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Mike Bradshaw, PGA President pgapro@kirkbrae.com

Chip Johnson, PGA Vice President chip.johnson@hatherlycc.com

Joanne Flynn PGA Secretary joanne@windhamcc.com

Allan Belden, PGA Honorary President allanbelden@gmail.com


Mark Aldrich, PGA District Director Mass. (Central)

Ben Egan, PGA District Director Cape Cod

Jeff Martin, PGA District Director Mass. (Eastern)

Cory Mansfield, PGA District Director New Hampshire

Dan Gillis, PGA Seniors Director

Homesite Updates Brendan Walsh, PGA District Director Mass. (Southern)


David Bennett, PGA District Director Vermont

David Tiedemann, PGA District Director Rhode Island

Don Roberts, PGA District Director Maine

FROM THE PRESIDENT Fellow NEPGA Professionals, Being my first formal communication to our section as President, I wanted to start by saying how much of an honor it is to represent the great men and women of the New England Section. I am truly humbled by the experience and follow an impressive list of leaders of our association. And while the list of predecessors is long and accomplished, I would wager that each of them would agree with me in saying that the Section is not about them——it is all about the members.



Startlingly impressive We will finally have a “home” that is on par with the talented section staff and golf professionals in the New England section. This will be your home away from home, and a home that you will truly be proud of. A modern homesite with a classical look, the Homesite will be a place for the staff and membership to plan for the future while also being able to honor the past.

Mike Bradshaw, PGA Oxford defines the word amazing as “(1) causing great surprise or President wonder; astonishing”. Well, I think we can all agree that the past New England PGA NEPGA Officers President Mike Bradshaw, PGA Vice President Chip Johnson, PGA Secretary Joanne Flynn, PGA Honorary President Allan Belden, PGA Board of Directors Cape Cod Ben Egan, PGA Massachusetts Mark Aldrich, PGA Massachusetts Jeff Martin, PGA Massachusetts Brendan Walsh, PGA New Hampshire Cory Mansfield, PGA Vermont David Bennett, PGA Rhode Island Dave Tiedemann, PGA Maine Don Roberts, PGA


Seniors Dan Gillis, PGA

24 months have been amazing, and for many of the wrong reasons. But the second definition is listed as “(2) startlingly impressive”— and that is where I’d like to focus. Because that’s the “amazing” that describes our NEPGA golf professionals.

I’d be terribly remiss to not thank the decades of past leaders before us, as without their foresight and dedication to this cause, we would not be at this point. The NEPGA is looked upon as a leader in the PGA of America—and the homesite will continue us on that path. Doing so in a manner that is not only impressive to see but also fiscally responsible was always the goal—for decades. Please make every effort to visit your home once we open later this season— you’ll be proud!!

Memberships, rounds, and revenues are all up astronomical percentages over the past two seasons all throughout the section. Every day, eleven hundred or so NEPGA golf professionals lead the charge in one of the most fervent golfing markets in the world. While the increased exposure and revenue are good for the game we all love, it has put some serious “wear and tear” on our Section members. We saw the effects of this over the course of this past Winter with a record number of employment changes in the section and neighboring areas.

I guess I would say, in my opinion, I’ve left the best for last. Honorary President, Allan Belden, PGA was an “AMAZING” (#2, and yes, I meant in all CAPS) leader over the course of the past two years. Forever to be known as the “Covid President” (his words, not mine), I can’t think of a more steady hand to guide our association through challenges that no one ever could have foreseen or would ever want to see again. Past President, Ron Bibeau, PGA who I was fortunate to share a table with for the past four years, is the most ardent supporter of the individual PGA professional that I have ever seen. My goal as your President is to be a fraction of the leader and supporter that the two of these men have been and continue to be. On behalf of the 1100, “Thank You” to both of you for your hard work, dedication and friendship.

I close as I opened, simply by stating that I am humbled and honored each and every day to be President of the New England PGA. Thank you to all who have come before me and will come after, but more importantly “Thank You” to you and every one of our golf professionals for your leadership Our upcoming Spring meeting on March 31 and dedication in the game and business of will be another “amazing” day as we gath- golf. As the old saying goes, “We are nother as an association. We have heard your ing if not together”. comments over the years and are changing to a more engaging and interactive expe- I wish everyone a safe, healthy and prosperrience. Camaraderie and socialization are ous 2022 season and hope to see you at a two vital parts of our association that have meeting, tournament or educational workbeen missing the past two years—obviously shop this year. not by choice, but still missing. Our hope is to bring a little bit of that back, not only Mike Bradshaw, PGA with the new format but also with a cocktail President, New England PGA hour following the meeting where our pro- COO/Director of Golf fessionals, staff, and sponsors will be able Kirkbrae Country Club to “mingle” for the first time in a long time. Please find a way to attend—it will be a great way to kick off the 2022 NEPGA season.

After two crazy seasons, most have figured out how to deal with the explosion of golfers. The next phase is how do we—and I do say “we” as each and every one of us reading this sentence has been part of this golf explosion—continue to serve the game and players we love while also doing what is best for ourselves and our families? That needs to be the goal of each and every one of us for 2022. Now that we know the “new normal”, how do we make it work for us. Us being those reading this…but us is also our families, our friends, and our facilities. It will be a challenge—but I’m confident in the “amazing” (#2 again) talent in our section that they will find their way through it. And since we are using the word, we’ve got some “amazing” things going on here in the Section. We are just months away from opening the doors to our new homesite, due to an amazing partnership with The Haven in Boylston, Massachusetts. 5

And for the first time in the New England PGA’s 106 year history we will finally have our own home! Regan Remillard and The Haven in Boylston, MA have been absolutely amazing partners and have opened their doors to the Section. The “home” of the New England PGA will be something every member should proud of and our doors will always be open. Each New England PGA Professional will have an open invitation to come and visit your new home, and we hope you take us up on it!


Mike Higgins Executive Director New England PGA






It is amazing to think that March 2022 is here and the golf season in New England is right around the corner. I sincerely hope that each New England PGA Professional was able to find some time to recharge after another extremely busy season. No one understands better than I do how much this golf boom has impacted our industry, and I am very well aware that PGA Professionals have been the tip of the spear during this overflowing surge of golfers. I can not thank you enough for all your efforts these past two years. The New England Section has been working extremely hard this offseason and I am very excited to see our PGA Professionals and Partners after such a long winter. We were excited to continue bringing free weekly education through our empower hours, as well as our first in person Teaching Summit in over two years! The current MSR cycle ends this June and with over 30 hours of education on NEPGA U, six upcoming chapter meetings, as well as the Section Spring Meeting on March 31 at Andover CC, there are plenty of opportunities to engage, sharpen your skills and earn your MSR’s!

have been some staff changA LWAYS There es since the Fall Meeting with the



departure of Dave McAdams and the additions of Lauren Neilan and Lily Oksanen. This has provided a great opportunity for additional staff members to “step up” their roles and everyone has been doing an amazing job for the NEPGA.

We are very excited for you all to meet our team and we are very excited to serve the Section in 2022.

It’s no secret that the golf season will come in with a bang, and I can not stress enough the importance of finding a manageable pace, figuring out a sustainable work life balance and be sure to leave some time for yourself.

Partners have been excited to re-engage in their support of PGA Professionals and please be on the lookout for many of our longstanding partners and a few new ones at our events, through our digital communications and on social media. They are looking to invest heavily in the Section and our PGA Professionals, so I urge you to support the companies and sales representatives that are supporting us.

If either myself, or any of your talented New England PGA Staff can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Respectfully, Michael J. Higgins NEPGA Executive Director

The Section Foundation has been very busy this offseason planning for what is setting up to be an exciting year. PGA Reach New England’s commitment to grow the game will be evident with the introduction of our first Women’s Business Summit. Our Junior programming is seeing record registration numbers and increased financial support has allowed us to expand our veteran programs (PGA HOPE) in 2022. New scholarships have increased the financial opportunities awarded to college students, and a robust Foundation Grant program is allowing PGA Professionals to grow the game and impact lives at their own facility. There will be many opportunities for our NEPGA Professionals to support the Foundation in their own way, so please keep an open mind to getting involved.


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Color. Clarity. Detail.



CONGRATULATIONS! To the 2022 Chapter Award Winners from around the New England PGA!



CAPE COD CHAPTER Gary Philbrick Golf Professional of the Year Glenn Kelly.................................. Woods Hole Golf Club Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Kevin Christofaro............................... Hyannisport Club Youth Player Development Award Mike Rothera...................................Pine Hills Golf Club Teacher of the Year Corey McAlarney..........................Edgartown Golf Club Merchandiser of the Year Eric Steindel................................................ Wianno Club Dutch Wessner Player of the Year Greg Yeomans.................. The Bay Club at Mattapoisett

Glenn Kelly, PGA

Kevin Christofaro, PGA

MAINE CHAPTER Tommy Lucko, PGA Peter Hulbert, PGA Golf Professional of the Year Peter Hulbert.......................................... Charter Oak CC Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Tommy Lucko.......................................... Winchester CC Youth Player Development Award Jack Green.................................................Black Rock CC Teacher of the Year Erik Soresnon................................ Newbury Golf Center Merchandiser of the Year Amanda Davis....................................................Essex CC Player of the Year Jeff Martin........................................ Wollaston Golf Club

Jason Malcom, PGA Eric Sandstrum, PGA Golf Professional of the Year Jason Malcom.................................................. Nashua CC Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Eric Sandstrum................................................. Keene CC Teacher of the Year Jason Sedan..............................Lake Winnipesaukee CC Youth Player Development Award Phil Davis..........................Beaver Meadow Golf Course Merchandiser of the Year Kevin Roberts..........................Lake Winnipesaukee CC

Golf Professional of the Year Dan Venezio.................................................. Portland CC Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Sean Bergeron.........................................Prouts Neck CC Youth Player Development Award Brian Bickford.................. Maine State Golf Association Teacher of the Year Peter Devos.................................... Newbury Golf Center Merchandiser of the Year Amanda Davis....................................................Essex CC Player of the Year Jeff Martin........................................ Wollaston Golf Club


Sean Bergeron, PGA


RHODE ISLAND CHAPTER Golf Professional of the Year John Rainone.................. North Kingstown Golf Course Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Nick Maresca.................................................Kirkbrae CC Youth Player Development Award Shane Drury.......................... Button Holeaching Center Teacher of the Year Todd Campbell............................................ Cranston CC Merchandiser of the Year Bruce MacDonald..........................................Lincoln CC Les Kennedy Player of the Year Ed Kirby...........................................The Aquidneck Club Brian Owens................... North Kingstown Golf Course

Dan Venezio, PGA

John Rainone, PGA

Nick Maresca, PGA

John Cleanthes, PGA


Dustin Ribolini, PGA

Golf Professional of the Year John Cleanthes..................................Haystack Golf Club Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Dustin Ribolini...................................The Quechee Club Bill Strausbaugh Award Tom Mackey................................................. Ekwanok CC Teacher of the Year David Jankowski.................................... The Golf Garage Merchandiser of the Year Peter Weatherby.......................................Manchester CC Patriot Award Josh Olney.......................................................Orleans CC

#GAMECHANGER INSIGHTS Top Three Program Enhancements in 2022 A MESSAGE FROM BRIAN BAIN, PLAYER DEVELOPMENT REGIONAL MANAGER, PGA OF AMERICA Hope you all are doing well and took time over the last few months to recharge and reenergize as we head into the 2022 Season! A few highlights of 2021 in regard to PGA Jr. League & the New England Section: • Congrats to David Moore, PGA of Squirrel Run for receiving a 2021 PGA Jr. League Gamechanger Award for having the 8th largest program in the country with 187 players • Thank you to all who took part in PGA Jr. League in 2021 as the New England Section led the country with 153 facilities and 3,359 spring summer players • An average of $5,849 was returned to each PGA Jr. League Captain in the New England Section in 2021 • The top ten programs in the New England Section returned $286,245 in registration revenue to those Captains an average of $28,625 PGA Jr. League registrations are once again off to an incredible start in 2022 as the New England Section is leading the country in both facilities and programs posted. Almost half of the facilities are taking part in both 13U & 17U. As more and more juniors age out of 13U, 17U is a great opportunity to keep those juniors 14-17 engaged in the sport. The 17U teams are smaller typically 6-8 players which make offering that age division a little easier. Mark your calendars now for the New England PGA Jr. League Section Championship for both 13U & 17U on August 1st and 2nd at Stow Acres Country Club. Like all of the tournaments the New England Section runs, Mike Higgins and his team do an incredible job with this event. If you and your facility would like to get engaged in 2022 please feel free to reach out, we would love to help you get started. You can reach me at bbain@pgahq.com or (617)820-4411. 12

This year, PGA Jr. League introduced the #GameChanger Club, a one-time annual fee of $99 that gives players access to as many seasons as they want to play, all year long (in addition to your program/PGA Coaching fees).



ALSO NEW IN 2022: All-Star Play Days, an additional pathway that’s part of the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship Season. Teams must participate in at least three of these 9-hole aggregate stroke-play events to qualify for the Regional Leaderboard. The top four 13u and top four 17u teams from each of the 12 Regions participating in the Regional Leaderboard advance to the Regional competition.

All-new PGAJrLeague.com and TWO new mobile apps—one for Coaches (PGA Coach) and another for players and their families (MyPGA). Be sure to download the PGA Coach app, available in the App Store or Google Play, and take advantage of all the tools it provides.

All-Star Play Days are outlined in the 2022 Conditions of Play, and a helpful video and handbook are coming soon. CLICK HERE FOR THE 20222 CONDITIONS OF PLAY


#3: place a ball on the spot that the second dropped ball first touched the ground. He did this, the ball stayed put, and it was now in play and in the right place. Woohoo! Well, maybe not woohoo. After putting his ball correctly into play as described above, the ball rolled down the slope and back into the water in the penalty area! Now, in order to figure out what to do next, we need to determine what caused this ball at rest to begin moving. According to the Rules, there are only four possible things that can ever cause a ball at rest to move, and the procedures for continuing play can be different depending on which one caused the movement. The four possible causes are: the player, the opponent in match play, an outside influence, and natural forces. It’s best to run through all four possibilities in this order, since the first three require virtual certainty (95% certainty) to proceed under the applicable Rule. Only natural forces do not require this level of certainty. Similarly, for a ball in the general area, a ball must be replaced when it’s moved by any of the first three causes, but it must be played from its new position if it’s moved by natural forces.

DROPPING THE BALL when Hoffman hit his drive #RulesToTheMax Itintoallastarted red penalty area on the 13th hole of Max Doctoroff, PGA Director of Rules & Competitions

round two.

Of the three relief options available to him, Charley chose the lateral option If you were paying attention to the WM (drop within two club-lengths from the Phoenix Open a couple weeks ago, surely point of entry). Having chosen this loyou heard about Charley Hoffman’s harsh cation to take relief, it turned out that criticism of the PGA TOUR, the USGA, Hoffman’s relief area was on a fairly steep and the Tour’s rules officials after Hoffslope, and this is what caused his relief man ended up with two separate penalprocedure to be a bit more complicatty strokes while taking relief from a red ed than just dropping and playing away. penalty area. The purpose of this article is When Hoffman dropped the ball into the not to comment on Hoffman’s criticisms relief area, it rolled down the slope and (that’s what social media is for – you back into the water. As they typically do, should have no problem finding that type the Rules tell us what to do when this of discussion if that’s what you’re looking happens. Rule 14.3c(2)’s title is right on for!). However, Hoffman’s adventures on the money: “What to Do if Ball Dropped the 13th hole at the TPC Scottsdale did in Right Way Comes to Rest Outside Reinvolve several Rules of Golf, at least one lief Area.” This Rule first tells us to try of which he admittedly didn’t understand. again: drop a ball a second time, and see As such, let’s inspect each step in Hoffif it will stay in the relief area. Hoffman’s man’s relief procedure that ended with ball didn’t stay, so he moved along to step him incurring one more penalty stroke than he expected. Perhaps understanding these Rules a little better can help you stay 14 out of the kind of trouble that Hoffman experienced in Phoenix!

So let’s get back to Charley Hoffman’s situation, and figure out how to move forward. Are we 95% sure that the ball was moved by Hoffman, the player? No, so we can not replace the ball under that Rule. Are we 95% sure that the ball was moved by Hoffman’s opponent? No, because there are no opponents in stroke play. Are we 95% sure that the ball was moved by an outside influence? No, so we can not replace the ball under that Rule either. Now, by process of elimination, we’re just left with natural forces (in this case gravity, maybe helped by a bit of wind). And when a ball is moved by natural forces, the player is now required to play from its new place. Unfortunately for Hoffman, that new place was back in the water inside the penalty area. What this meant for Hoffman was that he had to take relief from the penalty area again, for an additional penalty of one stroke. It’s unfortunate that it went this way for Hoffman, but it illustrates the importance of examining all of your options when you find yourself taking relief from penalty areas. When your lateral option seems high-risk for something like this to happen, does it make sense to use the back-on-the-line option instead? Or even stroke and distance? You may end up further from the hole, but in some situations it makes sense to play it safe so you don’t end up with double the penalty like Charley Hoffman did. At the end of the day, it’s up to the player to decide if the risk is worth it, but whatever the final decision, it’s always wise to take a look at every one of your options before you drop your ball.






SCHOLARSHIPS The PGA Financial Assistance Fund was established in 1986 and provides college scholarships to the children and grandchildren of PGA Members based on evidence of academic achievement during high school or college. All funding for the scholarships comes from contributions made by the PGA Members. Since its inception, the PGA of America has awarded close to 4,000 scholarships totaling $8,397,500. For the 2021-22 school year, 188 students were awarded academic scholarships totaling $406,000. Since 1985, PGA REACH New England has awarded just over $700,000 in scholarships.



MAY 16



MAY 27-30

JUNE 6-12



The number of daily tickets available to PGA Members is limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis. Once the allocation for any one day has been reached there will no longer be an option to purchase a ticket for that day. 17

Joan Stuart NEPGA Director of Accounting & Finance

AFFILIATE PROGRAM DETAILS Are you familiar with the PGA Affiliate Program? You may know friends or employees at your facility who may be interested in the PGA Affiliate and PGA PGM 3.0 Associate Program Overview. Please read the Program from individuals who are not working as golf professionals.

(If you have been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor or equivalent, you should submit documentation to the PGA Membership Department to determine your eligibility for PGA Membership prior to proceeding. Per the PGA Code of Ethics, certain transgressions are cause for permanent preclusion to PGA Membership.)

QUALIFYING TEST Applicants need to purchase and review the five qualifying level courses: Introduction to the PGM PGA Affiliates are individuals who are not eligiand the Golf Profession, PGA History, PGA Conble with working as golf professionals and do not stitution, Rules of Golf and Career Enhancement meet Associate eligibility but may proceed through to be eligible to register for the qualifying test takthe Qualifying Level and Level 1 only of the PGA en virtually online at your convenience. Professional Golf Management Program. PGA Affiliates are not Associates or Members of the REGISTER Association, do not enjoy any rights and privileges of membership, do not receive an identification ASSOCIATED COSTS card, and are not covered by the Life, Liability In- Fees - must be current on all fees and costs associsurance or Member Assistance Program. Affiliates ated with the application process. may retain amateur status and may have access to Portal Access to Online Course - $200 National and Section communication, websites, Valid for 9 months – If the Qualifying Test is not and National and Section meeting and educapassed within 6 months of the purchase date a tion attendance at the discretion of the applicable renewal fee of $200 will be required. National or Section body. PGA Affiliates do not Qualifying Level Test Fee - $15 have National or Section playing privileges based A passing score is valid for 12 months – Failure to on specific tournament event eligibility. register as an associate within that time period will invalidate the test and require re-purchase of the The PGA Affiliate Program allows individuals who online access and re-test. do not meet Associate eligibility to complete Level 1 of the PGA Professional Golf Management Pro- APPLY TO THE PGM AFFILIATE PROGRAM gram. PGA Affiliates must then meet all Associate An Affiliate registration form must be signed and eligibility to register as an Associate in Level 2 to submitted by you before you are admitted to the progress toward PGA of America Membership. PGA PGM 3.0 Affiliate Program. Email the registration form to BACKGROUND CHECK vjohnson@pgahq.com. All individuals registering or re-registering as an Affiliate must complete a Background Check. DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORM Employment Screening Associates (ESA) performs this service at a reasonable cost, paid by the prospective member during an online screening session. 18

PGA AFFILIATE AND PGA PGM 3.0 ASSOCIATE PROGRAM OVERVIEW Individuals who meet the following requirements, and otherwise not eligible to register as an Associate, shall be eligible to register as in an Affiliate and progress through the completion of Level 1 of the PGA Professional Golf Management Program: A.) Have a high school diploma or be at least 18 years of age and have the equivalent of a high school education;

Affiliate in the PGA Professional Golf Management Program, provided they are within the Acceptable Progress guidelines in Section 4, of this Article; and pay all required fees. If outside the Acceptable Progress guidelines in Section 4, of this Article, an individual must first complete the Qualifying Level prior to being eligible to reregister.

LIMIT OF PARTICIPATION Affiliates will be subject to the following AcceptHigh School Equivalency: able Progress guidelines, as established by the 1. An evaluation by a university or college Board of Directors: level institution selected by the Association shall •Two years to complete Level 1 from the Level 1 be used to determine high school equivalency. start date. If not competed within two years, must 2. Acceptance as a regular full-time student start over at the Qualifying Level. at an accredited college in the U.S. shall be consid•Once Level 1 is completed, a maximum of two ered ample proof of high school equivalency. years to remain an Affiliate prior to meeting all eligibility to register as an Associate, per ARTICLE B.) Successfully complete the Background Check III, or be terminated. If terminated, must start over at the Qualifying Level. C.) Complete the Qualifying Level, prior to registering as an Affiliate into Level 1 of the PGA The Board of Control may extend the Limit of ParProfessional Golf Management Program in accorticipation period or allow for early termination dance to the guidelines established by the Board of based on extenuating circumstances. Directors. PGA Affiliates must then meet all Associate eliD.) Pay the following fees as determined by the gibility to register as an Associate in Level 2 ofteh Board of Directors: PGA PGM Program to progress toward PGA of • $200 Registration Fee (at the time of regis- America Membership. tration or reregistration) • $50 National Fee (at registration and anTo be elected to membership once admitted to the nually) • $50 Section Fee (at registration and annu- PGA PGM 3.0 Associate Program, Associates will ally) have to meet the appropriate milestones and re• Level 1 Course Access Fees (at registra- quirements: tion) Acceptable Progress RENEWAL •Level 2 must be successfully completed within Affiliates in Level 1 of the PGA Professional Golf three years of the Level 2 Start Date Management Program shall be eligible to renew •Level 3 and election to PGA Membership must be their registration annually, consistent with the tim- successfully accomplished within nine years of the ing of the Membership Year for Members and AsLevel 1 Start Date sociates, provided they are within the Acceptable Progress guidelines as established by the Board of Associates have nine years from their Level 1 Start Directors. If annual fees are not paid, the Affiliate Date to graduate from the PGA PGM Program, will be terminated and must reregister. meet all election requirements and become elected to PGA Membership. RE-REGISTRATION Former Affiliates in the PGA Professional Golf Management Program may reregister as an 19


Failure to complete Level 1 or 2 within three years of the Level’s start date will result in suspension. Failure to exit suspension by the end of two years will result in termination from the PGA PGM Program. Education - must have a high school diploma or be at least 18 years of age and have the equivalent of a high school education. Please contact one of the following companies to submit your diploma, certificate or degree if your education was completed in a country other than the United States of America: | Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. 7101 SW 102 Avenue Miami, FL 33173 Phone: (305) 273-1616 Fax: (305) 273-1338 Translation Fax: (305) 273-1984 | | World Education Services, Inc. Attention: Documentation Center P.O. Box 5087 Bowling Green Station New York, NY 10274-5087 Phone: (212) 966-6311 Fax: (212) 739-6100 | Employment - A total of 28 work experience credits must be earned in addition to fulfilling the PGA PGM Program. (One credit per month while eligibly employed full time.) 12 credits are awarded for a four year college degree and six credits for a two year college degree. Note: All applicants are required to read and write in English to successfully complete the PGA Professional Golf Management Program. If you have any questions concerning this information or requirements to become a PGA Member, call PGA Membership Services at (800) 474-2776. ONELOGIN MULTI FACTOR AUTHENTICATION & PGA.ORG OneLogin is a member account application. This is how you log into PGA.org. Simply adding a multi-factor authentication layer like how you log into your bank account and other accounts that you may already have this application in many of your online stores. This is to better protect your information and identity This Multi-Factor Authentication will provide an added layer of security by authentication the user via: Text Message – for cell phone users Security Questions – non-cell phone users Benefits of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Added Layer of protection Reduces security risks Easy Implementation First Step: Soft roll-out on March 1 An optional sign up where members will be presented the option to sign up or bypass Second Step: Hard roll-out (TBD) Members will be presented with a mandatory sign up


Matthew Alwin Matt Arvanitis Anthony Bacigalupo Jeffrey Bailey Richard Baptist Justin Bonnett Robert Braga Robert Carey Kevin Casby Robert Chase Darin Chin-Aleong David Christy James Clay Ryan Costa Mark Cunningham Brian Damon Art Decko Vincent DelZoppo Richard Dennison Edward Deshaies John Devine Brian Diamond Edward Dobbins Jake Ducharme Richard Dwelley Peter Finnegan Brian Fitzgibbons Seth Force Kevin Franey Keith Gagnon Colin Gillies Thomas Gillis John Goodchild John Grimley Michael Haberl Richard Hanscom Brian Hayes Ron Hewins Kenneth Johnson Andrew Keaffaber Sean Keller Brian Kelley Daniel Lehmann Jarett Leonard William Lindquist Thomas Mackey Anthony Maki Peter Matthews Thomas May Michael McGoldrick Craig McLaughlin


Happy Birthday to the New England PGA Professionals and Associates born in the month of February & March! Peter Collins Aidan Melville Tyler Corder Robert Menne Daniel Cronin Joseph Miller James Cruickshank Jonathan Milne Christopher Daly Thomas Moffatt Bob Darling John Moynihan Anthony Decker Ted Murphy Rob Del Bianco Keith Niles John Del Bonis Kim O’Neil Rick DePamphilis Michael Packard David Dionne James Pavlik Christopher Doherty Aaron Perkins James Dolan Blake Phillips Shane Drury David Rihm Logan Duderstadt James Salinetti Frank Dully Kyle Schroeder James Durfee Brian Smith Bradford Durrin Thomas Smith Benjamin Egan Kyle Steinhauer Mike Farrell Cody Sweeney KevinFay John Theo Lindsay Ferguson Matthew Thibeault Eric Fernandez Jared Tise Michael Foster Scott Trethewey Chad Garland John Tuffin Michael Giordani Dale Abraham Alexander Glover NormAlberigo Dennis Grasso John Askew Jim Gunnare Jeffrey Atkinson Michael Harger Austin Bailey Noah Hedberg Donald Baldassare Robb Herron Keith Barber Patrick Hohman Paul Barkhouse James Hoisington Sean Barrett Jennifer Hudson Howard Barrow Bryan Hunt Jason Benko Patrick Hurrie Brian Benson Mitchell Jefferson Brian Bickford Joel Jenkins William Bondaruk Andrew Jordan Don Brigham Sue Kaffenburgh Austin Brown Charles Kamal Stephen Brown Lou Katsos Elywin Browning Seamus Keefe David Burrell Paul Kelly Michael Carroll Aaron Kingsley Danny Caverly Andrew Lane Thomas Cavicchi Mark Larrabee Drew Chapman Ron Lavoie Edward Clark Justin Lawson Meghan Clark Michael Leblanc Richard Coleman

Eric Leith John Lombardy Stephen Lundquist Kristen Macdonald Matthew Maloney Steven Mann Michael Martino Sean McTernan Turner Meek Allan Menne Allison Mitzel Denis Moleres Ryan Moseley Wayne Natti Mark Nelson Naomi Nesenoff James Nussbaum Joseph O’Connor Jordan Oelkers James Packett Kellen Peery Jeffrey Phillips Francis Quinn Robert Quirk John Rainone Sam Read Dustin Ribolini KevinRoberts Jason Sedan Michael Slayton Todd Smith Eric Soderman Chad Spencer Jeffrey Stewart Gordon Swennes Lettie Trespasz Steven Vaughn Charles Volpone Shawn Welock Jeffrey Wojtusik Rick Wolchko Jon Wood Anthony Zdunko



Marketing & Communications Manager

Lauren Neilan joins the PGA New England Section on Monday, November 29, 2021 as the Marketing and Communications Manager. She joins the New England PGA team with a strong marketing background and experience in developing and implementing creative digital content. Her expertise in these fields will assist the New England Section in engaging audiences across a variety of platforms.



Membership & Communications Manger

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Lily Oksanen joined the PGA New England Section on Tuesday, February 23, 2022, as the Membership and Communications Manager. She joins the NEPGA team with a strong background in media relations, event management and member service. Her expertise in these areas will assist the Section with all member events, special projects, and overall communication to our membership.



New Members

New Members

Robert MacPherson, PGA Vineyard GC Jacob T. Mrochinski, PGA Wianno GC Benjamin C. Stone, PGA Pembroke Pines CC Madeline A. Belden, PGA Brae Burn CC Matthew R. Davis, PGA The Country Club Griffin L. Andrews, PGA Boothbay Harbor CC Kelly D. Hunt, PGA Wellesley CC Malcolm P. Oliver, PGA Weston GC Kevin M. Gallagher, PGA Hyannisport CC Jack W. Green, PGA Black Rock CC

Joseph E. Fraioli Samuel E. Cody Stonebridge Country Club Daniel N. Cronin New England Golf Cars Douglas A. Comstock Cape Cod National Golf Club Robert E. Neaton North Andover Country Club John C. O’Neill Miacomet Golf Club Zachary A. Magarian TPC of Boston Jonathan S. Mohan The Captains Golf Course Matthew D. Hughes Walpole Country Club Robert C. Briggs, Jr. Andover Country Club Aaron J. Perkins Fox Ridge Golf Club Bradley A. Ross The Woodlands Club

EMPLOYMENT CHANGES Nicholas A. Desjardins, PGA, Weston GC William D. Cunningham, PGA, Ferncroft CC Paul J. Breton, PGA, Tatnuck CC Sean Duong, PGA, Red Tail GC Robert J. Iannarone, PGA, Granite Links GC Robert MacPherson, PGA, Vineyard GC Jacob T. Mrochinski, PGA, Wianno GC Benjamin C. Stone, PGA, Pembroke Pines CC Timothy J. Watroba, PGA Hyannisport Club Thomas J. Rourke, PGA Hyannis GC David F. Wilson, PGA,PGA of America Nat’l Office Mark W.R. Hall, PGA, Fogg Brook Resort Nicholas J. Tedeschi, PGA, Granite Links GC Scott D. Johnson, PGA, Oakley CC Michael R. Bandoni, PGA, Dedham CC Madeline A. Belden, PGA, Salem CC Thomas A Ellis, PGA, Furnace Brook GC Samuel E. Cody, Stonebridge CC Tracy A. Djerf, PGA, Acushnet Company James T. Scales, PGA, Vesper CC Daniel N. Cronin, New England Golf Cars Madeline A. Belden, PGA, Brae Burn CC Matthew R. Davis, PGA, The Country Club David J. Jankowski, PGA, Golf Garage Tanyon M. Ventres, Wachusett CC Kolton J. Baker, The Ledges Golf Club Adam L. Kaplan, PGA, Wollaston GC Todd M. Larson, PGA, Wellesley CC Brad S. McCluski, PGA, Dedham CC Jeffrey G Monteleone, PGA, Bellevue GC Christopher H. Peel, PGA, Northeast Harbor GC Aaron J. Perkins, Brunswick GC Michael J. Abate, PGA, Milton Hoosic Club 24

HALF CENTURY MEMBERS Bryce D. Roberts, PGA Thomas Froude, PGA James Fish, PGA Joe Pezzullo, PGA Dave J. Pollini, PGA Arthur Decko, PGA

James M. Chojnowski, PGA, Pine Brook CC Douglas A. Comstock, Cape Cod National GC Robert J. Austin, PGA, CC At Championsgate Christopher R. Concannon, PGA, Oyster Harbors Jonathan G. Milne, PGA, Rocky Ridge GC Griffin L. Andrews, PGA, Boothbay Harbor CC Zachary A. Girouard, PGA, Old Sandwich GC Robert E. Neaton, North Andover CC John C. O’Neill, Miacomet GC Zachary A. Magarian, TPC of Boston Jesse D. Schechtman, PGA, Hyannis GC Bryan M. Hunt, PGA, Lynx Fitness Club Todd R. Campbell, PGA, Cranston CC Jonathan S. Mohan, The Captains GC Kelly D. Hunt, PGA, Wellesley CC Brian S. Moskevich, PGA, Concord CC Matthew D. Hughes, Walpole CC Michael J. Haberl, PGA, Miacomet GC Cameron D. Fossa, PGA, BlueGolf Robert C. Briggs, Jr., Andover CC Nicholas P. Erlichman, PGA, Old Sandwich GC Dale R. Abraham, PGA, Bighorn GC Malcolm P. Oliver, PGA, Weston GC John A. Dalrymple, PGA, Furnace Brook GC Aaron J. Perkins, Fox Ridge GC Ryan D. Train, PGA, Tedesco Country Club Kevin M. Gallagher, PGA, Hyannisport Club Jack W. Green, PGA, Black Rock CC Bradley A. Ross, The Woodlands Club Michael P. Roan, PGA, Vineyard GC

QUARTER CENTURY MEMBERS Sean G. Edmonds, PGA Anthony Decker, PGA Shane P. Drury, PGA Christopher A. Kasheta, PGA Jonathan G. Milne, PGA Gary M. Parker, PGA Shawn C. Campbell, PGA Christopher J. Hulme, PGA Scott S. Mayer, PGA Jeffrey J. Phillips, PGA John M. Tosone, PGA Patrick J. Fannon, PGA 25


2022 promises to be an exciting year for the Cape Cod Chapter. The Section Championship will be returning to the Chapter for the first time since 2016; as Eastward Ho! is set to host on September 6-8 during what will be their centennial season. We are looking forward to welcoming the entire Section for what will no doubt be a fantastic Championship! Our Chapter has once again put together a great tournament schedule at some of the best facilities on Cape Cod. Many of our tournaments and sites will remain the same as years past, but there will also be some new additions. One of those additions will be adding a golf element to our Spring and Fall Meetings. The Spring Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 13th at Holly Ridge GC and will feature a skins game on their 18-hole par-3 course. The Fall Meeting, which will be held on Halloween at The Ridge Club, will also include a Pro-Pro with a team scramble format. These new events will serve as a fun way to kick-off and end our season. Additionally, our Match Play Championship will be getting a shake-up in 2022. In what will be a 1-year trial, the Championship will be a year-long, bracket style tournament. The field will consist of 16 players (with the ability to add more based on interest). Seeding will be decided based on the 2021 Dutch Wessner points list. Our hope is that this format provides a competitive, yet flexible playing opportunity for all the busy professionals in our Chapter.

MASSACHUSETTS The Massachusetts Chapter has a strong schedule for the 2022 season as we once again will host 8 tournaments this season. Our spring season will start out on April 4th for our annual 6-6-6 tournament hosted by TPC Boston. We hope to see you all there for our first tournament of the year and are keeping our fingers crossed for warm weather. The following week on April 12th Marshfield Country Club will host our Spring Meeting Pro-Pro. Make sure to mark this spring meeting on your calendar as we will have important details to share on our Chapter’s scholarship which will be launching in 2022. A full Chapter schedule can be found HERE. In exciting news, we will be adding a new tournament, with the Inaugural Massachusetts Chapter Scholarship Pro-Am taking place on October 24th at Tedesco Country Club. This yearly tournament will serve as our scholarship’s main fundraiser to ensure we are endowed well into the future. This promises to be a special day so keep an eye out as more details will be available soon. With the Section Championship being contested after Labor Day we will be moving our Chapter Championship into August with Sterling National Country Club set to host on August 29th. We look forward to another great field, over 50 of our Chapter Professionals competed in 2021, and we expect to only improve on that number. Our Fall schedule will be busy as usual with 4 events taking place in October and early November.

A full Chapter schedule can be found HERE.

Thank you in advance to all our host sites and partners, we greatly appreciate your support!

I wish you all the best of luck in 2022 and if myself or any of the other Chapter leadership can ever be of assistance do not hesitate to reach out.

Shawn Durocher, PGA Massachusetts Chapter President

Darren Falk, PGA Cape Cod Chapter President 26




The Maine Chapter is looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic 2022 season. As the first order of business, we would like to recognize Operations Manager Don Doyon who retired this winter after four fantastic years with the Maine Chapter. On behalf of the entire Chapter, thank you Don for all your time and effort and we wish you all the best. It will not be easy to fill your shoes and we hope you won’t be a stranger. The Chapter is in the process of hiring a new Operations Manager and will provide an update on that process as they become available.

The NHC/NEPGA is ready to start the 2022 golfing season. The Pro-Am schedule is complete and filled with a host of great events. To start the Annual Spring Meeting will be held at Intervale CC on Thursday April 14 starting at 9am. The Oaks Golf Course in Somersworth will host the first Pro Am on Monday April 18th. This course always offers a challenge with the firm speedy greens. The following Monday, April 25th, the circuit will head to Manchester CC. This is always a popular event with 34 teams each year. We are hoping for a little warmer day this season, last season the temps were in the low 40’s with a brisk wind. The entire season consists of 19 Pro-Ams, 3 Championship events, and the Chapter Championship.

The Chapter will have 20 events on the schedule in 2022 and will boast a great championship lineup. Our championship dates and hosts will be as follows: 5/23 Pro-Am Championship @ Brunswick GC 5/31 Pro-Pro Stroke Play Championship @ Boothbay Harbor CC 727-7/28 State of Maine Championship @ Sugarloaf GC 8/24-8/25 Chapter Championship @ Rockland GC & Samoset Resort GC 10/18 Pro-Assistant Championship @ Waterville CC To view the entire schedule, click HERE. Best of luck to you all this season and I look forward to seeing you soon. Respectfully submitted, Peiter DeVos, PGA Maine Chapter President

The NHC has four Championship events on its schedule this season. Eastman GL will host the Pro Lady Championship on Monday July 25th. We are excited to head back to Eastman to play this event. The Pro Senior Championship will be the following week on Monday August 1 at Pease GC. Last season this event was rained out and was held at another facility in the fall. The Pro/Pro Championship will be held at Portsmouth CC on Monday August 15th. This is the third consecutive year for the Pro/Pro at Portsmouth, and it has been a great success there. North Conway CC will again be the host for the NHC/NEPGA Championship. This will be the 44th consecutive year of playing a NHC POY award. $500 goes to the first-place winner, $300 to the second-place finisher, and $200 to the third-place winner. Last year’s winner was Dan Kish of Atkinson edged out Dan Wilkins of Laconia for the year end award. It went down to the very last event. We hope to have that same great competition this season. To view the full schedule, click HERE. We would like to thank all our partners, host golf facilities, and host golf professionals in advance. We look forward to a fantastic 2022 season. Respectfully submitted, Cory Mansfield, PGA New Hampshire Chapter President



RHODE ISLAND I hope that everyone had a nice winter and was able to recharge from what was another busy golf season in 2021! The Rhode Island Chapter has put together a strong schedule for 2022 with a mix of new and familiar venues. There will be two Pro-Ams, one at Quidnessett CC on 4/25 and one at the Acoaxet Club on 6/22. We are also looking to add a Pro+1 Am scratch event at a site to be determined. Sakonnet GC will once again host a Pro-Pro on 5/17 and the Fall Meeting Pro-Pro will be held at Alpine CC on 10/18. Finally, our Chapter Championship will be held at Wanumetonomy Golf & CC on 9/15. To view the full schedule click HERE. I am also happy to announce that we will be debuting a 16-player Match Play Championship Bracket this season and Bally’s Twin River Casino Resort has signed on to sponsor the event. There will be a Championship purse in addition to a smaller “losers’ bracket” purse so each player will be guaranteed a minimum of two matches. The Chapter Board in collaboration with the Section staff are all hard at work to secure additional partners so we can provide you all with the best tournament experiences as possible. Thank you to all of our members, tournament hosts, and partners for your support! Respectfully submitted, Nick Maresca, PGA Rhode Island Chapter President


I hope that you all have had a safe and healthy winter. Before we know it, the snow will be gone and the 2022 golf season will be upon us! There are many exciting things occurring in our Chapter and we are looking forward to building on what was a very successful season in 2021. We are excited to announce that Justin Del Bianco has been hired to serve as the Vermont Chapter Tournament Manager. Justin, who is a life-long Vermonter, is currently an Assistant Professional at Rutland Country Club where he focuses on their junior golf and tournament programs. In Justin’s role with the Vermont Chapter, he will be responsible for all on-site execution of our tournaments. Casey Litwack will continue to serve as the day-to-day contact for any Chapter business. Please join me in welcoming Justin to our team. On this note, I would like to thank the Vermont Golf Association and John Goodchild for their partnership last season. Their dedication and professionalism were greatly appreciated by us all, and we look forward to continuing a strong relationship with them as we work towards our shared goal of growing the game of golf in Vermont. We once again have a fantastic tournament schedule in 2022. There are currently 15 events on the schedule, and we are looking to add an additional one-day stroke play event in the spring. Rutland CC will be returning to our rotation this season as they are set to host the Stroke Play Championship on June 27th & 28th. Country Club of Vermont will be hosting the 2nd Annual Pfanner Cup on 2nd & 3rd, we look forward to the continued growth of this event after an incredibly successful first year. A full Chapter schedule can be found HERE. Best of luck to you all this season and I look forward to seeing you at the course. Respectfully submitted, Tom Mackey, PGA Vermont Chapter President




It is an honor to be writing my first section letter to you as your Career Consultant. When I took this position in January, I understood I was coming into the position with big shoes to fill from Jim Remy and Michael Packard. I would like to thank them both for their guidance as I transition into this role. To be successful, expectations need to be defined and communicated early and often. They certainly were for me, as Mike Higgins has been a great partner since day one. Mike works tirelessly to make the NEPGA the best possible section every day and I thank him for setting the same goal for me as I start this journey. Some of you may have known me from my time working at clubs in the New England PGA, at The Country Club as an Assistant, and then as the Head Professional at Hyannisport when I returned after two years in New Jersey at Somerset Hills. For those of you who do not know me, I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you. I grew up in Quincy as one of two sons of Irish immigrants who managed eight restaurants and bars in Boston, hard work is all I have ever known. If you want to achieve something in life it is done by hard work, dedication, and building those up around you; not by daydreaming as my mother would say. Early in my career one of my mentors mentioned to me we are only as good as our team and our team is only as good as we communicate. As I review our most recent compensation survey results, only 34% of reports were completed which ranks New England 36th out of the 41 PGA Sections. Compensation details are immensely helpful when negotiating and the more information we share, the more we will help one another. On March 31st I will be at the Spring Meeting and look forward to working with you all to understand your needs and goals, while also sharing my vision for how we can partner to best help our fellow NEPGA Professionals. As this season gets underway I look forward to connecting with you all. I will be communicating on a more regular basis and I hope that you take the time to read, watch, and be informed. We are all on a team together and communication will be our first step to success. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan Please see my updated contact information and I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Meeting, Dave Wilson 469-486-1089 dwilson@pgahq.com 32



HOMESITE UPDATES Construction is well underway at The Haven Country Club!

CORNERSTONE CAMPAIGN The Section Board of Directors has created a specific level reserved for PGA Professionals, Associates and Staff, the Cornerstone Level was set at $500.00. This level of gifting will place bricks, with names of each PGA Member or Associate, within the foundation of the NEPGA Golf House, literally holding up the home of the Section. The Cornerstone Level allows PGA Professionals the opportunity to contribute at a significant and attainable level. This contribution may be spread across two or three years and will be specifically directed to impacting PGA REACH New England programs.





March 20-23 Pinehurst Pro-Am Pinehurst April 11 Thorney Lea Pro-Am Thorny Lea April 19 Stroke Play #1 Newport National May 2 Portsmouth Pro-Am Portsmouth May 9-10 Pro-Pro Match Play Championship LeBaron Hills CC May 16 Stroke Play #2 Tedesco CC May 23 Acushnet Golf Pro-Asst Champ Bay Club at Mattapoisett May 31 Wollaston/Blue Hill Pro-Am Blue Hill/Wollaston June 6 Whitinsville Pro-Am Whitinsville GC June 20 Korn Ferry Tour Ledges GC June 27 Pro-Senior Kirkbrae CC July 5 Stroke Play #3 Fall River July 11 Pro-Pro Stroke Play The Haven CC July 21 Pro-Lady Kernwood CC July 25-26 Senior Championship Woodstock CC August 1 Stroke Play #4 Cohasset GC August 8 Pro-Officer Franklin CC August 16 Head Pro Champ Cape Club of Sharon August 16 Teaching Pro Champ Cape Club of Sharon August 23 Stroke Play #5 Indian Ridge CC August 30 Senior/Junior Agawam Hunt September 6-7 Women’s Championship Eastward Ho! CC September 6-8 NEPGA Championship Eastward Ho! CC September 26-27 Assistant Championship CC of New Bedford October 3 Avidia Cup Finals Salem CC October 11 Cape Week TBD October 12 Cape Week CC of New Seabury October 13 Cape Week Pocasset GC October 14 Cape Week TBD October 17 Pro-Superintendent Atkinson Resort & CC