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Can you step up into your best version of business?


Business is challenging from the outset. If you are like me and have spent your whole adult life self-employed, then you get used to the ebb and flow of each week. Eventually, the patterns start to emerge, and you can see where the cracks are. Then you try to fill them… and that is the interesting part of business.

It’s all very well to look at your strengths and what is working for you, but the real growth happens when you look at the weak links – the unattended issues and areas of your business that you are scared to step into.

What are they for you? For me, they have been about letting go of my old habits and beliefs; letting go of methods and practices that have worked in the past, and being open to new ways of business. This is not always fun, which is why I take herbs all the time. I take Hypericum, Gotu kola, Schisandra berry and Ganoderma mushroom. I look after my emotional body, my mental self, my physical body and my immunity. I also get up early and do my personal Kundalini yoga practice, go to the beach or go for a long walk. These things all help set me up to step up. You see, if you set yourself up personally each day, then you set yourself up business-wise each day. You can step into the best version of yourself in business with good nutrition, good herbal support, good exercise, good experiences and the mind of a beginner – a mind that says, ‘yes’ and is open to change. That’s the route to a successful business. On rare occasions, a window of opportunity shows itself, like a slither of a glimpse into the future and into what you can create. It is a magical door that you need to jump into and say a big yes to when you want to grow and develop your business. That window often opens itself when you least expect it, and can close very quickly. It is also an opportunity to become the best version of yourself, and if you open up to this with love and positivity, then amazing things can happen.

Don’t let fear stop you. Help yourself in business every day by being the best version of you, and then let the rest follow.