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Beekeepers Gathering & Honey Show 28th September, The Guildhall, Derry~Londonderry

The ‘Culture of Bees & Us’ celebrates the symbolic, historical and cultural importance of bees, their produce and us. Culturally bees embody so much folklore, custom, literature, tradition and worship for people across the world. From the dawn of society the nature and origin of bees has awakened our curiosity and interest. In fact, Apiculture or the art of bee keeping is the oldest craft known to man. The honey bee is viewed as one of nature’s wonders, inspiring ancient and modern civilizations arts, religion, culture and traditions. The ‘Culture of Bees & Us’ offers a stimulating yet multi-faceted opportunity to celebrate the City of Culture 2013; through the historical and social wonders of bees and their produce. As Beekeepers we know that the public interest in apiculture is gathering momentum. Globally bees are under threat of extinction. It is unimaginable to think that without ‘Us’ (Apiarists) there would be no bees in Ireland. Collectively working together we will heighten society’s appreciation of bees through an arts, literature and storytelling ‘Culture of Bees & Us’ programme of activities. The Bee Keepers Gathering will bring people together of common purpose and tell a ‘new story’ that celebrates and explores our relationship with bees (and their honey) We are proud to present an exciting line up of international speakers for your enjoyment. Derry/Londonderry will host the 10th INIB Honey Show, offering the public an opportunity to taste ‘real’ honey’ and gain an appreciation of how honey is produced. We will share our craft through bee craft demonstrations from honey harvesting to candle making.


2013 Bee Keeper Gathering and Honey Show

Furthermore, we will raise children’s awareness of the importance of bees throughout 2013. As part of our Schools Education Programme, Artist Eleanor Wheeler will make 2013 clay bees with ten local primary schools: the collective energies of over three hundred children working together to create a ‘Swarm of Bees’. An Culturlann will deliver a bilingual and Irish Folklore/Story Telling Programme, celebrating bees relationship to the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’ to one hundred and fifty children. The Verbal Arts Centre will deliver a Creative Writing Programme, for up to thirty beekeepers exploring the importance of bees throughout the literature from Aristotle to Shakespeare. Beyond 2013, we aim to increase awareness of the importance of bees and build new audiences for our life-long learning pursuit. We will document ‘The Culture of Bees & Us’ to share our experience to a global audience.


Welcome The Mayor, Martin Reilly As Mayor, I am delighted to welcome the Bee Keepers Gathering and Honey Show to Derry/Londonderry’s Guildhall for the first time. The ‘Culture of Bees & Us’ celebrates and explores our relationship with bees and their honey from a historical, spiritual, symbolic and cultural perspective. This is of great civic importance in light of Derry/Londonderry’s City of Culture 2013 year of celebration. This unique and ambitious project aims to build our collective awareness of the importance of bees to both our environment and mankind through the arts & culture. We are grateful to the Big Lottery’s ‘Culture for All’ funding and support. Our local bee keeping association: Derry & District Beekeepers has partnered with the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers, Roe Valley Bee Keepers and Derry City Council to design and delivery this project. I am delighted that Derry City Council is part of the urban bee keeping renaissance and look forward to officially opening Derry’s first Civic Apiary at Christchurch later in 2013.

Bill Turnbull, President, INIB Dear Fellow Beekeepers, friends and supporters of the honey bee. As INIB President for the last five years, I am delighted to be back in Northern Ireland again this year for this unique and special occasion, The Gathering, celebrating the City of Culture 2013 in the beautiful setting of the Guildhall in the City of Derry/Londonderry. My wife, Sesi, and I have spent many happy times at the Beekeepers Conferences over the last few years and we are very much looking forward to renewing old friendships and, we hope, making new ones. I hope that the good weather we have all had this summer will mean record entries for the Honey Show, and help sustain the skills needed to produce and prepare honey and its associated products. I am very much looking forward to presenting the awards and viewing the exhibits which, I am sure, will meet the usual high standards I’ve come to expect from the beekeepers of Ireland. I wish you a very successful event, and look forward to seeing you all at The Guildhall.


2013 Bee Keeper Gathering and Honey Show

Programme 8.00- 10.30

Registration and breakfast

8.00- 10.00

Delivery of honey show exhibits


Introduction: INIB Chairman Michael Young MBE


Welcome - The Mayor, Councillor Martin Reilly


Opening of the Conference: INIB President Bill Turnbull


Dr. Dewey M. Caron, Professor Extension Entomologist: Looking In the Bee Hive, Good Bee Stewardship


Comfort break and cold drinks


Dr Jim Loughrey: Ling Honey: Its pursuit and Its challenges


Dr Giles Budge: A story of culture: Family relationships of a bacterium


Beekeepers Lunch & Honey Show Opening


Dr Dewey M Caron: The Island of Ireland’s Contribution to Global Beekeeping


Dr Giles Budge: Voices from the Vaults: Lessons from the Cowan Collection


Refreshments, Quiz results and raffle draw


President Bill Turnbull: Presentation of the INIB Honey Show Awards.


President Bill Turnbull: Presentation of INIB Beekeeper of the Year.


Closing Speech: President Bill Turnbull


Speakers Bill Turnbull, President, INIB Bill Turnbull is a BBC Breakfast Presenter, and - most importantly to his many beekeeping friends in Ireland - has been President of The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers for the last five years. Bill began his career in journalism at Radio Clyde in Scotland, before moving to the USA to work as a freelancer. He joined the BBC as a reporter for Breakfast in 1988, before becoming a correspondent for BBC News. Bill joined the BBC Breakfast team in 2001 as one of the programme’s main presenters. In 2005, Bill was a contestant in the BBC’s dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing, paired with Karen Hardy. Bill has been an avid beekeeper for the last twelve years and in 2010 published The Bad Beekeepers Club. Fascinating and extremely funny, the book also highlights the very real threats to Britain’s bee population. Most recently, Bill presented a special edition of Horizon on BBC2, called What’s Killing our Bees.

Dr Giles Budge Dr. Giles Budge has 16 years experience in applied research across three national organisations. Giles has a background in plant and insect pathology and is interested in using molecular methods and modeling to investigate the biology of study organisms. He currently works as the research coordinator for the National Bee Unit where he manages a varied project portfolio, including leading a project funded under the Insect Pollinator Initiative. Giles actively encourages collaboration with academic partners and currently has active grants with 7 different UK Universities and supervises 5 PhD students.

Professor Dewey M. Caron Dewey M Caron – Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware, & Affiliate Professor, Dept Horticulture Oregon State University. Dewy is a native of Vermont and graduate of University of Vermont (1964). Following a PhD in Entomology at Cornell University with Dr Roger Morse, he was an instructor/administrative assistant in the Entomology Department at Cornell before moving to the University of


2013 Bee Keeper Gathering and Honey Show

Maryland (1970-1981) and then to University of Delaware (1981-2009), initially as Entomology & Wildlife Ecology Department head then extension/teaching Professor. He retired in 2009 and moved to Oregon to be near his grandchildren and continue to volunteer as Extension bee specialist. He has an Affiliate Professor Courtesy appointment at Oregon State University. Dewey began International Development activities in 1982 when he helped establish a MS program in Medical Entomology at University of Panama. Africanized honey bees arrived at the same time and he began studies and has continued his interest in beekeeping this bee. He has returned numerous times to Panama, Central America, and most recently Bolivia, with grant funding for Sustainable Development and seek to train rural peoples how to safely keep Africanized bees. Bill Mares and Dewey have a joint project funded by Food4Farmers in Mexico & Central America with bee training for coffee growing cooperative members. Dewey attended numerous Western Apiculture Society (WAS) meetings and served as officer, including President in 2010 when he organised the WAS meeting in Salem Oregon. He currently serves as Vice President of the Oregon State Beekeepers

Dr Jim Loughrey Dr Jim Loughrey’s professional background included careers as a Director in the Public sector and lecturer and researcher in Academia. His current portfolio includes providing executive coaching and consultancy services to training organisations in the Republic of Ireland and Senior Executives in the Private sector. Jim’s beekeeping career began some 30 years ago when his sister-inlaw, in Beaufort, County Kerry presented him with a CDB hive and a colony of ‘Kerry’ bees. Within a few years, Jim and his late father began what was to become an annual pilgrimage to the Ling Heather on the Loughermore mountain in County Derry. The very rare, but at times, hugely successful ling honey crop sustained them throughout the various trials and tribulations, which are part and parcel of this particular beekeeping endeavor. In his presentation, Jim will share some of the lessons he eventually learned from pursuing Ling Honey, but close questioning by the a udience will quickly reveal just how much he has still to learn. Jim has been a member of Roe Valley BKA for over 20 years and served both as secretary and chairman.


Speakers Speakers & Pen Pictures

Bill Turnbull, President, INIB

Professor Dewey M. Caron


Dr Giles Budge

Dr Jim Loughrey

2013 Bee Keeper Gathering and Honey Show

Honey Show and Crafts Honey Show For many beekeepers throughout Ireland the culmination of the season is exhibiting at Honey Shows that take place around the country and further afield. 2013 celebrates the 10th Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers Honey Show and the 26th Roe Valley Honey Show. For Derry & District Beekeepers, this will be the opportunity to observe the setting up of the show, the meticulous attention to detail by the exhibitors and the judging by qualified Honey Show Judges. The honey shows consist of a range of different competitions, or classes, with something to challenge all levels of beekeeping. There are classes for novice and experienced beekeepers to show their skills at honey presentation in all its forms. In fact there are classes for almost any activity related to bees and the hive products including classes such as photography, cake making and artistry which can be entered by anyone, not necessarily a beekeeper.


Honey Show and Crafts Honey Show To mark ‘the Culture of Bees and Us’ event there is a special class this year for Derry Beekeeper members: the City Of Culture Cup 2013. INIB President, Bill Turnbull will award the winning cups at the close of Bee Keepers Gathering. The Honey Show will be open to the public from 12.30 - 4.30pm on the 28th September 2013 in the Guildhall’s Whittaker Suite. There will be free honey tasting, so please come along: enjoy the ‘food of the gods’ and marvel at the beautiful range of honey colors and tastes.

Crafts Associated with the Bee Keepers Gathering & Honey Show, there will be a public display and demonstration of various beekeeping associated crafts. These will include food products, honey sales, candle making, hive making and beekeeping products. The public are welcome to experience and learn about the oldest craft known to mankind: bee keeping. The craft demonstrations will be open to the public between 11.15am to 4.30pm on Saturday 28th September 2013 in the Guildhall. There will also be information on how to become a bee keeper and join a club.


2013 Bee Keeper Gathering and Honey Show

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Tourist Information Services


Sally Port

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Foyleside Shopping Centre

Ferryquay Gate

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Foyle Valley Railway Museum, Museum & Genealogy Services

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Magazine Gate

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Waterloo Place

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Francis St. de r ick

The Guildhall



St Columb's Rd

Browning Drive


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Strand Rd.

Gt. Ja mes

Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin

Void Patric k St.



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