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Tuesday 25 January 2011

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World Cup Bloomin’ champion festival not just rugby Andrew Board Nelson City Council has worked hard to include the whole community for the city’s Rugby World Cup festival, not just footy fans. Council has confirmed several key events for the Game On festival in September and October this year, as the city gears up to host two Rugby World Cup games at Trafalgar Park on September 20 and 27. So far an arts and food market, a beer festival dubbed Rugbeerfest and the moving forward of the Nelson Arts Festival have been included in Game On. So to is the Plant as You Go prgramme, which encourages travel- The Nelson Rugby Fesling rugby fans to tival logo that will be plant a tree to offset used during this year’s their carbon footRugby World Cup. print in reaching Nelson for the Cup, although it may not be on the top of the ‘to-do’ list for many rugby fans. Several key events will be though, including the re-enactment of the first ever rugby game in New Zealand, at the Bontanics. It will feature the same two sides that played in 1870 – Nelson College and Nelson Rugby Club. The city will host a fanzone at the top of Trafalgar


Margaret Hart knows how to spot a champion bloom and after picking up her fourth crown over the weekend she says it’s about time she relinquish her amateur title and tried her luck in the “big boys” competition. Margaret won her latest title in the dahlia section at the Nelson Horticultural Society Summer Show at the Stoke Hall. There were more than 400 entries at the show with hundreds walking through the display over the two-days it was open. Margaret says she was thrilled to win the award again. “I really was delighted because we have had a lot of rain and heat and I didn’t think mine were that good this year. Now I’ve got to think seriously about getting out of the amateur competition and stepping up into the open, but they are far, far ahead of me.” Other winners at the show were Arch Crerar who won the Brough Trophy and the champion dahlia in the open class; Lorna Kerr for open champion gladioli; Sue Nunn for the floral art display; Ed Hughes for the amateur gladioli; Joan Heaphy for cut flowers; Helen Banks for house plants, rose section and begonia and Bill Hart for the vegetable section. The Nelson Horticultural Society is the oldest of its kind in New Zealand and hosts its next show in November.

To know coffee to make coffee To know coffee is toismake greatgreat coffee Working in hospitality? Continuing education in the ongoing world Working in hospitality? Continuing youryour education in the ongoing world of espresso exploration? training course needs. of espresso exploration? OurOur training course willwill feedfeed off off youryour needs. Pomeroys’ barista courses either a basic or advanced Pomeroys’ barista courses are are either of aofbasic or advanced levellevel andand cancan be taught separately in conjunction to produce a certificate endorsed be taught separately or inorconjunction to produce a certificate endorsed by by Pomeroy’s Coffee Company. Pomeroy’s Coffee andand TeaTea Company. Basic espresso training provides a general overview of the barista’s Basic espresso training provides a general overview of the barista’s rolerole in the world of coffee is designed to help understand in the world of coffee andand is designed to help youyou understand the the mostmost important aspects of espresso coffee. A foundation knowledge assists important aspects of espresso coffee. A foundation knowledge assists youyou in making coffee. discuss methods of espresso preparation in making greatgreat coffee. We We discuss our our methods of espresso preparation present an introduction to the intricacies of milk steaming andand present an introduction to the intricacies of milk steaming andand drinkdrink building. Advanced espresso training detail espresso building. Advanced espresso training givesgives moremore detail of of espresso production fine-tunes ability to transform a silky smooth production andand fine-tunes the the ability to transform milkmilk intointo a silky smooth complement to that perfect of espresso. A tour of Pomeroy’s roasting complement to that perfect shotshot of espresso. A tour of Pomeroy’s roasting facility to green beans roasting process is included. facility andand introintro to green beans andand the the roasting process is included. Become more skilled with Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 Become more skilled with Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 If you’re of guessing where to find things, familiarity, If you’re tiredtired of guessing where to find things, lacklack familiarity, needneed to to up time do other productivity freefree up time to dotoother taskstasks andand wantwant moremore productivity whenwhen usingusing youryour computer, Vivianne at Computer Competence Vivianne computer, thenthen Vivianne at Computer Competence cancan helphelp Vivianne offers flexible quickly needs helping reduce offers flexible timestimes andand cancan quickly assesasses youryour needs helping youryour reduce frustration. efforteffort andand frustration. Computer Competence’s convenient comfortable training centre Computer Competence’s convenient andand comfortable training centre in in central Nelson the place for people to gain essential workplace central Nelson is theis place for people whowho wantwant to gain essential workplace knowledge enhance existing skills, to get enjoyment knowledge andand enhance existing skills, or toor get moremore enjoyment fromfrom home computer. theirtheir home computer. Struggle no longer: computer rewarding Struggle no longer: learnlearn moremore computer skillsskills andand enterenter the the rewarding world of Computer Competence. Small businesses qualify world of Computer Competence. Small businesses maymay alsoalso qualify for afor a training subsidy to 50% through Government’s voucher scheme training subsidy of upof toup50% through the the Government’s voucher scheme which Nelson Chamber of Commerce is contracted to provide. which the the Nelson Chamber of Commerce is contracted to provide.

Margaret Hart, of Stoke, with some of her dahlias that won her a fourth title at the Nelson Horticultural Society Summer Show over the weekend. Photo: Andrew Board.

2010 Placemakers Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards Silver Medal

- Individual homes at competitive prices

Category Winner: New Homes $350,000 - $450,000

- Full Design and Build Service - Homes to fit your section and your budget Bronze Medal

If you are thinking of building you should talk to us

53 Champion Rd, Richmond Ph: 544 0886

Showhome Open: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat Closed, Sun 1pm - 4pm

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2 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Craig Hamilton’s

Best Advice Best Results Best Call Craig Phone 544 4202 (24 hrs) or 027 214 4851 • Residential, farm and commercial sales and purchases • Subdivision • Building contracts • Company law and business formations • Trusts • Wills and estates

Some RWC events in Nelson have been confirmed by council. Which of the events would you like to attend?


92 Collingwood St, Nelson Ph: 546 8670 or 0274 312 874


Allan McLean, Nelson.

Jackie Stringer, Nelson.

Mark O’Donoghue, Nelson.

Ernest Cunningham, Atawhai.

“Italy vs USA is where I will be. I’m just a big rugby fan, so to see two countries play each other will be great.”

“I won’t be at any of them because I’ll have to work. I’m hoping work will be really busy during the World Cup. I’ll try to follow it though.”

“I’d go watch the re-enactment game at the Bontanics. The sense of history of it would be quite appealing.”

“I’ve actually got tickets to the pool games in Auckland. But If I didn’t get those, I would definitely be attending the fan zone and the re-enactment game.”

Arterial study due soon – NCC

All repairs - Ring resizing Custom design

The Arterial study, looking at the roading options for Nelson, is in the final process of editing and won’t be made public until it has been fully scrutinised by

council staff, says Nelson City Council. Four options remain in the study which includes widening of Rocks Rd and Waimea Rd or building a new road,

dubbed the Southern Link, to connect St Vincent St to Annesbrook. The controversial study was due to be finished last November but has been pushed back.

RWC festival not just about rugby

Ph 03 548 4523

Trafalgar St where a 20 metre big screen will beam the semi finals and final of the tournament to hundreds of fans, and the Tasman 7s Invitational is at Jubilee Park in Richmond. Council has also secured $50,000 from the Lottery Fund for the festival, $10,000 of which will be used for the re-enactment game with the rest earmarked for Piki Mai, a digital installation of Nelson Cathedral in October. The city will be decked to the nines for the expected influx of more than 14,000 visitors during the world’s third largest sporting event, including much of the central city. Susan Coleman, RWC Nelson regional di-

rector, says there is a lot has been achieved already in the build-up to the cup reaching Nelson but she is still keen to hear of more community events that can be included in the Game On festival. Council will also be seeking more community involvement from people wanting to be volunteers during the cup. So far 265 volunteers have been recruited in Nelson but a total of 350 are needed so Susan says another drive for volunteers will take place within the next few months. For more information on RWC in Nelson visit www.nelsoncitycouncil.govt. nz/rugby-world-cup.

• NMIT’s new arts and media building was blessed at a ceremony on Monday morning. The new building cost close to $9 million to build and is sustainable, environmentally sensitive and local, with the design and resources all being sourced within 100 kilometres of Nelson. The building will be officially opened in March with students using the facility this coming semester. • About 10 members of Labour Youth will arrived in Nelson yesterday as part of a nationwide “Clarion Tour” which they have embarked on over the summer. Labour MP Maryan Street and the Nelson Labour Party hosted them for a barbecue at Tahunanui Beach Monday night before the group were set to visit House 44 in Stoke and help establish a barbecue area at the Orchard St Reserve and build vegetable gardens. The group is expected to leave on Tuesday afternoon.

This Week

TUESDAY 25 January 2011 3

Navy ship provides perfect training ground A quarter of Nelson’s fire fighters raced on board the Pukaki Navy vessel yesterday and two fire engines and a St John ambulance were situated on the dry land hugging the boat But while there was plenty of smoke, there was no fire. In fact the only time the hose was turned on, it was sprayed in to the ocean. Instead of battling a raging fire, the Nelson Fire Service and St John’s were doing first hand training with the alongside the Navy. Nelson is Pukaki’s home port, so regular trainings between the emergency services and the Navy is vital incase an incident did occur. Station officer Grahame Kurth, on his third dealing with Pukaki, says it is important to establish a relationship between both Navy and the local fire service. “That’s the whole objective of today; to break down barriers. Come onboard and recognize people and systems means we are ahead of the eight ball in the event of a fire.” After spending time at sea prior to joining the fire service over 13 years ago, Grahame was able to share experiences he has had in situations where a fire has broken out at sea. And in return the Navy could pass on experiences they have had specifically to a Navy vessel so the fire service can get a better understanding. After spending the morning onboard Pukaki, both crews moved back to the Nelson fire station and reversed roles as the fire fighters showed the Navy through kitchen fire scenarios, the new command vehicle and got the Navy up the tower. “It’s a good practical demonstration for them,” he says. The night ended with a water fight and a READY FOR ACTION: Nelson fire fighter Jarod chance to socialize at the bar, which GraSpencer training on the Navy vessel Pukaki in Nelson hame says is important as it is relaxed environment to get to know each other. on Monday. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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4 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Eyes still on giant prize after pumpkin theft After religiously watering, fertizing and caring for their giant pumpkin, Yara and Lanie Eustace were expecting to at least have a shot at winning the giant pumpkin growing competition at the Tahunanui School Gala in April. But the sisters were heart-broken when they arrived to water their pumpkin at the Tahunanui Community Gardens last week to find it had been chopped and taken. Mum Isobel says the pair were terribly upset considering it was the only giant pumpkin in the garden and it was far from ripe. “They couldn’t believe it and Lanie was crying asking where it had gone. They loved their pumpkin.” Fortunatley, when the Eustace family planted the seed in Tahuna, they gave another seed to Yara’s school friend Ryder Zittersteijn and put it in his garden. That pumpkin is still on track to be “huge” by the time the competition is judged. “It was a relief, it will have to be a joint entry now though,” says Isobel. “I think the girls are happy this one is still here but they had put so much work into the other pumpkin and it’s hard to explain to them why someone would take it.” The community gardens at Burral Park in Tahuna can be used by anyone in the community. The idea is to plant your fruit or vegetables in the garden and harvest them once they are ripe. Yara still thinks she can win the competition with the new pumpkin, “I hope it’s really big, too big to carry.”

PUMPKIN POWER: Yara, 5, and Lanie Eustace, 3, and Ryder Zittersteijn, 5, with a giant pumpkin they are growing for the Tahunanui School gala. Yara and Lanie had another pumpkin in the community gardens which was stolen last week. Photo: Andrew Board.

Final touch to be added to park The final stage of the development of the popular Neale Park skate park – the construction of a toilet block – is now underway. The skate park has been extremely well used since Nelson City Council opened it in 2008 and the funding for the toilet block was allocated in the 2010/11 Annual Plan, adopted in June last year. Construction is now underway and should be completed by mid March, say council. The simple two cubicle toilet block will also cater for the increasing number of people playing football at Neale Park. It will feature artwork that reflects the activities happening at the Park. Andrew Petheram, Principal Adviser Reserves and Community Facilities says the toilet block will

be an important addition to the park, which is constantly busy with skaters, sports people and kite flyers of all ages making great use of the facilities. It should be noted that while the toilet block is near to the car park at the end of Sovereign St which is currently being trialled as a venue for freedom camping, it is not being built with freedom campers in mind says Andrew Petheram. “The freedom camping area is a trial only and is being catered for with the use of portaloos. The new toilet block is primarily for skaters and other park users. However we are realistic about the fact that freedom campers will most likely use the facilities once they are completed for the remainder of the trial period.”


We would love to hear from you, We are in need of Volunteer’s to deliver Meals on Wheels or work in our Vanguard Street Red Cross Shop, if you are interested AT ATAT AT T AT AT PleaseAphone Amy 546 5012


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TUESDAY 25 January 2011 5

Retired folk surf into computer training Andrew Board Three years ago retiree Helen Gowland had never touched a computer. But the idea of Skype-ing with family overseas, downloading photos from her camera and email tempted her to take a beginners course in operating a computer. In just four months Helen went from student to tutor and now doesn’t go a day without using her favourite toy. “I use it every day; I feel a wee bit naked if I don’t. When I went down south for a few days over Christmas and I didn’t take my computer and I was right lost there for a while. I do things on the computer every evening and very rarely watch TV,” she says. Helen can now make her own movies, digital photo albums and is even on Facebook. She says her computer has opened a whole new part of her life, and she isn’t the only one. At SeniorNet, a not-for-profit computer training organisation for people over the age of 50, close to 500 people are members in Nelson alone. The group offers courses from how to use a word document to how to use Mac and Photoshop. Helen is now a tutor at SeniorNet and says she enjoys

it and the rewards that come with it. “It’s great when you see someone get it, their eyes light up when it makes sense to them, that is the best moment.” Helen says she has also made new friends through her computer interest, at SeniorNet and through websites for people older than 50. “We put the call out on one website for any Nelson people, a whole bunch replied and now we catch up once in a while and its great, I have a whole new list of friends.” The trend of older people, who did not grow up with a computer, getting into computer training is growing at a rapid rate. A 2009 report, commissioned by SeniorNet showed that thousands of retired folk wanted to learn how to use a computer. “We weren’t born into the age of computing but I had always had a fascination with them but never had the need for it until a few years ago, I was too busy doing other things. “But my daughter and grandkids would say ‘Gran you need a computer so we can email you and Skype you’. So I thought, oh well, here we go’. It seemed like a different language at the time but one day I thought I’d turn anoth-



computer skills to illustrate and put together a children’s book, all using computer programmes. “I just loved it from the start. People from all walks of life from our ‘other lives’, get together and just enjoy learning at a pace that suits us.” Helen says email and Skype courses are two of the most popular at SeniorNet.

“These days most of us have family overseas so to sit and see them is brilliant, and it’s completely free. Most of them come to those courses because their family has said to them ‘you’ve got to get Skype on’ so that is very popular, it brings families closer together.” • SeniorNet is having an open day at its Pioneer Park learning centre on Saturday 12 February.

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Buxton Square

Morrison Street


er corner and see where it took me,” she says. Staring at her new computer Helen says she was excited. “I sat down and thought ‘well, they say you can’t blow it up so I decided to start pressing buttons and find out what was behind the doors.” Helen found plenty behind the doors and has even used her

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Montgomery Square

COMPUTER JUNKIE: Helen Gowland started to learn how to use a computer three years ago and is hooked. She says she is on her computer every day. Photo: Andrew Board.

Monday - Friday 9am-5.30pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 10am-4pm

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Shopping Centre


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6 TUESDAY 25 January 2011



• A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a party/event/function? Call our photographer 548 4949 or 027 548 4948 Debbie and Mike Thomas with Kathy and Ian McLeod at the Joe Cocker concert.

Gina Green and her cabin boy at the Joe Cocker concert.

Birthday girl Sandy Stilwell, left, and Jackie McKay at Sandy’s party in Stoke.

Robyn Stewart, Andrea Grocott, Reon Kerr and Mark McKay on Saturday night.

Chris Stilwell, Markus Grunig and Jung Kum Crunig-choi at a dress up party in Stoke.

Ruth Stilwell, Amy Stilwell and Beverley Ewbank at Sandy’s birthday party.

Ingrad Wagenwoort, Rachel Jamieson and Joanne Gibbs at the Trafalgar Centre.


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Ray Webb and Maree Cook, proud owners of a new Joe Cocker t-shirt.

Adrian Zobrist, Simon Frank, Kwan Seung Ha (aka Runner) and Kyoko Miura at the Nelson English Centre’s “Mixathon.”

Luke Stilwell and Thomas Deverus on Saturday.

Up t

Andrew McDonald, Beth Brockie, Callum Parritt, Kirsten Sainty and Paul Brockie guard the doors at the Joe Cocker concert.


This week the Out & About camera was invited to a 40th birthday party in Stoke and went along to the Joe Cocker concert at the Trafalgar Centre on Sunday night. We want all sorts of photos on this page so if you are hosting a party and would like our photographer to come along and get photos please let us know. Or, if you have photos and would like to send them into us you can either call us on 548 4949 or email See you again next week with more party photos from around Nelson.

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TUESDAY 25 January 2011


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Stoke market is toast of the town

McCashin’s market continues to brew up fun on a Saturday evening. The Stoke market is as popular than ever say locals and more and more people are heading out to the brewery for their first time. Along with the singing and the beer, the most popular stall last Saturday was the West Indies Spice Traders. Their hot sauces spiced up the crowd and if the weekend was anything to go by, the sauces are likely to be seen at a barbecue near you. The afternoon time slot is adds a unique feel to the new market. “We were just saying on the way down that there always seems to be a lot of people here,” says local Pip Fleming. “We think it’s that middle of the afternoon stretch where you haven’t got anything else on.” McCashin’s market has space for 30 more stalls. Each stall costs just $15 per week, which gets you a free drink, and there is free stalls for charity organisations. Email for more information or to book a stall. The market occurs every Saturday at 3pm.



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Selection of range varies by location.


133 stores around New Zealand 100% locally owned and operated For enquiries, call 0800 SUPERL (0800 787 375)

Offer ends close of trade 30th January 2011, while stocks last. Limits may apply at participating outlets. Trade not supplied. *Super Sonic Deal: Available only Thursday 27th - Saturday (midnight) 29th January 2011 inclusive. LSL1530_NW

SUPER SPECIAL Rindless Bacon


$ .20

41 - 42 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond


pack sizeeto x e clusliviquor super




1 litre

up to $

HOT FAVOURITE: Eric Croose, left, had to get his hands on some of Chris Phillips, middle, and David Phillips’ hot sauces. Photo: Phillip Rollo.




1 litre


PHONE 544 6137

Per Kg

While Stocks Last


SATURDAY HOURS 8.00am - 3.00pm

OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.00am-3.00pm Saturday,

Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm

8 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

This Week

Plenty to learn as adult courses are set to start again at Nayland College

Nayland College’s Community Education Sample of courses: something for everyone! For BuSiNESS: Business Planning & Goal Setting - Whether prospective or existing business owners, invest time ON your business with this practical course. Wed 23 Feb 7-8.30pm, 6 wks, $85. Tutor: Ruth Fegan.

MYoB - Beginners Thurs 24 Feb 6.30-8.30pm, 6 wks, $99 Advanced Sat 2 & 9 Apr. Tutor: Laura McIntyre.

For houSEhold MaNaGEMENT: Cooking - The World on a Plate – Mon 14 Feb, 5 weeks, $80 +

ingredients. Tutor: Joc Winters

Grow it - Vegetable Gardens – Thurs 10 Feb 6.30-8.30pm,

10 wks, $45-$65

homeopathy First aid – Ideal for parents, people living rural

lifestyles, travellers and those who spend time in the wilderness. Wed 16 Feb, 6-7.30pm, 9 weeks, $115. Tutor: Jane Parkin

Sewing – Weekend courses with Margy Meys or 8 wks, Thurs 4-6pm, Tutor: Margaret Hunter

For SElF: Want to write? - Lead by bestselling Author, Lindy Kelly. Wed 16 Feb, 7-9pm, 7 wks, $119

Successful Goal Setting - Maximise your choices and avoid the same old drudgery and difficulties by learning successful techniques to develop your resolve! Thurs 24 Feb 7.15-8.15pm, 6 wks, $65. Tutor: Steph Bowis.

Cupcake decorating – Mon 14 Feb, 7-9pm, 3 wks, $49. Tutor: Lois Diaper

To ENrol or for full course info ph 547 9769

KITE FLYER: Indigo Parnell, 6, flies her kite at the Nelson Kite Festival at Neale Park in Nelson on Sunday. The festival was hampered by cold and wet conditions. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Want to grow your own vegetables? Learn to cook cuisines from foreign countries? Maybe learn the ukelele? All that any much more is on offer at the Nayland College community education classes. Enrollment has begun and the first classes commence on February 7. Joc Winters is returning to teach her popular ‘Grow It’ program, designed at growing your own organic vegetables. The course will be split in to beginners and experienced groups. The beginners group focuses on how to start growing food organically. While the experienced group is focused on taking your gardening to another level and new ideas people might not have thought of. “Most people intend to enjoy my classes, I try to inject some humor in situations,” Joc says. “It’s about having fun as well as learning.” As well as participants, Joc is looking for someone to join with a space at their house that the class can use for practical sessions. Joc says people should consider getting out and involved in a community class as it offers a chance to meet new people. Ideas for new courses, expressions of interest from potential Tutors and comments are always welcome. Contact Kathryn comed@ or phone 5479769

PLANTING KNOWLEDGE: Joc Winters is busy in the garden preparing for her “Grow It” Community Education class. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Try our

Fresh Homemade Quiches Stoke Bakery Cake Kitchen Ltd 510 Main Road Stoke Ph 547 6998

Open: Mon - Fri 5.00am – 5.00pm Sat 5.00am – 1.30pm

View us online

NEED TRELLIS? Shingle - Sand - Bark - Feature Rocks - Pungas - Sleepers Mussel Shell - Natural Split Stone - Compost - Weed Mat - Windbreak Coloured Pebbles - Concrete & Clay Pavers - Soils

SAND &LAND SAND&LAND Quality Landscape Supplies

55 Pascoe Street, Tahunanui, Nelson Ph: 546 4933

This Week

TUESDAY 25 January 2011


This Week

10 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Kapa haka celebration coming to Theatre Royal

Hana Tava, of Stoke, performs Kapa haka. She, along with the rest of the Nelson team will be competing at the Theatre Royal this weekend.


dining room

WINNER - Best Lamb Dish in NZ T o p 4 F i n a li s t B e s t B e e f D i s h i n N Z HANZ Awards for Excellence - 2010

A w a r d ed H a l l m a r k o f E x c e l l e n c e from Beef and Lamb NZ 2011

Chef Grant Dick er

Ambassador Chef t o B e ef a n d L a m b N Z

fine food and a stellar wine list, within an intimate historic cottage location Reservations Recommended. 20 Harley Street – Nelson (03) 5467092 w w w . m i n t d i n i n g . c o . n z

our Achieve y goals? l financia Is your New Year resolution to become financially stronger? Whether it is a Christmas Saver account, a loan to pay your bills or a savings account, the friendly team at NZCU South can help. We can assist you in achieving your financial goals. Contact NZCU South today. Nelson Branch: Shop 2A, 126 Trafalgar Street Richmond Branch: Shop 3, 250 Queen Street

03 539 1700 Your money, your goals, our help Savings in Credit Union South are secured by a first ranking Trust Deed over all assets of Credit Union South, subject to prior charges (currently none) and claims given priority by law. Credit Union South has a BB (Stable) credit rating from Standard & Poor’s. A current investment statement is available on request.

Culture and competition are set to collide at the Theatre Royal this weekend Te Whatukura Kapa Haka group invites the region to Celebrate Nelson with Kapa Haka with more than thirty of the region’s top Kapa Haka performers on stage from 7pm. Theatre Royal Manager Janice Marthen jumped at the idea of unwrapping the mysteries of Kapa Haka. “I’m an Australian who’s spent a lot of my adult life working in Europe and am married to a German. The only thing I knew about Kapa Haka was the All Blacks’ haka. I didn’t know it was dynamic engaging storytelling and dance, and how exquisite it would sound in the Theatre Royal.” Wellington director Erina Daniels and her team of Te Whatukura supporters will warm up the audience with A Beginners’ Guide to Kapa Haka. The main bill is a rare sneak preview of Te Whatukura’s entry in the prestigious Te Matatini National compe-

tition, which is hotly contested by regional winners from throughout New Zealand and Australia. Nelson’s Te Whatukura Team has represented Te Tau Ihu o te Waka a Maui (Top of the South Island) at every National Festival since 2000 and are the current Regional Champions. This is a very serious competition so guests are asked to please leave any recording devices at home. Senior tutor Tom Alesana says what distinguishes each group is the stories that they can tell – so they truly represent their region. “Te Whatukura will give us a Māori map of Nelson as they acknowledge the mountains, rivers and bays of our region.” Celebrate Nelson with Kapa Haka is at the Theatre Royal at 7pm for two nights only – Friday January 28 and Saturday January 29. Tickets are $25 each or $20 for Senior Citizens and Royal Family Members. Children’s tickets are $10 or $60 for the Family. All tickets are available through Everyman Records 548 3083.

Awards pile up for local chef For a man who only opened his Nelson restaurant a year ago he certainly has an impressive list of awards. Chef, Grant Dicker opened Mint Dining Room last year and has recently been honoured as an ambassador chef for Beef and Lamb. Each year, Beef + Lamb New Zealand selects five chefs, from the 223 restaurants who entered, who have displayed exceptional culinary skills during the assessment period, to be Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ambassador chefs for the year. As well as receiving special recognition for their achievement, the ambassadors are involved in a planned programme of Beef + Lamb New Zealand activities throughout the year. The award comes on the heels of Mint Dining Room winning the Hospitality Association of New Zealand award for best lamb dish in the country and several fantastic reviews in national food magazines. Grant says he is thrilled with the latest award and feedback he is getting on the restaurant.

MINT: Mint Dining Room head chef and co-owner Grant Dickie with his latest award. He was one of only five in the country to win the role as Ambassador chef. Photo: Andrew Board.

Nelson Laundry

Small Peastraw & Haybales

First in textile services worldwide

Alsco, Nelson's first choice supplier to the food industry Food Processing Garments: - Overalls, Tops & Pant, Chef Gear, Aprons etc Paper & Washroom Services - Toilet Tissue & Paper Hand-towels, Cleaning Chemicals - Toilet-Sanitisers, Air Fresheners & Female Hygiene Bins

Check out our managed First Aid Programs @

“We've got you covered” For all your Textile Rental requirements call us NOW on: (03) 5488 222 you won't be disappointed.

Available OPEN now 7 DAY S

Sleepers - Compost - Bark - Topsoil Crushed Shell - Landscape Rocks - Sand Fertiliser - Paving & much, much more!

Ph: 547 4777 59 Saxton Road, Stoke

Feature Enr

Mentbefore 2ol recieion this 8 Feb discove 10% ad & unt

Hands On Computer Training with Vivianne Mail

Home computing for all levels Workplace training and upskilling Small groups or individual tuition Call now for more information

T: 03 989 5200 C: 021 050 6193 Phoenix Arcade, 16 Bridge Street, Nelson

Excel Beginners Excel Intermediate Excel Advanced Intro to computers MYOB Beginners MYOB Intermediate

Feb 16 & 17, Mar 24 & 25 Mar 10 & 11, April 20 & 21 April 27 & 28, Jun 29 & 30 Mar 30 & 31, May 5 & 6 Times arranged to suit Times arranged to suit

Word Beginners Word Intermediate Word Advanced Publisher PowerPoint Access

Feb 23 & 24, April 7 & 8 Feb 15 & 16, April 12 & 13 Mar 8 & 9, May 11 & 12 Feb 24 & 25, Mar 23 & 24 Mar 1 & 2, Apr 13 & 14 May 3 & 4

So you wanna play muSic Sing dance act perform


Ph 539 4498 •

TUESDAY 25 January 2011 11

Let’s Learn Something New know is to make great coffee IfTo you’re tiredcoffee of guessing where to find things, ter at SOUNDSTAGE via phone or email. They Working in hospitality? Continuing education ongoing lack familiarity, need to free up time to do other your are more than happyintothe arrange a time forworld you to of espresso exploration? Our training course will feed off your needs. tasks and want more productivity when using come in and check out what we do. Pomeroys’ courses either of a basic or advanced level and can your computer,barista then Vivianne at are Computer be taught can separately or in conjunction to produce a certificate endorsed by Competence help you. Vivianne offers flex- Peta Spooner loves to dance and loves to teach Pomeroy’s Coffee and Tea Company. ible times and can quickly asses your needs help- dance, that’s why she has been doing so in NelBasic espresso training provides a general overview of the barista’s role ing your reduce effort and frustration. Computer son since 1983. While an expert at teaching in the world of coffee and is designed to help you understand the most Competence’s convenient and comfortable train- young people to dance, she says you don’t have important aspects of espresso coffee. A foundation knowledge assists you ing centre in central Nelson is the place for peo- to be young to take up dancing. The Peta Spoonin making great coffee. We discuss our methods of espresso preparation ple who want to gain essential workplace knowl- er Academy of Dance has highly qualified and and present an introduction to the intricacies of milk steaming and drink edge and enhance existing skills, or to get more experienced teachers that specialize in classical building. Advanced espresso training gives more detail of espresso enjoyment from their home computer. Struggle ballet, modern jazz, contemporary, pre school, production and fine-tunes the ability to transform milk into a silky smooth no longer: learn more computer skills and enter pilates, stretch and power yoga. Peta trains her complement to that perfect shot of espresso. A tour of Pomeroy’s roasting the rewarding world of Computer Competence. teachers to Fellowship level and students to the facility and intro to green beans and the roasting process is included. Small businesses level required for Become more skilled with Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 may also qualify auditioning for If you’re tired of guessing where to find things, lack familiarity, need to for a training submajor training free up time to do other tasks and want more productivity when using your sidy of up to 50% institutions world computer, then Vivianne at Computer Competence can help you. Vivianne through the Govwide. Peta says offers flexible times and can quickly asses your needs helping your reduce ernment’s vouchshe urges stueffort and frustration. er scheme which dents to believe Computer Competence’s convenient and comfortable training centre in the Nelson Chamin themselves. “It’s central Nelson is the place for people who want to gain essential workplace ber of Commerce about confidence knowledge and enhance existing skills, or to get more enjoyment from istheir contracted to and caring for stuhome computer. provide. dentsrewarding and teachStruggle no longer: learn more computer skills and enter the ers are trained world of Computer Competence. Small businesses may also qualify foruna SOUNDSTAGE der that system, training subsidy of up to 50% through the Government’s voucher scheme iswhich a Music it’s the philosophy the and Nelson Chamber of Commerce is contracted to provide. Performing Arts behind the stuLearning something new at the Nelson School of Music. school located dio.” The academy at 56 Rutherford also has a range Street in the heart of Nelson. At SOUNDSTAGE of young male dancers and caters for all abilities they offer many different options for students of and levels. For more information on the Peta all ages and abilities to bring music and perform- Spooner Academy of Dance call 548 9890 or visit ing arts into their lives. Their focus is on teach- ing, training and developing students in their chosen instrument or craft for fun or prepara- It’s estimated that one in ten people have dyslexia, but only a fraction are diagnosed and even tion for a career in the Arts industry. Directors are Jane Winter who holds a Bachelor fewer receive the help they need to do well at of Performing Arts from NASDA, and Simon school and beyond. Nelson-based dyslexia speWilliams who holds a Diploma in Jazz stud- cialist Tina Guy says dyslexia isn’t well underies from the Christchurch Jazz School. Both are stood and if undiagnosed, a child with dyslexia professional working musicians and musical can experience enormous confusion and low directors, as well as tutors at SOUNDSTAGE. self esteem because of their inability to learn the At SOUNDSTAGE you can choose from many way most children do. “Dyslexia isn’t a disability, different classes and private lessons in Music, it’s a gift,” says Tina. “Dyslexics are image thinkDance and Drama. They offer, singing, musical ers and tend to be very creative. They think in theatre, drama, tap dancing, guitar, ukulele, sax- pictures – up to 32 images a second which is an ophone, clarinet, bass, drums and much more! amazing ability.” For more information please contact Jane Win- Tina has worked with people from the age of 5

Ballet: preschool: advanced level 2



Hands On Computer Training ACADEMY OF DANCE and the Wakatu Dance Theatre

ENROL NOW Thursday 27 January at the Studio 5.00-6:30pm Athletic Clubrooms, Pioneer Park (opposite Spotlight)

Contact Peta 548 9890, Jane 538 0069 or Kate 546 9912 For comprehensive details go to

with Vivianne Mail Modern Jazz: The dog sat on preparatoryHome computing for all levels advanced level 2 Workplace training and upskilling




Small groups or individual tuition Theatre craft: Call now for more information Individual correction programmes for

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, Maths and Handwriting Difficulties

grades and majors

T: 03 989 5200 C: 021 6193 for children and 050 adults Phoenix Arcade, 16 Bridge Street, Nelson

Adult: dance stretch Excel Beginners Feb 16 & 17, Mar 24 & 25 Word Beginners Feb 23 & 24, April 7 & 8 power yoga Excel Intermediate Mar 10 & 11, April 20 & 21 Word Intermediate Feb 15 & 16, April 12 & 13 Pilates Excel Advanced April 27 & 28, Jun 29 & 30 Word Phone: Advanced 547 4958Mar 8 & 9, May 11 & 12 Intro to computers Mar 30 & 31, May 5 & 6 Publisher Feb 24 & 25, Mar 23 & 24 MYOB Beginners Times arranged to suit PowerPoint Mar 1 & 2, Apr 13 & 14

Davis Dyslexia

MYOB Intermediate

Times arranged to suit


May 3 & 4

The Dyslexia Foundation of NZ


12 TUESDAY 25 January 2011


Courses available in:

 Whitewater kayaking  Sea kayaking  Multisport kayaking

Nelson’s only kayakn instructiot specialis


email: ph 03 541 9554


The Studio for Dancers

Classes resume Thursday 3rd February Devoted to the development of young talent Classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet and Tap Competition work available Hip Hop Classes - Gemma Laing


For further information contact Trudy NZAMD Examiner, Adv Dip (Hons)

Ph 547-5636

Let’s Learn Somethin

“Quad Bikes Friend of Foe?” Agribusiness Trainings’ aim is to gi Over the last few years their have been a number of high versatile tools efficiently Nicka hip these hop, tap and contemporary to 59, she says age is no limitation. She offers a upwards in jazz, use profile quad bikes. has just theheld risk in orNelson accidents. This is achie Scho dance with classes City. Owner free, noaccidents obligation involving initial consultation. Mother This highlighted common with this of teacher vehicle.Trudy riding on flathas anda undulating achi and Fargher passion forterrain Emma Hekeawas thrilledoccurrence with the progress Tinatype Quad have highbeen power to weight ratio. dance This with means a trailer as carefully well as basic maintenanc made bikes with her son.a “It’s the best thing ever the curriculum planned to ious they can accelerate briskly most with terrains. rider in thestill safegiving use of powered Scho for him. We spent two and aacross half weeks helpThe guide each Training student, while each can affect the was stability of the doesn’t matter to if achieve. you are aNick vi dancer as thethe veryIt best opportunity Tinaalso and greatly the transformation incredible. ” machine rider can be about one third of the gross weightWith of the quad or HipHop,this a farm labourer, th new classesblock in Tap,owner Jazz and is edtra bike. minimise the risk of injury. As a u Experience the excitement of whitewater kayak- a great time to be introduced to the enjoyment of tion experienced, but Leady ing, the freedom of sea kayaking or the challenge dance & performing. have the worstconc ha of multisport racing. With the help of Chris Trudy recognises each dancer as an individual greatest raise technique in exposu West from Adventures Unlimited, you can gain and aims to install strong dance the Certificate in Rura gram a fun and supportive atmosphere. For some the skills for a lifetime of adventure. working Nex Chris has over 10 years experience teaching dancers, performing ignites such afor passion that people of disciplines to b kayaking and has taught people of all ages and they decide to go into fulltime training. Contact Wor Lifestyle Beekeeping Rural Machinery and quad bikes to 547 5636 to find out more about what Chil abilities. Courses range fromfor 2-4Beginners days and small Trudy on Block course for rural workers safety. tap classes The groups allow for individual attention. A fun ap- the academy offers, including its new Try WATER ZUM ber proach, combined with quality instruction, helps for 2011. “Zumba’s better w scho participants to gain confidence, learn quickly ba is the ultimate d Great things are happening at the Nelson School and to become safe kayakers. your hipsthe moving Artst They run our courses at a range of venues, each of Music! The School’s student orchestra, ready for a dynam Upper Moutere Upper Moutere Upper chosen to Moutere enhance participants’ experiences. Schola Musica finished the year with a success- deve June 2011 of Z 2011 ful tour of March Blenheim2011 on December It’s 11. all the fun over SeekMarch a challenge in 2011 and come experience of water resistanc *$550 *$250 The orchestra*$150 rehearses throughout the school tion kayaking in Nelson. Duration 9 further months year and presents 3 Full Days Duration 10 541 months without Call Chris on 9554 for bookings and concerts. Students learn impacting or- Thei andwith looking c dent chestral repertoire and share theircool music information. what are you wait gram the community. Course includes: Course includes: Course includes senses, diffe also perform solos withwith the Water The Fargher Academy of Dance provides pro- Selected· students Working safely · Hive construction · Calf Rearing Saturday January this year students Holly Dunn and Stud fessional, quality dance instruction 5 years group, · andTractor skills · Hivefor maintenance · Livestock Handling Aquatic Centre.cour · Quad bike skills · Honey Production · Pasture Production Shake and shimmy Visu · Fence repairs · Requeening · Chainsaw Skills out impact as you and  Pests & Diseases · Fencing calories. The Quick post-class re Nels feeling energised firsta as you stick to will that BACHELOR OF ARTS AND MEDIA Visual Arts and Design get fitter. Makeence Wa STARTS: Feb 2011, Nelson Campus part of your health DIPLOMA IN ARTS AND MEDIA Visual Arts and Design ZUMBA’S BETTE STARTS: Feb 2011, Nelson Campus TER!!

Turn your talent into a profession 0800 444 313 School of Arts and Media - 2011 Programmes


DIPLOMA IN ARTS AND MEDIA Graphics and Multimedia STARTS: Feb 2011, Nelson Campus

DIPLOMA IN ARTS AND MEDIA Contemporary Music STARTS: Feb 2011, Nelson Campus


CERTIFICATE IN ARTS AND MEDIA Visual Arts and Design OR Contemporary Music STARTS: Feb 2011, Nelson Campus

W O N Y L >> APP




New Zealand’s newest Arts and Media facility opening 2011

or try one of our other


Classes Ask about our


for local school leavers


Search keyword: ‘Arts and Media’

or call 0800 422 733 for more information



Feature/This Week

ng New This Year

ive the rider the skills to and safely thus reducing k Pittar presented their compositions for It will be equipped with up-to-date digital gear eved by covering active Several students necessary for contemporary arts and media ola Musica to the public. n, carrying a load, towing ieved the distinction of passing the prestig- practices including music editing and composiof the equipment. sceexaminations offered through the Royal tion, video, graphic design, image manipulation, dools machinery important. of Musicis based in London. Holly Dunn, animation, internet design and more. manager, small were all award- Depending on the programme undertaken stukineyard Pittar, and Alexa Thomson aining is the bestdiploma way tofrom this institu- dents will be taught in a variety of workshops heir performance user with a range of technical equipment and specialn. you will be the most you up will probably ding to also the tour, the group presented a ist facilities for handling different processes and abits certainly have 2 designed to materials such as woods, metals, plastics, ceramcert inand Nelson on December to the dangers. The for a music pro- ics, glass, paper, printmaking of various sorts, eure money to buy instruments al Machinery designed mme at Victoryisand Clifton Terrace Schools. painting and drawing. it allows for a variety xte,the group performed at the Gardens of the be covered from tractors rld in an event raising money for the Nelson oldren’s fencing Ward.and chainsaw Belly Fitness Dance Classes Don’tDecemMiss our Aqua tour to Blenheim began on Friday MBA New start...New way to Health & Fitness 10 with concerts at Rai Valley andYear…. Bohally Newand Performances when ools. it’s wetter!!!” Zum- The motivation to maintain that fitness plan gets easier. dance party workout. Get Look out for “Fitness February”  at the Aquatic Centre. It’s Term Starts Tues 8th Feb make fitness and health Latin rhythms and get ata NMIT wonderful to really stoand media programmes have opportunity Beginners: 6:30pm mic, exhilarating session. ofyour focus. eloped out of the experience commitment Intermediates: 7:30pm withtothe benefits Water Centre Exercise Training. rZumba many years craft, art and Aqua designFitness educa- is W.E.T... Victory Community ce, so you work harder An excellent way to lose weight, shape n’ tone, improve n. girjoints. This keeps you performance and assist mobility. Take part in a professional teaching teamendurance ensures stucool at thethe same time!quality So fabulous cardiovascular fullGILBERG body workout. Get fitter, not ts receive highest tuition. ProSABINA ting for? up your Joinand us for Fitness February. mmes caterWake for a wide range offatter. interests 03-5468511 rerent Zumba Nelson Technical Institute is a private training establishment levelsstarting: of experience. MAGIC.HAPPENS@SLINGSHOT.CO.NZ 22 at dents can9.30 pick at andthe mixASB from awith wideover range20 of years experience, who operate out of a purpose builtincluding training venue in the heart of the Wakatu Industrial rses depending on their interests, y, Arts dance splashCreative with- Writing, Estate. The team at Nelson Technical Institute have a strong ual andn’Design, Music u Graphics tone muscles and burn knowledge base and a wealth of industry experience to and Multimedia. new Arts and Media building equip locatedlearners on the with the skills and qualifications they require ecovery means leavethisfor theAfuture. son campus is dueyou to open year. world and good about yourself Gillianpractical Francis On the automotive course you will develop skills in wood building innovation, the building Principal t vastly New Year resolution to that are essential for anyone entering the Motor Industry. enhance students’ learning experiWater es. Zumba an essential An emphasis is placed on each learner developing a Classical program. fundamental work ethics’ and persona; timemanagement ER WHEN IT’S WET- attributes. Students remain debt-free while workingtowards Jazz an NZQA approved qualification in a learner  Contemporary friendly environment.  Boys Dance Class The Commercial Road Transport course provides learners with the skills, knowledge and industry LEARN IT-LOVE IT-DANCE exposure necessary to gain employment in the Road Belly Dancing? Reg Teacher RAD. IDTA Transport and allied industries. Learners can work Collingwood learning Tai Chi? towards a National CertificateSt,inNelson Goods Service (Core Skills)03 with strands in Forklift 547 6743 021 and 264Dangerous 3402 playing o find out how: the Ukulele? Goods, while also remaining debt-free. Our ‘Say Wot?’ course provides youth the Please contact Gretchen Howard opportunity to gain credits to complete their NCEA. Ph/Fax: 548-8707 The programme structure enables learners to follow Email: their chosen career path, gain employment skills, or move into further training all while working towards a National Certificate in Employment Skills. Nelson Technical Institute also offers a PILOT FLIGHT NAVIGATION COURSE with Swamini wide range of industry This course covers the minimum requirements for Amritananda training, including the Flight Navigation for the Private Pilots study Forklift, Classes 2, 4, 3 syllabus. Knowing how to and 5,forWheels, Tracks Attendance is recommended anyone interested meditate is the most Rollers, Dangerous in gaining their pilotsand licence or microlight pilot powerful method of Workplace First certificate, as well as Goods, any other aviation enthusiast. achieving health, Aid and Fire Safety happiness and peace and Warden training of mind. and more. Industry Commencing: Sunday 6 March at 8:30am courses are approved Timetable: Every Sundaycourses morning and run 6 week beginners classes NZTA for 4 consecutive weeks om February 10th 7:30pm—8:30pm with approved Industry Cost $100 Course Cost: $115 + course materials $119 Training Organisation Ph (03) 548 7511 (ITO) Assessors So whether you’re looking for ato career change Please book in advance attend this course or CHINMAYA MISSION NELSON Contact: Nelson Pilot Training just starting out, Nelson NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION 03 548 2800 orTechnical email Institute is the sure road to follow.


Would You Rather Be..

TUESDAY 25 January 2011


Letters to the editor Dear Sir, I am motivated to support the lady (featured in your paper Tues 18th Jan) who, along with her unfortunate wee dog, fell victim to a very aggressive un provoked attack by that Rottweiler. It is clear that this animal’s owner has a somewhat similar attitude and is unsympathetic to the mauling it inflicted after having knocked the unfortunate little pug to the ground along with it’s owner. I am led to wonder, at what stage would the owner of that attacking brute have shown any compassion or remorse? Ob-

viously it would need a far greater result of injury inflicted before we would be justifiably satisfied. What is equally, if not more concerning is the vets comments that if every such case was taken to court it would not be practical, as we would have dogs being put down all over town. So it is allowed to go on with newspapers displaying the horrific injuries and yes even deaths as a result of such animals being freely bred and owned by irresponsible people. When will enough be enough to bring these stories to an end? G.Dunning, Stoke.

Do you recognise the people? The setting? The event? Can you tell us more? Please contact: or phone 03 5489588

Each week two photos of the museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly with the goal of exposing the photographs to more people and get some feedback on the collection. In some cases very little is known about the images published so readers are invited to submit any information they may have to help with identification. Right: Mrs Moor. Moor Mrs, Nelson Provincial Museum, Bloch Collection: 3477. Below: Motorcycle Racing Contestants, Nelson Provincial Museum, F N Jones Collection: half 197. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details to history@ or phone 548 9588.

547 9769


You can support this project with a $10 donation, to find out more visit www. or contact: 3for$ Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly are proud to support this exciting and significant project


14 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Retirement & Beyond aT Monaco

wain Anne S red Legal t Regis e e ilipson l h P a iv d a Lin Execut red Leg e t ipal is g e R Princ , e d iv r t u fo Exec Bam Tony This ad supported by Nelson Weekly

To donate Ph 546 3923

ylor Kaye Ta r o Solicit

• Property Transactions • Estate Administration • Wills & Trusts • Relationship Property • Business Transactions

6 Point Road, Monaco

Ph 547 6050 NEED A LIFT? We’ll get you there! We proudly offer:     

Personal door-to-door mobility transport service Spacious, modern wheelchair lift vans Caring, fully trained professional drivers Wheelchair if required A laugh, a smile, & staff that go the extra mile!

Gift vouchers available & Yellow DPA vouchers accepted Phone today for more information

Russell: 0276 716 981

Stoke Social Seniors  Provide transport between Nelson and Richmond  Bus trips and outings  Varied exercise programmes  Hobbies and interest groups  Entertainment and social activities  Meals

The Nelson region has long been a favourite place to enjoy retirement. Combine this with the ever increasing number of seniors in New Zealand, the Nelson region is expecting a substantial increase in people aged 65 and over to move to the region and enjoy their golden years. This trend towards Nelson means increased demand for support of older people in our region. Many businesses and organizations already offer great products and excellent service to make life easier. This week’s Nelson Weekly provides a selection of local businesses that can help you enjoy your well earned retirement to the maximum extent. Sick of joint stiffness and discomfort? Visit the team at Prices Pharmacy. Joint comfort and easy mobility relies on healthy joint cartilage. Cartilage acts as a smooth, weight-bearing surface that cushions the end of the bones in your joints, helping them to slip easily over each other and making movement smoother. Your body naturally produces two key substances that maintain healthy joints: Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin. These compounds provide the building blocks that your body uses to naturally rebuild cartilage after daily wear-and-tear has taken its toll. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies start producing less Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin. Our joint cartilage can become thin and brittle – breaking down

more easily, and taking longer to rebuild – and often causing joint stiffness and discomfort. That’s where Nutra-Life Joint Care – New Zealand’s most popular joint product – may help. It’s a potent blend of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin and essential joint health minerals in an easy-to-swallow capsule – and more Kiwis trust their joints with it than any other joint supplement. For a year now Nelson people have had a Home Health Care Provider that prides itself on going the extra mile for its customers. Florence Nightingale Agency was founded in Christchurch in 1997 by Managing Director Heather Campbell who, herself needing care, found it difficult to find suitable support. Since that time the Company has grown to a staff of over 200 with offices in Blenheim, Nelson and Christchurch. For many elderly people, home is where their memories and joy are to be found. Keeping their independence and the ability to maintain their usual activities is of huge value. Sometimes just a couple of hours of home support each week can make all the difference to their continued well-being. “We’ve had many happy Clients now and the feedback we continue to get is fantastic, people really love the support they get from our Carers.” Florence Nightingale Agency can commence its services within 24 hours, where necessary, and welcomes your enquiries on 03 548 0623

Situated at the rear of Stoke Memorial Hall. Mon-Thurs 9.30-3.00 Ph 547 2660

Do you need a helping hand? Florence Nightingale Agency provides care and support to enable you to remain in your own home.

Putting Heart into Community Care Nelson 03 548 0623

 Household Management & Personal Care  Private Care  Care of the Elderly

Available from Prices Pharmacy 7 Day Pharmacy, 296 Hardy Street, Nelson


TUESDAY 25 January 2011


Retirement & Beyond Nelson Honey specialises in utilizing the healing properties of honey to produce a range of enhanced bee products and honeys blended with venom, propolis, berry concentrates and essential oils. Nelson Honey has an established research and development programme and is also one of New Zealand’s largest pollen producers. Bee pollen can have positive effects on the immune system and allergies, boosting overall strength and vitality, while honey is beneficial for a wide range of disorders and nutritional imbalances. Their Nectar Ease product range combines the anti-inflammatory properties of bee venom with the anti-bacterial action of manuka honey and is especially beneficial for sufferers of arthritic pain. To aid relief externally, try Nelson Honey’s Nectar Balm, a topical cream for use on localized areas of pain. This soothing product is a must in everyone’s medical cabinet. Is your home safe? Do you keep yourself safe? Age Concern would like to help you with these questions by bringing together the experts and sharing a day together, as well as a free lunch. They are offering two informative courses on home and personal safety, for older people-one in Nelson and one in Richmond. The courses will be run by Age Concern and facilitated by the police, fire service, local councils and civil defence. Participants receive a free home ‘fire safety audit’ and a very informative home and personal safety reference book. These very popular FREE courses have been successfully run in Canterbury for two years. Register your interest quickly as there are only 30 places per course. Dates are 23 and 24 February. For more information or to register contact Sue at Age Concern on 544 7624

Home and Personal Safety Courses Age Concern Nelson’s Home and Personal Safety Courses are facilitated by NZ Police, NZ Fire Service, Neighbourhood Support Nelson, Civil Defence Emergency Management and Age Concern.

The courses are for people over the age of 60. They provide factual information and tips on how to keep yourself free from harm and your home safe. Having attended one of these courses you will be provided with a free home safety audit and the installation of a tamper free smoke detector. Two Home and Personal Safety courses will be held in Community Facilities on 23rd and 24th February from 9.30am to 3.00pm with a complimentary lunch. (Numbers are limited) To book now please phone Age Concern Nelson on 544 7624 or email Sue at

Nectar Ease Sample Pack

Contains 120g Nectar Ease, plus 10g Nectar Balm. Enough product for a 2 week trial. The original aches and pains relieving honey.

D Please send my $5 Sample Pack ($5 enclosed) to: Name ........................................................................ Address .................................................................... .................................................................................... Please tick to be added to our mailing list

Send to: Nelson Honey and Marketing (NZ) Ltd, 276 SH6, Motupiko, RD2, Nelson 7072

Daniel Hawke, of Career Services, busy helping people decide on their career path. It is a busy time of year for the government agency and people look for a new direction in the new year. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Career advisor helps shape dreams Career advisor Daniel Hawke speaks to Nelson Weekly about continuously looking for work in our series, Your People, At Work. As a consultant for Career Services we deliver information, advice and guidance so people can make informed decisions about their career paths. We open to the general public who ask for our advice, and that can be anything from ‘I don’t know what it is that I want to do’, ‘I’ve just been made redundant, what do I do now?’ People just generally want a change. The most common thing is people wanting something different. They say they’ve done this for ‘x’ amount of years, now they want to do something else. We help identify what skills that the person really appreciates and value from the work that they’ve done in the past and want to use in the future. They might be good at certain things and want to do develop this skills further. So I help identify, with them, a plan do get to that stage. Do they need to do further training? do they need to review their CV so it’s targeted for a particular area of work? This job is not just about people coming in to the office. It’s about us reaching out to people. We do that in a one on one thing but we also do a lot of group work. We work with people at the New Hub or groups through places like Work and Income New Zealand, Abel Tasman Trust and Education and Whenua Iti. We go out with students on those programs and just do career and education planning in there. There is heaps of variety and different ways that we access local people. I cover Nelson to Motueka and all down the West Coast over to Marlborough too. We’re quite busy and create our own work. So the busier we are in the community and talking to different people then the busier we are in the office. The age of the people enquiring varies. There’s lots of young people who get their NCEA results, but now have to think what they want to do. We try to appeal to younger New Zealanders. But ‘any age any stage,’ is the lingo. Theres no process in place when we talk to each

individual. If there was, it would be too scripted a lot of the time. The way I go about it is finding out what the person is really in to, their values and interests and skills they think are particularly important to them and their future career possibilities. A lot of people in Nelson now are exploring things they are really keen on. They all do something that they value. It’s very important that people are doing jobs they enjoy. They just think that maybe it’s not me anymore. We all change and go through different things. It’s good to get that opportunity. Careers is not just about the job to me, it’s about the whole life that you’re living. So what else balances out your life? Is it sport, performing or is it family or having a job that you can get time off to walk your dog? Having that whole balance in life is key. I’ve just been working with this young fella at the moment. He done his CV Wednesday, went out and applied for a job and came in and visited and said he’s got a job interview. So he’s back in today so we’re going over what questions he’s likely to be asked at a job interview and how he should go about answering them. What is important is people are able to learn. Maybe it wasn’t right for them, but was their parts you did enjoy? Where else can you take your career? There’s heaps of options in Nelson. We are actually quite lucky with the training around. I love my job, just getting to be around people all the time. I get to talk and share some experiences when people are making some pretty big choices. I believe everyone has their own answers inside them. The trick to what I do is listen and get them to bring it out so they’re answering their own questions. You feel good going home at the end of the day after doing that. It’s choice.

This Week

16 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

The Harbour Master’s


• Five container vessels, two big car carriers, two log ships, a tanker, seven large fishing vessels arriving or moving about the port, several small vessels of the fishing fleet came and went over the past week. The rig tender vessel the Marsol Pride mobilised for action, and the HMNZ Pukaki arrived for provisioning. (Welcome back). • It was disappointing this week that the Harbour Master and council staff had to speak to so many boaties about speeding in various parts of the Port. On more than one occasion we also had to redirect the state of play for some who did not have a lookout whilst towing a biscuit or a ski. • I will have more facts for you next week however I am led to believe there have been over 30 water related incidents responded to by police during the holiday period. The latest one was a swimmer believed to be missing, subsequently found further down the beach alive and well. • Please keep an eye on your friends and family and if you’re going for a swim or a boat ride tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. If someone is overdue, don’t leave it for hours before raising the alarm. Remember to check the weather, always wear your lifejackets. Safe boating. If in doubt, don’t go out, Dave Duncan, Harbour Master/Marine Operations Manager.

Richmond Mall manager David Hill with some of the entries put in the brand new Geely MK Hatch which will be given away by the Mall next week. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Car giveaway getting plenty of attention Entries for the Richmond Mall car promotion are still open. The Mall will be giving away a Geely MK Hatch on February 1, with January 31 being the last day for entries. Getting in the draw is easy – simply purchase anything from any of the stores in the mall and put your receipt, with your name and phone number on the back,

into the car located inside the mall. “The number of entries has pleasantly surprised everyone,” says Richmond Mall centre manager David Hill. Making the promotion even better are the five $100 mall vouchers given away each week. With only one week remaining, David says this is easily the most successful pro-

motion he has run. “I’ve been putting receipts under the car seats and everywhere else but the car is still nearly full.” The lucky winner of the car will be able to drive it away on the day, and David says he is excited about the prospect of giving such a great prize to a shopper from the Richmond Mall.

Sarau blackcurrant festival back for 2011

A giant ship making its way out of Port Nelson last week.

The regions famous blackcurrant festival is back in the Moutere this weekend with even more events to tempt people. The Sarau Festival is an excit-

ing annual event to celebrate all the Moutere region has to offer. The fourth festival at Moutere Hills Community Centre in Upper Moutere Village is set

to be another wonderful family oriented afternoon and evening of fun. The vibrant country market of local produce, wares and curios also includes the Moutere

Valley Mountain Bike race, cooking demonstrations, live music and even a stone craving workshop. The Sarau Festival starts at 4pm this Sunday, January 30.

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TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Beauty comes to Buxton

Bring in this advert, pay $10 and receive a $25 voucher

CALL NELSON 03 546 8649 OR EMAIL INFO@FBHR.CO.NZ. OUR WEBSITE IS WWW.FBHR.CO.NZ • Recruitment • Temps • Human Resources • Business Services


Hair Design

Cutting & Colouring at affordable prices

Ph 539 0187


Mon & late nights: By Appointment Tues - Thurs: 9:30am to 4:30pm Fri: 9:30am to 5:00pm Sat: 9:30am to 2:30pm


PICTURE FRAMING Framing Specialist:

 Tapestries  Photographs  Oil Paintings

 Certificates  Diplomas  Medals

out k c e Ch r new ou uty Bea on Sal


More than just a carpark... Buxton Square a gateway to the city For hundreds of Nelson shoppers each week Buxton Square is the gateway to the city – a gateway that is a shopping destination in its own right. The square is surrounded by thriving businesses and includes a small park that is a favourite lunch stop for families and busy office workers. In Buxton Square you will find businesses ranging from restaurants to hairdressers and beauty therapists to lawyers, design companies and much more. It is a place to explore and of course there is no shortage of parking! So next time you visit Buxton Square take a look around at what it has to offer visit some of the friendly businesses.

78 Buxton Sq, Nelson Ph/Fax: 03 5488 090

nelson beauty therapy 3 Alma Lane, Buxton Square, Nelson, 546 8474

A Prudent New Years Resolution Are you certain that your current investment strategy has the highest likelihood of meeting your needs and achieving your financial goals? If you’re a personal investor, trustee, or a professional client adviser, we would welcome meeting with you to undertake a review of your current investment strategy. Bradley Nuttall was established in 1994, having six offices throughout the country offering independent advice and consultancy services on a fee only basis.

Ph 03 5394240

Email Buxton Square


Ph: 546 8670 or 0274 312 874

Quinovic’s experienced people and superior systems ensure owners enjoy peace of mind wherever they are, thanks to the most effective and reliable residential property management service in the market today.

 Specialising in taxation services  Full range of accounting services for business and individuals

 Payroll and business development services.

15 Buxton Square Nelson Ph: 539 4425






Friendly accountants providing a comprehensive range of practical accounting services for today’s economic environment.



Live your life as you’d like to


Belinda Clark




Residential, farm & commercial sales & purchases Subdivision Building contracts Company law and business formations Trusts Wills and estates



     






Ph: 546 8898


18 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

HIGH ACHEIVER: Dee Anderson is Nelson’s only hurdle’s runner, but that isn’t stopping her aiming high. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

IN BRIEF FooTbAll After scoring in front of his home crowd, Gagame Feni was gifted a start in Canterbury United’s 3-2 victory over YoungHeart Manawatu last weekend. While he failed to score in only his second start of the ASB Premiership, he will be happy to pick up all three points for the first time in seven matches, as Canterbury try to save their season. Nelson’s Michael White started for Manawatu and the crowd figures returned to normal service after a strong showing in Nelson. Only 200 spectators turned up in Palmerston North.

FooTbAll Alex Ridsdale is one step away from the FIFA U-17 World Cup Mexico after his Young All Whites’ side won the Oceania qualifying tournament, beating Tahiti 2-0 in the final. The Nayland College product struggled for game-time in Auckland, but will be hoping his cameos were enough to impress coach Steve Cain. If Alex is selected, he could possibly play at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, the incredible stadium has a capacity of over 105,000. The tournament kicks off June 18.

In a league of her own Phillip Rollo Hurdler Dee Anderson has never lost a race in Nelson. And while the former Nelson College for Girls student hopes that perfect run continues, some competition would also be welcoming. Ever since she took up the sport, Dee has been one of the only competitive hurdlers in the region, and is still the only girl training or competing in hurdles during the Athletics Nelson season. Her record of wins even survived a fall midway through a race in Blenheim. But she still got back up in time to take victory over the less competitive Marlborough athletes. Dee decided to start hurdles in year 11 after hearing about it at school. Her then Physical Education teacher, Tom Vaughan, was the sprint coach for Nelson Athletics

and his wife, Louise, took hurdles. She then went on to compete at South Island and national level with Nelson College for Girls. But since the couple moved back to the United Kingdom, there was no specialist hurdle coach in the region. “After she left, I just did some sprinting. It was kind of hard to do anything about it. I guess it was good to just work on my speed because I hadn’t done a lot on that,” Dee says. The major downside of having to spend her whole season doing sprint training, apart from no way to improve in her chosen sport, Dee doesn’t like sprinting and finds it boring. But after spending last summer without a coach, Dee is now in safe hands in Dunedin, studying at Otago University.

F R I D AY 2 8 J A N U A R Y

NZ TQ Midget Champs

10 x 4 Speedway NZ TQ Midget Champs

PLUS Quarter Midget Invitation S AT U R D AY 2 9 J A N U A R Y

PLUS Quarter Midget Invitation & Stockcar Triples Gates Open 6pm Racing Starts 7pm Adults $15. Members, Children & Pemsioners $7. Family Pass $30

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park


Still Nelson’s Best Entertainment

rUnning Simon Mardon made his first appearance last Tuesday in the Sprig and Fern Nelson Striders Summer Series 3km and it was a good one as he stretched out recording 9 minutes 14 seconds down the Maitai Valley Rd. But 12 seconds outside his estimate without a watch left him empty handed when he headed home as eleven others were closer. Neil Taylor, the best, running exactly to his prediction and taking home a turkey. Tonight (Tuesday) the distance steps up to 5km (from the upper Maitai Camp), walkers starting at 6.00pm and runners ten minutes later.

With Nelson high jumper Andrew Moore also based down south, he suggested Dee joined his training group, which is coached by hurdler Megan Gibbons and features a handful of other hurdlers. “It’s really cool. We have two main coaches and there’s heaps of jumpers and sprinters, and we do speed and our reps together. Then on other days I do hurdles.” Dee and Andrew will both be competing for Otago at the New Zealand Track and Field Championship at the end of the season. “It was probably best to go with the Dunedin club because that’s where my actual coach is and if I need funding for events.” Her goal will be to make the finals, but first Dee’s attention will be on helping Nelson recapture the Mahar Cup on February 5 at Saxton Field.



View us online

If you want to; - get fit - meet people - have fun - play a sport - be part of a team - improve your skills & knowledge

Stoke Women’s Rugby Team is recruiting for the 2011 season - no experience needed - our coaches can help assist you Contact Abbie on 021 548 959 for training times and pre-season activities


TUESDAY 25 January 2011


Volleyball heats up at Tahuna beach for social league

GET IT: Hayley Ottman, 16, and Jackson Ottman, 13, practice their beach volleyball skils at Tahuna Beach. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Skate Tour draws more than 100 entries The Richmond segment of the Tasman Skatepark Tour saw close to 100 entrants in three different categories. Skaters, BMXers and those preferring scooters brought their wheels, and a bit of bravery, to the Richmond skatepark on Saturday. A large contingent from Nelson made the trek to Richmond to compete, especially in the BMX section. The tour had already visited places such as Tapawera and Brightwater so over the weekend it was Richmond’s turn to see the carnage. There weren’t any tears, as all those entering were made of tough stuff and were after the top prize, a deck or voucher from Cheapskates. With junior sections in each category a range of talent was on show for the large crowd that gathered.

An action packed beach volleyball schedule will be serving up more fun over the summer. The main attraction will be the return of the four-a-side summer social league which starts on February 2. The league is for fun and marginally competitive play. You can come along by yourself or bring a team. Cost is $32 for the season or $4 per day. At the conclusion of the tournament, there will be an award ceremony at 623 on the Rocks with prizes given out to those who stand out in a more social nature. Jace Hobbs, who runs the program, has a long history in the sport and hails from Hawaii. The tournament will be on every Wednesday 5:30pm at the Tahunanui Beach volleyball courts next to the Beach Cafe. Contact Jace at 5451122 or 0210511666 or show up on Wednesday February 2. Also coming up will be the King and Queeen of the beach tournament where competitors will be teamed up with a different partner for each match. That competition will be $10 and starts February 13 at 2pm. Jace also runs coaching clinic for 17 yearolds through to adult players on February 13 at 10am.

One taste is all it takes

Fresh daily – quality baking

• pies • filled rolls • savories • cakes • muffins • deserts and quiches • eat in or takeaway


“Stoke’s Original Bakery”

510 Main Road, Stoke Ph (03) 547 6998 Open: Mon - Fri 5.00am – 5.00pm Sat 5.00am – 1.30pm

HIGH FLYER: Zephyr McGowan was the winner of the junior BMX section at the Tasman Skatepark Tour on Saturday. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Tonneau Covers from $250 Made to order Full range of colours available Quick turnaround Free Quote Unit 4, 72 Oxford Street, Richmond Ph/Fax: 544 6352

Got sports news? Phone us first on 548 4949

Nayland College’s Community Education Sample of courses: something for everyone! For BuSiNESS: Business Planning & Goal Setting - Whether prospective or existing business owners, invest time ON your business with this practical course. Wed 23 Feb 7-8.30pm, 6 wks, $85. Tutor: Ruth Fegan.

MYoB - Beginners Thurs 24 Feb 6.30-8.30pm, 6 wks, $99 Advanced Sat 2 & 9 Apr. Tutor: Laura McIntyre.

For houSEhold MaNaGEMENT: Cooking - The World on a Plate – Mon 14 Feb, 5 weeks, $80 +

ingredients. Tutor: Joc Winters

Grow it - Vegetable Gardens – Thurs 10 Feb 6.30-8.30pm,

10 wks, $45-$65

homeopathy First aid – Ideal for parents, people living rural

Waimea Old Boys Rugby Club Inc All new and intending players are invited to attend pre season training at Jubilee Park Richmond starting

Friday 28 January at 5.30pm Aaron Honey Ph: 547 1767

Wayne Oldham Ph: 027 481 7237

Duane Whiting President


20 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Demo derby revs up Speedway crowd

Andrew Kennedy stole the show in the sprints at the latest Twilight meeting at Saxton Field on Friday. In the cold conditions, Andrew recorded times of 7.1 seconds in the 60m, and 11.0 seconds over 100m. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

STOKE CLASSICS RUGBY TEAM We are looking for all past and present 3rd Division players that are keen to resurrect the Stoke Classics.

If you are interested, please come along for a game of touch to Greenmeadows on

WEDNESDAY 26 JANUARY at 6.00pm For further info please contact Mark Arthur on 027 4133 616 (ph or txt after 4pm)

Steve Thomas really didn’t want to smash up his car. But the Nelson man will be counting his lucky stars this week after winning the demolition derby at the Nelson Speedway on Saturday night. Steve says he wasn’t too keen to enter his Mazda MPV in the annual event but after his “old man” gave him a monetary incentive he decided to give it a go. “It was quite exciting, especially to get to the top six,” Steve says. The van was prepared well, with a good battery, so Steve was confident he would do quite well. “But after going round with the chequered flag it just died. It starts now but I think it was just a bit hot,” Steve says. With only one demolition derby under his belt before Saturday’s event Steve was hoping he’d get lucky. “My old man has won one before though. Normally I do

TAKE THAT: Jon Jimmink (16) attempts to flip Shannon Marr (73) at the Nelson Speedway on Saturday night. Photo: Photoaction.

stockcar racing but I’ll be on the lookout for another derby in the future.” With the demolition derby taking on a new format this year, president of the Nelson Speedway Club Kris Carpenter says the action on Saturday night was great. “We used to go to the last car

standing but now it’s through to the top six and then the cars left grid up and then sprint to the finish.” The totalled cars are left on the track, so the sprint involves a bit of dodging. “It just speeds things up a bit, because sometimes you’d be down to the last two and

they’d be on opposite sides of the track.” Kris says the whole evening went really well. “The crowd was bigger than normal, certainly more than we expected.” That will put the crowd in good spirits ahead of the NZ title race this weekend.

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House For rent

TUESDAY 25 January 2011


public notices


for rENT - BriGHTWATEr

3 bedroom house, Fenced, Double Garage. $340 per week. short term, immediate occupation through to June/July 2011 enquires please ring 5423 335 or 021 256 2964

House For rent

Date: location: Viewing:

Sat 29 January 2011 at 1.00pm On site 86 Bridge St, Nelson (BBB) Fri 28 Jan 10am-2pm, 5pm-7pm Sat 29th Jan from 10am Registration: 10am-12:30pm The entire contents of the Restaurant know as Bloody Big Burgers (BBB) will be sold by a licensed auctioneer. Items only had 6 months use and are as new. Items Include: Reception Counter, Electronic Menu Boards, Tables, Chairs, Stools, Signs, 10.5m Bar Counter, Cash Register, Refrigeration Cabinet x 3, Wega Espresso Coffee Machine, Grinder, Freezers, Chip Warmer, 2 x 2 Deep fat fryers, Griller, Hot Plate, Large Toaster, 4 Burner Oven, Stainless Steal (SS) Sink Bench plus arm, Starline Dishwasher, Computing Scales, Meat ball maker, Big Dipper Grease Trap, Vege Cutter, Food Cutter, SS benches, Food Mixer, Chest Freezer, SS Shelf Unit, Microwave, Ice Machine, Equipment (pots pans utensils) Food containers, Mirror, Vacuum, Fabric Chairs x 20, Gas Fittings, Bread Warmer/Riser. Plus lots more.....

Enquiries: call Scott Dodd on 027 5466 933


Motorcycle Training Course

Dates for upcoming courses  Sunday 20 February intermediate riders  Saturday 26 February intermediate to  Sunday 27 February  Saturday 2 April  Sunday 3 April

advanced riders advanced riders intermediate riders advanced riders

These courses are held in Richmond or Nelson, but if you want a course brought to Golden Bay, Motueka or Murchison then please contact me for details. Contact:

Krista Hobday - Tasman District Council 03 543 8551 or

GET fiT for SUmmEr


Dr. John Broomfield

Anthropologist Author of ‘Other Ways of Knowing’

“Creating the Life You Want” Te Wairua, Pelorus Sound March 12-18, 2011

Joyful, practical and playful week of shamanic practice in private nature reserve. Photos and workshop information: For brochure, contact John Phone: (03) 576-5048 Fax: (03) 576-5148 Email:

BATTLE OF THE BANDS 19 MARCH 2011 Apply now for your chance to take on the competition

Phone The Belgrove Inn

541 8105

Phone 0800111313 to rent or lease

Two offices available, long term central city, with shared reception etc. Very reasonable rent for good tenant(s).

Please call Steve

0275 449448

How to contact us

Ph 548 4949


Tel Dot: 021 0243 7666

rent treadmills, X trainers, bikes or rowers, 1/2 price deal on now

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public notices

2 b/room, pet friendly furnished accommodation required for 3 months for tidy professional couple and dog. Nelson / Richmond area. For rent

for rENT - BriGHTWATEr

3 bedroom house, Fenced Double Garage. $340 per week. immediate occupation possible enquires please ring 5423 335 or 021 256 2964


Nelson Weekly Level 1, Trafalgar House Cnr of Selwyn Pl & Trafalgar Sq Po Box 3308, Nelson Ph 548 4949 fax 03 5484947 News & Sports andrew board Advertising Sales sarah Delaney Advertising Sales Gretchen Griffin Design / Prepress Jane binskin missed Deliveries ph 0800 938555

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22 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Nelson-Tasman Relay For Life Anniversary Gathering & Garden Dedication. Thursday 3 March 2011, Tahunanui Playing Fields (near the tennis courts) 5.30pm-6.00pm (rain or shine). Please join us as we scatter ashes from candle bags that encircled the Relay track. Tony Barnett will conduct a special ceremony followed by the scattering ashes in a native garden. RSVPs appreciated. Cancer Society – Nelson Centre 539 3662 ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS and for Intermediate Level students. A fun and practical ten week course for both levels in the basics of Italian pronunciation and communication-with a dash of culture and music.Wednesdays at Club Italia, 9Trafalgar Street. Beginners-7 pm, Intermediate level-8pm. Bookings required. For enrolments or more info please phone Joe Rifici 545-6046 English Conversation Group weekly meetings start again Wednesday 26th January, 4.30 to 6.00pm in the main hall behindTrinity Church, Nile Street. This is Free, very casual, non religious and non racial. Foreign students, new residents and visitors always welcome. For information please phone Bill Kearns 548.5844. Victory Seniors Tuesday 25th January 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Cards, games, cuppa and chat . All welcome. Victory Community Anglican Church 238 Vanguard Street. Any enquiries Shirley 5471433 BUMPER SUMMER BOOKSALE Activity Room, Nelson Library. 10am-6pm Friday 4 February, 10am - 1pm Saturday 5 February. Mostly nonfiction books Topics range from Arts and Crafts to Religion and Sport. Bargain prices, mostly $1 and $2 except for special books. Something for all booklovers. Friends of the Nelson Library. Andrea., 5460403 SINGLE and over 30 years old? Celebrate being single at Duck Soup on Sun 6 Feb at 623 In The City from 7.30pm and meet new friends. All details on or call Adrienne 544-2088. Start 2011 with a positive step. Phone 0800 ACTIVE (0800 22 84 83) to find out how a referral to the Green Prescription free support service could help you feel fitter, healthier and happier. Information, encouragement and motivation to suit your timetable, your budget, your life. Introduction to Meditation Reduce stress and enhance well-being. Tues Evenings 7-8.30pm 1,8,15,22 Feb / 1,15,22,29 March. Hearing Association Rooms, 354 Trafalgar Sq; Nelson $10/ class. Details Alan Chandrakirti Meditation Centre (03)5432021 Chat about Buddhism Explore Buddhist philosophy to enhance well being. Includes meditation. Thurs Morns 10.30-12 noon 27 Jan/3 & 10 Feb/3 & 17 March. Arcadia Organics Café; 265 High St Motueka $10/class . Details Alan Chandrakirti Meditation Centre (03)5432021 Chat about Buddhism Explore Buddhist philosophy to enhance well being Includes meditation. Tuesday mornings 10.30-12 noon 1,8,15 Feb /1 & 15 March. Held at Chandrakirti Meditation Centre $10/class. Details Alan (03)5432021 Traveller’s Rest Freehouse - Hangi on Waitangi 12-9pm Sunday 6th Feb at Traveller’s Rest Freehouse on Appleby Highway, hangi goes down at 1pm and comes up at 6pm, live music all day including Paul Madsen, bouncy castle, Flossie the balloon lady, facepainting. Loads of parking. It’s a free event, there are opportunities to buy food and drink but there is no charge for entry and no compulsion to buy anything. UNIVERSAL VALUES FOR CHILDREN. Weekly sessions for children to participate in a program designed to introduce them to universal values of kindness, sharing,giving,friendship, respect ect. And how to put these values into practice. Sessions include yoga, stories, creativity and FUN. Conducted by experienced teachers. For information please contact PH 5487511. Nelson Tramping Club. Jan 29 Saturday. Cable Bay walkway. Easy. $3. Ross 538 0064. Jan 29-31. Mt Travers. Fit. $18. Pat 5391340 Waimea Tramping Club. Wed Feb 2, slides of North Queensland, 7.30pm Fish & Game Council Rooms, Champion Road Richmond. Sun Feb 6, Foxhill bike ride, easy, ph Pat 548 6888 or Katie 547 7850. Isel House . Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 4pm, entry by donation. Nelson Cadet Unit. Training begins, Tues Feb 8, with a night for NCOs only. First night of regular training, Tuesday February 15. Dress 1D (SDAR) for both. New members will be accepted in the first 3 weeks of each term. For inquires or information about joining email or visit Greenacres Golf Club. MixedVets Day – Mon 31 Jan. Report by 9.30 for 10.00am start. Entry Fee:

$6 Can phone 544 6441 to book or turn up on day. Enquiries Mavis 547 6626 or Elaine 544 5227. Learn to play golf. Greenacres Golf Club welcomes you to join our new intake of 9 and 18 hole Golfers and learn to play. 5 weeks of tuition with our Professional, commencing Thurs 24 Feb @ 10am. $7 per session equipment provided. Greenacres offer 9 or 18 hole membership. Inquiries Jean McConachie 5446921. Deidre 5472481. Golf lesson bookings please phone the Professional 5446441. Gain a Diploma in Ceramics. We offer full or part-time course conducted by Otago Polytechnic at Ranzau Road Hope in our fully equipped building. Enrol now to start end of February. Enquire 544.5172 or a/h 543.2470 (Rita). E-mail: or School of Art Pottery classes . Start 9 Feb. 10 am at Craft Potters, Ranzau Road Hope. Tutor Charles Shaw. All levels of experience catered for in well equipped rooms (heated in winter). Book: 544.5172 Mountain Safety Council Nelson Branch. Next monthly meeting: Tuesday 8th February 7.30pm, at the Nelson Fish & Game rooms, 66 Champion Road, Richmond. Current and interested members welcome. Ph Justin 543 7001 . River Safety Course. Mountain Safety Council Course. Saturday 26th February.Theory & Practical session $25, ¾ Day. Designed for; Trampers, Walkers, Mountaineers, Hunters etc. Application forms on .Phone Justin 03 543 7001 anytime. Outdoor First Aid Course. Mountain Safety Council Course. 26 & 27 March. Designed for; Trampers, Walkers, Mountaineers, Hunters etc. Strongly featuring outdoor scenarios. Includes OFA Manual & NZQA credits available. Application forms on Questions to Evelyn 03 547 2426. Relating Well in New Zealand a free programme providing migrants with knowledge and skills for settling successfully in New Zealand. Sat 12 February 2011 9-4pm. 142 Collingwood Street, Nelson. To register, please phone Relationship Services on 548 0904 or email nelson@relationships. by 5 February 2011. PAM’S TAPDANCING FOR FUN welcomes you to its 2011 classes. Special, fun class, Tuesday mornings for pre-schoolers and Home Schooled children, now being offered. Ph. Pam 545-1557 to enrol. Volunteer with Refugees Attend Refugee Services weekend training course February 1113 to learn how you can assist the resettlement of refugees to Nelson. Free Course with NZQA certification. Great opportunity to learn about other cultures while making new friends and helping others. Phone (03)548-4978 or email brittany. NELSON RAILWAY SOCIETY: the train or railcar will be running daily from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm, beginning on Boxing Day December 26 until Sunday January 30 weather permitting. Pottery Classes with Ross Richards at Nelson Community Potters. 10 week course starting Tuesday Feb 8th; 7- 9 pm.$120.00 for non-members, $110.00 for members. Phone 5475252 to book your place. The NZ Summer School Choir will give two Cathedral concerts - Thursday 27 January 7.30pm and Friday 28 January at 2pm. Two major works by Durufle and Gounod - Requiem and Mass. The original bass voice in The King’s Singers, Brian Kay, with accompanist Alan Gray (organ).Tel: 545 2259. Breast Cancer Support Group Next meeting Tuesday 8 February from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, Nick Smith’s Rooms, Quarantine Road, Stoke. Phone Valda 03 547 4905 for further information. Lymphoedema Support Group Next meeting Monday 21 February from 10.00am to 11.30am, 29 MonacoView, Stoke. Phone Cheryl 03 547 3590 for further information. Partners and Carers of Cancer Patients Support Group Commencing Tuesday 8 February at 7.30pm. This is a free six week facilitated course. Please register with the Cancer Society Nelson, phone 539 3662. Prostate Cancer Support Group Next meeting Thursday 3 February from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, Broadgreen House, Nayland Road, Stoke. Phone Ian 03 547 3373 for further information. ZENDA Belly Dance Summer Sessions with Gretchen and friends.Thursday nights Jan 6th -Feb 3rd, St John’s Church Hall Hardy St 6pm - 7pm, $7.00, all levels welcome. Ph: 548 8707 REGULAR EVENTS LIFELINE cares – feeling lonely? Need someone to talk over your hassles with? Phone Lifeline 546

8899 or toll free 0800 543 354. Counselling – LifeLine Nelson – Face to Face individual counselling. Free up to 10 sessions. Phone 546 8899 McCashins Brewery Summer Saturday Market “It’s all happening in Stoke ... Live music, food stalls, fresh produce, crafts, car boot stalls, bouncy castle, and cold beer, lemonade and cider in our new beer garden.” Free bouncy castle every Wednesday at McCashins Brewery and Cafe, 660 Main Road, Stoke with a child friendly play area”. Beach League Volleyball Summer beach series - join the fun with a team of four. Every Weds at 5.30pm. Double league every Sunday 4pm. Walkin’s for day welcome. Only $34 season fee per player. Call Jace 5451122 or 0210511666. Waimarama Community Gardens, Brook Valley –“Give a hand and learn a lot!” Experienced gardeners & volunteers meet every Friday 4 to 6 pm. Composting with Adrian – “Help & Learn!”, every second Thursday from 9.30 am. Small amounts of compost available for those who help make it, please bring bag or container. All sessions are free, just turn up! Enquiries 548 4575 or Playgroup, Victory Community Playgroup. 9 - 11.30am Tuesday & Thursday, also Pasifica session 12 - 2.30pm Thursday. All children 0 - 5yrs welcome. Gold coin donation provides morning tea for children, tea and coffee for adults. Come and join the fun! Phone Nicole 539 4578 or Bonnie 545 6203, 0274342333. Track Cycling Trafalgar Park every Wednesday 5.30pm -7.30pm. 15 years plus. For Roadies and Trackies. Track bikes and shoes available – just bring your helmet and gloves. Enquiries ph Ralph 021 723 668 or Murray 027 645 0033. The Sprig & Fern 20/20 Nelson Summer Cricket – Fun Social & semi-serious. Hard ball & all 20/20 rules apply $2 per person ($20 for 10 matches) Venue-Botanics cricket field 6pm start (sharp) Started Thursday 4th November thru until February 2011 Numbers limited. To register contact Veterans Badminton Thursday nights 7.30pm to 9pm $3 Cost per night. All over 35 yr olds welcome. Fun and fitness, Stoke Memorial Hall Main Road Stoke. Ph 547-2366 for more info. Tahunanui Women’s Tennis Wednesday mornings from 9.30 am. Phone Coordinator Anne 5477043 for more information. Badminton Social - Monday nights 7.30pm to 9pm/ $3 Cost per night. All levels and ages welcome. Fun and fitness Stoke Memorial Hall Main Road Ph 547-2366 for more info. Overeaters Anonymous FOOD is it a problem for you? Overeaters Anonymous works! Ph 546 4121 Duck Soup Has generated hundreds of opportunities for singles over 30 to meet partners, friends & buddies.Whether you’re new to town or interested in expanding your social network after a break-up, Duck Soup will provide that opportunity for you too. More info on Broadgreen Historic House Open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm - closed on Christmas Day. Adults $6.00 Seniors $5.00 Children $2.00 Fun Run/Walk Monaco - Come along every Monday night till the end of daylight savings and Run or Walk around the picturesque Monaco Peninsula. Entry at The Honest Lawyer just $5 from 5.30pm. Walkers off at 6.00pm, Runners at 6.15pm. Prize giving at The Honest Lawyer from 7.30pm. Entry Fee includes 1 free drink and spot prize eligibility. Make it your regular Monday Night. Look forward to seeing you there. Nelson Community Potters on Rutherford St. has well equipped club rooms with wheels, tools, kilns etc. Phone 547 5252 to join the creative fun. Track Cycling All Go for 2011. Track cycling is back on track at Trafalgar Park for 2011 with the race meets into full swing every Wednesday staring at 5.30pm. Many cyclists have just completed the strenuous Tour de Vineyards and Tour de Femme so are now rested and ready to come to the track to help lift their speed. Cycling Tasman Academy has set up an exciting weekly series with up to $500 in prizes with weekly spot draws for club competitors. The series runs for 6 weeks and will ensure some pretty enthralling racing each week. The Academy has track bikes and special track shoes to loan out to new riders. The highlights for the track season are coming very soon with the Nelson –Marlborough Centre Championships to be held in Blenheim on January 29 with the NZ age group and elite track champs in Invercargill just a few weeks later. There are already a developing group of sharp young riders training


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24 TUESDAY 25 January 2011

Direct to you! $8,980 Holden AstrA City HAtCH 2004 These are a very popular hatch with great interior space and is NZ new. It has a peppy 1800cc engine and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has a roofrack, electric windows, air conditioning, CD, remote central locking and 2 airbags. It has just had a new WOF.

$12,980 MAzdA 6 GsX WAGon 2005 Come join the Mazda 6 revolution. These are an extremely popular wagon and here is why. It has a peppy 2300cc engine and is automatic. The interior has space comparable to a Falcon or Commodore. It also has 8 airbags, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, remote central locking.

$8,980 toyotA CAMry Altise 2004 This is a very clean and tidy car. Its interior is in very tidy condition and the cabin space would be comparable to a Commodore or Falcon. It has a peppy 2400cc engine and is automatic. It also has 4 airbags, ABS brakes, factory CD, electric windows and mirrors, airconditioning and a towbar. This has a chain driven engine not a cambelt. The paintwork is also very tidy apart from some very light stone chipping on the bonnett and front bumper but is otherwise in very good condition for its year and mileage


$6,980 toyotA HiluX 2Wd ute 1998 An ideal handyman or tradesmans ute at great value for money. It is NZ new. It has a peppy 2400cc engine and is 5 speed. The interior is in tidy condition apart from the drivers side mat is well worn. It also has a canopy, towbar and tuffdeck. The paintwork is generally tidy for its year and mileage with only a few small marks here and there.

toyotA CorollA WAGon Gl 2005 These Corolla wagons seem to be proving very popular for both company use and as every day family cars. This is NZ new and has had 1 owner. The interior is very spacious and in tidy condition. It has an 1800cc engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has ABS brakes, 2 airbags, air conditioning, factory CD and remote central locking. The paintwork is generally very tidy for its year and mileage.


$5,980 nissAn PriMerA WAGon 1997 It not often you find a wagon of this age in such good condition and with low ks. It has had 1 owner in NZ since being imported from Japan and its condition is a real credit to its previous owner. The interior is in very good condition. It has a peppy 2000cc fuel injected engine and is CVT automatic. It also has 2 airbags, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloy wheels and bodykit, roof spoiler, CD and climate air conditioning.

toyotA CorollA Gl HAtCH 2006 These would be one of the most popular cars sold in NZ today. It is NZ new. The interior is in very tidy condition. It has a 1800cc fuel injected engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has ABS brakes, electric front windows and mirrors, 2 airbags, CD, air conditioning and remote central locking. The paintwork is generally in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.

$4,980 toyotA duet HAtCH 1998 This is an ideal girl’s car or second family car. It has had 1 elderly man owner since being imported from Japan. The interior is in immaculate condition. It also has 2 airbags, air conditioning, CD & cassette, central locking, ABS brakes, Electric windows and mirrors. It has service history available from its old owner. It has also had the cambelt replaced.

$9,980 Holden BArinA HAtCHBACk 2007 Hows this for great value. This is NZ new and has been on a full maintainance program from new. Would be ideal for those wanting a thrifty car for commuting or a second family car. It has a peppy 1600cc engine and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has a roof spoiler, 2 airbags, CD, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking and factory alloy wheels.

$4,980 Holden AstrA City 2001 This is a really tidy little car. It is NZ new, is 1800cc and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It has aftermarket alloy wheels, 2 airbags and airconditioning. The paintwork has the odd minor scratch here and there but you would say that it is in very tidy condition for its year and mileage. The cambelt was last done at 80000km..


$10,980 $6,980 MAzdA e2000 VAn 2000 Well this would be a great van for the handyman or tradesman. It is a 1 owner and is NZ new. It has only done 123km. The interior is generally very tidy. It has a peppy 2000cc engine and is 5 speed. It also has a towbar and some extra shelving in the rear. It has just had a new WOF

toyotA CAMry Gl 2007 This Camry is NZ new and is 1 owner. It has been an ex lease company car. The interior is in very tidy condition. This has an amazing amount of interior space and would be comparable to any Falcon or Commodore. It has a 2400cc engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has cruise control, 8 airbags, factory sound system air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors.

$16,980 Ford Courier XlX 2Wd 2004 These are a really popular ute for all walks of life and seem to have many uses from company utes to family cars. This is NZ new and has had 1 owner and been on a full maintenance program from new. The interior is in very tidy condition but does have 3 phone mounting holes in the dash. It has a peppy 2500cc diesel turbo engine and is 5 speed manual. The cambelt was replaced at 104km. It also has ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning, 2 airbags, CD, towbar, canopy factory alloy wheels and remote central locking.

Paul - 0274 489855 Anton - 0274 908289

Holden CoMModore ACClAiM 1998 If you are after a great car for towing or just some extra space for the wife and kids then take a look at this. It has heaps of interior space and a huge boot. The interior is in good condition. It has a peppy 3800cc V6 engine and is automatic. It also has a towbar, factory alloy wheels, ABS brakes, 2 airbags, air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors and remote central locking. It has just had a new WOF.

$11,980 MitsuBisHi CHAllenGer V6 nz 2002 These are great value for money for either towing or recreational 4wding. It is NZ new and is v6 automatic. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has a towbar, roof spoiler, roof rails, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloy wheels, 2 airbags and air conditioning. The paintwork is also in tidy condition for its year and mileage with only some very minor marks here and there.

150 Rutherford Street, Nelson

25 January 2011  
25 January 2011  

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