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Golf Equipment & Irrigation 2012

The leader in golf.

Greensmaster walk greensmowers





Greensmaster eFlex™ 2100

Greensmaster Flex™ 2100

Greensmaster Flex™ Series ®

Greensmaster Flex™ ®

All-New Variable Clip Frequency Settings – Multiple easy-to-configure clip settings allow superintendents to customize frequency of clip for any playing condition.

Best-in-Class Cutting Performance – Patented Flex Technology and proven DPA cutting units provide superior ground following, precise mowing at lower heights of cut, and superior adjustment retention.

Ergonomic Enhancements – Convenient thumb wheel throttle for easy operation and speed adjustments.

Simple & Reliable Transmission – A single, belt drive transmission is simple and reliable delivering a consistent cut.

Power and Performance – A heavy-duty 3.4 kW (4.5 hp) Subaru industrial engine is easy to start and has higher torque for optimal power. ®

Greensmaster eFlex ®


Cutting Performance – Identical cutting performance as the Flex engine models.

Lithium Ion Battery Technology – Mow up to 9 greens [13,716 m (45,000 ft )] on a single charge!*

Extremely Quiet With No Emissions – Minimal noise and no emissions to reduce your impact on the environment and your golfing community.

Innovative EZ-Turn™ Feature – A Toro exclusive feature automatically slows the traction speed in turns for improved operator control.



[*Average green = 1524 m (5,000 ft )] 2



Greensmaster eFlex™ 1800

Greensmaster Flex™ 1800

Greensmaster 1600

Greensmaster 1000

Greensmaster 800

Greensmaster 800, 1000 & 1600 ®

Legendary Quality of Cut – Superintendents have relied on the classic Toro fixed head design for years to deliver an outstanding quality of cut.

Easy Operation – The enhanced controls console, loop-style handle design, and an all-new squeeze handle brake provide operator with complete control and easy operation.

Power and Performance – A heavy-duty 3.4 kW (4.5 hp) Subaru industrial engine is easy to start and has a higher torque for optimal power on greens, tees and surrounds.


All Flex Series models feature multiple easy-to-configure clip rate settings to accommodate your desired cut and playing condition

TransPro 80


TransPro 100

Greensmaster riding greensmowers




Greensmaster TriFlex Series ®

Greensmaster TriFlex ®

Unparalleled Cutting Performance – Double A-Arm Suspension and Flex Technology allow cutting units to closely follow turf delivering the productivity of a rider with the precision of a walker.

Highly Productive and Versatile – Tool-Free, Quick-Change cutting units remove in minutes making it easy to swap cutting units with attachments for the ultimate in versatility and productivity.

Lift-In-Turn™ – Maintains a consistent, level cut on the clean-up pass.

More Power and Performance – 15.7 kW (21 hp) Vanguard Twin gasoline engine and 17.5 kW (23.5 hp) Kubota diesel engine have ample power for any application.

Light Footprint – Large, turf-friendly tires distribute weight evenly across the machine’s profile to minimize tire marking.

Easy to Service – Maintenance enhancements such as the Tool-Free, Quick-Change cutting units and Lift-Gate Footrest save technicians time.



Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid ®

Cutting Performance – Identical cutting performance and operator controls as the TriFlex hydraulic models.

Highly Efficient Electrical Components – Custom-designed components are highly durable and provide ample power for any mowing application, on or off the green.

On-Board Energy Storage – Provides additional power during peak demands.

EnergySmart™ – Features that save time and energy, and enhance productivity and turf health combined make the TriFlex Hybrid the first product to earn the EnergySmart label from Toro.

Greensmaster 3400 TriFlex

Greensmaster 3300 TriFlex


Greensmaster 3150-Q/3250-D ®

Legendary Quality of Cut – Known for excellence in quality of cut and overall engineering.

Proven Performance – Dependable and reliable performance for any mowing task on or around the green.

More Power – The 3250-D is now equipped with a 17.2 kW (23 hp) Kubota diesel engine for superior performance and power. ®

Greensmaster 3150-Q

Greensmaster 3250-D

Greensmaster 3420 TriFlex Hybrid Greensmaster 3320 TriFlex Hybrid


Reelmaster fairway mowers




Reelmaster 7000-D Multi-purpose – Exquisite aftercut appearance for your fairways AND roughs. ®

Significantly reduce the time needed to scalp in preparation for overseeding. Power – Liquid-cooled Kubota V2403 and high torque reel motors deliver power where you need it most – on the turf! ®

Cooling – The SmartCool™ reversing fan system keeps engine heat low when the workload and outside temperature are high. Productivity – Spend less time mowing with a 307 cm (121”) width-of-cut and 22.5 km/h (14 mph) transport speed. Spend less time in the shop with DPA cutting units that provide easier, faster set-up and adjustment. Comfort – Air ride suspension seat and control hub console system for hours of comfort and control.

Reelmaster 5010 Series ®

Reelmaster 5610

Reelmaster 5610

Reelmaster 5410

Reelmaster 5210

Reelmaster 3100-D Sidewinder



Reelmaster 5010 Series 速

Unrivaled quality of cut. Superior aftercut appearance. Reduced and simplified maintenance. Discover these and any of the hundreds of reasons why the top golf courses in the world choose the Reelmaster 5010 series for picture perfect fairways and unmatched value.


Groundsmaster rough mowers ®

Groundsmaster Contour Family ®

Since 1973, Toro Groundsmasters have been proven on the world’s top golf courses, delivering consistent, clean cuts and breathtaking roughs. But we’re not satisfied. That’s why the new Groundsmasters are engineered with innovations like Sidewinder cutting units for precise trimming, CrossTrax all-wheel drive for superior traction, and SmartCool™ for unsurpassed cooling performance. No matter which Groundsmaster you choose, you’ll get the legendary performance that makes this an unbeatable value. ®


381 cm (150”)

3.6 ha/hr (8.9 acres/hr)

277 cm (109”)

2.6 ha/hr

229 cm (90”)

(6.5 acres/hr)

2.2 ha/hr

173 cm

(5.4 acres/hr)


1.4 ha/hr (3.5 acres/hr)

Groundsmaster 3500-D Sidewinder

Groundsmaster 4300-D

Groundsmaster 4500-D


Groundsmaster 4700-D


Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer™ ®

Tight, 360-degree turning without turf damage. The Groundsmaster 360 is noticeably more maneuverable. The operator can literally turn around a blade of grass without tearing up your turf.

Excellent hillside traction and stability. Climb slopes without slipping and hug turns on side hills. Toro’s advanced Quad-Steer™ all-wheel steering maximizes stability for greater operator safety.

More cutting, less trimming. The Groundsmaster 360 maneuvers in close around trees and fences, so there’s less trimming to do later. Fast, efficient and versatile, it features a 183 cm (72”) width of cut – ideal for secondary roughs, trimming around trees and clubhouse lawns. Need to cut back native grasses? Simply adjust the height of cut from 25mm - 152 mm (1” - 6”) to fit your needs.

Groundsmaster 4000-D

Groundsmaster 4100-D



The Groundsmaster 4000-D with an 11 foot width of cut delivers awesome mowing capacity, even in wet grass, due to the powerful Kubota 43.3 kW (58 hp) diesel engine, impressive torque and shallow deck design. Mowing productivity is enhanced with the SmartCool™ System that helps keep air intake screen clear thus speeding up radiator maintenance and minimizing downtime due to overheating. ®

With monster engine torque and patented, highly efficient deck drive system, the Groundsmaster 4100-D delivers power when you need it most – to cut tough grass. Its all-out-front cutting unit [3.2 m (10.5’0 width of cut] offers unmatched operator visibility and maneuverability. Operator performance is further enhanced with a 4-way adjustable seat and air ride suspension that helps reduce operator fatigue.


Workman utility vehicles ®

Workman MD Series The Workman MD Series with SRQ™ (Superior Ride Quality) delivers optimum operator comfort and control. A coil-over shock absorber suspension design, combined with an Active In-Frame twister joint, enable more productivity by moving from site to site faster and in comfort. Hefty payload capacity, four-wheel hydraulic brakes and a tough overall design provide the ability to tackle the toughest jobs whenever you need to.




Workman MDX-D

The newest addition to the MD Series lineup with a twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled Kubota diesel for powerful hauling and towing. ®


Workman HD Series ®

Get more work done and complete more jobs with the Workman HD Series utility vehicles. Industry leading total hauling capacity up to 1362 kg (3,002 lbs.) is provided by a DeDion rear axle with I-beam design, which isolates and protects the transmission, engine and main frame from vehicle loading. Power and fuel economy are delivered by available diesel and electronic fuel injected engines. Less operator fatigue comes from the smooth ride of independent front suspension with 146 mm (5.75”) travel.

ProPass 200 ™

Topdresser 1800

1/3 Vertical Lift

Industry-leading payload capacity

Pro Sweep

ProCore Processor ®

Patriot Lift

11 ®

Optional Cab

Workman 200-Gallon Sprayer ®

Multi Pro sprayers




Multi Pro 5800

Exclusive Six Diaphragm Pump – 6 Diaphragm Pump Cleanload Eductor Ultra Sonic Boom™ Leveling System A turf industry first – this oversized pump satisfies the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying generous agitation flow. Features a dry sump and self-priming design.

1136 l (300 gal.) Chemical Tank – Ready for the long haul, this completely redesigned tank incorporates four, 30 degree, side-mounted agitation nozzles to ensure the homogeneous mixing of chemicals for application accuracy.

Onboard 114 litre (30 gal.) Fresh Water Rinse Tank

Pro Control™ XP

Unsurpassed Accuracy & Precision

Productivity Enhancing Accessories – Multiple optional accessories are available to improve performance and efficiency:

• Pro Control™ XP – New software provides instantaneous spray rate response for improved accuracy from start to stop.

• Cleanload™ Eductor is an on-board mixing station for safely loading any product without the need to first mix a slurry.

• 114 l (30-Gallon) Fresh Water Rinse Kit simplifies and automates the triple-rinse process, saving hours and hours of clean-up time.

• Covered Boom Shroud mounts to existing boom and minimizes spray drift in breezy conditions.

• Ultra Sonic Boom Kit automatically maintains optimal boom height in undulating turf conditions with new sensors and controller.

– Also Available: Enclosed Cab, Sunshade Canopy, Electric Hose Reel, Pro Foam Marking Kit and Air Induction Nozzles.


Multi Pro 1250 ®

Applied Precision – The consistency and performance of the Toro Multi Pro 1200 and 1250 is unrivaled. Both models feature Multi Pro’s exclusive ground proportional drive spray system, which adjusts instantly to changes in ground speed to ensure a constant application rate. Slow down or speed up and the flow rate adjusts proportionally. Choose from a wide variety of accessories, including Multi Pro’s exclusive Ultra Sonic Boom Kit and the Drift Reduction Boom Shroud kit to optimize the performance of your Toro sprayer. This is one sprayer that truly does it all!

Workman 757 litre (200 Gallon) Sprayer ®

The Perfect Pairing – The Workman HD or the HDX utility vehicle combined with Toro’s sprayer system gives you an unmatched rugged and dependable vehicle with a high performance precision sprayer. The spray system provides simple calibration and precise control to ensure an accurate application rate. Choose from a wide variety of accessories, including Toro’s exclusive Ultra Sonic Boom Kit and the Drift Reduction Boom Shroud kit to optimize the performance of your Toro sprayer. The Workman HDX series offers additional vehicle options like 4-wheel drive and diesel to customize the vehicle to fit your turf sprayer needs. A perfect pairing like no other!


GreensPro™ 1200 greens roller

• Offset smoothing rollers deliver consistent roll without leaving a roll line • Independent rollers follow undulations, preserving desired contours • Balanced weight distribution, ensures even rolling, regardless of the operator




• Simple to operate, easy to maintain.

GreensPro 1200

The new Toro GreensPro 1200 riding greens roller is the perfect rolling tool for fine sporting turf such as golf greens, tennis courts and bowling greens. Turf that requires a smooth, high performance surface for optimum playing will benefit from precision greens rolling with the GreensPro greens roller.

Smoothing Rollers

Drive Roller

Offset smoothing roller design for uniform greens appearance and playability




HoverPro™ Series


The Toro HoverPro is perfect for maintaining turf on steep slopes, tight undulations, areas near water or bunker lips. A light footprint makes the HoverPro easy to operate while its rugged design ensures years of quality performance.

HoverPro 400

HoverPro 450

Cutting Systems

HoverPro 550

Nylon Wire – (HoverPro 400)


Metal Edge Swing Tip Blade – (HoverPro 450 & 550)

Sand Pro bunker rakes ®

Sand Pro 3040/5040

Sand Pro 2020

Sand Pro 3040/5040

Sand Pro bunker rakes feature innovations that elevate the overall versatility and reliability of bunker maintenance machines. The patent-pending Quick Attach System (QAS), allows operators, in less than a minute, to switch from among 21 different attachments – without tools.

New Attachment – The new QAS Turf Groomer will improve the look and playability of your course while saving time and labor. QAS Turf Groomer features adjustable brushes and spring tines for just the right touch with topdressing and greens conditioning.

Weeder Tine Toolbar

Bunker Pump

Grooming Brush


Tooth Rake Broom

Hydraulic Flex Blade

ProCore aeration solutions 速

ProCore 648



ProCore 864

ProCore 1298

ProCore SR Series Deep Tine Aerators

The Toro ProCore SR Series deep tine aerators offer a variety of solutions to alleviate soil compaction on greens, tees, fairways or rough. From lightweight, precision machines for more sensitive turf to robust heavy-duty machines to break up the soil on even the most compacted surfaces, the ProCore SR Series deep tine aerators are the ultimate choice for performance and quality.

ProCore Processor


Debris Equipment

Pro Force™

The Pro Force delivers more air power than any single nozzle turbine-type debris blower currently on the market for fast removal of grass clippings, leaves, divots, aeration cores and other debris from your golf course. A hand-held wireless remote control makes it incredibly easy to use. Rotate the nozzle 360 degrees in either direction, adjust the engine speed up or down, and start and stop the engine with the remote control.

Pro Sweep


The Pro Sweep is the fastest way to get your golf course back in play after aeration. Only the Pro Sweep comes with a handheld wireless remote control that lets you control sweeping and dumping operations with the touch of a button. It also lets you move the sweeper from tow to offset position, or stop power completely in the case of an emergency.






The new Rake-O-Vac airflow system directs dust out the rear of the machine at ground level, delivering a clean sweeping environment in a variety of applications. A flex tip reel gently lifts wet or dry debris for a clean sweep, and an optional broom provides additional sweeping power, especially in the clean up of Bermudagrass during the scalping process.


Topdressing & Material Handling

ProPass™ 200

Healthy turf starts with consistent topdressing. Now it’s easy to achieve your desired spread time after time with the ProPass 200. The ProPass 200 ensures a consistent spread pattern and application rate every time with a patented “drop zone” adjustment system. Just slide the twin spinner assembly into place and you can be sure your turf is getting the optimum treatment. The precisely defined spread area makes it easy to match edge line to edge line with each pass.

Topdresser 2500

Topdresser 1800

MH-400 Material Handler

Get ready to take productivity to new levels with the Toro MH-400. This proven workhorse excels at a wide range of tough jobs, from transporting materials to cleanup, construction, daily maintenance, and large area topdressing. Without any optional accessories, the MH-400 is the ultimate work trailer. But you can quickly and easily transform it with the optional swivel conveyer, or the twin spinner attachment which turns the MH-400 into a large area topdresser.

ProPass 200 tow model

ProPass 200 bed model


MH-400 material handler

Genuine Toro Parts ®

Genuine Toro Innovation

Our commitment to quality is matched by our commitment to offering innovative products; products that make creating and maintaining superior turf conditions easy.

EdgeMax™ Bedknives

Long-lasting Toro EdgeMax Bedknives can be a huge productivity booster. Designed for both Reelmaster and Greensmaster products, EdgeMax bedknives maintain a sharp cutting edge from two to three times longer than standard bedknives. Longer life means you’ll spend less time grinding, adjusting and replacing. ®



Genuine Toro Parts 速

14-Blade Reel

The lower the cut the more risk to your turf, right? Not anymore. In conjunction with optimal reel speed, our 14-blade reels deliver a crisper, more consistent cut especially below .100 inch without damaging your turf.

Titan Tines 速

Aeration is a critical component to maintaining healthy turf and soil. Aerating with Titan Tines can help create optimal soil conditions for turf that not only look better, but is healthy and strong. From aerating the delicate turf on your tees and greens to deep-tine aerating your fairways, Toro Titan Tines deliver exceptional quality.

View the parts video at


Toro manufactures and stocks only the highest quality parts providing maximum performance. Every time you use Genuine Toro Parts, you can be confident your equipment will perform at its best.

Lynx Control System ®

Integration with pump stations such as Flowtronex PACE, gives you complete information to support your irrigation decisions. ®

With NSN Connect, Lynx is with you when and where you want. ®


Flexible and editable map simplifies irrigation control.




Simplified decision making with Dynamic Drilldown.

Integrated Turf Guard soil sensor helps you save water.

The New Toro Lynx Control System



Maintaining optimal playability on your golf course, while best managing resources, requires the right combination of information and control.

The all new Toro Lynx Control System is your solution. It empowers you to take quick, accurate action to effectively control and manage your golf course by providing past, present and future course information from multiple sources into a single, intuitive interface.

NSN Connect Plus™ – Users will be

New Lynx Options – There are


able to receive text messages or e-mails from their Lynx computer advising them of its current status via the new NSN Connect Plus remote monitoring feature.

now three distinct levels of Lynx to choose from: CE, PE and SE. Customers can choose the level and price point that fits their needs.


Lynx Mobile – Enables remote access and control of Lynx from any mobile device connected to the Internet, such as smart phones and tablets. Screens are specifically designed and optimized for smaller devices.



Lynx Express Training – is a series of live Web based sessions on specific operations within Lynx conducted by the NSN Training Department. They last 30 to 45 minutes and are free to all Toro NSN subscribers.

Toro NSN Support Services ®


An unparalleled range of support service solutions.

At Toro, our top priority is providing you with the best golf irrigation products and then backing them with superior service and support. To keep you and your course on track, our comprehensive service offerings range from installation and training to system optimization, and everything in between. We understand your reputation is on the line every day and we pledge to provide a level of support that ensures your success, with every Toro product, every day.

Turf Guard


Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System helps you improve your water efficiency, turf and soil. – Available fully integrated into the new Toro Lynx control system. ®


– Monitors soil moisture, salinity, and temperature levels.

– New easy to use SiteVision™ software provides superintendents with a wealth of data about soil conditions.

– Interactive report screens make it easier to access, analyze, print and download data.

– The in-ground sensors are easy to install, and have batteries that can easily be replaced on-site.


Field Control Choices

Which is the better option for your course? Make sure you have all the facts.

Whether to install a 2-Wire or satellite based system to irrigate your golf course is an important decision influenced by a variety of factors.

To select the proper field controllers for your course, ask yourself the following questions:

– How important is it to have backup watering capabilities?

– How much is installation cost a consideration?

– How do I want to interact with the system while I’m on the course?

– How much is future expandability a consideration?

Regardless of which system you choose, Toro is committed to providing you with the best irrigation system, expertise and support available in the industry.

Standard Green

Custom Tree Bark

Custom Sand


Network VP Satellite


Satellite systems are specified by many of the world’s best designers and in use at the vast majority of golf courses in the U.S. today. They provide distributed intelligence, ease of maintenance, and superior system back-up capabilities.

Network VP, VPE and E-OSMAC satellites now have sensor inputs and monitoring for: Flow, Pressure, Rain, Temperature and Status.

The Toro Company provides the most advanced golf irrigation field controls available, including both 2-Wire and Satellite Systems. When deciding which type of system to install, make sure you get all the facts and make the right choice for your course.

Lynx for GDC 速

Toro GDC System




1, 2 and 4 Station Decoders

2-Wire decoder systems have been used to irrigate golf courses in many parts of the world for decades, can reduce up front costs for wire and installation, and allow for easy system expansion.

Toro Sprinklers with Integrated Decoder

In addition to our standard GDC installation options, Toro now offers an integrated decoder with most valve-in-head sprinkler models. This configuration reduces the quantity of overall system splices, yet retains the ability to separately service the decoder and solenoid.




R Series Conversion Assemblies

An intelligent way to improve your existing Rain Bird Eagle 900 or Eagle 1100 sprinklers. ®

Introducing three new Toro conversion assemblies that can help you quickly, easily and economically upgrade your existing Rain Bird Eagle 900 and 1100 sprinklers.* ®

Toro’s R Series conversion assemblies provide many unique and flexible features not found on the Rain Bird Eagle 900 or Eagle 1100. – Trajectory adjust with 24 main nozzle angles (855RB) or dual angles (DT55RB, DT54RB). – Adjustable part/full circle or full circle in one models available. – Ratcheting riser slows riser positioning without riser removal. – All nozzles threaded in from the front with no disassembly required. – Riser pull up feature simplifies servicing. – Spike Guard™ solenoid also available with optional adapter.

* Toro has designed and manufactured this product to fit within a sprinkler housing made by Rain Bird Corporation, but Toro’s product is not manufactured by or affiliated with Rain Bird. Rain Bird and Eagle are trademarks of Rain Bird Corporation.

855RB, DT55RB, DT54RB


Rain Bird Eagle ®

R Series conversion in Rain Bird body ®

Golf Sprinklers and Accessories

Maximize your valuable resources: water, time and money. Rotors – 800S and DT Series

– The industry’s largest selection of high performance nozzles and Tru-jectory™ adjustment allow you to put water precisely where you want it.

– Part/full circle drive allows you to make arc adjustments to meet your watering needs in seconds.

835S/855S Series Rotors

Toro’s R Series conversion assemblies provide many unique and flexible features not found on the Rain Bird Eagle 900 or Eagle 1100. – Trajectory adjust with 24 main nozzle angles (855RB) or dual angles (DT55RB, DT54RB). – Adjustable part/full circle or full circle in one models available. – Ratcheting riser slows riser positioning without riser removal. – All nozzles threaded in from the front with no disassembly required. – Riser pull up feature simplifies servicing. – Spike Guard™ solenoid also available with optional adapter. * Toro has designed and manufactured this product to fit within a sprinkler housing made by Rain Bird Corporation, but Toro’s product is not manufactured by or affiliated with Rain Bird. Rain Bird and Eagle are trademarks of Rain Bird Corporation. 27

Toro Professional Services

Toro University

Toro is committed to provide you with the information you want, when you want it, and how you want it. That’s why we supply learning opportunities and performance support to you in many different ways. Along with a complete selection of printed Service Manuals and Training Guides, we also provide information on CD-ROM, DVD, and on

Toro Financing Solutions

Whether choosing maintenance equipment or irrigation components for a renovation, your Toro representative has experience and is trained to help you look beyond the simple financing of one item to the next, to looking at your longer-term equipment and economic needs. It’s not a one size fits all plan. Looking at the total cost of ownership will help you find the right acquisition solution for your course’s specific needs. Toro has partnered with the premier golf financing companies in the industry to meet your needs.

Toro Protection Plus™ ®

To ensure your ongoing success and satisfaction with our products, Toro offers outstanding after-sale support like our exclusive Toro Protection Plus extended protection plan, the industry’s most comprehensive protection program. There’s no better way to protect your investment and stabilize your budget. The Toro Company 8111 Lyndale Ave. South Bloomington, MN 55420-1196 ©2012 The Toro Company. All Rights Reserved. 8111 Lyndale Ave. S., Bloomington, MN, 55420-1196. Part No. 200-5175. Printed in U.S.A


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