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Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Rosemary Parrott

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Neepawa holds prayer vigil for Ukraine


The Neepawa Ministerial held a prayer vigil service at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church on Tuesday, Mar. 8 to show support for Ukrainians both here and in Ukraine and pray for safety for those involved in the fighting as well as a swift end to Russia’s invasion. Nearly 100 people attended the service. Pictured: Rev. Fr. Yaroslav Strukhlyak welcomed all in attendance. See more on Page 19.

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Community pulls together to send supplies to Ukraine The girls had talked one day after school about wanting to send donations of some of their unneeded items to Ukraine. Stella The communities of Minnedosa, Erickson explained that when she asked her mom if and Onanole have all shown up in a big way there was a way they could send things and to help support Ukraine during this difficult her mom said she didn’t know of any, Stella time. Countless individuals, businesses and and Kiana decided they would figure out a organizations have made donations of items way to help. and money to help those in Ukraine displaced Kiana’s dad found out about Kateryna and by the Russian invasion. Alex’s efforts to ship donations to Ukraine, so The local campaign for humanitarian the girls decided to hold the donation drive aid was started by Ukrainian-Canadians at Co-op and then send what they collected Kateryna and Oleksandr (Alex) Bugai, of with the Bugais. Minnedosa, who wanted to do anything they They said that their donation drive ended could to help with the crisis. up bringing in way more than they expected. Kateryna stated that she and Alex both “We thought it was just going to be a small still have family in Ukraine, so they have booth on the side of the road, but it turned a strong connection to the country. “Our into this big thing,” Stella expressed. They families are still safe at the moment, but noted that they were expecting maybe a there are so many other families who have couple hundred dollars and maybe a few lost their homes,” she stated. She noted that cans in the two hours they were set up. “But they wanted to help in some way, but they we got tons of stuff,” Kiana said. felt so useless. “People kept asking us what we needed SUBMITTED PHOTOS They decided to try sending supplies and they’d go into the store and buy it for through Meest, a company they’ve used in From left: Minnedosa residents Oleksandr and Kateryna Bugai, Stella Woodcock us,” Stella noted. Kiana added, “One lady the past to send packages to their family in and Kiana Ternier collected countless donations of supplies to send to Ukraine. even went in twice to get us stuff!” Ukraine. Kateryna noted that when they The girls said that they were going to write Minnedosa girls make a big impact checked Meest’s website, they saw that the company was down names of the donors so they could give them all a big Two young friends from Minnedosa decided that they thank you, but there were just too many people giving to be running a humanitarian project, sending supplies to several organizations on the ground that would distribute donations also wanted to help out the people of Ukraine. Ten-year- able to keep track of. They had donations of food, clothes, old Stella Woodcock and 11-year-old Kiana Ternier held a shoes, diapers, hygiene items, even handmade quilts. “One to the people who need it. Kateryna noted that she and Alex reached out to some donation drive on Saturday, Mar. 5 at the Heritage Co-op lady even hand made 19 quilts!” Kiana shared. friends and co-workers to spread the word in case anyone food store in Minnedosa, with everything they collected “We just want to say thank you so much [to all the wanted to donate some items to ship to Ukraine. “We being shipped with Alex and Kateryna’s donations. donors],” Stella said. Kiana added that it wasn’t just the two In total, they collected about 200 kg of the 300 kg that of them that made the drive a success, it was all the people thought we’d get maybe three boxes to send,” Kateryna said. However, the response was far beyond what they the Bugais are sending. As well, they brought in $3,187.50 who donated and the people who helped out. in monetary donations. ever expected. Stella noted that she hopes people will continue to supThe girls said that they wanted to help because this conflict port Ukraine in any way they can and that the country What they’ve totalled up so far weighs about 300 kg (660 lbs), and that doesn’t include the latest addition of medical was not Ukraine’s fault. “We felt really bad for Ukraine be- will be able to get back to normal soon. Kiana said that if supplies that they purchased from a local pharmacy. They cause they really didn’t do anything,” said Stella. “Ukraine another shipment of supplies gets sent out, they’ll definitely have everything from non-perishable food, to clothing, to was just trying to live a peaceful life,” added Kiana. do another collection of donations. “We felt we should do something to help Ukraine get medicine and hygiene products. “It’s tremendous support. Kateryna expressed that she and Alex were overwhelmed back to normal life,” shared Stella. We did not expect all that from people,” she expressed. with all the support that has come from their communities. Kateryna noted that there are people in Ukraine right “We are really thankful for all the people and those two now who have nothing and even grocery store shelves are lovely girls who wanted to help. It’s very touching. Not empty. “Any little bit will help and be so appreciated,” she everybody has family or friends over there, but they just shared. wanted to help out as fellow humans,” she shared. “It means In addition to all the donated items, they’ve received so much to my husband and I.” monetary donations to help cover the cost of the shipping, as Kateryna noted that it costs about $5 per kilogram to ship from Toronto to Ukraine. She added that any donations left over after they pay for shipping will be donated to the Ukrainian Army. The couple planned to get the supplies Stella Woodcock and Kiana Ternier loading up the shipped out by Tuesday or Wednesday this week. donations they collected on Saturday, Mar. 5. By Kira Paterson Neepawa Banner & Press

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

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MARCH 11, 2022

All about the Cluck and Quack

Submitted Cluck and Quack

Fou nd e d b y S u s a n Brand and Ken Buchholz in 2001, the Cluck and Quack Poultry Club brings poultry enthusiasts together, fostering a vibrant and active community. With over 120 members pre-COVID in Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan and, of course, Manitoba, the club organizes an annual spring auction of purebred species only, and an annual fall sale, which includes crafts, equipment and other items, in addition to poultry and small animals, held in a farmer’s market style. The club also hosts an annual American Poultry Association show. The pur pose of t he Cluck and Quack Poultry Club is to connect people raising poultry, waterfowl, pigeons, and other exotic and domestic animals and birds in order to exchange information, provide contacts and promote accepted breed standards. The club provides opportunities for members to increase their knowledge in the intrica-

NACTV SCHEDULE All programs are repeated 12 hours after listed time, during the night.


A red breasted goose, one of the many birds that the Cluck and Quack Poultry Club has experience with.

cies of raising the above critters, to purchase and sell them, and to provide opportunities for members to display them for judging purposes. A lt hough t he Cluck and Quack Poultry Club encourages the cultivation of purebred birds and animals to conserve heritage breeds, they understand there should be resources

March 11-12 • SHOWTIME: 7:30 pm


DOG is a buddy comedy that follows the misadventures of two former Army Rangers paired against their will on the road trip of a lifetime


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March 13 • SHOWTIME: 2:00 pm


March 18-19 • SHOWTIME: 7:30 pm

for all individuals who raise poultry and small animals, be it for eggs, meat, a rare breed, a mixed breed, or an unusual breed. The Club engages in community activities by providing exhibits at events and via its youth outreach programs to schools and to 4-H Clubs. For example, in April 2019, Chairperson Shannon Dawley gave

a presentation at Polson School in Winnipeg and provided them with a dozen hatching eggs donated by members. This “Agriculture in the Classroom” program is set to continue as COVID-19 restrictions let up. Further outreach initiatives include offering young people a free oneyear membership, available to 4-H club members.

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1:00 ...... Travel Talk-Alaska Highway 1:55 ......Community Announcements 2:00 .Vigil at Ukranian Catholic Church 3:00 .Neepawa & Southwest Manitoba 3:30 ......................................Cooking 4:00 .Decision makers- Buffi & Lev. P2 4:30 ........................Council Checkup 5:30 ............ Easy Spoken Filipino #5 5:50 ......Community Announcements 6:00 ............Neepawa News & Views 6:30 .Npa United-Ang. Holy Eucharist 7:00 ............Story Behind the Stories 7:30 ............................... Rangefinder 8:00 ...... Titans Post-Game Interview 8:20 ....Women in Harmony Antiques 10:00 .........Start of Schedule Repeat Fri. Mar. 18 10:00 ............ Good Morning Canada 10:03 ....Exercise for Older Adults #1 10:30 ....Prairie Mtn. Artist Showcase 11:00 ........................ Council Debrief 11:30 ...........................Town Council 12:30 ........Theatre- My Man Godfrey 2:05 ......Community Announcements 2:20 .......... MB Hort.- Hemp Growers 3:00 ........................................ Rotary 4:00 .. Kid’s Story-Time- Prairie Tales 4:35 .. Neepawa & Area Recent Clips 5:00 .MB Government Updates (NEW) 6:00 .Coffe Chat - Pastor J. Anderson 6:30 ................Coast to Coast Sports 7:00 ........... NACTV Reads the News 8:15 .. Stand with Ukraine in Dauphin 8:25 .... Art w/ El. #4 Corn Husk Dolls 8:55 ......Community Announcements 9:00 ...............Frontier - The Avenger 9:50 ......Community Announcements 10:00 .........Start of Schedule Repeat Sat. Mar. 19 10:00 ............ Good Morning Canada 10:03 ....Exercise for Older Adults #2 10:30 ......... NACTV Reads the News 11:45 .Neepawa & Area Recent Clips 12:00 .Decision Makers-Buffi & Lev P2 12:30 .... Titans Post-Game Interview 12:50 ....Community Announcements 1:00 .. Chat-New Immigration Council 1:45 .Vigil at Ukranian Catholic Church 2:45 ......Community Announcements 3:00 .......................... Council Debrief 3:30 .............................Town Council 4:30 ............Story Behind the Stories 5:00 ... Tech MB-#8-Setting up Gmail 5:15 .. Neepawa & Area Recent Clips 5:30 ..................................Herb Dock 6:00 ...... Rosedale Municipal Council 7:00 ......................................Cooking 7:30 ............Neepawa Titans Hockey 9:45 ......Community Announcements 10:00 .........Start of Schedule Repeat Sun. Mar. 20 10:00 ............ Good Morning Canada 10:03 ....United-Ang. Shared Ministry 11:15 . ... Calvary Church, Minnedosa 12:00 .. St. Dominic’s Church Service 1:00 .... Service- Waldersee Lutheran 2:15 .40 Years with the Coraliers 2008 3:00 ............Neepawa News & Views 3:30 ............ Run Thru the Park 2020 4:00 .Prairie Mountain Artist Showcase 4:30 ....Zemovay 2007 - The Starlites 6:30 .......................Beverly Hillibillies 7:00 ...Independent Lutheran Church 7:45 ......Community Announcements 8:00 ...................... Ukrainian Festival 9:20 .......... Whitemud River Flooding 9:45 .. Neepawa & Area Recent Clips 10:00 .........Start of Schedule Repeat

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Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

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MARCH 11, 2022


By Chad Carpenter

Rita Friesen

Looking ahead and looking back


he bad news is the Ukraine war may last a long time. Even if Russia “wins”, they will lose and the war will go on for a long time. In Canada, we can pray, send aid, take in refugees and probably a lot more. There is one particular thing that we can do to strengthen ourselves and that is be aware that food has and will become both scarce and expensive. But more than being aware, we should all do everything we can to grow, harvest and put away as much food as we can. If you have a garden spot, then fill it up. If you can grow some chickens or pigs or whatever for food, do it. Food can be frozen, dried, put in a root cellar or canned. My wife and I harvest raspberries, rhubarb, plums, apples and tomatoes from our yard. We also pick saskatoons, cranberries and chokecherries. We freeze, can and dry food. Hopefully we are healthy enough to do as much or more this year. If we all do more locally, it leaves more of the commercially provided food for those who can’t grow or gather food for themselves. The western world has been lulled to sleep over the past three decades. We have fixated on many issues that didn’t make sense. Matthew Syed said in the London Times, “While (Chinas’s) Xi Jinping was resetting the world order through his Belt and Road initiative and Vladimir Putin was recreating the Russian empire by annexing Georgia and Crimea, we were arguing over gender-neutral toilets.” Here are some excepts from retired Manitoba Judge Brian Giesbrecht’s most recent column. “Just the week before, when he invoked the Emergencies Act to deal with what was essentially a local police matter, Justin Trudeau was being compared to brutal dictators, like neepawa

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Right in the Centre Ken Waddell Xi Jinping. But now, after effectively saying, ‘Just fooling’, and revoking the same legislation he said was absolutely necessary to save the country from the perils of the evil working folk, a more apt comparison would be to Bozo the Clown. After ruining the reputation of Canada abroad, severely damaging trust in Canada’s banking system and confounding civil rights experts with his astounding overreach– going nuclear to storm bouncy castles– Trudeau has decided that now, that the bouncy castle threat has apparently has been vanquished, he doesn’t need that draconian legislation after all. But, here’s the real side-splitter. In his little speech revoking the Emergencies Act– legislation that was intended for events slightly more worrisome than bouncy castles and free Sikh food – Trudeau said this: ‘We need to constantly work to defend and improve our democracy, both at home and abroad’. Now, that’s funny! Could it be that the temperamental Trudeau is giving us a sign that he is ready to move on? Remember that Trudeau was a drama teacher before deciding that he wanted to become the leader of every Canadian (and Canadians– for reasons I could never fathom– granted his wish). Could it be that he is announcing through his actions, and absolutely hilarious speech, that he is intent on becoming a stand-up comedian? If so, I applaud his move. After

spending the last two years in an entirely self-imposed COVID-19 prison, Canada is certainly ready for some humour. I am in full support of Trudeau’s career move. And that new Ottawa police chief– whatever his instantly forgettable name might be– the one who ordered his police officers to brutalize decent Canadians, and tarnish forever the reputation of Canada as a peaceful and decent place– perhaps make him the new ‘Colonel Klink’ on a Canadian version of ‘Stalag 13’? So, there are definite comedic possibilities here. In fact, maybe a constitutional change: instead of ‘peace, order and good government’ what about ‘tear gas, billy clubs and lots of laughs’. Anyway, you get my idea. The sad fact is that this was once a great country. And we had very good leaders. Never mind the fact that our greatest leader, John A. Macdonald– no Macdonald, no Canada – is regularly toppled as a statue by dullards who can’t even spell his name– even our modern Prime Ministers were serious men. Mulroney, Chrétien, Martin, Harper, these were all people who were taken seriously on the world stage. Domestically, we all had our issues with them, but they were serious men, and they were taken seriously.” Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner & Press staff.

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A barn full of memories


he smile began as we drove into the farmyard. Barns and bins, corrals and workshop, a yard that grew as needs grew. It was the barn that called, one of those red, hipped roof creations with the white X’s on the doors. As the front door was unlatched and opened, a streak of black fury crossed our path, just one of the farm felines. Immediately, the warmth of the barn banished the numbing cold of the winter day. The scent was heavy and rich, yes, cow droppings, but so much more; hay, and straw, and bovine fragrance. Yes, I think cows smell nice. Overhead, several more farm cats kept a watchful eye on us and their world. Wary, alert, contented. The object of our visit stood in the back stall, twin calves at her side. The mama was big, back as broad as a dining room table, and the calves, Lineback parentage, were so perfectly matched in colour that if one had not been slightly smaller– ever so slightly– it would have been difficult to distinguish them from each other. This pen was the centre of attention, for the massive cow in the first stall was reluctant to interact with two-legged creatures as she protected her calf. Once there was no attention on her, she called me back, moving to one side so that I could admire her child, and it, too, was beautiful. When I slipped back to view the twins, she waited and then summoned me again. What the heck, the twins had plenty of admirers; I could give her my time and attention. I saw the well-ordered barn. The dung removed from the pens, the heated watering bowls, the well fed cattle and cats, the afterbirth still in the gutter, the square bales of clean straw and the fragrant hay. I saw and felt and smelt all these and more. For a moment, I saw too much more. There I stood, in the barn of my childhood. Also a sturdy, well kept barn, but not a red, hipped roof one. To my right stood the row of Jersey cows, Daisy the matriarch, the bell carrier, Bambi (anyone who has seen a Jersey calf understands the origin of that name), then Flossie, with one and a half horns, she wanted to be the matriarch! Daisy, wise and slow and the easiest milker, and Penny, her coat still as copper as when she was young. They are older cows, quiet and steady. Heavy milkers and easily fenced. The memory of entering that barn, resting my head on a warm flank as I milked was comforting. Their presence was dignified, strong and eternal. They were a part of all my adolescence, felt my tears, my anger and frustration, and witnessed my carefree tree hugging and tree climbing as I sought them out of the bush at day’s end. The other creatures in the barn were always an assortment of pigs and chickens and sheep. In varying degrees on concentration as life changed. From cattle to sheep, to pigs then chickens. That moment, there in the alley of that barn, was a gift beyond measure. Simply opening the door to cherished memories.


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MARCH 11, 2022

Facing life’s challenges– Part 2


hroughout his years of ministry, the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah was assisted by one of the best scribes anyone could ask for. His name was Baruch and apart from the references made to him in Jeremiah’s own writings, we know very little about him. We do know that the was a faithful servant of God and that he displayed incredible courage– especially when he was asked to deliver messages from the prophet to kings who were known to imprison, torture and even kill people who told them things they didn’t like to hear. Those threats never stopped Baruch from doing his job. But Baruch had a significant flaw in his character– a flaw that Jeremiah felt compelled to identify. In a personal letter to Baruch (see Jeremiah 45:5), the prophet writes: “And you, do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not...” Those words are as relevant today as they were when they were written 2,500 years ago. History is filled with the stories of people who,

smooth talk, be careful . It could be a false message. There is, however, one person who we can trust. In 2 Timothy 3:16, we can learn that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” The Bible teaches us truth, because God is truth.

Neil Strohschein like Baruch, were “seeking great things for themselves.” But, unlike Baruch, many of these individuals did not listen to God’s voice, telling them to “seek them not.” Instead, they pursued their dreams of achieving greatness by securing high positions of responsibility in which they could attain the possessions, power and perks they craved. Some chose to work through the democratic process. They stood for election to public office, convinced a majority of people in their district that they were best qualified for the job, and were elected. But once elected, some of them discovered that the demands of the job far exceeded their knowledge, wisdom and emotional maturity. Upon realizing this, they did one of two things. Some used extreme measures to en-

By Addy Oberlin


wrong card. We have been told not to believe every thing they tell you on the media. They use a lot of sensationalism to make it better or worse than it really is. If you get a phone call or an email from someone you do not know and it looks suspicious, do not answer it. It most likely is a fraud. When someone wants to be your friend and

Faithfully Yours

Observation ho can or do you trust? Most likely, someone who is an expert on the subject. When my gas furnace blew out in my home, I

force their policies. Others acknowledged their weaknesses and resigned– much to everyone’s relief. Then there were those who chose a different path. They saw themselves as “God’s answer to all the world’s problems” and, filled with an overly inflated view of their own significance, used intimidation, violence and military action to force elected leaders from power and install themselves in their place. But this proved to be counterproductive. Once settled in their position of authority, these new leaders had to ensure that other leadership aspirants didn’t do to them what they had done to their predecessors. So opposition to the new regime was brutally suppressed. One bad regime was replaced with one that was even worse; and the common people suffered

even more. History’s good leaders, rulers like King David and prophets like Jeremiah, didn’t seek a position of greatness or campaign for election to it. They began like Baruch, as faithful servants– people whom Jesus described as being “faithful in small things.” Then, when the time was right, God called them to take on more responsibilities, knowing that they would serve just as faithfully in these new roles as they had done before. Every person on this earth is a unique creation of a wise, all-knowing and all-powerful God. Every person has been blessed with a unique combination of abilities and talents. Every person can do something today to help and encourage someone else. God has gifted and called each of us to be a blessing to someone else today. He asks us, like he asked Baruch, to resist the urge to seek great things for ourselves. He asks us instead to be faithful in completing today’s tasks. One day, he will reward all who do so with these words: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

got in touch with the right person and fixed it in five minutes. When I ordered something and he could not use my credit card, they waited patiently until I realized I had used the

Museum Feature: Riverbend Park



‘It is a junkyard, not an auto sales and service business’ On Oct. 20, 2021, the Municipality of WestLakeGladstone held a conditional use hearing about GWB’s automotive sales and services business set up in the southeast corner of Plumas. It is a junkyard, not an auto sales and service business! The people who lived within 100 metres of the yard could contest the conditional use. Four couples, totalling eight people, did so for various reasons, including ugly, property devalued and a sorry sight to recognize Plumas by. Of the seven supporters, all but one work for GWB. Their reasons for their support were that GWB was respectful to customers and neighbours. We could not see what that had to do with a junkyard. We believe that there was a conflict of interest concerning these employees. Council counted up the votes, saying seven were for the yard and four were against. Needless to say, the council accepted the support votes and disregarded our concerns. Before the conditional use permit was even issued, the building was renovated and the site cleaned up. One hundred plus junk vehicles were hauled in. Anyone else would have got required permits before starting the business. The municipality CAO and mayor said, “no issue”. I guess it is not what you know, it is who you know. I delivered a petition to limit the number of junkers on the site at the municipal office in Gladstone on Jan. 14, 2022 at 9:00 am. By 2:00 pm, GWB owner, who was in Mexico, knew about it and some of the names on the petition. I do not believe that this is supposed to happen. The hog barn petition went nowhere, same with the ward system petition. I am hoping that the Plumas junkyard petition does not have the same results. To defeat the junkyard, I recommend that to people who read this, email the Municipality of WestLake-Gladstone of your concerns. As the junk cars are 30 metres from my house, I would love to haul them to the mayor’s yard. I am including a direct quote from one of the petitioners. “I feel that the current operation, signage describes scrapyard, was not authorized under the conditional use, as it was sales and service. The appearance was clearly better as compared to the scraggly grass and fire hazard prior to the cleanup. But the appearance when the scrap is operating is too extensive for an entry into Plumas. A limitation of 15 cars would certainly be helpful. A fence behind the north neighbours would be beneficial and a need when enjoying the outside during any season. (The ward system is also a necessity.)” Murray Antoniuk Plumas, MB For more letters, see Page 14

Would you like to send in a letter to the editor? Email to submit yours. Letters are limited to approximately 400 words The Banner & Press reserves the right to edit letters to fit available space. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BEAUTIFUL PLAINS MUSEUM

Does this bring back memories for anyone? This was the ‘swimming pool’ before Neepawa had a swimming pool! This un-dated photo shows a plethora of families gathered at the river that flows through Riverbend Park– all eager to get in and cool off or simply enjoying socializing with one another.

Would you like to send a thumbs up or thumbs down to an individual or group in the community? Send it to us at Submissions must include a name and must be under 100 words.


Helen Drysdale out of helen’s kitchen

Oatmeal breakfast goodies Oats, a whole grain, are a slow-release carbohydrate, keeping you feeling fuller between meals, as they help stabilize blood sugar levels. They also may help lower LDL cholesterol, plus their fibre helps keep you regular. They are also packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. A nutritional powerhouse. They are eaten as porridge, in breakfast cereals, in baking such as oatcakes, oatmeal cookies, oat bread, muffins, tossed in meatloaf and much more. There’s plenty of room for oatmeal as part of a healthy eating diet. Annually, Canada produces about 3 million tonnes of oats, making us one of the largest exporters of high quality oats. Saskatchewan grows about half the oats in Canada, followed by Manitoba and Alberta. People have been growing and eating oats for at least 7,000 years. They were grown in ancient China, as well as ancient Greece. The Greeks were the first people to make them into porridge. I am sure the Scots would disagree with that! Oats were a staple for the pioneers and there are stories of struggling homesteaders eating porridge three meals a day. As well as for man, oats were the fuel for the horses and oxen who broke, planted and harvested the land. When cold, oatmeal porridge becomes thick and solid, which was cut into slices and fried for breakfast. In the horse and buggy days, this cold oatmeal was sliced and taken for a snack while travelling. I fondly remember my auntie Marie’s fried slices of cold oatmeal sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon. It was very yummy! I have been eating oatmeal porridge every morning for several years now. I wanted to change it up, so I tried making homemade breakfast goodies with the oatmeal instead. The first recipe is a gluten free one and uses raspberries for the fruit filling. You can use blueberries or diced apples instead. (Or canned pie filling of choice.) Gluten free raspberry bar Filling: 1 1/3 cups oatmeal 3 cups fresh or frozen raspberries 1/2 cup coconut 1/3 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 4 Tbsp. water 1 tsp. baking soda 1 Tbsp. cornstarch 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. xanthan gum Crust: 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 1/3 cups gluten free flour mix 2/3 cup melted butter For filling: In a medium saucepan, combine berries, sugar, and 2 tablespoons of the water. Bring to a boil reduce heat. Simmer about 5 minutes or until berries are softened. In a cup, stir together the remaining two tablespoons of water and the cornstarch. Add to the berries and simmer for a few minutes until the sauce thickens. For crust: In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, oatmeal, coconut, sugar, baking soda, salt, xanthan gum and cinnamon. With a fork, blend in the melted butter until it becomes crumbly. Press 2/3 of the crust into a lightly greased 9x9 inch pan. Spoon the filling over the crust. Crumble the remaining 1/3 crust over the top of the raspberries. It will not completely cover all the top. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 30-35 minutes until it is golden brown. Let cool in pan on a wire rack. Cut into bars. Store in the refrigerator. Breakfast Cookies 1 cup butter, softened 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 cup brown sugar 3 cups oatmeal 2 tsp. vanilla 1 cup, chopped raisins or 2 eggs dried cranberries 1 1/2 cups flour 1/2 cup chopped peanuts 1/4 cup ground flax seeds 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1 tsp. salt 1 cup dark chocolate chips 1 tsp. baking soda Using a mixer, beat together the butter and brown sugar until fluffy. Add the vanilla and eggs and mix well. In another bowl, stir together the flour, ground flax seeds, salt, baking soda and cinnamon. Add it into the creamed mixture in 2 batches. Mix in the oats, raisins, peanuts, coconut and chocolate chips until just combined. Using a tablespoon, drop portions of dough onto a lightly greased cookie sheet, spacing them a couple inches apart. Bake in a preheated 375°F oven for 10-14 minutes or until golden brown. Come see us for your 487 Mountain Ave. Neepawa, MB natural health supplements, 204-476-5255 organic baking supplies & healthy snacks.

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During the week of Feb. 28 to Mar. 3, Spruce Plains RCMP dealt with 40 police activities. Feb. 28: RCMP responded to a report of a hit and run in Minnedosa. There were no suspects and insufficient evidence to proceed further. Mar. 1: RCMP were dispatched to a reported fire in Gladstone. Police attended and saw smoke coming from a train track that was being welded. The reported residence was checked out and no signs of a f ire or smoke were found. Police responded to a two-vehicle motor vehicle col lision near Minnedosa. There were no i nju r ie s a nd one vehicle was towed. M a r. 2 : RCM P received a request to assist with a family dispute in the Municipality of Glenella-Lansdowne, which was later determined not to be a police matter. Police conducted proactive traffic enforcement, engaging with several motorists. Numerous tickets were issued for various traffic violations. Mar. 3: RCMP received a report of cheque fraud in Minnedosa; the matter is still under investigation. Police received a complaint of two dangerous drivers in the RM of Minto-Odanah, where there was insufficient evidence provided to proceed further. Mar. 4: RCMP responded to a report of construction trailers being broken into in Neepawa, where a large amount of equipment was stolen. There were no cameras or suspects, and therefore the matter did not have enough evidence to proceed further. Police received a report of threats being uttered in Arden. One person was arrested and charged as a result.

Mar. 5: RCMP conducted multiple curfew checks in the area and discovered multiple individuals breaching their curfew conditions. Warrants for their arrest were issued. Police responded to a disturbance in Neepawa, where they found one person failing to comply with a court order. The individual was arrested, charged and taken into custody. Mar. 6: RCMP conducted multiple traffic stops in Minnedosa, checking for driver sobriety. Two individuals blew warnings on alcohol screening devices and received driving suspensions as well as towed vehicles. One person failed the screening device and was charged with impaired dr iv ing and taken into custody. RCMP conducted 11 traffic enforcement actions during this reporting period.

Public service announcement If you have any information about these crimes or any other crimes, please contact your local RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Neepawa and Minnedosa RCMP detachments advise they will be limiting front counter services at the detachments until further notice. We request that you contact each detachment at 204-476-7340 (Neepawa) or 204-867-2916 (Minnedosa) to inquire about criminal record checks or to file a report. Leave a message if needed and it will be checked the following business day. Do not leave a message if you require immediate police assistance. You must dial 204-476-7338 (Neepawa), 204-8672751 (Minnedosa) or 911 to have a police officer respond to you promptly.


"No matter your debt situation, there's always hope for a brighter future."


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By Cpl. Jacob Stanton Spruce Plains RCMP

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Spruce Plains RCMP report


204.571.7799 Licensed Insolvency Trustees

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MARCH 11, 2022

Carberry/North Cypress-Langford


Wildcats finish Westman League Here and there By Gladwyn Scott Neepawa Banner & Press

GCB Wildcats head coach Corey Forbes pictured with current Wildcats and alumni.

By Gladwyn Scott Neepawa Banner & Press Trey Dickson’s hat trick and three assists powered the GCB Wildcats (23-9-0) to a 6-5 overtime win over the Crocus Plainsmen (8-24-0) at Enns Arena in Brandon Sunday, Feb. 27. The game was knotted 1-1 after 20 minutes and Crocus led 5-4 after two periods. Dickson, unassisted, tied the match with 3:36 left in the game and fired the winner, his 40th, at 3:06 of overtime. Single goals were notched by Kylan Aitken (25th), Jaren Waldner (26th) and Preston Shearer. Waldner also collected three assists. The Wildcats were without captain Deegan Campbell and Johnny Meyers, but outshot the hosts 77-30. Landon Nadeau fired a pair for Crocus. Zech Baker and Carson Mooney shared goaltending duties for the visitors. Jaren Waldner scored the tying and winning goals as the Wildcats edged the Boissevain-Souris Broncos 4-3 in a shootout at Glenboro Wednesday, Mar. 2. The Broncos collected the only first period marker

and outshot the Wildcats 31-30. Preston Shearer, unassisted, tied the game in the second frame. Trey Dickson knotted the contest 2-2 with help from Waldner at 4:59 of the final frame and Waldner and Dickson combined at 2:34 to send the game into a scoreless overtime of four-onfour. Replying for the Broncos were Connor Graham, Drew Barclay and Hunter Arde. Jaren was the only shooter to dent the twine in the shootout. Carson Mooney was able to shut down the Broncos. The hosts were without three regulars, Deegan Campbell, Johnny Meyers and Dylan Hood, but used two bantams, Kaelan Waldner and Colton Knox. The Wildcats (25-9-0) finished off their regular Westman League schedule in Carberry February, Mar. 4 with a 6-1 decision over Crocus Plains. Kylan Aitken sank the only goal in the first 20 minutes with help from Carson Nakonechny. Jaren Waldner scored twice and recorded a pair of assists, while Trey Dickson also tallied a pair and added an assist for the winners, who outshot Crocus 48-18. Carter Elliot, with help from


Tyler Hood and Landon Gudnason, collected the second goal for the fourth place league finishers. Also drawing assists were Johnny Meyers, Preston Shearer, Griffin Anderson and Deegan Campbell. Logan McEvoy robbed netminder Carson Mooney of his bid for a shutout with 7:47 left in the contest. Scoro winners were Tyler Bileski, Caitlin Meyers and Andrea McLean. Congratulations to head coach Corey Forbes for his 800th game with the Wildcats. Prior to the game Saturday, Feb. 26, Glenboro principal Ryan Diehl spoke about Corey’s coaching career and leadership in the league, school and community. Forbes was presented with a red autographed hockey stick, a gift card for Cabela’s (his favourite hunting store), and a three-tiered birthday cake (for his 50th birthday), and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday. Photographs were taken with the present team and also with many former players. The special tribute was organized by team manager, Robert Gudnason.

Community profile— Danna Twerdoski By Gladwyn Scott Neepawa Banner & Press Danna Twerdoski, elder daughter of Albert and Judi, who graduated from Carberry Collegiate in 2007, has been employed for 14 years as a 911 operator to dispatch fire engines to all of Manitoba, except Winnipeg and Thompson. She works 12 hour shifts in the new


D a n n a Tw e r d o s k i , formerly of Carberry.

Brandon Fire Hall just off 18th Street, directly south of Andrews Baseball Field. Danna was an honours student who really enjoyed sports such as volleyball, basketball and fastball. Music was also enjoyed, as she played the f lute and was a Jazz Band member. Bev Walker was her music teacher. She is a senior dispatcher and trainer for new re-

• Carberry Bonspiel 2022 results: First event– Braden Calvert defeated Rob Van Kommer; Second event– Kelly Marnoch over Grant Calvert; Third event– Jared Munro (Portage) defeated Tyler Unger; Fourth event– Michelle Jakubowski (Neepawa) over Darcy Manns. Winner of the meat smoker was Bill Thiessen. • Due to health issues, lead Colin Hodgson has withdrawn from Team Manitoba at the 2022 Brier in Lethbridge and will be replaced by Colton Lott. Kyle Doering has been added as the fifth to the Mike McEwen, Reid Carruthers and Derek Samagalski rink. • Carberry Grade 7 and 8 basketball teams participated in a Neepawa tournament Saturday, Feb. 26. In their opener, the Carberry boys played well against a very intense defense, but Neepawa prevailed 48-28. They rebounded to defeat Dauphin 1 48-26, but fell to Dauphin 2 44-21. Owen Unrau led the scoring parade with consistent ball handling. Zander Campbell followed in scoring by cleaning up the offensive boards, while Quinton Elliot worked hard on the defensive boards. “The whole team showed great competitive sportsmanship and represented our community well,” stated coach Scott Baker. A short-handed girls’ team finished with a 2-2 record, splitting games with both Neepawa and Dauphin. The girls missed the finals in a tie breaker by two points. “It was a great effort from Charlie, Kenya, Kacey, Maya, Ella, Rachel, Kari and Elli,” reported coach, Darcy Kendall. The Carberry JV boys hosted a five-team basketball tournament Saturday, Feb. 26. Coach Chris Unrau’s Cougars lost 86-66 to Virden and won 75-24 over Boissevain. St. Laurent Hawks beat Neelin 81-74 and were edged 75-73 by the Virden Bears. Neelin defeated the Boissevain Broncos. • The Carberry Figure Skating Club will host its annual ice show “Under the Big Top” Sunday, Mar. 20. • Big Daddy Tazz, comedian extraordinaire, and Chris Walby, Blue Bomber Hall of Famer, will be featured at Carberry’s Sportsman’s Gala Thursday, Apr. 20, sponsored by the Carberry and Area Future Recreation Committee. • The Carberry Cougars girls’ curling team of Dahlia Snaith, Neveah Witherspoon, Mallory Lockhart and Makenna Poitras participated in the MHSAA provincials in Hamiota Mar. 3 to 5 as the wildcard entry. They defeated the River East Kodiaks 6-3 and Gladstone, the zone winners, 9-1 before losing to Carman 5-2 in the A side semi-finals. This moved them to the B side, where they lost to Swan Valley 8-4. The Carman Cougars eventually won the provincials. • Congratulations to retired Boissevain teacher and coach Keith Forsyth who has announced his retirement from basketball coaching after 27 years and 1,224 games. Although he excelled at hockey and baseball, he never played a basketball game himself. His dedication and success are commendable! Tip of the fedora, Keith. Jack would be proud.

cruits who receive preliminary instruction and on the job training. There are six to eight operators on each shift with about 30 on staff. Ambulances are referred to a different Dr. Perkins Greg Perkins Dr. Greg department. “It is a very Dr. Derek Papegnies Dr. Derek Papegnies challenging position and I really enjoy my work,” Optometrists Optometrists Twerdosk i said. W hen not working, Danna likes to bake and work out in & District Wellness Centre) Beautiful Plains Community Medical Inc. (Neepawa & District Wellness Centre) Beautiful(Neepawa Plains Community Medical Clinic Inc.Clinic the gym.

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Looking Back 1972: Neepawa resident shares drawn newspaper 8 NEEPAWA BANNER & PRESS

By Casper Wehrhahn Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago, Tuesday, March 12, 1912 Increased demand for the product of the Neepawa Brick Co. necessitates the construction of another kiln. The present kiln has a capacity of 200,000 bricks and a new one of similar size will be built in the spring. Last year the output was 1,300,000 but this year it will exceed the two million mark. Twenty men will be employed during the coming season. 100 years ago, Tuesday, March 14, 1922 Kelwood: Miss Lilian Goddard has been confined to her bed with an attack of pleurisy. Note: According to the Mayo Clinic, pleurisy is a condition in which the two large, thin layers of tissue (known as the pleura) that separate your lungs from your chest wall become inflamed. 90 years ago, Friday, March 11, 1932 A. C. Merriman has purchased the block on Mountain Ave. next to the Bank of Montreal and is remodelling the second floor into suites, which are expected to be ready for occupancy in a short time. 80 years ago, Thursday, March 12, 1942 Persons of Japanese race or belonging to Japanese companies are forbidden to acquire or hold lands or grow crops in Canada under an amendment to the defence of Canada regulations. 70 years ago, Thursday, March 13, 1952 Arden: Mrs. E. G. Hipwell underwent a tonsillectomy in Neepawa hospital last weekend. The Canadian Destroyer HMCS Sioux was welcomed back to her home port of Esquimalt, B.C. Mar. 8, after completing her second tour of duty in Korean waters. The first annual bonspiel sponsored by the Manitoba Plumbers’ and Heaters’ organization held here

Sunday was a high ly successful event. The bonspiel was most enjoyable and it is likely Neepawa will be the yearly scene of the event. 60 years ago, Tuesday, March 14, 1962 Both Neepawa teams topped their respective divisions in the annual Tom T hu mb Hockey Tournament Saturday at the Sports Arena… IntheAdivision,Neepawa defeated the Minnedosa team in the final 6-0, and in the B class the local team won from Eden 4-2. T he L e g io n H a l l , Neepawa, was the scene of a very happy occasion last Sunday afternoon, Mar. 4, when Mrs. Hugh Campbell, a pioneer of the Neepawa District, was honoured by her family at a surprise dinner, the occasion being her 80th birthday (Saturday, Mar. 3)... Mrs. Campbell was born in Kromfors, Sweden, in 1882, coming out to the Minnedosa district in Manitoba in 1893. Following her marriage, she and Mr. Campbell farmed in the Franklin district until 1948, when illness forced a retirement to Neepawa. Mr Campbell passed away in 1949. 50 years ago, Thursday, March 9, 1972 A Neepawa resident recently came into possession of what must surely be a collector’s item: a 1915 edition of the Weekly 101, the world’s first, last and only newspaper printed by hand in lead pencil. Mabel McEwen received the paper, and some related documents, among some possessions of her father, A. C. Chapman, following his recent death. The eight page newspaper, dated Aug. 12, 1915, features local news, sports, entertainment, society events, war news, advertisements and pictures (drawings). It was published in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, by Robert R. Fitzgerald, better known as “Mooney Mingles”. Done entirely by hand, the paper is laid out in such a way as to appear set in type if viewed from a distance of

MARCH 11, 2022

two or three feet. The paper was established Apr. 7, 1914. In a letter to Mr. Chapman dated Oct. 19, 1915 the editor Fitzgerald said he had so far printed 235 copies of the paper. The paper appeared in two editions a week, Wednesday and Saturday. The copies were usually of eight pages, which took 18 hours to print. Mr. Fitzgerald worked on them “five to six hours each evening and night” on his return from his ten-houra-day regular job with the Bishop Saw Company. 40 years ago, Thursday, March 11, 1982 Langdale Enterprises, a group of Neepawa investors, have withdrawn their bid to purchase Neepawa Food Processors after a meeting Mar. 3 in Winnipeg with representatives of Champs Food Systems. The fate of the bid was sealed when it was learned that only the eviscerating plant was for sale, said Dave Jorundson, spokesman for Langdale Enterprises… The plant was one of Neepawa largest employers at the time of closing in October, 1980. At least 36 people were left without jobs. 30 years ago, Tuesday, March 10, 1992 Kelwood School has been taken off the chopping block– for the coming year, at least. At a meeting held in the school last Thursday, parents were told their children will be able to attend Kelwood School for the coming school year. But what will happen after that is yet to be decided, said Turtle River School Division board chairman Eltie Pierce… The school will continue to operate as a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school. Two years ago, Kelwood School lost its high school due to declining enrollments. That decision meant students in Grades 9 through 12 are bussed to schools in either McCreary or Glenella. 20 years ago, Monday, March 11, 2002 The interim CEO of the Marquette Regional

Health Authority says unless the province increases its funding, the RHA won’t be able to afford nurses’ wage demands… The province has already said it can’t afford the nurses’ wage demands. [Ted] Bartlett said with a $2.2-million deficit, the RHA would also be hard pressed to come up with extra cash to pay its 348 nurses… Marquette has been operating in the red ink for the past four years. The deficit has climbed from $161,000 in 1998, to $800,000 in 1999, to $1.4-million in 2000, to $2.2-million in 2001.


Top left: Robert R. Fitzgerald, from Lawrenceburg, Indianna. He published what was probably the first and only hand-drawn weekly newspaper. A copy of this paper had been brought into the Neepawa press by a resident of the community in 1972. Above: The front page of the Aug. 12, 1915 edition of The Weekly 101.

13th Annual Community




Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Team Canada

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Please join us

Friday, April 8th, 2022

Yellowhead Centre Hall, Neepawa, MB.

$100 per person • Cocktails 6:30pm ~ Dinner 7pm Tickets Available at: The Neepawa Banner & Press or by calling: Titans Marketing 431-351-2274, Jamie Denbow 204-212-0587 or Ward Szucki 204-841-2213 Meal Sponsored by Hylife and prepared by Chef JP Charpentier


Legacy of T. Eaton Company Ltd. still remains By Casper Wehrhahn Neepawa Banner & Press A piece of history was eagerly shared with the Neepawa Banner & Press on Mar. 5. On that day, Neepawa’s Linda Ford brought in a catalogue for T. Eaton Company Ltd., commonly known as Eaton’s. The company itself is noted as an iconic Canadian department store that significantly shaped shopping in the country. The catalogue in Linda’s possession is dated to 1901 and is in “very, very good condition”. “It was my mother-in law’s– Helen Ford. After she passed away, we got a box of old magazines and this catalogue was in there. So I actually have a Canadian Home Journal from, I think, 1935 and a couple of other old magazines,” Linda enthused. “It was part of my childhood– A Christmas catalogue always came out. So you always went right through all of the Christmas catalogue and looked at all the toys. I remember doing that when

I was little.” in Upper Canada, as She added, “It’s it was then known. really interesting to After joining them, see the prices today, he got into the dry too.” goods and retail busiEaton’s boasted a ness with his brother, variety of goods back James. in the day– selling They started in seemingly everything K irkton, then St. from clothes and furM a r y ’s, Ont a r io. niture, to things someEvent ua l ly, howone likely wouldn’t ever, the brothers expect a retailer to began disagreeing sell. over business practi“At that time, you ces and Timothy left could even buy a house for Toronto. Once through Eaton’s,” there, Timothy and Linda mused. “And his wife, Margaret, to see the styles? It’s paid $6,500 for a revery interesting.” tail operation. Their Upon closer inspecfirst store opened in tion, the catalogue December 1896, acis an accumulation cepting cash only and of two original 1901 all items set at fixed PHOTO BY CASPER WEHRHAHN Eaton’s catalogues prices– breaking from done by the Musson The 1901 Eaton’s Catalogue memento, owned by Linda Ford, the status quo. At Book Company, of of Neepawa. the time, bargaining Toronto, in 1970. and credit sales were History of Eaton’s The memento was done in in 1969 and that Musthings that many could Eaton’s has quite a long expect from their shopping collaboration with Eaton’s, son’s completed 77 years who made the original of publishing. After which history in Canada. This experiences. While Eaton’s material from the Eaton he stated, “It is fitting that story started with Tim- was not the first to make Archives available to the these two early Canadian othy Eaton, who came this move, according to the companies should now to Canada from County Canadian Encyclopedia, book company. A note from Jack Stod- make available to all this Antrim– now in Northern it was considered a rather dart explains that Eaton’s important piece of Can- Ireland– in 1854. He joined bold decision for a new his eldest brother and sisters business. celebrated its centennial adiana.”

However, Timothy developed a “Goods Satisfactory or Money Refunded” policy in 1870. This meant that if a customer wasn’t happy with their purchase, their money would be refunded. Timothy also sought to cut out wholesalers as much as possible, choosing to go to the United Kingdom and Europe himself to buy directly from suppliers. These factors were reportedly quite attractive to shoppers. National expansion T he 18 8 0 s brought strong revenues to Eaton’s, and Timothy began acquiring additional properties in Toronto. Then, in the late ‘80s, the company’s roots were strong enough and the foundations laid for national expansion. As Canada’s railway system grew, the company was able to offer lower freight rates to customers. That fee eventually changed to free, for any order above $25. As well, the company opened a mail order building in Toronto in 1903. Continued on Page 17


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Neepawa deals with its surplus transfers By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press


Dianne Nordstrom, of Victoria’s Quilts receives a $500 cheque from Neepawa Rotary Treasurer, Murray Newton. Victoria’s Quilts creates and sends handmade quilts to cancer patients free of charge. Donations are used to purchase fabric and batting. Each quilt costs around $100 to produce.

Neepawa requests more volunteers for Fire Department

Some news and notes from Neepawa Town Council By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

The first council meeting for the Town of Neepawa in March was a relatively uneventful session. One item of note that came out of the gathering, however, was a request for more Fire Department volunteers. Councillor and deputy mayor Brian Hedley noted that the Department is looking at adding more firefighter positions. Hedley said that the criteria to volunteer include: • Being over the age of 18; • Live within f ive kilometres of

Did You Know? BPCF has distributed over $1 million in CF Grants

Neepawa; • Be physically able to handle the job requirements; • Able to clear a criminal records check; • Have a valid driver’s licence and; • Be able to attend two practices a month and 50 per cent of emergency calls. • Applications for individuals interested in volunteering are available at the Town Office. Park Lake update The bridge construction tender for Park Lake closed on Monday, Mar. 7. It is expected that a decision on the

winning bid will be made quickly, then announced at an upcoming Council meeting. The bridge that had been in place was destroyed by the 2020 Canada Day weekend flood, that severely damaged Park Lake and some low lying areas in Neepawa. Meanwhile, the installation of a riprap wall is nearly complete. Riprap is an expanse of stones, concrete or other hard substances installed to prevent erosion around bridges and/ or building pilings or on shores. The tree scrubbing remova, which began on Feb. 16, has been completed.

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Neepawa closed out 2021 with a whole lot of extra money in its pocket. Chief administrative officer Colleen Synchyshyn reported to Council on Tuesday, Mar. 1, that the Town had an audited surplus from its general operating fund of $1.73 million. While the Town usually does see a surplus in this fund each year, the amount accrued in 2021 is larger than normal. Synchyshyn cited increased revenue of around $791,000 due to, what she called, unanticipated landfills as a primary reason for these results (i.e. - sold land on the former

C.N. property). Increased revenue of $247,000 from additional property taxes and decreased expenses on an array of projects are also reasons for these numbers. In response to this surplus, council voted to transfer the majority of that money back into the general operating fund reserves. This will allow for it to be available to towards the 2022 budget and future projects. The utility operating surplus, meanwhile, was $205,449, which is more in line with the numbers normally seen at the end of the year. Increased water and sewer sales are the reason for this result.

• Access a fillable PDF Grant application at

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U13 girls bring home bronze

Connor Brust named an MJHL rookie All-Star


The U13 Female Neepawa Titans hockey team won bronze at provincials this past weekend. The girls competed in the seven-team Female U13C Hockey Manitoba Provincials Mar. 4 to 6, in Elkhorn, MB. Pictured above, top row standing (from left): Hannah Robson, Steve Robson (Manager, Asst. Coach), Karina Wither, Emma Martin, Signe Erven, Reegan Bjarnason, Winona Hall, Cam Wither (Head Coach). Front row (from left): Ally Pollack, Allysa Thompson, Karlee Kohlman, Averi Jury, Katee Mitchler, Mylee Mitchler. Missing: Sarah Lizotte, Charlotte Unrau, Alexa Macdonald, Trevor Lizotte (Asst. coach) and Melissa Macdonald (Asst. coach).


The efforts of Connor Brust during his rookie season in the MJHL have been recognized. On Tuesday, Mar. 8, the 19-year-old defenceman was named an MJHL Rookie All-Star. In 50 games this season, Brust has 40 points (14 goals - 26 assists)

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MARCH 11, 2022

We are the Titans; We play with heart Neepawa U11 Female team prove to be great representives for entire region

logo. With the 13 players (and sometimes 31 moods and personalities), the girls established an identity early on that consisted of playing Prior to the start of the season, based on with a purpose, relentless to the puck, and registration numbers (six from Neepawa), playing with heart. They are proud to wear we understood early that the Neepawa U11 the Titans (Tridekon sponsored) jerseys and Female Titans didn’t have enough players our dressing room mantra has been, ‘We are to enter a team in the Rural Manitoba the Titans, we play with heart’. Female Hockey League (RMFHL). There are some very strong teams in the The Neepawa Minor Hockey AssociaRMFHL U11 League, which consists of 10 tion (NMHA) supported rostering three teams across Western Manitoba. We played U9 majors, bringing our total to nine each team twice for a total of 18 games, players. We also had parents from neighfinishing with a record of eight wins, seven bouring communities interested, but at the losses, and three ties for a total of 19 points, same time, they were compelled to roster finishing sixth in league play. with their home community co-ed/boys’ When we attended Rural B provincials teams to ensure their local communities in Hamiota on Feb. 27 and 28, the team had enough players. The other factor was came with so much spirit and positive the cost associated with paying full roster energy. The girls went undefeated against SUBMITTED PHOTO in their respective home communities and Brandon and Rat River in the round robin, The Neepawa Titans Female U11 team was made up of a large group of players came out swinging against MacDonald in for the Neepawa U11 female team. To make a long story short, the Neepawa from across the region, including Arden, Brookdale, Minnedosa, McCreary and the semi final match up, and although were Minor Hockey Association supported an Rolling River. exhausted in the gold medal game Sunday initiative to support neighbouring comevening, they laid it out and played with amazmunity players an option to roster with our female team. Minnedosa (3), McCreary (2) and Rolling River (1). Along ing heart as a team, taking the victory against Hamiota. In the end, we ended up with 13 rostered players. The with bringing in players from other communities and acAll year, the energy and personalities in the dressing room challenge was scheduling practice and games as the girl’s cepting their home team as a priority, it was the first-time were contagious, and each member of the staff that included home co-ed/boys’ team was the priority, so we were often players were being exposed to full ice play, including new Trish Phinney (Manager), Sheldon Anderson (Coach), and short players. We were lucky that NMHA has strong play- rules and line changes. Assistant Coaches Kelly Evans (Brookdale), Brent Crosson ers coming through the system which allowed the team to Oddly enough, the early adversity in establishing a team (Neepawa), Tristan Duchart (McCreary), and Prestyn Phinroster affiliate players from the U9 teams. set the stage for what was to occur throughout the season and ney (Neepawa) learned so much from the girls. Although we played out of Neepawa, the team consisted perhaps embody, in part, the of players from Neepawa (4), Arden (1), Brookdale (2), rationale behind the Titans Submitted Neepawa U11 Female Titans

Austin Clyne commits to Adrian College Titans defenceman to join NCAA Div III program in the fall

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

Though Austin Clyne’s time in Junior “A” hockey is drawing to a close, the 20-year-old defenceman already knows exactly where the game will be taking him come the fall. The Neepawa Titans captain recently confirmed his commitment to play for the Adrian College Bulldogs, a NCAA Division III hockey program located out of Adrian, Michigan. The Bulldogs play out of the Northern Collegiate Hockey Association (NCHA) and are currently ranked first in the United States within Div III men’s hockey. Over the past decade, Adrian College has consistently been one of the top tier programs. Clyne is from Boissevain, MB and has played a total


Neepawa Titans defenceman and team captain Austin Clyne.

of 92 games in the MJHL, as of the Banner & Press publication deadline. This season with Neepawa, He has accumulated 25 points (7 goals - 15 assists) in 30

games. He was also named as the Neepawa Titans RBC – MJHL Community Ambassador award recipient this season.


MARCH 11, 2022

MJHL Standings Western Division




y - Dauphin Kings

50 37 12




x - Wayway Wolverines

51 31 17




x - Virden Oil Capitals

51 27 20




Swan Valley Stampeders 52 22 25




Neepawa Titans

51 18 24




OCN Blizzard

52 18 28




Eastern Division


y - Steinbach Pistons

51 39 9




x - Winkler Flyers

50 29 16




x - Winnipeg Blues

49 28 18




Selkirk Steelers

52 23 23




Portage Terriers

49 22 21




Winnipeg Freeze









x = Clinched playoff position; y = Clinched Division; z = Regular season champion

Game results Friday, Mar. 4

Dauphin 5-3 Neepawa

First Period 12:39 DAU C. Jaquet (12) ASST: J. Jubenvill (24) Second Period 09:17 NPA C. Brust (13) ASST: R. Gudnason (21), C. Gudnason (9) 17:58 NPA P. Korman (7) ASST: W. Highet (19) Third Period 01:59 DAU N. Greyeyes (8) ASST: N. Braun (15), A. Brook (6) 02:37 K. Bryant (31) ASST: N. Braun (16), N. Greyeyes (12) 17:49 DAU N. Braun (23) ASST: K. Bryant (32), N. Greyeyes (13) 18:15 NPA D. Wilton (14) ASST: J. Lapointe (17), C. Trimble (13) 19:15 DAU L. Morris (20) EN ASST: L. Calder (23), P. Malchuk (29) Scoring 1 2 3 Total PP DAU 1 0 4 5 0/4 0 2 1 NPA 3 0/1 Goaltenders DAU - C. Cherepak - 21/24 saves NPA - É. Demers - 36/40 saves Attendance: 303 - Yellowhead Centre

Saturday, Mar. 5

Dauphin 5-2 Neepawa

First Period 04:01 DAU N. Braun (24) ASST: N. Greyeyes (14), C. Jaquet (40) Second Period 19:55 DAU J. Shantz (5) ASST: C. Jaquet (41), P. Malchuk (30) Third Period 02:12 NPA B. Michalchuk (6) ASST: R. Gudnason (22), C. Bendtsen (2) 11:45 DAU P. Malchuk (8) PP ASST: C. Jaquet (42), N. Greyeyes (15) 11:57 DAU L. Morris (21) ASST: L. Calder (24) 13:33 NPA C. Smith (9) ASST: J. Romanyk (14), T. Thompson (17) 18:03 DAU A. Brook (1) EN SH ASST: Unassited Scoring 1 2 3 Total PP NPA 2 0/5 0 0 2 DAU 1 1 3 5 1/4 Goaltenders NPA É. Demers - 35/39 saves DAU - C. Cherepak - 21/23 saves Attendance: 633 - Credit Union Centre

Game results Tuesday, Mar. 8

Bombers battle back from brink Minnedosa upset Cartwright in THHL East semi-final

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

On the brink of elimination in their best-of-five playoff series against the Cartwright Clippers, it would have been pretty easy for the Minnedosa Bombers to simply call it a year; ‘Hey, good effort guys, but it just wasn’t meant to be. See you next season.’ But instead of giving up, the Bombers gutted it out, which ultimately paid off with a 3-games-to-2 series win the

MJHL points leaders MJHL leaders 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

J. Svenson (WKR) B. Fischer (VDN) J. Vanderhooft (WB) K. Bryant (DAU) J. Rogers (STN)

Neepawa leaders 1. 2. 3.

D. Wilton J. Lapointe C. Brust


A Pts

30 31 24 32 25

45 38 42 33 35



15 34 23 19 14 26

75 69 66 65 60 Pts

49 42 40

game winner, with just nine-seconds left in regulation, to give Minnedosa the victory. Game two followed on Mar. 5 in Minnedosa and would see the Bombers collect a 4-2 win. This time, it would be Shane Jury, Ryan Heino and Kelly Stinson who propelled the Bombers to victory, with Jury notching a pair of goals. This reversal of fortune would set up a fifth and deciding game on Sunday, Mar. 6 in Cartwright. In that matinee matchup, Minnedosa would

complete the unexpected comeback with a 3-2 win. Wes Lewis picked up a pair of the Bombers’ goal, including what would end up being the game and series winner. Saler had the other goal, while goaltender Devon Fordyce picked up his third straight win. Next up for Minnedosa will be the East Division’s top-seed team, the Gladstone Lakers. The West Final, meanwhile, will have the Boissevain Border Kings take on the Virden Oil Kings.

Lakers advance to THHL East Division final

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

The Gladstone Lakers have secured their place in the Tiger Hills Hockey League’s (THHL) Eastern Division Final, defeating the Wawanesa Jets 4-3 in overtime on Wednesday, Mar. 2. This final result gave the Lakers a 3-games-to-none series victory over the Jets. In the game, Jesse Toth scored the game and series winner, just 4:56 into OT. Meanwhile, Trey Evenson scored twice for Gladstone and Scott Glennie chipped

in with the other goal on the night. The Tiger Hills Hockey League’s Division finals are now set, as in the East, the Gladstone Lakers will face the Minnedosa Bombers. The game schedule has been set and is as follows: Friday, Mar. 11 - Minnedosa at Gladstone. 8:00 pm start time Saturday, Mar. 12 - Gladstone at Minnedosa. 7:30 pm start time Wednesday, Mar. 16 - Minnedosa at Gladstone. 8:00 pm start time * Saturday, Mar. 19 - Gladstone at Minnedosa. 8:30 pm start time * Sunday, Mar. 20 - Minnedosa at Gladstone. Best of five East Division Final series - * If necessary

NACI facing Vincent Massey in WHSHL playoffs By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

T h e m a t c hu p s a r e set for the f irst round of the Westman High School Hockey League (WHSHL) playoffs. For the Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute (NACI) Tigers, their 21-10 -1-2 record for the regular season was good enough for sixth place in the overall standings. It also earned them a quarterfinal series against the third seeded team, the Vincent Massey Vikings (26-6-1-1. 54 pts). Head to head this season, NACI lost both of

Neepawa Titans Junior “A”

Turn the page for even more news!

Tiger Hills Hockey League (THHL) playoffs. After dropping the first two games, by scores of 6-2 and 5-4, Minnedosa went into game three in Cartwright on Wednesday, Mar. 2 with a tremendous hill to climb. Fortunately for the Bombers, veteran forwards Matt Saler and James McCarville came up clutch when it mattered. Saler scored a pair of goals, while McCarville added one of his own, as well as a pair of assists. Clay Bergeson contributed the

Gladstone cools Wawanesa’s Jets

Waywayseecappo 8-4 Neepawa

First Period 05:08 NPA C. Brust (14) PP ASST: D. Wilton (33), J. Lapointe (18) 05:30 WAY O. Wheatley (4) ASST: C. Petrie (17), A. Boucher (26) 06:50 WAY L. Smith (6) ASST: B. Bird (38), A. Ziprick (8) 09:19 WAY C. Baptiste (16) ASST: B. Bird (37), K. Shindle (19) 18:42 NPA B. Michalchuk (7) ASST: C. Gudnason (10), A. Clyne (16) 19:50 WAY B. Bird (20) ASST: K. Shindle (20) Second Period No scoring Third Period 00:40 NPA J. Lapointe (23) PP ASST: D. Wilton (34), J. Romanyk (15) 12:07 WAY J. Moffatt (9) PP ASST: L. Bulger (46), B. Bird (39) 14:27 WAY C. Baptiste (17) ASST: K. Shindle (21), B. Bird (40) 15:44 NPA D. Wilton (15) PP ASST: J. Lapointe (19), C. Brust (26) 18:26 WAY J. Charko (12) EN ASST: L. Robson (15) 19:33 WAY L. Robson (10) PP EN ASST: R. Rabbit (24), L. Wotton (11) Scoring 1 2 3 Total PP WAY 4 0 4 8 2/5 NPA 2 0 2 4 3/4 Goaltenders WAY L. Tereposky - 21/25 saves NPA É. Demers - 10/14 saves NPA G. Renwick - 16/18 saves Attendance: 222 - Yellowhead Centre


Hockey team Neepawa Titans regular season home games March 11 at 7:30 pm vs Waywayseecappo

it s ga mes aga inst t he Vikings, a 3-2 loss on Feb. 9 in Neepawa and a 4-2 defeat on Feb. 26 in Brandon. NACI coach Mike Adams said Vincent Massey will be a great challenge for the Tigers. “Vincent Massey has been one of the top teams in our league all year, they started well and have kept it going all through the season,” said Adams. “Massey does have 13 graduating players so that is a lot of veteran leader-

ship that they can fall back on over an extended series.” The schedule for the series was released on the WHSHL website on Wednesday, Mar. 9 and will see the Best-of-Three series begin on Sunday, Mar. 13 in Brandon at the Sportsplex. Game two is set for Neepawa at the Yellowhead Centre on Monday, Mar. 14 and game three, if needed, would be on Mar. 16 at the Brandon Sportsplex


DR. R. P. ASHCROFT DR. K. VANDERHEYDEN DR. J. MILLS Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 115-2nd Ave., N.W. Dauphin, MB NEW PATIENTS WELCOME CALL FOR APPOINTMENTS

204-638-3223 WANT TO STAND OUT


Club 55 Bowling League results: Mar. 3/22: Men’s High Single: Melvin Oswald 241. Men’s High Triple: Darrell Gabler 577. Ladies’ High Single & Triple: Carole LeBoutillier 194 & 530. Other Scores to Note: Frank Porada 155, 171; Janice Absteiter 165; Darrell Gabler 201, 171, 205; Len Pritchard 179, 155; Carole LeBoutillier 184, 152; Vivian Oswald 165, 154.

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MARCH 11, 2022

Neepawa Figure Skating Club update

Submitted NFSC

The Neepawa Figure Skating Club (NFSC) has had a successful year of competitions. Some of our skaters attended the Virden Fun Skate in December. In the Star 2 event, Ivory Gerring brought home the silver ribbon while Jayden Dafoe earned the bronze ribbon. In the Star 3 event, Olivia Koscielny, Ashley Nadeau and Makenna Sumner brought home silver ribbons while Ava Wahoski, Dimitri Smith, Alyssa Nadeau and Ashley Bray earned bronze ribbons. NFSC’s skaters attended the Western Regional Competition in Killarney the weekend of Feb. 18 and 19. In the Star 3 event, Olivia Koscielny and Dimitri Smith brought home silver ribbons while Ivory Gerring and Claire Nicholson came home with a bronze ribbon. In the Star 3 elements event, Alyssa Nadeau

and Makenna Sumner came home with silver ribbons while Ashley Nadeau came home with a gold ribbon. In the Star 4 free skate event, Alyssa Nadeau and Ashley Nadeau tied for fifth while Makenna Sumner placed seventh. Kyla and Amber Wahoski skated in the Star 5 free skate event and Cordelia Smith skated in the Star 6 free skate event. These events were virtual and we are still waiting to hear the results, but all three skaters had great skates. The Neepawa Figure Skating Club is now preparing for their annual end of year Ice Show. This year’s theme is “The Legends” and will include skates from CanSkate, Senior CanSkate, StarSkaters, and a regional synchro teams. The March Ice Show will be held on Sunday, Mar. 20 from 2:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Yellowhead Centre. Admission will be a silver collection. Come on out and enjoy this great event!


Above left picture: Alyssa Nadeau, Ashley Nadeau and Makenna Sumner. Above right: Kyla and Amber Wahoski

Letter - Never in a million years

the sport. Not one complaint for getting out the door for a practice or a game. Not even from our 4-year-old. And in their spare time, hitting the backyard rink that their Papua New Guinean dad has made them. (Also making history.) T h e N e e p aw a coaches are collectively the most positive coaches I’ve seen. No negative yelling, screaming, or anger at the kids. PHOTO COURTESY OF NICOLE SZUCKI PHOTOGRAPHY Only positive leadFrom left to right: 4-year-old Micah, 9-year-old Greyson ing, teaching and and 6-year-old Lucas Uyaivato. Big brother Sammy is 14. keeping it fun. They He also played rec hockey when he was younger, but now have taken our boys, plays high school basketball and will soon be doing track. who have two parents that are learning with love to learn. The mem- would I have guessed this them about the sport and ories and skills they are would be my life… but it’s can’t really help “coach” learning now will stick with a pretty great life. them at all, and are teach- them the rest of their lives. Becky Uyaivato ing them all of the things. Other sports will be played Neepawa, MB (Cheers to all of you, kids/ as well. Basketball, track parents/coaches, who have coming up, and soccer in There’s snow become our hockey family.) the spring. But winter time news like Our boys will never for these next few years at local news! play in the NHL or other least, if they are still loving big leagues. But they are it, will likely be hockey. And getting a childhood experi- other high school sports for ence teaching them the ins our oldest. 204-476-3401 Never in a million years and outs of a sport they

Banner & Press


Never in a million years would I have guessed this would be my life. Canadian girl who was very removed from anywhere near the hockey world marries a guy from Papua New Guinea, where ice rinks do not exist. In an effort to get our boys into sports in general, as sports were very much a part of Sam’s life and he felt it important, we went with what our town had to offer. Most popular winter sport here… hockey. Whether rec hockey or minor hockey, each of the coaches and teams have been experiences of wins and losses, growth, friendships, team communication, and memories made. The experience of playing on a team, any sports team, is soooo great for kids. Learning to trust each other, work together, communicate. Learning to be humble winners and gracious losers. Learning they can’t always get it their way. I think we may be making history right now to have boys with half Papua New Guinea genes in them on the ice playing hockey. Our boys have gotten the bug (not covid) and looooove

Big Grass Community Foundation Inc

is accepting grant applications from area community organizations due by April 7th, 2022. Application forms are available on request by emailing Please email completed applications or forward with any necessary attachments to: Box 497 Gladstone, MB. R0J 0T0 The Board of the Big Grass Community Foundation Inc would like to express thanks to donors from last year and previous years for their generous support. These donations have been invested so that a percentage of the earnings can be granted annually back into the four communities of Plumas, Langruth, Gladstone, and Westbourne, Additional grants as scholarships and bursaries assist students graduating from WMCI, the area collegiate. In addition to the four Community Funds, the Foundation acknowledges the local benefit from the following ‘named funds’ honoring individuals, families, corporations, and organizations. These special funds contribute significantly to the grant recipients listed further below: Agrium Fund • Murray McClure Fund Patty Ferguson Fund • Roy McConnell Fund Gladstone Cemetery Fund • David Smith Family Memorial Fund Langruth Legion Fund • Arthur and Elma Sneesby Fund Ken & Helen McCaskill Fund • Stride Credit Union Fund

Recipients for 2021 Annual Big Grass Foundation Inc grants are as follows:

Westbourne - Longburn Community Club • $1,000 Langruth Recreational Committee • $1,000 Lakeview Children’s Center – CFAN • $350 Gladstone Agricultural Society for Sound Booth Repairs • $2,500 Gladstone Cemetery • $785 Four Langruth Area Cemeteries • $1,547 Plumas Pirates for Bench Repair • $1,000 Plumas Curling Club • $400 Gladstone Golf & Country Club • $2,000 Plumas Community Garden • $200 Gladstone Area Food Bank • $500 Victoria Quilts • $200 Pine Creek School Division for Breakfast Program • $500 Gladstone Area Senior Support Program • $700 Langruth Legion Scholarship for WMCI grad • $400 Langruth Bursary for WMCI grad • $400 Big Grass Bursary for WMCI grad • $400


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Alcoholics Anonymous meetings currently being held at 342 Mountain Ave, Neepawa, Thursdays at 7 pm. Call 204841-0002 _____________________ Arden Hall, cap. 255. Park, camping and sports facilities, rink, curling ice, kitchen and lounge. Call 204-368-2202

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Cattle Capital Bull & Female Sale, Friday March 25, 1:00 pm at Sunville Simmentals Farm, McCreary, MB. Offering Red & Black Full Blood Simmentals, and Gelbvieh yearling & 2 year old bulls, plus purebred and commercial heifers. For a catalogue or more information contact T Bar C Cattle Co. at 306-2205006. View the catalogue online at Watch & bid online at www. (PL#116061)

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My family & I would like to thank everyone for the flowers, food, phone calls and offers of condolences. A special thank you to Clarke’s Funeral Home and everyone who took part in the Celebration of Wendy’s Life. Your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time were very much appreciated. ~ Lawrence Buhr & Family.

In Memory Nancy Ritchey

March 30, 1950 - March 10, 2014 We have a list of things to tell you That you may already know. We see glimpses of you in our kids As they learn and grow. We would love to tell you about the kids or what happened in our days. Sometimes it seems you’re right there and not so far away. Missing you today and always. Love; Allan Kristy, Nat, Callan, Jayce, Adaline Jodi, James, Kodi, Letti, Orion

Polonia Community Hall wishes to congratulate

Sharon Levandoski

of Calgary, AB. the winner of the 50/50 draw made March 1, 2022.

Tribute Bernice Martha Todoruk Bernice Martha Todoruk, of Neepawa, passed away peacefully on March 1, 2022 at Country Meadows Personal Care Home at the age of 84 years. When Bernice wasn't busy helping her children or babysitting, you could find her enjoying the simple things in life, playing cards, puzzles, bingo, watching her Toronto Blue Jays and curling. Her favourite activity was walking, she put on more miles in a day than most of us do in a month, no matter the weather. While working at Eastview Lodge, she always took part in the annual Big Bike Ride for Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, a cause near and dear to her heart. Mom you will be: Always loved Never forgotten Forever missed Thank you for being a wonderful mom, grandma, wife and friend.

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Call Jeff at 204-476-2112 or email


is offering Pool Courses: National Lifeguard Instructor - Full Course Tuesday, June 14th - Virtual course over zoom - 5 - 9pm Saturday, June 18th - in Gladstone - 10am - 6:30pm Sunday, June 19th - in Gladstone - 10am - 6:30pm Thursday, June 23rd - virtual course over zoom - 5 - 9pm Saturday, June 25th - in Gladstone - 9am - 5:30pm Sunday June 26th - in Gladstone - 9am - 5:30pm National Lifeguard Recertification for current NL guards (To be combined with final NL full course exam): Sunday, June 26th - in Gladstone - 12:30pm - 4:30pm Red Cross Lifeguard National Lifeguard Transfer Course: Saturday, June 25th - in Gladstone - 6pm - 10pm Sunday, June 26th - in Gladstone - 6pm - 10pm Swim for Life Instructor Course: Tuesday, June 28th - virtual course over zoom - 5 - 9pm Friday, July 1st - 10am - 6:30pm Saturday, July 2nd - 10am - 6:30pm To register please contact Nicole Sellers at 204-385-2332 ext. 7. Registrations will be accepted until courses are full on a first come basis.



She works short hours & loves shopping while her hubby drives a hoe. Her looks, thank goodness have come a long way! When you see her wish Andy a Happy Birthday!!


Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary to

Bill and Joy De’Ath March 10 1962 -2022

On your diamond anniversary, we wish you a wonderful day and many more years together! Love from all of your family

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Notice PUBLIC NOTICE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF ROSEDALE 2022 PESTICIDE CONTROL PROGRAM PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Rural Municipality of Rosedale intends to conduct the following Pesticide Control Programs during 2022: 1. To control noxious weeds on road allowances within the Municipality. The projected dates of application will be from May 1, 2022 to October 15, 2022. The herbicides to be used include: • 2, 4-D Ester 700 • Navius • Banvel vm • 2.4-D Amine 600 • Tordon 22K • Truvist • Fiesta • Glyphosate The public may send written submissions or objections within 15 days of the publication of this notice to the department below: Environmental Approvals Branch Manitoba Sustainable Development 1007 Century Street Winnipeg MB R3H 0W4

TURTLE RIVER SCHOOL DIVISION Kindergarten Registration for the 2022 Fall Term will be held during the regular school hours between March 1 and March 25, 2022 at the following schools: Alonsa School Tele # 204-767-2168 Glenella School Tele # 204-352-4253 Ste. Rose School Tele # 204-447-2088 McCreary School Tele # 204-835-2083 We are once again proud to offer a Full-Time Kindergarten Program. All children born on or before December 31, 2017 are eligible to register. To register you will need to bring your child’s Manitoba Health PHIN# and one of the following: Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate, Certificate of live birth, Health card or Statutory declaration. If you have any questions, please feel free to call your school today.

TURTLE RIVER SCHOOL DIVISION École Laurier French Immersion Inscription à la maternelle Kindergarten Registration L’inscription à la maternelle à temps plein aura lieu du 1 mars au 25 mars, 2022.

Manitoba Housing will be hosting an Open House at Yellowhead Manor 50+ Seniors Housing March 17, 2022 • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 310 Davidson Street, Neepawa Staff will be on-site to assist with the Manitoba Housing Application Tours of the building will be provided Additional Recourses Available at the Open House - Employment & Income Assistance will be on site to answer questions and schedule intake appointments - Community Mental Health - Salvation Army – Food bank information, community thrift store, community garden information and additional community resources - Home Assistance Neepawa & District (HAND) – Community meal program, life line equipment, income tax program, additional resources for seniors - Neepawa & Area Immigrant Settlement Services PLEASE CALL 1-866-440-4663 TO SCHEDULE AN INFORMATION SESSION AND TOUR Manitoba Housing provides a wide range of subsidized housing throughout the province of Manitoba. We partner with other governments, community organizations and private groups to create safe and affordable housing.

Tous les enfants qui sont nés avant le 31 décembre, 2017 sont admissibles. Veuillez apporter à l’école, votre carte d’immatriculation ainsi qu’un des suivants : le certificat de naissance de votre enfant, le certificat de baptême, une déclaration de naissance vivante ou une déclaration solennelle. Nous sommes une école d`immersion française, la pré-maternelle à la 8ième année, et nous offrons une excellente éducation dans les deux langues officielles. Full Time French Immersion Kindergarten registration will take place from March 1 to March 25, 2022. All children born on or before December 31, 2017 are eligible to register. To register you will need to bring in your child’s Manitoba Health PHIN# and one of the following: Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate, Certificate of live birth, Health card or Statutory declaration. We are a Jr. K-8 French Immersion school and provide an excellent education in both official languages. École Laurier Laurier, Manitoba 204-447-2068

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is accepting applications for the following:

is accepting applications for the following:

Position Description: PUBLIC WORKS (Green Team) EMPLOYEES Applications are being accepted for the position of Senior Three full-time positions are required for mowing grass, Election Official (SEO) for the Municipality of WestLakebeautification, maintaining recreation facilities such as Gladstone. painting and small repairs and assisting the public works team with general tasks. A valid driver’s license is a The SEO is responsible for the overall municipal election requirement. process and must be able to interpret and understand all aspects of legislation pertaining to the municipal election DAYCAMP ASSISTANTS process and provide consistent advice to their election Two part-time positions are available to assist the officials and to the public. Day camp Leader in organizing activities for youth in WestLake-Gladstone communities. This includes Duties will include: supervising children, setting up activities, cleaning after • Appointing an assistant SEO and other election events with a positive attitude. A criminal record and child officials as required abuse check will be required. • Establishing and maintaining the voters list • Giving public notice of nominations SWIMMING POOL – ADMISSIONS OFFICER • Receiving and verifying the nominations The part time Admissions Officers (2 to 3 people) are • Establishing and equipping the voting stations responsible for providing customer service, reception, • Giving public notice of elections and cashier duties including electronic and cash • Printing the ballots payments, public inquiries, performs frequent cleaning • Overseeing all aspects of the election-on-election day duties and assists other staff when needed. Docket Section • All other duties as established in The Municipal Media Applications for all positions will be accepted until 4:00 Councils and School Board Elections Act. p.m. Friday, March 25, 2022, or until a suitable candidate 2203-14 A Neepawa Banner & Press Careers In the years when a general election is not required, is chosen. We appreciate your interest in these positions, the SEO will be responsible to update and maintain the however, only those applicants considered for an voters list and to conduct a by-election, if required. interview will be contacted. Please email all application to If you have any questions, The successful applicant must have computer please call 204-385-2332. experience, effective communication, and interpersonal skills. Previous election experience would be considered an asset. Applicant must be willing to attend election training sessions.


Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. Friday, March 25, 2022, or until a suitable candidate is chosen. We appreciate your interest in these positions, however, only those applicants considered for an interview will be contacted. Please email all application to If you have any questions please call 204-385-2332.

Classified Ad Deadline Tuesday Noon

Cancellations and corrections only within business hours and corresponding deadlines.

invites applications for the following position


Beautiful Plains School Division is accepting applications for a full time head custodian at Neepawa Middle School. Duties include the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds under the direction of the Prepared by the REP. Principal and/or Maintenance Supervisor.

is accepting applications for the following:

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation


The starting salary is $25.52 per hour. The Division offers ESTIMATED a pension plan and other benefits. SENT

Applicants should state experience and include three references. Duties to commence as arranged.

All prices exclude taxes

Applications for all positions will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. Friday, March 25, 2022, or until a suitable candidate is chosen. We appreciate your interest in these positions, however, only those applicants considered for an interview will be contacted. For more information on the receptionist, public works seasonal, utility assistant and janitorial contract positions please visit for the full job positing. Please email all application to If you have any questions, please call 204-385-2332.

The McCreary Golf & Country Club will be looking to fill the following positions for the 2022 golf season. (Seasonal employment estimated April 15 - October 15)

- Full Time Clubhouse Prices do not include 5% GST Supervisor Application Deadline: NOON, Thursday, March 24, 2022 - Full Time and Part Time Clubhouse Workers Insertion Date Ad Size Price - Full Time Greenskeeper Send resumes marked “Head Custodian” to the March 11, 2022 undersigned. 4 col x 8.265 Wages are negotiable based on experience. Tyler Stewart All positions will have some weekend and evening shifts. Maintenance Supervisor Are you looking for a seasonal position and work in a Beautiful Plains School Division customer service based atmosphere? Box 700, Neepawa, MB. R0J 1H0 TEL: (204) 476-2388 Please send your cover letter and resume to: FAX: (204) 476-3606 McCreary Golf & Country Club Email: Box 400, McCreary, MB. R0J 1B0 TOTAL PRICE and mark clearly on the envelope which position you are Successful candidates must complete a Criminal Records and applying for by March 18, 2022. Child Abuse Registry check. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Others are thanked for their interest.

FOODS Meat Cutters/Production Personnel

Competition: #2021-22-42 Locations: Neepawa, Killarney, Arborg Please indicate your location preference in your cover letter.

SEASONAL PUBLIC WORKS POSITIONS Two positions will primarily be the operation of a tractor and roadside mower. However, other duties involving public works maintenance and services may be assigned. Anticipated start date is approximately June 15 and will end October 28, 2022. Experience operating a tractor and rotary mower equipment is an asset. This is an hourly paid position, being 45 hours per week. Two positions will primarily perform general labourer duties. The successful person will work on building maintenance, minor plumbing, maintain parks and use small equipment including tractors, mowers, small backhoe and trac hoe including culvert installation, grass mowing and community beautification. This is an hourly paid position, being 45 hours per week starting May 2, 2022 and will end October 28, 2022. All public works positions require a valid driver’s license. FULL-TIME RECEPTIONIST This position primarily provides support in a variety of tasks involving day to day business operations of the Municipality, to both customers and co-workers as well a significant focus on communications. The successful person will have competent computer skills with Microsoft Word and Outlook, able to maintain the municipal website in a fast pace environment and other administrative tasks as assigned. UTILITY ASSISTANT The Utility Assistant works under the Utility Operator in Charge to oversee the activities and processes that go into treating and distributing Municipal drinking water and wastewater. The successful applicant will ensure water quality and sewage waste is of high quality and treated appropriately. The employee will use a variety of equipment and chemicals to perform their duties. This is a full-time hourly position, being 45 hours per week and apart of a 1 in 5 weekend rotation on-call schedule. JANITOR – STRIDE HALL Stride Hall in Gladstone is looking for a contracted Janitor. This includes having the facility cleaned prior to events and post event cleaning. There are weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual cleaning tasks. For the list of duties please visit the municipal website.

For more information, please contact Terry at: 204-476-0129

DESIGNER Experience in one of the construction trades and Service Team employee supervision would be beneficial. PROOFED


Spring Season Driver Wanted

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) has an exciting opportunity for you to be a part of a team that values building relationships, enables change, and supports the agriculture industry in Manitoba. Come join our team as a Casual Clerk in one of the following service centres: Neepawa, Killarney or Arborg. The Casual Clerk provides backup clerical and administrative support to the service centre. As the position is casual in nature, employment is on an as, if, and when needed basis (approximately 30 to 40 days per year). Responsibilities include front-line customer reception, answering telephone inquiries, tracking and distribution of documents, accepting payments, data entry, processing mail, file maintenance (computerized and manual records) and related clerical duties. Qualified candidates will have related office experience, proficient computer skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and possess strong customer service skills. Knowledge of agriculture is considered an asset. Candidates must be legally entitled to work in Canada.

HyLife is a global leader in food processing. Our mission is to be the best food company in the world. To achieve this, we need talented people to join our HyLife team as the company continues to grow. HyLife is committed to our employees and we have an exciting new career opportunity in the beautiful town of Neepawa, MB for you to explore! As a Meat Cutter/Production Personnel you will be a critical member of our team in the creation of our world class product. Our positions range from working on our production floor to shipping the final packaged product, with everything in between! Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to: • Slaughter and eviscerate hogs for further processing • Harvest and package edible offal • Process pork carcasses into primal cuts • Butcher and package pork primal cuts into value added specifications for local, national and international premium markets • Carry out other tasks related to processing of meat for shipping to customers or storage • Sanitation

MASC has five core competencies: communication, decision making, initiative & innovation, leadership, and organization. Competencies relate to every position at MASC and along with the technical requirements, are included in the qualifications for all positions at MASC.

People who will succeed as members of our team will: • Enjoy working in a fast paced, stable long-term work environment • Appreciate working in a culturally diverse workplace. We employ people from all over the world! • Treat people with dignity and respect • Open to working in colder/warmer environments • Physically Fit • Experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer is an asset

APPLY This position has a salary range of $16.84 – 18.65 hourly. Interested candidates are requested to send their résumé and cover letter, marked Confidential, no later than March 23, 2022 to:

Current starting wage is $15.45/hour plus $1.00/hour perfect attendance bonus! Wage scale extends to $23.05 per hour

MASC values innovation, excellence, collaboration, and accountability. We strive to enhance existing products and develop new products, transform service delivery to enrich the client experience, pursue customer driven organizational change, and maximize performance, engagement, and development of all employees.

In addition to HyLife’s benefits, vacation time and competitive salary our company also offers a $500 dollar employee referral bonus program!

Competition: #2021-22-42 MASC – Human Resources Unit 100 – 1525 First Street S. Brandon, MB R7A 7A1 E-mail:

HyLife is here to support you on building an exciting career with our team!

We believe diversity strengthens our ability to provide excellent customer service in a positive work environment. We encourage all to apply. Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at or email to or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0.

We want it to be YOU! Come join our HyLife team. We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted


Eaton’s bought out by Sears Canada

Help Wanted ROSE INC. in Ste. Rose du Lac, MB.

Is now accepting applications for the position of:

Executive Director

Reports Directly to ROSE INC. Board of Directors Requirements/Duties/Qualifications for this Position: • Business Administration Certification/Experience • Experience working with persons with disabilities a definite asset. Human Resource Management Skills: • Advocate for Persons with Disabilities • Mediation/Union Negotiations • Problem Solving Skills Training & Education: • Supervision • Provide Leadership Work with Board of Directors, Department of Families/ Reporting of Financial Requirements to Family Services, etc. For Further information please call Janet at 204-447-3224 Extension 1 Please forward applications/resume to: ROSE Inc., Attention: Janet. Box 28, Ste. Rose du Lac MB. R0L 1S0

An area full of recreational opportunities, parks, lakes, cultural events, a sense of community and much more!

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES NEEPAWA & CARBERRY Health Facilities Fifth Class Power Engineer & Maintenance II Worker

(Neepawa) Full-time 1.0EFT permanent positions

Licensed Practical Nurses & Registered Nurses

Casual; Full-time permanent & term positions; Part-time permanent & term positions

Home Care Attendants & Health Care Aides

Casual; Part-time permanent & term positions

Environmental Services (Housekeeping & Laundry)

Casual; Full-time permanent & term positions; Part-time permanent & term positions

Human Resources Director

Are you looking for an exciting career in Human Resources? Look no further than the H5 Group of Companies (Automotive Industry). The future you want is within reach! In conjunction with the Executive Team, you will lead and direct all aspects of Human Resources for our businesses located in Manitoba (The Pas, Thompson, Flin Flon, and Dauphin). Contact Karen at karen.haukaas@ Full details of this opportunity can be found at: https://hr4. com/careers/h5group/



Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op is hiring

An excellent health care benefit package that includes but limited to health & dental benefits, pension plan & a health spending account.

at our AGRO CENTRE’S in NEEPAWA & GLADSTONE, MANITOBA. Who we are: Co-op does business differently. As a co-operative, we believe in working together to serve Western Canadians, delivering profits back to our communities and investing in sustainable growth. To learn more about who we are and how you can help bring our brand to life, visit us at We are looking for:

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest in Prairie Mountain Health however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.



Applicants must possess a valid License, and be able to provide a valid commercial driver’s abstract dated within 30 days at time of interview (if applicable). Length of employment may vary from 2-6 months.


Spraying experience is an asset, but not required. Training available. Applicants must possess at least a Class 5 Driver’s License.. Class 3 w/Air would be considered an asset; and be able to provide a valid commercial driver’s abstract dated within 30 days at time of interview (if applicable). Length of employment may vary from 2-6 months. Closing Date: when position filled. At Co-op, we embrace diversity and inclusion, and we’re working to create a workplace that is as diverse as the communities we serve. We support and provide an environment that allows all to bring their whole selves to work. Apply online at or contact us at for more information. Fill out an application at either Agro locations or mail to: Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op Box 879, Neepawa, MB. R0J 1H0 Scan the QR Code to be directed to the job posting.

These positions are subject to a Criminal Record Check (including Vulnerable Sector), Adult Abuse Registry Check, and a Child Abuse Registry Check. The successful applicant will be responsible for any services charges incurred.

Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op is hiring

Continued from Page 10 As a result of these building blocks and the company’s success up to that point, an Eaton’s store was established on Portage Ave., in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1905. This expansion was noted by the Canadian Encyclopedia as Eaton’s first major presence outside of Toronto. The store was overseen by Timothy’s son, John Craig Eaton, who later assumed the role of company president after Timothy’s passing in 1907. Eaton’s saw many more expansions under John’s care and, by 1930, the company had employed over 25,000 people and controlled almost 60 per cent of department store sales in Canada.

A scan from the Eaton’s catalogue demonstrating a piece of women’s fashion.

Declaration of bankruptcy Eaton’s wasn’t without its issues. The company garnered criticism related to the labour, such as resisting unionization and using strikebreakers; wage gaps between the men and women and firing women for their participation in strikes. Criticism of the company only sharpened during the Depression. On top of that, Eaton’s was also met

with hardships such as strong competition from SimpsonsSears, a partnership formed by the chains Sears Roebuck and Simpsons in 1952. With these and a few other additional factors in play, the company experienced years of losses. By August of 1999, the company declared bankruptcy and Simpsons-Sears– known as Sears Canada by this time– took over the company shares.


at our GROCERY STORE in NEEPAWA, MB. Who we are: Co-op does business differently. As a co-operative, we believe in working together to serve Western Canadians, delivering profits back to our communities and investing in sustainable growth. To learn more about who we are and how you can help bring our brand to life, visit us at We are looking for: Grocery Clerk Duties to include, but not limited to, customer service, processing customer transactions, bagging groceries, merchandising, receiving, stocking and general housekeeping duties, and other duties as requested. Must be available to work a variety of shifts including days, evenings, and weekends. This position will remain open until filled. At Co-op, we embrace diversity and inclusion, and we are working to create a workplace that is as diverse as the communities we serve. We support and provide an environment that allows all to bring their whole selves to work. Apply online at or contact us at for more information. Scan the QR Code to be directed to the job posting.

We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Ad Deadline: Tuesday Noon


For Sale BATTERIES FOR EVERYTHING! 50, 000 BATTERIES IN STOCK *Auto *Farm *Marine *Construction *ATV *Motorcycle *Golf Carts *Rechargeables *Tools *Phones *Computers *Solar Systems & design * Everything Else!

THE BATTERY MAN 1390 St. James St., WPG 1-877-775-8271

MCNA Province-wide Classifieds NOTICES Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at URGENT PRESS RELEASES - Have a newsworthy item to announce? Having a Spring/Summer event? An exciting change in operations? Though we cannot guarantee publication, MCNA will get the information into the right hands for ONLY $35.00 + GST/HST. Call

MCNA (204) 947-1691 for more information. See www. under the “Types of Advertising” tab for more details. HIRING FOR SPRING? Need Class 1 Drivers? Construction staff? Having an AGM or On-line event? Advertise in the 32 Weekly Manitoba Community Newspapers to get your messaging out now! Selling something? Have an on-line store to shop at, doing curbside pickup/ deliveries? Let people know in the Blanket Classifieds! Start the year off right. Don’t let COVID get you down. We are now booking Classified Advertising for 2022. Call THIS NEWSPAPER NOW or call MCNA at (204) 947-1691 for details or to book ads. MCNA - Manitoba Community Newspapers Association.

Trucks, Trailers, Truckbeds & Tires

• Full Repair & Safeties • Vehicle Parts, Tires & Wheels • Trailer Parts & Batteries • Sales, Financing, Leasing & Rentals EBY Aluminum: • Gooseneck and Bumper Pull Cattle & Equipment Trailers • Truck & Service Bodies • Generation Grain Trailers


Hwy #1, MacGregor, MB


Auction Sales

The Aurora Plus 1648 SqFt RTM 3 bedrooms, ensuite, huge kitchen, quartz countertops, walk-in pantry, island. 9 ft walls and double cathedral ceiling. James Hardie Siding.

Pictures available www.

Taking orders for Spring 2022 204-346-3231

Health HIP/KNEE Replacement? Other medical conditions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING? The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and up to $30,000 Lump sum refund. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide! Providing assistance during Covid.

Expert Help:


Please check your ad when first published— The Banner & Press will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion.


SERVICES GUIDE homes, cottages, Ph/Fax: huron PVC Windows 204-966-3207

Birnie Builders Birnie Builders Phone/Fax

Redi-Built and Redi-Built andon onsite sitehomes, homes, Harold Klassen Huron PVC 204-966-3207 HuronMB PVCWindows Windows Birnie, Ph/Fax: Cell Ph/Fax:

“Let Us Custom Design A 204-966-3207 204-476-6843 204-966-3207 Home For You”

Harold HaroldKlassen Klassen Birnie, Birnie,MB MB “Let Us Custom Design A “Let “LetUs UsCustom CustomDesign DesignAA Home For You” Home HomeFor ForYou” You”

Lakeside Septic Service


Ventures Inc.

Garbage Bin INCOME TAX Rentals AND ACCOUNTING Roll Off Bins

• Concrete Pumpers • Excavation & Earthworks Contractor • Complete Demolition Service

We buy Scrap!

fax: 204-466-2999

Phone 476-0002 for more information



Glenn Wohlgemuth Phone: 204-476-2847 245 Hamilton St. Neepawa Rough Lumber


Full dimension Corral Planks and Windbreak


Firewood Sales

Potable water delivery. Book your portable toilets!

Jim Beaumont

ErlE Jury and Family

Cellular 476-6591 Dennis 476-2766

204-867-2416 204-867-7558

23 Hour Service

Slabs $60/cord Cut and Split �� Round Wood

476-2483 Owner/Operator

Trenching • Ditching Water & Sewer Dugouts • Demolition Brushing • Trucking Sand & Gravel Snow Removal Winter Parking Lot Sanding

Contact Pat Baker at 204-476-0712

Comfort Electric


Shawn Nugent

Journeyman Electrician 1-204-476-6730 Box 2518 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0



Woodlot Management

�us��in��le ����es�n� We buy standing Spruce and Poplar �mber

Cut and split firewood - Poplar and Spruce/Pine �� firewood - 10 cord load delivered to your yard



Serving the Westman and Parkland Regions for over 45 years. Call us for all of your electrical needs from service work to new construction.

Neepawa, MB 204-476-3391



The Grade 1 class for 1947-1948 at Gladstone School. Pictured in the back row, from left to right: Rae Wallin, Dorothy Tester, (unknown), Lyn Burd, Lois Rogers and (unknown). Middle: Karl Larsen, Donnalynne Scott, Wayne Clayton, Dorothy Hare, Vivian Slade and Alva Hanna. Front: Dorothy Fahner, Lillian Galloway, Marilyn Huckell, Kathleen Kinley, Winnifred Johnson, Edna Vinie, Douglas Zerbin and Wayne Sorenson. The unnamed individuals may be Geo. Scott, Bernie Larsen and Leon Kondratuk.

R eal Banner & Press Estate IF YOU’RE LOOKING

Dauphin, MB 204-572-5028

olling Acres eady Mix

John Nelson 204-476-6719

Let us walk you home!

Phone: 204-476-2345 Toll Free: 1-877-476-2345 Follow us on Facebook for our listings and more!

Certified Batch Plant and Cement Trucks Concrete • Gravel Sales • Rebar Sales Custom Hauling

Irvin 204-476-6236

Leah Hamm • Excavations • Trenching • Landscaping • Gravel • Topsoil • Shale • Laser Ditching • Certified Installer for Holding Tanks, Septic Tanks and Drain Fields • Construction Site Prep • Dozer work • Brush Clearing

Matt Rempel Birnie, MB

Cell: (204) 841-0988

Sales Representative

F. KOZAK KOZAK & SONS SONSLTD. LTD. Helping you is what we do.



E.K. Kostenchuk LTD.

Neepawa, MB.

Trenching • Excavating • Landscaping Trucking • Water & Sewer • Demolition Dozer work • Ditching Belly Dump & End Dump Services Shale, Gravel & Rip-Rap Sales

Eric 204-573-7661•Kyle 204-841-4409


• Redi-Mix Concrete & Concrete

• Redi-Mix Pumping.Concrete & Concrete • Sand, Gravel & Aggregate Pumping. • Skid Steer & • Sand, Gravel & Aggregate Equipment Rental • Skid Steer & • Snow removal Equipment Rental • Snow removal




135 Boundary Street, Neepawa, MB



Ashley McCaughan 204-212-0232

Cell 204.872.3866 Office 1.888.277.6206 E W



Banner & Press


Redi-Built and and on site Redi-Built onhomes, site Huron PVC Windows



Birnie Builders WURTZ BROS. LTD

Gladstone’s Grade 1 class of 1947

423 Mountain Ave. 204-476-3401

Prairie Mountain 204.476.2287 272 Hamilton St. Neepawa EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED

MLS# 202025752

80 Acres of grain land north of the town of Riding Mountain with this Cape Cod build and several other useful buildings. $445,000

MLS# 202109181

Check out this breathtakingly beautiful land near RMNP north of Olha/Rossburn. The power poles run right onto the land. 29.63 acres - $59,900

Lesley Skibinsky 204-476-6999

Rosemary Parrott 204-212-5037

MLS# 202027229

Check out this 1/4 Section of farmland north of Neepawa with this 1,700 sq.ft. home and an insulated shop. This property is presently set up for cattle $550,000



Lighting a candle in prayer for Ukraine

Members of many faith denominations gathered at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Neepawa on Tuesday. The Neepawa Ministerial hosted a prayer vigil that day to support Ukraine in this time of crisis with the Russian invasion. The hour-long service was filled with hymns, scripture reading, prayer and candle lighting. A collection was also taken to be sent to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, with a total of $3,180 given. Pictured left: Rev. Gladys Anderson, of the Knox Presbyterian Church in Neepawa, lit a prayer candle at the end of the service.



Box 309, 269 Hamilton St. Neepawa, MB. R0J 1H0 P: 204-476-2336 • F: 204-476-5783 •



Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Celebrating the pharmacy teams who have helped carry us through the pandemic

Submitted CPhA

March is Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM) in Canada, the annual national campaign that shines a spotlight on all things pharmacy and celebrates the extraordinary efforts and contributions of pharmacy professionals to Canada’s health-care system. Pharmacy professionals have taken on a lot to help the country through the pandemic. They’ve stayed open and accessible for their patients, showing up each day ready to care for and support them. They’ve been leaders in our communities, educating and guiding patients through the many challenges over the past two years. “Canadian pharmacy teams have played a huge

role in the nationwide public health efforts to fight COVID-19, most recently working extremely hard to vaccinate our kids and meet the surge in demand for booster shots,” says Dr. Danielle Paes, Chief Pharmacist Officer, Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA). “I’m extremely proud of my colleagues who have now administered more than 17 million COVID-19 vaccines across Canada– on top of all the regular duties and care they provide.” Pharmacists have embraced their role in public health, expanding their practices to fill critical gaps in care exposed by the pandemic. In addition to screening, testing and vaccinating patients, they’ve played an important role in educating their communities on evolving medical evidence and guidelines and helped

to mitigate the spread of misinformation. They have also expanded their role in areas like mental health, point-of-care testing and fighting the opioid crisis. “While PAM is a time to appreciate and celebrate the role of pharmacy professionals, we also need to acknowledge the challenges faced over two difficult years,” adds Paes. “The pandemic and the latest Omicron wave have put pressures on pharmacy teams like never before.” Part of appreciating our pharmacy workforce is acknowledging their need for our support. CPhA launched its Pharmacy Workforce Wellness initiative recently and conducted a national survey of Canadian pharmacy teams. We will be releasing the survey results and hosting important conversations

Meet Your Pharmacists Heather Todoruk

Graduated 1992 University of Manitoba BscPharm Bought Harris Pharmacy Aug 2014. loves reading, skating, skiing, running & hiking. Married with 2 kids (age 24 and 20), 2 dogs and 1 cat.

this month about the current state of mental health and pressures being felt by pharmacy teams. Join CPhA and pharmacy

Mountain Park Pharmacy 47 Main St. West Erickson,MB


Filling your health care needs!

Falk Pharmacy

135 Main Street Carberry, MB



Kristin Tibbett

Graduated 2013 University of Manitoba BscPharm Married to Cam, has two kids Hannah and Hunter & lives on a farm near Eden. Loves all things summer, camping, swimming, spending time with family & friends, and reading!

Jackie Pollock

Graduated 2003 University of Manitoba BscPharm Married to Mark with three kids, Brody, Emma and Ally. Loves camping, boating, travelling, watching her kids’ activities and spending time with family & friends.

Harris Pharmacy

424 Mountain Ave. Neepawa

476-2888 or 476-3157

Free delivery within Neepawa! A-225 Ellen Street, Neepawa, MB


Heather Saquet

Graduated 2005 University of Manitoba BscPharm I love reading, skiing, kayaking, hiking and family time. I live on an acreage with my husband, daughter Sophie and sons Xavier and Oliver. Dreaming of a beach holiday or summertime fun!

associations across Canada in celebrating PAM2022 and the pharmacy teams who have done so much for our communities.

Free delivery to: Waterhen, Rorketon, Ochre River, Ste. Rose, Skownan, Crane River, Ebb and Flow, Alonsa, Laurier and Silver Ridge Blister packing services • Blood pressure testing


P.O. Box 250, 610 Central Ave. Ste. Rose, MB. R0L 1S0 Phone: 204-447-2878 • Fax: 204-447-3424

Prepared to make the difference!

Reischek Pharmacy We offer the convenience of free delivery to McCreary, Alonsa, Glenella, Kelwood, Riding Mountain and Laurier 607 Burrows Road, McCreary, MB 204-835-2449