67) "Weishaupt devised a ploy of making Christ the Grand Master of their Masonic lodge. This pseudo-Christian pattern was so successful that it has followed through to this day."

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati


February 16, 2001


"Although Masonry is designed to look like a harmless fraternal society promoting high values, there is no doubt that members of the first three degrees are being used by their secret masters in ways the average member can not fathom at the lower levels, where the agenda of those up above is not understood by those below." (Unquote) Masonic objectives were verbalized by Mazzini head of Italian Masonry who wrote, (Quote page 67) "our final end is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution, the

destruction for ever of Catholicism and even of the Christian idea which, if left standing on the ruins of Rome, would be the resuscitation of Christianity later on." The deception of churchmen was encouraged, "Let the clergy march under your banner in the belief always that they march under the banner of the Apostolic Keys." (Unquote) (Quote page 68) "Masonry is disguised as a movement to free the common man from the corruption and tyranny of the Church and dictatorial monarchies, but behind the scenes Masonry has another goal in mind,..their real purpose is revealed for all to see, "it is the corruption en masse that we have undertaken; the corruption of the people by the clergy, and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves; the corruption which ought, one day, to enable us to put the Church in her tomb." (Unquote) For a more recent quote, 1 refer to page 103 where Flynn quotes U.S. Senator Jenner of 1954 who said, (Quote) "Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard of by Congress, the President, or the people. We have a well-organized political-action group in this country determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-part state. The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization. It is a dynamic, aggressive elite forcing its way through every opening, to make a breach for a collectivist one-party state. It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government without suspecting the change is under way. If I seem extremist, the reason is that this revolutionary clique can not be understood, unless we accept the fact that they are extremist. It is difficult for people governed by reasonableness and morality to imagine the existence of a movement which ignores reasonableness and boasts of its determination to destroy; which ignores morality, and boasts of its cleverness in outwitting its opponents by abandoning all scruples. This ruthless power-seeking elite is a disease of our century... It is practically irremovable. Over the decades, many in Congress have attacked the power of the secret government, but have had little success..." (Unquote Senator Jenner in 1954.)

THE ILLUMINATI PLAN of 1871 - THREE WORLD WARS (Quote Pages 71-72) "Giuseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike (Masonic leaders in Italy and America) realized that unification of all Europe under the banner of Illuminism would be"

Pa e 6

Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 16, 2001 (continued)

"extremely difficult, if not impossible.... In 1871, Mazzini issued a letter in which he outlined the final three-part plan of the Illuminati: their grand design for ridding not just Europe, but the entire world of Christianity, and bring it under the "illuminated" dictatorship of Luciferianism. Mazzini proposed a series of world wars. These wars were to embroil every nation in a conflict so bloody and chaotic that eventually every nation would surrender its national sovereignty to an international government, like the League of Nations, or the second attempt - the current United Nations -- in order to prevent subsequent global bloodletting. ...three world wars were proposed by Mazzini and Pike in their original plan. The first of these world wars, they hoped would topple the Czarist government of Russia and establish an Illuminized dictatorship, a new level in the game of control of population. This would give the illuminists a secure base from which to operate, with a large population and vast natural resources to fuel the new engine of Illuminism. All monarchies had to go, and so they used the French Revolution for their model.. .The second world war would allow the new Soviet Russia to capture Europe - or as it turned out half of it.. ..The third world war would be in the Middle East between the Moslems and Jews, and would bring about the biblical Armageddon. Certainly by the end of the third world war, the battle-wearied nations would be ready to accept any proposal so long as it promised peace, uniting the entire world under the fatal banner of the Luciferian New World Order." (Unquote) in the late 1970's while researching the Illuminati in the Chicago Library, I noted that Illu minati bankers funded Karl Marx and Nietzsche, whose writings later spawned the communist and fascist revolutions in Russia, Italy and Germany- and that this work began in the mid 1800's. 1 knew then in the late 1970's (by the Spirit of God) that the Illuminati was behind all of this and that they had planned both World War I and World War 11. This book, The Hoe of the Wicked" by Ted Flynn affirms what I knew by the Spirit of God at that time. More, I also noted that the Rapture Doctrine surfaced in Europe at the same ti me (1 850's+) the communist and fascist doctrines were written, telling me thatthe source of the Rapture was the same as the source of communism and fascism - the Illuminati, Lucifer!

MINATI ATTACKING THE CHURCH Flynn quotes the illuminati plans: (Quoting page 144) Now then, to assure ourselves a Pope of the required dimensions, it is a question first of shaping for this Pope a generation worthy of the reign we are dreaming of. Leave old people and those of a mature age aside, go to the youth, and if it is possible, even to the children. You will contrive for yourselves, at little cost, a reputation as good Catholics and pure patriots. This reputation will put access to our doctrines into the midst of the young clergy, as well as deeply into the monasteries. In a few years, by the forces of things, this young clergy will have overrun all the functions; they will form the sovereign's council, they will be called

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati


February 16, 2001


to choose a Pontiff who should is a small grain of black mustard that we are

entrusting to the ground..." (Unquote) In this way, gradually, the Illuminati worked to penetrate the Church and fill its ranks with clergy twisted to their way of thinking, to supporting their purposes, which is the destruction of the Church. In 188 1 Pope Leo XIII issued a definitive condemnation of Freemasonry which began a running gun battle between the Catholic Church and the Illuminati. As recently as May 23, 1958 Pope Pious XI proclaimed, "Mason ry is our mortal enemy. The roots of modern apostasy lay in scientific atheism, dialectical materialism, rationalism, illuminism, laicism, and Freemasonry, which is the mother of them all."

On the Protestant side, the evangelist Finney and Wesley of the Church of England saw the evil of Freemasonry. Finney wrote in 1869, "Freemasonry is necessarily a wicked institution, and incapable of thorough moral reformation." In February of 1985 the Church of England General Synod voted to investigate the "compatibility or otherwise of Freemasonry and Christianity." They found at least ten heresies at work among Masons and showed a vast chasm between Christian truth and Freemasonry.

NAMES OF THE ILLUMINATI I have elected to use the name Illuminati in reference to the many front organizations that have sprung up since the creation of the Illuminati secret societies in 1776 in Bavaria. Some of these names are: (1) Freemasonry, (2) Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], (3) Trilateral Commission [TC], (4) Club of Rome, (5) Bilderbergers, (6) Institute for Policy Studies [IPS], (7) Bank for International Settlements [B1S], and (8) Federal Reserve System of International Bankers. The Illuminati is also known as the "shadow government", the "black beast", "the New World Order" and "The New Age." They doubtless have a hundred different names for other front organizations; but they are all Illuminati, Lucifer/Satan's instruments on earth.

THEY ARE ALMOST INVINCIBLE ON A SECULAR LEVEL Ted Flynn points out in his book, "Hope of the Wicked "* that the Illuminati purchased controlling interest in 45 major Newspapers across the U.S. at the turn of the century (1900's) hereby getting control of what is printed and not printed. They have control of the nations Editors and the content of newspapers. The Illuminati did this to ensure that they were not exposed to the general public and it's been that way ever since. Today the Illu minati control of the media extends into radio, television, Hollywood, magazines as well *Note, this title is drawn from the book of Wisdom 5: 15-16 as news print.

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February I EL (continued)

You cannot mention the name of a bank that is not under the thumb of the Illuminati or a Corporation that is not either owned or controlled by them -- they have key men and women in every branch of government, and the Lord JESUS recently told me that 75% of the people around President George W. Bush have Illuminati connections. While it is true that the key Illuminati leaders are only a very small number of well hidden men and women, probably less than 50 people in the U.S. — their influence and power extends to tens of millions through a vast network of connections both secular and spiritual.

The average person who researches the vast collection of data over the past 225 years on the Illuminati will be overwhelmed at the size, power, wealth and influence of this secret society of Luciferian agents at work in our nation and in this world. In fact, I have noted that many Christians become fearful when they realize just how powerful the Illuminati is. On a human level it seems that they are invincible and that the best one can hope for is to live out ones life before they reach down to destroy and kill us as they have done so often to so many before us.

"MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.." (Hosea 4: 6a) The single greatest weakness of the Church with respect to the threat the Illuminati poses is their lack of knowledge of the fact that they have all the empowerment in Christ necessary to flatten the Illuminati. It's never been a contest, Christians are empowered in Christ to lay the Illuminati waste and for those who stand in Christ, it is no contest, the Ill uminati loses every time.

In this Ministry we have operated `In The Spirit' since 1981 in head-on collisions with the power of the Illuminati and have defeated them time and again in the power and name of Jesus Christ! Recently, Richard-DANIEL, Third Prophet of this Ministry wrote (quote) "The Staff and Sword Ministry is the only Christian body extant in America dealing with the Illuminati's source of power, the antiChrist spirit, for 20+ years." (Unquote) How did this begin? This is the brief history of the works of the Net of Prayer accomplished underthe headship of JESUS CHRIST, led by the HOLY SPIRIT in strategic spiritual warfare `In The Spirit.'

"GOD GIVES US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART" (Psalm 37: 4) When I was a pre-teen I was handed a report on how Stalin had butchered 2.5 million Kulaks in Russia. I was so bothered by this fact sheet of communist butchery that I made a vow that I would devote my whole life to utterly destroy Soviet Communism. I actually

February 16, 2001 Page 9 Net of Prayer versus Illuminati "GOD GIVES US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART' (Psalm 7: 4 [continued] worked for many years to build a political organization for the pursuit of political power to the ends of raising a military force sufficient to wage war on the Soviet Union. No one who knew me in those days doubted my intensity or determination. In the late 1960's the fledgling political organization I had assembled was just breaking into the Chicago political scene. Once I had any measure of political power I would multiply it and pursue power ruthlessly until reaching my objective. It was at this time that JESUS called me and after I started reading the Bible and began praying daily looking only to JESUS CHRIST, I gave up all plans for political power and disbanded the organization I'd spent years building. This is where 1 was "committing my way unto the Lord, trusting also in Him and He would now bring it to pass." (Psalm 37:5) Because I had a deep discipline of daily prayer (3 hours daily) and spent a near equal amount of time in abiding in the Lord, after many months of this prayer life i began to move `i n The Spirit', and here the Lord would shew me things past, present and future. By the ti me JESUS called me into this Ministry (1975) 1 was well acquainted with moving in The Spirit'. When praying for those having needs, troubles or illness I often found myself confronting demons In The Spirit'. When I dealt with them in the armor of God (Ephesians 6: 11-18) 1 noted that the troubles people had often lifted and there were significant improvements in their need area and/or with their health issues. What I noted was that as 1 prayed for the needs of others that this produced a corresponding move In The Spirit' where demons that were the source of their troubles were confronted. In 1979 I began working with a young Prophet named Randy who also could see and move In The Spirit' with the same ease as I did. We would join 'In The Spirit' in the armor of God and found ourselves confronting large formations of demons, more than either of us had seen before, that numbered hundreds to thousands strong. Most of these demonic

encounters were random* in that as we prayed together and moved In The Spirit' we suddenly ran across large formations of demons on the move, heading where we didn't know at that time. Sometimes when we prayed about the President (President Carter and then President Reagan) or some national issue, these were times when we ran into the larger formations of demons that were frankly numerically overwhelming. *Note: We believed these to be random encounters in 1980-81, however, today I understand that the HOLY SPIRIT was directing us to these locations to intercept these demonic formations or at the least to be made aware of their presence and movements.

Randy and I, dressed in the Armor of God, would stand side by side `In The Spirit' against the flood tide of these demon formations and wielding the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God worked to withstand them. They were up to no good (what we didn't know) and we were unwilling to give them free access. However, the demons were of such great numbers that in spite of our best attempts to withstand them, they simply flowed around us like a flood of water. This is when we began to pray asking God for 'help.'

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati un i^^ ^ rrrri ^rr^^rwr_rr+^ ^ ^i^

February 1¢. 2001 ian

"GOD GIVES US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART" (Psalm 37: 4) [continued

MAY 1981 HELP ARRIVES Randy and I were praying for some weeks on and off about getting the help we needed to effectively confront the demons we were encountering 'In The Spirit'. We thought in terms of several praying Christian intercessors joined with us who would be willing to wage strategic spiritual wa rfare 'In The Spirit' — willing to join us in attacking and destroying demons 'In The Spirit.' When GOD'S answer came it was wholly unexpected, more it was stunning.

In May of 1981 I was suddenly taken 'lri The Spirit' by the SPIRIT OF GOD (as often times happened/happens) and found myself reviewing a parade of warring Angels of Jesus Christ. Legion after Legion of warring Angels marched by in precision formations and assembled in front of me (I had no idea whatwas going on but I was enjoying this parade, ve ry impressive!). I had no idea how many Legions of JESUS' Warring Angels had assembled in front of me nor did I have a guess as to what all this meant. The Angels all held up their swords shouting in unison, "PR4ISE THELORD JESUS CHRIST.'!!"and then they thrust their swords into their scabbards with one motion, one giant 'click'. Awesome! I noted that each Legion of Angels had a pennant, and on these pennants were many different symbols. For example, one Legion had a pennant with a Rock centered in a blue field, a symbol of the Rock who is JESUS CHRIST. THE COMMANDING ANGEL walked up to me and said something that not only surprised me but startled me, he said, "What are my orders my Lord's General?!" I withdrew uncertain of what to make of this, I declined a response and turned in prayer to Father God asking, "What does this mean? Is this to be received?" I was really bewildered. FATHER GOD responded instantly and spoke to me audibly `In The Spirit' saying, "YOU ASKED FOR HELP, I'VE SENT YOU HELP." With that I looked around at this assembly of Angels. I asked the Commanding Angel, "How many Legions are here?" He replied, "Forty." 1 asked, "How many Angels in a Legion?"He said, "Twelve-hundred."I did a little quick math work-- 48,000 Angels! Now I asked (thinking in terms of the possibility of their being regular Angels and special forces

Angels as with earthly militaries), "Which are the best Angels?"The Commanding Angel replied, "They are all best!" At this point I was in a quandary and I thought to myself, ("What am I going to do with 48,000 Angels?') In the next instant I suddenly KNEW by the Spirit of God (a HOLY SPIRIT Revelation) that the Devil was moving to reinforce his kingdom in ITALY. We were standing 'In The Spirit' on what I'd come to know as a great white glassy plain. Today I know that this was the fifth

Net of Pra y er versus Illuminati Page 11 "GOD GIVES US THE DESIRESO F OUR HE

February 16, 2001 [continued]

MAY. 1981. HELP ARRIVES continued) dimension of God's creation, a place between Heaven above and Earth below. The leading o' ' l ie HOLY SPIRIT was clear and I commanded the First Legion* of Jesus' warring Ang..., 10 come with me in "Jesus' Name" and moved with a certainty I do not humanly possess to a place on the vast white glassy plain where I found a window or a window-like H ig in the white glassy ground. Looking down through this window I saw ITALY belov, .:: was the "GAP" or entrance that led to ITALY. *Note . - .

is the Legion with the pennant with a Rock centered on a blue field. I dubbed

them to .- e the First Legion of the Forty Legions of Jesus' Warring Angels.

Off in the distance I noticed what looked like a storm of dark clouds but I knew this was no storm and as I brought focus I could see a mass of demons marching in this direction. The numbers were massive, more than I've ever seen before this time. Hundreds of thousands of demons were cn the march with a ruthless and murderous determination headed in our direction. I ordered the First Legion of JESUS' Angels to deploy in a single line shoulder to shoulder and to stand between the on-rushing demon horde and the GAP that led to ITALY behind us. In the natural I fully expected that once the demons saw the Angels of God that they'd turn and run away. I was in for another surprise! When the demon F saw us standing there, they charged at us in a wild rush screaming and swinging their ,weapons (some had swords, some axes, some spears, etc.) as they closed on us. I stood nt the center of the formation with Angels on either side of me. The crash of demons slumming into us was pretty loud, the battle was on and was furious, again unlike anythin;, !'d experienced before. While the enemy was being cut down in front of us, they were also applying pressure by their numbers (considerable) and the Angelic line was barely holding its own. Though the demons never •led a blow on me or the Angels they were trying hard to do so and it was both a ma . of looking to JESUS and standing in His victory as well as keeping our focus on wi hs 'ing the enemy and cutting them down as they came up at one. I would come to u: : t!.: LU.-m "Bash and Slash" in such battles as I (and the Angels) would bash the demon with the Shield of Faith (that stunned them) and then slashed them with the Sword of ti , Spirit which effectively destroyed them. Heaps of destroyed demons covered the grounc cfore us, but again they were applying more and more pressure and we were barely hofc ing our own. Aware that we needed some extra Angelic backing I called for the 2nd and 3` d legions to come on the scene to attack the right and left flanks of the enemy formati +s. These two legions appeared immediately and the tide of battle shifted in our favor, the enemy began to lose ground and we began to drive them back. At one point their lc:soe' were so great that a demon ruler appeared, it stood about 18 foot tall (was hidden in the midst of the demon formation and was directing the battle) — we closed in on

Page 12 "GOD

Net of Prayer vers us Illuminati


February 16, 2001

Psalm 37: 4, [continued]

Battle before the Gap to ITALY in MAY, 1981(continued) it and cut it down. When it fell, the demons broke in a panic and began to run away. I was not about to let them get away and shouted, "In Jesus' Name pursue them!" and began to run after the fleeing demons. In that same instant I found myself on a white horse and so all the Angels with me were also mounted on white horses (wonderful creature) and so we ran the demons down and wiped them out. MIND OF CHRIST versus the NATURAL MIND: Although I had long recognized the

difference, in this battle it was most pronounced that what I knew with the MIND OF CHRIST was very different from what I knew as a natural man in my natural mind. My new man in Christ operated with the Mind of Christ and knew things that I didn't remotely dream of. How did I know about the devil moving to reinforce his kingdom in Italy? By the Mind of Christ and Holy Spirit direction was the answer. How did I know where to go on the vast glassy plain (the 5 1h dimension)? The Mind of Christ and Holy Spirit direction was the answer again. I have known for many that most every Christian (with rare exception if there are any) moves In The Spirit' when they pray and while they do not see 'In The Spirit', they usually have some residual awareness of having done so but are not able to recognize it. That saw with such clarity `In The Spirit' may be attributed to God's anointing on me, but in large part I perceive that it has been in and out of years of abiding in Christ, learning to rest and trust in JESUS CHRIST that I came to see `In The Spirit'. OUTCOME I N ITALY: It was only a day or so later before it hit the newspapers. I read a full page account in a local newspaper of how the Italian government collapsed a day earlier. It seems that there had been a move to expose hundreds of top Italian leaders in government, the military and industry who were part of the Masons, which were outlawed in Italy. In the past years every attempt to expose the secret Masons in Italy had been covered up or prevented, usually by the outright murder of those who worked to expose them. This time the Illuminati (Masons) failed to prevent it and as a result 1500 top Italian leaders from every part of society, government, business, industry and the military had

been arrested or had fled Italy to avoid prison. As a consequence the Italian government literally collapsed. They were removed from NATO as their intelligence security and stability was uncertain just then. This development took me back sharply. I saw an immediate connection between the furious battle that blocked the hundreds of thousands of demons sent by the Devil to reinforce his kingdom in Italy and the collapse of the Italian government, more the exposure of the Masons - the Illuminati in Italy. HAND IN THE GLOVE: I made an obvious observation - that men are like gloves and demons are like the hand that goes into the glove. Remove or prevent the hand (demons) from joining with evil men (glove) and the devil's kingdom is made vulnerable to decent

February 1 7, 2001 Net of Pra y er versus Illuminati Page 13 "GOD GIVES US THE DESIRES OF OUR HE ART" (Psalm 3/: 4) [continued] men, nore, the evil is exposed for what it is. That there was a connection between events seE.nlaccomplished 'In The Spirit' and things happening In This World" was not news, we hac Li足' fl this for many years in many small ways. What was new was the scope we now operated in. With the Legions of Jesus' Warring Angels, we had literally effected the outcomr, for a whole nation, Italy. More, it was visible and in the news confirming everythi.:g that had been done, and it only took days from the time we accomplished it `In The Spirit' to when it surfaced `in This World.' WAR IN T HE SPIRIT: Before I became a Christian I had a soldier's discipline and was a

warrior n eart. I enjoyed strategy and tactics and tended to live my life as if it were a military campaign. When I became a Christian I gave all of that up and considered much of those years learning strategies a waste of time. Now I found myself leading Armies of God's Angels `In The Spirit' conducting battles against the enemy of our souls, applying the strategies I had learned many years earlier. In the years since May of 1981 the Lord JESUS has directed me into battle many times with the forces of the Illuminati. I didn't always think of them as being that ('The Illuminati") but I always knew it was the devils kingdom we were engaging and doing battle with and often the lives and well being of God's people hung in the balances. NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III BY1982: l could write a book on this subject (matter of fact

I did, but it's not published yet), however, here I will greatly abbreviate it because of the need to cover ground and in as little space as possible. In 1979 JESUS literally brought me into the Kremlin by His Spirit (November 14, 1979) where I heard the top Soviet Communist leaders planning a war in the Middle East. In 1981 He revealed that the forces of antiChrist were moving to trigger Nuclear World War III by August 2-4, of 1982. Although I loudly and persistently warned the Church, calling for prayer to withstand the plans of the devil, His Word was not only rejected but my health declined (worn out) and support dropped off to where JESUS instructed me to quit the Ministry. I did in August of 1981,

I KNEW by the Spirit of God the moment I stepped aside of the Ministry, which also meant I would stood aside of standing in the Gap for this nation, that the forces of hell would move to destroy America, that this war would be set in motion.

In OCTOBER of 1981 JESUS called me back to the Ministry spewing me that a massive demon army had invaded the U.S. which would also cause Nuclear World War Ill by August, 1982 as JESUS had shown us. By this time I fully understood what this meant, that this massive demon army was the "power" to trigger and carry forward this nuclear world war. Destroy the demon army and you would destroy the Illuminati plan to devastate the earth and mankind. What JESUS spewed me that October of 1981 was mind-boggling, a demon army had invaded North America in the form of a broken cross (1960's peace symbol), the formation

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 17, 2402

[continued] NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III BY 1982: continued had demons packed front and back, side by side like sardines, the formation was 300 miles wide and thousands of miles long. It looked like every demon had come out of hell and was here. I'd never seen anything like this, it was astounding as well as scary. JESUS shewed me what would happen if we did not tackle this demon army - a nuclear world war and the consequences. Whole nations were wiped out, not a tree or structure left standing, heaps of dead everywhere — He shewed me very grim scenes of what the enemy intended to do. I had the choice of doing it or not and I lastly decided to do as He asked. I issued A CALL TO ARMS to the fledgling Net of Prayer (25 intercessors then) and asked for volunteers (JESUS assured me that we would have as many as we needed to do this work) from the mailing list of 800 Christians. Having fully informed those on the mailing list of what was involved and what we faced, we received a total of 100 volunteers that were willing to move `In The Spirit' and do battle. The 100 intercessors/prayer warriors of The Net of Prayer augmented with 144,000* warring Angels of GOD was divided into 6 prayer groups and assigned different tasks. One Prayer Group (those who did not want to wage warfare `In The Spirit') was assigned to give prayer support for the battle. Three Prayer Groups were assigned to slow and stop (if possible) the advancing demon prongs while two Prayer Groups were assigned to attack the demon trunk at the point of entry into North America, to cut it off. *Note: Of the three key prophets, each had been assigned 48,000 Angels in May of 1981. We noted then that the total came to 144,000 Warring Angels of God. All told we were engaged in constant strategic spiritual warfare (daily prayer warfare) against that demon army for three months (November, 1981 to January, 1982) and in that ti me we wiped them out. My best guess was that we had battled and destroyed hundreds of millions of demons. OUTCOME: We knew from what JESUS gave me to see November 14, 1979 that the Communist Soviet Union was planning to make war in the Middle East (against Israel) and to start this war on August 2-4, 1982. From what JESUS s p ewed me October of 1981 this warwould drawthe U.S. military againstthe Sovietforces and thatthis confrontation would result in an all out nuclear war and the destruction of much of mankind with both America and the Soviet Union. Having destroyed the demon power that would have initiated and empowered this Illu minati plan for Nuclear World War Ill, I fully expected that the ruined Soviet war plan would come to the surface like the remains of a destroyed submarine. I likened the effect of this warfare to dropping "prayer bombs" on this hidden sub (the Illuminati war plan) and that we would see the residue of the destroyed war plan surface 'In this world.'

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Net of Pra y er versus Illuminati


February 17, 2001 [continued} Sam

NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III BY 1982: continued In June of 1982 Israel suddenly invaded Lebanon and over ran Tyre and Sidon and found a vast network of underground chambers in solid rock that the Soviets had secretly been digging since November of 1979 into which they had been secretly (by submarines) bringing in war material. When Israel found these chambers they found enough equipment to man an Army of one million men. Soviet war plans found in these chambers revealed their plan to fly in one million troops to Lebanon to equip them with this war storage and to invade Israel starting this war on August 2, 1982. We were looking at the wreckage of the Soviet war plan. HOBAH 1982 "SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!" After we completed the destruction of the demon broken cross formation JESUS revealed that we were to counter-invade the land the demons came from, a place JESUS identified as Hobah (I was given the name through Genesis 14:15). I learned at that time that Hobah meant, "the hiding place of self-worship." JESUS' instructions were clear, we were to invade this land, "SET THE CAPTIVES FREE" and destroy every demon we found. As we moved In The Spirit' approaching this Hobah land, we were confronted with a huge wall that stood against us, then the HAND

OF GOD came down and crushed the wall making an easy way into Hobah. Demons high on the wall panicked when that happened and we swept into Hobah on the white horses. Everywhere we found people chained to work instruments or devices of labor, everywhere we found demons driving people and abusing them with regularity. We destroyed the demons and broke the chains, freeing the captives as Jesus told us. Many joined us as we swept inland destroying demons and setting people free everywhere. Finally we came on the city of Hobah which stood at the center of this land. I didn't realize there was such a city but when we saw it I knew what it was. Demons inside had bolted the city gates shut, we broke them down and entered the city destroying every demons we found. Then we came on a very regal looking palace which stood at the center of this city

and entered. 1 went ahead of the Angels with me and found my way to the innermost chambers of this vast palace, here 1 found myself standing in a throne room. I half expected to find the devil here but it was empty. I noted that this room was unusual, the walls, ceiling and floors were made of glass and from the throne seat (at the center) a person could see their reflection from every angle. This was the seat of self-worship. A Holy hatred for this place filled me and I commanded the Angels to shatter the mirrors and set this place afire. We aimed to destroy this city and burn it to the ground. As the Lord's Angels broke the mirrors and the glass fell away from the walls I was horrified to see human femur bones lining the walls, and realized that this palace was literally builtwith the bones of the slain. As we left Hobah (which was now burning and the fires were spreading) I urged people we encountered in the city to leave or die. Some left, some did not.

Page 16

Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 17. 2001 [continued]

HOBAH 1982 "SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!" (Continued) As we watched the fires burn the WRATH of GOD fell on this city with such fury and force that even the Angels of God shielded themselves from the brilliance and wrath of GOD for this place. The city was consumed and even the very ground it stood on til nothing was left whatsoever. A short time later JESUS spoke to me and explained that, "HOBAH IS SATAN'S KINGDOM AND THIS IS IN MY CHURCH." From this time on The Net of Prayer under JESUS' direction constantly battled the demons of the Illuminati — we waged what can only be called an outright war with the power of hell year in and year out. ALONG COMES LUCIFER: I would have never intentionally done this or sought this encounter but it came of its own accord in 1983. A year earlier the HOLY SPIRIT gave me to overhear Lucifer speaking with his demon princes (fallen angelic principalities) about how he would dispose of me. It was at this time in 1982 that I recognized that the demonic plan the Net of Prayer was battling was Lucifer's. But in 1983 we faced an unusual set of circumstances that led to a direct confrontation with Lucifer. The Lord JESUS had revealed a plan to blow-up the White House in another attempt to draw the U.S. into a war in the Middle East, a war which Jesus called a "Trap" that would be a disaster for America. The Net of Prayer had prayed-interceded to block the enemy plan, for we recognized that we were dealing with a spiritual power more than a natural power. On the natural side, after calling for prayer-intercession in a Newsletter, I wrote the FBI and CIA warning that Iranian terrorists were planning to attack the White House with a 5 ton truck loaded with high explosives and that it would be a suicide attack. More, this terrorist attack would happen when the President (Ronald Reagan) and his family were away and when security was more relaxed. The terrorist plot was simple, they'd drive the 5 ton truck around the White House and gain

momentum and speed and suddenly turn into the White House gates crashing through and driving into the White House itself and detonate the explosives blowing the White House to bits. I warned that these terrorists would do it when the Reagans were away for a holiday (Thanksgiving was coming up in a few weeks) and that the best course of action was to blockade the White House so it would be impossible for the truck to drive into the gates with any momentum and to publish this information in the news as the terrorists would lose heart and fearing they had been discovered would flee. I asked them to NOT mention me by name as I didn't need to have Iranian terrorists after me along with others trailing me in those days. In 1981 the Secret Service and FBI heeded my warning of an assassination plot against Reagan and stopped that plot (also designed to draw us into a war in the Middle East) —

February 17, 2001 Net of Prayer versus Illuminati Page 17 "GOD GIVES US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART" (Psalm 37: 4 [continued THE WHITE HOUSE BOMB PLOT 1983 - ALONG COMES LUCIFER_(continued) so I relied on the fact that they had files on me and would not ignore my warning. Also I trusted, that after prayer, they would find corroborating evidence to support my warning (intelligence did uncover information about the bomb plot after they got my letter in 1983). Addressing Illuminati plots had several dimensions, first, we worked to inform God's people via the Newsletters of what JESUS had revealed and called The Net of Prayer to pray-intercede for God's help. Next, after a time of prayer I was led to write the appropriate law enforcement authorities and tell them what details JESUS had given us. Lastly, the Lord woul, + send me out to prophesy into this world what prayer had obtained. After that we would sually (not always) see some evidence of the effect of prayer and the results of prophetic actions springing from it. Prayer had gone up to GOD through JESUS CHRIST, I'd written and warned the law enforcement authorities that needed to be warned and now JESUS directed me to go out several days before Thanksgiving 1983 on a Prophetic Mission thatwould take me by auto from Chicago, Illinois through St. Louis, Missouri to New Mexico. When arriving in the deserts of New Mexico I saw quite a sight, a vast gathering of demons were assembled on the desert flats. 1'd seen this kind of formation before, the demons get in position in certain key places to trigger specific troubles. In this case I discerned that these demons aimed to trigger not only the bomb attack on the White House but the war to follow along with major earthquake and volcanic activity on the West Coast and in Hawaii. There were probably a million+ demons arrayed in New Mexico readying to take that action which would produce death and destruction on a broad scale here and abroad. JESUS' Angel with me (Gabriel) instructed me to drive ahead and into the midst of that vast assembled demon army. I was aware of many of these demons eyeing me as I drove

into their midst. Gabriel then told me to take hold of The Staff (which was in the car with me) and when I reached the center to simply say, In JESUS' NAME!" When I did this a vast explosion spread from The Staff, it was like a nuclear blast and it literally consumed the demons in a fire so hot, they were vaporized instantly. With the demons destroyed I knew this bomb plot would be foiled and gave Praise to God for His answers to our prayers for His help. I got home just in time to attend Thanksgiving Dinner with my family (at my parent's home). As I'd given my parents and other relatives copies of the letter I sent to the CIA and FBI about this bomb plot they were informed but didn't believe. It was one of those sweet moments in one's walk with Jesus, for after dinner the TV was turned on, the men usually watched some sporting event. Instead a SPECIAL NEW REPORT was on TV as TV cameras were atthe White House. The White House was surrounded by dump trucks filled with sand and the entrance to the White House Gate was blocked by a zig-zag group of trucks that would make a direct approach to the gate by any vehicle impossible. News reporters stated that an "anonymous source" warned them of the bomb plot and that


Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 1 7, 2001 [continued

THE WHITE HOUSE BOMB PLOT 1983 - ALONG COMES LUCIFER (continued) intelligence sources confirmed it. My mother said with some surprise, "Why that's what you told them and what you said they should do!" I was pleased to see that they took my counsel and blocked any kind of access to the White House and told the press that they knew about the plot. I also KNEW that without prayer and the Prophetic Mission destroying that demon army, it would not have been prevented. We had, again, defeated the Illuminati in another head-on battle. The victory was Christ's for we were simply standing in Jesus' victory and exercised the empowerment He gave His Church. CONFRONTING LUCIFER 1983: After destroying the demon army in New Mexico I drove back to Chicago straightaway. On coming back through St. Louis I ran into a mass of demons gathered in the city, they seemed to be everywhere. Angels of Jesus went before me in a wedge formation so the demons were bouncing off thick mass of demons. My thought was, "Where did they come from?" Suddenly the demons turned onus (the Angels and me) and began to attack us. Itook hold of The Staff for as they continued to attack us they were giving me grounds and once I had grounds I could wipe them out as done in New Mexico. There were a lot more demons here however, it would be a fine catch. I was discerning that they had almost given me the grounds I wanted and needed to obliterate them when suddenly the demons stopped attacking us and fled, giving us wide passage through St. Louis. them as I drove through this

I wondered why they pulled away so fast and prayed asking JESUS what had happened. With that short prayer I was taken in a vision and could see what looked like a demonic headquarters, gathered there were many dark fallen angels and one fallen one in particular was conducting a briefing of some sort. Suddenly a demonic messenger rushed in saying, "There is a light coming through and we are attacking it!" With that this dark prince stood up and commanded, "Tell them to stop the attack, if you give him grounds he will destroy all of us." At this point I KNEW by the Spirit of God who this dark prince was, it was Lucifer! Back in 1982 when I was first given to see Lucifer talking to his princes, the place was dark, he was dark and cloaked in darkness so it was hard to make out what he really looked like. I wasn't that interested in knowing either; however I did discern, even felt the evil that radiated from him — it gave me the willies. Now again I saw him in a dark environment and watched to see if I could make out his features beyond the dark form of a man like creature. Suddenly Lucifer looked up and in my direction and said, "Sometimes HE (a reference to JESUS CHRIST) gives him (a reference to me) to overhear us. We need be careful about that." He was looking right at me and I assumed (wrongly) that he did see me (he didn't) and so I said, "So yourare Lucifer!" The exchange between us was brief and brutal, he was trying to get information from me and I was working to not get in trouble with this destroyer as he was nobody to play around with unless you have a death wish (and didn't-don't). Lucifer then stated that he was going to torture, shred, devour and destroy

Page "GOD

Net of Pra y er versus Illuminati

February 1 8, 2001 [continued

my precious heavenly family (my CONFRONTING LUCIFER 1 983: (continued} Christian brethren) — his violent murderous intent being stated so openly brought a response from me, I said, "Over my dead body!" Lucifer came back with, "I'm working on that!" Now I commanded him to be gone in Jesus' Name, I didn't want to talk to him anyway. He left and the talk ended. In engaging the Illuminati plans in strategic spiritual warfare which the Net of Prayer began in 1981, we had engaged the plans of Lucifer. From 1983 and on at semi regular intervals the Lord Jesus would tell me that Father God had given Lucifer permission to

talk to me and so began years of what I'd call "parlays." Because of God's anointing and commission to me, Lucifer had to talk to me on certain matters and so the parlays happened. I was never comfortable about these parlays as I never desired them and frankly confronting Lucifer face to face is not something I enjoyed, but it came with the territory.

HGBAH 1989 - doubled and set (Genesis 41: 32J After we saw the destruction of Hobah in 1982 JESUS told me that it would be rebuilt and would be even stronger than when we invaded it in 1982. In 1983 the Holy Spirit gave me the revelation-insight into Genesis 41: 32 and to see it as a viable Law of God where anything that is done TWICE and so DOUBLED is established under God's Law and becomes unbreakable. We had invaded and destroyed Hobah once so it was not yet established under God's Law, thus it could be and was rebuilt.

It would be seven years after the first destruction of Hobah `In The Spirit', seven years of continuous Net of Prayer prayer warfare with Lucifer's demon armies before JESUS instructed us to assemble `In The Spirit' and to attack into Hobah the second time to again "SET THE CAPTIVES FREE." In June of 1989 the Net of Prayer moved 'In The Spirit' against the walls of Hobah. We destroyed the wall, which had a dragon (demon principality) as its root and power and plowed into Hobah meeting heavy resistance from masses of demons which we wiped out in Christ Jesus' empowerment. Lastly we came on the city of Hobah and this time found it occupied by kings and princes, men who acted as if they had become gods unto themselves (Illuminists). We took them and slew them `In The Spirit' and completed the destruction of Hobah, again the Wrath of God fell on the city and it was totally destroyed. According to God's Word in Genesis 41: 32, once a thing was done twice (doubled and set) "God will shortly bring it to pass." We completed the destruction of Hobah and the setting free of the captives by JUNE of 1989. A scant five months later the BERLIN

WALL fell and the Soviet Union began to unravel and would collapse entirely by 1991. The wail we faced first in 1982 and again in June of 1989 was the Berlin Wall of Communist repression and tyranny, and when it came down half a billion captives were

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 18, 2001 [continued

HOBAH 1989 - doubled and set (Genesis 41: 32):_(continued) set free and tens of millions came to the saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST as the Gospel of Jesus swept this former atheistic environment. THE DESIRE OF MY HEART VISIBLE: I will tell you a strange thing and this is that

though I understood at many times what the Lord Jesus was having us do in this strategic spiritual warfare against Satan's kingdom In The Spirit' (Hobah) and Satan/Lucifer's demon armies, in the year 1989 as we completed the work of prayer warfare begun in 1981 I was too busy doing what Jesus set before me to realize what had been achieved in Christ. It took Nancy-TONI to point out to me that the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989 was in fact the wall destroyed 'In The Spirit' that June 1989 for the second time, which stood between us and Hobah. I slowly came to remember and realize that my strong desire as a young man to destroy communism had been achieved in a way I hardly dreamed possible. It took a war, a war 'In The Spirit' and one waged in Christ's empowerment and by Jesus' victory under Holy Spirit direction to wage and win it, but we now stood in awe at the outcome — the Communist Soviet Empire collapsed into ruin before our eyes once we doubled and set

what had been started in 1982. Many times I confronted Lucifer in one parlay to another from 1983 all through to 1991 and the constant issue was that he release "what was ours" and I knew the Lord Jesus was speaking of a "people" (so did Lucifer) who were our brethren in Christ that were in bondage to his evil domain. I had no idea it was the people of the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, a population in excess of 500 million living souls. Yet in one warfare after another we ended up battling the evil designs of the Soviet Communist Empire, so I was not unaware of the effect of our warfare or whom it was aimed against. THE SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS OF SATAN'S KINGDOM ON EARTH WERE SHATTERED JUNE OF 1989:

After moving 'In The Spirit' in prayer-warfare or strategic spiritual warfare for the better part of 14 years (1975-1989) I'd come to "know" many things as the HOLY SPIRIT imparted deep knowings about the things of the Spirit. I understood that the battles against Hobah in 1982 and 1989 took place deep 'In The Spirit' which meant the time frame was much greater than met the eye. I understood that in destroying the foundations of Satan's kingdom on earth that we were preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ — this was foundational to that end and I understood this all along. The actual fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union were only "signs" that the foundational work of preparing for Jesus' Return had been achieved (I I Kings 20 and Jeremiah 28: 7-9) and we had seen a powerful proof of that with these events which were only "shadows" of things to come. I knew then and now that an even greater thing would

Pane 21

Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 18, 2001

SHATTERED JUNE OF 1989: (continued ) happen in the future which would lead directly to JESUS RETURN. What we had achieved was foundational but not unimportant. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Communist Empire was actually only incidental to an even greater work. The time frame is unknown as In The Spirit' one often works in an all time zone" where the past, present and future are one — a concept that is not to be understood, only accepted. BEING YIELDED TO GOD'S PERFECT WILL: I learned early on that one does not necessarily need to understand everything about what the Lord God directs you to do, obedience and being yielded to the Spirit of God are foremost with understanding coming with time and out of faithfulness and obedience to His Word and leading. Things seen and encountered ln The Spirit' were varied, wonderful, terrible and very interesting, even captivating but understanding everything seen or encountered was not possible. At best I understood what I could and trusted God for the rest and in time He enlarged my understanding and revealed things I never dreamed of. GAINING GROUNDS AND AUTHORITY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST Because this Ministry by God's anointing is a representative body, representative of the Church (The Elect and Faithful-obedient) we afford the Elect and Faithful-Obedient an authority gained by years of warfare against the enemy of our souls. Christians when joining with us in prayer and prayer-warfare can operate in the same authority we have won and obtained by years of following Jesus In The Spirit'. We have the advantage of having seasoned prayer warriors and prayer leaders who earned their positions after years of waging warfare against a deadly enemy, and we know how to yield to God's Spirit and move by faith In The Spirit.' Most Christians do not do this because they are bound by fear of being deceived, a device the enemy uses to paralyze God's people and prevent them from being led of by the Holy Spirit and seeing Christ's victory over the enemy. Prayer is resisted in the Church and as a result God's people don't learn to move in The Spirit' and if they do, they are turned away as if it is some kind of occult activity — so the enemy prevails over the Church by virtue of the fact they meet no effective opposition `In The Spirit'. ln the Spirit' is where it happens, it is where our Christ empowerment overthe enemy is real and starts to take hold, and if it does not start here it does rot exist at all. Because we have waged warfare against the enemies of God and God's people for all these past years we have obtained an authority in Christ over the enemy few have and more, we know how to exercise it when even fewer know how to do that as well. WE DON'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS JESUS... When JESUS walked this earth He made it plain that He did nothing unless His Father

showed Him to do it (John 5: 19) and then told us that without Him we could do nothing (John 15: 5). Over the years we have onl y engaged in strategic spiritual warfare against

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Net of Prayer versus Illuminati

February 18, 2001

WE DON'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS JESUS...(continued) Satan's kingdom, against Lucifer and his demon armies on JESUS' WORD and Direction and under JESUS' headship and by leading of the HOLY SPIRIT. We do NOT act apart from His clear

leading. If I or another brother or sister in Christ receives a Word to do some action `In The Spirit' such an action is not unde rt aken until it is confirmed by a clear majority of the Prayer Leadership of this Minist ry and is further clarified by JESUS' Word through other brethren. We are ve ry careful to be found strictly in God's Perfect Will and we avoid being in His Permissive Will.

THE GOLIATH 1983: Sometimes the Lord not only imparts authority in a battle In The Spirit' to those who battle in His Name and under His commission, but He may also be revealing things to be employed later. Things `In The Spirit' can be symbolic and at the same time are very real. Evil is plain and easy to see and the righteous stand out and the two do not mix `In The Spirit'. The enemy cannot infiltrate the ranks of the righteous in Christ `In The Spirit' because they cannot disguise what they are, it is evident and easy to see.

In 1983 during another month long battle withstanding the forces of hell, the Net of Prayer was engaged every day standing shoulder to shoulder with other Christians and warring Angels of God in a long line battling hordes of demons that fought to drive us back. After many days of fighting something unusual happened, the demons drew back and a huge creature that looked like a giant man came fo rt h and challenged us to come out and fight it one on one. This creature stood at least 20 foot tall and was ve ry muscular and looked powerful, more, his sword looked like the propeller blade of a helicopter. JESUS spoke to me and said, "I GIVE IT INTO YOUR HANDS, GO!" I went out to do

combat with this creature not sure of how to engage it as it was three times taller than me and burly, very powerful looking and it turned out to be very fast and agile for its size (another surprise). In the course of that engagement I managed to knock it flat on its back and leapt on it driving the Sword of the Lord into its chest over the heart area to the hilt. It merely grunted and slammed me off, sending me flying into the dust. Finally after a toss

about it exposed its neck and I sliced down hard and took its head off. The Goliath-like creature was destroyed.

A time later in pondering this encounter (it is an interesting story) I recognized that this creature was a manifestation of the Illuminati `In this world' and that any blow to the body was pointless, it was made up of many members, many millions of people who were ensnared into service in the Illuminati. But its head (leadership) was the only vulnerable point, cut off the head (destroy or remove the leadership from directing that body) and it would collapse.

This revelation of 1983 has come to mind as we ponder the battle before us, to address and deal with the key leadership of the Illuminati, cut off the leadership of this Goliath and bring it down to the dust.

This is all the space I have and I pray you get the idea from what has been shared here. Now please return to the Main Newsletter and read on. Thank ou and God bless you. ^N CFifT



Feb 16th, 2001: A Primer on The Net of Prayer & Illuminati  

This Ministry in Christ has been directed by the Lord JESUS CHRIST to engage in battle, In The Spirit', the forces of the Illuminati from ou...

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