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Well the summer is here, complete with rain and hailstones, oh, and a little bit of sun. So like many of you I’ve been making the most of it with trips out, riding the Air Diver at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, plodging in the sea at Newbiggen by the Sea, walking along the river at York. There’s loads to do in our great region so get yourself out there and make the most of it. On another note, how proud are you all to be British? I know I am. Inspired is not the word. After watching the achievements of Jessica Ennis, Sir Chris Hoy, Mo Farah to name a few, It’s just a shame the Olympics are now over, but take note, 4 years ago some of our great Athletes had not even taken part in the sport they competed in so if you are inspired then do something about it, take part in a sport, give it a go, I know I am, so watch this space. I hope you all enjoy the new issue of NE, please tell your friends about us and if you or anyone you know wants to be featured in a future issue then get in touch John Shaw Website Greg Wyllie BA (Hons) SPONSORS Cineworld Boldon Ocean Beach Pleasure Park Quasar Elite South Shields For all queries or if you would like to feature or advertise in NE Magazine email Unless stated otherwise all competition entries should be sent to Plus you can catch up with us online for news, events, blogs, competitions and more at Follow us on Facebook - http://www. join us on twitter @NEOnlineMag






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**D * * * B T A F A F O Y R IA D
















INTERV IEW WI MINNIE TH Hi Minnie, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Name? Minnie

Age? 35

Where are you from? Jarrow


I’m a part time singer and alternative model. My family always encouraged me to perform from a young age whether it was singing, dancing or acting.   Recently I guested on the Toy Dolls new album and I’m about to launch my debut E.P. called Junk Saviour.  I will be singing at venues in England, Scotland and Ireland this year alone and in

September I will be in the final of Alternative Model of the Year.

How did you get started as a musician? As a youngster I was always singing, dancing and acting at school or forming make believe bands with my mates. My first audition was for a local club band when I was about 14 years old.  I was offered a backing singing position but I refused as I only wanted to be the lead

singer! In my late teens and early 20s I used to busk in pubs and hang out with bands in South Shields.  Unfortunately, during this time, several bands that I attempted to form folded before we ever gigged.  I briefly moved to London and was in a couple of bands down there but they also folded before gigging.  I did audition for a signed one but got nowhere!  However, I really embraced the live music scene and went to loads of gigs.  I was even an extra in the 3 Colours

and the Victors. The band played in venues and blues festivals across the country which was an amazing experience.  After three years I felt the time was right to relaunch as a solo artist so I got The Victors to back me and started writing some original tunes with guitarist Papa Stamps!  Other guest writers include Lee from Crashed Out.

in Dublin and Edinburgh was always amazing as the audiences there are totally awesome!

Red video This is My Hollywood. I then went to university in York and Denmark to study Theatre, Film and Television and I did a lot of acting, singing and directing!  After I graduated I drifted away from performing before I started to busk once again!  I had such great feed back from the locals that I decided to form a soul/ blues covers band which then became Minnie

Has there been a standout gig from all the ones you have done over the years?

I remember when she used to listen to Motown music when she was making the Sunday dinner!  This type of music really influenced me when I was forming Minnie and the Victors.  My dad loves his country music such as Patsy Cline and Glen Campbell.  I also like this but I always preferred listening to his Beach Boy’s cassette!  My older brother was into his late 70s/early 80s music

It’s hard to pick one out as some of the gigs are special for different reasons. Stormin’ The Castle, in Country Durham, was a class one as it was headlined by The Stranglers!  Selby Concert, in North Yorkshire, gave me the chance to sing in front of a thousand people and playing at venues

What or who are your main influences? I am influenced by a huge range of artists that come from a variety of genres. This initially is down to my families’ various tastes in music when I was growing up!  My mam is really into her 60’s music, especially the likes of The Animals and Rolling Stones, as well as Bo Didley.  


(such as Sex Pistols, The Jam, U2 and Madness). I wasn’t allowed near his records but when he moved out I nabbed the lot and I still treasure them to this day!  At my Nana’s house there was a lot of Queen playing due to my young uncle being a massive fan.  I still remember staring at the album News of the World and being mesmerised by the art work!  As a teenager I started to discover music for myself and I fell in love with grunge especially the likes of Nirvana and Soundgarden.  However, when I started to listen to female fronted or all girl bands, such as Hole, Babes in Toyland and L7, I was desperate to be in band myself.  I have been fortunate enough to meet some of my musical heroines such as

Kat Bjelland (we swapped costume jewellery) and Viv Albertine, who gave me a free CD. In 2010 I also danced on stage with the late Ari Up and the Slits!

If you could perform with anyone in the world who would it be and why? I think at the moment it would have to be Queens of the Stone Age. Deffo my cup of tea!

Who is your secret guilty crush? My first love is Morton Harket from 80s pop group A-ha. My bedroom used to be a shrine to him!

Whats next for you in 2012?

Where can people follow you or come and see you play? I’m going to have the summer off before returning to gig in Ireland at the Gypsy Rose Bar (Saturday 13th October) and The Mercantile (Sunday 14th October). Both in Dublin. December will see my support Crashed Out in South Shields at their annual Christmas gig on 28th December at The Office!

Give us 3 random facts about yourself? I can wiggle my ears, I hate raw or fried onions and I was captain of South Tyneside U-16 Hockey Team in 1992!

Launching my E.P., gigging and writing an album!

Special thanks to photographers Emily Cromarty, George Swift, and Larry Bedigan.



INTERVIEW WITH Hi Thomas, tell us a bit about yourself? Hello, I’m a landscape photographer. Born and raised in the North East of England. I’m currently working, primarily, on a project of my hometown. Which looks at the landscape of Jarrow. I’m busy working on the third series of images for this ongoing project and the first two are already live.

So how did you get into Photography? Like most teenagers of this day in age, I was given a camera for a birthday one year. Then I started to take snaps of holidays and days out. I suppose I became really interested in photography though, when I was at college studying Art and Design.


It was at this time that a friend of a friend came in to the café during our break. After chatting for a while he then showed me a print of a double exposure he had just made in the darkroom. I was confused but also intrigued by this image. So I decided there and then, once I had completed my course in art and design, to apply for the photography course, which he was doing. It’s kind of strange when I look back at that now because these days I like my photography to be as straight as possible, with no smoke or screens. I like to photograph things as they are.

When people think of Photographers they usually think models or weddings and family portraits, why didn’t you go down the more commercial route? Well once again like the double exposure, which wouldn’t interest me much now but did at the time. I actually ended up doing four years of photography, the last two on a commercial course. Which I thought was still the right route for me, even though I was already gaining a massive interest in documentary photography, by the end of the first two-year course. Also my work has always felt very sentimental and personal,

so I was never going to be making work solely to make money. However I’m starting to sell various products of my work and if that ever takes of I’ll tell you how I feel about profiting from it when it happens.

You are just about to release your second book, entitled NE32 - The Landscape of Jarrow, how have you found making this one compared to your first book, the sold out Hometown? That’s a good question, I have found myself feeling a lot more free. With the first series, in the back of my mind, I was driven to make certain photos. For one reason or another. As I’m now working on the third book I feel

even more balanced again. I’d like to think I’m becoming more democratic. Also I started to use colour film, for “NE32”, rather then black and white, which I used for “Hometown”, while at college. I moved to colour because I could no longer develop the film myself, which I did to feel connected to the work in every way. As well as realizing that I was trying to represent the world as it was and to do this I really needed to start using colour. So now I have moved to digital so I can work from home and regain that connection to the work. This is also why I like too self publish so I make the final decisions myself and I deal with the mistake I make. It’s all part of my self-discipline.

So how did the books come about? Well, When I’m shooting a series I think of it as a book rather then an exhibition, which I’m yet to have. Even though I do love exhibitions I feel you have more control with a book. You try and guide the viewer through the series like a story in the order you wish it to be seen. Then if they want

to flick through at will and make there own story they can. Photo books also massively inspire my photography and me. I’d hope one day mine could do the same for someone else. As well as the books, I believe my work should be accessible in someway for free. Which it always will be via my website.

When and where will your new book be available from? In person or via the shop on my website at www.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get started in Photography? Go out with a camera, it doesn’t matter what camera when your starting out. Just get one and go look at things and photograph them, think about it later. Then do your research and get inspired, Go to galleries and look at paintings and photos. Visit libraries and bookshops to see photo books. Always remember though, don’t stop taking photos, which can be hardest thing sometimes.

And what have you got planned for the rest of 2012? I will be working on finishing the next series ready for distribution early 2013. I’m also hoping for some nice weather so I can get out on my boat.


Where can people keep up to date with you and your projects? My website is the best place for this, with all info on current books. Also keep checking back because ebooks and prints coming soon. I also have flickr, which I use for a project called “this will never happen again”. Then there is facebook, which I use to send out news about my work. The links to both of them sites can be found on my website at www. Where is your favorite place in the whole of the North East?


I have never really thought about this before but I suppose I’d say the river Tyne, I love where land and water comes together. Tell us 3 random facts about yourself? I hate owning things I don’t need. I’ve never been clean shaven since I was in school. I am the third Thomas Orr in my family.

Is there anything you would like to add/say? Thanks for having me in your magazine. Thanks to the readers for reading. Power to free press and if you have the time please go check out PEACE ONE DAY!






Name? Gavin

Age? Old enough, come on man that’s scary

Where are you from? Bensham, Gateshead

What is Tint My Motor all about? We are the North East’s leading vehicle tinting, wrapping and vehicle graphics company. We can create you a totally new look for your vehicle, We offer a professional services and always complete the work to an exceptional standard.  We are based 5 minutes from Gateshead’s Metrocentre so you can shop while we tint. 

How long have you been going? We have been based in Dunston for only a few months, though the staff have a combined experience of over 15 years in the


windows and graphics business.

What car would you most like to give the Tint My Motor treatment to and why? That’s a hard one as no matter what car it was it would get the full treatment hahaha, tints, wrapped, parts and signage on it too.

Who can benefit from your services? People from all walks of life can benefit from the services we offer:Parents who want to protect their children can have their windows tinted. Businesses can advertise on the company vehicles with either wraps or having graphics applied, Tradesmen who carry tools etc in there cars/ vans can have the windows blacked out to hide any tools that would otherwise be on show. Also if you just want to improve the look of your vehicle.

What offers have you got on at the moment?

material customers require and how large the vehicle is.

Well we have a standard price range for the window tinting which we will review every six months, we currently offer a free sunstrip with any full vehicle tint.

Where can people find out about special offers and discounts?

Our prices for the tinting is as follows

People can check our

3 door car 3 panes of glass (back side 2 and rear windscreen) is £80 3 door car 5 panes of glass (Back side 2 rear quarter 2 and rear windscreen) is £110 5 door car 5 panes of glass (Back door 2 rear quarter 2 and rear windscreen) is £125 5 door car 7 panes of glass (estate or larger) is £150 We have different grades of darkness for the tinting from 5% light limo black - 50% light tint For wraps people would need to ring as the prices differs on the quality of

facebook page for offers I post nearly everyday on there, we also have a web site which shows people what’s available http://www. https://www. Tintmymotor


Feel The

T H A WR With

John Shaw

S o, The Swedish House

Mafia have announced their last ever gig. The Final leg of their 2012 tour will be their last,


and then they will split. The question here is does anybody actually care?  Are ‘The Swedes’ as they are known by their fans, all that good?  I would like to describe them in a short sentence and compare them to a few horses’ I have backed over the years.  They started well, were terrible in the middle, good towards the end and the finish line was just a frenzy.  The so called super group comprise of Axwell (brilliant) Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso (no me neither) and are all, funnily enough, from Stockholm in Sweden.  Axwell joined the other two a few years into their formation and thank god he did.  After a few poor releases with the likes of Laidback Luke and Deborah Cox they finally released their first Track called One under the name Swedish House Mafia, and then the phenomena began.  The whole world and his donkey were walking up to DJ stand across the UK asking for this record. 

One is a song that was virtually played on an old stylophone and probably did feature Rolf Harris (don’t get it? Google it!!). Most DJs who work in places such as Sunderland and South Shields would have been petrified to play One as it had a very dance orientated sound, one that most nightclub and pub managers would constitute as rave.  So after it became the most popular dance track on the planet in 2010, The Swedish House mafia were about the take on the world (or save It).  After reaching the dizzy heights of number 7 in the UK Chart, number 1 in the Dutch chart and number 3 in the US Dance charts, they did what any other big dance group would do for their second release..... get Tinie Tempah on board.  Now this is where my issue lies with this group.  At this time if you asked anybody who were asking DJs for The Swedish House mafia tunes, who exactly are they? they would not be able to tell you.  Just ask the average Swede

fan to name the members / DJs/ Producers and they would probably walk away, most of them thought they WERE Tinie Tempah and this is the issue.  So then they release Miami to Ibiza which was a more friendly track to the majority of venue’s and clubs, number 4 in the UK and number 1 in the US Dance charts.  It was easy to say that The Swedes had cracked the American dance chart, but the likes of Lady Gaga were keeping them from their first ever UK Number 1.  The group for me at this point were virtually sold out, releasing collaborations to get to the top of the charts but trying to remain credible whilst out on the road.  Save The World followed next and reached guess what? number 1 in the US dance chart but a poor 10 in the UK (no collaboration with Dizzy or Tinie on this track).  Now this is the next ridiculous thing about The Swedes, their next collaboration was on a track called Antidote, released at Christmas last year.  At a time when Cliff and the X Factor crew were singing songs about dressing in woolly jumpers, pipes by the fire and supping on mulled wine with the family, These guys come along with a track alongside an electro Australian group called...... KNIFE PARTY.  Now this might just be me getting on a bit but how on earth did the UK charts even allow a group called Knife Party to release a song into the charts? ‘Ahh don’t worry about it, nothing will happen’... Will it not?  On 7 July 2012 The Swedish House Mafia played at a sold out concert in Phoenix Park in Dublin.  The end was a frenzy of stabbings and chaos.  Nine people were stabbed in total, one of which was stabbed five times as his girlfriend looked on in horror.   Now I don’t want this article to turn into a huge debate (notice I removed the word mass) about this alone, and I don’t blame Knife Party in any shape or form for this but what were they thinking calling themselves that?  So we move on to the latest release by the Swedes called Greyhound, simple and utterly by far their best piece of work ever, in fact I am almost gutted they did it.  As you can probably guess I am not the greatest Swede fan, but Greyhound is just the best track around.  And a massive thank you goes to Kap Slap, the legendary booty producer who had the brains to re-work the Carley Rae Jepson vocals and splash them all over this track.  It became credible, awesome and a massive tune with the likes of Steve Smart on his now legendary (for DJs downloading his track listings) Friday Night Kiss show.  So all in all I couldn’t care less that The Swedes are splitting, they started off half decent, were terrible in the middle with an awesome finish. 


T iesto has teamed up with Guess!! And will soon be releasing his own brand of clothing... “He is more than just a DJ he is very multi-faceted and truly understands what it takes to build a brand. There is no better choice in music today to represent the freespirited, adventurous and

I did a Ministry Of Sound gig a few months back and I have to tell you about the DJ they brought. He was unreal; his music was so powerful and absolutely smashed the crowd.   The club I did was called Klute in Durham and it’s rammed every Saturday but General Manager Andy


sexy GUESS lifestyle.” said Paul Marciano of Guess. The limited edition range, called CLVB Life,  will be available in stores worldwide from August, and if you think you have never heard anything more ridiculous in your life think again, his range of women’s clothes are available from October. Cant wait. Golding is a guy who likes to give clubbers something back.   He booked the Ministry of Sound Tour and the students of Durham went bonkers for it.  This DJ played bootleg after bootleg which it turned out he made most of them himself.  If you are a club manager or promoter

If there are any working DJs who wish to be featured on my page please drop me an email.  I am all up for helping any DJs get extra exposure and to help spread their wings, so if I can help in anyway drop me an email to contact@ and you can be featured along with your current top tunes and where you DJ.  If we have any up and coming producers who wish to showcase their productions, send me a link and I can feature some of the best. and you are looking for a DJ who will entertain a massive crowd even more then get on Facebook and search for R3wire... yes that’s a 3 in his name.   


DIARY OF A FAT B*****D By Wayne Groves

Now the title of my column is not meant to offend anyone, it is really just how I feel about myself at this moment in time. My weight is usually something that goes up and down more often than a lady of the night’s undies but at this moment in time I am the biggest I have ever been. In fact I weighed in at 18 stone 10 a few days ago, though I don’t normally go by my weight, I usually go by how my clothes fit and at the minute even my fat wardrobe is getting rather snug. Now I know some of you will be saying it’s my own fault for letting myself go and you will be completely right, it is my fault, I’m not going to deny it or make excuses, I only have myself to blame. Personally it has been a tough year for me with deaths, family issues and some depression but being totally honest, the main reason is simple, I’m a lazy git, it’s as simple as that. Now as anyone that diets or exercises will know, you have to be in the right frame of mind if you are going to do it properly and for me that moment came last week. I hit rock bottom and felt disgusted at myself for letting it get so bad so I’ve manned up and arranged 12 weeks of physical torture and healthy eating, well, healthy for me anyway. I’m cutting out all the crap and junk food and attending Kettlebells sessions twice a week with Ant Clennan from South Tyneside Kettlebells. Now Monday night saw me attend my first session and I have to say it was a killer. I have never exercised so hard that I almost threw up because of it and I have to admit I came close to doing just that on 2 occasions on Monday. Ant is a fantastic teacher, making sure I knew what I was doing, showing me the correct technique for me so as not to damage or aggravate some old injuries I have. He does push you and motivate you but he doesn’t shout and scream at you, his philosophy is correct; you can only do your best and what your body will let you do. Yes you have to push yourself but you will know your limits and if you cheat by not giving it your all then you are only cheating yourself in the long run. There where times I wanted to stop and thought I couldn’t go on any further but I pushed through it and managed a few extra reps. I know in the next few weeks I will improve more and will be able to push myself further, faster and harder and I am looking forward to it…sort of. Though I have to admit, I have struggled the past few days since doing the 1st session, my body is so stiff, I’m walking like John Wayne and even simple things like walking up and down stairs or even trying to get ready is such a challenge as I hurt all over, but I don’t mind because at least I know I have pushed myself and have worked hard, I know it will get easier for me the more I do it, after all, as the saying goes, “no pain no gain” Well wish me luck as tomorrow is my 2nd session and at this moment in time it hurts to pick up my pint of water so God knows how I’m going to manage an hours worth of exercise with that damned Kettlebell.


Visit ant.clennan and http://WWW. for more info on Kettlebells and classes


Following the success of R. D. Ronald’s debut novel, The Elephant Tree, it was with much anticipation that I waited to read The Zombie Room; wondering if Ronald was a ‘one trick pony’. He’s not. The Zombie Room is a very confident and accomplished piece of writing and Ronald’s talent as a story teller again shines through. The Zombie Room is a dark, powerful and chilling story, focusing on the turbulent lives of the three main characters. The decisions they are forced to make have an incredible impact as they find themselves falling deeper into an underworld of violent crime and drugs. Although this is a ‘tried and tested’ genre, The Zombie Room is in no way predictable or


complacent. Ronald encourages the reader to understand his vision through his use of striking and vivid imagery, worked expertly into a clean and faced paced style, whilst skilfully building and creating the knife edge tension and drama that a good thriller should have. The Zombie Room is one of the most interesting and exciting books I have read this year. Although a thriller, it is not conventional. Often the scenarios are shocking and disturbing, and yet you find yourself completely absorbed in the characters and the plot because the author has the ability to seduce you in making you want to find out more. Ronald writes with maturity and style and in my opinion, The Zombie Room is a must read book.

You can view the American Telly Awards Bronze Award trailer for The Zombie Room at com/watch?v=sW8ARb1hq8U R. D. Ronald worked with the University of Sunderland’s final year film students to produce a book / film trailer for The Zombie Room, find out more about it at http:// php?nid=1628 And news/index.php?nid=1662 You can keep up to date with Author R.D. Ronald on facebook at /128193097195048/ The Zombie Room is available to buy from Sainsburys Hardback/R-D-Ronald/The-Zombie-Room/product.html? product=E11064627&utm_medium=basefeed&utm_ source=google

By Nickola Gray




Where are you from?

Who inspires you? I am


Who does what in the band? Derek and Shaggy

inspired by people who try in life. Shaggy loves youtube finding all kinds of musicians.

both sing, play Guitar, write, Derek books tours, Shaggy runs online adds and online gigs.

What 3 items would you take with you to a desert Island? Guitar,

Where did the name come from? People stealing band flyers makes us laugh as that is why they are handed out. Seemed a fun name to be one of them.

When did you form and how did it come about? 2009 we met at a buskers night knowing that this was the duo that could make it.

What has been your most memorable moment to date so far? It’s hard to say, Roy Wood dates, Hayseed Dixe, festivals, Swiss Alps gigs.

laptop and a dongle

If you could make 1 person disappear for good who would it be and why? It is not our job to rid life of baddies

Where would you like to gig the most? Any festivals are amazing. Everything goes into to them and people love being there.

If you could play with anyone in the world, past or present who would it be and why? Roy Wood was a dream of mine and we did it. We have and are playing with most of them now.

If you were not playing in a band what would you be doing instead? That is no way to think. Shaggy loves photography and I write novels and poetry.

Where is your favourite place in the North east? Northumberland for me, Druridge Bay.

What’s your aims for 2012? We do 250 dates a year. Next year we have 9 weeks in Switzerland and 6 in America plus our third album release.

Why should people come and listen to you? To be inspired and feel good

Where can people follow you/keep up to date with you?



To adv e rt is e in o ur m a g a z i n e p l e a se s e n d a n em a il t o co nt a ct @ n e o n l in e m a g a z in e . c o m

GET ABOUT! In t he N o r t h E a s t ! 26

YOUR TICKET’S A BARGAIN ON TUESDAYS Every movie, every Tuesday – just £4.40* *Additional charge will be applied for 3D films.

My favourite colour is red. My favourite book is The Bermuda Triangle. My favourite Film is Close Encounters of a Third Kind / Schindlers List. My favourite food is Lamb and/or Mince and Dumplings.

Hi Marshal, welcome to NE Magazine.So what is it you do for a living? I repair and install domestic appliances and electric heating appliances: Washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, cookers, vacuums, refrigeration, microwaves and electrical heating appliances.

which had me going back to college to train in the new technologies of the day.  I worked in a small electrical business which also sold the full range of ‘white goods’ or more commonly known now as domestic appliances. As with most smaller businesses you need

Where did the nickname “The Housewife’s Choice” come from? The nickname came from Sean at Tavistock when I was delivering a short resume of what I do  

How did you get into it and how long have you been doing it for? I originally trained in the repair of television and radio, tv at that time only being monochrome ie. black & white. I remember running around with glass valves in my pockets. Along came colour tv and then video, 3 different formats at the time, and then cd,


to be multi skilled and consequently I learned to repair appliances, attending many training courses through the major manufacturers.   In total I have been repairing, servicing and installing some 35 years.

To say I have seen many changes would be an understatement.

Being a member of New Wave yourself, can I ask what made you join up? A gentleman called Carl Mowatt approached me following having attended a networking event held in South Shields. He explained that he was planning to launch a new organisation called New Wave. It’s intention being to bring together local business and like minded people in a less formal setting, venues being local restaurants. So whilst enjoying something to eat and drink at a very nominal cost and supporting a local charity, people would have the chance to talk with other business owners, proprietors and representatives. The idea appealed to me and I immediately joined. The organisation is growing steadily as is the business that comes from my membership.

Why should our readers

making new acquaintances and friends.

Any one in business in the local area could not spend their time more effectively and profitably, whilst also

When you are not working what do you like to do to relax? When not with my head in or under a washing machine, dishwasher or cooker, I like to relax by walking and socialising with friends, with my wife Dorothy

consider becoming a New Wave Member?

Where is your favourite place in the North east?

Durham and walking the coast and castles of Northumberland  

If anyone wants to use your services how can they go about it? How do you contact me. Obviously by phone 0191 4275752 or 07885 21 87 84.  e-mail  henry.   Although I do have a web site, it’s currently undergoing changes so I will be contactable by most of the social media platforms.

We really enjoy just wandering around


Join us for free and save 10% online

Join our world on mobile site, online and App

No booking fee and mycineworld ticket prices valid until further notice.



Name? Emma Arkley

Age? 29

Where you are from? South Shields


What’s your roll at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park? Admin, marketing as well as everything else for Ocean Beach and Quasar. Even do a spot of operating the rides (but only if it’s sunny!!)

Tell us 3 random facts about yourself? I talk far too much. My grandparents raised me (from when I was about 6) I have completed 2 abseils for charity despite my fear of heights.

For anyone who has not heard of Quasar Elite, can you tell us exactly what it is? A great way to release stress and have a good laugh for kids from 76 to 66!! Wearing a vest and armed with a laser gun, you are escorted into a sci-fi arena where your objective is to shoot the other team as many times as possible and rack up your points! Ideal for birthday parties with some great packages from as little as £9 per person. Packages include game, photo, party bags and food.

What are the perks of working at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park? The mains ones are working outside in the sun and trying out the rides, especially when the new ones come in! Also coming from a legal background (legal secretary for 8 years) it is a very a different workload but something I am enjoying and learning as I go along.

How was it making your first advert? It was really interesting and fun. The production company where great beforehand organising the shots, scripts, etc and letting us know exactly what would be happening. When we filmed the advert for Ocean Beach it was cold, windy and we had to pretend it was Summer! We had some great feedback from everyone involved, little kids, teenagers and adults.

What has been the craziest thing you have done /organised since you have been working there? Agreeing to go on the Air Diver which is 37m high and goes from 0-100 kpm in 2.8 seconds! Considering I don’t like heights or free falling it was hilarious and I was very proud of myself. I’ve even been on again since!

What deals and special offers have you got on for the Summer holidays? We are always keen to offer our customers the best offers we can and we have 2 great offers.


TICKETS 50 ride tickets for only £15 instead of £25 is the best ticket offer we have. These can be purchased online which is great if you are sending the teens out for the day and don’t want to give them too much cash! Tickets have no expiry date either so if they are not all used on the day, they can be kept and used on your next visit.

WRISTBANDS We also do Unlimited Thrill Ride Wristbands for only £18 (or £15 if you buy on line) which means 6 hours of unlimited riding during school


holidays and weekends. Majority of the thrill rides accept wristbands but check our website to see exact rides. Ideal for an all day visit.

What have you got lined up for the rest of 2012? We are looking forward to a great summer and just hope the sun stays out! We have some Halloween activities lined up and of course looking forward to the spectacular fireworks display we organise with South Tyneside Council which marks our season closing.

How can people keep up to date with deals and special offers? All the best offers and events are on our website www.quasarsouthshields. and also Facebook page http://www.facebook. com/oceanbeachpark

Where is your favourite place in the North East? Anywhere with my friends and family (I know how soppy!!)

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park and Quasar South Shields Sea Road, South Shields, NE33 2LD Ocean Beach: 0191 456 1617 Quasar: 0191 455 3885


WIN Win a 1 hour game for up to 4 people at Quasar Elite, South Shields. To enter send an email with the heading “QUASAR COMP” to win@neonlinemagazine. com with your name, age and address. Entries to be sent in by 31/08/2012. The winner will be notified 01/09/2012. For more info and special offers/discounts visit

Win 50 Ride Tickets for Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, South Shields. To enter send an email with the heading “OCEAN BEACH COMP” to win@ with your name, age and address. Entries to be sent in by 31/08/2012. The winner will be notified 01/09/2012. For more info and special offers/discounts visit

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£25 worth of tickets for just £15 Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is the biggest Free Admission Amusement Park in the North East., situated on the coast in South Shields. With over 40 rides and attractions, arcades and game stalls there is something for all of the family to enjoy. | 0191 456 1617

NE001 PG12

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, Middle Arcade, Sea Road, South Shields, NE33 2LD


2 GAMES FOR THE PRICE OF 1 Quasar South Shields is great for indoor fun whether it’s a family game, party celebration or corporate event. Quasar is the ultimate sci-fi action adventure for all ages. | 0191 456 1617

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Vintage Treasures

By Elizabeth Johnson

In the last twenty years vintage clothing has become hugely popular, so popular there are vintage shops in every city centre in the UK. Once seen as the mainstay for students and the slightly eccentric, it is seen on everybody from celebrities to teachers. For the uninitiated vintage is classed as any garment or accessory that is twenty years or older.  But buying vintage can be a little bit scary if you’re doing it for the first time. If you ask most vintage lovers they will have all started in a couple of places. For some it will have been either their Grannie’s or Mam’s wardrobe or like me the obsession will have started with accessories. With jewellery being consistently popular


throughout the ages, the choice is huge. Throughout the 20th century designers like Chanel, Vendome, Miriam Haskell and Coro produced the most amazing jewellery. Some pieces are fabulously kitsch, while some are stunningly beautiful. Signed jewellery always commands a premium and can often be the reserve of collects. From totes to clutches vintage bags offer a huge choice. Good quality leather bags are usually available at a fraction of the cost of modern ones. If you are feeling flush you can pick classic designer vintage bags like the Chanel 2.55 for a few hundred pounds.  Shoes are a little trickier, like most parts of our bodies the size of our feet has grown. This

means that quite a lot of vintage shoes are practically un-wearable unless your feet are tiny. But there are some that you can wear if you have an average foot size epically if you look toward Europe and America. If you do fall in love with a pair that are far too small you can always use them as an ornament. There is a huge choice of where you can buy your vintage. Online is a great place to look, with sites like ebay and Etsy offering and huge choice. There are also thousands of internet based shops offering a selection. Vintage shops are also a great place to look, but they are seem a little overwhelming sometimes and even dare I say it, can be a little bit smelly. If you can get past the door you will often find a world of treasure. So you fancy taking the plunge and venturing into

the world of vintage accessories here are some top tips to make it a little easier: Do your research Find out your favourite periods. This will help narrow down your searches online and make easier to track down your treasures. Check the fastenings work This is especially true for brooches and necklaces. Unless you are good at repairing jewellery a broken item bought is the heat of the moment is likely to stay that way. Check the stones. If a stone is loose it will most likely come out at some point while it is being worn. Also check to see if all the stones are intact and to see if they are all clear. Discoloured

stones may not put you off buying a piece but the seller may knock a little it off because of them. Buy a good leather cleaner I use products designed to care for saddle on all my vintage leather to clean and moisture it. Old leather can be very prone to cracking and splitting and although it will be better and develop more character as it is used but they usually need al little helping start. You can buy all you need either at your local riding shop or online. Always do a test patch Before you clean any vintage item you should always do a test patch to make sure that the

cleaner you use will not have any adverse effects on your item. Whether it be on you new bag or you want to disinfect your new earrings some cleaning product can discolour or degrade the material. Have a cleaning kit I have an old toothbrush that I use to clean items. I also use toothpaste, bicarbonate of soda and hand soap, depending on what they are made of. To disinfect items I use surgical spirit and a spray that is designed for riding hats. You can buy some vintage items at http:// BowlerHatVintage



Return Of The Jam The writers of cult comedies Beer Monsters, Babies, Worlds Apart, Bored Stiff and Ted Nasty’s Park Bench Of Mild Surprise are returning to The Customs House in South Shields this August with a brand new production for 2012. Their show Assault On The Tyne Comedy Jam debuted at the South Shields venue last year, offering a blend of comedy and music in the style of hit American show Saturday Night Live. The show blended comedy sketches and live music from house band Shake Ya Tailfeather and a number of guest musicians from the North East. Assault On The Tyne Comedy Jam 2012 promises to be bigger, better and blisteringly more hilarious than last time, with more gags, more routines and more fabulous musical guests. The show’s producers Boyle Yer Stotts Productions begun their quest last month to find young musical talent to fill some of the guest spots available in Assault On The Tyne Comedy Jam 2012. Dale Meeks, a former Emmerdale cast member who is co producer and writer of the show, says “We were so pleased with the quality and professionalism of last year’s musical talent that we want to open it up even more this year. This show is all about showcasing what the people of the North East have to offer” Iain Cunningham adds “This show needs to top last year’s, we want this annual event to grow and grow! This will only happen if we keep offering top quality acts and we know there is so much quality out there.” They have now assembled a list of musical guests that include bands; Scarlet Conviction, Eliza Smiles, Scarlet Street and South Tyneside Young Performer of The Year Lauren Waine. “These are some of the best performers in local music at the moment and we couldn’t be happier to have them join us on stage this year at The Customs House.” Adds Dale Assault On The Tyne Comedy Jam 2012 will see the return of the Not Quite Ready For Tinsel Town Players and house band Shake Ya Tailfeather. So with the addition of the new musical guest line up it promises to add a great dimension, and mixed with some brand new rib tickling comedy it promises to be the hottest thing this summer. Assault On The Tyne Comedy Jam 2012 runs at The Customs House Theatre from August 30th till 1st Sept. For more info on the show visit and follow on Twitter @ AOTTComedyjam


GET FIT WITH ANT CLENNAN As well as taking classes in Kettlebells, I also train personally with them my-self. Since being introduced to them 3 years ago by a friend. The appeal for me (a father who simply wants to spend as much time with my children as I can) is the fact that they are so versatile as a piece of training equipment; they can be used solely as Cardio tool whilst utilising various pulse raising movements or they can also be used to target every muscle in your body. When you know what you are doing you can use very little time to have the best possible workout. As an interest I have wanted to put on about 7-10lbs for a long time


now, but due to the calorie burning powers of kettlebells, this just hasn’t been happening. I have always eaten a lot of calories on a daily basis 5-6000 would be normal and this has been simply to maintain 16 stone whilst training 2-3 hours a week. About 5 weeks ago now I decided to try a different workout in an effort to try and put the weight on that had been eluding me for such a long time, I also upped my calories to approximately 7000 a day. The eating was such a chore and I was constantly full but persevered,

finally after 3 weeks and approximately 140,000 calories I managed to put on 3lb. CHALLENGE: Since my father said to me years ago (whilst watching how much training I was doing at the time) ‘Son, the more exercise you have to do to get there will be what you have to do to keep your results’ This has always stuck with me, a lot of people who attend my classes achieve and maintain their results with just 2 hours of kettlebells a week, I am always noticing just how much exercise a lot of people do and some are training

up to 6 time a week. This made me curious as to what the results would be and if it was practical for someone to do my classes 5 times a week for just 4 weeks. A very special lady with a lot of ‘Heart & Spirit’ volunteered, her name is Jo-Anna Gibson. I explained to her how tough it would be and that it would drain her emotionally and physically. By class 8 she had lost 7lb and 8 inches (which is normal) by class 9 it was really starting to show exactly what she was putting her-self through, and after class 11 I explained to her that although I knew her heart was in it and that I knew she wasn’t giving up, I was stopping the Challenge as it was simply destroying her, she was a physical wreck. She explained to me that, she was constantly irritable and as a result her daughter (who had been getting passed from pillar to post so that she could make the classes) was not getting the best mother she could be as a result of just how tired she was. My point was proven to the letter, and this Lady is a Legend amongst her peers at South Tyneside Kettlebells. Proving that maintainable results are the only way forward, if you have the time to devote so much of your life to exercise Hey that’s great, but if not South

Tyneisde Kettlebells is here!!! HEALTH & SAFETY NOTICE: Naturally there has been a lot of fitness crazes over the years and they come and they go, when it comes to Kettlebells for your own safety please make sure that your Instructor is fully qualified (as if they are not, they will not be insured and able to correct you on basic postures which can and will hurt you if done the wrong way) A qualified Instructor should have no problem making their qualification available to you between FaceBook and Websites. Do not risk your body as you only have one.

Avenue Hall Hebburn (opposite the post office on Finchale Road Hebburn) Ne312JR= Mondays 19.3020.30. Tuesday 06.3007.30am also 18.30-19.30 & 19.30-20.30. Thursday same as Tuesday but early evening is 18.15-19.15 also Saturday mornings 10.00-11.00. Art of Dance & Fitness Coronation Street South Shields (directly opposite Asda car park) NE331AZ Mondays 18.00-19.00, Wednesdays 19.30-20.30 & Saturdays 09.15-10.15. In Septemeber Modays & Wednesdays 09.3010.30am will return. For Health & Safety reasons please get in touch to book in for your first class thanks

South Tyneside Kettlebells opening times: Derwent

If you want to get in contact you can reach me on facebook http://www.facebook. com/ant.clennan and http://www.


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500 Matt Laminated business cards double sided print and a Banner pod (pop up stand including graphic print) (not including artwork add ÂŁ25 for artwork charge)

Design is about creating a mood & delivering the right message to make sure your business comes across the way you want it...


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