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Your smart business partner

Technology is the most important driver of change in the world today. New technologies and innovations enter people’s lives at an incredible speed.

Nedis, your smart business partner

Nedis oers electronics-related solutions that provide a smart alternative to A brands. For everybody. Quality products that are aordable, reliable and easy to use. Nedis oers your clients meaningful options, making it easy for all your customers to make the right choice for the right price. At Nedis we take great pride in making our partners delighted by servicing you in the best possible way we can. Making it easy for you to create a sustainable stream of income.

Our hands-on smart sales concept is based on 6 smart promises



Nedis has been leading the way in the consumer electronics market since 1982. Our fully optimised supply chain is based on strong pillars. Own office in Asia We have been active in Asia for over 35 years. Our long-lasting relation with various suppliers enables us to be a reliable partner and to bring you the latest relevant assortments. With over 50,000 customers we buy large volumes; higher quantities mean competitive prices for us and interesting margins for you. Our Asian office is based in Shenzhen. 30 local colleagues take care of sourcing, purchase and coordination of local logistics and performs quality checks and factory audits. Together we make sure all products are shipped in time and quality standards are met, taking away risk and effort from our customers.

Quality You want to offer your customers high quality products. Our products meet the highest possible product standards that you and your customers expect. We check our suppliers regularly and test the quality of all our products to ensure consistent quality. Nedis is BSCI compliant. Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) means that all our products are produced in safe workplaces, where human rights are respected and workers have contracts in accordance to the national labor law. Logistics Our central warehouse in The Netherlands dispatches 98,5% of all orders the same day. We offer dropshipment solutions and offer flexible solutions to meet the demands and wishes of every customer. The warehouse has room for 30,000 pallets on 22,300m2 and is equipped with the latest robot cranes and an innovative picking system. We ship worldwide.

Our smart promises



Dealing with Nedis means you are dealing with real people who know you and are there for you. We ensure availability and delivery of the right items at the right place and the right time. A dedicated product specialist is happy to answer any questions you or your customer might have. Ordering is made easy via our webshop, scan-to-order app or data feed via EDI. In the webshop you have a real-time overview of all your orders, deliveries, invoices and service requests. Product IP and quality documentation is available for download directly from our webshop.

Our smart promises



We keep our eyes and ears wide open and aim to be the fastest follower in electronics-related accessories, products and complete smart solutions. Every month we add 100 new products to our extensive lineup. All our products offer value for money. This gives your customers clarity of choice and a smart alternative to often far more expensive A brands.



Nedis® offers you a complete line-up of best choice appliances and accessories that perfectly match what today's consumers are looking for. With 5,000 new Nedis products on stock you'll never miss a sales opportunity. Furthermore we supply you with brand new POS material, displays, demo boards, counter displays, product feeds and self-select packaging with clear icons.



Our smart sales concept allows you to easily adapt and enrich your assortment. You can add new products without mixing brands, avoiding any confusion with your customers. The 3 packaging lines - Fresh Green, Stylish Titanium and Trend - match each other and set us apart from the competition.



Nedis® is proudly introduced with a new handwritten logo; Handwritten because it is our signature of a personal brand. Nedis loves electronics that make life easy, comfortable and fun. Nedis® is your smart choice.

Nedis , your smart choice. ÂŽ

NedisÂŽ the brand We understand personal lives are unique and personal circumstances might change overtime. This is why we offer electronic-related solutions and products, for in and out of the home, for every activity and age. Thus making your life smarter, easier and healthier.

Consumers want easy-to-use electronic appliances and accessories that bring them lasting enjoyment and very good value for money.

NedisÂŽ lineup Nedis brings electronics-related accessories, stand-alone products that you can add to smart systems at a later stage and complete smart solutions.

Smart solution: Robot vacuum cleaner

Solution: Vacuum cleaner

Accessory: Dust bag

NedisÂŽ packaging concept

Self-select icons with clear hierarchy Professional photography

Lifestyle imaging

Clear multi-lingual product description QR code and link to the experience website

Accent colour

NedisÂŽ lineup

Fresh Green A complete lineup of good quality products that are great value for money.

NedisÂŽ lineup

Stylish Titanium Products that have a more luxurious look and feel.

Design feature in titanium plectrum.

NedisÂŽ lineup

Trend Themed packaging for speciďŹ c product lines, with an attractive design to create extra attention.

Themed icon for smart products.

Themed icon for gaming products.

Highlights 2018

Bluetooth speakers ®

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile

Nowadays, a Bluetooth speaker is not just a

devices in mind, Nedis® will introduce a new

device; it reflects your personal lifestyle.

assortment of Bluetooth® speakers to help music

That’s why Nedis® offers different series.

addicts to connect devices to their own personal Bluetooth speakers. This assortment covers a wide price range to make our solutions accessible to everyone.

Cube series This Cube series contains Bluetooth® speakers with cube-shaped designs that come in 6 different colours. They all feature TWS (True Wireless Stereo): connect 2 of these speakers and you're in for a decent stereo sound experience.

Waterproof series This Waterproof series contains Bluetooth® speakers with IPX4, IPX5 or IPX7 waterproof rating. All crafted from materials that add to a beautiful and warm family look and feel. A wide selection of different designs and sizes leave our customers with ample choice.

Fabric series

Basic level series

Metal series

While moving up in the series, you will notice an upgrade in specifications and attractiveness of materials but there’s one thing the entire series have in common: a stylish fabric finish covering the speaker. Our largest model even boasts a 360° cover.

This Entry-Level series contains Bluetooth® speakers which are good value for money and an ideal solution for promotional sales.

This Metal series contains Bluetooth® speakers with an aluminium finish and fabric speaker covers in matching colours. Integrating these contrasting materials in one design resulted in a real eye catcher, providing you with a unique Bluetooth speaker expressing your personal style.

Highlights 2018

Portable Radios Following the increasing demand for digital radio

Depending on the model, you can switch between

A selection of this range features a functionality

NedisÂŽ will introduce a new assortment of radios

DAB+ and FM. And with the option to change

to connect the radio with your smartphone

to help music fanatics listen to their favourite

from mains to battery powered, these radios are

via BluetoothÂŽ. This enables you to further

music stations. The range contains different radio

the perfect portable solution to bring them along

personalise your music by listening to your

designs and a selection of colours and materials.

and enjoy radio wherever you are.

own play lists.

Retro series Aluminium and subtle chromed parts give these radios a retro look design to express your personal style.

Fabric series This Fabric series contains 2 different products. Both of them are similar DAB+ radios but with a different size. Designed with materials starring a stylish fabric finish that all add to a beautiful look and feel.

Trend series This Trend series contains 7 different designs, each of them available in 3 colours.

Highlights 2018

Multiroom Speakers A revolution is happening in the world of speakers.

For a while there is a huge movement going on,

Based on this knowledge Nedis will introduce a

Sound quality maintains important but smart

based on what feature you will choose a speaker.

range of smart multiroom speakers. Together

speakers and multiroom audio are moving up in

First Bluetooth® was growing a lot, but now

with a free mobile App, this product range will be

the selection process.

controlling speakers in multiple rooms at the

the first step to a much wider range of smart,

same time is a very important factor.

connected speakers.

When you are browsing for a speaker, what are the highlights for you? A few years back, your answer would probably be “the sound”, maybe followed by “the looks” when the speaker would be in sight.


The 5520 is the revolutionary portable and powerful speaker by Nedis N-Play with connectivity in four mode settings and beyond. You can easily connect the 5520 via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB storage or audio cable to enjoy listening to your favourite music.

What is Nedis® N-Play? N-Play is our multiroom WiFi platform with which you can control the WiFi N-Play series devices with. Multiroom audio by Nedis is set up on a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection to connect the N-Play devices with and stream music. The WiFi connectivity platform is not the only generic spec that enables connection among the devices, all the Nedis® N-Play devices use the ARM Cortek m3 chipset in combination with the Qplay/Linkplay protocol chip. If you have any other WiFi audio device using this same chipset type it will be also connectable in the same network.

With the digital buttons on top and the well-crafted leather look carrying handle it’s a must-have in every house.

Why multiroom audio by N-Play works on WiFi? WiFi creates an epic experience for a multiroom audio set up. Each home, office or other accomodation nowadays has its own WiFi network so it is easy to use this and WiFi has a lot of advantages: WiFi is a stable connection, WiFi allows you to connect and control the network by multiple controlling devices - if you open the N-Play app in your setting by multiple smartphones or tablets you all can control the N-Play set up, multi-control.


SPWI5530GY This powerful 5530 multiroom WiFi speaker by Nedis N-Play makes a great presence in any home, with its Phantom Grey Metallic colour and strong build combined with a slick design. People enjoy high quality crystal clear sound

with distinct mids and highs from the four precision acoustic drivers delivering excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass! The high quality internal 2x 25 Watt RMS speaker system combined with 2 tweeters ensures a

fantastic strong sound. The 5530 is also equipped with a LAN port connection which makes it possible to connect it in your network and to create a WiFi hotspot with it.

Highlights 2018

TV accessories Digital TV and video streaming are increasing

These accessories help them to enjoy their series,

every year. With the introduction of easy and

movies or other images in the most optimal way

smart accessories for TVs, Nedis helps you offer


a wide range of products to your customers.


Nedis® TV mounts

Even though the development of wireless connections is going at high speed, many products are still connected with cables. Our Nedis® connectivity solution provides a wide range of cables of different quality, available in various colours, lengths and packaging. Thanks to this wide choice, we can offer you a cable selection which perfectly fits your needs in any situation.

Basic series This Basic TV mount series contains mounts that hold value for money. Crafted from good-quality steel they ensure a solid mounting of your TV to the wall. Leaving out any additional features that you won’t necessarily need, this basic assortment comprises a number of perfect entry-level TV mount solutions.

Aluminium series

Thin line series

This Aluminium series contains only full motion TV mounts. By adding a aluminium coloured finish on the TV mount the look-and-feel of your TV will never downgrade. Even when fully attracted from the wall it will be beautiful.

Heavy duty series Speaker mounts

TV Remotes

RF Headphones

Home audio offers endless options to being customised to perfection. Recent developments in smart voice-controlled speakers like Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, and multiroom speaker systems like Sonos® added new possibilities to the booming world of home audio. Consumers are in search of different ways to install these smart, multiroom speakers. With the introduction of a new range of mounts for the Amazon voice control speakers and Sonos® sound systems, Nedis® offers an easy solution that meets the personal needs of your customers.

Can you think of anything worse than breaking or losing your remote control while you’re in the middle of a movie? Unfortunate as it might sound, this happens very often. If you’re able to find the original TV remote in the shops, it’s often very expensive. Thanks to the wide range of Nedis® TV remotes you don’t have to pay too much anymore. This range contains preprogrammed, programmable and brand-specific TV replacement remotes.

With the increasing amount of mobile devices at home, chances are that there's a lot of disturbing ambient sounds while watching your favourite series or movie. Use the Nedis® RF headphones to help solve this problem and block out any noise from your surroundings while you're watching TV.

This Heavy Duty series contains mounts that are built to support. If you are looking for a TV mount that is specifically constructed to securely support your XL television, you came to the right place with: this Heavy Duty series contains mounts that are built to offer continuous and reliable support!

Thin line series The Thin Line series is a mounting solution with high space efficiency. With a minimal distance from the wall it provides an excellent viewing experience if you are looking for a TV mounting solution with a decent finish.

Highlights 2018 ÂŽ

Nedis SmartLife Smart Products are becoming more and more

bridge to be able to operate, creating a high

lighting or heating, resulting in multiple different

popular, especially now voice assistants like

threshold for people who just want to try a

brands, applications and maybe even gateways to

Amazon Alexa and Google Home are gaining

product without a huge investment. Another

actually create a smart home.

market penetration. Most smart products

common issue with smart products is that they

currently available require a hub, gateway or

only focus on one specific type of product, such as

Detection Why use an application or voice command if you can switch things automatically using sensors. In our application you can use the motion detector to send a push notification and/or link it to any smart plug, switch or bulb to automatically switch on or off.

Smart security If you can control your home, you also might want to keep an eye on your home, belongings and loved one when you're away. In addition to watching and listening, you can also talk back with full 2-way audio. Both indoor and outdoor cameras are available.

Smart energy

Smart lighting

To offer maximum flexibility and diversity in appliance, smart plugs are essential in any smart product range. Switch and schedule anything from lighting to cookers and even electric blankets whenever it suits you best. The power monitor enables you to not only switch but also measure the energy consumption, both at this very moment as in total.

Light switches are without a doubt the most often used on/off switches. With our range of smart lighting products you can control any light. Replace traditional switches with our smart wall switches to control the lights from your smartphone or with voice control while still having the option to use touch buttons on the switch itself. If you don't want to settle for just switching on/off, our smart bulbs give you the option to also dim and change the colour.

Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Highlights 2018

Small Domestic Appliances For a long time, SDA products only needed to be

featuring distinctive designs made of high-quality

functional, whereas today, look and design are


becoming increasingly important. We are looking for eye catchers to enhance our interiors,

Of course we'll also maintain our position as

reflecting our individual styles. To meet this trend

number one supplier of entry-level SDA products,

NedisÂŽ will introduce new lines of SDA products

with the best price/quality ratio available.

Soft-touch series Sleek-design water kettles and a bread toaster, available in trend colours white, grey and pink. Soft-touch finish combined with chromed parts - easy to clean, durable and looking luxurious. The attractive packaging increases the buying and unboxing experience.

Stainless steel series A complete line of small kitchen appliances, including a water kettle, coffee maker, bread toaster, blender, hand blender and a hand mixer, in one matching design. Featuring a high-quality stainless steel finish for more durability and a luxurious look and feel.

Highlights 2018

LED Lighting After more than a century of traditional

September 2018 onwards so the entire lighting

incandescent lighting, we've recently entered

market is focused on LED technology and the

the era of the LED lighting bulbs and fixtures.

development of it is evolving rapidly.

Halogen bulbs will be phased-out from

Rechargable LED desk lamps Nowadays, we’re looking for more flexibility in both our private and professional lives. As an effect, we're in constant search of solutions to further maximises this flexibility. That’s why we introduce a new series of rechargeable desk lamps with a sleek design. Just charge them and use them wherever you want. Each lamp is dimmable and equipped with three colour modes, offering the right type of light for every occasion.

Twisted LED bulbs The latest trend is the twisted filament bulb. Made of glass with a high-quality finish, giving it its unique vintage look. Particularly environmentally friendly due to a low energy consumption and a significantly longer service life of about 20,000 hours.

Highlights 2018

Gaming Accessories Raised from the swamps, there is a wide range

assortment of gaming items to provide gamers

feel. We chose different materials, designs and of

of dragons, all offspring of an ancient dragon

with solutions that will maximise their gaming

course decent quality to give you value for money.

family. They all have different strengths and

experience. This assortment contains a wide

special powers which can help you with your

selection, making it accessible for everyone.

The range contains mice, mouse pads, keyboards,

gaming quests.

The NedisÂŽ gaming accessories will not only be

headsets, game controllers (like joystick, gamepad

With the ever increasing popularity of gaming

part of your lifestyle but will soon be part of your

and steering wheel), speakers, mice accessories

accessories, NedisÂŽ introduces a brand new

friends' lifestyle because of their great look and

and case modding items.



Our gaming speakers deliver brilliant sound. Some speakers are easily powered through a single USB port. We both have 2.0 and 2.1 speakers including a subwoofer for that heavy bass enhancing your favourite games. Choose our Nedis® Xyagos if you don't want to miss out on a multicolour LED lightshow illuminating your room.

Our gaming mice are all worth trying but if your looking for top notch quality, you should go for Nedis® Aquxsam. This 9-button mouse enables precise shots as never experienced before.



Our gaming headsets will tune your imagination, enhancing the heavy sound experience in every game. If you want to hear the bullets flying around your head or want to be chased by some police helicopters, the best choice is the Nedis® Wradrin. With 7.1 virtual surround sound you’re in every game.

Our gaming keyboards are the ideal choice for every gamer. With the illuminated keys you can play day and night. We have keyboards with both plastic and metal housings. The last one has rainbow colour LED lights built into. If you're looking for the best choice, buy our Nedis® Afyteqe keyboard.

Highlights 2018

Wireless Charging Wireless charging (also known as inductive charging) is a very easy solution

NedisÂŽ will have desktop chargers, car mounts, powerbanks and more.

to charge your smartphone. No need for different plugs, just put your phone

The NedisÂŽ wireless chargers are available in different wattages so they can

onto the charging pad. Another big advantage of wireless charging is that

be used for both normal charging and fast charging (if supported by your

you don't damage the USB input on your smartphone by charging it over and


over again via the cable. There are different shapes and solutions available.

Wireless Desktop Charger The NedisÂŽ wireless charger minimises tangling cords. Place your smartphone on the charging pad and battery replenishment starts automatically. This charger is compatible with most smartphone brands that support (fast) wireless charging. To ensure optimal performance, we advise a home charger of at least 9 V when used for fast charging

We provide you with sales tools that make selling easy The new Nedis® brand comes with new sales tools.


Attractive displays

SPBT1001AL_Bluetooth_Speaker_art_v02.indd 1

SPBT1001AL_Bluetooth_Speaker_art_v02.indd 1

SPBT1001GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_0618_Def.indd 1

18-6-2018 10:45:55

SPBT1001GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_0618_Def.indd 1

18-6-2018 10:45:55

SPBT1002AL_Bluetooth_Speaker_art_DEF.indd 1

18-6-2018 11:15:49

SPBT1002AL_Bluetooth_Speaker_art_DEF.indd 1

18-6-2018 11:15:49

SPBT1002GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_art_DEF.indd 1

11-5-2018 11:17:58

SPBT1002GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_art_DEF.indd 1

11-5-2018 11:17:58

11-5-2018 11:18:40

11-5-2018 11:18:40

KAWK520EWT_Electric_Kettle_White_v06.indd 1

28-6-2018 17:24:44

22-5-2018 12:06:25

SPBT2000BK_Bluetooth_Speaker_3W_Black_DEF.indd 1

SPBT2000BU_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

SPBT2000GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

SPBT37100BK_Bluetooth_Speaker_8W_Black_v05.indd 1

14-5-2018 10:03:33

11-5-2018 11-5-201809:06:05 09:06:05

31-5-2018 15:58:43

31-5-2018 15:58:43

31-5-2018 15:58:43

31-5-2018 15:58:43

KABT510EWT_Toaster_art_v04.indd KABT510EWT_Toaster_art_v04.indd1 1

31-5-2018 16:01:09

14-5-2018 10:05:13

11-5-2018 12:06:27

KAHB210CAL_Handblender_art_V04.indd 1

11-5-2018 09:09:53

SPBT_1000BU_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Blue_Def_v02.indd 1

SPBT_1000GN_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Green_Def_v02.indd 1

SPBT_1000GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Grey_Def_v02.indd 1

SPBT_1000RD_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Red_Def_v02.indd 1

9-7-2018 09:33:28 SPBT_1000WT_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_White_Def_v02.indd 1

9-7-2018 09:34:33

9-7-2018 09:40:21

9-7-2018 09:55:01

1-5-2018 13:56:04

1-5-2018 14:11:03

9-7-2018 09:56:00

SPBT2003GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_30W_Grey-Def.indd 1

SPBT2003BU_Bluetooth_Speaker_30W_Blue_v04.indd 1

SPBT37101GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Grey_Def.indd 1

SPBT37101GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Grey_Def.indd 1

SPBT37101GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Grey_Def.indd 1

SPBT37101GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_5W_Grey_Def.indd 1

KAHM210CAL_Handmixer_Def.indd 1

KAWK210EAL_Electrickettle_Def.indd 1

22-5-2018 14:16:07

28-5-2018 08:43:09

KAFR110CRD_Refrigerator_Def.indd 1

10-4-2018 18:31:06

KAOV110EBK9_Oven9L_Def.indd 1

23-4-2018 14:37:59

FCFO110EBK6_FondueSet_Def.indd 1

SPBT2000BU_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

SPBT2000BK_Bluetooth_Speaker_3W_Black_DEF.indd 1

SPBT2000BU_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

31-5-2018 16:01:09

SPBT2000GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

14-5-2018 10:03:33

SPBT2000BK_Bluetooth_Speaker_3W_Black_DEF.indd 1

31-5-2018 16:01:09

SPBT2000BU_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

14-5-2018 10:05:13

SPBT2000GY_Bluetooth_Speaker_DEF.indd 1

31-5-2018 16:01:09

14-5-2018 10:03:33 SPBT2001BK_BT_Speaker_5W_Black_Def.indd 1

24-4-2018 15:18:36

14-5-2018 10:05:13 SPBT2001BU_BT_Speaker_5W_Blue_Def.indd 1

SPBT2001GY_BT_Speaker_5W_Grey_Def.indd 1

11-6-2018 13:19:02

11-6-2018 13:24:14

11-6-2018 13:28:25

KAFP110CWT_Food Processor_Def.indd 1

KAAF110EWT_HotAirFryerWhite_Good_Def.indd 1

18-4-2018 15:20:58

21-4-2018 10:26:22





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NEW Displays

“ Work together with Nedis to create great sales opportunities! “

Your smart business partner for volume deals / FOB Do you expect to sell one particular product in large quantities and make a big winner out of it? By ordering a large amount of this product at a specific moment you can capture the full potential, maximise profit and make sure you meet your customer’s needs. Work together with Nedis and benefit from this huge sales opportunity. We’ll take care of the entire process from sourcing, creating the packaging and design of the product to the actual shipment of the products!

Logistics to fit your need We offer flexible solutions to meet the demands and wishes of every customer; from delivery from stock in Europe to delivery FOB directly from China.

Direct shipments from China / FOB Larger quantities can be delivered directly from Asia to your warehouse. Our office in China facilitates all shipments.

Your smart business partner for private labelling

Do you want to sell your products under your own store’s brand name and distinguish yourself from the competition? It is possible with private labelling: your own brand provided by Nedis. We can take care of all the work for you, so you can increase your margins and save time and money by outsourcing production, labelling and design! Nedis also guarantees the quality and takes care of all certiďŹ cates. Nedis can oer you a full service private labelling concept including sourcing, quality control, design and logistics. Do you want to arrange parts of this process yourself? It is also possible to outsource a part of the process to us.

“ Offer your customers products with your own branding to increase profitability! “

Nedis, your smart business partner


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Nedis core brochure

Nedis core brochure  

Nedis core brochure

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