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Jamboree Bulletin

HofDaf]/L a'n]l6g Volume 1, Issue 2

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13th April 2013, Saturday

;fxl;s lqmofsnfkdf :sfp6 Patron Shree Ram Lamichhane Chief Commissioner & Camp Chief

Advisor Ram Badan Joshi Chairman National Advisory Council

Editorial Board Raju Raja Singh Dev Raj Ghimire Dhana Prasad Regmi Bhuwani Prasad Paudel Mukti Nath Dhakal Rajendra Maharjan Ishwar Ghimire Sabina Pandey Pradeep Pakhrin Umanath Pokharel

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Finnish scouts in Nepal and Jamboree in Chitwan –b]j]Gb| Gof}kfg] :sfp6/ :sfO/fO8/ :sfp6 6'«k -:sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge'nf} lhjgdf_@ xf================ udL{ ef5 w]/} w]/}, l;Sg nfUof] s/ lsg :sfp6 lk/ dfG5f}, k/ xfd|} e/ . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf============= :sfp6df hfg] b]lv w]/} 5 x} 1fg ;fgfnfO{ dfof u/, 7"nf nfO{ dfg . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf================= 3/ 5f8L cfPsf 5f}, :sfp6sf nfuL w]/} s'/f l;ls hfcf}+, cem hfuL hfuL . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf================ HofDaf]/Ldf cfPsf 5g\ :jb]zL ljb]zL :sfp6df ;dfg x'G5, 5}gg\ tn dfyL . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf================ l6sf}nLsf] rp/ cfh, ef5 lemlnldln w]/} s'/f l;Sg'k5{, ;j} ldln h'nL . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf================ HofDaf]/L t :sfp6sf] s'De d]nf xf] gL l6sf}nLdf esf] x'Fbf, lrtjg efUodfgL . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf================ ;fxl;s lqmofsnfk, b]Vb} 8/ nfUg] hLjgsf] knkndf, ;w} sfd nfUg] . :sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf xf=============== g]kfnsf] uf}/j ;fy}, xif{ lrtjgnfO{ ;kmn kf/L, ;fy{s agfcf}+ bf]>f] HofDaf]/LnfO{ . -:sfp6df 5 w]/} 1fg, Tof] 1fgnfO{ ge"nf} lhjgdf_# ho :sfp6 Û

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– Aleksi Niemelä, Finnish Contingent Finnish scouts and leaders arrived on Kathmandu 7th of April. Before that we had had three introduction weekends where we get known each other, Nepalese culture and our project to support Nepal scouts. Members of our group are from different parts of Finland, all the way from north Lapland to southern Finland and most of us didn’t know each other before. Two days which we spent in Kathmandu were interesting and full of new things to learn and see. Especially traffic was one thing that took time to get used to. Everything that we have had get used to in Finland were completely different. After those two days in Kathmandu we took Jamboree in Chitwan to our new heading. During the bus trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan, views were awesome! Bus trip felt scary and fantastic at the same time when road were edge of pit. It was something that we have never seen or felt in Finland… Somebody thought that it was only matter of time when the bus would fall into pit. Temperatures were also rising when we came closer to Chitwan and finally when we get there temperature was absolutely too high to Finnish people, it was paralyzing. When we left in Finland temperature was only +5 degrees at day and -15 at night. Nature in Chitwan was beautiful; most of us have never seen jungle or been there. Like one of us said: “welcome to the jungle” imitating AC/DC at the same time. We also noticed that people in Jamboree were friendly; they was very interested about our western group. People here in Jamboree spoke better English than we expected and they always wanted to know more about Finland and Finnish scouts. It was fun to tell them about those things. Some of us tried elephant safari and some went hiking in the jungle and few preferred more to stay at Jamboree area, because they felt so hot that they weren’t able to do anything. After jamboree we are going to trekking in Langtang national park and trying to climb up to

Second National Scout Jamboree- Bulletin 1  

This bulletin is released during Second National Scout Jamboree, held at Tikauli, Chitwan, Nepal.

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