beed Knowledge Center - 2019 A Year in Review

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beed knowledge center (BKC) is a verCcal of beed management (beed) that manages joint competencies of beed and Nepal Economic Forum (NEF) in creaCng and embedding knowledge to disseminate it through the right plaKorm. In terms of BKC’s experCse to provide the required services, it has been curaCng and execuCng world class discussions and conferences in the naConal and internaConal plaKorms. It has also been curaCng and conducCng ne#alks, a discussion series which act as a basis for policy discourse on perCnent economic issues and brings in mulCple perspecCves on economic development issues.


BKC has shared a long and fruiKul partnership with the Embassy of France in Nepal and Alliance Française Katmandou (AFK) and successfully curated the Night of Ideas - a global event organized to celebrate the stream of ideas between countries, cultures, topics and generaCons - and the LinkFest – a follow-up discussion to the Night of Ideas in Nepal. The 5th ediCon of Linkfest focused on the theme ‘Facing our Time’ and celebrated the 70th anniversary of the diplomaCc relaConships between France and Nepal. It was aimed at discussing on the challenges of the Cme today.

KANTIPUR CONCLAVE BKC helped convene the first KanCpur Conclave themed ‘Unleashing Nepal’s PotenCal’, where beed was the knowledge partner to KanCpur Media Group. It aimed to build the parCcipants’ knowledge through meaningful engagements with notable experts and provided firsthand insights of innovaCve pracCces through sCmulaCng dialogues. KanCpur Conclave brought together leaders, influencers and intellectuals from various sectors and organizaCon to share valuable learning and facilitate professional collaboraCon and further contribute to the posiCve transformaCon of individuals/enterprises.


BKC curated a closed door roundtable discussion in the sidelines of Nepal Investment Summit. This discussion comprised of key stakeholders of Nepali economy including the investors, development partners, government representaCves, naConal and internaConal media, experts

and other stakeholders and was focused on the acConable required to help promote Nepal as a favorable investment desCnaCon. The content generated from the discussion was disseminated through internaConal media and newspapers w h i c h h e l p e d m a r ke C n g N e p a l ’s investment opportuniCes in the regional as well as internaConal plaKorm.

YOUTH PANEL: LEADING CHANGE Internalizing Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, French NaKonal MoMo The panel discussion was a collaboraCon between the Embassy of France in Nepal, Alliance Française Katmandou (AFK), Ullens school and BKC. It was catered to the age group of 18-25 with discussions on change and contemporary issues faced by Nepali youth, what they are doing to address change and what needs to be done for a progressive society.

FUTURE OF COMPASSION IN THE CONTEXT OF AI AND TECHNOLOGY This conversaCon was a part of the 70th anniversary of France-Nepal relaCons where Madhieu Ricard, a French Buddhist monk, humanitarian, writer, translator and photographer, shared his experiences about Nepal and delved upon the potenCal and challenges brought by technology in the human world.

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