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R O O T S Z A Y . C O M

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I nanat t emptt oar chi vecont entf r om i s s uepoi nt five.Ideci ded t or un t hi s i nt er vi ew we di dl as t year .Havi ng pl annedt hi smont hsaheadoft i me,I coul dn’ thavebeen happi ert os eean emai lf r om J os hwi t ht hedet ai l sofhi s l at es tpr oj ect .Is t ar t edt hei nt er vi ew off wi t haques t i ont hatIf el tIs houl das kat ever yi nt er vi ew butwes omehow have f or got t enal ongt heway.-Rol by W hen’ syourbi r t hdayandwhatki ndof c akedoyoul i ke? Oct ober23. Il i ket her i ches tdar k chocol at e you can f ucki ng i magi ne. Es peci al l ywhent heyar r i vebymai l . W her edi dyougr owup? Imovedar oundever yf ewyear sasaki d. Iwasbor nonanAi rFor cebas ei na s mal lt owni nI daho. Myf ami l yt hen moved t o ar ur alt own i ns out her n I l l i noi swher eIgr ew up,andt hent o Phoeni x,Ar i zonawhenIwas16.Idi d col l egei n Tucs on and moved t o San Fr anci s co,CAwhenIgr aduat ed.Il i ve i nBer kel eynow. Canyoudes c r i bes omedefini ngmoment s i nyourl i f et hats hapedwhoyouar easan ar t i s tandani ndi vi dual ? My ear l i es tmemor yi sofmy mom, aunt ,and gr andmal i s t eni ngt o El t on J ohn’ ss ong“Dani el ”ont hecouchi n t hel i vi ngr oom on t hedayaermy br ot her ,whos enamewasal s oDani el , di ed.Ir ememberbei nggi venaG. I .J oe puzzl et ooccupymymi nd.Is pental ot oft i meal onedr awi ngandcol or i ng.-

ShadowPer s onXI X ShadowPer s onXVI

-Even asIgotal i t t l eol derIr emember Al t houghIqui tgoi ngt ochur chcamp,I j umpi ng on t he t r ampol i ne outback and act ual l y became f ur t her i nvol ved wi t h i magi ni ng what power s he was gi ven i n campusChr i s t i anor gani zat i onsi nTucs on. Heaven.That ’ ss t i l laver yf unnyi maget ome. I t ’ sal ongs t or y,butes s ent i al l y,t her ewas l aunched agai ns t me a s i l ent -t r eat ment WhenIwasgr owi ngupi nI l l i noi s ,Iwasact i ve campai gn i n whi ch dor m mi ni s t er swer e i nchur chands pents ummer satchur chcamp. evi dent l yi ns t r uct ednott oacknowl edgemy Someoft het hi ngst hatwentont her ecer t ai nl y per s onwhenIpas s edby,andevent ual l ymy i nf or medmyi deasasIgotol der .I nt hefinal gi r l f r i endwasper s uadedt os pl i twayswi t h year t hatI at t ended chur ch camp bef or e mei n or dert o becomeamemberoft he movi ngt oAr i zona,al lt heki dswer es t ar t l ed chur ch. She became pr egnants omet i me awakebyoneoft hecampcounci l or s .Back s hor t l yt her eaer .Theywer eoppos edt omy t hen,wes l epti ncabi ns ,s egr egat edbygender . dai l y comi cs t r i p,whi ch qui t e hones t l y Hewasatt het hr es hol di nt hemi ddl eoft he offended j us taboutever yone r el i gi ousor ni ghtands eemedaf r ai di nawayt hatyou’ r e not ,t hatr ani nt hes choolnews paperwher eI notaccus t omedt os eei ngadul t swhenyou’ r ea wasacar t ooni s tandcol umni l l us t r at or .Ij us t ki d,and,nat ur al l y,webegan t o pani c. I t houghtt hes hi tIwascomi ngupwi t hwas r emembers omeones haki ngmyl egsf ors ome t oof unnyNOT t odr aw.Ihadachar act er r eas on,andIwast hi nki ngs omeonemus thave cal l ed The Goddamn Gr umpy Cl own beens er i ous l yhur tordi ed.Butt heywoul dn’ tt hr oughwhom Icoul dbi t chatl engt habout t el lus what was happeni ng. We wer e anyt hi ngIpl eas ed. i ns t r uct edt ogooutt ot het aber nacl e,whi chi s anout doorchur ch,es s ent i al l y,andt owai tf or Gr oupbehavi ori ss omet hi ngIl i ngeron i ns t r uct i ons . Wet hr ew ourcl ot hesonand eveni nt hepr es entday. TheBayAr eaar t headed out . Myf r i end Tr avi sand Iwer e s cenewor ksmuchi nt hes ameway,andi s ,i n maki ngj okesbecaus ewewer ener vous ,t r yi ng i t s el f ,aki ndofl es s -t han-or gani zedr el i gi on. t okeepi tl i ght . Aeraf ew moment s ,t he ButIwoul ds ayt hemos tdefini ngmoment Pas t or ,whol eadt hepr ogr am,cameoutand i nmywor k,whi l el i vi ngi nt heBayAr ea, emphat i cal l yr ei t er at edwhatwe’ dhear dmany woul dbet hefir e.Oneofournei ghbor si na t i mesbef or e--t hatt hi scoul dbeourl as tni ght near byuni t ,i n afitofemot i onalt r auma onear t handhadwer epent edandaccept ed bel i evedhi ss t udi ot obepos s es s edbyanevi l J es us i nt o our hear t s ? Butbecaus et hi s pr es enceorbads pi r i t sands etfir et ot he occur r edi nt hemi ddl eoft heni ght ,t her ewas apar t mentbui l di ng,whi chl euswi t houta s omet hi ng aki nt o amas spani c,i n whi ch pl ace t ol i ve. Aboutt hr ee year sl at er ,I manyki dss t ar t edt ocr yandabout80% ofus t r ackedhi m downandfinal l yconvi ncedt he headedupt ot heal t erorf r ontpewst opr ay f or mernei ghbort o par t i ci pat ei n an ar t andr epentandt ohavecounci l or spr ayoverus . pr oj ect . Ii nt er vi ewed and phot ogr aphed Thi swast he fir s tf eel i ng ofdoubtIcan hi m and t hr ee ot her peopl e who wer e r ememberexper i enci ng.Iwasol denought o i nvol vedi npi vot almoment si nmyl i f e. I under s t andi tasmani pul at i onandt of eelt hati tt henus edt hevi deoi nt er vi ewsasr ef er ence waswr ong.Is eem t or emembermus i cs i nce f or a 12-mi nut e ani mat i on cal l ed “The t her ewasal waysaband,andi namemor yt hat Evangel i s t s ”whi chi snow onvi ew atFr ey Idoques t i on,r ememberacoupl et eenagegi r l s Nor r i sCont empor ar yandModer ni n San doi ngs omes or tofangel i ci nt er pr et i vedance Fr anci s cot hr oughApr i l28.Theani mat i on i nwhi t el eot ar ds .Imi ghtbeconflat i ngmor e f unct i onsast heconcept ualcent erf ort he t hanonememor y.Myfir s ts exualexper i ences ent i r eexhi bi t i on,ent i t l ed,“TheI magi ned al s ohappenedatchur chcamp,s ot her ewas Chas e, ” whi ch i ncl udesnew pai nt i ngs ,a t hatpar adoxabouti t . 16-f oots cul pt ur e,andas etofuni quepr i nt s .

Havi ngs omet i meout s i det heUni t edSt at eswas al s oi mmens el yi mpor t ant .Idi dt wor es i denci es i nNor wayandI t al yi n2010-11ar oundt het i me t hatIbeganexper i ment i ngwi t hs ymmet r yand s pental otoft i mewor ki ngoutmyconcept sf or " TheI magi nedChas e. "

W hat ar es ome of your f ondes t memor i es of dr awi ng/ pai nt i ng? Thehei ghtofenj oymentf ormewasi nI l l i noi s ,wi t h my f r i endsTr avi sand Adr on,who Iment i oned bef or e.Wewer ecomi cbookandRPGner ds .Wehad t hi sr ol lpl ayi ngbookcal l ed-

" TheI magi nedChas e" i ns t al l at i onvi ew Fr eyNor r i sCont empor ar yandModer n,SanFr anci s co phot ogr aphbyMar kBaugh-Sas aki

“AndGods ays ,Ine e dyou t odo s ome t hi ngf orMe . ” mi xed medi a on wood panel , wi ndowf r ame 25x30i n.

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“We ’ r enotgoi ngt oknowwhywef e e l f e ar ,we ’ r ej us tgoi ngt o. ” mi xed medi a on wood panel , wi ndowf r ame 25x30i n.

-Her oesUnl i mi t ed”i nwhi cht heavi dgamercoul dr ol lvar i ouski ndsof di cewhos enumer i calr es ul t scor r es pondedwi t hs peci fics uperpower s andweaponsands ooni nt hebook.Sowewoul dgener at et hes es uper her oesatr andom andt henchal l engeour s el vesandeachot hert odr aw t hem.Ican’ tr ememberanyt hi ngel s ei nmyl i f et hatI ’ veenj oyeds o pur el y.Thatwasahappyt i mei nmyl i f e.Iwasmaybear ound13year s ol d. Canyout el lmeabout“TheBoyW hoMadeSi l enc e?” TheBoyWhoMadeSi l encewasagr aphi cnovelpr oj ectt hatIbegani n 2002dur i ngmyfinalyearatt heUni ver s i t yofAr i zona,s oi t ’ sapr oj ect t hat ’ sbeenwi t hmei nt er mi t t ent l yf ort hepas tt enyear s . Thes t or y cent er sonadeafboynamedNes t orGudf r edgr owi ngupi nt her ur al mi dwes t .Hehast hei nvol unt ar yabi l i t yt ocr eat es i l encear oundhi m caus i nganyonei nt hear eat or el i vet hememor i esofot her scl os et o t hem. So,whi l ehe’ st r yi ngt ohaveanor malchi l dhood,t her e’ st hi s pos s i bi l i t yl oomi ngt hebackgr oundt hathi sabi l i t ymi ghtgi ver i s et oa r el i gi ousmovementwi t hi nt het own. By2006,Iwasabl et ocar veoutenought i met ofini s henoughofi tt o s ubmi ti tf oraXer i cGr antt hatal l owedmet os el f -publ i s hi t .Ar ound t hatt i me,t heLondon-bas edcomi cspubl i s herMar kos i api ckedi tupand publ i s hed fivemor ei s s ues .I tdi d wel lcr i t i cal l ybutwal l owed i n obs cur i t yevers i nce.NowMar kos i ai scol l ect i ngt hefir s ts i xi s s ues ,and publ i s hi ngi ti nt hefir s toft woupcomi ngvol umes .Vol ume1,whi ch r el eas esApr i l1,wi l lcompr i s et hefir s thal foft hes t or y.Ihopet opubl i s h t hes econdvol umes omet i menextyear . Ihavebeengoi ngbac kt o' TheImagi nedChas e'overandoveragai n,I wi s hIhadt heoppor t uni t yt os eei ti nper s on.Canyoudes c r i bes omeoft he dai l ywor ki nvol vedi nc r eat i ngs uc hani mpr es s i vebodyofwor k? “The I magi ned Chas e” wasan i ncr edi bl e amountofwor k and coor di nat i on.I ’ veneverwor kedons omanyt hi ngsatonet i menorhave Idel egat edamongat eam oft hi ss i ze.Theani mat i on,“TheEvangel i s t s ” wast henewes tchal l engebecaus ei twases s ent i al l ymyfir s tr ealani mat ed pr oj ect .Wi t hat eam ofs i xani mat or s ,a3dmodel er ,andar i gger ,Iwas i ncons t antcont actwi t hei ghtpeopl eei t heront hephoneoronl i ne, whi l eIwass i mul t aneous l ywor ki ngonpai nt i ngors cul pt ur ewi t honeor t woas s i s t ant s .ThatmeantIhadt os t r eaml i nemydai l ypr oces s .I fyou l ookatt hedat esf r om al lofmywor kf or“TheI magi nedChas e”i t ’ sal l 2011-12or2010-12becaus eIwasl i t er al l ywor ki ngonal lofi tatt he s amet i me.Thatmeantt hatpr ogr es sonanyonet hi nghappenedver y s l owl y.Soonanygi venday,Imi ghthavet enpanel sout ,pai nt i ngon oneort wooft hem,whi l emyas s i s t antmi ghtbeat t achi ngpl as t i ct oyst o t hear mat ur ef ort hel ar ge-s cal es cul pt ur e.Whenei t heras s i s t antwoul d gohomeat5or6pm,t hatwasmyhal f waypoi ntf ort heday.Aert hat Iwasedi t i ngvi deoors endi ngcl i pswi t hnot esbackt oani mat or s .I mi ghtbedoi ngt hi swhi l ehandl i ngemai lorwr i t i ngapr opos alor s t at ementofs omeki nd.Iwor ked12-16hourdays ,s i xors evendaysa week.Ikeptar i gor ouscal endarands t uckt oi tr el i gi ous l y.

Onac ompl et el ydi ffer ents ubj ec t ,I l ovedar kbeerandIr eadt hatyoudo t oo.Canyounameaf ew ofyour f avor i t ebeer sorbr ewer i es ? Idon’ tknow whatyou r ead i n whi chIwast al ki ngaboutbeer ,but I ’ l lt ake your wor d f or i t ! Dar k-beer -wi s e,Il oveCus queña Dar k,whi ch comesf r om Per u. Sadl y i t ’ s not di s t r i but ed i n Nor t her n Cal i f or ni aanymor e,s o nowIcan’ tfindi tanywher e!ButI al s ol ove ot her excel l ent dar k beer s .Ol dRas put i nbr ewedher e i nCal i f or ni ai sf ant as t i candI ’ ma r egul ar dr i nker of Deat h and Taxes . Il oveOat mealSt out sas wel l .Bar neyFl at si sf ant as t i cand al s ol ocalt oNor t her nCal i f or ni a. SamuelSmi t h’ si sagoodonef r om Engl and. Butnow,t heBel gi an s hi ti swher ei t ’ sr eal l yat .I ’ ma l overofDel i r i um Noct ur num a s t r ongdar kal ef r om Ghent ,whi ch i sagor geousci t y. That ’ sal s o wher et heymakeGul denDr aak, whi chi sal s os upergood.Oneof t hechur chest her es eemst ohave s t ol en t hebeer ’ sdr agon l ogo. I coul dgoonf or ever .Il i kebeer .I wi s hIhadoner i ghtnow. . . .

Apai nt i ngf r om hi ss ol os how: “TheUns ur r ender ed” " WeGotaBr andNew Danceandt her e ai n' tnoShel t erf r om t heRai n" 83x60i n. oi loncanvas 2012

J os hi snow t r avel l i ngwi t har t i s t Maj aRuzni ct hr oughEur opeand J or danc r eat i ngar t wor kf or“dr i . ” Anupc omi ngvi s ualar tbookt hat was r ec ent l y f unded wi t h ki c ks t ar t er .

Herei san excerptf rom t heki ckst art er descri bi ngt hei deabehi ndt hebook: Dr i i sanar tbookbas e dont heme ani ngofand s e ar c hf orhome .Out s i det hec onfine sofac ade mi cor i ns t i t ut i onals uppor t ,wear ei mme r s e di nunf ami l i ar e nvi r onme nt s ,e ve n,i nt hec as eofMaj a,r e t r ac i ng s ome t hi ngofhe re xpe r i e nc easac hi l dr e f uge e .We t r e att hej our ne yasapi l gr i magei nant i c i pat i onofan unknownde s t i nat i on.Wi t houtpe r mane nts t udi os , wehavet heoppor t uni t yt owor kont hefly,i nt he mome nt ,r at he rt hanae rt hef ac t ,gi vi ngt hebooki t s s e ns eofur ge nc y. . . .

Thepr oj e c tbr i ngsust hr oughEur opeaswe l las J or danwhe r ewewi l lbeor gani zi ngvi s uals t or yt e l l i ng wor ks hops wi t h Syr i an r e f uge e s . Havi ng bot h wor ke df r om pe r s onal e xpe r i e nc e s and wi t h i ndi vi dual ss t r uggl i ngwi t hps yc hol ogi c alt r aumai n ourpas twor k,Dr i be c ome snotonl yas e ar c hf or homebutane xpe r i me ntt os e ewhathappe nswhe n t hewor ki sc r e at e di nas t at eoft r ans i e nc eandf ul l i nvol ve me nt . Youc anr eadt her es tands t ayupdat edont hei r ki c ks t ar t erpage.

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Phot osby : Br y anAdams









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