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Summer 2012 • Issue 12

C e l e b r a t i n g l o c a l p e o p l e . P r o m o t i n g l o c a l b u si n e ss .

Anil Khera Well informed. Responsive. Working for you. “Anil has been the most patient, informative real estate agent I’ve ever worked with. He has taken me to see many properties and made sure I was happy and well informed with my purchase. Since meeting him, he has not only gained my trust as my agent, but now as a great friend.” “With Anil’s hard work, we successfully sold our house for top dollar at a bad time of year and under less than desirable circumstances. Anil is a considerate, kind and knowledgeable real estate agent – and friend – and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help in the real estate world.” “I trust Anil to look out for my interests. He does more than an agent is required to do and this is the kind of person with whom I like to do business.”

Anil Khera has lived with his family in Toronto’s East-end since 1986. With more than 20 years of solid business and financial experience and an in-depth knowledge of the neighbourhood real estate market, Anil is well positioned to help buyers and sellers navigate the system and ultimately make a choice that will excite them for years to come.

“Anil was always very honest. He came with us to visit multiple retail properties places and did his research to make sure we knew all the details before we committed. I am glad that we had his advice to help us make the best choice. His patience and friendly attitude makes him a reliable and knowledgeable sales representative – one whom I would recommend to anyone.”

Anil has access to a network of professionals at all levels, including mortgage lenders, renovators, cleaners, home inspectors, stagers and movers. Whether you are selling your home, looking for your dream house, or buying/selling an investment/ commercial property, you can expect your real estate transaction to be professionally and personally managed with clear and concise communication every step of the way.

Anil Khera, a Realtor you can count on. An Agent you can trust.

Anil Khera, Sales Representative

Royal LePage West Realty Group, Brokerage 416-233-6276 (office) 416-805-8850 (direct)

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Neighbourhood People

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Enjoying a sunny summer day at The Beach. Photo by Cory Brake.

Food & Celebration in the Neighbourhood 16 A neighbourhood bistro with European sensibility 18 Undiscovered gems at neighbourhood wine bar

Publisher: Greg Barsoski

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6 The backyard veggie patch takes root 9 OMA Manifesto: It’s summer 13 Creating a special space for your kids 15 The Gothic beauty of Cabbagetown

Local Fashion and Beauty


Table 17

24 Refresh and renew at Rayne Spa 26 Bergstrom Originals: Caravan of Colours 28 Glorious Summer at Any Direct Flight 29 Ici Paris: A master aesthetician’s wise words 31 Delish: Celebrating one year in The Beach

Neighbourhood Health and Lifestyle 33 It’s summer: always be prepared 35 Q&A with S&S Motors

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Creative sparks fly for neighbourhood metal artist “The moment I sparked my first arc, I knew this was what I was going to do.”


into Wendy Kelloway’s weld done design studio on Carlaw Avenue and you understand immediately that this is a place where things are conquered; where the immutable is bent and shaped by fire and imagination; where the creative spirit asserts itself in a shower of sparks to coax art from the elements. The smell of ground metal permeates the air; sheets of metal line the walls; shelves are stacked with lengths of steel and rebar; cupboards bulge with scrap – found treasures like antique tools, toys and farm implements – waiting for the kiss of the torch and a new life. Wendy has always “made things in one form or another,” but welding as a means of feeding body and soul came later in life – 14 years ago, while she was driving a bus for BC Transit. After five years behind the wheel she was offered the opportunity to apprentice in the company’s welding shop. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to work on buses,” says Wendy, whose father tinkered with stick welding and was always ‘make-shifting’ something, “but I was intrigued by welding.” So she took a course to gauge her interest. “The moment I sparked my first ark, I knew this was what I was going to do.” She bought $1,500 of equipment and started welding in her garage, making funky wine racks, trellises and mirrors. When a friend opened a gallery, she invited Wendy to exhibit in her first show. All 11 pieces sold. “People were raving about my work.” After moving back to Toronto from Victoria, BC, in 1999, Wendy worked out of the basement of her home. “When I finished a piece it had to go out



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“There’s a real charm to taking something and making it into something else: knowing that it’s not going to landfill; knowing its story.” the window. The neighbours helped me hoist it over four yards to get it to the alleyway!” Wendy sold her pieces in a number of stores and galleries and when the recession hit she shifted her focus to custom work. “I started making one-of-a-kind pieces out of found scrap; reclaiming, reusing and recycling metal ‘junk’ and turning it into art.” She estimates there are more than 500 of her one-of-a-kind candelabras out in the world. “People bring me rustic, hand-worn tools and ask me to make them into something functional. They have memories in things that are just lying around or stored somewhere. The creative possibilities are endless.” Today, Wendy is concentrating on her own projects, “creating, and trusting that people will like my work and, ultimately, buy it.” She rarely keeps anything she makes. “I don’t get attached to my work. Each piece means something to me, but I want it to mean something to someone else. Art is meant to be shared.” Which is why Wendy makes sure her work is priced reasonably. “What’s the point of creating if people can’t have what I’ve made?” What she’s making now is industrial style furniture. “It’s chic. It’s retro. Even though it’s

made from steel, it doesn’t feel cold; it doesn’t look heavy. There’s a softness to it, a lightness, a warmth.” Like the vintage steel workbench she has created as an island in her kitchen, with a farm-found wood beam surface. “There’s a real charm to taking something and making it into something else: knowing that it’s not going to landfill; knowing its story. I incorporate old objects into new pieces. We’re such a disposable society. There’s a real need for this kind of work.” And a real appreciation for it. It is in Wendy’s loft – her showroom (open by appointment) – that form and function come together. “I created this living/work space just down the street from my studio. I’m so comfortable when I’m here and that’s how people feel when they come to see my work. They see my own furniture in my own place. There’s no pressure. It’s a great way to combine business and pleasure.” Customers can buy off the showroom floor, or have pieces built to their own specifications. Designs can be Wendy’s own or a collaboration

between artist and client. “Some people know exactly what they want and some people need the complete vision.” Vision is something this metal artist has in ample supply. And she’s more than happy to share. “I do this because I love it and I am very thankful that I can be creative for a living.” So where does Wendy see herself 10 years from now? “Hopefully retired, on an island, creating. I might not be making large cabinets – I joke that I’m coming back as a feather pillow maker! – but I will be creating. I have always believed that if you put your energy in what you want to do and love to do, it can only come back to honour you.” It has. See for yourself at the weld done design showroom, 290 Carlaw Avenue, Suite 203.

To book an appointment, call Wendy at 416-469-5242 email visit |

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The Beach Quaint Stroll by Nathalie Prezeau

Have you noticed how, when you go to another city, you think nothing of walking for hours to enjoy its vibe, but you hardly ever do this at home? Nothing beats a casual stroll through the nooks and crannies of The Beach to fully appreciate what a great neighbourhood it is.


Peek southbound down any of the streets from Glen Manor Drive to Victoria Park Avenue and you’re sure to see a pictureperfect little road running into a patch of the sparkling lake, framed by gorgeous cottages and topped with an arch of tall trees. And the good news is, the farther you are from Kew Gardens (1), the easier it is to find street parking. I prefer parking on the streets around Beech Avenue because it is close to my darling coffee shop in the area, The Remarkable Bean, at 2242 Queen East. I first visited them after reading on blogTO that they made the best salty muffins in town, and I’ve been hooked on their decadent confections ever since.

needs to be replaced again this is not the final one


This section of The Beach is really charming, with French merchandise at adjacent Luberon, Mira’s jam-packed consignment store, local fixture Fox Theatre and Ed’s Real Scoop (4), which offers gelato and ice cream made from scratch, further west. Facing Ed’s is Chocolate by Wickerhead Co., at 2375 Queen East, selling exquisite chocolates at a good price. (I once saw a beautiful Venus molded in white chocolate for sale in this little artisanal shop.) Nearby, the outdoor patio of family restaurant Garden Gate (3) overlooks Beech Avenue. I can’t think of a better place to have a ‘far niente’ moment. Walk further east along Queen and check north on Neville Park Boulevard for some


5 |

Neighbourhood Living |


great properties perched on top of steep front yards. (The Beach north of Queen is filled with these hilly streets.) Return to Queen and turn right to visit Life is Sweet Bakery at 2328 Queen East and sample some yummy cupcakes. The Fox has been serving The Beach community for nearly a century! The independent theatre acquired its name in 1937 but it existed before. It features the hot-ticketed movies of the hour, as well as movies you can’t watch anywhere else. Check the detailed monthly schedule with trailer clips on the website at A movie combined with a treat from any of the surrounding decadent places ... now that’s a no-brainer summer outing.

Turn left at Munro Park to reach the secluded part of Balmy Beach, with its dreamy houses. Most visitors don’t reach this part of the waterfront so it remains relatively quiet, even in the middle of the season. From there, you could follow The Boardwalk (2) for 2.4 km to the western end of Woodbine Beach (10) to enjoy one of Toronto’s best assets, its great waterfront. (To walk there and back will probably take you about an hour.) Or you can take Willow Avenue by The Balmy Beach Club (5), turn left on Park Avenue and right on Beech, to get back to Queen.


Turning left on Queen, you’ll find some points of interest along your way to Ivan Forrest Gardens, by Glenn Manor Drive. There’s Arts-on-Queen, the little store at 2198 Queen East, which features a wide selection of eclectic art. Beacher Café (which opens at 11 a.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. on the weekends) is a favourite among the locals at 2162 Queen East. Staff at the whimsical BeadWorks (6) at 2154 Queen East are always ready to show you some of their inspiring creations and give you ideas for projects you can make with their incredible selection of colourful beads from around the world. The treasures at Kids at Home (7) at 2086 Queen East and Chatelet Home, across the street, are equally gorgeous and fun to sift through.

The Beach Pie Shack was the first to open. People were so quick to embrace it that the owner decided to open a second location in 2011 in the west-end neighbourhood of The Junction (259 Annette Street) and a brand new one in The Kingsway (3A Wendover Road), at the corner of Bloor Street West). If you find these new dessert shops as charming as the original, it’s no big mystery. All three were decorated by the same designer, Stephan Howard, the talented owner of Flik by Design in Leslieville.

Then, you arrive at Ivan Forrest Gardens. (8) This lovely little park leads to the section of Glen Man or Drive where you can access Glen Forest Park (9) and its ravine – an adventure in itself for young explorers. The park faces The Pie Shack at 2305 Queen, which I find very cool, with its large sculpture of a pie hanging from the upper window. This place serves huge wedges of pie you’ll want to share with a friend... or not!





The place has a lovely French country feel and its cupboards are filled with games and books for customers to enjoy while they linger over dessert. Last time I visited, a small group of well-behaved teens were there to celebrate a good hockey game with a warm piece of pie. It truly felt like we were back in the 50s! Nathalie Prezeau has played the tourist in and around the city since she moved to Toronto from Montreal 20 years ago. This article is a short adaptation of The Beach Quaint Stroll, one of 28 walks described in the author’s new guide, Toronto Urban Strolls ... for girlfriends (sold locally at Chocolate by Wickerhead, 2375 Queen East). She’s also the author of Toronto Fun Places ... for families, now in its 5th edition. Both guides are sold in major bookstores and online at |

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“There is nothing quite like experiencing the joy of harvesting fresh food that you’ve grown yourself, just steps away from your own kitchen.”

The backyard veggie patch takes root Five

years ago, Marc Green and Arlene Hazzan Green converted their tiny Roncesvalles Village backyard into an edible oasis, sparking a transformation that took even them by surprise. Suddenly, friends and neighbours started dropping by for gardening tips, a share of their bounty or just to escape the hectic pace of city life. Before they knew it, Marc and Arlene had left their lucrative jobs in the television industry to create organic vegetable gardens for other people, and The Backyard Urban Farm Company (BUFCO) was born. The catalyst for the life change came in 2008 while watching The End of Suburbia, a film that forecasts the demise of the landfill lifestyle and the shift to local, self-sustainable living. “It scared the hell out of us,” says Arlene. “We started looking at how much we’ve taken out of the system and decided it was time to give something back.”



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Confronted with the reality of a dysfunctional food system, the Greens resolved to take greater control of what they put on their table, but were faced with the challenge of a tiny backyard. Then they heard about the benefits of gardening in raised beds. A raised bed allows you to grow 2.5 times more vegetables than an in-ground garden. And raised beds are easy on your body because you don’t have to bend nearly as much. “Weeding is easier, watering is easier, pest control is easier,” says Arlene. “The gardens look beautiful, the cedar smells beautiful, and the beds last for years.” Marc fashioned three raised garden beds out of cedar posts in their small backyard and Arlene planted them with tomatoes, peppers, peas, bush beans and more. “We couldn’t believe the transformation: from a place where we could barely get a patch of grass to grow, to this flourishing vegetable garden,” Arlene recalls. “It became a beautiful, lush space that we used every day, not just for growing food but for relaxing, entertaining, living.” Today, BUFCO is helping people set up their own raised bed and in-ground vegetable gardens and helping them realize that growing your own food is surprisingly easy, with incredibly tasty results. “There is nothing quite like experiencing the joy of harvesting fresh food that you’ve grown yourself, just steps away from your own kitchen,” says Marc. The couple design, install and maintain organic vegetable gardens for homes, schools and businesses in the GTA for a diverse group of clients, from suburban homeowners in Etobicoke to downtown urbanites; from

Photo credits: Marc Green, Arlene Hazzan Green

chefs wanting fresh herbs to schools that are developing curricula based on food access. “Most of our clients want to soak up the experience of working with us in the garden,” says Arlene. “They learn how to identify weeds and tell beneficial insects from invasive pests; about companion planting, succession planting, seed saving, season extension and trellising. Others want us to do it for them. And that’s perfectly fine, too.” When the couple started BUFCO, “we wanted to live smaller, more locally and less wastefully, and still be able to make a modest income,” Arlene says. “And we wanted to help people learn how to grow their own food.” One of the unexpected benefits of their new lifestyle and business is the camaraderie of a whole new community of like-minded people. “We are absolutely amazed by how much we have discovered,” says Marc. “For all our desire to put back into the system, we’re humbled at how much the system keeps giving back to us.”

647-290-2572 |

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Inspire on the Danforth Unusual Gifts and Home Décor Summer Sale

Unlike other chores that pile up in the driveway, clutter the garage or run wild in the front yard, your financial situation is a

5% off up to $20 10% off over $20

little less obvious. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of our complimentary financial review at least once a year. We will discuss the different strategies available to help put your

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finances in line with both your short- and long-term goals.

To schedule your complimentary financial review, call or visit today. Nadine De Palma Financial Advisor .

928 Danforth Avenue (just west of Donlands) 416.466.1095

2146-B Queen Street East Toronto, ON M4E 1E3 416-686-5470

Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund

Without a hitch™

LANDSCAPE DESIGN & STAGING With 25 years combined experience in Hard and Soft Landscaping, Without A Hitch can confidently assist you with your design wishes and see them through to completion. Our primary focus is first rate Quality Products and Services. During the consultation process we will come to your property, take pictures and develop a concept with your vision and budget in mind. Without A Hitch can also assist you when selling your house for that curb appeal to help draw clients in.

• Garden Design & Installation • Pool Landscapes




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• Custom Woodwork, Decks & Fences • Landscape Lighting

For a consultation please contact us at 416-885-6380


oma’s summer manifesto

Try something new Draw on the sidewalk and play in the park

Slow down Take your yoga outside Be in the now (it’s pretty great here) Make lemonade from scratch Be mindful; it goes a long way

CREATE COMFORT & JOY (it’s not just for the winter holidays) Bike until you start to smile

Hydrate with salad!

Reconnect with nature Embrace your feet and let those toes dance

Look in the mirror and repeat: “I ROCK!” Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats - OH MY!

Inspire Hope ~ Build Health ~ Celebrate Life

Frolic in public splash pools

Homemade strawberry popsicles need we say more? Take a magical cool shower on a hot day

416 469 0369 Think before you flip that AC on — the planet and your body will thank you. |

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Announcing a Once in a Lifetime Sale on Handwoven Carpets from Persia and the Orient! Lashar Carpets is overstocked and the Fall carpets are on their way! Sale ends August 15, 2012

Hossein Rafat, Lashar Rugs 744 Danforth Ave. • 416-461-0888 •

Rug Cleaning and Repair Free pickup and delivery. We offer professional cleaning, stain removal, fringework, repair patchwork and more.

416-461-0888 10


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Fine Pakistani GABBEH Rug (veg. dye) 6’4” x 8’2”

Genuine Persian HERIZ Rug 7’6” x 10’6”

Genuine Persian KASHAN Rug 6’8” x 10’1”

Fine Pakistani ZIEGLER Rug (Tree of Life) 8”6” x 11’6”

Fine Afghani SHIRVAN Rug 6’ x 8’

Fine Pakistani CHOBI Rug (veg. dye) 8’ x 10’ | |

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416 778 8936

W W W. Z E N P O R I U M . C O M

Quality I'veCreate just made a change for the better

FAT I M A BR EGM A N :: S al e s R e p re se ntative ::

The greater the quality of your home, the greater its value on the market. You are much more likely to achieve or exceed your selling price if potential buyers see that the property is clearly worth it.

I'm delighted to announce that I've moved my professional practice to

How do you create quality?

RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd. Because RE/MAX® sets an industry standard for real estate excellence, up-to-the-moment research, strong There no mistaking quality. considering selling your property, make teamwork and isentrepreneurship —When as well as for exemplary community sure that the quality is obvious inside and out—but especially in those rooms engagement outside the real estate world — this move raises the bar on where buyers tend to focus their attention. Concentrate on the kitchen and my career and on the I can offer my clients. bathroom; theyvalue are particularly valuable for showcasing quality. Invest in some high-end kitchen appliances that are both aesthetic and efficient. Or tired and fixtures with some that areyou. state-ofWhat'sreplace better foroutmoded me isbathroom definitely better for the-art in design and use. You’ll be sending a message of quality in taste as well as in function—and that message is irresistible potential Let me show you what this change can mean to you. Iftoyou are buyers. considering buying or selling a property, or if you simply want a home Is it time to sell? I can help you get there. With years of experience to draw evaluation is a cut above theneed rest,tobe in touch. on,that I understand what you prepare your home for the market—from essential repairs and touch-ups to simple, cost-effective decorating. The result: more prospective buyers, an excellent price for your home, and a Not intendedhighly to solicit buyers sellers currently under contract with a brokerage. satisfi edorseller.



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office : 416.486.5588 direct : 416.219.6956 723 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto, Ontario M4S 2N4

Creating a special space for your kids Every

day at Kids At Home, we meet parents and soon-to-be parents who are looking for advice about how to decorate their child’s room. What colour is the right colour? What if my teenage daughter wants a different hue on each wall? Should I go cars, pirates or dinosaurs in my son’s room? Are safari animals still the trend for the nursery or is vintage staging a comeback? Trends, colours and patterns change seasonally. In the spring, the hot colour was tangerine. Parents came into the store looking for bedding and carpets that had any shade of orange for their kids’ bedroom makeover. This summer, the ‘must have’ colour is blue. And not just any blue ... robin’s egg blue or turquoise. Last year, dragonflies were all the rage. This year it’s owls. The truth is that preferences matter more than current trends. What are your children’s favourite colours? What do they want in their bedroom? Their room is their special place with all their special things. Involve them in as many choices as age allows and you will find the room evolves into the perfect space for both you and your child. As for the nursery, what makes you smile? The colours, textures and patterns that soothe your soul and make your spirit soar will work perfectly for your baby. Your peacefulness and joy will be infectious. Whether you’re decorating a room for your new addition or updating your children’s personal space, come see us at Kids At Home. We’d love to hear your ideas and share our creative design solutions.

Marg Gillespie Kids At Home Inc. 2086 Queen Street East 416-698-9726 |

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greentea d e s i g n


388 CARLAW AVE SUITE 200 416.462.1459

DAILY 10-6 SUNDAY 12-5

Danforth Living “and loving it!”

This is an amazing urban neighbourhood that just gets better and better with every new restaurant, shop and resident! I’ve lived here since 1969 and know it’s about caring and involved people that makes it such a dynamic community. Every client I work with, every house I sell adds to my commitment to the Danforth area! Call me when you want an agent who cares about you and the community you choose to live in. I’ll give you the utmost in service, expertise and neighbourhood knowledge when helping you buy or sell.

de n i l e Z

RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage 724 Pape Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 3S7



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Zelinde Kaiser Sales Representative

Find out more at: Email me at: Give me a call at: 416.462.1888

The Gothic Beauty of Cabbagetown “Eight slender, elegant Victorian houses with steep Gothic gables feature details from the 1880s and exhibit the true spirit of the Canadian Queen Anne Revival Style.”

As a new resident of Cabbagetown, I am both impressed and overjoyed by the variety of beautiful homes to be found in the neighbourhood, from modest English cottages to stately Victorian mansions in the Italianate Style. But just as impressive as the buildings themselves are the architectural details that exist in such abundance. In northeast Cabbagetown, for example, there is a group of eight slender, elegant Victorian houses with steep Gothic gables that feature details from the 1880s and exhibit the true spirit of the Canadian Queen Anne Revival Style. Victorian styles are a mixture of Gothic and classical motifs interpreted and reinterpreted by English, northern European and North American architects. In the later 19th century, artists who were part of England’s Pre-Raphaelite Movement – Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones, among others – helped to develop a lighter, more artful approach to architecture and architectural details than their more Gothic predecessors.

Queen Anne Revival in England was rooted in a love of the ideal past, of symbolism and ‘the picturesque’ – a belief in the beauty of nature, change and the processes of decay. Queen Anne in Canada is perhaps not so picturesque as it is super-eclectic, combining medieval English Gothic-flavoured influences with classical elements from the ancient world and more to boot. In Cabbagetown, artisans working in the style employed the newest advances in woodcutting technology to create crisp abstract leaf motifs and a repeating pattern that reminds me of a coffered ceiling I saw inside a classical Roman dome. Queen Anne style reveled in the juxtapositionofnatural elements: bricks, stone and wood. One of the Cabbagetown ‘eight’ features the same

intricate wood carving, but with grey stones set close together within the wood frame, the ones in the centre chosen carefully to create the iconic symbol of an eye. In another, a highly textured panel made out of plaster or concrete - one that looks like waves on a stylized sea or thick grass - complements the carved gables. I wonder what the two gables currently undergoing renovation will look like when they’re done…. For more information about the city’s historic buildings, please visit the Heritage Preservation Service at http://www.toronto. ca/heritage-preservation/

Mark Freeman

Sales Representative office 416.466.2090 direct 647.309.7439 1858 Queen St. E., Toronto M4L 1H1 |

Neighbourhood Living |



food + celebration

A neighbourhood bistro with European sensibility


there’s a rooster on the sign and it looks more like a spit-and-polish barn than an upscale French restaurant, but diners at Table 17 are soon reminded that looks can be delightfully deceiving. This is no run-of-the-mill chicken joint. Table 17 is a chic neighbourhood bistro, with rock ’n’ roll on the radio and a menu that is heavily influenced by the great kitchens of Europe. “The atmosphere is very friendly, very casual, and the interior has that rustic farmhouse feel,” says owner Erik Joyal,



Neighbourhood Living |

“but that doesn’t take away from our standards of food and the quality of our service. We’re just as haute cuisine as any of the big, fancy restaurants in the city.” Erik and his partner, executive chef John Sinopoli, opened Table 17 in June 2008. The two owned Izakaya for three and half years and, although their Japanese restaurant was a success, they longed to open an eatery that was more in line with their backgrounds. John, a first generation Italian who studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York City and worked at venerable restaurants in NY, and Erik, a

“We pulled bits and pieces of our life experience together to create the atmosphere and menu at Table 17.” Montreal-born French Canadian who lived in France and the UK and obtained his MA in food and hospitality management in NYC, “pulled bits and pieces of our life experience together to create the atmosphere and menu at Table 17,” says Erik. “Something that was neither French nor Italian, but European Continental.” Erik had fallen in love with the Leslieville/ Riverside area years before, and watched with interest as trendy new restaurants and retail operations started popping up. “It was a neighbourhood in transition and on the rise. At the same time, rents were really reasonable.” They found the perfect location and 12 weeks later opened Table 17. (Seventeen is the tally of the numbers of the bistro’s street address: 782 Queen Street East.) The neighbourhood was quick to embrace the new venture and, over the last four years, Table 17 has become one of the anchors of the community. While there were the usual startup hicccups – “the restaurant took some time to find itself,” Erik says – it has developed into

something that makes the partners proud, with a great product and a great staff. The menu started out small and simple, and while it remains modest in size, John has gradually added layers of complexity. Like the wine list, which is constantly evolving, dishes change according to the season, allowing the partners to keep things fresh in every sense of the word. Some of the signature items at Table 17 include John’s ‘hot balls’ – arancini (deep fried Italian rice balls) filled with mushrooms and cheese in tomato sauce, goat cheese with Ontario wildflower honey dipping sauce and braised lamb in a sweet mint sauce – and soft polenta with seasonal sugo. Braised pork with zucchini and family style lamb ragu, meant for sharing, are also fixtures on the menu. Ingredients – many of them organic – are sourced locally, and everything is made fresh, in-house. Table 17 is open seven nights a week from 5:30 p.m. and brunch is served from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. (A private

dining room on second floor, with its own kitchen, bar and washroom, seats 24 for dinner and up to 40 people for a standing cocktail function.) For the past two years, Table 17 has featured a table d’hote menu for $35 on Sunday and Monday. The prix fixe meal features some of the restaurant’s most popular items and a few special selections only available on these days. Patrons are invited to bring their own wine and the partners waive the corkage fee. “We are purveyors of great food and great service at a price that makes a night out affordable for people in our neighbourhood,” says John, summing up the Table 17 philosophy. “We love it when our customers tell us they loved the food and the great server who really took care of them. And we love it when they tell us that they’ll be back!”

Erik Joyal and John Sinopoli Table 17 782 Queen Street East 416-519-1851 (online reservations) |

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down the street from Table 17, the Leslieville/Riverside flagship enterprise of restaurateurs Erik Joyal and John Sinopoli, you’ll find the partners’ newest venture: Ascari Enoteca. Opened in December of last year, Ascari has a different vibe than its bistro sister, but this neighbourhood wine and pasta bar at 1111 Queen Street East makes the same commitment to great food, great wine and great service. The main attraction at Ascari, says Erik, is an eclectic wine list that changes from visit to visit. “We focus primarily on regional Italian wines, from small boutiques to wellknown producers, but we also love to find really interesting labels from other parts of the world that our customers wouldn’t normally get to experience.” There are great VQAs from Niagara and Prince Edward County, as well as more obscure selections at great price points from emerging wine markets far off the beaten path: The Republic of Georgia, Slovenia, Greece and Croatia. “We’d talked for years about opening a really great wine bar,” says executive chef John. “We offered handmade pasta at Table 17 as a vegetarian entrée, so it was a natural choice for Ascari, where we wanted our food to accompany and complement our wines rather than compete with them.”

Undiscovered gems at neighbourhood wine bar “We love to find really interesting wines from other parts of the world that our customers wouldn’t normally

Photo credit: Dine T.O.

get to experience.”

Ascari Enoteca is named after 1950s Italian Formula 1 racing legend Alberto ‘Ciccio’ (Chubby) Ascari, who had an insatiable appetite for good food and wine as well as high speed adventure. Ascari pays homage to the two-time world champion with a food and beverage menu that captures the elegance and style of the classic Italian enoteca (wine bar). The decor is modern and simple, and the space is open and inviting, with everything – tables, bar, kitchen – exposed for the eye to see. “It’s a casual, relaxed atmosphere,” says Erik, “and nothing is particularly expensive. We offer a really interesting wine list and some really great, well executed, ingredient-driven food.” The idea is to give people a place to linger over a simple, delicious meal. Pastas are made fresh daily in-house and change according to the season. As well, there are a variety of salads for sharing, meat and cheese boards ... anything that goes well with a glass – or a bottle – of wine. “That’s what a wine bar is all about,” says John. “Trying a little taste of lots of things.” And staff aren’t hung up on etiquette. “We’ll make suggestions,” says John, “but we’re not going to tell people what they should be drinking. We all have our own tastes. Some people just want a big bold glass of red wine – they don’t care what they’re eating.” It’s that relaxed attitude that has endeared Ascari Enoteca to the community. Of course, “it helps that we’ve been in the neighbourhood for years,” says Erik. “It doesn’t take people long to figure out the connection and our reputation has carried over into Ascari.” Like Table 17, Ascari is open seven nights a week for dinner from 5:30 p.m. “Monday nights, we took a page out of Table 17 with a twist,” says Erik. Although everyone is welcome, ‘Industry Night’ is geared to people who work in the restaurant business and have the evening off. At Ascari, Monday night is party night. “All our bottles of wine are 50 per cent off and we have a hip-hop DJ, a manager at Table 17, who comes in and spins tunes from the 80s and 90s starting at 9:30 p.m. There’s nothing else like it in the east end of Toronto for people who work in the service industry.” Regardless of the night, wine is available by the bottle or the glass and tasting flights are in the works. As well, there is Wine Club that meets six times a year. For $50, grape enthusiasts enjoy snacks, eight or nine different wines, and an educational talk. “We want people to know they don’t have to spend a fortune on the expensive stuff,” says John. “They can discover gems at Ascari that will blow them away without breaking the bank.”

Ascari Enoteca 1111 Queen St. E. • 416-792-4157 • |

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Having an affair? Let us cater it!

If there’s an event on your horizon, let Lisa Shamai Cuisiniere render every detail a piece of cake. Intimate gatherings, galas, weddings, corporate splashes – we deliver dishes from around the world with delicious homemade taste and professional flair. Invite us to your next affair and we’ll bring more than two decades of expertise to the table.




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Your Gateway to Greek Food & Culture • Dine in, Take out & Delivery • Catering • Outdoor Patio • Prix Fixe Menus

Upstairs party room seats up to 50 guests with private bar & washrooms

401 Danforth Avenue 416 . 4 61 . 9 577

Hours of Operation Sun. - Thurs. 11:30am - 10pm Fri. - Sat. 11:30am - 12am


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Melanie’s Bistro L UNCH • B RUNCH • D INNER

Family owned & operated, serving the community for 53 years.

Locally raised, free range & air chilled. Reminder to order your Thanksgiving Turkeys We cater to your needs.

906 DANFORTH AVENUE Tel: 416-465-7901 Delivery Available!

Prix Fixe Menu: $25 for 3-course dinner July 3 - August 30 every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 1870 Danforth Avenue • 416-422-1870

“Purveyors of fine Maritime foods”

1101 Victoria Park and St. Clair • 416-755-9960 22


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Come experience one of the city’s hidden gems and Leslieville’s hottest patio! Resident DJs spinning bumping grooves every Friday and Saturday will get you movin’ and shakin’!

1173 dundas street east carlaw & dundas 416.849.5331

monday to saturday 5pm - 2am |

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fashion + beauty


Refresh and renew at Rayne Spa | 257 Danforth Ave. | 416.405.9465 24


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an interior as restful as its name, Rayne Spa is the latest addition to Danforth’s spa scene ... and it certainly raises the bar. A beautiful four-storey reno on an old building near Broadview has transformed this space into a restful oasis. With a sunny deck for lounging, and multiple floors of cleanly designed treatment areas, Rayne Spa will satisfy anyone who is looking for a touch of luxury. A water wall on the main floor, dark wood cabinetry and calming music set the tone from the moment one steps in the door. This is no ordinary spa, and the woman behind it all, Renay Loucaides, explains that after a whirlwind month to get things ready, she’s enormously happy with this new chapter in her life. An aesthetician by training, Renay worked for MAC for years, starting in make-up and finishing in a top corporate position. From there, this busy mother of two young girls went to Apple, where she was responsible for 200 employees and, later, to Victoria’s Secret. Her immersion in the business world gave Renay first-hand knowledge of what women need to keep them going. “These amazing companies, particularly Victoria’s Secret, helped me to understand that girl power is really based

“Girl power is really based on strong self-esteem. I love the thought of pampering hard-working women so they are refreshed and ready to face their busy lives.”

on strong self-esteem. I love the thought of pampering hard-working women so they are refreshed and ready to face their busy lives.” A life-long resident of the Danforth neighbourhood, Renay’s community involvement doesn’t stop at the doors of the spa. As well as sponsoring corporate events – a reward party for employees or a girl party for grads – Rayne Spa also offers spa days to organizations like Nellie’s, so women in all circumstances have the opportunity to be pampered. In every way, Renay has been able to express her values and promote her lifestyle choices in this “dream come true” venture. She’s aiming to have the business green certified and, apart from the eyelash extensions, all her products are organic or vegan, even the nail shellac, which will be available soon. The staff – knowledgeable, well-trained veterans Renay has known for years – share the same level of commitment to exceptional care and quality. Renay opened the doors to Rayne Spa on April 1 of this year to a warm Danforth welcome, and the lovely aesthetic of the spa and its focus on organic replenishing treatments have already made it a neighbourhood destination. Treat yourself to a visit. |

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in StorE now


It’s not the clothes you wear, it’s the life you live in them. Exclusive store designs by Any Direct Flight. PLUS a distinctive collection of Canadian designers.

FLiGHt CAFE iS now oPEn in oUr EASt EnD StorE. Euro espresso-bar fare includes organic espresso drinks, teas, warm sandwiches. or



1382 Queen Street East (just east of Greenwood) 416.504.0017

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A master aesthetician’s wise words “We spend money on our cars, clothes and shoes without thinking anything of it, but getting a treatment at a professional skin care clinic and spa like Ici Paris is often considered a luxury.” Aliki Stefanou, Ici Paris’ master aesthetician for 32 years, has a personal understanding of the toll that poor skin can take on one’s self-esteem. This radiant woman dealt with acne issues when she was young and understands exactly what it feels like. It wasn’t until she began to clear her skin using authentic European holistic treatments that she was able to free herself from this burden and regain her confidence. Her understanding of the emotional relationship between looks and selfimage underlies her determination to help young people in particular. “The European traditions of taking care of the body naturally, from the inside out, should start early and become part of an everyday routine”, Aliki says. Young girls in Europe learn from watching their grandmothers and mothers apply masks – made from

natural ingredients – regularly at home, and the need to protect the skin in order to age gracefully is understood at an early age. “The whole culture of applying a mask is a European practice that clarifies the skin and makes it supple and fresh.” A master aesthetician, Aliki still personalizes her own recipes as well as using the best grade of European products in her treatments. “People’s cell structure varies,” she says. “In some individuals, collagen rebuilds more easily, which is why they often show no obvious damage from sun exposure for a long time. Genetics can make a big difference, but the application of topical creams containing Vitamin C, a little extra collagen, and incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables into the diet are tips that can help everyone”. Fortunately, a proper skincare regimen doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It

Ici Paris Skin Care Clinic and Spa 416 461 1774 370 Danforth Ave can be incorporated slowly but regularly into your routine and tailored to fit anyone’s means. “Many people think they save time and money by using make-up to hide imperfections, but it can be liberating to eliminate a problem entirely. We spend money on our cars, clothes and expensive shoes, without thinking anything of it, while while getting a treatment at a highly professional skin care clinic and spa like Ici Paris is often considered a luxury. |

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Ultra-Sof t, Naturally Sustainable Clothing Bamboo has natural sustainability. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides for its cultivation. It grows rapidly without depleting the soil. Its anti-bacterial qualities repel odour. It’s silk-like softness is the best material to wick sweat from the body.

Create your own Accessories 2154 Queen St. East 416.693.0780

Do Bamboo 764 Danforth Ave

(416) 465-4800

Hours Mon.- Fri. 11am - 7pm Sat. 10am - 6pm Sun. 12pm - 5pm

Need perfume? Take a Look!

Burberry of London 100 ml eau de parfum


Beauty & Fashion Trends Free consultation CROWN Resident DJ’s spinning plus extensive drink lists get you bumping Serene, relaxing environment of jewels Mon-Sat: 5pm-2am every Friday and Saturday Nights. Visit us today 1173 DUNDAS STREET E. CARLAW & DUNDAS 416.849.5331 1230 Kingston Rd. (416) 686-5759 30


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Davidoff Cool Water 100 ml eau de parfum



PENNY WISE FR AGR ANCES 1366 Danforth Avenue (East of Greenwood)


Mention Neighbourhood Living to receive a gift with purchase

2116-G Queen Street E, Toronto


DeLish by studio d


one year

in The Beach! |

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complete family dental care


Dr. Gus Servinis, dds Dr. Rose T. Filipchuk, dds Dr. Leora Ilia (laura iliagviev), dds

open 7 days a week Services offered: • Tmj Botox • Invisalign • Cosmetic dentistry • • • •

Root canal treatment Gum treatment Wisdom teeth and cysts Orthodontics

• Denture clinic on site


permanent teeth in one day • fast rehabilitation in just one day • no waiting period, additional surgeries or bone grafts • procedure on upper/lower jaw or both • save on time and pain • eat all types of foods



717 Pape Ave., Suite 207


3420 Finch Ave. E, Suite 208

416.756.7915 •



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for qualified clients

health + lifestyle



that the warmer weather is here, many of us like to spend as much time as possible outside. Sports leagues, going to the beach, patio get-togethers, barbecues – are a sample of outdoor activities in which we partake. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun. Overeating and over-exerting are common but avoidable mistakes. To make sure you’re always prepared for summer activity, here are a few tips – DOs and DON’Ts that will help you to maximize your energy and enjoyment this summer.

It’s Summer: Always Be Prepared

Be Strong and Conditioned

Balanced Nutrition


Strength and conditioning are not just for athletes! We all need both to improve in any activity in which we participate.

Summer eating can easily become unhealthy with all the time spent outdoors. It’s easy to forget to eat a balanced meal when having a good time with friends and family, playing sports or socializing.

We’ve heard it countless times. You have to drink enough liquid to prevent dehydration – especially on scorching hot summer days.

DO: Commit to at least three workouts per week. Even if you don’t have time to do a full-blown ‘traditional’ gym workout, short intense 10 minute interval sessions will greatly improve your overall strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, giving you more energy to have fun! DON’T: Engage any exercise/activity without stretching before and after the activity. Warmer weather gives us the impression that our muscles are warm and ready for activity. Stretch before AND after any activity: walking, gardening, running, working out, playing sports, etc. Stretching before activity gets your body ‘ready’ to move. Stretching after brings your body back to its normal ‘resting’ state and increases permanent flexibility.

DO: Eat protein with every meal, and make sure to balance your food intake throughout the day (sufficient – not excessive – protein, carbohydrates and fats).

DO: Drink at least two (2) litres of water (or similar) every day. Drink even more if you engage in strenuous activity or if you drink alcoholic beverages. DON’T: Wait until you’re thirsty to begin hydrating.

DON’T: Eat past feeling ‘full.’ BONUS NUTRITION TIP: After any strenuous exercise/ activity, make sure to consume a small meal (like chocolate milk) that has a protein/carb ratio of 2:1 within an hour of finishing. This will restore your body’s energy stores. Don’t worry about packing on the pounds: a post-activity meal actually works to promote weight loss!

For great bodyweight workouts, check out TILT Fitness TV on YouTube. You can also visit the TILT Fitness Facebook page at For customized personal, group, on-line or bootcamp training, contact Andrew.

Andrew Balodis

NASM-CPT, TILT Fitness 416-561-1013 |

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May-12 Neigh.Ad KYBB:Layout 1 24/05/12 1:50 PM Page 1

It’s our business to...KNOW YOUR BODY BEST


your aches!


your senses!


your body!

Yoga Products • Mats • Blocks • Foam Rollers • Cushions • Straps

Visit us...we have so much to offer you! 461 Carlaw Avenue (in the Riverdale Plaza)

(416) 367-3744 Mon.- Wed. 9-5pm


Thurs.- Fri. 9-6pm Saturday 10-5pm

Shop on-line 24/7

We’re here!





It’s only natural: The Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine has joined the Riverdale community.




• • •


Women's Health Natural Fertility Doula Services

toronto centre F O R N AT U R O PAT H I C M E D I C I N E



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• • •

Weight management Pain Management Digestive Health

475 Broadview Avenue, Toronto 416 598 8898

Q & A with S & S Motors What do you want people to know about your business?

Christopher Syme, owner of S&S Motors.

I know European cars. My mechanic’s roots go back to my childhood spent tinkering with engines, fixing lawnmowers, bicycles and building go-carts. That passion for repair led me to develop the skills required in servicing European cars. There’s a real in-depth knowledge required to properly service these vehicles. Most popular services and products?

Green Orientation? There are new environmental rules to follow. Many substances are now banned in the city. We recyle all fluids, solids, engine oil, engine grease, tires and more. In addition to compliance with the City of Toronto and Environment Canada’s environmental requirements, we participate in a voluntary level of environmental stewardship that goes beyond current regulations. We feel that’s important and people are drawn to that.

We do all types of mechanical repairs to Audis, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Volkswagon. People may be surprised to know? We can provide better value than the dealer and we have all the parts and tools to get the job done. I make it a point to clearly explain the work a car requires. My clients appreciate that I am here to serve.

S &S Motors

645 Queen St. E

(West of Broadview)

416-463-1774 Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm |

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- 93

Ballet Ballroom For Bellydance Burlesque Ginga DANCE Hip Hop Jazz CENTRE Latin & TEACHERS Latin Cardio COLLEGE Lyrical Nia Salsa Zumba and more... s3 age




& TEACHERS COLLEGE 416-406-3262 95 Danforth Ave @ Broadview


innovative new ideas




let us show you the Future of Real Estate


"The Evolution of the Real Estate Company"

304 Danforth Ave., Unit C (near the Carrot Common)

(416) 364-2036



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Upcoming Events n

July 1

CANADA DAY CELEBRATION IN RIVERDALE PARK EAST Noon to 4 p.m. Bike to the park! Face painting, arts and crafts. Enjoy South East Asian Street food – Thai, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese – and stage entertainment with singers and dancers. Attention kids: Dress up as a prince or princess to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee! Restaurants in the area will have a special: four can dine for $32! Night market under the Chinese Archway on Gerrard Sts with a fortune teller, Hong Kong type of temple street, snacks and Chinese medicine. CANADA DAY FIREWORKS After 9:30 p.m. Ashbridges Bay Park. Canada’s birthday is celebrated every year with fireworks on the expanse of the beach at Ashbridge’s Bay Park. Contact: City of Toronto;; or 311 CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS AT STAN WADLOW PARK 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Stan Wadlow Park, 888 Cosburn Ave. Activities begin with the opening of the Community Booths under the ‘canvas’ and the carnival gears up for the celebration. Entertainment begins on the Main Stage after the Opening Ceremonies. The day concludes with a fantastic evening fireworks display. 50th EAST YORK CANADA DAY PARADE 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Parade marches from the East York Towne Centre, travelling along Thorncliffe Park, Overlea Blvd., Millwood Rd., Pape Ave., Cosburn Ave., Coxwell Ave., Sammon Ave., Woodbine Ave. And dispersing at Woodbine and Ventor Avenues. n

July 2 to August 17

OPEN DOOR ARTS CAMP Programs for kids/youth 7 to 18. Shakespeare Is Boffo! teaches Shakespeare to active children through combat scenes. Using foam ‘boffer’ weapons, children study swordfighting techniques, get an overview of the play and do an intensive scene study. Shakespearean Insult Day is a particular favourite of participants in this program! (July 16 to 20, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Aug. 13 to 17, 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) Enriched Arts Camp, ages 7 to 10, July 2 to 6 and July 30 to Aug. 3. Intensive Arts Workshop, ages 11 to14, July 9 to 13 and Aug. 7 to 10. Songwriting Workshop, July 23 to 17, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Visit opendoor2012.html for complete program listings and registration forms. n


July 7 and 8

AFROFEST Noon to 10 p.m. Woodbine Park (Lakeshore Blvd. E. and Coxwell Ave.) Afrofest is a weekend-long celebration of African culture and diversity, with non-stop music and dance from more than 20 local and international bands taking place on outdoor stages. More than 30 food vendors. Admission is FREE! n

July 20 to 22 and 26 to 29

THE 23rd ANNUAL BEACHES INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL Kew Gardens and Queen Street East. The festival kicks off Friday, July 20 to Sunday, July 22 at Woodbine Park, followed by Streetfest: three nights of jazz from Thursday, July 26 to Saturday, July 28, between 7 p.m. and 11p.m. More than 50 Canadian bands will be perform along Queen Street East from Woodbine Ave. to Beech Ave. There are performances on stage at Kew Gardens, Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. n

August 10 to 12

18TH ANNUAL TASTE OF THE DANFORTH Friday, Aug. 10, 6 p.m. to midnight; Saturday, Aug. 11, noon to midnight; Sunday, Aug. 12, noon to 8 p.m. Danforth Ave. (between Broadview and Pape). Greektown Taste of the Danforth showcases the best of Hellenic food, culture and music – from souvlaki to mezes, authentic Greek music to interactive children’s games! Come enjoy the culture that makes the Danforth a year-round destination. Contact: The Greektown on the Danforth BIA; n

August 23

INDUSTRIAL ART SHOW, OPENING RECEPTION 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hosts/artists Sandra A. Morris and Wendy Kelloway invite you to enjoy an evening of Painting from New Orleans: Life Interrupted (The art of Embedded Memory) and Functional Metal Art at 290 Carlaw Ave., Suite 203. RSVP to or

A Used Book Oasis in the Heart of the Danforth

July 7 and 8

TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA Noon to 11 p.m. Gerrard Street India Bazaar (Gerrard St. E. between Greenwood and Coxwell Ave.) A two-day long celebration of South Asian culture and cuisine. Come out to the Little India Bazaar and savour the food, music and dance. From Bhangra to Basmati to Bollywood music, this event has all the ingredients to make festival visitors feel like they’ve travelled the world. HEATWAVE BEACH VOLLEYBALL All day. Ashbridges Bay (Toronto Beaches). The 18th annual Heatwave Toronto 2012 Beach Volleyball Challenge for SickKids. Recreational Co-ed Sixes and Competitive Co-ed Sixes Divisions. One- and two-day tournaments available.

548 Danforth Ave 647-347-USED |

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Behind The Counter Behind the Counter salutes ‘patio time,’ where face-to-face conversation provides the opportunity to hang out. Turn off your cell phone and tune into the conversation at your table. Forget about your ‘do’ list and delight in the moment. Enjoy the chance to renew acquaintances and deepen friendships. Sit back and take a refreshing sip from the well of companionship. Great patio time can be timeless.

Le Papillon on the Park 1001 Eastern Avenue 416-649-100

Leslie Jones 1182 Queen Street East 647-977-6304

Lola Bar 1173 Dundas Street East 416-849-5331

Jawney Baker 804 O’Connor Avenue 416-285-1165 38


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Neighbourhood Living - East - Summer 2012  

Neighbourhood Living - East - Summer 2012

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