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Best sellers Cheated Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

The Forgotten Soldier

George H. W. Bush

Guy Sajer

Curt Smith

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The NYPD’s First Fifty Years

Pauline Frederick Reporting

Shattered Sword

Bernard Whalen and Jon Whalen

Marilyn S. Greenwald

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Jon Parshall


Stories from Langley

Tales from the Deadball Era

Solider of change

Edited and with an introduction by Edward Mickolus

Mark S. Halfon

Stephen Snyder-Hill

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Warrior Diplomat

Whiskey Women

Winnie Davis

Fred Minnick

Heath Hardage Lee

Michael G. Waltz

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Paws-on-the-ground history of war in the trenches


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From Stray Dog to World War I Hero The Paris Terrier Who Joined the First Division Grant Hayter-Menzies Foreword by Pen Farthing Introduction by Paul E. Funk II ■ First complete biography of Rags’s entire life ■ Includes previously unpublished correspondence and photographs ■ Covers the controversial decision of Rags’s rejection from the Long Island Kennel Club dog show in 1926 ■ The dog-soldier bond is a popular subject and media topic ■ Foreword is written by Pen Farthing, CNN’s Hero of the Year


n the streets of Paris one day in July 1918, an American doughboy, Sgt. Jimmy Donovan, befriended a stray dog that he named Rags. No longer an unwanted street mutt, Rags became the mascot to the entire First Division of the American Expeditionary Force and a friend to the American troops who had crossed the Atlantic to fight. Rags was more than a scruffy face and a wagging tail, however. The little terrier mix was with the division at the crucial battle of Soissons, at the Saint-Mihiel offensive, and finally in the blood-and-mud bath of the Meuse-Argonne, during which he and his guardian were wounded. Despite being surrounded by distraction and danger, Rags learned to carry messages through gunfire, locate broken communications wire for the Signal Corps to repair, and alert soldiers to incoming shells, saving the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. Through it all, he brought inspiration to men with little to hope for, especially in the bitter last days of the war.

From Stray Dog to World War I Hero covers Rags’s entire life story, from the bomb-filled years of war through his secret journey to the United States that began his second life, one just as filled with drama and heartache. In years of peace, Rags served as a reminder to human survivors of what held men together when pushed past their limits by the horrors of battle.

“ ” “ ” “ “

A vivid, riveting, true tale of courage and compassion. . . . I fell in love with Rags, and I’ll be first in line for the movie! —Maria Goodavage, author of Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca Simply brilliant. An inspired storyteller. . . . Those who consider themselves dog lovers should read this book. —Mary Elizabeth Thurston, author of The Lost History of the Canine Race

Utterly charming, and if you love dogs, this will prove irresistible! author of Dogs Never Lie about Love

A beautiful story, beautifully written.

—Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson,

—Kristin von Kreisler, author of The Compassion of Animals

MILITARY HISTORY WORLD WAR I BIOGRAPHY hardcover 978-1-61234-721-9 $26.95 $34.95 canadian/£17.99 uk ebook available 5 1/ 2 x 8 1/ 2


216 pp.

25 Illustrations November

G rant H ayter -M enzies is the author of several books, including The Empress and Mrs. Conger: The Uncommon Friendship of Two Women and Two Worlds; Lillian Carter: A Compassionate Life; and Shadow Woman: The Extraordinary Career of Pauline Benton. P en F arthing was named the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year and is the founder and chairman of Nowzad Dogs, a nonprofit organization that reunites soldiers with the stray dogs and cats they took in during combat. M aj . G en . P aul E. F unk II is a commanding general of the First Infantry Division in the U.S. Army and has commanded the Special Forces units with military detection dogs while in Afghanistan.

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What Ifs of the Revolutionary War

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The Miracle of American Independence Twenty Ways Things Could Have Turned Out Differently Jonathan R. Dull ■ First book to consider in depth, and collectively, the significance of twenty iconic moments in the Revolutionary War and their importance to its outcome ■ Readers will learn about the American Revolution from the perspectives of Britain, France, and Spain, as well as the United States ■ Author is an award-winning, widely published expert on the Revolutionary War era

AMERICAN HISTORY MILITARY HISTORY Paperback 978-1-61234-767-7 $17.95 $23.50 canadian/£11.99 uk ebook available 5 1/ 2 x 8 1/ 2


184 pp.


J onathan R. D ull served as the senior associate editor of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin series until 2008 and is the author of numerous books, including Benjamin Franklin and the American Revolution (Nebraska, 2010), The French Navy and the Seven Years’ War (Nebraska, 2005), and The Age of the Ship of the Line (Nebraska, 2009).


lthough American independence was no miracle, the timing of the country’s independence and its huge scope, both political and territorial, do seem miraculous. In The Miracle of American Independence Jonathan R. Dull reconstructs significant events before, during, and after the Revolutionary War that had dramatic consequences for the future as the colonies sought independence from Great Britain. Without these surprising and unexpected results, Dull maintains, the country would have turned out quite differently.

The Miracle of American Independence reimagines how the British might have averted or overcome American independence, and how the fledgling country itself could have lost its independence. Drawing on his nearly fifty years of research and a lively imagination, Dull puts readers in a position to consider the American Revolution from the perspective of the European states and their monarchs. This alternative history provides a stimulating reintroduction to one of the most exciting periods in American and European history, proving that sometimes reality is even stranger and more miraculous than fiction.

A fabulous book by one of the leading scholars of the period. This book will make you think in an entirely new way about the path to American independence and will make you realize just how many different paths the war could have taken. —Sam Willis, author of In the Hour of Victory: The Royal Navy at War in the Age of Nelson

A fascinating examination of possibilities in the American Revolution that might have served to deny independence. Jonathan Dull knows the scholarly studies of the American Revolution, and he has mastered many of the sources that bear on the period. His book takes up hypothetical questions framed on ‘what if’ circumstances. It is careful and balanced despite its unorthodox method. Any reader interested in the Revolution will find it engaging and valuable. —Robert Middlekauff, Preston Hotchkis Professor of American History, Emeritus, at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of Washington’s Revolution

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Curious George


|    N e w    T i| t l e s    |    month

A Powerful Mind The Self-Education of George Washington Adrienne M. Harrison ■ Breaks new ground on perennially popular subjects of Washington and the American Revolution ■ First study of Washington to focus on his reading and self-education ■ Uses Washington’s library and personal papers to assess his academic challenges and how he overcame them


is formal schooling abruptly cut off at age eleven, George Washington saw his boyhood dream of joining the British army evaporate and recognized that even his aspiration to rise in colonial Virginian agricultural society would be difficult. Throughout his life he faced challenges for which he lacked the academic foundations shared by his more highly educated contemporaries. Yet Washington’s legacy is clearly not one of failure.

AMERICAN HISTORY BIOGRAPHY hardcover 978-1-61234-725-7 $29.95 $38.95 canadian/£19.99 uk ebook available

Breaking new ground in Washington scholarship and American revolutionary history, Adrienne M. Harrison investigates the first president’s dedicated process of self-directed learning through reading, a facet of his character and leadership long neglected by historians and biographers. In A Powerful Mind, Harrison shows that Washington rose to meet these trials through a committed campaign of highly focused reading, educating himself on exactly what he needed to do and how best to do it. In contrast to other famous figures of the revolution—Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin— Washington did not relish learning for its own sake, viewing self-education instead as a tool for shaping himself into the person he wanted to be. His two highest-profile and highest-risk endeavors—commander in chief of the Continental Army and president of the fledgling United States—are a testament to the success of his strategy.

6 x 9


328 pp.


A drienne M. H arrison is a former assistant professor of history at the United States Military Academy. Her work has been published in Oxford Bibliographies.

Adrienne Harrison’s important, engaging, and eye-opening book demolishes the conventional wisdom about George Washington. Whoever thinks he was first in war and first in peace but last among his peers as a man of the Enlightenment needs to think again. Harrison proves that Washington, a bibliophile, commanded a world of ideas. —Robert M. S. McDonald, associate professor of history at the United States Military Academy and editor of Sons of the Father: George Washington and His Protégés

Harrison argues persuasively that Washington read extensively. . . . [She] has effectively penetrated Washington’s mind and found it filled with books that he both owned and read. —Theodore J. Crackel, editor in chief emeritus of the Papers of George Washington and professor emeritus at the University of Virginia

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An antidote for poison at the top

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Tarnished Toxic Leadership in the U.S. Military George E. Reed ■ First book to address destructive leadership in the unique context of the military ■ Important and urgent topic for military educational institutions and military leaders ■ After a decade of protracted conflicts, the U.S. military drawdown will initiate a period of intense reflection and renewal for the military ■ Suggests solutions for those suffering at the hands of toxic leaders ■ Current events such as the Veterans hospital investigation and sexualmisconduct scandals keep the military and its leadership in the public eye

SOCIAL SCIENCE MILITARY STUDIES hardcover 978-1-61234-723-3 $26.50a $34.50 canadian/£17.99 uk ebook available 5 1/ 2 x 8 1/ 2


216 pp.


G eorge E. R eed is the associate dean of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego. Before joining the faculty in 2007, he served for twenty-seven years as an army officer including six years as the director of Command and Leadership Studies at the United States Army War College. His writing has been published in journals such as Military Review; the Journal of Leadership, Accountability, and Ethics; Armed Forces and Society; and Parameters.


ad or toxic leadership, abusive supervision, and petty tyranny in organizations are perennial issues. But to date, there has been little effort to examine the scope and nature of bad leadership in the military. Tarnished rectifies that lack of attention by defining the problems and suggesting possible solutions appropriate to the military’s unique structure and situation.

Leadership is central to the identity of the U.S. military. Service academies and pre-commissioning processes have traditionally stressed the development of conscientious leaders of character. The services regularly publish doctrinal works and professional journal articles focusing on various aspects of leadership. Unsurprisingly, in most of those publications leadership is presented as a universally positive notion, a solution to problems, and something to be developed through an extensive and costly system of professional military education. Leadership expert George E. Reed, however, focuses on individual experiences of toxic leadership at the organizational level, arguing that because toxic leadership has such a detrimental impact on the military organizational culture, additional remediation measures are needed. Reed also demonstrates how system dynamics and military culture themselves contribute to the problem. Most significant, the book provides cogent advice and insights to those suffering from toxic leaders, educators developing tomorrow’s military leaders, and military administrators working to repair the current system.

George Reed has written a penetrating study of the nature, persistence, and consequences of the phenomenon of ‘toxic leadership.’ This study goes well beyond academic analysis of toxic leadership and provides wise and practical suggestions for how best to deal with it from the perspective of superiors, peers, and subordinates. —Martin Cook, Admiral James Bond Stockdale Chair of Professional Military Ethics at the U.S. Naval War College and coeditor of the Journal of Military Ethics

A stunning work, detailing the problem [of toxic leadership] with data and anecdotes, but even more, it offers concise and helpful solutions at the institutional and individual level. An absolute must-read for army brass, policymakers, and the soldier suffering in a toxic environment. —Georgia Sorenson, visiting research professor of leadership studies at Carey School of Law and inaugural chair and professor of transformational leadership at the U.S. Army War College

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The courage to share


|    N e w    T i| t l e s    |    month

On Point A Guide to Writing the Military Story Tracy Crow ■ First writing guide devoted to the military experience ■ An excellent resource for the large number of military veterans enrolled in various MFA workshops or VA-sponsored workshop ■ Author has large following on social media and is well respected in the writing community


ersonal writing can be risky for anyone, but for military veterans, especially those suffering from post-traumatic stress, sharing stories can trigger painful and disturbing flashbacks. Writing is also risky for the ego. It is one thing to write a military story, especially one based on authentic experiences; it is quite another to muster the courage to share that story with others for critique and feedback.

CREATIVE WRITING paperback 978-1-61234-709-7 $19.95 $25.95 canadian/£12.99 uk ebook available

Award-winning journalist and author Tracy Crow presents a roadmap for writing an authentic, persuasive military story. Drawing from her personal experiences and those of other veteran writers, and from the insights of noteworthy writing and teaching professionals, On Point is the guide Crow wishes she’d had when she first began writing about her military experience. No previous writing guide specifically addresses the unique challenges and rewards facing soldiers who want to craft their military story with courage and candor.

“ “

A great tool for veterans, military service members, military family members, and for instructors of creative writing. —Brian Turner, author of My Life as a Foreign Country

Both useful and graceful. . . . This book is essential for those who want to share their perspective on the growth, the ironies, the emotions, and the fundamental truths of the military experience. —Janet Burroway, author of Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

Tracy Crow has written the perfect writing guide. Her advice is crisp, clear, and indispensable: just what you’d expect from a former Marine turned author. —Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic and Desire and the director of the creative writing program at Ohio University

5 1/ 2 x 8 1/ 2


160 pp.

1 Figure September

T racy C row is a former Marine Corps officer and an award-winning military journalist. Her essays and short stories have been published widely and been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes. She is the author of Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine (Nebraska, 2012) and Red White, and True: Stories from Veterans and Families, World War II to Present (Potomac Books, 2014).

Finally! A straightforward, practical primer. . . . On Point provides the necessary tools for converting one’s military experience into meaningful storytelling. —Dwight Jon Zimmerman, #1 New York Times best-selling author and president of the Military Writers Society of America

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The complicated realities of precision air strikes

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Clean Bombs and Dirty Wars Air Power in Kosovo and Libya Robert H. Gregory Jr. ■ Recently declassified archival materials from the Clinton Presidential Library reveal the inner workings of the National Security Council during the Kosovo intervention ■ Provides a unique perspective on the use of U.S. air power in 2011 in Libya through an examination of rebels’ use of social media to coordinate activities and relay enemy positions from the ground to NATO forces ■ First analysis to compare military intervention in Kosovo to that in Libya


MILITARY HISTORY EUROPE Africa Aviation paperback 978-1-61234-731-8 $26.50a $34.50 canadian/£17.99 uk ebook available 6 x 9


328 pp.

2 photographs, 2 maps, 4 figures October

R obert H. G regory J r . is a career soldier and scholar. He has served in a variety of armor, cavalry, airborne, and advisory units in the United States, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. His expert opinions have been published in Parameters and Small Wars Journal. Gregory is a graduate of West Point and the Naval Postgraduate School.

fter the United States, along with NATO allies, bombed the Serbian forces of Slobodan Milosevic for seventy-eight days in 1999, Milosevic withdrew his army from Kosovo. With no troops on the ground, political and military leaders congratulated themselves on the success of Operation Allied Force, considered to be the first military victory won through the use of strategic air power alone. This apparent triumph motivated military and political leaders to embrace a policy of using “clean bombs” (precision munitions and air strikes)—without a dirty ground war—as the preferred choice for answering military aggression. Ten years later it inspired a similar air campaign against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in Libya as a groundswell of protests erupted into revolution.

Clean Bombs and Dirty Wars offers a fresh perspective on the role, relevance, and effectiveness of air power in contemporary warfare, including an exploration of the political motivations for its use as well as a candid examination of air-to-ground targeting processes. Using recently declassified materials from the William J. Clinton Presidential Library along with primary evidence culled from social media posted during the Arab Spring, Robert H. Gregory Jr. shows that the argument that air power eliminates the necessity for boots on the ground is an artificial and illusory claim.

Robert Gregory’s discussions of Odyssey Dawn (Libya) and Allied Force (Kosovo) are of great value and cut away the myths surrounding these air campaigns. Most strongly recommended! —John T. Kuehn, Major General William Stofft Professor of Military History, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

“ “

This is essential reading for anyone attempting to understand how America makes war in the twenty-first century. —Jonathan M. House, author of Combined Arms Warfare in the Twentieth Century

A must-read for anyone interested in the use of airpower in the post–Cold War security environment. —Sean N. Kalic, author of U.S. Presidents and the Militarization of Space, 1946–1967

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Predicting the future of conflict


|    N e w    T i| t l e s    |    month

The Evolution of Cyber War International Norms for Emerging-Technology Weapons Brian M. Mazanec ■ Provides a unique perspective on prospects for the evolution of constraining norms in cyber war ■ Offers a new, comprehensive understanding based on norm-evolution theory to explain and predict emerging international standards in cyber weapons use ■ Details relevant prescriptions for U.S. policymakers as they grapple with the threat of cyber warfare and terrorism ■ Recent cyber attacks such as the North Korean hacking of Sony Pictures and the hacking of companies and government institutions such as Target, eBay, J. P. Morgan Chase, the Montana Health Department, the defense industries, and U.S. Investigations Services have made the issues of cyber terrorism more relevant than ever


ormer secretary of defense Leon Panetta once described cyber warfare as “the most serious threat in the twenty-first century,” capable of destroying our entire infrastructure and crippling the nation. Already, major cyber attacks have affected countries around the world: Estonia in 2007, Georgia in 2008, Iran in 2010, and most recently the United States. As with other methods of war, cyber technology can be used not only against military forces and facilities but also against civilian targets. Information technology has enabled a new method of warfare that is proving extremely difficult to combat, let alone defeat.

And yet cyber warfare is still in its infancy, with innumerable possibilities and contingencies for how such conflicts may play out in the coming decades. Brian M. Mazanec examines the worldwide development of constraining norms for cyber war and predicts how those norms will unfold in the future. Employing case studies of other emerging-technology weapons— chemical and biological, strategic bombing, and nuclear weaponry—Mazanec expands previous understandings of norm-evolution theory, offering recommendations for U.S. policymakers and citizens alike as they grapple with the reality of cyber terrorism in our own backyard.

Will norms evolve for cyber warfare analogous to those . . . that have helped keep the world free from the use of nuclear weapons since 1945? This thoughtful and careful work parses this hugely important question with care and creativity. Bravo. —R. James Woolsey, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Dr. Mazanec’s pioneering work on cyber norms fills a void in the nascent canon of cyber-conflict knowledge and sets a path forward for further research. Informative and instructive for today’s policymakers. —Bob Gourley, former chief technology officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the first director of intelligence at the Joint Task Force on Computer Network Defense

NATIONAL SECURITY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS SCIENCE hardcover 978-1-61234-763-9 $34.50a $44.95 canadian/£22.99 uk ebook available 6 x 9


336 pp.

13 tables, 1 graph November

B rian M. M azanec is a senior defense analyst with the U.S. government and an adjunct professor in the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs at George Mason University. He is the coauthor of Deterring Cyber Warfare: Bolstering Strategic Stability in Cyberspace, and his work has appeared in the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal, Comparative Strategy, Politics and the Life Sciences, and the Journal of International Security Affairs.

Brian Mazanec has produced a stellar work by creating a set of norms and then applying them across different evolutions of weapons platforms. This adds academic rigor to a field that’s sorely in need of it. —Jeffrey Carr, CEO of cyber security firm Taia Global, Inc., and author of Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld

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The turbulence of Israel’s aviation history

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Lavi The United States, Israel, and a Controversial Fighter Jet John W. Golan ■ Includes an extensive series of appendixes detailing the design and performance aspects of the Lavi development program ■ First book on the evolution of the Lavi fighter program in twenty years, with a new focus on the political landscape of the 1980s


MILITARY HISTORY AVIATION POLITICAL SCIENCE MIDDLE EAST hardcover 978-1-61234-722-6 $39.95 $51.95 canadian/£25.99 uk ebook available 6 x 9


456 pp.

27 photographs, 45 figures, 14 Tables, 7 appendixes January

J ohn W. G olan has served as a designer, structural analyst, and engineering manager in the U.S. aerospace industry for the last two decades, developing future-generation technology concepts. He has published articles with Air Forces Monthly, Combat Aircraft, Aviation History, and the Jerusalem Post Magazine.

he Lavi fighter program, the largest weapons-development effort ever undertaken by the State of Israel, envisioned a new generation of high-performance aircraft. In a controversial strategy, Israel Aircraft Industries intended to develop and manufacture the fighters in Israel with American financial support. The sophisticated planes, developed in the mid-1980s, were unique in design and intended to make up the majority of the Israeli Air Force. Though considerable prestige and money were at stake, developmental costs increased and doubts arose as to whether the Lavi could indeed be the warplane it was meant to be. Eventually the program became a microcosm for the ambitions, fears, and internal divisions that shaped both the U.S.-Israel relationship and Israeli society itself. But the fighter never made it to operational service, and until now, the full breadth and significance of the Lavi story have never been examined and presented.

Lavi: The United States, Israel, and a Controversial Fighter Jet traces the evolution of the Lavi fighter from its genesis in the 1970s to its scrapping in August 1987. John W. Golan examines the roles of Israeli military icons and political leaders such as Ezer Weizman, Ariel Sharon, Menachem Begin, and Yitzhak Rabin in the program and in relation to their counterparts in the United States. On the American side, Golan traces the evolution of government policy toward the program, detailing the complex picture of the U.S. foreign policy apparatus and of U.S.-Israel relations in general—from President Reagan’s public endorsement of the program on the White House lawn to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s unremitting attempts to cancel it in succeeding years.

A fascinating read, Lavi includes multiple books in one, discussing the tactical reasons leading to the development of the Lavi; examining the evolving political and budget intrigue leading to its cancellation; and offering a detailed technical analysis of the Lavi versus its alternatives. An important addition to Middle East aviation history. —Lon O. Nordeen, author of Air Warfare in the Missile Age and Fighters over Israel and commentator on the History Channel

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The impact of Anwar Sadat’s historic tenure on our contemporary world


|    N e w    T i| t l e s    |    month

Hero of the Crossing How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World Thomas W. Lippman ■ First English-language publication to discuss the long-term impact of the War of 1973 in a global context ■ Using recently declassified documents, Hero of the Crossing brings together the diplomatic files, telephone transcripts, and letters of the principal characters involved ■ The emergence of ISIS, the Syrian Civil War, and the ongoing IsraeliPalestinian conflict have made the War of 1973 relevant today


n eleven dramatic years, Anwar Sadat changed history—not just that of Egypt, or of the Middle East, but of the entire world. As the architect of the 1973 war against Israel, he gained the support of other Arab nations and inspired the oil embargo that transformed the global economy. Following the war, however, he forever ended Arab aspirations of unity by making peace with Israel. Early in his presidency, Sadat jettisoned Egypt’s alliance with the Soviet Union and turned to the United States, thereby giving the West a crucial Cold War victory. Sadat’s historic tenure still resonates in the twenty-first century as the Islamic activists—whom he originally encouraged but who opposed his conciliatory policy toward Israel and ultimately played a role in his assassination—continue to foster activism, including the Muslim Brotherhood, today.

Thomas W. Lippman was stationed in the Middle East as a journalist during Sadat’s presidency and lived in Egypt in the aftermath of the October War. He knew Sadat personally, but only now, after the passage of time and the long-delayed release of the U.S. State Department’s diplomatic files, can Lippman assess the full consequences of Sadat’s presidency. Hero of the Crossing provides an eye-opening account of the profound reverberations of one leader’s political, cultural, and economic maneuverings and legacy.

Tom Lippman has provided the foundation for understanding what is happening [in the Middle East] today from the rise of ISIS to the collapse of the Arab Spring. And as an added benefit it is a good read for expert and novice alike. —Edward S. Walker, former U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates

Lippman, a great storyteller and analyst of modern Middle Eastern politics and history, is able to explain Sadat the man: his motives, contradictory character, and political metamorphosis. Through extensive research and personal observation, Lippman provides a compelling narrative about how the ‘Hero of the Crossing’ changed the trajectory of the modern Middle East and global politics. —David Dumke, director of the Prince Mohammad bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies at the University of Central Florida

HISTORY MIDDLE EAST POLITICAL SCIENCE hardcover 978-1-61234-702-8 $34.95 $45.50 canadian/£22.99 uk ebook available 6 x 9


336 pp.


T homas W. L ippman is a journalist specializing in Middle Eastern affairs and American foreign policy. He is a former Middle East bureau chief for the Washington Post, as well the author of numerous magazine articles and books, including Egypt after Nasser: Sadat, Peace, and the Mirage of Prosperity; Inside the Mirage: America’s Fragile Partnership with Saudi Arabia; and, most recently, Saudi Arabia on the Edge: The Uncertain Future of an American Ally (Potomac Books, 2012).

Tom Lippman offers a fresh and much-needed new assessment of Anwar Sadat. . . . Lippman shows how the oft-underestimated Sadat became one of the most consequential figures of the twentieth century. —James M. Lindsay, senior vice president, director of studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg chair at the Council on Foreign Relations

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Russia’s international relations since 2000

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Not by Bread Alone Russian Foreign Policy under Putin Robert Nalbandov ■ A unique approach to analyzing Russian foreign policy through Russian political culture and identity ■ Includes the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and related international fallout ■ One-stop reading for those interested in Russia’s current and future foreign policy


CULTURE STUDIES POLITICAL SCIENCE RUSSIA hardcover 978-1-61234-710-3 $39.95 $51.95 canadian/£25.99 uk ebook available 6 x 9


648 pp.


R obert N albandov is an assistant professor of political science at Utah State University and the author of Democratization and Instability in Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus and Foreign Interventions in Ethnic Conflicts.

ince its independence in 1991, Russia has struggled with the growing pains of defining its role in international politics. After Vladimir Putin ascended to power in 2000, the country undertook grandiose foreign policy projects in an attempt to delineate its place among the world’s superpowers. With this in mind, Robert Nalbandov examines the milestones of Russia’s international relations since the turn of the twenty-first century. He focuses on the specific goals, engagement practices, and tools used by Putin’s administration to promote Russia’s vital national and strategic interests in specific geographic locations. His findings illuminate Putin’s foreign policy objective of reinstituting Russian global strategic dominance. Furthermore, Nalbandov argues that identity-based politics have dominated Putin’s tenure and that Russia’s east/west split is reflected in Asian/European politics. Nalbandov’s analysis shows that unchecked domestic power, an almost exclusive application of hard power, and a determined ambition for unabridged global influence and a defined place as a world superpower are the keys to Putin’s Russia.

Robert Nalbandov’s book brings fresh insight to both the longer-standing and the newer questions and conundrums the world faces from current Russian foreign policy. —Rick Fawn, professor in the School of International Relations at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland

Robert Nalbandov’s new book makes an important contribution to the field of international security. Those who read this book will gain important insights into Russian foreign policy under a leader who has often been both confusing and frustrating for the West. Robert Nalbandov’s analysis clarifies key issues important to foreign policy and international geopolitics. —Bruce E. Bechtol Jr., professor of political science at Angelo State University and author of North Korea and Regional Security in the Kim Jong-un Era: A New International Security Dilemma

Not by Bread Alone presents a comprehensive and provocative account of Russian foreign policy that strives to explain its evolution under Vladimir Putin by looking inside the black box of ‘Russian political culture.’ It is a challenging job, and Nalbandov does it well. —Viatcheslav Morozov, professor of EU–Russia Studies at the University of Tartu and author of Russia’s Postcolonial Identity: A Subaltern Empire in a Eurocentric World

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How Austria-Hungary chose war


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Fall of the Double Eagle The Battle for Galicia and the Demise of Austria-Hungary John R. Schindler ■ First book on the Battle for Galicia, the most influential of the opening campaigns of the Great War ■ Offers new insights into Austria-Hungary’s role in starting World War I ■ Focuses on the critical role of secret intelligence in the buildup to World War I


lthough southern Poland and western Ukraine are not often thought of in terms of decisive battles in World War I, the impulses that precipitated the Battle for Galicia in August 1914—and the unprecedented carnage that resulted— effectively doomed the Austro-Hungarian Empire just six weeks into the war.

In Fall of the Double Eagle, John R. Schindler explains how Austria-Hungary, despite military weakness and the foreseeable ill consequences, consciously chose war in that fateful summer of 1914. Through close examination of the Austro-Hungarian military, especially its elite general staff, Schindler shows how even a war that Vienna would likely lose appeared preferable to the “foul peace” the senior generals loathed. After Serbia outgunned the polyglot empire in a humiliating defeat, and the offensive into Russian Poland ended in the massacre of more than four hundred thousand Austro-Hungarians in just three weeks, the empire never recovered. While Austria-Hungary’s ultimate defeat and dissolution were postponed until the autumn of 1918, the late summer of 1914 on the plains and hills of Galicia sealed its fate.

HISTORY MILITARY HISTORY WORLD WAR I hardcover 978-1-61234-765-3 $34.95 $45.50 canadian/£22.99 uk ebook available 6 x 9


360 pp.


J ohn R. S chindler is a strategist, military historian, and security consultant whose work focuses on strategy, intelligence, and terrorism. Previously he was an intelligence analyst with the National Security Agency and a professor at the U.S. Naval War College. He is the author of Isonzo: The Forgotten Sacrifice of the Great War and Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad and the coauthor of The Terrorist Perspectives Project: Strategic and Operational Views of Al-Qaida and Associated Movements.

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The Battle of Petersburg, June 15–18, 1864 Sean Michael Chick

Sean Michael Chick takes an in-depth look at an important battle often overlooked by historians and offers a new perspective on why the Army of the Potomac’s leadership, from Grant down to his corps commanders, could not win a battle in which they held colossal advantages. hardcover, 978-1-61234-712-7, $39.95 ebook available

Orchestrating the Instruments of Power A Critical Examination of the U.S. National Security System

D. Robert Worley While a general consensus has emerged that our national security system must be transformed, a clear and direct route for a new national security strategy proves elusive. Furnishing the tools to assist in future national security reforms, D. Robert Worley articulates and synthesizes the concepts of America’s economic, political, and military instruments of power. paperback, 978-1-61234-720-2, $29.50 ebook available


Desert Diplomat

The UNC Scandal, the Education of Athletes, and the Future of Big-Time College Sports

Inside Saudi Arabia Following 9/11

Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

Foreword by James A. Baker III

In unbiased and carefully sourced detail, Cheated recounts the academic fraud in UNC’s athletics department, even as university leaders focused on minimizing the damage in order to keep the billiondollar college sports revenue machine functioning. “Cheated sounds an important call for reform.” —Wall Street Journal hardcover, 978-1-61234-728-8, $26.95 ebook available

Outsourcing Security Private Military Contractors and U.S. Foreign Policy

Bruce E. Stanley Outsourcing Security is the only work that moves beyond a descriptive account of the rise of private military contractors (PMCs) to lay out a precise theory explaining the phenomenon and providing a framework for those considering PMCs in future global interaction. paperback, 978-1-61234-717-2, $25.00 ebook available

Robert W. Jordan with Steve Fiffer

Desert Diplomat is Robert Jordan’s inside account of war and diplomacy as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 2001 through 2003, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. He discusses the historic decisions of his tenure and provides a thoughtful assessment of the conduct of American foreign policy, warfare, and intelligence gathering. hardcover, 978-1-61234-670-0, $32.95 ebook available

Pirates, Prisoners, and Lepers Lessons from Life Outside the Law

Paul H. Robinson and Sarah M. Robinson Pirates, Prisoners, and Lepers examines an array of natural experiments and accidents of human history to explore the fundamental nature of how human beings act when beyond the scope of the law. What these “communities” did and how they managed have dramatic implications for shaping our modern institutions. hardcover, 978-1-61234-732-5, $32.95 ebook available

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The Search for the Japanese Fleet

She Can Bring Us Home Dr. Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, Civil Rights Pioneer

The Socialist Party of America

USS Nautilus and the Battle of Midway

Diane Kiesel

David W. Jourdan

She Can Bring Us Home is a biography of Dorothy Ferebee (1898–1980), an African American obstetrician and civil rights activist who stood up to gun-toting plantation owners to bring health care to sharecroppers through her Mississippi Health Project during the Great Depression, advised presidents on civil rights, and assisted foreign governments on public health issues.

Jack Ross presents a new, mature understanding of America’s most important minor political party of the twentieth century. Based on archival research, Ross’s study challenges the orthodoxies of both sides of the historiographical debate as well as assumptions about the Socialist Party in historical memory.

hardcover, 978-1-61234-505-5, $37.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-490-4, $50.00 ebook available

War Crimes in Japan-Occupied Indonesia

Washington Merry-Go-Round

Working in the Killing Fields

A Case of Murder by Medicine

The Drew Pearson Diaries, 1960–1969

Forensic Science in Bosnia

J. Kevin Baird and Sangkot Marzuki

Drew Pearson Edited and with an introduction by Peter Hannaford

Foreword by Philip G. Renaud David W. Jourdan, one of the world’s experts in undersea exploration, reconstructs the critical role the USS Nautilus submarine and its crew played in the Battle of Midway, considered to be the turning point of the war in the Pacific. hardcover, 978-1-61234-716-5, $29.95 ebook available

Foreword by Mark Harrison

“This harrowing story, told with forensic attention to detail and unquestionable passion, illuminates an otherwise murky corner of Indonesia’s history. An important addition to the thin literature about the years of the Japanese occupation.”—Elizabeth Pisani, author of Indonesia Etc. hardcover, 978-1-61234-644-1, $34.50 ebook available

“Drew Pearson was the insiders’ insider. . . . Political junkies, policy wonks, and people who want to know what Washington was like in the days before it became just a rest stop between political fund-raisers will love this book. Great characters, fascinating gossip, terrific insights.” —Bob Schieffer, anchor of CBS’s Face the Nation hardcover, 978-1-61234-693-9, $39.95 ebook available

A Complete History

Jack Ross

Howard Ball Howard Ball focuses on recent developments in the technology of forensic science and on the work of forensic professionals following the Bosnian war of the early 1990s. He integrates discussion of forensic technology into a wider view of what these searches mean, the damage they do to people, and the healing and good they bring to those in search of answers. hardcover, 978-1-61234-718-9, $27.50 ebook available

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Air Mobility

Ancient Furies

Blinking Red

A Brief History of the American Experience

A Young Girl’s Struggles in the Crossfire of World War II

Crisis and Compromise in American Intelligence after 9/11

Anastasia V. Saporito With Donald L. Saporito

Michael Allen

Robert C. Owen Air Mobility examines how air power elevated the American military’s penchant for speed and ability to maneuver to an art unequaled by any other nation. hardcover, 978-1-59797-851-4, $45.00 ebook available

Anastasia Saporito recounts in vivid detail the difficulties of her childhood as the daughter of White Russian aristocrats forced to flee their native Russia for refuge in Yugoslavia. Saporito skillfully depicts her family, her own struggles as a girl coming of age in war-torn central Europe, and the devastation incurred as a result of Nazi actions toward civilian populations of occupied countries.

Michael Allen illuminates the complicated history of the bureaucratic efforts to reform America’s national security after the intelligence failures of 9/11 and Iraq’s missing weapons of mass destruction, explaining how the National Security Council and Congress shaped the U.S. response to the 9/11 attacks. hardcover, 978-1-61234-615-1, $29.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-633-5, $34.95 ebook available

Burning Japan Air Force Bombing Strategy Change in the Pacific

Coaching Winning Model United Nations Teams

Daniel T. Schwabe

A Teacher’s Guide

In World War II the U.S. Air Force conducted a bombing campaign against the Japanese home islands that escalated to new levels of destruction. Burning Japan is an investigation of how and why the air force shifted its tactics against Japan from a precision bombing strategy to area attacks.

Ed Mickolus and Thomas Brannan

hardcover, 978-1-61234-639-7, $29.95 ebook available

In this fun, useful guide for teachers and coaches, the authors (Model UN coaches themselves) provide detailed guidance for each step of the Model UN (MUN) path, from the first meeting in the teacher’s classroom to the final days of an official MUN conference. paperback, 978-1-61234-603-8, $19.95 ebook available

Combined Destinies Whites Sharing Grief about Racism

Edited by Ann Todd Jealous and Caroline T. Haskell

Foreword by Julian Bond and Pam Horowitz

“With the stories in Combined Destinies, Ann Jealous and Caroline Haskell take us another step forward toward understanding the legacy of racism’s impact on all children.”—Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund. paperback, 978-1-61234-695-3, $17.95 ebook available

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Croswell Bowen

European Air Power

Fruits of Victory

A Writer’s Life, a Daughter’s Portrait

Challenges and Opportunities

Betsy Connor Bowen

Edited and with an introduction by John Andreas Olsen

The Woman’s Land Army of America in the Great War

While tracing the trajectory of American journalist Croswell Bowen’s personal life (1905–71), his daughter, Betsy Connor Bowen, follows the path left by her father as he wrote about the Wall Street crash of 1929, the Great Depression, World War II, the McCarthy era, the presidency of John F. Kennedy, and the Vietnam War.

Elaine F. Weiss

Written by serving air chief generals and air power experts, European Air Power examines the current state of eight separate European air forces and their prospective air power capabilities in a manner that will appeal to a wide audience of air force enthusiasts.

Fruits of Victory tells the dramatic story of the Women’s Land Army of America by which more than twenty thousand urban women went into rural America from 1917 to 1920 to take over farm work after the men went off to war and food shortages threatened the nation.

hardcover, 978-1-61234-558-1, $29.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-681-6, $34.95 ebook available

paperback, 978-1-61234-719-6, $19.95 ebook available

Gardens of Hell

GPS Declassified

JFK Assassination Logic

Battles of the Gallipoli Campaign

From Smart Bombs to Smartphones

How to Think about Claims of Conspiracy

Patrick Gariepy

Richard D. Easton and Eric F. Frazier

John McAdams

Gardens of Hell examines the human side of one of the great tragedies of modern warfare, the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War. Patrick Gariepy has pieced together the battle from combatants’ own words, drawn from diaries and letters and from stories passed down through generations of families. hardcover, 978-1-61234-683-0, $29.95 ebook available

Foreword by Rick W. Sturdevant

GPS Declassified examines the development of GPS from its secret, cold war military roots to its emergence as a worldwide consumer industry. Drawing on previously unexplored documents, the authors examine how military rivalries influenced the creation of GPS and shaped public perceptions about its origin. hardcover, 978-1-61234-408-9, $34.95 ebook available

How people view the JFK assassination can be a model for how (or how not) to evaluate other conspiracy theories, including those generally considered dubious as well as those based on fact, such as Watergate. John McAdams provides a blueprint for understanding how conspiracy theories arise and how to judge the evidence. paperback, 978-1-61234-705-9, $19.95 ebook available

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Killing Without Heart


Organized Crime in Mexico

Limits on Robotic Warfare in an Age of Persistent Conflict

How Japan and the World Should Respond

Assessing the Threat to North American Economies

Tetsuo Takashima Translated and edited by Robert D. Eldridge

Cameron H. Holmes

M. Shane Riza Killing without Heart postulates that today’s technological wars of combatant impunity may ultimately render unmanned weapons useless with the realization that robotic lethality undermines our strategic objectives. Riza has crafted a timely examination of the moral, ethical, and legal implications of the U.S. military’s future course toward armed unmanned and autonomous robotic warfare. hardcover, 978-1-61234-613-7, $29.95 ebook available

Available in English for the first time, Megaquake was written five years before the March 2011 magnitude 9 earthquake that struck off the eastern coast of northern Japan. This edition has been updated with additional information, including a new chapter coauthored by Robert D. Eldridge, translator and one of the key American officials involved in the response to the 2011 earthquake.

Packing for India

The Path to Salvation Religious Violence from the Crusades to Jihad

David Mulford

Heather Selma Gregg

hardcover, 978-1-61234-715-8, $29.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-662-5, $24.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-664-9, $27.95 ebook available

A Life of Action in Global Finance and Diplomacy “A distinguished ambassador to India, an undersecretary of the U.S. treasury, and an eminent banker in private, Mulford has put forward the trajectory of a fascinating life, much of it given to public service.”—Henry Kissinger, former national security advisor and secretary of state

Foreword by Dennis Lormel

Criminal organizations operating in Mexico and the United States threaten the economic well-being of North America as well as the democratic freedoms of our neighbor to the south. Organized Crime in Mexico takes a hard look at the dire implications of the pervasive and powerful criminal enterprises in northern Mexico.

Heather Selma Gregg draws comparisons across religious traditions to investigate common causes of religious violence and argues that religious violence is the result of interpretations of a religion’s beliefs and scriptures. The author sets side-by-side examples of current and historic Islamic violence with similar acts by Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu adherents. hardcover, 978-1-61234-660-1, $27.95 ebook available

Pioneering History on Two Continents An Autobiography

Bruce F. Pauley In this autobiography, eminent historian of antisemitism, Nazism, and totalitarianism Bruce F. Pauley draws on his family and personal history to tell a story that examines the lives of Volga Germans during the eighteenth century, the pioneering experiences of his family in late nineteenth-century Nebraska, and the dramatic transformations that influenced the history profession during the second half of the twentieth century. hardcover, 978-1-61234-696-0, $37.95 ebook available

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Righting the Balance

The Rise of Turkey

The CIA’s Drone War on al Qaeda

How You Can Help Protect America

The Twenty-First Century’s First Muslim Power

Brian Glyn Williams

Daniel Serwer

Predators is a riveting introduction to the murky world of Predator and Reaper drones, the CIA’s and U.S. military’s most effective and controversial killing tools. Brian Glyn Williams combines policy analysis with the human drama of the spies, terrorists, insurgents, and innocent people who have been killed in the covert operations being waged in Pakistan’s tribal regions.

Righting the Balance focuses on what should be done to protect the United States by offering alternatives that move away from an exclusive reliance on the military. Most fundamentally, Serwer stresses that civilians—diplomats, aid workers, UN officials, humanitarians, police trainers, lawyers, judges, entrepreneurs—can and should be involved in helping bring about peace.

hardcover, 978-1-61234-617-5, $29.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-666-3, $26.95 ebook available

The Role and Limitations of Technology in U.S. Counterinsurgency Warfare

Seymour Hersh

Soldier of Change

Scoop Artist

From the Closet to the Forefront of the Gay Rights Movement

Richard W. Rubright

“Richard Rubright brings a soldier’s outlook and necessary expertise to bear on the vital question of new military technology for enhanced firepower in the conduct of counterinsurgency operations. His melding of theory with granular knowledge of practice makes a most valuable contribution to understanding.”—Colin S. Gray, author of Perspectives on Strategy hardcover, 978-1-61234-675-5, $36.95 ebook available

Robert Miraldi

Winner of the 2014 Ann M. Sperber Award for Biography From the streets of Chicago to the newsrooms of the most powerful newspapers and magazines in the United States, Seymour Hersh tells the story of this Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author. Robert Miraldi scrutinizes the scandals and national figures that have drawn Hersh’s attention, from My Lai to Watergate and John F. Kennedy to Henry Kissinger. hardcover, 978-1-61234-475-1, $34.95 ebook available

Soner Cagaptay “For anyone interested in the complex developments that are reshaping Turkey, Dr. Soner Cagaptay’s insightful new book is the place to start. The Rise of Turkey provides a valuable window into the many factors—from economics and religion to politics and the military—that continue to make Turkey one of the most fascinating and important countries in the world.”—U.S. Sen. John McCain hardcover, 978-1-61234-650-2, $25.95 ebook available

Stephen Snyder-Hill

Foreword by George Takei

“Stephen Snyder-Hill has written a compelling account of his experience as a closeted gay soldier in the era of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ It is at once a heart-wrenchingly intimate look at the corrosive consequences of being forced to live a double life, a love story, and a profile in hard-won courage.”—Christopher Goffard, author and staff writer for the Los Angeles Times hardcover, 978-1-61234-697-7, $22.95 ebook available

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Strategic Thinking in 3D

The Sunni-Shi’a Divide

Trial by Gas

A Guide for National Security, Foreign Policy, and Business Professionals

Islam’s Internal Divisions and Their Global Consequences

The British Army at the Second Battle of Ypres

Ross Harrison

Robert Betts

“Ross Harrison’s integrated view of strategy is a strong reminder to all professionals not to lose sight of the big picture while making decisions in a complex and fast-moving environment. Ross’s book is a wake-up call.”—Walter W. Zywottek, general partner and former member of the executive board, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. hardcover, 978-1-59797-706-7, $29.95 ebook available

The Ugly Wife Is a Treasure at Home True Stories of Love and Marriage in Communist China

Melissa Margaret Schneider This collection draws the reader into the world of love in Communist China through the personal memories of those who endured the Cultural Revolution and the generations that followed. These intimate and remarkable stories give readers a rare view of Chinese history, social customs, and communism from the perspective of today’s ordinary citizens. paperback, 978-1-61234-694-6, $18.95 ebook available

Although the majority of Muslims remain faithful to the Sunni sect of Islam, approximately 15 percent subscribe to the Shi’a creed. Robert Betts emphasizes that policymakers, scholars, and laypeople alike must understand the many faces of Islam, the internal forces in the United States that have brought us into conflicts, and the role of Israel in the region’s scalating tensions.

George H. Cassar In May 1915 the long and bloody Second Battle of Ypres gained notoriety for the participants’ use of poison gas, the first time the weapon had been used in battle. George H. Cassar’s intimate account offers an accurate, clear, and complete chronicle of a battle with a remarkably enduring impact despite its indecisive outcome. hardcover, 978-1-61234-690-8, $29.95 ebook available

hardcover, 978-1-61234-522-2, $27.50 ebook available

War on the Silver Screen Shaping America’s Perception of History

Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen War on the Silver Screen draws on more than a century of films and history, including classics such as All Quiet on the Western Front, Apocalypse Now, and The Hurt Locker, to examine the legacy of American cinema on twentieth- and twenty-firstcentury attitudes about war. paperback, 978-1-61234-641-0, $19.95 ebook available

Winning Wars amongst the People Case Studies in Asymmetric Conflict

Peter A. Kiss “One of the few authors to understand fourthgeneration warfare (4GW) correctly. Peter Kiss has written the most important book on 4GW since Martin van Creveld’s The Transformation of War. . . . Anyone involved with state security should read this book.”—William S. Lind, author of Maneuver Warfare Handbook paperback, 978-1-61234-700-4, $29.95 ebook available

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Hannaford, Peter 13

A Powerful Mind 3

Allen, Michael 14

Harrison, Adrienne M. 3

Predators 17

Ancient Furies 14

Harrison, Ross 18 Haskell, Caroline T. 14

Reed, George E. 4

Baird, J. Kevin 13

Hayter-Menzies, Grant 1

Righting the Balance 17

Ball, Howard 13

Hero of the Crossing 9

The Rise of Turkey 17

The Battle of Petersburg, June 15–18, 1864 12

Holmes, Cameron H. 16

Riza, M. Shane 16 Robinson, Paul H. 12

Betts, Robert 18 Blinking Red 14

Jealous, Ann Todd 14

Robinson, Sarah M. 12

Bowen, Betsy Connor 15

Jeansonne, Glen 18

Burning Japan 14

JFK Assassination Logic 15

The Role and Limitations of Technology in U.S. Counterinsurgency Warfare 17

Jordan, Robert W. 12

Ross, Jack 13

Jourdan, David W. 13

Rubright, Richard W. 17

Cheated 12

Kiesel, Diane 13

Saporito, Anastasia V. 14

Chick, Sean Michael 12

Killing Without Heart 16

Saporito, Donald L. 14

Clean Bombs and Dirty Wars 6

Kiss, Peter A. 18

Schindler, John R. 11

Coaching Winning Model United Nations Teams 14

Lavi 8

Schneider, Melissa Margaret 18

Lippman, Thomas W. 9

Schwabe, Daniel T. 14

Combined Destinies 14

Lormel, Dennis 16

The Search for the Japanese Fleet 13

Croswell Bowen 15

Luhrssen, David 18

Serwer, Daniel 17

Cagaptay, Soner 17 Cassar, George H. 18

Seymour Hersh 17

Crow, Tracy 5 Marzuki, Sangkot 13

She Can Bring Us Home 13

Desert Diplomat 12

Mazanec, Brian M. 7

Smith, Jay M. 12

Dull, Jonathan R. 2

McAdams, John 15

Snyder-Hill, Stephen 17

Megaquake 16

The Socialist Party of America 13

Easton, Richard D. 15

Mickolus, Ed 14

Soldier of Change 17

Eldridge, Robert D. 16

The Miracle of American Independence 2

Stanley, Bruce E. 12

European Air Power 15

Miraldi, Robert 17

Strategic Thinking in 3D 18

The Evolution of Cyber War 7

Mulford, David 16

The Sunni-Shi’a Divide 18

Fall of the Double Eagle 11

Nalbandov, Robert 10

Farthing, Pen 1

Not by Bread Alone 10

Takashima, Tetsuo 16 Tarnished 4

Fiffer, Steve 12 Frazier, Eric F. 15

Olsen, John Andreas 15

From Stray Dog to World War I Hero 1

On Point 5

Fruits of Victory 15

Orchestrating the Instruments of Power 12

Funk II, Paul E. 1

Organized Crime in Mexico 16

Gardens of Hell 15

Trial by Gas 18 The Ugly Wife Is a Treasure at Home 18

Outsourcing Security 12

War Crimes in Japan-Occupied Indonesia 13

Owen, Robert C. 14

War on the Silver Screen 18 Washington Merry-Go-Round 13

Gariepy, Patrick 15 Golan, John W. 8

Packing for India 16

Weiss, Elaine F. 15

GPS Declassified 15

The Path to Salvation 16

Williams, Brian Glyn 17

Gregg, Heather Selma 16

Pauley, Bruce F. 16

Willingham, Mary 12

Gregory Jr., Robert H. 6

Pearson, Drew 13

Winning Wars amongst the People 18

Pioneering History on Two Continents 16

Working in the Killing Fields 13

Pirates, Prisoners, and Lepers 12

Worley, D. Robert 12

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Bill McClung & Associates

Bill McClung & Terri McClung

1153-56 Street po Box 19150 – South Tsawwassen Delta bc v4l 2p8 Canada phone: 604-228-9952 Orders and Returns c/o University of Toronto Distribution phone: 1-800-565-9523 • fax: 1-800-221-9985

uk & europe Casemate UK Ltd 10 Hythe Bridge Street Oxford ox1 2ew united kingdom phone: ++44 (0) 1865 241249 fax: ++44 (0) 1865 794449

Andrew Tarring, Sales Manager phone: ++44 (0) 7932 477002

australia & new zealand Peribo 58 Beaumont Road Mount Kuring-Gai New South Wales 2080 australia phone: 612 9457 0011 • fax: 612 9457 0022

For U.S. Postal Service only 20540 State Hwy 46w, Ste. 115 Spring Branch tx 78070 phone: 214-505-1501 • fax: 888-311-8932

(800) 848-6224  |   Potomac Books fall/winter 2015

|    o r d e r i n g i n f o r m a t i o n    |

Ordering Information

University of Nebraska Press University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1111 Lincoln Mall, Ste 400 po Box 880630 Lincoln, ne 68588-0630

Fall/Winter 2015 |

Potomac Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog  
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