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Colouring-in Comp -WIN a$200




Dalrymple Hay Nature Reserve - taken by David Cohen






Guardian’s Name Contact No.

• The contest is open to children up to and including 10 years of age.

• Only one entry per child.

• All entries must be received via email or sms to the details below by Sunday 2nd April.

• The prize winner will be contacted directly on Tuesday 4th April.

• Winning entry will be judged on creativity.

• Winner will receive a $200 voucher from KIDSTUFF.

Nicky Tanner 0415 669 631

Brenton Higgins 0421 904 694

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The Ancient Orchard on Mona Vale Rd

David Cohen, Budding Photographer And Resident Of 18 + Years

Check out these local Open Days - from Under 3’s to Y12


Transform your home with Frenchic – Kitchen Week

Cover image: David Cohen, Humans of 2075 - Ps 6 & 7

New Youth Hubs At Gordon + St Ives


The Best Markets On The North Shore

A Chat With Nancy From Nextra St Ives

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Crossword And Maths... For “Fun”

Meet the Pets of 2075!

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Find A Local

SIX are within a private garden; the remaining 12, behind a bus stop, are protected in their own recessed corridor. These pear trees may be between 70 to 120 years old. Pear trees typically last between 15-20 years, but they can last decades - Guinness Book of Records has recorded a Manchurian pear tree (Pyrus ussuriensis) that is estimated to be 458 years old growing in the ancient pear garden of Shenchuan, Gansu, in China.

When the fruit is ripe it falls and gathers all around the trees, lining the footpath and the ground in a thick, sweet-scented carpet. Most people ignore this harvest, perhaps because they’re described as bland in flavour, despite their juiciness, and let the pears rot where they fall.

However, they can be eaten raw and make a fine addition to chutneys and stewed fruit desserts – but not pies or jams, because of their high liquid content.

They are nashi pears – Pyrus pyrifolum – also known as Asian or Chinese pears (native to East Asia) and have medicinal qualities.

The NSW Department of Primary Industry reveal that Asian pears weren’t commercially grown for supermarkets in Australia until 1980 (primarily because they bruise easily during transportation, due to their high water content). This suggests the historic Mona Vale Rd orchard was planted by one of the Chinese market gardeners that set up in St Ives at the start of the 20th century, and may have been grown for the local Chinese clientele.


So what is their story? Why is a row of Asian pear trees, stretching across two neighbouring properties, growing here, beside a main road and between two private schools?

As we’ve previously revealed in 2075 magazine, St

Ives grew out of a tree felling operation that centred on an 800 acre plot of land that was granted in 1823 to timber merchant David Matthew, the first European to settle in the area. He established his business in a forested region that encompassed present-day east Pymble and central St Ives, which he named Rosedale.

From here he used teams of horses to haul the lumber, either south to Sydney Harbour or north to Pittwater, where it was loaded on ships and transported to the rapidly expanding colony.

By the 1860s, after most of the timber in the region was extracted and the ground levelled for agriculture, Matthew and another major landholder, John Ayres (from whom Ayres Rd was named after he was granted 320 acres of land north of Rosedale in 1836), subdivided and sold off their estates.

Ayres’ estate, which encompassed the land the pear trees now occupy, was named Rosedale Farm.


A network of orchards developed when the lumber crews left and by the 1890s the community of Rosedale – which wasn’t renamed ‘St Ives’ until 1900 - became renowned for its fruit. According to the online Dictionary of Sydney, “large orchards remained intact until the 1930s.”

St Ives was not rezoned from ‘rural’ to ‘residential’ until 1959, when new streets and houses were established and the market gardens (around the Village Green), orchards and a dairy farm transitioned to suburbia.

“Agriculturalists also began displaying their produce locally at Hassall Park on Mona Vale Road. To gain a wider clientele, the St Ives Agricultural and Horticultural Association was formed in 1920, holding their first show in January 1921.”

SAlong a short stretch of Mona Vale Road, between Ayres Rd and the St Ives General Medical Practice (opposite Sydney Grammar School), sits a row of 18 pear trees.

Hassall Park is just 200 metres from the isolated row of 18 pear trees, convenient for the original orchard owner.

According to the St Ives Show history webpage, “At the first Show, a John Scott, an orchardist from Ayres Road, won first prize for a farm product display. He had his baby daughter in a basket placed right in the middle of an attractive display of fruit and vegetables: a device which, according to other competitors, helped him to win.”

Also in 1921, there were proposals to construct a railway line through St Ives.

A Sydney Morning Herald article titled Proposed New Railway (13 June 1921), reported that the NSW Minister for Works, John Estell, visited St Ives two days earlier to inspect the proposed route of a Gordon to Narrabeen rail line.

“After passing Cowan-road the route passes through orchard land of an easy grade to First Rocks, on the boundary of Ku-ring-gai and Warringah shires.”

The article, proposing “the settlement of a very large suburban population”, then continued, “At St. Ives the inspecting party visited the orchards of Messrs. Russel, Hensman, and Symington, and obtained firsthand knowledge of the capabilities of the district…”

The St Ives Show relocated to St Ives Showground in 1926 when, as recorded by Ku-Ring-Gai Council, “the Association was granted 53 ha of Crown Land in St Ives to establish the Northern Suburbs Showground, now known as the St Ives Showground,” which they converted into an outdoor events venue.

Fernbank, a retirement village 700 metres north of the pear trees, was previously a military encampment.

Ku-Ring-Gai Historical Society reveal “In 1946 [it] was used as the St Ives Prisoner of War Hostel, housing Italian soldiers captured in North Africa. Many of the soldiers worked on local

orchards. It was a low security camp and its inmates were largely unguarded.”

In 1954, five years before St Ives was rezoned ‘residential’, Sydney Grammar School established a boys’ preparatory school directly opposite the pear orchard and adjacent to Hassall Park.

In the June 1954 edition of ‘The Sydneian’, Sydney Grammar’s historic newsletter, a photo of a classroom with kids playing on the grassy slope in front is captioned “a view from down the orchard,” suggesting it was taken from the fruit trees in front of the school.

Around the same time, Brigidine Convent established a Catholic girls’ school on land south of the pear trees. According to their heritage report: “In 1949 and 1951, ten acres of land surrounded by orchards in St Ives were purchased. The new Convent and ‘Synan’ school building began construction in August of 1953.” The school started teaching on 9 February 1954 with nine students.

As schools were established, time was running out for those historic orchards.

The Ku-Ring-Gai Historical Society, in their history book Focus on Ku-Ring-Gai, reveal “In the early 1950s, St Ives began its phenomenally rapid transformation into a dormitory suburb… The initial subdivision (around 1954) was made when the NSW Housing Commission acquired land south of Mona Vale Rd, in the Lawson Parade area.”

Focus on Ku-Ring-Gai continues: “The area north of Mona Vale Road was privately subdivided into larger holdings…”

And, curiously, as St Ives developed, while all the orchards around were consumed and subsumed by suburbia, the little row of pear trees on Mona Vale Rd remained. So if you see them on your travels, fruit rotting below, you’re looking at a living link to a distant past.

Clothing and linen collection

clothing linen
Drop off your unwanted linen and clothing for recycling Saturday 4 March | 10am - 3pm St Ives Showground 450 Mona Vale Road St Ives Find out more at Textile recovery technologies


TMeet the 22 year old budding photographer, a St Ives local for more than 18 years.

TELL us about yourself; do you live in St Ives/work in St Ives - what is your connection?

I am a 22 year old Psychology student who works as a part time photographer and math tutor. I have lived in St Ives since the age of 4 and am a Masada College graduate.

How long have you been involved in the St Ives community?

I’ve been part of this beautiful community for the last 18 years.

You’ve just begun your photographic journey - what drew you to photography?

I have always had an interest in the artform but I was pushed over the edge near the start of COVID lockdowns when I was looking for a hobby. I love the creativity involved, the challenge to learn, and the element of technology (which I have a particular interest in).

St Ives is full of natural beauty, can you recommend any ‘hot spots’ for great shots?

I love shooting in the Wildflower Garden and the DarlympleHay Reserve, but if you are willing to delve further into the bush there is no end to the gems you can find!

What are your top 3 tips for amateur photographers?

1. YouTube is your greatest learning tool, there are endless videos that go over infinite topics on every aspect of the art.

2. Always have a ‘subject’ whether that be a person, object, scene, or whatever – it helps to add depth and intrigue to your work that takes it from a photo to a story!

3. Just have fun! Shoot what makes you happy.



If you’re considering enrolment, or a change of school, for one of the younger members in your family - an Open Day, or School tour is a great way to gain insight into what life is really like beyond the school gates. We’ve put together some local Open Days + Tours available from Pre-Kindy to Year 12.


ST IVES PREP is a school for busy boys who love to learn, ask lots of questions, and think deeply about their world. From Preschool to Year 6, St Ives Prep embraces a strong school-wide culture of reading and the joy of discovery. The School has both impressive curricula and extra-curricular programmes with the boys growing and learning in fields such as literacy, music, drama, sport, the visual arts, social sciences, languages, debating, STEM, science, and chess.

St Ives Prep is dedicated to developing rounded boys who are passionate about learning and keen to be active, informed, and critical thinkers. Boys continue to College Street in the city at the conclusion of their primary education. Applications can be made at any time; the School does not have a waiting list. The Headmaster conducts School Tours throughout the year. To book, call the Registrar on 8302 5200 or email

MONTESSORI - Under 3’s Open Morning

THE Toddler classes offer the traditional indoor/outdoor Montessori class environment - introducing the child, in the company of their parent or carer, to the Montessori environment and materials under the close guidance of a Directress. Both the adult and child are engaged in all activities and play as a direct preparation for the Montessori 3-6 Pre-Primary program. The Toddler class sessions run for 2 ¼ hours from 8.45am to 11:00am. Enrolment in the Toddler program is for one whole school term, or for the rest of the school term, if a child starts after the first day. The toddler program will run on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings - cost for one day each week for the term is $355 in 2023, and children can attend all, or 1 day.

The next Open Morning will be on Saturday 25 March from 10am-12pm at 42-44 Bobbin Head Rd, Pymble. Bookings will be essential via EventBrite. - check out the website for more details

Image - Sydney Grammar.

BRIGIDINE COLLEGE, 325 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives

IN 2023 , Brigidine College will continue their Twilight Tours. Running from 4pm to 5.30pm, Twilight Tours provide an opportunity for prospective students and their families to gain an insight into life at Brigidine. Hear from Executive Team leaders as well as Student Leaders whilst experiencing the wonderful campus first-hand.

Book a tour online: -


WELCOMING students and families of all backgrounds, cultures and religions. Corpus is a school with a strong spirit, a nurturing and welcoming community, and amazing opportunities to lead and succeed. Corpus Christi hosts open days throughout the year, with the next Open Day scheduled for Friday 24th March 2023 - running from 8:45am to 10:30am. The open day is a structured morning to provide meaningful insight into the school, including a tour of our extensive grounds and classrooms, as well as an opportunity to meet the Principal, teachers, learning specialists, students and other families. Big enough to matter, yet small enough to care, Corpus is the perfect choice for your child.

Book via - or call 02 9198 3135

09 YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIA Join our community @
Image - Montessori. Image - Corpus Christi.



KEELEY’S existing kitchen was installed when the house was first built, and was overdue a facelift! The units and doors were still in great condition and quotes to replace the kitchen came in at over $20,000 an expense which really wasn’t needed!

Keeley’s vision was to create an airy, elegant kitchen with hints of timber, Keeley and her husband, Brendan added new handles and it was instantly updated!

Durability was key, which is why Keeley chose Frenchic’s Al Fresco Inside Outside Range, which requires minimal preparation, no priming and no sealing (it’s all built in!) once cured is as hard as nails, and comes with a 2 year “satisfaction guarantee” The best part is, it has no odour, minimal VOC’s, and is safe to use around children (it even self levels!)

Keeley and her Husband, Brad set about preparing the kitchen, and gave the cupboards a good scrub clean with Sugar Soap, removed the handles and filled the holes, and as the units had a gloss finish they gave a light sand with very fine sandpaper, once washed down with water and dry, they set about painting the doors using the Frenchic Synthetic Oval Brush.

Once the first coat had dried, they applied a further coat (no need to sand in between) and the final coat was applied to finish the doors off! They then drilled new holes for the hardware and added a gorgeous stone effect tile to the backsplash to really finish it off!


• 3 Tins – Dazzle Me! 750ml - $147

• Frenchic Sugar Soap - $8.00

• Frenchic Synthetic Oval Brush - $24

• Splashback - $300

TOTAL - $500 Saving a massive $19,500!!!

We know times are hard, so Frenchic brings you the most cost effective ways to refresh your home, without breaking the bank! This Month we focus on the hub of the home, the kitchen!


Apart from the colour you are dreaming of, the best paint to use on kitchen cabinets needs to be both robust and practical.

To minimise the messy, smelly and time-consuming aspect of painting your kitchen, you need a selfpriming, self-sealing paint that requires simple surface preparation. For this, the best paint for your kitchen cabinets is Frenchic! Water-based with low VOC content, these paints are a pleasure to use. They are self-priming, self levelling & self sealing! So cut out the need for smelly primers since French are low odour themselves.

Both our Al Fresco & Lazy Ranges to have a flat finish, meaning little sheen, so a great for hiding imperfections that glossy surfaces tend to highlight. In addition, Frenchic is extremely robust so will withstand daily use, we even provide a warranty!


You can paint kitchen cabinets in just THREE easy steps with minimal fuss, equipment and expense. All you need to do is;

• Clean,

• Scuff Sand, with a fine sand paper (to provide a key for the paint),

• Apply paint

Find The Best Colour For Your Kitchen

Frenchic Paint is a cost effective way to revamp your kitchen. All our products are self-priming, durable and with minimal VOCs. There’s a kaleidoscopic range of colours available to suit every taste and setting, from classic neutrals to greens, blues and greys. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Join us Next month to see the steps to transform your tiles & bathroom! Head to to arrange your free colour consult and order a Colour chart!

10 10
Thinking of selling in today's changing market? Let us help you. Panton 2171 C Panton 2198 C Pantone 177 C ASK NICKY + BRENTON. Brenton Higgins Licensed Agent 0421 904 694 Nicky Tanner Licensed Agent 0415 669 631


AS a preteen, Emily Bayley, a student based in Sydney’s Upper North Shore, began to watch craft tutorials on YouTube to pass the time during a COVID-19 lockdown. Now a Year Nine student, she runs her own online crochet business Cosy Creations By Me.

“I saw a video of a girl making a blanket from a finger crochet,” Emily recalls. “I thought, this was so cool! So, I made the blanket and found it enjoyable. After that, I taught myself to crochet with a hook and started making crochet plushies.”

“I’ve also made a few tops and a tote bag for my friend’s birthday,” fourteen-year-old Emily explains, thinking about how her creativity extends beyond crocheting. “I enjoy sewing and embroidery. A goal I have is to teach myself to sew my own clothes.”

As Emily continued to make her “plushies,” her family and friends encouraged her to begin selling them, prompting her to start looking into ways to turn her hobby into a business.

“Research and planning are really important. When you start a business, you need to research your market, research all about what you’re selling, research what your competitors are selling, and how much things cost.”

The process hasn’t been without its challenges. “In Australia, we can’t get access to a lot of the materials I need. Shipping costs from overseas are so expensive!”

But Emily, who calls herself “your average teenage grandma,” remains resourceful, constantly searching for new places to source her items from. As she overcomes hurdles, she’s also found joy in exploring marketing tools to share her creations.

“Promotion on social media is so important!” she explains. “People aren’t going to purchase from you if they don’t know you exist. I actually find the social media stuff quite fun and creative too! I love thinking of ideas for my videos.”

Today, her online shop features a small handful of adorable handmade plush toys, suitable as toys and decorations for multiple age groups, with plans to offer her customers new additions and varieties.

“My favourite probably has to be the sheep. I am always looking for more crochet plushies to make and can’t wait to make something different. I recently made a sloth for someone in our local community. In the future, I plan to make an axolotl and start designing crochet patterns.”

AJust Your Average Teenage Grandma.
“I love all my crochet creations.”

To support her creative journey, Emily suggests liking and following her Instagram page and Etsy shop @CosyCreationsByMe where customers can also message her for a custom order.



WWITH the return of the school term, the Ku-ring-gai council has opened the doors of its youth hubs once again. Both hubs — St Ives and Gordon locations — provide many activities for children aged 12–18, perfect for teens looking for some afternoon entertainment after school or TAFE!

Gordon Youth Hub is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 pm to 8 pm. Located in the old school building next to Gordon Library, the hub offers Foosball, table tennis, Nintendo Switch, computers, music, TVs, and Netflix. The youth hub offers a safe space for people to hang out and enjoy free activities.

The St Ives youth hub offers many of the same activities and facilities as the Gordon location. It has also recently been redone with new floors, furniture and equipment added last year.

Both hubs provide free recreational activities and other support for young people and are staffed by professional youth workers. These activities include special events focused on community involvement and youth development. For example, last November, St Ives Youth Hub held an event for young people to meet local police officers and discuss their roles over a free burger and juice! Similarly, Gordon Youth Hub regularly works in collaboration with Gordon Library to provide study sessions and free coffee and snacks for local Year 12 students.

St Ives Youth Hub will partner with Ku-ring-gai Youth Development Service (KYDS). This will provide local children with free access to mental health services. Mayor Jeff Pettett had this to say:

“This will be a free and confidential service to our young

residents who may be experiencing problems at school or home and feel they need extra support.”

KYDS provides aid to teens as well as their parents and carers via mental health support. They have been operating in the Ku-ring-gai area for over 15 years, tackling stigmas surrounding mental health. Over the past year, KYDS has provided counselling for over 400 young people.

Issues such as suicidal thoughts, break-ups, addictions, body image, grief, loss, study stress and family breakdowns are some areas in which KYDS can provide support. This support takes shape in many forms, including personalised counselling, family counselling, early intervention workshops and information events. KYDS also offers free online resources for parents and teens.

In addition to donations by local businesses and community groups, KYDS also receives Local, State and Federal funding, according to their 2021/2022 annual report

time of publication, the youth hubs are officially open and waiting for your teens to come along.
If you know someone aged 12–18, send them down to either the St Ives or Gordon locations to take advantage of the fantastic, free activities and services being provided!
St Ives and Gordon Youth Hubs have reopened!

RUNNING every Thursday evening between February and April, Library Up Late will host a series of engaging chats with authors. Each event will run between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Spaces are limited, so be sure to book a space ahead of time. Next week, Debra Keenahan will lead the evening, discussing her latest piece, Othering — a text influenced by her experience as a person with achondroplasia dwarfism. In addition to being an author, Keenahan is also an artist, human rights academic and psychologist.

Professor Raina MacIntyre is also set to be in attendance. Professor MacIntyre, who won the Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science last year, is recognised for her work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Professor MacIntyre will be discussing her newest release, Dark Winter. This text examines natural and manmade pandemics and human responses to them.

Dr Hugh MacKay will also present. Dr Mackay, a social researcher and columnist with a career spanning over 60 years, is also a best-selling author. With an impressive collection of 22 fiction and non-fiction titles, Dr Mackay will be discussing his newest book, The Therapist, and his relationship with fic-

tion and non-fiction writing.

Writer, director, and performer Eliza Reilly will be discussing the impactful women of Australia’s history — whose names you might never have heard before. Reilly will also be discussing her latest book, Sheilas, a humorous and informative piece about Australia’s most notable, forgotten women.

Library Up Late will also be hosting “The New Crime Wave”, a panel discussion between crime authors Hayley Scrivenor, Benjamin Stephenson and Fiona Kelly McGregor. Science author Ivy Shih will also speak on communication in science and the impacts of misinformation. Additionally, Michelle Cahill will discuss Australian-Asian contemporary literature and her contribution to the HSC syllabus — a great event for Year 12 students.

For full details of all the talks and to reserve a seat, head to:

15 YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIA Join our community @
Complimentaryrefreshments,bloodpressurescreen Hon Paul Fletcher MP will be in attendance JOINTHEMACCA’S TEAM TO CELEBRATE!
RThe library will be hosting free and interesting talks with authors. Browse some of them below!


While little feels better than enjoying some outdoor time in the sun (wearing sunscreen of course!), frequent exposure to the scorching summer sun can leave your skin suffering. Humidity and sunburn can leave our skin super dry, so it’s important to replenish our thirsty skin with nourishing ingredients that help get our skin and hair back to a healthier state and glowing all summer long!


A HEAVY moisturiser can make you feel sticky and sweaty in the summer heat. Thankfully, the Tropicology Pure Avocado Body Oil (RRP $79.95) is an intensely moisturising lightweight oil that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Containing cold pressed avocado, a natural collagen stimulant, simply massage the oil into damp skin, in long upward strokes and watch your body glow!

If you’re after something incredibly light-weight, the We Are Feel Good Inc. Kakadu Plum Body Milk (RRP $29.95) is a fantastic choice, and at less than $30, it’s hard to beat! Made with native Australian Kakadu Plum extract, this product smells so good you’ll want to drink it. But don’t — it’s NOT real milk! The Body milk also contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and is enriched with beneficial additions such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Ok, I know what I said about heavy moisturiser, but sometimes you need one! When we get a sunburn, our skin is crying out for moisture, and there’s nothing more soothing and nurturing than the Tropicology Avocado Body Moisturiser (RRP $59.95). The collagen-producing avocado oil helps bring some shine back to the skin. This product is definitely for when your skin is at its thirstiest.


Obviously, hats and sunscreen are the way to protect your money-maker in the summertime, but, we get it; it’s hard to avoid the sun on your face at all times. Fair enough! If you’re suffering from dryness on the face, you NEED SunButter Face Oil Boab, Wattle & Kelp (RRP: $43.95). This goodie absorbs quickly and is designed to target sun damage. How clever! This face oil promotes the repair of skin cells and is packed full of nutrients.


When constantly slathering our faces and bodies in sunscreen and moisturiser, it can be easy to forget about our hair. BUT! Hair gets sun damaged just like our skin and deserves a bit of TLC too. If you’re proactive (good for you!), you can apply the SunButter Rosemary Hair Serum (RRP: $27.95) to the ends of your hair before taking a dip in the pool or ocean. This serum helps protect against the damage caused by chlorine and salt — goodbye dryness! However, if your hair needs some love after the fact, this serum also makes a fantastic hair mask. Just rub it into your hair and leave for a few hours before washing it out with shampoo. Easy!

As amazing as all of these products are, remember the best thing you can do for your hair, face and body in the summertime is SLIP SLOP SLAP! (and SLIDE and SEEK — they’ve got to stop expanding the slogan!)

You've tried the rest, now try the best! Order your Free Colour Chart today! Australia's Fastest growing Paint Brand with over 200 amazing colours and a range to suit every application


Residents on the North Shore are lucky to be within a stones throw of several awesome markets; offering everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, produce - to the finest artisan products from right across Sydney.

MSt Ives Showground Market

MAKE the Saturday St Ives Showground Market part of your local shopping routine; meet other local shoppers and connect with like minded people whilst getting your weekly shopping done in the fresh air! These friendly community markets offer everything from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, gourmet and seasonal produce, artisan products. The team at Organic Food Markets takes pride in producing market places that offer both certified organic & conventional fruit and vegetable + a huge range of artisan products, there is a big focus on showcasing new local business startups and clever crafters alongside the healthy food offering.

You can enjoy St Ives Showground Markets every Saturday morning between 8am and 2pm. It’s an ideal place to spend a few hours doing your shopping, having a bite to eat while relaxing in the fresh air and enjoying time out with your family - and you can bring your dog too! Make sure to tag #stivesshowgroundfarmersmarket in your posts. If you’re interested in holding your own stall - all are welcome and rates start from $60 - reach out to office@organicfoodmarkets. for more details.



THE Gordon Markets have been operating consecutively for more than 30 years, every 2nd Sunday, of every month. The Markets are nestled right next to Gordon Station on the 2nd Level of the Council Car Park. There are more than 50 specialist merchants and store holders - with proceeds going to charitable causes. The markets are run by Rotary Volunteers from both Ku-ring-gai and Turramurra Rotary Clubs. Stall bookings can be made online at gordonmarkets. - on the ‘Stalls’ tab.

2nd Sunday of Every Month - 8:30am - 2pm

Carpark - Level 2 1 Wade Lane, Gordon


HELD every Thursday, The Hornsby Market has become a hub for the local community with local residents making it a weekly ritual to come and explore the stalls, catch up with friends, and soak up the atmosphere. Hornsby’s unique culture and diversity make the market a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. There’s a huge range of stalls including organic eggs, gluten free cuisine, bakeries, fresh fruit + more.

Every Thursday - 8:30am - 2pm

Hornsby Mall

every Saturday - 8am - 2pm St Ives Showground 450 Mona Vale Rd, Terrey Hills
Florence & Hunter St, Hornsby


ON the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, the tranquil Ted Mack Civic Park is home to the bustling Northside Produce Market (NPM) providing the best fresh produce straight from the farm, exceptional artisan food goods and delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch. NPM’s continued success since 1999, is thanks to the passionate stallholders and loyal shoppers (two legged and four legged) who come out in all weathers to support them.

More than 70+ stallholders farm and produce in regional NSW including Orange, the Riverina, Central Tablelands, Brother Mountains, Crescent Head and the outskirts of Sydney.

Keep up to date: and follow on Facebook (@Northside Produce Market) and Instagram (@nthsydmkts).

- 12pm

19 YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIA Join our community @ YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIA Enquire via Enquire via Stalls Available, Rates Start from $60 StIvesShowgroundMarket OrganicFoodMarkets
1st and 3rd Saturday every month 8am Ted Mack Civic Park 220 Miller St, North Sydney


IIF YOU’RE a St Ives Local, or a regular to the St Ives Shopping Village, chances are you recognise Nancy! She has been a fixture at the Nextra Newsagents for over 45 years. She sat down with Neighbourhood Media to talk about her impressive career and life in St Ives.

How long have you officially been at Nextra?

I’ve been with the current owners for over 30 years, and I also worked for the two owners prior to that. All up, I’ve been at Nextra for about 45 years!

What was your first role at the shop? Tell us about it.

I started as a Store Clerk, mainly serving customers as well as keeping on top of stock levels/ordering new stock. I was also in charge of all of the card categories — a very important part of a newsagency!

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the St Ives community?

Everybody is just so friendly. It’s lovely to be part of such a warm and welcoming community and it really makes a difference to my day-to-day. I’ve been a St Ives local my entire life and absolutely love to both live and work here.

St Ives Shopping Village has changed a lot over the years. What are some of your favourite updates?

I’ve seen plenty of changes in my time here, including the

large expansion in the 90’s and the addition of some great new shops in recent years (Archie’s Cafe, Mrs Jones the Baker). I also enjoy catching up with friends and locals at the many cafes around the centre — my favourite is probably Milligram. I also really enjoy the shopping experience at St Ives Village, you’ll often spot me here on my days off.

Can you think of any memorable moments over your years at Nextra?

Celebrating the Shopping Centre’s 60th Birthday a few years ago. It was fantastic to catch up with many old and current retailers, management and centre staff.

Nextra has a heap to offer, what would be your favourite product?

We have a great gift range which I enjoy browsing for presents for friends and family. I particularly like our many gorgeous scented candles, diffusers and hand creams!

20 Nextra Newsagency Shop 23 — St Ives Shopping Village 166 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives
Nancy, The Face of St Ives Nextra

YOUR local community pharmacy is celebrating its 40th Birthday — join Team Macca to celebrate their 40th Birthday on Monday 13th of March, 3–4pm. Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Federal Member for Bradfield will be attending, along with the whole Macca team and there will be complimentary refreshments and blood pressure screening.

First established in 1983, Mcdonald’s Pharmacy (225 Mona Vale Rd) has been owned and operated by the McDonalds family for an entire three generations — what an incredible achievement! The pharmacy has been open every day since 1983, including Christmas Day. Always making sure the local St Ives Community has full access to their medication needs, as well as expert advice. McDonald’s Pharmacy is a Guild member pharmacy that will continue to advocate for their patients to gain more affordable medications, more convenient access to repeat prescriptions and more accessible healthcare for all Australians.

Please join Team Macca to help us celebrate our 40th Birthday Monday 13th March 3–4pm at 225 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives

There is plenty happening at St Ives Shopping Village this Easter.

Have your photo taken with the Easter Bunny Easter Photos:

SCENE TO BELIEVE will be taking photos at the gorgeous custom Easter Set at The Village. Choose a time (either with the Easter Bunny or without).

Check for details

– bookings open 6th March.

Photo Sessions: 1 & 2 April, 6th April, 8th April (including Pet Photos on 6th April)


Plaster painting on Level 2 from 10 – 4 April

Visit for further details.

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– Marian Street Theatre Group

Don’t miss Pinocchio developed especially for St Ives Shopping Village.

From Monday 17 – Thursday 20 April. No bookings required, first come first serve basis.

3 shows held daily outside Nextra Newsagency (9.30, 10.15 and 11.00am)



IIF YOU’RE looking to add a furry-family member to your household, it’s always better to adopt or foster. Maggie’s Rescue is a no-kill shelter that has been operating since 2011, placing thousands of dogs and cats with both foster families - and into their forever homes. Check out their website for a full list of available animals:


BARNEY - 1 year - Domestic Short Hair

Introducing Barney, A goofy, affectionate ginger kid who is on a mission to find his forever home.

Barney is an avid communicator, who is not afraid to tell you how he’s feeling and ask for attention. He will let you know when he’s upset and when he’s happy. This athletic feline is a little daredevil but oddly respects kitchen countertops.

A true belly rub connoisseur Barney accepts only the best! He loves to play hard, but he knows how to balance it out with some rest and relaxation.

Barney returns the love given to him by snuggling up and/or giving you a massage and loves grabbing and squeezing your hands. No need to spend money on a masseuse when Barney is around!

OTTO - 7 months - Cattle Dog x Staffy

Otto is a very sweet and loving boy who absolutely loves all people and dogs. He is hugely affectionate to everyone and everything he meets. He has a lot of energy and so requires quite a lot of focused activity and exercise to avoid this energy being used to get up to mischief.

Being a young guy, he does require ongoing training and would highly benefit from classes to help him learn to tone down his enthusiasm when meeting new dogs and people. He’s whip smart and loves to learn so teaching him to be a respectable canine citizen should be a breeze.

Is your pet a star? Submit your photos to our Facebook page

22 22

BUDDY - This excitable pup burst into the lives of his new family at 6 months old as a rescue puppy with a happy disposition - despite mistreatment in his early life. He loves making an entrance at Acron Oval, scrambling excitedly down the hill whilst yapping incessantly. Buddy has been welcomed with open arms by the St Ives dog community, allowing him the freedom he needed whilst he learned how to socialise. Heartbreakingly, the gorgeous Buddy, now 5, went blind suddenly from a condition known as SARDS. Although at first he became withdrawn, with a lot of love and encouragement he has adjusted really well navigating his way around. Most importantly he still loves his walks through St Ives using his instinct and memory. SARDS has definitely not dampened Buddy’s happy spirit and enthusiasm for life!


CASPER - One of the newer members of the St Ives Community, Casper is a 4 month old German Shepherd Mix. He’s been loving life in St Ives since he was 8 weeks old. He is a very active and intelligent puppy - his days are full of mischief. Some of his favourite activities include exploring the garden and doing some ‘gardening’, which isn’t as helpful as he thinks it is. He is teething and chewing at the moment, but he also graduated from puppy preschool! He loves water and going out on family outings - it means he can meet new people, children and other dogs which he does whenever he can!

If you are interested in adopting any of these amazing creatures you can visit our website for more info:



See an Easter performance at St Ives Village by this ‘real boy’

What type of retailer would you find the ‘Maccas Team’ working at?

Type of fruit found growing on Mona Vale Rd?

Otto is a 7 month old Cattle Dog x Staffy available for adoption with which local rescue?

What type of product is crocheted by Emily Bayley?

Which local pharmacy is celebrating it’s 40th birthday?

St Ives Showground is home to a new Organic Food Market happening which day of the week?

4-Month Old, Four-legged resident in St Ives?

Dave Cohens’ part-time profession?

Nextra St Ives has had an employee for more than 45 years, what’s her name?

Hubs in both St Ives and Gordon cater to this demographic?

24 Name: Date: 2075 - ST IVES - ISSUE #7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Across v n c e Down ng it's ew h day o t in St ? e for ? ater to
2. 1. 3. 4. 5. 8. 6. 7. 9. 10. 11. ACROSS


In the heart of Hunter Valley wine country, Hunter Valley Wine Gardens is the perfect place to relax in nature and enjoy a weekend away. Visit the Hunter Valley Gardens this summer to witness their fantastic display of 3 million lights in their Christmas Lights Spectacular, perfect for children and adults.

The gates opened on Friday, November 4th, 2022, and will finish on January 26th, 2023.


Direct flights from Sydney to Queensland paradise! K’gari (Fraser Island) is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Immerse yourself in Kingfisher Bay Resort’s four-star eco-accommodation and take in the natural, untouched beauty of the island’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed locations. Enjoy full day ranger-guided 4WD tours, sunset boat cruises, family-friendly nature walks and more! Your ultimate summer escape starts here with our latest special deals.


An overnight stay at Bundanon is a chance to slow down, connect with nature and enjoy unique cultural experiences. Spend a weekend with like-minded art and design lovers, with a stay package including eco-friendly accommodation at The Bridge, fine food, local wines and beers and access to the Art Museum, Homestead site and walking tracks. Bundanon’s award-winning architectural design is driven by an ethos of simplicity, sustainability and connection with the surrounding natural environment.

170 Riversdale Road, Illaroo NSW 2540

02 4422 2100



The only late-night pharmacy in St Ives, open until 8pm on weekdays and 7pm over the weekend.

225 Mona Vale Road 9144


Australian leaders in healthcare equipment solutionswe are the Number #1 retailer in homecare mobility and physiotherapy equipment. For more than 16 years, ILS has provided innovative mobility solutions and exceptional customer service across more than 30 retail stores in four states - with more stores to come!

Pop into your local ILS Store

Shop 1/192A Mona Vale Road, St Ives 9138 7212


This is skin care with a personal touch - a warm, friendly environment and attentive service coupled with leading edge, medical grade equipment. Your skin treatment is tailored to your needs and comfort, giving you high-quality results and a pleasant experience. The salon offers skin rejuvenation facials, hair removal, micro-needling, pigmentation/redness/acne reduction, EyEnvy lashes, LED light therapy facials and spray tanning. Go in for a free consultation and find out how to best treat fine wrinkles, spider veins, scarring, large pores or whatever else concerns you. Convenient after hours service and handy location.

0425 338 227

16 Salerno Place, St Ives Chase


A very highly qualified optometrist who has been practising for 17 years, Sindy is especially interested in children’s vision. Her approach is holistic, using evidence based tests to examine a full range of vision-related abilities such as acuity, tracking, eye-hand coordination and other criteria, to determine how vision is contributing to the general well-being of a child. She also works with disabilities and special needs and has trained in Basic KeyWord Signing to help to communicate with non-verbal patients.

Suite 3, 217a Mona Vale Rd, St Ives 0413 054 440


Nestled in a boutique home office in St Ives, MindSpace therapy is a compassionate and non-judgemental safespace. Hayley Bilski, an accredited mental health worker, specialises in stress management, anxiety, depression, school or friendship issues, family life, gender, and coping with life changes.

Hayley Bilski


if you want your business listed - email




Nestled in a row of shops along Mona Vale Rd, Madison Medical pride themselves on providing the best care possible to the St Ives community. Suite 8-10/169-177 Mona Vale Road - 9440 9411



Cultivating a love for learning with a vision to instill in each child a wonder in the world and love of learning providing opportunities to develop the confidence to independently and collaboratively explore their environment. Formal schooling starts at 3 years old and Northside is the only school in Sydney offering Montessori across Pre-School Primary School and Secondary School with Senior School studying the International Baccalaureate (IB). Educational provision at Northside goes well beyond the mainstream curriculum (NESA) and parents can expect extraordinary things from their child as a result of their experience at Northside Montessori.

42-44 Bobbin Head Rd, Pymble 02 9144 2835


Welcoming students and families of all faiths. Corpus is a school with a strong spirit, a nurturing and welcoming community, and amazing opportunities to lead and succeed. Within our extensive green grounds and futurefocused classrooms, find out WHY more families are choosing Corpus.

Open Day Link:

17 Link Road, St Ives 9988 3135


As the only university in Tasmania, our whole island is your campus. Whether it’s performing in the middle of a globally renowned arts festival or researching sea life in the middle of the Southern Ocean, here you’ll be able to learn in ways you never expected. In addition to our Tasmanian campuses, we also have a Sydney campus, offering health and medicine courses.

To find out more, contact us on 03 6226 2999 or visit


St Ives Prep is a school for busy boys who love to learn, ask lots of questions and think deeply about their world. From Preschool to Year 6, the school embraces a strong culture of reading and the joy of discovery, offering impressive curricula and extracurricula programmes in literacy, music, drama, sport, the visual arts, languages, debating, STEM, science and chess. St Ives Prep is set in beautiful grounds, with plenty of space to play, and is dedicated to developing rounded boys who are keen to be active, informed and critical thinkers. St Ives Prep is independent, secular and academically selective, readying boys to go on to College Street for their secondary education.

Ayres Rd, St Ives 8302 5200


Offers a broad range of programs including social skills groups, play groups, parent training (parent input strategies to work with their kids), peer play dates to help kids learn how to make friends, escape rooms and scavenger hunts (during school holidays). They are mobile and can go and visit clients if required. Using evidencebased methods developed in the US, they treat clients from very young to grown up with diagnosed disabilities, usually with an autism spectrum disorder.

0411 427 233

13/177 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives


A university powered by human collaboration - Macquarie University is ranked among the top one per cent of universities in the world. Since its foundation nearly 60 years ago, it has aspired to be a different type of university –one focused on fostering collaboration between students, academics, industry and society. As a collective, the University is advancing world-class theoretical thinking and translating it into real-world solutions.

To find out more, visit the Macquarie University website


Supporting the local community for over 50 years, Christ Church Preschool prides itself on providing a peaceful learning environment with a strong connection to nature. Indoor spaces are bright, clean and well ventilated. The preschool also boasts a landscaped outdoor space providing even more learning opportunities. School readiness is a key focus; preparing your child for Prep, Kindy and a lifetime of learning.

75 Ayres Rd - 9144 3067

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Providing expert tuition in maths and English and targeted tutoring for NAPLAN. The programs offered at NumberWorks’nWords are closely aligned with the NSW curriculum so that everything your child learns is relevant and can be implemented. Children are individually assessed and their particular needs are specifically catered for in a tailored tutoring plan. Parents are kept updated on their child’s progress throughout tuition. Take your child in for a free, no-obligation assessment and trial lesson.

164A Mona Vale Rd , St Ives 9440 3030



Dedicated to delivering dreams for clients on time and within budget. Affordable pricing without sacrificing quality! We aim to simplify the bathroom renovation process as much as possible, to ensure that the journey is as enjoyable as the outcome. From design, layout and materials to quotation and installation, our dedicated Project Managers will guide you through every step of the way. Our master craftsmen will deliver your dream in style, with high quality workmanship that is supported by premium products, materials, fixtures and fittings.

Call 1800 668 253 or visit the website


Our experienced technicians always get the job done right the first time and at reasonable rates. We have the staff, tools and resources necessary to handle all of your drainage issues, no matter how simple or complex. We’re committed to serving the North Shore community with fast, reliable service and immediate response times. Open 24 hours/7 days a week. Give Drip Drop Plumbing and Maintenance a call today!

0414 494 176

MARSHALL. CHAN. YAHL. Through our innovative marketing, professionalism and highly trained people, MCY Group provide a full-suite of respectable services.

Shop 25D, St Ives Village

166 Mona Vale Road 02 9061 3194


Our chalk paints are versatile and easy to apply, with a wide choice of stunning colours and ranges. From award-winning and totally scrubbable chalk wall paint to self-sealing and traditional artisan paints for furniture, your entire home is covered with Frenchic.

02 7226 4051


We believe in enriching people’s lives with plants. Our vision is “to be universally recognised as the world’s leading retailer of plant related products that enrich people’s lives”. Our team understands the holistic purpose of plants and is devoted to customer service. We strive to be personable and offer products that are striking quality and value, we always hope that the customer experience here is inspiring and informative

307 Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park

9491 9900


Australia’s leading Tile and Grout Cleaning & Maintenance Group. Tile Rescue has been providing smart and efficient solutions for residential and commercial properties for more than 25 years. Their expert technicians specialise in everything from restoring leaking showers and balconies to cleaning and repairing tiles and grout sealing. They can also restore stone and tiles of all types (marble travertine, bluestone, porcelain, sand-stone, terracotta or granite). Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, the team is equipped to provide lasting and highly effective solutions that meet your needs.

Call Damien today - 1800 85 3335


Offers upfront pricing with a $0 Call out fee. For an amazing service every time, support local and choose KeenSpark every time. Receive $50 off your first job booking + 10% discount for seniors.

Ben, on 0432 145 674 - FB/KeenSparkElectrical

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Nestled in a row of shops along Mona Vale Rd, Madison Medical pride themselves on providing the best care possible to the St Ives community. Suite 8-10/169-177 Mona Vale Road - 9440 9411


Proudly, family owned with proven expertise in property marketing and management. We’re known for being informed, successful property marketers and negotiators. Which is nice to hear – because two decades ago that’s precisely what we set out to achieve. Every result we achieve adds to our reputation of consistently delivering outstanding outcomes for clients. We live on the North Shore. We know the North Shore. We love the North Shore.

9496 2777


Believing in a kinder, gentler, fairer rental market. In a winwin for landlords and tenants, Dwell offers a digital antidote for rental woes. Dwell streamlines the rental process, from finding your ideal match and arranging inspections, through to onboarding, maintenance requests and making and receiving rental payments for a fraction of the usual costs. Available to download now



Bringing animals and people together in mutually beneficial relationships for 25 years. The staff at The Pet Connection are there because they genuinely love animals and they love what animals can do for people. With great local knowledge on top of their pet expertise, they can advise you on the right pet for your environment. From scales to feathers to fur, they can help you out with information, toys, food, accessories and essentials. And they can help match you up with the purrfect pet.

9988 0038

St Ives Shopping Village, Shop 25c, 166 Mona Vale Rd, St. Ives


Dog Massage Therapy helps to improve comfort and mobility for dogs with joint and muscle pain & stiffness & with post op recovery. Not just for sore joints, this relaxing treat boosts general health & well-being, is great for skin & coat health & reduces anxiety.

Call Ayala - 0431 113 859


The only pet boarding facility dedicated to housing and caring exclusively for cats and small breed dogs. Tucked away in the back of Duffys Forest, these guys will treat you little ones as their own.

413 Killawarra Rd, Duffys Forest 9450 1579


Providing modern, professional and affordable health care for your pets, our dedicated staff and leading veterinarians are all passionate about pets and avid animal lovers.

7/351 Mona Vale Road 9983 9494


Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are a completely modern after hours vet hospital that is run by a co-operative of 29 of Sydney’s leading vets.

335 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills 9452 2933


The only pet boarding facility dedicated to housing and caring exclusively for cats and small breed dogs. Tucked away in the back of Duffys Forest, these guys will treat you little ones as their own.

413 Killawarra Rd, Duffys Forest 9450 1579



Stocking unique and prestigious toy brands from around the world, the biggest and best range of educational toys, as well as a delightful range of eclectic gifts and novelties.

Shop 44, St Ives Village9449 8365

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Providing quality, beautifully structured, and story themed ballet lessons for ages 2-10yrs. Offering wonderful Kinderballet accredited classes – Australia’s most loved pre school ballet program, DanceTots is the only studio to offer this on the upper North Shore. The mummy and me classes fill very quickly, of course dads and carers are welcome too! Programs are strongly influenced by current pre-school education trends in teaching through play, acknowledging that preschool children are highly imaginative with pretend play being an important aspect of child development. For older students (5-7yr olds) our ‘Next Steps” program is an inspiring, challenging and fun approach to traditional classical ballets. Following on from the Next Steps programs, Aspirants (7-9yrs) are developed in learning classical ballet, unlike Next Steps, Aspirants don’t follow a class theme, but the structure of a traditional ballet class with barre work and centre practice.

0412 413 170


Family Day Care offers personalised, flexible and professional care for babies and children up to 5 years old. We also offer before and after school or vacation care for children up to 13 years. Ku-ring-gai Council is recruiting educators to meet growing demand. Please contact us for more information and spaces available for your child.

818 Pacific Hwy, Gordon 9424 0832


St Ives based, basketball development program now entering its 10th year of operation. NSBL offers school-aged children training sessions, competitions and holiday camps. They also run a social mixed competition for Adults on a Wednesday evening. NSBL is a fun and inclusive local basketball club for all ages and skill levels.

Touch base with the club directly if you have any enquiries or


Specialising in professional face painting artistry, balloon twisting, glitter/airbrush tattoos, special effects makeup and other wonderful kids’ and adult entertainment services - guaranteed to make any event a success.

Call Elena 040676389

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Set across 123 hectares of pristine bushland and free entry all year round, this is a perfect place to bushwalk, picnic, host, or join an event. Wildflower Garden runs environmental education programs including Nature Play for ages 0-5, Junior Rangers (Primary After School Program), School Holiday Programs, Wild Birthday Parties, Nature School for Homeschoolers and Seniors in Nature Programs. They also often host a range of family-friendly events including Family Animal Walk, Twilight Safari, and Campfire Experience.

420 Mona Vale Road, St Ives 02 9424 0353


Locals are reclaiming Sydney Harbour and falling in love all over again. A floating bar and casual dining experience that ticks every box with live acoustic music, bespoke cocktails, comfy lounges and 360-degree waterfront views. Take the journey and discover your dream Sydney experience. From Australia Day to New Year’s Eve, from high tea to sightseeing, you’ll find your perfect match.

Book now -


A family-run business whose philosophy has always been “if you take care of the customer, everything else will take care of itself.” Our clean cooking techniques have made our shop, the go-to dinner place for busy families since 1989. And our award-winning recipe’s have kept peoples mouths watering for Charlie’s food for over 30 years

213 Mona Vale Road 9988 4292


First opening in 1960, St Ives Village is home to over 100 stores, including Woolworths, Harris Farm and Coles. The centre is committed to supporting and involving the local community and hosts a range of events throughout the calendar year. St Ives Village proudly independent, a family owned and run business.

166 Mona Vale Road 8422 4000Insta @stivesvillage


Stocks a wide range of products including greeting cards, gift wrap, party ware, art and craft supplies, stationery, magazines, newspapers and huge selection of gifts. They also offer scanning, copying and printing services.

Shop 23, St Ives Village

9449 7565


This IGA Store is ALL for supporting it’s local community, they were even involved in setting up the St Ives Community FB Page - which now boasts over 10k members! IGA + Liquor strive to provide a personalised shopping experience to all of their local customers, even providing the traditional South African dish, Bunny Chow, every Friday night!

351 Mona Vale Road 9983 9206


Starting as a humble bakery back in 1990, Pattisons has been a long time St Ives resident and is home to exquisite pastries and a range of breads + savories.

3/237 Mona Vale Rd 0436 318 363


Famous for their range of mouth-watering kebabs, but there’s much more on offer! Select from shish platters, rolls and pides, sweets, drinks and much more.

Shop 15, St Ives Village (Outside McDonalds) 9983 0711


Stocking the highest quality fruit and vegetables from all over NSW, this reasonably new store is a welcome addition to the Mona Vale Road set of shops.

Shop 1/235 Mona Vale Rd 9144 3784


Run by an Australian family who understands the importance of being able to feed the family with quality, nutritious and fresh food. Harris Farm offers a range of weekly specials, discounted ‘imperfect’ ranges and a ‘last chance shelf’ which guarantee your wallet will be happy as well!

Shop 33-37, St Ives Village 9394 326

if you want your business listed - email

to celebrate. It’s time to celebrate with St Ives Shopping Village. @stivesvillage
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