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Be an aware entrepreneur


The path to successful business comes in as many varieties as those who walk them. The path I share with others is a similar message I share regarding creating peace within yourself, and in the external world. To put this into perspective is the underlying philosophy that our only true purpose here is to awaken, to become aware.

With this philosophy a monk becomes no different to a barista; the educated scholar, sales person or wise guru are all on a level playing field. The only difference are those who know this, those who function and take action from the perspective of asking for a higher guidance, or in service to all, and those who function from fear and doubt.

There have been thousands of interviews conducted with those considered successful. One common thread that runs through each of these is that either they trusted their intuition (what I refer to as Spirit, or the Director), found something larger than themselves for guidance to believe, or are focused on service for the greater good.

All these different forms lead to the peace within that sustains us and which then allows us to live a happier lifetime here. This could be expressed in a material or financial form, a healthy body and healthy communions with others or if that happy life becomes an extension through which we inspire and lift others. If it’s one or a million becomes insignificant – when we experience peace within, we have already awoken to realise the oneness all of us share. This is all that is required to awaken – one. Do not doubt how significant you are. We do not require thousands or millions of followers. Just as when we dream and there are many different people in our dreams: it only takes us the dreamer, the one person, to wake up and the dream ends.

This entrepreneurial toolbox contains the most potent of tools: Spirit. Begin with an alarm for each hour to remind yourself to ask for ‘inspired action’, then build up to an alarm every 30 minutes, after a few weeks set the alarm for every 15 minutes. Eventually the pathways will be reset within the mind to always be asking for ‘inspired action’. This means asking: what can I be, what can I do, what can I say to remain in peace. Inspired action means you are connecting to your ‘right mind’. This is the part of you that is Spirit connected to everyone else. What flows from these connections are miracles. Miracles should be every day, every moment; all of us are entitled to miracles.

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