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11 September 2014

beed bags another assignment in Rwanda beed management was awarded the consultancy to carry out the study for the “Assessment of Tourism Products Vis A Vis Interna onal Tourism Markets”

Sujeev Shakya named senior advisor for BGA Sujeev Shakya has been named Senior Advisor for Bower Group Asia,

beed B.O.K Ventures Private Limited is now solici ng applica ons for individuals and

a premier business advisory firm based in Washington DC working across Asia Pacific.

firms to manage Business Oxygen, the IFC SME Venture Fund

Bower Group Asia translates the world’s most complex and dynamic

for Nepal.

markets into ac onable informa on for its clients. They apply unmatched exper se and experience to help clients develop strategies to expand their businesses, solve problems and do good things in Asia. The BGA team combines top-level strategic input with on-the-ground granular support and focus-

beed B.O.K Ventures is a joint venture between beed management and Bank of Kathmandu. Sujeev Shakya represents beed management on the board of beed BOK Ventures and Business Oxygen. Refer to Adver sement in The Himalayan Times dated September 05, 2014

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The Other Side of the Table


A er Modi


Jugaad: The Nepali Way of Life


The Thinkshop Experience


Book Feature: Your Network your Net Worth, Porter Gale

pile of qualified resumes, alongside ensuring consistency in the hiring process.

GET READY FOR THE INTERVIEW Just like the interviewees, the interviewer also needs to prepare in advance for the interview process. It is very important to know the overall func on of your organizaon, and not just your job. If you have been in the firm long enough,


on, here is what these interviews

this might not be an issue; however, if you have not been at your

have taught me.

firm for a very long me, it is nec-

GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE DOOR Before conduc ng the interview it is necessary to screen the resume candidates



essary for you to prepare. If you are interviewing with a colleague/ partner it is be er to plan for the interview in advance, such as idenfying what specific skills you are

Some mes it does not take very


long before one ends up on the

knowledge and skills. I have fig-

other side of the interview table,

ured-out two steps that can effec-

considering that I was preparing

vely eliminate a number of re-

myself for interviews just over two

sumes without much of an effort.

years ago when I was a senior at

Firstly, it is necessary to iden fy

the university and today I have in-

whether the candidate has the

terviewed more than 50 candi-

right qualifica ons and skills that

dates in the span of two years.

fit the job descrip on. And second-

Personally, being interviewed has

ly, it is important to evaluate

never been an easy task for me

whether the resume is properly

despite the hours of prac ce and

organized with a summary state-

prepara on. However, now that I

ment of experiences and accom-

am a part of the work force, the

plishments. By following these two


situa on has changed. While it is

steps I get a clear idea on how well

In order to know more about a

definitely a relief to be on the oth-

the candidate is prepared and how


er side of the table, the interview

serious they are about the inter-

ence, and a tude; the interviewer

process is not necessarily easy.

view. The process of screening

needs to go beyond what is on the

A er two years of interviewing

resumes based on specific criteria

resume. Asking candidates how or

candidates for the beedtern posi-

therefore leaves you with a smaller

why repeatedly in terms of their

looking for in the candidate, as well as the areas you and your colleague want to cover. The planning will facilitate the interview to go smoothly, and both the interviewers will know when and how to carry the interview forward. Finally, study the candidates resume carefully before the interview and examine what stands out in the resume.




work is a great way of developing a

ons among themselves. At beed

deeper understanding of the candi-

we have an agreed scoring system

For the interviewer, the gains of

date, and gaging their skills, ability

prior to the interviews and we pre-

selec ng the perfect candidate can

and character. Similarly asking for

fer to review candidates and their

be inconspicuous but the benefit is

specific examples of how they have

performance immediately a er the

s ll there. It is a great way to earn

showcased a par cular skill is also a

interview process while the impact

credibility and trust from the com-

helpful probing tac c. Ask some

is s ll fresh. During the selec on

pany, and bringing in the best tal-

situa onal interview ques ons that

process it is also important to re-

ent also means that the company

you have prepared, and if the can-

member that the candidates should

can prosper.

didate can give you a detailed and

be judged against the agreed crite-

convincing answer; those are good

ria not against the other interview-

indicators to consider the candidate

ees. Decisions on a candidate

for the job.

should not be made on the basis of personal impressions, quick judg-


ments, and presump ons. Rather it


should be based on a fair assess-

A er the interview, it is advisable for the recrui ng team to immediately compare ra ngs and observa-

ment of interviewee’s abili es and how the interviewee will fit into the organiza on. ANUP SUBEDI

Sujeev Shakya named senior advisor for BGA The BGA team combines top-level strategic input with on-the-ground granular support and focuses on Southeast Asia with a reach that spans South Asia, China and Taiwan. The BGA team has worked in the region for years, suppor ng the world’s top companies. BGA covers the ten ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, India and South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka). BGA helps the world’s premier companies and organiza ons understand how governments, systems and individuals work, and develop plans to achieve goals based on deep understanding and access to informa on. BGA’s clients include the world’s premier corpora ons, top financial companies, private equity and hedge funds, and dedicates a por on of its exper se and me to outstanding not-for-profit organizaons on a pro bono basis. James Moriarty, Former US Ambassador to Nepal, and Persis Khamba a are the other members of the Nepal Prac ce. (adapted from BGA's website)

credit line then we will not need to borrow from mul lateral agencies that have currency risks a ached to them. More usage of India’s credit lines would mean less use of mul lateral money, which would ul mately result in ques oning the importance and necessity of mul lateral agencies in the first place. If Modi succeeds in ge ng Nepal to use his credit line, then he will surely spark ques ons on the necessity of global mul lateral agencies in the en re region. Therefore,


the idea of bringing back the Asian

this is a great test case for him to

dominance of the 16th-17th cen-

work on.

turies. He would like to work to-


gether with Japan, China and other

One of the best things about the

Asian countries to redefine how

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra

the global economy will be shaped

Modi’s visit was how Nepal trend-

over the next 30-50 years. For his

ed on Twi er and other social me-

global ambi ons, se ng the neigh-

dia sites for posi ve reasons. It is

borhood right is important. Engag-

very rare to remember an occasion

ing with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangla-

where Nepal has been discussed

desh is a low hanging fruit for

posi vely, and Nepalis themselves

Modi. Ensuring that the neighbor-

have taken things posi vely. If one

hood prospers by providing a $1

thing that PM Modi did very well

billion credit line becomes really

were to be singled out, it was to

worth it when you secure the glob-

ignite hope amongst Nepalis while

al ambi ons of a $2 trillion Indian

also sending a clear message, that


if you want change, it has to come

Modi also seems to be experi-

borders into bridges? Many Nepali

from yourself.

men ng with credit lines and so

poli cians have survived on an -

loans, the likes of which mul lat-

India rhetoric as their poli cal

eral agencies provide.

agenda. How will that change





would be the second Indian leader to harbor a dream to take leadership global. As a visionary, his dreams are big, centered around

STAYING IN SYNC The challenge for Nepal now is to see how we sync with Modi’s vision. Nepal decided to release a postage stamp with a man who is trying to build informa on highways and use space technology to help the region. While all lawmakers applauded when he spoke, I am not sure how many really understood what he meant. How many have really thought of what will it mean to have integrated infrastructure or how we can convert

now? What will be the future when A credit line is what mul lateral

the punching bag is gone?

agencies have offered Nepal uncountable mes in the past.

Modi is talking about the generaon of thousands of Giga wa s of

If Nepal can actually use Modi’s

electricity. He is talking about mil-

lions of tourists. He is talking about the Himalayas as a center for global healing and holis c care. When zeroes increase, we Nepalis do not know how to react. Will we be able to rise to the occasion and consider the fact that we are talking about hydropower development of $10 billion, tourism investments of another $5 billion and infrastructure investments of $20 billion. When PM Modi announced a $1 billion credit line, everyone thought that was a big number. However, we would need a $20 billion credit line

countries. It is difficult to under-

fes val is over. The me is for ac-

over the next five years to really get

stand how the protec onist private

on. Ac on to ensure that we first

development moving. We did not

sector will accept more foreign in-

understand the implica ons of this

seem to know that $1 billion is a

vestment or how people thriving on

visit, make plans to build on the

small figure when it comes to a

the informal trade of oil along the

euphoria it has generated, make

country’s development. This re-

border will accept the decision of a

plans to build teams who will help

flects what is big and what is small

pipeline. We need to find newer

follow through and take all neces-

for us Nepalis.

mechanisms to engage with serious

sary steps to implement the plans.

ACTIVATING FORMAL CHANNELS A er Modi’s visit, it is important to ensure that we re-ac vate formal mechanisms, be it Joint Commi ees or new formal structures to deal with agreements and trea es. Ne-

folks in the business community. The current structures of delegaons that focus on photo-ops rather than real reforms will not go a

Here is a unique opportunity to make Unleashing Nepal a reality, we should not miss it.

long way in bringing about change in the way we deal with trade and investments.

Published in The Kathmandu Post on August 04, 2014


palis love to work the informal way. The importance of poli cal clout

If the poli cians who thumped ta-

and poli cians themselves will be

bles in Parliament during PM

reduced if such structures are im-

Modi’s address on Sunday really

plemented. But we cannot sacrifice

mean to follow up on what he said,

long-term interests for short-term

the key litmus test will be whether

gains. Similarly, with regards to in-

they appoint an ambassador to In-

vestment and business, there have

dia with the utmost urgency. Why

to be working groups that will work

can’t someone be named before

to ensure more movement of trade

August 15th, India’s Independence

and investment between the two

Day? With Modi’s departure, the


WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT Poli cal instability and poor development are the overarching problems faced by the country, both of which are further hindered due to the lack of vision and planning for the future among our elected leaders. Their mantra so far has been to confront problems in an ad-hoc manner.. The poli cal par es may have vastly differing perspec ves over issues, but when met with an


We Nepalis have been prac cing

The Nepali Way of Life!

this art in our daily lives since the me of our forefathers. We have somewhat been socially condi-


oned into developing a calm and pa ent a tude – accep ng what

The way Nepal's law and order op-

we have and making the most of it.

erates is usually surprising to peo-

One can say that the proverb

ple, given that the poli cal system is riddled with chaos and mayhem. Even though it possesses all the indicators of a failing economy, it is commendable that Nepal is s ll growing at a nominal rate. We are used to op mis cally leaving our fate, including Nepal’s fate, in the hands of the Gods. I have realized that it is not just Gods and miracles

“Jugaad (जग ु ाड़) is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word that can mean

en re essence of the country’s thriving operability – Jugaad.

ability to improvise and come up with a temporarily effec ve soluon at the me. Therefore, our poli cal leaders are the biggest jugaads who can swi ly deal with unforeseen challenges and seize the opportuni es that arise from them solely so they can remain in power. While our poli cal leaders lead the pack, our bureaucrats and govern-

simple work-around.”

complish official paperwork and

behind. It is a daun ng task to acformali es in the various government offices. In light of such cir-

‘beggars can’t be choosers’ has been well ingrained in us. We have therefore managed to master the art of survival through the use of improvised or makeshi solu ons,

Jugaad (जुगाड़) is a colloquial Hindi-

they mostly rely on their innate

ment officials do not lag very far

something that we have unknowIt is what I believe summarizes the

jeopardize their poli cal posi on,

an innovative fix or a

that have brought us this far, but ingly inherited from our ancestors.

unexpected hindrance that could

using scarce resources at our dis-

Urdu word that can mean an inno-

posal to address our endless social

va ve fix or a simple work-around.

and economic problems.

cumstances, we have brokers who have seized the opportunity to provide these services efficiently and economically. They have resourcefully improvised solu ons for people who do not mind spending an extra dime on “tea and coffee expenses” in collabora on with gov-

ernment officials. By paying an ex-

they have and make the best out

tra fee jus fied as an opportunity

of the situa on, o en reaping the

cost for the energy and me, bro-

profits of an otherwise overlooked

kers have guided us to adopt the


jugaad way to get our work done at super-sonic speed, but engaging in dubious prac ces o en involving ge ng around the law in some manner. By demonstra ng agility and their innate ability and connecons, these brokers have an cipat-

There are several innova ons we come across in our daily lives, but only a few have made a big impact. These include the innovators of

“… the fairly educated mechanics in Nepal who can fix any problem with your vehicle at the most affordable cost

the smokeless chulos (cooking stoves), which are popular in the rural hills and mountains, which

have come together and har-

uses less than half the firewood

nessed electricity through the mi-

needed for the tradi onal chulos,

cro hydel projects. The projects

meanwhile genera ng more heat

are run by the village commi ees

and being nearly smokeless. In ad-

who oversee the maintenance,

di on, they also func on as a

In addi on to jugaads, we also have

management and service charge

hea ng system providing hot wa-

the posi ve side of jugaad, the ju-

making this model more reliable

ter and space hea ng. Most of all,

gaad innovators, i.e. those individu-

and cheaper.

they are cost efficient and pro-

als that have developed fairly good

mote be er health condi ons with

There are no excep ons to the rule

“value for money” solu ons in the

their low emissions of carbon.

in jugaad because each one of us

ed the obstacles and seized unexpected opportuni es thus, qualifying them as jugaads.


adopts some means of jugaad in

most adverse circumstances using organic strategies that are emer-

Another example is the develop-

our everyday life. It is a tool that

gent and modeled around the com-

ment of Arsenic Biosand filters.

can be used for good if in the right

mon man’s needs. Examples of

This is especially used in the Terai

hands and bad if it lands in the

these kinds of innovators are plen -

districts where the ground water is

wrong hands. More than anything,

ful in Nepal. Take for instance the

contaminated with arsenic par -

it is crucial to be aware about

women who have come together to

cles that have posed severe health

which side of the fence we are on

form co-opera ves and commer-

hazards in the community. The

when adop ng jugaad at any point

cialize food items like the sel/ro ,

development of Arsenic Biosand

in our lives, both on professional

meat and pickles and even run tra-

filters, which is an adap on of the

and personal levels.

di onal eateries in Kir pur; the fair-

Biosand filter, has helped the peo-

ly educated mechanics in Nepal

ple of Terai access clean drinking

who can fix any problem with your

water at an affordable rate.

vehicles at the most affordable

Similarly, at a me when the coun-

cost, and even companies like hari-

try is facing acute power shortag- that have made access to,

es, there are few remote villages

and purchase of goods from differ-

with access to electricity without

ent US and UK based sites possible

being connected to the power grid

by simplifying payments and logis-

or any of the “groups” of Nepal

cs. They all work with the skill sets

Electricity Authority. These villages


exactly what the par cipants were

One major sec on of the thinkshop

made to do. I no ced that iden -

that really hit me was idenƟfying

fying ones gaps in terms of what

my gaps. To look at oneself and

one wants to achieve from life,

point out one’s shortcomings is not

gave the par cipants a clearer per-

an easy task, however it is a neces-

spec ve on what ac ons they

sary step for constant improve-

needed to take to fill these gaps

ment and adapta on. Iden fying

and move ahead in life.

my gaps helped me consider the solu ons to these gaps, and how I


As a young individual, I understand

could work towards filling these

how easy it is to get sidetracked

gaps. Without the thinkshop I am

when something doesn't interest

unsure whether I would have real-

you. We tend to look for things

ized my gaps, let alone consider

that excite us and doing the same

ways of filling them, on me. I real-

thing for extended amounts of


ized that taking ac ons to fill these

me tends to make us restless. A

gaps gives us a sense of purpose as

“Thinkshops” were a completely

four hour talk program therefore

it takes you one step closer to your

new experience for me, as I had

seems like a tedious job. However,

goals. Iden fying and filling my

never a ended such a program.

surprisingly everyone seemed to

gaps, I realized, are just small ini a-

The Thinkshop combines work-

thoroughly enjoy the program as it

ons from my side to make my life

shop modules with coaching and

turned out to be much more fun

facilitates the process of self-

than expected. Having been a part

realiza on to help one achieve

of a few thinkshops, I can deduce

Mo va on has always been im-

ones poten al.

that this is because it never feels

portant for me and I've felt the

like someone is preaching or trying

need for it in everything that I do.

The first thing I no ced was the

to teach you something, rather it is

Whether it is a small gesture

palpable excitement amongst the

a collecƟve thinking process with

shown by a loved one, or someone

par cipants

guided cues and high involvement

inspira onal,

among par cipants.

meaning to my life and the drive to


a ending


“Unleashing You Thinkshop”. With-

be er and fulfilling. Addi onally

mo va on


move forward. The thinkshop ex-

in the next four hours they would experience a program that would

We o en take part in programs,

perience was therefore a major

give them a chance to explore

but seldom give it much thought in

eye opener for me to delve into

themselves, consider the impact of

our daily lives. However the

myself, explore the different possi-

a constantly changing environ-

thinkshop is outlined in such a way

bili es that life has in store for me,

ment, and consider what it means

that par cipants are given insights

be aware about the changes that

to be part of this con nually

as well as the opportunity to cri -

take place around me, and consid-

changing paradigm.

cally examine their point of view.

er it effects on myself and others.

The thinkshop also uses mo va-

*** The thinkshop is a different take on the

Delving into your inner self and

onal videos that facilitates the

consciously evaluaƟng your skills

thinking processes for par cipants

ership Centre usually conducts. It is a part of a

and gaps is something that few

and make quite the impact.

series of programs that is going to take place

people indulge in, and that was

regular two day thinkshops that the Beed Lead-

over the course of one year and is targeted to the youths of various parts of Nepal


BOOK TO WATCH tuni es are not the same animals

sions, making meaningful connec-

that they once were, and we need

ons, which in turn increase your

to shi our a tudes and approaches accordingly. Networking has Networking doesn’t have to be that

evolved from a transac onal game

frenzied old-school game of calen-


dars packed with stuffy power

Whereas once it was about power

lunches and sterile evenings at

plays, now it’s about char ng your


own course, following your pas-




transforma onal


happiness and produc vity. In addi on to chronicling her own rise from an ad agency intern to an in-demand consultant, Gale also shares the inspiring stories of so many others who live by this net-

We’ve entered a new era, one in

working model: a military wife who

which shi ing cultural values and

connects with social media com-

the explosion of digital technology

muni es while her husband is de-

enable us to network in vastly more efficient, more focused, and more enjoyable ways. A fresh take on How to Win Friends and Influence People, Your Network is Your Net Worth is an entertaining, straigh orward guide filled

“Unlock the Hidden Power of Connections

ployed overseas, a young woman blogger ba ling leukemia, a dyslexic poli cian who wins elec ons by

for Wealth, Success

telling stories, and the CEO of a

and Happiness in the

once made a phone call that

Digital Age”

Major League Baseball team who changes the course of his life.

with revealing case studies, hands-

When you focus on your passions

on advice, and innova ve strategies

and reorganize your networking

for building your network. Wri en

around your values and beliefs,

by sought-a er speaker, entrepre-

you will discover the kind of las ng

neur, and marke ng execu ve Por-

rela onships, personal transfor-

ter Gale, with a foreword by Apple

ma on and ul mately, tangible

evangelist and bestselling author

wealth that are the founda on for

Guy Kawasaki, this book shows you

happiness and success. With a

how to establish, expand, and nur-

message both

ture your connec ons both online

portant, Your Network is your Net

and off.

Worth is the defini ve handbook

mely and im-

to Networking. New ways to network are popping up every day and Gale tells you how to make the most of them, but even tradi onal networking oppor-

*** This is an extract from the book

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