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Visit Netflix Help Center for these hidden tips and tricks

Circumvent regional restrictions You can also use a paid-for service such as Unblock Us, which does the same for $4.99 (ÂŁ3.20) a month. Just keep in mind accessing Netflix in other countries is a violation of your user agreement.

Eliminate buffering  Is House of Cards buffering continuously? Netflix automatically calibrates your streaming depending on your connection -- but you can skip that.  On a computer, click on any video while pressing Shift+Alt (Shift+Option+Click on a Mac),  then under “Stream Manager” you can manually adjust the bandwidth usage.  There is also an option to adjust how the audio and video syncs.

 If you’re on a Smart TV, Blu-ray Player, or game console, you’ll need to reset your Netflix app (this requires a code).  Then, launch Netflix,  on your controller or remote, press the following combination: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.  You'll then have access to a secret debug menu of your general information.  Tweak the settings from here, including eliminating buffering.

Adjust video resolution  You can check the resolution of what you’re actually watching by going to Your Account page,  then select Playback Settings, and under Data Usage, select High.  After, click Save.  You can also navigate to on your PC and select "High" to make sure you're always set up for HD viewing by selecting.  Just keep in mind that HD content eats through cellular data, so be conscious when using Netflix on your phone.

Change the look of subtitles  You can change subtitles from the default yellow sansserif font.  All you need to do is go to  Your Account  > Your Profile  > Subtitle Appearance  In the pop-up box, you will see options to change the look as well as preview it until you're happy.

Avoid spoilers online Use the Flixplus Chrome browser extension, which was created by the Lifehacker website team, to root out annoying Netflix features on the web. Flixplus can hide spoiler images and text snippets, remove duplicate recommendations, disable the Facebook integration prompt, and it can even show IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Get more subtitle languages You can get more subtitles not included in the content directly. Go to Subflix and download the Netflix-friendly subtitles in your language of choice. From there, cue them up via the Super Netflix Chrome extension. It only works on PCs and Macs for now.

 Use bonus features on Apple TV  Watch Netflix with friends anywhere  Access Netflix’s internal catalogue  Stop auto-playback of episodes  See IMDb and Rotten Tomato ratings  Try Netflix Roulette  Randomise your viewing  Find what's new on Netflix

What's leaving Netflix Instantwatcher Let Reddit help you find stuff to watch Netflix and chill button Use socks to pause Netflix when you fall asleep Test new features before everybody else Kick people off your account Remove embarrassing titles from your history

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Call 1855-856-2653 Visit Netflix Help Center for these hidden tips and tricks  

If you're a Netflix users and want to master your binge-watching experience then here we have some hidden Netflix tips and tricks for you. S...

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