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Into the Archives, Dee Why - Series 2: Back to School, Dee Why Public from the 1900’s


Meet Pablo Severo, the Mastermind Behind our Cover Image

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The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter


Mongrel’s Men Group - Supporting Mental Health


Fostering a Child with Key Assets

Cover image: Pablo Severo

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IIN SERIES 2, we have gone back in time to Dee Why Public School. The school was first opened on July 17th, 1922a two-roomed brick building designed to fit 96 students. The school was soon over-capacity with more than 160 children. Subsequently, two more classrooms were built in 1923. Over the years, the school saw continued growth requiring more portable classrooms, the temporary hire of a basement hall on Pittwater Road, and eventually, the acquisition of more land.

Image credits: Northern Beaches Council Library Local Studies

Image: Opening of Dee Why Public School - July 17th, 1922 DO

In the digitally-dominated, fast-paced world we live in today, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and reflect on the simpler times, remembering the roots and past lives of our surroundings through photographs and images from yesteryear...
LET US KNOW!info@neighbour h o
It’s all about havi ng fun w ith colours @splatterplace LVL 1, TOWER B, 888 PITTWATER ROAD DEE WHY 04 13 57 9 9 44
Image: Dee Why Public School - Year 2 - 1924


WWHEN did you get into Drone photography? Was this a progression from an initial interest/passion in Photography?

“I got into drone photography in 2017 when I had finally bought my first drone. Operating drones was a progression from my passion in photography; I have been photographing since 2012.”

How long have you been a Dee Why/Northern Beaches local?

“I have been living in Dee Why since 2010.”

What are some of the most exciting things you’ve spotted with your drone?

“This is a very hard one to answer. I was really excited to get into drones because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and different points of view. The idea of getting that new perspective on things like colours, shapes, shadows and textures really excites me - so I’m pretty easy to please. Every time I put my drone up I’m confident I’ll capture something new and exciting.”

What are some of your favourite places to shoot on the Northern Beaches?

“I have a soft spot for Dee Why but Manly, Shelly beach and Long Reef are also places that I really enjoy taking photos. We’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to scenery along the Northern Beaches coastline.”

What are your top 3 tips for ‘Drone Beginners’

“1. Become familiar with your drone settings, controls - try and start with the learner settings. Definitely become familiar with basic drone rules before your first flight. Watching tutorials on the internet will be really helpful when you’re starting.

2. Always use your common sense when operating a drone - do not fly over people too low or in controlled airspaces for example.

3. Try new techniques, new settings, different perspectives/angles and the most important thing: have fun!”

What does it take to get the perfect shot?

“Perfection is something that doesn’t exist and it is very subjective in my opinion. Maybe what is good for me will not be good for others. I could say an image with good exposure, colours, textures and composition make a good photo and I would not be wrong, but for me I think the ‘perfect’ photo tells a story, expresses feelings and it does not need to be explained.”

of the trade.

We love Pablo’s work! You can check out some of his amazing shots - like the one we’ve used on our cover, over at his Instagram@pabloseverophotography

Meet Pablo Severo, local drone enthusiast and the mastermind behind this week’s cover image. We caught up with Pablo to learn about his love of drone photography and to learn some tricks


If you’re considering enrolment or a change of school for one of the younger members of your family - an Open Day or School tour is a great way to gain insight into what life is really like beyond the school gates.


P70 South Creek Rd, Collaroy

Junior School Open Morning

Wednesday, 10th of May - 9 am - 11 am

PITTWATER HOUSE is an independent, nondenominational school offering a well-rounded education to students from Early Childhood (3-5 years) to Year 12. The unique structure provides your child with the best of both worlds with single-sex classes on a co-ed campus. Class sizes are kept small to ensure teachers can develop a true understanding of your child’s abilities, talents and needs – both inside and outside the classroom.

The school’s campus spans 3.5 hectares and provides full-service facilities including an 8-lane 25m pool, multi-purpose indoor sports centre, tennis courts, performing arts centre, full-sized oval, a health centre and after school care as well as many other purpose-built learning spaces.

At the Junior School Open Morning, guests will learn about the school’s ‘Deep Learning’ teaching model, its well-being programs and the many opportunities offered to students, followed by a tour of the Junior School in action. The event will finish with an informal Q&A Morning Tea where guests can chat with teaching staff, current parents and students.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see what Pittwater House can offer your child. Book online at:


Level 1, 14 William St, Brookvale

Open Day - Thursday, April 27th, 11am - 6pm

Have you been considering furthering your education? The Northern Beaches/Mosman Community College (RTO ID 90113) could be a great fit for you. The NBMC deliver a huge range of accredited courses across various industries (aged care, business, early childhood education, project management - just to name a few).

Don’t miss out on the upcoming College Open Day, April 27th, 11 am -6 pm. There will be an opportunity to chat face-to-face with our Coordinators and Trainers, have all your questions answered and check if you are eligible for a FEE FREE course.

Pittwater House Pittwater House Junior School Open Morning Wednesday 10 May Register online 08


57-59 Oaks Avenue, Dee Why

Open Day - Tuesday, May 23rd - 9:15am - 11am

A co-educational school for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our school has a strong commitment to quality teaching and learning, and lives by our school motto, “United in Love”. Teachers, students and the school community are inspired to be active learners who embody our school values of acceptance, dignity, hope and compassion on a daily basis. Come along and see the beautiful school in action at the next Open Day. Families will meet the Principal, explore the school with our Year 6 student leaders, and see first-hand the learning environment we offer at our school. Register at - | www.skdydbb.

The following schools offer tours throughout the year... Bookings are essential.


210 Headland Rd, Dee Why

Throughout 2023, St Luke’s Grammar School will be hosting School Tours to welcome prospective students and their families. Tours are a great opportunity to meet some of the Executive Team and gain an insight into life at St Luke’s. Tours are available throughout the year. Book online at: https://www.


St Ives Prep is a school for busy boys who love to learn, ask lots of questions, and think deeply about their world. From Preschool to Year 6, St Ives Prep embraces a strong schoolwide culture of reading and the joy of discovery. The school has both impressive curricula and extra-curricular programmes, with the boys growing and learning in fields such as literacy, music, drama, sport, the visual arts, social sciences, languages, debating, STEM, science, and chess. Boys continue to College Street in the city at the conclusion of their primary education. Applications can be made at any time; the School does not have a waiting list. The Headmaster conducts School Tours throughout the year. To book, call the Registrar on 8302 5200 or email

Sydney Grammar School


“IT EXISTS to serve our community,” NBWS’ website proudly states, “It survives because of our community.” The non-profit, community-funded charitable organisation also says they are “more than a safe haven.” The shelter prioritises its residents’ futures. While providing crisis and transitional accommodation, they also seek to address underlying causes of homelessness and equip women with long-term benefits from their time at the shelter.

Stating that “homelessness doesn’t discriminate,” NBWS offers individual case management and an outcomes-based approach. Sydney’s Northern Beaches women staying in the shelter can access assistance in finding permanent accommodation and community systems and services. NBWS strives for residents to gain hope of rebuilding their lives during their stays of up to three months.

“Each day at NBWS is different,” says Shelter Manager Narelle Hand, while making special mention of their Empowerment Group, an 8-week meeting cycle focussing on cultivating healthy boundaries and connections.

Women’s shelters like NBWS exist to provide safe spaces for women and children. They provide crisis intervention, counselling, legal and financial aid, and access to support networks. Shelters range in their focus, and NBWS hones

into assisting women experiencing homelessness resulting from factors like family violence, harmful substance use, mental health and economic issues.

In Australia, shelters emerged from momentum in the 1970s women’s liberation and feminist movements. Volunteers opened the country’s first refuges to combat domestic violence and abuse. The first state-funded shelter for women, The Elsie Refuge, opened in Glebe in 1974, with the National Women’s Refuge Network established in 1980 to maintain women’s shelters across the country.

Today, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in six Australian women has experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former partner (while one woman is killed by a current or former partner every nine days in Australia). As domestic violence and abuse remain prevalent, shelters like NBWS remain vital to evernecessary community advocacy for at-risk people.

“People think ‘women’s shelters’ are a place where the people accessing the service are not like them,” Hand explains. “But when they come to the shelter, they see people you know, people you work with and people you find in the general community - this really hits a nerve as they realise homelessness can happen to anybody.”

10 10
INorthern Beaches Women’s Shelter calls itself a “haven” - a place for women to find a sense of safety and independence. The shelter in Sydney’s Northern Beaches operates on the premise that women in crisis should be helped in - and by - their community.

NBWS values transitioning resident women into sustainable accommodation that is both suitable and affordable. Their dedicated, qualified, skilled team of professional support workers and volunteers “go above and beyond” to provide the shelter’s services.

“The staff at NBWS work from a trauma-informed, client-centred perspective,” says Hand, “We understand that our residents are the experts in their own lives, and most have at some time experienced trauma that affects how they live.”

“The staff were there to support me from the moment I arrived. They are angels” says former NBWS resident Daisy, “I was in heaven… [the staff] helped me regain my life.”

The shelter opened after more than 300 women contacted Manly Community Centre and St Vincent de Paul in Brookvale for crisis accommodation, in one calendar year. NBWS, then known as Manly Women’s Shelter, then opened in 2010 from collaborative community efforts.

Over 70 women used the shelter’s emergency accommodation in the first year, operating from two small rental houses. In early 2018, the refuge’s name legally changed to Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter. Soon, NBWS hopes to expand its support of women with children through additional physical premises.

NBWS encourages women and community members in immediate danger to contact the police. Their website also lists a range of resources and helpline numbers, such as 1800RESPECT and the NSW Domestic Violence

Line 1800 65 64 63, to anyone seeking assistance. Residents often come through referrals from these listed third-party services.

If referred to NBWS, residents receive care from trained staff and volunteers. However, some factors can make it challenging for women to access shelters, such as lack of awareness, cultural and linguistic barriers, and fear of retaliation from abusers.

On these barriers, Hand says, “When you come to our shelter, we try to make the experience safe and welcoming.”

She continues, “At NBWS, everyone is treated with dignity, respect, kindness, and care. We have weekly groups and events to encourage connection, understanding, and support for each other to feel like you belong somewhere and you are not alone.”

Financial contributions from the Northern Beaches community are integral to NBWS’ ongoing viability. Community members can attend regular fundraising events or donate to the essential service.

All donations above $2 are tax deductible and can be made at:

“Women’s shelters like NBWS exist to provide safe spaces for women and children”.


IN A recent conversation with Neighbourhood Media, Tim Hewson - the founder of Mongrel Men - spoke about how the group came to be and how they support men’s mental health, particularly in Dee Why.

“Mongrels Men was conceived when I realised a lot of men of a similar age to me had put all of their time, energy, focus and attention into their careers and family life. Their social life came a distant second and was mostly organised by their partner, wife or significant other,” recalled Hewson.

“Men had nothing for themselves, generally didn’t organise their own activities and had very few close friendships or connections to draw upon when they really needed them.”

After realising that there was a need in the community, Tim and a group of other men started out simply by getting together and forming a local soccer team on the Northern Beaches. Since then, Mongrels Men has grown significantly, with the group now listed as a registered charity in multiple locations and boasting over 2000 members.

Building Mongrels Men around the typical masculine pastime of sport was somewhat of a ‘no-brainer’, according to Hewson.

“We know that exercise is good for our physical and mental health, so I wanted to create something that involved getting blokes out of bed and off the couch,

outdoors and using movement, activity, exercise and sports to bring blokes together, encouraging them to connect with other blokes and creating new social connections and support networks within their local communities.”


Each year Mongrels Men organise nearly 600 events, with more than 260 of those taking place on the Northern Beaches. As Hewson went on to explain;

“Mongrels Men offers a range of meet-ups, events and activities designed to get blokes together on a regular basis in their local community.”

“Our communities run a range of activities, including ‘Walk & Talks’, social soccer, running, surfing, golf, swimming, and tennis, as well as pilates and yoga sessions, boxing, and self-defence. All of which contribute to better, stronger and healthier minds and bodies.”

However, it’s not just about getting men together to play some sport and then sending them back off on their own. The most important part of all of the Mongrels Men events is the connections and conversations that they foster. Tim and his team have developed an enticing and comfortable way to encourage this to occur at each event.

IMaintaining good mental health has become of paramount importance in recent years. Men in particular, are stereotypically encouraged to shyaway from dealing with their mental health. But Mongrels Men - a community-based charity - is on a mission to change that.

“Mongrels Men shout everyone a coffee from one of our local cafe partners, explained Hewson.

“The free coffee is a way to get the blokes to stick around, have a chat and make connections. It’s a very organic and supportive environment where blokes can be blokes and also share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. The aim is not to stand around in a circle holding hands, pouring your hearts out. It’s about getting outdoors, being active, making connections and having meaningful conversations. All these ingredients together create an environment for improving the mental health of our Mongrels.”


Looking at the mental health statistics in Australia, it becomes abundantly clear that groups like Mongrels Men are of vital importance.

“Men account for 7 of the 9 daily deaths by suicide, and 1 in 6 Australians will think about ending their own lives during their lifetime,” explained Hewson before continuing. “About 50% of us will experience a mental health condition, whilst anxiety and depression are increasingly impacting more Australians every year.”

What Mongrels Men provides is a “non-clinical” approach that focuses on “delivering prevention-focused programs” so that we as a society don’t have to witness men getting to a “crisis point before reaching out for help.”

For men in particular groups like Mongrels Men are an absolute necessity, according to Hewson:

“Whether we like it or not, men (unlike women) often have difficulty opening up and discussing their issues. Women will go for a coffee, eyeball their friend, and dig deep into ‘what’s been happening’. Men don’t tend to do that.”

The activity-centred approach that Mongrels Men provides has proven to be remarkably beneficial in fostering these discussions.

“Exercise and activity is a great way to get blokes talking and sharing in a non-confrontational environment. Shoulder-to-shoulder often works best, as guys don’t have

to stare each other in the eyes. So walking up the beach, running side by side or playing a game of soccer. Giving blokes “something to do” while they are building these connections has worked well for us,” said Hewson.


Mongrels Men is open to all men who want to build community connections with other blokes in their area. However, Tim has found that they tend to attract men between the ages of 30-70 - in the peak of their family life and careers or perhaps winding down to retirement.

The Dee Why Mongrels Men group currently meet at the Dee Why Beach stairs every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at 6:15 am under the Mongrels Men flag. Each session typically sees the group exercise for around 45 minutes, followed by a quick swim and then grabbing a coffee from Bambalino Cafe before they then stick around for a bit of a chat.

“Knowing that there will always be a group of guys meeting up at a particular time each week provides a structure for connections and conversations. It allows the men to build rapport, develop trust and feel comfortable opening up at their own pace. It’s an open environment where everyone is welcome. It provides an opportunity to share stories and challenges, get support and also have a few laughs at the same time.”

The ultimate aim with Mongrels Men, according to Hewson, is to “have a Mongrels Men community in every postcode in Australia, so blokes have somewhere to go in their local community.”

For more information about your local Mongrels Men group, head to or find them on: @mongrelsmen


IIN WHATEVER form they take and in all their marvelous diversity, families need nurturing, respect, and support.

Will shares his story of becoming a parent and changing his career to find a better workplace support network that allows him to balance the needs of work and family.

“Losing my dad to Leukaemia in 2018 was really tough and it made me question my career, the life balance I wasn’t getting and what was really important to me. My Dad left an amazing legacy and I was left questioning mine, I felt that my life needed a greater purpose and I had so much to give as a Dad.

Karl and I have been together for ten years and we always wanted to have children together but being a same-sex couple, we thought it would never happen.

During a holiday in Tasmania at the start of 2019 Karl and I started to discuss the option of becoming foster carers and this was the beginning of our unexpected journey to being the family we are today.

We chose to foster with Key Assets Australia, who supported same-sex couples to become foster carers. For the next twelve months we went through the complicated and at times difficult process of completing all the necessary documentation, interviews and training on how to parent children who can have multiple physical and/or mental health issues or who have suffered abuse or other traumatic circumstances.

There is little notice given of when a child will be placed with you and a month after starting my new role, we had a call asking us if we would take in two children, Chloe 11 years old and Andrew 7 years old on a long-term basis.

We said yes to the opportunity of a long-term placement and we began planning and preparing to ensure the children’s transition to us was smooth and that they had a connection

with us.

The week before the children arrived, we received another call from our social worker explaining that the children’s biological mum had another six-month-old baby boy called Jordan and asked if we would take him to keep all the siblings together. Of course, we agreed and overnight we went from just the two of us to being a family of five - our dream had come true.

Chaos ensued as we moved to a bigger house, bought a pram and car seat, set up the nursery and stocked up on all the things a family of five needs - it was so exciting but overwhelming at the same time.

It’s been over three years now and we have three beautiful children who have changed our life for the better. We were granted guardianship of the children in February 2023 to give our children a forever home and we’re so lucky to have worked with a supportive agency like Key Assets Australia who support my family and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it’s also the most rewarding. Key Assets has made this journey so much easier for me and my family and continues to support my journey of being a father.”

To learn more about how you can make a difference and become a foster carer, visit or contact Key Assets on 1800 932 273
For local Will, the journey for he and his partner, Karl, to become foster carers was challenging, but it has been the most rewarding experience of their lives.
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KEELEY’S existing kitchen was installed when the house was first built and was overdue a facelift! The units and doors were still in great condition and quotes to replace the kitchen came in at over $20,000 an expense which really wasn’t needed!

Keeley’s vision was to create an airy, elegant kitchen with hints of timber. Keeley and her husband, Brendan added new handles to update the old cupboards instantly!

Durability was key, which is why Keeley chose Frenchic’s Al Fresco Inside Outside Range, which requires minimal preparation, no priming and no sealing (it’s all built in!) once cured is as hard as nails, and comes with a 2 year “satisfaction guarantee” The best part is, it has no odour, minimal VOC’s, and is safe to use around children (it even self levels!)

Keeley and Brendan set about preparing the kitchen, and gave the cupboards a good scrub clean with Sugar Soap. They then removed the old handles and filled the holes. As the units had a gloss finish they gave a light sand with very fine sandpaper. Once washed with water and dried, they set about painting the doors using the Frenchic Synthetic Oval Brush.

Once the first coat had dried, they applied a further coat (no need to sand in between) and the final coat was applied to finish the doors off! They then drilled new holes for the hardware and added a gorgeous stone effect tile to the backsplash to really finish it off!


• 3 Tins – Dazzle Me! 750ml - $147

• Frenchic Sugar Soap - $8.00

• Frenchic Synthetic Oval Brush - $24

• Splashback - $300

TOTAL - $500 Saving a massive $19,500!!!

We know times are hard, so Frenchic brings you the most cost effective ways to refresh your home, without breaking the bank! This month, we’re focusing on the hub of the home - the kitchen!


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You can paint kitchen cabinets in just THREE easy steps with minimal fuss, equipment and expense. All you need to do is;

• Clean

• Scuff Sand, with a fine sand paper (to provide a key for the paint),

• Apply paint

Find The Best Colour For Your Kitchen

Frenchic Paint is a cost effective way to revamp your kitchen. All our products are self-priming, durable and with minimal VOCs. There’s a kaleidoscopic range of colours available to suit every taste and setting, from classic neutrals to greens, blues and greys. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

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NOT familiar with the name? You’re about to be! Haley Holgate is a beaches-based indie-folk singer/songwriter and storyteller. Featuring clean-cut lyricism and commanding melodies, her writing reflects on life’s pitfalls and turns them into hooky, warm worlds of sound. Some of her key influences include the whimsical stylings of Mumford and Sons, Phoebe Bridgers, the Lumineers, Julia Jacklin and Lizzy McAlpine.

“My high school teachers at Pittwater House and lecturers at the Australian Institute of Music have really nurtured my love for music and performance, and I’ve been song writing and gigging around the beaches on the weekends during my studies. I’ve always had a passion for music; as a kid, I was quite competitive when it came to playing SingStar on my PlayStation, and I loved going to dance classes after school. I first knew I wanted to be a singer/songwriter when I heard Mumford and Sons on the radio when I was 10 – I connected with their music in such a special way and wanted to be able to do the same for other people.”

Haley credits being raised on Sydney’s northern beaches as being a core element of her creativity.

“It’s so easy to enjoy a nourishing lifestyle living on the Northern Beaches, and I’ve found that it is essential to my creative process to get out in nature and have a free headspace for ideas to flow through. Narrabeen Lakes and Dee Why Beach have both been great sources of inspiration for me, and I’ve brought my guitar to so many other beautiful spots to write.”

Haley relishes in Dee Why’s live music scene but recognises that the industry has some growing to do when it comes to up-and-coming artists:

“I’d love to see more opportunities for artists in the early stages of their journey to help them grow successful careers in music.”

You might be lucky enough to spot Haley busking by the beaches on the weekends, but you don’t want to miss her upcoming live shows – though you might have to venture a little further afield than Manly or The Strand.

“I have two shows coming up, the first at Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville on the 29th of March, and then at Sappho Books, Café and Bar in Glebe on the 21st of April. I’m in the process of recording my first single and album, so keep an eye out on my socials for more details soon!”

Check out some of Haley’s amazing performances and

keep up to date with her on Instagram: @haleyholgate

With a musical style as eclectic and cool as his name, JøshjøsH is a Dee Why local with over 15 years of experience in the live music game. Describing his music as “music for road trips and people who appreciate storytelling through music.” JøshjøsH took his emotive blend of soulful lyrics and easy-going melodies on the road in January, touring the NSW coast and performing in caravan parks and campgrounds, creating the perfect summer soundtrack.

“I wanted to get out of the Major city rat race and try to mix my love of surfing, music and camping together. I had never done something like this before, but it was one of the most meaningful and fulfilling tours I have done to date. I was grateful to play to people who were happy to listen and enjoy all the same things I do.”

Coastal life is engrained into JøshjøsH’s music, with his Dee Why roots being pathing the way for his relaxed, beachy sound.

“I have met some other inspiring creatives through surfing and living in the area. That community and support network has been really helpful in finding my voice as an artist.

I feel like the coastal lifestyle and closeness to nature here finds its way into my music as well.”

A performer from a young age, JøshjøsH was encouraged by his parents to pursue music. Thankfully, he listened to their sage advice. You can catch JøshjøsH at his upcoming shows.

“I have a show at Low 302 In Surry Hills supporting Northern Beaches act «Tommy Gun» and Melbourne act «Play lunch» on their east coast tour on March 23rd.

Then I will be playing a free show at Bucketty’s Brewery in Brookvale on April 27th.”

Not enough? Lucky for us, JøshjøsH will be releasing new music later this year.

We’ve checked out some of Dee Why’s best venues for live music and caught up with some up-and-coming and amazing local talent.
JØSHJØSH HALEY HOLGATE You can check out his catalogue on Spotify or give him a follow on Instagram to see his latest news: @yeajoshjoshpaul


932 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099

First established in 1937, the club now has over 60,000 members and boasts one of the largest live music venues on the northern beaches. Dee Why RSL can tickle any musical fancy. With an extensive list of live performances from Fleetwood Mac tribute shows to concerts by The Wiggles, there is something for everyone at Dee Why RSL. Recently, the venue hosted the ARIA award-winning northern beaches duo Lime Cordiale, during their “Country Club Experience” tour.


If unwinding with a well-crafted beer and a chilled-out acoustic sound is your kind of gig, you can’t beat Bucketty’s Brewing Co. With relaxed music on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm they’ll carry you through to the weekend with live music on Friday and Saturday nights that’s sure to get you dancing. What’s better? You can ease into the week ahead with more music on and a family-friendly atmosphere Sundays from 4 pm! Stop in and try their beer of the week while you enjoy some tunes.


If relaxed pub-style music sessions are more your speed, don’t miss the amazing live performances at the Dee Why Hotel. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, Dee Why Hotel showcases a different new talent and as a bonus to the audience – you can usually snag some discounted cocktails to help you soak up the atmosphere! With a tasty and child-friendly menu, it’s the perfect place to enjoy some live music with the whole family.

If its stunning beachfront location and delicious tapas offerings weren’t enough to get you through the door, perhaps pairing it all with some sensational local musicians will. Each Sunday from 3 pm – 6 pm, Jah Bar hosts some of the best live acts around. Amazing music, delicious food, and $10 Sangria on Sunday afternoons? Sounds like the perfect way to end a weekend to us!

Pittwater Rd, Dee
The Strand, Dee Why NSW 2099
Why NSW 2099 JAH
Orchard Rd, Brookvale


NOW, this is a club you definitely want to be a part of, and for only $5 a year (or $10 for 3), your wallet will definitely thank you! The Builders Club run their standard Happy Hour every day, and it’s a long one - 3:30-6:30 pm. Members have a new offer almost every single day of the week to take advantage of:

TUESDAY - Hot & Cold Seafood Plate for $24

WEDNESDAY - All meals under $26

THURSDAY - T-Bone, Rump Steak of Fish Filets, served with your choice of chips/salad or seasonal veg - $24

FRIDAY - Fish & Chips with a free drink ( house beer, soft drink or glass of house wine) $19.50

SATURDAY/SUNDAY - All meals under $27.50

FEEL like getting out for an early dinner? Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - head down to Barbuto, get your order in before 6pm, and enjoy 2 for 1 entrees! With menu items like garlic chilli prawns, grilled spicy chorizo + fried halloumi, you can’t go wrong. T & C’s apply - mention the special on arrival.

THESE guys may be home to Dee Why’s BIGGEST Happy Hour ever! Monday to Saturday from 4 till 6 pm, you can get $10 frozen margaritas, cheap tacos, $7 house beer + wine, AND there are even kids eat free deals. PS Download the Beach Burrito XG app for $10 free credit & many more perks!

FOR the love of flavour! Valentines do not discriminate by days of the week - whenever you buy two pizzas, you get a third free. These guys offer dine-in, takeaway and home delivery.

IF YOU like your beer fresh, tucking into a pint metres from where the liquid gold was first brewed must sound pretty appealing, right? What if we told you every Monday to Friday, at 4-5 pm, you could get your hands on a house pint for only $7 straight from the source at the 4Pines Truck Bar? We’d say, “see you there”! The offer also extends to their range of house wines & wings.

Looking for some delicious local delicacies that won’t break the bank? Thankfully Dee Why residents are spoilt for choice! Check out some of the best daily specials + happy hours around! THE BUILDERS CLUB 18-20 Fisher Rd, Dee Why BEACH BURRITO 154-158 Pacific Parade, Dee Why BARBUTO 5/16 Ocean St, Narrabeen VALENTINE PIZZA CAFE 161 Alfred St, Narraweena 4PINES TRUCK BAR 9-13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale


30 Campbell Ave, Dee Why

IF YOU’RE looking for some wallet-friendly entertainment early in the week, Time & Tide offer $1 Pool ALL day Monday & Tuesday. And for the Pool Sharks out there, enter into the Tuesday Night Pool comp! Cash prizes on offer - registration from 6 pm for a 6:30 pm start.


511-513 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale

THERE are almost too many specials to list at The Brooky Hotel! They have a different food special almost every day of the week, $5 spirits from 7 pm every Friday and a super cheap Happy Hour on Saturdays - $4 beer/wine from 4-7 pm. If you’re looking to cater to the whole family, head in on a Sunday where Kids can get FREE lunch or dinner.




FISHY - Fishy was a 5th birthday gift for Sage, who, despite asking for toys - was ecstatic to meet her new pal. Fishy has been loving life in his new tank and is growing bigger and stronger every day, thanks to Sage’s exceptional fish-keeping skills.


STITCHES - Stitches is a 13-year-old domestic short hair, tabby mix, rescued when she was an 8 week old kitten. Her birth name was Annika, but when we got her, she had huge stitches on her tiny belly from being desexed. She wouldn’t stop biting at them. That is how she developed the street name Stitches. She is very playful, loves a cuddle and warm washing, and especially loves sharing meals with her little sister

PEPPER - A much lover fur family member - with 2 human siblings that love her to bits. You can usually find pepper curled up on her brand new lounge, generally when you find her she will jump off because she’s not actually allowed. She’s a bit of a land hippo, and when she’s not sneaking onto the furniture - she will be lying somewhere sunbaking, or at her humans’ feet looking for snacks and belly rubs.

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RAMBO - Almost 2, Rambo was adopted by his forever Mum by a twist of fate. After searching, and finding, a rescue girl for her Mum - she just ‘forgot’ to stop looking, and then she found Rambo. He was advertised for rehoming on gumtree at only 5 months old and it was love at first sight - he arrived home the very same day. There were some behavioral issues early on, but he’s come so far and is now a big, beautiful bundle of joy.


BLUE - There are meant sheep in Dee Why, but Blue the Kelpie still gets his fix rounding up other dogs at the park! He really is dedicated to his job. Blue will be 4 years old in June and was originally purchased form a breeder in South Windsor. His favourite park is Beacon Hill Oval - and he absolutely loves his humans, and his house - where he is head of security.

BINGO - Despite her size, Bingo is a 2-year-old TOY cavoodle who didn’t get the memo on when to stop growing. She’s a playful, energetic pup who loves to get out and about - especially to the beach. She’s a huge fan of car rides and playing fetch.

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3. 1. 2. 4. 9. 10.

Haley Holgate is playing her next show at which popular Marrickville venue on March 29- Lazybones XXXXXX?

At which Dee Why venue would you find relaxed music on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7pm?

Which local Mens’ group are helping Dee Why locals with their Mental Health?

What was Stitches name before she was adopted?

Which Pizza Cafe gives you a 3rd pizza free when you buy two?

Pittwater House uses a student-led style of learning called?

Dee Why Public school was originally designed to fit how many students?

What can you find for $10 on Sunday afternoons at Jah Bar?

The name of the first state-funded women’s refuge: The XXXXX Refuge.

Name: Date: 2099 - DEE WHY - ISSUE #5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Across
3. Haley Holgate is playing her next show at which popular Marrickville venue on March 29- Lazybones XXXXXX. p H 8. Which Pizza Cafe gives you a 3rd pizza free when you buy two?
ded e. o? 24
1. Pittwater House uses a student-led
What kind of Cavoodle is Bingo? ACROSS DOWN
5. 6. 7. 8. EASY NOT EASY


Col Crawford BMW

As a third-generation family business, Col Crawford BMW has been proudly ser vicing the Northern beaches communit y for over 50 years and we take great pride in o ering our customers dedicated ser vice at competitive prices to meet all your motoring requirements.

Brookvale. Ph (02)
1290. LMCT
BMW 489 Pitt water Road,
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