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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Back to school

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Fishing for wild pigs When Paul Dayman went fishing on the Motueka River last week he was hoping to catch a wild trout – instead he ended up with a wild pig. Paul and his partner Marion Whyte, both of Tahunanui, were enjoying a peaceful day fishing on the river under blazing sunshine and with the sound of birds all around. Then, while standing on the side of the river with their fishing rods, a 35kg wild boar came barrelling down from the

bushes, swam across the river and charged Paul. He says he wasn’t quite sure what to think other than “that’s unusual, wild pigs don’t do that”. Within a minute the boar had charged at Paul three times, each occasion its tusks ripping his flesh but he managed to stay on his feet. “I thought after the first charge he would just carry on but he didn’t, he kept coming back and I thought, ‘well that was a bit anti-social’.”

Andrew Board Editor After three hits on Paul the boar focussed on Marion who was about five metres away and holding onto the fishing rods. “I had no idea of the danger,” she says. “It all happened so fast, I was still trying to get my head around the fact that pigs can swim.

I just thought I’d shoo it back to Paul, he wanted it.” The boar obliged and began to reacquaint itself with Paul, who in the meantime had just enough time to pick up a boulder and slammed it down on his head as it charged in for the fourth time. The pig didn’t flinch and Paul ended up on his back with the pig gouging his foot.


Bring on the Crusaders

James Lash and the Salton family; Jed, Demi, Jeen, Jeremy, Oakley and Sharon, prepare for Friday’s Crusaders versus Highlanders Super Rugby pre-season match in Motueka. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


The Crusaders are in town this Friday to play the Highlanders at Sportspark Motueka and people around the region and getting pretty excited. The Salton family, pictured, say they’re all going to the

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game and will be proudly wearing the red and black of the Crusaders. “We’re excited, we love the Crusaders and it’s great to have them playing here,” says Jeremy Salton. For more information on the game turn to pages 18 and 19.

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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“No. But I’m taking two weeks off in April to go to Rarotonga.”

“No I’m not, I’m working both of those holidays.”

“Personally no, but my boyfriend is. He’s trying to make the most of it.”

Fishing for trout, end up with a wild pig FROM PAGE 1

“When I was down I thought I was in trouble and that there is no second place. The way he kept coming in, he wasn’t going to stop. One of us had to be stopped and I preferred that it wasn’t going to be me because if it was me, Marion was next on the list.” With Paul’s arm now in the boar’s mouth he grabbed its leg and ear and wrestled it to the water’s edge, about a metre away and held the boar in the river, trying to drown it. After a few minutes of holding the boar under water Paul says it finally stopped moving and he was able to walk out of the river with blood streaming from his arms and legs.

Tahunanui’s Paul Dayman and Marion Whyte were attacked by a boar while trout fishing last week. Photo: Andrew Board. Marion’s first thought was getting But we wouldn’t have been able Paul to the hospital, especially to get the van down so we went for one deep hole on his arm but down the road where a friend Paul’s mind was elsewhere. “We Steve has a farm and told his son wanted a trout but we’ve got a pig to go down and grab the pig.” here, I didn’t want to just leave it. On Friday night, less than a week

after the incident, Paul and Marion travelled back to the Motueka Valley to have barbequed pork with Steve and his family. “I’m glad he didn’t burn the bugger,” he jokes. “But I do feel sorry for the pig, one of the back legs had evidence of dog bites so I’m assuming that it was bailed up and somehow got away. “He must have had a pretty hell morning already and then to get taken out by some 57 year-old in jandals isn’t the best way to go.” Paul says he’d like to know the first part of the story and if anyone lost a jet-black 35kg boar with very visible tusks near where the Baton River joins the Motueka River. “I’m interested to know how all this actually started and how far he’d come from.”

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

NZ’s deepest cave found near Nelson

Trish Gray


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Team leader Kieran McKay at the connection point between Nettlebed and Stormy Pot caves. He dug the crack from two inches wide to a point that was just wide enough to get through. Photo: Jonathan Ravens. to crawl through. After several Bruce Mutton. Bruce says hours he found his way into there was a big cheer when the Nettlebed cave, into a place the discovery was made. “It’s that was used as a urinal at one one of the things that cavers of the Nettlebed campsites. strive to do, connect the dots Kieran says the find is hugely between the caves at the top of significant. the mountain with the caves at “It’s the top, it’s incredibly sig- the bottom of the mountain. nificant, the only other big “It’s great to solve another thing is to find a cave that’s piece of the puzzle really. There over 100km long and that will was a bit of a cheer and we all come soon too. We are very squeezed through the conexcited, it’s been a long time necting hole and we all had a coming and it’s a dream come brew of coffee and chocolate.” true really.” The region is also home to The four man team also in- New Zealand’s longest cave, cluded Gavin Holden, Jona- Bulmer Cavern on Mt Owen, than Ravens and Nelson’s south west of Nelson.

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New Zealand’s deepest known cave has been discovered near Nelson, but it’s fallen just short of being the deepest in the Southern Hemisphere. A team of four cavers made the connection between the Nettlebed and Stormy Pot caves on Mount Arthur last week, confirming it was one cave and at a total length of 1200 metres. But it falls just short of 1264 metre long Meruc Cave in Papua New Guinea. Team leader Kieran McKay says the discovery was only a matter of time. “We found Stormy Pot in January 2011 and within a few months we’d explored 10km of the cave and when we put that map on the same map as the Nettle Bed system we realised that the caves were actually the same so we just had to find a way through the rocks.” On the last day of their five day exploration, the team found a small chamber with a small crack that had a draught pouring from it. Kieran worked away trying to clear the rock and make the hole big enough



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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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Kids go back to school

FrEE chEck Up For kiDS: Nelson parents whose child is about to start school for the first time should take advantage of a free B4 School Check, says the district health board. In the last six months 865 Nelson Marlborough four year olds received a free B4 School Check. More info at: nz/your-health/services-and-support/ health-care-services/well-child-tamariki-ora/about-b4-school-check. chAriTY Shop rElocATES: After 25 years, the Save The Children Gift Shop in Halifax St is relocating. The present building, owned by Gibbons Construction, is to have earthquake strengthening completed and on Wednesday February 5 the shop will reopen at 56A Buxton Square, near the rear entrance to Postie Plus. hEAlTh boArD SUrplUS: Half-way through the financial year the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is $3m ahead of budget and on track to make a surplus for the first time in three years. At a board meeting this week it was revealed that the DHB had a surplus of $1.46m at the end of December. NMDHB receives funding of $428m and provides hospital and community health services to 140,000 people.

“Mind that child”, because it’s back to school for most kids around Nelson this week. Students at most primary and intermediate schools are starting the school year today, while colleges in the city started back a week ago. The new term means school crossings are back in action and students will be cycling and walking to and from school, so police are urging motorists to keep an eye out for kids when they are behind the wheel. Police road policing services team leader senior sergeant Grant Andrews says police will be doing everything possible to ensure children remained safe heading back to school and will begin a high visibility operation to monitor speed around schools. He also reminded drivers of the 4km tolerance around schools and the 20km limit when passing a school bus picking up or dropping off children. “At the end of the day we want to see all children return to school safely. All drivers need to be aware that children are returning and school crossings will be operating again so paElla Harley, 5, of Stoke with mum Christine and sister Ava, tience will be required if there 3, can’t wait to start school today. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie. is congestion.”

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He says officers will be checking that all passengers in vehicles are wearing an appropriate seatbelt or child restraint and that conditions of driver’s licence are being met. “We know a lot of students on restricted licences are tempted to give their mates a lift and that’s going to cost them.” Police will also be cracking down on motorists texting or calling while driving and urge parents to ensure their younger children are adequately supervised when travelling to and from school. “Parents also need to ensure their child has the road safety skills to ride a bike to school or to cross the road on their own,” he said. Ella Harley, 5, is just one of thousands of kids across the city that is heading to school today and mother Christine says she’s more than ready to start her first year at Stoke Primary. “We’re starting school, yes and she’s so ready for it. She loves learning, loves playing with other children. She’s been counting down the sleeps.”

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450 tourists cruise into Nelson today

A cruise ship carrying 800 people important sector and the easiest will arrive in Nelson today for a way to attract more cruise ships quick day stop in the city. is by providing a first class The 198 metre luxury cruise experience for those we already ship MV Seabourn Sojourn is have visiting.” carrying 450 passengers and 330 For those wanting to watch the crew. It will berth at Port Nelson luxury liner arrive and depart, it for the day with more than 100 will pass through the cut and into passengers taking tours of the Port Nelson at around 7.30am on region including wine and art Tuesday February 4 and depart at tours, Happy Valley Adventures around 6.30pm the same day. and the Abel Tasman National Park. The remaining 350 passengers are expected to head into the city centre to explore. Seabourn Sojourn that will be in Nelson today. Nelson Tasman Tourism international marketing The cruise visit comes following a manager Loren Heaphy says there significant joint marketing effort will be opportunities for Nelson by Nelson Tasman Tourism and retailers and asks that the city Port Nelson and Nelson Tasman welcome passengers with open Tourism. Chief executive Lynda arms. Keene is delighted by the progress “It is really important that cruise the team has made in attracting passengers have a wonderful cruise ships to the region. experience in Nelson and Tasman “To go from zero cruise ships so we create a lasting impression two years ago, to a record 7 in which will encourage more cruise the 2014/2015 season is a huge ships to visit the region. success, and we look forward to “We are eager to develop this seeing even more in the future.”

This Week

TUESDAY 4 February 2014

Kensington Court residents Joan Price, Beverley Thompson, Kay Price and Daphne Stevens on the new pedestrian refuge on Main Rd Stoke. Photo: Andrew Board.

Crossing refuge delights elderly residents Four Kensington Court residents say they’re “delighted” the council listened to their request for a pedestrian refuge on Main Rd Stoke. Last May Nelson Weekly reported that the four ladies were preparing to lobby the council over the refuge because they struggled to safely cross the road, especially in their walking frames, in one go. “It’s a busy

road and if you get a break in one side of the traffic you usually don’t on the other side as well,” says Daphne Stevens. The council told the ladies money for a new refuge would be included in that year’s plan and in early December work began on the refuge, much to their surprise. “We didn’t think it would happen so quickly and it was great to see them there,” says


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97 year old Beverley Thompson. The refuge got used for the first time on Christmas Eve and they say it’s been much easier for them to walk across the street for the bus stop and to the Z petrol station that is often used by residents of the village. “I take the bus all the time and it’s so reassuring for me, being able to take your time because it is a very busy road,” says Kay Price.

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Locals tackle scooter challenge Simon Bloomberg

avoidance design

Nelson Weekly

This Week

TUESDAY 4 February 2014

The drive between Westport and Greymouth usually only takes 90 minutes, but a group of 12 intrepid scooter riders turned it into a fourday expedition as they completed the fourth Survivor Scooter Challenge. Survivor Scooter is a charity ride that incorporates some of the South Island’s roughest off-road routes as well as a series of challenges for the scooter riders. This year the riders left Westport on January 22 and ended up in Greymouth four days later after detouring through the Denniston Plateau, Mackley River, Waipuna Caves and Lake Brunner. “It’s the fourth challenge we have had and it was by far the hardest,” organiser Jason Monopoli says. “This year we had a hard track to ride every day - there were no easy days on the road.” Jason says the riders and support crew had to use all of their “MacGyver skills” just to negotiate the tracks and keep the 50cc scooters on the road. He says it was a challenge but all 12 riders completed the journey safely on their original scooters. “The first big challenge was rigging up a flying fox using the winches on the four-wheel-drive support vehicles to get the scooters across

the Mackley River. It was hard going up Big River too - it was pretty wet so we had to repair a few drowned and damaged scooters. “It’s not really a ride for scooter enthusiasts, It’s more of a ride for like-minded adventurers really,” Jason says. He says visiting the Waipuna Caves was one of the highlights of the journey, although riders also enjoyed the scooter-cross race and jousting competition. The winning teams of those competitions received prizes from sponsors who helped the challenge raise $6000 for the Nelson Ark. Although Jason had intended making the fourth Survivor Scooter Challenge the last, he says the riders made it clear they wanted another one next year. “I wasn’t that keen to organise another one so I thought if I made this one really hard it would put everyone off. But it didn’t work, the riders had so much fun they are already pressuring me to have another one.” Jason says the journey was filmed by the four-wheel drive support crew and will be screened later in the year with all welcome to attend. Email Jason at jason@orangedog. for details. The DVD set of the journey will also be available for a $10 donation.

Organiser Jason Monopoli ferries his scooter across the Mackley River on a MacGyver-style flying fox during the Survivor Scooter ride from Westport to Greymouth. Photos: Elmar Meder.

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014


‘DIY’ funerals on the rise in Nelson Andrew Board

A Nelson man says more people are opting for a “DIY funeral” to farewell their loved ones, but admits it’s hardly a popular choice. In fact only seven “private” cremations took place at the Nelson City Council-owned facility at the Wakapuaka Cemetery last year, with the massive majority of the region’s funerals involving the region’s two biggest funeral homes, Marsden House and Shone and Shirley. Nelson’s Paul Briggs offers information on how people can do their own DIY funeral or have control over the process when a funeral director is involved. Paul says he’s helped several friends with low cost funerals and says there was a bit of ground work to find out how it could be done, information he’s now willing to offer to others for free. That includes what paper work needs to be filled in, how to arrange a cremation at the Nelson City Council-owned facility at the Wakapuaka Cemetery and how to access cheaper coffins. He says it can be done for less than $900, without compromising a meaningful “send-off ”.


Over the past year he’s had around 50 people call him to ask for details about funeral options. Francis Day, of Marsden Funeral Homes, says choice is a good thing but factors like health and safety as well as the psychological stress makes the reality of a DIY funeral unlikely for most. “Talking about things in theory is one thing,” says Francis. “Putting them into practice might well be another. If the issue is around cost, then the potential of disabling psychological cost to family members really should be taken into account. “Apart from providing emotional support and guidance, funeral directors are trained to deal with things that most people wouldn’t even consider,” he says. Nelson City Council says 211 cremations were done at the council facility last year, but just seven were private with the rest from commercial operators. Marsden House owns its own crematorium at Gardens of the World in Hope.

Ross Bateup and son Jack, 12, enjoying front row seats during performer Diogo Alvares’ show at the Buskerburgoo Festival on Saturday afternoon. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Buskers turn on a show for Nelson

Crowds of people flocked to the city’s streets over the weekend as they came alive with internationally acclaimed

buskers. The Buskerburgoo Festival saw four days worth of action-packed entertainment take place, with acts from all

over the world descending on Nelson. Performances were held on Trafalgar St, the Boathouse and the Church Steps.

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014


Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Nelson Weekly

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Your Community Newspaper

TUESDAY 4 February 2014


Nelson’s ‘Broods’ release EP with Grammy winner Broods’ much anticipated self-titled EP has gone to number one on iTunes just hours after its release. The EP features six songs, including hit single “Bridges”, which is currently eighth on the New Zealand Singles Charts, has received airplay on radio stations across the globe, and has racked up nearly 500,000 plays on the band’s SoundCloud page. “Never Gonna Change”, their second single, is the opening track.

The EP was co-written and co-produced by Grammy winner Joel Little, who teamed up with Lorde for her platinum selling album Pure Heroine, which is bound to increase the band’s exposure. The Nelson duo, comprising of siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott, signed with Capitol Records in the United States and Polydor in the United Kingdom last year. International media have been quick to make comparisons between Broods and

Lorde, and have also praised the former Garin College students for their early singles. “New Zealand brother-sister duo make, ahem, brooding synth-pop that makes sadness sound quite lovely,” said an article in the UK’s Guardian, while Billboard in the US asked whether they were “New Zealand’s next pop wonder”, and this week encouraged readers to check out their EP. “Looking for some gorgeous pop music to dive into and subsequently

peddle to your friends this coming weekend? Look no further than Broods’ self-titled debut EP.” Broods are currently performing in Australia and will head to the United States for shows in Hollywood, San Francisco, Brooklyn and New York at the end of the month. Broods’ self-titled EP is now available for download on iTunes for $9.99. Their first full length album is expected this year.

Whales enjoying a Nelson summer too Shane Anderson has made a habit of “being in the right place at the right time”, particularly when it comes to orca whale sightings. On Thursday he was out paddleboarding around Nelson Haven when he came across a pod of about “five or six” orcas. “One of them knocked into me. A baby calf knocked into me, it was quite curious and came over,” he says. “It was pretty exhilarating but quite scary at the same time, knowing that they’re very big.” Shane was out training along with fellow paddleboarder Rachel Pike when the pair’s “calculated guess” resulted in an hour alongside the whales, which generally

Shane Anderson paddles next to a pod of orca whales. Photo: Rachel Pike. come into the Nelson Haven to feed on stingrays at this time of the year. “I knew they feed in the morning and typically go into the Atawhai Haven and then onto the Boulderbank. We followed them from where the baches are on the Boulderbank back towards Port Nelson when

all the boats turned up. They came right across Rocks Rd and by the Back Beach.” It was about this time last year that the owner of Kitesurf Nelson managed to take a “selfie” out on the water with a pod of orca. There had been numerous other sightings of the orca

pod throughout the week around Nelson and Cable Bay, and Trish Grant of the Department of Conservation says it’s certainly not uncommon at this time of the year. “It’s to do with the time of the year and that they’re feeding on eagle rays,” she says.

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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• A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a party/event/function? Call our photographer 548 4949 or 027 548 4948 Stewart Beach and Jackie Duncan at Brad's 21st on Saturday.

Bev Evans and Priscilla Thompson at the Sarau Festival on Sunday evening.

On Saturday we went along to Kensington Court, where staff and residents were celebrating the facility's 20th birthday. Then we checked out Brad Storer's 21st birthday party. On Sunday we popped out to the Sarau Festival too. Remember, if you’d like us to come and take photos at your event or party give us a call on 548 4949 or you can email us at editorial@ See you next week.

Margaret Shea and Peg Wale at Kensington Court on Saturday. Brett Casey, Ellie Tinetti and Daz Storer at Brad Storer's 21st on Saturday night.

Catch up with us on Eunice Plummer, Vanessa Kingsbury and Nicola Coleman at Kensington Court.

Brad and Graham Storer at Brad's 21st birthday party on Saturday night.

Susan Bappert and Gundula Ruebsam at the Sarau Festival.

Richard and Sonya Taukamo-Pohio with Kellee and Lawson Rangitawa-Candy.

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Explore the latest trends in sustainable farming through a science-based approach to a wide range of organic techniques and systems. Ideal for lifestyle block owners, home gardeners and/ or commercial growers, this course will provide key knowledge and skills required for organic growing. Learn to build ecosystems, promote biodiversity and increase soil and plant health, instead of relying on artificial fertilisers and poisonous sprays. On successful completion you will be awarded a Certificate in Organic Horticulture (Level 3).

Paulette Casey and Leslie Fairbrass at Brad's 21st.

Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Valda Tasker and Rowan Kerr at Brad's 21st birthday party on Satrday night.

Bryant and Sue Quarterman at the Sarau Festival on Sunday night.

Riparian Revegetation This part-time course will provide the practical tools and knowledge that can be used to create clean waterways and conserve soil by establishing native plants along stream margins, as well as revegetating eroded hillsides. Students will gain skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, grow, plant and maintain native species along streams, rivers and lake margins, or on marginal land. While the main focus of this course is working with native plants, propagation strategies learned can also be applied to vegetables, shrubs, trees and garden plants in general. On successful completion students will be awarded a National Certificate in Horticulture Level 3.

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014


World’s best gearboxes made in Tahuna The smell of metal and grease hits your senses before the wonder of five massive machines stuffed into Bruce Verdon’s tiny Tahunanui workshop takes over. Bruce leased the workshop after arriving in Nelson eight years ago. His plan was to run a machine work shop similar to what he had in his homeland of South Africa, but with no contacts and no reputation there was also no work. So he decided to branch out, do something different and as a result Bruce is known around the world for making the best high performance racing gearboxes. His company TT Industries has now sold more than 600 gearboxes around the world, mainly in classic racing motorbikes and racing cars. Bruce says he hasn’t even thought about developing key markets because demand is keeping his five staff pretty busy already. “We don’t want everyone to know about it at the same time. We’re trying to keep it quiet at this stage but the United States will be a big market for us, no one there does what we do,” says Bruce. His gearboxes have won titles all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia and Europe, and are used in every New Zealand V8 Racing car. They are

Andrew Board Editor

also used by World 500cc Grand Prix champion Kevin Schwantz and his expertise got him invited to race in the famed Isle of Mann motorbike race last year. It all started when Bruce was left struggling for work. He designed a gearbox for classic motorbikes and when it was finished took it to a race in Australia to show the owners of the bikes his design. “I borrowed a table and made some pamphlets and the people just said ‘wow, this is want we want, where have you been all our lives? Here’s the money, when can I have one?’ Within three months he had 30 orders, each for around $5000. He took that to the bank and was able to secure a loan to buy the equipment needed and started producing two a month until he took on more staff. Since then demand has exploded and Bruce travels to races in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe to drum up business, but it’s hardly needed. Word of mouth means the orders roll in unabated. Bruce says he saw a limited market in the classic motorbikes so developed a sequential

Bruce Verdon of TT Industries in Tahunanui with his motorbike gearbox that is used by the best motorbike racers in the world. Photo: Andrew Board. gearbox for cars, instead of the standard “H-box”. That was even more popular than the motorbike gearbox, so more staff were employed and more machines bought. The gearboxes are used in cars for circuit racing, drifting and even in speedway cars. He says at a recent test at Hampden Downs the gearbox shaved two seconds off the lap time of a race car. And there’s more to come.

still surprises him but not the performance. “I know they work well but I didn’t expect so many people wanting them, that did surprise me.” He says the future is bright for his company and although busy, and spending most of his weekends out of town at various race meetings – he’s been to four already this year – he’s thrilled. “It’s really good, yeah, really good. I’m happy and proud.”

Bruce says when the business moves into a purpose-built building in Echodale Pl he will be able to build more gearboxes and expand even further. “Soon we’ll have a gearbox for cars with more than 1000 horsepower and many of our designs are unique to us and the reports we get back from clients are good. I can walk down the pits and no one looks at me with daggers in their eyes, let’s put it that way.” The popularity of his product


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Tuesday January 21 The Citizens Advice Bureau have had a great response since appearing in an article in the Nelson Weekly two weeks ago, seeking interest from new volunteers. They've had a number of people put their hand up, but are still looking for more. Training is coming up but charperson Robin Smith says the introduction of a new programme means you can join them at any time of the year. Left: The Nelson Police team pull against defending champions Nelmac during the Hospice Tug of Peace at Trafalgar St last Thursday. Right is Paul Jeffries of the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board celebrates after they won a heat during the Tug of Peace. Photos: Andrew Board.

Tug of Peace pulls out the best of locals For 15 years it's one of the more popular fundraisers in Nelson and the 2014 edition was no exception. More than one hundred people gathered to watch teams from various Nelson businesses and government departments to see who was the region's top tug of “peace” champion. The early money was on four time de-

fending champions Nelmac and after they breezed past Nelson Police it was obvious that it would take a mightly effort to upset the champs. Playing in honour of a recently passed staffer as well as a wife of one of their workmates, Nelmac looked unstoppable beating a burly Talley's team in the final after an eight second battle.

Organiser Phil Wright says once again the event was a huge success, raising money and profile for the hospice. “My highlight was for Nelmac, this year was special because of the two deaths in the company. One of these years another team will pull together a team to beat them,” he says. “Maybe next year.”

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Tuesday January 7 Homeless hound Rex, who appeared in the Nelson Weekly at the start of January has been successfully rehomed from the pound, through local volunteer organisation Second Chance. Tuesday September 24 After appearing in the Nelson Weekly and receiving huge support from readers, Detonate Youth's Mission encounter to the Philippines was a huge success. They have returned from Cebu, Central Philippines, where they spent their time caring for 50 street kids, visiting Red Cross’s Tent City, erected for displaced victims of Typhoon Yolanda, visiting an orphanage and school and more than 100 children who live beside the rubbish dump. They also ran a basic health workshop at the local school. A highlight of the trip, was meeting the youth groups sponsored child, Ernesto.

If you have an end to one of our stories contact Sinead on

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014


Prices slashed for 2014 2006 HyuNdai ElaNTra Gls

Popular and safe liftback, 4 x Airbags, Traction control & ABS, Alloys, climate A/C, NZ New, Great Buying.

Was $10,995

NoW $7,995

2005 NissaN NoTE

5 Star fuel rating, A/C, Airbags, full electrics. Roomy size hatch, powerful 1500cc Engine.

Was $9,995

NoW $7,995

2006 ToyoTa ViTz rs

Sporty little hatch, with a powerful 1500cc engine, chain driven, Alloys, spoilerkit travelled 66,000kms, compare this price.

Was $12,995

NoW $10,995

2008 Mazda dEMio

Travelled 88,000 kms, alloys, sort after 1500cc camchain driven engine, smartkey feature, fully optioned

Was $13,995

NoW $11,995

2007 Ford FiEsTa

2006 HoldEN asTra CdXi

Stunning NZ New Hatch with low 40,000kms, A/C, Airbags, Remote central locking, CD Player.

Was $12,995

NZ New, partial leather trim, alloys, towbar, full electrics, Airbags, cruise control, the list goes on.

NoW $11,995

2001 NissaN X-Trail 4X4

Reliable 2.0 litre auto, dual airbags, a/c, roof racks, travelled 102,000 kms, 4x4 on demand

Was $13,995

NoW $11,995

2004 ToyoTa FuNCarGo

Economical 1300cc engine, airbags, A/C, New set of after market alloys, Medium kms, priced to sell.

Was $8,995

NoW $7,495

2004 HoNda sTrEaM

Bodykit, alloys, 7 Seater, smart looking in black. Travelled 71,000kms, remote central locking.

Was $11,995

NoW $9,995

Was $11,995

NoW $9,995

2006 NissaN WiNGroad rX

Powerful 1800cc auto, alloys, bodykit, Remote central locking with smartkey, proven Nissan reliability.

Was $11,995

NoW $9,995

2004 subaru ouTbaCk

Low 65,000kms, black interior,6 disc CD Player, climate A/C, ABS & Airbags, remote central locking.

Was $16,995

NoW $14,995

2007 Ford TErriTory Turbo

Great Family wagon or tow vehicle, 7 seater, leather, towbar. Smooth & comfortable to drive, compare this price.

Was $26,995

NoW $23,995

G m b N m o r f y u Why butherford Street R

Cnr Rutherford & Nile Sts, Nelson Ph: 03 548 0683 | OPEN 7 DAYS | Finance figures available based on a 25% deposit over 36 months at 14.95% interest. Subject to normal lending criteria and approval. Conditions apply

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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Richard's clinker restored and ready for boat show Everytime retired boat builder Richard Winn puts his 1960s clinker dinghy into the water he takes a sail down memory lane. Richard, who is taking his 16-foot restored clinker “Ripples” to this weekend's New Zealand Antique and Classic Boat Show at Lake Rotoiti, used to sail clinkers when he was young. So when he saw the run-down clinker lying in a boat builders yard in Picton in 2005 he couldn't resist the urge to take it home and restore it to its former glory. “We used to play around in clinkers when I was a kid. They were good fun. “They stopped building them after that but as the years go by you get to appreciate the time it takes to build them. So when I saw it in a run-down state at Waikawa I decided to buy it and restore it.” Richard says the boat was originally built in the early 1960s by an apprentice boat builder working at Jorgensens Boat Yard in Waikawa Bay. It was constructed using a variety of native timber which Richard has spent four years restoring. “It was falling apart so I stripped all the paint and gutted the inside and laid a new deck. I used macrocarpa but it's still got the original kahikatea hull. “It took me heaps of time and money to restore the boat but that doesn't come into it. It's something you do because you are passionate about it.” Richard says he is a member of the Picton Clinker and Classic Boat Club and regularly takes the boat out sailing. He named the boat Ripples because it cruises at about five or six knots and cuts through the water so smoothly that it barely creates a wake. Richard will join about 80 other boat enthuNZ NEW

Simon Bloomberg Reporter siasts who are taking their antique and classic vessels to Lake Rotoiti for this weekend's show. “There will be the usual range of boats including cedar kayaks, jet boats from the 60s, clunky clinkers and veteran wooden yachts,” show coordinator Pete Rainey says. Another attraction this year is the new Nelson Lakes Classic Boat Museum, alongside the Clinker Café and gift shop complex at the St Arnaud village. It will be open with boating displays all weekend. The NZ Antique and Classic Boat Show is now in its 16th year, and continues to grow in the number and quality of craft presented, as well as the number of people coming to view the boats and the action. Judging will take place on Saturday, ahead of an evening awards ceremony at the Alpine Lodge. At stake is the Jens Hansen Trophy where the judges are after good looks as well as history, construction and a boat with a story to tell. Other awards include prizes for best new restoration, best steamboat, best jet-propelled craft and best themed display. Races will be held for yachts, row boats, seagull motored dinghies, poppers, canoes, child rowers and swimmers. The show will be held at Kerr Bay between 9am and 7pm this Saturday and Sunday with admission $15 for adults for the day or $20 for the weekend with school children free. Tickets from gate sales only. No dogs allowed.

Ford FAlCon Xr8 2004 It’s hard to beat the sound and sheer grunt of an XR8 Falcon in full cry. This one is NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a 5.4 litre V8 and is auto with tiptronic option. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 4 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote locking, air conditioning, cruise control and a towbar.

nissAn MAXiMA st low KMs 2004 This is a very nice 1 owner Nissan Maxima ST and its only travelled 55km. It’s not very often we get such a find. It’s powered by a grunty 3.5 litre V6 and is automatic. The interior is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, climate air conditioning, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, cruise control, CD and factory 17 inch alloys.


$10,980 Mitsubishi Colt sport Auto 2007 NZ new and had 1 owner. Its powered by a nippy 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is also in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, tinted glass, factory alloys, electric windows and mirrors and remote locking. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.

$11,980 MAzdA 3 GlX 2009 Even though this Mazda 3 hatch has done a few kms it’s still in very tidy condition. It’s NZ new and was last owned by a night watch security firm, hence the fast mileage. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 6 airbags, CD, air conditioning, remote locking and electric windows and mirrors.



toyotA CorollA Gl hAtCh 2007 The Toyota Corolla legacy just keeps rolling on here in NZ and would be the most popular small hatch to be sold in this country. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, electric front windows and mirrors and remote locking.

$13,980 nissAn winGroAd wAGon 2010 If you are in the market for a well priced late model NZ New wagon, then look at this. It’s had 1 owner from new. Powered by a 1.8 litre motor and is auto with paddle shift. The interior is very roomy and in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, remote locking and tinted rear glass.



holden CoMModore CAlAis 2001 An oldy but still a goody. This has been in the same Nelson family from new. This is the luxury model of the Commodore range. Powered by a grunty 3.8 litre V6 and is auto. The interior is in very tidy condition and has full grey leather. It also has 4 airbags, ABS brakes, traction control, cruise control, 10 disc CD, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking with 2 keys, factory alloys, and a towbar.

toyotA CAMry Altise 2005 This is an extremely tidy example of this always popular model Toyota Camry Altise. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a peppy 2.4 litre chain driven motor and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking and cruise control.




toyotA yAris hAtCh, Auto 2008 This Toyota Yaris is the 5 door hatch, powered by a peppy chain driven (so NO cambelt) 1500cc motor, automatic and has ony done 26,000kms. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 6 airbags, CD, airconditioning, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors and factory alloys. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.

MAzdA 6 GlX 2010 These Mazda 6 GLX are are great all around family car. They have both plenty of interior room and luggage space and reasonable fuel economy. This one is NZ New and had 1 owner. Powered by a chain driven 2.0 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. Its been regularly serviced by a Mazda workshop. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 6 airbags, ABS brakes, 6 disc CD, dual climatic airconditioning, cruise control, remote locking and a towbar.




holden bArinA hAtChbACK 2008 If you are looking for economy without having to forgo interior space and comfort, then this could be for you. It’s NZ New and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a peppy 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is both roomy and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, remote locking, factory alloys and roof spoiler.















Wakefield's Richard Winn with the 1960s clinker he restored and will be taking to the New Zealand Antique and Classic Boat Show at Lake Rotoiti this weekend. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Mitsubishi outlAnder ls Awd 2006 Buying an SUV with AWD for under $15000 isn’t always easy, but here we have one. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor (So NO cambelt) and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is quite spacious and in tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, roof rails and tinted glass.


$11,980 $15,980 nissAn X trAil st 2004 Its not always easy to buy an AWD in 5 speed manual that is both a handy SUV and a day to day family car. Here we have a tidy one and its NZ new. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre chain driven motor and is 5 speed manual. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or just 4WD. The interior has ample leg and luggage space and is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, cruise control, factory alloys, CD, airbags, remote locking, roof rack, tinted glass and a towbar.



KiA sorento Awd 2005 Are you in the market for a great AWD wagon for towing or for getting out to the back blocks in the weekend? Well this might just do the trick. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a grunty 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is auto. The interior is in tidy condition and has seating for 5 passengers. It also has 6 airbags, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, factory alloys, roofrack and a towbar.

Mitsubishi outlAnder ls 2009 This model Mitsubishi Outlander LS is the most popular SUV that we have EVER sold. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a 2.4 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or 4WD depending on the conditions. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, keyless entry and start, cruise control, air conditioning, factory alloys, roof rails, towbar and tinted glass.

Arriving Soon

$14,980 Ford Courier FlAtdeCK 2002 Not often we get a Courier XLT extra cab 4wd flatdeck to sell. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has factory alloys, running boards, alloy 3 side drop flat deck with a wooden floor, alloy bullbar and a towbar.

$14,980 Ford Courier FlAtdeCK 2004 If you are in the market for a low km flatdeck ute then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.6 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. It’s only travelled 67000 km. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has a bullbar, CD and a towbar. The inside deck measurements are 2.42 long and 1.77 wide.

2006 subaru imprezza hatch - NZ New, Manual - $12,980 2010 Kia sportage - 2 Litre, White, One owner - $21,980

Mitsubishi l300 swb vAn 2008 If you are a tradesman or handyman looking to upgrade to a later model van, then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre petrol motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has CD, alarm and a towbar.

$9,980 toyotA hiACe diesel vAn 2001 Are you sick of working for the man and looking for a first tradesmens van to go out on your own? Well this could be for you. Powered by a 3.0 diesel and is automatic. Roof rack and tow bar, ready to go to work.

150 Rutherford St, Nelson PH: 548 0568 Vanessa - 0274 489 877 Paul - 0274 489 855

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FAYREFORM Charlotte WAS $49.95 NOW $19.90

PLEASURE STATE WHITE LABEL Temple of Fortune WAS $59.95 NOW $19.90

TUESDAY 4 February 2014

LOVABLE Nautical WAS $59.95 NOW $19.90



Your Voice

Water quality: I used to live in Tasman, and Nelson water tastes like chlorine here in Nelson. Really foul!!! C Winslow.

Queens Garden's group: Oh what a lovely photo and what a great idea- keep up the good work, ladies! Amanda, Dunedin. Many thanks from all the Friends for the very nice article and the


Property overview quarterCBD 2013 4 HalifaxAvailable: Street, Nelson Available: NOW

Great work Jean, you're an inspiration! (Via text).

• Close to local amenities: cafes, couriers, freight companies

• 5 minutes to Nelson Airport • 15 minutes to Nelson CBD

Term: Negotiable

Industrial warehouse situated in the heart of the Tahunanui industrial precinct. Location restaurants and cafes. gotiable mium office space and retail activity on the street • Well established industrial park •high Closelevel to local amenities: • Ground within the CBD is highlyfloor soughtretail after. on street edge providing • Approx. 15mins to Nelson Airport cafes, couriers, freight •exposure High studfunctional warehouse y overview m office space with modern fit out mium space andedge retail activity on thelevel street d flooroffice retail • onPrivate providing high parking facilities companies • 5street within the CBD is carparks highly sought on plus on street re • 5 minutes to Nelson Airport • Plentiful natural light and m office facilities space with modern functional fit out ventilation parking • Roller door • 15 minutes to Nelson CBD d retail street edge providing level •onMulti-level with lift high access ulfloor natural light and ventilation re • Good street profile and access evel with lift access • Roller door

frontage within the CBD is highly sought after. • alongside Approx. 15mins to Nelson d floor under the Nelson CBD offer) • Good street profile and access Airport th quarter 2013 y : 4overview • Just block to retail, • Premium office space with modern functional fitaout

View all our available properties at:

parking facilities

ul natural light and ventilation

evel with lift access

View at: all our available properties at: View all our available properties text: 027 UR VOICE

Orcas in Nelson Haven: The boats shouldn't chase them! Nancy Holden.


Property overview


group with some much younger students! Love it. Sue Wilson.

I saw them in the haven near the boulder bank at around 8 this morning. I wasn't Industrial Warehouse and office and retail New premium multi-storey sure what kind of whales they 49-51 Halifax Street, Nelson CBD Associated Office were though. Melanie Burt. Industrial Warehouse and Associated Office 74 Quarantine Road Industrial Park (Units 4&6) 74 Quarantine Road Industrial Park (Units 4&6) Yes... 3 playing along the Property type: Commercial offices and retail. w premium multi-storey and Property type: Industrialoffice warehouse andretail associated office Area: Ground floor retail 140m dog beach at Tahuna! Halifax Area: Street, Nelson CBD 770m2, Workshop 388m2, Showroom 77m2, • Conveniently located just 1 Land & 2 Floor offices: 550m alongside the Nelson CBD w premium(2First multi-storey office and retail floor under offer) 99m2 floor office Joyce Bruning.

type: Commercial offices and situated retail. in the heart of the Tahunanui Industrial warehouse Term: Negotiable 2 industrial ound floor retail 140mprecinct. 2 • Conveniently located just & 2nd Floor offices: • Well 550m established industrial park d floor under offer) alongside the Nelson CBD Property overview • Highoffices stud warehouse type: Commercial and retail. th quarter 2013 : 4 • Just a block to retail, 2 • 5140m carparks on site plus on street ound floor retail New premium office space and retail activity •on the street restaurants and cafes. gotiable Conveniently located just & 2nd Floor offices: 550m2

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happy photo. It is great to have the Gardens in the news in this positive way, and I'm sure your article will have given many readers happy thoughts about the Gardens. Please pass on our thanks to all at the Nelson Weekly for their support and for publishing our regular community events notice. Ellen Brinkman.

My friend Jamie Hall has some great shots of them in the Haven just 2 days ago, they're beautiful creatures. Sharon May Patterson.

Property type: Industrial warehouse and associated office Area: Land 770m2, Workshop 388m2, Showroom 2 77m2, First floor office 99m2 st nd 2 Available: February/March 2013 Term: Negotiable nd

Nelson Weekly

This Week

TUESDAY 4 February 2014

• Just a block to retail, restaurants and cafes.

Jean still playing tennis at 83: Good on you Jean, she shows us that age is no barrier when you're fit and healthy and enjoy something challenging. Just like Jean one of my Pilates students Mavis, turned 80 in November, she has been coming to classes since her 70th birthday, and is one of my most advanced students in a

• Approx. 15mins to Nelson Airport

Pretty dam good. Stein Lagerd. She's the best in the biz! Good sense of humour too. Hayley Smith.

Man catches thieves with nightvision goggles, should police have them too? Well, they might be handy, but the police can't be lurking everywhere watching with them "just in case" something happens...this was just sheer luck I think. Dez Tinee. No they won't want them...they don't fire anything lol. However awsum job snapping out those would be thieves. Sharon May Patterson. The cost of proper night vision equipment for the police force would out way the benefits of its use. nothing wrong with keeping it simple, Torch, force and handcuffs. Glen James Tomlinson. They could be useful for night security firms and neighbourhood watch teams. Carol Stewart. Schools bigger: Right on the 'back' of Nayland announcing a reduction in students!

Sad for Nayland. Irene Steele. Maybe Nayland need to take a leaf out of Waimea's book!! Sarah-Hope Bailey. Richmond/Waimea is certainly the place to be. Awesome. Janelle Thorpe. Thanks: A quick note to thank you for the article about us looking for new volunteers you printed in last week's Nelson Weekly. Your willingness to help the community is a great support to organisations like ours. We do appreciate it. Heather Thomas (Citizen's Advice Bureau). Good crowd at Sarau Festival: It was great. Loved the Morris Dancing and the juggling workshop. Judene Edgar. Brought the family along to the Sarau Festival tonight and I'd have to say it's one of the best going around. Great food, great stalls and great music. (Via text). If you want to have your say on any local issue you can email a letter to the editor at You can also comment on any of our stories at our website,, or you can text us on 027 UR VOICE, leave us a message on our Facebook page or Twitter account by simply searching "Nelson Weekly".

View all our available properties at:

Focus on local food, wine and entertainment

BACK FOR 2014 Supporting Local Music & Local Charities



Paul Madsen’s Superstar Show The Saints, Kramit, Antoni Neal The Neal Brothers, Timeless, Urban and more ...



Tickets available at: Colourplus, Haven Realty, Village Cycles, Avanti Plus, Everyman Records, Brightwater Sprig & Fern and Brightwater Motors.

The Brightwater Wine & Food Festival is just around the corner and Waimea Weekly has your chance to win tickets to this awesome event. With six tickets to give away and just over a week remaining before the event, email “win tickets” to for your chance to win. The return of the festival has seen it take a completely back to basics approach, with local entertainment, local wine, food, beer and a stunning local setting lined up for the occasion. Organisers have regrouped after a year off and the popular event has come back to its roots – it’s a great day out for all at an affordable price. Held at Middle-Earth Vineyard on Bryant Rd, the Brightwater Wine & Food festival is set to be more popular than ever. The public have welcomed the event back with open arms and tickets sales are in full swing. Stallholders and sponsors are also enthusiastic about the return of this iconic event. Fifty stalls are set to showcase the region’s wine, craft beer and food community to ensure festival goers enjoy a fantastic day out. The entertainment line-up includes all local acts with Paul Madsen’s Superstar Show, The Saints, Kramit, Antoni Neal, The Neal Brothers x Three, Timeless, Urban and more. There will also be live performances from More FM’s Who’s Got Talent contest and the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite artist on the day.

At the heart of the Brightwater Wine & Food Festival is a great cause. Put on by the Rotary Club of Richmond, previously it has fundraised $230,000 which all went straight back into the community. This year proceeds will go to the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicoptor, Wanderers Sports Club, Brightwater Rural Fire Force and the Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade. Festival goers are encouraged to go by bike to the festival and make the most of the Great Taste Cycle Trail. Rotary will provide a secure area to store bikes and they can be left at the venue overnight if you decide to make the most of the event and catch a bus home. Buses will be running to and from the festival from Nelson, Stoke and Richmond. Grab your tickets to the Brightwater Wine and Food Festival from Colourplus Nelson, Colourplus Richmond, Haven Realty offices in Nelson and Richmond, Everyman Records in Nelson, Village Cycles in Richmond, Avanti Plus Richmond, Specsavers in Richmond Mall, Sprig & Fern Brightwater and the Brightwater Mobil Garage. Tickets just $15 or $20 at the gate. The Brightwater Wine & Food Festival runs from 11am through to 5.30pm, for full details visit The event has been put on by the Rotary Club of Richmond with the support of sponsors Fertilizer NZ Ltd, Goldpine, Colourplus, Knapps Lawyers, Middle-Earth Winery and Nelson More FM. Business Update. Adv.

Nelson Weekly


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TUESDAY 4 February 2014


Hop on a bike and give cycling a go!

month Bike Wise month encourages you to give cycling a go. Go to an organised event or just hop on your bike and explore our region’s fantastic network of off road cycleways and cycle lanes. Heather and George Terry of Wakefield are pictured at the 2012 opening of the cycle bridge over the Wairoa River.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch but on Go By Bike Day on February 12 there will be a free breakfast for anyone who gets on their bike and calls into one of the participating bike shops around Nelson and Tasman. Go By Bike Day is a one-day event held every February when thousands of New Zealanders leave their cars in the garage and cycle to work or school. It is just one of the many activities planned for February’s Bike Wise Month which is a national programme aimed at promoting cycling as a fun, healthy and safe way to travel. Go By Bike Day is being organised by Nelson City and Tasman District councils in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Authority and the region’s cycle retailers. It will offer a free, healthy breakfast and spot prizes to cyclists riding into the “fuel stops� between 7am and 9am. “It’s about getting people to give cycling a go and see how easy it is to get where you need to go by bicycle,� says Nelson City Council Works and Infrastructure Committee chairman Eric Davy. “So when you wake up on Wednesday morning, leave the car keys or bus pass on the kitchen counter and join hundreds of other Nelsonians cycling to work, school, or wherever, on Go By Bike Day and get a free breakfast to enjoy on the way.� However, Eric says commuters shouldn’t need any extra encouragement to go by bike because Nelson and Tasman are such fantastic places for cycling. Not only do we have a great climate for cycling we have a growing network of offroad cycleways and cycle lanes to make cycling more enjoyable and safer. Eric says Nelson City Council cycling strategy has a vision that “cycling becomes a safe, convenient and commonplace way of getting around Nelson� and the numbers show that vision is being realised.

* NELSON 114 Hardy Street, Nelson Ph 03 548 1666 Open 7 Days For store locations and more great deals go to

Over the BikeWise month Get Moving will be running a family fun ride in Motueka (1pm Feb 16th), and Golden Bay (10am Feb 23rd), and then a Bike, Beach and BBQ event out at Rabbit Island (2pm March 2nd). See the website for the details - and look out for a great new event using Nelson off-road cycle paths later in March! Check out the Get Moving website for information on choosing a bike and cycle clothes, starting riding, and where to ride. The site also lists local cycling events and riding groups and clubs.

ges, skills and fitness levels. ey’ll be a great day out for d off and the sunscreen out.


“The 2013 census data shows 8.7 per cent of the Nelson workforce bikes to work compared to 2.9 per cent nationally and that Nelson has experienced stronger growth in cycling than the rest of New Zealand.� Tasman District Council community recreation adviser, Mike Tasman-Jones says the Get Moving Big Bike Tune Ups are also being held in conjunction with Bike Wise activities. They will continue in February and March so cyclists can get their bikes back on the road in time for the Family Fun Rides around the region.

Spot prize


Ride On is a cycle initiative supported by Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board and the NZ Police. We use qualified cycle instructors to run three main programmes focusing on cycle skills and safety; Cycle safety training to young people aged 8 to 12, Adult learn to ride courses, and the very popular Cycle Skills Trailer.

Mike says the Big Bike Tune Ups are a safety initiative designed to encourage new and past bike riders to get their unused bikes out of storage and head along to one of the fun rides. Bike mechanics will give the bike a quick maintenance check to make sure it is safe and road-worthy and fits the rider. If a bike needs more than a tune up riders will be advised what’s required.

The free checks have already been held at three Skatepark Tour events and will also be held at Family Fun Rides at Motueka and Golden Bay in February and a family Bike, Beach and BBQ event at Rabbit Island Sunday 2 March. Mike says these rides will be easy and suitable for most ages, skills and fitness levels and will include spot prizes and giveaways.

Encouraging locals to get out on their bikes From Serious Bikes to Kids Bikes

Proud to support local sport. 301 Queen St, Richmond

Ph: 03 544 7166

Go by Bike Day Go by Bike Day WEDNESDAY 12 13thFEBRUARY FEBRUARY2014 2013

Free Breakfast for Cyclists Free Breakfast for Cyclists 7.00am - 9.00am Village Cycles 301 Queen St 7.00am - Richmond 9.00am

Avanti 203 Queen Street Richmond VillagePlus Cycles 301 Queen St Richmond The Cycle Shop Road StokeRichmond (by Super Cheap Auto) Avanti Plus 203Main Queen Street StokeCycles Cycles (railway northIntermediate of Broadgreen Stoke (railway reserve reserve just north ofjust Broadgreen playing ďŹ eld) Intermediate playing field) Kelvins Rutherford St KelvinsCycles Cycles Rutherford St Stewarts Cycle Hardy Street Bike Barn HardyCity Street R&RSport Sport Rutherford/Bridge corner R&R Rutherford/Bridge corner BicycleBusiness Business Halifax Street Nelson Bicycle Halifax Street Nelson Cyclelogical 8a Nile Street West Cyclelogical 8a Nile Street West  

To discuss having Ride On involved in your school or group email:

Fun fo

r whole fa the

February 2014



TUESDAY 4 February 2014




Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper



Tickets available from Whitwells Motueka, Fresh Choice Takaka, Richmond Mall, Theatre Royal, Nelson i-Site, Hampden Hotel Murchison.

Proud sponsor of the Crusaders

41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137 g adults - 17, Kids 16 & Under 7

asses & prices $


OPEN 8am-5pm covered Seated - $27 Monday-Friday, 8.30am-3.00pm Saturday, $ 32 late Thursday night until 6.30pm overed Seated - Open red Seated - $42

Bathroom Bliss

Online at or phone TicketDirect 0800 224 224 Watching the best team in the history of Super Pre match entertainment: As a reward for get- The reward: If the crowd SpONSOR rugby taking on their southern rivals is about as ting there early, there will beMaTCHDay plenty to keep you Union CEO Tony Lewis s Ticket Classes & prices Crusaders to loo good as it gets. Being able to do it under blazing occupied. A singing competition will see three top age the Ga: Standing adults - $17, Kids 16 & Under $7 15 games sunshine and on your own back doorstep? Well, entries to a More FM promotion sing BRONZE: before the Uncovered Seated -in$272015 when cupSeated will be in Christchur it’s no wonder thousands of tickets have already game with people in the crowd encouraged to vote SILVER: Uncovered - $32 $ Tickets available from Whitwells Motueka, Fresh Choice Takaka, Richmond Mall, GOLD: Covered Seated - 42 been sold. for their favourite via text message. Theatre Royal, i-Site, Hampden Hotel Murchison. This Friday, February 7, at Nelson 5.30pm the Crusaders The “Crusader for a Day” will also fly in in the The locals: There will be Online at or phone TicketDirect 0800 224 224 host the Highlanders at Sportspark Motueka and a Summit Rescue Helicopter and all proceeds from locals heading along to available from Whitwells Motueka, Fre coach is former Golden B crowd approaching 10,000 is hoped for. The game the programme sales will be donated to the heli-Tickets Theatre Royal, Nelson i-Site, Hampden Hotel M MaTCHDay SpONSOR kos coach Motueka, ToddorBla is a preseason hit out for both sides ahead of the copter. Online at head ph Tickets available from Whitwells Fre TheNelson Crusaders will Hotel alsoM Super 15 competition that starts later this month There will also be plenty of food and drink stalls Theatre Royal, i-Site, Hampden MaTCHDay SpONSOR Online atlege or ph 1st XV captain M and Crusaders bosses have said if the region turns and even coffee carts. says he’s still pinching hi out a big crowd two Super 15 games could be comMaTCHDayteam. SpONSOR“A year ago I was ing Nelson’s way next year. Big crowd expected: It’s been four years since the Crusaders last came to Motueka and George TV, now I turn up to pra The day before: The Crusaders will be in the re- reckons this is going to be the biggest crowd ever. mates.” gion for Waitangi Day, on Thursday, which is In 2008 when the Hurricanes came there was a Other locals playing fo the day before the big game, and will be visiting 10,000 strong crowd. George expects that record Motueka born Owen Fr Te Awhina Marae in the morning before a closed to break this week. “Being on a Friday night and Crotty, Makos Kieran Fo training session. From 4.30 to 6pm the Crusaders with many people taking an extra-long weekend Mako Joe Wheeler will p will be at Kaiteriteri beach to meet fans. there’s every chance of it.” The organisers: The gam Get in early: The gates at Sports Park open at The game: The preseason match will be played ka if it wasn’t for a whole 3.30pm. Organiser George Sturgeon hopes lo- over four 20 minute quarters so expect plenty of business that put their na cals get in early and buy their tickets. “Seats aren’t substitutions and even more tries. George reckons The efforts of the Tasma been huge but there are t numbered so it’ll be first in first served, even in the the atmosphere will be great. grandstands,” he warns. “Unlike other places where they play, no one’s happen, well done and th Kick off is at 5.30pm. Car parking will be easy with very far from the game. You can see the Crusaders geon and Shane Drumm stewards directing incoming cars from Nelson to warming up. You’ll be so close you’ll smell their parking spaces at Motueka High School. sweat. I remember when the Hurricanes were here Tickets: More than 3000 a woman by the dead ball line, only 5 feet from the match but there are still action, was amazed by the whites of Jerry Collin’s to head along to this gre the ticket outlets below a large eyes.” To book online visit www Aftermatch: Straight after the game kids are en- Tickets are available at couraged to go and meet their stars and get an Nelson, Theatre Royal, autograph or two. The players will hang around Richmond Mall and Whit on the field to sign autographs. After the players Prices are from $17 have signed autographs and had a shower they for adults in the genwill be heading back to Christchurch that night. eral admission area There will be no official after match function for and are $7 for kids 16 years old and under. the game.







544 4006





Winners of the “No.1 Mike Pero Real Estate Franchise in New Zealand”.

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$ 100

Terms and conditions apply, ask in store for details. Offers valid until 28 February 2014 or while stocks last.

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23 McGlashen Ave, Richmond



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Tickets available Whitwells Motueka, Fresh Choice Takaka, Richmond Mall, Tickets online Theatre Royal, Nelson i-Site, Hampden Hotel Murchison. Online at or phone224 TicketDirect or phone TicketDirect 0800 2240800 224 224

vs vs

et Classes & prices

anding adults - $17, Kids 16 & Under $7 ZE: Uncovered Seated - $27 R: Uncovered Seated - $32 Covered Seated - $42

d turns up, Tasman Rugby says it will further encourok at Nelson for two Super the FIFA under 20 world rch.

e several familiar faces to the game. The Crusaders esh Choice Takaka, Richmond Mall, Bay man and Tasman MaMurchison. ackadder. hone TicketDirect 0800 224 esh Choice Takaka, Richmond Mall,224 have former Nelson ColMurchison. hone TicketDirect 0800 who 224 224 Mitchell Drummond, imself over his role in the sitting watching them on actice and they’re my team

TUESDAY 4 February 2014





Win tickets!

Nelson Weekly has four double passes to give away for the big game. simply email editorial@ with your details by 10am Wednesday morning (Feb 5).

Ticket Classes & prices

Ga: Standing adults - $17, Kids 16 & Under $7 Ticket Classes BRONZE: Uncovered Seated&- $prices 27 $ SILVER: Ga:Uncovered Standing Seated adults--$32 17, Kids 16 & Under $7 GOLD:BRONZE: Covered Uncovered Seated - $42Seated - $27

SILVER: Uncovered Seated - $32 GOLD: Covered Seated - $42

Your champions

or the Crusaders include ranks, Nelson born Ryan oneta and Tim Perry while play for the Highlanders.

me would not be in Motuee bunch of volunteers and ame and money behind it. an Rugby Union have also two men that have made it hank you to George Sturmond.

0 tickets have sold for the plenty left so if you want eat occasion have a look at and pop in and see them. Nelson i-site, New World Nelson School of Music, itwells Motueka.

are proud to welcome the Crusaders Crusaders halfback Andy Ellis makes a break between two Blues players the last time the Crusaders played at Sportspark Motueka in 2010. This year the Crusaders are hosting their South Island rivals, the Highlanders.

Come to Liquorland Motueka Top of the South’s sole dealer for

Proud to supply Bar Facilities at the big game. Eftpos available. • Car Covers • Tonneau Covers • Boats • Convertibles • Trailers • Diggers • Seat Covers • Custom Made Tarpaulins

Specialising in Ag Tractors and Orchard Tractors

On-farm service technicians available 24/7

Glen James welcomes the Crusaders to our region

We c cauli an’t fix th fl we c ower ear eir an fi x you s but r rin g.

32 King Edward St, Motueka

Ph 03 528 9065

90 High Street, Motueka Ph 03 528 1416

New Owners $ Rodger and Liz welcome everyone to the Bedford Bar


New Hours

Glen James jewellers Ph 548 4523 Design Create Indulge

Mon-Thurs 12pm - Late Fri - Sun 11am - Late 149 Main Road Hope

Ph 544 9995


Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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20th Birthday care services to residents and their families, Kensington Court is a true "home away from home". Manager Vanessa says that while the facility has grown in size over the years, the core values at the heart of its day to day running is why it remains such a special community fixture. “Our core values of integrity and respect are solid foundations to the success of Kensington Court. It has such a homely, friendly atmosphere that you notice as soon as you walk through the doors.” There is a total of 70 staff that care for a diverse range of residents at Kensington Court. The large team means they can accommodate for the rest home,

When it comes to care, Kensington Court is second to none. And after 20 years providing quality assisted living, the team and residents are celebrating. You’ll find Kensington Court tucked away off the main road in Stoke. The well established, boutique retirement facility has serviced the community consistently since the doors were first opened in 1994. From small beginnings as an empty paddock in 1992, Kensington Court has flourished into the purpose built rest home, retirement village and hospital facility it is today. Its success was celebrated with a community event over the weekend that was well attended by locals. With a commitment to providing the best possible health-

Proud to support Kensington Court To order the tastiest fish & chips in town call

547 3343

But we are not just Fish & Chips! Consider us for • work functions • rest homes • kids parties • WE ALSO DELIVER! OPEN Mon - Sun • Lunch: 11.30am to 1.30pm • Evening: 4.30pm to 8.00pm


Helping you to manage your health



Available now at Stoke Medical Centre ManageMyHealth™ A secure online health solution which will allow patients to book appointments, view lab results, request prescriptions, received recalls and manage health goals. Ask your doctor, practice nurse or one of our admin team for details.

Phone: 03 547 7488 Proud to support Kensington Court

470 Main Rd Stoke

have a good level of staffing on board. At the same time though we have core staff that have built and continue to foster a great culture within the rest home. A culture like that you can only build with people who are passionate about what they do.” That culture of care was visible to the huge crowd that turned up to wish Kensington Court happy birthday on Saturday, when the team and residents hosted a garden party to honour its 20 years in business. Residents and staff proudly played host to friends, family and community figures who all made a special effort to attend the festivities. The day was spent reminiscing and people key to the success of the rest home and retirement village addressed the crowd. Original developer Brent Ennor spoke of the fond memories he had of the facility’s early days and says he wouldn’t have missed the birthday event for anything in the world. “Kensington Court has always been very special to me. It was just a A great crowd of residents, staff, friends and family of Kensington paddock back in 1992 Court attended a garden party to celebrate the facility's 20th birthday and it’s amazing to see just how it has stood on Saturday. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie. the test of time.” hospital and studio apartments on site He spoke of his delight in recognising many faces in the and the range of needs required from crowd. “Nothing surpasses being able to see staff here today who were with us in the very beginning.” those who live there. “Aged care is a 24 hour industry so we Terry Coleman was a foundation staff member, having been with Kensington Court for 20 years and he says he can’t imagine being anywhere else. “It’s always had a really good reputation. It’s a home away from home.” Mayor Rachel Reese was among those who attended the event and she spoke highly of Kensington Court when she addressed the crowd saying staff were to be commended for not only Proud to support having core values in place, but having them

Kensington Court Life Care

41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137


Lawn BowLs Youth bowls Secondary Schools bowls Club bowls for all ages Coaching clinics New members welcome

For more information Phone Bill Kindley on 544 4449


s r a e y 0

18A Ranui Road Ph: 547 7440

We are proud to be associated with Kensington Court Lifecare and congratulate them on their 20th Birthday.



OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.30am-3.00pm Saturday, Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm

Congratulations to the team at

Kensington Court Lifecare

Southern Hospitality is proud to supply kitchen equipment and supplies

Bidvest Foodservice

Phone 547 5349

Proud to support Kensington Court

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY LTD 12 Paru Paru Street • Nelson Ph: 0800 503 335

Nelson Weekly


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Celebrations visible to all who visit the facility. “This is a special place to live. When you visit here, you get the overwhelming feeling that you are visiting someone in their own home, so well done.” Rachel presented prizes for the best hat to some very pleased faces in the crowd, who had all embraced the garden party theme

with gusto. The crowd was swimming in flower brimmed hats, with some going to a huge effort. Fresh flowers, fake flowers, solar butterflies, peacock feathers and birthday cakes were just some of the creations that won a prize. A special moment that will become a very fond memory of the staff and residents

TUESDAY 4 February 2014


18 McMahon St, Stoke Ph (03) 547 9444

that celebrated was watching the eldest resident, 102 year old George Scott, finalise the celebrations by proudly cutting the cake with Terry Coleman, a foundation staff member. After a great turnout for the celebration of Kensington Court’s 20th birthday, it is easy to see how this facility has stood the test of time. The happiness of the residents is obvious and the

integrity of the staff who care for them is visible throughout. So if you missed out on Kensington Court’s birthday, why not check out what all of the excitement is about and visit them any day of the week. They welcome any enquiries into their apartment / villa living, hospital facility or rest home. Visit them at 18 McMahon St, Stoke, Nelson or phone 03 547 9444.

Your Aged Care Specialists Tailored Maintenance Programmes • Carpets & Rugs • Carpet Stains • Upholstery • Pest Control • Bio Hazards

Yvonne Pope, Pam Schouten and resident Daphne Stevens at the Kensington Court Garden Party on Saturday. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Celebrating 20 years of superior care in our community

“The Ultimate in independence, the Ultimate in care” 18 McMahon Street, Stoke, Nelson 7011 • Ph (03) 547 9444 E:


Victory's Little Day Out is always well supported by the wider Nelson community. It is back, and Victory’s Little Day Out is set to be bigger than ever. The annual festival, now in its fifth year, is being held this weekend and will be a celebration of Nelson’s most vibrant and multicultural community.

v re e

m at t e e n o y er

Friends and family are encouraged to come together this Sunday, February 9, to enjoy amazing entertainment, food, arts and crafts in Victory Square. Growing in popularity each year, the Little Day Out event is put on by the Victory


e Wh Promoting excellence in student achievement and celebrating diversity  Health & Social Services  Homework Centres  5 Bilingual Classes

Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 February 2014

 Intergenerational Learning  After School Care  Welcoming your whole family

For 2014 enrolments Phone 548 4779

Nelson City Council is proud to support Victory’s Little Day Out. Be sure to join us for a fun day!

Your Community Newspaper

Community Association (VCA). The festival is free and designed to be fun for all ages, with live music, activities for the whole family and a chance to get creative with interactive activities. Organisers are expecting a huge turnout and with the forecast set for sun, the bands all booked and plenty of stallholders lined up for the day, Andrea Barker of the VCA says the event will be a big one. “Victory’s Little Day Out is always really well supported by both the Victory community and the wider Nelson community. The event is a showcase of Victory and all of the different people that make it a great place to live.” This year’s festival has a special twist to it – the theme is ‘make some noise’. The idea is to bring along a handmade instrument and help Victory set the world record for Nelson's first amateur Trash percussion ensemble using recycled handmade instruments. This is definitely going to be an attempt to put Victory on the map when it comes to getting creative, so if you’ve wanted to be in a band, or have a hidden rocker in

Simply the best produce at the best price p Free

Delicious range of the freshest fruit and vegetables at the best price.

a easy raking, ccess

Last year's 'Mad Hatter' theme was very popular with the crowd. instrument on the day at the event. “We encourage adults and kids to get involved

Andrew & Maureen

are proud to support Victory’s Little Day Out Come and try their exciting new menu Fish & Chips • Hamburgers And lots more Open 7 days

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm Sat: 8.30am-4pm

117 St Vincent St

the family, then now’s your chance to get involved in the largest junk-style music ensemble. Have a think about what you can make to bring along, or create and decorate an

Mon-Tues 4.30-8pm. Wed-Sun 4.30-8.30pm Ph 548 4519

Ph: 546 6299

making Victory a better place for all Presents the Little Day Out Sunday 9 th February, 1-6pm ● Celebrates the heart of Victory ● Responds to community concerns ● Creates pride in vibrant places ● Restores native ecosystems  Live Music

 Children’s Entertainment

 Food & Stalls

 Interactive Art Project

Contact Trish Walshe (VCA Coordinator) email:

Nelson Weekly


Your Community Newspaper

Sunday 9 th February, 1-6pm Sounds and the Zomi Community Band. Of course the day wouldn’t be the same without showcasing the many different cultures that make up the fabric of Victory. Festival goers will have a chance to sample many different international foods, from Thai, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, along with hot and cold drinks, ice-cream and much more. As well as a great range of food stalls, there will be a marketplace too, with the talents of local crafts people up for grabs. If you are interested in holding a stall at Victory’s Little Day Out, there is still time to book a site. Contact Andrea at xit972@ to find out more information. It wouldn’t be a family event without heaps of fun stuff organised for the kids, so there will be plenty of entertainment around for the little ones. With a bouncy castle, mini amusements and loads of fun activities to get stuck into, the whole family will enjoy Victory’s Little Day Out. While the event is a great opportunity for Victory to come together and celebrate, the gates are wide open to the rest of Nelson This year’s festival has a special twist to it – the theme is ‘make some noise’. Help set the world record for Nelson’s first amateur Trash percussion ensemble using recycled instruments.

TUESDAY 4 February 2014


Music Art Food

in making some noise and help us break the sound barrier at Victory’s Little Day Out this year,” says Andrea. Each year the entertainment at Little Day Out is a huge draw card and the line-up for this weekend is looking awesome. The acts are all local performers and will provide funky sounds throughout the day. They include Dayna Sanerivi, Crystal Set, the Tava Sisters, D.O.T, Smooth Cone

There is plenty of entertainment lined up for kids young and old at this year’s Victory’s Little Day Out. to check out what makes Victory special. “Everyone from the wider Nelson area is welcome to attend. Come and find out why Victory is so unique and help us celebrate our community.” There is something for everybody down at Victory’s Little Day Out, the event put on with the support of many generous local businesses. As you enter, make sure you check out the VCA area, as the association is the voice of residents living in Victory.

Stop by and have a chat to find out what else is happening in this vibrant neighbourhood. Victory’s Little Day Out will kick off at 1pm until 6pm. Entry for the day is free and people of all ages are welcome.

Cnr St Vincent St & Washington Valley Proud to support Victory’s Little Day out Liquorland Nelson

31 Vanguard Street

t. 548 3052

Nelson’s most popular After School programmes for 5-13 year olds. Central . Victory . Nayland . Brightwater

Values based. Fun activities. Fantastic staff. Homework time. Games and Sports. Healthy food.

Check us out at The term has started! Don’t delay – enrol today! Ph 545 6636 E:


Make your car more efficient  Vehicle Servicing  Brakes  Mufflers  Shocks  WOF ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED • Collect FLY BUYS Points • While You Wait Service • 2 year Warranty on Labour • N.Z Wide Warranty • Free Quotations • All Major Credit Cards / Q Cards & Eftpos 60 St Vincent St, Nelson • Ph: 03 539 4152



027 222 4598


Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 February 2014

s ’ d n o m h c i R ! e b o t place

Your Community Newspaper

Club Waimea 345 Lower Queen St Richmond Ph 543 9179

Corporate affair, a casual work do or a wedding, Club Waimea has it all.

Visit the Club that’s here to stay

Where can you find us? Located behind Lower Queen St’s Medical Centre opposite the Racecourse Richmond

Bar Hours:

Daily from 11am to late

How much does it cost? Single $22.50 Double $40.00

Club Waimea is where it is all happening and it’s business as usual in 2014 with a year full of great events lined up, fantastic groups and entertainment on offer and fun to be had. Club Waimea is the place to be. As home to a friendly atmosphere and a huge variety of activities, with so many different sports groups and social clubs available, it is the perfect option for your next event. Whether you are team building, bonding, celebrating or want to host a regular get together for your friends, family or workplace, Club Waimea has it all.

Proud to be Richmond’s leading supplier of hospitality, Club Waimea is excited to offer the use of top quality facilities to the public for hire. With a well priced bar, regular entertainment, a gaming room, caravan park, functions hall with full kitchen and bar facilities, numerous rooms for events, a restaurant, TAB and more, the options when it comes to catering to a crowd are endless. Whether you are organising a corporate affair, a casual work do or a wedding, Club Waimea lends itself to any occasion, for as few as two people to a 400 strong crowd.

If it’s casual, fun team building activities you require than look no further than Club Waimea. Their strong and active membership means they can offer a huge variety of sports and social groups to visitors with a timetable planned to suit. Bring in your new team for a day of activities ranging from cards, to darts, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, pool, or snooker, or for more action why not try squash, or a bit of line dancing? Meet up for morning tea, break into smaller groups, rotate activities and then rendezvous for lunch, or simply plan your day to suit your needs.

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Club Waimea 345 Lower Queen St Richmond Ph 543 9179

TUESDAY 4 February 2014

s ’ d n o m h c i R ! e b o t place

Club Waimea’s dedicated team: Club Manager John Hewison, Bar Manager Kate Thomson, Executive Chef Brent Walker, President Jan Phipps and Administration Officer Denise Harris. Plenty of local organisations, teams and clubs choose to have their meetings and events at Club Waimea including Mah Jong, Tennis NZ Seniors, Idea Services ball, the Nelson Bays harmony Chorus, Girls Expo, Nelson Motorcycle Club and many more. With a variety of rooms and facilities to choose from, hosting a wedding or other special event is made easy at Club Waimea. They are able to offer their 400 people capacity

hall for any event. Adaptable to suit your individual needs, hire comes with a fully equipped bar, stage, dressing rooms, a sound system including a microphone, ample off street parking, separate access to the hall and a catering team if needed. Two on site meeting rooms are able to comfortably seat up to 60 people or more. These venues are ideal for small training sessions, sporting meetings, club meetings and business meetings. Ameni-

ties that come with the hire of the meeting room include comfortable tables and chairs, air-conditioning / heating, a separate entrance, whiteboard, screen for power point presentations and a catering team by arrangement. If you’re after a more casual get together, why not check out the Club Waimea Bar or the Barnicoat Bistro. Meet up with co-workers, friends or family, the bar is open from 11am onwards each day and Barnicoat Bistro is now open from Thursday to Sunday from 12 noon onwards. A brand new

chef is taking the kitchen by storm and with an extensive menu on offer; your group won’t be disappointed. For a warm and friendly place to host your next event or work function, head down to Club Waimea, the hospitality and entertainment centre at the lower end of Queen St. Want to join the Club? New members that sign up before June 30 will receive a special discount. Single membership just $22.50, couples just $40. The membership year runs from June 1 through to May 30.

Phone 03 543 9179



TUESDAY 4 February 2014

Valentines Day

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Simple, stylish flowers beautifully created for your Valentine.

fantastic views, romantic setting, great food and service, special valentines day platters.

14 February

197 Hardy St Nelson, Ph 546 8978

Book early!

341 Wakefield Quay, Stepneyville, Nelson P: 546 6685 | E:


Handcrafted new Zealand candles

Indulge your loved one on Valentines Day

We don’t talk fitness at Dynamite Pole We talk Pole Dancing Fitness is just what happens We will have you spinning, dancing and upside down while burning lots of calories.

... Oooh ... Aaah

18a Vanguard St, Ph 545 9997

night under the stars c i t n a m o r A

NELSON OPERA JAMES MORRISON • PENE PATI AMINA EDRIS • TAMA WAIPARA ORCHESTRA WELLINGTON GATES OPEN: 5:30pm • PRICE: Adults $15, child (5-15) $5, child under 5 free, booking fees apply • Tickets: or phone 0800 327 484 or from Nelson City Council Customer Service Centre, 110 Trafalgar Street or Nelson iSITE, 77 Trafalgar Street



Dress ups Stockings Shoes Novelty items City Centre Arcade, 219 Trafalgar St. Ph: 546 7561


the fi me rst c nti las on s if thi yo sa u d

You will find it hard to believe you are working out as you will be having so much fun. Casual classes and courses available Beginner, intermediate or advanced Hens parties, girls night out, birthday & office parties

For class timetables & descriptions

Phone Trina 021 133 7465 Dynamitepolestudio/

Spice up your love life

There are ways of adding zing and zest to your sex life!

Make an appointment to discuss issues in the boudoir with Courtney

Sex herapy Nelson Ph Dr. Courtney Clyne

027 215 9789

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Each week photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly in the hope that more can be found out about them. Right: Cutler man and woman in Salvation Army uniform. Tyree Studio Collection:36963. Below: Litchfield & Son, General Store. Tyree Studio Collection: 37327. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details to the museum at:

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

MARKET DAY: Lisa Antonelli and Angela Cheruseo strolling through the Trafalgar St market day held on Saturday. The annual event shuts down the main street to traffic in favour of shoppers and stallholders. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

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GENERATIONS OF NELSON Brought to you by Marsden House

HORSE RACES IN NELSON The first magistrate, H.A. Thompson, stepped ashore from the Brougham in 1842 with a valuable thoroughbred brood mare. Within a year the town witnessed its first hurdle race,

1 February 1843. Four starters ran a course round the cathedral and through a flax swamp on Rutherford St. The favourite, George Duppa’s “Hairtrigger”, won by a length from Captain Wakefield’s “Sly Boots”.

Generations of Nelson presents Snippets of History Nelson ’s rich histor in this y of cha third racter volum heartb s, con e of sto rea flicts and cele ries fea situatio k and triu mph. turing bration ns and These discov s is det in som Wheth stories ery and ailed er you e cases are abo sur viv are pic the tru from ut rea king this th rea cover l people al, lly is to cov up for in rea strange er, enj just a l oy Sni r than qui ppe fiction into the ts of His ck read, or . are Nelson tor y as that onc a small reading e was. glimpse















Volumes 1-3, $15 per booklet or the full set for just $40. Purchase from Marsden House or The Radio Network.

arsdenh .nz



This wind

ow was designed and build and crafte ing Richa d by JE rd (Dick (Jackie) ) Jones MacD . Dona onald ted by (Artist), the Day Assistant Family, Craftsman Marsden Francis House Trust. H Day. Dedicated Framing, installing on 25th August 2007.

41 Nile St, Nelson • Phone: 548 2770 •

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12.50 90





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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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Nelson & Richmond Contact Matthew Ludemann for a

Free measure and quote Retrofit (double glazing) Splash backs Broken windows Marine glass

Smart glass solutions

Showers Balustrades Mirrors Cat/dog doors

Ph 544 8189

34 St Vincent Street, Nelson (opposite Countdown) 14 Gladstone Road, Richmond

Home Improvement Ideas & Products Custom Made For Your Home Wardrobe doors Showers Secondary glazing Security doors

Ph 544 8189

Blinds Roller grills/shutters Interior doors Balustrades

34 St Vincent Street, Nelson 14 Gladstone Road, Richmond

AUTO GLASS The Windscreen Repair Experts Windscreen replacements

Stone chips repaired

544 8189 (0800 103 535)

34 St Vincent Street, Nelson (opposite Countdown) Ph: 545 8430 14 Gladstone Road, Richmond /

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rUnning: Nelson Event’s trail run series around theTop of the South Island certainly aren’t waning in popularity as they continue to reach capacity. April’s Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake already has over 300 registered leaving less than 40 places available for the 25km circuit of Lake Rotoiti . Full details on .

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Nayland College will drop back into the local under-18 rugby competition, ending a forgettable three year stint in the Press Cup that saw the first XV win just won game. With the likes of Mitchell Drummond starting at Nayland and then leaving for Nelson College, it was always hoped elevation into the Press Cup would allow the school to retain its best players by giving them the same opportunities as Nelson and Waimea College. But following the remarkable 17-15 win over Waimea in 2011, Nayland never won again. Their losses had become more respectable in 2013, with close results, including an agonizing 15-10 defeat by Burnisde High School. But insufficient player numbers resulted

he says. “But it’s a sustainability thing. You need to have the players coming through and the depth.” Kahu believed the cost of having a first XV in the Press Cup, where they were travelling out of town nearly every second week, would be near $60,000 – a huge expensive for a struggling team. “You’re looking at bus trips, accommodation, and food. It’s not cheap. When you’re looking at $60,000$70,000, and a lot of it is self funded, it’s a lot of money to play Press Cup.” It is unsure whether another team will replace Nayland in the 2014 Press Cup.


TAHUNANUI Have you got what it takes to play in our Lawn Bowls Social Summer League? Get a couple of mates to play each Thursday at 6.30pm for 5 weeks, beginning 13 February.

Bowls Tahunanui, Main Rd, Tahunanui To register your team of three contact Peter: 545 1768 or Heather: 546 6444 Email:

Last year’s Nayland College captain Kendall Hodson performs the haka before a Press Cup game. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Weekly Puzzles

Across 1 Small wave (6) 4 Huge (8) 9 Military insurrection (6) 10 Flower of remembrance (8) 12 Candidly (8) 13 Missing (6) 15 Limited period (4) 16 Shabby (4-2-4) 19 Excited (2,2,3,3) 20 Pace (4)

in two defaults and the school finished the season with just one competition point next to their name. Nayland principal Rex Smith says the decision to withdraw from the competition was made last year. “We felt like we were struggling to compete at that level and we felt like we didn’t have the depth of players that you need to have a successful campaign,” he says. Tasman Rugby Union development officer Kahu Marfell says it was disappointing that Nayland’s Press Cup spell hadn’t been a successful one. “They climbed into it and last year I thought they improved throughout the competition. Once they got into the bottom section, they were competitive,”

Across contd. 23 Badge (6) 25 Defend (8) 27 Trustworthy (8) 28 Happen to (6) 29 Sharp-sighted (8) 30 A stalk vegetable (6) Down 1 Growing unchecked (7) 2 Miscellaneous collection (9) 3 To tarry (6) 5 Sacred image (4) 6 Bitterness of manner (8) 7 Vestige (5) 8 Fine glass (7) 11 Covering entire surface (3-4) 14 As soon as seen (2,5) 17 Disentangle (9) 18 Cheapest liner accommodation (8) 19 Dig up (7) 21 A fine (7) 22 To hamper (6) 24 Inferior to (5) 26 Otherwise (4) Answers next week

Puzzle 1791 1


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13 14




18 19



22 23


25 26





Puzzle 1790

FooTbAll: The New Zealand King Salmon Nelson Falcons’ strong start to the ASB youth league season continued on Sunday with a 3-1 away win over Manawatu. The Falcons were the first to score but allowed the home side to even the scores before half time. Second half goals to Fox Slotemaker and Omar Guardiola were enough to keep the Falcons at the top of the Southern Conference and remain unbeaten.

Nayland College out of Press Cup rugby comp

Sudoku 234

cYcling: The annual Lakes to Sea bike ride will be held on Waitangi Day this Thursday. The 80 kilometre road ride from Lake Rotoiti to Rabbit Island starts at Lake Rotoiti near St Arnaud in four waves between 9am and 10am with social riders starting at 9am, E grade at 9.15am, D grade at 9.30am, C at 9.40am, B at 9.50am and A at 10am. Sign on from 8.15am. Prizegiving at Rabbit Island from 2pm. Entry on the day costs $20 for Tasman Wheelers members and $30 for non-members.


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TUESDAY 4 February 2014








TUESDAY 4 February 2014

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Fishing with

Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club Rabbit Island is due to go off very the big schools of kahawai. Big soon with snapper. They will come kings are in good numbers so you in close and keen kayakers will only shouldn’t have much trouble hookneed to paddle out to 20/30 feet!! A ing them; you just need to stop tip for catching these smaller fish is them. Bit of a hint is run a mixture to make sure that you use flasher of diving lures like the Rapala Xrigs with recurved hooks about 3/0 Rap 30 / Magnum CD18 with tuna in size and use either small cubed skirts in between. Big Dive and Blue pilchards or squid as bait. By us- have a great selection of all types of ing the recurved hooks the fish will lures and skirts. generally hook themselves, leav- Albacore tuna are in the bay and ing the easy job of winding them here are some hints on how to go to the surface. Out deep the odd big fish is being caught on setlines but they too will come back on the bite after the spawn. Rig are also in abundance and can be caught the same way. There are a lot of Dan Fisher with an awesome speared Kingie. small ones but also there are some that are up to a about catching them. It’s all about metre in length. They seem to pre- water colour; look for the clean fer pillies but will also take squid. dark blue/purple looking water. Once caught take off the fins and Temperature should be above 18.5 head and gut them to be sure the degrees. Look for birds on the surammonia doesn’t leach into the face and bait fish on the sounder. If flesh. you see a log in the water make sure Kenepuru has fished well at times you tow near it as Albacore love this season but from now on hiding under logs. Water depth will should start to get better. The key be over 35 metres, good luck. to successful fishing in this area is The Dawnbreakers Fishing Club patience. Early morning or even- have guest speakers every month ing on an incoming tide with a at our social nights and comments solid berley trail will increase your from very experienced fisherchances. Usually it takes about 2 men within in the club are that hours from low tide for the current they always learn something new to really start to push and disperse from these speakers. As an old adthe berley before the snapper will age goes, 10 per cent of fishermen come on the bite. Straylining is the catch 90 per cent of the fish and best way with at least one rod cast that comes down to the subtle little far back into the berley trail for that tricks they have learned over many big shy snapper. years of fishing. Kingfish are still about so get those The good thing is that these people lures out and start working the are more than willing to share this Boulder Bank. Big schools of rat information with club members on kingies are about also in the deeper any type of fishing to help you imwater and are usually lurking with prove your catch rate.

Motorbikes - Outboards - Power Equipment


Wakefield man Avon Compton's car flips at the Motueka Airport on Saturday, during the NDRA southern drag racing nationals. Photo: Chris Symes/Shuttersport.

Drag racer flips at 200km/h Ben Irwin of NZ Herald

A man who crashed his drag racer at 200km/h – flipping at least four times – says he’s “sweet”, despite bending the steel steering-wheel column with his chest on impact. Avon Compton was resting at his Nelson home yesterday after crashing his “one-off ” drag racer during the NDRA southern drag racing nationals at Motueka Airport on Saturday. The 56-year-old digger driver was doing a “by-run” at the time, which meant he was alone on the track and not actually racing. “Because I had a by-run, I could really wind the boost up and sit on the start line and really give it death,” Compton says. “It was really going well, [I was doing] massive burn-outs -

probably the best ones I’ve ever done - so we knew the car had a lot of power in it,” he said. “So we took off, right up in the rev-range, whacked it into second and it just started drifting slightly towards the grass.” Compton suspects that one of the tyres may have swollen in the sun, causing the car to peel off to the right. He tried to pull back but by then it was too late. The front of the car dug into the grass verge, flipping “at least three or four times” – the dust cloud was so big it was impossible to tell how many times it actually flipped over. “I went over the first time and that was quite gentle, then halfway through the second one I probably blacked out.” Compton’s chest hit the steering wheel on impact, causing the

half-inch steel steering rod to bend out of place. “[It hurt] a little bit, but I’m a tough character.” His only other injuries were heavy bruising from the seatbelt, a banged-up knee and a sore head from hitting the roll bar when the car flipped. Compton was thankful for the car’s safety features. “The car stood up really well. The roll cage did what it was supposed to do.” The “one-off ” car - which he said had cost about $50,000 to build - was written off. A 12-year veteran of the sport, Compton said the crash would most likely mark the end of his racing career. But the rollover wasn’t his biggest crash. As a youngster, he was in hospital for six months after the car he was in crashed into a power pole.

  

Over 100 years of qualified experience with the best diagnostic equipment on and off farm. We stock a wide range of parts and accessories for all makes and models. MORLEY MOTORCYCLE & MARINE 25 Elms St, Stoke, Nelson Ph 544 8703

     

 2014*       

     

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Cricket World Cup could ‘ruin’ athletics season

TUESDAY 4 February 2014


Mountain bike cup draws Top Guns

The aptly named Top Gun drew some of the country’s best mountainbikers to Nelson over the long weekend, and it was the biggest name of the lot that stole the show during the cross country. Anton Cooper, a former junior world champion, was the only elite men’s rider to go under the 1 hour 40 minute mark, with his time of 1h 37m 08sec winning by some margin. Nelson’s Ingrid Richter finished second in the women’s race with a time of 1h 40m 48sec, behind Queenstown’s Kate Fluker. The Top Gun competition, run by Nelson Mountain Biking Club, partnered up with the NZ Mountain Bike Cup as round two of the series. The event was designed to showcase the country’s top riders and the format allowed for downhill and cross country entrants to shine in their specialist discipline, before joining together for the combined Super D race which would decide who takes away the crown. The competition was held over three days, starting with the downhill at Kaka Hill. Nelson’s Kieran Bennett, representing Christchurch, took out the elite men’s race in 3 minutes and 1 second. Reuben Olorenshaw was the next best Nelson rider, finishing in fourth place with a time of 3 minutes and 3 seconds. Nelson pair Olivia Johnston and Amanda Pearce rounded out the elite women’s race in Reuben Olorenshaw compthird and fourth respectively. The Super D race was held yesterday, for results etes in the Top Gun event on visit Friday. Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shuttersport.

Next year’s track and field season on February 19, and Bangladesh could be “ruined” if Athletics versus qualifier three on March 5. Nelson is not able to use Saxton NCC communications manager Oval during the Cricket World Angela Ricker says they have made Cup. contact with Athletic Nelson, A requirement of the Cricket advised them on the situation and World Cup contract with Nelson signalled a willingness to work City Council gives them exclusive together positively to help find use of the cricket oval, athletics alternative options. “The decision track, pavilion and the infield of is final as part of the commitment the track from 21 days prior to to host CWC matches. Any possible the first match and ten days after the Richmond Athletic’s last one – which has Jason Stack at left Athletics Nelson Saxton Field. Photo: wondering whether Phillip Rollo. they will be locked out from January 26 until March 15 – the peak of the athletics season. Running coach Greg Launtenslager, who acknowledges the importance of the Cricket World Cup to Nelson, alternative venues for athletics are hopes some sort of compromise yet to be decided,” she says. can be made on days outside of It’s unsure whether moving the three matches. “There’s no athletics competitions back to a doubt about it, the World Cup will grass field is a realistic option, even be a great thing for Nelson and though Trafalgar Park was used it’s wonderful that’s it here but we prior to the construction of Saxton have one track in town and if you Oval. “The average public can jog take that away during the heart of around but doing sprint work, the our season you’re basically ruining throwers, the jumpers, they need the sport,” he says. “Without the to the track. The biggest hit will be track you don’t have the sport so a the meets, if we don’t have them we compromise needs to be made.” don’t have a season.” Saxton Oval was last year granted The athletics season generally three ICC Cricket World Cup runs from October until March, games for 2015, including West with athletes peaking for the Indies versus Ireland on February New Zealand Track and Field 16, Zimbabwe versus qualifier four Championship at the end of March.

100 locally



owned and operated

The Studio for Dancers Devoted to the development of young talent Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Classical Ballet

Classes resume Tuesday 4th February CLASSES HELD IN NELSON, RICHMOND & MOTUEKA Beginners to Advanced

Nelson Weekly

For further information contact Trudy NZAMD Examiner, Adv Dip (Hons)


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Ph: 547-5636

Tasman Bay Sportfishing Guide Nelson Tides

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Set 0:12 Rise 14:35

Set 0:51 Rise 15:32

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Light W strengthening

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Light E strengthening

Moderate SE dying out

Light E turning SE


W 1.1 m increasing to 1.7 m

W 1.7 m turning E

E 2.2 m decreasing to 1.5 m

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NW 1.3 m

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ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS: A fun & practical ten week course in the basics of Italian pronunciation & communication, with a dash of culture & music. Wednesdays 7-8pm, Club Italia, 9 Trafalgar St. Next session begins 12 Feb. Bookings required. For enrolments or more info please phone Joe Rifici 545-6046. RELAXERCISE: Fun fitness with elements of Zumba, Bollywood & Yoga followed by guided relaxation. So stop putting off exercise & make 2014 your time to shine. Mon, Fairfield House 6pm & Fri, Old St John's 9.15am - 1hr $7. Please call or txt Caron 021 1457 162 NELSON SAVAGE CLUB "Summer Social" variety night (open mic), Wed 12 Feb, Stoke Primary School Hall 7.30pm. $2. Supper & raffles. Anne 547-2660. "FURIES AND MUSES" A weekend workshop to explore emotional healing in a fun & creative way. Led by Bonni Ross, an inspirational teacher. Feb 7-9. Ramona (03) 545-2559 SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL of Nelson is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Sat 5 April. Current & former Soroptimists are invited to attend. For info or to register your interest contact Brenda on 538 0334. GOOD FOR LIFE is presenting a free info evening on Lifelong Health & Wellness. Tues 11 Feb, 7pm Fellworth House (193 Milton St). Join us & learn how to make permanent health & wellness a genuine part of your life. Register - All welcome! ASTRONOMY LECTURE Barry Korcheski on ‘Magnetars-research & discoveries’. Cawthron meeting room, Milton St, 7.30pm, Thurs 13 Feb. All welcome. A LASTING LEGACY TO YOUR LOVE! Treat your Valentine to a gift with a difference. Sponsor a fence post from $100, declare your long-term love on your fence post plaque & “Get Behind the Fence!” at the same time! / 03 546 2422. FIBRE SPECTRUM: 280 Trafalgar St. Ph 548 1939, - February exhibition -"The Eye of the Storm" - a selection of paintings & 3-Dimentional works by local artist Kaye Bel-Cher . SAVE ThE ChILDREN Gift shop is relocating to a larger shop at 56A Buxton Square, near the back entrance to Postie Plus, opening at 9.30am, Wed 5 Feb. Present & new customers very welcome. FOREST & BIRD: Wed 12 Feb. Ornithologist Rob Schuckard will talk on 'Shorebirds of the Top of the South Island: numbers and trends'. Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai St. 7.30pm IF YOU hAVE COMMON SENSE, Life Experience, & enjoy Detective Work, Citizens Advice Nelson Tasman needs you. 2014 Training starts end of Feb. Contact CAB for info. Applications close 7 February. NELSON BAYS hARMONY has vacancies for women to sing the low (bass) or high (tenor) part of 4-part a cappella harmony music, in a choir of 50 members. Rehearsals Thurs 7pm. Jenny 547 4354 or www. Be a part of it all! INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION: Training in Happiness. 21 Feb, 7pm, Croquet Club (cnr Halifax & Haven). Meditation advice for finding peace & happiness in daily life. All welcome. NELSON hISTORICAL SOCIETY meets Mon 10 Feb, 7.30pm. Masonic Hall Nile St East. Speakers: Graeme McConnell & Richard Waugh (The Story of Nelson Aviation). All Welcome $2 door. Ph. 545 0498 hOW TO MEDITATE Half-Day Course 22 Feb, 10am, Jaycee Room, Founders Park. Calm your mind, reduce your stress. Develop a positive approach to life. Everyone welcome. Details: STOKE SENIORS: Weds 5th: The fabulous pianist Frank Meria entertains, Tues 11th: Gail Collingwood from Positive Ageing will give a talk. Most weekly concerts/events start @ 1.30pm - admission $3 (unless otherwise stated). Includes entertainment & Afternoon Tea. VENUE: Stoke Seniors Hall, 548 Main Rd, Stoke. PH: 547-2660 email: SAVE ThE DATE! Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Open Day Sun 16 March. Bug-man Ruud Klienpaste, themed guided walks, wildlife encounters, music, activities for children, delicious food and coffee available, fun for the whole family! ThE MELROSE SOCIETY needs your unwanted

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014

treasure for their annual Heritage Week sale during April. All proceeds used for restoration/maintenance of historic Melrose House, Brougham St. Items may be left at the cafe - open daily 9am-5pm. Ph. 548 7269 LIVING ALONE AFTERNOON TEA: Nelson Cathedral, Mon 10 Feb @ 2pm. Contact Jane 547 9977 REMINDER Nelson Modellers will run trains at their Tahunanui track (by the pond) on both Nelson Anniversary & Waitangi Days from 1-4pm. weather permitting. Contact 544 5872 WRITERS AT LUNChTIME: Everyone interested in writing is welcome on Wed 5 Feb, 11.30am-1.30pm, The Prince Albert Hotel, 113 Nile St. Something different: “open mic” session for reciting, reading, reviewing or reflecting on any aspect of writing. Up to 2 minutes per person. Admission free. Contact Chrissie-546 9818. REGULAR EVENTS VICTORY COMMUNITY CENTRE : Ph 546 8389. Hand Craft: Share crafts that Nanas know, knitting, crochet, stitching. Bring lunch, share projects Weds until 16 April, 12.30-2.45pm, Pomeroys coffee $2 Donation. Sit & Be Fit: Have fun exercise sitting down, burn calories, tone muscles, keep your heart healthy. Tues 10-10.45am, 13 Feb-17 April, $2.50 per session, 16+yrs. Housie at Victory: Fun with members of your community. Prizes, refreshments & transport available. Weds 2-4pm, 5 & 19 Feb, 5 & 19 Mar, 2 & 16 April $2. Zumba: Exciting Latin Rhythms, easy to follow moves to create a fun fitness class for all levels Weds 7-8pm, 29 Jan - 16 April, $5 per class, 16+ yrs. Laughter Yoga: The body’s natural antidote to stress. Simple powerful exercise, with yogic breathing. Bring yoga mat or towel. Weds 5.30-6.30pm, starts 5th Feb, $2. Victorious Chess: Supportive for all levels. All ages, Under 8’s with caregiver - bring chest set if you have one. Mon 10th Feb to 14th April, 3.45-5pm, $1 pp. Qi Gong: Aligning breath, movement-healing & meditation. Relax your entire body, relieve stress & pain. Thurs 13 Feb-17 April, 9.30–10.30am $3 per session. ART ON hALIFAX: Sunday Arts market in the beautiful surroundings of the Refinery Artspace sculpture garden:10am till 2pm, 3 Halifax Street. TAhUNANUI WOMEN'S INSTITUTE: Meet 1st Thurs @ 1.45pm sharp. Stoke Retirement Village, 188 Songer St. New members welcome. Ph Colleen 548 7902 UKULELE WORKShOPS with Paul Clayton. Intermediate/advanced level. Sundays 10am New members welcome. Ph: 548 4142 FREE A/hRS NURSING CLINIC. Tues 5.30-8pm for checks, assessments, info, blood pressure, minor illness, to access other services etc. Ph 546 8385, Victory Health Centre, Totara St. PIONEER CIRCUITS: Men, women, fit or beginner. Weekday mornings, Pioneer Park. Stu 022 642 4494. SOCIAL TABLE TENNIS: Saxton stadium Weds 7-9pm on now! Mon & Fri 9am-noon ALL WELCOME. For details ph karen 5473005 PROBUS CLUB of Nelson City welcomes men & women as new members. Meetings held on 2nd Thurs each month, 9.45am, Nelson Suburban Club. For more information phone Deirdre 547 4146. NELSON PhILATELIC SOCIETY: The club for stamp collectors. Monthly meetings at Stoke School on 2nd Tues, 7:30pm. Next meeting 11 Feb. www. DIVORCED? SEPARATED? Find Help, Discover Hope, Experience Healing. Divorce Care. 13 week DVD Course. Starts Mon 24 Feb. Victory Anglican Church, 240 Vanguard St. 7:30-9:30pm. $5 per week includes workbook and refreshments. Email or Cell/text 0274193035 and we will ring you back on a landline. SPEAK WITh CONFIDENCE: Come along to POWERtalk Waimea to learn and practice in a friendly, relaxed environment. Meet twice monthly in Annesbrook on Wednesdays, 7-9 pm. Please Ph: Linda, 5447823 or Yvonne, 5446350. www.powertalknelson1.

ARE YOU BREASTFEEDING? Looking for support? Contact us, Mum4Mum for mom to mom breastfeeding support, guidance & advice. 021 277 2098 or visit our FB Page. ATAWhAI PLAYCENTRE, 655 Atawhai Dr., Ph. 545 0828. We offer involvement in your child's learning, friendship, time for yourself, fun, free parent education, management and leadership opportunities. STOKE PLAYCENTRE, 4 Ranui Rd, ph. 5477299. We offer involvement in your child's learning, friendship, time for yourself, fun, free parent education, management and leadership opportunities. ATTN PARENTS/CAREGIVERS! The Ecomoon Collective parent room is a large space you can change, feed and relax FREE of charge in Nelson. 120 Bridge St. Waimarama Community Gardens welcome volunteers Mon & Wed mornings 9am - noon and Saturdays from 3 pm. Learn a bit, meet new friends and enjoy the gardens. Tantragee Rd, The Brook. NORDIC WALKING subsidized by the Parkinson's and MS Society Weds 9:45am & Fri 9:15am only $5 includes pole rental - open to anyone! contact Cher on 021872460 for more details "CRISIS PREGNANCY SUPPORT. An unexpected pregnancy can be a scary time but there are people who can help. Crisis Pregnancy Support offers a free, confidential service to help you discover the support there is available to enable you to continue with your pregnancy. Call St Luke’s Health centre on 0800004277 or visit " NELSON CITY LUNChEON CLUB: Meets on 2nd & 4th Mon, Masonic Hall, Nile St for a meal & an invited speaker. Peter 546 8776 or ZEN MEDITATION: Every weekday morning 6:257:30am at our central city zendo. Also Mon evenings, 7:30-8:35pm. Instruction given to beginners, Mon evenings. Authentic training in the Mountains & Rivers Order. Contact Gwitha or Nick, Ph 548 9969 TENNIS DOUBLES: Sat, 1pm onwards, all levels catered for, Tahuna Tennis Club, Tahuna Drive. Contact Mike 547 6562. FRIENDS OF ThE QUEENS GARDENS help keep the Gardens looking their best. We meet weekly to rake & groom. Ellen 546 6533. SOCIAL INDOOR BOWLS: Trafalgar St Hall (opp Trailways) Weds 1.15pm, Fri 1.45pm. No experience necessary. Come check us out. Lea 548 0668. STOKE BOWLING CLUB: Ph 547 7440, 18a Ranui Rd. (behind Stoke School) Mufti bowls every Fri. Names in by 12.45pm GREENhILL COMMUNITY ORChESTRA rehearses Tues 6-7.30pm, Brass Band Room, just off Trafalgar St. Starts mid Feb. New members, Grade 3 & above welcome. Ph 927 6237 or see PREGNANCY YOGA: Evening course with Nelson Parents Centre & Jenny Ward. 6 week course begins Tues 25 Feb. Cost $42 members / $54 non-members. To book, email SIT & BE FIT Victory Community Centre Tues & Victory Community Church (238 Upper Vanguard St) Thurs @10 am. Fun while you get fitter, work at your level. For info Shirley 547 1433 or 021 121 8023 STOKE SIT & BE FIT: For men & women. Newcomers welcome Tues 10am, Indoor Bowls stadium Songer St. opp Neale Ave. Contact 5464670/ 0276221878. SIT & BE FIT Starts term one @ Victory Community Anglican Church, Thurs 10am, 13 Feb. For info contact Shirley, 547 1433 or 021 121 8023 STOKE SENIORS SIT & BE FIT: Tues & Weds @ 11.05am. Great music & fun while you get fitter. Shirley 547 1433, 021 121 8023 or Stoke Seniors 547 2660 SPACE welcomes babies aged 0-12 months to join our programmes in the Nelson region. SPACE is for first time parents & their babies-weekly sessions include opportunities to meet other parents, discussions on child development & parenting, music & activities. Contact Marie Lenihan 03 545 2017 or MONEY EDUCATION: Free, fun, informative talks available to groups. Learn some tricks and tips. Money topic and duration is flexible. Call Lisa - Nelson Budget Service Ph. 5469021 to book for your group.

Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst.


Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

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Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm We are located at:

PHONE (03) 548 7815

(no access off Waimea or Ridgeway) New Life Churches of New Zealand. Global Legacy Partner.

Contact: (03) 547 - 6056

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TUESDAY 4 February 2014




FUrniTUrE rEmovAl

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CheCk out our new menu eaCh week on faCebook 70 Achilles Ave, Whakatu Sq Ph 548 4768

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Clothing AlterAtions



Life Style Business


40 years in the trade is your guarantee. Call 548 8916 or visit 98 Cambria St, Nelson

We’re looking for someone to join our hugely successful and market leading community newspaper group. The role is for 40 hours a week and will include some weekend work.

mUrCHiSon mArkET

Greenacres Golf Catering Services Suit retired couple, two ladies etc. Thirty hours per week approx. No investment required. Club supplies plant, equipment. Cafe style food. An opportunity to be part of our team. Relaxed and fun enviroment. Phone Derek evenings 544 6676 to arrange interview

For SAlE


Air tickets Nelson to Wellington 26th Feb,Wellington to Nelson 28th Feb $120.00 Nelson to Wellington 22nd Feb $50.00. Ph: 0277663192

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It will ideally suit someone who wants to get into journalism or writing and who is willing to work hard and be part of a fantastic team. The role will be based out of our two offices in Richmond and Nelson and the successful applicant will need a drivers licence. No experience necessary, training will be provided. Please email your CV to

Waimea Weekly Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Your Community Newspaper

Passing through Murchison? Murchison Stables Market. Starts Labour Monday 28 Oct, 9-2. Every other Sunday through the remaining season. Regional Art, produce, craft jewellery, preserves and more. Stall holders contact Monika to book on 03 523 9895. Stop in to see us!

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Parkes Anna and Coel would like to announce the arrival of their baby boy! Reeve Roy Kim on the 14th of December 2013 with so much love.

We go into every home and it’s


Or email us your memorial notice by Friday to get it in the following week’s edition.

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Rooftop Cafe

Domestic and Commercial Wiring Maintenance and Repairs Registered Electrician

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328

Stormy’S man Cave

How to contact us news

Andrew Board Sinead ogilvie

Advertising Sales

Sarah Board (Delaney) michael Sunderland

Design / prepress

Dot wynne

missed Deliveries 548 7433

level 1, Trafalgar house, Cnr of Selwyn pl & Trafalgar Sq po Box 1503, nelson. Fax 03 548 4947

Proud to be locally owned and operated

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Lost a loved one?


Nelson Weekly

Trades & Services

FUrniTUrE Furniture�

Hands On Computer Training with

Vivianne Mail T: 03 989 5200 C: 021 050 6193 Phoenix Arcade, 16 Bridge Street, Nelson


Tree Topping / Removal

Hedge & Shrub Trimming Nelson’s home of Nelson’s home of� Landscaping Work custom-made furniture and joinery� custom-made � Commercial� � Tables� Lawn Mowing / Weed Spraying furniture &� joinery. Bookcases� � Desks� � Bedside tables� � Wardrobes� Rental Tidy-ups � Beds & bunk beds� � Laundry units� � Entertainment units� � Kitchens� Free quotes, quality Pre Sale Grooming � Much much more!� General Gardening workmanship. Sorry we’ve missed you! Please give us a call�

or check out our website.� Wells - Ph: 546 4500 Phone 021 02723585 or 5452523� Phone Hans today Marty &Di:Di027 Website� 779 4333 545 2523 or 021 02723585 Marty: 027 779 5333 80b Vanguard Street

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Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949

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Nelson Weekly

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Builder / Handyman


Materials at Trade Cost • Fences • Decks • House Repairs • Doors • Flatpack Kitchens • Concrete / paving • Landscaping

Quality workmanship guaranteed Richard 021 118 1183 or 545 2298

CUTTING COSTS NOT CORNERS Your property renovations professionals • Retaining walls • Decks & fences • Excavations • Landscaping & maintenance • 2.5 ton digger with auger • 4x4 tip truck • 4x4 tractor with loader

JIM - 0226 798 249 DrAinAgE

DriVing lESSonS

Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD For all your design & Building requirements Plans Drawn - your design or ours Alterations and Extensions Building Permits Ongoing Home Maintenance Residential and Commercial Project Management

Ph: 021 143 9380 A/h: 547 7509

• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job



Coupon required for discount 10 Kebal Place, Stoke


hEAT pUmpS




0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher

ph 5468680


Stephen Halcrow Painter and decorator

Rather nice interior and exterior house painting 027 2300146


Improve the performance and the life of your heatpump

Aboki Hairdressers

547 1500

Interior & exterior New homes Wall papering Repaints & renovations Check out our new website

Ph: 548 3836 or

021 0235 2728

SUiT hirE

• • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

90 VAngUArD ST nElSon ph: 548 3954 027 548 3954

Work Place First Aid Courses

SUIT HIRE Weddings, Black Tie, School Balls

NelSoN TailorS MeNSWear Ph 548 7655 155 Trafalgar St (opp Westpac)

GST Holiday Jan 2014

9, 16, 24, 25, 31 11, 13, 20, 21, 22 4, 20, 27, 28, 29 3, 5, 10, 15, 29

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available

CArpET & winDow ClEAnEr

Specialising in 10%



Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Stephen Oliver proprietor

Phone now on

545 1053

Can’t read? Can’t write? Call us It’s free!

Dynamic Balancing Drive Shaft Repairs


Nelson (Head Office) 136 Vanguard Street Phone: 546 6188 e:

Save Money


Pan CSE 15 $2390 (5.5kw) Mits GE50 $2650 (5.8kw) Mits FB35 hyp $2390 (4kw) Inc installation & gst

Call Steve Fletcher

0800 448 446


Serving Nelson for 15 years

REPAIRS Spraypainting Panelbeating

Unit 10 150 Vanguard St


Honest Reliable Master Maste Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitter Since 1915 Since 1915

Mobile Service


Call 03 548 3041

Best Summer Deals

Quick, Low coSt RemovaL


Adult Learning Support

homE mAinTEnAnCE

hEAT pUmpS

Nelson City Cameras

we GuaRantee aLL ouR RepaiRS

Quick - Efficient Professional

Marine & Industrial Turbochargers

Small Dent

027 279 5605

Fully Trained, Security Screened



call Richard

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

DYnAmiC BAlAnCing

pAnEl rEpAirS

on your car?


Jan: Feb: Mar: Apr:

Heatpump Servicing $

(Adult prices only - new clients only upon presenting this ad)

Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949

Phone Caress 021 270 6124

Phone 543 8243


68 Buxton Square, Nelson

• Friendly & Patient • Female Instructor • Gift Vouchers available


Grace Need a new Hairdresser Stylist? Women - $20 $20 Men - $10 off any service 20% OFF Colour Straight & Curly Perms


Trades & Services

DESign & BUilD



Passport photos Camera repairs VHS-DVD transfers

For all maintenance on; • • • • •

Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs • KitchensJobs & Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harr

191 Trafalgar St, Ph: 548 9886

544 8059 Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 809

wATCh rEpAirS

• Driveways, paths & decks • Bo winDow ClEAning wATErBlASTing

Watch and Clock Repairs

Rod Clark

• House washing • Roof & gutters • M

Rise & shine Window Cleaning

qualified watchmaker

Overhauls Repairs ● All watches and clocks

Mobile 0220 649 WaterblastiNg

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Av House washing Roof & gutters Mobile 0220 822removal (24hr) Specialising in Windows Moss649 & algae A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson Over 10yrs professional Driveways, paths & decks experience Boats & caravans

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths 176 Bridge Street, Nelson (opposite Graham’s Trading Post)

Residential or Commercial

03 546 9137


Jeff NeilsoN

Jeff N

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Call Brandon 022 0984 167

0220 649 822 A/H 547 7856


TUESDAY 4 February 2014


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4 february 2014  
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