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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Project Funway a run-away success


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Miccio is mayor Matheson, Ward, Davy clinch comeback

Andrew Board Aldo Miccio has beaten the incumbent and his deputy to claim the mayoralty of Nelson, by more than 1400 votes. He will take over the reins on 21 October. The latest preliminary results, released on Sunday, have Aldo on 6,726 votes, ahead of his nearest rival and deputy mayor, Rachel Reese on 5,302 with current mayor Kerry Marshall, Gary Watson and Mike Ward gaining between 1200 and 1900 votes each. The result was correctly predicted by a Nelson Weekly poll of ratepayers in early September. But this election may be known for its returning faces as much as its new ones, as three former councillors have been re-elected after a term on the sidelines. Paul Matheson, Mike Ward and Eric Davy all reclaimed a seat at the council table after either giving them up, or in Davy’s case, losing it three years ago. The city also has three brand new councillors in Jeff Rackley, who finished with the second highest number of votes, Ruth Coepland and Kate Fulton. Former councillor Alan Turley again finished one spot outside

the elected 12, the same agonising fate he suffered in 2007. Initial results for the election came through at 1pm last Saturday, an hour after the polls closed, and with a lead of more than 1000 votes, Nelson City Council chief executive Keith Marshall called Aldo to let him know he was Nelson’s mayorelect. Aldo says he then received phone calls from beaten candidates Rachel and Kerry, who congratulated him on the win. The new council will meet each other as colleagues for the first time this week where returning councillors Rachel Reese, Ian Barker, Gail Collingwood, Pete Rainey, Ali Boswijk and Derek Shaw will offer some stability to a much-changed council. Voter return for the election was 51.38 percent, excluding special votes, up from three years ago, with a total of 17,361 voting papers counted according to electoral officer, Warwick Lampp. Results will be finalised today but will not alter the outcome. Full interview with Nelson’s mayor-elect, Aldo Miccio on page 3.

Hampden St School students gearing up for the Masked Parade this Friday night, they are clockwise from top; Luke Rowberry, 8, Sian Llewellyn, 10, Escher Hoogeveen, 8, Niamh Fisher, 10, Flynn Cowie, 11, Cam Vining, 9 and Lydia Fitzgerald, 6. Photo: Andrew Board.

Nelson prepares to party this Friday Nelson City is gearing up for a massive night of entertainment on Friday. The Nelson Arts Festival swings into gear with the Nelson Masked Parade, followed by the Carnivale, bands will play late into the night at Sonic 1903 Live Zone and the Tasman Makos play Northland at Trafalgar Park. Nelson City Council marketing

coordinator Cam Woods says not quite 3000 people are registered to be a part of the masked parade alone. “It’s a nice way to start things off with plenty of colour and sound before 12 days of fun during the Nelson Arts Festival.” The annual parade starts at 5.30pm and will see school children, community groups and

families meandering through the city centre, watched by a crowd of around 15,000. A new event is the Sonic 1903 Live Zone, being staged after the masked parade to give young people a safe party with zero alcohol. Meanwhile sports fans will be making their way to Trafalgar Park at 7.35pm for the Makos last game of the season in Nelson.

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2 TUESDAY12 October 2010

Craig Hamilton’s

Best Advice Best Results Best Call Craig Phone 544 4202 (24 hrs) or 027 214 4851 Nelson is jam-packed with entertainment this Friday night with the Masked Parade, live bands and the Makos playing. We asked if you are planning on going to any of it?

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Andy Dale, Nelson.

Jessica Moser, Nelson.

Dylan Fletcher, Stoke.

Sundara Lauder, Nelson.

“I want to go to the Makos, but I’ve got to swap my shift at work. It should be a tight game.”

“I’m going to the mask parade. I guess there’s a lot of people, it’s loud and fun and colourful.”

“I’m going to the Makos game. It will be a tough hard battle I reckon. I’m looking forward to Kaide Whiting getting on the field.”

“The mask parade is cool, the whole road is blocked off.”

Nelson plays its part in global working bee

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As the clock struck 10am on the 10/10/10, the Nelson Environment Centre were one of many centres around New Zealand and the rest of the world, taking part in the Global Climate Working Bee in order to get back to a 350 parts per million world. “The idea is that people reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage people to make a 10% reduction in their greenhouse gas emissions this year,” says Nelson Environment Centre landscape developer Nick Kiddey. While the workshops varied around the country, the Nelson Environment Centre had a tree planting day. “We planted basket willows to create an outdoor classroom. We planted quite a lot of other fast growing shelter trees and the idea

• Nelson Bays police are holding a series of “town hall” meetings for the community throughout the district over the coming weeks and the public are invited to attend. Nelson Bays Area Commander, Inspector Brian McGurk will chair each of the meetings, along with members of police from your local station. The first of the meetings in the Nelson district is in Stoke at 7pm on Wednesday, 20 October at the Stoke Methodist Hall. It will move to the Victory Community Centre at 7pm on Thursday 28 October. Local environmentalists at a working bee at the Nelson Environment Centre. Photo: Phillip Rollo. with this site is we’re creating an educational outdoor venue that goes along with the environment centre’s work. We had about 20 people, got heaps of planting done, it was very successful and we all had a good time Nick says there’s plenty of easy ways to make the 10% reduction. “If one out of ten

of your car trips you took the bus or went on a bike trip that would make a big difference. A lot of people are putting in solar water heating, or insulating their homes. The best things are the easy ones that anyone can do, and if it’s just about changing one little thing, then that’s a good step.”

• After over a decade of service, Mark Tregurtha, the current Manager Strategy and Planning at Nelson City Council, has decided to leave to pursue other opportunities. During the recent restructuring, Mark’s role had been one of those earmarked for change. • The preliminary result for the election of seven members of the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board held on Saturday 9th October was announced over the weekend. Those elected are; John Inder, Jenny Black, Gordon Currie, John Moore, Judy Crowe, Fleur Hansby and Gerald Hope.

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TUESDAY 12 October 2010

New mayor aiming to lead unified council three years. But more pressing is the makeup of the council. With his head buried in his He says he is aiming to catch hands, cell phone to his ear and up with each councillor this a bar-full of silent supporters week to discuss that, but would waiting with baited breath, not be drawn on who he it took Aldo Miccio just would like as his deputy. one gesture to his waiting “Obviously I’m quite wife to completely transyoung and inexperienced, form the scene. compared to some other “Kim was looking at me, councillors, so I’d be lookblocking the view of the ing to work with someone other people in the bar as who fills the gaps on what I was on the phone. When I’m missing.” Keith (Marshall, Nelson Two obvious names jump City Council CEO) told out, and one has already me I had won I gave her been talked about, but the thumbs up, she turned Aldo insists he has not around and gave the doumade up his mind and has ble thumbs up, and evenot spoken with supportryone just yelled,” says er and experienced counNelson’s mayor-elect as cillor Ian Barker about the he recalled his moment of role. victory on Saturday. Aldo says after enjoying Aldo swept to the city’s top his moment of victory job after just one term on with supporters on Saturcouncil and plenty of conday it is now down to him troversy. to get stuck in and deliver He is the man who pushed on his promises. hard for an amalgamation New Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio outside “After I find out where to petition with Tasman Dis- council headquarters after his election get a great coffee nearby, trict, he has openly criti- victory on Sunday. Photo: Andrew Board. I’ll be right into it. I’m excised councils handling of cited about the future and some issues and has said he can ally good representation of the can’t wait to get started.” see no other option for Nelson’s city and one thing we will all That start was made yesterday, heavy vehicle issue than the di- have in common is a passion but as Kerry Marshall will atvisive Southern Link. test, those now shouting ‘long for Nelson,” he says. But he will spend this week Aldo says his four campaign live the King’ may be singing a meeting an incredibly diverse pillars of affordable council, far different tune in three short group of councillors, some of new job opportunities and ed- years. whom he beat in the mayoral ucation, economic growth and “I have to deliver, we all do and race and others who publicly putting Nelson on the radar we will all be aware of that,” backed other candidates, with are key to his goals for the next says Aldo.

Andrew Board

the hope of bringing them together to form a productive team. “It is incredibly diverse when I look at who got in, but that’s good, it is probably a re-


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4 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Canadian fire-fighter settling into Nelson nicely Andrew Board Changing roles from a fire captain in Canada, with a force of 900 men, to a “crew man” in Nelson with its 36 staff has required some adjustment for Joe Annett, but it’s not the biggest change for the experienced fire-fighter. “I’m still getting my head around some of the names you guys have for things, they are the same tools that we use, but with different names. And not seeing the hydrants above the ground is weird,” he says. Joe is in Nelson on a year-long exchange programme organised within the fire services of New Zealand and Canada. He is staying in Nelson fire-fighter Gavin Stott’s Washington Valley home while Gavin and his family stay in Joe’s Edmonton house. Joe and his wife have been in Nelson for a little over a month now and he says he is loving life in Nelson. “Choosing to come to New Zealand was, as we say, a no brainer. Australia is another one that Edmonton exchanges with but we didn’t think Australia was a really good idea at all. We like New Zealand for the fact that it’s the size of our province in Canada and everything Canada has New Zealand has, except for the bears and cougars.” Although Joe has never met Gavin, the two have Skype-ed

Edmonton fire-fighter Joe Annett settling into his new role in Nelson. each other while in each other’s home, an experience that has been “quite funny”. But a new home and terminology aren’t the only differences Joe is noticing. “This is the first time I’ve been able to walk to work, in Edmonton it’s a half hour each way in my car, here it is a seven minute walk. I also still have a hard time realising that we have 36 guys and a lot of them have been here for as long as I’ve been a fire fighter. In Edmonton we are dealing with 900 fire fighters from 26 stations and we rotate stations every two

years. But all the little intricacies that we find challenging back home, they are struggling with the same things here. I’ve been entrenched in Edmonton firefighting for 30 years so it’s great to try something else, but essentially we are still putting the wet stuff on the red stuff.” He says the worldwide fire-fighting “brotherhood” was something he was told of 30 years ago when he first started working in the job but now that he is in a different country he is really noticing how wide it stretches. “I was

told that if you’re ever somewhere and in trouble, stop at a fire station tell them you’re a fire-fighter and they will help you out and this is one of those times. They helped me buy a car, helped me change the oil, it’s amazing.” While in New Zealand Joe is planning to travel and see as much of the country as possible and has already enjoyed tramping the hills around Nelson. He also is planning to watch a live rugby game and cricket match before his year in Nelson comes to an end.

eDay for Nelson announced eDay is back in Nelson for 2010, it was announced last week. eDay, a free computer recycling event, will be held in over 40 centres throughout New Zealand, including Nelson and Tasman, on Saturday 6 November 2010. Organisers are aiming to divert as much as 1,300 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills, up from last year’s record amount of 976 tonnes. Now in its fifth year, eDay is the only nationwide community e-waste recycling event for households and small businesses to dispose of old computer equipment in an environmentally sound way. This year, eDay will be run by the eDay New Zealand Trust, a new independent community trust set up by CANZ members specifically to promote the responsible recycling of electronic waste in New Zealand. eDay will be held from 9am – 3pm at Enza, 484 Nayland Road, Stoke and K & F McLean, 88 Hursthouse Street, Lower Moutere. Further details can be found at

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TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Project Funway a run-away success What could Nelsonians do with one white sheet and a bucket-load of imagination? Quite a bit it would seem, says Fashion Island retail manager Nicola Dolan. More than 70 people entered the Fashion Funway competition held last Saturday in front of a packed Fashion Island court-yard.

Each contestant was given a king-size white sheet with which to cut, shape and dye into a masterpiece. Nicola says she has been thrilled by the response and the creativity of those who entered. “I could not believe the creativity and imagination people had from a plain white sheet, I was just blown away.”



Hannah Ippolito won the evening-wear section, Yvonne Hammond won the day-wear section and The Lingerie Company won the staff section. “It could not have gone better I don’t think,” says Nicola. “It was so hard to judge but so successful that there is no question whether we will do it again. We definitely will.”

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Stella Bogdanoff, 12, modelling her highly commended entry in the daywear category.


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SuCCeSS foR YouR BuSINeSS STARTS RIghT heRe Model Catherine Burton strutts her stuff on the runway at Fashion Island last Saturday as part of the Fashion Funway competition. This outfit won the eveningwear section and was designed and created by Hannah Ippolito of Nelson. Photos: Andrew Board.

Working on wood for exhibition

The regions finest woodworkers will be on show this weekend at the Stoke Memorial Hall. The Nelson Guild of Woodworkers Exhibition is being held on October 16 and 17 and is a gold coin donation to enter. Members of the public can also vote for the peoples choice award, with one voter set to win a gift basket. The exhibition will see pieces on show from more than 18 of the regions top woodworkers says president Peter Sheehan. “There is a broad range of hobbyists work to studio pieces, so it Nelson woodworker Nigel Witten finishing off a piece should be a good weekend.” The exhibition is open from 9.30 to for the Nelson Guild of Woodworkers Exhibition this weekend. Photo: Andrew Board. 5pm each day.

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6 TUESDAY 12 October 2010



• A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a party/event/function? Call our photographer 548 4949 or 027 548 4948 Elva Searle, Deane Briggs and Jennifer Gray, owners of the new The Rock Box. Tony Vining and Butch Bradley out for a beer on Saturday afternoon.


Kim Miccio and Emma Thompson at the election party for Aldo Miccio.

Tony Elisala, Jeska Oates, Darcy Luafutu, SarahJane Lawson and Dennis Tommy.

Geoffory Hunt, Georgina Scutt and Johnson Scutt at the opening of The Rock Box.

Deborah Lott and Lou Taylor at Plan B on Saturday.

Harriett Wells, Brooke Trevurza, Scarlett Van Humm at the opening of the new KFC building last Thursday.

This week we have photo’s from several big events in the region. Saturday afternoon we went along to winner of the Nelson mayoral electionAldo Miccio’s election party at Plan B. On Friday night we were invited to the grand opening of The Rock Box in Fashion Island and last Thursday our camera was at the opening of KFC’s new Tahunanui store. If you are having a party or event and would like photos of your guests on this page please call us on 548 4949. Or if you have photos you would like published, email them to

Michael Goesele, Trevor Nylen in line for the opening of KFC in Tahunanui.

Frances, Rafaele and Angela Miccio at Plan B .

Brett Thornalley and Colin Lott in Nelson on Saturday. Sam Stosser, Dylan Didi and TeAroha Roberts gearing up for the masked pararde this Friday.


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TUESDAY 12 October 2010


Local dealer opens new yard A Nelson car yard has expanded, doubling the size of its yards. Dowell Wholesale Cars on Rutherford St opened its new yard last week and owner Paul Dowell says the expansion has come about because he has been “flat stick.” “Everyone is crying doom and gloom but there has been no recession for me.” Paul says his first yard, at 144 Rutherford St, was predominately set up to sell cars to other dealers but


Holden Commodore VY 2004

If its a larger car for the impending Xmas holidays that you are after, then this could be it. It has a peppy 3800cc v6 engine and is automatic. The interior is in extremely tidy condition. It also has cruise control, air-conditioning, 2 airbags, electric front windows and mirrors, factory CD and remote central locking.


he was selling more and more from his yard so he decided to expand it and make the second yard mainly for sales to the public. He has a wide range of stock catering to most tastes. “The new yard is predominately New Zealand new cars, a lot of which were good quality, well maintained leased cars. And the old yard has predominately Japanese imports so now we have a great range.” Paul has been in the car business for many years, specialising in selling cars to other dealers. But has found himself now selling to the public once again. To help with the new yard Paul has brought on board yard


Nissan Pulsar LS Hatch 2005

This seems to be a very popular car judging by how many are being driven on NZ roads. It has a peppy 1800cc engine and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. NZ new and is a 1 owner car. It also has airconditioning, towbar, central locking, 2 airbags, CD and electric windows and mirrors.


Hyundai Lantra GLS Wagon 2000

Very good condition for its age and mileage. NZ new and has only had 1 owner. It has a peppy 2000cc engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has air-conditioning, drivers airbag, electric windows and mirrors and factory alloy wheels.


Hyundai Getz Hatch 2006

If its great fuel economy that you are after then this is the car for you. NZ new and is 1 owner. It has been an ex lease car so has been on a full service plan from new. It has a peppy 1400cc engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has 2 airbags, air-conditioning, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors.


2001 Holden Astra City

Really tidy little car, NZ new, 1800cc 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It has aftermarket alloy wheels, 2 airbags and air conditioning. Very tidy condition for its year and mileage. Cambelt was last done at 80000km.


Toyota Hilux Cabplus 2WD 2003

Ideal tradesman or handymans ute. It is NZ new and 1 owner. Peppy 3000cc diesel engine and is 5 speed manual. Towbar, canopy, tuffdeck and seats 4 in the cab.


manager Anton Tonk. “It’s good to have Anton here; it should give me a small amount of free time so I can get back on my bike.” Paul a keen cyclist and former stockcar racer, is famous for giving 100 percent to whatever he does and he is aiming to put that winning formula back into running his two yards. Paul is happy to answer enquires from all over the Nelson and Tasman district and reckons the best way to run a car dealership is front it yourself and that’s exactly what he does. To enquire about the cars below give Paul or Anton a call on 548 0568.

Subaru Legacy LTD Wagon 2003

This is the top of the range of this model. NZ new and has high and low ratio 4wd. It has a peppy 2500cc engine and is 5 speed manual. Factory alloy wheels, towbar, 2 airbags, cruise control, climate air-conditioning, electric windows and mirrors and velour trim



Ford Econovan LWB Van 2004

This would be a great van for the tradesman or handyman. NZ new and 1 owner. It has a 2500cc diesel engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has air-conditioning, double side loading doors, tinted windows, a CD player and central locking.



Mazda 121 Demio 2002

Ford Falcon BF XT 2006

Honda Accord Euro 2007

Suzuki Jimny 140 2000





Nissan Liberty 7 Seater 1998

Ford Falcon BA XT 2003

2007 Commodore Omega

Toyota Corolla GL 1994

This would be the ideal car for the fuel conscious. It is NZ new and had 1 owner. It has a peppy 1500cc 4 cylinder engine and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in extremely tidy condition. It also has electric windows and mirrors, central locking, air-conditioning, CD, drivers airbag and roof rails.

If you have got extra people to carry or a bigger family to contend with then this would be a great car for you as it has seating for 7 people. It has a peppy 2000cc engine and is automatic. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has factory alloy wheels, body kit, 2 airbags, CD, airconditioning, central locking and electric windows and mirrors. 1 owner in NZ since being imported from Japan.

If its a car to tow the boat or caravan or a late model NZ new car at a bargain price that you are looking for then I should be hearing from you soon. This is a 1 owner ex lease car and has been on a full service plan from new. It also has cruise control, airconditioning, 2 airbags, CD and electric windows and mirrors.

This is an extremely tidy 1 owner NZ new Falcon. Privately owned from new. Ideal for towing the boat or caravan or for that extra interior room for the kids. It has a peppy 4000cc 6 cylinder engine and is automatic with the tiptronic option. It also has a towbar, electric front windows and mirrors, factory CD, air-conditioning and 2 airbags.

This is your chance to buy a great value late model 1 owner NZ new car. It has been on a full service plan from new. The interior is in immaculate condition. It has factory alloys, towbar, 4 airbags, dual climate air-conditioning and electric windows and mirrors. It has a peppy 2300cc 4 cylinder engine and is automatic with the tiptronic option.

Not often you can buy one of these this cheaply. 1 owner, and has been on a full maintaince lease from new. It has a peppy 3600cc v6 and is automatic. Cruise control, towbar, factory CD, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloys and is still the current shape. The interior is very tidy.

Extremely tidy example and is a credit to its previous 2 NZ owners. It has a peppy 1300cc engine and is 5 speed manual. It has Hi & Low ratio 4WD. Would be ideal for towing behind a motorhome or for some weekend adventures. It had the cambelt replaced at 99000km.

An ever popular Corolla and in extremely good condition. Its condition is a real credit to its 2 previous NZ owners. It has a peppy 1600cc engine and is automatic. The cambelt was replaced at 109000km. The interior is in immaculate condition.

150 Rutherford Street, Nelson P 03 548 0568 M 0274 908 289

This Week

8 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Tahuna lad earns Scoutings highest award

Sally Rawson and dad Peter, both of Nelson, at the Isel in Bloom Festival. Photo: Andrew Board.

Blooming good fun at Isel Park Stoke people turned out in their thousands for the annual Isel in Bloom Festival on Sunday. The festival marks the bloom of many flowers in Isel Park and the first open day of the summer season for Isel House. Community Liaison advisor-recreation, for Nelson City Council, Chris Blythe says the event was again well supported by stallholders and members of the public. “We had 24 stalls and plenty of free entertainment which is great. We try to make it an event where people don’t have to shell out loads of money.” Chris estimated a crowd of between 1500 to 2000. “That’s what we usually get to these types of events.” The next community event organised by NCC is the Broadgreen Rose Day on November 28.

Chris Vercoe is due to be just the third Nelson Scout in more than 15 years to be presented with the Queen Scout Award. The award is scouting’s highest and takes about three and a half years to complete. He is the third Venturer of the Nelson Sea Scouts in as many years to complete the award. To gain the Queen Scout, Chris had to organise a five day tramp through the Queen Charlotte Sounds, complete more than 100 hours of community work and various other challenges. Once he finished that, he was put through a two and a half hour interview last Tuesday night where he was asked general questions on his community, New Zealand and Scouting. Scout’s zone training leader, Bridget Smith, says Chris has put in plenty of hard work to gain the award. “It’s not easy and does take a lot of dedication, that’s why there are only a few Scouts each year who complete it.” Last year only 25 Scouts nationwide earned the award. Chris, a Nayland College student, says he started the award after seeing a friend earn his and was thrilled to cap off about 12 years in Scouts with its highest honour. “It’s awesome, there were a few times when it got really hard but I put my head down and got through it.” Although Chris has earned the award, it will be officially presented to him by the Governor-General in Wellington next year. “That will be the highlight, getting the award and meeting the Governor-General,” says Chris. Chris Vercoe with the Queen Scout Award he is to be awarded tonight after Five other Nelson Scouts are also working three and a half years of work. Photo: Andrew Board. their way towards the award.

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• 2.0l or 2.4l Theta II engine options • Fuel economy from as low as 7.6 litres per 100km** • Push button engine start option (Elite only) • Paddle shifters and steering wheel mounted controls • Front and rear seat warmers (Elite only) • Reversing sensors (Elite only)

Limited stock so be quick to avoid disappointment. Take advantage by only having to pay a 1/3 now and the balance over two years with NO interest. Trade in welcome! *Price applies to i.30 1.6 M5, ix35 2.0 2WD A6 and i45 2.0 A6 model respectively. Fuel consumption figures applies to i30 1.6 CRDi A4 and are based on factory combined figures. Fuel consumption may vary. ** Fuel consumption figures applies to i45 2.0 A6 and are based on factory combined figures. Fuel consumption may vary. Offer is based on a 1/3 deposit, a documentation fee and on-road costs paid at time if delivery, the second 1/3 payment in 12 months with the final 1/3 payment in 24 months. Normal lending and credit criteria apply. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer and expires 31st October 2010. Vehicles subject to stock and colour availability. Contact Bowater Hyundai for more details.

Bowater Hyundai

Opposite Smiths City, 45 Hardy Street, Nelson | 03 545 8032 | |

This Week

TUESDAY 12 October 2010



10 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Reinventing Amigos Cafe & Bar has reopened with new owners, a new menu and a new feel. Paul and Colleen Laird have bought the Beach Rd business opposite the Tahunanui playing fields and have spent the past few weeks remodeling and designing a new menu. It will feature a wide range of food, along with the Mexican for which Amigos is known. It will also be open for breakfast and lunch says Paul, creating a laid-back, café-style venue. “I think the whole reason for the place to exist now is to provide a venue for people to come, sit and chat, talk, read and even have meetings if they want. It really is a place where people can be comfortable.” Amigos is known for its outdoor area but Paul and Colleen have

also redesigned the interior, giving it a cozy feel. “It’s quiet, it hasn’t got the hustle and bustle of the central city so it’s not like sitting in a railway carriage with people jostling past all the time. The day time coffee thing is going to be very much a more sedate affair - breakfast, morning coffee.” While the day time menu will feature lighter fare, including muffins, quiche and slices; the mussel chowder will be a feature. In the evening it will have salsa, enchilada, tacos etc, but on top of that it will be having salads and other healthy foods and, of course, chips. Paul says Amigos will not be a boozer but will have a range of drinks that all have an interesting story as

well as taste. “If you want a glass of wine with your lunch we have some nice bottles of local wine. We will have a new beer that Totora Breweries (a Nelson craft beer produced from their own hop garden) is doing for us, that

will be an ‘Amigos beer’ and we are looking at getting other local beers in here as well.” Amigos opened last Saturday, so if you feel like a nice, relaxed and welcoming place to visit, go see the Amigos on Beach Rd.

Paul and Colleen Laird ready to welcome you to Amigos Cafe & Bar on Beach Rd, Tahunanui.


South Street Gallery

are proud to support Paul & Colleen in their new business venture at Amigo’s

South Street Gallery

One of the largest, and most comprehensive ranges of frozen and chilled foods in the South Island.

Breakfast Lunches Casual Dining Coffee Opening 9th October with rejuvenated interior with a broad spectrum menu in a cafe style but retaining the lively covered, sunny courtyard that symbolises the Amigos style Open from 9.30 to late but until summer comes closed on Sunday night and Monday

13 Beach Road Tahunanui Nelson

10 Nile Street West, Nelson • Ph 03 548 8117 •

548 5692



All nostalgic and new customers welcome!

means friends

This Week

TUESDAY 12 October 2010


The Harbour Master’s


• Four container ships, one small bulk carrier that called in three times, seven visits from large fishing vessels and several visits from the smaller ones indicated a busy port this past week. Most of the berths were full at some time. • The dredge, the Kawatiri, continued its programme of ensuring the port is at the correct depths for chart datum. • The opening races of both the Cruising Club and Nelson Sailing club appeared to go off without a hitch. An exciting summer of racing is anticipated. • I must make mention of the Outrigger Club that I interrupted one evening on the water, conducting a spot check to ensure they had the proper safety equipment. I apologise for interrupting them in rhythmic stroke and congratulate them on their safety awareness and the quality and quantity of the equipment they had.

Nelson College students Hugo Lawrence, 14, left, and Dean Franklet, 13, with the vuvuzelas they used for testing whether the horn can cause hearing loss. Photo: Andrew Board.

Students sound off for science fair World Cup heartache may not be the only health problem for disappointed fans and players leaving South Africa empty handed this year, the deafening vuvuzelas may have caused hearing problems as well. That’s according to a science project by two Nelson College students who decided to study

Well done guys. Enjoy your safe boating this week, Dave Duncan, Harbour Master/Marine Operations Manager.

Aki Sushi Amazon Andrea Biani Barkers Columbus Coffee Colorado Cotton On Kids Dotti Hartleys



Buxton Square

Morrison Street


can be quite detrimental to your hearing,” says Hugo. Hugo and Dean’s project is just one of hundreds entered in the fair. All the student’s work will be available for viewing by the public from 9am to 5pm on the following Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and only from 9am to 12pm on Saturday.

25 of the best fashion and lifestyle stores, showcasing the hotest trends this season:



the noise made by the vuvuzelas after watching this year’s World Cup. They concluded that the noise can have a negative effect on peoples hearing. “It really does, over that 90minutes with hundreds of these blaring and if you’re in the middle and are caught in the wrong angle of the sound waves than it

Spoilt for choice


Montgomery Square

the effects of the blaring horn for this year’s Cawthron Science and Technology Fair. The judging of the region’s secondary school students’ fair is being held from 10am to 12am today at Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village in Stoke. Hugo Lawrence, 14, and Dean Franklet, 13, decided to study

Monday - Friday 9am-5.30pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 10am-4pm

Jacqui.E Jay Jays Just Jeans Kimberleys Kooky Living & Giving Lush Morrison St Café Portmans

Rodney Wayne Rodd & Gunn Smiggle Sunglass Style The Body Shop The Lingerie Company The Rock Box Witchery

Shopping Centre


12 TUESDAY 12 October 2010



Sound . Vision . Control

34 Vanguard Street, Nelson Ph: (03) 548 8588 FREEPHONE: 0800 90 1234

Soul to Sole..... Audio Proud supplier to Strawberry Sound Nelson

Peter Strand of Strawberry Sound insists that they are not ‘box shifters’ like some retail chains. They will design, quote, install and service complete Sound, Vision and Control systems in your home or business Hi-fi and multi-media systems, home theatres, and listening rooms, then have the team design a home automation, pre-wiring, custom installa- custom installation plan to suit your home. tion ... all of the latest technology to meet your “We’ll analyse the areas you want to use and Sound, Vision and Control needs can be found at discuss your requirements, design and draw up Strawberry Sound. With their exclusive range of a plan and provide a free quote. You’ll end up well-established brands, award-winning service and 26 years of expertise you can guarantee they Speakers of will be able to provide a system to suit your lifestyle or commercial requirements. Distinction Strawberry Sound’s new manager, Peter Strand • High Quality Sound • Unique and Distinctive brings with him a wealth of experience, knowl• Handcrafted Finish • Affordable Quality edge and a real passion for all things audiovisual. Peter has worked in the audio visual business since 1974, both as an employee and an owner operator. “If people don’t know me by name, then they’ll know me as “that fat guy who knows all about hi-fi,” laughs Peter. “There’s nobody around with as much experience as I can offer,” he insists, adding, “and no person has to leave Nelson to find the finest equipment available in the world. There are no limits to the quality we can offer and the huge range of top-end equipment we can source.” But Strawberry Sound isn’t just about the big jobs. “We offer the same outstanding level of good old fashioned customer service to everyone, whether you are looking for a complete custom designed package, or you are having an old turntable serviced.” Strawberry Sound specialise in Sound, Vision Proud to supply and Control both in residential properties and Strawberry Sound commercial ventures. You can trial the latest technology in their fully automated home theatre

Feature/This Week

STRAWBERRYSOUND Sound . Vision . Control

34 Vanguard Street, Nelson

Ph: (03) 548 8588

a simple to use system with just one remote to control it all. After installation is when our real customer service kicks in with our lifetime guarantee and after sales service second to none.” Strawberry Sound’s distributed audio allows you to listen to music in multiple areas of your home. Entertainment areas are not just for indoors either, now you can enjoy your favourite music from your deck, garden or pool through external wall-mounted speakers. Design and pre-wire is possibly the most important part of any audiovisual or control system, and a process not to be rushed. Done properly it provides future options as to how and where you can enjoy your audio visual entertainment, place lights, control panels and other technology. You can save time and money by ensuring your system is set up correctly from the very beginning. Home Control/Automation provides the ultimate in home comforts, controlling almost any electrical device via remote control, wall switches or fully wireless touch screens. Strawberry Sound has been involved in commercial contracting for over 26 years, working on major building projects including the Trafalgar Park upgrade and the Marlborough Aquatic Centre. Working closely with consultants and contractors, they strive to, and have delivered results beyond the clients’ expectations. All of their projects are completed in house, from design through to fitting off.They offer a lifetime warranty on all installations and have qualified technicians and quality brands. They are a member of ECANZ (Electrical Contractors Assn. of NZ, and the only local member of the international CEDIA (Custom Design and Installation Assn.). Call in to this unique business today – they are unlike any other in town.

TUESDAY 12 October 2010


The way we were A focus on our area and its history

Nelson identities of yesteryear Former Nelson City Councillor Alan Turley contributes an account of some Nelson identities as colourful as the city itself.

They were certainly different people. As I recall, it was in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s that these identities added colour and interest to the human profile of the city area. Who were they? The first of these identities was known to all and sundry as Phar Lap. She was a wizened up little lady, shabbily dressed with heavy rolled down brown stockings. Every fine weekday morning she would shuffle down in her slippers from her residence in Washington Road and sit at the bottom of the church steps where she would knit away with her size five needles muttering incessantly to herself. If anyone tried to speak to her she would just move away still muttering to herself. However she did have a special friend who was known as Cycling Sam. Sam would arrive at the church steps sometime after Phar Lap on his immaculate shiny bicycle which was filled with every conceivable appurtenance he could fasten on it. Cycling Sam cut a tall lean angular figure and wore the gaudiest clothes imaginable, including a hugh red plastic stetson hat. He and Phar Lap would sit together on the same seat for anything up to two hours. I never saw a word pass between them. Phar Lap would continue her knitting until they eventually went their separate ways. Cycling Sam once entered in the Mardi Gras best dressed competition and won first prize. He was wearing his normal cycling outfit. Another well know identity was Archie Gascoine. A very small man about four feet tall with a wizened up face, he wore tennis shoes, oversize baggy shorts and also a selection of stetson hats. He used to push a large wooden billy cart and every morning he would go down to Webley Bros Timber yard in Alma Lane and clear out the waste wood from under the machines. He would pile the wood up in his back yard in Milton Street for firewood. Over the years the pile just grew bigger and bigger. He was an outstanding pianist who, story has it, would sneak into his neighbours home when they were out just to play the piano. Whenever there were street parades or public functions Archie would be placed on a truck deck with a piano from where he would entertain the cheering populace in great style. Some of the local youths would tease and bait him. He would take so much and then he would react aggressively. On one occasion, he chased after a couple of cheeky kids

through the Maitai River with his clothes still on. Finally there was Jonky. He was something else again. He had the loudest most penetrating voice I have heard in my life. In his earlier years he had been a road cycling champion and had spent most of his working days on the outside staff of the Council Electricity Department. His favourite pre-occupation was to engage some hapless individuals in conservation in the middle of town - the mayor was his favoured target. His favourite subject was the Council or national politics and his penetrating voice heard over half the town was a signal that Jonky had claimed another victim. My most vivid personal recollection was when I pulled up in my car at the intersection of Hardy and Rutherford Streets. Jonky arrived on his bike, grabbed the open window frame on the inside left front and began berating the council for all he was worth. As I drove off across the intersection he hung on for grim death giving me both barrels without letting up for a moment. These four distinctive individuals all from Nelson seemed to disappear about the same time. The last edition of the Nelson Weekly contained an article on street naming by Alan Turley. There were several errors in the text. Nelson Weekly accepts responsibility for those errors.

Clothing your kids will out grow, not out wear

New Summer Arrivals

- Keedo - Sam & Seb - Mac & Molly -

Top & Bottom Baby Sets from $ Richmond Mall (opposite Fresh Choice) Ph: 544 8410



PH 548 0200 (24 HOURS) or 021 477 278

14 TUESDAY 12 October 2010


Now open

4 8 b r i d g e s t r e e t, n e

Beetees has expanded to Nelson, offering great quality women’s fashion with a point of difference, and exceptional prices to Nelsonians and all their out of town customers.

Larraine says she the space available wear they carry, th

Beetees are part o large number of

Beetees is a locally owned and operated womens clothing store which has been operating in Motueka for five years and owner Larraine Beattie felt the timing was right to move into Nelson. “It was always in the plan at some stage to seriously look at Nelson. We have an extensive data base with a third coming from Nelson who have always Motueka manager Flojo, with staff Michelle & Sue & Cyngiven us tremendous thia - the lucky winner of the $1,000 giveaway wardrobe support. They’ve continually requested we about 20 years ag come to Nelson, so here we are.” worked her way u last being departm The shop opened at the start of September on then managing th Bridge Street, and after gutting and remodelling it re-trenched South

vargo proud supplier to


Summer range in store now!


TUESDAY 12 October 2010

in Nelson

elson - phone 546 8700

is very happy with the final result and At this point she took the chance to buy the Beetees busi- away $1000 worth of clothes in each of their stores to two e for the wide range of womens fashion ness, having thought of it for a while and had the passion customers drawn from their database. Larraine says it’s hat caters for ages 25 years and up. for the challenges of the retail trade. Flo Taylor came on one of the many ways in which they reward their loyal board with Larraine when she managed stores previously. customers along with extra discounts and vouchers durof a buying group that has developed a Rae stayed on with her when she purchased the Motue- ing the year. Anyone is welcome to join and Beetees now labels, styled on the latest fashions in ka store and is now successfully managing it. Larraine’s have many members on their database from Christchurch both Europe and North America. It sister, Rae, also joined in to do the to Wellington and further north. allows them to compete pricewise office administration which now inwith larger chain stores and to offer cludes the new store in Nelson. Both Since opening Larraine has had plentheir customers quality and the best have provided amazing support ty of feedback from customers who possible price. Larraine works with and continued encouragement as are thrilled to see Beetees in Nelson, the group to put together colours, fab- the business has grown. Joining the resulting in them being rushed off rics, design and quality and provide team is Michelle and Shay, also Sue their feet last weekend. They’ve enthat point of difference. joyed seeing familiar faces coming in in Motueka and Tania in Nelson. Together, they are a great team. to say ‘hi’ and all the new ones from Nelson Beetees staff with $1000 giveaway winner Ann Atkin. From left are Rae, Ann Atkin, Tania & Larraine. Larraine started in retail fashion Larraine says ‘We’ve really all worked all over the region. go as a shop assistant, and she has since hard for this, it’s taken three or four years but Motueka is up the ladder to managing stores, the going strong and now we can concentrate on getting the With the shop open 9 - 5 weekdays and 10 - 1 on Saturdays ment manager at H.J Smith Nelson, and Nelson shop on its feet and running.’ and extending as summer comes around the corner, the he Motueka Store before the company Beetees team in Nelson and Motueka say thank you for h. To celebrate the opening of the Nelson shop Beetees gave your support and look forard to seeing you instore soon.

Great new summer range instore now at .... Available at



16 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

FUNCTION CENTRE ~ CATERING ~ RESTAURANT formerly Seifried’s Vineyard Restaurant & Function Centre Corner State Highway 60 and Redwood Road, Appleby, Richmond PH 03 544 1555

A variety of function rooms are available for your wedding or corporate event. Many different décor options are available to transform the room to suit your requirements Petite Fleur at Seifried Estate – the perfect venue for any function from weddings to corporate events, Christmas functions, meetings or just a delicious meal with friends. Owners, Horst Wellmeyer and Justine Robertson are celebrating their second anniversary with a brand new name. Rebranding as Petite Fleur at



Front Load Bins Commercial and Industrial only

Environmental commitment - world class capability

Open Top Bins

Handicarts 240Lt & 140Lt

548 1166 74b Vanguard Street, Nelson

Ph: 547 5349

Seifried Estate (formerly Seifried’s Vineyard Restaurant) was a logical step for the talented duo. “Petite Fleur has always been our company name, although up until now we have traded under the Seifried name. Renaming allows us to stamp a little bit of individuality to the business and avoids any confusion,” says Horst. “Now we have a fresh new name, but we want to reassure people that we are still the same great people offering the same great service and the same fabulous food.” Petite Fleur at Seifried Estate caters for everyone, and has built an exceptional reputation as a venue for events from weddings, large corporate functions, conferences and meetings to more intimate dining. A variety of function rooms are available including: Appleby’s - the perfect venue for larger functions, with a capacity of up to 300 people - ideal for conferences, weddings, product launches and a multitude of other events. Vines Function Room - perfect for more intimate gettogethers and meetings, with a capacity of 60 people. The Restaurant - offers seating for 80 with additional seating in the large courtyard area. “We like to meet with clients in the planning stages to talk through the options available. Your input, combined with our expertise will ensure your celebration or event will be exactly what you dreamed of. This is particularly important when it comes to planning a wedding. Every couple has clear ideas of what they want for their big day and we work closely with them to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled in terms of décor, entertainment and menus.” The latest offering at Petite Fleur at Seifried Estate is the Outside Catering service. Their experienced and professional team will provide outside catering to any function

Proud to supply Petite Fleur


Owners Justine Robertson and Horst Wellmeyer make an impressive team with an obvious passion for people and the hospitality industry – weddings, corporate or private residential clients. open for lunches from Thursday to Sunday up until Simple platters of finger food right through to multi Christmas when it will be open 7 days. They are course dinners can be either dropped off, or you can available for group bookings outside these hours, use their team to provide full service, either in your by prior arrangement. If you are planning Christmas functions, Petite Fleur home or at a venue of your choice. Petite Fleur at Seifried Estate is where fresh local can help, whether you wish to host bigger groups in cuisine is perfectly paired with wine grown and their function rooms, utilise their catering service made on site, and can be enjoyed in the impres- at a venue of your choice, or in a more intimate sively decorated dining room, or while enjoying style with them catering in your own home. the sunshine in the tranquil vineyard garden setting. It is the perfect location to enNelson Laundry joy great food, great wine First in textile services worldwide and the company of good friends. “The theme of the Proud to be suppliers to Petite Fleur at Seifried Estate: restaurant is upmarket a la Restaurant Linen carte dining, while still being - Table Linen, Chefs Clothing, Tea Towels etc down to earth and value for money,” says Justine. “It’s a Paper & Washroom Services great place for families too, - Toilet Tissue & Paper Hand-towels (includes dispensers) with a wonderful playground - Cleaning Chemicals - Toilet-Sanitisers, Air Fresheners & Female Hygiene Bins to keep the children happy and entertained.” Check out our managed First Aid Programs @ Less than 10 minutes from “We've got you covered” Richmond, on the corner For all your Textile Rental requirements call us NOW on: of SH 60 and the turnoff to (03) 5488 222 you won't be disappointed. Rabbit Island, Petite Fleur is

TUESDAY 12 October 2010


Organising your Staff, Client or Family Function?

How about a day at the Races? Nelson Harness Racing Club Interislander Summer Festival Friday 7 January and Sunday 9 January Richmond Park Racecourse Hospitality packages to suit your budget! Tent Party, Mini and Maxi Marquees packages available Live entertainment all day! Free entertainment for the kids! Visit or contact Chris Butler at CB Marketing (03) 546 8269 to find out more preferred caterers of Nelson Harness Racing Club events.

formerly Seifrieds‘ Restaurant & Function Centre The same great people, vineyard location and fabulous food.

now with extended offsite catering services Whether it’s a few simple platters or a huge elaborate banquet, let the Petite Fleur team help make your event special. Contact us today to organise your next function at our place… or yours!

Phone (03) 544 1555 or visit

This Week

18 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Work is a comedy show for Nelson doorman Nelson Weekly speaks with head doorman of the Rock Bar nightclub, Nemo, a.k.a TeReremoana Nepe, about dealing with drunks, underages and why he kissed one angry punter in our fortnightly series, Your People, At Work.

I start at 10pm officially but I’m usually here about 9-9.30pm depending on what’s on, just to make sure all the radios are ready to go, bins are set out right. On a Saturday night we have six doormen at the Rock Bar and at ten o’clock we have a security meeting to go through what we need to look out for. By 11.30pm we are usually really busy on most Saturday nights. The biggest hassle for us on the door are intoxicated people and underagers. Most of the intoxicated people we just tell them they’ve had too much and to wander away and most do, you get the odd one where you have to tell them five or six times before it actually sinks in. Underagers are not as big an issue as it used to be, especially with photo id now, you get some good fakes, but you know what you’re looking for. You get the odd dropkick who picks up someone’s id and thinks ‘oh yeah I’ll have a go with this’. One time we had a young Maori boy come up and showed us his id and the photo is of a Pakeha fella on the id, I mean c’mon. Because we work as a team with

bars in their car and fired five bar staff, two glasskyrockets at them. One sies and the six doormen went into the bar but we we are all keeping an eye put it out, it was alright. on people and you know So we chased this car, the ones that are getting five doorman from difto that level and the next ferent bars. The car gets time they go up to the bar there is a water in front of to the lights, its red, so the car stops. Everybody them. Sometimes you get in the car was yelling ‘go, ones that slip past and go, go’ and the driver was you have to talk to them saying ‘I’m not shooting and say ‘c’mon mate, it’s the red’. So we opened time to go.’ But most of the doors, got these guys them are pretty good, out and the police arrestit’s not often we have to ed them. We just couldn’t get physical. You get the believe they stopped at odd ones that argue but the lights after firing sky you get a couple of guys my size standing next to Little Rock doorman TeReremoana Nepe (Nemo) rockets at the bars. Some them, they quickly realise takes guard, ready for another Saturday night on of them aren’t the brightest sparks. The hardest it’s probably better just to Bridge St. Photo: Andrew Board. part of the job is dealing go. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something walked up and down the street with mum or dad in front of their happens. When you add alco- for the next hour telling people [of age] son or daughter. Son or daughter are fine but mum or hol to any situation there will be that I’d kissed him, hahaha. dad are kicking up, dealing with a comedy act somewhere. One them is fine but it’s the kids seetime we had a guy who had been ing it, that’s not right. But most removed and he was pretty angry of it is pretty light-hearted really, and he got in my mates face and everyone that comes here comes was having a real go at him, so I for a good time so it’s up to us got in between them but it didn’t faze him, he kept yelling and Guy Fawkes is usually quite fun- to make sure they have fun. The spitting so I kissed him on the ny, a few years ago this car full of only reason we remove people lips. He backed off and left but guys crawled up in front of the really is because they are stop-


ping other people from having fun. Nine times out of ten you just have to step back and laugh, it’s a really entertaining job. We have a good relationship with police and council are pretty good too, we are trying to put the whole nightlife scene in a positive light really. We are working together, too many things in media now are all negative, they don’t see the good things that we are doing. What never gets reported is the guys who may come up from Christchurch and gets looked after by every bar in town and they come up to you at the end of the night and say ‘I’ve had an awesome night’, that makes my night every time. I don’t think there’s any other job like this, you meet so many people and make so many friends. At the end of the night we all help tidy up, usually until about 4 o’clock. If we’ve had a problem we will have a debrief and talk about it, some of the guys have a drink after work, I don’t. Once I get home it usually takes a couple of hours to wind down before bed so I usually get on the computer or watch a movie and that’s my night.


11 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

316 Queen St, Richmond

2002 TOYOTA COROLLA RUNX, 26,000kms - $12995 2002 TOYOTA IST, 1500cc, 47,000kms - $11995 2001 TOYOTA VITZ RS, 101,000kms - $8995 2001 TOYOTA IPSUM, 7 Seater, 97,000kms - $11995 2001 SUBARU LANCASTER - $9995 2001 MITSUBISHI CHARIOT GRANDIS, Disability Seat, 48,000kms - $10995 2004 CHEVROLET CRUISE, Automatic, 57,000kms - $8995 2002 MITSUBISHI CEDIA S/W, 75,000kms - $9995 2002 HONDA STREAM, 7 Seater - $8995 2004 NISSAN PRIMERA, Lovely Car - $10995 2005 VW TOURAN, 7 Seater, Arriving - $17995 2004 VW GOLF, Automatic, 62,000kms, New Shape - $16995 2002 VOLVO S40, Automatic, 60,000kms - $11995 2003 MAZDA RX8 Coupe, Automatic, 89,000kms - $16995 2001 BMW 318, Blue, 55,000kms - $14995 2001 MAZDA TRIBUTE, Value - $10995 2001 HONDA ACCORD, Station Wagon, SRI, Red - $7995 1996 VW POLO, Tidy Condition - $5995 2002 MAZDA DEMIO, Yellow, Attractive Car - $7995 2003 MITSUBISHI COLT, 4WD, White - $7995 2003 MITSUBISHI COLT 1500, Mags etc - $8995 1993 MAZDA B2200, Flatdeck, 125,000kms - $5995 2001 NISSAN BASSARA, 7 Seater - $9995 1979 ROVER SDI V8, Automatic, 68,000kms, Collectable Item - $6995 1994 HONDA CIVIC 5SP, 145,000kms, As Traded - $2995 1991 ALFA 33, Tidy Example - $3995 2000 TOYOTA BB, Alloys, 80,000kms - $9990

2002 TOYOTA LANDCRUSIER LTD V8 - $39990 2004 MAZDA BOUNTY, Dual Cab, Canopy, Turbo - $22990 1998 MERCEDES Ml320, 114,000kms - $17990 2003 KIA SORENTO, 90,000kms - $16990 2003 MAZDA FRIENDEE, 8 Seater, 81,000kms - $11990 2001 TOYOTA IPSUM, 90,000kms, 7 Seater, Dual Sunroofs - $12990 2005 TOYOTA VITZ, New Shape - $10990 2002 CORROLLA RUNZ, 56,000kms, Alloys - $10990 2004 Subaru Impreza, 4WD, Red, 80,000kms - $10990 2003 VW POLO, 69,000kms, Red, Immaculate - $10990 2001 NISSAN PRIMERA, S/W, Gold, 75,000kms - $9990 2002 NISSAN NAVARA, Dual Cab, 4x4, Diesel - $17990 1999 FALCON XR6 TICKFORD, 140,000kms, Red - $9990 2002 TOYOTA BB, Good Example, Alloys - $9990 2000 HONDA CRV, Sunroof, 5 Speed Manual - $8990 2003 MITSUBISHI COLT, 80,000kms, Red - $8990 1993 DAIHATSU ROCKY, Cheap Transport - $4990 2001 NISSAN SYLPY, 5 Speed Manual, Only 10,000kms - $9990 1988 MAZDA 626, S/W, Reliable Transport - $2490 2003 TOYOTA COROLLA, Automatic, 29,000kms - $12990 2004 TOYOTA CAMRY, As New, Only 56,000kms - $15990 2002 BMW 320, 65,000kms, Drives Good - $15990 2001 HONDA CIVIC, Automatic, 38,000kms - $10990 1998 COURIER, Dual Cab, Turbo, 160,000kms - $11990 1996 NISSAN MISTRAL, 7 Seater, 75,000kms - $8490 1990 HONDA ODYSSEY, 7 Seater, 90,000kms - $8990 ZEPHYR CARAVAN - $7990 1996 BMW 318TI, 114,000kms, Mags etc - $6990 1992 TOYOTA ESTIMA, 180,000kms, Petrol, 8 Seater - $4990 2004 MAZDA BOMGO VAN, Automatic, 90,000kms, Arriving - $10990

Look for the yellow office




Ph: 03 970 0859 021 532 322

A/H: Rae Ricketts

Finance and Trade-In available, Cash for Cars, Prices negotiable


TUESDAY 12 October


No rest for dual sporting star Phillip Rollo

Throughout the year Nelson College student Mitchell Drummond has represented Nelson in rugby, basketball and touch, but with summer just around the corner, it’s cricket that is on his mind. “At the moment I can do both rugby and cricket,” says Mitchell. “So in the summer it’s cricket, and offseason training for rugby. In the winter it’s rugby and offseason training for cricket. I enjoy touch heaps but I’ll just see where that goes this year.” Mitchell recently captained the Nelson Bays under-16 rugby team to South Island glory, scoring 24 points from halfback in the final, earning himself player of the tournament. “It was awesome eh. Being the captain, it just added responsibility and I enjoyed it, and being named player of the tournament was just an honour and real special at the time.” But this summer Mitchell will pull on the whites for defending one and two-day senior cricket champions, Stoke/Nayland. Formerly of Nayland College, Mitchell moved to Nelson College at the end of last year.

“The thing that drew me there was the rugby, just playing at that higher level.” In his debut Press Cup season, Mitchell played second fiddle to Dylan Monopoli, but still featured plenty in the latter end of the season with some impressive cameo performances.

It was awesome eh. Being the captain, it just added responsibility and I enjoyed it. – Mitchell Drummond. “It was pretty good. I always knew that I was going to be on the bench for the season, but just the experience and going from U15’s at Nayland to Press Cup at Boys was a big step up.” Mitchell’s combination with first five eight Fletcher Smith for Nelson Bays at age grade level, made his transition in to the Nelson College 1st XV easier. “I’ve played two years with him at nine and ten with 16’s and going

in to the 1st XV with him made it so much easier after playing with him for so many years.” Even though Nelson College failed to qualify for the Secondary School National Basketball Championship, Mitchell wasn’t too phased. “It didn’t worry me eh. I wasn’t going to go to nationals anyway because of rugby. I’m dropping basketball slowly.” While Mitchell’s two goals for the cricket season are to crack the Central Districts U-18 side, and to be the first choice keeper for the Nelson senior representative side, there’s plenty he wants to achieve in rugby. “To start for the 1st XV, and hopefully make the New Zealand U17 team. I want to make the South Island regions rugby team, and then the next few years get in to the New Zealand schools team.” With a bit of gym work, he hopes he will fulfill those goals, as well as a team goal for Nelson College next season. “Hopefully make the Press Cup final, that’s a major goal and if we do that then anything can happen.”

Nelson College student Mitchell Drummond has just finished his representative rugby season but is slipping straight into senior cricket this weekend. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Junior cyclist Hayden Squance on his way to the finish line in the first event of the Nelson Cycle Festival around the Catherdral last Friday night. The festival continues until October 17. Photo: Andrew Board.

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Tahuna Beach Holiday Park

Proud to supply premium quality race fuels to all Speedway competitors


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- WOF - A Grade Wheel Alignment Mechanic - 24 Hour Tow & Salvage - AA Auto Licensed Repairer Proud supporters of 48n Brett Nicholls and Nelson Speedway

Stockcar drivers 21n Cody Teece and 871n Craig battle it out on the Nelson Speedway track Photo: Photoaction By Wayne Martin of the crews have been busy in The following meeting on the There is something for everyone the off season and the new paint November 13 will be the first hit this season at the Tahuna Beach jobs and the appearances of the out for our all conquering NelHoliday Park Speedway. This cars are top notch. The Coca son Tigers as they take on the year we will see one of the busi- Cola fireworks night on the Oc- Canterbury Glen Eagles for the est seasons for a long time at the tober 30 is the second meeting annual grudge match to contest Nelson track with 20 meetings of the season and undoubtedly the McCall Trophy. I’m sure the on the cards and New Zealand our biggest and most popular of Tigers will more than ruffle the titles galore. The season kicks the speedway calendar. The club feathers of the Glen Eagles to off on the October 16 and go- has gone all out on the fireworks win this one! ing by the practices to date the this year and no doubt it will go Just when you thought the accompetition among the drivers off with a bigger bang than ever tion was about to subside the and cars will be intense. Some before. very next meeting is going to


everyone’s a winner!

176 Queen Street, Richmond

PH: 543 9225


All the best for the ‘10 - ‘11 season 3 SALISBURY ROAD RICHMOND Ph: 544 6183

16 Tokomaru Place, Wakatu Estate, Stoke. PO Box 437, Nelson 7040 T. 03 543 9480 F. 03 541 0552 E.

• Short or long term hire • Electric or diesel • 6m - 12m height

• All terrain & slab • Z Booms available

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Dallas Kelman and Adie Drake get in a couple of practice laps be bigger than Texas. On the loss last season at the paws of night of the December 4 we are the Nelson Tigers while competrunning our round of the Elf ing at the New Zealand Teams Lubricants Super Saloon Se- Champs. ries, which will see some of the On December 18 we have been best Super Saloons in the south lucky enough to book the servicisland. If that’s not enough, to es of Santa Claus, before his anwhet the speedway appetite we nual excursion around the globe are also hosting the Palmerston delivering all those kids’ preNorth Panthers in the Tigers sec- sents, to do a lap or two around ond Superstock teams race in as our track and hand out the odd many meetings. This should be treat or two to the locals and a cracker as the Panthers will be who knows, maybe one of our seeking retribution for the big junior members may go home

Photo: Photoaction with a new bike for Christmas. Then, with the dawn of a new year only just behind us it will be the turn of the Three Quarter Midgets as they contest the TQ 1000. This will be a precursor to the New Zealand TQ Champs a few weeks later and will be a good test for drivers and machines to make sure the cars are ready for their big meeting of the speedway calendar. On January 12 & 13 we will see our first of New Zealand titles

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22 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

fast rious fu fun

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Ministock class youngsters scramble for position in the 12-16 year class Photo: KT Photos for the season, the New Zealand race during the meeting for the from these cars and although Stockcar Grand Prix which will derby cars as well. So you get a small in size they will be big in be the first New Zealand title chance to go racing as well as try performance and excitement. for this grade at our track and to wreck other cars on the same The Super Saloons will be back you can guarantee that these night. This should be a lot of fun in action on February 12 as they guys will not disappoint when it and who knows, it could be the go head to head and contest start of your new speedway ca- the South Island Super Saloon comes to action in the dirt. We should see one of the biggest reer so get your mates together Championship. fields of competitors we have and lay down the challenge. Next season the Tahuna Beach seen on our clay for a long time. As mentioned before, the New Holiday Park Nelson Speedway January 22 will be the night of Zealand TQ Midget Champion- will host the New Zealand Super the Classic Hits Derby, only this ship is to be held at our track this Saloon title so we should see a time there will be a difference. season on January 28 & 29. good number of entries here to Not only will there be a derby Will we see a South Islander take get their cars dialled in before but there will also be a street car the title this season? Time will the big one. tell. One thing For all you motorcycle nuts the is for sure, there New Zealand Sidecar Champiwill be some onship on February 18 & 19 will fast action- be a meeting not to miss. It is our packed racing third and last New Zealand title

SEEKA PANELS & PARTS Repairs and Servicing of all makes and models

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RACING STARTS 7.00PM Adults $15 - Children $7 - Under 5 Free Family Pass $30 (2 adults + 3 children) Pensioners & Members $7

Still Nelson’s Best Entertainment

Last weeks practice session provided the perfect opportunity for local club members to get in some practice laps Photo: KT Photos

for the season but in no way is it any less important or exciting than those earlier. Our track commentator Dave Birdling calls these guys “the crazies of speedway”, while others call them the chariots of doom. Call them what you will but you have to feel nothing but admiration for someone who gets on a three wheeled motorcycle with no brakes and goes flat out around a track with only a concrete wall to keep them in the arena. Anything can happen when these guys get together on the track and it probably will. The weather last season at North Island tracks meant that a lot of the Stockcar drivers from that part of the country could not participate in last season’s Stock Shock which in turn meant that our competitor numbers were down. That did not mean that the action was


any less on the track and the meeting on March 11 & 12 this season should see this meeting comes right back to where it should be. This is a chance to once again see some of our country’s top stockcars and their drivers go bumper to bumper to take the spoils of victory. March 26 is the night of our annual King of the Clay meeting while at the next meeting on April 9 we will see the return of the Modifieds at our track. Modifieds were once a big thing here in Nelson and this will be a chance to once again see these winged warriors take to our track with even more venom than ever injected before. Also, that night we will see the local Tasman Thunder Stockcar team take on the Canterbury Crushers in their annual contest for the Martin Dumelow Cup affectionally known as “The Pen-

guin”. Can the Nelson guys grab this trophy back which was lost by the narrowest of margins in Christchurch last season? The last and by no means least meeting of the year will again be the Easter meeting. This will be held in late April (23 & 24). This is a hugely popular meeting for competitors and fans alike. It attracts drivers from all over the country and is always a great show to end the season with and it never ever fails to please. There will also be club championships and other certain trophies throughout the season, so this season make sure you get your backside trackside and enjoy the best entertainment money can buy here in Nelson.


All Haymaking and Groundwork

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Specialists in: - Heavy Haulage - Roading - Metal Cartage - Quarrying Locally owned and operated


58 Trass Valley, Wakefield Phone: 03 541 9137 Email:

SAFELY QUICKLY EASY accessman nelson ltd

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MAKING HEIGHT EASY Proud to sponsor 46N Blair Cunningham

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24 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Scorching start to softball season Senior softball got underway at Saxton Field last Saturday, with 15 teams in action. Nelson Softball president Derryn French says it was the perfect start to the season. “Having the facility we have, is great, it’s second-to-none in the country and Saturday was a really enjoyable start to the season.” Several new teams have increased the size of the competition with seven teams now in the men’s reserve grade, up two from last year. Junior softball gets going this coming weekend, playing in the morning. Derryn says Saxton Field is also gearing up to host a top quality tournament at Labour Weekend with teams coming from as far United Pirates batter Stuart Colville in ac- away as Christchurch and Wel- Daryl Stratford of the Eagles pitches on tion at Saxton Field. Photos: Andrew Board. lington. opening day of the new season.

Football team finishes third

Back row from left; Rosie Peat, Christy Wells, Lydia Langbein and Lucy Harwood. Middle row; Carl Koberstein (assistant coach), Ruby Cunningham, Leah Jacksties, Sophie Daines, Sophie Brown and Carl Rose (Coach). Front row; Kaisa Tsuruta, Lucy Partridge, Juliana Los, Monique Claus (Captain) Francesca Todd Rose, Olivia Miller and Berlyn Smith.

Nelsons Bays 14th grade girls football team recently competed in the South Island Tournament in Rangiora, successfully finishing in third place, one place above the Nelson Development side indicating the strength of girls football in the region. Coach Carl Rose says the girls played an exciting brand of football and were an attractive team to watch receiving support from other teams and favourable comments from other coaches and supporters. “It is a credit to the girls that they allied natural talent with hard work adopting a ‘team first‘ approach that paid dividends.” Every one of the 16 players in the squad made valuable contributions and while reluctant to single out individuals in a team game, team captain Monique Claus was solid in defence, skillful midfielder Juliana Los fully deserved her MVP award and pacy striker Ruby Cunningham was the team’s leading goal scorer. The 11 team competition was won by a dominant Otago team, second place went to North Canterbury.



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Michael Cooper Ph: 027 726 9976 Bell Road, Teapot Valley, Brightwater, Nelson

Welcome again to your golf updates, news and tips from Craig and Jonti at Sharpies Golf. Seems it is a great time for many courses around the district for maintenance on greens and fairways etc. Although fustrating at the times it is an important process for the greenkeepers to go through and enables us to enjoy great conditions for the rest of the year. The pinnacle of world matchplay golf the Ryder Cup has been and gone with the Europeans clinching the trophy in the last match of the competition. For those who don’t understand us golf fanatics watching it on tv, that was exciting! Locally, many courses are participating in the HSBC 9 hole competitions so get your name down at a local course as no handicap is required but plenty of great prizes are on offer. Tip of the week: Playing from a downhill lie: Position ball slightly back in the stance, aim to the left of target and allow for the club to be slightly delofted therefore take a club less than you would normally. Sharpies special: A dozen Wilson Staff 50 Elite golf balls, were $60, this week only $36!! Current world Top 5 Players: 1) Tiger Woods 2) Lee Westwood 3) Phil Mickelson 4) Steve Stricker 5) Jim Furyk. Last word: Golf can best be described as a series of endless tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle. If you have any golfing news, tournaments, tips or results we’d be happy to hear them by emailing See ya in the 19th, Craig and Jonti.


Nick Snowball, above, nailed two impressive runs to win first place in the under 13 Boys category at the Cheapskates Regional Skateboarding Championship at Neale Park on Saturday. Nick now gains the all important automatic qualification for nationals along with other winners Liam McAlister in under 16 Boys, and Ben Short in open men.

Runners invited for athletics season sign-up A talk from local athletics stars, Commonwealth Games highlights, some food and drink, a running film, and the official sign-up for Athletics Nelson and the National Academy of Distance Running await athletes interested in competing in the 20102011 track and field season. The opening night for secondary school age athletes and

up will begin at 5.45pm on Thursday, October 14, at the Saxton Stadium Sports House, which is located adjacent Saxton Rd and the netball courts. After, Athletics Nelson head coach Greg Lautenslager outlines the 2010-2011 season, top Nelson sprinters Alex Jordan and Hazel BoweringScott will talk about their experience overseas.

Sprinters, jumpers, and throwers will be introduced to the Athletics Nelson event coaches and the programme for the National Academy of Distance Running will be explained to runners. All athletes are invited to stay for a running film. For more information, call Coach Lautenslager at 9232321.

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Phone Trevor on: 544-8913 12 Gladstone Road, Richmond Trevor Norris

TUESDAY 12 October 2010

Breast Cancer Support Group Tuesday 12 October. Garden tour, Yoga and Shared lunch at Ruby Bay. Meet 11am, Nick Smiths Rooms. If you would like to join us please Phone Valda 54 74 905. Stoke Social Seniors Thurs Oct 14: Phil Steans entertains @ 1.30 pm $4. Stoke Seniors Hall. Fri Oct 22: Ruth’s Walking Group. Waimea River. Leave centre @ 10 am. Travel $5 Monday Art Classes 10am-12 pm. 1-3pm Stoke Memorial Hall. Weds NOV 3: Nelson City Brass Band concert in the Stoke Memorial Hall. 1.30 pm. Admission $5. November 6-10 Dunedin Trip. Cost: $310. For bookings & further information please contact office @ Stoke Seniors Centre, Main Road, Stoke. PH: 547-2660. Nelson Tramping Club. Oct 16 - 18. Duessa. hard. petrol $34. Ruth 544 0870 or 544 0570. October 17. Booths Hut. medium. Petrol $19. Mike 541 8642. Universal Values For Children Weekly sessions for children aged 3—7 years An opportunity for children to participate in a program designed to introduce them to the universal values of life, and how to put these values into practice. Starting Sun 17 Oct 10.30—11.30am For information contact Swaminiji-ph.5487511 or Brenda Burns ph 5487053. All Creatures Great and Small exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jewel Mathieson and Kathleen Matheson, celebrating the animals we share our lives with. At the Refinery Artspace, 3 Halifax Street Nelson, from Oct 12 – 24. Housie 7pm Sat 16 Oct, Warnes Stadium, Songer St, Stoke.50 Houses, Super House, Raffle, Tea & Coffee free. Nelson Indoor Bowls fund raiser. Enquiries: Linda 544 9446. Opening the Heart A Buddhist perspective on how to increase our love and compassion. The course includes meditation. Chandrakirti Meditation Centre, Upper Moutere, 289 Sunrise Valley Road Tues mornings 10.30am - 12 midday. Starts 12 Oct till 9 Nov 5 weeks Cost $50. Parents Centre Workshop Taming Your Toddler. Wed 13 & Tue 19 Oct @ 7.30pm. Strategies to manage behaviour. Practical play ideas. Qualified Speakers. $30 non members. $10 members. Megan 547 4762 Come Gliding Trial flight VOUCHERS only $110 Nelson Lakes Gliding Club contact 5448595 Veterans Badminton Thursday nights 7.30pm to 9pm $3 Cost per night. All over 35 yr olds welcome. Fun and fitness. Stoke Memorial Hall Main Road Stoke Ph 547-2366 for more info. Badminton Social Monday nights 7.30pm to 9pm/ $3 Cost per night. All levels and ages welcome. Fun and fitness Stoke Memorial Hall Main Road Ph 547-2366 for more info. Only $90. 20/20 Nelson Summer Cricket Fun Social and semi-serious. Hard ball and all 20/20 rules apply $2 per person ($20 for 10 matches) Venue-Botanics cricket field 6pm start (sharp) Starting Thursday 4th November thru until February 2011

Numbers limited To Register contact Stoke Bowling Club Casual Bowls commencing Tuesday12th October 9.30am. Come along and have a go. Shoes and bowls available. For further information ring Kath or Lynden 5474780. Pam’s Tap Dancing for Fun Dust off your Tap Shoes New term: Tues 12 Oct. 11am – Beginners Fri 15 Oct. 10am for Int/Adv. Venue: Trafalgar St Hall. Ph: Pam 545-1557 for more info. New exhibition At 203 Gallery on Trafalgar Street in Nelson from Sun 24 Oct for 3 weeks. Paintings by Susan Smallcombe & Harakeke work by Shanell Kelly. Flax weaving demo Sat 30 Oct & 6 Nov. Oil painting demo in strong, vibrant colours Thurs 4 & 11 Nov. All demos between 1-3pm. Ex west coasters get together - Sunday 17 October at the suburban club at 1pm - guest speaker Reon Murtha further information if required phone Geoff 5471101 or Doug 5464479. The Lioness Club of Nelson Invite Non Profit Organisations to take part in their Annual Christmas Fair to be held on 30 Oct 2010. This is a chance for your organisation to raise funds. The Lioness Club of Nelson this year will be supporting the New Ronald McDonald House in Wellington. For any further information please contact Yvonne 547 6364 or Lois 544 7794. OUTDOOR COURSES Mountain Safety Council Nelson Branch. New courses on-line now including; River Safety,Bushcraft, Outdoor Leader, Outdoor First Aid, Firearms (HUNTS), Risk Management & Abseil. RIVER SAFETY COURSE Saturday 16th October. Theory & Practical session. Designed for; Trampers, Walkers, Mountaineers, Hunters etc. BUSHCRAFT INTERMEDIATE 6th & 7th November, with class session 4th November. Suit people that have done our ODL course or have a good basic understanding of working in the bush. Application forms on www. Phone Justin 03 543 7001 anytime. The Lighthouse Spiritual Centre Meets every Monday night, 7.308.30pm, at the Age Concern Hall, Trafalgar St. (opp Trailways). Weekly speakers and light workers. All welcome. Yoga Class Something for everyone! Stretching & relaxing Beginners Welcome. Thursdays 5.30-7pm. Richmond Recreation Centre, Cambridge Street. First Class $5.00. Ph: Jamila 544 6145. Canoe Polo Open to all levels of player. All the required gear is provided and pool entry is covered in the charge $10. Tuesday night’s 7 – 8.15pm. Contact Toastmasters Develop your personal confidence through public speaking in the safety and support of the High Noon, Nelson or Madhatters Toastmasters. Ph 0800-PEOPLE (0800-736-753) Tahunanui Tennis Club Tennis for all levels, Saturdays1pm – 5pm. Come along or contact Mike 5476562 Health in the Middle Years An evening initiated by Soroptimists International Waimea promoting ‘Health in the Middle Years’ at Richmond Community Church – Warring


Car park Richmond on Monday 18 October 7.00pm. A panel of notable professionals from the community will speak on health issues. Some topics covered Menopause, Coronary Care, Incontinence, and Coping Alone. Supper is provided. A gold coin donation. Contact Annette 544 0161, Judy 547 7292, Jackie 544 8562. Cancer Society Support Group Partners and Carers of cancer patients Support Group. Tuesday 2 November 7.30pm. This is a free 6 week facilitated course. Please register with the Cancer Society Nelson. Ph 5393662 . Duck Soup Has generated hundreds of opportunities for singles over 30 to meet partners, friends and buddies. Whether you’re new to town or interested in expanding your social network after a break-up, Duck Soup will provide that opportunity for you too. More info on www. Buffaloes Lodges Looking for Members. Nelson meets Anzac Hall Pioneer Park alternate Sundays 9.30am Ph Mike 547 7876. Raroa meets Anzac Hall Pioneer Park every 4 week on Fridays. Ph Peter 5380506 for details. AUDITIONS Nelson Repertory Theatre presents Murder down the Line, a dinner-theatre event on the railway at Founders Park. Show Dates 3rd & 4th December. Auditions 16th & 17th October (or by arrangement). A cast of 12 and lots of help is required. Contact Gordon & Penny. Tel (03) 545 1765 or . Waka-A-Thon Fundraiser Whakatu Marae Waka-Ama Club Nov 20, 6am to 4pm at Tahunanui Beach. Sponsor the all-day paddle. From 10am - paddle a waka, purchase kai/ goods, support the Corporate Races. All welcome! Ph Huriana 5469097. Nelson Canoe Club Rolling & skills practice - Tues night pool sessions 7 - 8:30pm at Riverside Pool. Members with no instruction $5, Members with instruction $10, Non-members with no instruction $10, Non-members with instruction provided $20. Further information or book for instruction TOP OF THE SOUTH - Motor Cross Event. 6 & 7 of November, Motupipi, Takaka A family weekend of Moto cross, catering for the Mini’s right through to Vets Camping avaliable at the track. For entry form and more details, check out the events calendar at the club website, SOUNDS EXCELLENT! Hosted by Nelson Bays Harmony, this concert showcases some of Nelson’s awardwinning and acclaimed performers. A Cappella harmony choirs, a string trio, a talented young vocal soloist, a womens barbershop quartet, and a youth brass band: what they have in common is the passion it takes to turn talent into excellence. For details go to www.nelsonharmony. are on sale now, $22 from Everyman, Ph 5483083. Festival of Christmas Trees at Nelson Cathedral 6-9 December 2010. Apply for a space at the festival now. Contact Mary Toll, 20 Paremata St, Atawahi, Nelson or 5452166, or

Coming Soon is FREE for non-profit organisations and $7 for businesses. 50 words or less, by email only before 5pm Friday

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public notices Richmond Church of Christ

Spring Fair Saturday 16 October 9am - 12pm Plant Sale ~ Huge Garage Sale

nelson Weekly Level 1, Trafalgar House Cnr of Selwyn Pl & Trafalgar Sq PO box 3308, nelson Ph 548 4949 Fax 03 5484947 news & Sports andrew board Advertising Sales sarah Delaney

Household Gear, Clothes, Hot Fresh Pikelets, Baking Plants, Flowers, Vegetables, Produce, Whitebait Sandwiches, Kids Bouncy Castle. Something for Everyone Richmond Church of Christ Corner Croucher & Darcy Streets

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Steve Dawson Dinghy’s


PH 027 319 9941

20 point check including: Gear oil change, grease vital areas, hull & trailer report, tips on boating, Future Service Plan, talk to the technician Price Guide incl gst Up to 5hp $35 6hp - 45hp $60 50hp - 90hp $85 100hp - 225hp $120 To book ph Darren Randle P: 545 0970 M: 0274458212



Mobile Outboard Servicing • Outboard & Sterndrive Servicing • Diesel Servicing • Alloy Tig & Arc Welding • Genuine or Aftermarket Parts • $55+GST/hr E:



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• Unsure Unsureon on your your business businessproblems? problems? • Repetitive tasks?

Repetitive tasks?

PHONE TIM 021 851 051

Ph 03 548 4523



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All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954


• Fees: Preschool & School age 10 lesson course $93.00 • Learner’s Pool kept at 29-30degC For more info and bookings


PHONE: 035489730


nelson ltd

544 3985 21 Elms Street Wakatu Estate, Stoke


Domestic and Commercial. Other cleaning services available Phone Dennis (03) 548-3102 or 027 715 4436


• Total groom • wax & polish • leather feed & clean • cloth upholstery clean • carpets steam cleaned • warrants & service on request • fully insured • pick up • drop off • professional results to car showroom standard

121 St Vincent Street, Nelson

Ph: 0800 677 005


Furniture Custom-designed & made furniture & joinery. Free quotes, quality workmanship, excellent service, no job too small Phone Hans today


Hydroseeding Specialists

Call Geoff Sherlock for a FREE Consultation

New & Old Lawns

Ph: 03 547 4969 Mb: 021 121 1006


Ph 545 8902 027 441 1504 PAINTER

Experienced Tradesmen



Simon Noake Interior & Exterior Work Ph 027 448 5872 or 548 5811

Qualified painter & decorator

All internal & external decorating Ph: 03 541 0353 Mob: 021 751 073


Wi w& Windo ndow Door Services

at Hampden Street School Heated Pool


VISIT visit

Custom design

Learn lifetime water skills

• Drowning in your Drowning in your spreadsheets? There must be aWAY! better way! BETTER

Ring resizing


Phone 548 3132 “one call insures it all”

All repairs


5452523 or 021 02723585

Landscaping and property maintenance

Graeme West Greg Dykzeul M: 021 833 238 M: 027 247 8880 AH: 545 8453 AH: 548 3655 E:


Specialising in all aspects of window and door installation and repairs - Glass repairs - Double glazing - Aluminium & timber frames - Conservatories - Sliding door rollers - Safety latches & stays - Condensation channels - Leak repairs - Supply & installation of new windows & doors - Friendly expert service

Mark Currie Ph: 021 864 668

Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19+gst pw Ph 548 4949

28 TUESDAY 12 October 2010

This Week






Great deals on accessories

Available in Acrylic Interior Lowsheen, Ceiling Flat, Acrylic Sealer Undercoat, Exterior Acrylic Gloss, Semi Gloss and Lowsheen. White only, tinting extra.




Trish Gray Colourplus Richmond Ph: 544 6613

Helen Bush Colourplus Nelson Ph: 548 7955

12 October 2010  

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