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Websites to Learn English

TEACHER: Inma Alcรกzar

Useful Websites for FCE students These are some useful websites which will help you preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate exam. GENERAL  In this website you will find useful tips, especially for Reading, Use of English and Writing. I definitely recommend you to visit its word bank every day to learn new vocabulary.  This is the official Cambridge FCE website which includes information about the length of the different papers and the task types.  Use of English and vocabulary online exercises. VOCABULARY  Vocabulary flashcards to review vocabulary related to FCE topics.  Collocations.

LISTENING  Listening practice for the four parts of FCE Paper 4.  This site does not focus on FCE, but it includes a number of useful listening MP3 files and exercises to improve your listening skills.  This website is not specific to FCE either, but I’m sure it will help you to improve your listening skills.

Teacher: Inma Alcázar

FCE PRACTICE TESTS  It includes interactive exam papers to practice online.  It includes different practice texts.

READING  Reading comprehension activities, although it is not specific to FCE exam.

SPEAKING  A video showing two students doing the whole Speaking paper. I hope it helps you to have a better idea of what to expect in the exam.  Speaking practice from the British Council.

PRONUNCIATION  It includes a great variety of authentic videos at different levels to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. After watching/ listening to the video, you can record your own voice and receive feedback on their pronunciation.

Teacher: Inma Alcázar