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Annual Dinner

A tribute to President Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director UN Women a special recognition to the

Walkabout Foundation celebrating the fifth anniversary of the

Gabriela Mistral Foundation FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 NEW YORK ATHLETIC CLUB ~ 180 CENTRAL PARK SOUTH, NEW YORK, NY 10019

8 SU NOMBRE ES HOY “Somos culpables de muchos errores y faltas, pero nuestro peor crímen es el abandono de los niños, la negligencia de la fuente de vida. Muchas de las cosas que nosotros necesitamos pueden esperar. El niño no puede. Ahora es cuando sus huesos se estan formando, su sangre se esta haciendo y sus sentidos desarrollando. A él no le podemos responder ‘Mañana’, su nombre es ‘Hoy.’” HiS NaME iS TOdaY “We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the fountain of life. Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made, and his senses are being developed. To him we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow,’ his name is Today.’”



President Michelle Bachellet United Nations Under Secretary General for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Women

Ms. Michelle Bachelet is the first Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Women, which was established in July 2010 by the United Nations General Assembly. Under Ms. Bachelet’s leadership, UN Women leads, supports and coordinates the work on gender equality and the empowerment of women at global, regional and country levels. A long-time champion of women’s rights, she has been an advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment throughout her career. Ms. Bachelet most recently served as President of the Republic of Chile from 2006 to 2010. Previously she held ministerial portfolios as Minister of Defense and Minister of Health. Ms. Bachelet holds a Medical degree from the University of Chile. She graduated as a surgeon and specialized in Pediatrics and Public Health. Ms. Bachelet also has graduate studies in Military Sciences.

S Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster & Luis Gonzalez-Bunster co-founders Walkabout Foundation Siblings Luis and Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster established Walkabout Foundation in August 2009 after a visit to their local YMCA in Connecticut led them to discover that Luis could not enter the building because it lacked a ramp and an elevator. Luis suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident when he was eighteen years old, which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Together, the siblings took action in their community and started Walkabout Foundation to promote awareness of paralysis and disabilities. Luis and Carolina launched the foundation with an eight-hundred and seventy kilometer walk along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Luis became the first person in the history of Spain to cross the entire country using only the strength of his two arms. Walkabout Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on funding research to find a cure for paralysis and donating wheelchairs to people in need around the world.


Ambassador Heraldo Muñoz, Chairman Mario J. Paredes, Vice-Chairman Felipe Lecaros, Secretary ~ Denic Catalan, Treasurer DIRECTORS

Cecilia Alatriz ~ Juan C. Cappello ~ Alejandro Cerda Gloria Garafulich-Grabois ~ Maria Grasso

8 Advisory Board Marjorie Agosín ~ Carlos Galvez ~ Alicia Romo Román Patricia Sierra-Sampson ~ Pedro Pablo Zegers Ambassador Arturo Fermandois Embassy of Chile to the United States Ambassador Octavio Errázuriz Permanent Mission of Chile to the UN Hon. Julio Fiol Consulate General of Chile in New York

8 Artistic Board Claudia Acuña ~ Ramón Catalán ~ Kala Maxym ~ Patricio Molina

8 Organizing Committee Francisco Aguirre ~ Deborah Goldzweig ~ Marisol Inzunza Caterina Oneto ~ Manuel Santelices ~ Pola Schijman Jorge Tacla ~ Jacky Teplitzky

8 Volunteers Alexander P. Grabois ~ Marisol Inzunza with special collaboration of Alejandro Castro

8 The Gabriela Mistral Foundation is grateful to Mrs. María Grasso for her generosity in making this event possible and for her continued support. For more information about the Gabriela Mistral Foundation please visit: The Gabriela Mistral Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization incorporated in the State of New York

PROGRAM Opening Remarks

Mario J. Paredes, Vice-Chairman Gabriela Mistral Foundation

Introductory Remarks and tribute President Michelle Bachelet

Ambassador Heraldo Mu単oz, Chairman Gabriela Mistral Foundation


President Michele Bachelet, United Nations Under Secretary General for Gender, Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Award presentation and recognition of the Walkabout Foundation

Gloria Garafulich-Grabois, Director Gabriela Mistral Foundation


Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster, co-founder Walkabout Foundation

Special recognition to Mrs. Maria Grasso

Mario J. Paredes, Vice-Chairman Gabriela Mistral Foundation

Special Performance

Claudia Acu単a, Chilean jazz singer

Closing Remarks

Ambassador Heraldo Mu単oz, Chairman Gabriela Mistral Foundation

DINNER MENU Mesclun Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette Baked Brie Wedge en Croute

S Chilean Sea Bass Ginger-Mandarin Buerre Blanc Chef ’s selection of Starch and Vegetables

S Vegetarian Choice Cous Cous stuffed into a Tomato with Seasonal Grilled Vegetables

S Miniature Pastries Petit Fours & Cookies Freshly Brewed Coffee & International Teas



Claudia Acuña Jazz Singer

Juancho Herrera Guitar Kala Maxym Soprano

Emanuel Cruz Tenor

Patricio Molina Pianist, Composer & Director


The following is a compilation of Gabriela Mistral’s best known poems and essays in the original language and in their english translation. Her poems and writings are as relevant today as they were when she wrote them, some of them over seventy years ago. We hope that you find the inspiration and love they convey. The originals and translations are from the book Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral, a bilingual edition translated and edited by Doris Dana (Baltimore: John Hopkins Press, 1972). CONTENTS

Apegado a Mi - Close to Me El Placer de Servir - The Pleasure of Serving Meciendo - Rocking Palabras Serenas - Serene Words Riqueza - Richness Tiempo - Time

CLOSE TO ME Little fleece of my flesh that I wove in my womb,

aPEGadO a Mi Velloncito de mi carne,

little shivering fleece, sleep close to me!

que en mi entraña yo tejí,

The partridge sleeps in the clover

velloncito friolento,

hearing its heart beat.

¡duérmete apegado a mí!

My breathing will not wake you. Sleep close to me!

La perdiz duerme en el trébol escuchándole latir:

Little trembling blade of grass astonished to be alive,

no te turben mis alientos,

don’t leave my breast.

¡duérmete apegado a mí!

Sleep close to me!

Hierbecita temblorosa asombrada de vivir, no te sueltes de mi pecho: ¡duérmete apegado a mí!

Yo que todo lo he perdido ahora tiemblo de dormir. no resbales de mi brazo: ¡duérmete apegado a mí!

Ternura / Tenderness (1924)

I who have lost everything am now afraid to sleep. Don’t slip away from my arms Sleep close to me!

EL PLaCER dE SERViR Toda la naturaleza es un anhelo de servicio.


Sirve la nube. Sirve el viento. Sirve el surco.

All of nature is anxious to serve.

Donde haya un árbol que plantar, plántalo tú.

Where there is a tree that needs to be planted, be the one to do it.

Donde haya un esfuerzo que todos esquiven, acéptalo tú.

Where a task requires the effort everyone avoids, be the one to do it.

Sé el que apartó la piedra del camino, el odio entre los corazones y la dificultad del problema.

Be the one who will move the stone on the road between hate in the hearts and the difficulties of the problems.

Hay la alegría de ser sano y de ser justo. Pero sobre todo, la hermosa, la inmensa alegría de servir.

There is happiness in being good and just. But above all, there is the beautiful, the immense happiness of serving.

¡Qué triste sería el mundo si todo en él estuviera hecho, si no hubiera un rosal que plantar, una empresa que emprender!

How sad would the world be if everything was done, if there was not a rose bush to be planted, a new enterprise to start!

No te llamen solamente los trabajos fáciles. ¡Es tan bello hacer lo que los otros esquivan! Pero no caigas en el error de que sólo se hace mérito con grandes trabajos. Hay pequeños servicios que son buenos servicios: adornar una mesa, ordenar una casa, peinar a un niño.

Don’t be only be tempted by the easy tasks. It is so wonderful to do the tasks that others avoid! But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the merit is obtained by only doing great tasks. There are small tasks that are good tasks: arranging a table, organizing a home, combing a child’s hair.

Aquél es el que critica. Este es el que destruye. Tú sé el que sirve.

Let other ones be the ones to criticize. The ones that destroys. You be the one that serves.

El servir no es faena sólo de seres inferiores. Dios, que da el fruto y la luz, sirve. Puediera llamársele así: El que sirve. Y tiene sus ojos fijos en nuestras manos y nos pregunta cada día:

Serving is not a task done only by inferiors. God, who gives the fruit and light, serves. We could say: He who serves, and who has his eyes fixed on our hands and asks us each day:

—¿Servirás hoy? ¿A quién: al árbol, a tu amigo, a tu madre?

—Will you serve today? To whom: a tree, your friend, your mother?

Clouds serve. The wind serves. The groove serves.

ROCKiNG The sea rocks her thousands of waves. The sea is divine. Hearing the loving sea I rock my son. The wind wandering by night rocks the wheat.

MECiENdO El mar sus millares de olas

Hearing the loving wind I rock my son.

mece, divino.

God, the Father, soundlessly rocks

Oyendo a los mares amante,

His thousands of worlds.

mezo a mi ni単o.

Feeling His hand in the shadow I rock my son.

El viento errabundo en la noche mece los trigos. Oyendo a los vientos amantes, mezo a mi ni単o. Dios Padre sus miles de mundos mece sin ruido. Sintiendo su mano en la sombra mezo a mi ni単o.

Ternura / Tenderness (1924)

PaLaBRaS SERENaS Ya en la mitad de mis días espigo esta verdad con frescura de flor: la vida es oro y dulzura de trigo, es breve el odio e inmenso el amor. Mudemos ya por el verso sonriente Aquel listado de sangre con hiel. Abren violetas divinas, y el viento Desprende al valle un aliento de miel.


Ahora no sólo comprendo al que reza; Ahora comprendo al que rompe a cantar. La se des larga, la cuesta es aviesa; Pero en un lirio se enreda el mirar.

Let us exchange for a smiling verse that verse scored with blood and gall. Heavenly violets open, and through the valley the wind blows a honeyed breath.

Grávidos van nuestros ojos de llanto y un arroyuelo nos hace sonreír; por una alondra que erige su canto nos olvidamos que es duro morir.

Now I understand not only the man who prays; now I understand the man who breaks into song. Thirst is long-lasting and the hillside twisting; but a lily can ensnare our gaze.

No hay nada ya que mis carnes taladre. Con el amor acabóse el hervir. Aún me apacienta el mirar de mi madre ¡Siento que Dios me va haciendo dormir!

Now in the middle of my days I glean this truth that has a flower’s freshness: life is the gold and sweetness of wheat, hate is brief and love immense.

Our eyes grow heavy with weeping, Yet a brook can make us smile. A skylark’s song bursting heavenward Makes us forget it is hard to die. There is nothing now that can pierce my flesh. With love, all turmoil ceased. The gaze of my mother still brings me peace. I feel as if God is putting me to sleep! Desolación / Desolation (1922)

RiCHNESS I have a faithful joy and a joy that is lost. One is like a rose, the other, a thorn. The one that was stolen I have not lost. I have a faithful joy


and a joy that is lost.

Tengo la dicha fiel

I am as rich with purple

y la dicha perdida: la una como rosa,

as with sorrow. Ay! How loved is the rose,

la otra como espina.

How loving the thorn!

De lo que me robaron

Paired as twin fruit,

no fuí desposeída:

I have a faithful joy

tengo la dicha fiel y la dicha perdida, y estoy rica de púrpura y de melancolía. ¡Ay, qué amada es la rosa y qué amante la espina! Como el doble contorno fe las frutas mellizas, Tengo la dicha fiel y la dicha perdida … Tala / Selling (1938)

And a joy that is lost

TIEMPO Poema de cuatro partes: Amanecer, Mañana, Atardecer y Noche

aMaNECER Hincho mi corazón para que entre como cascada ardiente el Universo. El nuevo día llega y su llegada me deja sin aliento.


Canto como la gruta que es colmada

Poem in four parts: Daybreak, Morning, Dusk and Night

canto mi día nuevo.

Por la gracia perdida y recobrada


humilde soy sin dar y recibiendo

My heart swells that the Universe

hasta que la Gorgona de la noche

like a fiery cascade may enter.

va, derrotada huyendo.

The new day comes. Its coming leaves me breathless. I sing. Like a cavern brimming I sing my new day. For grace lost and recovered I stand humble. Not giving. Receiving. Until the Gorgon night, vanquished, flees. Lagar / Wine Press (1954)

MORNiNG She has returned! She has returned! Each morning the same and new. Awaited every yesterday, she must return this morning. Mornings of empty hands that promised and betrayed.


Behold this new morning unfold, leap like a deer from the East

Es ella devuelta, es ella devuelta.

awake, happy and new,

Cada mañana la misma y otra.

alert, eager and rich with deeds.

Que lo esperado ayer y siempre ha de llegar esta mañana. Mañanas de manos vacías, que prometieron y defraudaron. Mirar abrirse otra mañana saltar como el ciervo del Este despierta, feliz y nueva, vívida, alácrita y rica de obras. Alce el hermano la cabeza caída al pecho y recíbala. Sea digno de la que salta y como alción se lanza y sube, alción dorado que baja cantando !Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya!

Brother, raise up your head fallen to your breast. Receive her. Be worthy of her who leaps up, soars and darts like a halcyon, golden halcyon plunging earthward singing Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

aTaRdECER Siento mi coraz贸n en la dulzura fundirse como ceras: son un 贸leo tardo y no un vino en mis venas, y siento que mi vida se va huyendo callada y dulce como la gacela.

dUSK I feel my heart melt like wax in this sweetness: slow oil, not wine, my veins, I feel my life fleeting silent and sweet as a gazelle.

NiGHT Mountain ranges dissolve, cattle wander astray, the sun returns to its forge, all the world slips away. Orchard and garden are fading, the farmhouse already immersed.


My mountains submerge their crests and their living cry.

Las montañas se deshacen, el ganado se ha perdido;

All creatures are sliding aslant

el sol regresa a su fragua:

down toward forgetfulness and sleep.

todo el mundo se va huído.

You and I , also, my baby, tumble down toward night’s keep.

Se va borrando la huerta, la granja se ha sumergido y mi cordillera sume su cumbre y su grito vivo. Las criaturas resbalan de soslayo hacia el olvido, y también los dos rodamos hacia la noche, mi niño.

2012 PROjECTS We invite you to take a moment to learn about some of the projects for the upcoming year. We would be grateful if you would like to support one or tow of these projects. Your tax-free donation will go in its entirety to the project you choose.

World Leaders Project

Gabriela Mistral Study Centre

This project looks to add Gabriela Mistral as one of the five world figures who despite the adversity and difficulties they encountered in their early lives they went on to become “world leaders” in their field. A special class will be taught in schools in low income areas in Chile. Students will be able to learn about her life and world impact but also we will give them the opportunity to learn to express themselves through poetry. Minimum funds needed: $1,000

In order to continue to promote the life and work of Gabriela Mistral, the Gabriela Mistral Foundation will donate a complete digitized and microfilm set of Gabriela Mistral’s papers--85,000 pieces-- to an Institution of Higher Education where students, researches, professors and admirers of Gabriela Mistral can have access to this material free of charge. This would be the very first centre in the United States. Minimum funds needed: $2,000

Wheelchairs for Chile

Textiles of Elqui, Mistralian Evening & and exhibit of Carlos Hermosilla’s prints

Continuing with our 2011 project “300 Wheelchairs for Chile,” we will continue to fundraise to bring more wheelchairs to Chile. There are still so many people for whom a new wheelchair will provide a better quality of life and will offer independence in their daily lives. Minimum funds needed: $300 per chair x 300 chairs

This event will promote the textiles of the Elqui Valley. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Textiles Project in Montegrande. Minimum funds needed: $1,000

Young Scholar Programme

3rd Annual Poetry Contest in Washington DC

This project will fund students from the US to travel to Chile to teach English in the Elqui Valley. Minimum funds needed: $2,500

This event will be held in partnership with: InSeries and Embassy of Chile in Washington DC. Minimum funds needed: $1,000

Colegio Insular Robinson Crusoe Library

Braille Library for Talca We will be starting a project to donate books in Braille, for seeing impaired children and adults, for the city of Talca for the establishment of a Public Braille Library. Minimum funds needed: $1,000

This project help with the establishment of the school library. This project will deliver over 500 books and other materials. Minimum funds needed: $3,000

Can we count on you? What project would you like to support? Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated

ABOUT THE GABRIELA MISTRAL FOUNDATION Founded in the City of New York in 2007, the Gabriela Mistral Foundation carries on the legacy of Gabriela Mistral, particularly her love and care for the children and the aged of her native country, Chile. For this purpose, the Foundation awards monetary grants to qualifying institutions that make an impact on the quality of life and/or education of Chilean children and the aged. The Gabriela Mistral Foundation also promotes the life, thought and work of Gabriela Mistral by holding special programs and events. The Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization registered in the State of New York. For more information about the Gabriela Mistral Foundation please visit:



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8 Gabriela Mistral receiving the 1945 Nobel Prize in Literature from King Gustav V


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Gabriela Mistral Booklet  
Gabriela Mistral Booklet  

Booklet for the Gabriela Mistral Gala Event, honored President Michelle Bachelet