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Groundsmaster 4000 series Key features & benefits ®

All Season Use

Winter attachments include the snow thrower and rotary broom. (Allied Supplied)

Full-Time Bi-Directional 4WD

The Groundsmaster 4000 is designed with a patented parallel hydraulic traction system. It maintains constant hydraulic flow between the front and rear wheels, assuring full time 4-wheel drive in forward and reverse for mowing around objects on challenging hills with confidence.

Smart Power™ Traction

New Feature

This feature allows an inexperienced operator to be more productive than a seasoned veteran, preventing the machine from bogging down in heavy cutting conditions and keeps the blade speed at optimum cutting speed in any condition by automatically slowing down the traction unit ground speed to give more power to the blades.

Power Shedding

New Feature - Smart Power Fan (available at a later date)

Before slowing down the ground speed, the fan cuts out to give the engine more power as long as the coolant and hydraulic temperatures are low enough. This gives the operator some temporary power to get through a tough situation at full speed.

Reliable Powertrain

New Feature • Tier IV models: 40.2 kW (55 hp) Yanmar turbo-diesel engine • STIIIB models: 35.8 kW (48 hp) Yanmar turbo-diesel engine

Tier IV engine shown All-Time Traction Assist

• The engine throttle-by-wire makes it easier to get to high or low idle. • Electronic isochronous engine governor allows for a faster engine recovery time with no engine droop. • Electronic Controlled Hydrostat allows for Smart Power to work as well as the electronically controlled pedal stop. Also allows the supervisor to set the maximum mowing speed of their operator. There is no mechanical link between the hydrostat and operator platform, reducing noise and fibration for the operator. • Two Speed Drive Motors improves hydraulic efficiency allowing the mower to operate at 4WD in mow and transport improving fuel economy. • Auto-idle will drop the machine down to low idle if the machine sits idle with the decks off for 5 seconds. This will save fuel when the operator does not remember to go down to low idle if sitting stationary. Automatically goes to high idle if out of neutral or PTO turned on. New Feature - Mow and Transport

Focus on work, not getting out of mud. This feature automatically helps the operator get out inclement areas- saving time and boosting efficiency. This feature functions as an automatic differential lock.

Cutting Deck Drive

New Feature - Hybrid Drive Cutting Deck System • 4100-D: all out-front cutting decks • 4000-D: three offset cutting decks • Allowing you to trim how you want with one, two, or all three decks engaged, depending on the situation The benefits of this system are more efficiency and durability. The spindles are more forgiving making them less prone to damage, ultimately increasing their life. This would reduce the number of replacements, saving hefty costs.

Rugged Deck Construction

New Feature • •

Bull-nose bumpers o Increased durability of cutting deck’s leading edge o Minimizes blowout of grass and dust Weight transfer system that improves: o The mowing deck’s ground following capability o The hill climbing traction capability GB 200-xxxx

Groundsmaster 4000 series Key features & benefits ®

Simpler and Safer Operation

The Rollover Protection System (ROPS), comes standard for operator protection in the case of accidental rollovers and tip-overs. In situations where sufficient vertical clearance is not available, the ROPS can be temporarily unlocked and folded down.

Ergonomics The Groundsmaster 4000’s design optimizes operator comfort and ease of operation, making the task of mowing safer and faster. The position of key controls at the operator’s fingertips, exceptional line of sight added to the isolated platform and 4-way adjustable air ride suspension seat create a more comfortable experience for the operator. • The electronically controlled pedal stop allows the operator to change mowing speed on the fly. Combined with Smart Power, operator can mow with their foot all the way down even while the ideal speed is changing automatically. This allows for a more comfortable and productive operator. • The operator platform is isolation mounted to reduce noise and vibration. • The 4-way adjustable seat and air ride suspension adjusts to the operator’s desired firmness for maximum comfort. The seat and arm rest adjust easily with height and angle levers for an ergonomic fit for the operator. Easier Maintenance Design Quick, tool-free access to regular service points and common parts simplify routine service and maintenance. The Groundsmaster 4000-D is easier to service and requires fewer parts to stock. That's because the four drive belts are all the same part number, and the deck motors, blades, spindles, idlers, and spindle pulleys are all interchangeable. While rear discharge decks come standard, you can easily convert to Guardian Recycler decks which offer improved clipping management and additional safety. ®



0 Uncut Circle in Turns

This impressive trimming capability allows you to cut around even the smallest object. The ability to mow a 0 uncut circle without wheel brakes - allows you to easily mow striping patterns without leaving any grass uncut. Smooth turning is made possible by a tight 141 cm ( 55.5") wheelbase and an inner, rear-steering turning angle of 53.5 degrees.

Mini InfoCenter • With this feature you get helpful maintenance reminders and instant notification of potential problems. • During normal operation, the InfoCenter displays clear and simple operating information at a glance, while constantly monitoring the internal health of the machine. • Audible and visual alarms notify the operator of a potential problem. • In the field or at the shop, technicians can quickly identify the source of the issue. • Allows operator to adjust sensitivity of electronically controlled foot pedal when mowing. • This allows the supervisor to set a maximum mowing speed for greater control of operator usage and quality. Heavy Duty Spindle • • • • • • •

Tested to take a beating that would destroy most spindle assemblies Ductile cast iron spindle housing is large in diameter [229 mm (9") at base] to dissipate impact loads. Dual tapered roller bearings last up to six times longer than ball bearings Splined shaft distributes loads more equally versus a keyway design Spindle shaft is made of harden steel and is 32 mm (1¼") diameter, 25% thicker than competitive spindles Anti-scalp cup located on all seven-blade spindles All spindles are greaseable via zerks assessable from top of deck


Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan: Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan. Blows chaff off intake screen to help reduce overheating. Big time saver by eliminating the amount of times an operator has to stop and exit to clean the back hood.

All Season Safety Cab

The optional, factory installed, permanent cab protects the operator with a four-post, rollover protection structure (ROPS), tempered safety glass and climate controlled environment including both air conditioning and heater. The rear and side windows open for ventilation. A windshield washer and wiper help maintain visibility when the weather turns bad. Cloth Grammar seat with Air Ride suspension comes standard.

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