Tips on Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

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Tips on Buying Energy Efficient Appliances When you buy a new appliance for your home, its energy consumption has a huge impact on its cost. The energy efficient appliances dramatically reduce the utility bills. However, the initial cost may be high, energy saving appliances have brought in revolutions in the field of energy consumption and are environment-friendly. To maintain energy efficiency in your home is quite crucial.

What Points to Consider When You Buy Home Appliances? When you shop for a new refrigerator, washing machine, never go for the lowest-priced model as you may end up in spending more in the long run. There are other factors like cost of repairs and maintenance apart from the initial purchase cost that you need to take into consideration. Energy efficient appliances can help you to save about good amount of money annually on energy costs. You can check the efficiency of the appliance that you are buying as manufacturers put energy efficient labels on the following products: • • • •

Heat pumps and air conditioners Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers Pool heaters Water heaters, boilers and furnaces

How to Buy Energy Efficient Appliances? 1. You need to do the proper selection of the new appliance and choose its size and style as per the space available in your home. You should have good amount of space for ventilation 2. Do a brief comparison of the features of different models and know how do they operate. You just go through their safety features, repairs and maintenance histories etc. 3. You should do the comparison of the energy usage of different brands and models. The appliances that need more energy will cost you more to run. 4. As per the EnergyGuide label, the energy starcertified appliances are marked with a special sticker, that provides the efficiency statistics for that appliance, which includes their size and model

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If any of the following appliances in your home are more than 15 years old, then it’s time to upgrade to newer, more efficient models as they will consume more electricity than expected: • • • • • •

Laundry appliances Dehumidifiers Furnaces Refrigerators Air conditioning units (window or central) Refrigerators

The use of energy efficient appliances not only help you to decrease the carbon emissions but can also cut down the electricity bills, but many of us do not understand the energy rating stars which are displayed on these new appliances. The above points mentioned in the article can help you to choose energy efficient appliances.


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