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When people think Cronulla sports the first team that springs to mind is almost always the CronullaSutherland Sharks. Following their recent heartbreaking exit from this year’s NRL Finals Series Neighbourhood Media wanted to dig back into the history of the club before then looking to the future of the beloved black, white & blue.

FFOUNDED in 1963 as Cronulla-Caringbah the team would offi cially become the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in 1967 when they joined the New South Wales Rugby Football League (NSWRFL) competition. The debut season would begin with a bang when the Sharks defeated one of the founding clubs of the NSWRFL, Easter Suburbs, in their first match. Unfortunately though the club would come to learn they had stepped up to a new level of com petition & would finish the season in last place after winning only two more games.

The following year the club would make history again as the first club to own their home ground when they relocated to En deavour Field in Woolooware, now affection ately known as Shark Park.

In terms of success the journey of the team & its fans has been quite the roller coaster ride over the course of 56 years. Over the years the team has earned 3 wooden spoons (finished last on the premiership table), has made 24 finals appearances, won 2 minor premierships (finishing top of the table after the regular season), finished runner up on 3 occasions, & then in 2016 finally raised the trophy when they defeated the Melbourne Storm.

In this year’s competition the team made some big changes, welcoming new coach Craig Fitzgibbon to the club. Joining alongside Fitzgibbon were a number of new signings in the form

of Nicho Hynes, Dale Finucane, Aiden Tolman, Matt Ikuvalu, Lachlan Miller & Jayden Burrell. The new coach & squad would go on to finish second after the regular season but ultimately be eliminated from the finals after successive losses to the North Queensland Cowboys & South Sydney Rabbitohs.



During the 1990’s the club endured a period of poor form & financial woes. So when a war broke out between the Super League, backed by Rupert Murdoch & News Corporation, & the Australian Rugby League (ARL), backed by Kerry Packer & Optus Vi sion, the club saw an opportunity to relieve some of the pressure

In 1995 Cronulla were one of the first teams to join the Super League. However, the competition wouldn’t officially begin until 1997, following protracted legal battles.

The Super League aimed to make rugby league a more na tional focused competition, after previous rugby league com petitions had been focused primarily on NSW & Queensland. As such the Sharks were joined in the competition by the Adelaide Rams, Auckland Warriors, Brisbane Broncos, Can berra Raiders, Canterbury Bulldogs, Hunter Mariners, North Queensland Cowboys, Penrith Panthers & Perth Reds.

‘‘The Sharks have a long history of producing phenomenal rugby league talent.’’

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During the first, & only, Super League season the Sharks would reach the grand final - where they lost to the Brisbane Broncos.

After only one season the Super League would merge with the newly formed governing body, the National Rugby League (NRL). This would see the Sharks return as one of 14 clubs in the new competition.

to November 21, 2013 if they admitted to taking illegal substances during the 2011 season. The following players were subsequently banned; Paul Gallen, Nathan Gardner, Wade Graham, Anthony Tupou, Jeremy Smith, Luke Douglas, Albert Kelly, Kade Snowden, Matthew Wright, Colin Best, Paul Aiton, Ben Pomeroy, John Williams, & Stuart Flanagan.



Throughout their existence it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the Sharks, having faced financial difficulties & becoming embroiled in controversy.

In 2013 the Sharks faced one the bleakest periods in their history when they were engulfed in the so-called ‘‘ supplements saga.’’ During this time members of the club’s staff, coaches & 5 players were accused of orchestrating a regime that involved the administration of two growth hormone-releasing peptides which were banned under the World Anti-Doping Code.

On December 17, 2013 after over 9 months of investigations the NRL handed down a raft of punishments.

Then head coach Shane Flanagan was banned for 12 months. Trainer Trent Elkin was deregistered & given an indefinite ban. The club itself was fined $1,000,000, with $400,000 suspended if the club could satisfy several governance conditions.

In the proceeding months a number of players were issued show cause notices & offered 12-month bans backdating



Despite all of this the Sharks have a long history of producing phenomenal rugby league talent. Over the years Shark Park has been called home by legendary players such as: Tommy Bishop, Greg Pierce, Steve Rogers, Gavin Miller & Andrew Ettinghausen.

Some other notable Sharks names include: David Peachey, Mat Rogers, Brett Kimmorley, Valentine Holmes, Michael Ennis, Paul Gallen, Andrew Fifita, Preston Campbell, Ben Barba, Wade Graham, & Nicho Hynes.

In the caching ranks the Sharks can boast Norm Provan, Arthur Beetson, John Lang, Stuart Raper, Ricky Stuart & Craig Fitzgibbon among their ranks.

Of the field the Sharks have a notable fanbase as well with the likes of Scott Morrison, Cathy Freeman, Glen McGrath, Lara Bingle, Stuart Clark, Peter Costello, Elle Macpherson, Shannon Noll, & Mark Occhilupo all raising their «spirit fingers» at Shark Park.



WANDERING around Cronulla you’ll soon realise that it is one of the most stunning and picturesque areas in Sydney. From beautiful views out over the ocean, per fectly white sandy beaches or the thriving mall in the cen tre of town Cronulla has a little bit of everything. So, when professional photographer Craig Golding left the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and had more time to explore his hometown, it quickly became apparent to him that he needed to capture Cronulla in photo form.

During Craig’s 24-year career as a sports photogra pher for SMH he was afforded the opportunities to work at a raft of major sporting events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup and Swim ming World Championships. He greatly enjoyed those ex periences, describing them as the ‘‘pinnacle of a sports photographer’s career.’’

Looking back on those days as a sports photographer, one event in particular stands out in Craig’s mind as par ticularly special: ‘‘Covering Cathy Freeman’s race at the Sydney Olympics was a brilliant moment. The hairs on the back of my neck were up when I was covering that. It was such a brilliant moment to be a part of and capture on film.’’

Since then, Craig has moved away from the tight dead lines and stress of newspapers to work as a freelance photographer. Entering into this phase of his career has given Craig more free time, which he has filled with a new artistic endeavour as he captures photographs around his home in Cronulla. With this Cronulla project, Craig has been able to recapture the joy he first felt as a kid with his very first camera.

WVeteran news photographer capturing the beauty of Cronulla in his artistic photos

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‘‘I’ve always been passionate about all of my photography work because if you’re not, you’re not going to last long but this was a different form of photography,’’ explained Craig. ‘‘I had so much more time to just wander, think & observe things when photographing Cronulla.’’

This was in stark contrast to the pressure and stress of newspaper deadlines. Although the Cronulla project came with a more relaxed approach, Craig still wanted to keep one core principle at the centre of his work.

‘‘With sports photography you have to capture the moment because you can’t reshoot anything. I really enjoyed that style of photography, so I carried that over a little into shooting Cronulla. I don’t set anything up, I just shoot things as they are so that it’s a document that is as real as it can get.c

Reflecting on the joy & excitement he has felt from this Cronulla photography adventure, Craig explained that this journey has been ‘‘quite relaxing & therapeutic’’ as he has discovered parts of Cronulla he had never seen before.

‘‘Photographing Cronulla made me realise just how little I knew about my own suburb. I’ve lived here for such a long time but for most of that time I was heading out of Cronulla for work and didn’t have time to explore, so this project was a bit of a discovery process for me.’’

Given Craig has been discovering parts of Cronulla that he had otherwise overlooked we had to ask if he has a favourite location to shoot. However, Craig was quick to point out that Cronulla simply has too many incredible options to narrow it down to just one: ‘‘Different places make for different special pictures... whether you are on the beach side or the Gunnamatta side or whether you are just wandering around the streets and through the mall, there’s something about all of it that’s pretty special.’’

These days Craig is adding new pictures to the store on his website every week and takes great joy whenever a print is purchased because, as he says, ‘‘as good as your work can be, if people don’t see it there’s not much point to it.’’

Craig’s photos of Cronulla can be purchased at
can also be found on Instagram
‘‘Covering Cathy Freeman’s race at the Sydney Olympics was a brilliant moment. The hairs on the back of my neck were up when I was covering that. It was such a brilliant moment to be a part of and capture on film.’’


IF YOU’VE noticed the disappearance of part of the North Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club (NCSLSC) recently, do not be alarmed. The hole in the earth means the first phase of Project Phoenix — the name of the club’s redevelopment plan — has been completed.

The $10.6 million project took about a decade to plan, with the last five years spent pursuing development approval from Sutherland Shire Council before the club appointed Lahey Constructions for the build. NCSLSC emptied the building earlier this year, including hiring professionals to package and store memorabilia from its almost-100-year history, and handed the site to Lahey in March for partial demolition.

In the coming months, the new building will emerge, “one of the biggest ventures ever undertaken by a volunteer organisation,” noted Geoff Budd, NCSLSC President.

The three-storey club will house improved lifeguard facilities, including larger training rooms, storage for lifesaving equipment and first aid rooms, as well as a swimming pool and gym. Social amenities include two function rooms and an eatery with a garden terrace.

Importantly, the club will maintain its heritage façade while the interior will be updated to meet building codes. ‘‘ The existing heritage clubhouse will remain a shire icon but with

modern internal facilities that will assist our members with our core business of education, training and lifesaving,” Budd told The Leader in February.

Accessibility has also been a consideration with a new lift to be installed, as well as other upgrades. «The building will finally have access and facilities on all levels for those with disabilities,” Budd added.

Project Phoenix has been funded by a mixture of government grants and club sources, with $2.6 million coming from Sutherland Shire Council, $500,000 from the NSW Government, $2.9 million from the Federal Government, and NCSLSC providing $350,000 of its own funds while borrowing the remainder.

The club team has praised its members for their patience during this tough transition period without their headquarters. “The continued dedication and support of our members as we complete this long awaited and much anticipated last leg of the Project Phoenix journey is very much appreciated,” said Club Captain Dave Waugh.

Instrumental to the project has been President Geoff Budd, Deputy President Craig McKinniery and patron Warren Rennie, who Waugh recognised for their “countless hours of service”.

IThe push to redevelop North Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club has been many years in the making, but the project is now well underway.

According to the project plan, the new club is slated to open in July 2023, barring any delays such as disruptive weather.

“I can assure you all the future will be bright for North Cronulla,” said Rennie, communicating optimistically to members. “We will see the construction of the new building and while we may experience some short-term difficulties, when the finishing line is reached our members will have club facilities that will be the envy of any club in Australia.”

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ACCORDING to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, “at least 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises are found in Australian waters including 10 large whales, 20 smaller whales, 14 dolphins and one porpoise.”

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are collectively known as cetaceans, from the scientific order of cetacea. The word was derived from the Latin ‘cetus’ which was adapted from Ancient Greek ‘ketus’, meaning ‘monster-sized fish’, although they are not fish but warm-blooded air breathing mammals. Divided into 86 species, cetaceans are exclusively marinedwelling carnivores that give birth to live young.

Between May and November every year, several species of cetaceans pass Sydney during their north and southbound migrations along the east coast.

These include the baleen (their ‘teeth’ thin plates of strainers with frayed ends through which they filter plankton and small fish) and toothed whales (that eat mainly fish and squid, although some prey on other cetaceans and seals).

The whales are often accompanied by dolphins. Although most species of dolphins move between different feeding grounds, only a few migrate to follow the seasonal movement of their prey, and not the vast distances covered by some of the whales.

By mid-August, the last of the northbound whales head up the coast, while the first of the southbound return down to cooler waters, and they often pause to socialise as they pass one another. Around this time, whale-watching crews report that the whales get more curious about their vessels and often swim close to investigate, a phenomenon known as ‘mugging’.

During October-November, the tail end of the annual southward cetacean migration, the majority of whales are

mothers and calves. They swim closer to shore to avoid predators, like orca, and because the calves are slower swimmers that need guidance.


The most common whale off Australia’s east coast is the humpback, moving back and forth between summer feeding waters in the Antarctic and their northern breeding grounds in the Coral Sea and mid-Pacific Ocean.

Along with grey whales, humpbacks are the furthest travelled of whales - some swim an annual round trip of 10,000km! During the northern migration, a lot of males ‘breach’ (leap out of) the ocean in displays of strength intended to impress the females.

With characteristic very long and bumpy fins (the bumps, up to 11, are called ‘tubercles’ and reduce drag in the water) and flutes (grooves) below their chin that enable better gulping of prey, humpbacks are typically covered in a mixture of hitchhikers - acorn and goose barnacles. These crusty arthropod often cause scarring on the skins of other whales as the huge creatures glide against each other.

There are approximately 80,000 humpback whales worldwide, the species now recovered from intensive slaughtering by humans that brought them to the edge of extinction until a 1966 moratorium on whaling. An estimated 30,000 of them travel up and down the east coast of Australia every year.

The eastern humpbacks that pass Sydney are a separate and distinct collection from those that migrate along Australia’s west coast every year (apart from a few females that exchanged pods), and the males have their own distinguishable group ‘song’ that they call to the females.

AAs summer approaches and the whale season comes to an end, between now and late November is the perfect time to watch mothers and calves making their journey back from the warmer waters of Far-North QLD, back down the East Coast towards the icy Antarctic.
‘‘Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent creatures on Earth, with large brains capable of learning and remembering complicated tasks and the ability to plan ahead.’’
Humpback Tailcredit: Pixabay

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Whales’ lung-to-body ratio is actually smaller than humans, but they have a significantly more efficient respiratory system that enables them to absorb as much as 90 percent of the oxygen in each intake of air – compared to around 5 percent for humans.

That oxygen attaches itself to proteins in the blood as the whale then exhales unnecessary air from its lungs to reduce buoyancy and sink – a less energy-intensive means of diving. Whilst descending, whales slow their heartbeat down significantly and blood can be diverted to vital organs from less important ones, facilitating longer, deeper dives.

The longest recorded dive was a Cuvier’s beaked whale off California in 2014, which descended approximately 2,992 metres and held its breath for 137.5 minutes.

The deepest divers are sperm whales, which regularly travel to depths of over 1000 metres to prey upon giant squid, requiring them to hold their breath for up to 90 minutes.

Humpbacks have been recorded remaining underwater for an hour, although usually they surface every five minutes for gulps of air.

Orcas seldom remain underwater over 15 minutes and need frequent breaths when hunting.

Whales and dolphins can’t breathe while they’re asleep, but they’re adept at snoozing parts of their brain while an active part enables them to stay afloat, breathe and watch for predators.


Some whales, known as ‘herders’, employ group tactics to catch prey, with one diving below a school of fish and enshrouding them in ‘nets’ of spiralling bubbles released from its blowhole. Another whale will emit a loud noise below that panics the bubble-caught fish that causes them to swim upwards to escape. The group of whales will then form a circle and follow their prey, mouths agape, and swallow the now-trapped fish near the surface.


Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent creatures on Earth, with large brains capable of learning and remembering complicated tasks and the ability to plan ahead. They’re selfaware enough to recognise themselves in reflective surfaces, and experience happiness and grief whilst empathising with others. They develop complex social networks, communicate with their own sophisticated ‘language’ and cooperate in hunting, raising their young and defending themselves.

Dolphins are arguably the most athletic of marine creatures, capable of high leaps from the water utilising complicated twists and flips. These are done for a number of reasons - including having fun! – and sometimes performed in synchronicity as a group.

Spinner dolphins – so named because of their ability to gyrate whilst in the air – are the most accomplished aerial acrobats and can twist and somersault several times during multiple leaps from the ocean.


Dolphins, found in our bays, inlets and offshore waters, are significantly more prevalent than porpoises; there are 37 dolphin species worldwide (including five freshwater river dolphins) yet only six porpoise species.

Although they’re both highly intelligent mammals and navigate underwater via sonar from the ‘melon’ in their foreheads, the distinction between them centres on their faces, figures, fins and confabulation.

Porpoises have rounder faces, smaller mouths and spadeshaped teeth whereas dolphins have elongated ‘beaks’ with cone-shaped teeth.

Porpoises are portly but dolphins are more streamlined. Porpoises have a triangular dorsal fin, like a shark, whilst dolphins’ fins curve.

Furthermore, dolphins communicate via complicated whistling sounds through their blowholes, but scientists believe porpoises are incapable of making these noises due to the different shape of their blowholes.

Dolphins often attack and kill porpoises over competition for food and territorial claims.

The single porpoise species in Australian watersspectacled - inhabits cooler waters south of Tasmania and is not seen along the east coast of mainland Australia.

Whale Watching boat cruises around Sydney: explore/whale-watching Dolphins - credit: Hamid Elbaz/Pexels Humpbacks ‘bubbleherding’ - credit: Vivek Kumar/Unsplash

GLocal author’s kids book about road safety aiming for Christmas release.

GROWING up Ash Mellross was always an incredibly creative person. For Ash, it didn’t matter whether he was painting, drawing, snapping photos or filming short movies — as long as he was creating, he was happy. As Ash grew older, the responsibilities of life took over leading him to move to Cronulla and become an emergency room nurse. However, the creative bug never left Ash and once his daughter came along he discovered the perfect outlet for his creative energy — a children’s picture book. So, for the past three years, Ash has dedicated all of his free time to his debut book, with the aim of having it ready for Christmas 2022.

Chatting to Neighbourhood Media recently, Ash spoke about how this journey all came to fruition.

‘‘When I became a parent I started thinking about the parenting must do’s, like teaching road safety and following safety instructions. From there, that’s where this little idea for the book started to grow,’’ recalled Ash. ’‘‘Three years ago, I jotted down a few bold headlines about what might be in the story and then it all grew from there.’’

While Ash was spurred on to create his children’s book following the arrival of his daughter, he explained that he was also inspired by the books he was reading to her. In particular, Ash said The Gruffalo and The Grufallo’s Child by Julia Donaldson were big inspirations for his writing style.

‘‘I was captivated by those two books when I read them to Olivia. They are such lovely books which are so well written and use rhyming couplets to make it really fun for both you as a parent & for your child listening.’’

Prior to setting out on this journey to write a children’s book, Ash was placing his creative energy into short films for YouTube, which he says he thought were ‘‘quite complex’’. He now realises that short films were much simpler than writing a book.

‘‘When I started the kid’s book, I hadn’t drawn for years and

had never focused on character drawings, so that required a lot of focus. Learning to draw these characters has been the longest part of the process,’’ explained Ash. ‘‘Creating this kid’s book has been a massive journey. There are 32 pictures in the book and the amount of time it takes to get the watercolour into those was much longer than I anticipated.’’

Writing a children’s book hasn’t only been a learning curve from the creative standpoint though. Throughout this process, Ash has had to learn all of the ins and outs of business, the processes for publishing a book and finally battling with his own emotions. As Ash said, ‘‘to create this book it’s just me, some paper, pencils and paints. It’s very much a solo journey, which can be a bit lonely at times, but I have enjoyed every moment in the process of making the book.’’

For Ash the most exciting part of this entire journey has been sharing it with his daughter. Throughout the entire process, Olivia has sat beside Ash drawing her own characters, writing her own little stories and giving Ash the seal of approval on each page as it is completed.

Ash says his next book might have to be a ‘‘rescue mission’’ after the main character was changed from a little girl named Olivia to a boy named Lee.

In terms of where parents can purchase the completed book, Ash said it will be available by print-on-demand. The decision to go with this model was influenced by two factors. Firstly, Ash said he did not want the ‘‘pressure of being responsible for other people’s money without a finished product available’’.

Secondly, Ash looked to one of his colleagues, who had previously written a book, for advice and was told to go with print-on-demand.

As for when the book will be available, Ash said: ‘‘I’ve set myself the deadline of November so that the book is ready for everybody to do their Christmas shopping.’’


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‘‘When I became a parent I started thinking about the parenting must do’s, like teaching road safety and following safety instructions. From there, that’s where this little idea for the book started to grow.’’

Keep an eye on Ash’s YouTube channel by searching Ash Mellross to see when the book is launched.


While football fever in Cronulla recently has been entirely wrapped up in the Sharks run to to the NRL Finals, there is another football code circling, just waiting for its moment to strike. Football/soccer in Sutherland has slowly been attracting players from other codes to become the “largest grassroots community sporting organisation in the country.”

IN A statement to Neighbourhood Media, Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) CEO Jeff Stewart boasted that the competition features almost 19,500 players across 26 clubs. However, that’s not all for SSFA: “Add to this our development programs, school programs, summer football, coaches, managers, volunteers and so on, and we would almost double that number,” said Stewart before continuing, “the SSFA also has the largest number of female participants of any other community football organisation in the country with women representing 35% of our total registrations.”

It’s clear to see that football is booming in Sutherland. With such a prevalence of players and clubs in the region, Neighbourhood Media wondered why Sutherland, and Cronulla in particular, had proven to be such fertile territory for the world game. For Stewart, he is of the belief that this is because the 26 clubs all have worked together with a unified vision for the sport.

“The Sutherland Shire is a very keen sporting community,” explained Stewart. “Football is strong due to the 26 clubs that make up the SSFA working together as a combined group to do what is best for the sport. There is minimal, if any, friction between the competing clubs — except on the field of course.”

Another key factor in the growth of the individual clubs is the focus on a “local” club mentality, explained Stewart.

“Football is a community-based sport with clubs domiciled in their local suburb and playing home games (where possible) at fields within or near said suburb. This reinforces the community atmosphere as players train and play home games at a local field and have a place to socialise and become acquainted with their neighbours — a much needed experience in this day and age.”

In order to maintain this local focus, SSFA has adhered to a strict “residency requirement” for players, something which Stewart says makes the size of the competition “even more telling”.

Given all of these factors, it is clear that the SSFA is a perfect entry point for anybody wanting to get out, get active and join a local sporting club. Whether you are an experienced player, a complete novice, have young kids or are a little older, SSFA has a team for you.

“Football is played by children, boys and girls alike, from Under 5’s all the way through to Over 45 competitions and due to our size and number of competitions can cater for people of all skill levels,” explained Stewart. “The SSFA (via our Academy) and our clubs also offer additional development programs and a pathway to the representative level and therefore offer everybody an opportunity to be the best player they can (or want to) be.”




15 YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIAJoin our community @ YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIA “The SSFA also has the largest number of female participants of any other community football organisation in the country with women representing 35% of our total registrations” For more information about the SSFA head to Cronulla-based SSFA clubs include: • Caringbah Redbacks Football Club • Cronulla Seagulls FC • Cronulla Stingrays Football Club • Lilli Pilli FC • Miranda Magpies • North Sutherland Soccer Club • Sutherland Titans FC • St Patricks FC Esplanade Events For all enquiries email
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WWHEN the sun’s shining and the ocean is sparkling, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful city in the world than Sydney. And one of the best ways to experience the views in all their glory is from the Harbour. And if you want to get on the Harbour, why not do it onboard Sydney’s newest and most luxurious vessel — The Jackson.

Designed especially for Sydney Harbour, The Jackson has three levels, with the mid-deck boasting floor-to-ceiling windows and designer décor — think plush blue velvet seats, statement lighting and gold finishings. Head up to The Jackson’s rooftop bar and onto the open deck to enjoy the sunshine and panoramic views as you cruise the world’s most beautiful Harbour.

The incredible Spring and Summer program has just launched with a range of ticketed events:

Chandon Harbour Long Lunch from $125 featuring –a sumptuous three-course meal that showcases modern Australian produce served up with South East Asian flair, with Abrolhos scallops and Sydney rock oysters to start.

Rose Sunday Brunch from $105 – With a sweet and savoury menu designed to delight, serving up the likes of spiced Bloody Marys, lobster rolls and stacked ricotta waffles.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Melbourne Cup or New Year’s Eve experience, then The Jackson has two events sure to please, with Melbourne Cup from $195 and the NYE event (including limitless Veuve Clicquot) promising to be one of Sydney’s most fabulous celebrations this year at $1,599 per person.

With a boat load of exciting events on offer this Spring, you’d be hard pressed to find a better excuse to get out on the Harbour and celebrate with your family and friends.

The newest and most luxurious boat on Sydney Harbour has launched their Spring Summer calendar


Is your boy an independent, creative thinker? Then Grammar may be the ideal school for him. There is no waiting list and entry is based on merit alone. If families are worried about the fees, please note that Grammar offers a very extensive fee-assistance programme to help boys attend our School. Our next Open Day will be held on Thursday 19th August. Please come along if you would like to learn more about us, meet current boys and staff and see our campus. We also host an Information Evening on our scholarships and fee-assistance programme, which this year is scheduled for Wednesday 10th November For bookings or more information, please visit, or contact Tara Rennie on 9332 5805 or email

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THIS spring we’ve formulated a menu with varying flavours, with an emphasis on Parisian liquors. This French-based menu creates a cultivation of flavours, and has a drink for everyone. The multiple range of martinis encompasses the classic Grey Goose Espresso, a divine mix of French triple-distilled vodka, cold brew coffee and Kahlua. Up for something with a bit more kick? Try the Méribel. Its flavours encapsulate fresh watermelon, and traces of crushed apple juice and pineapple. We have also sourced a local distillery, Syclla, located in Heathcote, featuring their feature vodka in the Méribel.

Peaking sours and citrus are prevalent across the board, remaining true to our beloved beachside aesthetic. The Belleville Lychee and Passionfruit Martini is inspired from St Marten’s Bellville Valley. It contains French liquors, Paraiso and Cointreau, creating sensational flavour balances of lychee and passionfruit.

Pictured right is the Alpine and Chalet Paradis. The ‘Chalet Paradis’ is an Elderflower-based cocktail, finished with Ruby Grapefruit and fresh Lemon. St Germain is prevalent across the entire menu, featuring in multiple cocktails and spritzers. Its unique sherbet lemon flavour is delicately balanced with floral notes, drawing from elderflower blossoms in the south of France. Our paradoxical Alpine is coconut-based, with flavours of triple-distilled French vodka and blood orange throughout. Its iconic blue colouring mimics our oceanside venue. As you move down the menu, you will cross to the peaks of the sours, brought to life in our Amaretto Sour and Whisky Sour. The Amaretto Sour illustrates a balance of peaking citrus, paired perfectly

Pictured: The Méribel. Its flavours encapsulate fresh watermelon, and traces of crushed apple juice and pineapple

with notes of cherry and almond.

Crossing to the Whisky Sour draws more earthy cinnamon notes to the palette, finishing with hits of angostura bitters and fresh lemon. The French Martini ties the menu together with fresh raspberries, triple-distilled French vodka, Chambord and pineapple.

Pictured: The Whisky Sour draws more earthy cinnamon notes to the palette, finishing with hits of angostura bitters and fresh lemon
TSpring has Sprung! And there’s no better place than Cronulla RSL & The Deck Bar to experience some amazing cocktails paired with amazing views!
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ApresSki Belleville Lychee and Passionfruit
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Operating since 2011, Maggie’s Rescue is a cooperative of volunteer foster carers and passionate animal advocates working together to achieve a shared vision of getting as many foster dogs as possible into their ideal forever homes.

Maggie’s has a no-kill philosophy and uses a Foster-to-Adopt approach when it comes to finding animals their forever homes. This ethos is key to the organisation’s success, as it rehabilitates each animal in preparation for their new life. This co-op puts a huge focus on reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned animals through rehoming, community education, desexing initiatives and liaising with other welfare organisations.

The Building Better Behaviour program is aimed specifically at dogs and provides a vital educational resource within local communities. The program provides access to highly-regarded vet behaviourists who provide training for all volunteer coordinators and foster carers. Since the introduction of this program, Maggie’s has been able to accept dogs that may display behavioral issues — which they hadn’t previously had resources to manage before. These

RIN: She’s a little shy but oh so sweet, Rin has come a long way whilst in foster care and is now ready to graduate to a forever home where she will be loved, adored and treated like the living angel that she is. Rin is 4 years old and if her bright green eyes haven’t hypnotised you into sending off an adoption application, her unassuming, gentle demeanor might just convince you. Rin is looking for a quiet home where she can live a chill existence, getting a cuddle on the couch or sunbaking by the window.

dogs are now given the support they need to grow and develop into perfect family dogs!


In 2011, an independent dog carer received an urgent call regarding a dog found abandoned at a property. It was Maggie, a nine-year-old Border Collie, and on arrival, evidence of her long-term neglect was immediately obvious. A vet confirmed Maggie was suffering from cancer and chronic arthritis.

She was so ill, it was felt she couldn’t be treated and the devastating decision had to be made to euthanize her. In the conversations that followed, it was decided that while the world might forget about the ‘Maggies’ who remain locked up, ill-treated, and overlooked, they simply couldn’t forget.

Maggie’s story was the catalyst, spurring a couple of animal-loving individuals to create something bigger than a rescue group — a co-operative, which would provide a safe haven for animals in need of compassionate rehoming. This is her legacy, and today the work of Maggie’s Rescue continues, honouring her memory.

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are available for foster and adoption.

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BEAU: At 8 years young, Beau the Mastiff wins the hearts of everyone he meets. His big cheesy grin and full body wags can only be outshined by his sweet demeanor and if you’re looking for a dog who you can wrap your arm around as you sit of the couch after a long day’s work, Beau’s your man. Having been in care for 7 months, Beau is long overdue for his happily ever after. He needs to be the only dog in the home but could easily fit into life either in a house or an apartment.


LIAM AND MAYA: Double the love in your life with double to dog, Liam and Maya are super chill giants who have been in foster care for a whole year! These brother, sister duo are a true delight, all they need is a short daily stroll, a few snacks and a good place to nap and these two will be happy as Larry and you will two knowing you get to share your life with some true legends. Liam and Maya are 8 years old, mix breeds, they are sweet as pie and very ready to land themselves a forever family.

USZKA: Uszka loves nothing more than the pleasure of your company! This darling lady will often seek you out to say hello and spends most of her day by your side, whether that’s settling down for a snooze on your desk whilst you work, or cuddling up beside you on the sofa while you watch TV. She’s only 3 years old and is a great mix of playful and chill, single and ready to mingle.

MILO: He’s tiny but mighty, Milo is a perfectly compact boy with a personality bigger than Ben Hur. Milo loves setting out and about, playing with his toys and if you pass the vibe check, a good cuddle. He hasn’t had an easy life and as a result has some less than desirable behaviours that need a dedicated someone to continue to manage. He is more than a lap dog, Milo is a lifestyle but for those who don’t mind a bit of a challenge, this 4 year old fuzz might just be your perfect match.


If you are interested in adopting any of these amazing creatures you can visit our website for more info:


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Jackson’s Long Lunch


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Australia’s largest and leading body shaping and wellness company, combin ing a holistic approach with non-invasive, medical-grade technology. Body Catalyst stands for more than body shaping treatments, they believe the best thing anyone can have is a positive self-image, especially about their body. Body Catalyst offers fat freezing, fat cavitation, cellulite reduction, non-surgical facelifts, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, muscle defining and pelvic floor strengthening treat ments.

2/38-60 Croydon St, Cronulla


An allied healthcare clinic in Cronulla specialising in wellness, complementary therapies for women, office workers, tradies, sports people, children and the elderly. Offering a huge range of services including Osteopath, Massage Therapy, Acupuncturist, Physiotherapist, Dry Needling Practitioner, Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness Teachings.

Cronulla St, Cronulla


Created to help the everyday person achieve true health and wellness in our busy modern lifestyle. We have designed a holistic urban sanctuary to connect your body and mind, and truly transform your life. Offering high quality and consistent Massage Therapies, Yoga, Mat Pilates and Meditation. We ensure your experience is indelible by indulging you in elegance and excellence with essential oils, warm towels and pillows, soothing music, reflection space and complimentary organic herbal teas.


Rd, Caringbah

A family oriented practice and offers both relief and wellness care. Many Cronulla patients begin care at Bayside Chiro practic with a specific health concern and then realise that chiropractic is all about optimal health. How to get well faster and stay well longer. We have been delivering quality chiro practic care to the community for 31 years, incorporating different modalities and approaches that best suit your particular issue. The primary objective is getting you well as quickly as possible.

9523 9940

Suite 209, The Kingsway, Cronulla



Exclusive distributors of engineered stone surfaces, designed to be laid di rectly over existing worktops or installed as part of a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Specialising in No Demolition Makeovers. 22 Years in the Shire.

9531 2004 181 Taren Point Rd Taren Point

OZSUN PRODUCTS (est. 1892)

A long established awning and blind business with a factory located in Caring bah in Sydney. Ozsun provides a com plete service from design to installation right across Sydney, from the Northern Beaches to the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West down to Cronulla and Sutherland Shire.

can ship awnings and blinds from anywhere in Australia.

our initial free on site consultation and quotation through to the project management and installation we pride ourselves on customer service.

Wurrook Circuit, Caringbah


A unique health and wellness spa that utilises innovative therapies to enhance mental and physical health. We combine the most cutting-edge technologies in a soothing environment that promotes wellness through relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation. It’s where science meets wellness. It’s your wellness haven. Offering premium thera pies such as whole body and local cryotherapy, infrared sauna and intravenous therapy.


Port Hacking Road, Caringbah South


Providing superior quality solutions that keep residential, commercial and indus trial properties looking their absolute best. The quality of our workmanship speaks for itself. Whether it’s a small plaster repair, or building an entire deck, our eye for detail ensures you get the best possible finish on time, every time, and for the best price available. With more than 20 years experi ence, why call anyone else?

9544 2802 Shop
9527 3322 2/23
15/22-30 Northumberland
9557 2251
Call 0403 469 757 HEALTH/WELLNESS if you want your business listed - email

HOME ctn’d


Industry leaders in the selection and installation of glass products. Our prod ucts go far beyond aesthetics and excel across a multitude of benchmarks includ ing strength, safety, energy efficiency and acoustics. We have the framework, resources and expertise to exceed your expectations in performance, compliance and budget. Covering all aspects of residential and commercial glass and glazing, our team finds you the perfect glass solution for every purpose.

9521 7298 - 9/9-11 Ethell Rd, Kirrawee


A family owned and operated business passionate about making your pool per fect. At Cronulla Pools, we’re determined to give you the ultimate pool-building experience. We’re a small business with big business capabilities and we have the experience and business acumen to deliver your vision on time, with zero fuss. We specialise in concrete pools. Concrete provides a greater level of flexibility and durability than other ma terials. It also allows us to maximise every bit of space to deliver a functional and beautiful pool.

373 706


A family run business based in the Sutherland Shire that has been providing removal and storage services to homes and businesses across Sydney for over 45 years. No matter what your reloca tion requirements, Cronulla Removals can provide the right expertise to make sure your next move is completely stress free.

Unit 16, 5 Clerke Place, Kurnell525 5222


Southern Waters Legal is a boutique law firm based in Cronulla that is dedicated to providing expert legal advice to its valued clients.We are a client focused law firm and every one of our clients is important to us. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our clients and believe the number of refer rals we receive is a testament to our level of service. With leaders in the fields of Family Law and Estate Incapacity & Succession Planning we pride ourselves on providing innovative, practical advice, service and cost effective solutions.

9523 5535

1/2 Kingsway, Cronulla


All Burns Roofing Specialize in metal roofing, wall cladding, installing skylights, wall paneling, gut tering and downpipes, storm damage and asbestos removal. At All Burns Roofing we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. The All Burns Roof ing team have over 16 years experience in the industry and are professional, fully qualified, licensed and insured.

Call 0438 256 308



A vibrant community space offering a great range of reading and audiovisual materials and much more! There’s Rhymetime and Storytime programs for pre-schoolers, lively study spaces, and free Wi-Fi and computer access. If you can’t make it to the library due to age or disability, just call our friendly Home Library Service on 9710 0459.

9523 4980 Cronulla Central, Croydon Street

An iconic, family-owned and operated business established in 1963. Greens is the longest operating business in Cronul la Mall and is currently run by the third generation of the Green Family. At Greens you will find old school, quality customer service and a vast range of comfortable and supportive shoes from your favourite brands. Their goal is to help you find shoes that are good for your foot health but that don’t compromise on style.

45 Cronulla Street, Cronulla 02 9523 2620 -


Cronulla’s leading Florist bringing pre mium, quality flowers to The Shire. WIll and Bear offer luxurious and contemporary arrangements for every occasion. Same day delivery available or visit the team in-store. Celebrating an occasion? These guys also specialise in styling events from Weddings & Corporate functions to Christenings, Baby Showers and more!

Open Wednesday - Saturday - 142a Cronulla St, Cronulla0414 654 263


Concept Financial Services provides complete financial planning services to individuals, families, professionals and businesses. We assist our Clients achieve their lifetime personal and business financial goals and objectives. Concept’s business success is continually supported by intro ductions from our valued Clients to their families, friends and acquaintances whenever assistance with financial and investment planning, retirement planning, superannuation and insurance may be required.

4/33-39 Croydon St, Cronulla 9523 1288

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powered reclining seats, a licensed bar and lounge where you can enjoy a drink, light meal and a chat pre movie. Jump onto for the latest


Waters Legal is a boutique law firm based in Cronulla that is dedicated to providing expert legal advice to its valued clients.We are a client focused law firm and every one of our clients is important to us. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our clients and believe the number of referrals we receive is a testament to our level of ser vice. With leaders in the fields of Family Law and Estate Incapacity & Succession Planning we pride ourselves on providing innova tive, practical advice, service and cost effective

and Cat Grooming - Affordable & friendly dog grooming salon with over 17 years experience. We offer weekly, fortnightly, & monthly dog grooming which includes shampoo & conditioner.

breeds are

Carrawa Rd, Caringbah

YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIA YOURNEIGHBOURHOODMEDIAJoin our community @ SHOPPING WELLNESS FASHION COMMUNITY LIVING HEALTH PETS PICK ME UP I’M FREE ISSUE #3 STORIES FROM ILLAWARRA RD + HEAPS MORE MARRICKVILLE’S FORGOTTEN TOWN HALLS SYDNEY FRINGE - NOW TILL SEPT 30! STORIES FROM ILLAWARRA RD + HEAPS MORE MARRICKVILLE’S FORGOTTEN TOWN HALLS SYDNEY FRINGE - NOW TILL SEPT 30! SHOPPING WELLNESS FASHION COMMUNITY LIVING HEALTH PETS PICK ME UP I’M FREE ISSUE #4 THE STORY OF A 60S SERIAL KILLER SYDNEY FRINGE IS BACK! + HEAPS MORE FORGOTTEN BUILDINGS OF 2010 GROWING A COMMUNITY IN HAYDEN LANE THE STORY OF A 60S SERIAL KILLER SYDNEY FRINGE IS BACK! + FORGOTTEN OF GROWING A COMMUNITY IN HAYDEN LANE SHOPPING HISTORY WELLNESS FASHION COMMUNITY LIVING HEALTH PETS PICK ME UP I’M FREE ISSUE #5 LOCAL ARTS + HEAPS MORE MURRAY COOK, THE ORIGINAL RED WIGGLE A LETTER FROM JENNY LEONG 2042 HERITAGE HOUSES SHOPPING WELLNESS FASHION COMMUNITY LIVING HEALTH PETS PICK ME UP I’M FREE ISSUE #3 + PETS OF 2074 & MORE SUPER-HOT CHICKEN AT SUPERNASH BROTHERS THE HERO SAVING LOCAL BUSHLAND yourneighbourhoodmedia Join the conversation Want to get involved in our next issue? ESPRESSONET Your local and committed, Shire-based internet service provider! EspressoNet is run by a local, for the local community. As an Espressonet customer, whether you need support, trouble-shooting or to book a consultation - you will always be connected to a real human that can solve your internet problems. No chatbots, or long waits on hold, you will always have the sup port you need, when you need it. Espressonet can also provide enhanced service levels backed by NBN - supporting local busi nesses to compete at a global level. Call 1300 692 789
Treat yourself to a movie experience like no other at the recently refurbished Cronulla Hoyts! Featuring comfortable,
screening times! 9003 3930 2 Cronulla St, Cronulla
solutions. 9523 5535 1/2 Kingsway, Cronulla THE CUTE CANINE Dog
welcome. 90B PETS if you want your business listed - email


Our warm and friendly family practice has been part of the Sutherland Shire Community since 1980, and since its early beginnings, we have always been dedicated to providing the best care and service to you and your fur-babies, all over the Shire and beyond. At our Award Winning Hospital, we have on site the best veterinary equipment to support our wonder ful team in keeping your furry family members in the best possible health. You can trust us to look after all stages of your furry family member’s life, from early babyhood through to their senior years!

41 Kingsway, Cronulla 9527 2604


Home to some of the largest pet stores in Sydney - you can find a Pet Care Warehouse in Caringbah! No pet is the same, and Pet Care Warehouse will work with you to find the perfect solutions for your pet - whether you need food, toys, medical products or training assistance!

240 Taren Point Road, Caringbah 9542 7473




is at the heart of all Council

Scrub A Doggrooming

The Sutherland Shire’s very own mobile dog washing service! Scrub-a-dog will ensure your dog is in the best hands with expert washing and drying, nail trims and hair cuts if requested. Pricing is very competitive depending on the size of your dog and it’s current condition.

Submit an enquiry online


The ideal school for boys who are inde pendent, creative thinkers with a love of learning, a curiosity about the world and a passion to get involved in sport, music, drama, debating, chess, Cadets, art and more. Grammar is an unusual school. Its liberal curriculum sets it apart, as does its focus on the life of the mind. If families are worried about the fees, please note that Grammar offers a very extensive fee-assistance programme to help boys attend our School. There is no waiting list and entry is based on merit alone.

College St, Darlinghurst 9332 5805

offer fun, safe, nurturing and educational environments


infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

play-based curriculums are diverse


services are smaller in

where we meet every child’s needs,

form strong partnerships with

collaborate on their child’s development.


Education Centre

Education Centre

Waratah Street,

Franklin Road,

Day Care



Set under the hot Cronulla sun, Henrys

South Sydney’s go-to spot for cool, contemporary dining with delicious food and a laid back atmosphere.

modern interiors for cosying up in side as well as plenty of outdoor seating for people watching, Henrys is the per fect spot to relax after a day at the beach or the ideal way to begin a night out. The Henrys food philosophy centres around high quality ingredients accentuated by on-point seasoning. Our Japanese-inspired dishes are designed to be shared which means zero food envy and a completely enjoyable food experience. Henrys is perfect for romantic date nights but equally as good for dinners with the family or long lunches with the ladies.

1 Ocean Grove Avenue, Cronulla 9058 2839


local organic and wholefood desti

the community through

of vitamins, supplements

health food products. We know health and wellness is incredibly impor

all of

and that it plays an inte

of life. Our team

about what we

believe our role here




to help you,


sell or through our expert advice from

team and qualified wellness advisors

28 PETS cnt’d KIDS
if you want your business listed - email
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ranging from Naturopaths, Nutritionist and Herbalists. 53 Cronulla
Cronulla 9544 0323 86 Gymea
Road, Gymea 9525 4704
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Waratah Street Early
Cronulla Franklin Road Early
Woolooware Family
services 9710 0466 -
JoinCRONULLA RSL MBERPROMOTIONS DOFFER S S AGE DISCOU 15%OFF OOD Join Cronulla RSL today to receive a Cronulla RSL Membership brings! Receive great offers on joining to use in the Club! SEE OUR RECEPTION TEAM TO JOIN NOW! Download our app today!



WATERGRILL BAR - Watergrill combines great casual dining, the freshest quality product and simply stunning water views all year round. There’s plenty of space in the restaurant as well as the adjoin ing Sunroom and Deck, so walk-ins are more than welcome. Bookings accepted for 8 or more people. Food is able to be purchased from Watergrill and taken to anywhere in the club.

9523 6833

38 Gerrale St, Cronulla


Located on The Bay, featuring all of your cafe favourites. Enjoy cake & coffee while overlooking the scenic views of Bate Bay. Watch the waves roll in and the yachts sail past. Where else would you rather be?

9523 6833

38 Gerrale St, Cronulla


Located in the heart of Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire, Baker Lane Cocktails serves delicious tapas and exquisite cocktails in a friendly, sophisticated space. We combine traditional prepara tions with local ingredients for dishes that are authentic to both their Spanish origins and our beachside setting. In addition, we offer craft and premium beers, a selection of wines, a full bar and a variety of delightful nonalcoholic options.

84 Cronulla St, Cronulla


The go-to destination for celebrating sunshine and good times. Grounded in the sandy shoreline of Cronulla beach, Northies relaxed & laid back culture makes it the perfect place to unwind with a cold beer or curated cocktail while enjoying the sundrenched surroundings. A locals favourite where you always feel welcome, drop in for a feed, take in the sea breeze and soak up the good vibes Cronulla is famous for.

Kingsway &, Elouera Rd, Cronulla 9523 6866


Locals are reclaiming Sydney Harbour and falling in love all over again. Travel with us this summer, use your Dine & Discover voucher and cruise for free on our Harbour Bar, thrilling locals at every level. A floating bar and casual dining experience that ticks every box with live acoustic music, bespoke cocktails, comfy lounges and 360-degree waterfront views. Take the journey and discover your dream Sydney.

Book now


A place for dinner, events, tacos and margies - fun, sun, modern Mexican, fresh seafood, succulent slow cooked tender meats, crispy tortillas and icy cold cocktails. Cozy nights by soft light inside, or cold drinks and birthdays outside… Overlooking The Kingsway and the ocean, it’s the perfect spot to drop and sip, post swim or workday. El Rey is your local cantina, ready to serve you

1 Kingsway, Cronulla


Juicy burgers and over-the-top desserts meet amazing cocktails in a one-of-akind iconic institution. Milky Lane’s been shaking up the burger scene since 2016, and won a legion of fans for our take on good times. The only thing as big as our passion for great food is our love of hip-hop. That’s why every one of our stores has a strong urban vibe, with show-stopping artwork and local DJs keeping the beats going until late.

Shop 7, 8-20 Gerrale St, Cronulla 8502 9160

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The brainchild of 3 local shire boys, Blackwood Pantry combines good times and casual dining with a twist. At Black wood, staff treat you like best mates and the kitchen team are always creating something special. You only need to check out their Instagram to know you’re in for a treat!

9544 4857

5/33 Surf Lane, Cronulla



Not all household waste can be disposed of in kerbside bins and Council clean ups. Some items are considered hazardous and can cause fires in our garbage trucks, putting our community and workers at risk Don’t put these items in your kerbside bins or on your pre-booked Council clean up. Store them away in a safe place until you can take advantage of one of Council’s free hazardous waste collection events or

do your part A N D f i r e s w n’t start
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