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Felix's journey of


A time to Shine

70-year-old COMEDIAN is no joke

PLUS: The multimillion-dollar companies living local and going global

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The world is changing. Communities the world over are looking for alternatives as we all think about the impacts of our choices on the planet, and on our future. The time to act is now. Governments all around the world are looking at ways to stimulate the transition to a more environmentally sensitive model. It is your chance to get ahead of these changes and put yourself into a powerful position that will not only work for the planet, but will ultimately work better for you too. Toyota have lead the way with EV technology since the first Toyota Prius arrived onto the scene way back in 1997. The real beauty of the Toyota Hybrid drive train system is the utilisation of renewable, self generated, electrical energy that is stored in onboard batteries which in turn is supplemented by the use of a highly efficient petrol engine. This means incredible fuel economy and absolutely zero range anxiety - you will never worry about the range left, or finding a charging station as long as you have fuel in your tank. The Prius Plug-in technology extends this further, with a combined fuel economy of just 1 litre of petrol per 100kms travelled and ZERO range anxiety! The Toyota Hybrid range now stretches from a $28,990 small and zippy Toyota Yaris through to the larger, and off road capable $44,990 RAV4, that also has a 1500kg braked tow rating. With the arrival of the 7 seater Toyota Highlander Hybrid in late 2021 the hybrid range now covers 10 different vehicles.

2021 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Looking to the future Toyota have developed, and are now selling internationally, the very exciting Toyota Mirai - a ground breaking hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that has pure water as it’s only engine emission. New Zealand was poised to be a global leader in clean hydrogen production pre-covid, and Toyota New Zealand has several Mirai in the country right now for evaluation. The arrival of the all electric Toyota BZ4X SUV signals another transition and leap of technology as Toyota enters the exciting EV market for the first time. By 2025 Toyota intends on having 7 BZ models in NZ for sale, indicating the investment into an electrified vehicle future. The vision of our future mobility is a very interesting conversation. This may still be showcased at the Tokyo Olympics, and is sure to feature such stunning vehicles as the Toyota Concept-i. This very futuristic, autonomous, interactive vehicle is designed to integrate into your life, engaging with you and assessing your mood and creating an on-board atmosphere designed to enhance your traveling experience. It even goes so far as to adjust the fragrance inside of the vehicle! All of this is just around the corner. For right now, the pathway ahead is quite clear. We are moving at pace into a future that looks at mobility and transportation very differently. It really is the perfect time to talk to the knowledgeable and friendly team at Bowater Toyota about your future options and future needs. They are fully “amped” to set you off in a new direction and guide you into an electric future.

Toyota’s Concept-i future vision autonomous vehicle


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June 2021

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The multimillion-dollar companies living local and going global

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70-year-old comedian is no joke


Fashion - a time to Shine


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Editor’s Note

Painful, tired, heavy legs? Would you love to wear shorts again?

A big event in life can be life changing. But what if we were able to look into the future before that life changing event happened? Would we change our actions leading up to it knowing what we know now? As I’ve grown older one thing I’ve learned for certain is you never know what is around the corner. Opportunities come, decisions can define our success or failure, loved ones pass and moments aren’t always fully savoured. A reminder to all of us to stop counting the days and make the days count.

This month we introduce a new series called Letters to live by, where we ask people to write a letter to their future self, giving them the benefit of hindsight. We kick the series off with a letter written by Carl Babe. Carl’s wife Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020 and then in January this year Carl suffered a near fatal heart attack. Carl reveals how he coped, in the hope it will help others. As always, I hope you enjoy reading this month’s edition.

Sarah Board



Walk in, walk out treatment, that’s

Reassuringly Local! EDITORIAL Sarah Board | DESIGN Patrick Connor and Kylie Owens

Dr David Orsbourn

CONTRIBUTORS Tracy Neal, Charles Anderson, Jonty Dine, Judene Edgar, Adrienne Matthews, Amy Russ, Brent McGilvary, Click Homes, Aimee Jules, Tia Muddle, Tess Jaine, Chloe Burns-Candy

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Your Say Who is the funniest person you know?

Ellie Burton

Jodie Kuntzsch

Melanie Ophoff

Steve Perris

“My friend Jessie, she’s always telling funny jokes and laughing.”

“I’d say my dad, even his dad jokes are funny.”

“My son, he always does and says hilarious things and makes me laugh every day.”

“My friend Finn, he’s got the funniest laugh and goes from deadpan to all out laughter in seconds, it’s hilarious.”

W I N!

Michael Bradley Photography

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Things we love Neigh-way! Animals aren’t an uncommon sight at Nelson pub The Free House, but they’re usually of the canine variety. We love this photo snapped by Matt Lawrey of locals Sarah and Holly Turner with pets Heidi the Horse and Griffin the Golden Retriever. No reports of the animal’s favourite drop of craft beer though.



Meet our warm and experienced new Care Manager, Jackie. Ready to bring an empathetic touch to care. Oceania has always believed in better and so does Green Gables’ new Care Manager, Jackie Mackenzie-Howe. As a proud Nelson local, Jackie is thrilled to be able to step into a role that allows her to be a part of her community. And drawing on 25 years of experience in Aged Care, it’s a profession that she truly has a passion for. Jackie believes that great care means relaxed residents and families, and a team of staff that are engaged and happy. It’s that belief in the human side of care that drew Jackie to Green Gables. “Our clinical care is excellent, but we believe in going beyond the standard medical model to cater to the holistic needs of our residents, so it’s all about the lifestyle - the beautiful environment, dining experience and adding all the extra touches. That, I believe, is what sets us apart.” she says.

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The multimillion-dollar companies living local and going global Nelson is home to an increasing number of big businesses that have decided to locate their operations in the region despite selling their products across the world. Charles Anderson meets the companies turning over tens of millions while being based in a place typically associated with sunshine wages. SPA WORLD It started with a phone call to Andrew Pullen. While the Spa World chief executive had managed to be based in Nelson for some time, the rest of the HQ was in Newcastle, Australia. But now another key executive wanted to move to this part of New Zealand. Andrew was skeptical, but if he could run a global company from the top of the South Island, why couldn’t the main offices be based there too? “I thought ‘if I can move the small part, what does it look like to move the whole thing here?’” So, Andrew pitched to the company’s board that moving Spa World from Australia to New Zealand could actually save it money. They had wanted to set up their own in-house customer care team for some time. This just might be the excuse to do it. The board said that it would be tricky as he would have to set up and train a whole new team. But they gave their blessing. However, they said he would have to do it in three months. Andrew set about finding that team and found a space to house them all. They set up behind the Caltex petrol station on Waimea Rd and enlisted Intepeople to find a bunch of staff to fill the new roles. About a third of their staff moved with them and they have also brought on many from around the country and overseas.

Andrew Pullen says his staff are happier in Nelson and that leads to good business. Photo: Charles Anderson.

“We never had a problem attracting talent,” Andrew says. Now, four years on, Spa World is the largest spa retailer in the world. They own and operate 13 stores across Australia. They sell their own spas, but they also distribute other brands. So, they have business in Canada, China and are also the largest Jacuzzi distributor in the world. In the four years they have been in Nelson, Spa World has grown four-fold, Andrew says. Now they are eyeing $100m turnover in the next few years. Andrew puts that down to the culture that the company has been able to build in Nelson. “One of the great things about establishing here is that people are just happier. A big commute here is 20-30 minutes. The average commute is seven minutes.” In Sydney or Auckland that could be an hour or an hour and a half, Andrew says. “By the time they get here what motivation would they have to get cracking? There is better weather and better outdoor activities. All of which creates a dynamic environment that leads to better business outcomes. It’s easier to balance work and life when you are not sitting in a car for two hours.” So, if Spa World can turn Nelson into a global hub, can and should others? “You have to sell the idea to the business owner or CEO. If he or she is going to have a better lifestyle here, then they will be motivated.”

One of the great things about establishing here is that people are just happier. A big commute here is 20-30 minutes. The average commute is seven minutes. Andrew Pullen

But Andrew says that space is a key factor in the equation – both commercial space and finding enough accommodation for staff. The first was just luck. The timing worked out for the space they are in now, but Andrew says there are not many good, large office spaces in the city. “The lack of accommodation is also an impediment to very big businesses. If I wanted to hire 300 staff, they are going to struggle to find somewhere to live.” Andrew also says that maybe we do not want lots of large companies moving here because it would then change the nature of what makes Nelson special in the first place. “The equation is Nelson is a great place to live, and that attracts great people, and great people lead to great business.”


It’s about what we can do here and what we can do for Nelson. We are employing a younger demographic of people which from our point of view is making a positive contribution. Jonny Hendriksen

Shuttlerock CEO and founder, Jonny Hendriksen, says if his global social media ad company can offer good wages then why wouldn’t anyone want to move to Nelson for the lifestyle? Photo: Charles Anderson.

SHUTTLEROCK Jonny Hendriksen used to have a holiday house in Mapua. He used to love coming up from Christchurch with his family enjoying the weather and the lifestyle. Then he thought: “What’s stopping us running the company from Nelson?” Jonny found his success pioneering internet marketing in Japan in the late 1990s and early 2000s with longtime business partner Tim Williams. However, his focus for the past decade has been building his video ad company Shuttlerock, which he founded in 2011. The company creates social media advertisements for some of the largest brands in the world. And they do it around the world. Shuttlerock has 11 offices globally: Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, three in the US, Auckland, Christchurch, and Nelson, which is its global HQ, though 99 per cent of revenue is generated outside of New Zealand. Globally, Shuttlerock employs 180 people, about 45 in New Zealand, mostly in Nelson. Jonny’s ambition is for Shuttlerock to become one of New Zealand’s largest companies. It is currently aiming for $100m turnover in the next couple of years but he wants it to be worth $1 billion. However, Jonny says trying to do that from Nelson was a bit of a “leap of faith”. “People do get so used to working in a big city, there was a thought that if they move to Nelson that their career might be moving backward.” But, he says, once they got there, they realised that Nelson is a pretty ideal place to live and bring up a family. That leap of faith in moving a global digital business to a farflung corner of the world proved prescient when Covid hit. “That changed how a lot of companies do business.”


June 2021

Jonny says digital tools are enabling work from anywhere and now that has had to happen. “The way Shuttlerock is set up, we could actually be based from anywhere.” The company is also now in expansion mode. It has recently raised $7.5 million with help from fellow Nelson convert, Trade Me founder Sam Morgan, who lives in Mapua and is now a director of the company. That is helping Shuttlerock level up its technology to create vast numbers of ads for brands at scale. Jonny says the company wants to be seen and doing its bit for the city. “It’s about what we can do here and what we can do for Nelson. We are employing a younger demographic of people which from our point of view is making a positive contribution.” It also wants to lead by example. “We are one of the first big IT companies to be based here. There might be people saying ‘you can’t do that’, or ‘you can’t get the talent to make it work.’ The reality is we are making it work, we are getting the talent. If there is a good job with good pay going then people will come here.” Jonny says Shuttlerock is almost at an unfair advantage in getting good people to work for it. “If you can create a company that can pay Auckland wages or better then there are plenty of people who are waking up and smelling the coffee and realising that you don’t need to live in Auckland or even Wellington.” He says if they can do it then there is no reason why others can’t. “I’m always the first to be the flag bearer to get more entrepreneurs here.”

QX Global Ltd executive chairman Chris Robinson says the question many businesses will be asking is what the point of an office is. Photo: Supplied.

QX GLOBAL GROUP LTD Chris Robinson’s workday starts at 9pm. From his home near Rabbit Island, he manages a global workforce of 1600 people, mainly accountants, mainly based in Ahmedabad in India. QX Global Group was founded 18 years ago on a simple premise. There is and was a global shortage of accountants and there are a lot of good accountants in India. “I knew that all people wanted was a good service,” Chris, the company’s executive chairman, says. “The way to give that good quality service was to get them connected on good quality communications.” It was just good timing that Chris’ idea was born right at the time when telecommunications technology was expanding, and the internet boom had arrived. “All the pieces came together.”

But it took some work to allow those pieces to fit so that Chris could relocate his young family to Nelson. “I always ask ‘why are their accountancy offices on the High St? Why not have a little shop on the High St and then all the back-office workers somewhere else in a big space’? I just took that to the next level.” Almost 20 years ago Chris Robinson was working in the United Kingdom running a recruitment business. But they needed a new office because they didn’t have enough space for their staff. One night he saw a programme on television showcasing call centres in India. “I thought ‘that’s amazing’. You have really intelligent people doing all sorts of work there.” Chris had an idea. He spoke to his business partner and said


they should open an office in India.

QX has 1600 employees mainly based in Ahmedabad, India. Photo: Supplied

The business partner said ‘OK’. So, Chris went out to India to hire 20 people and they got thousands of applicants. Then Chris, an accountant by background, soon pivoted into a different area. He knew that there was a worldwide shortage of people who could do what he did - people who could do the numbers for businesses at scale. It was 2003, on the back of the dotcom boom and bust. “I understood about telephony and that it didn’t matter where you were. Physical locations were becoming less important.” Chris spoke to his wife Cath about relocating the family from the UK to India. He told her that he probably needed to be out there for two years to set it up. “Three months later she started talking to me again,” he halfjokes. “Finally, she agreed to come out and have a look. The whole time the plan was to build a team up so I could manage it remotely.” The assumption was that they would go back to the UK after they left India. But then (after three years, not two) they went on a three-month holiday which included a trip to New Zealand. “We finished the holiday and got back to the UK and the weather was crap. It was a grey day. I turned to Cath and said, ‘I’m not sure I can do this’.”

managing his staff in India before going to sleep. The company is now on track to hit $60 million turnover within the next three years. Then, when Covid-19 hit, he found himself with five offices in India and almost 2000 employees that needed to start working from home. They closed down two offices permanently and the pandemic has had a big effect on its workforce. But once again, technology allowed them the resilience to push on. “The secret is teamwork. We have a brilliant team on the ground.”

Chris said: “New Zealand was nice.”

Looking back on the move, with his boys out of school and into the world, Chris says moving to Nelson was the best thing they ever did for the kids.

Cath replied: “Yes.”

“I think the place made the boys the men they are.”

Chris said: “Nelson was nice.”

The New Zealand education system was broader and allowed each of them to find their passions.

Cath replied: “I know what you mean.”

Cath replied: “Yes.” Chris said: “Shall we move to New Zealand?” It took them 18 months to do it, but finally, they arrived and for a long time Chris was travelling back and forth to India to visit the team. But gradually he weaned himself off it. He gets on the phone at 9pm and works for a few hours

But Chris doesn’t think he is unique in wanting to relocate here, though admits doing it at the scale he has might be a bit “mad”. “It’s the trend. The biggest question boardrooms are asking themselves now is ‘what is the purpose of our office?’ I see that as a positive. People are making a lot of unnecessary journeys and without the need of those you get time and freedom.”


9 DAY BOUNTIFUL BOOK BONANZA 1 - 9 June • 10am - 4.30pm daily

Founders Heritage Park, 87 Atawhai Drive, Nelson •


June 2021






A Day in the Life of Rose Campbell

12pm 1.30pm 2pm 4.30pm

Zoom team meeting with our colleague Lydia in Tāmaki Makaurau has a full agenda. There’s a lot to cover today as we’re getting close to finalising the programme for our 21 – 31 October event.

Back in the office and cracking the final stages of one of the many funding proposals.

After a final check and upload, I hit the send button and do a small dance of joy - ahead of deadline by 24 hours, woohoo! It’s these small moments.


Once settled at the office Shanine and I launch into catch up and planning time. We’re working through our festival timeline and how we’re tracking. We have much to achieve in a short space of time – prioritisation is key.

My quick lunch break is centered on a sourdough and mushroom sandwich treat from Arden’s Porta Via. Highly recommended.

Walk up the port hills and early dinner with my Nelson whānau – my daughter Harriet, husband Boyd and two-year-old Rupert. Highlight of the day is hearing about Rupert’s very busy day at Busy Bees ... followed by many rounds of the current favourite dinosaur song which is now permanently in my head.


A quick diversion to pick up a flat white from Pomeroy’s down the lane – important part of the morning routine.

Planning meeting at Morrison café with Tatsiana Chypsanava, a hugely talented local photographer who we’ll be working with for one of our key education projects. Lots of ideas bouncing around and we leave the meeting feeling very inspired by new ideas and the connections made.

We pop down the hill to catch one of the final screenings of Cousins at State Cinemas. It’s my second viewing, but I’m just as moved by the exquisite telling of this story as I was the first time.


6am 8.30am

On the way up Trafalgar Street to our new pop-up office in Morrison Square. I’m loving the new Nelson City Centre ArtWalk project and pause as I pass Jane Evans’ Ladies Day work which reminds me always of the colours of her gorgeous Russell Street home.


Regular morning phone check-in with my daughter Abi in Wellington, with a bowl of hot oats on the side.



Awa Maitai:. Morning walk along the riverbank with my dog Frankie who’s been champing at the bit to get out and about. It’s a crisp late-autumn morning, the leaves are red-gold underfoot, and the river is glassy and inviting. The sea birds are having a morning preen session, and a solitary kāruhiruhi darts in after a shoal of passing aua...ka rawe! I could get used to this life.


Mōrena Whakatū! I start my day with a fresh brew of coffee.


Rose Campbell is the co-creative director of Nelson Arts Festival. She has recently made the move over from Wellington and is loving her new temporary home on the edge of the Maitai.

Pō marie...Frankie barks her final farewells to the moon and the stars. The end of another day well spent in our new hometown.


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Tourist Trap Kymberly and Nick Widley, owners of Kismet Cocktail and Whisky Bar, are passionate about what the Nelson region has to offer. Forever thinking of fun ideas for spicing up the lives of their customers, they set off with a group of locals and their videographer, Macca Clarke, to film the ‘Kismet Tourist Trap’. A promotion for one of their popular and quirky events, the in-house ‘Tourist Trap’ on June 12, the video has gone viral. “We live in an awesome and diverse region surrounded by cool people where fun things happen and we wanted to show it off”, says Kymberly. “Nelson is always promoted as a beautiful place but we want to remind locals and visitors alike that it has a great personality and a vibrant community as well.” Meanwhile, those who are fortunate enough to have secured a ticket to their June event, will be in for a night of rich entertainment. 151 Hardy St, Nelson kismetcocktailbar Purchase tickets at


Carl and Karen Babe write a letter to Nelson Magazine readers about a traumatic 12 months where Karen survived breast cancer and Carl a heart attack.

Letters to live by The road since early 2020 for Nelson couple Carl and Karen Babe has been not so much rocky, as full of deep ravines. In February 2020 Karen, a hair salon owner, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Urgent surgery was delayed by the arrival of Covid-19 but then salvaged by a quick-thinking Nelson surgeon. Recovery was going well, and then in January this year Carl, a rescue helicopter crewman, suffered a near-fatal heart attack. In the first of a new series in the Nelson Magazine, Letters to Live By, Carl reveals how they coped, in the hope it will help others, as told to Tracy Neal.


hould I have called the ambulance? Could I have known this would happen to us? Could we have changed our lifestyles to prevent this happening? If I were being honest, the answer would be “no” to all these questions. Karen and I lead normal, healthy lives. We eat well, we don’t smoke and drink only ever occasionally, and I’d been taking medication to manage my cholesterol. We are fit and active. But if I were sitting on a grenade, which in one way I was, should I have checked more closely that the pin hadn’t been pulled out? Perhaps, with my family history of cardiac problems I could have, but then there’s only so much


June 2021

insurance one can buy, and there’s only so much you can do to really know what’s going on. Maybe I should have acknowledged the silent stress I’d been under with Karen’s cancer, and maybe also the lingering effects of a frightening and potentially catastrophic incident I was involved in just weeks before my heart almost stopped. Karen dealt with her diagnosis better than I did. She didn’t have a family history of breast cancer, and on only her second mammogram, there it was – as it turned out; a high-grade aggressive cancer but luckily it hadn’t yet “jumped the fence”. We caught it, just in time. The process from discovery was rapid, and a mastectomy was

scheduled in Wellington, but then Covid lockdown hit, and surgery was cancelled as hospitals prepared for the pandemic.

my case, it probably saved my life. That’s no disrespect to the ambulance service but they can’t be everywhere at once.

Karen was in limbo for a few weeks. Surgeon Ros Pochin refused to consider the delay as acceptable, and luckily her instinct was right – the surgery had to be done immediately. She managed to pull off a solution that involved surgery here at Manuka Street Hospital. Karen went in at 9am one morning and was back home 24 hours later, with nursing care arranged at home.

I said to my son, ‘look mate, just drive – if I slump forward, keep driving, drag me in the door and tell them: cardiac arrest. They’ll know what to do.’

It was a huge relief to discover the cancer was contained and that no aggressive follow-up treatment was needed. Karen decided to wait until later for a breast reconstruction. She needed space and time to just chill out and wait. And then…it was my turn. For people in the community who have the type of heart attack I did, there’s a high risk of dying. I got lucky – I dodged a big bullet. I knew what was happening on that day in January this year – my first day of annual leave and I was lying in bed with a coffee, staring out through the ranch sliders, thinking about whether to take the boat out.

We reached the one set of traffic lights between us and the hospital, and for a fleeting moment I did think they were going to be the death of me. The lights were changing to red, and I wondered if I’d die in a t-bone crash before I got to hospital. We slithered to a halt and there was this period of weird elevator music with Nora Jones playing while we waited for the lights to change again, and then we were off at warp factor nine.

I’d say to you, the reader, denial isn’t a remedy. Take advantage of the checks available to you. If there are problems, don’t sit back, get on and do it. Every day is valuable.

I noticed a discomfort in my chest, thought it through, and stretched, but it didn’t go away. Being a typical bloke, I went and had a shower, thinking that would wash away the problem, but with the hot water hitting my body my vascular system went into overdrive and what was a mild discomfort became phenomenal crushing chest pain. I lost the power in my arms and legs; my hearing and vision were going, and I knew without doubt I was having a significant cardiac event. I tried to call out to my 19-year-old son who was in his bedroom down the hallway, but I was in a closed bathroom so I ran some numbers – if I collapse in the shower he won’t know. How am I going to get myself out of this problem? I knew I needed to get to him. I got myself out of the shower, noticed I was the colour of a sheet of aluminium, got into some clothes somehow, slid down the hallway and managed to get my son’s attention. It did cross my mind to call an ambulance, but we’re 500 metres from the hospital – I can see the doors to the Emergency Department from home. I’d heard the ambulance responding minutes earlier and I was expecting the next available one might be some time away. I’ve had various opinions on whether that was a good decision or not, and it’s not the advice I’d give others, but in

My son, Jackson, did an incredibly good job – he never got excited or upset, he just did what he needed to do. He has grown up in a household where responses to a problem have to be matter of fact. I rolled in the door at ED. Everything exploded into action and within minutes I was lying on the PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) table with interventional cardiologist Nick Fisher ready to go, and I

went to sleep for a bit. We are supremely lucky to have that facility here in Nelson. We have an exceptional team and this specialist unit that is undoubtedly saving a lot of lives in this region. Their response to me was top drawer - they did save my life. People sometimes say we’ve been unlucky but if Karen and I were to dwell on the events… yes, maybe we have been unlucky but you have to look at the other side of that - we are very lucky to live in New Zealand, we’re one of the safest countries in the world, we have access to top level medical care, we have a facility (PCI lab) at Nelson Hospital which many other regions don’t have. There were a lot of lucky things that happened along the way, including the huge support I’ve had from my employer – GCH Aviation which operates the helicopter we use at the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust. They have supported me throughout the four months I’ve had off work – to the extent that colleagues have even provided homecooked meals for us. I’m now back at work on light duties. You can do everything within your power to live an optimal life, but chance and genetics will always win out. I’d say to you, the reader, denial isn’t a remedy. Take advantage of the checks available to you. If there are problems, don’t sit back, get on and do it. Every day is valuable.


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David and Nancy!

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Transgender man Felix Swanepoel has found a new life in Nelson.

Felix’s journey of self-discovery Words: Jonty Dine

Felix Swanepoel has never felt comfortable in the body he was born in. The 18-year-old doesn’t look down in the shower and is made to vomit whenever he catches a glimpse of his body in the mirror. He despises the sound of his own voice, hides his chest, and longs for hair on his face.


elix is transgender and has identified as a male for as long as he can remember.

“I always knew from a young age that I was trans, I just didn’t know how to express it.” Despite great strides made in acceptance of the LGBTQI+ community, transgender people still face appalling discrimination in society.

“They knew me as a female, so it was really hard for them to adjust, people just kept saying ‘I don’t get it, you want to be a boy now?”’ He would be bullied in a number of ways from the passive aggressive to outright cruel. “They would refer to me as a girl, say ‘you don’t look enough like a boy’, and even ‘I’m not going to be your friend anymore.’”

Born in South Africa, Felix’s struggle with gender identity led to relentless bullying at school.

With his parents reacting unfavorably to his coming out, Felix left Auckland.

“You don’t look like a boy! What is in your pants? Let me see, freak!”

“I moved here to Nelson because it was just very hard for them to understand.”

The abuse did not stop once Felix’s family moved to Auckland where he eventually came out to his parents as transgender at 17.

It was here that things began to turn around for Felix.

As a result, Felix has lost both family and friends.

He finished his schooling at Nayland College where he was embraced by his peers, landed a full-time job at T&G, and met his girlfriend, Jessie Mickell.


Felix with his girlfriend Jessie Mickell.

While Nayland was supportive of Felix, youth would still harass the couple, particularly on social media, questioning why Jessie was not with a ‘real boy.’ “I used to try and tell them that he is a real boy, he is just working on it, but I gave up,” says Jessie. After meeting through a mutual friend, the pair have been together for almost a year. It was a long wait for their first date having met just prior to lockdown. “We had just met before lockdown so there were a lot of Facetime sessions, we fell asleep on FaceTime every night for four months,” says Jessie. Eventually, Felix got the courage to ask Jessie out officially.

Felix says Jessie always knows how to keep him calm in moments of high anxiety. “She always helps me feel better and knows how to make me laugh. She is very supportive, caring and loving.” The young lovers say they are much stronger together and can take on any further hurdles they may face. “Nothing can break us apart.” The couple is still subjected to looks from strangers while out in public.

I was always a bit of a tomboy, I dressed in boy clothes. I just hated my body, I threw up from it and I would get body aches.

“I didn’t take it seriously, but then he asked me again and I went up to Auckland for a long weekend.”

Felix Swanepoel

“We get a lot of people trying to figure out if it’s two girls and why we are holding hands.” Jessie says the ignorance can span generations. “For some, they haven’t grown up with it so it’s like a new concept for them. People just need to understand it is really hard to be trans.”

That would be the start of a blossoming romance.

“We like doing adventures like going to the beach, going on walks or just staying in, getting snacks and having a movie marathon.”

The workplace has been another hotbed for discrimination.

They may not have the same taste in movies, but Felix is more than happy to compromise. “I love true crime and he puts up with it,” jokes Jessie. She says Felix has shown incredible resilience during his journey. “I love how positive he is and how he always makes me smile and laugh.”


June 2021

When working at a butchery, colleagues and customers would intentionally ignore Felix’s preferred pronouns and insist on referring to him as female. Even something as simple as using a public bathroom can be a daunting experience for Felix. “I would get comments and looks walking into either, because I don’t have the right anatomy.”

For some, they haven’t grown up with it so it’s like a new concept for them, people just need to understand it is really hard to be trans. Jessie Mickell

Despite long flowing hair down to his hips, and being made to wear pink dresses, Felix recalls rejecting traditionally female norms as a child. “I was always a bit of a tomboy, I dressed in boy clothes. I just hated my body, I threw up from it and I would get body aches.” His relationship with both parents has become significantly strained, however, they are making slow progress. “It is slightly better. Now they are trying a bit harder, it’s getting there.” The couple say understanding comes from education and that it is ok to ask questions of trans people. “Generally, we are happy to talk about it, you can ask about preferred pronouns and sexuality.” Felix has recently begun hormone treatment and receives testosterone injections in his lower hip every fortnight.

Felix says Jessie has been a positive force in his life, “she knows how to make me laugh”.

His voice is already lower and facial hair is beginning to show. “He can’t wait for his first shave, he has already bought all the razors,” laughs Jessie. Felix is especially uncomfortable with his breasts and conceals them with binds which increases the chances of breast cancer.

However, this has unfortunately been met with more derogatory comments.

In order to make the full transition to male, Felix is hoping to undergo surgery in the near future.

“We just want people to think about how it may feel to be misgendered and that it’s not a choice. It’s a constant battle between happiness and acceptance.”

However, the costs for surgeries can range from $20,000 all the way up to $180k.

Felix says his dream is to one day look in the mirror and be happy with the person staring back.

Jessie has created a Givealittle page to help raise funds for Felix’s treatments.

To contribute to Felix’s journey visit felixs-transition

NELSON 60 Achilles Avenue, Nelson, 7070




69 Haven Road, Nelson |

Phone 03 539 0066


Manager / Funeral Director

Relaxing resort in eco environment In an idyllic location, surrounded by birdsong and lush native bush and overlooking the golden sands of Kaiteriteri, lies a retreat that has been catering to the health and wellbeing of locals and travellers alike for the last 34 years – Kimi Ora Eco Resort.


ith a lifelong passion for health, the founder of Kimi Ora, Dietmar Glaser had a vision to provide an ecofriendly resort focusing on the nurturing and wellbeing of its visitors, as well as its environment. Protecting that vision for the last seven years is Dietmar’s daughter Karina Glaser and her partner Aaron Dunbar. Managing the resort has been a labour of love for the couple and their passion is evident in the strong core values that still stand today. “We are still striving at keeping Dietmar’s vision alive and making it an even better, more sustainable business while minimising waste and the impact we have on the environment as much as possible,” says Karina. “We go for organic items as much as we can and support local businesses as much as possible.” Kimi Ora also supports local programs including Abel Tasman Tree Collective and the marine conservation group, Tasman Bay Guardians. Protecting the environment, water conservation, and using renewable resources are the core values of the resort while also providing top-quality accommodation, an on-site restaurant, and exotic spa treatments. “You really can have luxury and comfort while still being sustainable and looking after and caring for the environment.”

Karina says they adopted a month-by-month approach to cope through the effect the worldwide pandemic has had, but she has been pleasantly surprised by the number of Kiwis rediscovering New Zealand over the past year. “We have been so lucky having such huge local support and hosting pretty much all Kiwis. It has been really nice to see people exploring their backyard again. People have come from all over the country. We are so lucky here in New Zealand.” She believes Kimi Ora's strengths lie in the ability to combine enriching pampering packages along with being located on the doorstep of the great outdoors. “People can come to the resort and be treated to a massage or pampering session and a delicious dinner, or simply as a place to stay while exploring all the extras on offer in the Abel Tasman and the surrounding region.” A full list of pampering and overnight packages is available on the Kimi Ora website with the ‘Overnight Dinner and Spa Package for Two’ proving to be a popular choice. This includes studio unit accommodation, use of resort facilities, continental buffet breakfast, a two-course vegetarian dinner, and your choice of a massage or facial treatment. In Karina’s words, “all you have to do is turn up and relax...”

Kimi Ora Eco Resort Hotel 99 Martin Farm Road, Kaiteriteri 03 527 8027



Mary Glaisyer has been thrilling audiences with her new hobby – comedy.

70-year-old comedian is no joke There’s a freedom with age that Mary Glaisyer has not only embraced, but has turned on its head. The 70-something year old is taking Nelson’s comedy scene by storm and she’s only just getting started, as Judene Edgar found out.


itting in her sprawling garden looking out to sea, this setting is a stark contrast from when I first saw Mary. That was 6 May, opening night of the Nelson Fringe Festival, and Mary had entered the “Scratch Night”. According to Fringe Festival director Giles Burton, Scratch Nights are “where people try out new work, and new shows, and stars, can be born”. New this year, they are an innovative way to test works still in development on an audience, with performers presenting a short piece of their work. Some succeed, some need development, and some fail. The audience has no idea what to expect with a Scratch Night, and Mary was first up in an eclectic line-up of comedy, music and drama. But in a classic, “don’t judge a book by its cover” moment, the diminutive conservatively-dressed elderly lady that stepped out onto the stage quickly revealed herself to be a sharp-witted, hilarious storyteller – age irrelevant. At the end of the show, I joined the throngs of people surrounding her to find out her story.


June 2021

The quiet girl from Manchester shifted to Nelson in the 1980s for a change of lifestyle based on an “urge” of husband John. Despite having never set foot in Nelson or even New Zealand, they packed up their lives and shifted across the globe. A little advertisement in the paper resulted in her first four homeopathy clients, and her practice grew from there. Before too long she had a thriving practice and was teaching at various homeopathy colleges across the country. Having trained at the College of Homeopathy in London, Mary was invited to speak at seminars and conferences. And it was at a homeopathy conference about 10 years ago that the seed of what would become her next career step was planted. Giving a presentation to a group of 150 people, Mary decided to start with a joke. “150 people fell about laughing, and the feeling I had was so good.” “That feeling is like a drug,” says Mary, and she was hooked. Telling amusing anecdotes and funny stories at homeopathy

150 people fell about laughing, and the feeling I had was so good. That feeling is like a drug.


conferences kept her in good stead for a while, but after watching clips of 77-year-old American humorist Jeanne Robertson on YouTube, Mary decided, “I could do that!”. A fortuitous article in the local paper led Mary to Backroom Comedy, the home of Nelson’s comedy scene. Backroom Comedy, founded by Dave Vandy, has been running monthly performances in the backroom of the Liquid Bar for about three years. So just on six months ago, Mary took herself down to Backroom Comedy to check out the local scene.

Mary at Nelson Fringe Festival.

The confidence gained from these first two performances led Mary, with much encouragement and “invaluable constructive criticism” from close friend, award-winning actor and singer Helen Moulder, to put on two shows at Fairfield House accompanied by pianist Virginia Ward. The two sellout shows of “Life’s Absurdities and Other Stories”, buoyed Mary even further. “Helen’s skill as a performer and writer is amazing and she’s really helped me, but I was staggered at the response to the shows.” A month later she was performing on the Scratch Night stage of the Nelson Fringe Festival.

“They were mainly all young comedians, but there was one woman, Lady Di, who’s in her 60s, so after she performed, I went up to her and told her I’d like to try this”. “She was so welcoming and lovely and introduced me to her son, Dave [Vandy].” Without any hesitation, Dave invited Mary to join them the following month, and with that, Mary’s comedy career was born.

“When you’re doing any other job, people don’t rush up to you afterwards and thank you.” “I’m not knocking it, it’s very nice, but I’m not used to this; it’s very weird.” Despite thinking that she’d only appeal to a mature audience, Mary has proved that humour can cut across the age barriers.

“I did a 10-minute slot, and it was very well received – to my surprise and delight.” Mary performed again earlier this year, and is now very much part of the Backroom Comedy fraternity, which has also opened the door to comedy writing workshops. She attended two workshops earlier this year with award-winning comedian, actor and entertainer, Andre King, and is looking forward to more.

“Some people who are old take on the opinions of those who think they can’t do things and they believe they can’t – that’s rubbish. There’s no reason why you can’t start something new.” As for Mary, she doesn’t really know where this will go, but she’s not going to limit herself. “It might not last, but I’m just having fun in the meantime”.

Shahriar Asdollah-Zadeh, Kauri Hawkins, Jonathan Jones and Michael Parekowhai 29


G E T T I C K E T S: TAC T I X N E T B A LL .CO. N Z VS STEEL, 14 June, 8pm | VS MAGIC, 21 June, 7pm | VS PULSE, 4 July, 6pm

Liam Doherty

The future is bright for NMIT Aviation Engineering student Completing the Level 4 Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering at NMIT was the turning point in Liam Doherty’s career journey.


iam is currently working towards his NZ Civil Aviation Authority (NZ CAA) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License by completing the level six diploma in Aeronautical Maintenance Certification through the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT). “The Level 6 diploma gives me the opportunity to travel abroad and convert it into overseas licenses and qualifications. Ultimately, that's one of the reasons I got into aviation, to use it to travel, see the world—it just opens up my career opportunities.” He is very optimistic about his future in the aviation industry. “I knew I wanted to work in fixed wing aircraft, particularly in the commercial sector of aviation. I managed to get a scholarship and an internship with Air New Zealand Regional Maintenance in Nelson, and then I got a full-time job with them once I had finished the course.” Due to COVID-19 Air New Zealand Regional Maintenance in Nelson was shut down but Liam was fortunate to be able to continue his apprenticeship in Christchurch, for Air New Zealand on heavy aircraft maintenance. He is also continuing his diploma online and preparing for his New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZCAA) exams—a compulsory requirement for licensing. Liam says he is fortunate to be able to integrate the theory with his daily work experience.

“I like being multi-functional in my role,” he says. “Having more knowledge and experience, even if I don't necessarily use it, opens more pathways and more doors—you're not limited to one corner of the industry.” “You know if something was to close down or you were to lose your job at one company, with the experience and the knowledge you have, you're always employable somewhere else.” NMIT is New Zealand's first approved NZCAA Part 147 Certified Maintenance Training Organisation. Aviation Engineering tutor, Aaron Lyster says the key to training is not only providing the industry with qualified, skilled graduates but with graduates who have the right attributes to fit in to the aviation industry. Although it was expected COVID-19 would put aviation engineering positions at risk, Aaron says the aviation sector isn't just tourism, and many companies support other industries, such as agriculture. He says it appears that general aviation has not been that affected. “Once COVID-19 finishes and travel ramps up, the major airlines are going to be seriously lacking in engineers because many of the staff went into general aviation. However, general aviation is currently asking for engineers—I think there's really a shortage,” says Aaron.




Summerset Richmond Ranges’ brand-new village centre is open! The village centre offers a wonderful range of resort-style facilities, like the pool, spa, bowling green, library, café and bar. It also means our full range of living options are now available too. From serviced apartments, to care and dementia care in our industry-leading memory care centre.*

Summerset Richmond Ranges 1 Hill Street North, Richmond 03 744 3432 *Licence to occupy.


We’d love to show you around. Just pop in any time between 10am and 3pm, on any weekend in June, and see for yourself why our residents love the Summerset life.

As kiwi as can be L

overs of fine drops such as Wakachangi and Stoke will now get to enjoy their beverage from the convenience of a can.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a smooth process.

A can of beer is as kiwi as stubbies and gumboots and McCashins Brewery has made a substantial investment is establishing a new world-class can line at its brewery.

After ironing out the kinks, McCashins exported its first cans to the large Australian market in February.

The brewery can now pump out a staggering eight cans a second ensuring locals won’t be going thirsty anytime soon. It was a long journey for McCashins whose plans were thrown into disarray thanks to Covid-19. After purchasing equipment from China, Italy and Australia, all three countries went into lockdown just as it was scheduled to depart.

“We experienced every problem you could with a new production line.”

“Cans are really big over there,” says Jeff. McCashins Brewery has also come to the rescue of beer lovers struggling to fit a dozen inside their fridge. After some painstaking trial and error, the team discovered a ten pack of cans was the ideal fit for the average fridge. “We have had some good feedback about that, and we are looking to do that across all products we do.”

Eventually it made its way to Nelson but without the nine international engineers required to install it.

The changes came from strong customer demand and a desire to be innovative.

The team then employed local contractors who worked tirelessly to put it together.

“There are a number of benefits, cans are better environmentally, it is an easier pack for consumers and makes for a better product as no light can get in,” says Jeff.

“They put in some really long hours, seven days a week, trying to solve all the riddles,” says marketing manager Jeff Lepa. Then, in mid-November of 2020, the first cans came off the conveyor belt.

The canned products will include Stoke, Wakachangi, Glacial Seltzers, and Rochdale and Scapegoat Ciders. “The changes have been great for the local economy, employed more staff and created more career paths.”


Night to Shine Stylist: Jo Menary Model: Nicola Fleitas Photographer: Henry Jaine Makeup: Asher Artistry Hair: Michele Lines Assistant: Zoe All clothes, shoes and accessories exclusive to Shine

Coat: Carlson Dress: Carlson Jewellery: Four Corners Boots: United Nude

Top and skirt: Charmaine Reveley Shirt: Staple + Cloth Jewellery: Dyrberg/Kern

Top and skirt: Charmaine Reveley Shirt: Staple + Cloth Jewellery: Dyrberg/Kern

Top and skirt: Charmaine Reveley Shirt: Staple + Cloth Jewellery: Dyrberg/Kern


Quality preloved labelled clothing Now open and selling clothing and accessories for women and men on your behalf. By reusing clothing items, Re:vive are providing you with an easy way to recycle your disused clothing, reduce textile waste and revive your wardrobe too!

Re:vive 211a Queen St, Richmond Next to Taylor’s Shoes

Full length boots Kentia Mina boots from Italy screams style and sophistication in any language! This boot is fashioned from beautiful soft leather with a gusset that allows for extra give.

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Luxe in leather New styles of bags and wallets have arrived from best-selling label Status Anxiety. Quality, ethically sourced leather goods for a life lived simply. Shop the full range in store or online.

Trouble & Fox Bank Lane, Nelson (lane next to BNZ, through to Montgomery Sq)

Luxury without compromise Noble Wilde’s possum merino garments are timeless and desirable, representing the epitome of sophistication, comfort, fit, elegance and durability.

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Merino, possum and silk blends

New in store

Beautiful NZ made knitwear to keep you warm, with new and classic styles to choose from.

Earth Sea Sky – NZ made outdoor clothing. The best performing hiking gear and travel wear to stay warm and dry. Wilderness 2019 Brand of the Year.


Outpost Supplies

149/151 Hardy St, Nelson (was KB’s bakery)

53 Quarantine Rd, Nelson


June 2021

Stunning coloured gemstones and diamonds RoCS have a great selection of gemstones and diamonds. Drop into their studio and let them bring your jewellery to life.


Jamie Kay, new in store

238a Queen St, Richmond

A beautiful 100% organic range for new born to six year old. For something special for that little someone special, visit Little Boutique.

Little Boutique Lingerie | Swimwear | Sleepwear

51 Bridge St, Nelson

Handmade products filled with love A delightful range of candles, diffusers, room sprays and body care that make a perfect gift or a treat for yourself.

Living Light

Escape the pressures of the day

Shop 2A, 219 Trafalgar St, Nelson Central Arcade

Heal and comfort with the Scented Elements aromatherapy range. All-natural oils developed to be used in specially designed diffuser pendants. Pop in to experience this new and unique collection. Necklaces: $155 - $210 Oils: $15 each

Louise Douglas Jewellery 191 Hardy St, Nelson

Treat your feet this winter With Dr. Feet’s anatomic foot beds, offering highly supportive moulded foot beds and durable lasting soles making them your ideal indoor/outdoor slipper.

Soul by Mariposa 257 Hardy St, Nelson | 49 Commercial St, Takaka Ph: 0800 132 500 |

Big, Bold and Gold Make a statement Creating precious jewellery and happiness since 1960.

Jens Hansen 320 Trafalgar Square, Nelson

KAMA — the original Indian love oil Indulge in the unique fragrance of Kama products, a Kiwi favourite for more than 50 years.

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David, Robyn, Brittany and Leonie from enhanceskin.

enhanceskin – A year post-lockdown Twelve months on from lockdown and despite the curtail on foreign travel and some national concern over the country's economic bounce back, the past year has been busier than ever for the team at enhanceskin.


r David Orsbourn puts this down to several things.

He says, "Firstly, 'zoom face' has become a thing. As we spend time in virtual meetings, while we should be concentrating on what people are saying, it's easy to become distracted by the digital replication of our faces. We all begin wondering how we can address ageing concerns." "Also, although there has been little international travel this year, clients have been preparing for when the trans-Tasman bubble opened so we have seen an increase of people addressing their varicose veins," David says. David also attributes the clinic's ongoing popularity to its reassuringly local reputation. "I think it makes a real difference that we know and understand the lifestyle clients want to live. We don't dip in and out of Nelson; we live, work and play here ourselves." Despite their continued success, the team at enhanceskin never rest on their laurels, investing heavily in training to offer the latest treatments in facial aesthetics. Over the last few months, they have added several new cosmetic treatments to their repertoire. Cosmetic Nurse Brittany Fenwick is delighted by the arrival of Profhilo, an award-winning product taking the facial aesthetics industry by storm. "This treatment differs from dermal fillers in the way it can remodel your skin," Brittany says. Profhilo distributes and integrates itself evenly within

the skin's tissue rather than remaining in one place. "We like to think of it as a skin booster and bio-remodelling treatment that works from the inside out." The clinic has also introduced Lipo-Dissolve, a treatment utilising naturally occurring enzymes, phosphatidylcholine (PPC), that help break down fat. Brittany harnesses the power of PPC by injecting it directly into the fatty tissue with tiny needles; it's a perfect solution for a double chin. Finally, the team have combined two of their most popular treatments, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Dermapen. The combination offers a supercharged Tissue Rejuvenation Therapy that addresses wrinkles and volume loss. While Brittany concentrates on cosmetic treatments, David specialises in varicose veins, and he says winter is a busy time of year for this treatment. "Many people feel more comfortable wearing trousers or tights following varicose vein procedures, so now is the perfect time to ready your legs for their debut in spring." But varicose vein treatment has benefits beyond purely cosmetic. Not all varicose veins are visible, but most will cause pain. Your legs may feel achy, heavy or tired. Or you may sometimes feel a burning or throbbing sensation in your legs. All of the walk-in, walk-out treatments that David offers can help to eliminate that pain, putting a spring in your step once again. Whether you are considering varicose vein treatment or a cosmetic procedure, the clinic offers a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

enhanceskin Ph 03 548 8216



Target the signs of ageing when you join Caci’s cosmetic injectables membership At Caci we make it easy to manage your regular cosmetic injectables treatments - so you can enjoy the benefits of a smooth, wrinkle-reduced look. Membership benefits:

A schedule of treatments, prescribed just for you, to deliver the best results

20% off beauty therapy treatments 10% off Skinsmiths skincare products Easy payment options: Pay for your plan by direct debit


Book your free consultation:

40A Halifax St Nelson

0800 458 458

P R E- LO V E D | S T Y L E

In the company of


Pre – Loved Style is the sister store of Karen Jordan Style in the heart of Nelson’s CBD. The concept for the store was born four years ago after recognising the need for fashion to be more sustainable and affordable. It has grown to be a favourite shopping destination for Nelson women and visitors to the region.

Nikki (formerly Cooper + Rouge) and the wonderful team Angela, Joya and Karen, bring together a store full of quality fashion from both New Zealand and international top designers all under one roof – preloved and in excellent condition. With the success of Preloved Style, Designer Style was opened in Motueka in 2019, selling both new and preloved in High Street and growing the KJ team to fifteen. LABELS WE LOVE Trelise Cooper – Kate Sylvester – Karen Walker – ELK – Nomd – Zambesi – Nyne – Marc Jacobs – sass & bide – beaucoops – Cooper – Sills – Moochi – Deadly Ponies – Marle – C & M – Kowtow – Briarwood – Morrison – Paula Ryan

“What a fabulous concept your pre-loved store is. It is a truly unique shopping experience, and I always find something I absolutely love. Nelson ladies are lucky to have this” — Janet Matheson


PRE-LOVED 7 Wakatu Lane, Nelson - (look for the ‘lady in red’ on the side of the building)

202 High Street, Motukea, designerstyle



Facial Rejuvenation in Nelson  Cosmetic Botulinum  Dermal Fillers  Liquid Facelift  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  Lip Enhancement  PLUS BRAND NEW Profhilo, Lipo-Dissolve & Tissue Rejuvenation Therapy

Call for your COMPLIMENTARY, no obligation, initial cosmedical consultation Reassuringly Local Treatment with Brittany Fenwick - Cosmetic Nurse

03 548 8216

ON THE STREET Jontee Bowater is a café worker, singer and producer who has graced the stages of the UK, Germany and New Zealand. His style usually includes ‘something loud’. What are you wearing? Levi’s jeans and Timberland boots with a silk shirt I got from my grandad and a leather belt made by my flatmate back in Berlin. What is your style?   My style is driven mostly by the way my clothes make me feel. Usually something loud is thrown into the mix. What is most of your wardrobe made up of? Block colours and loud patterns. If I hold on to an item you can almost guarantee it’s because it’s full of memories. What are you loving at the moment? Silk shirts and rugby shorts. What are you dressed for today? I’m heading to a friend’s place to work on some music together. Where do you buy most of your clothes from? I find most of my favourite clothes in op shops, but I always keep an eye out for new design ideas that I can find to fit my budget, or pay some talented friends to replicate them for me. What is your all-time favourite purchase? When I was in high school I worked at Ambrosia washing dishes and saved up to buy a pair of fluorescent high top Nike Air Force ones. I loved them so hard I walked through the bottom of the soles! What wardrobe item should everyone invest in? Something that makes you feel a little different in a good way. What pushes you outside your comfort zone? Normies. Anyone living like a mannequin encourages me to shake things up a little. If you could raid one person’s wardrobe, who would it be? David Bowie. Finish this sentence – You would never catch me wearing… Fire truck red.


My Home



Space, light, plants and colour were all important to Jacqui and Mark Jaine when they built their Mapua home over a decade ago. A couple of alterations later, it’s the perfect space for them both, and their two adult children and partners who currently live with them.

Who lives here?

What’s your favourite spot in the house?

I live here with my husband Mark and at the moment both our kids and our daughter’s partner are living here too. We live out near Mapua on a lifestyle block, in our home we built about 13 years ago.

The window seat. It’s usually sunny and is my favourite spot to have breakfast and read the news. It also doubles as a good storage area underneath the seat.

What four words would you use to describe your home?

Where do you shop for homewares?

Comfortable, spacious, light, inviting.

I try to support local and especially like Edito for furniture and Moxini and Darby & Joan for homewares. I also like Broster in Mapua for fabric and colour inspiration.

What inspired this look?

What piece would you never part with?

Our house before this one was where my large extended family would usually gather. We wanted to extend that feeling to this home, making it warm and inviting with open spaces and good indoor-outdoor flow.

One of our outdoor tables. My husband made it from macrocarpa grown by his great grandfather. It’s a ten seater so most of the family can fit around it.


What’s your decorating style? I like plenty of greenery, wood finishes and splashes of colour. We’ve gathered a number of pieces over the years. Not everything matches, but it all seems to work together and creates a comfortable space.

What’s next on your interiors list? We are going to re-do the guest bedroom and guest bathroom when our kids leave home!

When it comes to homeware, do you save or splurge? A bit of both. For the larger pieces of furniture we’ve splurged more to get good quality pieces. For the decorative items we’ve got a collection of old, new and gifted pieces.

What are your favourite pieces? The open book shelving unit for all my favourite cooking and gardening books.

Have you done any renovations? Just small alterations as we’ve grown into the house, like putting in a kitchenette in the guest room and an outdoor pergola.

What’s your favourite room? The living area. We all enjoy catching up after work in here. In winter it’s cosy with the fire going.

If money was no object what would you buy for your home? We’d add some more soft furnishings like drapes and artwork.

What should every home have? A log burner. We actually built the house without one and put it in later. You can’t beat sitting around the fire and the atmosphere it provides.

Top left: Art work from Fleur Woods from Upper Moutere hangs in the bedroom. Above: When Jacqui and Mark originally built the house it didn’t have a fireplace, but they later put one in. Middle: This book shelf was one of Jacqui’s ‘splurge’ items and is home to a painting and sculpture by their son Henry. Bowls are by local artist Katie Gold. Right: Jacqui will always have fresh flowers around the house picked from her garden, and loves to have the work of her creative children on display. The linen pendant light shade was made by her daughter Tess.


June 2021

My Home

Go for quality, it pays off in the long run. Also, don’t throw things out. We have recently had the sofas and dining chairs recovered. They look brand new but it was half the price.

Top: It was important for Jacqui and Mark to make the kitchen feel warm so they included a lot of timber. The large sky lights above provide plenty of light. Right: A painting by Des Robertshaw, sourced by Jacqui’s sister, Jo from Shine, sits above the sun drenched window seat.

If you had a day to refresh your home what would you do? Anything to do with plants. I love gardening and am often repotting pot plants and propagating plants for around the house.

Best budget tip? Go for quality, it pays off in the long run. Also, don’t throw things out. We have recently had the sofas and dining chairs recovered. They look brand new but it was half the price.

Do you have any tips on how to keep your living area orderly? Plenty of built-in storage. Because the living room is a busy area it’s nice to be able to hide things away. The breakfast bar, storage cupboard and home office are all tucked away behind the cabinet doors.

Best money spent?

What do you love about the neighbourhood where you live?

Allowing for lots of natural light with skylights in the kitchen, and every room has large external glass doors.

I love that it is a quiet road, good for walking and all the neighbours are friendly.


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It’s KiwiSaver top-up time Now is the time to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your KiwiSaver. MEMBER TAX CREDIT You might not need reminding, but for every dollar that you put in, up to $1042, the government will contribute 50 cents as a tax credit. This is a 50 per cent return on investment that should be taken advantage of. It is tough to beat in this environment. INVESTMENT STRATEGY Now is also a good time to double check your investment strategy. Your provider should have a “risk profiler” that can act as a guide as to what strategy you should be holding, from conservative through to aggressive. Being too conservative is probably as much a risk as being too aggressive. The difference over a long period of time can factor into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO YOUR PROVIDER IS Although past performance is no indication of future performance, and yesterday’s hero may be tomorrow’s villain, look for a track record over three years, five years or longer for a well performing provider. Fees are important, but not as important as a good solid return. Four of the five top performing KiwiSaver balanced funds have fees over the market average as an example. *

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FUNDS There is now a big focus on socially responsible investing, and funds with this focus are readily available today in a cost-effective fashion with returns that are comparable to standard funds. Seek out a responsible fund if investing into weapons and questionable business practices are not your thing. GET ADVICE An independent advisor is a good way to make sure that your strategy is good, your provider is proficient and that you are on track for your retirement goals. *Morningstar quarterly performance report 31 March 2021

Mark Sheehan is an award winning Certified Financial Planner and Financial Advisor offering impartial advice in Nelson since 2008. Ph 03 548 2752 Advice is of a general nature and not intended as personalised advice.

Paul’s pick!

Paul Kenny

E PRESTIGIO RANG is a contemporary ion This new collect yx stone, recreated On of interpretation m Italy. in a porcelain tile fro

NELSON’S BIGGEST TILE SELECTION 74 Quarantine Road, Stoke, Nelson P: 03 547 8413 E: W:

Tamarillos - in season now Tamarillos are a good source of Vitamin A, B6, C and E. Rich in iron and potassium, low in calories and high in dietary fibre. Cut in half and scoop out the rich juicy pulp. Or use in a fruit salad, sauces, chutneys or as a meat accompaniment.

Get your needles out There are lots of quick knit ideas at Cruellas to fill these winter evenings. Whip up a cowl with the luxurious new Cozee Alpaca/cotton blend yarn. Cruellas 149/151 Hardy St, Nelson (was KB’s Bakery)

The Veggie Guy Strawbridge Square, Stoke (next to Squires Cafe) Open Mon-Fri, 8am–6pm, Sat 8am–4pm

Health is our wealth Organic honeygar – made from a combination of Goulter’s organic apple cider vinegar and manuka honey. Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurised and pure and natural. Available at New World, Park n Save, and organic stores. Goulter’s – The vinegar people 122 Tahunanui Dr, Nelson Order online at

Need more space? A rustic style shed is perfect for so many uses and any buildings under 30 square metres no longer need a council approved building consent. Easy. Allwood Sheds 15 Gladstone Rd, Richmond Ph: 03 547 7026

Not just beds! Famous for making the best beds in town, Nelson Beds also have a range of quality bedroom furniture and accessories. Sleep in comfort, relax in style! Nelson Beds 59 Quarantine Rd, Nelson

All your favourite things Using natural fabrics, lots of handmade, and always a good dash of vintage, An Inside Story design and make one of a kind and limited edition furniture and homewares. An Inside Story Ph 027 240 8225

Sweet, sweet music Experience the incredible piano performance of the Yamaha P-125 compact digital piano. Easily portable, extremely accessible, with a user-friendly minimalistic design. Beggs Music Works 264 Hardy St, Nelson | beggsmusic.



Cynthia Baur and David Lester in their Golden Bay home.

A life with candles T

Words: Diane Covington-Carter

he soft, soothing glow of candlelight links us back through the ages to ancient times, when life was quieter and simpler. And today, in the midst of our modern, fast-paced world, candlelight can still bring a calming, peaceful and nourishing presence into our lives. Cynthia Baur, owner and CEO of Living Light Candles in Golden Bay, first came across a small company called Living Light Candles at a gift show in Christchurch, 22 years ago. She was so struck by the beauty of the product, that she placed an order of 77 candles for a gift store she co-owned in Auckland. That order led to meeting the owner of the company, Heinz Oertli, then a connection, dating and marriage. They set up shop in a converted pottery studio, with a total of three customers and one employee. Cynthia, who had a sales and marketing background, became the front person and the business grew from three customers to 50 in one year. Then the next year, the numbers doubled again.

A great partnership In 2017, she married David Lester, who became involved in the company and provided welcome emotional support and stability. “David’s beautiful support has allowed me to focus on the business and turn it around,” Cynthia says. She also brought in a consultant from Nelson, who implemented an inventory system, to calculate the accurate cost of goods and all the other information needed to ensure a strong bottom line. “The system showed me the products that weren’t selling that well, so we could streamline and make important changes,” Cynthia says. With the new systems in place and David’s support, profits have been climbing; 2020 was their best year yet, even in the midst of Covid-19.

Persisting through challenges

Art and science

As they scrambled to keep up and added more help, they moved the growing business to a large factory. When Cynthia’s husband became unwell, she took over running the company. He died in 2010.

“The process of candle making is both art and science,” Cynthia says.

For the next seven years, Cynthia believed in the vision and the products, but it was easy to get discouraged as she worked to master all the aspects of both candle making and business management. “One day a woman came into the gallery, looked at me and said, ‘Darling, you are making so many people happy with what you are doing.’ I so needed that encouragement and it inspired me to carry on,” Cynthia says.

For example, the four kinds of beeswax, also soy and plant wax, each require a different handling. Add to that, thousands of different kinds of cotton wicks, each one calling for different adjustments to the recipe, then add in a fragrance, which can also change the results. Many different types of molds create another variable. The walls of the factory have to maintain the even temperature inside, also an important factor. The test room, where they try out variations in waxes, jars, wicks and fragrances, feels like a tiny chapel, a quiet space amid the busy factory, lit up with more than fifty candles.

Our vision is to offer world class New Zealand hand-made products of light and scents, to create a gift of affordable luxury, which reflects natural living, inspires the senses and nurtures the human spirit. Cynthia Baur, owner and CEO, Living Light Candles Nelson Store Manager, Jude Biggs.

“We have to be very precise and assess every change we make,” Cynthia says.

The company’s packaging design won a Luxury Gold Award, in 2017. They also were finalists for the Australian Life In Style–Body, Bath, & Fragrance Award that year.

Icicle candles and fragrances The icicle candles, the company’s most popular product, go out as fast as they can produce them. They recently exported over 7,000 to a distributor in Australia, each carefully tissue wrapped in single boxes. The icicles come in twelve colors and are finished by hand, with all extra wax recycled. The company creates blends using high-end perfumes and essential oils for their quality, non-toxic fragrances. “The fragrances sell the products,” Cynthia says. “For each fragrance, we now offer candles, body lotion, hand cream, a body bar, room spray, room diffuser, aroma stones and diffusers for small spaces, all both eco-friendly and luxurious.”

Success secrets “Our success reflects both the quality of the product and the quality of the people who make them,” Cynthia says. “We look for integrity and the ability to be a good team member.” Once a month company-wide meetings help maintain the alignment, with individual departments meeting more often. “We care about the environment and use eco-friendly packaging,” Cynthia says. “All our candles are, bio-degradable and burn carbon-free.”

A proud Kiwi “I have been here 40 years and am so proud to be a Kiwi. The nature, the people, the ‘can do’ attitude,” Cynthia says. “The diversity of the landscape, mountains, desert–it is all here.”

Advice to budding businesses “Trust your intuition, believe in your dreams, (even when others don’t) and be brave, bold and kind,” Cynthia says. “I feel a sense of gratitude for the company and for each person who works at Living Light.” As the large orders keep coming in from Australia, she remembers the woman who helped her years ago with her words of encouragement. “She really was an angel that day,” Cynthia says. “If I could see her again, I’d say, ‘Thank you. It is happening now’.

Nelson Store, Nelson Central Arcade 219 Trafalgar Street Ph 03 546 7561

Koria from Living Light’s Golden Bay factory.



CRAFTED WITH CARE As a local Nelson company, we were proud to work with O’Fee Interiors and supply the custom-made honeycomb blinds, blockout roller blinds and lined curtains that helped create a home the Duarry’s love. Our huge range of window furnishings is an easy way to personalise the style in your new home. And we do it all for you, from measure to install. Book a free in-home consultation to get started.

Book your free in-home consultation 0800 808 300

My Home

A home in the hills Click Homes


Words: Adrienne Matthews

resh out of school, a young Tyler O’Fee moved to Fiordland to work in the bush. “I saw some wooden huts being built and was so excited,” he says. “I couldn’t think of a better job than building huts like that.” Told by his boss to go and get a building apprenticeship, this advice set him on a path that has become an absolute passion.

The couple returned to New Zealand to be married and soon after they came across a property in the Appleby Hills that fulfilled all their dreams. The vistas were magnificent, the land gently rolling with enough space for some stock and workshops. They purchased it and Rebecca immediately began designing their home.

With plenty of building experience behind him he moved to Australia, eventually persuading girlfriend Rebecca to join him. “I wasn’t too impressed,” she laughs. “It was miles from anywhere, up to 50 degrees, work seven days a week and red dirt everywhere.” It was, however, an ideal opportunity for the couple to save for their dream; to start their business and build their perfect home in New Zealand.

“We wanted a modern farmhouse style,” she explains, “a home that is light and airy but cosy as well.” The house needed to fit into the landscape but have its own unique character. “I wanted the warmth and texture of recycled bricks and was completely disheartened when I found we couldn’t use them unless every individual brick was strengthtested by an engineer.” Then, when searching online, she came across a range from Stellaria NZ. “They were perfect. I loved the shape – longer than the bricks we are used to and more modern.” Made in Germany and with all the restrictions of Covid beginning to occur, it was urgent that they place an order straight away. “We really went out on a limb. We didn’t even get to see samples,” she says.

As a child Rebecca had lived in Japan for six and a half years where her father was a farrier. “I was fluent in Japanese and I studied to be an interpreter, but my heart wasn’t in it. I much preferred working with my creative side which led to a diploma in interior design.”


My Home

Walking through the door into our bedroom feels like walking into a high-quality hotel room. I feel like I have travelled somewhere beautiful and yet I haven’t left our property.

Fortunately, their decision paid off. “They are excellent quality, properly kiln fired and so far, we are the only builders in NZ to have used them. They are such a wonderful complement to the matt Flax Pod coloursteel which had also just been introduced to the market,” Rebecca explains. The project was underway with floor slab down and framing in place when another couple, Jane and Ryan Durry, who were searching for their “perfect spot” in the same area, heard about the build. Seeing the plans and Rebecca’s lookbooks with her detailed designs for the interior, they fell in love with the property instantly and made an offer which was hard for the O’Fees to turn down. One minute they were building their dream home, and in the next they were building it for someone else.

Jane couldn’t quite believe it either. “We had never bought off plans before,” she says, “but Tyler and Rebecca were so passionate about the project that we could tell even then that they were going to complete it to the standard as if it was their own. We completely trusted them.” They were even adopted by Rebecca’s Grandad Charlie who helped on site every day and still calls in to lend a hand with projects. “Although we were never ‘brick people’,” says Ryan, “that aspect has become a favourite.” Used also as a feature wall in the second living room behind the large woodburner, it brings the warm country feel inside. They love the separate living spaces which are far enough apart so that different activities can be carried out in both




My Home

rooms without impinging on the other, perfect with their young children, Fern aged five and Vann, ten.

spaciousness abounds. The spectacular view out to Nelson Bay is framed by large windows.

The kitchen is every cook’s dream with its almost five metre Caesarstone bench and proliferation of cupboards. “I’ve got so much storage I can’t fill it all,” laughs Jane. She also loves the brushed brass Elysian tapware used throughout the house.

The main rooms in the house have access to the outdoors including the master bedroom which is, to Jane, a favourite room. “Walking through the door into our bedroom feels like walking into a high-quality hotel room. I feel like I have travelled somewhere beautiful and yet I haven’t left our property,” she says.

At 2.7m high and with a semi-vaulted ceiling in the living area, complete with kiln dried, whitewashed beams, a feeling of

The continuity in design throughout the house was


My Home

particularly appreciated by the couple who love simplicity and clean lines. “It means we can accessorise as much or as little as we like.” The Durrys are blissfully happy with their property that has everything they ever wanted. “We could hardly believe our home was completed in only four months, and to an incredibly high standard,” says Jane. In addition, there is plenty of paddock space for daughter Fern’s ponies, Marshmallow and Flash, (Tyler had already installed 2.5km of new fencing and planted trees). Ryan is thrilled with the fivebay shed, also included, despite having to share some of it with Jane and Fern’s pony stuff. It provides a great man cave

where he and Vann can work on their motocross bikes to their heart’s content. “Even the cows came with the property,” laughs Ryan. Meanwhile, the O’Fees have found what makes them happy. “Doing projects together as a tight knit family is what we love,” says Tyler. “And I love that I can come up with new concepts and just say to Tyler ‘make them happen’,” laughs Rebecca. They are currently building their new dream home at Mapua, this time in a beach style. With plenty of other design projects on the go, some renovation work and a toddler to run after, life is never dull.


My Home

Italian flair makes its mark on Mapua home Words: Adrienne Matthews


here is a house in the hills overlooking Ruby Bay that is a collection of moments so artfully created that you feel enveloped by warmth and serenity the moment you enter. The lady of the house knew that the property was the right one for her and her husband the instant she saw it. Having moved many times, she wanted a place where they could finally put down roots in a location they had come to love on previous visits. In particular, it had a view of the ocean, a “must have” request from her husband. Having last lived in a historic home on many different levels, this time she wanted a single storey dwelling that would see them through their retirement. “Just a rectangle with two bedrooms and a study,” she explains. Architect Simone Wenk of Architecture Studio Mapua was engaged to convert her crazy drawings into a workable plan.

The brief was simple; a large, comfortable living space for entertaining, with bedrooms, one at each end and all opening to an ample veranda and the magnificent views beyond. A love of peace and quiet and also large gatherings, the house had to accommodate both aesthetics. A challenge for both architect and builder, Jerry Goodwin of Nelson and Tasman Construction Ltd, was the one hundred square metre central living/kitchen area that called for substantial roof trusses, requiring a crane to put them in place. They create a presence all their own, handmade from macrocarpa milled close by. This room is an abundant canvas for the much-loved treasures the owners have collected throughout the years, an open-plan paradise of rich textures and colours. With a plethora of nationalities in their backgrounds, the result


Harrisons, we come to you! Contact Anita today for a FREE personal Curtains & Blinds consultation Harrisons Best Price Promise Coordinate your Curtains & Blinds with Harrisons Carpet & Hard Flooring Expert advice and installation

Anita Manson Owner/Operator 0800 102 004

MagazineAd_AnitaManson_175x133.indd 1

25/05/21 1:18 PM

My Home

is eclectic with a touch of bohemian. Intriguing lamps provide a warm comforting glow, the oversize sofas beg to be snuggled into, and elements like the glorious patchwork of the owner’s beaded and embroidered squares that form a blind above the kitchen window create playful and endearing accents. The kitchen pays homage to the owner’s Italian heritage, being large, warm and welcoming. It’s striking pressed metal wall, originally used in ceilings in Victorian England was transported from Australia before being powder-coated here in Nelson. Taking pride of place are a pair of enormous French style baker’s tables on castors made from elm by local craftsman Mark Perry of Peg Leg Woodwork. They can be moved if necessary, to create dance floor space and provide excellent storage for pots and pans and the owner’s collection of basketware. Mark also made two butcher’s blocks and a macrocarpa baker’s table, embedded with river stones, for the Italian Bezzera coffee machine. His and hers Ilve cookers from Italy in a rich deep honey butter colour complete the warm Italian feel. Throughout the house texture is joyfully embraced, no less so than in the bathrooms where rough and smooth Italian tiles are juxtaposed. The master bathroom surprises spectacularly with its wall mosaic of Buddha, constructed from thousands of minute tiles. The original picture went to a graphic artist to be pixelated before being sent to Italy where the tiles were made. The smooth honey tones of American oak make an appearance here, contrasting with rustic stools made from old wine barrels by local craftsman, Zeke Thor Poet.



My Home

Storage in this house is a dream with two long expanses of black cupboards that recede seamlessly into the background. Kitchen appliances are consigned to their own cupboard space so as to not clutter the bench spaces.

than average timber framing allows for deeper insulation in the walls and ceilings, while thermally broken windows considerably reduce heat loss.

A special feature in the bedrooms are the ‘cloud’ lamp shades sourced from Moxini. The voluminous fabric echoes the wide expanse of sky and landscape that are visible from every vantage point.

Jerry Goodwin counts this project as one of his favourite all time builds. “We really enjoyed building this home and working for the nicest people who had a very clear idea about how their home would look. It was a privilege being given the opportunity to play a part in that process

Energy efficiency was a high priority for this build. The heated polished concrete floors are formed on a fully insulated MAXRaft® slab which helps keep the home warm, dry and at an even temperature. The use of thicker

The owner’s vision of a home that is all about connectedness, comfort and friendliness has been perfectly interpreted by the architect and builder. Between them all they have created a masterpiece.


Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler in her work room with a box of stones.


World renowned goldsmith makes Nelson home

n artisan who upholds the traditions of one of the world’s oldest crafts is forging a fresh direction, many thousands of miles from where she began. The exquisite, bespoke works of East German-born goldsmith and jeweller Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler are now being created in a purpose-designed workroom/gallery at her new home in central Nelson. She and manager-husband David Wheeler moved here less than a year ago from Waiheke Island, where they had lived for a decade. Christine’s ambition to become a goldsmith struck early. Her artistic nature was influenced by her family’s flight to freedom from Communist Germany, and her practical abilities she inherited from her father, who was a plumber. Her and David’s move away from Germany in 1988, leaving a successful gallery and workshop business in Stuttgart, was triggered by fallout from the disastrous nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl. They moved to David’s UK homeland, before a campervan holiday in New Zealand set the family on course to live here. The move to Nelson was the result of what they describe as an invisible pull, but also a fresh start after navigating delicate and challenging family matters. “I didn’t put my nose into too much literature before coming to Nelson. For me, it’s always been about the feeling I get being in a place,” Christine says. David remembers it was the first place he ate a nashi pear – deciding not to repeat the experience.


June 2021

Christine is known around the world for her handmade jewellery. Each piece is unique – no two are ever the same made from gold or silver she shapes with traditional tools and rare techniques using a mouth-blown soldering torch. The metal is then adorned with a single or multiple earthly gems, shells or stones of ancient provenances. “I once did a series with tiny, washed pebbles from the West Coast but I ran out and the pebbles around us at Waiheke, or Piha – they were bigger and not the same.” David made the trip to Punakaiki to gather more pebbles, which cost him a pair of sunglasses when he leapt away from a large wave. Christine’s designs are sparked by a theme and are often guided by where the gems and stones take her. “I never do things because it could be fashionable, or because I’m able to sell it. That for me, is selling my soul and I don’t do that.” They say New Zealand has given them the breathing space they need to cement a legacy of traditional craftwork, for which they say there are no shortcuts. David says there’s no longer time to teach it to the next generation but a conversation has now started about creating a repository – possibly here in Nelson - for the information that guides traditional craftwork. Christine and David’s gallery can be visited by appointment only. For more information and to see more of Christine’s work, including a documentary film, visit

Gallery Showcase

| Our region’s best creative talent

Atkins Gallery

Chocolate Dog Studio

Founders Heritage Park (next to café) Open Saturdays and public holidays, 10am - 4pm. Other times by appointment 021 842 481

Book illustration and commissioned art

Lynette Graham Fabric Design + Artist

027 695 4433

125 Mapua Drive, Mapua. Ph 021 731 737 or see online shop.

Michael MacMillan Sculptor & Country Homeware

Hawk’s Valley Sculpture Gallery

Nelson City Framers & The Gallery

252 Neudorf Rd, Upper Moutere Winter hrs: Fri, Sat ,Sun and Mon 11am4pm. Plus open by appointment.

190 Williams Road, Tasman Open most days. A call is appreciated. Ph 021 267 1127

42a Halifax St, Nelson Mon 8.30 – 4pm, Tues – Fri 8.30 – 5pm. Sat 10am – 1pm

03 539 1233

Purpose Gallery

The Artist Goldsmith

5 Iwa St, Mapua Tues – Thurs, private appointments. Fri – Sun, open to public 11am - 4pm. Closed Mon.

Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler Central Nelson. By appointment

Höglund Art Glass Studio & Gallery

021 817 209

52 Lansdowne Road, Appleby, Nelson Open 7 days 10am – 4pm Ph 03-544 6500

ATELIER Studio | Gallery

The Suter Art Gallery

Cathy Jones 4 Art

Ph 021 166 8327 329 Trafalgar Square

208 Bridge Street, Nelson Open 7 days 9.30am -4.30pm Ph 03-548 4699

027 546 9499 1/47A Washington Rd. Open Tuesdays 10am – 5pm, and by appointment

Winter Comfort Sale Winter Comfort Sale

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ALL IMG Comfort® product’s ALL IMG 4th Comfort® – 27th June product’s

4th – 27th June

675A Main Road, Stoke, NZ Supercheap 675A(Next MaintoRoad, Stoke,Auto) NZ Phone: 03 547 9842 (Next to Supercheap Auto) Email

Phone: 03 547 9842 43 Street, Blenheim, NZ Email Phone: 03 577 9506

43 Scott Street, Blenheim, NZ Phone:Opening 03 577 hours: 9506 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat &Opening Sun 10am - 4pm hours:

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm

JUNE  | 21



Courtesy of the Toss Woollaston Trust, Atkins Gallery is honoured to present a selection of original watercolours and drawings by Toss Woollaston. Open on Saturdays and public holidays from 10am to 4pm and by appointment.

For updated information visit

Atkins Gallery, Founders Heritage Park

12 June



A huge variety of second-hand books, DVDs, vinyl records, puzzles and games for sale at bargain prices. $2 per person, $5 for a nine day pass, free entry for children.

Tasteology @ Winelord in conjunction with chef Matu from Viva La Vaca present an evening of sumptuous culinary delights. A set menu will be served on long tables with wonderful beverages from Middle-Earth Wines and Capital Cider Co. available to purchase. $70 per person. Bookings essential.

Founders Heritage Park

97 Livingston Road, Brightwater

13 June

13 June


HAVEN CHOIR CONCERT Come along for a relaxed session of choral music from all over the world. Learn more about the Nelson based charity, First Steps Himalaya, that is making a real difference to children in Nepal. $12 entry includes afternoon tea.

From Puccini to Lloyd Webber, from Cole Porter to Queen, the worlds of opera, musical theatre and pop collide in this unique collaboration as Simon O’Neill, Jackie Clarke and Tim Beveridge explore their shared love of great songs and each other’s company. Tickets: or at Box Office 03 548 3840 Theatre Royal

Nelson Golf Club, Bolt Road

25 June

26 June



A one-woman musical and theatrical journey about Linda Lee Thomas, the Southern beauty who was the driving force behind legendary songwriter Cole Porter at the dawn of the roaring twenties. Tickets from Eventfinda

Traditional ceilidh, dust off ye kilts and do some Scottish dancing, with musical performances from City of Nelson Highland Pipe Band, a fiddler, and a harpist. Haggis and a light supper, whisky toss, raffles and more. Tickets:

The Suter Theatre

Sun City Dance Hall, Guppy Park











Anne Saunders and Marilyn Plunkett


Annette Hall and Nicky Schultz


Annie Leather and Marg Palmer


Wendy Ross and Glenda Poole


Glen and Lorraine Beattie


Keryl Arnst and Heather Reilly


Karlene Barrington and Sue Taylor


Jo Johnston, Kerri Stephenson and Kate Stephenson



Pauline Manley, Jenny McKenzie and Barbara Chippendale

10. Colleen Calder, Sandra Carter,

Dianne King and Melvi Roberts SARAH BOARD





June 2021







Saxton Cricket Pavilion



Christine Jeyes, Gayle Eves and Netta Garside


Theresa Rawlins and Allan Lockyer


Val Whyte and Alison Heslop


Jean Peter and Gail Collingwood


Joan Inwood and Vanessa Hodges


Marion Melling and Jillian Jary


Miriam Watson and Jean McConachie


Hannah and Rachel Limmer and Sue Colvin


Debbie Robertson, Anne Roper and Robyn Andrew


10. Jocelyn Clarke and Maureen Midson












51 Tasman Cliffs Lane



Charisse Papworth and Sarah Booth


Paul Richards, Judith and Hugh Neill


Rachel Sutherland and Cheryl Gunn


Deborah Norris and Roger Olds


Chrissie Olds and Chrissie Sanders


Sophie Davies and Melissa Richards


Eniko Fekete, Sue Benseman and Sue Chesterman


Michelle Kennedy and Deborah Norris


Chrissie Olds and Kathy Basalaj


10. Melissa Richards and Cheryl Gunn






June 2021







Trafalgar Centre



Renée Williamson and Ben Mackie


Tim Skinner, Julie Catchpole and Kirsty Skinner


Lorraine Borrmeister and Wulf Borrmeister


Nathan Edmondston and Dale Hoare


Diana Shchukin and Lisa DeGray


Stacey O’Connor and Hazel Thelin


Augusta Van Wijk and Greg Goodall


William Samuels and Sally Ogle


Judi Keith-Brown, Rachel Dodd and David Waters


10. Mark Watson, Chris Nott and Victoria Scott












Nelson Classic Car Museum





Amy and Chris Cornelisen, Miriama Stephens and Donald Boote Andrew Mc Ewing, Jude Nickolls, Vanessa Baxter and Clint Baxter

Clayton Munting, Andrea Halloran and Dean McCashin


Courtney and Jason Bailey


David Hine and Trine Myhl


Debbie Edwards and Gavin Sendall


Dinz and Hamish Fletcher


Juditha Davids, Morison, Myles, Dr Candy Ostman



Dave Kitchingham, Sandie Kitchingham, Terry and Carol Hargadon

10. Tony Donaldson and Eve Davis TIA MUDDLE





F N-







One of New Zealand’s best collections of 150 classic cars in immaculate condition. Come see us! Open 7 Days 10am-4pm Little Engine Eatery Museum Store Nelson Classic Car Museum 1 Cadillac Way, Nelson


June 2021







Bank Lane, Trafalgar St



Ben Fahy and Brad McNeill


Bex Smith, Liberty Fox and Jazz Watty


Daniel Hawke and Kirsty Smith


Jess Whiunui and Renee Jepson


Libby Acland and Fi McNeill



Sally Gepp and Noreen McDonald


Peter and Sue Gorman


Steve Bignall and Myfanwy Semaine


Luke Acland, Tania Norfolk and Matt Lawrey

10. Tagan Lyall and Belinda Strickland







Mapua Village Bakery

McCashin’s Tap Room

Ambrosia Café

Come and experience their warm, friendly atmosphere with the delightful aromas of a homestyle bakery in the cosy and warm café.

Calling all steak lovers! We’ve extended our menu to share the very best and most flavoursome beef steaks.

As soon as you step inside, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the delicious daily fare sets your mouth watering.

And top it all off with a cup of supreme coffee which will add a bounce to your day.

Choose from dry aged Angus sirloin, T bone, ribeye or sirloin served with your choice of four delectable sauces and your favourite sides. Best served alongside one of our own locally made brews. Open breakfast until late 7 days.

Ambrosia Café is licensed, so whether you want a quick coffee and something sweet, brunch, lunch with friends, a business lunch or a glass of wine and a snack, it’s all here. Open every day.

68 Aranui Rd, Mapua Ph: 03 540 3656

660 Main Rd, Stoke Ph: 03 547 0329

226 Queen St, Richmond Ph: 03 544 0025

Anchor Restaurant and Bar

The Indian Café

Top quality food is best served with amazing ocean views! Blessed with a fantastic spot on the water, you will feel welcomed and won’t want to leave.

With three great locations you can enjoy Indian Cafe’s delicious food no matter where you are. Head in and find out why Indian Café is the favourite choice for anyone looking for the highest quality food and a memorable cuisine experience.

Try their gluten free frittas, delicious winter soup served with artisan bread, or everyone’s favourite all day breakfast.

Specialising in local seafood and steaks, there are also delectable choices for non-meat eaters, people with special dietary needs and kids.

62 Vickerman St, Port Nelson Ph: 03 546 6614

All venues offer intimate restaurant dining and courtyard settings and takeaway options.

94 Collingwood St, Nelson | Ph: 03 548 4089 266 Queen St, Richmond | Ph: 03 544 8979 201 Songer St, Stoke | Ph: 03 547 0008

Marlborough salmon poke bowl Try this delicious salmon poke bowl recipe and add your own twist to brighten up those winter nights. Easy to make with an aromatic sauce that has the right balance of savoury, sour, sweet, and spicy, it is quick enough to make for a weekday dinner, and fancy enough to serve at your weekend dinner party. Ingredients

Serving suggestions


200g Marlborough salmon, skin-off and de-boned

Avocado, crab meat, edamame, radish, shredded carrots, and sliced cucumber, then top with pickled ginger, wasabi, dried seaweed or seaweed salad.

For a wheat-free alternative substitute tamari for soy sauce, and if you are looking for a vegetarian protein, simply cut cubes of firm tofu and marinate for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Marinade for salmon ¼ cup

soy sauce

1 tsp

rice vinegar

Method • Wash rice under running water.

1 ½ tsp sesame oil ¾ tsp

red pepper flakes, crushed

⅓ cup

spring onions, thinly sliced

½ tsp

sesame seeds, plus more for garnish

• Bring rice to the boil in a small pot then place a lid on top and reduce heat to low. Cook for 12 minutes. Remove from heat and allow rice to rest for a further 10 minutes with the lid on. • Mix marinade ingredients together. Set aside in a bowl.

Rice 1 cup

basmati rice

• Cut salmon into 1cm cubes.

1 ½ cups water

• Toss salmon into marinade for a minute, remove and serve with rice and other condiments.

Pinch of salt

Rata Room > Best of Nelson Seafood Thursday 03 and 10 June Dinner menus online

Open Thursdays Café 10am - 2pm Restaurant from 6pm

> Best of Nelson Land menu 17, 24 June, 01 July @therataroom

Visit the Rata Room to experience a taste of our region over the next five weeks. On 2 and 10 June they showcase the Best of Nelson Seafood. On 17 and 24 June, and 1 July a menu featuring the Best of Nelson Land is yours to enjoy.


Setting sustainable goals Environment We all do it - set goals and then fall off the wagon. As a life coach I see this all the time and am passionate about supporting my clients through major changes in their lives where setting sustainable goals is vital to their growth. Let's take a deeper look into the thinking behind goal setting in our personal environment. What are the beliefs that we have around this issue? What are the beliefs and mindset we need to have about ourselves that will allow us to achieve it? What about the standards we have for ourselves? For example, there is no point in saying you will go to the gym every day if you don't have good nutrition to support this. The major questions to ask yourself here are ‘for what purpose do I want to achieve this goal?’ And ‘what will this give me?’ Once these fundamental questions have been answered then you have a more realistic view over your goal.

Structure This is where the fun part starts. Write down multiple ways of achieving the goal and start looking at what categories need to be considered. Also look for any secondary gain from staying the way that you currently are. For example, if you are trying to quit smoking but the secondary gain is that it is social, you need to be aware of that to make sure this isn't your downfall, and plan other ways to be social. Also, what

will get in your way and stop you from achieving it? All of this fore thinking will stop you being so hard on yourself if it doesn't work out. Who could assist you? Is there anyone who is already getting the results which you desire, that you can model or even better, get them to mentor you? If you need a strategy partner, then a coach or trained professional can help keep you accountable.

Implementation We can start making habits in our routine which will allow us to chip away at the goal slowly. Start ticking off those tasks that you have set for yourself and remember to celebrate them along the way. Review your progress regularly to assess if you are keeping on track. Doing these steps will set you up for success so that the next goal you set will be the one that is actually planned out for success and will get you achieving the results you want to create in your life. Once that finish line is in sight you will start to build selfesteem and confidence and even if you don't achieve the goal, remember, it was never about the goal in the first place but about who you became in the process! Dani is offering a free sustainable goal setting session for a limited time only. Please see to book in today.

Sayonara, stress! Words: Morgan Tait

While the physical health impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic might be lesser felt here in New Zeeland – the psychological impacts on stress and wellbeing have certainly been real. So just as the cooler months roll in, it can be an opportune time to consciously chill out. Here are Nelson Magazine’s tips for some science-backed stress busters.

Banish the languish

The stress effect

You’ve heard of burnout, but have you heard of “languishing”? Described by the New York Times as “the neglected middle child of mental health,” languishing is a somewhat joyless and aimless emotional state. Sitting in the middle of the mental health spectrum, this feeling of “meh” can make us more susceptible to mental health issues, as well as sufferers finding it harder to concentrate and wanting to withdraw. Keep the languish at bay by finding your “flow”. This is what psychology professor Adam Grant describes as those activities which catapult you into routine and bring meaning to your day, for example your morning coffee and sudoku or a YouTube yoga class.

High levels of stress over an extended period have been scientifically proven to affect basically every physical function of our bodies. From high blood pressure and heart health to altering the brain, mucking with your hormones, messing with your sleep and lowering your immune system: stress is not helpful for health. Understanding how stress affects you, and knowing what to look out for, can be a great way to self-regulate and keep on top of your health.

Healthy habits What we choose to fuel our bodies with not only impacts our physical health, but also our mood. Sugary foods may give a temporary high, but as blood sugar regulates, mood swings can creep in. Which means there is some bad news about caffeine too. If you’re already stressed, caffeine can supercharge those stress side effects like anxiousness, difficulty sleeping and energy crashes. Instead, snack on nourishing wholefoods like fruit and nuts, and a cup of green tea instead of that cuppa Joe.

Mindful moves Making a conscious effort to move your body in ways which you enjoy is another science-backed way to beat stress. Research new ways to exercise, from gentle stretching to walking and more intensive work outs, and one mindful must-do is getting the right amount of sleep: Go to bed earlier, banish electronics and consider accessories like a sunrise lamp or herbal sleep remedies.

Gardening help with Daltons Need some help in the garden? Daltons gardening experts can answer any curly questions you may have. Email Daltons your gardening question and be in to win a Daltons prize pack!

Buxus Box Hedge Woes Congratulations to Anne Barnao with her winning question about issues with her box hedge.

I recently noticed some ‘sooty mould’ appearing in our box hedges and some branches dying off. These I have cut back. I would appreciate a non-chemical approach to rid this mould from potentially destroying my hedges.

From your description it is most likely that your Buxus plants are infected with scale insects. These are small prolific insects that feed on the sap of plants and are usually found clustered on leaves or small branches. These scale insects produce a sticky substance called honey dew which attracts the growth of sooty mould. This mould can cover much of the leaves, reducing the plant’s ability to photosynthesise and affect its growth. Fortunately scale insects can be relatively easy to control with applications of horticultural oil. This spray suffocates the scale insects and a follow up application a few weeks after the initial spray should ensure complete eradication.

WIN AN $85 DALTONS ROSE PLANTING & CARE PACK June and July are the best months to plant new roses or move existing ones to give them plenty of time to get established before summer. The Daltons Rose Care Pack has everything you need! To enter, email your gardening question to with Daltons prize pack in the subject heading. Giveaway entries must be received by 25 June 2021.

When you are certain the scale insects are dead, wash the sooty mould off the leaves with your garden hose set at a fine-high pressure mode. Inspect all the plants in your box hedge for any further infestations. As a precautionary measure, spray the entire box hedge with the horticultural oil. In spring, apply a side dressing of Daltons Premium Shrub and Tree Fertiliser to encourage strong, healthy growth. You may also find it helpful to read our free How to Grow Guides:

The choice of


The choice of

Home Gardeners


June 2021

Platinum Blue

1.0194ha Hope 32 Sunview Heights


Are you wanting to escape the city (but not be too far out) to a manageable lifestyle property with views over Tasman Bay and a swimming pool? Do you want a high-end home where the design and build have been completed to the highest standard? If this sounds like you, then take a look at this home. Set on just over 1 hectare in the hills between Richmond and Hope is this architecturally designed home created with space and high quality in mind. Every detail has been considered and no expense spared.

At Harcourts, we appreciate that you've placed your trust in OUR PEOPLE. You told us that we are "great people who listen well." Just one of the reasons New Zealanders voted us the Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for the 9th year in a row.




Sharyn Miller M 021 377 930

Toby Randall M 027 233 9170

Find where you belong.

Deadline Sale closes 1pm Thurs 10th June (no prior sale) View by appointment

Licensed Agent REAA 2008



932m2 Richmond 9 Concordia Drive





A clear plan and targeted marketing campaign with a Deadline Sale (no prior offers) resulted in strong interest right from day one. The outcome was a multiple offer situation, with Matt Goodman five very good offers presented and the chosen one exceeding my very excited clients expectations. M 027 456 7788 The purchasers couldn’t be happier and are excited about moving into their dream home! I have a number of buyers who missed out, ready to go, and are looking for a new home. If you or anyone you know is thinking about a move, please call me for a confidential chat.

Richmond 2 Giblin Street


Ideal for families, now vacant and available for quick possession, this large home awaits you! Upstairs is kitchen, dining and lounge with a view of the Western Mountains and a freestanding log fire for chilly winter nights. Ground floor, a large rumpus room with ranch sliders out to a private sunny decked area. Another room, perhaps an office, 3rd toilet and bathroom, separate laundry, and internal double garaging. Fully fenced, plentiful parking, sheds... There is so much on offer here, you won't want to miss it.





Mike Rollo

M 027 435 2927

For Sale View by appointment

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Platinum Blue

673m2 Stoke 30 Plumtree Lane





Mapua 3 Jessie Street





Now, here is quality living. Never mind everything else, this property is the one! This brand-new luxurious family home is well situated for the best of all things Nelson. As you enter you are greeted Oliver Conway by a generous entrance which is enhanced by the M 027 713 8995 high ceilings. Family life and entertaining will be easy and enjoyable with the open layout lending flexibility with an additional formal living. Views of the Mt Arthur mountain ranges, with the large Kwila deck providing the perfect vantage point to relax or entertain. It is rare to find a new build of this calibre in such a sought-after address.

This exceptional family residence is situated in the lovely lifestyle village of Mapua. The elevated location alone is enough to show the value in this property to any prospective purchasers, and with so many features you will not be disappointed. - Amazing Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining Area - Views and Privacy - Extended Family Living Studio Apartment - Underfloor Heating throughout - Office (Fibre Connection) The Vendors are moving to a country lifestyle so don’t miss your opportunity to purchase.

Price by Negotiation over $1,200,000

Deadline Sale closes 1pm Thursday 17th June (unless sold prior) View by appointment

View by appointment

50.3691ha Thorpe Orinoco 1544 Dovedale Road

Licensed Agent REAA 2008





If you are looking for the quiet life of the country, then you will find it here... This eco-friendly home, bathing in all day sun, is perched on an elevated site providing superb Michael Mokhtar views of the surrounding hills and country. M 027 443 2703 The home features 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a rimu kitchen, underfloor heating, huge open plan living and you can step out onto the quiet private patio where you’ll be surrounded by 50ha of flat pastures (hay producing) and sloping country, while basking in that all day sunshine!

Price by Negotiation View by appointment


Wendy Perry

M 027 249 1701




Supporting local, Platinum Blue held their End of Year Awards at The Rata Room, NMIT’s training café, restaurant and bar, and enjoyed a night of contemporary cuisuine and excellent professional service. 1. Brian Thompson - Managing Director of Harcourts NZ, Sharyn Miller, Krystal Rooney and Toby Randall Awarded 2020/21 #1 Rural. 4 2. Brian Thompson, Caroline Fletcher - Awarded 2020/21 #1 Nelson Residential and #1 overall Platinum Blue Group, Chris Harvey - Principal and Mike Rollo. 3. Wendy Perry - Awarded 2020/21 #1 Richmond Residential, and Brian Thompson. 4. Toby Randall, Brian Thompson and Chris Harvey. 5. Matt Goodman - Awarded 2020/21 Rookie of the Year, and Kate Goodman, Michael and Anne Mokhtar. 6. Chris Harvey with Rhys Van de Waardt - NMIT Production 6 and Catering Chef.



- Opportunity for a motivated Sales Manager - Lead our team to further success at Harcourts - Nelson, all the ingredients for a better life in one unique place We are looking for a motivated Leader who will be responsible for the growth and support of our sales team with the backing of our management and administrative groups. Our goal is to be the first that people think of and be the best because of our leadership, professionalism, empathy and the simple fact that we are the most trusted. This is a Sales Leadership role that is hands on, and the person will be highly motivated to lift performance by inspiring and nurturing the team. It is essential that you are well-organised, determined individual with exceptional communication skills. You will have: At Harcourts, the expert local knowledge of our people is OUR STRENGTH There are so many reasons New Zealanders voted us the Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for the 9th year in a row. Find where you belong. Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Platinum Blue Limited

- Passion and energy - The ability to motivate and lead a sales team - Demonstrated leadership skills - Determination for success Applicants with management experience who hold a real estate branch manager licence, or an agent licence are preferred but a great attitude is more essential. If you feel you have the right attributes to lead the team forward, then please call or email in confidence: M 0272222388 E

I 227 Hardy Street, Nelson, 03 548 3034 I 261 Queen Street, Richmond, 03 544 4441


REINZ Sales Data for Nelson and Richmond April 2021

Residential Sales

Median RV

Median Price

Days on Market















29 23

The Real Estate Institute has recently released the consolidated figures for the month of April, and as we would expect, it makes for interesting reading. There is a huge amount of coverage in the media around the property market here in NZ. As we are all aware, our market, locally and nationally, has literally taken off since the middle of last year and outstripped every prediction. This is not a situation unique to NZ. The same is happening in a number of other countries around the globe, including Australia. Every commentator has a theory, and everyone has an opinion on why this is happening. In all the countries with issue, the underlying reason is simply a lack of housing stock, regardless of whether they are owner occupied or rental properties. With people wanting their own space and Kiwis returning home from overseas, the demand for property has never been greater. Consequently, people are having to pay ever increasing prices to obtain their desired or required accommodation. At the end of March, the Government stepped in and announced a range of measures that they hoped would dampen down the market and slow the ever-increasing price growth. These measures were targeted primarily at one end of the market, namely investors. The announced results for April are the first opportunity for analysts and the market to gauge whether the introduced measures are starting to have any effect. At this stage it is too early to say what, if any, effect they are having. Anecdotally, there are many conflicting statements being made around whether investors are still in the market or whether they have stepped back and are just watching from afar. What we do know is that all market commentators will have their own interpretation of the data and will spin their story accordingly...and that includes me. So what has happened in April? Nationally, sale numbers are down on March, understandable as explained above. However, the volume of sales nationally was still the highest April it's been in the past 5 years. Price wise, the median sale price is down slightly nationally, in comparison to the all-time high recorded in March. But in some regions, it still climbed, and in a few it dropped slightly. So, there are some mixed messages in terms of sale price growth. This is good for buyers in that the rate of price growth might start to slow. However bear in mind that we still have an underlying national shortage of property currently on the market and this ongoing lack of supply will keep pressure on prices, while reducing sales volumes. As we head into the winter months, I expect this aspect to be exacerbated.


Chris Harvey, Principal Harcourts Nelson and Richmond Platinum Blue Limited

Licensed Agent REAA 2008




$39.99 for 12 magazines

Design Your Retirement! Coastal View has a range of options. With so much choice in many different areas of village life, our residents can choose a retirement lifestyle that works for them.

Independent Homes Coastal View’s homes come in a wide variety of styles and designs, with 2 or 3 bedrooms and single or double garages. The independent houses offer versatile open plan living, with bifold doors opening into generous gardens, and plenty of space between neighbours.

Intermediate Care Affordable intermediate telehealth care options are available, with the ability to monitor health vitals and communicate directly with management and other residents.

Resthome & Hospital Care The onsite boutique care centre means that assistance is never far away. It offers specialised resthome and hospital level care, with apartments and suites for all levels of need.

To schedule your private tour, call Pen (027 257 9324) or Lynn (027 430 4622). A subsidiary of

50 Clarence Drive, Tahunanui Hills, Nelson


real estate but not as you know it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ana Fierek

Client Care & Sales 021 241 0234

Susa Guhl

Lead Agent 0274 969 008

Marc Steyn

Sales & Marketing 0274 887722

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