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Tuesday 17 May 2011

The great escape

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Back from the dead Andrew Board The decision was made, David Currie’s family would not allow him to live life as a vegetable. They had come to accept medical advice that said he had only a one percent chance of living and if he did he would be blind, deaf and brain dead. They had made the horrific decision to turn off life support and moved him from Nelson Hospital to Nelson Hospice. After four days of no food or water, but increasing amounts of Morphine for pain, David’s family thought they had only about 10 hours left with

Students prepare to summit new challenge

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their father, husband, brother and son. Then he woke up and said he was hungry. “That threw a spanner in the works,” jokes David’s brother Mark, who along with the rest of his grieving family was in a state of shock as the ambulance was called for and David moved back to Nelson Hospital. “We had all accepted that he was gone, we were already planning the funeral and he had been read his last rights by a local priest. We were braced to say goodbye.” In January 2009 David LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL: David Currie with his wife Wendy and their three daughters Renee, 15, Maia, 6, and 16. David was dead for 40 minutes before he was resuscitated and woke up two weeks later as furneral preparSEE PAGE 4 Nicole, tions were being made by his family. Now David wants to give back. Photo: Andrew Board.

Intervention ends stand off over pool Andrew Board

Nelson swimmers are back in the water after a standoff between swim clubs and the ASB Aquatic Centre was ended, thanks to intervention by the Tasman District Council. Last week junior swimmers at the Nelson, Nelson South and Waimea swim clubs were left with nowhere to train after their

usual winter training times at the ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond were taken away from them by centre managers, Community Leisure Management. CLM, an Auckland-based company that manages the pool on behalf of TDC, has created its own swim academy this season and it gave the new academy most of the swim times the three clubs held previously. This left more than 100 local swimmers out

in the cold – unless they signed up to the CLM academy, which costs $234 a term. Swim club officials and parents were furious they were told they could not train in the only indoor pool in the region that is 25 metres long, the length of most competitions the swimmers compete in. Riverside Pool is the only other indoor pool in the Nelson and Tasman region, but is 33 metres in length.

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TDC, which has recently spent another $325,000 of ratepayer’s money on building an extension to the facility, were left playing peacemakers trying to broker a deal after talks between the clubs and centre manager Robert Kennedy broke down. Tasman councilor Judene Edgar, who is also a swim club parent, says there was a

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This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011

David Canning “serious about selling or buying? Call me for a chat about what I can do for you” Phone: 0800 U B SOLD (0800 82 7653) • Residential, farm and commercial sales and purchases • Subdivision • Building contracts • Company law and business formations • Trusts • Wills and estates

It has been a wet week in Nelson, so we asked people how it has affected them and how they will make the most of the little sunshine that is on its way.


92 Collingwood St, Nelson Ph: 546 8670 or 0274 312 874


Cheryll Gourdie, Atawhai.

Jeffery Hellier, The Wood.

Maxine Shadlock, Nelson.

Francis Hailes-Paku, Nelson.

“The kids sport got cancelled but the weather is weather, you can’t do much about it.”

“I’ll be busy stacking the firewood. It just arrived today so I better get to that incase it does rain again.”

“I really like the rain. It’s very relaxing and I usually like to stay home anyway and keep warm. It’s warmer if it rains too.”

“I was staying over in Motueka and it was pouring with rain. So I thought it’d be raining it Nelson today. But it hasn’t, so we’ll hang out in town.”


Pool stand off over FROM PAGE 1

• Nelson Police say the custodial sentence handed down to a man who attacked another man in the early hours of the morning outside a Bridge St bar is a timely reminder of the need to clean up Nelson before the Rugby World Cup. Scott Douglas Rowe, 30, from Christchurch, appeared in the Nelson District Court on Thursday May 12 and was sentenced to two years and two months in prison for reckless wounding. In November last year Rowe had been drinking in the city when he got into an altercation with another man. Rowe found an empty beer bottle, smashed the end off it and attacked the victim around the head. He then left the scene in a taxi. The victim received lacerations up to 60mm deep, one of which was just 3mm from his jugular vein. Nelson Bays Area Commander Brian McGurk says it was just good luck that the incident didn’t become a homicide. • NMIT last week announced one of its best annual financial results, in its 2010 Annual Report. The report records a group surplus of $5.3m (9 percent of income) as well as the successful completion of a range of projects; the meeting and exceeding of key education performance indicators, objectives and service performance targets.

BIG WINNER: Tim Knight has never won anything more than a meatpack from the local pub. So when he recieved a call from Heineken saying he had won an $8000 home entertainment package, he was more than ecstatic. Tim will receieve a Toshiba 55 inch plasma screen television and a laptop courtesy of a Heineken Rugby World Cup competition. “It’s certainly pretty welcoming. There’s nothing in the fridge other than Heineken at the moment.” Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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growing amount of anger and frustration from parents towards the pool for its stance. “Every winter the swim clubs train here, it was one of the reasons it was built, and for them [CLM] to turn around and say ‘well we can make more money this way’ is not on. It is a community facility for the community, not to line the pockets of some Auckland company.” Paul Thornton, president of the Nelson Swim Club, says a letter was received late on Friday by TDC community services manager Lloyd Kennedy which gave the clubs most of the times it had previously held. “It was a big relief. It was a shock when the whole thing happened. It was very strange situation but we are really happy it’s ended.” Centre manager Robert Kennedy could not be reached for comment. Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio says he was informed of the situation by concerned parents and says he is glad the centre has done a u-turn and allowed swimmers back in the pool.

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Your week in a day

This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011

Mini ‘tornado’ rips through local business

drapes blinds wallpaper paint colour design

Andrew Board

terrifying.” The company’s receptionist Roz McNeilly, who An Atawhai business had its roof ripped off early lives in a cottage about 30 meters away, also felt Sunday morning as violent winds and a thunder as if she was in the “eye of the storm”. storm, described as a “mini tornado” shook the “It was so scary. It was the most scared I’ve ever small Todd Valley community, near Atawhai. been in my life. Wind was coming in the house Damage to Burgess and I thought it must Crowley Civil Ltd is exhave started breaking pected to be more than the windows so I just $150,000 says its manstayed in the middle of ager Ted Walsh, who the house. It was so loud lives about 40 meters and so frightening.” away from the business The full extent of the with his wife Eyvonne. damage to Burgess The roof of the comCrowley Civil was not pany’s shed was thrown known until day break behind it and the framwhen Roz ventured ing is buckled to such down to have a look an extent it was still and informed Ted. He creeking and moving at believes the shed, only day break. built three years ago, The storm hit around will need to be pulled 3am on Sunday morndown. Two cars in the ing say residents and shed also suffered minor ROUGH NIGHT: Burgess Crowley Civil Ltd damage to neighbourdamage. neighbours and employees Eyvonne Walsh ing properties includes Out back the roof and Roz McNeilly outside the damaged busiripped up fences, turned smashed through a glass ness. Photo: Andrew Board. over trampolines, misshouse and trees were ing Sky TV dishes and damage to power lines. felled and left lying across the property. InterestEyvonne says the storm was terrifying and ingly, two unsecured chicken pens right next to sounded like a jet plane was about to land out- another small shed that had sustained damage, side her front door. where untouched and still upright: “They usuShe says lightning lit up the whole house and ally fall over every time we get any wind up here,” thunder kept them awake. “We knew there would says Eyvonne. be some damage because we could see sparks fly- The run of poor weather will come to an end toing off the power lines but we weren’t going to day, says the Metservice, with fine weather prego down and have a look, it was frightening… dicted for the rest of the week from tomorrow.



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This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011

Stoke father back from the dead hungry. Family members rushed to get nurses who were doubtful but one nurse enquired: “Hi suffered a massive heart attack and two strokes David, my name is Kate”, he answered, “Hi Kate”. simultaneously. It was enough to throw him “Are you ok?”, she asked, “I’m alright.” from his bed, where he was sleeping, and onto “It was the most amazing feeling, we were all the floor, wedging him between the bed and shocked, just shocked. The old bugger wasn’t wall. His wife Wendy couldn’t lift or turn David finished yet,” says Mark. as he laid face down, dead. It took ten minutes The elation, surprise and joy was overwhelming for St John to arrive and begin working on him, he says. “Our heads were just spinning, he was but another 30 minutes before he responded to given no chance, none and here he was talking.” David was taken back to hospital and CPR treatment. within days was sitting up, eating, David was dead for 40 minutes and drinking, talking and even schemfor two full weeks after showed no signs of improvement. That fort- Our heads were just ing. Nicole was talking to her father night was diarised by David’s eldest spinning, he was when he asked about chocolate bisdaughter Nicole, now 16. She goes given no chance, cuits, she told him he might not be allowed it, “we’ll tricks the bastards,” into detail about the medication he was given, tubes going in, tubes go- none and here he he said. was talking. David, who works at Opus, says he ing out, seizures, infection and fam– Mark Currie. certainly feels lucky to have surily meetings, including the meeting vived. six days after the heart attack where Dr Andrew Hamer told them “we don’t think “The little things don’t bother me now, if something starts to annoy me I just laugh it off, it is he’s going to make it”. Mark says the feeling amongst the family was nothing in the big picture.” at its lowest then. “We all looked at each other And now David wants to give back. After strugand didn’t want to make that decision [to cut life gling to do enough exercise he decided he needsupport] then I said to Wendy ‘let’s go get some ed a goal – the Buller half marathon. fresh air’ and said what I thought we should do David will walk the 21km and hopes to raise money for two charity’s that mean the world to and she agreed.” Into his fifth day of palliative treatment, includ- him, the Heart Foundation and Nelson Hospice. ing no food or water, dehydration was setting “They have both been pretty important for me in and his cracked lips were kept wetted with a and most people that use Hospice don’t have gin and tonic-soaked cotton bud. His siblings, the opportunity to try and give back, I am so I including a brother from England, were sitting thought it would be a good thing to do.” around his bed at the Hospice, sharing a last gin David is already deep into his training schedule and has attracted support from Hamish Fletcher and tonic with their brother. “That’s what did it I reckon,” jokes Mark. “He Lawyers, Nelson Windows and Doors and Opus. To donate or for more information visit www. was just missing his alcohol.” Shortly after David woke up and said he was Currie.


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Photo News going digital this week Locals will get a chance to recapture the 1960’s and 70’s when the digitalised version of Photo News goes viral this week. The friends of the Nelson Library Microfilm Committee responded to community pressure to do something about preserving and making accessible this valuable resource. With funds left over from other microfilming and digitisation projects, a decision was made to digitise the first 12 years of the Nelson Photo News from 1960 to 1972, which covered the period of editorship under Barry Simpson and later, Peter Skinner. To complete a shortfall in funding for the project, the committee applied to be part of a Digital NZ poll, where projects throughout New Zealand competed for votes. The two highest polling projects were each awarded a $10,000 grant. The Nelson Photo News proved a popular choice in the Digital NZ poll, with many comments being posted on the site. The resulting win gave the project sufficient funds to complete the digitisation work, which will see searchable copies of each issue from the chosen years available online. The website is and goes online tomorrow.


‘Revolutionary’ Hyundai expected in NZ this year A sporty new coupe from Hyundai will change the game this year. The three-door Veloster has just been launched in Korea. It’s expected in New Zealand late this year. Among its revolutionary design features are one door on the driver’s side but two doors on the opposite side, allowing easy rear seat access. Veloster introduces a new 1.6-litre Gamma engine giving an impressive 6.2 l/100km, with a manual gearbox driven through the front wheels. An automatic transmission will return 6.5 l/100km. And Veloster bristles with hi-tech wizardry. “Hyundai designers wanted to create an eco-vehicle loaded with technology that also gives people the connectivity they have everywhere else these days,” explains Tom Ruddenklau, Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai New Zealand. “It has cost US$24 million over a 40-month pe-

riod to develop Veloster – the car is a lot of fun but Hyundai is very serious about this project.” Veloster is part of Hyundai’s new communication brand in South Korea called ‘Premium Youth Lab’ to target the younger generation by offering premium emotional values. The hard-charging auto maker is limiting numbers available to retain exclusivity. Unlike past coupes using smaller rear-hinged access doors, Hyundai’s fresh take provides a conventionallyhinged door on the passenger side for safe and ready access to the surprisingly spacious rear seats. The passenger-side rear door handle is hidden to maintain the coupe design. “And with an interior size the best in its class, advanced safety technologies as standard, and sporttuned electric power steering plus a suspension setup that’s world-class, Veloster is the coupe we are all waiting for,” said Mr Ruddenklau.

This Week

Local dog best tracker in NZ Nelson police dog Saegar was crowned the best tracking police dog in New Zealand last week. Saegar, with handler Julian Lewis, also finished second overall in the four day National Police Dog Championships in Trentham last week. It is the second time the duo have taken out the runners up award with Julian saying one challenge let them down this time round. “We were only 25 points off winning, we dropped points on one exercise and that cost us but I’m pretty pleased to do so well again. He is a special kind of dog and was pretty unlucky not to take it out.” It was also the second time they won the Colin Guppy Trophy for best tracking dog. “I’m very pleased to win that again, that award means a lot to us and shows how good Saegar is, he is a fantastic tracking dog and hopefully we’ll have another crack at the top title next year,” says Julian. Another Tasman pair, senior constable Richard Van Ash and Havok placed eighth overall and four of the top eight dogs in the competition were fostered in CHAMPION: Nelson police dog Saegar and handler Julian Lew- Tasman, which includes Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough. is with the Colin Guppy trophy for best tracking dog in NZ




Buxton Square

Morrison Street


Recycling bins around Nelson will recycle thousands of tonnes of glass, plastic and paper says Environment Minister and Nelson MP Nick Smith. The Love NZ campaign was offically launched in Nelson last Friday and is timed to coincide with the Rugby World Cup. “The Rugby World Cup is the biggest event New Zealand has hosted. This campaign is about recycling what would otherwise go to landfill and showing our 85,000 international guests that we care for our environment. This is about turning large volumes of waste into an opportunity to reinforce our clean, green brand,” says Nick. Bins are in high profile sites like 1903 Square, the Saxton Field sport complex, Tahunanui Beach Reserve and Trafalgar Park.

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Recycling bins launched for RWC

Spoilt for choice


ntgomery Square

TUESDAY 17 May 2011

Jacqui.E Jay Jays Just Jeans Kimberleys Kooky Living & Giving Lush Morrison St Café Portmans

Rodd & Gunn Smiggle Sunglass Style The Body Shop The Lingerie Company The Rock Box Witchery

Shopping Centre


This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011



• A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a party/event/function? Call our photographer 548 4949 or 027 548 4948 Karlos Fulford, Jess Hildyard, Craig Muller and Pete Bennett at Shane and Mark’s party at the Boat House on Saturday.

Linda and Kyle Whiting at the Edward Gibbon dinner on Friday night.

It seems 30th birthday parties are the ticket this week. We have photos from three different 30th’s in Nelson and Stoke on Saturday night and have invites to another two this weekend. We also went along to the Edward Gibbon golf tournament and dinner at Greenacres Golf Course and have some photos from the Ellen Rankin, Freehouse on Friday night. Remember, if you are Julia Talijanhaving a party, or have lich, Lauren photos that you would like Fletcher, to send in you can contact Amy Goonan our photographers by calland Nick ing 548 4949. Burn at the See you again next week. Freehouse on with more party photos. Friday night.

Mark Allsopp and Helen Barwick at the Boat House on Saturday.

Kaz Carr, Alice Wendelborn and Bronwyn Ramsay at the Stoke Fire Station.

Lisa Spick and birthday boy Shane Lawrence at the Boat House.

Ted Jackson and Judy Austin at the Edward Gibbon dinner on Friday night.

John Waterman and Belinda Mintrom out for a drink in Nelson on Friday night. Chaz Brooks, Byron Carr, Symon Carr, Corey Pont, Mark Cotton at Corey’s 30th birthday on Saturday.

Steve Haines and Craig Morice enjoying a beer on Friday night.

Paul Brunner and Kate Fox at Shane and Mark’s party.

This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011



TUESDAY 17 May 2011

This Week

Sixth Stage Challenge title just a wish away St John offers Phillip Rollo Nayland College won’t need a genie’s wish to reach their third title in as many years at the regional Stage Challenge final tonight. The perennial favourites are confident their continued originality and passion will conquer above their secondary school counterparts. The award cabinet at Nayland College’s reception showcases every single title since 2005, except for 2008, and choreographer Sam Lagrutta says their latest performance, Just a Wish Away, has the recipe for more success. Just a Wish Away is an Arabian themed performance about a group of kids who come across a magic lamp. But are the genie’s three wishes everything they really desired? “The storyline is something that we haven’t really done before,” says Sam. “That what makes ours different.” With huge success comes huge pressure and that is something the students have had to overcome, he says. “There’s a lot of pressure to come up with something new and exciting, something that hasn’t been done before. There is so much drama behind the scenes it’s not even funny. But it will all come together.” Each school is well aware of the story STAGE STARS: Nayland College Stage Challenge performers Sam Lagrutta, Kristie De Feu, lines each other has come up with, deLucy Everett, Ellora Virtue, Monica Gonzalez, Mink Witowski, Jared Neame and Leah Tenetti spite ideas trying to be kept hidden. after their dress rehersal on Sunday night. Stage Challenge is on at Trafalgar Centre tonight Sam says hearing the other school’s with Nayland College aiming for their sixth title in seven years. Photo: Phillip Rollo. concepts made him even more focussed We have to beat them regardless and I think held bi-annaully in the future, will again be to master Nayland College’s Arabian our idea will conquer them. It would be un- held at Trafalgar Centre. performance. The show starts at 6:30pm with doors open“All we can do is hope. I feel confident. I believable to win. I would probably die.” think we have something worth winning for. Nelson’s Stage Challenge, which is likely to be ing half an hour prior.

free blood presure checks St John is encouraging people to have their blood pressure checked for free this Saturday. The free checks are available right around the country and are part of the Stroke Foundation’s national campaign to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. In Nelson the free checks are held at Nelson city New World and Stoke New World. St John Medical Director Tony Smith says St John is pleased to be supporting the campaign, and will be providing checks right around the country. “This is a good opportunity for people to have a quick, painless check,” he says. “We’re all so busy with families, work, sport and other activities that it can be hard to make the time for something as simple as a blood pressure check, and yet it could end up saving our lives. It’s easy for high blood pressure to go undetected. St John is committed to helping the community to stay healthy, and we’d really encourage you to come along for a free test.” Information about blood pressure and other risk factors for stroke will be provided during the check, and people with raised blood pressure will be referred to their GPs for medical advice and treatment.

What do you want Nelson to be like in 50 years? How will we get there? Please come along to a community gathering to share your ideas and vision for our future. These sessions will be active, stimulating and hopefully inspiring! Refreshments are provided and everyone is welcome. Choose a time that suits you • Tuesday 24 May 7 – 9.30pm at Nayland College Hall • Thursday 26 May 9.30am - 12pm at Victory Community Centre • Friday 27 May 1 – 3.30pm at The Granary at Founders Heritage Park • Tuesday 31 May 7 – 9.30pm at the Trafalgar Pavilion in Trafalgar Park Please join us and be part of making Nelson a great place to live for generations to come. Phone Nelson City Council on 546 0200 or email if you have any questions.

NELSON STORE 199 Hardy St, Opposite

This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011


Police sign up to Facebook

Nelson police have joined the social networking revolution. It now has a Facebook page to help stay in touch with people in the community, get feedback and encourage other users to help identify suspects or gain other information. The page will be updated regularly and will be a great tool to help keep people informed with what they are up to. To “like” the page simply go to www.facebook. com, search “Nelson police” and POLICE PROFILE: Nelson Inspector Iain McKenzie checks out the new Nelson police press the like button. Facebook page. Photo: Andrew Board.

CANTEEN MAN: Stoke resident Alister Gregg is handing over the keys to the Saxton Field canteen this season. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Familiar face set to leave Saxton Field

Alister Gregg can tell you a lot about confectionary and it’s not because he has a sweet tooth. The Stoke man has run the canteen at the Saxton Stadium netball courts for the past eight seasons, selling lollies, food and drink to netball players and supporters. He will be stepping out of the canteen this year and passing along the keys just as soon as someone is appointed to replace him. Alister says the best part about the job in the popular canteen has been meeting young players and watch them move up the grades. Several things have changed over the years though, including the new Saxton Stadium complex where senior netball is now played. The construction of an indoor facility was an interesting thing to watch according to Alister, who says the size of the building now dwarfs the old building where the canteen is located. Being able to have his weekends back over the winter period is just one of the reasons Alister has decided to step down from his roll. He’s now hoping he will have a bit more time to himself. “We have three grandchildren in Christchurch and it’ll probably give me a bit more time to pop down there for a weekend to see them.” Alister says he will be sad to leave the canteen. “I will miss it; I’m not leaving because I find anything wrong with the job. I’ll hopefully come along and at least have lunch upstairs sometimes.” There have been a number of interesting characters over the years according to Alister, including one of the smaller customers who had issues with volume control. “I remember one little fella that used to yell, he didn’t really yell at me he just yelled when he was ordering things, I guess he did annoy me but I didn’t say anything because he was a customer and then I thought at home he probably had to yell to make himself heard, so that gave me a different perspective.” Alister has served thousands of netball players and their families over the years and he says it is this, the interaction with the community, that he will miss the most.

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This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011

Retailer of the month Each month, shopping centre Fashion Island rewards its top performer with a retailer of the month award. Here at Nelson Weekly, we are right in behind Nelson’s retailers so thought we would help Fashion Island celebrate each month’s winners by publishing their photo with the award in the newspaper. Congratulations to this month’s winners Ian and Trudi Brassfield of Columbus Coffee.

WALK ON: Hampden St School students that are taking part in the 20 Summit Challenge this weekend are Matai McGuinniety, Lola Muddle, and Hannah Mackay-Wright, all 10. Photo: Andrew Board.

Students prepare to summit new challenge Ian and Trudy from Columbus Coffee were this months winners of the retailer of the month award at Fashion Island.

Schools across Nelson are preparing to join the mayor, Makos and hundreds of other Nelsonians in the first of the 20 Summit Challenges this Sunday. The 20 Summit Challenge is an event celebrating Summit Rescue Helicopter’s 20th birthday. The 20 Summit Challenge involves climbing up one or more of 20 local summits, starting with a community climb up the Centre of

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New Zealand this Sunday. Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough school students and their families are being encouraged to collect pledges for each climb they participate in, to raise funds for the local helicopter, while also having the chance to win a national competition and meet Richie McCaw. Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust marketing and communications manager Paula Muddle says the competition is an opportunity for school children to get active, support a worthy local cause, and win prizes. “We live in such a beautiful region, so The 20 Summit Challenge is a chance for

Selling or

Buying a

our local schools to get their staff and students excited about our great outdoors, and rally together to get fit, have fun and raise money for the helicopter.” The trust has committed to using the funds collected from the 20 Summit Challenge to purchase the region’s first FLIR – Forward Looking Infra Red unit – to help locate people at night by sensing thermal masses. The 20 Summit Challenge is not just about schools though with the whole community invited to take part and show their support for the rescue helicopter service. This Sunday’s climb starts from 2pm at the Botanics.

Try our Homemade

Family Pies


Stoke Bakery Cake Kitchen Ltd 510 Main Road Stoke Ph 547 6998

Open: Mon - Fri 5.00am – 5.00pm Sat 5.00am – 1.30pm

Focused & Friendly


TANEA COLLIER Bus: 548 0200 Mob: 027 431 5680

Got news tips? 111 TRAFALGAR STREET. NELSON. 548 5164

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Phone Andrew on

548 4949


This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011


Houston’s Great Double Deal Demonstrator Sellout 2011 Jeep Wrangler


2010 Jeep Patriot


2010 Peugeot 4007


2010 Mercedes-Benz B180

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 56,990 Demo: $ 49,800 of $17,548

2011 Dodge Nitro

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 51,990 Demo: $ 48,400 of $17,058

Mitsubishi ASX LS

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 36,290 Demo: $ 32,700 of $11,567


Great Wall X240


2011 Peugeot 308 XS


Mitsubishi Triton 4WD Sport

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 43,990 Demo: $ 38,250 of $13,508

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 59,990 Demo: $ 53,750 of $18,929

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 53,900 Demo: $ 44,500 of $15,694


Great Wall V240 2WD Double Cab



2011 Dodge Journey



Mitsubishi Outlander XLS

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 28,990 Demo: $ 26,990 of $9,570

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 29,990 Demo: $ 27,250 of $9,661

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 63,240 Demo: $ 54,750 of $19,279

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 26,990 Demo: $ 24,990 of $8,870

followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 44,990 Demo: $ 41,600 of $14,680


followed by 2 payments RRP: $ 51,090 Demo: $ 43,140 of $15,218

@ 4.9% Demonstrator Pricing AND ½ ½ ½ ¾ ¾ ¾ st must end 31 May.


New Mitsubishi ChalleNger

2500CC turbo Diesel 10/5 New VehiCle warraNty gls $49,900 eXCeeD 7 seater $54,900

Houston Prestige 153 Rutherford Street Houston Mitsubishi 168 Rutherford Street

Take me away in a pre-registered 308 XS from just $29,990

Ph 548 8204

FA N TA S T I C O F F E R W I T H L I M I T E D S T O C K AVA I L A B L E ! Every aspect of the sleek, new Peugeot 308 XS has been designed to your driving experience * Subject totake normal lending criteria, payments based on 1/3 deposit, to a whole new place. Features include a 1.6 litre Euro1/3 5 Petrol engine, Electronic Stability Control in 12 months and a final 1/3 in 24 months, @ 4.9% interest rate (ESP), 6 airbags and 16” alloy wheels as standard. Inside, features include cruise control and dual and documentation fees included in payments. Terms and condiclimate controlled air conditioning. Take one for a test drive, and let the 308 XS take you away today.



tions may apply.


This Week

TUESDAY 12 May 2011

The Harbour Master’s


• The Santa Regina resumed her regular calls, six container vessels, a car carrier, two log ships, a bulk carrier to anchor, a tanker, nine large fishing vessels, a fruit ship, all kept the port busy during the week. • Where some of the local rules come from: Maritime Rules Part 91. (Google Search and you shall soon find them). Part 91 continues the basic navigation safety rules contained in the Water Recreation Regulations, 1974, with some modifications and additions to bring the requirements up-to-date with modern boating conditions and safety expectations. • Part 91 also modifies and carries over some provisions from the General Harbour (Nautical and Miscellaneous) Regulations 1968 in respect of anchoring and mooring, give way rules, wakes, and proximity to oil tankers and ships carrying dangerous goods. • Part 91 sets basic national navigation standards. These standards may be enforced locally by Regional Councils through consistent bylaws made under the Local Government Act 1974. Regional variation is permitted in the navigation safety bylaws through mechanisms prescribed in Part 91. Please read the whole rule if there is any doubt. If in doubt – don’t go out Dave Duncan, Harbour Master/Marine Operations Manager.


STUNNING SINGERS: Singers taking part in the Mosaic and Friends Concert at St John’s Church on Hardy St this Sunday. They are from left; Roger Samson, Bailee Tava, Maz Robertson, Hana Tava, Vera Merrick, Catherine Brosnahan, Lia Nua Nuam, Shannel Courtney and Lia Muangnu. The concert is raising money for the earthquake affected children in Haiti and Christchurch. Entry is $10 per person with further donations accepted. World choir Mosaic will be the main attraction at the event but the Lia sisters and Tava sisters will be fantastic support acts says organiser Nicki Green. Photo: Andrew Board.

A tale of Sales. Riverside pool closed due to fault

When Jenny Greenwood went to age three bedroom suburban home on put her Hira lifestyle property on the a 600sqm section. For her marketing market she thought she’d try some- plan Jenny used most of Homesell’s thing different – it turned out to be Ultimate marketing package with a something wonderful. It’s no secret certain bespoke component. With our more and more people are selling their help Jenny was free to focus on hosthomes without the use of real estate ing her open homes while Homesell agents, and saving, or even better, pay- provided all her marketing bringing ing themselves the commission. Jenny buyers direct to her door. Among othsays she has bought & sold ten houses er marketing methods Homesell used a nationwide print in New Zealand, since media campaign, moving here from the a local print media UK, all using real estate campaign, street sigagents but thought she nage for open homes, would give it a go herand detailed broself this time. “I tried chures. Of course the all the usual methods to physical marketing sell my property. I just was matched with couldn’t believe the differan extensive online ence when I signed with Jenny Greenwood of Atawhai Nelson electronic marketHomesell – no stress, no pressure, just confident, professional, ing campaign including the use of an prompt service and a great result. Plus electronic lifestyle memorandum. On I ended up saving a small fortune and top of this, Jenny had full access to all got the best price, and fast. Over the 11 our resources such as copywriting, our years I’ve been in New Zealand I’ve used production team, and photographers. various agents and agencies and I think Homesell responded to all Jenny’s onHomesell is far superior in efficiency.” line queries on her behalf (of which When selling a home you need three there were many). Our services inkey items - a home to sell, your lawyer, cluded a weekly marketing report and lots of buyers. The key to success analysing her results & recommendis finding all the buyers. Remember, ing changes to her marketing mesthe more buyers you have the better sage where needed. Using Homesells’ your chances are for achieving a sale services you the seller are always in full at the very best price. Of course this is control. There is amazing transparwhere Homesell fits in by brining you ency between you and your buyers. more buyers than you could otherwise For more information on our many achieve with the same budget your- marketing packages and how Homeself. Jenny Greenwood has just sold sell NZ’s largest private sale property her lifestyle property in Teal Valley Rd, company can bring more buyers to Hira. Her property was of above aver- your door, helping you to sell for the age value, it is quite a unique lifestyle best price, call Helena on 545 0064 or property requiring very special pur- 0800 003 001 or email us at nelson.taschasers. Most definitely not your aver-

The city’s Riverside Pool is closed due to a significant electrical fault and is unlikely to open before Wednesday. The Riverside Pool and Fitness Centre on Riverside Drive, operates seven days a week and is owned by the Nelson City Council but managed under contract by Community Leisure Management. Council’s executive manager network services, Alec Louverdis, says the fault was identified on Saturday afternoon but the pool temperature and chlorine levels were sufficient to allow the pool to

stay open until the normal closing time. “The fault was caused by the failure of the three phase switch that supplies the facility and may have been contributed to by the recent storms. The parts necessary to repair the system are on their way from Christchurch but it’s unlikely all repairs will be completed, and water temperature sufficient to open the pool before Wednesday morning.” Council apologises to those customers who may have been inconvenienced by this unexpected closure.

Medical Wig Specialists DO YOU SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS? (Due to Chemo, alopecia or hair thinning)

I have an extensive range of high quality, beautiful natural and synthetic wigs for you. I offer a complete, caring and personal service including home visits if required. I have 15 years experience (Largely voluntary). Supplied at LITTLE OR NO COST TO YOU* Call CHRISTINE in confidence on 021 548 950 *special conditions apply


This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011

Dr Phillip Townsend of the Problem Gambling Foundation and gambling clinician Mathew McMillan, far left, present the award to Darci Goldworthy and Hester Phillips. Photo: Andrew Board.

Victory wins national award for fight against pokies The efforts of Victory to rid its community of pokie machines has earned it a national award. The award was presented to Hester Phillips and Darci Goldsworthy, of the Nelson Gambling Task Force, by Dr Phillip Townsend of the Problem Gambling Foundation, in Nelson last week after fog meant the duo could not fly to Auckland to collect it in person. The national award was created to recognise and celebrate those who work towards solving problem gam-

Snuggle up warm in a PORSE home this winter!

bling. The Nelson Gambling Task Force is currently taking the Nelson City Council to a Judicial Review of their decision to change the Council Gambling Policy in order to allow a pokie bar to open in Victory. They have raised $20,000 and a huge amount of community awareness. They are a voluntary group of passionate people who are working hard to ensure councils follow proper processes and communities are protected.

Common childhood illnesses reduce significantly when cared for by one person and a small group of friends. Choose your own PORSE Nanny or Home Educator to give your child the best start in life. WINZ, Multi-Birth and 20 Hours ECE subsidies apply.

Call us today to discuss your childcare options.

Each week two photos of the museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly with the goal of exposing the photographs to more people. Right: Unnamed woman and child, Nelson Provincial Museum, Fletcher Collection: 2543. Below: Hardy Street School, c1880’s Nelson Provincial Museum, Akersten Collection: 3285. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email or phone 548 9588.


Thursdays, 9.30am - 12noon Ranzau Community Church Ranzau Road, Hope, Nelson

Nature PlaySchool Tuesdays, 10.30 - 11.30am Isel Park, Main Road, Stoke, Nelson (meet at second set of gates off Main Road)

To learn more about PORSE, visit our website! Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our exceptional Home Educators or Nannies available in your area, or if you are interested in a career with PORSE.

Call our PORSE Consultant Michelle who offers a personalised service to discuss your childcare options.


Ph 545 9228

You can support this project with a $10 donation, to find out more visit or contact: 3for$ A0924-FP




TUESDAY 17 May 2011

Austral Bricks is proud to supply Platinum Homes with premium bricks, schist, roofing and pavers. See our stunning Metallix Platinum on the Platinum Homes show home. For our entire range visit or phone 0800 AUSTRAL

painting and decorating

interior exterior airless spraying wall papering

plasterboard stopping water blasting new & repaints

Proudly supporting Platinum Homes

Bruce Wilson 0274 30 27 42


Nelson, 36 Pascoe Street Ph: (03) 548 5487 Motueka Takaka Havelock Greymouth 0800 FOR ITM (0800 367 486)

If you’re thinking of building the perfect lifestyle house, Platinum Homes gives you more. More options, more room, more comfort, more features, more class – at a price you won’t believe.

manage Platinum Homes’ northern South division which extends from Nelson and Blen to Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura right throu Hokitika and Westport. Brendon had prev been a builder f years and Linda ages the administ side of the busine between looking the couple’s three y children. Brendon Linda say building own home is an im tant and emotiona dertaking and th out of their way to Platinum homes offer a Turnkey option, complete it an enjoyable and with furnishings, including fencing, driveway, lawns and even a letterbox.

Platinum Homes show home at 762A Main Rd Stoke reveals the extent and quality of features that come standard in a Platinum home. In contrast to most other show homes, which often feature non-standard extras to wow its visitors, “what customers see in a Platinum show home, is what they will get in their free experience. very own Platinum home,” says manager Brendon Gridley. Brendon and Linda Some of those extra features that come as standard truly believe that include RibRaft floors, DVS ventilation systems, home building is a highly specified bathrooms and kitchens, super styl- partnership between ish Modena light switches and hardwired smoke all parties involved, alarms. and are very proud of Platinum Homes specialises in single storey homes, the relationships they clad in either brick, or plaster over brick and with have formed with all concrete tile roofs. Platinum home owners enjoy of their clients. Up market features a the exceptional value made possible by their extensive range of tried and tested home deClients can pers signs, constructed using ise one of Platinum mostly New Zealand standard home made products, and choose from the where possible using brary of plans from local manufacturers to 1000 happy clien support the local combring their own d munity. Each Platinum in. There is even a home also comes with a for first home buye seven-year independent investors. The bes guarantee. to clarify your re Brendon and wife Linda The show home 762A Main Road Stoke will impress ments is to take a

it’s our results that make the difference

it’s our Proud to be associated with results that Platinum Homes make the THE BuIldING SupplIES SpECIAlISTS difference


Manufacture and installation WINDOWS. Elite joinery and garage doors


Kit-set sheds, frames and trusses

 Decking and Trellis

 Framing and Finishing Timbers

 Fencing

 Trusses / Prenail Frames

 Paving

 Building Supplies

 Garden Furniture

 Kitchens and Joinery

 Timber Stains

 Tools and Hardwareph.538 0824 • 41 Venice Place, Nelson (right at Carters)




 Metal Tile Roofing  Concrete & Clay Tile Roofing  Scaffold Solutions  Fascia & Gutter Systems  Powder Coated Aluminium Downpipes  Insulation  Moss & Mould Removal  Maximum Safety Products

Ph: 538 0824

41 Venice Place, Nelson (right at Carters)

Phone 03 544 9648

Mobile 021 733 595  0800 666 437 NEW ROOFING



TUESDAY 17 May 2011


We are pleased to support successful outcomes for platinum Homes and tHeir clients tHrougHout tHe upper soutH.

Island nheim ugh to iously or 12 manration ess in after young n and g your mporal uney go make stress

tage of Platinum’s free site appraisal, where the possibilities of your site, your plans ideas and dreams, and the Platinum experience can be fully realized. When you choose a Platinum home you choose a sharp, stylish, modern home. You also choose quality, service and reliability as Tony and Lisa discovered:

“We have had a wonderful experience building with your company. From the start your program showed a lot of professionalism in planning and construction and we were always well informed with outcomes and progress. Each of your tradesmen were efficient and their detail to work showed a lot of pride in finish and standards. Jackie and Linda were most helpful through the setting up of the contract and always ready to make time to help with any questions that we had relating to the build. Brendon’s detail to every issue was to a very high standard and his standards are to a level that provides confidence to his clients to know that they are in professional hands from start to finish. I have no difficulty in recommending Platinum as the are a standard in a Platinum home. top builder within this region. We have built sonal- 15 homes over the last 35 years and this is by far the m’s 55 best.” Tony and Lisa Marriott. plans, ir li- Brendon, Linda, and sales consultant Jacki invite you m over to come and check out the show home, and see why ts, or they are different from other building companies. esigns range Open 10am-4pm, 7 days a week rs and Show home 762A Main Road Stoke t way Ph 0508 PLATINUM (752 846) dvan-

Make your Dream Home a reality with Platinum

Building with Platinum Homes is an exciting time and consultant Jacki Tucker is here to help you achieve your perfect home. Jacki, a born and bred Nelsonian, has recently joined Platinum Homes and is passionate about home building. She has renovated and sold homes herself before joining Platinum Homes and says she WE WON’T BEON BEATEN ON PRICE GUARANTEED WON’T BE BEATEN ON PRICE GUARANTEE WE WON’T BEWE BEATEN PRICE GUARANTEED Show us a local kitchen retailer’s recent plan and quote and we gets a thrill the to beat guarantee and we and quote recentusplan a local kitchen retailer’s Show us PRICES! Show a local kitchen retailer’s recent plan LOOK at our shipping appliances, kitchen (excluding on a comparable quote out of creatLOOK at our PRICES! installation). and shipping appliances, quote on a comparable kitchen (excluding pleas of our price full terms and quote and& conditions we guarantee toguarantee, beat theFor py ds full terms & conditions of our price guarantee, please visit....... ing a stuny s o o quote on a comparable kitchen (excluding p n d o 9 4 ning home – .nz Ca eh shipping and installation). no oo 9 Dishwashers We appliances, g a custom make all kitchens - big or sm $2 h 4 n C e 2 hers For full terms & conditions of our price whatever your Dishwas a m from g We custom make all kitchens big or small, designer $ R ro budget. We do it better than anyo n f guarantee, please visit....... a Ovens budget may m from from $769 R ro budget. WePhone do it better anyone else de FREE measure, for your us now than f Ovens from be. $659$769 design &orquote measure, FREEEZY Phone us now for your Jacki will guide $659 03 5 KITCHEN 0800 We custom make all kitchens - big or small, designer or budget. you through Ezy Kitchens Nelson, 4 Kotua Place, Stoke, N We do it better than anyone else the design Ezy Kitchens Nelson, 4 Kotua Place, Stoke, Nelson process, listen Phone us now for your FREE measure, design & quote closely to understand your needs and viEzy Kitchens Nelson, 4 Kotua Place, Stoke, Nelson sion, and work with you to create the per- Consultant Jacki Tucker will help you plan your perfect fect plan. home. 40


0800 EZY KITCHEN or 03 544 4890

0800 EZY KITCHEN or 03 544 4890

Platinum Homes pride themselves on the consultation process and working with Jacki will ensure your new home is stress-free – from the original planning and pricing stage- through to moving in.

Coming from a rural background in Upper Moutere, Jacki understands the practicality of building and will offer practical design advice, along with keeping a close eye on the detail. So if you are thinking of building your next home, give Jacki a call to arrange your FREE on-site appraisal, and ensure you get the Home you deserve.

Your dream home begins here.


Your dream home begins here. Your dream home begins here.

















2 2 261m 261m 2 261m $300,000 $300,000 $313,000



A new Ahome be about more than bricks and mortar – it should enhance your lifestyle new should home should be about morejust than just bricks and mortar – it should enhance your lifestyle and beand everything you’ve dreamed it to be. Building your dream home is easy with Platinum Homes®, be everything you’ve dreamed it to be. Building your dream home is easy with Platinum Homes®, you through the whole process – we can even with There are no hidden costs A new home should be about more we thantalk just bricks andthrough mortar –the it should your lifestyle and befinance. everything you’ve dreamed to be. at Building we talk you whole enhance process – we canhelp even help with finance. There are noithidden costs at your dream home is easy with Platinum weevery through thewith whole process – we can evenyear helpHomefirst with finance. There Guarantee. are no hidden costs at the theHomes®, endthe and home comes anwith independent seven Builders endtalk andyou every home comes an independent seven year Homefirst Builders Guarantee. end and every home comes with an independent seven year Homefirst Builders Guarantee.

Platinum Homes – home building, we’vewe’ve nailednailed it! it! Platinum Homes – home building,

Platinum Homes – home building, we’ve nailed it!

(752(846 05080508 PLATINUM PLATINUM 752 )846)

(Local 0508 PLATINUM (752 846) (03) 5470138 1635 LocalLocal 09) 421 (09 )0138 421

*$ off all mes do Showelird til Va 30/6/11

Professional, trouble free shower installations

 NO Steam  NO Condensation  NO Mould & Mildew * Special conditions apply

Ph: 548 0019 or 027 688 5353



TUESDAY 17 May 2011




 Senior travel professional  25 years industry experience  Expertise worldwide Tracey is your local travel professional and is available for private appointments

HARVEY WORLD TRAVEL MID CITY NELSON 46 Bridge Street, Nelson  Ph: 548 3300

HAIR SALON Friendly family hairdressing for cuts, blow waving, colours and perming. Brow shape and tint, lash tint and lip wax. For the guys-razor cutting and barbering. Complimentary pensioner pick up and drop off if required. Stockists of De Lorenzo hair products. Experienced senior stylist.

Phone 547 7554

Stoke Carpark, 530 Main Road, Stoke

Go into the draw to win a $200 DeLorenzo Gift Basket with any cut & colour service for June/July


Casey Sandy

Its all about


“We are a boutique practice offering a diverse range of legal services”

• Family Law • Civil & Commercial Litigation • Trusts & Estate Planning • Wills & Powers of Attorney • Retirement Village Advice • Property • Subdivision • Business Law • Employment Law • Mediation • General Legal Matters

Approved Legal Aid Provider PH: 03 547 6991 F: 03 547 6997

Lee Stevens LLB, AMINZ (Associate) Principal

Strawbridge Square

PO Box 2033,Stoke, Nelson

E: 

Activated Living Limited Life Coach, LifeSuccess Consultant

 Gain greater clarity of what’s really important to you  Create visionary goals  Have a personal cheerleader Marilyn Greenfield for your life Ph: 548 9983

From Inverness to Tuscany to India to Glenhope. Nelson travel agent Tracey Lynch has been there and done it all and she is ready to pass on the best travel advice to you. For 25 years Tracey has worked in the travel industry and has first hand experiences, giving you the best possible person to get travel tips and ideas from. In fact Tracey is so passionate about the industry, on top of working at Harvey World Travel, she and her husband own a Bed and Breakfast in Glenhope. She says she really does care about her clients and has a strong following from older travelers – drawn to Tracey’s genuine desire to help them get the most out of their travel plans. Tracey is also planning a guided tour through Rajasthan in India for two weeks next year where she will show Nelsonians the highlights of the region in a personal and exciting tour. If you would like to learn more about the tour give Tracey a call. So if you are thinking of your next adventure or your next holiday, pop in and see Tracey. She has the experience, the passion and the first hand knowledge of how to help plan your perfect holiday. To have a chat, call Tracey on 548 3300

Is it time for you to try a new hair style? Come in and meet our team. You Hair stylists will provide you with inspiration and advice, but most importantly listen to what You want. Sarah: I am originally from South Africa and have been living in Nelson for 16 months. I have been working in the hairdressing industry for six years and I love my job at You Hair. We strive to make our clients feel welcome and comfortable. The most satisfying part of my job is making people look and feel good about themselves. Sandy: Hi Nelsonians, I have just arrived in Nelson (via Wales) after six years in Wanaka. I have been in the industry for 29 years (gosh) and am devoted to my job. I am experienced in all aspects of hairdressing. At You Salon, we don’t just care, we care about You. Casey: I’m born and bred in Stoke. I have just started my first year of my apprentiship. I am passionate about hairdressing, especially colouring and creating fresh new looks. I am lucky enough to be working with two fantastic senior stylists who I am always learning from. Fun, Affordable & Passionate INTRODUCING... Sali Mathews is one of five solicitors at Stevens Orchard Lawyers and has been with the team since 2009. Her expertise lies in wills, trusts and estate planning, property and other general commercial matters. Sali’s past experience has been with Westpac in Auckland in their commercial banking team as well as in legal practices in Auckland. In addition to her legal Sali Mathews qualifications Sali has an accountancy degree so is able to call on her knowledge in that area to assist clients in all manner of business, property and financial matters. One area that Sali is currently concentrating on is trusts. Gifting assets will soon become easier with gift duty being abolished on 1 October. Now is a good time to review your assets and the protection a trust might afford, particularly for those approaching retirement age and especially with the gifting changes proposed. For advice on this and all property and commercial matters contact Sali at Stevens Orchard Lawyers Stoke office.

Coaching at Activated Living is an empowering partnership which focuses on opening individual potential to create a more purposeful, motivating and balanced life. Marilyn will provide you with support, encouragement and motivation as you focus on your unique life challenges and goals. She prides herself as being a trusted confidante, experienced listener, skilled challenger, independent sounding board and personal cheerleader, wholly focused upon your success. Marilyn is passionate about supporting people who want to make a difference in their personal life, workplaces and businesses to be the best they can be. “Right now, you’re standing on the brink of your possibility. It’s time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear-headed confident stride-no matter how big you might think that goal to be.” Call Marilyn today and find out how she can help you produce positive life changing results.

This Week

TUESDAY 17 May 2011


Liquor ban enforcements push up arrest numbers Monday, May 9 One arrest for prevention of suicide for a 20 year-old woman at 4.20pm. Tuesday, May 10 There were six arrests on Tuesday; a 16 year-old male was arrested for injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and kidnapping at 1.03pm. Also at 1pm a 21 year-old man was arrested for threatening to blow up a government building in Nelson because his benefit was cut. Two warrants to arrest were made, both on females, one aged 16, the other 21. At 2.15pm, a 32 year old woman was arrested for shoplifting in a local supermarket and at 3.08pm a 44 year-old man was arrested for disorderly behaviour on Songer St, Stoke. Wednesday, May 11 Four arrests that started with an 18 yearold woman arrested at 12.45am for excess breath alcohol after she was located asleep behind the wheel of a car on Landsdowne Rd. At 12.50pm, a 26 year-old was arrested for stealing petrol. A 20 year-old man was arrested for burglary, receiving stolen property, willful damage and unlawful discharge of a paintball gun from an offence

earlier this year. Just after 11pm a 19 yearold man was arrested for breaching the conditions of his bail by consuming alcohol. Thursday, May 12 There were two early morning arrests including an 18 year-old man who had his vehicle impounded for sustained loss of traction and a 20 year-old man for disorderly behaviour for throwing a bottle at a car. At 10am, a warrant was issued for a 41 year-old and just after 1pm in Anzac Park a 44 year-old man was arrested for breach of the liquor ban. At 2.09pm a 42 year-old man was arrested on St John St for offensive behaviour, resisting arrest and refusing to give police his ID. At 11.45pm, a 33 year-old man arrested for detox on Bridge St.

old man was arrested for assaulting female. At 12.40pm, a 15 year-old male youth was arrested for breach of bail after he smashed up a chair at his home. At 4.15pm, a 14 year-old was arrested in prevention of suicide. And at 9.05pm, a 30 year-old man was arrested for assaulting a female in a family violence incident. Later in the night, at 11.32pm, two men aged 20 and 21 were arrested for breach of the liquor ban in Buxton car park.

Crimewatch NELSON

Friday, May 13 Two family violence incidents kept police busy early in the morning. A 38 year-old man was arrested at 4.20am for a breach of a protection order and at 9.45am a 26 year-

Saturday, May 14 At 2.45am a 32 year-old man was arrested in Tahunanui for breach of bail and disorderly behaviour. At 3.40am, a warrant to arrest was enforced on a 23 year-old man, he was found on Trafalgar St. At 8am a 24 year-old man and 18 year-old woman were arrested for stealing table and chairs from a local motel. In another family violence incident, a 35 year-old man was arrested for breach of protection order, wounding with intent and a warrant for his arrest was enforced. On Saturday night there were six arrests

for breach of the liquor ban, helped by Operation Unite. They ranged in time from 9.46pm to 11.39pm and involved men ranging in age from 18 to 46, all in the CBD. At 10.50pm a 17 year-old male was arrested for disorderly behaviour. Sunday, May 15 Another five people were arrested for breach of the liquor ban in the early hours of Sunday morning, including 17 and 20 year-old males in Buxton car park at 12.50am. The other three men arrested ranged in age from 18 to 47 and were call around Bridge St. At 1.10am a 26 year-old woman was arrested for disorderly behaviour and detox, she wanted a ride home in a prison van because all the taxi’s were busy, when police declined she struck out at the van window. At 3.45am a 31 year-old man was arrested for breach of the peace in the CBD. At 1.45am a 19 year-old man was arrested for willful damage. A warrant was enforced for a 18 year-old man at 3.20am and at 7pm a 19 year-old man was arrested for prevention of suicide, he was threatening to jump off the Nayland Rd overpass, forcing police to close traffic to the motorway.

The price of freedom starts from just $140,000. Enjoy highly affordable independent retirement living in the heart of Richmond. At Metlifecare Oakwoods you really can have the best of both worlds. You have the freedom to live life with total independence, but if you ever need support or assistance it is there when you need it. The convenient location walking distance from downtown Richmond, gives you easy access to local shops, services and eateries. This all adds up to an outstanding lifestyle, and when you consider that prices start from just $140,000, Metlifecare Oakwoods is the perfect place to call home. Your choice at Metlifecare Oakwoods.


Studio Units

1 bedroom and 2 bedroom options

Bedroom/lounge/kitchen all in one

Separate bedroom(s) with ensuite

Kitchenette includes fridge, sink, cupboards Large tiled walk-in bathroom ensuite

OPEN TO VIEW Thursday 19th and Saturday 21st May, 10am to 4pm 357 Lower Queen Street, Richmond


OR BY APPOINTMENT Every Thursday at a time that suits you. Call Derryl on 03 543 9746.

Metlifecare Oakwoods 357 Lower Queen Street Richmond Nelson 7020 Telephone: 03 543 9700



TUESDAY 17 May 2011

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It’s all about improving business performance Fanselow Bell has a proud record of helping companies succeed and new business consultant John Van der Burg brings his exceptional track record to the Nelson consultancy. John is the newest member of Fanselow Bell’s business consultant team and has more than 25 years experience working with organisations to achieve excellent results. John is a specialist in working with you to drive your business to greater profit levels. So if you are looking for a new business strategy or just want to review your current operations and processes, then call John on 546-8649 John’s expertise will enable your business to be the best it can be.

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Ph: 548 1114 Discount off RRP of selected Vision, Sim Wallcoverings and WOW wallpaper. Excludes existing specials. Offer applies to Guthrie Bowron Wall & Ceiling White Low Sheen and White Semi Gloss, and Primer Sealer Undercoat. Tinting extra. While stocks last. See in-store for details.

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Don’t take chances with your valuable residential property assets – enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Quinovic’s property management service. As residential property management is our core business you can guarantee our outstanding staff and systems will provide the most professional, effective and reliable service in the market today.

15 Buxton Square • Phone: 03 539 4425

0800 10 35 35

Ph 03 539 4170 Fax 03 548 0507


New Zealand’s preferred national residential property management group since 1988.




84 Vanguard Street, Nelson



Shyoowur us k Crac

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The Windscreen Repair Experts

rgest NZ’s la wned ly o private l property ia t n e resid ement manag p grou






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TUESDAY 17 May 2011


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Try flowers, for an occassion to delight the senses  Weddings  Special Events

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Your designs built to your requirements. Whether it’s for the home or commercial, come in and take your time choosing from our extensive range of brights to dark earthy tones. The choice is yours to make.

RAVE 2.5 Seater (Chair, 2 Seater & leg options) Start Price $1100

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Cnr Waimea Road & Rutherford Street, Nelson

Ph 5467 286 Free Call 0508 473 733


36 NAYLAND ROAD, STOKE. P: 03 547 3241  E:




We are specialists in book formatting and printing for authors and small publishing houses. Over the years The Copy Press has assisted many authors in putting their words in print, from family history to novels and illustrated children’s books. We offer a range of services to help our clients to achieve the best possible end product. We have a number of freelance specialists to call upon, who are able to provide a range of services from simple grammar and spelling corrections through to extensive editing.

• Powerlines, Powercables • Farm and Rural Power Supplies • Subdivision Reticulation • Street Lighting • Industrial Electrics • Fibre Blowing • Generators - Hire and Sales 1-3325 kVA

0800 800 629 7 Echodale Place, Stoke

Our designers have many years of experience in the print and publishing industry, ensuring a professionally produced and visually appealing book. We offer extremely competitive rates for the preparation and ongoing file management of your book.

We offer an online book sales service as a supplementary part of your marketing plan.

Your book can be produced as an epub file and soon we will provide ebook hosting and sales as part of our online store.

If your goal is to distribute to the book trade then you should talk to us to discuss the options available.  Ph: 03 547 2972 Fax: 03 547 2973 103 Neale Avenue, Stoke, Nelson 7011



TUESDAY 17 May 2011

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hy wait? Talk to Lisa today about our local home loan offer.

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Westpac’s current home lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. A Low Equity Margin may apply. An additional fee or higher interest rate may apply to loans if the application is accepted but does not meet the standard lending criteria. *The establishment fee waiver and professional fee contribution is valid for all new home loans approved, and the five free QV online property reports are available with all pre-approvals, by Westpac branches in Richmond, Stoke, Nelson and Motueka before 31 July 2011. The QV report provided is an estimate of the current market value of a property based on local, recent, comparable sales, see for more details. The QV report is provided by PropertyIQ - a joint venture between Quotable Value Limited and RP Data Limited and not by Westpac. Neither Westpac New Zealand Limited or any member of the Westpac Group accepts any liability for loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of or reliance on the information provided by PropertyIQ - a joint venture between Quotable Value Limited and RP Data Limited. These reports are not registered valuations which may be required by Westpac. Disclosure statements for Westpac advisers are available on request and free of charge from any Westpac adviser. Westpac New Zealand Limited.

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Water blasting (0-40,000 psi) 115 Bolt Road, Tahunanui, Nelson Abrasive blasting Free Phone: 0800 108e.g. 382 Fax: 03 5472270 Arc spray galvanising boat Email: trailers Spray painting

Transpacific Industrial Solutions | 92 Beatty Street, Nelson Ph 03 547 7407 Fx 03 547 5268 | Email:


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Industrial Coating Supplies Industrial&&Marine Marine Coating Services Transpacific Industrial Solutions specialises in the application of marine and industrial paints. Our knowledge of

Transpacific Industrial thetoapplication marine and paint systems and applicationSolutions is extensive specialises and we will be in happy provide adviceof when you visit our store. industrial paints. We are stockists of; Our knowledge of paint systems and supplies is extensive and we will be • Antifoulings • Full range of marineadvice & industrial paints happy to provide when you visit our store. • Fibre glassing supplies

Industrial & Marine Coating Supplies • Painting supplies We are stockists of; Services provide; of marine and Transpacific Industrial Solutions specialises in thewe application industrial paints. Our knowledge of paint systems and supplies is extensive and we will be happy to provide advice when you visit our store.

Services we provide;

• • Water Antifoulings • Water blasting (0-40,000 psi) blasting (up to 40,000 psi) We are stockists of; Services we provide; • • Abrasive Full range of marine & industrial • Abrasive blasting blasting • Antifoulings • Water blasting (0-40,000 psi) spray galvanising e.g. boat trailers paints • Abrasive Arc spray galvanising e.g. boat • • Arc Full range of marine & industrial • blasting *Eftpos available paints • Arc spray galvanising e.g. boat • Spray painting • Fibre glassing trailers • Fibre glassing supplies supplies trailers • Painting supplies • Spray painting • Vacuum loading • Painting supplies • Spray painting Transpacific Industrial Solutions | 92 Beatty Street, Nelson Ph 03Transpacific 547 7407 FxIndustrial 03 547 5268 | Email: Solutions | Beatty Street, Nelson Transpacific Industrial Solutions | 92 Beatty Street, Nelson Ph 03 547 7407 Fx 03 547 5268 | Email:

*EFTPOS Available

Ph 03 547 7407 Fx 03 547 5268 | Email:


TUESDAY 17 May 2011


SPORT 14 year-old scores on Chatham Cup debut Phillip Rollo He may be a small boy, but Ross McPhie’s goalscoring debut shows he certainly has a big future ahead. The creative midfielder continues his rapid rise in local football as he netted for AMI Nelson Suburbs in its 4-1 Chatham Cup victory over FC Nelson, a special moment for the 14 yearold debutant who continues to prove size is no barrier in football. With four players unavailable, Nelson Suburbs coach, John Slotemaker, put his faith in the youngest members of the club, meaning the Nelson Pine Industries first division standout received his first call up alongside the Mainland Premier League squad. Ross was substituted on in the 70th minute and showed his class from the get-go, linking well with fellow debutant Cory Brown, 15. He receives applause nearly every time he plays, but Ross received the biggest applause of his career ten minutes later. Some quick jinks at the left post beat his man before smashing the ball in to the right hand corner. “It was big experience for me being named in the team and then coming on as well. Just before I came on I was really nervous but then you kind of just get in to it and it’s alright.” Ross says. “But to put away the goal was pretty good.” Even at his tender age, John says there is “no doubt” Ross is the next star to come out of Nelson football, comparing him to former All White Keith MacKay, due to his stature. “He’s very small but technically he’s very good. He’s going to be a very good footballer. I think he showed, the way he put away his goal, that he certainly has the ability.” Ross is “lightyears” ahead of footballers his own age according to his coach, but the Nelson College year ten student says it has been a “tough challenge” stepping up to first division and then Chatham Cup in the same year. “But it feels pretty amazing. The guys are really supportive and help you along.” Ross is an obvious choice for Dave Shaw’s Nelson College first XI when national secondary school qualifying begins later in the month, although he played down his cards of selection. His next target will be making his Mainland Premier League debut for the side. “I’m trying hard but I’m having fun.” Nelson Suburbs will face rivals Richmond AthLETS CELEBRATE: Nelson Suburbs veteran Matt Ayloff carries 14 yearletic, who beat Marlborough Mariners 5-2, in old Ross McPhie back to half way after the youngester scored for Suburbs the next round of the 84th year of the Chatham in its Chatham Cup win over FC Nelson on Saturday. Photo: Phillip Rollo. Cup.

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ire ire Buy any Gas F n Buy a Pellet F n o o ti ti a a ll & Insta & Install during May! during May! & & o u o y e e iv iv e g you Tw W We g s a G & Free 45kg ith 600kg of fueFllue rd a d n Bottle Fills w a sta Elgas! kit FREE!

t Y A Y! Pelle 00 M NL ame g $8. O res Flkg Ba tu 15 Na uel F

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Buy a Hitachi Buy any Log Heat Pump Burner during ! y a M during May! & & a u o e you a y iv e g iv e g W e W t a e 1 room H REE! $100.00 cash back voucher! Transfer Kit F

* Credit and lending criteria, $48 establishment fee and $48 annual account keeping fee apply. Prevailing interest rate applies to any outstanding balance on the expiry of the interest free start up period. Not valid in conjunction with trade discounts. Offer valid from 1st to 31st May 2011. GE CreditLine is provided by GE Finance and Insurance trading as GE Money. GE Finance application must be approved before any custom products will be ordered.


Cnr Wildman Ave & Vickerman St Ph: 547 9111


52 Saxton Rd West, Stoke Ph: 547 9111 or 0800 752 236

MOTUEKA 88 High Street Ph: 03 528 8164

IN BRIEF BASkETBAll: Fico Finance Nelson Giants couldn’t hold on to a late comeback against the Manawatu Jets on Friday night, going down 95-94. The entertaining clash went right down to the wire after some clutch Phill Jones three pointers gave the Giants the lead for the first time, late in the fourth quarter. But Darryl Dora’s missed free throws were a giant slip up, with Phill and birthday boy Mika Vukona unable to save them at the death. The Giants take on the Saints in Wellington on Thursday. RUgBY: Nayland College first XV put in a strong first half performance against St Thomas College of Canterbury on Saturday, despite their eventual 60-3 defeat. Nayland College was trailing 14-3 at halftime, still well in the contest. Patrick TafiliReid came close to scoring its first try of the Press Cup only to be brought down inches away from the line. ShooTing: Cable Bay Pistol Club is holding its open day on May 29 and is welcoming the public to come try the alternative sport. The day also doubles as a fundraiser for NZ open team member Brian Bishop to get to the World IPSC Championship in Greece. There will be trained range officer supervision but eye and ear protection is required. The pistol club is on Cable Bay Rd, Hira. Follow the signs and red flag on the left, past the 4x4 motorbikes. Entry is $5 per person plus a donation for ammo. The open day runs from 10am to 3pm. Contact Brian on 526 7798 or 027 458 3055. RUgBY: Riki Hoeata, a lock or loose forward and brother of Highlanders forward Jarrad Hoeata, is the latest player to sign with the Tasman Makos. The Tasman Makos’ ITM Cup season kicks off against Northland at Whangarei on Saturday, July 16.

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Nayland College A scores crucial win Carol Cook

HOCKEY’S A HIT: Enner Glynn School hockey players Jake Banks, Oliver Merritt, Cadin Stroud, Zion Nicoll, Harrison Trowbridge, Jordan Newsome, George Palmer, Ben Metcalfe, Thomas Gregory, Leon NicolsCruso Jones, Josiah Lander, Brodie Morrison, Olivia Daniel, Mitchell Bridge, Fiona Brady, Emily Rushbrooke, Jake Hall, Cameron Maye and James Barron are ready to compete against Nelson’s top primary schools at Saxton Field hockey turf today. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

After a slow start and down by 9 – 14 at the major break, Nayland College A came alive in the third quarter to outscore Richmond Wakatu Hotel B 10-5 and level the score at 19 all. Nayland’s Olivia Clarke swapped her goal defence bib of last week to goal attack and did a fine job of complementing shooter Deanna Hunt. Wing defence, Ashley Snape toiled to apply pressure on the outside of the circle while young circle defender, Sarah Reidie scrapped for everything while pulling in numerous rebounds to deny the second opportunity. A couple of unforced errors by the less experienced college girls gave Richmond the crucial turnovers which were converted to take the game 28–25. In the Collegiate 1 game Nelson College 9A had a tough assignment when they met the well polished Waimea College 9A side. Nelson had limited preparation and the new combinations took time to settle, however coach Penny Sue Franklin said her girls tried hard against the tight defence of Waimea. Nelson created turnovers however the attacks needed to have more confidence to let the ball go.

Goal attack, Abbey Franklin took on a hefty load of court work and shot well given her limited opportunities. Merekara McGuinnietty was a demon in the mid court while Mikaela Collier had her work cut out as she worked to contain the classy Waimea shooters. Waimea recorded a 38–14 win. Waimea Intermediate 8A was too strong for Nelson Prep Gold in the Junior 1 grade, running out winners 41–11. The Waimea team has the benefit of having the majority of last year’s 7A while Nelson Prep are still working on their combinations. Abbey Munro put in a “player of the day” performance, firstly at goal attack and in the final quarter in the unaccustomed position of wing attack which she handled with aplomb. Goal defence, Olivia Denis put in a fine performance in the first half before racing off to play her hockey game while centre, Emily Mills proved to be an effective link through court. UMPIRING APPOINTMENTS Four Nelson Centre umpires - Mary Ellis, Kate Smith, Marie Smith and Deb Vincent have been appointed to umpire at the New Zealand Age Group Tournament to be held in Nelson in July.

NO Joining Fee

IT’S MINE: Nelson College for Girls 9A goal defender Mikaela Collier grabs the rebound against her Waimea College opponent at Saxton Field on Saturday. Photo: Andrew Board.


TUESDAY 17 May 2011


Ben Nalder wants to help your sports club Ben Nalder is a good sort, and now extra cash and then I thought that he is now a heck of a good sport as there are a lot of sports clubs out there that probably need a bit of well. Ben has made a name for himself as extra money to help them out and an enthusiastic and successful real thought this would be a great way to estate agent, recently taking home do it.” the Summit runners up award for So if you’re thinking of listing your sales in the region. His no hassles, home, talk to a good sort and a good no pressure approach has won him sport. Ben will make the process plenty of accolades as well but that isn’t enough for Ben – now he is hoping to help your local sports club. Ben says he came up with the idea to donate $200 from every house listed and sold with him to a sports club of the sellers choice while preparing Ben Nalder, centre with the trophy, was the captain of for a rugby game last year’s senior B champions, Marist. last month – see Ben is also a sport easy and comfortable, no pressure, lover, he plays rugby, cricket, golf no rush. After years in the industry (badly), volleyball, snowboards, he knows how to market and sell your house effectively and efficiently touch and squash. “I was sitting in the changing rooms and if you do it with Ben you get to and we didn’t have enough strap- help out your favourite sports club ping tape and being an old bugger I at the same time. sort of need that. So I thought how Give Ben a call on 545 6100 or 021 great it would be if we had a bit of 524 965.

List & Sell your home with Nelson College captain Mitchell Drummond dives over for a last minute try that won the match for Nelson over rivals Waimea College. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

The great escape A pulsating finish capped off one of the greatest matches in Press Cup history. The fairytale script couldn’t have been written any better as Nelson College first XV stole the match at the death to win 20-16 against fierce rivals Waimea College first XV, although Waimea College will feel robbed with a dubious second half try awarded to Kasi Sami despite suggestions of a knock-on over the chalk.

Nelson may have used their get out of jail free card, it was a comeback for the ages, coming from 13-5 down in the final eight minutes to snatch glory. Mitchell Drummond, who had left his kicking boots at home, went from zero to hero as he sped in between the two posts to deny Waimea of a famous victory and kept the home side’s 2011 unbeaten record intact.

Yes, our photos are for sale Please phone 548 4949 to order

Your week in a day

Ben Nalder and he will donate $200 from every sale back to your choice of sports club! You’ll be glad you chose

Ph: 03 545 6100 A/H: 03 548 7575 Mob: 021 524 965 60 Rutherford Street

t r o p S d o o G A


TUESDAY 17 May 2011


Stoke Reds go for gold with first win of the season Stoke Reds were the toast of the club on Saturday, picking up their innaugral win of the year. Two early tries paved the way for Tahunanui Super Liqour Stoke Reds as they held on 3812 against Moteuka United at Greenmeadows. Nathan Gibson was a standout on the park as Stoke Reds played some enterprising rugby in much better conditions than last weekend’s downpour at Jubilee Park. A wee lull in concentration part way through the game saw Motueka come back with a couple of good tries, but a strong Stoke Reds forward pack saw then ease to victory. Stoke Reds play Marist at the Tahunanui Playing Fields this Saturday. Accesman Stoke didn’t fair to well on the scoreboard going down 40-10 to championship leaders Wakatu Marist. Stoke shuffled the starting XV hoping to knock over the high flying greens. But even with quarter of the game played against 14

men, Stoke struggled to score points. Jack Umaga, playing in the playmaker role, was a standout alongside the hardworking lock, Stu Tunncliff, and flanker Tevita Koloamatangi. An early try to Marist’s number eight Mark Bright gave the away side plenty of momentum early, but it was a second half flourish that saw them home. Stoke midfielder Sione Holani scored a consilation try in the final minutes, but it was too little too late. Shaun Begg scored a penalty before the halftime break. Stoke’s Divison 2 side will be hoping their home crowd advantage will see them home this week after two defeats on the run have left the injury depleted side in a rut. Stoke made the long trip to Murchison on the weekend with only two reserves, but it wasn’t long before they were called upon through injury. They lost 41-0. The team’s three MVP points for the weekend went to hooker Max Glossop. Brett Dickens and James Mason were second and third.

Star openside Tevita Koloamatangi tries to break the tackle of Marist first-five GET OFF ME: Stoke Reds player Nathan Gibson fends off his opposite in its 38-14 win at eighth James Proctor. Accesman Stoke went down 40-10. Photo: Phillip Rollo. Greenmeadows. The win was Reds’ first of the season. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Do you want to make a difference in our Community? Nelson Budget Service is a free, confidential service and we are looking for Volunteers. Our aim is to help people:  Develop good budgeting skills  Work out financial plans to suit individual needs  Carry out education programmes 1. Committee Members: If you have experience in, or are interested in committee work and are willing to give us about 2-3 hours a month we would love to hear from you. 2. Budget Advisers: A new training course for volunteer budget advisers will begin at the end of May Skills needed:  People skills  Non-judgemental attitude  Realistic and flexible approach to debt management  Common sense and good communication skills If this sounds like you give us a call or email us

Nelson Budget Service Ph: 5469021

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ncial serv builders accountants fina brake and clutch specialists electricians lawnmowing maintenance landscaping bers car plum and e ices hom serv l ing ncia mow nts fina plumbers electricians lawn ntenance landscaping ialists builders accounta mowing home and car mai ing brake and clutch spec accountants financial services car maintenance landscap plumbers electricians lawn and e ices e and clutch specialists hom serv brak l ing ncia ing fina mow scap nts lawn land unta ance acco electricians ing home and car mainten mow and clutch specialists builders e untants financial s lawn brak acco ans ing trici ders scap elec buil land ialists plumbers maintenance ing brake and clutch spec untants financial services scap acco land ans lawnmowi ders ance trici buil elec nten ts mai bers ialis plum brake and clutch spec lawnmowing home and car untants financial services ans acco trici elec ders buil car maintenan bers ts and e plum ialis hom h spec ing accountants financial services landscaping brake and clutc bers electricians lawnmow home and car maintenance nts financial services plum unta ing acco mow lawn ders buil ans ance ts trici nten elec h specialis mowing home and car mai landscaping brake and clutc plumbers electricians lawn home and car maintenance untants financial services acco ders buil ts ialis spec h clutcRd. Club, Haven e and brak21


Coming Soon Isel House, Stoke: During the month of May the house will be open for visitors on Saturdays and Sundays only, 11am to 4pm. Closed for winter from 28th May and open again in October. Admission by donation. Boating Courses. Day Skipper 4 Wednesday evenings starting 1 June. Boatmaster Block course 13 to 17 June. Contact Brian or Hilary Tear 547 3513 for details and full programme of boating courses for 2011 Divorced ? Separated? You don’t have to go through it alone. DivorceCare helps you recover from the pain of separation and divorce. DivorceCare is a new Christian based 13 week seminar and support group that will allow you to find help, discover hope and experience healing. Monday’s 6.45~9pm. Starting 23rd May and held at Richmond Church of Christ corner Croucher & Darcy streets Richmond. Cost $48 for all 13 weeks includes work book. For more information and to register Phone Richmond Church of Christ 03 544-5415 Forest & Bird Friday 20 5pm – Sunday 22 May 3pm Top of the South Regional meeting with theme “Aquaculture and Marine Matters - Matter!” Everyone welcome. A variety of talks, discussions, films and field trips. Venue: Nelson Environment Centre, 1 Braemar Street. For programme and details contact Helen (035211148) or Floral course - The WOW factor: Sat 21 May 10am3pm, Complete 4 floral designs with tutor Jan Holt, National Magazine Editor for the Floral Art Society of New Zealand. Techniques covered include plaiting, binding, winding and weaving to add the ‘Wow’ factor to displays or home this winter. Ph 547 9769 or WOMEN OF SPIRIT, SUNDAY 22ND MAY 9AM-4PM. A ONE DAY WOMENS RETREAT FOR NURTURING WOMENS SPIRITUALITY. WITH SWAMINI AMRITANANDA BY DONTATION-PLEASE BRING A SHARED VEGETARIAN LUNCH. FOR ENQUIRES PHONE 03 5487511. Angie’s AquaFitness Are you Big & Beautiful? Want to be Active & Healthier? Then move in comfort in water. No Togs!! Wear shorts & T-shirt if you prefer. Tues 10.45-11.45am, $6 Ngawhatu Pool, Stoke Find out more call 547 0198 PUBLIC MEETING “New Zealand is NOT for Sale”. 31 May 7:30pm Victory Community Centre, Totara Street, Nelson. Murray Horton of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) will speak about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the dangers it poses to our NZ economy and democracy. Gold coin koha. Nelson Tramping Club. May 20-22. Buckland Peaks Hut. Fit. $43. David 548 6826. May 22. Cullen Pt Lookout & Pk 431, Havelock.Medium.16.Gillian 547 8393. Free Children’s Event: Free Bouncy Castle and Face-painting [$2-3] on at the Nelson Farmers Market Wednesday afternoon this week at Fashion Island, between Hardy St & Selwyn Place. Bouncy Castle & Market 12-4.30pm. Face-painting 2-4.30pm. Food & refreshments available from market and cafes. Contact Market Manager on 022-010-2776. Free Bodywise Health Seminar: Longing for a Good Night’s Sleep When: Tuesday 24 May 2011 Time: 6pm to 7:30pm. Venue: Bodywise Presentation Room, 32 Bridge St, Nelson. Latest research demonstrates how natural therapies can treat the variety of causes of insomnia through understanding of the connection between the body and mind. Go to www. to RSVP. The Bodywise health seminars provide useful information by registered Naturopaths/Medical herbalists. NELSON RAILWAY SOCIETY : the railcar or train will be running from 12:00 noon until 4:00 pm, on Sunday May 22 weather permitting. WORLD MUSIC VARIETY CONCERT”Mosaic & Friends” - Sunday May 22, 4pm, @St Johns in the City, Hardy St. Mosaic CDs will be available @$10. All funds raised at this family-friendly concert will go to help children in Christchurch& Haiti. Ph Dana 5483379. Multicultural Fitness Sessions with Angela Baker: circuit training & gentle core exercise to tone & strengthen. Mondays 11am – 12pm at “Athletics Nelson” building, Pioneer Park, Hastings St. opposite Spotlight. Cost: Gold Coin. Phone Evey 5390030 for more information. Dance Tango: 5 week Introduction to Argentine Tango course Monday nights, 23 May to 20 June St John’s Hall, Hardy St, $80/course 7.45-8.45. Ph AnneMaree on 545 1168 for more info. 20 Summit Challenge - Community Event to celebrate the Summit Rescue Helicopter’s 20 Years of Operation, providing free air rescue service. Everyone is invited to fundraise by walking, hiking or biking up one or more of 20 regional summits to achieve the largest ever Community Climb from May - August. TOP OF THE SOUTH MORRIS CAR CLUB Sunday 22 May Tapawera Tavern. Meet at 11.30am for lunch and conversation. Interested? Contact Julie Ph035473316 or Trevor Ph035268884. The AGM of the Isel House Trust will be held in the St Barnabas Church, Stoke, foyer on Sunday 29 May at 2pm. All welcome. Refreshments provided. 10 Easy Steps to Playing Bridge: May 23 Weekly

7:00-9:30pm. Nelson Bridge Phone Helen 545 0308 or Lindsey 544 1100. Horizon’s Market Day. Saturday 21st May 2011 YMCA - 156 Toi Toi Street, Nelson. New & Used items, Sausage sizzle, Raffles & more! Everyone Welcome, See you there! Parent to Parent Supporting parents and whanau who have children and family members with disabilities, health impairments or special needs. Coffee mornings 6th May, 10th June, 5th July, 9th Aug., 6th Sept. Free support and information courses though May and June. For more information Call Jane 546 8973. Community Garage Sale, fundraising for Atawhai Playcentre. Sunday May 22nd 9am-12.30pm Sausage sizzle, cake stall, hot drinks, bouncy castle, face painting, quality toys, clothing, nic nacs and more To book a stall (cost $15) ph Aimee 547 7810 FUN QUIZ NIGHT FOR NEWCOMERS- Get a team together or come along & join a Newcomers team, lots of prizes & a good chance to meet new people. Thursday 26th May 7.30pm in Plan B [Buxton Car Park Nelson]. All welcome [entry ticket $5pp]. Contact Jan Ph 5468730 COMPUTERS for over 50s - SeniorNet will meet 2pm Wednesday 18th May. After a short AGM, Brian Say will speak, from his own experience, about “Computers and the Visually Impaired”. SeniorNet rooms, Pioneers Park, Hastings St. REGULAR EVENTS STOKE/TAHUNA FUN AND FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE CLASSES. Tuesdays 9.30am (starting 10 May). Group fitness circuits to music using light handweights, stretch bands etc to improve, posture, fitness, muscle tone and MORE! $5. Nelson Bays Church, cnr Waimea and Quarantine Rds. For more info ph Julie on 545 0955. Free fortnightly legal clinics in Stoke and Richmond starting at 6pm Phone Nelson Bays Community Law 5481288 for an appointment Stoke Toy Library open Tuesday 7-8.30pm, Thursday 9.30 – 11am & Saturday 9.30-11.30am Songer Street, next to the playground. Great range of toys for hirer, birth to 5+ years. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME. Stoke Playgroup Mon & Weds 9am - 11.30am (inc. school hols). Come join the fun and meet new people. Huge range of toys and equipment for your children to enjoy. Bring child’s morning tea. $2 per child or $3 a family . St Andrews Church, 262 Songer St, Stoke. Doubles Tennis at Tahuna Tennis club. All levels Saturdays1pm onwards. Contact Mike 5476562 THE HUB - STAYING FIT CIRCUIT 9.30am Thursdays (join us for the new term starting 5 MAY), group class using hand weights, stretch bands etc. Meet new people while keeping fit and active. FUN classes for adults at the NEW HUB, 23 New Street, Nelson. For further info please phone Matt 5459147. Nelson City Social Brass Band (a division of Nelson City Brass Inc.) meets at 7pm each Wednesday at the band rooms Hathaway Tce. Brass and Percussion instrumentalists of all ages and ability are welcome to join us to play brass band music at a social level. Enquiries to Peter, telephone 5451768. Duck Soup Has generated hundreds of opportunities for singles over 30 to meet partners, friends & buddies. Whether you’re new to town or interested in expanding your social network after a break-up, Duck Soup will provide that opportunity for you too. More info on Music and Movement for Preschoolers with morning tea and playtime. Every week during term time, spaces available on Fridays 9.45am at The Salvation Army, 57 Rutherford Street, Nelson. Gold coin donation. Contact 548 4807. Victory Community Playgroup. 9 - 11.30am Tuesday and Thursday, also Pasifica session 9.30 - 11.30 Wednesday. All children 0 - 5yrs welcome.Phone Nicole 539 4578 or Bonnie 545 6203, 0274342333. TOASTMASTERS Develop your personal confidence through public speaking in the safety and with the support of the High Noon, Nelson, or Madhatters Toastmasters clubs. Telephone 0800-PEOPLE (0800736-753). Victory Seniors Tuesdays 1.30-3.30 pm 238 Upper Vanguard Street. Join us for cards, games, or call in for a cuppa and chat. For more info please contact Shirley on 546 9057 or 021 121 8023 Sit and be fit Victory Thursdays 10-10.45 am 238 Upper Vanguard Street. Free first session. For more info please contact Shirley on 547 1433 or 021 121 8023 The Lighthouse Spiritual Awareness Centre meets every Monday 7.30-8.30pm at the Age Concern Hall (opp. Trailways) with weekly speakers, light workers, healing, public most welcome. If you are a spiritual worker and would like to speak on your experiences I would love to hear from you. Phone Sandy 0211 430 213 Nature playschool every Tuesday 10.30-11.30 at Isel Park. Meet at the second set of large gates off Main Road Stoke. PORSE Playschool every Thursday 9.30-12noon at Ranzau Community Church, Ranzau Road Hope. Come along and see the PORSE Programme in action! Chat with our educators and staff to see if PORSE is for you.

Coming Soon is FREE for non-profit organisations and $7 for businesses. 50 words or less, by email only before 5pm Friday, to:

Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.



Now Available HR15 4x4



10m horizontal reach @ 6m high

Also a complete range - Scissor Lifts - Cherry Pickers - Knuckle Booms - Prompt & Knowledgeble Service


- Full Accounting Services - Taxation-Payroll-GST - Full Office Services

Claire Parr

accessman nelson ltd

544 3985

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke



Carvalet serviCe

• Total groom • wax & polish • leather feed & clean • cloth upholstery clean • carpets steam cleaned • warrants & service on request • fully insured • pick up • drop off • professional results to car showroom standard

121 St Vincent Street, Nelson

Ph: 0800 677 005


Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD • Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job

Phone 543 8243

Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949 pAinTEr

Experienced Tradesmen



Ph 027 448 5872 or 548 5811

P: 03 545 0778

163 Haven Road, PO Box 1575, Nelson 7040

cArpET & winDow clEAnEr

Small Job

Specialising in


Qualified Carpenter 15 Years Experience

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

Stephen Oliver proprietor

Phone now on

Call Mat: 03 5450384 (eve) or 0210353229 (day)

ElEcTriciAn Paul Dowers Electrical



Need a small job fixed? Get it done right the first time.

545 1053

Fully Trained, Security Screened

Quick - Efficient Professional


Floor SAnDing



Member NZ National Flooring Assn.


No job too big or small. All types of electrical work. Ph: 03 545 0030 Mob: 021 545 779 328 Atawhai Drive, Nelson E:

 99% Dust Free A V A A N C IL E  All Wooden Flooring A L E  Sanding & Coating  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings  Free Quotes


Decor8 with Distinction

Qualified painter & decorator

All internal & external decorating Ph: 03 541 0353 Mob: 021 751 073

cost effective


Extremely Competitive Rates!

Paul Bayard

027 384 1023

Over 20 years Experience

a/h: 03 548 6767


0800 455 141

32years Experience in Nelson area



simon noake Interior & Exterior Work

Auditors Business Advisors Forensic Accounting Registered Tax Agent

pAnEl bEATing

pAnEl bEATEr

ALL TRANSPORT refinishers

Specialists in Large Vehicle Body Repair & Refinishing  Panelbeating-structural or minor  Spraypainting-resprays/touch ups  Curtainsider protection coating

Insurance & Private

Ph 548 5144 Orion St

opp Tahuna Testing Station

• • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups call Tony Johnston

90 VAngUArD ST nElSon pH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

sc e and car maintenance land tricians lawnmowing hom mainte ncial services plumbers elec lawnmowing home and car fina ans nts trici unta elec acco bers ders plum buil law brake and clutch specialists accountants financial services plumbers electricians ing ders ices scap buil serv l land ts ncia ialis fina ance spec h nts nten mai unta landscaping brake and clutc lawnmowing home and car h specialists builders acco financial services plum ance ans clutc nts nten trici and unta e mai elec acco car brak bers and e ing ders plum scap hom buil land ntants financial services electricians lawnmowing untants brake and clutch specialists home and car maintenance h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers maintenance landscaping electricians lawnmowing landscaping brake and clutc lawnmowing home and car ialists alists builders accountants financial services plumbers spec ance ans h nts nten trici clutc unta mai elec and acco car e bers and brak e ders plum buil hom ing scap ing ialists accountants financial services e and car maintenance land bers electricians lawnmow scapi ders caping brake and clutch spec hom land plum buil ing ts ices ance ialis mow serv l nten spec lawn h ncia mai fina clutc car ans trici and untants brake and ans lawnmowing home ncial services plumbers elec specialists builders acco ar maintenance landscaping tricians lawnmowing l services plumbers electrici builders accountants fina scaping brake and clutch elec ts ncia land fina ialis bers ance spec nts h plum nten unta clutc ices mai acco and car serv e l ders ncia mowing home and ance landscaping brak e and clutch specialists buil builders accountants fina l services plumbers ing home and car mainten brake and clutch specialists ntenance landscaping brak ders accountants financia bers electricians lawnmow mowing home and car mai e and clutch specialists buil maintenance landscaping car lawn brak ders accountants and buil e ans ing ts trici hom scap ialis elec land ing spec h bers mow ance plum nten landscaping brake and clutc plumbers electricians lawn untants financial services mowing home and car mai ices ance lawn serv l nten clutch specialist mai ans ncia and e car fina trici and brak elec nts e unta ing hom bers plum landscap ders acco electricians lawnmowing and car maintenance untants financial services e bers acco e and clutch specialists buil hom plum landscaping ing ders ices buil mow serv l ance ts lawn ncia nten ialis fina mai ans trici and car untants e and clutch spec ncial services plumbers elec ans lawnmowing home specialists builders acco ntenance landscaping brak ing home and car m builders accountants fina scaping brake and clutch mow services plumbers electrici l ts land lawn ncia ialis fina ans spec ance h nts trici nten clutc unta elec mai and acco car e plumbers mowing home and ntenance landscaping brak and clutch specialists builders untants financial services mowing home and car mai ance landscaping brake specialists builders acco mbers electricians lawn scaping brake and clutch ing home and car mainten land mow lawn ance ans nten mai trici car elec and bers ing home ntants financial services plum bers electricians lawnmow nts financial services plum ialists builders accounta N E L S O N

Trades & Services

TUESDAY 17 May 2011


Trades & Services bEDS





bUilDEr/cArpEnTEr All repairs and maintenance work

e Get it right the first tim

anTiques & collecTibles From Estates & Collections to single items Good prices paid for scrap gold and silver

Tim GladsTone FrEE PhonE

0800653935 or 5485235

cArpET clEAning

 Extensive Range  Sound Advice  Helpful, Friendly Staff  Locally Manufactured  Factory Direct Prices

We’ve Moved!

Trade qualified 40 years experience Grey Power discount Additions Alterations Decks Fences Retaining Walls Painting

Scott Lines Contract Builder Ph: 021 0236 4697

Now at

59 Quarantine Rd, Nelson Phone : 03 547 4567


cHiMnEY clEAning


Ph Lloyd: 021 203 4855 Evenings: 03 970 0170 coMpUTErS



Want to move forward in your life? Confidential psychic readings and Reiki healings available.


Carpet Steam Cleaning 3 Rooms $95* Upholstery Cleaning 5 Seat Lounge $140* *Conditions apply

Ph: 544 4872 Locally Owned & Operated


Furniture Custom-designed & made furniture & joinery. Free quotes, quality workmanship, excellent service, no job too small Phone Hans today

FUrniTUrE Visit our showroom for all your furniture and re-upholstery needs FrEE qUoTES & DEliVErY

5452523 or 021 02723585

36 NAYLAND ROAD, STOKE P: 03 547 3241

is a qualified tarot and angel miracles psychic reader, and a qualified Reiki Master. She is accurate and comprehensive.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Cleaning tailored to your needs One-offs or regular service Laundry and Ironing Windows and Ovens Something else?........Just ask!


Contact us for a Quote Geraldine Forward

Ph / Txt 0226990981

Freephone 0508 2 GLEAM



Need a new Stylist? $20 off any service (Adult prices only - new clients only upon presenting this ad)

Aboki Hairdressers 68 Buxton Square, Nelson

ph 5468680

liFTing EqUipMEnT


Landscaping and property maintenance

Ph: 03 547 4969 Mb: 021 121 1006

• • • • •

Short or long term hire Electric or diesel 6m - 12m height All terrain & slab Z Booms available

5B Rotherham St, Stoke Ph: 538 0988

pATio / DEcKS

pEST conTrol

T: 03 989 5200 C: 021 050 6193 Phoenix Arcade, 16 Bridge Street, Nelson


Ph: 547 6488

MAcHinE HirE

Duane Whiting


021 548 733 021 072 7008

Vivianne Mail

33 Ngawhatu Rd, Stoke

hi for



Colour, Cuts & Perms Lash Tinting Brow Tinting Lip Waxing Accrylic Nails Private salon experience for all your professional hair requirements

Excavators, dozers & trucks


Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949

DEE’S Hair Design

Contractors Ltd

Residential and Commercial

Call Geoff Sherlock for a FREE Consultation

0508 2 45 326

Hands On Computer Training

Ph 027 444 3225 Fax 03 547 1075 E:



call on our knowledge & expertise, for all the mortgage advice you need.

Ph 548 9825

environmentally friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning


oUTboArD SErVicing HEAlTH cHEcK: 20 point check including: Gear oil change, grease vital areas, hull & trailer report, tips on boating, Future Service Plan, talk to the technician Price Guide incl gst Up to 5hp $35 6hp - 45hp $60 50hp - 90hp $85 100hp - 225hp $120 To book ph Darren randle P: 545 0970 M: 0274458212


Your Local Real Estate Expert

eco-friendly pest control

T QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS T GUARANTEED RESULTS T SAFE PRODUCTS Exterior Spider Control $115* Interior Fly Control $85* All Pests Treated *Conditions apply

Ph: 544 4872 Locally Owned & Operated

Honest Reliable Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915

Specialising in Repair and Maintenance Projects. Small Jobs Welcome.

59a Gladstone Rd Richmond Ph: 03 543 8090


547anytime 8290 Licensed (REAA 2008)


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17 May 2011  

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