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The tide is on the rise for animation in all formats and lengths, all shapes and sizes, and the Dutch industry is riding a productivity wave in terms of diversity, quality, and quantity. Animation is flourishing, increasingly surrounding us in our day-to-day lives, from commercials on television to series on VOD, online motion graphics, branded experiences in the public domain, and animated stickers on our mobile devices. In the Netherlands, professionals and audiences alike are embracing animated features with rising cinema visits, while also getting more and more immersed in AR/VR/XR and gaming. Cristal, Emmy, Annie, and Academy awards are shining bright in the national trophy cabinet, and, looking at just the animated feature industry, more than 30 projects are currently in the pipeline. Funding support, with a cash rebate of up to 35% for features and 30% for high-end series, has stimulated this growth significantly. While small in size, the Netherlands has always had an outsized impact on the world when it comes to art. With its international attitude, passion for efficiency, and bold creativity, the Netherlands is the place to turn to for international collaborations.

INDUSTRY GUIDE In this Industry Guide you’ll find 150+ Dutch contacts: relevant producers, service companies, distributors, and other purveyors of all things animated. Right here in your hands you have everything you need to know to start cooperating with the Netherlands. Join the Dutch wave!



Dutch professionals are bold and brave in their artistry. Their coloring outside the lines has historically led them to international heights, just look at Dutch painting (Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Mondriaan) and Dutch design (Rem Koolhaas, Droog Design, Dick Bruna’s Miffy) – and it shines through brightly in today’s animated works. Dutch animation can be rich and full of details like the expressive hand-painted backgrounds for Amazon’s adult drama series Undone, Rosto’s uncanny mixed-media

Father and Daughter

George and Paul


Horizon Zero Dawn

universe that birthed movies like Monster of Nix or the fresh take on post-apocalyptic landscapes in the game Horizon Zero Dawn. But it can also be simple and pared down to the essentials like the minimalist stop-motion world of the George and Paul series, the elegant lines of the Oscarwinning Father and Daughter, or the social-media series Kinda Awkward, sharing embarrassing anecdotes sent in by the audience.

Monster of NIx

Kinda Awkward



Dutch professionals want their work to matter. They address complex social and emotional subjects with appealing conceptualizations and nuanced stories, without ever becoming sentimental or preachy. The cross-media Good Enough, for instance, deals with burnout, while the mid-length film Mind My Mind empowers young people with autism and the feature The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie tells the story of a terminally ill 9-year-old girl and her imaginary journey through life.

Mind My Mind

Good Enough

Heads Together

The Dutch are not afraid to engage with these difficult themes while still remaining lighthearted: the Heads Together series, discusses diversity in our society with a heavy dose of absurdity, and the interactive table Tovertafel is designed to engage people with dementia in a playful way. The Dutch simply love to tell compelling stories for audiences of any age and are not afraid to do so through animation.


The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie



Dutch professionals are frontrunners in innovation. They’re always seeking out new developments in the field and are versatile in transand cross-medial storytelling. The online project The Modular Body, dealing with the fabrication of a human body, illustrates this perfectly. Arranged by an algorithm, this series of dystopian videos tells the story of OSCAR, a living body made out of interchangeable parts. The psychoactive VR experience DEEP, controlled by the player’s breathing, is another example of innovative interactivity, just like Emmy-winning documentary The Last Hijack, a true tale of survival in Somalia told from both a pirate’s perspective and that of a hijacked captain.

The Modular Body


Agent 327

Besides artistic innovation, the Dutch are also at the forefront of technological innovation, for instance with the open-source 3D software Blender, which was honored with a prize for technical achievement at the Los Angeles Annies. Blender is now producing their first feature film Agent 327 with their software. Innovation can also be found in business models as the YouTube channel My Magic Pet Morphle with 4.5 million subscribers shows. Never bound to existing rules and conventions, Dutch projects remain fresh and innovative – not a melting pot in which all the different ingredients just blend into one, but a nice salad made up of distinct delicacies delivering outspoken flavors.

The Last Hijack

My Magic Pet Morphle



Dutch professionals are natural collaborators. Historically, the country’s communication has been characterized by openness, candor, and flexibility. Their goal-oriented mentality makes it easy and efficient to work with the Dutch. Excellent examples of this can be found in international collaborations like the puppet and set creation for Norwegian feature In the Forest of Huckybucky, which was done in the Netherlands and then sent to Norway as a ­one-of-a-kind construction kit.

Where is Anne Frank?


Dr. Panda

There are many such global-minded projects: the creative development and direction on Chinese series Dr. Panda, the epic artistic short A Report of Connected Events commissioned on behalf of Liberty Global, the 3D animation on Peruvian feature Ainbo, or the 2D animation on Ari Folman’s feature Where is Anne Frank?

In the Forest of Huckybucky

A Report of Connected Events



The Netherlands has a number of national organizations committed to supporting and promoting the country’s animation industry. Key to this strong support system are the Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, the EYE Film museum and EYE International, and Animation producers Netherlands.

Netherlands Film Fund www.filmfund.nl The Netherlands Film Fund grants support to animated shorts, features, and high-end TV-series, many of which are international co-productions. As the national agency supporting film production in the Netherlands, the Film Fund offers various selective support schemes and also handles the Film Production Incentive, offering a cash rebate of up to 35% on production costs spent on parties that are subject to Dutch taxation. Over 300 productions, including animated projects, have been supported by the cash rebate since its start in 2014. The Netherlands Film commission is the national liaison between the Dutch creative media industries, foreign producers and production companies.

Creative Industries Fund NL www.stimuleringsfonds.nl The Creative Industries Fund NL supports exceptional and innovative animation and digital-culture projects, striving to make a substantial contribution to the quality of professional animation practice in the Netherlands. The Fund has a special interest in the interdisciplinary interplay between the cultural and social domains.

EYE & EYE International www.eyefilm.nl & www.international.eyefilm.nl EYE is the national film museum of The Netherlands, a theatre and the largest archive of films and film related materials. Its main venue is an iconic futuristic building on the banks of the IJ river in Amsterdam. EYE assists film professionals with a wide range of services and products. Programmers, academics, filmmakers, and film restorers can turn to EYE for research, the rental of prints, and expertise in the field of promotion. EYE distributes classic and experimental films, develops educational programs, maintains a film library and is the venue of many vibrant festivals. EYE International is responsible for the international marketing and promotion of Dutch films. They are involved in the life of a Dutch film abroad at every stage, and provide the international film circuit with information on current activities within the Dutch film industry.

Animation producers Netherlands (ApN) www.animatieproducenten.nl Animation Producers Nederland (ApN) champions the interests of animation producers – specifically those that focus on short, medium-length, and feature animation films and television series in all imaginable genres. These interests consist of improving opportunities for producing and distributing animation in the Netherlands, especially with regard to better funding, knowledge, experience, and the development of an international network, both for individual producers and for the Dutch industry.

The bridge to our audiences The Dutch television landscape is made up of a substantial public broadcasting system and several commercial parties. The public broadcasting system is composed of a set of organizations that collectively takes care of public service television and radio broadcasting in the Netherlands with the NPO as the governing body. Unlike most other countries, where public broadcasting organizations are national or regional governmental organizations, in the Netherlands they are, although publically funded, member-based associations, each with their own target groups. With a wide network of art houses, theatre chains, and multiple international festivals, animation finds its way to Dutch audiences throughout our densely populated country. Our adult audiences are also discovering the art of animation at cinemas more and more. And films like The Red Turtle, Loving Vincent, and Louise en Hiver drew substantial crowds. The Netherlands is also home to some of most influential film festivals in the world, like International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA). There is special love for animation at the recently merged Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) and KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival, as well as at the Playgrounds Festival & Conference. The Go Short festival for short films equally divides its attention between animation and live action. Education Animation is taught at BA and MA level at Art Academies called HBO and at mid-level vocational schools called MBO. These schools are located in several Dutch towns and cities throughout the Netherlands.

Mischa Rozema, director and co-founder PostPanic. “The Dutch have an incredible record on art education, it’s not just for the happy few. Everyone can potentially have a go at trying to be an artist. Historically this created a healthy environment for design, animation, photography, film etc. to flourish.“ Wilbert Plijnaar, 25 year veteran story artist for many Hollywood blockbuster animation features like the Ice Age movies, Disney’s Princess and the Frog, Despicable Me 1 and 2, Minion Movie and The Grinch amongst others. “Since Dutch animation education traditionally has never focused on catering to the ‘Industry’ but on free expression instead, its “greatest common divisor” is “individualism “ leading to a cornucopia of creative approaches and styles. Studio’s like Ka-ching, Submarine and directors like Hisko Hulsing are some prime examples of taking fresh creative approaches that are proven to be successful. There are many others waiting to be discovered.”

Michael Dudok de Wit, director of The Red Turtle and Father and Daughter. “Dutch people, while celebrating the notion of a cosy and friendly home, have a distinct openness and curiosity towards other cultures and civilisations. This curiosity excited me greatly when I grew up and as a consequence I have enjoyed a semi-nomadic life style over the last forty years.”

Martha Colburn, American born filmmaker artist, whose work has been presented in major musea around the world. “The Netherlands instantly appealed to me as a business base and artistic place for creating when I moved here almost two decades ago. I find the atmosphere to be progressive and encouraging - with a healthy balance of support and critical feedback. The artistic climate in the Netherlands is grounded in a really strong support for upcoming and established talent - while at the same moment encouraging innovation in the arts, culture and beyond…”

Nienke Deutz, director of Bloeistraat 11, winner of the Annecy Cristal. “Despite working abroad a lot, my roots are in the Netherlands, and of course this is reflected in my work: approaching topics with a down-to-earth gaze, loads of enthusiasm, and a love for formal simplicity.”

Hisko Hulsing, director of Junkyard and Undone. “The Netherlands provides an environment where projects with adult subject matter and artistic ambition can thrive. It’s probably the reason why producers from Los Angeles reach out to me when they are looking for a different animation style and feel than those of the rather one-sided family entertainment being made by American studios. The painting techniques we use are classical and have more in common with the Dutch masters of the 17th century than with styles associated with cartoons.“

Bouwine Pool, co-director of HIT entertainment series The Wellie Wishers. “Communication in the Netherlands is straightforward, honest, and based on equality.”

Mischa Rozema, director and co-founder PostPanic. “Our country’s size creates a very open and outwardfacing mentality, making it easy to collaborate internationally. As an artist I’m outward-facing too, my influences are not limited to the Netherlands they are truly international so are my idea’s.”

Wouter Tulp, character designer for Sony, Paramount, etc. “[As an artist,] I quickly adapt to different types of work... My broad approach to art, and my versatility, originate in me being Dutch.”

Vincent Lammers, Creative director & Partner of Ambassadors, a high profile commercial studio. “For such a small country we have a rich history in pushing art and business forward, and I think the unique cultural mix of creativity and practicality driving it is still there today. Dutch artists are some of the most down-toearth people I know. There’s this naturally ingrained idea that you just have to put in the hard work to create something to be truly proud of - and it shows.”

Martha Colburn, American born filmmaker artist, whose work has been presented in major musea around the world. ”The Netherlands is an ideal and widely chosen country for international artists from all over the world to collaborate - in part due to it’s organized infrastructure of funding and production/ distribution - but also it’s friendly openness and progressive views.”



Viking Film BosBros Coconino Halal Film & Photography il Luster Keplerfilm Lemming Film B.V. Pellicola The Film Kitchen Zoho Studio The Drawing Room The Storytellers Film & TV Pim & Pom B.V. CinéTé filmproduktie seriousFilm Knisper Animation Valk productions Hoek, Line & Thinker Frame Order Pedri Animation BV Studio Pupil Blender

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Smarthouse Films

IJswater Films Ka-Ching Cartoons Stichting Filmproject Mooves Submarine Urrebuk Pegbarians Studio APVIS Morphle BV Little Chicken Game Company Light Rebels Sonic Voyage Productions 5 A.M. Studios Anikey Polder Animation House of Secrets Headshot Media Group Planet X Armadillo Film Studio Rosto A.D. Job, Joris & Marieke Studio Plumeau

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PostPanic BIGPIXEL NMTrix Animation Studios CAN Collective MediaMonks PlusOne Reanimation Matte! Nande? Ambassadors Creative Beards Foxmountain Motoko Shop Around Studio Smack Metafoor Media MCW creative agency 3D Mapping Factory Storytelling Studios Zesbaans Monobanda FourceLabs B.V. Guerrilla

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RocknRoll Animation

Framelab Storm post production Happy Ship Glassworks Amsterdam Colorbleed Mamascreen WRKS Postproductie Studio020 ONESIZE Woodwork Amsterdam Paperless Animations MrBeam Comic House Animotus Mookx in60seconds Cortical Studios Frissekom Creative Animal

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Paladin Studios

Ambassadors www.ambassadors.com Lisa van Boekhout 31 6 15038868 lisa.vanboekhout@ambassadors.studio

Animotus viduate.nl Daan Viergever 31 30 2270318 daan@animotus.com

We’re a creative production studio of over eighty artists, designers, creatives and producers crafting the finest creative content in advertising, film and art.

Anikey www.anikey.nl Albert ‘t Hooft 31 6 81418091 info@anikey.nl

Anikey creates independent and commissioned animations for various media. After directing several award winning shorts, we released the animated feature film Triple Trouble. We specialize in digital 2d animation, storyboards and visual development.

Armadillo Film www.armadillofilm.nl Andre Bos 31 6 50505888 info@armadillofilm.nl

Award winning animated films for all ages (LÖSS and Polska Warrior)

BIGPIXEL bigpixel.nl Jeroen Hoekstra 31 6 21570960 jeroen@bigpixel.nl

BosBros www.bosbros.com Jolande Junte 31 6 54942164 info@bosbros.com

Whether it’s a children’s animation series, a short or a TV ad, Bigpixel delivers exceptional content worldwide.

BosBros has set the standard for highquality film and television productions in the Netherlands since 1989. Burny Bos and his team have also introduced Dutch youth films and youth television series abroad, winning many awards.

Blender blender.studio Ton Roosendaal 31 20 7077300 ton@blender.org

CAN Collective www.cancollective.com Jonas Ott 31 6 19572387 info@cancollective.com

Independent production company and studio realising shorts and feature film, combined with developing an open source production pipeline.

We are a group of experienced and passionate animators. We love to create characters and telling stories. Our individual talents makes us to an all round team with strengths in script writing, storytelling, designing, animating and composing music.

CinéTé filmproduktie www.cinete.nl Nancy Fornoville 31 6 48964076 info@cinete.nl

Coconino www.coconino.nl Peter Lindhout 31 6 29362008 info@coconino.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Coconino produces animated features, shorts, series, commercials and digital media.

CinéTé filmproduktie specializes in short animation, specifically in 2D author films. Our best-known film is Father and Daughter by Michael Dudok de Wit. Recently we produced Cycle by Sytske Kok & Sophie Olga de Jong and Mind My Mind by Floor Adams.

Cineventura www.cineventura.com D.van Nieuwaal 31 20 6160742 cineventura@palnet.nl

Colorbleed www.colorbleed.nl Daniel Visscher 31 6 11224626 daniel@colorbleed.nl

Cineventura produces shorts, series and feature length 2D and 3D animation for adults, in co-production with European and international partners.

As a global 3D animation studio we bring narratives to life – on steroids. We are animators and storytellers, designing engaging characters and producing memorable stories that evoke emotion.

Comic House comichouse.nlt Hans Buying 31 20 3200078 hans@comichouse.nl

Creative Animal www.creativeanimal.nl Jasper Wolf 31 35 6263030 info@creativeanimal.nl

Comic House is a reliable and experienced animation producer of numerous awardwinning productions for feature film, television and online applications. Our agency boasts a group of nearly 100 distinguished artists.

Our professional facility at mediapark near amsterdam is built for flexibility your content stays central in the cycle cloud editing, 4k, vr, edit suites, design, grading, audio-post central storage and distribution services.

Cortical Studios www.corticalstudios.com Martijn Rijnberg 31 6 27492644 m.rijnberg@corticalstudios.com

Creative Beards www.creativebeards.com Ted Griffioen 31 30 7370984 info@creativebeards.com

Cortical Studios is an award-winning visual science agency that specializes in the production of custom-made medical and educational 3D animations films.

Creative Beards translates your story into animation, infographic, illustration and print. We are a socially involved animation agency and our films are made climate neutral.

The Drawing Room www.drawingroom.nl Jiek Weishut 31 6 24284466 Jiek@drawingroom.nl

FourceLabs B.V. www.fourcelabs.com Karel Millenaar 31 6 42633703 karel@fourcelabs.com

The Drawing Room consists of a dynamic team of accomplished freelancers managed by Jiek Weishut. You can call us a studio or creative agency, depending on what you are looking for. We have an experienced production team and are happy to help you.

FourceLabs designs playful experiences to solve real world problems.

The Film Kitchen www.thefilmkitchen.nl Daya de Jongh info@thefilmkitchen.nl

The Film Kitchen (co)produces features, documentaries and TV series for the (inter) national market. We cooperate closely with experienced filmmakers and young remarkable talents. We produce arthouse films and films for a mainstream audience.

Foxmountain www.foxmountain.nl Bram van de Vossenberg 31 6 17375018 info@foxmountain.nl

Foxmountain is a small flexible animation studio specialized in creative 3D animations and visual effects. Foxmountain is located in the Eindhoven region but supplies productions for the whole world.

Frame Order www.frameorder.nl Daan Velsink 31 6 12647929 info@frameorder.nl

With a knack for inventive storytelling and a quirky sense of humour, Frame Order is known for its well told and often hilarious films, from our impressive slate of awardwinning shorts to our international series. 1,2M Youtube subs can’t be wrong!

Frissekom www.frissekom.nl Jeroen van der Meulen 31 595 252103 info@frissekom.nl

We are a creative agency specialized in animations, corporate identities, websites and everything in between. Fully matching the client’s DNA, but above all functional and innovative. How complex the project is, we do not shy away from any challenge.

Framelab www.framelab.nl Jitte Hoekstra 31 6 24789555 office@framelab.nl

Glassworks Amsterdam www.glassworksvfx.com Chris Kiser 31 20 7940996 info@glassworksamsterdam.nl

Framelab creates moving images to move people, specialized in VFX, 2D- and 3D-animation, colorgrading and technical challenges for special projects.

Glassworks is an award winning visual effects company with over 20 years’ experience creating world-class VFX, animation and colour grading for commercials, films and television series, as well as music videos, live events & online digital media.

Guerrilla www.guerrilla-games.com Jeroen Roding 31 20 4272277 jeroen.roding@guerrilla-games.com

Guerrilla is one of Europe’s leading game development companies and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. We started in 2000, and have pushed the boundaries of technical and artistic excellence in our games ever since.

Happy Ship happyship.com Martin Venema 31 6 55390983 martin@happyship.com

Happy Ship cooperated on numerous film-, televison projects and VR/AR experiences more lately. Strength: Involved mostly from the start they create smart solutions to get the vision of the director across, both artisticly and cost-effective.

Halal Film & Photography www.halal.amsterdam Gijs Kerbosch 31 20 6391402 gijsk@halal.amsterdam

Headshot Media Group www.hdshotmedia.com Mans Alpa info@hdshotmedia.com •••••••••••••••••••••• HeadShot Media Group, founded in 2011, is an international company specialized in Music Videos • Commercials • Special Effects (FX) • Post-Production and Sound-design.

In 2015, HALAL produced Prince which received a special mention at Berlinale. Necktie Youth (2016) and Cargo (2017) along with many successful shorts including: Un creux dans mon coeur, Spoetnik, Jonas & the Sea.

Hoek, Line & Thinker www.cakeentertainment.com Tom van Waveren 31 6 42912348 tom@cakeentertainment.com

House of Secrets www.houseofsecrets.nl Daniëlle de Jonge 31 30 2273290 info@houseofsecrets.nl

Dutch studio specializing in VR, interactive design and 3D animations.

IJswater Films www.ijswater.nl Marc Bary 31 20 4421760 films@ijswater.nl

IJswater Films produces features, TV-drama, documentaries and shorts. Currently in development: animated feature The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie by Roel & Berend Boorsma in coproduction with Pellicola, Lunanime|Beast & Qvisten Animation.

il Luster www.illuster.nl Michiel Snijders 31 6 24128200 info@illuster.nl

il Luster is involved in both independent and commissioned films and series, with activities ranging from concept and consultancy to writing and production. il Luster’s focus is on developing original content for an international market.

in60seconds www.in60seconds.nl Arent Benthem 31 20 2044534 contact@in60seconds.nl

In60seconds is the first animation studio in the Netherlands that specifically focuses on the development of explanatory animations and introduces the product name explanimations. In addition to animations, we create infographics and interactive visualizations.

Job, Joris & Marieke www.jobjorisenmarieke.nl Job Roggeveen 31 30 7854990 info@jobjorisenmarieke.nl

Keplerfilm www.keplerfilm.com Derk-Jan Warrink 31 20 7370608 derkjan@keplerfilm.com

Job, Joris & Marieke is a Dutch animation studio. Their work can be described as both cute and absurd. They’ve made the short films Mute, Otto, A Single Life, Heads Together and A Double Life. Their work has been nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy.

Before founding Keplerfilm, producers Derk-Jan Warrink and Koji Nelissen (co-) produced award-winning projects, both in their native as internationally, such as stop-motion animation series Rusty, feature films The Lobster and Bullhead.

Ka-Ching Cartoons www.ka-chingcartoons.com Joost van den Bosch 31 6 45098574 info@ka-chingcartoons.com

Knisper Animation www.knisperanimation.com Coen Balkestein 31 6 37439652 coen_balkestein@hotmail.com

The studio specializes in series and films, and have been involved in 3 feature films in 2018. We offer a complete production pipeline, including direction. Or are happy to work together with other studios and share our specialities on the project.

We started Knisper to create a cosy and friendly work environment for our colleagues and clients. A trusting environment is immensely important to develop inspiring stories and connect creators with clients.

Lemming Film B.V. www.lemmingfilm.com FĂŠlice Bogaert 31 20 6610424 info@lemmingfilm.com

Established in 1995, Lemming Film is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands for international (co-)productions. Lemming Film has (co-)produced a total of 48 national and international feature films and 16 drama series.

Light Rebels www.lightrebels.nl Frank van Mourik 31 6 42157175 info@lightrebels.nl

We combine years of experience in 3D and 2D motion graphic design with projection and light technology. Complemented by an excellent team of project managers, light Rebels turns every creative concept into a successful event.

Little Chicken Game Company www.littlechicken.nl Michiel Sala 31 20 6202970 info@littlechicken.nl

Little Chicken Game Company develops and publishes games. We create and publish our own projects as well as work with publishers, platform holders and other partners.

Mamascreen www.mamascreen.com Marcel Morcus 31 10 2023488 info@mamascreen.com

Film- and animationstudio, based in Rotterdam, producing commercials, corporates, shorts, and trailers. The onestop-shop for (post)production, motions graphics, animation (3D) and visual effects. Next to that owner of chromakeystudio (for rental).

Matte! Nande? www.matte-nande.nl Matty Jorissen 31 6 14537468 info@matte-nande.nl

MediaMonks www.mediamonks.com Pierre Nelwan 31 6 20120126 pierre@mediamonks.com

We create animation and animation accessories. Wait! Why? We just love bringing little stories and big jokes to life. We work for both clients and our own amusement.

MediaMonks is a global creative production company. We partner with clients across industries and markets to craft amazing work for leading businesses and brands.

MCW creative agency www.mcw.nl Martin van den Berg 31 10 4522526 m.van.den.berg@mcw.nl

Metafoor Media www.metafoormedia.nl Johan van Oijen 31 58 2122813 johan@metafoormedia.nl

MCW is a creative multimedia agency based in Rotterdam. We always step outside the bounds of the conventional to find a perfect solution. We seamlessly combine our particular specialties: internet, cross-media, 3D visuals & animation, film and sound.

Metafoor Media is a studio specialised in animation. We imagine, design and produce animations in a team of 6 professionals. Scripting, illustrating and working with deadlines are among our many specialities. Curious? www.metafoormedia.nl/werkwijze

Monobanda monobanda.eu Niki Smit 31 6 43833085 info@monobanda.nl

Mooves www.mooves.nl

Mooves creates tales and story worlds for a diverse mixture of animated film, comics, podcasts, transmedia and immersive projects. For a glimpse of what we could do for you, please take a look at our portfolio. Monobanda is a foundation/ art collective, making projects that explore human expression and meaningful interaction.

Mookx www.mookx.nl Siebe Janssen 31 6 34557460 siebe@mookx.nl

Morphle BV www.mymagicpetmorphle.com Arthur van Merwijk 31 6 22841965 arthur@morphletv.com

Mookx is an Amsterdam based designdriven animation studio for brands, agencies & production companies. We focus on 2D & 3D-Animation, Motiondesign, Character Design, and visual storytelling.

Morphle BV runs a successful preschool youtube channel called My Magic Pet Morphle.

Motoko www.motoko.nl Mark Visser 31 70 7110309 info@motoko.nl

NMTrix Animation Studios www.nmtrix.com Patrick Nijman 31 725 409803 info@nmtrix.com

Our work is original and custom made, from concept to final output. We serve creative agencies, tv channels, production companies and corporate clients. Delivering custom made motion design material.

NMTrix started 23 years ago and we specialize in 3D character animation. We developed a unique pipeline for very fast and efficient production. Besides commissioned work NMTrix also produced it’s own series and multiple award winning short films.

MrBeam www.mrbeam.com Bucko Arends 31 30 8201039 bucko@mrbeam.com

ONESIZE www.onesize.com Pepijn Padberg 31 20 6932300 info@onesize.nl

Mr.Beam creates miracles in the dark. A team of creative experts that design, develop and produce immersive experiences, projection mapping shows and illuminating installations.

Onesize is the agency that stands for distinctive design in motion. Our flexible team of industry-leading experts offers a full range of services for both brands and agencies – such as branding, TV commercials, and online content.

Paladin Studios www.paladinstudios.com Stein Damen 31 71 5132222 info@paladinstudios.com

Pedri Animation BV www.pedri-animation.com Paul Mathot 31 35 6561945 paul@pedri-animation.com

We are a game development studio with a mission to make people smile - be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh or evil grin. We are based in The Hague, founded in 2005 and have a team of 50+.

Stopmotion animation studio for 22 years, leading company in making series, feature films, commercials; creating the sets, puppets, stopmotion and postproduction.

Paperless Animations paperlessanimations.nl Suzanne Braaksma 31 880 184001 hello@paperlessanimations.nl

Pegbarians pegbarians.com Florian Walraven 31 6 12290075 pegbarians@gmail.comÂ

Paperless animations is a boutique studio, working both for brands, corporate clients & creative agencies, as well as for other studio’s on their 3D and VFX projects. Our expertise reaches from 2D & 3D animation to high end photo real 3D and FX.

Pegbarians is small animation studio located in Utrecht. They have worked for big YouTubers, various European productions and Dutch TV. They also run a YouTube channel on which they create humorous shorts targeted at 17-24 year olds.

Pellicola www.pellicola.nl Daniel Koefoed 31 6 51382787 daniel@pellicola.nl

Planet X www.planetx.nl Violette Kleijn 31 20 4682528 office@planetx.nl

Founded by Nick Jongerius and Daniel Koefoed, Pellicola produces Dutch as well as international feature films. Pellicola a.o. produced Frankenstein’s Army and As if I Am Crazy. Currently Pellicola is developing The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie.

We create visual effects and titles for feature films and television. We build a bridge between pre- and post-production, using our thorough understanding of content production and the creative process. We are based in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Pim & Pom B.V. www.fiepwestendorp.nl Gioia Smid 31 20 4714637 gioia@fiepwestendorp.nl

PlusOne www.plusoneamsterdam.com Marcel Vrieswijk 31 20 8451814 marcel@plusoneamsterdam.com

Pim & Pom bv has the exclusive rights on the illustrations made by Fiep Westendorp (1916-2004). Fiep Westendorp is Hollands most famous illustrator. Her two cats Pim & Pom are the leading characters of a 2D animationseries and a feature film.

PlusOne is an independent creative studio with a strong focus on aesthetics and visual storytelling. Hand-in-hand we cover the entire creative process, from very first idea to final delivery, developing and advancing brand identities and stories.

Polder Animation www.polderanimation.com Bastiaan Schravendeel 31 6 81788472 info@polderanimation.com

Reanimation reanimation.nl michaĂŤl veerman 31 6 15137460 info@reanimation.nl

Polder Animation specializes in creating stylized 3D animation. We are making character driven short films, commercials and series with a unique look and feel.

We ensure that your message, service or product ends up in the right form and manner with your target group. We make explanation animations give creative workshops, make huge projections and produce special projects at festivals!

PostPanic www.postpanic.net Ania Markham 31 20 4473550 ania@postpanic.net

RocknRoll Animation www.rocknrollanimation.nl Gatze Zonneveld 31 6 24977773 contact@rocknrollanimation.nl

PostPanic is a hybrid film production company with the in-house capability to make whatever form of creative project we want to immerse ourselves in. We’re driven by the passion to create beautiful and memorable storytelling.

RocknRoll Animation is a boutique animation studio located in the heart of Utrecht. Filmmaker Gatze Zonneveld works on his own short films, TV series and even a feature film and on commercials, bumpers, leaders and informative animations.

seriousFilm www.seriousfilm.nl Marc Thelosen 31 6 20737277 marc@seriousfilm.nl

Smarthouse Films www.smarthousefilms.nl Danielle Guirguis 31 20 2337957 danielle@smarthousefilms.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Smarthouse Films - Arthouse Advertising & Indie Films | Smarthouse Films develops, produces and distributes crossover feature films and arthouse commercials.

Based in Rotterdam we produce documentatires, animations, film essays, and features.

Shop Around www.shop-around.nl Vivian Ronden 31 20 4704727 info@shop-around.nl

Shop Around is a creative production agency that specializes in illustration, animation, motion graphic and graphic design solutions. During our existence we’ve thoughtfully curated solutions and offered seasoned guidance to our clients.

Sonic Voyage Productions www.sonicvoyage.nl Miguel Rewinkel 31 6 13943543 miguel@sonicvoyage.nl

We can’t wait to produce your video’s and animations.

Stichting Filmproject www.stichtingfilmproject.nl Dorna van Nieuwaal 31 20 6160742 info@stichtingfilmproject.nl

The Storytellers Film & TV www.storytellersfilmtv.nl Errol Nayci info@storytellersfilmtv.nl

Stichting Filmproject produces shorts, series and feature length 2D and 3D animation in co-production with European and international partners.

The Storytellers, a production company focused on drama series and feature films targeting young people and families. Driven by the credo: we tell stories! These include the series Ninja Nanny, Hoogvliegers and the feature films Loenatik and Kidnep.

Storm post production stormpostproduction.com Joris van Seggelen 31 20 3200225 info@stormpostproduction.com

Storytelling Studios www.storytellingstudios.nl Bram de Vries 31 6 10077612 info@storytellingstudios.nl

Storm is a post production studio based in the heart of Amsterdam. Serving clients from every element of the media landscape, we provide advertising agencies, film/ commercial producers, cultural institutions and others with a range services as diverse as their needs.

Storytelling Studios brings the story of your brand, organization or company to life through animated videos. This is possible for advertising campaigns, but also for internal use as a means of communication.

Studio APVIS www.apvis.nl Demian Albers 31 6 47489831 info@apvis.nl

Studio Pupil studiopupil.com Tünde Vollenbroek 31 6 47264049 tunde@studiopupil.com

Storytelling is our biggest passion. We like to combine different disciplines, media and skills to tell these stories. We create work that can open discussions and bring people together. This is the strength of creative storytelling.

Amsterdam-based Studio Pupil creates character animation that’s entertaining and engaging, possibly hilarious, and always full of character. The creative production house develops and (co-)produces IP’s with social relevance and distinctive visuals.

Studio Plumeau www.studioplumeau.com Thijs Viegers 31 6 50200087 info@studioplumeau.com

Studio Plumeau specializes in traditional 2D animation. Led by Ben Vinkenburg and Thijs Viegers, Plumeau works with a team of artists on all kinds of projects such as short films, commercials and music videos.

Studio Rosto A.D. www.rostoad.com production@studio.rostoad.com

Studio Smack www.studiosmack.nl 31 6 26648154 smack@studiosmack.nl

Submarine www.submarine.nl Bruno Felix 31 20 8204940 bruno@submarine.nl

Studio Smack makes animated works, music videos and likes to do commercial stuff as well. Smack produces work that in the first analysis have an autonomous value, but often also responds to developments in society, the so-called Design for Debate.

Submarine is a production company in Amsterdam that develops and produces feature films, documentaries, animation and transmedia.

Studio020 www.studio020.com Massimo Pippolo 31 6 46151417 projects@studio020.com

Urrebuk www.urrebuk.nl Sander Alt 31 6 40060292 sander@urrebuk.nl

Studio 020 specializes in the creation of 2D and 3D animations, apps and advertising. Founded in Amsterdam in 2004, studio 020 has distinguished itself by its constantly evolving technological infrastructure.

Valk productions www.valkproductions.com Richard Valk 31 6 50934002 richardv@xs4all.nl

Woodwork Amsterdam woodwork.nl Nina Fabel 31 20 6128680 hello@woodwork.nl

Valkproductions is an animation production company specialized in artistic/authentic short animation.

We are Woodwork, an Amsterdam-based design and motion studio. For both national and international brands and agencies, we take on the entire process of concept, design and execution of quality visual content.

Viking Film www.vikingfilm.nl Marleen Slot 31 6 41430708 marleen@vikingfilm.nl

WRKS Postproductie www.wrks.nl RenĂŠ Brouwer 31 20 5315631 Info@wrks.nl

Viking Film is the Amsterdam based film production company founded in 2011 by Marleen Slot. International in scope Viking Film wants to make high-quality films for both Dutch and international audiences with a special focus on animation and arthouse.

Both independently and together with others we shoot and edit projects, provide colour grading, and create visual effects and animations.

Zesbaans zesbaans.nl 31 20 2238451 post@zesbaans.nl

3D Mapping Factory www.3dmappingfactory.com Jozef Hoes 31 6 33339989 info@3dmappingfactory.com

Zesbaans is a new media collective based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Projects range from gallery expositions to nightlife installations, with an emphasis on technology and interactivity.

We are specialized in delivering spectacular visual 3D shows on objects and building faรงades for special events such as festivals, advertisements, celebrations, openings, launch parties, concerts, prime weddings, promotions for (concept) cars etc.

Zoho Studio www.zohostudio.com Rob Vermeulen 31 6 45314932 rob@zohostudio.com

5 A.M. Studios www.5am.studio Jeroen Zijlstra 31 20 8203624 hello@5am.studio

Zoho Studio is a collective of producers, artists and engineers that joined forces to produce animated content. We combine decades of experience in creating original content and superb characters, enabling us to deliver from concept till end-result.

5 A.M. Studios is an Amsterdam based studio specialized in stop motion animation. From building puppets and sets, to directing, production and post-production, our team is happy to do it all in-house.



Stemmenbureau VoiceCowboys www.voicecowboys.nl Dave Leusink 31 20 2101214 support@voicecowboys.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• VoiceCowboys specializes in Dutch, English and Flemish voice-over voices. Delivery within 24hours, competitive voice-over prices.

Klink Audio Post Production www.klinkaudio.nl Paul Gies 31 20 7371152 info@klinkaudio.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Edit, sound design and re-recording mixing is our daily work. With two mixing studio’s, a cinema, prep rooms and lot’s of highly experienced freelancers, Klink offers you all that is needed in this last, crucial but awesome phase of your project.

Wim Pel Productions bv www.wpp.nl Jeroen Pel 31 20 4610444 jeroen@wpp.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Wim Pel Productions B.V. is an audio post production studio, specializing in dubbing, voice-overs and audio postproduction. Our team comprises some of the best and nicest directors, technicians and translators in the ­ Audio-Visual industry.

WarnierPosta www.warnierposta.nl Christan Muiser 31 20 6389192 christan@warnierposta.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• WarnierPosta (Est .1993) is the Dutch market-leading audiopost facility for feature and animation films and hiend TV- and VOD-drama operating from the heart of its motion-picture industry, Amsterdam.

Bob Kommer Studio’s www.bobkommer.com Jeroen Nadorp 31 70 3608320 info@bobkommer.com •••••••••••••••••••••• Founded in 1952, Bob Kommer Studios has over 60 years of experience in sound-to-picture and all aspects of audio postproduction. We have a track record of hundreds of animation productions ranging from shorts, series and even feature films.

Het Woeste Woud www.hetwoestewoud.nl Christiaan Coenraads 31 6 14708890 info@hetwoestewoud.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Het Woeste Woud specialises in the creation of animated, digital picture books. Het Woeste Woud works with broadcasters, publishers and researchers at universities.

AudioRally Sounddesign www.audiorallysounddesign.com Aline Bruijns 31 6 14836929 info@audiorallysounddesign.com •••••••••••••••••••••• AudioRally Sounddesign is specialized in sound design, sound effects editing, foley fitting, dialogue directing & recording or the complete audio post production.

Sound Adventure www.soundadventure.nl Jan Willem van den Brink 31 20 7731282 office@soundadventure.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Sound Adventure is an audio postproduction facility specialized in feature films, high-end TV/VOD drama, documentaries and animation. Our team can take care of sound FX, sound design, ADR, foley, re-recording mixing, and in-house music production.

Voicebooking.com www.voicebooking.com Jente Kater 31 20 7747323 support@voicebooking.com •••••••••••••••••••••• Voicebooking.com is a voice-over agency that operates like a webshop. Our voice actors are all native speaking professionals, they work from their home studio, in accord with our fixed fees. That’s what makes Voicebooking.com unique and transparant.

Xsens www.xsens.com 31 88 9736700 info@xsens.com •••••••••••••••••••••• Xsens MVN Animate is a full-body motion capture solution including Xsens’ proprietary motion capture software. Xsens is unmatched in ease-of-use, robustness and reliability. Xsens produces production quality data. It is the ideal tool for animators.



Cineart Nederland B.V. www.cineart.nl 31 20 5308848 info@cineart.nl

Paradiso Entertainment www.paradisofilms.nl 31 20 6159222 info@paradisofilms.nl

Cinemien - ABC Theatrical Distribution B.V. www.cinemien.nl 31 20 5776010 info@cinemien.nl

Periscoop Film www.periscoopfilm.nl Wiepko Oosterhuis 31 6 18391193 wiepko@periscoopfilm.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Periscoop Film is a Benelux distributor, who distributes films many others consider too edgy, daring or risky. We distribute all genre’s, but mainly animation and non-fiction, because those still represent the underdeveloped markets in our territory.

Dutch Film Works B.V. www.dfw.nl 31 88 1202020 info@dfw.nl

In the Air www.ita-rights.com 31 23 7009789 info@ita-rights.com

Just Entertainment Www.justentertainment.nl Jean Heijl 31 35 2031228 jean@justfilmdistribution.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• A Benelux distribution Company in ALL media Rights (theatrical, HomeEntertainment, (pay)TV, all VOD rights

September Film Distribution B.V. www.septemberfilm.nl 31 20 5357550 info@septemberfilm.nl

SND Films www.sndfilms.com Sydney Neter 31 20 4040707 info@sndfilms.com •••••••••••••••••••••• International sales agency of animated and live action shorts.

Twin Film & Twin Video twinfilm.nl Bea Appels 31 20 4209114 info@twinfilm.nl

Universal Pictures www.universalpictures.nl 31 20 6177575



Cinekid www.cinekid.nl Erik Tijman 31 20 5317890 film@cinekid.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Cinekid Festival is the world’s largest children’s media festival. Across 40 locations, children between 3-14 can watch films and TV productions. Cinekid for Professionals, an international 5-day event for the children’s media industry runs parallel.

Go Short www.goshort.nl Kirsten Ruber 31 24 6636789 info@goshort.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Go Short is the main festival for short films in The Netherlands. During the five festival days Europe’s best recent short films will be screened.

Imagine Film Festival www.imaginefilmfestival.nl Chris Oosterom 31 6 19671751 chris@imaginefilmfestival.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Now in its 35th year, Imagine is the main festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands.

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam www.idfa.nl Orwa Nyrabia

31 20 6273329 info@idfa.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• IDFA offers an independent and inspiring meeting place for audiences and professionals to see a diverse and high-quality program of creative documentaries.

International Film Festival Rotterdam www.iffr.com Bero Beyer 31 10 8909090 tiger@filmfestivalrotterdam.com •••••••••••••••••••••• IFFR, world renowned and The Netherlands largest filmfestival, offers a high quality line-up of carefully selected fiction and documentary feature films, short films and media art.

KLIK x HAFF Animation Festival. www.klik.amsterdam Bram Kranendonk 31 6 28815778 bram@klik.amsterdam •••••••••••••••••••••• www.haff.nl Peter Lindhout 31 6 29362008 peter@haff.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• KLIK x HAFF is an annual f­ estival that celebrates All Things ­Animated. We showcase the very best in animation, over all platforms, spanning from film to VR and videogames.

Nederlands Film Festival www.filmfestival.nl Calire van Daal 31 30 2303800 info@filmfestival.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• The Nederlands Film Film Festival is both the home of Dutch cinema and the leading platform for the Netherlands’ national film culture.

Playgrounds www.weareplaygrounds.nl Leon van Rooij 31 6 50241634 info@weareplaygrounds.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Playgrounds showcases and celebrates the creative image. We stimulate new developments, we inspire an international creative industry and connect you to the best and brightest artists and animators, extraordinary game-, soundand graphic designers.

VR Days www.vrdays.co Doede Holtkamp info@vrdays.co •••••••••••••••••••••• VR Days Europe is a 3-day festival & exhibition on XR content, creativity and innovation. Expect a compelling range of keynotes, expert sessions, workshops and seminars with 140+ expert speakers from the worlds of health, tech, business and the arts.



Public broadcasters

Commercial broadcasters

AVROTROS www.avrotros.nl

Viacom (MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Paramount, BET, Viva) nl.vimnswemea.com/nl

BNNVARA www.bnnvara.nl

EO www.eo.nl

KRO-NRCV www.kro-nrcv.nl

MAX www.omroepmax.nl

NOS www.nos.nl

NTR www.ntr.nl

VPRO www.vpro.nl

Disney channel www.disney.nl

RTL Nederland (RTL4, RTL5, RTL7, RTL8) www.rtl.nl

Talpa TV (SBS6, Net 5, Veronica) www.talpa.tv



Academie Minerva Groningen www.hanze.nl/ eng/education/art/ minerva-art-academy Bob Verheijden 31 50 5951201

AKV St.Joost Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch www.akvstjoost.nl Suzanne van der Wateren 31 88 5257500

ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle, Enschede, Arnhem www.artez.nl Sytse van der Zee 31 38 4270500 s.vanderzee@artez.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Animation is based on the ability to draw and to create natural and expressive motion. Students learn to use the professional process that enables them to work as part of a professional team. They train their artistic skills by using free association and experiment. Students develop an authentic and innovative way of storytelling and depicting.

HKU Media; Animation Utrecht www.hku.nl/opleidingen/ media/animation.htm Lauri Kramer 31 6 54258497 lauri.kramer@hku.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• HKU animation is based on the exploration of animation skills, research, theory and design. Students develop knowledge by exploring different ways of communicating individual stories, next to creating effective solutions to set briefs. We offer traditional animation such as 2D and stop-motion or a focus on CGI animation, in which the technique is explored through storytelling, character animation, objects, spaces and environments or virtual reality.

Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology www.zuyd.nl/algemeen/ kunstacademie-maastricht mediadesign-andtechnology@zuyd.nl

Nederlandse Filmacademie Amsterdam www.filmacademie.ahk.nl Harry Scheurs, Kasper Oerlemans 31 20 5277333 •••••••••••••••••••••• The Netherlands Film Academy trains students to become prominent national and international creators of media productions for various platforms. The starting point is telling stories in the cinematographic tradition in which creativity, urgency and innovation are the recurring themes.

Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam www.wdka.nl Michiel Wesselius 31 6 26606872 m.t.wesselius@hr.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• WdKA focuses on innovative and relevant stories. Upon arrival students dive directly in the fundamentals of animation, during the course students choose to develop themselves as creative producers, dynamic, visual or narrative designers either in a commercial, social or autonomous context.



EYE International international.eyefilm.nl Marten Rabarts Head EYE International +31 20 758 2375 international@eyefilm.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• EYE International is responsible for the international marketing and promotion of Dutch films. It provides the international film circuitwith information, films and current activities within the Dutch film industry.

Netherlands Film Fund www.filmfund.nl Frank Peijnenburg Head of development & production, Screen NL +312025707676 f.peijnenburg@filmfonds.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Erik van Drunen Film Consultant Animation e.van.drunen@filmfonds.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film related activities in the country. Our focus is clear and unambiguous, to develop and strengthen Dutch cinema and film culture both at home & abroad.

Creative Industries Fund NL www.stimuleringsfonds.nl Aline Knip head of grants programmes +32 (0)104361600 info@stimuleringsfonds.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• Creative Industries Fund NL is the Dutch cultural fund for architecture, design and digital culture, as well as every imaginable crossover.

ApN - Animation Producers Netherlands www.animationproducers.nl Ton Crone Director +31(0)651195450 crone@animationproducers.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• This Association is taken care for the interests of the animation producers in the Netherlands. We promote professionalism, education and communication in the Netherlands and international.

DDG - Dutch Directors Guild www.directorsguild.nl Janette Kolkema Project Manager +31(0)683672215 j.kolkema@directorsguild.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• The DDG is the Dutch association for audiovisual directors: film, television, radio, digital storytelling, animation

and commercials. The purpose of the interest group is to look after the interests of directors, both collectively and individually.

ADCN Club for Creativity www.adcn.nl Dinesh Sonak Managing director •••••••••••••••••••••• ADCN, founded as the Art Directors Club Netherlands, is a a multidisciplinary collective of creative, brands and media professionals across multiple disciplines.

NPA - Netherlands PostProduction Alliance www.nlpostalliance.nl •••••••••••••••••••••• The Netherlands Post production Alliance unites Dutch digital imaging, sound design and visual effects studios in one organization.

De Animatietuin animatietuin.nl

Dutch Game Garden www.dutchgamegarden.nl

XR Base www.xrbase.co

Image list In order of appearance The Little Vampire 3D/ De Kleine Vampier 3D (2017) Dir: Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilirich Prod: A. Film, Ambient Entertainment, Cool Beans, Telescreen Studio: Storm Animation Rusty/Rintje (2016) Dir: Steven de Beul, Ben Tesseur Prod: Lemming Film, A Private View Heinz (2019) Crea: Windig & de Jong Dir: Piet Kroon Prod: Bos Bros Productions, Fabrique Fantastique Studio: Ka-Ching Cartoons Father and Daughter (2000) Dir: Michael Dudok de Wit Prod: CinéTé Filmproductie, Cloudrunner Ltd. George & Paul (2016) Dir:Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk (Ka-Ching Cartoons) Prod: Pedri Animation, Beast Productions, BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance, Ketnet, NTR

The Monster of Nix (2011) Dir: Rosto Prod: Autour de Minuit Productions, CinéTé Filmproductie, Studio Rosto A.D. Undone (in production, exp 2019 Q3) Crea: Raphael BobWaksberg, Kate Purdy Dir: Hisko Hulsing Prod: Submarine, The Tornante Company, Minnow Mountain Horizon Zero Dawn (2107) Dir: Mathijs de Jonge Prod: Guerrilla Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment Kinda Awkward/Schroom (2018) Dir: Aisha Madu Prod: VPRO Dorst Coppellia (in production) Dir: Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul, Ben Tesseur Prod: Submarine, 3 Minutes West, Lunanime, Motion Works Good Enough/Goed Genoeg (in development) Crea: Maaike Hartjes Dir: Darion van Vree Prod: Studio Pupil

Mind My Mind (2019) Dir: Floor Adams Prod: CinéTé Filmproductie, Curious Wolf, Fabrique Fantastique Tovertafel (2015) Prod: Active Cues Heads Together/Kop op (2016) Dir: Job Joris en Marieke Prod: Viking Film, VPRO The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie (in development) Dir: Berend & Roel Boorsma Prod: Pellicola, Ijswater Films, Beast Productions, Qvisten Animation Agent 327 (in development) Dir: To be announced Prod: Blender Animation Studio, Umami Media The Modular Body (2016) Dir: Floris Kaayk Prod: seriousFilm Production, VPRO The Last Hijack (2014) Dir: Tommy Pallotta, Femke Wolting Prod: Submarine Channel, Razor Film Production, Savage Film, ZDF, IKON

DEEP (2015) Dir: Monobanda & Owen Harris Prod:Monobanda My Magic Pet Morphle Prod: Morphle BV Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure/Pim en Pom: Het Grote Avontuur (2014) Dir: Gioia Schmid Prod: Pim & Pom BV, Flinck Film Ainbo, Spirit of Amazon (in development) Dir: José Zelada, Richard Claus Prod: Tunch Films, Comet, Cool Beans, Studio: Storm Animation Where is Anne Frank? (in production) Dir: Ari Folman Prod: Purple Whale Films, Submarine, Walking The Dog, Samsa Film In the Forest of Huckybucky/De Dieren Hakkenbakkenbos (2016) Dir: Rasmus A. Sivertsen Prod: Pedri Animation, Qvisten Animation, Streamheads Studio

Dr. Panda (in production) Dir: Patrick Chin Prod: Dr. Panda Studio: Anikey Studio, Polder Animation A Report of Connected Events (2018) Dir: Mischa Rozema Prod: PostPanic, NUNA9, Liberty Global Fox and Hare/Vos en Haas (2018) Dir: Mascha Halberstad, Tom van Gestel Prod: Submarine, Walking The Dog, Doghouse Films Woezel en Pip: Op zoek naar de Sloddervos! (2016) Dir: Patrick Raats Prod: Tom de Mol Productions, Dreamchaser Europe, Source Investments, KRO-NCRV Studio: il Luster Productions, Anikey Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (2018) Dir: Salvador Simó Prod: Sygnatia, the Glow, Submarine Miffy de Movie/Nijntje de Film(2013) Dir: Hans Perk Prod: A Film, Telescreen Filmproducties, KRO

Triple Trouble/Trippel Trappel Dierensinterklaas (2014) Dir:Albert ’t Hooft & Paco Vink (Anikey) Prod: il Luster Productions, Vivi Film Studio: Anikey Urbanus de Vuilnisheld (2018) Dir: Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk (Ka-Ching Cartoons) Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, BosBros, EEN Studio: Ka-Ching Cartoons Oink’s Revenge/ De wraak van Knor (in production) Dir: Mascha Halberstad Prod: Viking Film, A Private View Sisterhood of the Meadow/De Wichter Cirkel (in development) Dir: Marlyn Spaaij Prod: Studio Pupil Sprookjesboom de Film (2012) Dir: Hans Walter Prod: De Efteling, Motek Entertainment


Written by: Tünde Vollenbroek & Yvonne van Ulden

Data Research: Marion Poeth & Coen Balkestein

Edited by: Florian Duijsens & Mara Joustra

Graphic Design: Studio Colorado, Amsterdam

Printed by: Aeroprint, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

We want to thank all the companies and artists that contributed to this book for letting us use their information and content.

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